Grand Prix Reports 12/30 to 1/5


In the ring. Executioner and Rachel Ryan are wrestling. Executioner misses a clothesline and Ryan scoops him up and nails him with the Gorilla Press Powerslam. cover. one. two. three!!]

Announcer: Winner of the match in 20: 30, Rachel Ryan!

Camera pans down to Shelly marks]

Shelly: I’m Shelly Marks with your very first Grand Prix report! We’re in Seattle Washington and as you saw, Rachel Ryan getting the best of former OWA Champion Executioner. That’s a big 20 points put her way. Let’s go over the other matches for tonight.

First. Anthony Hazard had the night off. He was scheduled to compete against Jetstream who suffered a career threatening injury at the hands of one, Tara Quinn last week. Those who were scheduled to wrestle Jetstream will be getting nights off on those particular nights.

Stacks Coltrain returned to action tonight and defeated Mariko with an Asia Moonsault in 28: 42, almost going the time limit.

Miguel Thunder over Gustaffson via countout in 12: 35

Mr. America pinned Chaos with a small package in 13: 25. He’ll get a TV title shot this weekend on OWA Championship Wrestling.

Johnny Fate pinned Pretty Boy Monty after using the Fate Pipe. That match lasted 16: 37.

Danny Maxx pinned Johnny Stallion with a backslide in 25 seconds.

Freddy Fever defeated Johnny Blades by countout in 22: 42.

Mike Mustang defeated The Shocker in 15: 46.

Consuelo Salyards defeated Asian Invasion with a sunset flip in 7: 26.

Rainbow Warrior with a win over Mack Truck after a powerslam in 7: 22.

Davey Scott pinned Xyz in 9 seconds with a cradle.

Wendy Ryker pinned Tara Quinn following a backslide in 17: 17.

Fast Fighter over Ricky Hype with a roll up in 10: 12

Tom Tomorrow pinned Samantha Tanner, returning to action, by reversing a cradle in 12: 17.

MegaDiesel pinned Billy Smith with a choke slam in 1: 07.

That’s it. I’ll be back tomorrow with more from the Grand Prix tournament, and this weekend on OWA Championship Wrestling with the current scores from the Gran Prix Tournament. For the OWA, I’m Shelly Marks.


Camera fades in to ring action. Anthony Hazard hoists up Shocker and executes the Reserve Power Slam. cover. one. two. three! Hazard helps up Shocker, who’s not very happy about this and finally the two shake hands and hugs. the camera pans back down the aisle to a waiting Shelly Marks]

Shelly: It’s New Year’s Eve and were in Boise Idaho and no I won’t do any potato jokes. Anthony Hazard as you saw with a win over the Shocker in 7: 47, ended this great night of wrestling action. Let’s go over tonight’s matches in the Grand Prix Tournament:

Danny Maxx had a night off tonight.

Johnny Stallion pinned Rainbow Warrior after a short clothesline in 5: 29.

Freddy Fever defeated Mariko with the superkick in 17: 59.

Fast Fighter defeated Samantha Tanner after a waistlock suplex in 7: 01.

Gustaffson defeated Johnny Blades with the drop piledriver in 11: 45.

Executioner defeated Stacks Coltrain with a belly to belly superplex in 3: 08.

Rachel Ryan got the win over Femme stable-mate Wendy Ryker after a Gorilla Press Powerslam in 5: 28.

Mike Mustang pinned Miguel Thunder with a cradle suplex in 18: 56.

Asian Invasion defeated Johnny Fate after a flying somersault splash in 2: 42

Consuelo Salyards with a win over Chaos with a crucifix in 10: 43

Davey Scott pinned Mack Truck with a powerslam in 1: 05.

Tara Quinn with a win over Xyz after a sunset slip in 9: 46.

Mr. America defeated Ricky Hype after a power bomb in 2: 19.

Billy Smith pinned Tom Tomorrow after a reverse rolling cradle in 6: 54.

Pretty Boy Monty made MegaDiesel submit to his armbar submission in 20: 06.

and as you just saw:

Anthony Hazard defeated Shocker in 20 minutes after the Reverse Powerslam.

Just a program note: This weekend, it’ll be Tara Quinn against The Shocker, and not Johnny Blades, who’s involved in an important tag team match up.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Grand Prix Report. For the OWA, I’m Shelly Marks.


In the ring. Mariko tries for a suplex. Executioner rolls her up. one. two. Reversal by Mariko. one. two. three!!! ]

Announcer: Winner of the match in 13: 15, is Mariko!

Camera pans down to Shelly Marks]

Marks: It’s New Years. Day and the OWA bring it in with a bang! You just saw Mariko defeat former OWA Champion Executioner in a wild match. That will surely boost Mariko up to possibly a world title shot in the near future. Let’s go over the action for tonight.

Rachel Ryan had the night off.

MegaDiesel pinned Ricky Hype after a power bomb, in 17: 36.

Freddy Fever continues to win in this tournament with a win over Danny Maxx, winning in 19: 40 following a Superkick.

Anthony Hazard defeated Pretty Boy Monty with a powerslam in 11: 19.

Asian Invasion with a win over Mack Truck, with a spin kick at 7: 24.

Gustaffson with a win tonight, pinning Johnny Stallion following a running forearm smash in 6: 24.

Shocker put the sleeper on Johnny Blades, knocking him out in 24: 08.

Mike Mustang with an upset of sorts. He defeated Stacks Coltrain with a Cradle Suplex in 4: 36. Coltrain still favoring that leg.

Miguel Thunder defeated Johnny Fate by countout at 12: 50.

Chaos defeating Rainbow Warrior after a small package in 17: 10.

Davey Scott getting the win over Consuelo Salyards, via a countout when Salyards twisted her ankle and couldn’t get back into the ring before the 10 count.

Tom Tomorrow pinned Xyz with a spinebuster slam at 16 minutes even.

Mr. America defeated Fast Fighter with a power bomb at 22: 11/

Samantha Tanner with a win over Tara Quinn after a sunset flip in 8: 49.

and finally, Wendy Ryker defeating Billy Smith with a roll up in 9: 17.

I’ll be back tomorrow with results of that entire card. For the OWA, I’m Shelly Marks.


Camera opens up in the ring. Ryan off the ropes. She nails Gustaffson with a deadly clothesline. She lifts Gustaffson up but Gus shifts his weight and they fall back. one. two. kickout by Ryan. Gus lifts her up and nails her with a Drop Piledriver. one. two. three!!]

Announcer: Winner of the match in 15: 55, Gustaffson!

Camera pans down to Shelly Marks in the aisle.]

Marks: It’s January 2nd and we’re in Las Vegas! Tonight we had a wild evening of OWA actions. Let’s get down to what you all want to know!

As you just saw, Gustaffson stops Ryan’s hot streak by pinning her and at the same time, gives Gustaffson a bit of momentum in this tournament.

In other matches.

Consuelo Salyards had the night off.

Johnny Stallion pinned his tag team partner, Mike Mustang, after a Superkick in 6: 16.

MegaDiesel pinned Danny Maxx after a powerbomb.

Mr. America defeated Pretty Boy Monty after a flying forearm in 11: 56.

Billy Smith upset Anthony Hazard with a Frankensteiner in 12: 04.

Freddy Fever pinned Tom Tomorrow after a back heel kick in 16: 14.

Samantha Tanner upset Mariko, as she put Mariko to sleep with a sleeperhold in 11: 10.

Johnny Blades and Ricky Hype battled to a double countout.

Fast Fighter upset Executioner with a waistlock suplex.

The Shocker used the sleeper to defeated Wendy Ryker in 13: 32.

Miguel Thunder defeated Tara Quinn after an elbowdrop from the second turnbuckle in 13: 34.

Stacks Coltrain defeated Xyz with spinning powerbomb in 11: 17.

Davey Scott pinned Asian Invasion after a bridging back suplex in 21 seconds. Freddy Fever came to ringside and distracted Asian Invasion.

Rainbow Warrior defeated Johnny Fate. Johnny Fate tried to nail Warrior with the Fate Pipe. Warrior took the pipe and nailed Fate and got the three count in 18: 11.

Chaos defeated Mack Truck via Forfeit when Truck failed to show for the card.

We’ll see you tomorrow, for the OWA on the Road crew, I’m Shelly Marks!


In the ring, Hazard whips Stacks into the ropes and nails her with the Reverse Powerslam. one. two. three!]

Announcer: Winner of the match in 3: 48, Anthony Hazard!

Camera Pans down to Shelly Marks: Welcome to my weekend report. I’ll give you the results for Grand Prix cards on Friday, Saturday and tonight. Let’s start off with Friday’s action:

Executioner defeated Gustaffson with a sleeperhold in 12: 29.

Stacks Coltrain defeated Rachel Ryan after a spinebuster slam in 15: 50

Miguel Thunder pinned Mariko after a superplex in 11: 44

Freddy Fever superkicked Chaos to get the win in 12: 21

Anthony Hazard pinned Danny Maxx with the Reverse Power Slam in 2: 04

Ricky Hype upset Pretty Boy Monty with an inside cradle in 6: 59

Johnny Stallion had the night off.

Wendy Ryker pinned Johnny Blades with a belly to belly suplex in 15: 02.

The Shocker defeated Mr. America with a full nelson in 7: 45.

Fast Fighter defeated Mike Mustang by submission with a full nelson in 3: 06

MegaDiesel pinned Asian Invasion with a belly to belly suplex in 12: 34

Billy Smith defeated Johnny Fate after blocking a hit with the Fate’s pipe and rolling him up in 13: 32.

Consuelo Salyards pinned Tom Tomorrow with a springboard legdrop, in 14: 56.

Mack Truck pinned Samantha Tanner after a small package in 7: 49.

Rainbow Warrior pinned Xyz with a small package in 40 seconds.

Tara Quinn defeated Davey Scott with a crucifix in 5: 22


Executioner made Miguel Thunder submit to the cross face chicken wing in 23: 58.

Mariko pinned Rachel Ryan with a flying cross body block in 15: 58

Gustaffson pinned Stacks Coltrain after a running forearm smash in 14: 03.

Anthony Hazard pinned Freddy Fever with a reverse powerslam in 11: 29.

MegaDiesel pined The Shocker after a belly to belly suplex in 16: 02.

Johnny Fate had the night off.

Pretty Boy Monty pinned Chaos after a powerslam in 51 seconds.

Consuelo Salyards pinned Johnny Stallion after a flying forearm in 3: 25.

Rainbow Warrior pinned Mr. America after a Frankensteiner in 28: 43.

Mack Truck defeated Mike Mustang via pinfall in 3: 40.

Asian Invasion made Davey Scott submit to the figure four leglock in 18: 28.

Danny Maxx pinned Johnny Blades after a kneedrop in 15: 02.

Wendy Ryker defeated Tom Tomorrow by countout in 11: 46.

Tara Quinn pinned Xyz after reversing an inside cradle in 16: 24.

Samantha Tanner pinned Ricky Hype after a legdrop in 24: 32.

Billy Smith pinned Fast Fighter after a Northern Lights Suplex in 11: 53.


As you just saw, Anthony Hazard defeated Stacks Coltrain with a reverse power slam in 3: 48.

Fast Fighter defeated Xyz with a roll up in 18: 13.

Freddy Fever pinned Executioner after a superkick in 11: 33.

Rachel Ryan pinned Miguel Thunder with a Gorilla Press Powerslam in 17: 22

Mariko pinned The Shocker after a flying bodypress in 10: 56.

Gustaffson pinned MegaDiesel with the Drop Piledriver in 16: 41.

Chaos pinned Johnny Fate after a German Suplex in 12: 52.

Pretty Boy Monty had the night off.

Consuelo Salyards pinned Rainbow Warrior after a small package in 6: 56.

Johnny Stallion pinned Ricky Hype with a superkick in 16: 09.

Mike Mustang pinned Mr. America with a Cradle Suplex in 16: 05.

Tom Tomorrow pinned Johnny Blades with a small package in 3: 03.

Samantha Tanner used a sleeper to defeat Asian Invasion in 2: 05.

Billy Smith pinned Mack Truck after a belly to belly superplex in 9: 28.

Danny Maxx pinned Tara Quinn with a tiger suplex in 18: 20

Wendy Ryker pinned Davey Scott after a belly to belly superplex in 5: 42.

I’ll be back on Monday with more results.

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