Triple Threat Ladder Match for the OWA Championship; Mask vs. Title for the OWA TV Championship; Texas Tornado Steel Cage match for the OWA Tag Team Championship; Kendo Stick Scavenger Hunt match; Parking Lot match; Falls Count Anywhere match; and the North American Championship is defended three times against three different opponents.

The OWA logo zooms across the screen and from a distance the Hardcore Heaven logo comes closer until it fills the screen then fades away to see a jam-packed crowd]

Ed: Welcome to Hardcore Heaven! We’re coming to you from the Memorial Coliseum in Portland Oregon a place where many pro wrestlers got their start. The likes of Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka, Buddy Rose and Curt Hennig all got their start here in the pacific northwest and it’s here that we will witness Hardcore Heaven. Joining me here is … The Voice… Biff Franklin and out in the parking lot, our other broadcast team, Elaine Bryant and Shelly Marks will be debuting their play by play abilities. Let’s go to them at this time.

Elaine: This is Elaine Bryant, and I’m with Shelly Marks here as they are finishing up the scene where Pretty Boy Monty and the Shocker will battle in a ‘Parking Lot Strap Match’. As you can see, there’s 100 square feet of this parking lot blocked off and very secure. This match will be a wild one, don’t you agree, Shelley?

Shelley: Absolutely. There has been strap matches and there have been parking lot matches, but never combined. The only way to win is to drag your opponent 400 feet on this paved parking lot, and touch all four corners of this containment. Can you say major rug burn?

Elaine: I’m being told that we’re ready to begin with the battle royal, so let’s go back to Ed and Biff.

Battle Royal

Ed: The ten competitors have made their way to the ring, and the bell sounds, and here we go!

Biff: And right away Johnny Blades and Mike Mustang are at one another’s throats. I guess if you can’t cut it in the tag team scene, why not try for a shot at a singles belt!

Ed: I’m certain that both the Extremists and the Chiefs will be watching that tag title match later tonight, but right now Blades almost has Mustang over the top rope! Mustang breaks it up with an elbow to the midsection. Blades attempts a whip into the ropes, Mustang with the reversal! Mustang with a Gorilla Press!

Biff: Why didn’t the idiot throw him out? He just blew a perfect opportunity!

Ed: Blades goes for a superkick, but Mustang ducks and nails him with a thrust kick to the head. Johnny Danger.

Biff: “The Extreme” Johnny Danger!

Ed: Danger now joining Mustang in a double-team on Blades with a double clothesline. They whip Blades into the ropes again, Blades ducks the clothesline and counters it with a clothesline of his own on both Mustang and Danger!

Biff: Blades setting up for a superkick on Mustang, but Mustang ducks and throws an off-balance Johnny Blades over the top rope! Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first elimination of the match!

Ring announcer: Johnny Blades has been eliminated at 1: 47.

Ed: Mustang has no time to celebrate, though, as the other Extremist, Danny Maxx attacks from behind!

Biff: Where was Maxx a few minutes ago? The muscle head let his own partner get tossed!

Ed: Maxx was occupied elsewhere in the ring, it’s not easy keeping an eye out for yourself AND for your partner in a match like this! Mike Mustang with a chop to Maxx, he follows up with a thrust kick but Maxx ducks it! Maxx scoops up Mustang and slams him hard to the canvas, and follows up with a falling splash! Another bodyslam, and Maxx goes for an armlock leglock submission!

Ed: Mustang is too quick though, and escapes the hold. Maxx whips Mustang hard into the turnbuckle, follows him in but is met by a boot to the face! Now Sentry joins the fray, with a forearm to the back of the stunned Maxx. Sentry goes for a bodyslam, but Maxx reverses it into a belly-to-belly suplex!

Biff: We’ve got action all over the place, with Mr. Excitement and Chaos mixing it up in one corner, Johnny Stallion and Monica Brant in another. Now Scott Cobalt is attacking Danny Maxx. I’m losing track of who’s attacking who here!

The match continues without any eliminations for a couple of minutes, until.]

Ed: Scott Cobalt down on one knee, Mustang moves in for the kill but Cobalt stops him cold with a blow to the midsection.

Biff: But Mustang shakes it off! He nails Cobalt with a tilt-a-whirl suplex! He goes for the Cradle Suplex, but Cobalt counters with a facerake. Cobalt off the ropes with a dropkick, sending Mustang into the corner. Cobalt sets Mustang on the turnbuckle, and superplexes him!

Ed: Mustang about out of it at this point! Cobalt whips him into the corner, but Mustang charges back out and meets him with a clothesline! Cobalt staggers to his feet, Mustang with another clothesline, but Cobalt ducks and Mustang is over and out!

Ring announcer: Mike Mustang has been eliminated at 4: 51.

Biff: Cobalt doesn’t catch a break though, as Chaos nails him from behind! And now Monica Brant attacks Chaos!

Ed: Brant and Chaos fight their way back into the corner. Brant manages to get Chaos on the turnbuckle, and executes a superplex of her own! Brant picks up the stunned Chaos and easily eliminates him!

Ring announcer: Chaos has been eliminated at 5: 32.

Biff: Chaos is history, now it’s Johnny Stallion’s turn to take on the Femme. Brant goes for the whip, but Stallion reverses it and stuns her with an elbow and someone else just went over the top rope! Who was it?

Ring announcer: Danny Maxx has been eliminated at 6: 08.

Ed: Danny Maxx eliminated after being backdropped over the top rope by Scott Cobalt, and the Extremists are both eliminated from this match.

Biff: I say good riddance! They lost the tag belts, now they’ve blown their shot at the North American title! And look at this, Sentry and Johnny Danger now ganging up on Scott Cobalt! They’ve almost got him over the top rope! But Monica Brant unintentionally makes the save by nailing Danger from behind!

Another couple of minutes go by.]

Ed: Stallion trying to get Sentry over the top rope, but no success. Stallion off the opposite ropes, but Sentry greets him with a savate kick!

Biff: And a few of Johnny Stallion’s teeth just landed in the front row! Sentry whips Stallion into the ropes, and sends him down with a clothesline. Another whip, and this time a high backdrop sends Stallion crashing to the mat. Sentry with one more whip, Stallion catches hold of the ropes, Sentry charges in and Stallion dumps him out like yesterday’s garbage!

Ring announcer: Sentry has been eliminated at 9: 11.

Ed: Mr. Excitement tries to take Stallion by surprise, but Stallion catches him coming in and presses him high overhead!

Biff: Dump him, you idiot, dump him!

Ed: Gorilla Press by Stallion! He goes to pull Excitement back to his feet, but is met by a lariat! Johnny Danger joins Mr. Excitement in stomping the life out of Stallion!

Eventually, we find Johnny Danger and Monica Brant squaring off.]

Biff: Danger with a Northern Lights suplex, and the Femme is hurt! He follows up with a gutwrench suplex. This could be all for “Misty”!

Ed: It certainly looks that way. Jumping DDT by Danger! He drags Brant back to her feet and hauls her to the ropes for the elimination.

Biff: Bye-bye Monica baby! Wait, Danger just went over! What happened?

Ring announcer: Johnny Danger has been eliminated at 11: 05.

Ed: Brant was playing possum, and she easily dumped an unsuspecting Johnny Danger out of the ring, and out of this match!

Biff: We’re down to four, which means one of these wrestlers will NOT get a shot at Gustaffson and the North American belt! Johnny Stallion trying to work over Monica Brant, but Brant sends him staggering with an elbow. Scott Cobalt tries the Femme on for size, and gets a DDT for his troubles!

Ed: Brant is a house afire right now! A back suplex to Cobalt! Cobalt is slow getting to his feet, and Johnny Stallion quickly moves in and throws Cobalt over the top rope!

Ring announcer: Scott Cobalt has been eliminated at 11: 52.

Biff: That’s it! Brant, Stallion and Mr. Excitement will be the three challengers to Gustaffson’s North American title!

Ed: But this match isn’t over yet! Mr. Excitement charges at Stallion, and he gets the same reception he did the last time he tried it! Gorilla Press, and Excitement is in trouble! He goes for a powerslam, but Stallion counters with a lariat! Excitement ducks that, and catches Stallion in a backspin DDT!

Biff: Meanwhile Monica Brant is taking a break in the corner. Let these two goofs wear each other down, and then eliminate them both! Ya gotta like that strategy!

Ed: Mr. Excitement going to the top, Stallion struggles to his feet and gets nailed with a flying clothesline! Excitement pulls Stallion to his feet, apparently setting him up for a suplex of some sort. But Stallion scoops Excitement up and power slams him! Stallion with a takeover suplex, and he’s fired up now! Mr. Excitement back on his feet against the ropes, Stallion comes off the opposite side and nails him with an elbow, sending him over the top rope and to the floor!

Ring announcer: Mr. Excitement has been eliminated at 13: 04.

Biff: Now Monica attacks, but Stallion is ready for her! A takeover suplex stuns the Femme! Stallion to the top, leg drop from the top turnbuckle! The crowd is going wild! Stallion pulls Brant to her feed, whips her into the, Brant with the reversal! Brant follows him in, but Stallion greets the incoming Femme with a knee!

Ed: Stallion tries to eliminate the stunned Brant, but she’s got a death lock on those ropes! Stallion tries to soften her up with a backbreaker, but Brant blocks it. She whips Stallion into the turnbuckle, he comes back out but is met with an elbow! Brant nails Stallion with a forearm, driving him back against the ropes! rant signaling the end for Stallion! She bounces off the opposite ropes, and sends Stallion to the floor with a clothesline!

Ring announcer: Johnny Stallion has been eliminated at 14: 53. The winner of the battle royal, Monica Brant!

Biff: Brant won!

Ed: Looks like it will be Mr. Excitement facing the giant first, then Johnny Stallion, then Monica Brant. Bear in mind that the North American title could change hands up to 3 times tonight.

Biff: I don’t think the giant will have a hard time at all keeping his title.

Ed: Let’s go back out to the parking lot for the start of that match.

Parking Lot Strap Match: Pretty Boy Monty vs. Shocker

Shelley: Shelley Marks here and we are about to begin the parking lot strap match. Now, I’m told that since there are so many people here, they’re going to have to fly in the competitors with a helicopter, so we are waiting for that right now. I can hear one approaching now.

Elaine: Here comes the helicopter. and That’s the referee coming in first. He’s hanging on by the ladder and being lowered to the ground. And the helicopter takes off.

twice more the helicopter comes, first it drops off the Shocker and then Pretty Boy Monty.]

Shelley: The referee is securing the strap with handcuffs to make sure they are stuck together until the end of the match. Please bear in mind that this match is sure to take a lot of time. We’ll be going back into the arena, but will break if anything out of the ordinary happens.

Elaine: Looks like we are about to start. the two are pulling a bit on the strap to make sure its secure. And we’re just waiting for the referee’s signal to start. There ya go. the match has begun.

Shelley: Shocker charges Monty, who sidesteps and trips Shocker. quickly Monty is behind and trying to wrap that strap around his neck. Shocker is blocking that strap. he reaches behind and snap mares Monty over and tries to choke Monty with the strap himself. Monty thrusts an elbow into the gut of Shocker. They both stagger back.

Elaine: Monty in with a kick to the midsection. He whips Shocker. no reversal as Shocker send Monty into that guardrailing. We will be back periodically for this match, let’s get inside for out next match.

Shelley: Shocker rams the head of Monty into that guardrailing and Monty is busted open already.

First Blood Match: Jetstream vs. Johnny Fate

Announcer: This match is one fall and is the … First Blood… Match. First coming to ringside, weighing in at 245 pounds, here is Johnnnnnyyyyy Fate! And his opponent, representing the Family. Weighing in at 274 pounds, here is Jet. Streeeeeeeam!

Ed: Here we go. this will surely be the down fall of that big mouth Fate. Jetstream is no slouch and will be more than capable of shutting this guy up for good.

Biff: I dunno about that, this Fate is pretty wily. We’ll have to see what happens. First one to bleed is the loser, remember that.

Ed: Here we go. lockup by the two. and Fate tries to bite Jetstream who pushes him off and nails him with a power clothesline. Jetstream brings up Fate and whips and nails him with an elbow to the forehead.

Biff: Good work by Jetstream. the forehead is the easiest place to get to bleed. Jetstream with a series of hits to the forehead of Fate. Jetstream is up, backbreaker on Fate. Jetstream with a flying bodypress. but Fate ducks and Jetstream presses the referee.

Ed: We could have a problem here. low blow by Fate. we still have no referee. Fate throws Jetstream out of the ring. he whips him into the ring post. Still no blood though. He rolls Jetstream back into the ring and. hold on.

Biff: He’s got that pipe. another low blow by Fate. And he cracks the head of Jetstream with that pipe. now we have blood. This one should be over. Jetstream is out. The ref is out.

Ed: Fate pulls the ref over to look at Jetstream. Finally. the ref calls for the bell. This isn’t right. That Fate used every dirty trick in the book. There’s the bell.

Announcer: Winner of this match in 5: 33, Johnny Fate!

Ed: I’m totally repulsed. Let’s go out to Elaine and Shelley as we get ready for next match.

More Parking Lot Strap Match

Elaine: Thanks Ed, we’re at the 8 min mark of this encounter and Monty looks the worse for wear. He’s been bleeding profusely for the past 6 minutes, though he’s recently gotten the upper hand. No one has tried to go for all four corners yet.

Shelley: Monty has Shocker up. piledriver on the pavement. Monty wraps that straps around the wrists of Shocker and pulls him to the first corner, tagging it. He’s going for the second. but Shocker is aware now and pulls on the strap, bringing Monty down on top of him. Monty wraps that strap around his throat and begins to choke the Shocker.

Elaine: I’m not so sure this match should have been signed. it’s totally brutal. Monty flips Shocker over and begins to rub his face into the pavement. Gads! Shocker is now bleeding from his forehead. We knew this one would not be pretty. I’m being told we are ready for our next match, let’s go back inside and we’ll keep you up to date in the parking lot a bit later.

North American Championship: Gustaffson vs. Mr. Excitement

Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the North American Championship. First the challenger, weighing in at 236 pounds, here is Mr. Excitement! And the North American Champion, standing 7… 2″ weighing an incredible 367 pounds, here is the giant, Gustaffson!

Ed: I hope Monty and Shocker survive that match out there. We do have medical personnel standing by just in case. This is our first of three North American Title matches today. Mr. Excitement taking on Gustaffson. The winner of this match will take on Johnny Stallion.

Biff: Lockup. Gustaffson gets in the first blow with a double axhandle chop. Excitement goes off the ropes, Gus misses with a clothesline. Excitement off the ropes with a back-heel kick. Excitement off the ropes with a flying body press, but Gus catches him in midair and powerslam him to the mat.

Ed: Headbutt by the champion. Gus with a whip, and a clothesline by the big guy. Gustaffson with a kneelift, but Excitement side steps and catches him with an elbowdrop. Excitement with a bulldog headlock and a cover. one. kickout by the giant.

Biff: Whip by Excitement and backdrop. Excitement stomps a couple time to the head of Gustaffson. Gus is to his feet, dropkick by Excitement that staggers the big guy. Excitement off the ropes with an elbow shot. A couple savate kicks by Excitement.

Ed: Whip by Excitement. Frankensteiner. no power bomb by Gus. and drop piledriver. one. two. three!

Announcer: Winner of the match and still North American Champion, Gustaffson. Match time: 17: 35

Biff: Gustaffson advances to take on Johnny Stallion. Let’s head back out to the parking lot.

More Parking Lot Strap Match

Elaine: Thanks Biff. as you can see. Shocker has Monty’s throat across that guardrailing and is choking him down. wait. Monty with a kick to the groin that pretty much forces Shocker to release his hold on him. We’re at about 35 min for this match right now. These guys are going strong.

Shelley: That’s right Elaine, Monty picks up Shocker and slams him down on the pavement. He takes that strap and wraps it around the head and into the mouth of Shocker and pulls back on it. That has to be pretty darn painful.

Elaine: No one has tried to win since the last time we showed you. They are more concerned with beating each other down, perhaps even killing each other before we get to see a finish to this match. Shocker finally rolls the two over and nails Monty in the groin with his elbow. they are both bleeding profusely.

Shelley: I wonder if the commissioner will allow this to go to a finish. Let’s get back to Ed and Biff for our next match. We’ll get back here as soon as we can.

Falls Count Anywhere: Executioner vs. Traci Lane (TigerLily as Special Guest Referee)

Announcer: This match is one fall and is a … Falls Count Anywhere… match. First let me introduce the special guest referee. She is a former OWA Champion. and a former OWA Tag Team Champion. Ladies and Gentlemen. please welcome. TigerrrrrrLilyyyyyy!

Ed: It’s been almost a year since we last saw or heard from TigerLily. She was considered the dirtiest player in the game, then abruptly retired.

Biff: I’ve modeled myself after that great superstar, let me tell ya. She’ll make a great referee.

Announcer: And now the competitors! First. a member of the Femme Fatale. She’s a former OWA Champion and weighs in at 194 pounds, here is the … Black Widow… Traci Lane! And her opponent, a member of the Family. Weighing in at 230 pounds, here is the Executioner!

Ed: Referee TigerLily is giving some instruction. let’s listen in.

TigerLily: Listen up, ya losers. Here’s how it works. Beat the hell out of each other. You can go anywhere in the damn state for all I care. But lay a hand on me, and you’re dead. Got it?

Biff: Very direct and to the point on the part of our special guest referee. There’s the bell. Lane quickly attacks Executioner, whip by Lane and she catches him coming off with a chop. Another whip by Lane, but Executioner nails her with a running forearm smash that send her out of the ring. Here we go. That didn’t take long.

Ed: Executioner goes out to the ring apron and leaps off with a double ax handle, but Lane deliver a punch to the midsection. She rams his head into the steel ring steps. Executioner with a back mule kick that staggers back Lane. He tackles her to the ground.

Biff: Lane with a knee that could have been a bit low. Lane grabs the ringside microphone and drives to the forehead of Executioner that opens up a nasty cut. Executioner is busted wide open. Lane with a pin on the outside. TigerLily counts. One. two. kickout by Executioner.

Ed: Lane whips Executioner into the guardrail and charges in. Executioner reaches for a nearby chair and holds it up as Lane crashes into it. Executioner uses the chair on the arm of Lane. Looks like he’s trying to injure that arm and set up for his cross face chicken wing.

Biff: Executioner lifts Lane up and over the guardrail as they fight into the audience. Security is there making sure that everyone keeps back. Executioner rams the head of Lane into that guardrail and dumps her back over. Body slam by Executioner on the aisleway. It looks like they’re heading back.

Ed: We have cameras ready for this one. Lane trips Executioner who falls flat, she’s rubbing his face into the aisleway floor. She pulls him up and whips him through the curtain. They’re now back behind the scenes there.

Biff: Where’s our camera. ahh. there is it. Executioner whips Lane into the concrete stairs that go up to where the fans come in from the outside. TigerLily is right there following. Lane stumbles up the stairs with Executioner following. She gets to the top and spins around and kicks him down the stairs.

Ed: That’s a nasty fall. Lane goes down the stairs about half way and leaps off with an elbow drop. Executioner moves and she lands on her arm. Executioner tries for the cross-face chicken wing, but Lane headbutts him in the jaw. Lane whips Executioner into the wall and walks up the stairs.

Biff: Lane is favoring that arm a lot. Executioner is up after her. She tries to kick him again, but he trips her and reaches the top. Fans are being held back by security. Executioner whips Lane into a nearby souvenir stand. He follows her in and she kicks him in the gut and takes an OWA T-shirt and wraps it around his throat.

Ed: Executioner nails her in the arm with his elbow and she lets go quickly. He picks her up and slams her on a table. He climbs up onto the table and picks her up. DDT through the table by Executioner. Lane is now busted open. Executioner picks up half the broken table and slams it down on Lane’s arm.

Biff: Executioner with a cover. TigerLily counts. one. two. kickout by Lane. Executioner gives TigerLily a glare and moves back to Lane. He pulls her to her feet, but quickly Lane DDTs him on the cement floor. She’s goes for a cover. TigerLily counts. one. two. kickout by Executioner.

Ed: Lane pulls up Executioner with her good arm and whips him into a nearby nacho stand! She picks up a plate of spilled nachos and mushes it into his face. That’s has got to be hot. She pulls him up and tries for a piledriver. but she can’t get him up as he backdrops her on the concrete floor.

Biff: They’re fighting near the front doors to the arena. and Lane is up and leaning against them. Executioner goes for a punch, but Lane ducks as Executioners hand goes through the glass of the door. Executioner pulls his bloody hand back through the glass and turns to face Lane as she drop kicks him through the glass. He rolls down the cement stairs to the bottom. That’s about a 50-yard tumble.

Ed: Lane holds that arm as she walks down the stairs and covers him. TigerLily counts. One. two. three!!!!

Announcer – heard inside the building: Winner of the match in 19: 02 is Traci Lane!

Ed: Traci is helping up Executioner who extends a hand and they shake on it. Great sportsmanship on the part of both after the match. They went all for it and held nothing back, but you can see the respect they have for each other.

Biff: Watch out. they’ve both collapsed on to each other. We better get some medical attention to those two. Off in the distance you can see the strap match still going on. Let’s go to Elaine and Shelley.

More Parking Lot Strap Match

Elaine: Thanks Biff. They match is now reaching the 1-hour mark and neither are letting up. You can see Monty is now dragging Shocker around to his third corner. He reaches and tags it, and turns for the fourth.

Shelley: Look though, Shockers finally comes to and is hooking his legs between the guardrailing. Monty is too tired to try and force this one. Monty falls on top of Shocker who in turn wraps that strap around the throat of Monty and begins to choke him again.

Elaine: This match has been brutal. We’ve seen DDTs and piledrives and attempted Frankensteiners that have turned into Power Bombs. The blood is pouring from these two and they aren’t about to give up.

Shelley: I understand we’re ready for our next match inside. We’ll keep you posted on events here. Back to you, Ed and Biff.

North American Championship: Gustaffson vs. Johnny Stallion

Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the North American Championship. First the challenger, being accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner, Mike Mustang, weighing in at 275 pounds. He’s one half of the tag team known as the Chiefs. Here is Johnnyyyyy Stallionnnnn. And his opponent is the current North American Champion, he stands 7… 2″ tall and weighs in at 367 pounds. Here is the giant, Gustaffson!

Ed: This is the second match of the night for both of these men, but Stallion has had a longer rest period. If Gustaffson retains the title, he goes on the face an even fresher Monica Brant. If Stallion wins, he too must face Brant. The night is still young for the winner of this match.

Biff: I’m still predicting the giant all the way on this one. They lock up. Gustaffson with a head butt and a clothesline right off the bat. Stallion with a face rake and he tries for a bodyslam, but he cannot get the big guy up. Gus takes him down with a Soviet suplex.

Ed: Gus with a whip, but Stallion comes off and nails Gus with a superkick. Stallion with a short clothesline. Stallion off the ropes, nails Gus with an elbow shot. Stallion off the ropes again, get hits with a knee lift by Gustaffson.

Biff: Gustaffson off the ropes. wha. he trips into a DDT by Stallion. cover. one. two. three!!!

Ed: What was that? That was very weird. wait. let’s get a replay on that?

Replay show Mustang tripping Gus off the ropes, who falls into the DDT.]

Announcer: Winner of the match and NEW North American Champion, Johnny Stallion!

Ed: That was a bit of dirty tricks by Stallion and Mustang, but we do officially have a new champion. Monica Brant will take on Johnny Stallion in the final of our North American title matches. Let’s head outside to Elaine and Shelley.

More Parking Lot Strap Match

Shelley: Thanks Ed. We have to be very close to conclusion on this match. We are at about the 70 min mark in this match and they are just about out of steam here. You can see the blood soaking through the back of their shirts from being drug around on the concrete.

Elaine: Monty’s climbing up on to the guardrailing, but Shocker pulls on the strap, and Monty loses his balance and straddles the guardrailing! Shocker ties up Monty’s hands and feet together and pulls him slowly around the containment.

Shelley: Shocker touches the first corner. you can see the blood being left on the pavement as Monty is drug to the second corner. Shocker makes the tag. He begins to pull him to the third. Shocker slips, but gets back to his feet and begins to move towards the third.

Elaine: Shocker makes it to the third. and goes for a fourth, this match could be over right here! Monty is trying to get one of his hands free. and finally he does. he’s grabbing onto the guardrailing. the Shocker is only a foot or so away from winning this match, he’s pulling on the strap, but Monty has a hold of the railing. But his hands are covered in blood and looks like it’s slipping.

Shelley: He can’t hold on. and Shocker falls into the fourth corner. he rams his head into the corner of that containment and slumps to the ground. The referee is calling for the match to end.

Announcer – from inside the arena: The winner of the Parking Lot Strap Match in 97: 34, is The Shocker!

Elaine: Medical personnel are making their way to the containment, both Monty and Shocker are unconscious, this has been a grueling match. A once in a lifetime event. I do not think either of them will want to ever to this sort of match again.

Shelley: Personally, I don’t think I’d want to see this type of match again. That’s all from the parking lot, let’s go in to Ed and Biff for the rest of the card.

Kendo Stick Scavenger Hunt Match: Asian Invasion vs. Shogun

Announcer: This match is one fall and is a … Kendo Stick Scavenger Hunt Match!… Please note that prior to the card, a kendo stick was hidden at ringside. Once it’s found it can be used as a weapon in the match. Introducing the combatants! First. Coming down the aisle, weighing in at 230 pounds, he’s a member of the Family. Here is Shoooogun! And his opponent, also weighing in at 230 pounds, here is Asian Invasion!

Ed: What a match! Both Monty and Shocker are being taken to a nearby hospital. Both suffered severe blood loss. We have also been informed that Traci Lane suffered a sprained elbow, and should only be out a couple weeks of action. Executioner has a number of cuts due to the broken glass of the front door, but nothing very serious.

Biff: The commissioner sure went all out for this card. And we still have 4 title matches left. The bell has run for this Kendo Stick match. Lock up. Shogun with a chop. Shogun off the ropes, Invasion hits him with a superkick. Invasion goes out of the ring to look for the kendo stick. There is no countout in this match.

Ed: That’s correct. Shogun quickly goes after Invasion and dropkicks him into the steel post. Shogun looks under the ring, but Invasion drops an elbow into the small of the back of Shogun. Invasion rubs the face of Shogun into the matting around the outside, and looks under the ring.

Biff: Shogun reaches over and begins to choke Invasion. Invasion counters with a knee to the groin. Invasion is up and begins to flips over the matting around the ring, looking for that stick.

Ed: Shogun gets to his feet and runs after Invasion, tackling him. He delivers a number of punches to the forehead of Invasion. Monkey flip by Shogun on the outside. Invasion gets to his feet and Shogun nails him with his Palm Blow finisher.

Biff: I think Invasion is out. However, the match cannot be won until that kendo stick is found. Shogun flips over the rest of the matting looking for that stick. But, it’s not under there. Invasion is slowly getting to his feet, he looks around and sees Shogun looking under the ring. Invasion climbs to the ring apron and dives off with an elbowdrop on to the back of Shogun.

Ed: Invasion pulls Shogun to his feet and executes his finisher, the Flying Headscissors, sending Shogun flying underneath the bellkeeper’s table. Invasion begins to flip up the ring apron, looking underneath for that kendo stick.

Biff: Shogun’s coming to. What’s he doing? He’s found the stick. it was taped underneath the announcer’s table. He approaches Invasion from behind and leaps on the back of Invasion and wraps his legs around him and places the stick across his throat!

Ed: We could have trouble here. He’s blocking the air from Invasion. the referee is right there. He’s asking Invasion if he wants to give it up and Invasion refuses, but his face is starting to get red. Invasion is trying to get free, but cannot. There’s no way out of this one.

Biff: He’s starting to slow his movements. I think he’s passed out. the ref is calling for the bell and telling Shogun to break the hold.

Announcer: Winner of this match at 20: 08, due to referee’s decision, is Shogun!

North American Championship: Johnny Stallion vs. Monica Brant

Ed: We’re getting ready for our last North American Title Match, new Champion, Johnny Stallion will take on battle royal winner Monica Brant. Let’s get down to ringside for the introductions.

Announcer: This match is one fall and is the final North American Championship Contest. First, introducing the challenger. Accompanied to the ring by bodyguard and former champion, Gustaffson. weighing in at 157 pounds, a member of the Femme Fatale and earlier winner of the battle royal, Here’s “Misty” Monica Brant. And her opponent, the new North American Champion. Accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner, Mike Mustang. weighing in at 275 pounds, here is Johnny Stallion!

Biff: Right away, Gus goes after Mustang. they begin to brawl around ringside. We’re getting some security here to help out. We’ve got them separated.

Announcer: The referee has informed me that both Gustaffson and Mike Mustang will leave the ringside area or this match will be called and the belt held up.

Ed: Both Gustaffson and Mustang make their way to separate locker rooms. and we have a bell. Monica Brant quickly catches Stallion unaware, nailing him with a flying clothesline. Stallion falls out of the ring, and Brant follows him out. She bodyslams him on the floor and rolls him back into the ring.

Biff: She doesn’t want a countout here. Stallion rakes the eyes of Brant as she comes into the ring. He bodyslams her and delivers a DDT. Stallion goes for a gorilla press, but Monica rolls him up. One. two. kickout by Stallion.

Ed: Brant off the ropes, but Stallion catches her with a hotshot. cover by Stallion, one. two. kickout by Brant. Stallion applies a scorpion deathlock, but Monica quickly reaches the ropes. Whip by Stallion, he ducks for a backdrop, but Brant nails him with an uppercut.

Biff: Brant with an atomic drop, followed by a clothesline. She blows a kiss to the audience, then drops an elbow on the fallen champion. Brant whips Stallion into the turnbuckle and charges in. Stallion moves and Brant hits the ring post shoulder first.

Ed: Stallion scoops her up and nails her with a tombstone. cover by Stallion. one. two. th. kickout by Brant! Stallion with a whip, and Frankensteiner. Bodyslam by Stallion. Whip by Stallion. he misses a clothesline, and Brant applies the Fashion Statement sleeper. but he’s too close to the ropes. ref calls for the break.

Biff: Monica picks up Stallion and delivers a gorilla press slam. She walks around him and stomps on his body. she pulls him up and whips him into the ropes. dropkick. Stallion falls out of the ring. She goes after him, but Stallion grabs the ring bell. He takes a swing at her but misses. she picks up a chair and nails Stallion with it.

Ed: Stallion has been busted open with that chair. He trips Brant as she tries to get back into the ring. He picks up the bell and nails her in the forehead with it. Brant has also been busted open. Both wrestlers climb into the ring. Stallion off the ropes, but is disoriented and they collide head first.

Biff: Brant moves over and positions herself to apply the figure four leglock. Stallion seems very out of it. Referee sees both shoulders down and counts. one. two. three!!!! New champion!

Announcer: Winner of the match and NEW North American Champion in 16: 46, Monica Brant!

Ed: Both wrestlers are a bloody mess, but we do have a new North American Champion. While we prepare for the cage match, let’s go to this announcement from the commissioner regarding Halloween Horror: The Wheel of Torture’s Revenge!

OWA Commissioner: Thank you. In the past, the Wheel of Torture tournament has been an 8-wrestler tournament. However, this year we are expanding it to a 15-wrestler tournament. The winner of last year’s tournament, Amazon Woman will defend her victory and will also receive a bye. The other 14 will wrestle in the first round.

Now. for those not familiar with the Wheel of Torture tournament, here’s how it works. The Wheel itself is covered with 14 different types of matches. Cage match, coal miner’s glove match, strap match, chain match, dog collar match, ladder match, etc. We’ll announce all 14 types of matches during a later broadcast. The Wheel is spun before each match and then that match is set up. No one know what match they will have prior to their match. Once a type of match is used, is it taken from the wheel and will not be used again that night.

There are 7 matches in round one, four in round 2, 2 in the semifinals and of course the finals. Again, Amazon Woman will be granted a first round bye as the defending Wheel of Torture champion.

Next week on OWA Championship Wrestling, two qualifying matches will take place, Johnny Blades vs. Gustaffson and Asian Invasion vs. Johnny Danger. Winners will advance to the tournament. Also, this week on OWA Championship Wrestling, not related to the Wheel of Torture tournament, the winner’s of the upcoming tag team title match, will take on the Chiefs and the title will be on the line.

Let’s go back to Ed and Biff for this matchup.

Ed: A great announcement regarding our next big PPV event. The Wheel of Torture’s Revenge will be held on October 27th. The cage is up and we are ready for the Texas Tornado tag team title matchup. Let’s to go the ring announcer.

OWA Tag Team Championship/Texas Tornado/Steel Cage Match: Amazon Woman/Prince Frederick vs. Sabin Figaro/MegaDiesel

Announcer: This match is one fall and is a Texas Tornado match, held inside this steel cage. The OWA Tag Team Titles are on the line for this event. First let’s introduce the challengers. Weighing in at a total combined weight of 667 pounds, here are Sabin Figaro and MegaDiesel, the team of Brawlers, Inc! And now, introducing the champions! They weigh in at a total combined weight of 408 pounds, here are the OWA Tag Team Champion, Amazon Woman and Prince Frederick!

Ed: Well. it’s been announced that the winners of this match will take on the Chiefs this week on OWA Championship Wrestling. and the titles will be on the line. But first we have to get through this cage match and once the bell rings, it’s going to be chaotic.

Biff: You got that right. The cage door is closed and there’s the bell. Amazon goes after Sabin and MegaDiesel locks up with Frederick. Amazon tries to throw Figaro into the cage, headfirst, but Figaro is too fresh and easily blocks that. He kicks her in the midsection, but misses a clothesline.

Ed: Frederick knees MegaDiesel in the groin and piledrives him, then helps Amazon Woman double team Figaro, nailing him in the back. They try and set him up for a spike piledriver, but MegaDiesel is up and attacks Amazon Woman, while Figaro backdrops Frederick. MegaDiesel with a belly to belly on Amazon Woman.

Biff: MegaDiesel with a whip into the corner, but Amazon reverses it sending MegaDiesel into the corner and follows him in with a flying corner splash. She muscles him up on her back and delivers a crucifix slam. Figaro takes down Frederick with a power clothesline. Amazon Woman attacks Figaro from behind with a clothesline to the back of the neck. She whips him this time face first into the cage.

Ed: Frederick is up and stomping on MegaDiesel. He tries to rub his face into the cage, but MegaDiesel blocks it. Frederick steps on the bottom rope, trapping the neck of MegaDiesel underneath it. Frederick pulls on the top rope, applying more pressure. Amazon Woman powerbombs Figaro.

Biff: Amazon Woman goes to the top and leaps off with a splash, but Figaro moves out of the way and she crashes to the mat. Figaro leaps up and whips Amazon into the corner and nails her with his Fist Flurry and goes for a cover. one. two. Frederick makes the save. MegaDiesel is up and grabs Frederick from behind and delivers an atomic drop, that sends Frederick face first into the cage.

Ed: Looks like Frederick is busted open here. MegaDiesel is on him now. short clothesline by MegaDiesel on Frederick. Figaro goes for a Fisherman suplex on Amazon Woman. He and MegaDiesel are conversing a bit. MegaDiesel whips Frederick to Figaro who nail him with a dropkick. MegaDiesel picks up Frederick and nails him with a jackknife powerbomb. cover. one. two. save by Amazon. Frederick with another low blow on MegaDiesel.

Biff: Sabin goes for a cross body block but Amazon ducks and Sabin eats the cage. Frederick whips MegaDiesel into Amazon, but she’s not looking. she spins around and collides head to head with MegaDiesel, who turns and walks into a Frederick superkick. cover. one. two. three!!!

Announcer: Winner of the match and still OWA Tag Team Champions, Amazon Woman and Prince Frederick.

Ed: Frederick grabs both belts and tries to drag a fallen Amazon Woman out of the ring. she finally gets to her feet. looks like she’s not happy with Frederick.

Biff: Hey. they won, didn’t they? Sheesh.

Ed: While were waiting for the cage to be taken down, let’s go out to Elaine for a post-Parking lot match wrap up.

Elaine: Thanks Ed. Both Monty and Shocker have been taken to a nearby hospital. My understanding is that they both will be out a couple weeks. I’ve also been told that Traci Lane will be out a couple weeks with a sprained elbow. They all should return in time to participate in the Wheel of Torture qualifying matches. There are no other injuries to report at this time. Back to you Ed.

OWA TV Championship: Mask vs. Title: Mariko vs. Masked Mayhem

Announcer: This match is one fall, and is a Mask vs. Title match for the OWA TV Championship. First introducing the challenger, weighing in at 325 pounds, here is Masked Mayhem! And his opponent, the current OWA TV Champion, weighing in at 167 pounds, and a member of the Femme Fatale. here is Mariko!

Ed: Here we go. we know that this one started with Mariko pulled the mask off of Mayhem during a previous encounter. Now both the mask and the title are on the line. Mariko is on Mayhem before the bell rings. she whips him and powerslams him.

Biff: Mariko off the ropes and but Mayhem hits her with an enzuilariato. Mariko blocks an inverted atomic drop attempt and executes a spin kick. Mariko goes around and executes a belly to back suplex on the big masked man. Cover by Mariko. one. two. kickout by Mayhem.

Ed: Mariko off the ropes. she goes for a flying clothesline, but Mayhem ducks and she flies over the top and to the floor. Watch Mayhem. he’s reaching into his tights and putting something into that mask.

Biff: He’s probably just got an itch. Mariko climbs back into the ring and ducks the headbutt, and hits him with a clothesline. Mayhem lifts her up and executes a fallaway slam. Mayhem off the ropes and he hits her with a falling headbutt!

Ed: He’s got that mask loaded. one. two. three!!! New Champion!!

Announcer: Winner of the match and NEW OWA TV Champion, in 5: 34 is Masked Mayhem!

Ed: Cheap win by Masked Mayhem, but I am told he’ll defend that title this week on OWA Championship Wrestling against Johnny Fate, and I know Mariko will be wanting a rematch! We’re getting ready for our main event. the triangle ladder match for the OWA Championship. Let’s go down to our ring announcer.

OWA Championship: Triangle Ladder Match: Rachel Ryan vs. Anthony Hazard vs. Stacks Coltrain

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman. It’s now time for our main event! This match is one fall and is for the OWA Championship. It is a ladder match! Please note that the OWA Championship belt is being raised above the ring and the ring
attendant is placing the ladder in the aisleway. The object is to be the first to get the ladder into the ring, climb up and grab the OWA Championship, removing it from the hook. Let’s introduce the competitors! First. coming to ringside, a member of the Family, weighing in at 185 pounds, here is Stacks Coltraaaaaain. Next, coming to ringside, a member of the Elite, weighing in at 207 pounds, here is former OWA Champion, Anthony Hazard! And now, introducing the OWA Champion, a member of the Femme Fatale, weighing in at 205 pounds, here is the Enforcer, Rachel Ryan!

Rachel climbs the ladder and holds her fist up in the air as the crowd cheers the long-time champion.]

Ed: Rachel Ryan makes her way into the ring. Now. it’s everyone against everyone. the first to grab the belt and remove it from the hook is the winner. You can see the belt is about 10-foot-high, and the ladder is only seven-foot-high, so they’re going to have to climb way up on the ladder to remove the belt from that hook.

Biff: There’s the bell. There’s no tagging in this triangle match. It looks like Hazard and Ryan might team up on Stacks. If they can disable her for the remainder of the match, they can fight to see who gets the title. But they’re going to have to eliminate her first. Stacks rushes out of the ring, with them following.

Ed: Stacks heads for the ladder right off the bat. there’s no countout in this match. Ryan and Hazard close in, but Stacks pushes the ladder over on to Hazard and dives at Ryan, tackling her. Stacks throws a punch to the ribs of Ryan, but Hazard is up and drops the ladder on top of both of them, then pulls it towards the ring.

Biff: Stacks reaches out and grabs onto the ladder, but Ryan nails her in the face with an elbow and Stacks lets go of the ladder. Hazard pulls it towards the ring. Ryan gets to her feet and goes after Hazard, but Stacks sweeps her feet out from under her and Ryan falls onto the ladder, just barely blocking her face from meeting the ladder, with her arms. Hazard is forced to drop the ladder with the weight of Ryan crashing down on it.

Ed: Hazard drops an elbow on Ryan, who’s still lying on that ladder. Stacks grabs a nearby chair and clocks Hazard with it. She chokes him with the chair and hits Ryan with it as well. She rolls Ryan off the ladder and pulls it closer to the ring. Ryan gets to her feet and charges Stacks who drops the ladder and braces for the attack, swinging wildly at Ryan.

Biff: Ryan drops down and throws her shoulder into Stacks gut and running her back into the ringpost. Stacks drops to the ground. Hazard is up and clothesline Ryan from behind. He rams the head of Ryan into the ring post. Ryan appears to be lacerated. Hazard tries to lift the ladder into the ring, but Stacks grabs his legs and he trips and falls with the ladder on top of him.

Ed: Stacks is to her feet. she jumps a couple of times on the ladder that on top of Hazard. She spots Ryan getting to her feet and clotheslines her back to the ground. Stacks picks up the ladder and leans it against the ropes and climbs inside and begins to pull it in, but Hazard reaches up and pulls it back. Ryan slips into the ring and nails Stacks with a clothesline from behind that send Stacks over the top rope crashing on to the ladder and onto Hazard.

Biff: Ryan pulls the ladder into the ring. she wipes the blood from her eyes and looks up for the belt. She places the ladder in the center of the ring and then begins to climb up. Stacks quickly enters the ring and pushes the ladder and Ryan over. Ryan’s leg is caught inside the ladder and Stacks jumps on it a few times much to the despair of Ryan.

Ed: Hazard slowly makes his way inside the ring and nails Stacks in the ribs with a kick. He sets her up and piledrives her into the mat. Ryan is holding her leg, and Stacks may be out of this. Hazard sets up the ladder and begins to climb up, Ryan quickly uses her other leg to kick the ladder out from under Hazard sending him down accidently on top of her.

Biff: Ryan puts a headlock on Hazard and squeezes his neck. Stacks sits up and looks around. She slowly gets to her feet and pulls the ladder up and starts to climb up. Ryan pushes Hazard out of the ring and tries to get to her feet. She’s favoring her leg. She tries to walk, but her leg gives out and she falls forward into the ladder, knocking it and Stacks over, though Ryan his the ladder with her head. Blood is pouring from the cut on Ryan’s forehead.

Ed: Hazard climbs back into the ring, but Stacks kicks him in the head. She pulls him in and executes the spinning power bomb on him. She picks up the ladders and places it under the belt and climbs up. Hazard sits up and looks around, he spots Stacks as she places a hand on the belt, and charges the ladder knocking it over. Stacks grabs onto the belt and holds onto is suspended into the air. as the ladder is knocked from beneath her. She tries to pull the belt, getting it loose from hook.

Biff: I’ve never seen this before. Ryan is starting to move as she reaches out of the ring for a chair. She tries to stand, but cannot get momentum to swing the chair at Stacks, and falls. The chair flies from her hands. Stacks still tries to shake the belt loose. but has no support. Hazard grabs the chair and nails Stacks once. twice. in the back. Stacks finally lets loose of the belt and falls 10 feet to the mat.

Ed: The loosened weight of Stacks sends the belt flying up into the air. It lands in the aisleway. Stacks and Hazard tries to bolt out of the ring, but Ryan reaches out and trips Stacks who stumbles into Hazard and they both tumbles out of the ring, Stacks landing on top of Hazard. Stacks crawls towards the belt, but Hazard kicks her in the side and limps towards the belt.

Biff: He’s almost there. He reaches down, but Stacks is behind him with a chair and nails him in the back of the head with it, and he crumbles to the ground. Stacks falls over Hazard and on top of the belt, clutching it in her arms!

Announcer: The winner of this match and NEW OWA Champion. Stacks Coltrain!!!! Match time: 14: 09.

Ed: What a night of action this has been. I’m exhausted!

Biff: Let me tell you what. this night will be hard to beat, but we’re going to try at Halloween Horror: The Wheel of Torture’s Revenge. We’ll have more updates on this event plus the next one this week on OWA Championship Wrestling.

Ed: For Biff, Elaine, and Shelley, we’ll see you next week!

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