Last Man Standing for the World Championship as Tyke Index takes on former champ Taurus; Pure Champion Anaquin Adams defends against Gabriel Ohio in a Prison Break Match; The finals for the TV Championship and more.

“Uncomfortable” by Halestorm plays across the arena as the show goes live, panning out of the sold-out arena as the Bitter Enemies logo is displayed in the upper right corner and the word LIVE in the upper left. The volume of the music lowers but continues to play in the background as the camera shifts focus to the two announcers standing by

Al Locker: Welcome to the sold-out Phillips Arena in Atlanta Georgia and we are live with Bitter Enemies and we are anticipating a wild night as we have five main events on this loaded card.

Alan Carcia: That’s right, Al. As you saw when we first went live, the Prison is set up for our Prison Break match pitting HcW Pure Champion Anaquin Adams against the giant Gabriel Ohio. We have our finalist for our tournament to crown a new Television Champion as newcomer Slamsley McBody takes on the wild-man Hammerstein.

Al Locker: GM Biff Franklin signed an unsanctioned match between Raven Trueblood and someone not even on the HcW Roster, Blake Archer.  And for the Xtreme Championship, champion Tommy McMaster defends against Scythe Bloodline and Trent Harper in a triple threat match.

Alan Carcia: And finally, our main event is for the HcW World Championship. Taurus gets his chance at redemption as he tries to wrestle the title away from current World Champion Tyke Index.

Al Locker: That’s the run down for the card. We’re going to head down to our ring announcer Richard Bassett and the introduction of our first match which is our Prison Break match for the Pure Championship.


Anaquin Adams (c) vs. Gabriel Ohio

Richard Bassett: This match is one fall and is for the HcW Pure Championship. It is a Prison Break match. The ring is surrounded by a steel cage. Surrounding that is a covered cell and hanging high above the cell will be the Pure Championship. The winner will be the competitor who escapes the cage, then the cell and climbs the structure to retrieve the Pure Championship. There are no disqualifications. No countouts. Introducing first, the challenger:

“For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Sabaton begins to play.

Richard Bassett: Here is Gabriel Ohio!

The Lights flicker until the sounds of electricity fill the arena as it is plunged into darkness. A Moon appears on the titan-Tron and a white glow appears on the stage. Standing in the glow is the 7-foot-tall Gabriel Ohio, leather jack blowing in the wind, looking down at the floor. He looks up and walks slowly to the ring. He walks up to the cell and glances up at the belt hanging there. The referee opens the cell door as he steps through the structure. He walks to the ringsteps where a second referee opens the door to the cage and he takes the steps one at a time and steps into the ring. Both doors are closed behind him.

Richard Bassett: And the defending HcW Pure Champion.

The lights go out as the slowed entrance of “Beautiful” begins to play by 10 Years. Graphic, bloody images begin to flicker across the screen, along with images of Anaquin’s Evil Clown face.

Richard Bassett: Here is Anaquin Adams!

As the song continues, the lights come on as “MONSTER” Anaquin Adams name hits the screen and a red light begins to fill the arena. A hooded figure stands at the top of the ramp, obviously female as she makes her way slowly down the aisle as the music continues to play. Her hoodie is a glittery golden and lights flicker across the surface as she keeps her face hidden as she reaches the cell before she finally pulls the hood back and reveals her evil clown face. Her hair is long and has been dyed green and her blue eyes twinkling with amusement as she continues to walk around the structure glancing up at the belt that’s hanging high above. She finally makes it back to the entrance of the cell as the referee opens the door and she finally slips inside as the final strains of “Beautiful” finally fade out.  She walks to the entrance to the cage as that referee opens the door and she climbs the ringsteps and enters the cage. She stands there in a one-piece, white sport tights with golden trim and her boots are also white, with US on one boot and AA on the other. She stares over at Gabriel Ohio who does not seem at all intimidated by the champion.

Al Locker: These two have been trading mental games for the past few weeks and last week Ohio cost Adams a match with Taurus, while Adams pulls a “Carrie” move, dumping a vat of red blood-like substance all over Ohio.

Alan Carcia: I’m not going to lie. I don’t like Adams chances here against the giant. And being locked inside two cages with him?

Al Locker: Perhaps, but remember, Ohio has to escape the cages to win and his size might be a detriment for him.


Al Locker: And this Prison Break match is underway. And Anaquin Adams is showing no fear whatsoever as she charges the giant who just pushes her down to the mat. She quickly gets back up and charges in, this time ducking Ohio and pushes him into the corner.

Alan Carcia: There’s no referee inside the ring, so that means there’s basically no rules. Adams looks like she’s trying to lift the big guy up to the turnbuckle, but Gabriel just clobbers her across the back and down goes the champion.

Adams reaches for her back as Gabriel just grins and moves in on her. He grabs her by the hair and pulls her up, he picks her up into a military press and just tosses her into the cage as she falls between the cage and the ring ropes.

Al Locker: Ohio definitely has the strength advantage here. He easily manhandled her right there.

Ohio walks over and pulls Adams up to her feet and grabs her by the head and begins to ram the back of her head into that cage over and over again.

Alan Carcia: Ohio is being merciless here with Adams.

Ohio brings her into the ring as she crumbles to the mat. She crawls up the legs of Ohio as he reaches around her waist and brings her up and powerbombs her hard into the mat.

Al Locker: Ohio looks like he’s going to leave Adams for dead here as he glances over to the corner of the cage.

Ohio moves over to the corner and begins to climb, taking one turnbuckle at a time with his fingers grasping at the cage as he starts to go up. Adams, however, recovers enough to notice and gets to her feet, staggering a bit and then moves into the corner to get underneath him and she lifts him out of the corner in powerbomb position and slowly walks to the center of the ring.

Alan Carcia: Are you kidding me right now? Adams has Ohio up for a powerbomb and is just holding him up there.

Adams finally can’t hold him anymore and drops him forward, slamming him to the mat and as soon as she does, she reaches for her back in pain as she rolls over onto her back. Gabriel lies there for a moment, before rolling over and tries to get to his feet.

Al Locker: Adams is up and she runs the ropes and low dropkicks Ohio right in the mush. She is starting to get her wind back here as she springboards off the ropes and drops a knee to the back of Ohio’s head, driving his face into the mat.

Adams sprints to the corner and starts to quickly climb the cage as she looks to escape the cage.

Alan Carcia: Adams taking advantage of the fallen Ohio as she wants to get out of the cage. But here comes Ohio.

Ohio is up and as Adams tries to lift herself to the top of the cage, he grabs her ankle. She kicks at him, but he holds on tight as pulls her away from the cage, and just lawn darts her into the cage and she falls, draping herself across the top rope.

Al Locker: That one busted open the champ. The blood is dripping from her forehead.

Alan Carcia: She may be unconscious. Gabriel’s looking for his first escape here as he starts to climb up the corner.

Gabriel starts to climb again until he gets to the top turnbuckle, occasionally checking back to see that Anaquin hasn’t moved yet and she hasn’t. He can easily reach the top of the cage and he takes another glance back as he tries to get footing on the cage to climb to the top.

Al Locker: Anaquin is showing life as she pushes herself off the ropes and leans against them as she sees Gabriel rising up in the corner. She charges the corner and climbs up behind Gabriel. She’s crawling up Gabriel Ohio’s back!

Alan Carcia: I’ve never seen anything like that before.

Anaquin grabs onto Ohio’s shoulders and pushes herself until she can place her feet on his shoulders and she hops over the cage and starts to climb down, but Ohio reaches over and grabs her hair.

Al Locker: He’s stopping her from descending the outside of that cage.

Anaquin’s hands slip from her grasp and she is held dangling there by her hair for a few moments before she latches on to the cage again.

Alan Carcia: Anaquin climbing back up since she can’t go down. She grabs Gabriel by the head and slams it into the top of the cage.

Gabriel is dazed, momentarily releasing Anaquin who falls down to the floor, landing with a thud on her back.

Al Locker: Holy shit, I think Anaquin is dead.

Gabriel Ohio pulls himself over the top of the cage and begins to climb down the side of the cage until he finally lands on the mat between the cage and the cell.  He walks over and pulls up Anaquin and he flings her head over feet into the cell wall as Anaquin crashes back down to the floor.

Alan Carcia: Adams’ face is a bloody mess here now and Gabriel Ohio seems to be enjoying every moment of this. He pulls her up and he flings her again into the cell wall.

Anaquin lands on the floor and just lies there as Gabriel starts to move towards the cell door.

Al Locker: Anaquin is slowly getting to her feet. She’s she doing now?

As Gabriel reaches the corner where the door is, Anaquin charges in and dropkicks him into the cell wall. She wipes some blood away from her eyes as she glances over towards the ring steps. She walks over and turns it over onto its side and walks back over to Ohio who is back to his feet.

Alan Carcia: She locks in a headlock and runs towards those steps. I think she’s going to bulldog him onto the ringsteps!

But at the last moment, Ohio lifts Adams up and tries to drop her onto the steps, but Anaquin lands on her feet, she spins around, kicks Gabriel in the midsection and DDTs him onto the steps.

Al Locker: Ohio is now busted open as well and Anaquin Adams is heading towards the door.

Anaquin reaches the cell door and fiddles with the latch, trying to open it up when Gabriel gets to his feet and charges her. He slams into her full force, causing her to be crushed against the cell door as it flies open and she falls to the floor outside of the cell. The fans start to chant, “Holy shit!”

Alan Carcia: Are you kidding me? Ohio just barreled into Adams and the force caused the cell door to open.

Gabriel Ohio staggers to the outside of the cell and sees that Adams is down and out and grabs a hold of the cell and begins to climb upwards.

Al Locker: Adams is using the guardrailing to pull herself up and she takes a chair from some fan.

Anaquin runs over to where Gabriel is climbing and smashes that chair into his back several times before he falls to the floor. Anaquin steps back a few paces and then runs in with that chair and props it underneath her as she leaps and lands on Ohio with that chair between them.

Alan Carcia: The champion pulling out all the stops here to retain her championship and she’s been in a fight. Both wrestlers are bloody and beaten here.

Anaquin moves to the cell now and begins to climb, moving much faster than Gabriel who is starting to get to his feet. He manages to reach up and snag a foot and Anaquin manages to shake it off before she releases herself from the cage and flips down, using a falling sunset flip to cause Gabriel to land against the guardrailing, cracking his head against the steel.

Al Locker: What a move by Adams as she gets back to her feet and she starts to climb the cell wanting to capture her Pure Championship.

Ohio slowly gets to his feet as he sees that Anaquin is about halfway up the cell and he can no longer reach her. He starts to climb as well. Anaquin looks down and sees he is on his way up and she reaches for a grip, but it slips and she finds herself holding on by one hand now.

Alan Carcia: Ohio is catching up with her as Anaquin struggling to get a better grip on the cell, which she finally does and she begins to climb once again. And it looks like she’ll make it to the top first.

And she does as she crawls to the top of the cell and she takes a glance back just in time to see Gabriel reach out and grab her ankle. She rolls over onto her back and tries to kick his hand from around her foot as Gabriel makes it to the top of the cage.

Al Locker: Gabriel has a good grip on her ankle as he walks over and just drop a big elbow into the chest of the Pure Champion, knocking the wind from her body.

Anaquin grabs her chest as Gabriel gets off of her as he starts to walk to the center of the cell, eyeing the championship that dangles within reach. As he’s about to grab it, Anaquin runs over and clips him behind the knee, sending him down to the top of the cell as he grabs onto his knee.

Alan Carcia: Desperation move by Anaquin Adams as she saves her championship from changing hands. Now what’s she doing?

Anaquin moves to the corner of the cell and runs over and nails a running shooting star press, crushing Gabriel into the cell again. This time she gets up stands on top of Gabriel Ohio as she struggles to release the belt from its hook.

Al Locker: Anaquin Adams is going to retain here, but wait…

Gabriel Ohio just pushes Anaquin and she goes off balance, still clinging to the Pure Championship that’s holding fast to its hook.

Alan Carcia: Ohio has to be careful, even if that belt accidently unfastens while Adams has a hold on it, she retains.

But he really doesn’t have to worry as punches her hard in the stomach, driving the air from her lungs as she releases the belt and doubles over. He grabs her around the throat and drags her to the edge of the cell and lifts her up in a chokeslam.

Al Locker: He’s not going to chokeslam her off the cage?

Alan Carcia: I think he is.

As he looks to toss her off, she reaches up and wraps her legs around his shoulder, causing him to go a little off balance and for a moment is looks like they will both fall from the top of the cell to the floor below.

Al Locker: The weight of Adams, clinging to Ohio’s arm causes him to drop down to his knees.

Gabriel uses his other hand to grab a hold of the chain links of the ceiling and keep them both from falling off. He manages to drag them both away from the edge and Anaquin lets go of his arm.

Alan Carcia: Anaquin getting to her feet. She charges Ohio but he catches her and drops her across his knee in a backbreaker and then Día de Muertos as he drives her back, forcing her face into the top of the cell!

The momentum of the move causes her to roll towards the edge and she falls over the side and crashes hard on her back to the floor! The fans begin another “Holy Shit!” chant.

Al Locker: Are you kidding me right now?

Alan Carcia: Anaquin Adams just fell what must be 18 feet from the top of the cell to the floor.

Gabriel Ohio doesn’t seem to concerned with her well being as he gets to his feet, walks over and unhooks the Pure Championship from its hook.


Gabriel Ohio stands atop the cell and holds the championship high over his head.

Richard Bassett: Winner of the match and NEW HcW Pure Champion. Gabriellllll Ohiooooooo!

Medics arrive down at the ringside area and begin to check on Anaquin who hasn’t moved since she fell. Gabriel Ohio lays the championship over his shoulder and begins to descend to the floor, dropping down onto his feet. He walks over and glances for a moment as medics attend to Adams. He just smirks and pats the gold laying across his shoulder and walks up the ramp to the back.

Al Locker: We have a new Pure Champion, but that’s not the entire story here as medics are looking over Anaquin Adams who fell from the top of the cell to the floor.

Crew makes their way ringside to prepare to remove the cell and cage from the ring for the remainder of the show, but medics are putting a neck brace on the former champion as she blinks her eyes open. A gurney is brought down to ringside and she is moved onto a board before being raised up onto the gurney.

The fans begin a “Superstar” chant as they slowly push her up the ramp towards the back.

Alan Carcia: Hopefully we will have an update before we go off the air on the condition of former Pure Champion Anaquin Adams who put up a hell of a fight against Gabriel Ohio who is the new Pure Champion.

Al Locker: What a start to this PPV today, Alan. We have four more matches left to go on this action-packed show from HcW.

“Frankenstein” begins to play across the arena as Biff Franklin steps out onto the stage.

Biff: While we are waiting for the cell to be dismantled I thought I’d make an announcement in regards to next week’s show. We still have three more titles to be decided, but those titles will play a huge role in next week’s card. We are going to be live at Universal Studios.

The fans cheer for that announcement.

Biff: We are going to have our first Champion of Champions Tournament next week. It’s a single elimination, three match tournament involving all four champions in HcW. We will see the HcW World Champion taking on the HcW Television Champion, and then the HcW Xtreme Champion battling the new HcW Pure Champion Gabriel Ohio.  The two winners will meet and the winner of the tournament will become the first Champion of Champions and will get a nice fancy trophy.

The fans begin to chant “Champion of Champions!” Biff waits for the chant to die down before continuing.

Biff: The only other match that will take place will be a fun match that will take place earlier in the day. We have 6 weeks before Hardcore Kingdom, the biggest HcW event of the year and we will need to start building up challengers for our champions.

Biff points to the Tron as a helicopter shot of Universal Studios is shown on the screen.

Biff: To give our champions a short break between their first-round matches and the finals, we’re going to have a little match I like to call Caged Fury.  All non-champions will draw a number and we’re going to set up a cage. Entrants will enter the cage in two-minute intervals in the order of the number they draw. No one can be eliminated until all wrestlers have entered the cage. Once everyone is in the cage, then it’ll be pinfall or submission to be eliminated. The winner of Caged Fury will be in the main event of Hardcore Kingdom and face the World Champion, whoever that may be.

Biff motions towards the ring.

Biff: Looks like the ring is ready for our next match, so let’s keep this show going and crown a brand-new Television Champion.

The bell rings.

Hammerstein vs. Slamsley McBody

Richard Bassett: This match is scheduled for one fall and the winner will be the new Television Champion. Introducing first:

The opening riffs of Everclear’s American Monster blare from the arena’s PA system and the crowd reacts with a roar as Hammerstein slowly steps through the curtain, followed by his manager, Reese Kennedy. He stops at the top of the stage, drinking in the boos of the crowd, a huge sarcastic grin on his face. He waves his hands towards himself, inviting the crowd to get louder. Kennedy pats him on the back, and Hammerstein finally makes his way to the ring, stopping only to smirk and shake his head at the fans.

Richard Bassett: Weighing in at 244 pounds and accompanied to the ring by his manager Reese Kennedy. This is Hammerstein!

He walks up the ring steps and wipes his boots on the apron. Kennedy holds the ropes open, and The American Monster climbs in the ring. As soon as he’s in the ring he runs as hard as he can into the turnbuckles, then turns and runs across the ring, slamming into the opposite corner. Hammerstein run to the corner to his left, climbs to the middle rope, and raises his arms in the air. He goes to the opposite corner, repeating the gesture and taking in the jeers of the crowd.

Al Locker: 2020 Presidential hopeful Jacob Hammerstein has arrived as a finalist to become our Television Champion.

Alan Carcia: Hey, if he makes the ticket, I’ll probably vote for him. He gave me $20.

Richard Bassett: And his opponent:

As “Back in the Saddle” by Aerosmith begins to play, cameras pan up revealing “Re: Generate” on a video wall with a picture-in-picture video of one random audience seat. Sporting a red New Era baseball cap with his face being shielded by the bill, a lime-green Armani sports jacket, banana-yellow slacks custom-tailored by L.L. Bean, and a pair of Muckmaster Boots…”Son of Slam” Slamsley McBody appears on screen. “The Workrate Warrior”/”The Walking Weapon”/”Son of Slam” Slamsley McBody raises his head as Aerosmith continues resonates through the arena.

Richard Bassett: Weighing in at 256 pounds, here is the “Original Vanilla Shilla” Slamsley McBody!

McBody takes his seat, raises his hands in a slamming motion, and high-fives fans en route to the ring. He, Slamsley, proceeds to hop over the barricade when able before rolling into the ring.

Al Locker: And the referee is calling for the bell.


Al Locker: There’s the bell and both men charge each other and attack.

Fans all cheering as Hammerstein and Slamsley McBody slug into each other! Hammerstein with hard right hands, but McBody with Karate Chops! Hammerstein getting the worse of it, and now an Irish Whip to the far ropes!

Al Locker: Hammerstein bouncing off and McBody dropping down to the mat and Hammerstein hopping over. McBody back up and into the side ropes as Hammerstein runs and bounces off the near ropes….AND MCBODY WITH A RUNNING LEAPFROG!

Both men running for the ropes, and now at opposite ends of the ring heading toward one another….


Hammerstein quickly back up absorbing the blow, and Slamsley McBody with a Leg Sweep. Hammerstein back up and now McBody with Strong Kicks to the kidney area of the champion. Hammerstein backing into the ropes and McBody waiting on him. Hammerstein is gonna slow this down! Fans all cheering as the two combatants glare at each other.

Alan Carcia: Hammerstein rather cautious, that may have been a feeling out of sorts by the champion. Hammerstein walking into McBody and now a Collar and Elbow tie up. Hammerstein muscling McBody around the ring now. McBody backed into the ropes, and the ref wants a break, but nothing doing!

Hammerstein with hard right hands to the head, but McBody firing back with those *snapping* Karate Chops to the chest, fighting his way off the ropes! Fans all cheering as they chant: McBody! McBody! McBody!

Al Locker: Hammerstein stunned, and now moving into McBody for another tie up. McBody quick with a Side headlock, Hammerstein bearing down trying to get out of it….

Alan Carcia: Hold on! Hammerstein with a handful of tights as he lifts up Slamsley McBody by the waist, and now a head of steam….

Fans cheering as Hammerstein sprints toward the near ropes and tosses Slamsley McBody over the top rope to the outside!! Fans roaring with cheers as Slamsley McBody hits the ring floor!

Al Locker: MY LORD! Hammerstein using his weight and strength advantage over Slamsley McBody and I must say, this is an example of what McBody has to contend with. This is the raw fury of ‘Hammerstein’ Hammerstein.

Hammerstein climbing through the ropes, and on the ring apron now. Oh boy, here we go! Fans cheering wildly as Slamsley McBody gets to his feet!

Al Locker: Hammerstein with a start and a Double Axe handle to the head of McBody. And now Hammerstein with forearm shots to the back of the head of the charismatic contender.

Hammerstein with a handful of hair and RAMMING McBody’s head into the guardrailing! Ringside fans cheer as Hammerstein reaches for the bell.

Alan Carcia: The referee quickly to the outside, and warning Hammerstein off. If he’d a smacked McBody with the bell….

Hammerstein tossing the ref aside and nailing away with hard right hands to the head of McBody. McBody fighting back with Karate Chops, and Hammerstein backing into the ring announcer’s table! McBody dives at Hammerstein. Hammerstein diving out of the way at the last minute, just daring McBody to take the chance. McBody enraged as Hammerstein charges McBody, but McBody spinning around NAILING a Karate Kick to the solar plexus.

Al Locker: Hammerstein dropping down to one knee as Slamsley McBody heads back into the ring.

Hammerstein re-entering the ring, as McBody stumbles around trying to get his senses. He’s still a little stunned from getting rammed into the guardrailing.

Al Locker: Hold on! Hammerstein sprinting across the ring and NAILING a Dropkick to the back of the head.

McBody is down, and Hammerstein stomping away at the upper shoulders of McBody. Hammerstein with a pickup and a rake to the eyes, and now he’s biting McBody’s nose, and we can see that Hammerstein wants a very grounded match. He’s determined to keep this on the ground. Hammerstein now with jabs to the head of his opponent, as McBody backs into the near corner. The ref wants a break, and Hammerstein shoving him aside. Hammerstein charging into the corner…

Al Locker: AND McBody WITH A FORWARD ROLL OUT OF THE CORNER. Hammerstein turning around and a Mule Kick! McBody now, Irish Whipping Hammerstein right into a high to the midsection. Hammerstein back up and McBody with a Leg Sweep…

Alan Carcia: NO! Hammerstein with a backflip and now a Running Clothesline!

Hammerstein with a quick pick up, and a Gutwrench pick up and a head of steam, slapping McBody gut first onto the top ring rope…oh no! Hammerstein running to the far ropes, bouncing off and McBody flipping into the ring at the last minute.

Al Locker: But Hammerstein catching the top rope at the last second. He back flips into the ring and charging McBody from behind and nails him WITH A CRESCENT KICK!

Fans cheering as Hammerstein hits the mat. McBody with a pickup and a Front face lock. He hoists up Hammerstein and plants his into the mat with a Vertical Suplex. McBody back up and connects with ANOTHER Karate Chop to the chest. Hammerstein doubling over, and McBody with strikes to the lower back of Hammerstein…

Crowd cheering as Hammerstein walks into the ropes!

Alan Carcia: McBody with Karate Kicks to the ribs as Hammerstein is in the ropes, the ref calls for a break… and Hammerstein charging order!

But McBody with an Aikido Throw! Hammerstein back up and charging McBody and another Aikido Throw. Hammerstein charging again and McBody with a High back body drop over the top rope. Fans gasp as Hammerstein holds onto the top rope and lands on the ring apron.

Al Locker: McBody not aware, as he points out to the fans. Hammerstein catapulting himself onto the top rope as Slamsley McBody turns around…and springboards off with an elbow smash!!!!!






Alan Carcia: Both men back up and Hammerstein with a Dropkick! McBody scrambling to get back to his feet and Hammerstein bowls him over with a shoulderblock.

Fans cheering as Slamsley McBody falls to the mat. McBody trying to get to his knees, and Hammerstein with a Bodyscissors from behind! Now slapping on a Chinlock.

Al Locker: Usually Hammerstein goes for some high-risk maneuver after the Heart Punch. He’s wrestling too damn conservatively.

McBody is flailing around on the mat, trying to squirm out of this. Hammerstein really bearing into the chinlock. The referee checks to see if McBody is still in the match.

Raising the hand the first time: DROPPED!



Raising the hand the second time: DROPPED!



Fans chanting: McBody! McBody!



Raising the hand the final time: DRO–NO! Fans erupt as Slamsley McBody keeps his arm raised and twirls into the ring ropes.

Alan Carcia: Poor ring positioning by Hammerstein. McBody had the presence of mind to find the ropes.

Hammerstein with a pick up, and Irish Whipping McBody to the near ropes. McBody back off and Hammerstein with a DROPKICK TO THE MIDSECTION!!! Fans all screaming as Slamsley McBody plummets to the mat.

Al Locker: Hammerstein stomping away on McBody, and I believe Hammerstein is wrestling on a siege mentality. He’s seeing who has the most wind, the most endurance to withstand pain and punishment. Hammerstein with a pick up and an Abdominal Stretch?

Alan Carcia: McBody in SERIOUS trouble. He’s gasping for air as Hammerstein locks into this maneuver really well. Hammerstein really surprising me tonight. This match might be over quicker than I thought.


Fans groan as Hammerstein drops for the Lateral Press!






Fans scream and cheer as Slamsley McBody gets the shoulder up. Hammerstein with a pick up as he Irish Whips McBody to the far ropes. Hammerstein with a head of steam as McBody comes off the ropes, LEAPFROG! Fans cheer!

Al Locker: Fans going crazy as both wrestlers fly off opposing ropes and Hammerstein with a Running Dropkick…but McBody with a Monkey Flip!!!!

Fans all cheering as both men spin up to their feet. McBody with Karate Chops, and Hammerstein shaking them off! Hammerstein Irish Whipping his opponent into the near ropes as he sets up for a High Back Body Drop…

Alan Carcia: Slamsley McBody flies off the ropes and flying over Hammerstein but hooking onto his waist for the sunset flip

Al Locker: It’s Oooooooooooooooooooooover!





Three—Kick Out?!

Fans gasp as Hammerstein gets to his feet! Roaring cheers from the Hardcores as Slamsley McBody fires into Hammerstein with Karate chops, and Hammerstein fires back with kicks. Slamsley McBody clutching his midsection, winded, and in shock as Hammerstein now grabbing McBody by the back of his head. Hammerstein throwing McBody into the near ropes, no! McBody Springboarding off the ropes for a Flying Clothesline….

Al Locker: Hammerstein ducks and Slamsley clotheslines himself on the top rope.

Hammerstein with a pick up and nailing away with punches to the head. McBody looks out of it. Hammerstein with a scoop and a Hammersteiner! Hammerstein cover.






Alan Carcia: Hammerstein is looking at the referee in disbelief. He’s up and questioning the count. McBody in the ring, still clutching his head and slowly to his feet.

Hammerstein scoops up McBody for another Hammersteiner but McBody maneuvers over and lands on his feet behind Hammerstein. McBody grabs Hammerstein from behind as it looks like he’s going to lock in his version of the Anaconda Vice called Throw away the Key.

Al Locker: He’s gotta get him on the mat first.

Hammerstein managers to flip McBody over and as McBody gets up, Hammerstein picks him up again and drops him with another Hammersteiner and covers!







Al Locker: Hammerstein did it!

Richard Bassett: Winner of the match and the new HcW Television Champion, Hammerstein!

Reese Kennedy steps into the ring as Slamsley rolls out of the ring. The referee takes the championship and walks over to present it to Hammerstein, but Reese takes it from him and walks behind Hammerstein and places the Television Championship around his waist and then raises his hand as the announcers go to the replay.

Al Locker: We also know that next week, Hammerstein will take on the winner of our main event in Biff Franklin’s Champion of Champions tournament.

Alan Carcia: We have three more matches to go as Bitter Enemies continues right after this.

The celebration continues in the ring for Hammerstein as the scene fades out to a promotion video for Hardcore Kingdom.

The crowd is excited for the show as a man is seen walking through the crowd. He has a shirt on that said hate me? As Nobody likes me hits the PA system and Raven taunts and looks around the crowd to boos he don’t mind as he just waits for his challenger.

Raven Trueblood vs. Blake Archer

Richard Bassett: This match is unsanctioned and will be fought under anything goes rules. The first man to be pin or submit his opponent will be the winner. Now introducing from Las Vegas Nevada…Raven Trueblood!

Al Locker: Alan over the last few weeks we’ve gotten a look into the downfall of these two men’s friendship. Or rather the lack there of, it all started when Raven attacked Blake Archer at Monday Night Hell.

Alan Carcia: Yes, and it continued up until Biff Franklin had enough.

Reach out and touch faith.

Your own, Personal Jesus.

Someone to hear your prayers.

Someone who cares.

Your own Personal Jesus.

Someone to hear your prayers.

Someone who’s there.

[Archer steps out from behind the entrance. He holds his fist up above his head and then precedes to make his way towards the ring. He reaches his hands out to his sides touching fingertips with those stretching out to touch him.]

Feeling’s unknown and you’re all alone

Flesh and bone by the telephone

Lift up the receiver

I’ll make you believer. ♫

[He stops and hits the steel rings steps than climbs them to the ring apron and stepping over the top rope into the ring. His charming smile is on his face while he poses for each side of the ring striking a reaction out of the fans.]

Richard Bassett: and his opponent, The King of Canines. Blake Archer!

Al Locker: Outside of HcW this man is a world champion, he is the holder of a Golden Tick, whatever that is…Not to mention he practically towers over Trueblood. He is a very intimidating figure.

Alan Carcia: Yes, but not to Raven there, Locker. He is sitting in that corner lost in his own world. He better snap out of this before the match starts.

Before the bell rings each man stands up in the middle of the ring giving each other cold silent glares. Raven makes the first move with an overhand punch!


He hits another with Blake getting his hands up to soften the blows. He kicks his long leg able to knock Raven down to one knee. He jumps up and smashes his forearms down on him with his full body weight. Raven hits the mat, but he quickly rolls to his back and kicks his feet up hitting Blake’s face that seems to have an injury. Blake is impacted more than normal getting worried about his face. Raven takes advantage and punches him in the chest and then delivers a snap mare. Raven locks on a reverse chin lock driving his knee deep into Archer’s spine. He lets out a few small cries but is able to overpower Raven and give him and elbow to the gut. He wraps his hand around Raven’s throat, but this signature move is something Raven knows all too well. He punches Archer in the throat and gets released. Raven hits a swinging neckbreaker putting down the King of Canines. He starts to shakes his head and jams his foot off Archer’s face. He screams loudly rolling over to the corner in retreat. Raven laughs about this his sick side starting to come out early.

Al Locker: These two have a very long history starting out as rivals and even becoming friends and tag team partners through their careers. I expect this one to look nasty.

Alan Carcia: Yes, but just like the name of this pay per view these two have become bitter Enemies. Thinking this match would be anything other than a brawl would make me think you are simple.

Raven goes for a running dropkick to him in the corner but instead Archer rolls under the bottom rope avoiding him. He gives chase. The fight starts to heat up as both man go outside. The referee follows them Raven Irish whips Blake towards the steel ring post but instead Blake reverses it sending Trueblood into it face first. Raven ducks him as he punches and Blake punches the post instead holding his hand. Raven jabs him and gives Archer a Russian legsweep. He gets back up on the ring apron following up his striking assault with a diving neckbreaker.

Al Locker: A little risk from Raven and it grounds Archer to the outside.

Alan Carcia: These men realize there is an Xtreme title match later tonight? Perhaps we are going to get extreme early huh Locker?

Al Locker: I wouldn’t be surprised with how deeply these two men hate one another.

Raven glares down at Blake Archer, he shoves his foot down on top of his throat choking him shouting insults to his face. The official given full discretion over how to run this match by Biff Franklin steps in. No murder on my watch, let off Trueblood! He jerks and pulls Raven off Archer giving him a lecture. Raven shakes his head and disrespectfully shoves the Ref over flat on his ass. Fans boo Raven but he gives them no mind. He returns his attention to Blake, who has grabbed a kendo stick from under the ring. He swings it into Raven’s stomach and then over top of his back. Raven drops to only one knee through as the stinging pain in his spine forces him to. Blake looks at the broken kendo stick and tosses it into the crowd for the fans to fight over. He strikes Raven while he is down and then tosses him back into the ring.

Al Locker: The action returns to the ring with Blake being in control for the moment. Do we really want a guy who doesn’t work for us to win?

Alan Carcia: I mean I don’t know, he is the least jerkish out of the two Locker. I still want to see our company represented well in what could be a one-night deal.

Blake picks up Raven with great strength and quickly he locks Raven into a Fujiwara armbar! Raven feels the shooting pain and hits the mat with his fist trying to fight through the agony. He does manage to get to his feet Archer transitioning to a standing armbar the crowd showing some appreciation for his wrestling skills. Archer gives him and arm drag and locks Raven into an armbar on the ground. Raven grows more frustrated and locks his fingers to prevent the move from being fully latched in. He then pushes his body weight over Archer going for a makeshift pin.





Blake kicks out!

Al Locker: I had to look at my notes, little known fact about these two Alan is that they were in a youth wrestling camp in their respective hometowns at the age of 10 both were in a Greco-Roman wrestling club.

Alan Carcia: Well I would say they are less about fundamentals in this bout and more about the brawl. Archer let go of that arm bar thanks to that pin attempt, but both men are now back to their feet.

They charge at one another apparently both thinking the same thing and hitting a clothesline on each other. They collide and hit the match shaking the ring. Fans hoot and shout working themselves into a frenzy. Archer is the slower of the two getting up and has to defend himself as Raven targets his face yet again. He stomps his boot off it to get his attention and then rakes his fingers over Blake’s eyes. Raven attempts a QUICK kiss goodnight, but Archer is too strong to get a DDT like that. He reverses it lifting Raven above his head delivering a few punches to the face as he does and then turning the suplex into a powerslam. This time Blake is the one that goes for the cover.





Raven with the kick out!

Al Locker: Blake calls that move The Descent most other people might call it a jackhammer. Nonetheless it looks effective and Raven is certainly hurting from it.

Alan Carcia: A 295-pound man just flattened him doesn’t you think he might have had some wind knocked out of him Locker?

Al Locker: Yes obviously. Nice reversal of Raven’s finisher though saving himself from possibly being pinned.

Raven coughs and gasp for air as he sits up, Blake backs into the corner squatting down looking for Raven to turn. He starts to and Blake rushes him full blast, he lowers his head and spears Raven down hard! Silver Shot, his finisher, Blake can’t go for the pinfall though as Raven is rolled out of the ring from the velocity. Blake looks angry about it and slams his fist on the mat before rolling out after him. Raven gives him a poke to the eyes and then slams Archer’s face off the announcer’s table. No, Blake blocks it and delivers an elbow to the gut. He Irish whips Raven back into the ring. Raven gets to his hands and knees looking like it is harder to breath after that monstrous spear. He still is gasping for breath unaware that Blake is back in the ring.

Al Locker: I think he is looking for another one Alan.

Alan Carcia: I think you may be right Locker.

Indeed, Blake is looking for another finishing blow, with not so much speed this time Archer hits his Silver Shot again on Raven his head whipping off the mat as he is unable to brace for the move. Raven looks dazed while Archer hooks the leg for the cover.






Richard Bassett: The winner of this bout, The king of Canines, Blake Archer!

He celebrates some fans happy and some not. The official raises his hand before Blake walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs up on the second rope posing for the fans and standing tall.

Al Locker: I can’t believe Archer won, can you?

Alan Carcia: I think Raven was a little too fired up for his own good and Blake was focused on just out wrestling him. Wait… Look out!

Raven hits Blake from behind and he topples out of the ring to the outside floor. Raven goes after him yanking him up by the hair and shouting rudely at him telling Archer he ruins everything. Raven tosses him over the commentary table. He then picks up one of the monitors off it and smashes it into Blake’s face. He goes down looking to be cut on the forehead. This makes Raven smile and he climbs up on the table. He looks down at his former friend and holds the monitor up that has some of Archer’s blood on it from the blunt force.

Al Locker: The match was over Alan! What a sour sport!

Alan Carcia: There is still unresolved issues between these two and it looks like Raven is not ready to let them go. Has this match resolved anything?

Al Locker: No idea, but we have to keep moving on. We have an Extreme Championship three way coming up next.

Tommy McMaster (c) vs. Scythe Bloodline vs. Trent Harper

“Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong
Headstrong we’re Headstrong
Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong”

Is focused on his opponent looks at them with distain, ignores the crowd is solely focused on the match and his opponent. He also has a smirk on his face when approaching his opponent.

Richard Bassett: This is the Xtreme Championship match! Introducing first from Manchester, England. TRENT, THE KING HARPER!

Al Locker: Trent Harper has been battling Scythe Bloodline and Tommy McMaster both over the last month. He really seems to have his eyes set on the Xtreme championship and is determined to walk away with it tonight.

Alan Carcia: It has been a long road for him, but after the fights we have seen him in I think Trent Harper might have found his home in the Xtreme division.

As the music starts Scythe shoots out onto the stage thumping in place with strobe lights accompanying him. He pauses and raises his right arm than dashes down the rams high fiving fans on the way. He slides into the ring hopping up on the nearest turnbuckle and roaring towards the crowd then jumps down still feeling the pumping of the music through him. The music calms as it fades and the match gets ready to begin.

Richard Bassett: now entering the ring, from Mansfield, Ohio. SCYTHE BLOODLINE!

Al Locker: The first Xtreme Champion of the modern area and a man that is thought of when it comes to this division Alan. A lot of people are saying Scythe might be a favorite to win here tonight, what do you think?

Alan Carcia: I think Scythe has had a lot on his mind but getting to know him I would say that won’t stop him from giving the best fight possible that he can. Nobody has heard him admit it, but one has to wonder if Scythe has lot a bit of his identity with Tommy beating him for the title in the first place.

[The Lights dim as red and orange lights scan the arena, the opening guitar riff of

Burn It Up by Saliva hits as the Tron shows the highlights of his career.

You tore my heart out
You tore my life apart
You tore the sheets of this bed
Just like a porn star
Just like a porn star

One by one fire starts to line the ramp, on both sides towards the ring, as the lights search the arena. Then the red haired, Tommy McMaster emerges in the crowd, high fiving the crowd as he walks through the mass of people who are cheering madly for him. He spins round, bows to his Wildfireites, spreads his arms out, bowed, then standing up with his back turned, one finger pointed to the ceiling.

I’m moving past this
I took molasses
Pissing on the ashes
I’m leaving where the past is
I hate you and you’re to blame
I’ll send it up in flames
And burn it up
I’ve got gasoline
Got a match, got lighter for your memories

The Wildfire, in his red trunks, and white Rich Piggies are going to burn Tee Shirt, jumps over the guard railing, as a huge red W sign is flashed throughout. He climbs over the ropes, bends down to one knee and stretches his arms out as the whole ring is engulfed in Inflammable fire, his flame hair shadowing his face.

Burn it up
I’ve got gasoline
Got a match and lighter for your memories
Burn it up to a pile of ash
Burn it up I want to watch the blast
Just as soon as I blow it up
Yeah burn it up

The Wildfire waits for the flames to die down, climbs the turnbuckle and places his arms to either side, to make his whole body a big W.

Richard Bassett: and their opponent… he hails from Las Vegas, Nevada, he is the HCW Xtreme Champion. TOMMY, WILDFIRE McMaster!

Al Locker: Here is the Xtreme Champion, he has no respect or contempt for either of his challengers tonight. I dare say McMaster would rather cremate both of them and continue to carry around his strap.

Alan Carcia: I would say that is a fair assessment of the champion. So far Tommy has met all of his challenges how will he fair though against two men he’s really ripped on? We are about to find out!


Trent Harper rushes into Tommy McMaster berating the Xtreme champion with a flurry of lefts and rights, he Irish whips Tommy into the ropes lowering his head, but Tommy kicks him in the face. Scythe picks up where Trent left off delivering an enzuigiri to the champion catching him by surprise. As Scythe goes to grab him though Tommy trips him striking him furiously in the forehead. He stands back up getting turned around by Trent and hit with an Impaler DDT. Trent rolls out of the ring walking over to the announcer’s table.

Al Locker: What the hell?!

Alan Carcia: What is the meaning of this?

Al Locker: He is taking my chair, I guess it isn’t against the rules but how the does he expect me to call this match?

Trent grabs the chair and folds it up. He slides back into the ring behind Scythe Bloodline who stomps on the back of Wildfire to keep the champion down. SMACK! Trent swings the chair hard in Bloodline’s back dropping him to one knee. Trent then jabs the head of the chair into the upper kidney area causing Scythe to crash the rest of the way down on the mat. Trent lifts the chair upward now looking at Wildfire, but he kicks his legs up as Trent swings kicking the weapon with his feet.

Al Locker: Weapons already, but the champ is ready. Good counter by Tommy McMaster, the Xtreme champion is bringing himself to a new level of skills tonight fighting these two men.

Alan Carcia: He knows he is going to have two guys going after him. He has to have his reflexes sharp.

The chair is kicked out of Trent’s hands and he grapples his hands around Tommy’s shoulders only for Tommy to do the same back to him. As each one of their grips loosen they turn to strikes, first Tommy and then Trent answers. The collar and elbow tie up is broken up in exchange for this slug fest. Over in the corner Scythe has ascended the top turnbuckle, unseen he picks his spot and leaps on top of them with a cross body. All three men hit the mat Scythe having his fall broken by Tommy and Trent. He gets back to his feet first giving himself a running start before hitting a shooting star press on Tommy, he hooks his leg attempting to get the cover.


Trent breaks it up!

Al Locker: The King was right there to break up that pinfall attempt although it doesn’t look like McMaster is spent yet Alan.

Alan Carcia: I agree, however Scythe could have sneaked in a pinfall. It only takes three seconds to win this match Locker.

Trent grabs a handful of Scythe’s hair and tosses him out of the ring through the middle rope. Turning his attention back on Tommy stomping his boot between his shoulder blades and then picking him up. Trent delivers a backstabber, Tommy goes down in pain but seems more driven from it. Trent grabs the chair dropped from earlier and cracks it off Tommy’s back! Wildfire rolls out of the opposite side of the ring then Scythe. With his attention on Tommy it is not seen that Scythe has gotten back up to the ring apron. He slingshots himself off the top rope as Trent turns around Scythe dropkicks the chair off his chest. Trent hits the mat so hard he drops the chair and is sent outside the ring.

Al Locker: Like most matches in the Xtreme division this is going to the outside. Scythe needs to think about what he wants to do next with Tommy and Trent off to our left.

Alan Carcia: So long as they stay away from here I am fine with whatever happens.

Scythe does think of what to do next, without hesitation he rushes off the ropes back at them leaping over the top rope and down on top of them. This gets a large cheer out of the fan to which Scythe seems unphased by. He goes to look under the ring, quickly he finds what he is looking for pulling out a table much like he did against Trent in their last match.


They start to chant as Scythe sets up the table. He is met by Tommy McMaster giving him and elbow to the back of the head flipping him up right onto the table. Tommy then clubs him across the chest knocking more wind out of him. His assault gets more vicious until Trent is back up. Hooking Tommy up from behind into a straightjacket German suplex, he knocks his head off the outside mat floor leaving Tommy face down gripping tightly to the back of his head.

Al Locker: There is disappointment in the air that the table was avoided, but the crowd is hanging off this action, what do you think Alan?

Alan Carcia: I think that these guys are really just getting the ball rolling. Each bump they take or hit to the body is impacting them. I wonder how long Scythe Bloodline will be able to use himself as a human wrecking ball?

Scythe makes it off the table, but Trent hits him with a stiff right jab! Scythe ducks him a second time but isn’t fast enough to brace for a chop across the chest as he went to capitalize. Moving quickly Trent delivers a single leg dropkick that knocks Scythe back into the steel ring steps. He sits there against the cold metal seeming to need a moment before getting up. Trent rushes him looking for another dropkick, but Scythe rolls out of the way causing Trent to dropkick the steps instead. Scythe shoulder tackles Trent into the ring apron and he cringes. Scythe delivers a chop of his own crumbling Trent forward to hold his beet colored chest. WILDFIRE, from behind with a Neckbreaker. Scythe holds his neck staying down.

Al Locker: McMaster is back up and he nearly took Scythe’s head off with that neckbreaker!

Alan Carcia: He wants to dominate this match and leave no doubt as to why he is the champion. Tonight, could very well be his night if he keeps that intensity.

Trent meets up with Tommy the two in a battle of who is stronger, Tommy tries to choke Trent into the ring apron while Trent presses back to do the same against the barricade. Trent kicks Tommy in the guy dropping his head. Trent then completes an STO into the ring apron. Tommy flops back into the ground in a daze. Trent walks around him not wanting to let him breath. He holds onto the barricade and presses his boot into Tommy’s throat. McMaster seems trapped by Trent until he counters with a leg trip and adds on an ankle lock just to hurt The King. He screams and holds his hands over his face before desperately turning to kick Tommy in the face so he’d let go. Trent hobbles up he knows he needs another weapon finding a chain left over from ring set up. He wraps it around his hand using it to stiffly strike Tommy in the top of the forehead. Tommy is take back putting up no defense, he holds his head to his head seeing blood as he pulls it away.

Al Locker: The champion is busted open! Trent the king Harper is not holding back with getting brutal in these matches as of late. Now he has the current Xtreme champion on the ropes so to speak.

Alan Carcia: Yes, but seeing your own blood can change you. How much of this brutality is Trent able to keep up? Tommy McMaster seems to have that Wildfire in his eyes now.

Tommy stands up blocking a rebuttal punch, he kicks Trent in the groin and then delivers an uppercut. Knowing that Trent is rocked for a minuet Tommy repositions the table before positioning Trent for a suplex, but Trent blocks him. Tommy strikes him three times in the ribs and attempts it again, but Trent still is able to block him. Trent wants to reverse with a falcon arrow going for it through the table, but Tommy escapes. He gives Trent a backbreaker leaving him rolling on the ground.

Scythe Bloodline is back to his feet, he tries to cut off Tommy McMaster kicking him in the side of the leg. Tommy turns to retaliate giving Scythe a pop-up Spinebuster! Scythe looks hurt on the ground unable to fight back as Tommy picks him up and tosses him back into the ring. He hops up on the ring apron in pursuit, he looks down as Trent grabs him around the ankles. Tommy kicks him and then delivers a double axe-handle to Trent’s head. McMaster waits for Trent to stand back up holding his hand near his face. As soon as Trent turned Tommy blew a fireball right into Trent’s face! He drops looking singed his hands over his face for protection.

Al Locker: HOLY S**T! Wildfire using his fire tricks to deliver a fireball to Trent Harper. He might need help he could have serious burns.

Alan Carcia: Well he should have known that could happen when facing a guy with the nickname Wildfire.

Wildfire looks around and stomps Scythe before he can get up in the face. He reaches behind the steel ring steps and pulls out a bottle of lighter fluid! Fans roar! Some boo, but it transitions to excitement. Scythe fights back against Tommy delivering a punch knocking the bottle out of his hand. He hits a cutter on Tommy and then stomps repeatedly on his midsection not giving Tommy a moment to breath. Scythe searches his body like a bandit before a smile crosses his lips. Scythe shoves whatever he stole off Tommy in his pocket and tosses him into the ring before looking down at the lighter fluid. He holds up the bottle getting a reaction out of the crowd. He pours the entire contents of it on the wooden top of the table and tosses the empty container away. He then reaches in his pocket and holds up, what appears to be Tommy’s signature zippo!

Al Locker: This isn’t happening? Are there any firefighters in the house?

Alan Carcia: I think this match is about to get a lot hotter!

Scythe lights the zippo and tosses it onto the table and it erupts with flames. He climbs up on the ring apron it looks like he is aiming to put Tommy through this burning table. McMaster meets him with ferocity though. The two ends up both on the outside apron delivering punch after punch teetering near the hot flames. Scythe kicks Tommy he is looking for a suplex, but Tommy will not allow it. He struggles to gets an opening and punches Scythe getting out of his grip. Trent rolls into the ring squinting to see them standing there, he runs off the ropes charging them. Tommy dives out of the way, but Scythe is hit with a shoulder to the gut sending him flying off the ring apron through the inferno snuffing it out as the wood snaps in half. He lays there in the broken mess singed and hurting from his body breaking the table.

Al Locker: Bloodline just went through that table! I can’t believe it!

Alan Carcia: I am not sure he will hope right back from that, lighting that table up came back to bite him didn’t it?

Tommy enters the ring he swings for Trent but he ducks him giving Tommy an Impaler DDT! Both men are sprawled out on the canvas looking spent. Trent guts it out to crawl over to Tommy and swing his arm over his torso for the pinfall.




Al Locker: I think we all thought that was it, but Tommy is not quite finished.

Alan Carcia: Trent just wasn’t able to capitalize fast enough.

Trent doesn’t seem to believe it himself he rolls around on his back and kicks Tommy before he pushes himself back up to his feet. Trent shakes his head and swings his arms having enough of this. He stands up Tommy and delivers a powerbomb into a cutter, death penalty! Trent is able to rolls over onto Tommy hooking the leg after the one is counted.






Scythe tries to slide in and stop the count…





Richard Bassett: Winner of the match and the NEW HcW Xtreme Champion! Trent! The King! Harper!

Al Locker: Last ditch effort to salvage the title by he was a split second too late for Scythe and Harper is the new champion.

Alan Carcia: All three of these competitors gave it their all in this match and I’m sure we will be seeing them again here soon.

Al Locker: We also know that next week at Universal Studios, it’ll be Trent Harper going one on one with Gabriel Ohio who is the new Pure Champion in the Champion of Champions tournament.

Alan Carcia: And all we have left is our World Title match in a Last Man Standing Match. We will be back!

Al Locker: IT IS TIME!!!

Alan Carcia: Tyke Index defends the HcW Championship against Taurus in what is sure to be a match for the ages.

Al Locker: Last man standing!!!

Alan Carcia: Both these men took each other to a new dimension last month in what can only be described as a war at Insanity.

Al Locker: We have heard very little from Taurus lately…

Alan Carcia: That was until last week when Taurus returned live on Monday Night Hell…

[Video shows the war last month between Tyke Index and Taurus, it shows several highlights before eventually ending on Tyke Index moving off the announce table and Taurus crashing through it. Lastly it shows the title winning Total Definition. Footage then switches to last week on Hell when Taurus returned we can see him motioning to Tyke Index that he is coming for the championship.]

Alan Carcia: We have heard all week that this match is career defining for both men.

Al Locker: Tyke Index spoke about his legacy being disqualified if he is defeated tonight, but the question is how do you put down a bull?

Alan Carcia: Will Tyke Index put to bed the career of Taurus tonight or will Taurus reign supreme for a record setting sixth time?

Al Locker: We’re about to find out, let’s get to ring side with Richard Bissett!

Alan Carcia: Who will be last man standing folks!?

Tyke Index (c) vs. Taurus

Richard Basset: Introducing the Bullseye and the number one contender to the HcW Championship, he is fighting out of Honolulu Hawaii and stands at 6 feet three inches, weighing in at 235 pounds… TAAAAAAUUURRRUUSSS!

“Ready For This” by All Good Things begins to play as Taurus walks out from behind the curtains to huge cheers from the crowd.

Taurus slowly walks to the ring before entering, Taurus peers over the ropes at the crowd before standing in his corner awaiting Tyke Index.

Al Locker: Taurus eagerly awaiting the HcW Champion Tyke Index.

Richard Basset: And his opponent…he is the reigning and defending HcW World Heavyweight Champion fighting out of Glasgow, Scotland he is…Tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyykeee Indeeeeeeeeeeex!

“For Whom The Bells Toll” by Metallica hits as Tyke Index makes his out with the HcW Championship over his shoulder. Tyke stops at the top of the ramp and looks down at Taurus. Fireworks erupt behind the champion as he starts to walk towards the ring. Tyke hands the championship to the referee just as the bell rings.


Alan Carcia: Tyke Index and Taurus TWO!


Alan Carcia: Tyke Index ducks and wait…


Tyke Index has laid out Taurus with a Total Definition and stands up with a smirk feeling like he has learned from the mistake he made at the start of his match with Taurus last month. Tyke instructs the referee to start delivering a count on Taurus…








Al Locker: No way! Is this match going to end like this?



Alan Carcia: Taurus would never be able to return from this! His credibility and legacy could be smashed in ten seconds!




Taurus struggles back to his feet as Tyke throws him into the corner. Tyke delivers kicks to the stomach of Taurus which turns into a rabid stomp. Tyke moves away from Taurus and hovers on the other side of the ring, he awaits Taurus to reach his feet before taking him out with a huge spear!

Alan Carcia: Massive spear from Tyke Index!

Al Locker: Taurus is in a world of pain here!

Tyke picks up Taurus and throws him into the ropes, Tyke delivers a huge overhead belly to belly suplex. Taurus rolls to the outside with the momentum. Tyke exits the ring and is standing on the ring apron awaiting Taurus to reach his feet. Tyke leaps into midair but is caught in a huge powerslam by Taurus onto the concrete floor!


Al Locker: That was straight up power there from the challenger. Taurus has completely turned the momentum in this match.

Taurus scrambles back to his feet and picks up Tyke. Taurus smashes Tyke with a huge piledriver on the outside! Tyke is in a whole world of pain!

Alan Carcia: Tyke Index could be paralyzed after that.

Al Locker: Those are the sort of maneuvers which shorten careers, we know Tyke said that if he loses this there may be nothing left for him but at this rate Taurus might not be giving the HcW Champion an option on when to end his career.

Taurus picks up Tyke Index and powerbombs Tyke into the ring apron! Tyke is writhing in pain on the mat!

Al Locker: Referee Brian McTavish delivering what could be the final count down on Tyke Index!






Alan Carcia: Tyke Index has not moved since that powerbomb against the ring apron!






Al Locker: Taurus has gone back into the ring here while Tyke is still down.






Alan Carcia: Tyke is slowly crawling towards the ring apron, desperately trying to pull himself up in order to save his championship.




Tyke Index just about reaches his feet, as he does Taurus uncharacteristically baseball slides causing Tyke to go rib cage first into the announce table!

Alan Carcia: Oh my god! These guys are now on our lap.

Al Locker: This does not look good guys, we seen these men destroy our announce table last month. I don’t fancy a repeat of that mayhem, I had nightmares for weeks after the carnage at Insanity!

Taurus rolls to the outside and prowls around Tyke Index who is holding his ribs.


The momentum of the bullseye causes Tyke Index to fly over the announce table onto the lap of Alan Carcia and Al Locker:



Taurus looks for another Bullseye on Tyke but Tyke moves and Taurus takes out Al Locker! Al Locker is unconscious!

Taurus turns around and is met with a steel chair shot right over the head from Tyke!

Alan Carcia: Al Locker has been taken out we need help out here. Taurus is now out cold to, what the hell is going on!!!

EMTs run down to attend to Al Locker who is motionless while Brian McTavish begins to deliver a count on Taurus.












Alan Carcia: EMTs are still out here trying to help my friend Al Locker who is not in a good way folks, he hasn’t moved at all. This is not a storyline; I repeat this is not a storyline. Taurus is also down at the moment.






Alan Carcia: Ladies and gentleman Taurus has not moved at all since that brutal chair shot, he is three seconds from defeat here.




Taurus has started to come around and is really struggling but somehow reaches his feet.

Alan Carcia: Taurus is a bloody crimson mask here. How much more abuse can he take?

Tyke Index goes underneath the ring and pulls out a table, he looks around the crowd who cheer at the sight of tables. Tyke picks up Taurus and goes to throw him into the steel steps but Taurus reverses with the momentum taking Tyke right over the top of the steps!

Alan Carcia: Tyke Index knees just went thudding over those steel steps! How can he make it to his feet if he has no knees?! Taurus could have his sixth world championship within grasp here?!








Alan Carcia: What is this?! I have been joined at ringside by our General Manager Biff Franklin

Biff Franklin: I thought I would just pop out here and try to organize some order in amongst all this chaos out here.

Alan Carcia: Bit late, don’t you think. Al Locker is probably dead.

Biff Franklin: C’mon let’s not be pedantic here, I heard he only has a hematoma.

Alan Carcia: Just a hematoma!? JUST!?

Biff Franklin: Al will be just fine, get your eyes on the prize here Alan. Not like I ever liked the guy in the first place. There’s announcers lined up at my door looking to take his place already. But back to the ring, Tyke Index still cannot get to his feet after Taurus threw him like a dart over those steel steps!






Tyke Index scrambles to his feet. Taurus picks up Tyke and brings him close to the table set up. Taurus powerbombs Tyke through the table and then shouts at the referee to administer a count on Tyke!

Alan Carcia: OH MY GOD!! Huge powerbomb through the table from Taurus.

Biff Franklin: It looks like the Bullseye could be on the verge of history here!









Biff Franklin: The referee is at a standing 5 count. That means Tyke only has five more counts to save his championship.

Alan Carcia: I can count, you know?

Biff Franklin: Oh, I wasn’t so sure…

Alan Carcia: Referee at 8!





Tyke Index has scrambled to his feet and then falls right back down again! Taurus looks super frustrated and rolls Tyke back into the ring. Taurus picks up a steel chair and rolls in the ring with it. Taurus surrounds Tyke who struggles back to his feet. Taurus throws the chair at Tyke who catches it Taurus immediately hits a Bullseye which causes the chair to smash into Tykes face!

Alan Carcia: This has to be it!

Biff Franklin: Did you hear the thud of that steel chair crashing into the skull of Tyke Index? Ladies and gentleman, fans of Hardcore Championship Wrestling, you are witnessing something very special.

Alan Carcia: The referee is at 3!











Biff Franklin: Tyke Index is struggling with all his might to get back to his feet after that brutal Bullseye into the steel chair!




Tyke struggles to his feet! Taurus floors Tyke immediately and applies the Hornlock!

Alan Carcia: This is one of the judo and tae kwon do maneuvers that Tyke Index’ business advisor Harvey Goodfellows warned him about!

Biff Franklin: Taurus learned those moves in the heat of Japan, as we know Taurus spent a large part of his career honing strong style and learning a whole different side to his game.

Alan Carcia: Taurus has the Hornlock synched in! Tyke is trying to reverse it but the more he tries the more energy he is losing!

Tyke Index is passing out due to the excessive pain of the Hornlock! Brian McTavish screams at Taurus to release the hold! There are no disqualifications but eventually Taurus does.

Biff Franklin: Tyke looks out cold here!

Alan Carcia: The referee has started counting!










Biff Franklin: That looks like Harvey Goodfellows coming down the ramp! What does that annoying fat chump want?

Alan Carcia: How dare you talk about the smartest business advisor that ever lived! He is out to check on Tyke Index here who is in a bad way!




Harvey Goodfellows rolls in the ring and begins to shake Tyke violently to try and bring him round! Taurus taps Harvey on the shoulder!

Biff Franklin: This is not looking good for Harvey Goodfellows. Uh oh…

Alan Carcia: Goodnight Goodfellows!!!

Taurus nails Harvey Goodfellows with a massive left hook before smashing Goodfellows with a huge Bullseye! Index has reached his feet and has the steel chair! Index smashes Taurus as he turns around in the stomach with the steel chair and then drops the steel chair on the ground before smashing Taurus with a Total Definition on the steel chair!

Biff Franklin: Oh my god! GAME OVER!

Alan Carcia: Total definition on the steel chair!!!






Biff Franklin: Taurus has not moved here!

Alan Carcia: Tyke Index is seconds away from retaining the championship, THIS MATCH HAS BEEN INCREDIBLE!!!











Alan Carcia: Why is Tyke going under the ring here?! What could he possibly be thinking here!?

Tyke has grabbed three tables from under the ring. Tyke then grabs a ladder from under the ring! Tyke rolls the ladder into the ring.

Biff Franklin: Tyke is setting those tables up on top of each other on the outside of the ring! This might be legal, but I’m not sure OSHA would approve.

Alan Carcia: You made this match so there are no rules! Now two of your most talented wrestlers are about to end their career prematurely on your watch!

Tyke Index has set the ladder up inside the ring and also has three tables set up on top of each other outside the ring! Tyke picks up Taurus and suplexes Taurus on the steel chair still lying in the ring!

Biff Franklin: Tyke is climbing the ladder here but why?!

Alan Carcia: This is not looking good for T…

Biff Franklin: Taurus has climbed back to his feet and is now climbing the other side of the ladder!

Taurus smashes Tyke with some huge earth shattering forearms! Tyke and Taurus are at the second top rung of each side of the ladder! Tyke goes to throw a forearm of his own but Taurus locks in a triangle choke at the top of the ladder!

Biff Franklin: Taurus has that triangle choke locked in at the top of the ladder, I have never seen anything like this in my entire life!

Alan Carcia: Harvey Goodfellows is screaming at Tyke Index to lift Taurus’ weight!!!

With the triangle choke still locked in Tyke in a huge show of power uses all his remaining energy to lift Taurus up mid hold from his rung on the ladder.

Biff Franklin: Taurus is hanging 15 feet in the air with the triangle choke still locked in!

Alan Carcia: I have never seen anything like this in my life!


Tyke with Taurus in the air and the hold locked in leaps off the ladder towards the three tables set up outside at ringside. Tyke has smashed Taurus with a Total Definition through the three tables on the outside!!!

Biff Franklin: OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY FUCKING GOD! Both these men must be dead!

Replays show both men crashing through the three tables from fifteen feet in the air!

Biff Franklin: The referee has started his count on both men but surely this is academic from here! BOTH MEN NEED EMTS IMMEDIATELY OUT HERE!

Both Taurus and Tyke are out cold under the three tables outside.













Biff Franklin: Tyke Index has reached his feet here and has crawled back in the ring!






Alan Carcia: Taurus has still not moved from the wreckage!!




Biff Franklin: Taurus is still down but he has just raised his middle finger from the wreckage at Tyke Index! A true sign of defiance from the fallen legend here!



Alan Carcia: OH MY GOD!! Tyke Index has retained his championship in perhaps the most brutal HcW match in history!

Biff Franklin: WHAT A MATCH! Taurus was defiant in defeat right till the very end!


Tyke Index peers over the top rope down at Taurus who is still down but has his middle finger hoisted high in the air at the direction of Tyke Index who is given his championship in the ring.

Biff Franklin: Tyke Index spoke about how Taurus’ body would defy his mind here and he was correct but while Taurus could not answer the final count, his mind has still tuned for one last salute all the way from the depths of hell!

[Replays show the highlights including the Bullseye to Al Locker earlier in the match and the match defining Total Definition from the top of the ladder all the way through the three tables it closes with the middle finger salute from Taurus.]

Alan Carcia: What a night this has been folks! What will happen next week on Monday Night Hell!!?

Biff Franklin: We covered that earlier. My Champion of Champions tournament and Tyke Index has to look forward to going one on one with Hammerstein.

Alan Carcia: We will hopefully have an update on Al Locker and Anaquin Adams by the time we go live next week and we will be spending the day at Universal Studios so come mingle with the HcW stars and then come see the show! We will see you then! For everyone at HcW, have a great night!

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