Gray Zee defends the HCW Championship in a Triple Threat/Falls Count Anywhere match against Taurus and Ricky Stanton

Video Plays…

What if tomorrow was the end of the world? Would you want to settle scores with those who crossed you?

Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton and Snakebite are shown. First together, then Snakebite turning on Samantha with a steel chair…

What if you had the chance to beat there was before the end was near…

Taurus, “Pretty” Ricky Stanton and “Big Deal” Gray Zee are shown fighting backstage at the end of last week’s Monday Night Hell…

Putting those down who did you wrong…

Bandera is shown attacking both Trent “The King” Harper and Martin “The Master” Seas. Bandera is shown hitting the Bandera Bomb on Harper, then Martin Seas is shown hitting the Masterstroke on Bandera. Trent is then shown hitting the Death Penalty on Bandera…

What if you had that chance for revenge…?

Gabriel Ohio is shown hitting “The Destructive Beast” Kieran Overton with The Fall From Grace…

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Background theme music plays while fireworks rocked into the arena roof! The fans go crazy … signs everywhere of all different colors…

Al Locker: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Doomsday! We are coming to you live from the Rupp Arena, Lexington, Kentucky where 24,500 have packed out this arena! And oh boy, what a show we have in store for you tonight…

Alan Carcia: I could not sleep last night due to the excitement Locker! I feel like a man at a swinger’s party! My head is everywhere!! What a night this is going to be!

Al Locker: I’m excited Carcia, though not sure with what you described. I wouldn’t know what a swinger’s party is…

Alan Carcia: Like, fuck off Locker. You’re the king of the swingers haha!

Al Locker: Well that’s the tone set for the night ladies and gentlemen. We have a great card for you here tonight in Kentucky. Will Samantha Hamilton seek revenge for what Snakebite has done to her? What about the in ring debut of Bandera as he takes on Trent “The King” Harper and Martin “The Master” Seas…

Alan Carcia: Can Taurus claim his fifth HcW World Heavyweight Championship as he face “Pretty” Ricky Stanton and the current champion “Big Deal” Gray Zee? What a show this is going to be. And what about the return on Tyke Index! Mr. Hamilton pulled off a huge deal in re hiring Tyke to the roster! He will be taking on Sammy 3.0 in her singles in ring debut here in HcW

Al Locker: Let’s hear from our Spanish friends…

Pedro Mardonez-Lopez: ¡Hola y bienvenidos a Doomsday Pay-Per-View! Que noche van a ser damas y caballeros

Manuel Ramos: Hola mi madre follando gente! Esto es … ¡Doomsday está sobre nosotros! ¡Qué gran formación tenemos para ti esta noche! ¡Es como la línea de coca que tenía antes del espectáculo! ¡Mierda enorme!

Alan Carcia: Did he just say he fucked your wife Locker?

Al Locker: Here we go again folks! Good old funny Carcia…

Alan Carcia: Haha!!

Cameras pan backstage where HcW Xtreme Champion Scythe Bloodline is shown. The screen then halves in size and also shows Tommy McMaster

Cameras then return to the ring.

Al Locker: What a way to kick off Doomsday folks! Xtreme action!!!!

HcW Xtreme Championship
Xtreme Rules Match
(c) Scythe Bloodline vs “Wildfire” Tommy McMaster

Richard Bassett: This match is scheduled for ONE FALL! [Crowd – ONE FALL] and is for the HcW Xtreme Championship

The Lights dim as red and orange lights scan the arena, the opening guitar riff of “Burn It Up by Saliva hits as the Tron shows the highlights of his career.

You tore my heart out

You tore my life apart

You tore the sheets of this bed

Just like a porn star

Just like a porn star

One by one fire starts to line the ramp, on both sides towards the ring, as the lights search the arena.

I’m ripping pictures

I’m ripping you off the wall

I’m ripping letters

I’m getting rid of it all

Of it all, of it all, of it all

Of it all, of it all

I hate you and you’re to blame

I’ll send it up in flames

And burn it up

I’ve got gasoline

Got a match, got lighter for your memories

Then the red haired, Tommy McMaster emerges in the crowd, high fiving the crowd as he walks through the mass of people who are cheering madly for him.

Richard Basset: Introducing first…. TOMMMMYYY MMCCCMAAASSTTERR!!

Burn it up, to a pile of ash

Burn it up, I want to watch the blast

Just as soon as I blow it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah burn it up

He spins round, bows to his Wildfireites, spreads his arms out, bowed, then standing up with his back turned, one finger pointed to the ceiling.

I’m moving past this

I took molasses

Pissing on the ashes

I’m leaving where the past is

I hate you and you’re to blame

I’ll send it up in flames

And burn it up

I’ve got gasoline

Got a match, got lighter for your memories

The Wildfire, in his red trunks, and white “Rich Piggies are going to burn” Tee Shirt, jumps over the guard railing, as a huge red W sign is flashed throughout.

Burn it up to a pile of ash

Burn it up I want to watch the blast

Just as soon as I blow it up

Yeah burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

I’m burning up your memory

There’s nothing left of you and me

And as far as I’m concerned

You can go to hell and watch it burn

You can watch you burn

Watch it burn

He climbs over the ropes, bends down to one knee and stretches his arms out as the whole ring is engulfed in Inflammable fire, his flame hair shadowing his face.

Burn it up

I’ve got gasoline

Got a match and lighter for your memories

Burn it up to a pile of ash

Burn it up I want to watch the blast

Just as soon as I blow it up

Yeah burn it up

The Wildfire waits for the flames to die down, climbs the turnbuckle and places his arms to either side, to make his whole body a big W.

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

‘Cause I just want to burn it up

Because I just want to burn it up

Al Locker: Scythe has defended that title on numerous occasions and he’s still holding on to it

Alan Carcia: He’s done well Locker, he’s a great Xtreme Champion

99 ways to die by Megadeth begins to play. As the music starts Scythe shoots out onto the stage thumping in place with strobe lights accompanying him. He pauses and raises his right arm than dashes down the ramp high fiving fans on the way.


He slides into the ring hopping up on the nearest turnbuckle and roaring towards the crowd then jumps down still feeling the pumping of the music through him. The music calms as it fades and the match gets ready to begin.

Al Locker: What a way to kick off Doomsday folks! Xtreme action here for the HcW Xtreme Championship! Scythe Bloodlines good friend Raven Trueblood has had a long standing battle with “Wildfire” Tommy McMaster and now Scythe looks to seek some retribution for his good friend

Alan Carcia: This is going to be some match Locker! Let’s get Xtreme!

The referee calls for the bell…


Tommy McMaster and Scythe Bloodline circle the ring before locking up in the center. Scythe attempts to apply a headlock to McMaster however is thrown into the turn buckle! McMaster then charges towards Scythe and hits him with a forearm! McMaster then hits Scythe with a punch, then a kick. McMaster then Irish whips Scythe into the ropes then hits him with a clothesline! Scythe is down…

Al Locker: Tommy McMaster leaving the ring now folks…

Alan Carcia: It looks like he is in search of something Locker!

Tommy McMaster pulls the ring apron up and then starts to fish for weapons. He first pulls a trash can out and throws it into the ring, followed by a stop sign! And a steel chair! The stop sign gets slid into the ring and he throws the chair over the top rope. Scythe Bloodline quickly gets to his feet and takes hold of the steel chair he runs at Tommy and baseball slides holding the chair against his feet. He then connects with Tommy McMaster and knocks him into the railings.

Al Locker: What a move by Scythe Bloodline!

Tommy McMaster is a little woozy after hitting the steel railings! Scythe climbs onto the outside ring apron. He then dives off on to Tommy McMaster and send him crashing again into the railings.

Al Locker: Scythe Bloodline taking to the air folks!

Scythe Bloodline stands up to a standing ovation from the crowd

Alan Carcia: The crowd loving Scythe taking to air Locker!

Al Locker: Possibly one of the best high flyers in the sport Carcia!

Scythe Bloodline bring McMaster to his feet. McMaster drives an elbow onto Scythes rib cage area, followed by second one. Tommy then delivers a few hard punches the lower jaw area of Scythe. McMaster then pushes Scythe into the railings!

Al Locker: McMaster fighting back!

Tommy McMaster then runs at Scythe and hits him with a clothesline. Scythe almost goes over the railings into the crowd. Tommy then rolls into the ring and takes hold of the stop sign! He then rolls back out the ring…

Alan Carcia: Tommy has the stop sign Locker!

Tommy McMaster waits for Scythe to walk forward before nailing him with the stop sign!

Alan Carcia: Haha… You could say Scythe was “stopped” in his tracks Locker… haha… you get it? “Stop sign”… stopped in his tracks!

Al Locker: Great one Carcia…

Alan Carcia: Oh shut up Locker you bell end!

Tommy McMaster brings Scythe to his feet and nails him with a DDT to the floor

Al Locker: What a DDT folks! Don’t be fooled by that thin mat on the floor. That’s gonna hurt!

Tommy McMaster gets to his feet and yells out at the crowd

Al Locker: McMaster looking pleased with his work here ladies and gentlemen

Tommy then grabs hold of Scythe Bloodline and tosses him back into the ring. Tommy gets back to his feet and yells at the crowd again…

Al Locker: Tommy McMaster cutting an angry figure here folks!

Tommy McMaster leaves the ring and starts to rummage around near the Spanish announcers desk

Al Locker: What on earth is Tommy McMaster doing?

Tommy pulls a can of petrol out from under the desk. The Spanish announcers vacate the area in pure panic. Tommy then picks up a pack of matches…

Alan Carcia: Holy fuck!

Al Locker: Somebody needs to stop this match right now!

Tommy McMaster starts to douse the Spanish announcer’s desk with the petrol. He then sparks up a match and throws it on the desk. The desk instantly goes up in flames!

Al Locker: We need help out here! Will somebody call the damn fire department!!

Alan Carcia: We need to stand back Locker. This heat…

Scythe Bloodline starts to get back to his feet inside the ring. Tommy climbs up onto the ring apron. Scythe throws himself towards McMaster hitting him with a dropkick then back to his feet and delivers a punch. McMaster wobbles hanging off the ropes. Scythe starts to pull McMaster to the top of the turn buckle.

Al Locker: The Spanish announcer’s desk is raging on fire folks! This is ridiculous!!

Scythe and Tommy start to trade blows on the top of the turn buckle. Tommy then drives a couple of headbutts into the Scythes face. He then sets Scythe up for a Superplex!!!!

Al Locker: NO!! NOOO!!!!

Alan Carcia: Surely not!

Tommy McMaster launches himself and Scythe Bloodline onto the Spanish announcer’s desk that is on fire! Both men go crashing through it! Referees start running to ring with fire extinguishers…

Al Locker: For the love of God!

(Crowd – Holy Shit! – Holy Shit!)

Al Locker: Folks, we have referees trying to put these flames out. Both Tommy McMaster and Scythe Bloodline just went crashing through the damn Spanish announcer’s desk!

Alan Carcia: I can’t believe what we just witnessed…

Referees manage to put the flames out. Tommy McMaster emerges first to his feet and starts to lift Scythe Bloodline up

Al Locker: I can’t believe what we are witnessing ladies and gentlemen. You’ll only see this crazy action here in Hardcore Championship Wrestling. This is what you call putting your bodies on the line!

Tommy throws Scythe back into the ring and makes his way in

Al Locker: How much does either man have left after going through the Spanish announcer’s desk which was on bloody fire!?

Tommy McMaster rolls back out the ring and grabs hold of the Xtreme Championship and reenters the ring. Scythe Bloodline gets back to his feet and hits Tommy with a clothesline. Tommy drops the Xtreme title and gets back to his feet. Scythe then hits him with a forearm smash!

Al Locker: Scythe is back in this

Scythe lays the Xtreme Championship on McMaster and climbs to the top turn buckle…

Al Locker: Could this be!

Alan Carcia: Heavens Fall!!

Scythe comes off the top turn buckle with the Heavens Fall… Wait!! Tommy lifts his knees up and Scythe crashes into them! Scythe lands awkwardly and sits up… Tommy then grabs hold of the Xtreme title and smashes it into Scythes head!

Al Locker: Xtreme title to Scythes head!

McMaster gets up to his feet and lifts Scythe Bloodline up…

Al Locker: What a contest this has been folks!

Wing and a Prayer uranage bomb!!!!

Al Locker: Tommy McMaster has just hit the Wing and a Prayer Uranage bomb! Have we got a new Xtreme Champion?

Tommy McMaster goes for the cover…





Al Locker: We have a new HcW Xtreme Champion!

Richard Basset: The winner of this match and Neeewwwwww HcW Xtreme Champion… WILDFIRE TOMMYYYYYY MCCCCMMMASSSTTTEEERRRRR!!!!

Cameras go backstage

“Big Deal” Gray Zee and Gabriel Lane can be seen walking into the arena via an open shutter door. Gray Zee is holding the HcW World Heavyweight Championship belt over his shoulder

Al Locker: Can “Big Deal” Gray Zee retain his World title here at Doomsday folks! Where he will face former four time HcW World Heavyweight Champion Taurus and “Pretty” Ricky Stanton

Alan Carcia: My money is on the “Big Deal” to retain

Al Locker: And let’s not forget that former World Heavyweight Champion Lance Mike’s will be joining us for commentary for that match up!!

(c) Raven Trueblood vs Lauren Harris

Richard Basset: This match is scheduled for one fall.

“Glorious Domination” by CFOS begins to play. Lauren Harris comes out on a rotating pedestal, with her hands extended and the lights black.

Richard Basset: Introducing first…. LLAAUURREEEENN HAAAARRRIIISS!!

Once she gets off, she pulls out a compact mirror, totally blowing off the fans. On the apron, she flips backward into the ring.

Al Locker: This is going to be a great match up folks!

Alan Carcia: Have you seen Lauren Harris Locker, wow!

“Say10”- Manson begins to play. The lights turn blue as smokes feels the entrance way as say10 by Manson begins raven walks out with his vampire girl as they look around b4 kissing as pyros go off as blood drips from ravens lip his girl points to the ring


He walks to the ring and slides in his girl points to the corner as he falls back as she bites his neck as he waits for the match to start.

Al Locker: Raven Trueblood will look to put away Lauren Harris here tonight at Doomsday folks. But Lauren Harris will be looking to get her HcW career on the right path after last week!

Alan Carcia: This is going to prove to be an interesting matchup Locker!

Both Raven Trueblood and Lauren Harris await the refs call for the Bell

Al Locker: Here we go folks!

The referee calls for the bell…


Raven and Lauren both lock up in the middle of the ring. Raven manages to push Lauren into the far corner of the ring. The ref calls for Raven to release the hold? Which he does… the pair then go to lock up again. This time Raven kicks Lauren in the stomach and delivers a Suplex

Al Locker: Hard hitting Suplex by Raven Trueblood

Raven goes for a cover…



Lauren kicks out!

Alan Carcia: That was close!

Raven picks Lauren up and delivers a back breaker. He then follows it up with a leg drop. He then goes for another cover…



Again, Lauren kicks out!

Al Locker: Raven showing early dominance in this one folks!

Raven again gets to his feet and pulls Lauren up. Lauren gets a quick couple of punches in then Irish whips Raven into the ropes. She then hits him with a clothesline and then an elbow drop. This time Lauren goes for a cover…



Raven Trueblood kicks out!

Lauren gets back up and waits on Raven to return to his feet…

Al Locker: Lauren Harris now with some momentum

Lauren drops a knee onto the forehead of Raven and then pulls him up to his feet. She kicks him in the stomach then throws him into the ropes. Both go for a cross body and collide!!

Al Locker: Goodness me! Both Raven and Lauren are down

Referee Jimmy Alfonso starts a 10 count…





Alan Carcia: Ravens starting to move


Alan Carcia: And now Lauren




Both Lauren and Raven make it back to their feet. Raven charges at Lauren and connects with a spinning neckbreaker. Raven then brings Lauren back to her feet and delivers a Russian legsweep. He then pulls Lauren to her feet and scoops her up.

Al Locker: What’s Raven looking for here?

Raven charges with Lauren on his shoulders. He’s looking to hit a running power slam! … Lauren slides off and pushes Raven with his momentum into the turn buckle!

Al Locker: It could have almost been over there folks!

Alan Carcia: Raven chest first into the turn buckle Locker!

“Luscious” Lauren Harris then takes hold of Raven Trueblood and hits him with the Beauty-T!!!!

Al Locker: Goodnight Raven…

“Luscious” Lauren Harris goes for the cover…




Raven kicks out!!

Al Locker: How in the Hell did Raven Trueblood kick out!

Lauren gets back to her feet and picks Raven up. She attempts a second Beauty-T! Watch out! Raven throws Lauren into the ropes… Byte From Hell!!!!

Al Locker: Oh my word! Byte from Hell!

Raven looks to consider a cover but decides to hold back. He appears to be waiting for Lauren to return to her feet…

Al Locker: Could Raven be looking for a second Byte from Hell here?

“Luscious” Lauren Harris starts to get back to her feet, yet looking very worse for wear…

Alan Carcia: Lauren look out!

Byte From Hell!!!!

Al Locker: A second Byte from Hell!!!! My goodness

Alan Carcia: Goodnight Lauren…

Raven Trueblood goes for a cover…





Richard Basset: The winner of this match… RAAVVEENNNN TRRUUEEEBBLLOOODDDDDD!!!!

Raven Trueblood stands tall in the middle of the ring as the cameras start to fade…

Al Locker: Welcome back to HcW Doomsday

Alan Carcia: It’s time for another championship match now Locker!

Al Locker: That’s right Carcia, we’ll see Gabriel Ohio take on Kieran Overton

Alan Carcia: For the HcW Television Championship!

HcW Television Championship
(c) “The Destructive Beast” Kieran Overton vs Gabriel Ohio

Richard Basset: This match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the HcW Television Championship!

The Lights flicker until the sounds of electricity fill the arena as it is plunged into darkness. A Moon appears on the titan-Tron and a white glow appears on the stage. Standing in the glow is the 7 foot tall Gabriel Ohio, leather jack blowing in the wind, looking down at the floor. He looks up and walks slowly to the ring.

Richard Basset: Introducing first… GAAABBRRIIIEELLLL OOOHIIIOOOO!!

Gabriel reaches the ring and steps up onto the apron and then over the top rope, his presence felt.

Al Locker: Ohio is looking to re-capture the championship he lost to Overton a few weeks ago

Alan Carcia: I wouldn’t want to stand in this guy’s way Locker

Beast by Puppy plays over the sound system as there’s massive amount of boos when Kieran Overton walks out as he screams on top of his lungs with his hands in the air on top of the ramp, wearing shorts, shirt, and boots.

Richard Basset: And his opponent… the HcW Television Champion… KIIIIERRAANNN OOVVERRTTOONN!

He begins walking down as he ignores each one of the fans before he goes up the steps and goes over the top rope and places his hand on his left arm, basically not giving a damn about them before he turns to anger, while he goes to sit in the corner, waiting for the match to start.


Al Locker: Well folks, Ohio gets a chance to regain the Television Championship that he lost to Kieran Overton

Alan Carcia: Ohio is a scary dude, have you seen the size of him Locker?

Ohio meets Kieran in the center of the ring. Ohio immediately goes in with a knee to the gut followed by another. Overton is backed in to the corner as Ohio continues the onslaught with boots to the mid-section, knocking the wind out of him.

Al Locker: Ohio wants that title back

Alan Carcia: If I was Kieran, I’d just hand him the title and walk away

Ohio pulls Overton out of the corner by his head and then spins around and slams his head in to the top turnbuckle. He then continues the vicious boots to the stomach. Ohio walks back a few steps and runs back in with a thunderous clothesline to Overton, he keeps a hold of Overton’s head and runs back out and drops Overton face first in to the canvas with a running bulldog. Ohio then goes for the cover.




Kieran Overton kicks out!

Al Locker: Overton almost lost the championship there!

Alan Carcia: Ohio wants his title back

Ohio gets up and pulls Overton to his feet, Overton quickly pushes Ohio back and then hits him with a clothesline but Ohio doesn’t fall down he loses his balance. Overton runs at the ropes and comes back for another clothesline but gets taken down with a fall away slam from Ohio. Ohio stands up and pulls Overton to his feet by his hair. Ohio lifts him up in to a gorilla press and the catches him in one arm over his shoulder and drops him down with a power slam straight into a cover.




Kieran Overton kicks out again!

Al Locker: I thought was over there Carcia!

Alan Carcia: Ohio isn’t letting up, he’s been in control of Overton since the get go Locker. I don’t know how much more of this onslaught he can take.

Ohio gets up and looks a bit frustrated and starts punching himself and saying something quietly to himself.

Al Locker: What the heck is he doing?

Alan Carcia: I think he’s punishing himself for not finishing this match off Locker?

Al Locker: I told you this guy was creepy

Alan Carcia: He scares the crap out of me Locker

Ohio yanks Overton to his feet and grabs him by the back of the head, he starts yelling at him and then runs with him towards the turnbuckle to ram his face in to the top turnbuckle. Overton gets a foot on to the middle turnbuckle to stop this, he hits a few elbows to the stomach of Ohio and the rams Ohio’s head in to the top turnbuckle a few times. Ohio turns around and rests with his back against the turnbuckles. Ohio comes running in from the other side of the ring with a splash. He steps aside and waits for Ohio to come out from the corner and perches himself on to the top second turnbuckle. Ohio turns around and gets taken down with a dropkick.

Al Locker: Overton is getting himself back in this

Alan Carcia: He needs to keep at it before Ohio gets himself back in to this

Overton gets up quickly and follows up with a senton splash on Ohio and then goes for the cover.


Gabriel Ohio kicks out by throwing Kieran Overton off him with some force.

Al Locker: What show of strength from Ohio there!

Alan Carcia: Overton looks shocked Locker, he wasn’t expecting this

Overton quickly gets up and runs over to Ohio who is also getting up. Overton hits him with a chop block from behind to the back of his knee. Ohio then grabs the same leg and starts to work away at it with kicks to the back of the thigh and knee area. Overton then drops his knee down in to the back of Ohio’s knee, not once but twice and then jumps from the feet over Ohio and drops down with an elbow to the chest. Overton then quickly stands up and drops another elbow followed by another. Overton then gets back to his feet and comes off the ropes and hits a splash on Ohio and goes in to the cover by hooking a leg.




Gabriel Ohio kicks out!

Al Locker: A close call for the champion there

Alan Carcia: I thought he had Ohio beat Locker, I really did

Overton gets up to his feet quickly. He pulls Gabriel Ohio to his feet. Overton goes to whip him in to the ropes but Ohio stands his ground. He quickly pulls Overton in and hits a fall side walk slam on him. Ohio gets back to his feet quickly and then stomps away at Overton. He pulls Overton to his feet and then kicks him in the guts. He lifts him up and slams him down with a thunderous powerbomb in the center of the ring. Ohio then lifts him back to his feet and holds him by the head. He shakes his head and sets him up for Fall From Grace. Ohio doesn’t go for the cover thought. He gets back to his feet and pulls Overton to his feet, he then hits him with another Fall From Grace. This time he goes for the cover.






Al Locker: He’s done it Carcia, he has regained the Television Championship he lost a few weeks ago

Alan Carcia: What a convincing victory Locker, he was in control for much of the match

The cameras are focused on a doorway. There’s a few backstage crew members walking past getting in to the shot, a few standing to the side talking and discuss when suddenly the doors opens. We see a crutch holding the door open. It’s none other than Lance Mikes. He has crutches under both of his arms and a cast over his right leg.

Lance Mikes: Are you fucking blind? I’m trying to hold the door open with a crutch and you are standing there just watching me?

A crew member quickly makes his way over, holding the door open as Lance hobbles in through the door way with his crutches. He’s wearing a Doomsday t-shirt and a pair of tracksuit bottoms. Over one foot he is wearing a trainer but the other is totally covered from the knee down with a cast. He carries on walking without as much of a thank you to the man who held the door open.

Crew member: Fucking prick!

Lance stops and turns around.

Lance Mikes: I fucking heard that you son of a bitch!

Suddenly a voice is heard from behind Lance Mikes.

Voice: Well look who it is!!

The camera switches from the crew member over to the other side of Lance Mikes. There is stood Mr. Greeney. Lance turns around to see Mr. Greeney and rolls his eyes.

Mr. Greeney: I thought I recognized that voice.

Lance Mikes: I’m not in the mood for your bullshit today Greeney!

Mr. Greeney walks closer to Lance.

Mr. Greeney: Whoa whoa! Why the hostility Lance. I come in peace!

Mr. Greeney holds his hands up.

Mr. Greeney: I just wanted to know how you were doing man, I mean Snakebite really did a number on you with that car didn’t he?

Lance Mikes: Well that’s a bit obvious Greeney but yeah I’m doing okay considering the circumstances. I’m just waiting to get rid of these damn fucking crutches so I can start training again!

Mr. Greeney: We’re going to need to talk about that at some point Lance, but you work on getting yourself better old pal

With that Mr. Greeney pats him on the shoulder and walks off. Lance looks on puzzled as to what Mr. Greeney meant by what he just said. The cameras go back to Al Locker and Alan Carcia.

Al Locker: Well folks, Lance Mikes is here and he’ll be joining us for the main event tonight!

Alan Carcia: In all honesty Locker, I know a lot of people hate the guy but you have to feel somewhat sorry for him after what Snakebite did to him

Al Locker: I wouldn’t wish that on anyway, I mean Snakebite could have killed him with that car

Alan Carcia: You’re right Locker, I’m just glad he isn’t in a worse state. It could have been a lot worse

The cameras fade to black in to an advert for Monday Night Hell next week live from Manchester, England.

Al Locker: That’s right folks, we will he airing live from Manchester, United Kingdom next Monday Night. I can’t wait

Alan Carcia: I love the UK and British girls!!

Al Locker: That’s typical of you Carcia… I thought you like anything with a pulse

Alan Carcia: Fuck you Locker!

Al Locker: Haha! Shoe on the other foot now Carcia! Folks, we now move on to Tyke Index vs Sammy 3.0 and this has the makings of a great match…

Cameras go backstage…

Camera falls backstage. We can see Tyke Index standing with Linda Chadwick outside his locker room.

Linda Chadwick: Tyke, tonight you take on an Android. Your thoughts?

At this moment an irate Harvey Goodfellows exits their locker room and takes the microphone off of Tyke Index.

Harvey Goodfellows: Our thoughts? You want our thoughts? Repeat your question Linda.

Linda Chadwick: Yes, tonight Tyke takes on an android. I was just wondering if you had any thoughts.

Harvey Goodfellows: Yes Linda and I have a question for you. How ridiculous was that question. I haven’t seen booking this questionable since motherfucking Robo-Cop appeared from a cell 28 years ago in Dubya Cee Dubya. It is absolute lunacy but my client will deal with tonight like he has dealt with everything else this god forsaken company has thrown at him over the years.

Linda Chadwick: Will Tyke be keeping an eye on the Snakebite and Samantha Hamilton battle?

Harvey Goodfellows: Listen Linda, Snakebite is a very sick man. Tyke has watched this whole soap opera with both eyes. As you know Tyke and Samantha are best friends but it would be disrespectful to our Titaness that she would need the assistance of Tyke to see off Snakebite tonight. Sammie is all woman, she got this.

Linda Chadwick: Finally, will Tyke be keeping an eye over the main event for the HcW Heavyweight Championship tonight?

Harvey Goodfellows: Do birds fly? As you well know, we have a clause which means Tyke will have a world title shot within 90 days. That clause was written 30 days ago. That means whoever unfortunate enough to emerge with that strap tonight can consider themselves on written notice for the world championship reincarnation of Tyke Index.

Harvey Goodfellows and Tyke Index then laugh before going back in their locker room.

Al Locker: Here we go with Sammy 3.0 vs Tyke Index folks!

Sammy 3.0 vs Tyke Index

Richard Basset: This match is scheduled for ONE FALL!!

Hologram by Vogel begins to play on the system as Sammy 3.0 walks out on to the ramp way.


Sammy gets in to the ring and waits for her opponent.

Al Locker: Such a unique wrestler

Alan Carcia: It’s a fucking android Locker

An aura falls over the arena as the opening guitar line to “Box Full of Sharp Objects” by the Used blasts across the PA. Strobe lights shiver across the dark lit ceiling and entrance way. Tyke Index can be seen in his full glory – black hoody over his head giving him the look of a stealth assassin.

Richard Basset: And her opponent… TYYYKKKEE IIINNNDEEEEX!

He slowly walks down to the ring as the crowd go crazy for the former World Champion. As he enters the ring he then leans back in the corner looking almost stoned and disillusioned.

Al Locker: It’s going to be interesting to see how Tyke handles this match up

Alan Carcia: It’s not easy to prepare to fight an android


The match begins with Sammy and Tyke locking up in the center of the ring. Sammy gets the advantage and backs Tyke in to a corner. Sammy releases the lock up and quickly hits Tyke with a boot to the stomach. She then follows up with a punch to the jaw of Tyke. Sammy backs up to the other corner and comes back running in. Tyke ducks down and lifts her up over his back and over the top rope. Sammy lands on the apron on the outside of the ring and Tyke follows up with an enziguri.

Al Locker: What a counter by Tyke!

Alan Carcia: What a move Locker!

Tyke quickly gets to his feet and brings Sammy back in to the ring with a suplex from the outside, to the inside. Tyke gets to his feet and starts to stomp away on Sammy 3.0. He perches himself on the top turnbuckle sat down, waiting for Sammy to get up. As Sammy gets up and turns to face Tyke he jumps off the second turnbuckle and hits Sammy with a blockbuster. Tyke then goes for the cover.



Sammy kicks out just before the two count!

Al Locker: Tyke is trying to finish this match quickly

Alan Carcia: I think he wants to go back to the locker room and go to coke mountain Locker

Tyke gets up and quickly goes to work on Sammy again with stomps to the mid-section. Tyke lifts her up to her feet. Tyke goes to suplex Sammy but Sammy blocks and quickly rolls up Tyke with a small package.



Tyke Index kicks out.

Al Locker: A quick reversal from Sammy there

Alan Carcia: She caught Tyke off guard there

They both get up quickly and Sammy knocks Tyke down with a clothesline, Tyke gets back up quickly and Sammy hits him with a dropkick. Tyke again gets back up quickly. Sammy takes Tyke down with a fireman carry. Sammy then goes for another cover.



Tyke Index kicks out again!

Al Locker: A quick flurry of moves there from Sammy

Alan Carcia: It wasn’t enough to keep Tyke down for the three count

They both get up to their feet again. Sammy goes for a clothesline and Tyke ducks, he follows up with a jumping neck breaker to Sammy. Tyke quickly gets to his feet and pulls Sammy up. He scoop slams her down to the ground and follows up with a leg drop across the neck of Sammy. Tyke then gets back to his feet and falls down back first across the stomach and chest of Sammy with a senton splash. Tyke then goes for the cover.




Sammy kicks out!

Al Locker: That was a close call Carcia

Alan Carcia: Tyke has that crazed look in his eyes, he’s looking to finish this match off Locker

Tyke gets to his feet and stalks Sammy 3.0. Sammy gets up slowly. She turns around and Tyke kicks her in the guts, he then drops her head first with a vicious DDT. Tyke then grabs the leg of Sammy and starts kicking away at the back of the knee.

Al Locker: He’s trying to weaken the foundations here

Alan Carcia: Great strategy from Tyke here, take the legs out from under her!

Tyke then applies a figure four leg-lock on Sammy. The referee gets down and starts to ask Sammy if she wants to give up. She shakes her head. Tyke is screaming at her to give up! Sammy shakes her head and makes her way to the ring ropes. She manages to grab the ropes with her hand for the referee to break the submission hold.

Al Locker: Tyke thought he had the win there

Alan Carcia: He doesn’t look happy Locker!

Tyke gets up and starts yelling at the referee as he gets back to his feet. He quickly drops a knee to the chest of Sammy and then another. Tyke pulls Sammy up to her feet and goes for an Irish whip but Sammy stands firm. Tyke lets go and goes for a clothesline but Sammy ducks and gets behind Tyke and grabs him around the waist. Sammy hits a German suplex on Tyke who lands head first on the canvas.

Al Locker: Sammy with a vicious German suplex

Al Locker: Did you hear the thud Locker, that did NOT sound too good for Tyke

Sammy gets back to her feet and waits for Tyke to get back up. Tyke gets up and Sammy lifts him up with both arms and drops him across her knee with a back breaker. She does let go but stands up to both feet with Tyke in both arms still she walks forward and hits a fall away slam on Tyke. Sammy gets back to her feet quickly and begins walking over to Tyke. Tyke begins to stir slowly and pulls himself up with the help of the ropes. Tyke stands up with his back against the ropes and Sammy goes running in with a clothesline, Tyke ducks and lifts Sammy up over his head and to the outside. Sammy lands hard on the mats outside.

Al Locker: Tyke creating some space to catch his breathe

Alan Carcia: He holding his own against an android, not many people can say that

Sammy gets up to her feet slowly and Tyke comes flying over the top rope with a splash and takes Sammy down on the outside. Tyke lands next to Sammy and gets up to his knees next to her, he then begins to unload with punches to the face. Tyke gets up to his feet and pulls Sammy to her feet and rolls her in to the ring. Tyke gets up on to the apron and stands up. He jumps over the top rope and lands on the opposite side of Sammy and comes down with an elbow drop. Tyke gets back to his feet and waits for Sammy to get up.

Al Locker: Tyke is total control right now

Alan Carcia: He’s looking to finish it off here Locker, he’s calling for it!

Sammy turns around.


Alan Carcia: With impact Locker!

Tyke quickly goes for the cover.





Richard Bassett: The winner of this match TYYYYKKKEE IIINNDEEEXX!!

The show then cuts to a commercial break.

The cameras return with Mr. Hamilton in the ring.

Mr. Hamilton is stood in the ring with a microphone and is ready to speak.

Al Locker: What is this all about?

Alan Carcia: I guess we’re about to find out

Mr. Hamilton: Due to his recent arrest, Taurus will not be here tonight to compete for the World Heavywe…

“Ready For This” by All Good Things plays as Taurus makes his way out onto the top of the stage. He has a slight limp and some bruising on the side of his face. He hurriedly makes his way down the ramp and climbs into the ring by jumping over the top rope. He takes the microphone and walks a lap around the ring before speaking.

Taurus: I know, I know. You must be wondering why I’m not in jail. That’s a story for another time and it’s not important right now. Did you really think I was going to miss this opportunity to keep the championship from getting Stanton’s slime all over it? Did you think I wasn’t going to do everything in my power to keep Gray Zee from continuing to taint the reputation of a belt that I helped elevate all those years ago?

Taurus stands in silence again for a moment, dropping the microphone back down to waist level. After a few moments he raises the microphone back up and begins speaking again.

Taurus: I don’t have a lot to say to Gray Zee. He’s got his head shoved so far up his own hole that he wouldn’t notice anyway. But Stanton said something that I feel like needs to be addressed. Stanton made a play on words about the name of the show, making reference to when the comic book villain Doomsday killed Superman.

Taurus points up to Doomsday banner hanging from the rafters.

Taurus: But you’ve got it all wrong Rickster. This isn’t going to be like that. You see, when Doomsday killed Superman, it was a release. Superman’s life, despite surface appearances, kinda sucked. No, this is going to be like something else out of a comic book. I’m going to break you like Bane broke Batman’s back. I’m going to leave you suffering and worthless, while everyone else turns their thoughts to who is going to replace you. Leave you laying around wondering how this all could have happened… how you could have failed so miserably. That’s the fate you deserve. I’m going to leave you SOOOOOOOOOOOO BROKEN!

Taurus slides out of the ring under the bottom rope and makes his way back up the ramp.

Cameras return to the backstage area where Linda Chadwick is stood with Bandera

Linda Chadwick: Bandera, tonight you make your in ring debut here in HcW. How are you feeling?

Bandera: Fucking good Linda. I can’t wait to hit both Trent Harper and Martin Seas with the Bandera Bomb!

Linda Chadwick: Do you feel like you have put a target on your chest here in HcW?

Bandera: Linda, I don’t mind it if I have a target on my chest. I’ll show again in a minute why I have that target on me!

With that Bandera smiles at Linda and walks away…

Triple Threat
Martin “The Master” Seas vs Bandera vs Trent “The King” Harper

Richard Basset: This match is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall!

The lights in the arena dim as Aversion Therapy begins to play. A spot light illuminates the entrance way and we see The Master standing with his back to us, his arms stretched out either side of him in his familiar crucifix pose. He spins around, looks out around the arena, wipes his right hand across his mouth and starts walking to the ring.

“Got a pin in heart shaped case

Stab it in my skin when I see your face

Everything that I feel has changed

I associate you with a world of pain”

Richard Basset: Introducing first…. MMAARRTTTTIIIINN SSEEEAAASSS

The Master rolls under the bottom rope. He stands up and strikes another crucifix pose looking straight in to the cameras.

“I got elastic it’s on my wrist

A bit of plastic that I can twist

It’s on my sleeve where my heart still sits

I pull it back then you don’t exist”

The Master walks to the corner of the ring and sits down, his long hair covering his face.

“Take my mind away

Take my mind away

Take my mind away”

The music fades out and the lights return to normal.

Al Locker: This match is going to be the debut of Bandera

Alan Carcia: Someone is going to get fucked up Locker, I can’t wait!

Trapt’s Headstrong begins to play. Harper walks out to flashing lights.

Richard Basset: and his opponents… fiiirst… TREEEENNTT HAAARRPPERRR

Climbs to the top rope, arms spread and then climbing down, pulling the ropes.

Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff hits the PA system…

Lights start to flicker as Bandera makes his way out into the arena. He holds up his middle fingers as the crowd rocks out!

Richard Basset: And now making his way to the ring… BANNNDDDEEERRRRAAAAA

Al Locker: This all first started at last month’s FireTrap Pay-Per-View ladies and gentlemen. Bandera would make his debut and go right after Trent “The King” Harper and complaining about his attitude towards the fans. The Master Martin Seas would later get involved when he face Harper a few weeks back. Ever since all three men have been at each other throats.

Alan Carcia: This has to be one of the most eagerly awaiting matches in years Locker!

Al Locker: The world has certainly been talking about this one

The referee calls for the bell…


Trent “The King” Harper instantly reaches down his pants and pulls out what appears to be a set of knuckle dusters… Harper clocks Bandera right away sending him crashing out the ring between the ropes. The Master Martin Seas quickly takes hold of Harper and Irish whips him into the ropes and catches him with a Smith elbow. Harper crashes into the canvas. The knuckle dusters fall out of his hand…

Al Locker: My goodness folks! Bandera was caught by those knuckle dusters

Alan Carcia: Holy shit Locker!

Martin Seas gets down on one knee and starts to punch away at Trent Harper. Harper takes blow after blow. Seas eventually decides to lift Harper up and delivers a body slam! He then drops an elbow on Harper and goes for the cover…



Trent kicks out!

Al Locker: What a start to this match up!

Bandera gets to his feet on the outside and it soon becomes evident that he is bleeding from the forehead area!

Alan Carcia: Oh my word! Take a look at Banderas face Locker…

Al Locker: Bandera is busted wide open folks! Harper done this!!

Bandera rolls back into the ring and shoves Martin Seas out of the way and goes straight after Harper. Bandera starts to stomp away like a mad man. Martin Seas decides to hold back and allow Bandera to get it out of his system. Seas then decides enough is enough and takes hold of Bandera from behind. Seas hits Bandera with a Suplex!

Al Locker: Just like Monday Night Hell last week, Martin “The Master” Seas is the only one standing!

Martin Seas opens his arms out and start to laugh away…

Alan Carcia: Martin Seas is in full control!

Martin decides to leave the ring and catches a steel chair!

Al Locker: Martin Seas looking to inflict more punishment here folks!

Seas walks towards the ring and places the steel chair up onto the apron. He then starts to come into… No wait! Bandera is quick to his feet and hits Seas with a baseball slide sending the chair crashing into his face. Seas hits the floor on the outside of the ring. Harper is now back to his feet…

Al Locker: Steel chair to the face of Martin Seas!

Trent Harper charges towards Bandera and rolls him up for a count…




Bandera kicks out!

Al Locker: Trent Harper trying to steel this one!

Harper then starts to stomp away on Bandera. He then drives a knee into the already bloody face of Bandera…

Al Locker: What a Triple Threat match ladies and gentlemen

Alan Carcia: This is turning out to be everything I expected from this feud… And more!!

Trent then pulls Bandera to his feet, kicks him in the guts and delivers a package piledriver… And into a cover!



Martin Seas is back into the ring…

Thre… Martin Seas makes the save!

Al Locker: Trent Harper nearly had this one!

Alan Carcia: How close was that!?

Martin Seas brings Harper to his feet and the pair start to exchange punches. Bandera is still down from the piledriver. Punch after punch the pair continue to exchange blows. Harper eventually kicks Seas and looks to deliver a German Suplex. Harper delivers!

Al Locker: What a German Suplex!

Trent Harper quickly moves to get Martin back to his feet. DDT!!

Al Locker: Trent Harper with a thunderous DDT to The Master!

Harper makes the cover…



Bandera makes the save!

Al Locker: Bandera this time making the save!

Alan Carcia: I’m loving this Locker (attempts the McDonald’s advert loving it whistle)

Bandera drives a couple of knees into the face of Harper before lifting him up and throwing him into the turn buckle! Bandera then makes a charge towards Harper and drives a high knee in Harper’s head…

Al Locker: There’s that strong style that Bandera is known for from his days in Japan!

Alan Carcia: It looks like that knee has busted Trent Harper open!

Al Locker: Blood now tricking out the nose of The King Trent Harper…

Bandera hits Trent Harper with a snap Suplex. But Bandera doesn’t notice that Martin Seas has returned to his feet. Martin spins Bandera around, kicks him in the stomach and delivers a double arm DDT!

Al Locker: What a devastating double arm DDT from Martin “The Master” Seas to Bandera

Martin Seas lifts Bandera to his feet and hits him with the Masterstroke!!!!

Al Locker: Its gotta be over!

Martin Seas goes for the cover…




Trent Harper makes the save!

Al Locker: My God! How did Trent Harper manage that save!

Harper hits Martin Seas with the Death Penalty!!!!

Alan Carcia: Now it is over Locker!

Trent covers Martin…




Bandera makes the save!

Al Locker: Just how on earth!

Alan Carcia: This is amazing!!

Bandera brings Trent Harper to his feet and hits him with the Bandera Bomb!

Al Locker: Surely Bandera has this match won…

Bandera raises his middle fingers up and starts to celebrate…

Al Locker: What on earth is Bandera doing? He hasn’t even gone for the cover…

Martin “The Master” Seas emerges back to his feet and tosses Bandera out of the ring…

Seas covers Trent Harper…




Trent kicks out!

Al Locker: This is unbelievable!

Martin Seas sits up and starts rocking. He thumps the canvas and gets back to his feet…

Martin Seas picks Trent Harper up and hits him with a Masterstroke!!!! He then falls onto Harper and makes the cover…





Al Locker: Martin “The Master” Seas has won it! What a match up!

Alan Carcia: Wow, what a showing by all three men Locker

Richard Basset: The winner of this match… MAARRTTTIINNN “THE MASTER” SEEEEAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!

Al Locker: Just what a match folks!

Cameras fade out on Bandera looking over the ring apron towards Martin Seas…

Mr. Greeney is seen backstage exchanging words with Mr. Hamilton. The camera zooms in and listens in…

Mr. Greeney: Mr. Hamilton, I have to say that the Handcuffs on a pole match intrigues me!

Mr. Hamilton: Well Mr. Greeney, it’s all part of making HcW great again…

Both Mr. Greeney and Mr. Hamilton start to laugh…

Cameras switch location…

Snakebite is shown walking backstage talking to himself

Al Locker: Questions have to be asked just how mentally stable is Snakebite

Alan Carcia: He’s got a sound mind Locker!

Al Locker: Many would disagree with those words Carcia

Cameras then switch location…

Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton is shown walking with HcW Pure Championship around her waiste…

Al Locker: Well folks, here’s the current HcW Pure Champion Samantha Hamilton. I wonder how she’s going to approach this match up with Snakebite

Alan Carcia: She’s never faced anyone as unstable as Snakebite!

Al Locker: That may be true Carcia

Cameras fade to an advert…

Cameras return to Doomsday…

HcW Pure Championship Match
Handcuffs On A Pole Match – The First To Handcuff Their Opponent Wins
(c) Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton vs Snakebite

Al Locker: Well Insanity comes your way live only on Pay-Per-View Monday, May 21, 2018 folks! Be sure to be with us!

Al Locker: Moving on… What a night this has been so far folks! And we have plenty more action for you!

The lights go out, and start flickering green and purple to the beat of “Problem” by Webbie & Boosie BadAzz. As the intro of the song plays, the camera pans around the crowd. Then as soon as the hook begins, the camera focuses on the stage area, where Snakebite slowly walks out from behind the curtain, wearing his bright green fuzzy armless jacket. The crowd gets loud.

The camera focuses in on Snakebite’s face, as he shows an unsettling smile on his face. He mouths “got a problem?” right before the hook ends. As soon as the first verse begins, he begins walking down the ramp, with a disgusted look on his face.

Snakebite walks up the stairs of the ring during the last two bars of the first verse, and grabs the ring post as the hook kicks back in. Snakebite looks around the crowd, before stepping onto the apron, and climbing through the ropes, as the crowd gets louder. Snakebite holds both middle fingers up to the crowd, and walks around the ring, to assure every fan gets the middle finger. Every fan happily holds their middle fingers in the air, at the same time. He then slides his jacket off, as the song fades away, and the lights return to normal.

Alan Carcia: Speaking of Insanity here’s Snakebite!

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] … And is for the HcW Pure Championship! …First to make his way to the ring… Snaaaaakkkkeeeeeeebiiiiitttteeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Snakebite is leaning against the ropes waiting on Samantha

“You’re Going Down” – Sick Puppies begins to play. As the actual lyrics begin playing, the Titaness saunters down the ramp. A sense of determination and resolve can always be found in her eyes. Despite wearing a more stern and serious expression, she’s not one to ignore any fans or supporters. Every now and again, she’ll give a wave or slight smirk. More often than not, however, the Titaness will stick to her more serious and stoic look. Joseph accompanies Samantha to the ring…

Richard Basset: And his opponent… the HcW Puuureee Chaaammmpppiiioooonnnnnnn Saaammmmmannnthhhaaaaa “The Titaness” Haaaammmiiillllltttoonnnnnnnn!!!!

Samantha stops at the ring steps and holds the Pure Championship up in the air. She points to the title and then points to Snakebite and then to the handcuffs on a pile…

Al Locker: Samantha suggesting that Snakebite will be the one handcuffed again tonight!

Alan Carcia: Snakebites going to handcuff then beat the life out of her Locker!

Samantha and Snakebite go face to face in the center of the ring. The Titaness then holds the HcW Pure Championship up towards Snakebite. Snakebite quickly gets a kick in causing Samantha to drop the belt…

Al Locker: The referee hasn’t even called for the bell!

The referee attempts to separate the pair and then calls for the bell…


Alan Carcia: He has now!

Samantha charges at Snakebite and delivers a cross body. She then starts to punch away at him. Snakebite then rolls over and reverses. He then starts to hit away with punches. Snakebite then drives his head into Samantha’s…

Al Locker: What a vicious headbutts by Snakebite

Samantha strikes Snakebite with a poke to the eye causing him to roll off and hold his face

Al Locker: This isn’t going to be for the faint of hearted folks!

While Snakebite holds his eyes Samantha brings him to his feet and drags him over to the turn buckle with one of the polls attached… Samantha then launches Snakebites head into the turn buckle, not once, not twice but three times. Samantha then delivers a Suplex!

Al Locker: Remember no Pinfalls in this one folks. The only way to win is to handcuff your opponent!

Samantha gets into Snakebites face and starts trash talking…

Al Locker: The Titaness showing her anger towards Snakebite from all the pain she has suffered by him over the last few weeks

Snakebite starts to get up but Samantha is quick to kick him in the ribs…

Al Locker: What a shot to the ribs

Samantha again kicks Snakebite in the ribs…

Al Locker: The Titaness looks super focused here tonight at Doomsday

The Titaness then drives a hard punch at Snakebite. She then brings him to his feet. She then Irish whips him into the ropes and connects with a clothesline.

Al Locker: Samantha looking strong here!

Samantha then gets Snakebite up and throws him into the turn buckle. She then makes her way over and lifts him up onto the top. She then starts to climb…

Al Locker: What’s Samantha looking to do?

Samantha goes to deliver Defying The Gods (Frankensteiner)… But hold on. Snakebite holds on to Samantha and divers a Powerbomb from the top!!

Al Locker: Oh my God! Snakebite just delivered a Powerbomb to Samantha Hamilton from the top rope!

Alan Carcia: That has to have caused some damage…

Snakebite looks at the handcuffs and decides to take them off the poll. He appears to put them down his underwear and exits the ring…

Al Locker: What the hell is he doing?

Snakebite throws Richard Basset off his steel chair and picks it up

Al Locker: Oh, for the love of God. Somebody get this damn chair off him

Snakebite slides into the ring with the steel chair and takes aim at Samantha. She manages to roll out of the way of the chair shot which makes Snakebite drive it into the canvas. It appears to hurt his hand and he let’s go…

Al Locker: Samantha just dodged a bullet

Joseph supports Samantha from the outside of the ring…

Al Locker: There’s Joseph who now accompanies Samantha to the ring…

Samantha gets to her feet and hits Snakebite with the Wrath Of Titans! No wait… Snakebite pokes Samantha in the eye with a thumb. He then slaps her across the face and reaches down his underwear. He pulls out the handcuffs…

Al Locker: Snakebite is going to cuff Samantha!

Snakebite takes aim at Joseph on the outside who starts to look worried. Snakebite then exits the ring, cutting off Joseph’s exit to the ramp way. Snakebite clotheslines Joseph then kicks him in the head. He then grabs hold of steel chair from under the ring and then drives it into Joseph’s skull…

Al Locker: This is sickening! Snakebite you bastard!

Snakebite then handcuffs Joseph and drives the steel chair into his skull one more time. Samantha gets to her feet inside the ring and notices the chair that was left inside from when Snakebite attempted to hit her with it earlier. Samantha then takes hold of the chair and charges towards the ropes, dives over the top and smashes the chair into Snakebites skull!!

Al Locker: What a shot to Snakebite!

Samantha goes berserk and hits Snakebite with chair shot after chair shot. She’s lost it… Snakebite is trying to block the shots but it isn’t possible…

Al Locker: Take that you bastard

Alan Carcia: Shut the fuck up Locker you idiot!

Samantha finally throws the steel chair down and brings Snakebite to his feet. Wrath Of Titans!!!!

Al Locker: Wrath of Titans to Snakebite! It’s got to be over!

Samantha then tosses Snakebite into the ring. She quickly checks on Joseph who is now being attended to by medics…

Al Locker: Can The Titaness finish Snakebite off?

Samantha gets back into the ring and climbs up the other pole and grabs the handcuffs down. Snakebite is out of it.

Al Locker: Handcuff his ass!

Alan Carcia: Shut up Locker!

Samantha starts to grab Snakebites arm and attempts to place the handcuffs on… Snakebite tries to resist…

Al Locker: Snakebite trying to fight back!

Alan Carcia: Come on!

Snakebite gets back to his feet and hits Samantha with the Venom Injection!!!!

Al Locker: Noo!

Snakebite takes hold of the handcuffs and starts to put them on Samantha. He gets one on but Samantha starts to fight back!

Al Locker: Come on Samantha!

Snakebite slaps Samantha across the face again and delivers a second Venom Injection!!!!

Al Locker: Bah God, Snakebite is a twisted bastard!

Snakebite then applies the other cuff to Samantha… He then falls back


Alan Carcia: Snakebite has done it! He’s done it! He’s done it! He’s done it!

Al Locker: Oh bollocks!


Al Locker: Snakebite is the new HcW Pure Champion. But I don’t think this is the last he will see of Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton

Snakebite is handed the HcW Pure Championship and holds it high over Samantha as she lays cuffed in the ring…

Al Locker: Folks, what a night this has been so far! Every championship has changed hands so far! Is that an omen for the HcW World Heavyweight Championship Match?

Alan Carcia: I dunno about that but take a look at our poor Spanish colleagues whose announcers desk got burned down during the Xtreme Championship Match earlier this evening. What a night!

Al Locker: We…

The lights go out in the arena.

Alan Carcia: Someone forget to pay the bill?

Suddenly the arena is lit up in deep red as the screen comes to life and “DEVIL” by Shinedown begins to play across the arena.

Al Locker: Who’s this? Someone new?

The image of a woman in a red hood appears on the screen followed a red globe that looks very familiar when her name appears across the screen.

Alan Carcia: Anaquin Adams? What’s this?

“Anaquin Adams” appears on the screen in red lettering instead of blue as her previous entrance video had and the next time words appear they don’t say “Universal Superstar” they say “Karma’s Disciple” as she finally comes through the curtain and stands at the top of the ramp. She’s on crutches, one leg in a typical wrestling boot but the other is wrapped up as she looks around the arena as the fans cheer her entrance.

Alan Locker: She’s gone bonkers! Well, more bonkers than she already was!

As she begins to head down towards the ring, two officials come down and seem to be pleading with her to come to the back. As she’s about halfway down the ramp, she turns to look at one, then the other and then continues towards the ring.

One of the officials takes away one of her crutches and seems to be telling her ‘no’ that she’s not going to the ring. She steadies herself with on crutch as she narrows her eyes and then with the other crutch, cracks it against the shoulder of the official and then she takes a swing at the other one as they both scurry away from her like rats and the crowd is eating this up. She reaches for her fallen crutch and makes it to the ring steps and slowly makes her way up as the music continues to play. She takes each step one at a time and then makes it onto the apron. She hands places the crutches over the ropes and leans them against the corner as she struggles to get into the ring and then picks up her crutches once again.

She walks over and asks for the mic from the ring announcer before heading back to the center of the ring as the music finally fades out.

“Gray Zee.”

“Gabriel Lane.”

“I told you that your day was coming.”

“I told you that my mistress, Karma had demanded a sacrifice be paid.”

“You see Fate and Karma go hand in hand, Gray Zee. Gabriel Lane. If you screw with one, the other will come for you. Your sacrifice is due. Payment arrangements have been made for tonight. Make no bones about it, if you happen to skip out on your payment tonight, then I will hunt you. I will hunt you like the coward you are and I will make you pay, not only with your blood but with your gold.”

The camera zooms in closer to her face, her eyes are red like blood. “You cost me two championships, Gray Zee. Gabriel Lane. Tag Team Championships and my PPV shot at the TV Championship. As far as the wind blows, as far as sound carries and as far as light travels, I promise you that I will travel that far to make you pay for your crimes.”

“That gold you carry is tainted. Impure. Your hands are unworthy to carry such prestige and your shoulders most certainly couldn’t bear the weight of being the champion. That honor you bear was awarded to you by vehicular assault and not by any talent of your own. You are undeserving. I hope you don’t carry that around on your shoulder with any type of pride, Gray Zee. It is written that pride comes before the fall. I hope you know that it’s only a matter of time before someone, somewhere removes that title from over your shoulder and then your fall will begin. I hope that you are well aware that there will come a time when who you truly are will be revealed to the world.”

“And if I have anything to say about it, it all will be by my hands. I would wish you luck, but even luck abandoned you this evening. And if by chance, you leave here tonight with that title in hand, you should look over your shoulders. Day. Night. And all moments in between the two. Because one day, I will be there. One day, you will have to face me in the ring, or a parking lot, or a supermarket or in the heavens. It doesn’t matter. There will come a day when you will have to deal with me face to face.”

The red hue of the lights beam down upon her, “Gabriel Lane. Trust me when I say this to you. If you put your nose in this match, I will find a way to remove said nose from your face. I will utterly destroy you. Ricky Stanton. I have no quarrel with you. If a third party comes down in order to interfere on your behalf, then their blood will be on your hands.”

She takes a deep breath and stares into the hard camera, “Gray Zee. It is said that revenge is a sweet, delicious dish. I plan to savor every single bite. I am here to do the bidding of my mistress. I am Karma’s Disciple. Her will is my own. Prepare yourselves. Your day has come.”

She throws down the microphone and uses her crutches to hobble to a corner and make her way outside the ring where she waits for the players in the main event.

Alan Carcia: Doesn’t look like Anaquin Adams is going anywhere, Al!

Al Locker: She’s one crazy bitch and I would not want her to be gunning for me. This is definitely a side of her that we have not seen yet and who knows what she’s capable of.

The cameras switch to the entrance way. Always by Saliva begins to play as Lance Mikes walks out on crutches. He makes his way over to the announce table and sits down, putting the crutches next to the cable.

Lance Mikes: Locker, Carcia

Al Locker: It’s great to have you here Lance

Alan Carcia: It’s good to see you back in HcW

Lance Mikes: Cut the bullshit guys, you both can’t stand me and that’s fine. I’m here for the main event so let’s not waste time with pleasantries

Triple Threat Match
HcW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Anything Goes – Pinfalls Anywhere
(c) “Big Deal” Gray Zee vs Taurus vs “Pretty Ricky” Stanton

Tense heating music starts to play. It’s pulsing through is all. The tension has been building all night long…

Al Locker: Folks, it’s time for the HcW World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat match between Taurus, “Pretty” Ricky Stanton and Current World Champion “Big Deal” Gray Zee

Alan Carcia: You can feel the tension rising Locker. I’m super excited.

Lance Mikes: If it wasn’t for Snakebite, it would be me in that match against Taurus and Ricky Stanton

The lights go out and the black Superman logo appears on the big screen. Fall Out Boy’s Centuries starts to play:

Some legends are told

Some turn to dust or to gold

But you will remember me

Remember me, for centuries

Just one mistake

Is all it will take

We’ll go down in history

Remember me for centuries

Remember me for centuries..

Richard Basset: Introducing the first challenger…. RIIIICKKYYY STTTAAAAANNTOOON!!

Boom! Pyros goes off as the Pretty Boy comes down the ramp with two gorgeous ladies on each arm. He’s wearing a glittering wrestling robe and it shines as the spotlight falls on him. He leaves the ladies outside as he walks to the center of the ring, drops to his knees and points at the sky for a moment. He then gets up and flaunts the robe, eventually taking it off and going to his corner.

Al Locker: A lot of people don’t feel Ricky Stanton earned his place in this match

Alan Carcia: He did what he had to do to get here, that’s all there is to it Locker!

Lance Mikes: You’re trying to tell me that Ricky doesn’t deserve a spot in this title match? The guys a work horse and he’s been impressing the bosses. He didn’t win a number one contenders match but he sure as hell deserves that spot

“Ready For This” by All Good Things begins to play as Taurus walks out from behind the curtains.

Richard Basset: Introducing the second challenger… TAAAAAAUUURRRUUSSS!

Taurus walks down the ramp way and climbs in to the ring.

Al Locker: Taurus earned this match with a hard fought win over Martin Seas

Alan Carcia: This match is either going to make Gray Zee or break him!

Lance Mikes: It’s going to be interesting to see how Gray Zee deals with this added pressure

I Win by Lethal Bizzle ft. Skepta begins to play. Accompanied by Gabriel Lane, Gray Zee comes out to the beat of the music wearing a leather hoodie. He throws two punches when the “POW POW!” kicks in and uncovers his face, takes the title and holds it high with pride.


The moment he does that, pyrotechnics explode at both sides like a chain reaction. When he arrives to the ring, he takes the steps, takes off his leather hoodie and enters the ring.

Al Locker: Well it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for

Alan Carcia: It’s main event time bay-bee!

Lance Mikes: Calm down Adam Cole…

The referee signals for the match to start by pointing to the time keeper. Who rings the bell?


Gray Zee stands center of the ring and starts mouthing off at Taurus and Ricky Stanton. They both look at each other and then they both shrug. Taurus punches Gray, Gray turns and gets punched by Ricky. They both continue this for a few punches each and then Taurus scoop slams Gray to the crowd and they both start stomping away at Gray.

Al Locker: A partnership from the contenders here!

Alan Carcia: Great strategy to get rid of the champion early

Lance Mikes: This is going to be an interesting matchup Locker, Carcia

Taurus pulls Gray up and slams him head first in to the top turnbuckle. As his back is turned Stanton attacks Taurus and quickly throws him out of the ring over the top rope.

Al Locker: Well that latest just as long as your first marriage Carcia!

Alan Carcia: Wow! That was uncalled for Locker

Lance Mikes: You know what Locker, I’m actually beginning to like you. hahaha

Stanton turns his attention to Gray, he starts stomping away at him in the corner. After a few stomps he whips him across the ring to the other corner and follows up with a running clothesline in the corner. Stanton stands back and pulls Gray out of the corner, he hits him with a suplex in to the middle of the ring. As he’s getting up Taurus ambushes him from behind and knocks him down. Taurus then starts to stomp away on Stanton and then turns to Gray and does the same. Taurus then picks up Gray and lifts him up and brings him down with a back breaker across his knee and lets him fall off to the floor. Taurus then goes for a cover.



Ricky Stanton breaks up the fall.

Al Locker: The first pin fall there and it was quickly broken up by Ricky Stanton

Alan Carcia: Taurus is going to need to neutralize one of them to get the win here

Lance Mikes: He needs to take someone out of the match to concentrate on one man

Stanton brings Taurus to his feet and hits him with a quick European uppercut, followed by another and another backing Taurus in to the corner. Stanton then stomps away with boots to the mid-section of Taurus. He lifts Taurus up and sits him on the top turnbuckle and then hits him with another European uppercut.

Al Locker: Ricky is getting some great offence on Taurus here

Alan Carcia: He can’t forget about Gray Zee though!

Lance Mikes: Gray who?

Gray comes in from behind and grabs Stanton by the waist and hits a great German suplex on him. He gets up and quickly goes to Taurus. He punches Taurus who is still perched on to the top turnbuckle. Gray Zee climbs up the first turnbuckle and hits a belly-2-belly suplex on Taurus from the second rope. Gray then goes for the cover.



Stanton breaks the fall.

Al Locker: Gray thought he had the match won

Alan Carcia: He needs to do more than that to win this match

Lance Mikes: This guys a joke… talentless loser!

Stanton lifts Gray up to his feet and knees him in the guts a few times. Gray rests against the ropes and Ricky steps back and runs in with a clothesline which takes Gray to the outside. Ricky turns around and gets hit with a clothesline from Taurus which takes Ricky and Taurus to the outside.

Al Locker: The action is spilling to the outside here folks!

Alan Carcia: This doesn’t look good

Lance Mikes: This is the action I’ve been waiting for

Taurus gets to his feet and pulls Gray Zee up. He slams him back first in to the barricade and then lifts him up and drops him chest first across the top of the barricade. Taurus then turns his attention to Stanton who comes running at him. Taurus moves to the side and spins Stanton around who goes back first in the barricade. Stanton and Gray are both down on the floor on the side. Taurus lifts Gray up and throws him back in to the ring. Taurus then lifts Stanton up and slams him back first in to the ring apron and then in to the barricade once again. Taurus then gets back in to the ring.

Al Locker: Taurus keeping both opponents grounded

Alan Carcia: He’s also keeping them both apart

Lance Mikes: This is why Taurus is a four time World Heavyweight Champion in HcW. He’s one of the smartest guys in the industry

As Taurus gets back in to the ring he’s stopped by Gray Zee who attacks him as he’s trying to get to his feet after sliding in from under the bottom rope. Gray then lifts Taurus up and whips him off the ropes, as Taurus comes back Gray levels him with a thunderous clothesline. Gray then lifts Taurus back up and hits him with a T-Gray-O out of nowhere. Gray then goes for the cover.




Lance Mikes pulls the referee out of the ring!

Al Locker: What the hell!

Alan Carcia: I knew he was out here for a reason, and we just found out why!

Lance Mikes slides in to the ring and Gray goes at him. Lance moves out of the way and as Gray turns around he’s hit with a FULL STOP with the cast!

Al Locker: I thought his leg was broken Carcia!

Alan Carcia: What rouse by Lance Mikes!

Lance slides out of the ring and walks up the ramp way and goes to the back behind the curtains. Taurus waits for Gray Zee to get to his feet. As Gray Zee turns around he’s hit with a BULLSEYE!! Taurus goes for the cover.




Ricky Stanton breaks up the pinfall.

Al Locker: Stanton saved the match there

Alan Carcia: He just stopped Taurus becoming a FIVE TIME World Heavyweight Champion!

Ricky Stanton pulls Taurus up to his feet. Taurus is kicked in the stomach and hit with a DOOMCROWN!! Stanton goes for the cover.




Gray Zee breaks up the fall.

Al Locker: Gray Zee saved his title there

Alan Carcia: Costing Ricky Stanton his first HcW Championship. Can this guy catch a break?

Gray Zee brings Stanton to his feet and goes to clothesline him. Stanton ducks and hits him with a DOOMCROWN!! As Gray Zee drops he rolls out of the ring to prevent a pin fall. Stanton turns around right in to a BULLSEYE! Taurus goes for the cover.






Alan Carcia: I can’t believe it. It feels like it’s 2005 again Locker!


Taurus stands as he is handed the HcW World Heavyweight Championship. He lifts it high in the air in one arm as the scene comes to a close.

Al Locker: What a Pay-Per-View everyone. Thank you for joining us.

Alan Carcia: Don’t forget to tune in next week as we come to you live from Manchester, England!

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