Tyke Index defends the World Championship against Scythe Bloodline; Lance Mikes battled Candi Bratton in a Parking Lot Brawl; Trent Harper defends the Xtreme Championship against Betsy Granger; Hammerstein defends the TV Championship against Carnivore; Anaquin Adams battles Itsumi Hayashi in a Deathmatch; Pure Champion Gabriel Ohio defends against Tommy McMaster and Cerebus

“In a Kingdom far, far away there lived a king.”

(Image of Tyke Index, holding the HcW Championship)

“He ruled with a cruel, iron fist.”

“However, a warrior of the people has stepped forward to challenge the king to a duel.”

(Image of Scythe Bloodline pinning Lance Mikes at Caged Fury)

“The King made every effort to thwart the warrior on his path to the crown.”

(Image of Tyke smashing the hand of Bloodline in the case.)

“While many other warriors will do battle, from the lot or to the death.”

(Images of Ohio, McMaster, Cerberus, Granger, Harper, Hammerstein, Carnivore, Mikes, Trueblood)

“For prizes of gold and leather.”

(Images of the three championships flash by)

“For pride and revenge.”

(Footage of Bratton/Mikes, Anaquin/Itsumi and Masked Man/Raven)

“In the end, however. Will it be the evil King retaining control, or will the new warrior take his rightful place on the throne?”

(Images of Scythe and then finally with Tyke holding high the HcW Championship)

“A story is only as good as the storyteller and this story begins now at Hardcore Kingdom.”

“Deathwish” from Red Sun Rising begins to play as the Hardcore Kingdom logo is splayed across the screen to the images of the wrestlers competing here tonight and events leading up to Hardcore Kingdom. Finally, the graphic for Hardcore Kingdom returns and then fades away to a capacity crowd in Detroit, Michigan’s Little Caesar’s Pizza Arena.

Christine Donahue: Welcome to Hardcore Kingdom. I’m Christine Donahue in my final appearance for HcW and we want to welcome back to the broadcast booth, Al Locker! It’s great to see you back, Al.

Al Locker: And it’s great to be here, Christine and I want to thank you for filling in for me while I was out. I’ve been keeping up with the goings-on here and this card has gotten me super excited! I cannot wait to see the main event between Tyke Index and Scythe Bloodline. In my opinion, Bloodline has been on the verge of greatness for quite some time. But can he pull it off tonight? The added factor that was announced earlier today that both Index and Bloodline have agreed to make this match a Ladder Match, in my opinion, only increases Bloodline’s chances at becoming the World Champion.

Alan Carcia: Can I get a word in edgewise here?

Christine Donahue: And of course, our charming co-host, Alan Carcia is with us as well.

Alan Carcia: Finally. Look, if you think for one minute that Bloodline has a shot in hell of dethroning who I consider the greatest champion in our era in Tyke Index. Ladder or no ladder, the King of Coke Mountain is going to walk out of here as the man, the HcW World Heavyweight Champion.

Christine Donahue: That isn’t the only title on the line tonight as we have a fatal four way for the Pure Champion, featuring the returning Pure Champion Gabriel Ohio taking on Cerberus, Keiran Overton and the one who started it all, Tommy McMaster.

Al Locker: The Xtreme Championship will be on the line as Trent “The King” Harper will defend against the gal who seems to have his number in Betsy Granger.

Christine Donahue: The Television Championship will be defended as champion Hammerstein takes on his therapy partner Carnivore.

Alan Carcia: Hammerstein put up a great showing last week against Tyke Index and for a few moments I thought that outline of this card was going to change dramatically, but now he’s on a mission to make it back to the top and perhaps another shot at the World title, but he has to get past Carnivore and retain the Television Championship.

Christine Donahue: And what about our newest masked man running around. Raven Trueblood will get his chance to see who’s underneath that mask as they go one on one tonight.

Al Locker: And don’t forget our esteemed owner of HcW. After spending the night in jail after Mile High Wrestling’s Rise In Phoenix, blows have been exchanged between Lance Mikes and Mile High Wrestling’s Candi Bratton and so they will do battle outside in the parking lot in a brawl.

Christine Donahue: And starting the night, we will also go out to the parking lot and see one of HcW’s alumni, Anaquin Adams as she does battle in a dream match against the queen of the deathmatches, Itsumi Hayashi as Adams takes her first trip in to the land of the Deathmatch. Let’s…

“Frankenstein” begins to play as Biff Franklin’s name crosses the screen and he steps out onto the stage. He makes his way to ringside and takes a microphone from ringside before climbing the steps and entering the ring as the music slowly fades.

Biff Franklin: I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for coming out to Hardcore Kingdom or watching us via streaming media. However it is that you are supporting HcW, it means everything to myself as well as everyone getting ready to put it all on the line for you tonight.

An “HcW” chant breaks out.

Biff Franklin: As for myself, tonight is my final night with HcW and I’ve had a hell of a time interacting with the talent, creating the matches and putting together cards for each and every one of you. Where HcW goes from tonight, only time will tell. Think of tonight as if it were the Super Bowl and in a few short months, the action will start all over again. It’s not the end of HcW, just the ending to the season.

An “HcW” chant breaks out.

Biff Franklin: But it has been an honor to be a part of this business that I grew up in once again. Perhaps one day, I’ll be able to return but for now I just want to say, enjoy the show!

“Frankenstein” plays as Biff waves out to the crowd before he leaves the ring and heads to the back.

Christine Donahue: Not the news I was expecting to hear tonight, but as Biff said, let’s enjoy the show.

Al Locker: As announced on Twitter earlier today, we have two matches that will take place outside of the arena tonight. Later tonight, Lance Mikes takes on Candi Bratton in a Parking Lot Brawl, but right now we will head out there for our first match of the evening as Anaquin Adams makes a one time return to HcW to take on one of her dream opponents, Itsumi Hayashi in a Death Match.

The scene changes to a blocked off portion of the parking lot. There are a crowd of people surrounding a ring behind a guardrailing with security. The difference with this ring is that in place of ropes there is barbed wire.

Christine Donahue: That already looks menacing, but I have been told there will be plenty more surprises in this particular match.


“What Else You Got?” by the Protest begins to play across the arena. The ‘ooo’s begin to hit as the form of the “Universal Superstar” comes out of the building. She grins as the lyrics begin to kick in as she slowly makes her way down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans along the way.

#I’ve heard you say no, kept the door closed.
#Can’t let you get your destiny

She circles the ring as the song continues and as she gets around halfway the bridge of the song hits.

#I’ve taken every shot that you can throw
#I’m standing on top so now you know
#Into the fire, stood in the flames
#When you see me rising, remember my name

She rolls under the barbed wire and into the ring and moves to the corner, raising her hands high in the air. She’s dressed in her black sports top, leather pants with fishnet along the side and black boots with skull and crossbones on them. Her green hair blows behind her as she brings her tape-wrapped hands out to the side and then moving to the other side to repeat the gesture as the music continues into the chorus.

#What else you got?
#Not gonna stop
#My eye on the prize, fist in the sky
#See you at the finish line
#What else you got?

As the song fades, she moves to her corner as the ref comes over and has a few words with her.

The tinkling music box intro of Psydoll’s “My Birthday” starts up. A mixture of cheers and boos greets this theme even before the angry, distorted guitars kick in and the Blood Tornado, Itsumi Hayashi, strides onto the stage! White and red lights flash all over her as she poses, spreading her arms; in each hand she’s holding a light tube, which she suddenly throws down to the pavement hard, and as the plumes of glass dust waft up around her, she poses again.

Unlike last time we saw her, she’s dressed to fight in jeans, trainers, a sports bra, and tape from her hands all the way to her elbows – all in the same black/red/white colour scheme we’ve grown used to from her. Despite the no doubt weapon-filled match ahead of her, she still has all her piercings in.

As she makes her way down, some of the front row fans booing her get treated to middle fingers jammed right up in their faces, while a few of the ones cheering are treated to clasping style hand slaps as she passes them. Once at the ring she hops up onto the apron, where she drops to one knee and turns to look out across the auditorium while grinning sadistically. Then she flings herself through the ropes and jogs to a corner where she poses once more, her hands raised in an X, while red and white lights flicker all over and she mouths off to the crowd.

Richard Bassett: This match is one fall to a finish. It is a deathmatch. There are no disqualifications. No countouts. No stopping the match until one of the competitors is pinned or cannot continue. Introducing first, weighing in at 160 pounds. She hails from all four corners of the Universe. This is the Universal Superstar, Anaquin Adams!

The fans cheer as Anaquin steps out into the center of the ring and spin, acknowledging the cheers of the fans.

Richard Bassett: And her opponent. Weighing in at 140 pounds. She comes to us by way of Nara, Japan. Please welcome to HcW for Hardcore Kingdom, “The Blood Tornado” Itsumi Hayashi!

Christine Donahue: Probably a smart idea for Bassett to not even try to get into that ring. The typical ring ropes have been replaced with barbed wire. This is a first for Anaquin Adams, hopefully she will fare well in this type of match. I know earlier this year, she competed at the Bloody Icon tournament and faced Masatake Kawamata in a Lightbulbs and Ladders match. She put up a heck of a fight, but didn’t come out victorious.

Alan Carcia: Anaquin was acting a little bizarre back then but she seems to be back to herself, so I have no idea why she’d want to compete in a match like this.

Al Locker: She’s the type of competitor who wants to go out and try new things. She’s definitely a daredevil at heart. She’s going up against the much more experienced Hayashi, who is a pro at these types of matches.


Christine Donahue: There’s the bell. And I believe this deathmatch is going to start up with a lock up.

Anaquin and Itsumi lock up in the center of the ring and Anaquin immediately shifts it into a headlock on Hayashi. Hayashi tries to push off Anaquin towards the ropes, but Anaquin puts on the breaks before coming into contact with the barbed wire.

Al Locker: Anaquin wants no part of that barbed wire, and I certainly can’t blame her.

Anaquin turns around into a spin kick by Itsumi and then a spinning back fist to the side of the face that staggers the Universal Superstar. Itsumi grabs Anaquin by the hair and tries to drag her towards the barbed wire ropes, but Anaquin reaches out and grabs the wire and tries to keep her distance before she jabs an elbow into the gut of Itsumi who staggers backwards.

Alan Carcia: Itsumi going for first blood here and she may have gotten it as Anaquin is bleeding from her palm from reaching for that wire.

It’s just a puncture but Anaquin shakes that hand a bit and nails Itsumi with a clothesline, sending the Tornado to the ground. Anaquin pulls up Itsumi and whips her towards the ropes, but Itsumi drops down and slides underneath, just barely missing the bottom strand of barbed wire.

Al Locker: Hayashi is no novice to these types of matches. I’m certain she’s been in most every conceivable scenario. Anaquin Adams is definitely the underdog here tonight.

Itsumi reaches under the ring and pulls out a ladder and tries to push it underneath the barbed wire into the ring, but Anaquin runs at it and low drop kicks it back into the Blood Tornado, knocking her back onto the outside of the ring. Anaquin waits as she watches Hayashi begin to rise to her feet and she takes a running start and leaps over the top strand of wire and crashing onto Hayashi on the outside.

Christine Donahue: Amazing height Anaquin Adams got diving over the top rope right there. Anaquin is a daredevil at heart and she loves to fly.

Anaquin gets up and high fives a few of the spectators outside of the arena. When she turns around, she eats the ladder, tossed at her by Hayashi, smashing her right on the face.

Al Locker: You can’t turn your back on someone as experienced as Itsumi Hayashi. She will make you eat your lunch and in this case, a ladder.

Anaquin is down and when she turns around, her face is covered in blood as that ladder had busted her open. Hayashi digs underneath the ring and pulls out a chair and sets it up then walks over to Anaquin and pulls her up. She lifts her up and falls backwards, crashing Anaquin into the chair behind her.

Alan Carcia: Anaquin Adams just crushing that chair flat and I’ll tell you what, she is in serious trouble here.

Christine Donahue: No doubt. Anaquin is bleeding a tremendous amount here.

Hayashi reaches for the green hair of Anaquin Adams and pulls her to her feet. Anaquin’s face is a bloody mess right now as it just drips freely from her face and onto her clothing. Hayashi whips Anaquin towards the guardrailing, but Anaquin reverses it sending the Tornado into the steel.

Al Locker: Anaquin needs this separation right now.

Anaquin grabs that smashed chair and just wails it at Hayashi, cracking her skull and it wraps around her neck. Anaquin grabs the chair and pushes Hayashi into the ringpost, as it connects with the chair and Hayashi goes down, clutching at her throat.

Alan Carcia: Anaquin is catching her breath now leaning against the guardrailing as the blood continues to flow down her face. She’s losing a lot of blood here and that can’t be good.

Adams walks away from Itsumi, asking the crowd to move away from the guardrailing for a moment as she gets to the far end. She looks up at the sky and crosses herself when she climbs onto the guardrailing and begins to run the length of the railing until she gets to the end and she leaps off and tackles Itsumi!

Christine Donahue: She calls it Run Like Hell and typically performs that move on the top rope, but with no ropes, she had to improvise and she nails Itsumi with that flying tackle. Both wrestlers are down now.

Anaquin finally moves towards Hayashi and pulls her to her feet and rolls her underneath the barbed wire and then slides in underneath after her. Anaquin positions Hayashi underneath that that barbed wire and grabs her legs and then just falls back, driving the face of Hayashi up into the bottom strand of barbed wire.

Al Locker: Anaquin Adams going for blood as well and she certainly seems to have it.

As the camera closes in on Hayashi, yes a trickle of blood is now streaming down her forehead. Adams pulls Itsumi towards the center of the ring and points to the turnbuckle. Anaquin moves to the opposite corner and takes a running leap and as she hits the top turnbuckle there’s a suddenly explosion and smoke fills the ring.

Alan Carcia: What the hell was that?

The crowd starts a “Holy shit!” chant.

Christine Donahue: I have no idea. The smoke is clearing and Anaquin Adams is lying on her back on top of Hayashi as the referee finally drops down to count.



Th—Shoulder up!

Al Locker: Itsumi Hayashi just barely getting her shoulder up, but what the hell happened?

The replay shows in slow motion that as soon as Anaquin’s foot touches the top turnbuckle, an explosion occurs sending Anaquin flying back and onto Hayashi but obviously stunning the Universal Superstar as well.

Alan Carcia: I’m certain that Anaquin Adams had no way of knowing that turnbuckle was going to explode like that! Both wrestlers are down now.

The smoke lingers for a bit longer before the wind is able to carry it off as the two bloody combatants lie on the mat. Anaquin, who was hit full force with the blast of that explosion still lies on top of Hayashi who finally pushes her off. She finally pushes herself to her feet and reaches for Anaquin Adams who limply is pulled to her feet. Hayashi whips Anaquin into the barbed wire ropes and Anaquin sticks to those ropes as she cries out in pain from the barbed wire.

Christine Donahue: I may never understand why anyone would want to compete in a match like this. Perhaps Anaquin Adams will be rethinking this in the morning.

Anaquin tries to pull herself free of the barbs while Hayashi comes at her with another spin kick, followed by a second and finally Anaquin falls to the mat, though her boot is still stuck on the bottom strand of wire.

Hayashi rolls out of the ring and she tosses a couple of chairs into the ring and then picks up a ladder and slides it in as well before rolling back in under the wire.

Al Locker: Hayashi with plenty of bad intentions here. And it’s not like these two are in a blood feud! They are doing this for their own enjoyment!

Anaquin finally shakes her foot free of the barbed wire and staggers to her feet only to be railed hard by a steel chair to the skull and she staggers backwards only be fall back against the barbed wire ropes. The top two ropes capture her arms as she locks her into place and she struggles to free herself as Hayashi moves in raising that chair high for a second hit, but Anaquin desperately tries to kick at the Blood Tornado to keep her at bay.

Christine Donahue: Anaquin Adams trying to free herself from those wires that certainly have to be digging into her arms and all the while, Hayashi is stalking her with a chair.

Unfortunately for Anaquin, she can’t keep Itsumi away for long as she is nailed with yet another chairshot. Hayashi drops the chair and then walks over to set up the ladder in the ring. She then walks over to try and free Anaquin from the ropes and the Universal Superstar actually falls out of the ring and to the floor.

Alan Carcia: She landed right on her head. Not as if she hasn’t already lost enough blood tonight. Anaquin Adams has taken a beating tonight. She hasn’t gotten it back together since that explosion earlier on.

Hayashi drops down and rolls out of the ring. She pulls Anaquin up and prepares for a roundhouse kick, but Anaquin ducks the kick, then grabs Hayashi in a neck and leg lock and suplexes her back against the ring apron and Hayashi is down, grabbing at her back as both competitors are on the ground.

Christine Donahue: I cannot believe how much blood is coming from the forehead of Anaquin Adams.

Anaquin crawls over to the ring and pulls up the apron to look underneath the ring and comes back out with a short strand of barbed wire. As she leans against the corner of the ring, still sitting on the ground, she begins to wrap that wire around her fist.

Alan Carcia: Anaquin is picking up this deathmatch stuff fairly quick. This doesn’t look good for Hayashi.

Anaquin struggles to her feet as she walks over and grabs Itsuki by the hair and she begins to drill her over and over again with that barbed wire covered fist as blood begins to freely flow now down the face of the Deathmatch specialist.

Al Locker: Anaquin making sure she isn’t the only one walking out of here bloody tonight.

Anaquin steps back and gingerly starts to unwrap the barbed wire from her hand and then something stops her as she places it back and she leans forward and pulls Itsumi to her feet and then spins around, nailing her with a backfist on the cheek, and then spinning the other way and drilling her with a slap to the opposite cheek, sending Hayashi back to the ground. Then Adams unwraps that barbed wire and tosses it aside.

Christine Donahue: Anaquin rolls Hayashi back into the ring. Both competitors are bleeding freely now as Anaquin Adams walks over and tugs on the top strand of barbed wire as if testing it for something she may have in mind.

Anaquin wipes are her bloody face and walks to the far side of the ring and then starts to run. As she gets close she leaps into the air as if to try and springboard off that barbed wire, but the force combined with her weight, causes the strand to come loose and she finds herself on the outside of the ring.

Alan Carcia: I don’t think that went the way she meant it to go.

The referee slides out of the ring to go check on Anaquin as Hayashi is looking around inside the ring as if unclear what happened and she pushes herself up to her feet. She sees Anaquin outside the ring and she drops down and rolls out under the bottom wire and looks under the ring.

Al Locker: Hayashi looking for more plunder under the ring. What does she have in mind this time?

She finds a box and pulls it out and slides it into the ring.

Christine Donahue: Oh no.

Hayashi slides back into the ring and tips the box as several light tubes slide out of the box and onto the mat. She tosses the box aside but doesn’t see Anaquin slowly crawling back into the ring. Hayashi finally sees her and walks over and Anaquin grabs her by the tights and pulls her down onto the barbed wire throat first as Hayashi bounces back and to the mat, clutching at her throat.

Alan Carcia: Nice move by Anaquin, allowing herself some time from Hayashi’s onslaught.

Anaquin struggles to get to her feet and she sees the light tubes in the ring and she glances down at Hayashi, reaching down and pulling her up. She whips Hayashi into the corner and just as Hayashi hits the corner another explosion goes off, sending Hayashi right back at Anaquin. Their heads collide and Anaquin falls back onto the tubes of glass as they shatter underneath her and Hayashi falls on top of the Universal Superstar. The referee goes down to count.



Three—NO! Shoulder up.

Christine Donahue: Near fall for Hayashi there and Anaquin Adams is hurting.

Both wrestlers lie there for a long moment, so long that the referee starts a count but as he gets to three, Hayashi begins to move. She’s tapping at her ear as if to clear the ringing from the explosion. Anaquin slowly gets to her feet as well and Hayashi charges at Adams, who scoops her and spins her around with a powerslam onto all of the broken shards of glass in the center of the ring.

Alan Carcia: Ouch. This is getting a little uncomfortable.

Al Locker: But these fans are loving it!

Anaquin points to the turnbuckle as she moves to the corner and slowly begins to climb.

Christine Donahue: Looks like she’s gonna drop Hell’s Hammer!

As Anaquin is perched on the top turnbuckle, Hayashi is prone on mat. Adams raises her hands high, then crosses herself in prayer before leaping off with her kneedrop from the turnbuckle, but Hayashi moves as Anaquin lands on the glass in the center of the ring.

Al Locker: This isn’t good…

Hayashi is to her feet. She climbs the nearby ladder about halfway up and she leaps off with a roundhouse stomp right onto Anaquin who’s lying in all of that broken glass. Itsumi leans against the barbed wire and as Anaquin slowly staggers to her feet, she spins around and NAILS Anaquin in the head with a hook kick!

Christine Donahue: The Hyper Tornado Coriolis Violation!

Alan Carcia: What a move!

Itsumi with a cover!





Richard Bassett: Winner of the Deathmatch is Itsumi Hayashi!

Christine Donahue: Anaquin Adams put up one heck of a fight but in the end it was the experience of Itsumi Hayashi that won this deathmatch.

Alan Carcia: Let’s take a look at some of the moments of this match.

[Several scenes from the match are played for the viewers at home as the fans outside are cheering for this match. Once the finish is shown they go back to the live feed.]

Hayashi is up in the middle of the ring and reaches to help Anaquin to her feet. As they shake hands, Anaquin bows down before Hayashi in respect as both of them continue to drip blood from their faces. Anaquin raises Itsumi’s hand and then bows again before exiting the ring, leaving the spotlight to the winner of the match.

Al Locker: Great show of respect from Anaquin Adams. This isn’t the last time we will be outside the arena tonight as later on in the show, HcW Owner Lance Mikes will go one on one with Mile High Wrestling’s Candi Bratton, but before we do that we have some business inside the arena. We will be back in just a moment.


In the backstage area, Biff Franklin just signed off on some paperwork as the first match of the night has concluded and they are preparing for the Pure Championship matchup next, he stops a stagehand and gives him a few bits of direction before pushing him off to do his job. He finally has a moment to himself so he leans back against a table nearby to catch his breath.

Carnivore paces through the back and notices Biff trying to catch his breath. Carnivore strolls up towards Biff.

Carnivore: Hey boss,what’s up?

Biff Franklin: Just enjoying the show and making sure everything is running smoothly. Can’t let everyone down on my last night. That would be quite the legacy, hm?

Carnivore: Your last night? Oh I heard rumors but I didn’t want to believe them. Well…thanks. Just thanks…. for everything, I know I wandered into HCW because of the thing with Sammy but you made me feel welcomed. If this is your last day, I want it to be special.

Biff looks confused by that statement.

Biff Franklin: You brought me a cake?

Carnivore chuckles nervously a bit, rubbing the back of his neck.

Carnivore: No……..not yet. The cake is um….coming but what I meant in “special” is that you are going to see the rise of a new Television Champion. Now just…..give me some time.

Carnivore leaves to order a cake for Biff.

Biff just shakes his head as Carnivore leaves.

Biff Franklin: Nice kid. Smiles too damn much, but nice kid.

Christine Donahue: We are back and the crowd is still buzzing from that match, but we have six more matches left to go and four of them are for championships. Up next, the Pure Championship will be on the line as the current champion, Gabriel Ohio who defeated Anaquin Adams for that title at Bitter Enemies, will defend that championship against the man who stole the title from him for a short time, Tommy McMaster and the man who has been a thorn to the side of McMaster, Cerberus.

Al Locker: Gabriel Ohio has been out of action for six weeks. I am not sure if he’s ready to be back or if he is, that he’s a hundred percent.

Alan Carcia: McMaster is the true champion. He’s the one who put out Ohio in the first place.

Christine Donahue: Where does that leave Cerberus?

Alan Carcia: The underdog, I suppose.

Al Locker: Let’s go to ringside.


The Lights dim as red and orange lights scan the arena, the opening guitar riff of “Burn It Up by Saliva hits as the Tron shows the highlights of his career.

You tore my heart out
You tore my life apart
You tore the sheets of this bed
Just like a porn star

One by one fire starts to line the ramp, on both sides towards the ring, as the lights search the arena. Then the red haired, Tommy McMaster emerges in the crowd, high fiving the crowd as he walks through the mass of people who are cheering madly for him.

Burn it up, to a pile of ash
Burn it up, I want to watch the blast
Just as soon as I blow it up
Ah yeah, burn it up

He spins round, bows to his Wildfireites, spreads his arms out, bowed, then standing up with his back turned, one finger pointed to the ceiling. The Wildfire, in his red trunks, and white “Rich Piggies are going to burn” Tee Shirt, jumps over the guard railing, as a huge red W sign is flashed throughout.

I’m burning up your memory
There’s nothing left of you and me
And as far as I’m concerned
You can go to hell and watch it burn
You can watch you burn
Watch it burn

He climbs over the ropes, bends down to one knee and stretches his arms out as the whole ring is engulfed in Inflammable fire, his flame hair shadowing his face. The Wildfire waits for the flames to die down, climbs the turnbuckle and places his arms to either side, to make his whole body a big W as his theme fades out.

The arena lights fainting to the pulse of the opening chord, and the on-stage explosion of pyrotechnics preluded the arrival of The Red Haired Menace — ambling through the cloud of smolder in military-inspired garb.

“Climb into the ring,
For a battle that you can’t win,
Swing as hard as you can swing,
It will still mean nothing,”

His pace heightens to a trudge as he maneuvers down the ramp, his sights fixed, unwavering from the ring he’d clamber up; using the top rope for leverage, Brooklyn advances to the apron knee to boot, and enters the ring between the middle rope. His feet mark a trail to the nearest camera which he targets with his index and middle finger, imitating some form of hand gun, his thumb acting as the trigger which he locks back and snaps forward. His theme fading to the jeers of the public.

The Lights flicker until the sounds of electricity fill the arena as it is plunged into darkness. A Moon appears on the titan-tron and a white glow appears on the stage. Standing in the glow is the 7-foot-tall Gabriel Ohio, leather jack blowing in the wind, looking down at the floor. He looks up and walks slowly to the ring. He reaches the ring and steps up onto the apron and then over the top rope, his presence felt.

Richard Bassett: This match is one fall to a finish. It is a triple threat match for the HcW Pure Championship. The first person to gain a pinfall will be the champion. Introducing first, the first challenger. He weighs in at 252 pounds and hails from Cleveland, Ohio! This is Cerberus!


Richard Bassett: And the second challenger, he weighs in at 322 pounds. He comes to us from Las Vegas, Nevada. Here is “Wildfire”… Tommy… McMaster!


Richard Bassett: And introducing the reigning HcW Pure Champion. He weighs in at 320 pounds. He is seven foot tall. Here is Gabriel… Ohio!

The bell rings.

Christine Donahue: As Richard Bassett leaves the ring and the match begins, we are looking at very complicated situation here between these two.

Al Locker: McMaster injured Ohio, but then got into a war with Cerberus. Makes perfect sense to me.

Alan Carcia: Stop trying to complicate things, Donahue.

Christine Donahue: Fine! Alright!

Ohio, McMaster, and Cerberus circle around in the ring. Ohio starts off with a huge dropkick on McMaster sending McMaster out the ring.

Al Locker: You don’t often see a move like that from Ohio! But McMaster is outside the ring.

Cerberus gets behind Ohio as Ohio gets up and delivers a Russian Legsweep before following up with stomps right to the shoulder of Ohio. After five stomps, Ohio counters the stomps by grabbing Cerberus by the foot for a Heelhook.

Christine Donahue: Cerberus has no love for Ohio here as he wants to be the champ. But Ohio isn’t going to go out that easy.

McMaster gets back in the ring and delivers an Elbow Drop to the chest of Ohio before lifting him for a headlock. As Cerberus pulls himself up using the ropes, McMaster plants Ohio with a Bulldog.

Al Locker: McMaster has been hungry since losing the Xtreme Championship to Trent Harper. He wants this title.

McMaster turns around as Cerberus unloads a straight punch to the jaw sending McMaster to the mat. Cerberus grabs Ohio by the back of his neck but Ohio gets to his feet and delivers a back elbow to the bridge of the nose.

Alan Carcia: Cerberus could have a broken nose right there. Ohio is strong as an ox.

Ohio turns around, tackles Cerberus and locks in another Heelhook.

Christine Donahue: Is he going to tap? Ohio is grinding down on that heel hook.

Al Locker: Here comes McMaster.

McMaster gets up and goes for another Elbow Drop but Ohio releases the hold and quickly rolls out of the way as McMaster’s elbow crashes against the mat. Ohio tosses McMaster out through the middle and waits as Cerberus gets to his feet. Cerberus gets up, turning around for a Big Boot by Ohio.

Alan Carcia: The big guy is looking to fly, I think!

Ohio looks at McMaster on the outside of the ring and runs off the ropes for a Suicide Dive but McMaster counters with a swinging elbow strike on Ohio’s forehead. McMaster grabs the stunned Ohio by the feet and pulls him out of the ring before sliding himself in.

Al Locker: McMaster wants this title like nobody’s business!

McMaster tries to get up Cerberus for the Cobra Clutch Slam but Cerberus flips him over his shoulder before hitting a Release Belly to Belly. McMaster rolls a distance to the corner and gets up, Cerberus charges and delivers a Stinger Splash following up with a snap neckbreaker.

Christine Donahue: Cerberus could come out from underneath to take it all here. I think everyone has overlooked him in this contest!

Ohio rolls himself back into the ring as Cerberus charges him. Ohio hits a Lariat on Cerberus as McMaster uses the ropes to help himself up. Ohio charges and connects with a spinning back elbow on McMaster causing McMaster to bounce off the ropes into a Reverse STO combo. Ohio climbs top rope and delivers a top rope elbow drop on McMaster.

Al Locker: Big guy on big guy violence right here and McMaster eats that elbow! Cover!

Ohio hooks the legs:




Cerberus gets up and lifts Ohio and delivers a Running Powerslam and hooks the leg.

Alan Carcia: It could be Cerberus!




Cerberus looks frustrated before making his way to McMaster setting up for a Piledriver but McMaster spins out of it and delivers a DDT. McMaster climbs the top rope but Ohio rolls over to the ropes, gets up and kicks the top rope causing Cerberus to have trouble balancing.

Al Locker: Cerberus in trouble, but here comes McMaster!

Ohio hits a Big Boot causing McMaster to fall over the top rope as McMaster grits his teeth and clutches his back, the momentum causes Cerberus to fall from the turnbuckle.

Cerberus tries to get up using the ropes but Ohio hits a few kicks to the legs of Cerberus causing Cerberus to fall against the ropes. Ohio grabs Cerberus, lifts him up and delivers Fall From Grace before rolling into the pin.





Richard Bassett: The winner of the match and STILL HcW Pure Champion, Gabriel Ohio!

Christine Donahue: Gabriel Ohio dispatching Cerberus and McMaster on the outside does not look happy at all.

Alan Carcia: McMaster thought this was going to be his night, but I can promise you the issues between McMaster and Ohio are not yet done.

[Replay package is shown and then back to the show.]

Christine Donahue: We have more action to come including out Television Championship match up next!

Christine Donahue: Up next, the HcW Television Championship will be defended. For nearly two months, the storied history between champion, Hammerstein – along with his manager Reese Kennedy – and Carnivore has taken a very odd turn.

[Recap video of Hammerstein and Carnivore plays.]

Al Locker: This “friendship” between Hammerstein and Carnivore is highly suspect and I imagine that all that goes out the window when they get in the ring tonight.

Alan Carcia: Oh, there are no real friendships in wrestling. These two guys really don’t like each other, despite what a quack therapist might have to say.

Christine Donahue: It’s time for our Television Championship match, let’s get down to ringside.


“And during the few moments we have left
I want to talk right down to Earth In a language that everybody here can easily understand”
An acoustic guitar plays shortly followed by drumming.


The crowd goes ballistic as Carnivore comes out of the back. He is clearly annoyed and angry with what was being said.

The crowd goes wild for Carnivore as the unpredictable superstar takes time out to soak in the moment.


Carnivore approaches the ring slowly, sliding underneath the ropes and jumps up in the ring, raising his hands in the air.

The opening riffs of Everclear’s American Monster blare from the arena’s PA system and the crowd reacts with a roar as Hammerstein slowly steps through the curtain, followed by his manager, Reese Kennedy.

He stops at the top of the stage, drinking in the boos of the crowd, a huge sarcastic grin on his face. He waves his hands towards himself, inviting the crowd to get louder. Kennedy pats him on the back, and Hammerstein finally makes his way to the ring, stopping only to smirk and shake his head at the fans.

He walks up the ring steps and wipes his boots on the apron. Kennedy holds the ropes open, and The American Monster climbs in the ring. As soon as he’s in the ring he runs as hard as he can into the turnbuckles, then turns and runs across the ring, slamming into the opposite corner. Hammerstein run to the corner to his left, climbs to the middle rope, and raises his arms in the air. He goes to the opposite corner, repeating the gesture and taking in the jeers of the crowd as his music finally fades.

Richard Bassett: This match is one fall. It is for the HcW Television Championship. Introducing first to my left. He weighed in tonight at 225 pounds and is currently residing in Japan. This is Carnivore!

Fans pop for the announcement, before Bassett continues.

Richard Bassett: And his opponent is the current reigning HcW Television Champion. He weighs in tonight at 244 pounds and comes to us by way of Las Angeles, California. He is accompanied to the ring by his manager, Reese Kennedy. Here is Hammerstein!

Richard Bassett exits the ring as the referee points to both wrestlers before calling for the bell.


The bell rings and Carnivore rolls out the ring. Carnivore turns around and lets the crowd bask in his aura by removing his shirt, flexing his impressive abs.

Al Locker: Carnivore is already trying to play mind games with Hammerstein who is pointing out to Carnivore and complaining to the referee.

Christine Donahue: Carnivore making a big mistake by turning his back to the Champion here and out goes Hammerstein.

Hammerstein rolls out the ring and charges slamming his forearm into the back of Carnivore’s head. Hammerstein isn’t taking Carnivore’s disrespect as he stomps the back of Carnivore’s head into the floor before picking him back up.

Alan Carcia: It’s showtime, Hammerstein is going to make Carnivore pay for all the taunting and mind games that have been going on the past several weeks.

Outside the ring now, Hammerstein grabs Carnivore’s arm and looks at the steel steps. Placing his right hand on the back of Carnivore’s neck, Hammerstein pushes Carnivore and releases hold off Carnivore’s neck.

Al Locker: Hammerstein looking to end this one already and he’s looking to do some damage in the process.

Quickly using both hands now Hammerstein pulls forward with all his might for an Irish Whip, with a split second reaction Carnivore jumps and lands on top of the steel steps. Hammerstein is shocked and wide eyed but quickly takes advantage of the situation kicking Carnivore’s right leg from under him sending the challenger falling backwards off the steps.

Christine Donahue: Hammerstein is ready for Carnivore. He’s had an answer for everything Carnivore has brought tonight so far.

Landing on his back, Carnivore’s right leg is still on the steps and Hammerstein stomps on Carnivore’s knee. A huge pop from Carnivore’s knee echos through the arena.

Alan Carcia: The referee wants this match in the ring but Hammerstein has other ideas here.

Hammerstein doesn’t let up on the attack, pulling Carnivore up to a standing position. The HCW Television Champion grabs his opponent’s leg and Dragón Screw Legwhips him into the steel steps.

Christine Donahue: Hammerstein taking the leg from Carnivore which could be a problem for the challenger if he cannot make some space from the onslaught of Hammerstein.

As Hammerstein goes to grab Carnivore, the challenger pushes him away with his left foot and gets to a vertical base. Carnivore leans on the ring barricade with his left side as he gingerly tries to put weight on his right leg. As soon as he does, Hammerstein comes charging in, chop blocking Carnivore. The TV Champion puts Carnivore on the ring apron, then climbs up on it as well. Hammerstein grabs Carnivore by his right ankle, places his foot in the bend of his knee, pulls Carnivore’s leg up, and drives his kneecap into the apron, the hardest part of the ring.

Alan Carcia: This has been all Hammerstein, all the time since the opening bell.

Carnivore rolls under the bottom rope, clutching his knee. Hammerstein stalks him, then goes for the Spinning Toe Hold. Hammerstein spins three times, but as he sets the torque on Carnivore’s knee, he eats a hard kick to the face that sends him through the ropes to the floor. Hammerstein pulls himself up to his feet and slowly climbs up onto the apron. As he climbs through the ropes, Carnivore wills himself to his feet.

Al Locker: This match is finally in the ring. Surprised the referee let it go as long as he did, but I’m sure our general manager told these refs to give a lot of leeway tonight.

Inside the ring Hammerstein forearms Carnivore five time, Carnivore winds up a punch and connecting with Hammerstein’s jaw sends the champ to the ground knocking him off his wobbly legs.

Christine Donahue: When Carnivore first blessed our screens he said “shut up or square up” and he’s living it.

Carnivore picks up Hammerstein and executes a Back Suplex into a Cradle pin, while the ref counts 1….Carnivore starts whispering some trash talk calling Hammerstein “a failure” but Hammerstein kicks out at 2.

Al Locker: Despite being pummeled, the opening of this match, Carnivore has not stopped his mind games.

Angered over Carnivore’s trashtalking, Hammerstein is quick to his feet, and kicks him in the kneecap with the flat of the boot. Before Carnivore can fall to the mat, Hammerstein catches him and takes him over with an Exploder Hammerplex.

Christine Donahue: Carnivore might be better off putting the games away and getting to wrestling because Hammerstein has been all over him since the bell began.

The TV Champion pulls the challenger up and hits a head and leg trap Hammerplex. Carnivore tries to get to his feet, but Hammerstein grabs the underhooks, executes a textbook Butterfly Hammerplex, and floats over for the cover. The referee, however, is out of position, and when he does get into position to count the fall, Carnivore is able to kick out.

Alan Carcia: Carnivore may have been all talk here as Hammerstein is just taking him to school here.

Hammerstein and Reese Kennedy both gripe at the referee for being out of position. Carnivore gets up and readies himself to take a shot on the Champion, but Kennedy warns his client just in time. Hammerstein kicks Carnivore in the stomach, then sends him crashing into the mat with a Gutwrench Powerbomb. Hammerstein drops to the mat and rolls under the bottom rope to the floor. The American Monster pulls the ring drape up and drags a table from under the ring. He slides the table into the ring and sets it up. Hammerstein pulls Carnivore up and lays him on the table.

Christine Donahue: What more does Hammerstein need to do to Carnivore here to put him away?

Al Locker: Don’t think he’s planning on having dinner with Carnivore on that table.

Carnivore is laid out on the table as Hammerstein goes top rope and delivers a diving leg drop crushing the throat of Carnivore. The table does not break however as both men slide off when one table leg breaks.

Alan Carcia: The table won that encounter!

Hammerstein rolls under the bottom rope and slides a barbwire bat under the rope. Carnivore rolls out the ring onto the apron and slowly rising before backing up to the corner. Hammerstein slides another table into the ring as Carnivore slides it back out then starts charging for a sliding knee but Hammerstein catches the knee. Turning Carnivore’s legs around Hammerstein delivers a lariat to the back of Carnivore’s knees as Carnivore tumbles off the apron landing dangerously on his back. Hammerstein lifts Carnivore and delivers a back body drop as Carnivore hits the top of the barricade, crashing off it onto his right knee.

Al Locker: I’m not going to lie here, I expected more from Carnivore in this encounter. He just can’t get anything going.

Hammerstein stands, waiting for Carnivore to pull himself up. As soon as he does, Hammerstein grabs him by the back of the trunks and the mask and throws him over the ring barricade into the crowd. As Carnivore gets to his feet and stumbles through the crowd, the TV Champion climbs over the barricade, pushing past the fans to get to him. Carnivore turns around and Hammerstein kicks him in the stomach and grabs at his yellow mask.

Christine Donahue: Hammerstein trying to unmask Carnivore here!

An overzealous fan grabs two handfuls of Hammerstein’s hair and pulls back. The American Monster twists around and punches the fan in the face.

Al Locker: Are you kidding me? You can’t go around punching fans! Where’s Biff Franklin?

The fan drops like he’s been shot, and is picked up and carried out by security.

Alan Carcia: Hammerstein was just defending himself there! Look, security is escorting that unfortunate fan out of the arena.

Carnivore fires a right hand to Hammerstein’s jaw that stuns him. Carnivore lands two more shots and has Hammerstein on wobbly legs. The challenger backs up and charges Hammerstein, but The HCW Television Champion catches him and powers him over with a spinebuster onto the chairs. Carnivore falls on the floor, arching his back in pain. Hammerstein starts grabbing chairs and just throwing them up in the air, causing fans to scatter.

Christine Donahue: The referee has been very very lenient here, but this is not really a no disqualification match and if Hammerstein isn’t careful, he’s going to lose this match.

Alan Carcia: Maybe that’s his plan. Anything less than a pinfall or submission and Hammerstein retains the championship.

Al Locker: I don’t imagine that Hammerstein hurting any other fans would be good for his pocketbook or his career at this point.

Christine Donahue: At least those fans were smart enough to get out of the way!

Hammerstein grabs a chair and just wears Carnivore out with chairshots across his back. The American Monster pulls Carnivore to his feet and whips him into the ring barricade. As soon as the challenger hits the barricade, Hammerstein crashes into him, taking him over it with a Cactus Clothesline. Both men flip over the barricade and slam onto the floor.

Alan Carcia: I wonder how much more Carnivore has at this point.

Hammerstein gets up holding his right hip, but doesn’t let it slow him down. He grabs Carnivore and throws him into the ring. Carnivore gets to his hands and knees, but Hammerstein wraps his arms around his waist and powers him up for a Gutwrench Hammerplex. Hammerstein starts to go for the pin then thinks better of it. A big grin crosses his face as he looks at the top turnbuckle.

Christine Donahue: Hammerstein looking to go up top here.

Hammerstein climbs to the top rope again, unusual for a man of his size and he’s not even facing Carnivore. Hammerstein looks like he’s about to jump for a moonsault but Carnivore recovers and quickly climbs up the turnbuckles to the top rope. Carnivore tucks his neck and head under Hammerstein’s left arm. Carnivore grabs Hammerstein’s waist and jumps off the top rope for a Super Back Suplex. Carnivore slams on the mat first grabbing his back in pain as Hammerstein lands on the top of his head and the back of his neck.

Al Locker: Carnivore making a comeback here! Can he capitalize?

Hammerstein’s head bobs up & down as Carnivore gets to the corner and raises his index finger to his mouth, setting up the end of Hammerstein. Carnivore charges for SHHHHH but Hammerstein grabs the knee and uppercuts it making a loud popping sound following up with a painful looking Dragon Screw as Carnivore collapses to the mat crawling to the ropes.

Alan Carcia: Hammerstein has an answer for every time Carnivore gets an upperhand.

Carnivore gets under the bottom rope and clutches his right leg in pain & gritting his teeth under his mask. Hammerstein begins to crawl to Carnivore, picks him up and goes for another big Irish Whip into the opposite corner as Carnivore’s back hits the top turnbuckle hard. Hammerstein charges for an Avalanche on Carnivore but Carnivore side steps and slides into a Schoolboy pinning predicament.




Christine Donahue: Carnivore trying to get a pinfall here.

Carnivore raises his right leg to alleviate the pressure on his knee as Hammerstein kicks out. Hammerstein rolls over onto his knees as the two competitors stare through each other. Hammerstein moves towards Carnivore but Carnivore delivers a spinning back kick to Hammerstein’s gut. Carnivore goes behind Hammerstein by grabbing his waist and delivering a German Suplex going for the pin.




Al Locker: Looks like Carnivore is starting to get a groove going here!

Hammerstein rolls over and gets up as Carnivore goes to pick him up but Hammerstein lifts Carnivore for a Fireman’s Carry. Carnivore slides off Hammerstein hitting another Back Suplex and hooking the leg.




Christine Donahue: Another pin attempt by Carnivore.

Hammerstein rolls out of the pin as Carnivore gets to his knees, Hammerstein gets up & hits two roundhouse kicks causing Carnivore to slump to the mat. Holding his head in pain and with an injured right leg, Carnivore crawls to the bottom turnbuckle as Hammerstein runs across the ring delivering a huge leaping corner dropkick! The massive boots go straight into the chest of Carnivore causing Carnivore to wheeze and choke. Hammerstein pulls Carnivore out of the corner into the center of ring to apply a Heelhook on Carnivore’s right leg.

Al Locker: Carnivore not looking to great right here now.

Hammerstein cranks on the Heelhook, causing Carnivore to yell out in pain. Carnivore looks to be on the verge of tapping out, but summons the strength to drag himself towards the ropes. Hammerstein sees this and ratchets up the pressure on the hold. Carnivore stretches, trying to block out the pain, and manages to hook the bottom rope with his index finger. The official calls for the break, and Hammerstein gets to his feet frustrated.

Alan Carcia: This match has been mostly Hammerstein and you have to start wondering what he’s gotta do to put away Carnivore!

Christine Donahue: The frustration is certainly getting to the champion.

Carnivore struggles to his feet, but can’t put pressure on his right knee, so he leans on the ropes. Hammerstein kicks his legs out from under him, causing him to fall to the mat. The American Monster drops to the mat and rolls under the bottom rope. He looks under the ring and pulls out the table Carnivore sent out the ring, which he sets up on the floor. Hammerstein reaches into the ring, grabs Carnivore by his ankle, and drags him out onto the apron. The Television Champion hops up on the apron and sets Carnivore up for a Piledriver.

Alan Carcia: Hammerstein is done with this guy and he’s about to finish him off for good!

Carnivore hooks the ropes with his leg, blocking the Piledriver. Hammerstein tries again, but again, the Piledriver is blocked. Carnivore back body drops Hammerstein onto the ring apron. Hammerstein rolls into the ring, kicking from the pain in his back. Carnivore crawls into the ring between the bottom and middle ropes. Both men are on their knees facing each other and begin exchanging punches. The fighters get to their feet, still punching each other.

Al Locker: Whatever therapy might have done for these two, this match is the antidote because these two are trying to tear each other apart!

Carnivore hits a stiff punch on Hammerstein’s jaw & kicks Hammerstein in the gut setting up for a Piledriver but Hammerstein spins out of it. Hammerstein kicks Carnivore in the gut and sets up for a Powerbomb, Hammerstein charges across the ring and Powerbombs his opponent over the top rope through the table set up on the outside.

Christine Donahue: That has to be it! Carnivore has to be done here.

Alan Carcia: But I don’t think Hammerstein is done.

Hammerstein leans against the ropes, the brutality of the match taking its toll on him. He looks down and the motionless body of Carnivore and gets his second wind. The HCW Television Champion climbs out onto the apron and, after a running start, hits a Somersault Senton Splash onto his opponent on the floor. Hammerstein again gets up holding his hip and limping, but presses the attack on Carnivore.

Al Locker: Hammerstein needs to watch it here. He’s favoring that hip and an injury here could cause him to be prime for a pinfall, especially a hip injury.

Hammerstein walks over to a fan, grabs their beer and pours it on Carnivore, causing him to come to. Carnivore. Hammerstein gets a running start, circling the ringside area to build momentum for The POUNCE. As he launches himself at Carnivore, however, his opponent drops to the floor, causing Hammerstein to crash into the barricade, knocking down a good number of front row fans who had been leaning against it.

Christine Donahue: That had to hurt!

Hammerstein hits the floor, clutching his ribs, while Carnivore rolls into the ring. Hammerstein crawls slowly across the floor to the ring. As he tries to pull himself up, Carnivore leans between the middle and top ropes and grabs two handfuls of Hammerstein’s hair. He pulls The Television Champion up onto the apron and into the ring by his hair. Carnivore pulls him to a standing position and pats him on the cheek. Incensed, Hammerstein swings wildly, but Carnivore ducks.

Al Locker: I believe Hammerstein has worn himself out here!

Carnivore delivers a Bridging Fisherman Suplex on Hammerstein.




Christine Donahue: Almost a new champion!

Hammerstein punches Carnivore in the gut breaking up the pin. Carnivore clutches his right leg and rolls under the apron before climbing up the top rope. Carnivore slaps his right leg twice before leaping and delivering a Missile Dropkick on Hammerstein.

Al Locker: Hammerstein is down and in trouble and Reese is going out of her mind on the outside.

Carnivore lands hard on his back as Hammerstein rolls across the ring. Carnivore grabs his leg as Hammerstein gets up, Carnivore gets up slowly. Hammerstein hits his own Back Suplex on Carnivore, trashtalking the challenger back.

Christine Donahue: That was Carnivore’s finish! Hammerstein just delivered Carnivore’s signature finish!

Hammerstein picks up Carnivore as Carnivore counters with a back elbow before running off the ropes and delivering a lariat. Carnivore drops to the mat and pins Hammerstein.




Carnivore grabs his leg as Hammerstein rolls to the middle of the mat. Hammerstein slowly gets up and Carnivore lifts himself using Hammerstein’s legs. Hammerstein performs another big Irish Whip to the corner but with another split second reaction Carnivore leaps to the top rope and performs a Springboard Crossbody on Hammerstein.

Alan Carcia: Carnivore keeps using moves to hurt that leg. That doesn’t make any kind of sense!

Al Locker: He’s getting the job done!

Christine Donahue: Carnivore is showing heart here!

Carnivore rolls under the bottom rope again, slowly rises and delivers a Slingshot Hurricane.

Carnivore turns away from Hammerstein, slaps the top turnbuckle twice and stomps his injured leg twice. Carnivore turns to Hammerstein, shakes his head then charges for SHHHHH! But Hammerstein catches the knee and twists it setting up the Heelhook.

Al Locker: Is Carnivore going to tap here?

Alan Carcia: Carnivore is too close to the ropes!

Carnivore wills himself to start crawling but after a few seconds of crawling, Hammerstein releases the Heelhook and gets on Carnivore. Hammerstein wraps his bicep over the neck of Carnivore and rolls into The Python Sleeper. Carnivore outstretches his left arm before frantically using both hands to grab nothing. Hammerstein constricts on the neck of Carnivore, suddenly Carnivore stops struggling and his head slumps to the mat. The referee calls for the bell.

Christine Donahue: Carnivore has passed out!


Richard Bassett: The winner of the match and STILL HcW Television Champion, Hammerstein!

Christine Donahue: Hammerstein retains the championship, but Carnivore put up quite a fight and perhaps the next time these two meet, Carnivore will go lighter on the head games and more on the offensive.

Al Locker: Carnivore came close a couple of times here, but Hammerstein is on fire right now, despite his loss last week.

Alan Carcia: I’m predicting that both of these guys are going to be big here in HcW in the near future.

Christine Donahue: We’re going back outside for our Parking Lot Brawl right after this!

Christine Donahue: We’re about to head back outside of the arena for our parking lot match. The ring has been reassembled, but around the ring are several cars on each side. Before we head out, let’s see how we got to this point between Lance Mikes and Candi Bratton.

[Video recap of the beef between Lance Mikes and Candi Bratton plays, recalling their incident after Rise In Phoenix and several tweets that follow. They show the Candi Bratton interference during Hell and then Lance Mikes interfering in Thursday Throwdown this past week.]

When the video is over, the scene opens up back outside in the area where the Deathmatch occurred. The ropes have been reinstated and cars have been placed all around the ring.


“Even with these chains you can’t stop me!”

The hard rock screaming of In This Moment’s “Big Bad Wolf” blares over the loud system.

#Once upon a time there was a nasty little piggy filled with pride and greed
#Once upon a time there was an evil little piggy, typical disease
#You see this little pig is slowly becoming by worst enemy
#You see this evil pig, she’s a blood, blood, blood sucking part of me

Candi Bratton comes into the aisle from the building and pauses for a moment as the fans begin to rain down a chorus of jeers. She offers them an uncaring smirk as she just shakes her head, her jet black hair lingering down around her shoulders. She wears very tight stretch pants and an oversized t-shirt that exclaims, “Lance Mikes is a Pussy”

Her ample form heads down towards the ring as she stops periodically and verbally spars with a fan at ringside who feels to need to comment on her weight. She reminds them that they aren’t all that attractive either in less than lady-like manner. As she moves around the ring, she continues to jest with the fans, making fun of them as they taunt her about her size.

#Pig, pig would you let me in?
#Pig, pig would you let me in?
#Pig, pig I’ve been everywhere that you’ve been

#Now I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to win
#Pig, pig would you let me in?
#Pig, pig would you let me in?
#Pig, pig, I’m already under your skin
#’Cause I’m the big bad wolf now let the games begin

She steps through the ropes and flips the crowd the bird and offers them a “Fuck You” before walking over and picking up a ringside mic from the attendant as the music fades out.

Richard Basset: This match is a Parking Lot Brawl. The match is over by pinfall, submission or when one competitor cannot answer the ten count from the referee. There is no disqualification, no countout and anything goes. In the ring, weighing in at 250 pounds, representing Mile High Wrestling – here is the former Mile High Wrestling Champion, “Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton. And her opponent.

‘Always’ By Saliva begins to play over the sound system in the arena. The fans are fifty-fifty cheering and booing as they know who is about to come. After the lyrics “Always Always Always Always… I just cant live without you” begin to play out walks Lance Mikes with a smug smile on his face.

Richard Bassett: Coming down the aisle, weighing in at 247 pounds. Here is the former HcW World Heavyweight Champion, “Yours Truly” Lance Mikes!

Lance walks down the ring slowly to get in the mind of his opponent, he walks up the ring steps and gets in the ring under the top rope. The lights dim and he spins around in the middle of the ring with his arms stretched out to his sides. He stands in his corner with his fingers from both hands interlocked. He begins twisting his wrists to loosen the joints as he awaits the bell.

Christine Donahue: Hard to believe that Candi Bratton has a three pound weight advantage over Lance Mikes in this contest.

Alan Carcia: Candi Bratton may not be a joke, but she’s old and she’s fat.

Al Locker: Candi Bratton defeated some of the best to become the Mile High Champion and that includes former alumni, Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton.

Christine Donahue: On the other hand, Lance Mikes has been competing sporadically here in HcW and one has to wonder if that is a factor here in this match. Candi Bratton may be nearly 20 years old than Mikes, but she is a far more experience ring veteran than Mikes.

Al Locker: This match is all about pride. No titles. No money. Just straight up pride.


Christine Donahue: And this match is underway.

Candi Bratton and Lance Mikes run towards each other and begin to trade punches, one after the other, each one laying it in hard and not holding back one bit. Candi forces Lance into the corner and then drives a knee into the ribs.

Al Locker: I told you not to underestimate Bratton. She’s seriously no joke. The list of those who underestimated her and fell at her feet is longer than any list that Jericho could create.

Candi drives an uppercut into the jaw of Mikes, who comes alive and grabs her and switches places with her, pushing her into the corner and he drives an elbow into the side of her face and then whips her across the ring to the other side.

Alan Carcia: The boss taking it to the intruder just like I thought he would.

Al Locker: Stop kissing his ass, Carcia.

About halfway, Candi reverses the whip and Mikes ends up in the corner and she follows in and splashes him against the turnbuckle. She pushes him out onto the apron and then nails him with a couple of shots, trying to get him to fall onto the cars below.

Christine Donahue: Candi Bratton already trying to take this match outside. Going by the matches I’ve seen her in, she does whatever she has to do to win and I’m certain this will be no exception.

Lance ducks under a punch and drives a shoulder into Candi’s midsection and drives her back. He slingshots himself up and over the top rope and takes her down with a clothesline. He grabs her by her hair and sets her up for a powerbomb but as he brings her up, she begins to rail punches down on his forehead and he falls backwards and she splashes him, then covers.


KICKOUT by Lance.

Al Locker: Bratton going for a quick pinfall there, but I doubt she was seriously looking to end this.

Alan Carcia: Its not like she gets paid by the hour. Finish him off and go on home.

Christine Donahue: I thought you were rooting for your boss?

Alan Carcia: He’s your boss too.

Christine Donahue: I was hired by Biff Franklin, so…

While she’s straddling him, Candi begins to pummel the forehead of Mikes then gets up and rallies the crowd who are starting to get behind the vet. She points to her shirt and then grabs at her crotch and the fans are eating this up.

Al Locker: She’s rather crude.

Alan Carcia: You think?

Candi Bratton reaches down and pulls Lance up and whips him into the ropes and drops down, driving a shoulder into his guy and then she grabs him and tosses him out onto the ring apron. She walks over and puts him in a suplex position to try and suplex him back in the ring.

Christine Donahue: Lance is using the ropes to block the move.

Lance tries to reverse the suplex in order to send Candi up and over and onto the cars lined up behind them, but Candi blocks the move and the drives a knee into the guy of Mikes again. Candi backs up and charges, crashing into Mikes and sending him back onto the row of cars behind him as he lands with a thud on the hood of a car.

Alan Carcia: Lance Mikes hit the back of his head on that windshield. He’s holding the back of his neck as Candi Bratton moves out to the ring apron. She moves to the corner and gets a running start and leaps off with a back splash, but Lance rolls out of the way and Bratton crashes back first through a windshield.

Christine Donahue: We knew it was going to get ugly with these two.

Bratton tries to pry herself out of the glass as Lance Mikes slowly gets to his feet on the neighboring car. He steps back onto the car behind him and then gets a running start and double foot stomps on the gut of Candi Bratton and drives her deeper into that windshield.

Al Locker: Candi Bratton is in a hell of a predicament here. Lance Mikes getting back into the ring.

Alan Carcia: Lance is demanding the referee count Bratton down! This match could be over right here because Bratton is stuck!



Bratton notices the ref is counting her and she begins to struggle hard.

Christine Donahue: The more she struggles, the more that glass digs into her skin.

As the referee hits five, Candi manages to finally escape her entrapment and roll onto the hood of the car which stops the count. She gets to her feet and flips off Lance as he runs off the ropes and leaps over the top rope but Candi just nails him in the face with an elbow shot, causing Lance to falls at her feet and roll off the car and onto the ground between the car and the ring.

Alan Carcia: Bad move there by the boss and he’s gonna pay for it, I’m sure.

Candi Bratton walks to the edge of the hood of the car and leaps off onto the prone body of Lance Mikes, stomping on him as he lies on the ground. It’s hard to see him because he’s hiding between the ring apron and the car, but she places her hands on the apron and begins to jump up and down several times before she rolls into the ring and points to the ref and to Lance Mikes. The referee starts to count again.


Christine Donahue: Candi Bratton just brought some pain to Lance Mikes. Is it enough to keep him down?

The referee gets to six before the figure of Lance Mikes emerges from ringside and rolls himself back into the ring, holding his side. Candi moves in quick, dropping a series of knees to the ribs of the former HcW World Champion, each one bringing a grimace to the face of Mikes.

Al Locker: Candi Bratton all over Lance Mikes here and she has detected a weakness!

Alan Carcia: She created a weakness!

Candi Bratton pulls Lance up and tosses him through the ropes at the corner and he falls to the ground outside the ring where there aren’t any cars. Candi follows him out. She pulls him up and whips him into the nearest car as he crashes back first into the door and she charges in and splashes him against the vehicle.

Alan Carcia: Candi still working the ribs here, perhaps trying to crack or break a rib if she hasn’t already.

Candi backs up several feet and charges in again, this time Lance grabs her and drives her head through the side window, shattering it with her skull as she slumps against the door, partially inside the car.

Christine Donahue: Oh my God.

Alan Carcia: It’s starting to get ugly as we figured it would.

Lance walks over and pulls Candi out of the window and as expected, blood is coming down her forehead. He pulls her in an DDTs her on the pavement!

Al Locker: That has to be it. I don’t see how she can go on after that.

Lance pulls Candi up and rolls her into the ring and slides in and goes for a cover!



Thr-KICKOUT by Candi Bratton.

Christine Donahue: No idea where Candi Bratton got the strength to kick out of that pin.

Lance is back up. He glances around for a moment and then moves to the corner and slowly climbs the turnbuckle, but Candi gets to her feet and staggers towards him in the corner and pushes him off to the outside and Lance lands right on his back on the roof of one of the cars outside the ring.

Al Locker: Desperation move by Candi and it may have paid off. What the hell is she doing?

Candi Bratton, bloody face and all, tries to climb the turnbuckle and gets to the top, trying to steady herself before she turns away from Lance Mikes.

Alan Carcia: Candi Bratton… I don’t know what the hell she’s trying to do.

She takes a brief glance backwards and then leaps.

Christine Donahue: Are you kidding me? Moonsault!

The moonsault lands her right on top of Mikes, caving in the roof of that vehicle even more as they both just lie there, Candi resting over Mikes as the referee begins to count them out.

Al Locker: I have never seen Candi Bratton do a moonsault in my life!

The referee gets to five and Candi struggling to crawl away from Mikes who also starts to move. Candi crawls into the ring under the bottom rope and rolls to the center.

Christine Donahue: Mikes moving in after her, but he’s hurting as well.

Alan Carcia: I have no idea how either of these two are moving right now.

Candi is to her feet first and she charges at Lance who lifts her up and back, hot shotting her on the top rope. He staggers in and pulls her up for The Ending…

Al Locker: Mikes wants to finish Bratton off!

But Candi kicks her legs and then backdrops Lance, but Lance lands on his feet but Candi spins around and locks in the cross face chicken wing and locks her legs around HcW staple and falls back to the mat!

Christine Donahue: The Confessional! The Confessional!

Mikes is kicking his legs around as the two circle the mat and she isn’t letting go. It looks like Mikes is going out as he tries to reach for the bottom rope to call for the break.

Al Locker: He’s going to tap!

Mikes just barely gets his toes over the bottom rope and the referee calls for the break. Candi holds on to it and the ref is trying to get her to break.

Christine Donahue: She doesn’t really have to break. There’s no disqualifications!

Al Locker: No, but the ref doesn’t have to count a submission which is what she needs!

Candi Bratton finally releases the hold and tries to pull Mikes up, but Mikes grabs her by the tights and pulls her through the ropes and out onto the cars on the side of the ring. Lance pushes the referee to start counting, but Candi Bratton has already rolled over and is crawling back into the ring.

Alan Carcia: What in the world has gotten into Candi Bratton. She just doesn’t quit.

As Candi gets to her feet, she immediately eats a superkick by Lance, who quickly goes for the cover.




Al Locker: Candi Bratton refuses to be beaten by Lance Mikes.

Mikes quickly moves in on Bratton and picks her up and sets her up for The Ending, dropping her right on her face!

Alan Carcia: It’s over!




Christine Donahue: Mikes thought this one was over and now he’s questioning the referee who is pointing to the ropes.

Candi rolls to the apron and tries to climb up, Lance moves in, reaching over the top rope to try and get her and she slingshots him on the top rope and he flies back into the ring. As he staggers, she moves in behind him and locks in her finish one more time!

Christine Donahue: The Confessional!

Al Locker: She locks it in and falls back on the mat!

Mikes flails around as he tries to find a rope to break the hold but she absolutely has him in the center of the ring.

Alan Carcia: Get out, boss!

Christine Donahue: There’s nowhere to go!

Lance reaches his free hand out for the ropes as the referee is right there and finally, he taps the mat and the referee calls for the bell.


Candi releases the hold and rolls away from him, blood still plastered to her face as the referee grabs her hand and raises it up.

Richard Bassett: Winner of the match by way of submission, “Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton!

“Big Bad Wolf” begins to play as a replay package is shown of key moments in the match. When the package is over, Candi Bratton is standing in the ring and she leans against the corner turnbuckles. She walks over and helps Lance Mikes to his feet and then removes the “Lance Mikes is a Pussy” shirt to show she’s wearing a red HcW t-shirt underneath. She tosses the other shirt away and extends her hand to Mikes.

Christine Donahue: They have been to war but the war is over and Candi Bratton is offering her own version of a peace treaty here. Will he accept?

The fans start a ‘shake her hand’ chant as Lance looks around those gathered and then finally accepts the handshake.

Christine Donahue: We’re gonna head back into the arena for the remainder of the show, but we will be back with an Xtreme Championship match, right after this.

Christine Donahue: We are back and getting ready for our Xtreme Championship match pitting the champion, Trent “The King” Harper against Betsy Granger who seems to have the King’s number. She has pinned him on numerous occasions. Can she beat the champion here?

Al Locker: Betsy Granger is a superstar in this sport and if anyone can beat The King, I think it’s Granger.

Alan Carcia: Look, Granger has been getting lucky, each and every time. No way Trent Harper is not ready for her this time.

Christine Donahue: Let’s go to the ring.


“The Only Way Is Up” by Martin Garrix and Tiesto starts to play as Betsy Granger bursts through the curtain. She bounces from foot to foot, dancing a little to the music. She skips down the ramp, slapping hands with fans. She’s wearing a TARDIS blue, sleeveless romper, with steampunk clockwork designs threaded throughout in glittering silver. The front open, threaded with white lace and designed to look like a corset. Black fingerless gloves, elbow/knee. Her boots are the same color as her, with white laces.

She slides into the ring and rushes towards the furthest ring corner, climbing it effortlessly and pumping up the crowd.She does this in all four corners before facing her opponent. She’s still bouncing and dancing a bit, a grin on her face, as she waits for the champion.

“Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong
Headstrong we’re Headstrong
Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong”

Trent Harper steps out onto the stage with the Xtreme Championship around his waist. He takes his time coming down the aisle removing his championship belt and placing it across his shoulder, looking from side to side at the fans with disdain until he reaches the ring steps and slowly makes the ascension into the ring. He looks over at the masked female briefly before offering a smirk as if writing her off and he walks over to the far corner and climbs up and stretches out his arms before he climbs down to wait for the introductions.

Richard Bassett: This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the Xtreme Championship! Introducing first, the challenger. She hails from Time and Space. Here is Betsy Granger!

Granger steps out and turns towards the hard camera and poses when from behind Harper runs behind her and nails her in the back of the head with the Xtreme Championship and she goes down hard.

Christine Donahue: King Harper doesn’t appear to want an introduction as he takes a cheap shot to Granger right from the start.

Al Locker: I haven’t seen Richard Bassett exit that ring so fast in my life.

The referee snatches the championship away from Harper as he scolds him, but Harper just tells him to do his job and ring the bell.


Alan Carcia: Harper isn’t getting paid by the hour and he wants to put the myth of Betsy Granger to bed right now!

Harper gets her up into powerbomb position and then drops her into a cutter.

Al Locker: Death Penalty! It’s over that quick!



Three—Shoulder up!

Christine Donahue: Betsy Granger gets her shoulder up!

Al Locker: And look at the expression on Harper’s face. He was certain this was over!

Harper looks up at the referee and then gets up to his knees. He slaps the mat and then gets to his feet, pulling Granger to her feet. He whips her into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, but she floats over into a sunset flip, but Harper reaches down and grabs her around the throat and pulls her to her feet.

Christine Donahue: Granger is still stunned from that initial blow to the back of the head with the championship.

He lifts her up for another Death Penalty, but she turns it over with a hurricanrana, hooking the leg.



KICKOUT by Harper.

Alan Carcia: The King almost lost his crown right there!

Harper is up quickly though and just clotheslines Granger who is spun around and lands on the mat. He quickly pulls her up and executes a second Death Penalty and goes for the cover.





Richard Bassett: Winner of the match and STILL HcW Xtreme Champion, Trent “The King” Harper!

Christine Donahue: Trent took the cheap shot and Granger never recovered from it and just like that, Harper has found a way to deal with Betsy Granger.

Al Locker: She has so much potential that if she chooses, I don’t doubt for one minute she could get a rematch, but the Hardcore Kingdom records will show that Trent Harper was a better wrestler than Betsy Granger tonight.

Alan Carcia: So, who will be next for the King?

Christine Donahue: Good question.

Christine Donahue: Welcome back to Hardcore Kingdom, this next match folks is one that has been brewing for awhile. Every major match opportunity that Raven Trueblood has had in the past few months a masked man has been there to cause problems.

Alan Carcia: More like cost him those opportunities.


The Masked Man walks out from the locker room area and stands at the entrance. After reaching down and adjusting his black gloves he slowly walks towards the ring.

Al Locker: And it looks like Raven has had enough of this guy!

Raven runs down the aisle full speed and clubs the guy in the back with a crowbar and shouts at him madly.

Raven Trueblood: You cost me Title!

He says and swings the crowbar again. After title! Crack Raven smacks the metal off the guy’s back.

Raven Trueblood: AFTER TITLE!

He kicks him hard while he is on his knees knocking the guy over.

Christine Donahue: The official is trying to gain control of the competitors here, but Raven has seemed to come unhinged.

Alan Carcia: We all seen this coming, to be fair Christine.

Raven grabs the guy pulling him up to his feet while shoving the referee away from them. The masked man elbows him in the gut and then rakes his fingers over Raven’s eyes. As he grabs for his face the Masked man hits him with a Superkick! The Masked man holds his back finally having the moment to do so, he stomps on Raven’s face and aggressively lifts him up into the ring onto the bottom rope before using it to choke him. The referee scolds him and pulls his arms away from Raven warning that is not appropriate here.

Al Locker: Can this mystery man even continue. The referee here is checking and the masked man nods, possibly knowing that his identity is on the line.

The referee calls for the bell.


Christine Donahue: Obviously there’ll be no announcement because these two men really loath one another!

Alan Carcia: Raven seems like he rather rip off the guy’s face rather than just his mask right now, but this masked guy has a mean streak in him as well.

The masked man pushes Raven the rest of the way into the ring and delivers a few side mounted punches, Raven is versed enough in mat defense to get his hands up. He strikes back at the Masked man hitting him right on the nose. He staggers back holding his nose as Raven advances towards him. He charges leaping up and grabbing his head hitting a running bulldog! Raven isn’t done he walks over to pick him up and gets an elbow in the gut. Raven kicks him hard in the shin taking away his foundation to stand on. Quickly Raven rushes towards the ropes and back at the man only to be countered with a German Suplex! The Masked man has a bridge on it.


Raven kicks out!

Al Locker: I don’t think that was really meant to put anything away tonight.

Alan Carcia: Pin attempts can lay with a guy’s head. Raven is the first one with his shoulders to the mat. The masked man continues to be inside his head. He will need to find a way to get offensive and stop thinking of brawling.

The masked man gets Raven into a side headlock and whips him around down to the mat. He jabs him hard in the head. Raven struggles out of his grip and delivers a backbraker, Raven goes for a pin attempt this time.


The masked man kicks out!

Christine Donahue: This time the masked man kicks out at just the one count.

Alan Locker: I don’t think either of them would have been happy any other way. Raven is grinning ear to ear while motioning his hand over his face. He can’t wait to see who has been a thorn in his side.

The two are back to their feet and bull rush one another nearly exploding on impact as the two slam each other with fist of fury, punches left and right. The fans scream loudly excited by the animosity that is spilling over. Raven grabs his wrist and Irish whips him into the corner, he rushes him but the masked man dodges out of the way. He goes for an RKO, but Raven counters and tosses him across the ring. He rushes into him with a kick to the jaw!

Christine Donahue: Raven with the upper hand once more.

Alan Carcia: Raven is measuring things…

Raven stalks him and spears him as he stands up with the byte from hell! Raven kneels down and hits the mat like a madman. He starts laughing and smacks the Masked man, he continues to laugh picking up the dazed man having his head tucked under his arm. Raven drops back pulling his head into the mat hitting his pattenton ddt, a kiss goodnight! Raven rolls over the guy and hooks his leg.





Richard Bassett: Winner of the match, Raven Trueblood! And due to the stipulation of the match, the Masked Man must now remove his mask.

Christine Donahue: Raven did it he won!

Alan Carcia: Finally we all get to see who has been behind this mask the whole time.

The Masked Man is still out and Raven walks over and sits him up and begins to untie the mask and as the mask is loosened, he jerks it off!

Al Locker: What in the hell?

Alan Carcia: Are you kidding me??

The Masked Man is wearing a second mask and as Raven throws down the first mask, he isn’t going to let this guy get away and as he goes for the second mask, from behind Blake Archer slides under the ring after picking up Raven’s crowbar and levels Raven Trueblood.

Al Locker: I guess it’s safe to say the masked man wasn’t Blaker Archer!

Blake rolls the Masked Man out of the ring, and helps him up the aisle as Raven rubs at the back of his neck, sitting up and staring daggers at the two as they escape.

Christine Donahue: After all of this absolutely NOTHING has been settled between these two!

Al Locker: You mean these three! Blake Archer is somehow involved here.

Alan Carcia: All I know is that we have one match left tonight and it’s Tyke vs. Scythe for the World Championship!

Christine Donahue: And that match is next!

Alan Carcia: Well Al and Christine, it all comes down to this…

Al Locker: This could be the last HcW match we call for quite some time but my god what a way to go out.

Christine Donahue: These two men have been staples of Hardcore Championship Wrestling since its returning inception this past fall.

Alan Carcia: Champion Tyke Index and challenger Scythe Bloodline, these two have a storied past.

Al Locker: For Scythe Bloodline this match is about more than the World Championship, it’s about attaining what he believes is his destiny and breaching the glass ceiling.

Christine Donahue: Tyke Index has had the number of Scythe in the past and even holds a pinfall victory over his challenger tonight.

Alan Carcia: Tonight is not about pinfalls though, tonight is about climbing a fifteen foot ladder and assailing to paradise.

Al Locker: Let’s take a look at how the biggest match of the year came to be…

[There is a video package with the backing track being ‘Darkside’ by Alan Walker, package starts with both men staring each other down as early as February and going through their history up until today.]

“Take me into the dark side, we don’t need the light”

We can see Scythe Bloodline and Raven Trueblood forging a union as part of the Blood Coven.

“Fall into the darkside”

We see Tyke Index defeating Taurus for the HcW Championship at Insanity

“We’re running out of time”

We can see Tyke Index injuring Scythe Bloodlines wrist on Monday Night Hell

“Don’t want the truth to come and find us, let’s just find the night”

Scythe Bloodline returns at Mile High Rise in Phoenix and attacks Tyke Index

“Return to the dark side”

We see Scythe Bloodline winning Caged Fury to win the number one contendership

“Fall in love, I’m dreaming”

We finish with Tyke and Scythe going nose to nose last week on Hell and then we get a close up of the ladder and HcW Championship hanging high in the air.


As the music starts Scythe shoots out onto the stage thumping in place with strobe lights accompanying him. He pauses and raises his right arm than dashes down the rams high fiving fans on the way. He slides into the ring hopping up on the nearest turnbuckle and roaring towards the crowd then jumps down still feeling the pumping of the music through him. The music calms as it fades and the match gets ready to begin.

Al Locker: Holy shit Scythe looks pumped up tonight!

Alan Carcia: Tonight is the biggest match of Scythe Bloodlines career.

Christine Donahue: I’m not going to lie here and no offense to Scythe Bloodline, but the oddsmakers are not giving him a chance in hell of winning this match.

The opening saxophone of ‘Jubel’ begins to play over the PA and as it speeds up, eventually it hits a crescendo into a drop.

Alan Carcia: And here comes the man.

“Save me”

Tyke Index appears from behind the curtain with a hood over his head just as the chorus rolls, his HcW Championship around his waist. There are rapturous jeers from the crowd as Tyke poses at the bottom of the ring steps before entering the ring.


The lights go off and when they come back on Tyke is sitting in his corner looking stoned and delusional, he eventually stands up and goes face to face with Scythe Bloodline in the center of the ring.

Richard Bassett: Ladies and gentleman tonight is your main event and it is a LADDDDEEEEEEER MATCH for the HcW World Heavyweight Championship, introducing first he is the challenger hailing from Mansfield, Ohio and weighing in at 210 lbs he fights for the Blood Coven! He is …SCYYYYYYYYYYYYTHEEEEE BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODLINE!

The fans pop hard and begin a “Scythe” chant.

Richard Bassett: Introducing the champion, he fights out of Brooklyn, New York via Glasgow, Scotland – this is the King of Coke Mountain! He is the HcW World Heavyweight Champion weighing in at 225 lbs, he is Tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyykeeee Index!

Tyke Index raises the championship high above his head as Scythe glances up at it, senior official Arnold James then takes the championship as the fans continue to jeer Tyke Index.

Al Locker: There we see it, the championship assailing fifteen feet in the air.

Alan Carcia: Who is walking out of Michigan the HcW Champion?

Christine Donahue: Revenge for Scythe or repeat for Tyke!?

Both men circle round each other as the bell sounds, Tyke goes for a quick take down but Scythe smashes him with knees followed by an atomic drop right off the bat! Scythe then gets a head of steam and takes Tyke down with a flying forearm! Scythe awaits Tyke to reach his feet before hitting him with another flying forearm. Tyke rolls outside to try and grab a breath of fresh air and points to his head as if he has outsmarted Scythe when…


Al Locker: Moonsault plancha all the way to the outside from Scythe Bloodline!

Alan Carcia: Tyke taken out the game!

The crowd go crazy and start a ‘holy shit’ chant

Christine Donahue: There is a sect of wrestling fans that believe that Tyke Index is spreading himself too thin working for both HcW and Mile High Wrestling while Scythe Bloodline has been focused exclusively here.

Scythe picks up Tyke and smashes him head first into the ring post! Tyke is dazed and as he struggles to get back to his feet Scythe runs towards the steel steps before using them as a launching pad and looks to take out Tyke with a diving lariat but Tyke catches Scythe in mid air and reverses it into a spine buster with Tyke dropping Scythe spine first into the steel steps!

Alan Carcia: Oh my god! Sheer brutality! Scythe just dropped spine first into the steel steps.

Al Locker: Scythe’s going to need a trip to the chiropractor after tonight, belt or no belt.

Christine Donahue: Scythe’s high risk attacks just backfired big time.

Al Locker: Tyke Index is arguably the smartest pound for pound wrestler in the business, he knows where he is at all times as Scythe just found out the hard way.

Tyke picks up Scythe from the mat and exacerbates Scythes now hurt back with a backbreaker! Tyke gets up and laughs as Scythe writhes in pain holding his back. Tyke picks up Scythe and goes to throw him into the steel steps but Scythe mid momentum jumps onto the steel steps! Tyke dashes behind Scythe though and pushes Scythe off the top of the stairs, Scythe goes flying head first into the barrier!

Alan Carcia: Good God!

Al Locker: Scythe had a bad wrist coming into this match and now in the first five minutes he has now had insurmountable damage done to both his back and head.

Christine Donahue: The last thing that Scythe needs right now is a concussion on the biggest night of his career.

Tyke picks up the ladder and approaches the ring with it, Tyke rolls the ladder into the ring and then approaches Scythe who is slowly getting back to his feet. Tyke picks up Scythe and then nails him with a huge piledriver on the outside! Tyke stands up and laughs maniacally before picking up Scythe putting him in position before nailing Scythe with a second piledriver on the concrete floor!

Christine Donahue: Tyke Index has not been the same since he found out that Scythe Bloodline was going to be his challenger. He’s become increasingly unstable.

Al Locker: Scythe may be done! Those piledrivers were absolutely brutal, good god almighty!

Alan Carcia: Things could be academic here.

Christine Donahue: We’ve seen a very serene and assassin like nature from the champion Tyke Index tonight, he has been very measured in his attack slowing the pace right down.

Tyke Index rolls back in the ring and starts to set up the ladder in the middle of the ring as loud “Scythe” chants erupt from the crowd as they try to gear up Scythe to stop Tyke. Tyke begins to climb the ladder and makes it to the second top rung when out of nowhere Scythe launches a top rope missile dropkick smashing Tyke off the ladder!

Al Locker: Where the hell did Scythe Bloodline come from!? And why is the cameraman out of position!?

Alan Carcia: Tyke Index is straddled on the top rope!

Christine Donahue: Scythe Bloodline showing great guts and fortitude to somehow stop Tyke Index after all the onslaught he suffered earlier. He still looks a little uneasy but these fans are a hundred percent Team Scythe.

Scythe Bloodline slowly gets to his feet holding his head and back, he gets a head of steam before smashing Tyke Index with a flying forearm which takes the straddled Index all the way to the outside again. Scythe gets a wild look in his eyes before taking the ladder and laying it against the top rope.

Al Locker: What does Scythe have in mind here!?

Scythe Bloodline took a head of steam off the ropes before running up the ladders which were perched upon the top rope, Bloodline then leaped off the very top and all the way to the outside hitting Tyke with a flying somersault plancha!

Christine Donahue: Nooooooooooooo!!!! Scythe might have just killed himself to kill Tyke Index!

The crowd have started a “holy shit” chant! Scythe stands up and motions to the crowd who go wild for the challenger, Scythe picks up Tyke Index and rolls him back in the ring. Scythe throws the ladder on the ground; Scythe then picks up Tyke and smashes him with a Killer Thriller onto the ladder!


Al Locker: No!!! Tyke Index must be broken in half.

Christine Donahue: And just like that he’s back in this match and Scythe Bloodline is about to become the World Champion!

Scythe Bloodline picks up the ladder and starts to set it up, Tyke hasn’t moved since the Killer Thriller! Scythe starts to climb the ladder rung by rung as the crowd start to rise to their feet in anticipation of Scythe grabbing the championship, just as his hands are on the championship Tyke grabs at Scythes foot. Scythe kicks Tyke away, Tyke bounces off the ropes and smashes Scythe with a huge leaping low blow! Scythe falls off the ladder clutching at his groin!

Christine Donahue: Tyke Index getting desperate here to retain his World Championship that he will stoop as low as he needs to go!

Alan Carcia: Stoop low? Tyke will do whatever the hell he has to if it means he walks out of Michigan HcW Champion.

Al Locker: Tyke Index eat, sleeps and breaths that championship but does he have anything left to climb the ladder!?

Tyke Index uses the ropes to slowly clamber back to his feet, the ladders have also toppled back over to the mat again and as Scythe slowly begins to crawl to his knees Tyke gets a head of steam before smashing Scythe with a Coke Mountain which sends Scythes head crashing into the ladder!!


Christine Donahue: Scythe is busted open! He’s there motionless. Tyke Index may have just secured his championship with that move.

Alan Carcia: Tyke Index just smashed the head of Scythe Bloodline with such fury that we could feel the ring and ladder vibrate from over here!

Al Locker: That may just do it!

Tyke Index instead of starting to climb the ladder begins to pose on the ropes winding the fans up, he motions that Scythe Bloodline is finished. Tyke Index approaches the ladder and sets it up in the center of the ring and starts to climb. Tyke is now at the top rung and grabs the championship but as he does Scythe has somehow managed to kick the ladder away! Tyke is dangling in midair! Scythe goes outside and goes under the ring with Tyke still dangling trying to grab the championship. Scythe pulls out a table! Scythe rolls the table in the ring quickly! Scythe sets the table up! Tyke in desperation leaps from the ring holding the championship looking for a hurricanrana but Scythe reverses it into a powerbomb through the table!!

Al Locker: Holy fuckin’ shit!

Alan Carcia: Tyke Index just crashed through the table all the way to hell!

Christine Donahue: I am getting flashbacks of when Tyke sent Taurus to hell earlier in the year, as Bloodline just caused Tyke to join the Raging Bull there?!

Scythe Bloodline starts to climb the ladder rung by rung with Tyke out cold! Scythe reaches the very top of the ladder and could win the championship but he gets a crazy look in his eyes as he looks around the arena! Scythe Bloodline motions to the crowd before diving fifteen feet through the air looking for Heavens Fall but at the very last second…

Al Locker: Oh my god! Tyke Index moved! Are you kidding me?!

Alan Carcia: Scythe Bloodline may have just leaped all the way from heaven to the pits of hell!

The crowd start a loud “This Is Awesome” chant as both competitors look motionless.

Christine Donahue: Scythe may have just risked it all right there and had it all taken away.

Tyke grabs to the bottom rope trying to pull himself up, Scythe does the same with the opposite bottom rope. Both men are now back on their feet somehow. Tyke kicks Scythe in the gut and then delivers a huge Total Definition onto the ladders!!!

Christine Donahue: How are either of these guys moving at this point?

Al Locker: Total Definition!! Scythe Bloodline must be dead!

Alan Carcia: Good god someone get EMTs out here for Scythe Bloodline!

Christine Donahue: I have no idea how these men are still going but it looks like Tyke Index is now seconds away from retaining his HcW Championship in what can only be described as a war of attrition!

Tyke Index stands up and looks at the championship dangling before he motions to the crowd one more time that this match is done! Tyke Index then goes to the outside and picks up one more table from under the ring. Tyke rolls the table into the ring. Tyke then picks up a steel chair and throws into the ring as well.

Al Locker: It’s like a car boot sale in the middle of the ring.

Christine Donahue: What the heck is a car boot sale?

Alan Carcia: For god sake Tyke! Just grab the championship! This match doesn’t need to go to anymore brutality.

Christine Donahue: It looks like Tyke Index isn’t just intent on retaining the championship but instead wants to end the career of Scythe Bloodline.

Tyke Index sets the table up and then picks up Scythe Bloodline! Tyke looks for a Total Definition through the table but Scythe in desperation nails Tyke with a low blow! Scythe then picks up the steel chair and smashes the head right off of Tyke Index who then lays onto the table!

Alan Carcia: Home run!!!! Scythe Bloodline just took the head right off of Tyke Index there!

Al Locker: Oh my god!!!

Christine Donahue: Scythe Bloodline is climbing the ladder one more time!!

Scythe has started climbing the ladder with Tyke still motionless lying on top of the table! Scythe reaches the top ladder before turning around and motioning to the crowd one more time…

Christine Donahue: Why is he not grabbing the belt?!

Alan Carcia: Did Scythe Bloodline not learn his lesson last time!?

And then Scythe leaps…


Scythe Bloodline has attempted a Heavens Fall one more time and this time he nails it right on the money with the momentum taking both he and Tyke through the table! Another “This Is Awesome” chant resonates as Scythe slowly begins to rise from the debris! Scythe hurriedly picks up the ladder and sets it up before climbing one more time!!

Alan Carcia: Tyke Index has not moved!

Al Locker: Scythe Bloodline is about to win the World Championship

Christine Donahue: The glass ceiling has been breached!!!!!

Scythe Bloodline looks around the arena before grabbing the championship and falling to the floor!




Christine Donahue: The thirty year dream of Scythe Bloodline has just come true!

Alan Carcia: What a war we just witnessed! Scythe Bloodline has just become the World Champion and recognized his dream!

Raven Trueblood runs down to the ring and helps Scythe Bloodline to his feet and the two of them hug it out, Raven presents the championship to Scythe and holds his arms aloft as the crowd go crazy. Lance Mikes has come down to the ring to help Tyke Index out of the ring, Lance throws Tykes arms around his shoulders and helps him up the ramp as the crowd start a “Scythe” chant.

We see replays of the match including the Total Definition on to the ladder, the Scythe daredevil moves from the ladder and finally the match winning Heavens Fall in slow motion. As the scene comes back to the live event, confetti is beginning to fall from the ceiling as several HcW wrestlers come from the back to enter the ring to congratulate Scythe Bloodline.

Alan Carcia: I’m not going to lie, I didn’t give Scythe a shot in hell. But the energy in this place right now is just incredible. What a rise to the top Scythe Bloodline has had.

Christine Donahue: I believe a hundred percent that Tyke Index was prepared for Scythe Bloodline, but what he wasn’t prepared for was intestinal fortitude of his challenger and the will of these people to see their hero win. I seriously have goosebumps right now.

Al Locker: Ladies and gentleman, I hate to break this moment but we only have seconds left on the broadcast. This has been Hardcore Kingdom and this has been Hardcore Championship Wrestling, on behalf of Alan Carcia, Christine Donahue and this company which loves you guys so fucking much. Good night and fare well, we’ll be back some day mark my words.

The camera shows wrestlers hoisting Scythe up on their shoulders as he holds his championship up one more time as the Michigan crowd milks every last second of it before the camera fades to black.

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