The PPV main event features Taurus defending the HCW World Championship against Tyke Index. 

WARNING: Unauthorized Interception Or Reciept Prohibited!!!
This HcW event is the exclusive property of Hardcore Championship Wrestling, Inc. This Pay-Per View may not be recorded, rebroadcast, retansmitted, or otherwise distributed in any manner whatsoever without the express written consent of HcW Inc. Federal law provides for civil penalties and criminal penalties against any violators. Unauthorized Viewers Beware And Be Forewarned!!

In time and space, there is a dimension that doesn’t conform to the standards of normality.
The very core of sanity is removed, leaving only the twisted rubble of the sick and twisted.
We call them castaways, crazy, deranged. We throw them into padded rooms and give them pills.
We take what’s there and try to make them back into what we consider normal.
But in the end, all we have, all we can do is allow them to be who they are. What they are.
Because they live on the brink of Insanity.

Shot of Anaquin Adams flying off the top turnbuckle and driving a knee onto the forehead of Gray Zee

Insanity can mean so many things

Snakebite and Samantha Hamilton being arrested on Monday Night Hell is shown.

Insanity is that what you make it

Footage of the contract signing between Tyke Index and Taurus is shown

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“Rats” by Ghost begins to play as the Insanity logo pops up onto the screen and then fades, intermingled with actions shots of recent actions of all HcW wrestlers on tonight’s card. The song continues to play while fireworks rocked into the arena roof! The fans go crazy. Signs everywhere of all different colours.

Al Locker: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Insanity!. We are coming to you live from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas where 19,000 fans have packed out this arena! . And oh boy, what a show we have in store for you tonight…

Alan Carcia: That’s right Locker! Taurus defends his title against Tyke Index. Tyke gets a chance to reclaim what many believe is rightfully his.

Al Locker: That is expected to be an amazing match.

Alan Carcia: We’ll also see The vacant Pure Championship up for grabs in a match featuring seven of HcW’s finest!

Al Locker: We’ll also see Tommy McMaster defend his Xtreme Championship against Trent Harper in an Xtreme Rules Match

Alan Carcia: We’ll also see the Tag Team Championships defended as Ricky Stanton and Sammy 3.0 defend against the former champions Raven Trueblood and Scythe Bloodline

Al Locker: We’ll also see Bandera take on Martin Seas in a Finishers Match. The winner will be the first to execute his finisher on his opponent.

Alan Carcia: The card looks spectacular tonight, but there’s something brewing in the back and I haven’t been able to get word on what’s going on.

Al Locker: I noticed the locked offices in the back and I’ve barely been able to get word from anyone prior to going on the air, but hopefully we will get some sort of word before the end of the night.

Alan Carcia: Let’s not waste anymore time and get on with the action, starting with the scramble match for the Pure Championship. Let’s go to ringside!

HcW Pure Championship
Gabriel Ohio vs Henry The Hog vs Joanne Canelli vs Lauren Harris vs Keiran Overton vs HAMMERSTEIN vs Anaquin Adams

Richard Bassett: Welcome to HcW Insanity! San Antonio, Texas we are so very glad that you have joined us for this historic occasion! Let’s get this party started! Our first event is a scramble match where the first person to gain a pinfall will become the Pure Champion! Here are your competitors! Introducing first, weighing 350 pounds – Gabriel Ohio!

The Lights flicker until the sounds of electricity fill the arena as it is plunged into darkness. A Moon appears on the Tron and a white glow appears on the stage. Standing in the glow is the 7-foot-tall Gabriel Ohio, leather jack blowing in the wind, looking down at the floor. He looks up and walks slowly to the ring. He reaches the ring and steps up onto the apron and then over the top rope, his presence felt.

Richard Bassett: And his opponent, weighing 400 pounds. Here is Henry the Hog!

“Born to be Wild” hits the loud speakers and the camera goes onto the entrance way. We then hear a motorcycle starting up. Soon, Henry “The Hog” comes out on his motorcycle and drives around the ring. He then stops at the end of the aisle way, gets off his motorcycle and then climbs the steps of the ring. After stepping through the ropes, he goes to each side of the ring and raises his arms to a chorus of boos. He then finds a corner and removes his leather vest and waits for the match to start.

Richard Bassett: And their opponent, from the Jersey Shore, here is the “Jersey Devil Diva” Joanne Canelli!

The house lights go down, as a spotlight goes over the crowd. As the spotlight comes to a stop at the back of the entrance way, as “Run This Town” by Rihanna Jay z Kanye West begins to play. A picture of the Italian Flag appears on the screen with the letters F.B.I over the flag, with the words “FULL BLOODED ITALIAN” is written underneath. It soon changes to scenes of mob hits, newspaper clippings from just recent to the late 1900’s, but soon changes once again, to shots of the Mafioso, sitting in a large office, and in limos, and in arenas from times since past. The spotlight focuses on four figures standing at the back of the ramp. This is Joanne and her bodyguards. They make their way down the ramp with Joanne in the middle with Reno and Rude on either side, and Scarpaci following behind, talking among themselves ignoring the crowd around them. When they reach the ring, Reno holds open the ropes for her, as she slips inside, only to follow behind and stand in the middle of the ring, around her. She removes her jacket, and hands it to one of the guys, before they head out of the ring.

Richard Bassett: And their opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, here is “Luscious” Lauren Harris!

She comes out on a rotating pedestal, with her hands extended and the lights black. Once she gets off, she pulls out a compact mirror, totally blowing off the fans. On the apron, she flips backward into the ring.

Richard Bassett: And their opponent, weighing 310 pounds. Here is “The Destructive Beast” Keiran Overton!

“Beast” by Puppy plays over the sound system as there’s massive amount of boos when Kieran Overton walks out as he screams on top of his lungs with his hands in the air on top of the ramp, wearing shorts, shirt, and boots before walking down as he ignores each one of the fans before he goes up the steps and goes over the top rope and places his hand on his left arm, basically not giving a damn about them before he turns to anger, while he goes to sit in the corner, waiting for his opponent to come to the ring.

Richard Bassett: And their opponent, weighing 244 pounds. This is Hammerstein!

The opening riffs of Everclear’s “American Monster” blare from the arena’s PA system and the crowd reacts with a roar as Hammerstein slowly steps through the curtain, followed by his manager, Reese Kennedy. He stops at the top of the stage, drinking in the boos of the crowd, a huge sarcastic grin on his face. He waves his hands towards himself, inviting the crowd to get louder. Kennedy pats him on the back, and Hammerstein finally makes his way to the ring, stopping only to smirk and shake his head at the fans. He walks up the ring steps and wipes his boots on the apron. Kennedy holds the ropes open, and The American Monster climbs in the ring. As soon as he’s in the ring he runs as hard as he can into the turnbuckles, then turns and runs across the ring, slamming into the opposite corner. Hammerstein run to the corner to his left, climbs to the middle rope, and raises his arms in the air. He goes to the opposite corner, repeating the gesture and taking in the jeers of the crowd.

Richard Bassett: And finally, their opponent, “The Monster” Anaquin Adams!

The lights go out as the slowed entrance of “Beautiful” begins to play by 10 Years. Graphic, bloody images begin to flicker across the screen, along with images of Anaquin’s Evil Clown face.

As the song continues, the lights come on as “MONSTER” Anaquin Adams name hits the screen and a red light begins to fill the arena. A hooded figure stands at the top of the ramp, obviously female as she makes her way slowly down the aisle as the music continues to play. Her hoodie is a glittery golden and lights flicker across the surface as she keeps her face hidden as she reaches the steps and climbs up to the ring apron and she walks to the center and looks out at the crowd before she finally pulls the hood back and reveals her evil clown face. Her hair is cut short now and a lighter brown and her blue eyes twinkling with amusement as she continues to walk around the apron, hitting all four sides and posing before she finally slips inside as the final strains of “Beautiful” finally fade out and she steps to her corner. She stands there in a one-piece, white sport tights with golden trim and her boots are also white, with US on one boot and AA on the other.


Al Locker: And this match is underway. First pinfall gets the Pure Championship.

Alan Carcia: Good luck with that. There are seven very hungry wrestlers in this match and it’s not going to be easy.

Anaquin screams as she charges across the ring and attacks Joanne Canelli.

Alan Carcia: Is there history here or is Adams just crazy?

Al Locker: I think we know the answer to that question.
Adams tosses Canelli out of the ring and goes out after her, while Hammerstein goes right after Overton and nails him in the gut and then hammers him across the back.

Al Locker: And look at this as these two big boys look eye to eye.

Henry and Ohio come face to face with each other and begin to jaw back and forth. From behind, Lauren Harris nails Henry with a low blow and Ohio kicks him right in the face, dropping the biker to the mat and Lauren immediately goes for the cover, but before the referee can even drop down for a one count, Ohio pulls Harris out and throws her out of the ring.

Alan Carcia: This match is hot and heavy right out of the gate. Harris tumbling to the mat outside as Ohio leans against the ropes and grins. He turns back and is hit with a hard clothesline by Henry the Hog who sends Ohio outside of the ring.

From behind, Hammerstein rolls up Henry but only gets a one count before Overton nails Hammerstein in the back of the head. Overton off the ropes and splashes Hammerstein with a senton. Cover but only gets a one count.

Al Locker: Adams outside the ring with Canelli and she has Joanne by the throat. She has her against the guardrailing, but Canelli rakes her in the eyes and then lifts her up and drops her throat first across the railing!

Canelli slides back into the ring while Adams is clutching at her throat. Henry is getting to his feet, only to get pulled outside the ring by Gabriel Ohio who nails him with a wide punch and Henry nails him back. They exchange blows on the outside but they don’t see Hammerstein flying through the ropes and tackling them both and the three crashing against the guardrailing.

Alan Carcia: What a dive! But in the ring, Joanne Canelli just slipped some brass knuckles on her hand and spins Overton around and nails him with those brass knuckles! Overton is down and out! Canelli with the cover!



Al Locker: Harris in the break the count and Overton rolls out of the ring. She grabs Canelli and pulls her into the corner. Spinning Tornado DDT from the turnbuckle! This time Harris with the cover!




Hammerstein slides into the ring and punts Harris in the head, breaking the count.

Alan Carcia: Hammerstein with a vicious kick there. He picks up Harris and locks in the Python Sleeper! He’s got it locked in and Harris is going out! The referee is checking but watch out for Henry! He runs off the ropes and splashes them both!

This breaks the hold as Hammerstein pushes Harris off of him and grabs his stomach. Harris rolls out of the ring as Henry drags Hammerstein towards the corner and then climbs up and bounces before dropping down onto Hammerstein with a sit down splash from the turnbuckle!

Al Locker: This one could be over! Cover by Henry!




Gabriel Ohio pulls Henry out of the ring and runs him into the ringpost! He rolls him back into the ring and climbs up, entering the ring after.

Alan Carcia: There’s no way Ohio can get him up!

But Ohio turns out to make a liar out of Carcia as he hoists him up and drops him with the Fall From Grace! Cover!



Thre—Keiran Overton with the save!

Al Locker: Gabriel Ohio was a fraction of a second from becoming the Pure Champion!

Henry rolls from the ring and Overton runs off the rope and drops a knee to the back of Gabriel. He puts Ohio into a piledriver position.

Alan Carcia: There’s no way he gets him up!

Al Locker: He may not have to!

From the turnbuckle, Anaquin Adams leans off the ropes and nails Overton with a clothesline and then she runs to the otherside and leaps up onto the top turnbuckle.

Alan Carcia: We saw this last week!

She leaps off and drives a knee to the forehead of a fallen Keiran Overton and covers!




Al Locker: She did it! Anaquin Adams is the new Pure Champion.


Richard Bassett: The winner of the match and the NEW PURE Champion! Anaquin! Adams!

The referee hands the championship to Anaquin who lies on the mat and clutches the belt. She says something to the ref as she lies on the mat and he walks over and brings her a microphone.

Alan Carcia: That was an amazing match and could have gone to just about anyone. But Anaquin Adams pulls it out.

Anaquin begins to laugh as she lies on the mat.

Adams: Taurus! Index! I’ll be watching. I’ll be watching very closely and once it’s all been said and done, I’m coming for the title. I need more! More.

She continues to cackle as the scene fades.

The cameras switch to a location backstage. We see Lance Mikes standing in his office wearing a suit. He’s got his phone up to his ear and we can only hear one side of the conversation. You can also see Craig McAllister in the shot, waiting for Lance.

Lance Mikes: You’re on your way, right? … Yeah, yeah.. Everything is set.. You got this man. It’s going to go down just like I said. Believe me.. you got this!

Lance hangs the phone up and has a smirk on his face. Craig McAllister approaches Lance.

Craig McAllister: Lance, who was that on the phone?

Lance turns to face Craig, and just smiles.

Lance Mikes: Things are about to get very interesting around here Craig, you’re going to want to stick around for the rest of this show.

The door opens to Lance Mikes’ office. In walks Jonny D and Mr Hamilton. Both looking a little confused as they’ve been summoned to Lance Mikes’ office and not Mr Greeney.

Jonny D: Where’s Mr Greeney, what’s going on here Lance?

Lance Mikes: Hold your horses there Jonny. Mr Greeney is at home enjoying his much needed time with his family. He’s here with us in spirit. Now, you are both probably wondering why I called you both here.

Jonny D looks at Mr Hamilton as he looks back at him and shrugs.

Mr Hamilton: Is this important, because I have a show to run and also matches to make for next week.

Mr Hamilton turns around and begins to walk out.

Lance Mikes: It’s about that Hamilton.

Mr Hamilton stops, he turns back to face Lance who walks right up to him.

Lance Mikes: Don’t you ever fucking turn your back on me like that again when I’m speaking to you. Do you understand me?

Jonny D puts his arm between the two.

Jonny D: Now! now.. Let’s not do this. We both know the outcome. Mr Hamilton will be left unconscious on the floor. So, why have you called us here.

Lance steps back a few steps, so he can see both Jonny and Mr Hamilton.

Lance Mikes: The reason I’ve called you both here is because I’m shaking things up around here. I’m making the necessary changes I need to make to ensure the future of HcW.

Jonny D: What do you mean?

Lance Mikes: Firstly, Hamilton. I knew bringing you in to HcW was a huge huge mistake. So I would like to thank you for your hard work, but you really didn’t do much did you? That’s right Hamilton, you’ve been given the pink slip. You’re gone. You can pack your stuff up and security will escort you out of the arena.

Mr Hamilton looks outraged.

Mr Hamilton: You can’t do this, Mr Greeney brought me in. I demand to speak with him right now!

Lance Mikes: You don’t get to make demands. You’ve got til the end of Insanity to get the hell out of this arena.

Jonny D is looking on in amusement.

Jonny D: Finally, someone who understands what I’ve been trying to say since he got here! Well done Lance! I actually agree with you on this one!

Mr Hamilton walks out of the office and slams the door shut.

Lance shakes his head.

Lance Mikes: Now, on to you Jonny D!

Jonny D: I’ve got this Lance, you won’t regret giving me back control of the show

Lance Mikes: Wait! Who said I was giving you back control? I certainly didn’t. You see Jonny, you’ve been impressive since HcW returned. You have even stepped in to the ring with some of the superstars but you see, you just aren’t bringing in the ratings you once could back in 2008. I’ve given you your opportunity to show HcW what you have to offer and well, let’s just say you’ve not brought what I had hoped Jonny.

Jonny D: Lance, don’t do this. I can turn this around. I really can, just give me a couple of weeks

Lance Mikes: I’m sorry to say Jonny, you’ve got until the end of Insanity to say your goodbyes and pack your things up. After Insanity is over both you and Mr Hamilton are both done with HcW.

Jonny storms out of the office as the camera switches back to Lance Mikes.

Al Locker: He just fired both Jonny D and Mr Hamilton

Alan Carcia: Is he going to run things himself? Who was he talking to on the phone Locker?

Al Locker: Someone is on their way here tonight but who?

Alan Carcia: Things are getting interesting already Locker. I love it!

HcW Xtreme Championship Match
Tommy McMaster (c) vs Trent “The King” Harper

Richard Bassett: This match is scheduled for ONE FALL! [crowd – ONE FALL] and is for the HcW Xtreme Championship

Richard Basset: First to make his way to the ring… The challenger… Trent “The King” Haaarrrppeeerrrrrrr!!!!

Trapt by Headstrong hits the PA System

“Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong
Headstrong we’re Headstrong
Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong”

Trent is focused on the ring and looks at it with distain, ignores the crowd is solely focused on the match and his opponent. He also has a smirk on his face when approaching his opponent

Harper finally climbs the ring steps and enters the ring

Al Locker: Harper with a chance of winning the Xtreme Championship here tonight folks!

The Lights dim as red and orange lights scan the arena, the opening guitar riff of “Burn It Up by Saliva hits as the Tron shows the highlights of his career.

You tore my heart out
You tore my life apart
You tore the sheets of this bed
Just like a porn star
Just like a porn star

One by one fire starts to line the ramp, on both sides towards the ring, as the lights search the arena.

I’m ripping pictures
I’m ripping you off the wall
I’m ripping letters
I’m getting rid of it all
Of it all, of it all, of it all
Of it all, of it all

I hate you and you’re to blame
I’ll send it up in flames
And burn it up
I’ve got gasoline
Got a match, got lighter for your memories

Then the red haired, Tommy McMaster emerges in the crowd, high fiving the crowd as he walks through the mass of people who are cheering madly for him.

Richard Basset: His opponent… The HcW Xtreme Champion… “Wildfire” Tommyyyyy MccMaasssstteerrrr!!!!

Burn it up, to a pile of ash
Burn it up, I want to watch the blast
Just as soon as I blow it up
Ah yeah, burn it up
Ah yeah, burn it up
Ah yeah, burn it up
Ah yeah burn it up

He spins round, bows to his Wildfireites, spreads his arms out, bowed, then standing up with his back turned, one finger pointed to the ceiling.

I’m moving past this
I took molasses
Pissing on the ashes
I’m leaving where the past is

I hate you and you’re to blame
I’ll send it up in flames
And burn it up
I’ve got gasoline
Got a match, got lighter for your memories

The Wildfire, in his red trunks, and white “Rich Piggies are going to burn” Tee Shirt, jumps over the guard railing, as a huge red W sign is flashed throughout.

Burn it up to a pile of ash
Burn it up I want to watch the blast
Just as soon as I blow it up
Yeah burn it up
Ah yeah, burn it up
Ah yeah, burn it up
Ah yeah, burn it up

I’m burning up your memory
There’s nothing left of you and me
And as far as I’m concerned
You can go to hell and watch it burn
You can watch you burn
Watch it burn

He climbs over the ropes, bends down to one knee and stretches his arms out as the whole ring is engulfed in Inflammable fire, his flame hair shadowing his face.

Burn it up
I’ve got gasoline
Got a match and lighter for your memories

Burn it up to a pile of ash
Burn it up I want to watch the blast
Just as soon as I blow it up
Yeah burn it up

The Wildfire waits for the flames to die down, climbs the turnbuckle and places his arms to either side, to make his whole body a big W.

Ah yeah, burn it up
Ah yeah, burn it up
Ah yeah, burn it up
‘Cause I just want to burn it up
Because I just want to burn it up

Al Locker: These two met a couple of weeks ago and Trent Harper has been granted a rematch for the Xtreme Championship.

The referee calls for the bell…


Alan Carcia: And this match is underway.

As they go to lock up, Wildfire rakes the eyes of the King and then drives a knee to the gut and drags Harper over to the ropes and begins to choke him on the top rope.

Al Locker: He doesn’t have to break, in fact the referee isn’t even counting in this Xtreme Championship match. McMaster with another choke and then he pushes Harper out of the ring and to the floor.

McMaster steps out onto the ring apron and backs up to the corner and then takes a running dive onto the fallen Harper on the outside of the ring and the crowd begins am “Extreme” chant. McMaster pulls up Harper and rolls him into the ring.

Alan Carcia: Wildfire moving in for the cover.


Kickout by Harper.

McMaster pulls up Harper and brings him to his feet, but Harper scoops him up with a Fireman’s carry and with a running start, crushes him into the corner turnbuckle!

Al Locker: Great counter by Harper and he has stopped all the momentum that McMaster had going for him. McMaster is holding his neck and Harper slowly getting to his feet now.

Harper walks over and gives Wildfire a few stomps before pulling him out of the corner and then pulling him up and nails Wildfire with a DDT. Cover by Harper:



Kickout by McMaster.

Alan Carcia: I’m actually surprised he got a two count so early in the match. Perhaps he did more damage that I thought with that corner maneuver, dropping McMaster on his neck.

Harper being to hammer on the back of McMaster’s neck, bringing his forearm down several times, forcing McMaster down to the mat. Harper lifts him up and tucks the head of McMaster between his knees, reaching around and…

Al Locker: Harper going for a piledriver! And he nails it! More damage to the neck of McMaster!




Th—Kickout by McMaster.

Harper slaps the mat in frustration, almost certain that this was it. He glances towards the turnbuckle and he moves to climb up. McMaster slowly getting to his feet and Harper leaps off but McMaster with a kick right to the groin!

Alan Carcia: Lord have mercy! Right in the nads!

Al Locker: That cannot go well for The King.

Alan Carcia: He might not be able to create any Princes!

McMaster pulls in Harper and lifts him up for the Uranage Bomb!



Thre— Kickout by Harper!

McMaster looks at the ref with a ‘what the fuck’ look and frowns as he gets to his feet and pulls up Harper and delivers a second Uranage Bomb.

Al Locker: And one more to be good on.






Richard Bassett: Winner of the match and STILL Xtreme Champion, Tommy McMaster!

Alan Carcia: There was absolutely no shame in that loss for Trent Harper. He got hit low and two bombs after that. Nothing at all to be ashamed of.

Finisher Match
Bandera vs Martin “The Master” Seas

Richard Bassett: This match is one fall and a pinfall can only occur after the execution of the wrestler’s finisher. Introducing first, “The Master” Martin Seas!

The lights in the arena dim as Aversion Therapy begins to play. A spot light illuminates the entrance way and we see The Master standing with his back to us, his arms stretched out either side of him in his familiar crucifix pose. He spins around, looks out around the arena, wipes his right hand across his mouth and starts walking to the ring.

“Got a pin in heart shaped case
Stab it in my skin when I see your face
Everything that I feel has changed
I associate you with a world of pain”

The Master rolls under the bottom rope. He stands up and strikes another crucifix pose looking straight in to the cameras.

“I got elastic it’s on my wrist
A bit of plastic that I can twist
It’s on my sleeve where my heart still sits
I pull it back then you dont exist”

The Master walks to the corner of the ring and sits down, his long hair covering his face.

“Take my mind away
take my mind away
take my mind away”

The music fades out and the lights return to normal.

Richard Bassett: And his opponent, Bandera!

Lights start to flicker as Bandera walks out and enters the stage. Behind him lit up is “Someone is going to get fucked up” Bandera walks to the ring holding up his middle fingers. The crowd seem to be loving it.


Al Locker: That’s the bell and this Finisher’s Match has officially begun.

The bell rings and the match is on. Martin Seas locks up with Bandera. Seas pushes him to the corner. Bandera gets chopped by Martin Seas. Martin then Irish whips him into the turnbuckle. He charges at Bandera but Bandera moves, sending Seas in the ring post shoulder first.

Alan Carcia: Bad mistake off the bat by The Master.

From there Bandera grabs him and gives him a shoulder breaker. Martin is hurt badly. Bandera then grabs his arm and gives him an arm wringer. Martin Seas fights back and punches Bandera in the face.

Al Locker: Seas trying to fight his way back but he definitely is hurt here.

Bandera’s head snaps back and Martin Seas gives him a kick to the stomach. Bandera buckles over and Martin Seas goes for an Impaler DDT but Bandera counters and rolls out the ring to save himself from losing the match.

Alan Carcia: Great ring awareness by Bandera.

Bandera starts to walk around the ring. Martin Seas comes out of the ring and the two trade punches back and forth. Martin grabs Bandera and Irish whips him into the steel guard rail. Bandera grabs his back in pain. Martin Seas then grabs him again and whips him into the steel pole. Bandera grabs his head in pain. Seas then grabs him again and then tosses him into the ring. Martin rolls into the ring and continues on his attack.

Alan Carcia: The Master’s evil streak coming to light here as he is trying to damage Bandera and the fans are trying to rally around the anarchist here.

Martin grabs him and body slams him in the center of the ring. He then walks out of the ring and onto the apron. From there he climbs up the turnbuckles and then he comes off the top with a picture perfect elbow drop to the chest. He then lifts up Bandera and goes for an Implant DDT, but Bandera counters and then rolls out of the ring once more.

Al Locker: And once again, Bandera avoids being finished by Martin Seas.

Martin doesn’t follow him outside the ring and just waits for Bandera to make his way back into the ring. Bandera gets back into the ring and punches Seas in the face.

Alan Carcia: Bandera fighting back now.

Bandera goes on the attack, punching and kicking Martin Seas. Bandera kicks Seas in the stomach and goes for the Bandera bomb but Seas counters and pushes Bandera into the ropes. Seas then charges at Bandera and clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor.

Al Locker: Another bad break for Bandera as Seas just taking Bandera to task.

Martin Seas follows him outside the ring and they fight once more outside the ring. They begin to fight up the aisle way. Bandera Irish whips Seas into a guard rail. He then lifts him up and body slams him on the hard arena floor. He picks him up and brings him to the ring. After tossing him into the ring he continues on with his attack.

Alan Carcia: Bandera bringing it back around now.

Al Locker: He’s certainly making a sweet comeback right here.

Bandera lifts him up and goes for the Bandera Bomb but Martin Seas counters again and kicks Bandera in the stomach. The two begin to exchange punches as the crowd cheers along. Bandera grabs Seas and whips him into the ropes. As Seas comes off the ropes they both clothesline each other and they are now both on the mat. Slowly the two get to their feet and they go nose to nose.

Alan Carcia: Martin grabs Bandera to whip him into the corner, but Bandera reverses it and Martin hits that corner one more time with that bad shoulder!

Bandera rushes over and pulls Martin out and lifts him up and…

Al Locker: Bandera Bomb! Cover!





Richard Bassett: Winner of the match, Bandera!!!

Al Locker: Bandera with a much needed win here after having a few rough weeks, but perhaps this is the beginning for Bandera to get his career back on track!

Alan Carcia: The fans are definitely eating this up as Bandera slips from the ring and heads towards the back. We’ll be right back!

HcW Tag Team Championship
“Pretty” Ricky Stanton (c) & Sammy 3.0 (c) vs Raven Trueblood & Scythe Bloodline

Richard Basset: This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the HcW World Tag Team Championships!!

Richard Basset: The challengers, first to make his way to the ring …Raaavvveeennnnn Trrrruuueeeebblllooooooooddddddd!!!!

The lights turn blue as smokes feels the entrance way as say10 by Manson begins raven walks out with his vampire girl as they look around before kissing as pyros go off as blood drips from ravens lip.

His girl points to the ring as he walks to the ring and slides in his girl points to the corner as he falls back as she bytes his neck as he waits for Scythe Bloodline…

99 ways to die by Megadeth begins to place anbd Scythe shoots out onto the stage thumping in place with strobe lights accompanying him. He pauses and raises his right arm than dashes down the rams high fiving fans on the way.

Richard Basset: and his tag team partner. Together they are “Bloodcoven” … The HcW Xtreme Champion.. sscccyytttthhheeeeee Blloooddddddlllliiiiiiinnneeeee!!!!

Hologram by Vogel begins to play as Sammy 3.0 makes her way to the ring.

Richard Basset: Introducing the tag team champions … SAAAMMYYY THREEEEE PPPOOIIIINNTT 00000000

Sammy gets in to the ring.

The lights go out and the black Superman logo appears on the big screen. Fall Out Boy’s Centuries starts to play:

Some legends are told
Some turn to dust or to gold
But you will remember me
Remember me, for centuries
Just one mistake
Is all it will take
We’ll go down in history
Remember me for centuries
Remember me for centuries..

Richard Basset: And her tag team partner… RIIIICKKYYY STAAAANTTOOOON!

Boom! Pyros goes off as the Pretty Boy comes down the ramp with two gorgeous ladies on each arm. He’s wearing a glittering wrestling robe and it shines as the spotlight falls on him. He leaves the ladies outside as he walks to the center of the ring, drops to his knees and points at the sky for a moment. He then gets up and flaunts the robe, eventually taking it off and going to his corner.

Al Locker: This is a rematch for the tag team championship from three weeks ago when Stanton Enterprises defeated Trueblood and Scythe for the championship on Monday Night Hell.


Alan Carcia: There’s the bell and this match is officially underway. And these two teams are going at it. I’m sure Scythe and Trueblood remember how Stanton and Sammie attacked them before the bell last time and they aren’t taking any chances.

Stanton and Scythe are going at it, while Sammie and Trueblood are trading blows. Trueblood sends Sammie out of the ring and then he moves over to help double team Stanton. They whip him into the ropes and nail him with a double clothesline. They start putting the boots to him.

Al Locker: You can tell that Trueblood and Scythe have been doing their homework. Sammie is getting up on the apron and sliding into the ring. But they send Stanton out of the ring now and start to double team the android.

They hook her in and nail her with a double DDT. Scythe with a cover.



Kickout by Sammie.

Alan Carcia: From the outside, Ricky Stanton just pulled Trueblood out of the ring and he runs him into the ring steps. Stanton sliding back in the ring and he tackles Scythe from behind.

Sammie finally gets on the apron as Ricky stomps on the body of Scythe. He pulls him up and whips him into the corner and runs in and nails him with a clothesline. He grabs Bloodline and drags him over to his corner and tags in Sammie.

Al Locker: Sammie in now and she nails Bloodline with a clothesline, sending him to the mat. She runs off the ropes and flies off and drops an elbow smash. Raven Trueblood is now making his way up onto the ring apron and he doesn’t look very happy at all.

Trueblood begins to holler at Bloodline and stomping on the mat. Sammie tags back in Stanton, who comes in and immediately places Bloodline into a Boston Crab.

Alan Carcia: Bloodline is too close to the ropes right there and he grabs the bottom rope. Stanton with a stomp to the lower back of Bloodline and he tags back in Sammie.

Sammie whips Bloodline into the ropes and tries for a clothesline but Bloodline ducks and comes back and tackles Sammie and they both go down. Raven is pounding on the turnbuckle as Scythe crawls towards his corner.

Al Locker: Bloodline inching his way to his corner, but, the lights dim for a few seconds as music creeps out of the PA system. a man’s deep rumbling voice speaks over the melody.

“You want blood, you got it. What will a bird of death do to touch the Sun? Will you burn off your wings that permit you to soar above everyone else? Nobody cares, will you make us care? What will you do? You can’t do nothing. What will you do?”

Raven hops down off the ring apron with a crazy grin and starts to laugh.

“WHat about ME?! I Don’t NEED YoU!”

Raven shouts madly with hysterical laughing sprinkled in. Scythe rolls out under the bottom rope attempting to snap his Uncle out of his own madness. BAM! Raven clocks Scythe in the face coming his own hair out of his face as he looks down at his nephew.

“I don’t need you, I don’t need ANY of you!”

Raven is so distracted shouting at the fans and Ricky inside the ring that he doesn’t see Blake Archer come running down the entrance ramp behind him. Blake grabs Raven but the pants and the back of his t-shirt collar and tosses Raven under the bottom rope back inside where Ricky Stanton is waiting on him. Raven glares at Blake combing his hair out of his eyes with his right hand seething with anger. He shouts an angry roar at Blake before Blake points him back around to the waiting Sammie.

Al Locker: That’s Blake Archer and I have no idea what Raven is babbling about here, but Sammie just hit him with a belly to belly suplex and she comes off the ropes with the Android Dance, driving Raven’s face right into the mat with her foot. Cover by Sammie!





Richard Bassett: Winners of the match and STILL HCW Tag Team Champion, Sammie 3.0 and “Pretty Boy” Ricky Stanton!

Alan Carcia: Stanton Enterprises collects their belts, while Scythe checks on Raven. We’ll be right back with more action here at Insanity!

From elsewhere, we find ourselves outside.

Specifically, the parking deck reserved for talent, crew, management, and other HCW muckety-mucks. Lance Mikes checks his Rolex as he waits impatiently on the curb. He glances from the watch to the entrance and back, wondering if he was indeed having his chain yanked.

An audible sigh of relief escapes the lips of “Yours Truly” as a cobalt blue and tungsten grey Rolls Royce Phantom glides into the parking lot. If the smile on Lance Mikes’ face could get any wider he’d need another row of teeth to fill in the space. The Phantom makes everything else in the lot look like a lemon sitting in the junkyard awaiting a merciful crushing.

The front license plate reads 0NLYST4R.

Slowly the Phantom rolls to a stop, the rear passenger side door coming to a rest just in front of the co-owner who doesn’t miss a beat in reaching for the door handle. Before he can grab it the door opens toward the rear of the vehicle. Don’t let me understate the fact that this is a five-hundred thousand dollar car, it’s muh-fuggin’ fancy.

A dragon-skinned boot shoots out from the back seat, followed by another, and then the rest of a very well dressed man. His suit, silver and tailored in Milan, shines like diamonds in comparison to that of Lance, and it’s not exactly like Lance is wearing a cheap suit himself. The man, his hair pushed back by an unseen hairband and his eyes shaded by a pair of Maybach Sunshades, cracks an incredulous grin.

“I’m lookin’ for Lance Mikes.”

Lance: Yeah, that’s me, we worked together-

He is interrupted.

“The name’s Eric Dane. We spoke on the phone.”

Lance grins, he swallows back upwards of seventeen smart remarks. Instead, he juts out a hand to the newcomer.

Lance: Yeah, I’m Lance Mikes. We’ve met. In UTA.

Dane reaches up and removes the shades, he looks Lance up and down as if he were trying to decide if he’d ever laid eyes on him before, or if he had but couldn’t be bothered to remember when, where, or why.

Eric: Nah, Lance Mikes is a white guy. You gotta be his butler or some shit.

Yours Truly has just about heard enough. The outstretched hand balls into a fist and he’s juuuuuust about to say something that one of the two men standing here would regret when a genuine smile stretches across the face of The Only Star. Lance glares at him, unsure of exactly how to proceed and ready to do something stupid. Dane reaches out and daps the fist.

Eric: Chill the fuck out, Lance. Of course I remember you. UTA, we’ve met. “IT’S LANCE MIKES! HE’S HERE! Remember?

Mikes breathes a second sigh of relief. The last thing he needed tonight was another asshole trying to get in his way. He steps out of the way and motions for Dane to follow him into the building.

Lance: (chuckling) Alright, man, alright. Let’s get in here and get down to business, if you will. You know why you’re here, right?

Dane pauses for a moment.

Eric: I assume that my legal team have already sent you an amended copy of my contract? That piece of paper is signed, sealed, and delivered before I do fuck-all inside that building past showing my pretty face.

Lance: For sure, for sure. It came back with a couple more zeros on the end of it than I remember, but I’ve had my own lawyers look it over, it’s been approved, and I’ve got it in my office ready for your signature.

Dane’s smile widens.

Eric: Now you’re speakin’ my language. Lead the way.

And he does.

Fade back inside.

HcW World Heavyweight Championship
Taurus (c) vs Tyke Index

Al Locker: It’s time for our main event Alan.

Alan Carcia: Twenty years in the making and finally it is about to go down.

Al Locker: Taurus defends the HcW Championship against Tyke Index.

Alan Carcia: Both these men are legends in this sport and fans have been waiting to see this one for a very long time!

{Package video shows the two different careers of both Taurus and Tyke Index, it shows career highlights of both men including Taurus legendary bouts with Highlander, footage then switches to legendary bout between Tyke Index and Vittori ten years ago. As footage draws to a close it shows Taurus throwing Tyke out the ring to pin Gray Zee in Manchester followed by Taurus smashing Harvey Goodfellows with a Bullseye. Taurus holds his title up high as Tyke Index looks on from the other side of the ring last Monday on Hell}

Al Locker: Some people have suggested that Tyke Index is jealous of Taurus and that Taurus has his number.

Alan Carcia: I’ll tell you what the people who say that are Al, people who are not very smart. Tyke in my opinion is the greatest wrestler to have ever braced HcW and he is about to prove that right now.

An aura falls over the arena as the opening guitar line to “Box Full of Sharp Objects” by the Used blasts across the PA. Strobe lights shiver across the darklit ceiling and entrance way. Tyke Index can be seen in his full glory – black hoody over his head giving him the look of a stealth assassin.

Richard Basset: Introducing first he is the challenger hailing from Glasgow, Scotland and currently fighting out of Brooklyn, New York he is the King of Coke Mountain…. TYYYYKKEE IINNNDEEXX!!

He slowly walks down to the ring as the crowd go crazy for the former World Champion. As he enters the ring he then leans back in the corner looking almost stoned and disullusioned.

Richard Basset: Introducing the reigning and defending HcW World Heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavyweight Champion, he is fighting out of Honolulu Hawaii and stands at 6 foot three inches, weighing in at 235 pounds… TAAAAAAUUURRRUUSSS!
“Ready For This” by All Good Things begins to play as Taurus walks out from behind the curtains.

Taurus slowly walks to the ring before entering, Taurus peers over the ropes at the crowd before coming centre ring and going nose to nose with Tyke Index. Tyke and Taurus exchange trash talk before Taurus kisses the HcW Championship and hands it to referee Brian McTavish.

Al Locker: My oh my you can already feel the tension building up here Carcia.

Alan Carcia: This match is going to be destruction personified, listen to this crowd Locker. They are going crazy.

McTavish signals for the bell and this match for the ages is underway! Bullseye!!!!!!





Kick out!

Taurus picks up Tyke Index and whips him into the ropes, Taurus smashes Tyke with a huge strong style lariat. Tyke is on the mat, Taurus dashes against the ropes and hits a back splash causing Tyke to hold his ribs.

Al Locker: I have not seen Taurus this focused in years! That
Bullseye right off the bat has completely altered the original dynamics of this match.

Alan Carcia: Tyke is in a bad way, it’s not looking good, he might live in Taurus shadow forever at this rate. He needs to find his feet quickly.

Taurus picks up Tyke and throws him into the ropes, Taurus looks for another Bullseye but Tyke catches himself in the ropes and comes sprinting back centre ring to smash Taurus with a codebreaker! While Taurus is staggered Tyke hits Total Definition!!!



Tyke makes the cover



Kick out by Taurus! Tyke picks up Taurus and wheels him into the ropes Tyke catches him in a sleeper hold, Taurus is trying to break free. Taurus manages to get his arms behind Tyke and with sheer brute strength manages to lift him in a back body drop position. Tyke however sneaks out the back way and as Taurus turns round Tyke takes him out with a massive huricanrana.
Tyke holds on for the cover



Kick out!! Taurus rolls through and now he has a cover



Tyke rolls through once again…



Kick out by Taurus!

Alan Carcia: This match is starting to evolve like a human game of chess, despite never fighting each other one on one both these men know each other so well.

Al Locker: This has been a true specatacle so far, you get the feeling both men are just looking for the other to make a mistake that the other is too stubborn to make.

Tyke and Taurus are slugging it out now with strong style chops and kicks, Taurus bounces off one set of ropes while Tyke bounces off the other. It looks like it is going to be a double clothesline until Taurus spins round Tykes neck mid air and smashes him with a spinning DDT! Taurus makes the cover!




Al Locker: Tyke just rolled his shoulder there.

Alan Carcia: This match has reminded me of NJPW and strong style wrestling in so many respects tonight.

Al Locker: I expected Taurus to come out with strong style, that’s a style he has perfected since wrestling in Japan, but I am so shocked at what we are seeing from Tyke Index tonight. He is trying to go toe to toe with Taurus.

Alan Carcia: Going toe to toe with Taurus at strong style brawling is not the smartest thing Tyke will do all year, trust me.

Taurus picks up Tyke and hits him with a belly to belly suplex. Taurus keeps a hold of Tyke and hits him with another belly to belly followed by a third followed by a fourth. Tyke is absolutely gassed and in a bad way as Taurus stands up and surrounds him. Taurus grins lightly as Tyke tries to use Taurus body to climb back to his feet. Taurus smashes Tyke with another belly to belly before making the cover



Kick out by Tyke!

Alan Carcia: I have never seen Taurus this determined in my entire life Al.

Al Locker: Each and every one of those belly to belly suplexes must be taking it right out of Tyke Index, how much does he have left in this quest to become World Champion once more?

Alan Carcia: Harvey Goodfellows needs to get out here and perhaps advise Tyke on getting out of here before he gets really hurt.
Taurus picks up Tyke and places him on the top rope, Taurus climbs the ropes and looks for a superplex but before he can deliver Tyke smashes Taurus three times in the stomach out of desperation. Taurus does not budge and holds on to take Tyke down with a huge superplex but Tyke rolls back and hooks Taurus legs!



Ooooooft Taurus just kicks out!

Both men reach their feet and BOOM!!!

Alan Carcia: Taurus with the Bullseye once more!!!

Al Locker: Tyke Index must be broken in half! Oh my god!!

Rather than make the cover Taurus applies the Hornlock! Tyke is in a great deal of pain. Tyke is trying his hardest to make it to the ropes but struggling. Taurus synches the move in deeper with more pressure to the back and torso of Tyke Index.

Al Locker: Will Tyke tap out here?

Alan Carcia: Taurus had the chance to pin Tyke but he would rather the ultimate satisfaction by making him submit instead! What headlines that would be Al!

Tyke is in a great deal of pain and looks close to tapping out when suddenly he somehow manages to extend his arm enough to grab the bottom rope. McTavish calls for the break but Taurus stubbornly waits til 4 before releasing the hold. Taurus stalks Tyke and signals for the Bullseye once again! Taurus smashes Tyke once more with a Bullseye and makes the cover!



Tyke places his foot on the bottom rope! Taurus cannot believe it and queries the count. Taurus is looking frustrated!

Al Locker: Great ring awareness there by Tyke!

Alan Carcia: In the lead up to this match Tyke and Harvey Goodfellows had mentioned that Taurus was looking desperate and that he knew he could not defeat Tyke. I must say, this is the first time in this match where Taurus has almost what looks like a confused and frustrated facial expression. How will he put the challenger away?

Taurus goes to the outside and picks up a steel chair, he comes back in the ring and hovers over Tyke is in a very bad way. Referee McTavish is trying to reason with Taurus to stop him using the steel chair. McTavish tries to grab the chair off of Taurus but Taurus pushes McTavish down by accident. Just then Taurus spins round and Tyke drop kicks the chair right into Taurus’ face! Tyke picks up the steel chair and smashes Taurus right over the head with it!

Al Locker: Oh my god! Taurus is a bloody mess!

Alan Carcia: Tyke Index just smashed the World Champion with a steel chair that was wholly intended for him!

Tyke drops the steel chair over the top rope and picks up Taurus who is pretty much motionless! Tyke smashes Taurus with a Total Definition and makes the cover!



Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god! Kick out by the narrowest of margins!

Al Locker: How did Taurus raise a shoulder up there after everything he has been through so far!? My god he must be super human!

Alan Carcia: Tyke Index can’t believe it! What will it take here?! WHAT WILL IT TAKE!

The crowd are going crazy with appreciation for both men as “Tyke” and “Taurus” chants resonate around the arena!

Tyke Index holds his head in frustration for a second before getting a glint in his eye, Taurus is dripping with blood, he is an absolute mess.

Al Locker: Tyke is going outside for that steel chair again Alan!

Alan Carcia: Tyke said he would end Taurus’ career tonight, but my god, we didn’t think he actually meant it!

Al Locker: If Tyke does with this chair what I think he might, then we might never see Taurus again!

Tyke rolls in the ring with the steel chair but somehow Taurus has reached his feet again. Taurus hits a Bullseye onto the steel chair which in turn smashes into Tyke Index! The momentum sends Tyke all way to the outside!

Al Locker: Oh my god, the Bull is alive!!!

Alan Carcia: Bad break for Taurus there, Taurus cannot pin Tyke on the outside, he must be so frustrated.

Taurus rolls out after Tyke and picks him up. Taurus puts Tyke on the announce table. Taurus looks around the arena with a crazy look in his eye.

Al Locker: What is Taurus thinking here!?

Alan Carcia; We haven’t seen Taurus perform a high risk maneuver like this in a long time, what is he going to do!?

Taurus climbs to the top turnbuckle with Tyke still sprawled on the announce table. Taurus signals and screams “you are forever in my shadow” before leaping off the top rope! Tyke moves out the way and Taurus crashes through the table!!!


Alan Carcia: Taurus risked it all there! That was the desperation Tyke spoke about all along, oh my god, he was right! Taurus is dead!
Tyke crawls out of the debris and pulls himself up using the ring apron, the referee is up to a 6 count inside the ring. Tyke heads back over to Taurus and picks him up slowly, Taurus is dead weight. Tyke rolls Taurus back in the ring. Tyke follows Taurus in the ring. Tyke signals for the end! Tyke picks up the dead weight of Taurus and smashes him with a Total Definition in the center of the ring and makes the cover with all his weight!





Al Locker: Oh my god! Tyke Index has defeated Taurus in a match that will live on for the ages!

Alan Carcia: Tyke Index said he would defeat Taurus and by god he has!


Harvey Goodfellows sprints down the ramp with glee and hands the HcW World Championship to Tyke Index who leans against the ropes looking at Taurus who is still not moving much.

{Highlights show Taurus landing some of the huge Bullseyes earlier in the match, followed by the announce table bump and the final Total Definition.)

Al Locker: My god! What will happen next week on Hell!?

Alan Carcia: Tyke Index has won the HcW World Championship for a second time at Insanity!

“Frankenstein” by the Edgar Winters Band begins to play.

Al Locker: What’s this? We don’t have anyone with theme music.

A gentleman enters the arena and waves to the crowd as he has this shit-eating grin across his face. He’s dressed in a suit, the shirt underneath is buttoned except for the collar button. He has a microphone in his hand as he steps out onto the stage. “Well, that was certainly something, and I mean that. I might come across as a sarcastic prick on occasion but that was probably the best match I’ve seen in a number of years, so I give you both a tremendous amount of credit. Of course, my congratulations to you, Mr. Index on a well fought victory.”

He begins to walk down the ramp. He’s an older gentleman, probably in his 50s and some may actually recognize him. “How rude of me not to introduce myself. My name is Biff Franklin, former professional wrestler, former color commentator and I’m going to be running things around here for a while. You see, the former administration in the back have been chasing off talent and upper management has had enough of their shenanigans. So much so, that security is escorting them out of the building,” he glances down at his sleeve as if looking at a watch, which isn’t there, “right about now because they can’t seem to play well with others.”

He gets down to ringside and begins to climb up the ringsteps, “I’ve been around this business for three decades and have held championships all around the world. I know a thing or two about this business, so as the man in charge now, I’m going to go ahead and make this official for our next PPV event that is called Bitter Enemies. And if this doesn’t make your trousers tent, I don’t know what will. I’m going to call it: Tyke-Taurus II. But considering the outcome of tonight’s match, we need something more to make it exceed expectations.”

“What can we do?” He pauses and pretends to be in deep thought, “Well, I may just have an idea. It’s what I do, really. How about we make this match a Last Man Standing match.”

The crowd gives a pop at that announcement.

“Oh, I should let you know that you should go ahead and get your celebrations out of the way, Mr. Index because I’ve already signed the main event for next week’s Monday Night Hell match. The nice part of this gig is that I can finally put together a few dream matches that I’ve been wanting to see, so you’ll be going one on one with our new Pure Champion, Anaquin Adams just so we can kick off the new Franklin Administration era of HCW with a very loud bang. So, by all means, let me get out of your way and congratulations. Ladies and gentlemen, your new World’s Champion.”

Biff Franklin exits the ring and heads up the ramp as Tyke looks at the man for a moment before moving over to climb up on the second turnbuckle to pose with the championship as his music plays.

Al Locker: Well, now we know what’s been going on in the back all day! A new administrator and it looks like he’s going to be shaking things up around here.

Alan Carcia: While that’s big news, the bigger story is that Tyke Index has reclaimed the HcW World Championship and not only does he have Anaquin Adams to face next week, but in four weeks he’ll be back in the ring with Taurus in a Last Man Standing match!

Al Locker: We are completely out of time, but we’ll bring you any further developments during the week but we will be back in a week with Monday Night Hell. For all of us at HcW, thanks for joining us!

The celebration continues as the scene fades out.

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