The first episode of the 2018 revival of HcW. The main event is for the Pure Championship and also a World Title Tournament match pitting Tyke Index vs. Ricky Stanton vs. Kashim.

A short Video plays of Mr Greeney speaking direct to the camera

Mr Greeney: Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time in nearly a decade Hardcore Championship Wrestling returns to your television screens. We promise you action like you haven’t seen in the past decade. Sit back and enjoy this ride! We are HcW!

The video fades out…

[‘Scars’ by Papa Roach starts as the Monday Night Hell intro video starts. Old footage from HcW is shown. Snakebite, Lance Mikes, Taurus, Muhammed Rushdi, Jason Reign, Kashim, Gabriel Ohio, Luke Hammerbeam, Thomas Marr, Scythe Bloodline, “Pretty” Ricky Stanton and Aria is shown. It fades out into footage of moves: Taurus his the 8 Seconds (Inverted Rolling Cutter) on an opponent. When the song starts Snakebite looks down the camera, Lance Mikes is shown. Glen Greeney is shown. Luke Hammerbeam is shown. Tyke Index pointing to the crowd! The video slowly fades out and in fades HcW Monday Night Hell. Fireworks rocket into the roof of the arena as Hell comes to you live from Florida.

Cameras begin to pan around the inside of the arena

Al Locker: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to 2018! … Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the return of Hardcore Championship Wrestling!!! We are live from the Broward County Civic Arena, Florida. Just over 20,000 fans inside this palace of an arena.

Al Locker: Back alongside me after almost 10 years is the ever funny and lively Alan Carcia…

Alan Carcia: Hell yeah, Oh man, I have missed this. It’s great to be back! Almost 10 years eh? I heard you retired and were in a nursing home Locker..?

Al Locker: Well you still talk crap, nothing changes there!

Alan Carcia: And your mug is still as ugly as ever!!

Al Locker shakes his head at Carcia…

Al Locker: Folks, what a line up we have for you tonight. first announced that a World Heavyweight Championship tournament will begin here tonight!

Alan Carcia: I can’t wait…

Cameras pan backstage where a stretch limo pulls into the car park area

Al Locker: Who could this be?

Alan Carcia: We’ll soon see I am sure

Al Locker: Listen to this crowd! They are pumped

The limo stops and the driver gets out and walks to the back of the vehicle, Opens the door and out steps Mr Greeney

Al Locker: He’s here!! He’s here!!!!

Mr Greeney is greeted by a young child who asks for his autograph, Mr Greeney signs the paper, pats the kid on the head, smiles and walks off…

Alan Carcia: I think he’s on his way out here…

No Diggity by Blackstreet hits the PA system

Richard Basset [Ring announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the HcW owner … Mrrrr Greeeeennneeeeeeyyyyyy!!!!

Fireworks erupt as the curtain gets pulled back

Al Locker: The crowd’s gone nuts!

Alan Carcia: I can’t hear you Locker!!

Mr Greeney steps out on to the stage. He takes a moment and looks around the 20,000 strong in attendance

Al Locker: This is some moment folks! HcW is back and look who’s here!

Mr Greeney makes his way to the ring, slapping fans hands as he starts to call for a microphone. First he high fives the commentary team.

Al Locker: It’s great to see you boss

Alan Carcia: Mr Grreenneeyy!!

Mr Greeney walks up the ring steps and takes a moment to absorb the sound and energy from the crowd…

Mr Greeney: Wow, just wow!! I have missed this so much over the ten years we have been gone. HcW is back and you better believe it! [The crowd goes wild] You cannot describe this feeling. The feeling of satisfaction walking out from that curtain to be graced by the best fans in the world. You Hardcore Championship Wrestling fans are the BEST! You made this happen! This is for you. Yes you… you… you… you… and yes you! [Mr Greeney points his finger at the members of the crowd] We would be nothing without you guys!

Alan Carcia: Well I think Locker is crying

Al Locker: This is an emotional moment!

Mr Greeney: I know you all want some action! Let’s get this show underway!! Tonight we start a World Heavyweight Championship Tournament where winners will advance to the next round! A winner will be crowned at War Of Attrition, January 29, 2018. This will be a monumental moment. Not only for the winner but for HcW! The first champion in ten years!! Now, you all know Tyke Index was our very last world champion back in 2008. He’s had a few issues over the recent years but we have him back!! And he gets a shot at winning his gold back! He gave me the belt but assured me he’s winning it back!

Al Locker: This is unreal folks

Alan Carcia: I still can’t hear you… These fans are going crazy!!

Mr Greeney: One of these match ups tonight will not only be to advance in the World title tournament but will also have the HcW Pure Championship on the line!!!! [The crowd erupt once more]

Al Locker: What a treat folks!

Mr Greeney: That match will be decided now!! – But woh woh woh!! I have something else for you! You see we need someone who can cruise this ship through the waters, sometimes smooth, sometimes choppy. We need someone with experience! Someone who pushes the boundaries like myself! Someone I know very well.

Al Locker: He’s going to announce a general manager!

Alan Carcia: Who is it…? Who is it…?

Mr Greeney: I give to you… The one… The only….

Al Locker: Who is it…?

Mr Greeney: I give to you….. Jonnnnyyyyy D!!!!!!!

Ridin by Chamillionaire his the PA system

Lights start to flicker

Jonny D emerges on to the stage … Holding the HcW World Heavyweight Championship…. And the HcW Pure Championship belts over his left and right shoulder. Jonny D points at Mr Greeney as he walks down the ramp to the ring

Al Locker: Folks!! The start to this show has been nothing short of amazing!!!!

Alan Carcia: Locker, What the hell are we witnessing … We have only been on air ten minutes!

Jonny D gets given a microphone, places both belts on the ring apron, rolls into the ring and then puts both belts back over his shoulders

Al Locker: What will Jonny D have in store for us here in HcW?

Alan Carcia: I love Jonny D [Locker looks at Carcia] … No not in the gay way you fool!!

Jonny D: Ohhhhh MR GREENNEEYYYY!!!! I love you man!

Alan Carcia: See Locker, feel the love

Al Locker: It appears that I will have too!

Mr Greeney smiles at Jonny D, shakes his hand and then gestures towards the crowd to listen to the man…

Jonny D: Just like you installed faith in me in 2004, I will not let you down Mr Greeney. You remember I gave you TV ratings never seen before in this business and you can bet your asses I will do the same again here in 2018!!

Al Locker: Oh I remember some of the stunts this guy pulled back in 2004…

Alan Carcia: I can’t wait

Jonny D: You see Mr Greeney. I have plans. Not just any old plans. I have big big plans for HcW. You see these two championships over my shoulder? The World Heavyweight Championship Over my right Shoulder, the Pure Championship over my left?

Al Locker: Where’s he going with this?

Alan Carcia: Listen to the great man

Jonny D unzips his leather jacket to reveal the Hardcore Championship Wrestling Xtreme Championship belt

The crowd go berserk!!!!!

Alan Carcia: OH SHIT!!

Al Locker: Oh my word! The Xtreme title is back!!

Even Mr Greeney has a look of surprise on his face.

Jonny D: Oh yeah baby!! The Xtreme Championship will return here in HcW! After all, you wanna see some Hardcore Xtreme action right?!?

Alan Carcia: I do… I do!

The crowd have lost it, they have gone wild!!!!

Jonny D: This Xtreme Championship will be contested for at War Of Attrition, live on Pay Per View, Monday, January 29, 2018

Al Locker: This is some news folks, it truly is

Alan Carcia: You bet your ass it is Locker

Jonny D: Moving on to tonight, it’s time to find out who will compete not only to advance in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament but who will also compete for the HcW Pure Championship here live tonight!!!!

Jonny D pulls a red cloth bag out of his left jacket pocket.

Jonny D: Mr Greeney, will you do me the honors of pulling the match out of this bag! The match that will compete for the Pure Championship here tonight!

Mr Greeney takes a look at the crowd. The crowd urge Mr Greeney to pull a name match out the bag. Mr Greeney pulls a piece of paper out and passes it to Jonny D.

Al Locker: Folks, we are just about to find out who will compete for not only a place in the next round of the World title tournament but will also be competing for the HcW Pure Championship!

Alan Carcia: This Start to Monday Night Hell has been off the scale!

Al Locker: You bet it has!

Jonny D: Oh boy! Ladies and gentlemen, the match that will not only be to advance in the World Heavyweight Championship title tournament but also for a shot at the HcW Pure Championship tonight will be…

Jonny D: Kashim vs “Pretty” Ricky Stanton vs Tyke Index

Al Locker: There you have it folks! One of these guys will advance in the World title tournament and win gold here tonight in the shape of the HcW Pure Championship!

Mr Greeney and Jonny D leave the ring talking and smiling at one another.

Al Locker: What news to start the show off folks!

Alan Carcia: I was expecting big things but this has exceeded that!

Al Locker: We…

The camera pan to the backstage area

Linda Chadwick is holding an HcW microphone and chases after Mr Greeney and Jonny D.

Linda Chadwick: Mr Greeney, Jonny D … Sorry to stop you both but I have to ask…

Mr Greeney looks at Linda Chadwick.

Linda Chadwick: Mr Greeney, Jonny D?

Cameras Spin around where Lance Mikes is getting out an expensive looking Lambo.

Mr Greeney and Jonny D walk on over towards Lance Mikes, A second door opens over in the passenger side, out gets none other than Steve Hardy.

Mr Greeney: What the fuck!

Jonny D is taken back by what he’s seeing and Linda Chadwick is looking on in shock.

Lance Mikes walks on past Mr Greeney, Steve Hardy stops and stares at both Mr Greeney and Jonny D.

Mr Greeney: Hold on … Steve Hardy!? You’re not even under contract here!

Jonny D nods along with Mr Greeney.

Steve Hardy: You might want to take a look at this [Steve reveals a VIP box seat with his name printed on it]

Steve Hardy barges into Mr Greeney’s shoulder and then walks away laughing as Mr Greeney and Jonny D exchange words regarding what just happened.

Al Locker: Folks, in the little time we have been on air we have witnessed some unbelievable going on

Alan Carcia: Is this for real? Pinch me … wake me up! This is great

Al Locker: We now look to our first match of the evening

World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match
Muhammed Rushdi vs Jason Reign

Al Locker: Well the returning Muhammed Rushdi who previously held the HcW Pure Championship is up against an unknown quantity in Jason Reign

Alan Carcia: I wonder if Rushdi still has that chip on his shoulder

Al Locker: Folks, we have a man in Rushdi who believes that the powers that be here in HcW are against him because of his heritage, I find that insulting

Alan Carcia: Well when you come from a background like me and Rushdi do

Al Locker: Stop talking nonsense, you were born in America you fool

Alan Carcia: It’s beside the point. Rushdi had to claw his way to the top of the ladder previous in HcW while opportunities were given out willy nilly to the rest of the roster. He was held back.

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] and is an HcW World title tournament match! First to make his way to the ring … Jassoonn Reeiigggnnnn

Music Poison by Alice Cooper hits the PA system and Jason Reign makes his was down the isle

Al Locker: Jason Reign will want to show this capacity crowd what he can bring to HcW here tonight

Alan Carcia: My money is on Rushdi to get the job done here and advance…

Jason Reign enters the ring

Richard Basset: His opponent … Muuuuhhaaammmmedddd Ruusssshhhhhdiiii

Rushdi’s theme music hits and he begins to make his way to the ring…

Richard Basset leaves the ring as Rushdi and Reign lock eyes on one another. Rushdi takes a moment before walking up the steps and entering the ring

Al Locker: Well here we go folks

The bell rings. Rushdi and Jason Reign lock up in a grapple, first with neither men getting the better of each other then followed by a second attempt. Reign manages to Irish whip Rushdi into the ropes before hitting him with a shoulder block, knocking Rushdi to the canvas. Jason reign takes a moment before lifting Rushdi up and sending him into the ropes again. This time Rushdi knocks Jason Reign down. Rushdi starts to shout at the front row of the crowd…

Al Locker: Typical Rushdi trying to stir the crowd here!

Rushdi picks Reign up and starts to punch away at his face.

Al Locker: Some hard hitting blows by Rushdi in the early stages of this one

Rushdi then knocks Reign to the canvas and attempts an early cover…



Reign kicks out and sits up. Rushdi brings Reign to his feet and the pair start to exchange blows, back and forth until Rushdi kicks Reign in the stomach and throws him into the turnbuckle. Reign than starts to stagger forward and is hit with a clothesline

Alan Carcia: I told you my money was on Rushdi

Rushdi picks Reign up and starts to deliver lefts and rights to the face of Reign. Reign manages to block one of the punches and kicks Rushdi in the mid-section followed by and uppercut. Rushdi falls back into the ropes and then comes forward. Reign then throws Rushdi into the ropes and hits him with a dropkick.

Jason Reign attempts a cover



Rushdi kicks out

Al Locker: Both men attempting early covers here in this one

Jason Reign picks Rushdi up and tosses him out of the ring [The crowd seem excited that the action has left the ring]

Rushdi gets to his feet outside the ring and is met my Reign. Reign kicks Rushdi in the left leg, Rushdi drops to one knee. Reign then hits Rushdi’s head off the ring steps and delivers a second. Rushdi manages to block a third attempt before punching Reign and throwing him into the barrier. Rushdi runs at Reign and hits him with a forearm [Reign looks a little startled] Rushdi headbutts Reign and throws him back into the ring…

Al Locker: This ones been rather even so far folks

Rushdi picks Reign up and hits him with a snap suplex, send Reign’s back hard into the canvas. Rushdi attempts to get a pinfall again



thre.. Reign kicks out

Alan Carcia: Rushdi got him

Al Locker: Reign got his shoulder up in time!

The match continues… Rushdi seems to have the upper hand at this point starts to stomp away on Reign before allowing Reign to get back to his feet. Reign starts to throw a few punches of his own before throwing Rushdi into the ropes and goes for another dropkick. This time Rushdi blocks the dropkick and starts to kick away at Reign.

Al Locker: Reign went for another dropkick there but Rushdi had that one scouted

Rushdi starts to yell at Reign before bringing him to his feet. Reign slaps Rushdi and the pair start to brawl in the middle of the ring. Punch after punch the pair go at it, Rushdi starts to stumble backwards into the corner. Reign continues to throw hard hitting punches… Rushdi strikes back with a poke to the eye

Al Locker: Ah come on!

Alan Carcia: He needed to do something there Locker!

Reign holds his face while Rushdi climbs to the top of the turnbuckle. Rushdi then flies off with a clothesline knocking Reign down. Cover!!



Thr… Reign kicks out at almost three!!

Al Locker: Near fall there folks, this has been one interesting battle so far

Rushdi picks up Reign but is hit a DDT!!

Al Locker: What a move! Reign strikes back!!

Reign picks Rushdi up and delivers a piledriver! Reign then goes to work on Rushdi stomping away

Alan Carcia: Reign has snapped here!

Reign keeps kicking at Rushdi until the ref tries to move him away, Reign barges the ref and shoves him to the side and lifts Rushdi to his feet. Reign Irish whips Rushdi and connects with the poison clothesline!!

Al Locker: Rushdi was nearly decapitated!

Alan Carcia: What a clothesline

Al Locker: The end could be near!

Reign starts to watch on as Rushdi rolls around in pain, slowly getting back to his feet

Poison Drop!!!!!!!

Al Locker: That damn near broke Rushdi in half

Jason Reign goes for the cover



3… Ding! Ding!! Ding!!!

Richard Basset: The winner of this match and advancing to the 2nd round of the World Heavyweight Championship Title Tournament … Jason Reign!

Al Locker: There you have it, Jason Reign advances to the next round of the World Heavyweight Championship title tournament. Check out that lethal Poison Drop

A replay is shown

Replay finishes

Alan Carcia: Poor Rushdi, still holding his neck!

Al Locker: What a contest folks to mark the beginning of a new era here in Hardcore Championship Wrestling

Alan Carcia: What a contest that was!

Camera cut to the backstage area

Snakebite is shown walking down the hall area and entering his changing room…

Al Locker: Tonight, Snakebite is back in action here in HcW, the first time in over a decade!

Camera’s return to ringside

Al Locker: Well folks, check out some of the past HcW legends sitting in the front row here! Stric Lee Business, Stag, Shaun Van Bryant, Kaylan Cloud, Chaos, Gerard Christ, Donovan Vitorri to mention a few

Alan Carcia: Poor Van Bryant! I bet he still hates Lance Mikes for breaking his neck!

World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match
Scott Matthews vs Gabriel Ohio

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] and is an HcW World title tournament match! First to make his way to the ring … Scott Matttthhheeeeeewwwwwssssssssss…

Scott Matthews makes his way to the ring. Matthews then enters the ring and proceeds to show off to the crowd

Al Locker: This will prove to be an interesting matchup here folks!

Richard Basset: His opponent … Gaaaaabbrrriiiiiiiiiieellllllllllllllllllll Ooooohiooooooo

Ohio makes his way down the ramp while insulting the crowd [The crowd start to boo Ohio]

Al Locker: Gabriel Ohio isn’t here to make friends… I can tell you that much

Scott Matthews looks on as Ohio makes his way into the ring

Al Locker: Well, this is our second contest of the night so far, enjoy it folks!

The bell rings. Scott Matthews and Ohio go to lock up in the middle of the ring. Before they can Ohio kicks Scott Matthews in the midsection, turns him around and delivers a German Suplex

Al Locker: This one hasn’t taken anytime to get going

Gabriel Ohio lifts Scott Matthews back to his feet and delivers a second German Suplex

Alan Carcia: This Ohio is on fire!

Ohio leaves no time in bringing Scott Matthews back to his feet, Ohio tries to turn Matthews around to hit another German suplex but is blocked not once but twice. Scott Matthews manages to connect with a punch before throwing Ohio into the ropes and connecting with a Dropkick!

Al Locker: What a dropkick to the face of Ohio!!

Ohio rolls around holding his face. Scott Matthews waits for Ohio to make it to his feet. Matthews brings Ohio in and delivers an exploder suplex… Goes for a cover!



Th… Ohio kicks out before the 3 count!

Scott Matthews tells the ref that should have been three. The ref has none of it waving it away

Ohio gets back to his feet and strikes Matthews with a hard hitting forearm, followed by a kick to the gut. They now to exchange punches before Scott Matthews hits a swinging neck breaker on Ohio. Matthews picks Ohio up and throws him into the ropes then delivers a clothesline, picks up Ohio and puts him in position for another suplex…Delivers a German suplex!! .. Matthews wastes little time in picking Ohio up and tossing him into the ropes … He then connects with a dropkick, sending Ohio hard onto the canvas. Scott Matthews goes for another cover…



.. Ohio kicks out after two!

Al Locker: The start to this matchup has been 100mph folks! Little rest bite for either here so far!

Ohio appears to have some blood running down his face…

Al Locker: Ohio looks to be busted open!

Alan Carcia: It must be from that dropkick moments ago…

Scott Matthews turns around and brings Ohio back to his feet. The blood starts to flow a little quicker from the forehead of Ohio now. Scott Matthews delivers a gut buster to Ohio and then another cover!



Thr… Ohio manages to kick out again!

Al Locker: Scott Matthews is looking menacing here so far!

Ohio holds onto the boot of Scott Matthews before punching him in the midsection. Ohio gets to his feet and Irish whips Matthews into the ropes and delivers a T-Bone suplex!! Ohio scrambles for a cover!!



Thr… Matthews kicks out!

Ohio continues to bleed, wiping away blood when he can. Ohio picks Scott Matthews to his feet and delivers a fall away slam on him. Ohio takes no time to stomp away…

Al Locker: Well this contest has swung back and forth so far!

Alan Carcia: What action!

Ohio continues to wipe the blood from his face as he demands Scott Matthews gets to his feet. Ohio continues to yell out “get up” “get the hell up” Matthews makes his way to his feet and receives a kick to the right thigh followed by a punch to the face. Ohio follows up with throwing Matthews into the ropes and goes to deliver a big boot! But Matthews slides underneath it and gets to his feet quickly. Ohio turns around and is quickly taken hold of. Matthews hits a quick fire enziguri on Ohio. Scott Matthews then rolls Ohio over and begins to deliver some hard hitting blows to the face

Al Locker: What a match up this has been folks! Can Ohio save this match here!

Alan Carcia: His face is bloodied and the blood doesn’t appear to be stopping at all

Matthews climbs to the outside of the ring, he appears to be on the ring apron waiting for Ohio to roll over

Al Locker: What’s going on here!!

Matthews delivers a Slingshot Somersault Senton onto Ohio

Al Locker: This one could be over!

Both men lay on the canvas having given there all so far. Matthews starts to make his way to his feet, picks Ohio up and throws him into the ropes. Ohio ducks a clothesline but Matthews connects with a spinning neck breaker!

Al Locker: This is relentless!

Scott Matthews picks Gabriel Ohio up. Ohio manages to kick Matthews in the stomach area.

Fall From Grace!!!!!! Ohio delivers his finisher and then covers Matthews.



3… Ding! Ding!! Ding!!!

Al Locker: What a victory for Gabriel Ohio here tonight on Hell

Richard Basset: The winner of this match and advancing to the 2nd round of the World Heavyweight Championship Title Tournament … Gabriel Ohio!

Alan Carcia: What a finishing move!

Al Locker: Let’s take another look at that ending folks…

A replay is shown

Replay finishes

Al Locker: Folks, what a show this has been so far! And we are only getting started…

Alan Carcia: The action so far has been great! I want more!!

Al Locker: That’s right, War Of Attrition will be live Monday, 29 January, 2018 live only on Pay Per View

Alan Carcia: I can’t wait. We will crown our first HcW World Heavyweight Champion on that night. And an Xtreme Champion also!

Al Locker: It will be some night, I know that much! … Folks, It’s time for the next contest of the evening…

World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match
Aria vs Snakebite

A Light that Never Comes- Linkin Park & Steve Aoki hits the PA system

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] and is an HcW World title tournament match! First to make her way to the ring … AAAAaarriiiaaaaaaa….

Aria makes her way to the ring.

Al Locker: Well folks don’t forget that our final match of the night will pit Luke Hammerbeam up against Thomas Marr, not only for a chance to advance in the World Heavyweight title tournament but the HcW Pure Championship will be up for grabs!

Alan Carcia: I can’t wait to see those two in action!

“Out The Cage” Marz

Out enter Snakebite [The crowd instantly boo!!]

Richard Basset: Her opponent … SnnnakkkkeeeeeeeBiiiittte!!

Al Locker: Snakebite is back in HcW folk after ten years!

Alan Carcia: Snakebite is my favorite for this World title tournament

Al Locker: How many favorites have you got?

Alan Carcia: As many as I want dumbass!

Al Locker: Unbelievable folks!

Snakebite enters the ring and attacks Aria from behind, sending her into the turnbuckle, the ref calls for the bell [Ding…Ding..!]

Snakebite starts to work away on Aria delivering hard kicks and punches [The crowd boo even more…] Snakebite takes a look around at the crowd and proceeds to deliver a middle finger! Snakebite lifts Aria up and hits her with a belly to belly suplex. Snakebite then delivers a second belly to belly…

Al Locker: Snakebite is dominant here so far…

Alan Carcia: Come on Snakebite!

Snakebite moves around the ring, with a look of a hunter watching its pray … Aria starts to make her way to her feet and Snakebite wastes no time running at her, Aria moves to the side sending Snakebite into the turnbuckle. Aria then charges at Snakebite and hits him with a running hip attack

Al Locker: Aria managing to get some offence of her own in here

Aria climbs to her feet and hits Snakebite with a slap to the face, followed by a second. Aria attempts a third slap but Snakebite counters it and thumbs her the face. Snakebite then makes his way to his feet and delivers a DDT to Aria. Snakebite goes for a cover.



Thre.. Aria kicks out!

Al Locker: Snakebite is vicious

Alan Carcia: He’s doing what Snakebite does. He’s a vicious man alright!

Snakebite brings Aria to her feet and delivers a second DDT! Snakebite wastes no time mounting Aria and connecting with damaging head shots, lefts, rights, one after another!

Al Locker: This is brutal ladies and gentlemen! Snakebite in an animal!

Aria manages to get some blocks in before forcing Snakebite over. Aria now starts to hit him with blows to the head

Al Locker: Don’t count Aria out of this one! Look at her go!

Snakebite grabs Aria by the hair and hits her with an elbow to the side of the face

Al Locker: What a blow!

Blood starts to run down the face of Aria. Snakebite wipes some blood off Aria and proceeds to lick it! Snakebite then drives his elbow in to Aria’s face! Followed by a stiff headbutt!

Al Locker: Snakebite is sadistic!

Snakebite gets to his feet and appears to goad the crowd.

Al Locker: Snakebite taking time out here folks to tell the crowd who’s in control

Alan Carcia: Go for a cover Snakebite!! Don’t waste time on those idiots!

Snakebite continues to shout at the crowd. Aria begins to make her way to her feet, blood running down her face. Snakebite continues to yell at the crowd. Aria charges at Snakebite and drops a kick to his back sending him out of the ring.

Al Locker: Aria coming back into this

Alan Carcia: Snakebite’s hurt!

Al Locker: Is he still your favorite for this tournament?

Alan Carcia: I have faith!

Aria climbs to the outside of the ring.

Al Locker: The ref is trying to get these two back in the ring

Aria sends Snakebite hard into the ring steps!

Alan Carcia: Oh shit!! Snakebite, come on!

Al Locker: Aria showing her vicious side now

Aria walks over to Snakebite and pulls his hair back. She then delivers a slap to the face and starts to pull him to his feet. Aria hits Snakebite with a hard hitting uppercut. Aria then throws Snakebite back into the ring before getting back in herself. Out of nowhere Snakebite jumps up and hits Aria with the Venom Injection!!!!!!

Al Locker: Venom Injection!!! Venom Injection!!!! Venom Injection!!!!!!

Alan Carcia: Go for the cover!

Snakebite goes for the cover.



3… Ding! Ding!! Ding!!!

Richard Basset: The winner of this match and advancing to the 2nd round of the World Heavyweight Championship Title Tournament … Snakebite!

Al Locker: Let’s see how Snakebite won this one

A replay is shown

Replay finishes

Cameras return to ring side where the commentary team of Al Locker and Alan Carcia are sat…

Al Locker: What a night this has been so far folks! The action has been relentless

Alan Carcia: That’s what HcW has always been about. Action that is relentless, hard hitting and entertaining

Camera’s quickly switch to the backstage area where Taurus is shown beaten down!

Al Locker: What the hell is going on back there??

The camera swings around to show Snakebite delivering a beat down to Taurus, Snakebite picks up a lead pipe and hits Taurus over the skull with multiple shots! Referee’s and officials try to break the attack up. But they can’t seem to stop Snakebite who continues to beat away at Taurus. Jonny D runs over to area where at this point Taurus is covered in his own blood. Snakebite has lost it.


Snakebite looks on at Jonny D and starts to back away, dropping the lead pipe

Al Locker: We now turn our attentions to the next match up of the night…

World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match
Lance Mikes vs Raging Dead vs Scythe Bloodline

Al Locker: It’s time for the next match of the evening folks!

The cameras move to the backstage area where Lance Mikes is shown making his way to the curtain area.

Mr Greeney steps in front of Mikes and offers his hand, Mikes sniggers and walks away. Mr Greeney has a look of annoyance on his face as he mutters “Son of a bitch”

Al Locker: There is no love lost between these two

Alan Carcia: What is Mikes thinking??

99 ways to die by Megadeth hits the A system

As the music starts Scythe shoots out onto the stage thumping in place with strobe lights accompanying him. He pauses and raises his right arm than dashes down the ramp high fiving fans on the way. He slides into the ring hopping up on the nearest turnbuckle and roaring towards the crowd then jumps down still feeling the pumping of the music through him. The music calms as it fades and the match gets ready to begin.

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] and is a triple threat, HcW World title tournament match! First to make his way to the ring … Scyyyyyythe Bloooooooooooodline

Scythe pulls on the ropes as Raging Dead’s entrance begins

“Insane” by Korn hits the PA system

The lights suddenly go out and the opening chords of “Insane” by Korn start up as a countdown begins on the screen. At the end, there is a sudden burst in the music and Raging Dead blasts through the curtain in a fit of rage (pun intended). He angrily storms to the ring and slides in, then roams around like he’s looking to destroy.

Richard Basset: Next to make his way to the ring…….. Raging Deeaaddddddd

Al Locker: Well folks, it will be interesting to see what Scythe Bloodline and Raging Dead can bring to the table here in this match up!

Alan Carcia: Lance Mikes will put them in their place!

The referee stands between the two in competitors as Lance Mikes entrance starts as ‘Always’ By Saliva begins to play over the sound system in the arena. The fans are fifty-fifty cheering and booing as they know who is about to come. After the lyrics “Always Always Always Always… I just can’t live without you” begin to play out walks Lance Mikes with a smug smile on his face.

Richard Basset: Annd now.. Making his way to the ring from Manchester England. ‘Yours Truly’ Laaaancee Miiiiikes!

Lance walks down the ring slowly to get in the mind of his opponent, he walks up the ring steps and gets in the ring under the top rope. The lights dim and he spins around in the middle of the ring with his arms stretched out to his sides. He stops in the middle as the spot light focuses on him. He bends a knee towards the entrance ramp and the other leg straight and flexes his muscles as fireworks go off behind. After the fireworks finish he stops up straight and the lights come back on slowly. He stands in his corner with his fingers from both hands interlocked. He begins twisting his wrists to loosen the joints as he awaits the bell.

Al Locker: Lance is a veteran of the game. He knows how to get the job done

Alan Carcia: He does, but will he have what it takes here tonight?

All three men look at each other as the ref calls for the bell.

Ding! Ding!

Al Locker: Here we go folks!

Raging Dead charges at Lance Mikes and is instantly hit with the Full Stop!! Dead hits the canvas and appears to be out for the count. Scythe Bloodline has a look of confusion on his face after Mikes hits his finisher on Dead!

Al Locker: Raging Dead it out of it!

Lance Mikes looks at Scythe Bloodline and signals that they should remove Raging Dead from the ring. Both Mikes and Scythe pick up Raging dead to his feet and throw him over the top rope!

Al Locker: Looks like Raging Dead is out cold! Someone get the trainer over to this man he needs some medical attention!

Lance Mikes quickly attacks Scythe Bloodline, first hitting him across the back and sending him into the ropes. Mikes then Irish whips Scythe Bloodline and delivers a clothesline followed by a knee drop to the face. Mikes goes for a cover on Scythe Bloodline.



Thr… Scythe Bloodline kicks out

Lance Mikes shoves the ref in frustration then waits for Scythe Bloodline to get back to his feet. Scythe Bloodline is again thrown into the ropes but comes flying off with a diving cross body. Scythe jumps back to his feet and pulls Mikes up. Scythe Bloodline delivers a European uppercut sending Mikes down to one knee then drives a kick hard to Mikes left leg. Mikes manages to get a couple of quick punches to the face of Scythe before rolling him up into a package.



Thre- Scythe Bloodline again kicks out!

Al Locker: I thought this one was done!

Alan Carcia: Me too!

Lance Mikes appears to be frustrated. Lance gets to his feet quickly and charges at Scythe Bloodline knocking him down a hard clothesline. Lance begins to stomp away at Scythe Bloodline as he’s on the floor.

Al Locker: Lance is taking his frustrations out here!

Alan Carcia: I love it!

Lance grabs Scythe Bloodline by the hair and drags him up to his feet. As he does this the referee is telling him to let go of his hair. Scythe Bloodline quickly pushes Lance away and hits him with a quick clothesline, knocking him down. Scythe Bloodline picks Lance up and whips him across the ring with an Irish whip. As Lance comes back Scythe Bloodline goes for Fantasy Thrillride.

Al Locker: It could be over here if he hits this!

Alan Carcia: What a win this would be for Scythe Bloodline

As he has Lance up, ready to drop him down, Lance manages to get free and land on his feet behind Scythe Bloodline. Lance quickly spins Scythe Bloodline around and kicks him in the guts hard. Lance positions Scythe Bloodline in position for The Ending.

Al Locker: A quick reversal there by Lance!

Alan Carcia: He’s signalling for it Locker!

Lance lifts Scythe Bloodlines legs up and positions Scythe Bloodline’s arms behind his legs and hits him with The Ending. Lance then rolls over and goes for the cover.




Ding! Ding!! Ding!!!

The referee calls for the bell as Lance pushes Scythe Bloodline away and slowly gets to his feet. The referee lifts his arm up as Lance uses his other hand to hold the back of his head.

Richard Basset: The winner of this match and advancing to the 2nd round of the World Heavyweight Championship Title Tournament … Lance Mikes!

Al Locker: A hard fought victory for Lance Mikes there!

Alan Carcia: What an ending that was! No pun intend.

Al Locker: Let’s check out that finish once more…

A replay is shown

Replay finishes

Al Locker: The next match up folks was supposed to be a triple threat match

Alan Carcia: Well that was until Snakebite eliminated Taurus backstage and sent him off in an ambulance!

Al Locker: And because of those actions Taurus has been taken to a local medical facility and we are hearing that Taurus is receiving help with a concussion and to clear his airways. That bastard Snakebite has some explaining to do!

Alan Carcia: I’m sure Taurus had it coming!

Al Locker: You can be a real scumbag Carcia, you know that?

Alan Carcia: haha…

World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match
Dean Moxley vs ???

Al Locker: Well….

All of a sudden the lights go out

Alan Carcia: What the…

187 – “Master’s Solemn Hour” hits the PA system

Fog starts to fill pockets or the arena as the cameras begin to pan around. All of a sudden the cameras go still looking into a section of the crowd. A man and women appear to make their way to the ring through the crowd. It appears that a good number of fans know who they are! The arena lights flicker and crackle like a lightning storm…

Al Locker: Oh my god, its Stalker and Zara

Alan Carcia: Holy shit!

Stalker and Zara climb over the barricade before entering the ring. Zara perches herself on the ring post and awaits the opponent…

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] and is an HcW World title tournament match! First already in the ring … Staaaaaaaaallllkkeeerrrrr with Zaaarrraaa!!

Camera’s pan backstage

Al Locker: What the hell now!!

Snakebite is now attacking Seth Moxley with a plank of wood which appears to have nails through it. Dean Moxley is standing next to his brother while Snakebite threatens to hit him. Dean steps to the side trying to plead with Snakebite.

[The crowd are in shock]

Al Locker: Snakebite is out of control, he’s an animal!! Seth Moxley has a family!!! You can’t do this him!!!!

Alan Carcia: Snakebite is beating the shit out of Seth Moxley

Jonny D runs over to the scene and yells at Snakebite, What the fuck are you doing to my show!!! Just what the hell!?

Snakebite looks on with a menacing stare. Jonny D slowly backs away while Dean Moxley looks on at the damage done to his brother.

Jonny D: Dean, go out to your match up, I will get help for Seth… Go!! Just go!!! … Dean leaves the scene but clearly looks worried about his brother

Dean storms out onto the ramp before his entrance begins

Al Locker: Dean’s storming out here before his entrance was set

Alan Carcia: He’s lost it, not good when Stalker is waiting in the ring!!

Dean gets into the ring and charges at Stalker! Stalker delivers a devastating throat chop, followed by a second. Dean is then thrown into the ropes and hit with a hard clothesline, crashing into the canvas. Stalker pulls Dean up by his hair and delivers a hard right punch to the face. Stalker delivers a kick to the stomach area and sets Moxley up for a Powerbomb!!

Al Locker: How dominating is Stalker here!

Alan Carcia: I fear for Dean Moxley … Actually, I don’t care at all hahahahaha….

Stalker looks over at Zara. She appears to be telling Stalker to deliver more punishment to Dean Moxley

Stalker picks Moxley up and grabs him by the throat. Stalker walks Moxley around the ring…

Al Locker: This doesn’t go well for Dean Moxley, first his brother gets destroyed backstage by Snakebite. And now he is being taken apart by Stalker

Alan Carcia: Unlucky Moxley

Stalker chucks a dazed looking Moxley into the ropes and delivers a back elbow followed by a quick leg drop

Al Locker: Stalker goes for a cover



Thre… Stalker picks Dean Moxley’s head up and yells “not yet” to the referee

Alan Carcia: haha

Al Locker: You’re enjoying this you sadistic bastard!

Alan Carcia: Of course I am

Stalker picks Moxley up and delivers Epiphany!!!!!!

Al Locker: Moxley must be broken in half!

Stalker picks Moxley up and delivers a second Epiphany!!!!!!!!!

Stalker covers Dean Moxley



3… Ding Ding! Ding!!

Richard Basset: The winner of this match and advancing to the 2nd round of the World Heavyweight Championship Title Tournament … Stalker!

Al Locker: That was one hell of a dominant performance

Alan Carcia: My money is on Stalker going all the way…

Al Locker: Your money is on everyone! You’re as bent as a lottery winning email from Nigeria

Alan Carcia: Screw you Locker!

Al Locker: Check out these devastating moves by Stalker here on Monday Night Hell

A replay is shown

Replay finishes

Jonny D is backstage speaking with Snakebite [The crowd start to cheer]

Al Locker: What has got into Snakebite? He won his dam match for goodness sake

Alan Carcia: Beating the shit out of people backstage, what’s not to love about that?

Jonny D: Snakebite, Is this your sick way of putting the roster on notice or something?

Al Locker: Snakebites eyes are glazed over

Jonny D: You need to leave this arena before I get you escorted out!

Camera’s return to ringside

Alan Carcia: Now I remember why I love Snakebite

Al Locker: Next up folks is Luke Hammerbeam vs Thomas Marr. The World Heavyweight Championship Title Tournament continues!

Camera’s return to ringside

Al Locker: That’s right folks, tune in on Thursdays to the Locker Report…

The crowd appear to be making a lot of noise… The camera’s pan into the crowd…

Al Locker: What, who…

Alan Carcia: OMG, Look who it is!!!!

None other than “Ruthless” Eddie Rolan is among the crowd many rows back. Eddie starts to shake what appears to be a can of beer. Eddie then cracks the can open and allows the spray to go everywhere…

Al Locker: Eddie Rolan is here in HcW? Oh man, things have just picked up!

Alan Carcia: What the hell?

Eddie Rolan continues to open up cans of beer. Drinking some and throwing some over the crowd. The crowd appear to be loving this

Al Locker: My goodness folks, “Ruthless” Eddie Rolan is here in HcW!

The cameras return to the ring for the next match up…

World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match
Luke Hammerbeam vs Thomas Marr

Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd hits the PA system

Al Locker: Ladies and Gentlemen this should make for a fantastic match up

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] and is an HcW World title tournament match! First making his way to the ring … Luuuuuuuke Hammmmmmerbeam…

Hammerbeam makes his way to the ring slapping the hands of the crowd… Hammerbeam enters the ring and waits for his opponent…

“Legend” by Inexus hits the PA system

Various imagery flickers on the big screen, interspersed with words written in Latin and various languages. As soon as the drop hits, a lone spotlight opens on Thomas Marr as he stands, arms raised in the crucifix position. He walks down to the ring, with the lone spotlight following him amongst the darkness around him and calmly

Richard Basset: His opponent … Thhhoommmasssss Maaaarrrrr..

Al Locker: This promises to be some contest

Alan Carcia: It should be

Thomas Marr steps into the ring as Luke Hammerbeam walks over to meet him in the centre

Al Locker: This ones ready to go folks!

The referee calls for the bell

Ding! Ding!!

Both Hammerbeam and Marr lock up in the middle of the ring. No one appears to get the better of the first grapple so they go again. Hammerbeam manages to get Marr in a headlock but is quickly thrown into the ropes and shoulder barged to the canvas. Hammerbeam gets straight to his feet as the pair grapple once more. This time Marr manages to apply a headlock on Hammerbeam. Marr is then thrown into the ropes… Hammerbeam delivers a dropkick which sends Marr crashing into the canvas. Hammerbeam applies an arm bar, increasing the pressure.

Al Locker: What a start to this contest!

Alan Carcia: All action so far!

Hammerbeam releases the arm bar and attempts to stomp on Marr. Marr manages to roll out of it and quickly gets back to his feet. Marr then delivers a hard punch to the face of Hammerbeam making him stumble back somewhat, however Hammerbeam moves forward and delivers a punch of his own. Marr then kicks Hammerbeam in the midsection and delivers a hard lariat over the back sending him down…

Al Locker: Marr is going for a cover!



Hammerbeam kicks out!!

Marr looks on at the referee and signals that the count was rather slow. The ref is having none of it

Hammerbeam starts to make his way to his feet. Marr charges at him but is hit with a clothesline, gets back to his feet and charges once more, this time Hammerbeam delivers a spinebuster!!

Al Locker: Goodness me! What a spinebuster!

Hammerbeam goes for a cover.



Th… Marr kicks out!!

Al Locker: That was close!

Hammerbeam gets down on one knee and starts to deliver blows to the face of Marr, Marr appears to be helpless as the hard hitting blows keep coming. Hammerbeam delivers a final blow and makes it up to his feet and heads for the top turnbuckle…

Alan Carcia: What’s this?

Al Locker: Hammerbeam going high

Hammerbeam holds fire while Marr starts to make it to his feet. Hammerbeam comes flying off the turnbuckle with a missile dropkick! Marr moves out the way sending Hammerbeam crashing into the canvas…

Al Locker: Marr managing to get out of the way, it could have been over there

Marr quickly scrambles for a cover!



Thre…. Hammerbeam gets his left shoulder up! Marr again questions the refs count

Al Locker: Thomas Marr questioning the refs count for a second time here

Alan Carcia: Can this ref even count to three?

Thomas Marr comes off the rope and delivers a knee to the face followed by bring Hammerbeam back to his feet. Marr steps back urging Hammerbeam to come forward. Hammerbeam stumbles forward and then is hit with an inverted atomic drop!

Alan Carcia: That’s gotta hurt!

Al Locker: You bet!

Marr considers going for a cover but decides to pick Hammerbeam up. Hammerbeam delivers a couple of punches followed by a kick to the lower leg of Marr. Marr responds with a punch of his own. Hammerbeam and Thomas Marr both move back into the ropes and run forward at each other… Double clothesline!!

Al Locker: Both men are down, the refs starting a double count…






Hammerbeam and Marr both start to make it to their feet

6… The ref stops the count as both men are almost up!

Al Locker: The action continues…

Hammerbeam and Marr again exchange punches. Hammerbeam delivers a hard hitting chop to the chest of Marr, followed by a second and third

Al Locker: Hard hitting chops here in this match up! Listen to these chops…

Thomas Marr holds his chest while Hammerbeam goes for an Irish whip. Marr is thrown into the turnbuckle. Hammerbeam proceeds on climbing up Marr and starts to deliver punches [The crowd start counting]





Al Locker: Look at these blows to Thomas Marr






10… Hammerbeam delivers another few shots for good measure!

Al Locker: Could the end be near?

Marr looks rather dazed… He walks ring in to Hammerbeam who hits him with a brainbuster!!

Alan Carcia: That’s it, this is over

Hammerbeam goes for a cover.



Thre…. Thomas Marr somehow kicks out

Al Locker: How close was that?

Alan Carcia: I thought the fat lady had sung

Hammerbeam, looking rather knackered himself starts to wait for Thomas Marr to make it to his feet…

Al Locker: What’s Hammerbeam looking to do now?

Beam Buster!!!!!!

Oh no, wait Marr manages to wriggle out of it. Marr looks to go for a DDT! Hammerbeam somehow reverses the move attempts a DDT of his own. Marr gets out of it and punches Hammerbeam, sending Hammerbeam into the ropes. Hammerbeam comes forward looking worse for wear… Thomas Marr attempts to hit Hammerbeam with The Revelation!!

But wait! Hammerbeam kicks Thomas Marr in the mid-section…

Beam Buster!!

Al Locker: By God, that’s gotta be it!!

Luke Hammerbeam goes for a cover.



3… Ding! Ding!! Ding!!!

Richard Basset: The winner of this match and advancing to the 2nd round of the World Heavyweight Championship Title Tournament … Luke Hammerbeam!

Al Locker: What a contest. Both men gave it their all

Alan Carcia: What action!

Luke Hammerbeam gets to his feet and the referee raises his hand in victory!

Al Locker: Folks, let’s take another look at the key moments in this bout…

A replay is shown

Replay finishes

Thomas Marr makes it to his feet and stumbles a little. Luke Hammerbeam offers his hand…

Al Locker: What a show of respect folks, is Thomas Marr going to accept?

Thomas Marr shakes Hammerbeam’s hand and the pair exchange words

Al Locker: We hope to see these two go at it again one day!

World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match
Pure Wrestling Championship Match
Triple Threat
Kashim vs “Pretty” Ricky Stanton vs Tyke Index

Al Locker: Here we go folks, a chance to advance in the World title tournament and a chance to win the Pure Championship!

Alan Carcia: I can’t wait…

“Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter” hits the PA system

Lights go out and the spotlight is on Leo standing at the entrance with his orange hoodie hiding his face. The lyrics come up “And it’s long forward, trust in me” and Leo (Kashim) pulls up his hood revealing a smiling face making the crowd chant “Leo” as he walks down the ramp and waits for his opponent to come out.

Al Locker: Well here comes Kashim, also goes by Leo

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] and is a triple threat match and it is an HcW World title tournament match! And for the first Pure Champion of this era!! First to make his way to the ring … Leo, The Life Spirit, Kashhiimmm!!!!

Kashim enters the ring as the next entrance begins

The lights go out and the black Superman logo appears on the big screen. Fall Out Boy’s Centuries starts to play.

Some legends are told

Some turn to dust or to gold

But you will remember me

Remember me, for centuries

Just one mistake

Is all it will take

We’ll go down in history

Remember me for centuries

Remember me for centuries..

Richard Basset: Next making his way to the ring…. “Pretty” Ricky Staannttooonnnnn!!

Al Locker: This is one tough S O B folks

Alan Carcia: And he is coming here to kick some ass Locker!

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton enters the ring

Al Locker: Folks, don’t change channel, you won’t want to miss this one!

“Box Full Of Sharp Objects” The Used hits the PA system

Al Locker: Here comes a man who knows what it’s like to hold the HcW World Heavyweight Championship

Richard Basset: Making his way to the ring… Tyyykkeeee Indddexxxxx!!

Tyke wastes little time and starts to run towards the ring

Al Locker: Get ready folks!!

Alan Carcia: Here we go!

Tyke Index slides into the ring and dives towards Kashim, knocking him down to the canvas. The referee calls for the bell to signal the start of this match up. Ricky Stanton takes a back step allowing Tyke to deliver a few shots to Kashim. Tyke gets up and charges at Ricky Stanton. Ricky manages to duck a clothesline before hitting Tyke with an arm bar take down! Kashim gets to his feet and hits Ricky Stanton with a baseball slide.

Al Locker: I don’t think I have had time to take a breath yet!

Alan Carcia: This is all out attack!

Kashim attempts an early cover on Tyke Index.



Ricky Stanton dives on top of Kashim and starts to deliver lefts and right to the face. Tyke Index gets to his feet and pulls Stanton of Kashim. Tyke starts to deliver punches of his own to Kashim before Stanton pulls him off! Kashim rolls out of the ring while Tyke Index and Ricky Stanton begin to throw punches at one another!

Al Locker: Where’s Kashim going?

Alan Carcia: Look out!

Kashim climbs the top turnbuckle, waiting for both Tyke Index and Ricky Stanton to turn around. And when they do they are met with a moonsault!

Al Locker: What a display of offence by Kashim

Kashim gets to his feet and the crowd show their appreciation

Alan Carcia: Fair enough! That’s skill

Both Tyke Index and Ricky Stanton both roll around as Kashim climbs back to the top turnbuckle. Index and Stanton start to make their way to their feet, Stanton pushes Tyke Index into the turnbuckle causing Kashim to lose his balance and fall forward. Kashim manages to jump of the turnbuckle onto Stanton’s shoulders and goes for a hurricanrana! Stanton manages to hold onto Kashim and looks like he is going to deliver a powerbomb!

Al Locker: Look out!

Tyke Index quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle and flies off towards Kashim who is still on top of Stanton’s shoulders… Tyke Index delivers a blockbuster sending Kashim crashing into the canvas, Stanton hits the canvas to, though manages to get to his feet quick. Tyke goes for a cover on Kashim



Stanton pulls Tyke off and goes for a cover himself



Thr… Tyke dives onto Stanton and breaks the cover

Al Locker: This match is delivering the goods folks

Alan Carcia: What a night this has been!

All three men lay in the ring while the crowd show admiration for the action they are seeing

Al Locker: HcW does not disappoint when it comes to action!

All three men start making their way to their feet. Kashim charges at Tyke Index and hits him with an enziguri kick, Tyke hits the deck while Stanton grabs a hold of Kashim. Kashim kicks Stanton in the mid-section and delivers a DDT!

Al Locker: This could be over!

Kashim rolls on top for a cover.



Th… Ricky Stanton kicks out!

Al Locker: Kashim nearly bagging the victory

Alan Carcia: I thought he had Stanton for a moment

Tyke Index gets to his feet. Kashim makes his way to his feet. Index hits Kashim with a gore!!!

Al Locker: Oh my word! What a spear

Tyke picks Stanton up but is hit with a thumb to the eye. Index loses his whereabouts and is hit with a springboard suplex. Stanton then picks Tyke up. Kashim gets to his feet and charges at Stanton, Kashim hits Stanton with a cross body!

Al Locker: The pace of this match has been unreal

Alan Carcia: This is awesome!

Tyke grabs hold of Kashim but receives a punch to the face, looks like his nose got it! Tyke stumbles back a little while Stanton takes hold of Kashim and delivers the Doom Crown!!!!!!

Al Locker: Could this be it!

Tyke Index delivers a knee to Ricky Stanton knocking him out the ring. Tyke Index covers Kashim!




Al Locker: Tyke Index, Tyke Index, Tyke Index!!!!!!

Alan Carcia: Tyke Index just stole this victory from Ricky Stanton!

Richard Basset: The winner of this match AND advancing to the next round of the World Heavyweight title tournament AND NEWWWW HcW Pure Champion….. Tyke Index!!!!!!!!

A replay is shown

Replay finishes

Jonny D makes his way to the ring holding the HcW Pure Championship up in the air

Al Locker: Looks like Jonny D is about to hand the Pure title over to Tyke Index!

Alan Carcia: Look at that look on Stanton’s face

Jonny D enters the ring and hand the Pure Championship over to Tyke Index. The crowd can be heard cheering! Ricky Stanton re-enters the ring and takes Tyke Index out from behind.

Al Locker: “Pretty” Ricky Stanton has lost it

Jonny D escapes the ring calling for officials to come and stop the carnage.

Doom Crown!! Ricky Stanton leaves Tyke Index out cold in the middle of the ring. Stanton then drops the Pure title onto an incapacitated Index

Al Locker: What did you have to do that for Stanton!?

Alan Carcia: What do you mean, what did he do it for? Tyke cost him the win…

Al Locker: What a night this has been folks! What will happen next week? Who will advance to the World title match at War Of Attrition? So many questions to be answered! Tune in next Monday. Goodnight!

Picture starts to fade out…

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