Tyke Index battles Gray Zee in the main event.

2hrs before Monday Night Hell goes live…

“Ruthless” Eddie Rolan is outside the arena giving out alcohol to all comers. Eddie is drinking too. Rolan appears to be having fun and banter with the fans…

Jonny D walks over to and starts to speak…

Jonny D: What the fuck are you doing? These fans are entering the arena pissed out of their heads. Do you think this is responsible?

Eddie Rolan shakes a can of beer up and opens it up in Jonny D’s face. The beer sprays all over Jonny D…

Jonny D: You son of a bitch this is a $10,000 suit!

Eddie Rolan laughs, throws the can at Jonny D and walks away…

Last Week…

Al Locker: 20 years in the making folks

Alan Carcia: I can’t hear myself Al, the crowd are letting Lance know how they feel

Lance bows down to the crowd. He then goes over to Melissa Daniels and whispers something to her. He then brings then begins to clap for the fans.

Lance Mikes: Thank you guys! You have no idea how long I have waited to hold this HcW World Heavyweight Championship! It’s been 20 years since I started out here in HcW. 20 long years and every single time. EVERY TIME that son of a bitch Glen held me back away from this title. Well Glen, not this time around. This time I’m doing things MY way.

Al Locker: Lance letting Glen know how he feels

Alan Carcia: Folks, there is no love lost between these two

Suddenly No Diggity begins to play on the PA system.

Al Locker: Oh boy!

Alan Carcia: Things are about to get interesting

Mr Greeney makes his way out and begins to make his way down the aisle way. He quickly walks up the steps and in to the ring. He is handed a microphone.

Mr Greeney: SHUT UP!! You are lucky I haven’t taken that title off you already you dumb son of a bitch!

(The crowd begin to boo)

Mr Greeney: SHUUUUT UUUPP!!!

Al Locker: Mr Greeney is far from pleased here folks

Alan Carcia: This celebration was quickly stopped

Mr Greeney: Lance you are on borrowed time… wait a second… Who the fuck is the bitch in MY ring!

Lance goes for Glen. Glen holds him back.

Mr Greeney: Whoa! Whoa! Hold your horses there old friend

Lance Mikes: Greeney you better have a damn good reason for coming out here.

Mr Greeney: As a matter of fact I do.

Mr Greeney has a huge smirk on his face.

Mr Greeney: If I recall, I do remember hearing you say that if you won the World Championship that you would shake my hand.

Lance shakes his head.

Lance Mikes: Greeney, are you for real.

Melissa whispers something in to the ear of Lance Mikes. Lance smirks. He offers his hand out to Glen to shake. Glen looks shocked and looks around at the crowd. Glen quickly grabs Lance’s hand and they shake hands. Lance doesn’t look go though. He pulls Mr Greeney in and lifts his microphone up.

Lance Mikes: Don’t you ever, call her a bitch again!

Out of nowhere Melissa Daniels slaps Mr Greeney across the face and then exits the ring.

Al Locker: Oh my god folks!

Alan Carcia: I can’t believe she just did that!

She walks down the steps and up the aisle way in to the backstage area. Lance is now laughing at Glen. Suddenly “Problem” by Webbie & Boosie BadAzz begins to play.

Al Locker: Business is about to pick up here folks

Alan Carcia: Why are people ruining this celebration?

Snakebite walks out on to the ramp way with a microphone in one hand and a steel chair in the other.

Snakebite: Lance, Lance

He slowly starts to make his way down the aisle.

Snakebite: You will bleed, you will fall at Bloodshed

Snakebite climbs on to the apron and gets in to the ring. Lance drops the championship and goes straight for Snakebite with punches and kicks. Snakebite is backed up in to a corner as Lance begins to tee off on his with punches. Glen attacks Lance from behind.

Al Locker: This celebration has turned ugly really quickly

Alan Carcia: This is two on one!

Lance is down on the floor as Snakebite and Glen both stomp away on him. Glen motions for Snakebite to hit him with the steel chair. Snakebite gets an evil look on his face and picks up the steel chair. Glen lifts Lance up and punches him in the gut. He then holds him up.

Al Locker: This isn’t going to end well for Lance!

Alan Carcia: Wait a second Al, is that…

Suddenly a masked man jumps the barriers once again. He slides in to the ring behind Snakebite and grabs the steel chair out of his hands just as he was swinging to hit Lance.

Al Locker: It’s the same masked man who attacked Tyke Index!

Alan Carcia: At least someone has Lance Mikes’ back here in HcW!

The masked man hits Snakebite in the guts with the steel chair and then does the same to Mr Greeney. Lance slowly gets up as the masked man smashes the steel chair on the back of Snakebite and then does the exact same to Mr Greeney. Lance is now up.

Al Locker: This isn’t going to sit well with Mr Greeney!

Alan Carcia: Who the hell is this masked man!

Lance is stomping away at Snakebite whiles the masked man is dealing with Mr Greeney. Tyke Index comes out from the back and runs down the ramp way. He slides in to the ring as Lance and the masked man exit the ring. Lance quickly grabs his championship from under the ropes.

Al Locker: Tyke saved the day for Mr Greeney and Snakebite

Alan Carcia: All hell is breaking loose here!

Lance and the masked man walk up the ramp way and stop at the top. Lance holds the back of his neck and holds the world championship high in the air. The camera zooms in on the ring where Tyke Index is helping Mr Greeney up and Snakebite is looking through the ropes with an evil smirk on his face. The cameras zoom out and Lance is now shown holding the title up as the cameras begin to fade out.

[‘Scars’ by Papa Roach starts as the Monday Night Hell intro video starts. Old footage from HcW is shown. Snakebite, Lance Mikes, Taurus, Muhammed Rushdi, Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton, “Ruthless” Eddie Rolan, Gabriel Ohio, Thomas Marr, Scythe Bloodline, “Pretty” Ricky Stanton, Jason Reign, Stalker Knight, Trent Harper, Raven Trueblood and Tommy McMaster is shown. It fades out into footage of moves: Taurus his the 8 Seconds (Inverted Rolling Cutter) on an opponent. When the song starts Snakebite looks down the camera, Lance Mikes is shown. Mr Greeney is shown. Jonny D is shown. “Big Deal” Gray Zee is shown. Eddie Rolan is shown throwing beer at the crowd. Tyke Index pointing to the crowd! Lance Mikes holding the HcW World Heavyweight Championship up in the air …The video slowly fades out and in fades HcW Monday Night Hell. Fireworks rocket into the roof of the arena as Hell comes to you live from the Chase Center, San Francisco, California

Al Locker: Welcome folks to the Chase Center, San Francisco, California and welcome to another episode of Monday Night Hell. What a night this will prove to be!

Alan Carcia: We have some fantastic match ups in store for everyone tonight!

Al Locker: That’s ri…

The camera goes to the backstage area.

Lance Mike’s is walking toward the curtain backstage with his World title over his shoulder.

Cameras return to ringside.

Al Locker: Here goes folks… Lance Mike’s is on his way out here!

‘Always’ By Saliva plays on the sound systems. Lance Mikes walks out from behind the curtains to a big cheer from the crowd. He stands at the top of the ramp way in a blue suit. The World Championship slung over his right shoulder. He has a huge smile on his face.

Al Locker: Look at the smile on the face of Lance Mikes

Alan Carcia: Wouldn’t you be smiling Al if you were HcW World Champion?

Lance walks down the ramp way and up the stairs on the left side of the ring. He gets in to the ring quickly and walks over to the back end of the ring. Richard Bassett hands him a microphone. Lance turns to face the entrance way and begins to speak.

Lance Mikes: Greeney, you made a big fucking mistake when you put your nose in my business. You have no place being in the ring attacking an HcW superstar. You aren’t contracted to fight, unless something has changed and we can start booking you in matches now? No… I didn’t think so.

Al Locker: Lance doesn’t seem too pleased here folks

Alan Carcia: He’s pissed that Mr Greeney attacked him last week

Lance Mikes: You see Glen, I shook your hand. You wanted to make amends for the past but then you go ahead and do something as stupid as this? I couldn’t careless if you made my match at Bloodshed a First Blood Match. It just means I’ll have to make that little slithering bastard Snakebite bleed.

Lance puts the championship belt down on the floor in front of his feet in the centre of the ring.

Lance Mikes: Snakebite, how about this. How about we don’t wait til Bloodshed. How about we do this right here, right now! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE… AND YOU TOO GREENEY! I’ll take you both on right NOW!

Lance drops the microphone and motions for Snakebite and Mr Greeney to come out from the back. “Problem” by Webbie & Boosie BadAzz hits over the PA system and Snakebite walks out. He starts to make his way towards the ring.

Al Locker: Business is picking up here folks!

Alan Carcia: Lance doesn’t want to wait and by the looks of it neither does Snakebite

Jonny D walks out on to the ramp way.

Jonny D: NO! NO! I won’t let you two ruin the main event for Bloodshed. Security get out here now!

Jonny motions for security to come out and. Security come running out and stop Snakebite from getting in to the ring. They pull him back. Lance slides out of the ring and runs for Snakebite and nails him and a few security guards. They begin to trade blows on the aisle way and three more security guards come running down. Some are holding Lance back and the others Snakebite. The camera then pans to the announcers table.

Al Locker: Well folks, the opening of Hell has been intense. Lance Mikes called out Snakebite and Mr Greeney. Snakebite answered the challenge only for Jonny D to bring out security to stop them both.

Alan Carcia: The first match will see Raven Trueblood take on Ricky Stanton. Will Ricky get some momentum or will Raven Trueblood add to that loss. We’ll find out in a few moments folks.

The camera is backstage watching as “Pretty” Ricky Stanton is walking down the parking lot. Just then another person who looks like Ricky comes into view and he starts walking. Soon another person comes into view – who looks like Ricky- and he’s walking with the group as well. Soon the real Ricky Stanton joins the group and leads the march as construction workers, police officers, stage hands all join Ricky Stanton and they ALL LOOK EXACTLY LIKE HIM. The real Ricky stops…


The men make their way into the stadium doors.



Music starts to play and a video begins…


It’s just one of those days

Where you don’t want to wake up

Everything is fucked

Everybody sucks

You don’t really know why

But you want to justify

Rippin’ someone’s head off

Al Locker: Welcome back folks. We learned last week that Glen Bandera is set to return to HcW after 15 years!

Alan Carcia: I can’t wait. Like I said last week… Shit is going down! … And well, like the video suggests… Someone is going to get fucked up!

Al Locker: Indeed, shit will go down! When Bandera will appear we don’t yet know…

Al Locker: Well what a blockbuster of a first match we have for you tonight folks as Raven Trueblood takes on Tyke Index’s arch nemesis “Pretty” Ricky Stanton…

Cameras go backstage

Al Locker: What’s going on here?

The camera zooms in on a confident looking Samantha Hamilton. She’s striding with quick steps towards her locker room, holding a water bottle in her hand. She opens her door, intending to relax while her match has yet to begin.

Instead, her eyes narrow as they first see something on the floor. Paper, ripped and torn to shreds.

The Titaness raises an eyebrow, only to elicit a low groan as she kneels down and discovers it’s the police report papers she gathered several days ago.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: “Goddamnit, Joseph! I told you to take these back with you! Dumbass.”

A frustrated sigh passes her lips as she sets her bottle down, then begins putting the pieces back into the manila folder.

The door to her locker room slams, as she turns her head to see Snakebite standing by the door, with an uneasy grin on his face.

Snakebite: Who do you think you’re fooling?

With his eyes still locked on Samantha, he locks the door.

The creaking just from the door makes Sam’s head whip around … and almost immediately regrets doing so. Her fists clench as she grips her lower lip… and finally lets out a low ‘Hmph’ as she makes eye contact with Snakebite.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: “….Fooling? Don’t know what you’re going on about. I’m too brutally honesty to resort to shit like lying or deceiving people. Here’s my question for you; what are you doing? Don’t you have more important things to worry about? Your own match, for example. Either way … cut the crap and get out.”

Snakebite’s grin turns into disgust, as he quickly moves towards her and tackles her onto the sofa behind her, sitting over her lower body. He places his right hand around her throat, and his left arm across her chest, looking deep into her eyes.

Snakebite: You can’t get rid of me, and you don’t WANT to get rid of me.

Snakebite brings his face close to her hair, sniffing it, as his eyes roll back.

Snakebite: You don’t want me to leave you alone. You’re turned on by everything you claim to hate about me.

Snakebite bites his bottom lip.

Snakebite: Be honest….

Sam’s eyes widened. That bastard wouldn’t dare… would he? But he did. And by the time Sam’s arms moved up for a punch, it was a few seconds too late. Her balance was lost, and she soon found herself shoved down against the couch.

The Titaness grunts and growls while she squirms and struggles against Snakebite. With one arm over her chest, he can feel that – despite keeping a strong front – her heart’s beating faster than it should.

Even without admitting it out loud, it’s clear Sam is nervous. But who could blame her?

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: “Yes I can get rid of you! And when this is over, you best believe that’s exactly what I’ll do!”

The retort comes out in a strangled voice. Sam raises her own hands up, trying to slip her fingers between Snakebite’s right hand … ensuring some oxygen continues to flow to her lungs.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: “I think ….. You have officially lost your mind!”

While including the last part of her opinion, Sam continues struggling, fighting to get Snakebite off of her, be it by raising a knee against his own lower body, something … literally anything. The sloppiness of her moves reveals she’s definitely getting desperate, and even more nervous.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: “I definitely do not want you. Not in the way you’re hoping for, anyway. Get off … and out! NOW!”

Snakebite tightens his grip on her neck for just a second, before completely releasing her, and standing up. He puts his hands up, with a smirk on his face.

Snakebite: Why don’t you make me….?

To say she’s shocked he even lets go of her is an understatement. The Titaness can scarcely believe it.

But … she doesn’t dare argue nor press her luck any further. So, before he changes his mind, she swiftly replies with two simple words.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: “With pleasure.”

The answer is more akin to a growl, as The Titaness quickly moves her hands and shoves them as hard as she can against Snakebite’s chest. A few coughs pass her lips as Sam recovers from the choke hold she just endured. Whilst moving forth, she begins dragging Snakebite towards her door with one hand, the other hastily working on unlocking it.

Snakebite laughs the whole way to the door. He grabs the hand she was using to unlock the door, and pulls her in close with his other one. His nose brushing up against her cheek. He softly slides his tongue across her neck, then whispers in her ear.

Snakebite: “You’re so strong, Sammie baby. It’s a shame you really want me to leave… “

Snakebite pushes her off, and away from him, with force. He then puts his hand on the doorknob, and unlocks it himself.

Snakebite: “You can be my friend, or you can be my enemy. I’d choose wisely if I were you… “

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: “Just fuck off already!”

As he finally leaves, she practically slams the door, shaking as she leans against it. The camera catches her expression, and it’s obvious she’s in a sea of emotions. But perhaps the strongest is something to imply she’s actually contemplating the offer. Her head shakes as she stalks towards a nearby bench.

Before arriving, she slams a clenched fist angrily against her door … disgusted and still in shock with what just happened to her.

Cameras return to ringside

Al Locker: That was damn disturbing folks!

Alan Carcia: I think The Titaness Samantha Hamilton has to hots for Snakebite!

Al Locker: Are you out if your mind Carcia!!

Al Locker: Let’s get over to Richard Basset… I dunno what the hell to think right now!

Raven Trueblood vs “Pretty” Ricky Stanton

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] … First to make his way to the ring … Raaaaavvveeeennnnnnn Truuueeeeebloooooodd!!!!

The lights turn blue as smokes feels the entrance way as say10 by Manson begins raven walks out with his vampire girl as they look around b4 kissing as pyros go off as blood drips from ravens lip his girl points to the ring as he walks to the ring and slides in his girl points to the corner as he falls back as she bytes his neck as he waits for his challenger

Al Locker: Raven will feel aggrieved after lasts weeks defeat to Tommy McMaster. There wasn’t much in that match at all, in fact it was even all the way…

Alan Carcia: It was!

Richard Basset: His opponent … “Prreetttyyy” Rickkkkkyyyyy Stannntttooooonnnnn!!!!

[The lights go out and the black Superman logo appears on the big screen. Fall Out Boy’s Centuries starts to play: ]

Some legends are told

Some turn to dust or to gold

But you will remember me

Remember me, for centuries

Just one mistake

Is all it will take

We’ll go down in history

Remember me for centuries

Remember me for centuries..

[Boom! Pyros goes off as the Pretty Boy comes down the ramp with two gorgeous ladies on each arm. He’s wearing a glittering wrestling robe and it shines as the spotlight falls on him. He leaves the ladies outside as he walks to the center of the ring, drops to his knees and points at the sky for a moment. He then gets up and flaunts the robe, eventually taking it off and going to his corner.]

Al Locker: Well here comes the man who will face Tyke Index again for the HcW Pure Championship at Bloodshed. But Carcia, you have to think if Raven gets the victory here tonight he moves himself into that title picture.

Alan Carcia: Most definitely. Raven Trueblood is one to watch!

Al Locker: This will prove to be a great match up folks!

The referee calls for the bell…


Ricky Stanton and Raven Trueblood go to lock up I the middle mpg the ring, however instead of locking up Stanton drives a knee into Ravens gut… Stanton then Irish whips Raven into the ropes and delivers a vicious clothesline. Ravens body bounces off the canvas.

Al Locker: What a clothesline by Stanton

Alan Carcia: Someone better check his head is still attached!

Stanton delivers an elbow drop and goes for a cover…



Raven Trueblood kicks out!

Stanton drags Raven towards the ropes. Raven manages to grab hold of Stanton left leg and wrestles him down to the canvas. Raven climbs onto back of Stanton and starts to drive his forearm into the back of his head.

Al Locker. This is rather unorthodox folks…

Alan Carcia: Raven is smashing away at Stanton

Raven gets to his feet and starts to stomp away on Stanton…

Al Locker: Both men looking vicious in this match up ladies and gentlemen!

Raven picks Stanton up and delivers a scoop slam, then a Leg drop.

Raven goes for a cover…



Stanton kicks out!

Al Locker: Neither man going to lay down here!

Raven Trueblood gets to his feet quickly. Stanton starts to make his way to his feet looking a little woozy… Raven charges at him and delivers a spinning neckbreaker!

Al Locker: What a neckbreaker!

Raven Trueblood goes for another cover…




Ricky Stanton kicks out!

Raven Trueblood gets to his feet and brings Stanton back to his feet…

Al Locker: What’s Raven looking to do here folks…?

Raven Trueblood delivers a neckbreaker followed by a Leg drop to Stanton…

Al Locker: Raven going for another cover here…




Stanton kicks out!

Alan Carcia: I thought this one was done!

The crowd appear to be favouring Raven here…

Raven gets back to his feet and moves back into the turn buckle area sizing Ricky Stanton up for the Byte from Hell spear…

Al Locker: This end is near!

Raven Trueblood runs at Ricky Stanton and attempts to deliver the Byte from Hell SPEAR! … Stanton manages to get his boot up and connects with the top of Ravens head… Raven Trueblood stands up yet looks a little dazed. Stanton pokes a thumb into his eyes and throws him into the turn buckle…

Al Locker: Stanton gaining an advantage now in this one

Stanton goes to the other side of the ring, then he charges at Raven Trueblood and delivers a devastating hard hitting clothesline…

Raven Trueblood falls face first into the canvas…

Alan Carcia: He’s got to be out cold!

Al Locker: Surely this is it!!

Ricky Stanton goes for the cover…




Raven Trueblood kicks out!!

Al Locker: How on earth did Raven get a shoulder up…?

Alan Carcia: That looked like game, set and match to me!

Al Locker: This one continues!

Ricky Stanton brings Raven Trueblood to his feet and delivers a couple of hard punches to the jaw area. Ricky Stanton then scoops Raven up and delivers a running power slam!

Al Locker: Surely now!

Stanton goes for the cover, the ref slides into position and makes the count…




Raven Trueblood somehow raises a shoulder again!

Alan Carcia: No way!

Al Locker: Stanton looking on wondering what will it take…

Alan Carcia: What a way to kick off Monday Night Hell… genius idea Jonny D!

Al Locker: This is 5 star material folks!

Ricky Stanton gets to his feet…

The crowd start to make some noise…

Al Locker: Look at the stage area Carcia! It’s Tyke Index…

Tyke Index stands on the stage area with his HcW Pure Championship hanging over his shoulder…

Alan Carcia: Stanton has lost focus here…

Raven Trueblood grabs hold of Stanton and takes him down for a cover…




Ricky Stanton kicks out!!

Al Locker: My goodness, I thought that was it!

Alan Carcia: Stanton has lost his focus since Tyke entered the stage area!

Raven Trueblood yells at Stanton to get back to his feet. Tyke Index watches on…

Stanton gets to his feet… Raven Trueblood charges at Stanton and goes for the Byte from hell spear! Wait a minute!! Ricky Stanton hits Raven with the Doom Crown, then goes for the cover

Al Locker: Has Stanton done it?





Ricky Stanton pulls off the victory! Tyke Index claps at the top of the stage before walking away

Richard Basset: The winner of this match … “Pretty” Rickkkyy Stanntttoonnnnnn!!!!

Alan Carcia: What a match we just witnessed Locker!!

Al Locker: Both men gave their all … Stanton is getting back to his feet folks

Ricky Stanton gets to his feet and takes the announcer’s mic. He looks over at Raven and yells…MORE…

Just then the camera guy drops his camera and flips his hat off…IT’S A STANTON LOOK ALIKE! He slides into the ring and clotheslines Raven!


Dozens of Stanton look alikes swarm the ramp and everyone is losing it.

PRS: COME ON! GET HIM! NOW! BEAT HIM! (Slides out the ring and grabs something from under the ring…It’s a tazer.

PRS: You see Raven! This…this right here is what happens when you attack a person…that has no rules….and who just wants gold around..(Gets back into the ring)…his waist. Get him up CLONES!

The Clones stand up Raven and Stanton tazes him right in the gut! Security comes rushing the ramp but are blocked off by the 50 or so Clones!


He hits Raven in the head with the tazer and the Clones let him drop to the mat. Security is fighting the Clones on the outside as Ricky smirks and slides out the ring, hops the fence, and takes to the steps through the crowd! His Clones follow!

Cameras go backstage…

Eddie Rolan can be seen carrying a box backstage down a corridor…

Al Locker: Welcome back folks, we have our camera crew currently following Eddie Rolan backstage…

Alan Carcia: What on earth is he up to? Is he wearing Snake skin boots?

Eddie Rolan continues to a walk down the corridor until he reaches a locker room…

The locker room is none other than Snakebites…

Al Locker: My goodness what are we about to witness…?

Eddie Rolan opens the door. Snakebite can be heard having a piss in the toilet. Eddie Rolan sits the box down and removes the lid… Eddie proceeds to crack a couple of beers open and drinks them down quickly… tossing the cans down when finished…

Alan Carcia: No way!

Al Locker: By God, there’s killer snakes in that thing!

At least a dozen snakes start to slither out the box… Eddie Rolan is laughing to himself as he leaves the locker room…

Cameras return to ringside

Alan Carcia: Fucking snakes Locker! We’re they Rattlesnakes????

Al Locker: They were some enormous looking Snakes Carcia. Snakebite will be in for a shock! I’m no Steve Irwin but they looked like Rattlesnakes to me!

Al Locker: What a crazy night this has been so far folks! …We now move on to our next match, Jason Reign vs Trent Harper. This should be interesting after Jason Reign behaviour last week on Hell…

Alan Carcia: I hope Harper beats his ass out of this arena!

Jason Reign vs Trent “The King” Harper

Al Locker: Jason Reign is already in the ring waiting for Trent Harper ladies and gentlemen…

Richard Basset: His opponent

Al Locker: After what Jason Reign done to Trent Harper last week he will no doubt be gunning for Reign here!

The referee calls for the bell…


Trent Harper charges at Jason Reign and jumps onto him delivering rapid punches. Reign manages to fend Harper off but Harper comes charging again… Jason Reign stops Harper in his tracks with a punch to face. Reign then delivers a snap Suplex

Al Locker: Expect this to get ugly folks!

Reign gets to his feet and starts to kick away at Harper. Harper manages to roll out the ring onto the floor outside…

Al Locker: Here comes Jason Reign…

Reign steps down from the ring apron and picks Harper up.

Harper manages to get a couple of punches in before hitting Reign with a knee to the mid-section. Reign goes down to one knee and Harper pulls a steel chair out from under the ring.

Al Locker: Here we go!

Harper smashes the chair over the back of Jason Reign. Reign hits the deck. Harper holds the chair up and throws it into the ring. Harper then pulls a Kendo stick out from under the ring and also throws that into the ring. Harper then brings Jason Reign to his feet and chucks him back into the ring…

Alan Carcia: You were right Locker! This has got ugly! Just like your face haha!!…

Al Locker: Thanks Carcia…

Harper picks Jason Reign up and hits him with the Death Penalty!!!!

Al Locker: Good night Jason Reign

Alan Carcia: YESS!!!!

Trent Harper goes for the cover…





Richard Basset: The winner of this match … Trennttttt “The King” Haarrpppeerrrrrrrrr!!!!

Cameras go backstage

Snakebite has just came out from the loo in his locker room and here’s hissing…

Snakebite: Well that is rather strange… umm… What do we have here??

Snakebite sees a whole bunch of Snakes slithering around in his locker room and steps on one of the cans of HcW Homebrew beer.

Snakebite: Eddie fucking Rolan… come here snakes…

Al Locker: What the hell… Snakebite is talking to the snakes!

Alan Carcia: Well he is one crazy man! But look!! They are listening to him!

Al Locker: He’s like a snake whisperer!

Snakebite: So Eddie Rolan… you think this shit will freak me out… come on Eddie… Has all that alcohol ruined your head…? You gonna pay for this you fucker!!

Snakebite has a couple of Snakes slithering up him while he strokes them. They appear to be accepting Snakebite and enjoying him

Cameras return to ringside

Al Locker: My good news folks! Eddie Rolan entered Snakebites locker room earlier tonight when Snakebite was using the loo. He dropped off a basket of snakes, drank a couple of beers and removed the lid. I think Eddie was expecting something different to what we just witnessed!

Alan Carcia: Snakebite started communicating with the snakes and well… Eddie Rolan 2as wanting found out… hence the beer cans

Al Locker: Well ladies and gentlemen, we have expected the unexpected here in HcW over the years… and well when you think you have seen it all…

The cameras go backstage. Brittany Olson is standing in the hallway in her ring gear as a smirk crosses her face.

Brittany: Tonight, I break two bastards. Then Rachael and I will show the world why the Vixen League is the new face of HCW. Tonight I break for cash.

She laughs while walking away.

Stalker Knight vs Brittany Olson vs Blair

Al Locker: We have the returning Stalker in this this one along with two debutants

Same Old Love by Selena Gomez hits the PA system

Brittany Olson makes her way to the ring

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] … And is a Triple Threat match! … First to make her way to the ring … Brittannnny Olllsssooonnnn!!!!

“Man In the box” by Alice In chains hits the PA System…

A faint, unintelligible whisper is heard as the lights in the arena dim. The whispers fade away as “Man in the box” By Alice In Chains starts to play over the loudspeakers. Blair Walks out of the curtain and Slowly Walks to the ring. He gets into the ring in sits the corner, Raven Style as He awaits his opponent.

Richard Basset: Her opponent … Blllaaiiirrrrrrr!!!!

Al Locker: It will be interesting to see what Brittany Olson and Blair bring to Hardcore Championship Wrestling

187 – “Master’s Solemn Hour” hits the PA system

Fog starts to fill pockets or the arena as the cameras begin to pan around. All of a sudden the cameras go still looking into a section of the crowd. A man and women appear to make their way to the ring through the crowd. It appears that a good number of fans know who they are! The arena lights flicker and crackle like a lightning storm…

Richard Basset: There opponent, accompanied to the ring by Zara….. Stalkerrrrrrrr Knighttttttt!!!!

Alan Carcia: Check out Brittany Olson Locker!

Al Locker: I knew it wouldn’t take long for you to get going!!

The referee calls for the bell.


Brittany Olson eating little time runs at Stalker and hits him with a forearm to the face … Blair pulls Olson around and delivers a chop, followed by a second one. Olson manages to duck a third and delivers a kick to the head of Blair knocking him down.

Al Locker: What a fast start here. Olson straight on the offensive

Stalker grabs hold off Brittany Olson and picks her up…

Al Locker: What’s Stalker doing?

Stalker delivers a powerbomb!

Al Locker: My goodness, that could be it…

Stalker goes for a cover…




Brittany Olson kicks out!

Blair grabs a hold if Stalker and pulls him to his feet. Blair starts to work away on Stalker with lefts and rights. All of a sudden Brittany Olson gets back to her feet and delivers drop kick that connects with both Blair and Stalker. Stalker falls into the turn buckle while Blair falls to the canvas. Brittany Olson charges at Stalker and splashes him in the corner. Olson then goes over to Blair and delivers an elbow drop.

Al Locker: Olson going for the cover here…



Kick out!

Blair kicks out just after 2!

Stalker starts to make his way back to his feet in the corner. Brittany Olson leaves Blair for a moment and goes to attack Stalker. Olson delivers a knee to the mid-section of Stalker then delivers an explorer Suplex!

Brittany Olson goes for the cover…




Stalker kicks out!

Al Locker: Olson almost had this one.

Blair dives onto Brittany Olson and starts to deliver some vicious punches. Olson falls back onto the canvas yet is fighting back … Blair continues to punch away… Olson manages to kick Blair out of the ropes and out of the ring… Olson gets to her feet and delivers the Broken Doll to Stalker…

Al Locker: Surely that’s it!!!!

Brittany Olson goes for the cover…





Richard Basset: The winner of this match … Britttaannnyy Olllsssoonnnn!!!!

Al Locker: What a debut for Brittany Olson here in HcW!

Al Locker: Welcome back folks, next we have Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton vs Tommy McMaster…

Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton vs Tommy McMaster

“You’re Going Down” – Sick Puppies hits the PA system

Samantha Hamilton makes her way to the ring slapping fans hands and showing a lot of confidence…

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] … First to make her way to the ring … Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton

Al Locker: This promises to be an interesting matchup folks!

[The Lights dim as red and orange lights scan the arena, the opening guitar riff of

“Burn It Up by Saliva hits as the Tron shows the highlights of his career.]

You tore my heart out

You tore my life apart

You tore the sheets of this bed

Just like a porn star

Just like a porn star

[One by one fire starts to line the ramp, on both sides towards the ring, as the lights search the arena]

I’m ripping pictures

I’m ripping you off the wall

I’m ripping letters

I’m getting rid of it all

Of it all, of it all, of it all

Of it all, of it all

I hate you and you’re to blame

I’ll send it up in flames

And burn it up

I’ve got gasoline

Got a match, got lighter for your memories

[Then the red haired, Tommy McMaster emerges in the crowd, high fiving

The crowd as he walks through the mass of people who are cheering madly for him.]

Burn it up, to a pile of ash

Burn it up, I want to watch the blast

Just as soon as I blow it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah burn it up

[He spins round, bows to his Wildfireites, spreads his arms out, bowed, then standing up with his back turned, one finger pointed to the ceiling]

I’m moving past this

I took molasses

Pissing on the ashes

I’m leaving where the past is

I hate you and you’re to blame

I’ll send it up in flames

And burn it up

I’ve got gasoline

Got a match, got lighter for your memories

[The Wildfire, in his red trunks, and white “Rich Piggies are going to burn” Tee Shirt, jumps over the guard railing, as a huge red W sign is flashed throughout]

Burn it up to a pile of ash

Burn it up I want to watch the blast

Just as soon as I blow it up

Yeah burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

I’m burning up your memory

There’s nothing left of you and me

And as far as I’m concerned

You can go to hell and watch it burn

You can watch you burn

Watch it burn

[He climbs over the ropes, bends down to one knee and stretches his arms out as the whole ring is engulfed in Inflammable fire, his flame hair shadowing his face.]

Burn it up

I’ve got gasoline

Got a match and lighter for your memories

Burn it up to a pile of ash

Burn it up I want to watch the blast

Just as soon as I blow it up

Yeah burn it up

[The Wildfire waits for the flames to die down, climbs the turnbuckle and places his arms to either side, to make his whole body a big W]

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

‘Cause I just want to burn it up

Because I just want to burn it up

Richard Basset: Annd now.. making his way to the ring … Tooommmmmmmmyyyyyyy MccccMMMMMasssssssssstttteerrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Al Locker: Carcia, you have to agree that Tommy McMaster will be no push over in this one…

Alan Carcia: McMaster is as cunning as they come. He knows how to get the job done! You only have to look at last week’s victory over Raven Trueblood…

Samantha is focused on her match, but what happened early is still in her head. You can tell by the look on her face. The referee rings for the bell.


Samantha Hamilton runs quickly to meet Tommy McMaster in the centre of the ring with a knee to his gut. She lifts his head up and then lays a few punches to his face before hitting a fireman’s carry to take him down. She gets up and quickly drops down with a leg drop to his throat.

Al Locker: Samantha is focused here folks

Alan Carcia: After what happened earlier with Snakebite, I’m surprised she’s still out here

She mounts of Tommy and begins to let loose with a punches to his face again. After four punches she lets his head go which drops down and hits the canvas. Samantha gets up and pulls Tommy up quickly to his feet only to drop him back down with a vertical suplex. She floats over and goes for the cover.



Tommy McMaster kicks out!

Al Locker: The Titaness is getting rid of her frustrations here on Tommy

Alan Carcia: Tommy hasn’t amounted an offense yet

Samantha gets up to her feet slowly and waits for Tommy to get up. As he gets up she comes running in with a clothesline. Unfortunately for her, it’s ducked by Tommy who hits a neck breaker after he ducks. Tommy gets back up to his feet and pulls Samantha to hers. He backs her up in to a corner and goes to work with kicks to her stomach.

Al Locker: Tommy finally getting in to the match here

Alan Carcia: He has finally got some momentum in this match

He whips her across to the other side of the ring and goes running in with a splash in the corner. After the splash he steps back to the centre of the ring and waits for Samantha to come out to him. As she does he hits a belly-to-belly suplex on her and then goes for the cover.



Samantha Hamilton kicks out!

Al Locker: Tommy almost took the win there

Alan Carcia: This match has been back and forth

Al Locker: Tommy better be careful, Snakebite won’t take too kindly to him beating up his woman

Alan Carcia: His woman? Are you crazy Locker? You think she wants anything to do with that insane guy?

Tommy gets up and pulls Samantha up to her feet. He kicks her in the guts and sets her up for a powerbomb. He lifts her up and Samantha gets free and lands on her feet. She quickly kicks Tommy in the gut and drops him down hard with a Wrath Of The Titans and rolls him over on to his back and goes for the cover.






Al Locker: What a match folks.

Alan Carcia: Finally a win for the Titaness!

The cameras turn back on backstage. Lance Mikes has the HcW World Heavyweight Championship over his right shoulder. He’s walking down a hallway in the backstage area on the phone when suddenly someone bumps in to him.

Lance Mikes: Watch were you are going, you dumb piece of shit

The cameras show the man’s face. It’s none other than Gray Zee who is making his way to the curtain area for his match. He’s accompanied by Gabriel Lane.

Gray Zee: What did you call me?

Lance Mikes: You heard me, you dumb piece of shit. Watch were you are walking before I make sure you won’t ever fucking walk again. I mean who the hell are you anyway? Wait… Wait… You’re that guy… Gay Zee. Right?

Gray Zee is getting pissed off. Gabriel Lane holds him back.

Gabriel Lane: You really don’t know what you are getting yourself in to Mr Mikes. This here is Gray Zee.

Lance Mikes: Wait… You think I’m scared of this steroid freak? I couldn’t care less if his name is Gay Zee or Jay Z. I’m THE HcW World Heavyweight Champion Lance Mikes. If your so called client here doesn’t watch it, I’ll ensure he is taught a lesson like everyone else who fucks with me.

Lance begins to walk off. He stops and turns around.

Lance Mikes: Oh… and good luck Gay Zee… you’ll need it against Tyke tonight.

The cameras switch back to the announce table with Al Locker and Alan Carcia.

Al Locker: Well folks, I’m not sure will do Tyke Index any favours. Lance Mikes just pissed off Gray Zee

Alan Carcia: You mean Gay Zee, Al and I don’t think Tyke is going to be too bothered about it

Tyke Index vs “Big Deal” Gray Zee

Richard Basset: The following Non title contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] … First to make his way to the ring … accompanied by Gabriel Lane…. “Big Deal” Grrraayyyyy Zeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Accompanied by Gabriel Lane, Gray Zee comes out wearing a leather hoodie, he uncovers his face and lifts his arms up. The moment he does that, pyrotechnics explode at both sides like a chain reaction. When he arrives to the ring, he takes the steps, takes off his leather hoodie and enters the ring.

Richard Basset: His opponent … The HcW Pure Champion … Tyyyykkkkkeeeeeeee Innnnnnddddeeexxxxxxxxxx!!!!

An aura falls over the arena as the opening guitar line to “Box Full of Sharp Objects” by the Used blasts across the PA. Strobe lights shiver across the dark lit ceiling and entrance way. Tyke Index can be seen in his full glory – black hoody over his head giving him the look of a stealth assassin. He slowly walks down to the ring as the crowd go crazy for the former World Champion. As he enters the ring he then leans back in the corner looking almost stoned and disillusioned.

Al Locker: You have to feel if Gray Zee pulls off a victory here that he earns himself a Pure title shot somewhere down the line

Alan Carcia: I have to agree

The referee signals for the match to start.


Al Locker: This is going to be a great match

Alan Carcia: I’ve heard that Gray Zee and his manager Gabriel Lane have had some issues with management recently.

Al Locker: Let’s hope they can get past that and hopefully show us why they should be important here in HcW

Alan Carcia: You’re right Al, they need to prove it to the fans not management

Gray Zee starts the match off by running straight at Tyke and dropping him down hard with a clothesline. Tyke gets up and is pushed back in to the corner by Gray. Tyke is whipped across the ring, he’s followed closely by Gray Zee who nails him with a hard knee to the gut. He then whips Tyke across the ring back to the other corner and follows up with another knee to the gut. He then pulls Tyke out of the corner and slams him down hard with a quick suplex in to the centre of the ring.

Al Locker: Gray Zee is showing some intensity here folks

Alan Carcia: This doesn’t look too good for Tyke, I blame this on Lance Mikes

Gray Zee goes for the cover.



Tyke Index kicks out!

Al Locker: Tyke keeping himself in this here

Alan Carcia: Gray Zee getting a little hasty there with a quick cover

Gray Zee gets up and pulls Tyke up quickly. Tyke pushes him away and levels him in the jaw with a dropkick. Tyke gets up quickly and as Gray is getting up he backs him up in to the corner and goes to work on him with lefts and rights to the guts followed by stomps to the stomach. Tyke then pulls him out of the corner and hits an overhead belly-2-belly suplex. Tyke then goes for the cover.




Gray Zee kicks out!

Al Locker: This is the action we expect on a weekly basis here in HcW folks

Alan Carcia: And this match is just getting started

Tyke mounts over Gray and begins to unload with lefts and rights again to the face of Gray. Tyke gets up and pulls Gray up by his head. He then scoop slams him down to the canvas and follows up with a quick leg drop across the neck of Gray. Tyke gets to his feet and pulls Gray up to his feet. Gray lifts Tyke up and rams him back first in to the turnbuckles and follows up with shoulders to the gut. Gray moves back a few steps and comes running back in with a hard clothesline in the corner. Gray comes back out and waits for Tyke to come towards him. As Tyke comes out Gray goes for a clothesline but it’s ducked by Tyke who hits a quick neck breaker on Tyke. Both men are down.

Al Locker: This is action packed folks

Alan Carcia: Tyke looks in trouble then he comes back with something every time

Ricky Stanton makes his way down to the ringside area. He grabs Tyke’s Pure Championship and starts to look at it.

Al Locker: What is he doing out here

Alan Carcia: He’s taking a closer look at the title he wants to take from Tyke

Tyke leans over the top rope and starts yelling at Ricky. Ricky turns around with a smile on his face. Gray Zee attacks Tyke from behind and starts stomping away at him. Stanton is laughing on the outside. The referee tries to pull Gray Zee away only to be pushed away and fall to the floor. Tyke is slowly getting to his feet with his back to the ropes. Stanton jumps on to the apron and goes to hit Tyke with the Pure Championship. Tyke ducks and Ricky levels Gray Zee with it. Tyke dropkicks Ricky off the apron.

Al Locker: Stanton’s plan back fired on him!

Alan Carcia: Gray Zee is going to be pissed

Tyke gets up to his feet and pulls Gray Zee up. He nails him in the centre of the ring with the Total Definition. A second referee is seen running down the ramp way and slides in to the ring as Tyke covers Gray.





Richard Basset: And the winner of this match. The HcW Pure Champion…. TYYYYYKKKEEE IIIINNDEEX!

Al Locker: Well what a match that was, unfortunately it was spoilt by Ricky Stanton

Alan Carcia: I’m hearing that we are about to go to the HcW Xtreme Champion… Scythe Bloodline.

Cameras open up in front of the HcW Xtreme Champion Scythe Bloodline holding his championship while admiring an advertisement design he made. He smirks thinking about the pirated effects it seems to possess, but he still plans to plaster it on t-Shirts and sell them at Bloodshed. He turns noticing that all eyes are on him.-

*~~: Scythe Bloodline :~~*

“It is finally time. When people look at this title, what will they see? Many people envision is the heart and soul of H-C-W. Bringing in this new generation I am the first person to hold it. Therefore I am the one that defines thing incarnation. My first title defence is for Bloodshed, The Big Deal Gray Zee which looking at him is going to be a stiff guy. Someone I’d like to think fighting Gabriel Ohio has prepared me for. The other challenger, a popular man by far the most popular in this match “Ruthless” Eddie Rolan. Both men are legit contenders for the Xtreme championship, the tag line for the pay per view is Blood will be shed, there is no doubt about that. Paying attention Eddie and Gray both want to step up in this federation. One is a big deal and the other is busting balls to become one.”

– Holds up the Xtreme Championship belt for the camera to get a good look at.-

*~~: Scythe Bloodline :~~*

“Go ahead look at your goal. The man holding it knowing what is in front of him and is thinking about the steps it has taken to get here. Each day gets tougher, each challenge makes me that much wiser. I have been off meditating at my home Compound. It is not just the Hardcore aspect of HCW that I want to emulate in this title belt. I want people to know when they watch an Xtreme Championship match that they are going to be in for some high thrills. You gentleman feel up to that task? Or is asswhippin all your minds are capable of? This is an XTREME championship, this is the not World Heavyweight championship, this is the pure title, when you are competing for this championship you need to push yourself past your limits, to the extreme. Did people think when I came out of retirement that I would step into a role for a company that is hitting the ground running? Hell no, and I admit neither did I, but here I am. Every championship in this company is a huge thing, but I am going to make it so that this championship right here is the one everyone wants to watch. Other places want to make things easy, they push their extreme or hardcore divisions to fight 24 hours a day and seven days a week with no notice. We’re no like that, you get to plot, and think deeply, let it all sink in the dangers you are about to put yourself through. Ask yourself is it worth it?”

– Looks at the championship and grins than looks back at the camera.-

*~~: Scythe Bloodline :~~*

“Hell yeah it is. This isn’t just a match on the Bloodshed card this is a match everyone will be talking about long after the cameras go off air. That is what it is about gentleman and I promise you if you are not ready for the limits this match can go to than get the hell out of my division.”

-He flips the title belt over his shoulder, and proceeds to walk off the set of the shoot with the cameras cutting out.

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