The HCW Championship is on the line as Lance Mikes defends against Gray Zee.

Previously on HcW FireTrap:

Al Locker: What’s going to happen here?

Snakebite pulls himself up on Mike’s then brings him to his feet. Snakebite hits Mike’s with a punch and then a kick to the gut. Snakebite sets Mike’s up for another Venom Injection… VENOM INJECTION!! NO WAIT… Lance Mike’s grabs hold of the door frame of the cell and manages to drop himself to the outside of it…


Alan Carcia: Lance Mike’s has retained!

Al Locker: How the Hell did he manage to grab hold of the steel door frame when Snakebite was just about to deliver another Venom Injection…

Richard Basset: The winner of this match… AND STILLLLLL HcW World Heavyweight Champion… LANCCCCCEEEE MIIIKKKEESSSSSS!!!!

Al Locker: Snakebite was within moments of winning this one… Lance Mike’s will get his comeuppance! … I am telling you that right now!

All of a sudden, Gray Zee makes his way out onto the ramp and walks down then isle… Tyke Index walks out with the HcW Pure Championship over his shoulder… Tyke also walks down the ramp towards Mike’s.

Alan Carcia: Run Mike’s… Run!

Lance Mike’s is holding the HcW World Heavyweight Championship in the air as Gray Zee and Tyke Index go face to face with him. Tyke Index and Gray Zee then look at one another knowing that Gray Zee is now number one contender for the HcW Pure Championship.

All of a sudden… “Ready For This” by All Good Things hits the PA system… Taurus! Taurus!

Al Locker: By God it’s Taurus the Number one contender for the HcW World Heavyweight Championship. Taurus makes his way down to the outside of the ring and confronts Lance, Tyke and Gray Zee. All of a sudden Taurus hits Lance with a Bullseye, sending him back inside the cell… Samantha Hamilton has now rushed down the aisle and entered the cell. Tyke Index closes the door over and bolts it back up. Snakebite then nails Lance Mike’s with a Venom Injection!!!!

Alan Carcia: This isn’t how it’s supposed to end for Lance!

Samantha Hamilton then holds Snakebites hand who drapes the title over Lance Mike’s…

Al Locker: Lance Mikes may have retained but he’s got a target on his chest!

Alan Carcia: Lance just got destroyed!!

Al Locker: What on earth will the fallout be next week on Monday Night Hell folks? Thank you for joining us here at FireTrap! Goodnight!

[‘Scars’ by Papa Roach starts as the Monday Night Hell intro video starts. Old footage from HcW is shown. Snakebite, Lance Mikes, Taurus, Muhammed Rushdi, Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton, “Ruthless” Eddie Rolan, Gabriel Ohio, Thomas Marr, Scythe Bloodline, “Pretty” Ricky Stanton, Martin “The Master” Seas, Anaquin, Kieran Overton, Trent Harper, Raven Trueblood and Tommy McMaster is shown. It fades out into footage of moves: Taurus his the 8 Seconds (Inverted Rolling Cutter) on an opponent. When the song starts Snakebite looks down the camera, Lance Mikes is shown. Mr Greeney is shown. Jonny D is shown. “Big Deal” Gray Zee is shown. Eddie Rolan is shown throwing beer at the crowd. Tyke Index pointing to the crowd! Lance Mikes holding the HcW World Heavyweight Championship up in the air …The video slowly fades out and in fades HcW Monday Night Hell. Fireworks rocket into the roof of the arena as Hell comes to you live from the STAPLES Center, Los Angeles, California.

The cameras pan around inside the arena then focus at the announcer’s desk ringside… The fans are going wild!!

Al Locker: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another episode of Monday Night Hell. We are at the sold out STAPLES Center where 20,000 HcW fans are in attendance. What a night FireTrap was last week Carcia…

Alan Carcia: What a night of action it was Locker! All four champions would eventually retain their titles. And man did Lance Mike’s winning cause a stir!

Al Locker: Certain sections of the internet wrestling community were furious with Lance retaining folks, but business is business and you can’t always get what you want!

Alan Carcia: That’s got to be the first time you have spoken sense… since… Like fucking EVER!

Al Locker: It certainly has caused a shit storm this week. However that’s the business we are in! You can’t keep all sections happy!! I wish this wasn’t the case, but heck… it is the world we live in…

Alan Carcia: It happens…

Al Locker: I am a company man, I know where my pay packet comes from Carcia. I hope management don’t mind me speaking my mind. But if they do then so be it. Fire me!

Alan Carcia: Wowzers you mad bro…

Al Locker: I’m not mad. Just some people irritate the fuck out of me! Now… Let’s get on with tonight’s show!

Cameras focus on Richard Basset who stands in the center of the ring.

‘Always’ By Saliva begins to play on the P.A system. Lance Mikes walks out on to the ramp way with his wrestling gear on. The World Heavyweight Championship over his right shoulder, where we have grown accustom to see it since the end of January.

Al Locker: Well, Lance isn’t in his usual suit here Carcia!

Alan Carcia: He meant what he said. No more suits just wrestling!

The crowd begin to boo as he walks down the aisle way slowly with a huge smirk on his face. He walks up the ring steps and gets in to the ring, holding the belt to his shoulder with his hand. He gets in to the ring and takes a microphone from Richard Basset. Basset exits the ring after a few words with Lance. The music stops and Lance turns to face the aisle way.

Lance Mikes: So it’s no secret that the locker room was ignited last week when I won at FireTrap. When I retained the HcW World Heavyweight Championship. Truth of the matter folks, it’s no secret I was a part of management until recently. I gave up those duties and rights to continue as the HcW World Heavyweight Champion.

The crowd boo. Lance lowers the microphone and waits for the fans to stop. He shakes his head and then brings the microphone back up as the crowd go a little quiet.

Lance Mikes: I don’t give a shit about politics in the locker room. I don’t and have never used my authority to gain anything in HcW. I’ve never gone out of my way to ensure someone is screwed over or that I win a match. Yeah folks, wrestling is scripted and I’m going off script here.

Some of the crowd are in shock. This type of thing isn’t supposed to happen but it is. Lance carries on.

Lance Mikes: You see, Rob thinks that because I was a part of the management team that it was all a plan for me to become HcW World Heavyweight Champion. He thinks that because I was a part of management that FireTrap was a given that I was going to win and I knew all about it. Do you know what I say to that? Fuck you Rob and fuck you too Snakebite. The fact is I never have and never will have control over the judgement of any match in HcW as long as I am an active member of the roster.

You can hear the silence in the arena as the fans are engrossed in the words of Lance Mikes. Lance clears his throat and carries on speaking.

Lance Mikes: So you see, IF I am asked to hand over the HcW World Heavyweight Championship I will. If I need to, I will vacant the championship and retire from in-ring competition. Whatever is best for HcW is what I want to do. If I have to lay down and let Gray Zee take the championship then so be it, that is exactly what I will do. I’ve always had HcW’s best interest at heart and if people think otherwise then they are very much mistaken.

Al Locker: Wow! Bold statement there from Lance

Alan Carcia: Do you think he means he’s been asked to drop the title tonight Locker? What is going on here?

Lance Mikes: You see folks. I have personally been talking to Rob about the whole situation. Rob has demands that he says are non-negotiable and that’s fine. He wants to stay on his own terms. He wants me to give up my half of HcW and let him take over. He wants me to either stay as an active member of the roster whiles he runs MY company or he wants me to run the company and just lay down for Gray Zee tonight and let the kid win the HcW World Heavyweight Championship. These are the demands of a crazy person. These are the demands he wants to stay in HcW and IF HcW management want to agree to those then so be it but that is NOT my choice. The fact is, without me here HcW wouldn’t run so smoothly, Rob thinks he can take my position and sail the ship in the right direction. How did that work out for you in last time Rob? What makes you think you can do any better now. Your judgement is still exactly the same as it was then. You act on impulse and don’t think rationally which you need to do otherwise people aren’t going to be happy. You think that being in management is easy? Why don’t you go start your own federation and see how that goes? Oh wait… you already tried that too. Do you see my point folks? I may be the bad guy but I do what I need to do to ensure that HcW’s doors are always open and that the men and women who perform here have a place to come and entertain the fans. If that’s being a bad guy then I guess I’ll continue to be the bad guy.

Lance drops the microphone and just walks out of the ring. His music hits as he starts to walk up the ramp way. The cameras switch to Al Locker and Alan Carcia.

Al Locker: Well folks, you heard the thoughts of a man who is clearly pissed off

Alan Carcia: You see people class him as the bad guy Locker, but he does do a lot of HcW but he’s still an asshole right Locker?

Al Locker: He may be an asshole Carcia but he is right on a lot of things he said tonight

Alan Carcia: This night is just getting started

Al Locker: Welcome back to Monday Night Hell folks! This is going to be one hell of a night! Lance Mikes has just cut a damning Promo regarding the fallout from FireTrap last week. FireTrap has been the talk of the wrestling world for the past week!! Moving forwards …It’s about time for the first match folks. We’ll see Gabriel Ohio take on Kieran Overton for the HcW Television Championship!

Alan Carcia: Can Kieran Overton defeat Gabriel Ohio and win the HcW Television Championship? What a way to start the action!

HcW Television Championship
(c) Gabriel Ohio vs “The Destructive Beast” Kieran Overton

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] … And is for the HcW Television Championship … First to make his way to the ring … “The Destructive Beast” Kiiiiiieraaaaaannnnn Ooooveeeertonnnnn!!!!

Beast by Puppy plays over the sound system as there’s massive amount of boos when Kieran Overton walks out as he screams on top of his lungs with his hands in the air on top of the ramp, wearing shorts, shirt, and boots before walking down as he ignores each one of the fans before he goes up the steps and goes over the top rope and places his hand on his left arm, basically not giving a damn about them before he turns to anger, while he goes to sit in the corner, waiting for his opponent to come to the ring.

Al Locker: Kieran Overton is one tough gun Carcia

Alan Carcia: He certainly is Locker, but don’t forget he is up against a 7 foot giant of a man in Gabriel Ohio…

Al Locker: That he is!

For Whom The Bell Tolls by Sabaton begins to play as the Lights flicker until the sounds of electricity fill the arena as it is plunged into darkness. A Moon appears on the titan-Tron and a white glow appears on the stage. Standing in the glow is the 7 foot tall Gabriel Ohio, leather jack blowing in the wind, looking down at the floor. He looks up and walks slowly to the ring.

Richard Basset: And his opponent… the HcW Television Champion…Gabbbbrrriiieeeelllllll Ooooohiiiiiiioooooo!!!!

Al Locker: Gabriel Ohio the current HcW Television Champion looking very confident as he stares at Kieran Overton…

Alan Carcia: I can’t wait to see these two lock horns here tonight on Monday Night Hell…

The referee calls for the bell…


Al Locker: This has the makings of a great match folks!

Kieran Overton and Gabriel Ohio lock up in the center of the ring. After a stalemate both try again. This time Overton manages to take Ohio down with a headlock. He then delivers a couple of punches before returning to his feet. The current Television Champion looks stunned. Kieran Overton then delivers a combo of vicious kicks then pulls Ohio to his feet!

Al Locker: How good does Kieran Overton look here on Monday Night Hell

Kieran Overton then sets Ohio up for a Sitout Scoop Slam Piledriver!! … And delivers it!!

Overton goes for a cover…




Gabriel Ohio gets a shoulder up!

Al Locker: How close was that!

Alan Carcia: I thought the match was won!

Kieran Overton gets back to his feet looking fully focused. He then reaches for Ohio and pulls him up. Overton then throws Ohio into the turnbuckle… He then charges at him looking for to deliver a Big Splash To The Turnbuckle! Ohio moves out of the way!!

Al Locker: Overton just went crashing into the turnbuckle face first!

Alan Carcia: Did he just lose a tooth?

Gabriel Ohio then splashes Overton face first into the corner. Ohio then takes a few steps back. Overton stumbles out of the corner towards Ohio. Gabriel Ohio then hits him with a T-Bone Suplex!! He scrambles to make a cover

Al Locker: Can Ohio retain??



Kieran Overton kicks out!

Gabriel Ohio gets back to his feet and reaches down to pick Overton up. Ohio scoops Overton up showing his strength. He then delivers a fall away slam! Ohio then signals for the end…

Al Locker: Gabriel Ohio is suggesting he’s looking to finish this match!

Alan Carcia: Kieran Overton is in a world of trouble here!

Gabriel Ohio once more reaches down for Kieran Overton. Kieran starts to fight back but is quickly shut down with a kick to the chest. Followed by a series of punches. Gabriel then signs for the end again and picks Overton up. Ohio then throws Overton into the ropes and hits the Día de Muertos!!!!

Al Locker: My word an Irish Curse backbreaker into a sister Abigail!!!!

Gabriel Ohio gets up to his feet stalking Kieran Overton

Alan Carcia: You know what’s next Locker!

Al Locker: The Fall From Grace!

Kieran Overton starts to make his way to his feet…

Al Locker: This doesn’t look good for Kieran!

Gabriel Ohio quickly takes hold of Overton and sets him up for the Fall From Grace!! Overton slips out the hold and runs into the ropes… Ohio then goes for a bloody Mary. Overton baseball slides under Ohio and gets up fast

Al Locker: What’s this…?

Kieran Overton delivers a hard kick to Gabriel Ohio. He then sets him up for the Destructive Driver. Ohio delivers an elbow to Overton. Overton then stumbles, but comes back with a Mandible Claw!!

Al Locker: Mandible Claw!!

Ohio somehow manages to break from the Mandible Claw. He then takes a swipe at Overton who ducks it and then delivers a kick to his stomach. Kieran Overton the hits the Destructive Driver!!!!

Al Locker: Destructive Driver!!!!

Kieran then goes for a cover…





Al Locker: Kieran Overton has won the HcW Television Championship!

Kieran quickly scrambles to grab the tile out of the referees hands. He then quickly exits the ring with the title…

Richard Basset: The winner of this match… And NEEEWWWWWW HcW Television Champion… “The Destructive Beast” Kieerrrrraannnnnn Ovveerrrtttoooooonnnnn!!!!

Gabriel Ohio sits up only realising what has happened. He gets to his feet and exits the ring. He’s gunning after Overton!

Al Locker: Gabriel Ohio is looking pissed Carcia!

Alan Carcia: Kieran Overton better be leaving the arena!!

Jonny D is shown speaking with Mr Greeney…

Jonny D: Mr Greeney, We really don’t need to install a commissioner do we??

Mr Greeney: Look Jonny! … My mind is made up. You are not going to change it… And besides what are you so concerned about. It needs to be done…

Jonny D: It doesn’t!! I am in total control…

Mr Greeney: Jonny! It will be ok. Just calm down. It is going ahead!

Jonny D looks on concerned as Mr Greeney picks up his phone…

Al Locker: Welcome back to Monday Night Hell folks! What a night it has been so far!

“Burn It Up” By Saliva hits, The Wildfire Tommy McMaster stands on top of the ramp, microphone in hand. He pulls the hood down off his leather jacket and looks out at the crowd. They jeer him but not that loudly. He sneers at them.

“I get it. All of you morons want to jeer for me loudly but why be invested in me when I don’t do what I say I will do. I am as bummed as all of you ingrates with my results so far and to be honest with all of you I have thought about asking for my release from my contract.

He hung his head and slowly walked down the ramp. About halfway down he paused and slowly raised the microphone to his mouth.

“I was told I had a cast iron contract and could not be released. I was told I held value by the management and believed I could go places soon. Well, boys and girls, I am not like you and I do not quit. Adversity is sent to test us, to push those enlightened beings like myself to become iconic. “

He walks to the ring and slowly climbs the steps before climbing over the ropes.

“A lot of people come out here and pretend to drop a pipe bomb when in eventuality they wouldn’t do that as it would conflict with their own narcissism. I came out here to let you all know that the online bullying, the soppy faced women, the insecure prima donnas that I am here and I am not going to go away so easily.

Raven Moonblood you really think you are better than me? I seen better fight in a Taiwanese ladyboy. You and I are not done. Not by a long shot. Unlike you, Snakebite, Index, Lance, Hamilton I do not need titles to be successful and soon enough you will see why The Wildfire will run rampant on all of you. Next week I want a steel cage match with ANY of you. I do not care who it is or what it is for. It can be for one of your shiny titles, it can be for redemption, it can be just for a fight. Will anyone step up? To be honest I want to burn the wings of the Raven and hope he accepts this challenge but it is time for Tommy McMaster to prove his worth once and for all. The ball is in your court.

His music hits, and he sets the ring on fire as fire crews run in to put the blaze out and Tommy vanishes.

Wallace vs Trent “The King’ Harper

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] … First to make his way to the ring … Wallllllllaceeeee!!!!

Wallace rides out on a unicycle holding a gigantic but edible rainbow swirl lollipop, he hands it to a kid fan at the end of the aisle way after high-fiving as many fans as possible. He crashes himself into the ring flinging himself over the top apron with a 450 flip landing on his feet following up with multiple front headstand-handsprings into a split

Alan Carcia: Wallace is one crazy dude Locker!

Alan Locker: Wallace is one of a kind!

Richard Basset: And his opponent …Trent “The King” Haaaaaaaarperrrrr!!!!

Trent Harper starts to make his way to the ring… One fans is holding up a sign saying Harper is a dick head on it… Trent offers to take the fans camera for a selfie. The fan smiles and agrees. He hands the phone to Trent who instantly throws it onto the ground and stamps on it. The fan starts to cry! Harper spits on the fan and continues his way to the ring holding up his middle finger…

Al Locker: Just what the…

Alan Carcia: Hahahaa, That was fucking hilarious!

Trent Harper gets to the ring and continues to show his attitude to other fans…

Al Locker: What a night it has been so far folks

The referee calls for the bell


Trent Harper instantly runs at Wallace and floors him with a clothesline. Harper picks Wallace up and delivers a body slam before applying a head lock. Harper decides to release the headlock early and kicks Wallace in the spine! Wallace clutches his back and rides around in pain…

Al Locker: Harper has a serious mean streak!

Alan Carcia: You’re telling me??

Al Locker: Don’t forget folks that Bandera finally debut last week at FireTrap and his target was Trent Harper. The pair will now meet at Doomsday Pay-Per-View later in the month!

Trent Harper runs into the ropes then drives a knee to the face of Wallace then goes for a cover…




Wallace kicks out!

Harper chases the ref almost out the ring!

Al Locker: Harper pissed that the ref didn’t count three!

Alan Carcia: I don’t think this ref learned to count to three Locker!!

Trent Harper picks Wallace up but receives a punch to the face. Followed by a quick flurry of punches on top of that. Wallace then delivers a nipple twist then a dropkick to Harper…

Wallace goes for a cover…




Trent Harper kicks out!

Wallace goes for a second quick cover…



Harper kicks out!

Wallace gets to his feet and waits for Trent Harper to return to his feet. Wallace then delivers a headstand head scissors!!

Al Locker: My goodness, Harper just went from one side of the ring to the other!!

Wallace then laughs towards Harper!

Al Locker: Wallace looks like he is having fun now!

Wallace runs over to Trent Harper, gets down and starts to squeeze his nose. Wallace can be heard making oink sounds while doing it… Wallace then gets back to his feet and shows off to the crowd. He then picks Harper up and throws him into the ropes. Wallace then hits a clothesline followed quickly with a leg drop! Wallace then goes for a cover!!




Harper kicks out

Al Locker: Wallace almost picking up the win!

Wallace then grabs Harper up by his nipples!

Alan Carcia: Just what on earth?

Al Locker: Wallace is in a World of his own Carcia! And it looks like a fun one to me!

Wallace then twists both of Trent nipples before hitting him with an Alabama Slam!! Wallace again gets down to make a cover…

Al Locker: Will this do it??




Trent Harper kicks out! Harper also manages to throw a punch into the Wallace’s face at the same time!

Al Locker: Crikey, that was some punch by Harper!

Wallace has fallen onto his back. Wallace starts to roll around holding his face where the punch landed… Trent Harper has left the ring and appears to have picked up a steel chair! Wallace is still holding his face as Harper slides into the ring. The referee’s hands are tied as this is a no DQ match… Trent starts to smash the chair into Wallace… Blow after blow… Harper is not stopping this vicious attack!

Al Locker: Trent Harper!! You bastard!!!

Alan Carcia: He’s lost it Locker!

Trent Harper finally decides enough is enough. He then picks Wallace up and delivers the Death Penalty!!!!

Harper then goes for a cover!





Al Locker: Harper picks the win up but that attack with the steel chair was unjust!

Richard Basset: The winner of this match… Trreeennnttttt “The King” Harrrrpppeerrrrr!!!!

Trent Harper kicks Wallace out of the ring and goes to leave it himself…

Al Locker: Harper’s attitude is disgusting!!

All of a sudden…

Lights start to flash inside the arena. The crowd are going wild…


Music starts to play and a video begins…


It’s just one of those days

Where you don’t want to wake up

Everything is fucked

Everybody sucks

You don’t really know why

But you want to justify

Rippin’ someone’s head off

Lights start to flicker…

Al Locker: Bandera?????????

Alan Carcia: You know it…!!

Al Locker: Here comes Bandera folks!

Trent Harper stands ready in the ring. Bandera has made his way onto the stage with a mic. He then starts to walk down to the ring…

Bandera: Hey Trent, how you doing my old pal? Enjoy FireTrap last week? … Maybe not I guess? … How did that Bandera bomb feel??

Trent Harper is kicking the ropes as he starts to get pissed off with Bandera talking…

Bandera: Don’t worry Trent. You see, I asked for a match against you at Doomsday Pay-Per-View on April 23. And guess what? Management have signed the match off! So you’ll get your chance at revenge against me then. And Harper… At Doomsday, You’re going to get FUCKED UP!

Trent Harper leaves the ring and charges up the aisle after Bandera. Bandera drops the mic and the pair start to fight on the isle way…

Al Locker: We need security out here!

Alan Carcia: It’s all kicking off between these two!

Trent Harper and Bandera exchange multiple punches before referees and security flood to the scene. Both men are then held apart…

Al Locker: Folks, these two men will go face to face at Doomsday later this month!

Alan Carcia: I can’t wait Locker! Bandera wants to fuck Harper up. But I assure you the feelings mutual…

Al Locker: What a night it has been folks! And we still have a lot more to come!

Alan Carcia: Locker, you don’t get television like this anywhere else!

Al Locker: That you certainly don’t… Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for Taurus to go one on one with the ever interesting “Universal Superstar” Anaquin Adams…

Alan Carcia: I can’t wait!!

“Universal Superstar” Anaquin Adams vs Taurus

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] … First to make her way to the ring … “Universal Superstar” Aaaaanaquinnnnnn Aaaaadddddamssssss!!!!

The lights go out as the big screen lights up with a scene from deep space, plenty of stars flickering as the scene moves. Words begin to fill up the screen as the piano entrance of remake of “Zombies” begins to play by Bad Wolves.

“Once in a lifetime

A person arrives

That changes the universe.

And that person

For this lifetime

Has arrived.

Prepare Yourself for”

As the rock strains of the chorus hits, the lights come on as “Universal Superstar” Anaquin Adams name hits the screen and a light dusting of golden glitter begins to fill the arena. A hooded figure stands at the top of the ramp, obviously female as she makes her way slowly down the aisle as the music continues to play. Her hoodie is a glittery golden and lights flicker across the surface as she keeps her face hidden as she reaches the steps and climbs up to the ring apron and she walks to the center and looks out at the crowd before she finally pulls the hood back and reveals her face. She’s pretty, her long black hair pulled back into a ponytail and her brown eyes twinkling with amusement as she continues to walk around the apron, hitting all four sides and posing before she finally slips inside as the final piano strains of “Zombie” finally fade out and she steps to her corner. She stands there in a one piece, white sport tights with golden trim and her boots are also white, with US on one boot and AA on the other.

Al Locker: What a blockbuster of a match we have now folks!

Alan Carcia: This should awesome Locker!

“Ready For This” by All Good Things hits the PA system

Al Locker: Here comes the new number one contender for the HcW World Heavyweight Championship folks… Taurus!!

Richard Basset: And his opponent… Taaaaauuuuurrrrrruuuuuuuusssssssssss!!!

The referee calls for the bell…


Al Locker: The referee has signalled for the match to start

Alan Carcia: This is going to be interesting folks!

Taurus and Anaquin Adams start the match by locking up in the middle. Taurus over powers her straight away and pushes her back. She lands on the floor and quickly gets back in. They go to lock up again but Anaquin follows through with a knee to the gut of Taurus, she then hits a running clothesline on Taurus which doesn’t take him down. He’s staggering but not down. She then nails him with a dropkick which finally takes the big man down. Anaquin doesn’t wait for him to get up, she starts stomping away at Taurus. After a few stomps she pulls him up and whips him in to the ropes. As Taurus comes back he’s levelled with a clothesline that takes him down. Anaquin quickly picks him up and slams him down with a scoop slam.

Al Locker: She’s really taking it to Taurus

Alan Carcia: I’m impressed, I thought Taurus would have made quick work of this match Locker

Anaquin follows up with a senton splash on Taurus and then goes for the cover.



Taurus powers up!

Al Locker: Taurus showing his strength to Anaquin there

Alan Carcia: He’s far from out of this match

Anaquin gets up and waits for Taurus. Taurus sits up and Anaquin runs in with a flying forearm to the face of Taurus. Anaquin then quickly gets up again and pulls Taurus to his feet. She goes for a suplex but Taurus blocks. She tries again and Taurus blocks again. Taurus then hits her with a suplex of his own. Anaquin comes crashing down hard on her back. She holds her back from the pain. Taurus gets up and quickly lifts Anaquin up to her feet, Taurus pushes her back in to the corner and steps back. He runs in with a clothesline and then moves a few steps back, he waits for Anaquin to stagger out. She slowly staggers out and gets kicked in the stomach by Taurus and then dropped on her back with another suplex from Taurus. He then goes for the cover.




Anaquin Adams kicks out.

Al Locker: I thought Taurus had the match won their Carcia!

Alan Carcia: She somehow managed to keep herself in this one for now

Taurus gets up and pulls Anaquin to her feet. He then hits her with a belly-2-belly suplex and then goes for another cover.




Anaquin Adams kicks out again!

Al Locker: Taurus is trying to finish this match off folks

Alan Carcia: That Anaquin Adams isn’t any easy win Locker, she’s still in this match up

Taurus gets to his feet and brings Anaquin to hers. He runs at her with a clothesline but she ducks, and grabs Taurus’ neck and drops down with a hard neck breaker in the centre of the ring.

Al Locker: Both competitors are down!

Alan Carcia: The referee is beginning his count!



The referee is checking on both Taurus and Adam Anaquin.



Both wrestlers are down in the ring. Anaquin is pulling herself towards the corner and Taurus is looking up at the lights, both breathing in heavy. The referee is beginning a count. Anaquin is rolling out of the ring, which breaks the count. She leans against the ring apron for a moment before she walks over and takes the microphone from the ring announcer.

Anaquin: Taurus the Bull. This match could go on for an eternity. The gods have given us a standing ovation, having not seen a battle such as ours since the battle of Goliath and Hercules.

She pauses to catch her breath and move closer to the ring, then rolling inside. She struggles to get to her feet and leans against the corner.

Anaquin: I have only one thing I want to ask you, Taurus the Bull.

With that, she stumbles to the center of the ring.

Anaquin: Before I do, I want you to face me.

Taurus slowly climbs to his feet with the assistance of the ring ropes, nursing what appears to be an injury to his hip. He limps over to the center of the ring. A look of confusion comes across his face as he mouths the word ‘Goliath and Hercules’ with bewilderment about what she’s talking about.

Taurus: I’m pretty sure Goliath and Hercules never fought.

Anaquin looks as confused as her opponent did.

Anaquin: You’ll have to trust me. I witnessed the encounter myself. The match was scribed by the master author himself, Shakespeare. But that’s entirely off the topic of what I want to discuss with you, Beast Man.

She glances out to the crowd, knowing they’re also completely confused by this turn of events as is typical with any Anaquin promo.

Anaquin: I want to propose to you, Taurus the Bull that you and I form a tandem. The supernatural and the mythological. We would be unstoppable. You are the toughest competitor that I have been in the ring with and I know that the two of us together, we would be able to fight the good fight. And between you, me, this audience and those watching TV… the other teams here, leave quite a bit to be desired.

She stops talking now, as she is still trying to catch her breathe.

Anaquin: So, tell me, Taurus. What say you to my offer?

She reaches out a hand.

Taurus: Well, I’m far from mythological. I’m simply a guy attempting to right the wrongs in this world and make up for some of his past mistakes. But if you’re interested in fighting the good fight, I won’t say no to an alliance.

Taurus reaches out and accepts her handshake.

Al Locker: What have we just seen folks? Taurus and Anaquin have just aligned?

Al Locker: This is crazy folks, these two just faced off and now they’re a team?

Cameras fade to a commercial

Al Locker: Before the commercial we witnessed, well, an interesting ending to the Anaquin Adams and Taurus match up…

Alan Carcia: I didn’t see that coming Locker!

Al Locker: Folks we now move on to a match that has had the HcW World Tag Team Championships put on the line by General Manager Jonny D. This is his way of celebrating his victory over Eddie Rolan last week.

Alan Carcia: Jonny D is the fucking man Locker!

Al Locker: I wouldn’t go that far Carcia

HcW World Tag Team Championship
Snakebite & Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton vs Raven Trueblood & (c) Scythe Bloodline

Richard Basset: The following Tag Team match is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] …And is for the HcW World Tag Team Championship… First to make his way to the ring …Raaavvveeennnnn Trrrruuueeeebblllooooooooddddddd!!!!

The lights turn blue as smokes feels the entrance way as say10 by Manson begins raven walks out with his vampire girl as they look around before kissing as pyros go off as blood drips from ravens lip.

His girl points to the ring as he walks to the ring and slides in his girl points to the corner as he falls back as she bytes his neck as he waits for Scythe Bloodline…

99 ways to die by Megadeth begins to place and Scythe shoots out onto the stage thumping in place with strobe lights accompanying him. He pauses and raises his right arm than dashes down the ramp high fiving fans on the way.

Richard Basset: and his tag team partner. Together they are “Bloodcoven” … The HcW Xtreme Champion… Sscccyytttthhheeeeee Blloooddddddlllliiiiiiinnneeeee!!!!

Al Locker: Both these teams have great chemistry Carcia

Alan Carcia: That is true. Two extremely solid teams in this one…

“You’re Going Down” – Sick Puppies hits the PA system

Samantha Hamilton makes her way to the ring slapping fans hands and showing a lot of confidence… She then waits outside the ring and looks back up the ramp way…

Al Locker: Well folks it’s been one hell of a week since FireTrap…

Alan Carcia: Shut up Locker… I’m looking forwards… Not back!

The lights go out, and start flickering green and purple to the beat of “Problem” by Webbie & Boosie BadAzz. As the intro of the song plays, the camera pans around the crowd. Then as soon as the hook begins, the camera focuses on the stage area, where Snakebite slowly walks out from behind the curtain, wearing his bright green fuzzy armless jacket. The crowd gets loud.

Richard Basset: Their opponents… the team of, Saaaaamantha “The Titaness” Hamilllllltonnnnn and Snakebiteeeeeeeee Team Chimera…

Al Locker: Folks, this is going to be one Hell of a match!

Alan Carcia: You can really feel the tension Locker…

Scythe Bloodline and Raven Trueblood are deciding who is going to start the match first. Over in the other corner it appears Samantha will start proceedings… Finally, Scythe appears to take the lead and will also start. Snakebite and Raven both leave the ring and step out onto the ring apron in their respective corners…

The referee calls for the bell…


Al Locker: Here we go Folks, tonight we will crown our first HcW World Tag Team Champions of the new era…

Scythe Bloodline and Samantha Hamilton both lock up in the center of the ring. Scythe quickly applies a headlock. Hamilton the quickly throws him into the ropes. Scythe shoulder charges her and knocks her to the canvas. Samantha rolls over and Scythe jumps over her. Samantha gets back to her feet and gets hit with a Cross body dive…

Al Locker: This match has started at some pace!

Snakebite is smacking his hand on the turn buckle as Scythe brings Samantha to her feet. Scythe then Irish whips Samantha into the ropes, swings for a clothesline but misses. Samantha comes back from the other side with a Spear! … Scythe is sent crashing onto his back…

Al Locker: A spear out of nowhere!

Alan Carcia: Scythe could he hurt real bad

Samantha goes to make a cover…


Raven enters the ring…


Raven Trueblood breaks the pin! Snakebite steps into the ring but Trueblood makes a quick exit. Snakebite is then stopped by the referee.

Al Locker: Raven making the save there…

Samantha gets to her feet and pulls Scythe up to his. She hits him with a couple of punches and then delivers a sudden DDT!

Al Locker: Samantha is now on it!

Raven is now beating away at the turn buckle yelling at Scythe to get up…

Samantha goes for another cover…


Snakebite steps into the ring warning Raven off…



Scythe Bloodline kicks out! Samantha looks furious and starts to punch away at him. She then brings him half way up and delivers some body kicks!

Al Locker: Samantha Hamilton looking vicious here folks!

Alan Carcia: She sure does

Samantha then gets to her feet and makes the tag to Snakebite

Al Locker: Here comes Snakebite!

Snakebite enters the ring and instantly charges over to Scythe and delivers a kick to stomach area. He then lifts Scythe up. Scythe quickly backs off and makes the tag to Raven Trueblood…

Al Locker: Scythe doing the right thing and taking a breather…

Raven makes a charge at Snakebite but is struck with a clothesline. He bounces back to his feet but is met with a second. Snakebite looks around at Sam and grins. Snakebite then lifts Raven back to his feet and delivers a belly to back Suplex!

Al Locker: What a Suplex by Snakebite…

Snakebite seems to take his time. He then decides to provoke Scythe Bloodline. Scythe doesn’t react though. Snakebite then turns his attentions back to Raven. Raven at this stage is up on his knees and delivers a hard below across the lower section of Snakebite. He then drives a hard punch into Snakebites face. Raven then gets to his feet and delivers a Russian leg sweep to Snakebite. He then makes a cover…

Al Locker: Look out!



Snakebite kicks out!

Raven quickly gets back to his feet and tags Scythe back in…

Al Locker: Tag made to Scythe!

Scythe instantly climbs to the top turn buckle and appears to wait for Snakebite to return to his feet.

Al Locker: Scythe looking him to high here!

Snakebite finally returns to his feet and is met with a flying forearm smash! Though it sends Snakebite back into his corner where Samantha makes the tag!!

Al Locker Hamilton is back in!

Samantha charges at Scythe and hits him with a dropkick! She then locks in the Exiled To Tartarus!

Al Locker: Samantha applying a sleeper hold Carcia!

Alan Carcia: Scythe could fade quickly here!

The crowd seem to be split… Or that’s how it seems. Though extremely noisy so hard to gauge…

Samantha continues apply the sleeper hold. Snakebite is clapping acknowledging what she is achieving… Raven looking a little concerned…

Al Locker: Scythe is fading! FAST!!

Alan Carcia: Samantha has a tight grip. He’s almost out…

The referee gets down on his knees and starts to check on Scythe. He looks over towards the bell man… Any second the bell could get called for. The crowd are so loud… The arena is buzzing. Like it has been all night!

Al Locker: The referee is now checking Scythe…

The referee lifts Scythes right arm once and let’s go. It flops down to the canvas…

Alan Carcia: Scythes finished. His tag title hopes are finished!

The ref does the same again. And once more Scythes hand hits the canvas…

Raven Trueblood can be heard yelling at Scythe… He knows the end is near…

The referee lifts Scythes arm one last time. Let’s go and he manages to keep it off the canvas…

Al Locker: Scythe isn’t finished!!

Samantha again tries to lock the hold in. Scythe starts to battle back. Snakebite is reaching out for a tag. Raven is reaching out for a tag…

Al Locker: Where does the match go from here folks! It’s anybody’s guess!

Samantha and Scythe get back to their feet. Scythe strikes first with a European Uppercut. He then delivers a sharp second one. Samantha staggers back slightly. She then comes forward… Samantha grabs hold of Scythe like she’s lining up a chokeslam!

Al Locker: Look out!

Samantha goes to deliver the chokeslam… But wait!! Scythe hits the Killer Thriller!!!!

Al Locker: How the Hell did Scythe manage that??

Scythe goes for a cover…



Snakebite was about to enter the ring…


Samantha kicks out!!

Al Locker: A whisker from three folks!

Alan Carcia: We nearly had the Tag titles decided Locker!

Scythe scurried back to his feet and waits on Samantha. Snakebite is yelling to be tagged in…

Al Locker: Snakebite is going berserk! He wants in now…

Samantha gets to her feet and is met with the triple clothesline combo! … No wait… She ducks the third and dives towards Snakebite making the tag…

Al Locker: How smart from the Titaness…

Scythe backs off as Snakebite enters the ring. Snakebite is just staring at Scythe. It’s kinda creepy… Scythe looks around at Raven Trueblood. He then shrugs his shoulder and charges towards Snakebite…

Al Locker: Scythes just going for it!

Snakebite stuns Scythe hitting him with a crushing spinebuster!!!!

Al Locker: The ring just shook!

Alan Carcia: What a spinebuster!

Snakebite is watching on. He knows he has Scythe where he wants him… Scythe is making his Way back to his feet, yet slowly…

Al Locker: Carcia, Snakebite has that look in his eyes!

Snakebite boots Scythe in gut and attempts to go for the Venom Injection!! Scythe somehow wriggle free and makes a tag to Raven Trueblood…

Al Locker: That would have been the match over Carcia…

Alan Carcia: If Snakebite had hit the Venom Injection your dam right it would have been over!

Raven enters the ring and starts to brawl with Snakebite…

Al Locker: Raven now taking the fight to Snakebite…

Raven takes hold of Snakebite and goes to deliver a running bulldog! Snakebite has it scouted and throws raven into the turnbuckle! Raven’s manhood appears to have taken the brunt of it!!

Al Locker: Raven just landed awkwardly!

Alan Carcia: He’s holding his manhood after hitting the turnbuckle legs apart!

Snakebite tags in Samantha Hamilton. Samantha moves her hair to one side and goes to work on Raven. Scythe is leaning into the ring as much as he can looking for the tag…

The crowd all of a sudden start to get noisy…

Alan Carcia: LOCKER!! LOCKER!!!! LOOK!

Al Locker: What the hell is World Champion Lance Mikes doing out here?

Alan Carcia: He’s not only holding the HcW World Heavyweight Championship Locker! He’s got a flipping steel chair too!

Lance starts to walk towards the ring. Snakebite is shown looking down the aisle towards Lance…

Al Locker: Just what’s going on?

Alan Carcia: I dunno… But I don’t like the look of this…

Lance Mikes finally gets to the bottom of the ramp. He is holding the steel chair up towards Snakebite. Snakebite is trying not to pay attention to Lance! … Lance however places the steel chair up to Snakebite…

Samantha Hamilton is getting on with the match up. She has Raven back to his feet and she hits him with the Wrath of the Titans!!!!

Al Locker: Samantha has this match won Carcia!

Scythe is on the outside of the ring holding his head knowing it could be over…

Lance is yelling at Snakebite “You said you’d do anything if I won!” – Snakebite looks like he is losing it. Samantha appears to notice Lance on the outside. She heads over to Snakebite and wants to make the tag…

Al Locker: It looks like Samantha wants Snakebite to finish this match off! …

Snakebite offers his hand out for the tag…

Al Locker: Here goes…

Samantha puts her hand out for the tag…

Al Locker: WHAT THE!!!!…

Snakebite smashes the steel chair into Samantha’s skull. He then jumps down from the ring apron and throws the chair into the crowd…


Alan Carcia: My word… I never seen this coming!

Raven Trueblood manages to tag Scythe Bloodline in. Scythe heads straight to the top rope and looks for the Heaven’s Fall

Al Locker: Snakebite is walking up the ramp with Lance leading the way… What on earth!

Scythe hits the Heaven’s Fall!!!! He then makes the cover…





Al Locker: What the hell have we just witnessed..??

Alan Carcia: Snakebite has turned on Samantha Hamilton… Oh man!

Richard Basset: The winners of this match and Neeeewwwww HcW World Tag Team Champions… Scyyyyytttthhhhe Bloooooodline and Raaaaavvvven Trueeeeeblllooolood

Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton looks up the ramp and starts to scream towards Snakebite…

Raven and Scythe celebrate as Samantha gets to her feet and starts kicking the ropes! She is furious with Snakebite!

Al Locker: Snakebite cost himself and Samantha the tag titles here on Monday Night Hell!

Al Locker:” Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! Up next we will see…”

“Lux Aeterna” by Clint Mansell hits throughout the Staples Arena. The arena then turns black and the large screen across the stage flickers to life. The grainy video shows a bloody pentagram then a Fury Studios logo. The production studios owned by one, Tommy Crimson.

The violins pick up on Lux Aeterna as a brain comes into focus on the screen. A grainy upside down cross appears in a flash but the brain instantly returns. The three dimensional shot shows the entire organ in all its glory. Memories begin to emit off the brain like smoke from a fire.

One memory shows Crimson becoming the youngest World Champion in all three of the first companies in which he competed. The next from the right side of the brain shows him attaining dual championships mere months ago.

The animation of the brain meshed with real live shots come together beautifully as the masterpiece by Mansell continues.

The orchestra ramps up as the memories of all Crimsons glory sucks back into the brain with smaller memories such as his famous grandfather, Charles Manson. A shot of his own father’s execution for killing his mother and the attempted murder of Tommy himself. The brain can’t handle all the violent slash brutal memories and suddenly explodes across the huge screen. The two cerebral hemispheres end up as sticky brain matter that spells out “Mind Fuck”. The lights come on to reveal Tommy Crimson standing between the two large words spelt in 3d brain matter a full story high. The crowd loses it.

Al Locker: What did I just see?!?

Alan Carcia: THE FURY IS HERE!

Tommy walks down the steel ramp. He stops when he realizes the boos aren’t what they usually are. Are those cheers Crimson can hear also? Odd.

Crimson walks over to the announcers table.

Al Locker: Is he wearing a leather jacket with faces on it?

Alan Carcia: Yes. That’s his ring jacket and he’s coming over here.

Al Locker: Why?!

Alan Carcia: He always addresses the crowd standing on the announcers table. Always.

Tommy leaps up on the announcers table while slightly tucking a few strands of his crimson red hair behind his ear. He reaches inside his infamous jacket and retrieves an HcW microphone. Tommy is wearing an NRA shirt underneath the jacket that causes the boo’s to erupt. The crowd roars after this revelation to such a liberal bunch.

The Fury: Like my shirt? The NRA not only promotes child murder but now they also back my Fury Studios. Trust me, you’ll want to save any cheers for a hero that I will smash in the future. He will need them and may give a fuck, where I don’t and hope you all die leaving the arena tonight.

Crimson grins after he insults the crowd openly. He walks on top of the announcers table as he continues.

The Fury: I came here to continue my dominance. I’ve lost two matches in three years. So please… Come Change That. I could go on and on about being a thirteen time world champion but who cares? I don’t. It means dick in the here and now. I’ll just show you first hand.

Crimson bends down and spits directly into Al Locker’s face out of nowhere!

The Fury: Sorry Al. I didn’t see you there.

Locker is in complete shock and quickly wipes his face off.

The Fury: I came here to expose every insecurity in that locker room. I will use those same insecurities to manipulate you all. I mind fuck people for a living and I get paid well for it. This is my open challenge to anyone in that locker room. I Dare You.

Tommy laughs at Locker again before he continues.

The Fury: I know you believe you can defeat me. You believe this wholeheartedly. That’s good. See I want to you to believe so I can watch that same belief leave you here in this ring when you face the best wrestler alive, Me.

Crimson drops the mic on the announcers table then leaps off. The crowd goes crazy booing while Tommy backs up the steel ramp. “Lux Aeterna” by Megaraptor now begins to play as The Fury makes his exit.

Al Locker: Well it’s time for Tyke Index to defend his title against Martin “The Master” Seas. But it appears he wants to speak first…

Camera falls on the ring where we see HcW Pure Champion Tyke Index standing centre of the ring holding a microphone. The crowd are chanting loudly for Index.

Tyke: Last week after the Fire Trap, where I SUCCESSFULLY DEFENDING MY PURE TITLE, the Pretty Boy announced on Social Media that he was going to address me personally this week: So, Ricky, we’re all waiting….

Al Locker: The Pretty Boy as we all well know had faced Tyke four times as of last

Monday and could not beat him for the title.

Alan Carcia: Makes you wonder what is left to say after months of battle. I mean, Tyke beat him solid these last couple of times

[The lights go out and the black Superman logo appears on the big screen.

Fall Out Boy’s Centuries starts to play:]

Some legends are told some turn to dust or to gold

But you will remember me Remember me, for centuries

Just one mistake is all it will take

We’ll go down in history Remember me for centuries Remember me for centuries…

[Boom! Pyros goes off as the Pretty Boy comes down the ramp in street clothes with a little girl and the crowd is going nuts!]

Al Locker: WAIT A MINUTE! THAT’S BESSIE REYNOLDS! That’s the little girl that Stanton embarrassed on national TV – Here’s what happened! Monday Night Hell,

January 15th, 2018 RECAP:

Bessie Reynolds: My name is Bessie. I’m a huge wrestling fan and love HcW. When I heard they were coming to North Carolina, my school held an essay contest with the winner being able to see their favourite wrestler. My favourite wrestler is Tyke Index. I think he could be my biggest hero ever. So today in front of all of these fans, I would like to ask my hero, Tyke Index, to come ringside and all I want is to hug my hero.

(Slow motions shots show Ricky Stanton shaking her hand…)

PRS: (Gets up and shakes her hand and turns away to walk out the ring but stops and turns back around) I was going to leave so that Tyke Index could come out here and give you your hug, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. You see, he’s not HERO. If he’s anything, he’s a loser. And the fact that YOU think he’s a hero….that….that just PISSES ME OFF LITTLE GIRL.

(Ricky snatches the poster away from her!)

(Further flashbacks showing him ripping up the poster and the girl crying….) 

Al Locker: That was a hard event to watch again, but it did happen, and now….they’re in the ring together! Stanton and Bessie along with girlfriend Lily Hollister are in the ring with Tyke Index.

PRS: …..Tonight……I’m here….to right some wrongs. (Crowd chants: YOU LOST FOUR TIMES! (Clap Clap) YOU LOST FOUR TIMES!) Yeah…..yeah thanks for reminding the Pretty Boy. Tyke Index, now I know we’ve said some rough things about each other these past couple of months and well, you’re still the champion. But first, I wanted you to meet your No.1 fan, Bessie. She wanted to meet you months ago and I kinda interrupted that event. So first, I wanted to correct that.

(Lily walks Bessie up to Tyke and she holds her poster)

Al Carcia: Is… that the poster he ripped up in the ring???

Al Locker: Amazing that we’re seeing this! PRS: I kept the pieces and had the guys paste it back together for her, along with giving her a few coupons courtesy of Stanton Enterprises for dinner with you and her family.

(People stand and clap)

Al Locker: Well now…looks like he’s getting the crowd behind him.

Al Carcia: He’s making amends for his past sins. I think everyone can respect that.

PRS: And now, for the next part of what I wanted to say is that……

Cong….Congr……Good job (sticks out hand)


Al Carcia: I cannot believe it! (The crowd erupts as Tyke looks around as Stanton extends his hand. Lily is motioning for Tyke to shake his hand…he finally does it and the two lock eyes!)

Al Locker: What a major event we’re seeing here tonight! (As Tyke goes to walk away Stanton hangs on to his hand. Tyke looks at him)

Al Locker: Wait a minute something – (Just then Lily pulls out of her pocketbook a Taser! She stuns Tyke and he collapses to his knees!)


PRS: Do you actually THINK THAT I WOULD EVER RESPECT YOU???? DID YOU? WHAT DID YOU SAY? YOU’RE DROOLING LET ME HELP YOU… (Punches him in the face as Bessie lies over his body)


PRS: Little Girl……MOVE…….AND THAT COUPON IS A BAD COUPON! (Takes her poster AGAIN and rips it up again! He scatters the poster pieces over Tyke Index’s body! ) Now, WE’RE DONE TYKE. NOW IT’S OVER. (Lily grabs Ricky’s arm and the two leave the ring as people boo. The little girl hovers over Tyke’s body as EMS rush to the ring to get him….) (Ricky and Lily stop at the top of the ramp and wave as the crowd boos…)

Al Locker: This guy……he’s pure evil.

Camera pans backstage where we see Tyke Index being attended to further by EMTs, we can see Linda Chadwick approaching the Pure Champion who is still in shock and struggling to walk, he is grasping his ribs in a lot of pain. Tyke leaps off the stretcher and pushes the EMTs away.

Linda Chadwick: Tyke, Tyke – are you okay? After the attack we just witnessed from Ricky Stanton, surely you are in no condition to defend your title tonight against Martin ‘the Master’ Seas?

Tyke Index winces in pain, he can barely speak. Before grabbing the mic off Linda.

Tyke Index: These fans paid money to see me in action tonight and I will still be competing.

Tyke Index can barely complete his sentence while still wincing in pain. Suddenly out of nowhere HcW World Champion Lance Mikes blindsides Tyke Index over the head with his world championship! Lance then sniggers and stands over a knocked out Index.

Lance Mikes: Damn right you’ll still be competing, but not because you want to but because I’m telling you to bitch.

Cameras pan back on Al Locker and Alan Carcia

Alan Carcia: MY GOD!! No way! Tyke Index is still being forced to wrestle tonight despite these attacks!

Al Locker: What an asshole Lance Mikes is! No way is Tyke able to compete against Martin Seas tonight!

HcW Pure Championship
(c) Tyke Index vs Martin “The Master” Seas

The lights in the arena dim as Aversion Therapy begins to play. A spot light illuminates the entrance way and we see The Master standing with his back to us, his arms stretched out either side of him in his familiar crucifix pose. He spins around, looks out around the arena, wipes his right hand across his mouth and starts walking to the ring.

“Got a pin in heart shaped case

Stab it in my skin when I see your face

Everything that I feel has changed

I associate you with a world of pain”

Richard Basset: This match is scheduled for one fall… and is for the HcW PUUUURE CHAAAMPIOOOONSHIIP!! Making his way to the ring. MAAARTTIIIIIN ‘THHHEEE MAAAASSTTTEERRR’ SEEAAASS!

The Master rolls under the bottom rope. He stands up and strikes another crucifix pose looking straight in to the cameras.

“I got elastic it’s on my wrist

A bit of plastic that I can twist

It’s on my sleeve where my heart still sits

I pull it back then you don’t exist”

The Master walks to the corner of the ring and sits down, his long hair covering his face.

“Take my mind away

Take my mind away

Take my mind away”

The music fades out and the lights return to normal.

Al Locker: Well folks, here we go, Martin Seas gets a shot at Tyke Index’s Pure Championship

Richard Basset: His opponent … The HcW Pure Champion … Tyyyykkkkkeeeeeeee Innnnnnddddeeexxxxxxxxxx!!!!

An aura falls over the arena as the opening guitar line to “Box Full of Sharp Objects” by the Used blasts across the PA. Strobe lights shiver across the dark lit ceiling and entrance way. Tyke Index can be seen in his full glory – black hoody over his head giving him the look of a stealth assassin. He slowly walks down to the ring as the crowd go crazy for the former World Champion. As he enters the ring he then leans back in the corner looking almost stoned and disillusioned. The injuries from the attack clearly aren’t helping either…

Alan Carcia: Is Tyke in any fit state to defend…

The referee calls for the bell…


The referee gets the match under way. Tyke Index and Martin Seas meet in the centre of the ring to lock up. Tyke doesn’t want any of that and stands to lay in to Martin with kicks to the stomach. After three kicks Tyke hits a quick dropkick to Martin Seas which backs him up in to the corner. Tyke gets up gingerly holding his ribs and runs in with a clothesline in the corner. He moves back and pulls Martin out of the corner and brings him crashing down in to the centre of the ring with a vertical suplex. Tyke is then seen holding his mid-section again as he goes for the cover with one arm.



Martin Seas kicks out.

Al Locker: I think Tyke knew he wasn’t going to get the win there, just playing mind games

Alan Carcia: He has that look about him tonight Locker, somethings going on in that head of his

Tyke gets to his feet and pulls Martin Seas to his feet quickly. He pushes him back first in to the ropes and whips him across the ring. As Martin comes back he ducks a clothesline and comes off the ropes again and as Tyke turns around he’s levelled with a clothesline from Martin. Martin quickly gets Tyke back up and scoop slams him down to the canvas again. Martin then hits a senton splash on Tyke right across the mid-section and goes for the cover.



Tyke Index kicks out.

Al Locker: I don’t know how but Tyke is actually out here fighting after being attacked by Ricky Stanton and also Lance Mikes

Alan Carcia: He’s got a lot of fight in him Locker, I commend him on that

Martin Seas gets up to his feet and brings Tyke to his. He starts to kick away at the stomach of Tyke and backing him in to a corner. Tyke pushes Martin back but Martin comes back with a clothesline in the corner. Martin stands in the centre of the ring and waits as Tyke slowly makes his out. Martin then levels him with a clothesline which knocks Tyke down.

Al Locker: Martin has the upper hand here

Alan Carcia: This could be over soon if Martin has his way

Martin lifts Tyke up slowly as Tyke is holding his mid-section from the beating he got earlier. Martin kicks Tyke in the stomach and then hits a swinging neck breaker on him and goes for a cover.




Tyke Index kicks out!

Al Locker: How is he doing this?

Alan Carcia: I don’t know Locker, that championship means a lot to him!

Martin gets up and starts to stomp away at Tyke who is on the floor, clearly in a lot of pain. Martin then drops down with a knee to the mid-section of Tyke, followed by another. Martin then lifts Tyke up to this feet and kicks him in the stomach and sets him up for The Masterstroke. He jumps up but Tyke pushes him away. Martin bounces off the ropes and gets levelled by a clothesline from Tyke which takes a lot out of Tyke who is now gathering himself on the floor, as Martin is slowly getting to his feet.

Al Locker: Where did that come from?

Alan Carcia: What a counter by the champ, Tyke

Tyke gets to his feet slowly and waits for Martin to turn around. He levels him with a quick clothesline and then again as Martin bounces back up. Tyke then scoop slams Martin to the floor.

Al Locker: He’s running on pure adrenaline here Carcia!

Alan Carcia: This is why he is one of the best in this industry Locker.

Martin gets up and Tyke hits him with the Total Definition and lays over him holding his rib, and hooking a leg.





Al Locker: Wow! He managed to pull off a great win!

Alan Carcia: I don’t know how he does it Locker, but he does!


Al Locker: Wow! Just Wow! This man is of another breed

Alan Carcia: He certainly shows why he deserves to be called the best in HcW Locker. Week in and week out!

Al Locker: This has been some night folks! And we got more to come!

Alan Carcia: It has bee… The fuc..!!

The lights in the arena blink out suddenly, casting a shadow of darkness across the arena. A dim rustling can be heard from the fans in attendance, as they dig for their cell phones. Moments later, the first small beacons of light start to appear amongst the audience as they utilize the flashlight function on their phones, attempting to discern the occurrence.

Half a minute or so later, with more and more lights popping into existence from the audience, the video Tron finally illuminates to a hazy grey. This plain grey slowly dissipates into almost a cloud of fog, slowly revealing a dimly lit, brick room. It isn’t quite apparent where this room may be located; only that there’s old black and white graffiti lining the dilapidated brick walls. Pieces of the floor appear chipped and smashed, suggesting a lack of recent use.

The fog over the scene now completely vanquished, the camera centers to the middle of the room, where a lone man sits in what appears to be an old wooden chair. On the arms, lackluster wrist restraints lie untethered. The chair, warped and discolored from years of abandonment, houses a large, sitting man. He appears to wear a grey jumpsuit, the sort worn by prisoners or asylum inmates. There appears to be a number printed on the jumpsuit, though it’s currently indiscernible. The sleeves of the jumpsuit have also been torn off at the shoulders.

As the camera pans upwards, we can finally see that this man’s face is obscured by a plain, black mask. Only his eyes can be seen… they stare vacantly at the landscape in front of him. He blinks once. Twice. Now, an utterance finally leaves his lips.

“For years and years, I dreamt only of finding success in this world. To bring forth my best self day in and day out to navigate the minefield we call our world. Many early mornings, preceded by just as many sleepless nights were a hallmark of this journey. However, there was no happy ending for me. Failure loomed around each corner. It was unrelenting, casting a net so wide over my existence that any venture or enterprise I involved myself in soon after came to a screeching halt. I’d often sit and wonder what I was doing wrong. Why did life never seem to cut me a break? Why was my effort all in vain? What did I have to do to finally make a name for myself?”

The man pauses, leaning to his right side. A moment later, his dialogue resumes. “It took many years and a great deal of consideration. Still, an answer was not yet discernible. Until, I finally had an epiphany. I realized the common thread. -EVERYTHING- I was involved with suddenly became the Titanic; a sinking ship with no hope of recovery. It led me to single realization. My true self; the inner workings of my soul. The sole purpose of my life… was to destroy. Not to create, to bring light to the world, to bring prevalence to my name. All those were dreams for other men, but were wasted on myself. For the light in the world to have a purpose, there must also be darkness.”

The camera shakes for a moment as the man’s words cease; it refocuses, just in time for the masked man’s speaking to continue. “I am that darkness.”

A dark, hearty chuckle emanates from the masked man’s throat. His eyes blink several times in rapid succession, almost as though against the man’s will, in an unrelenting, manic manner. The man shakes his head back and forth for several moments, seeming to regain control of his speech, then proceeds. “It’s not often in a person’s life they can point to a single moment, a sole event that changed the world. However, this is one of those rare occurrences. While wrestling may be the beginning platform for my existence, it is by no means the end. Soon, the world over will utter under their breath; afraid to speak about me openly due to the atrocities attributed to my name. My reign will be eternal, tyrannical and destructive. Those would-be heroes that will attempt to stand in my way; eviscerated. Soon, all will bow before me… or risk their souls being ravaged, as I cast their mortal bodies aside on my path to ascension.”

The video begins to distort again, with static beginning to overtake both the video and audio feed. The camera begins shaking and the last several seconds before the feed cuts out completely, all that can be seen is the masked man’s face pressed against the camera. The final audio, audible above the static only due to the intense level of the man’s voice, is simply “Genocide is upon you”. The feed now cuts completely to black, before the arena lights return to normal a few moments later.

Cameras fade to a commercial

Al Locker: Welcome back to Monday Night Hell ladies and gentlemen… Next folks, we will see Lance Mikes defend the HcW World Heavyweight Championship against “The Big Deal” Gray Zee

Alan Carcia: I’m still confused about the words Lance Mikes spoke earlier Locker, but I am looking forward to this match!

HcW World Heavyweight Championship
Grudge Match
Street Fight
(c) “Yours Truly” Lance Mike’s vs “Big Deal” Gray Zee

Skepta – Man hits the PA system

Accompanied by Gabriel Lane, Gray Zee comes out wearing a leather hoodie, he uncovers his face and lifts his arms up. The moment he does that, pyrotechnics explode at both sides like a chain reaction. When he arrives to the ring, he takes the steps, takes off his leather hoodie and enters the ring.

Richard Basset: The following contest is a street fight and for the HcW World Heavyweight Championship! … First to make his way to the ring, accompanied by Gabriel Lane… “Big Deal” Grrrrraaaaaayyyyyyyy Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Al Locker: Gabriel Lane and Gray Zee seem to think that tonight is destiny! Can Gray Zee step up to the challenge?

Alan Carcia: Lance Mikes and Gray Zee have had issues for weeks. One thing I have to say is I hope Lance isn’t going to take Gray Zee lightly tonight!

Al Locker: One thing about Gray Zee folks is that Lance Mike’s has brought the best out of him over the last few weeks…

Alan Carcia: No doubt. Gray Zee has grown and grown since his debut here in HcW. A force to reckoned with.

‘Always’ By Saliva begins to play on speaks all around the area.

Lance Mikes walks out onto the stage area with the HcW World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder…

Richard Basset: His opponent… The current HcW World Heavyweight Champion… Laaaaaaannnncccceeeee Miikkkeessssss!!

Al Locker: Sit back and enjoy folks! Under street fight rules this could end up anywhere!

The referee calls for the bell…


Lance Mike’s quickly grabs the World title back from the ref before he hands it over to Richard Basset. Mike’s quickly turns around and swipes the title towards Gray Zee… Gray manages to move to one side of the way. He then grabs Lance around the waist and delivers a German Suplex! Mike’s drops the title as Gray Zee springs back to his feet!

Al Locker: Lance Mike’s showing he will do anything to retain this title once more!

Gray Zee lifts the World title off the canvas and raises it high!

Alan Carcia Will that be the final outcome of this match Locker?

Al Locker: Who knows Carcia!

Gray Zee then tosses the title out of the ring and lifts Lance back to his feet. Lance looks a little dazed from the German Suplex delivered moments ago. Gray Zee then hits Mike’s hard with a clothesline and it sends him crashing hard into the canvas…

Al Locker: Gray Zee coming at Mike’s like a steam train!

Gray Zee turns to the crowd and lifts his arms like he has just won the title!

Alan Carcia: This is one young man who has endless self-confidence Locker

Al Locker: And can you blame him!

Gray Zee walks over the side of the ring and starts to hold a conversation with Gabriel Lane…

Al Locker: Gray Zee wasting valuable time folks! I’m not sure this is a wise move…

Lance Mike’s springs back up to his feet. Gray Zee is still unaware of Mike’s getting back to his feet…

Alan Carcia: Gray Zee still doesn’t know Mike’s is up!

Gray Zee turns around…

Al Locker: Look out!!

Full Stop!!!!!!

Al Locker: It’s over it’s over!!

Lance Mike’s falls on to Gray Zee for the cover…




Gray Zee kicks out!!

Lance Mike’s looks absolutely stunned!

Al Locker: Lance almost finished the match there and then ladies and gentlemen!

Alan Carcia: That was with his first offence of the match!

Lance Mike’s gets back to his feet and is met with Gabriel Lane who has climbed up onto the ropes…

Al Locker: Gabriel Lane running his mouth!

Lance walks over to Gabriel Lane. However Gray Zee gets back to his feet and attacks Lance from behind knocking him to the outside of the ring. Gabriel Lane smiles at Gray Zee…

Al Locker: Seems like a plan that worked for Gray Zee there

Gray Zee takes a moment to compose himself then he leaves the ring to the outside…

Al Locker: It looks like the action is already leaving the ring…

Gray Zee delivers a kick to Lances face then pulls Lances head in and drives a knee into it. Mike’s crashes back onto the outside mats

Al Locker: Gray Zee has lived up to his words so far Carcia

Alan Carcia: That he has Locker

Gray Zee bends down to pick Lance up but is struck with a low blow!! Gabriel Lane is doing his but shouting at the referee. The ref looks at Lane and shrugs his shoulders. Anything goes!

Al Locker: Mike’s doing what he has to, to survive!

Mike’s takes hold of Gray Zee and manages to throw him into the ring steps. Gray Zee goes shoulder first in to them!

Al Locker: The match is finally turning Lance’s way!

One fan holds up a sign that is shown on camera stating that Lance screwed Snakebite at FireTrap. Moments later security rush to the fan and they escort him away…

Lance Mikes unaware of the sign or the fuss in the crowd continues his way over to Gray Zee. Lance then drives Gray face first into the rings steps. He then stomps on the back of Gray’s head, again driving it into the steps!!

Al Locker: Lance now has Gray Zee where he wants him!

Gabriel Lane starts to yell at Lance. Lance takes one look at Lane, who then scampers around the ring for safety…

Alan Carcia: I don’t think Lane wants any of Lance!

Mike’s then rips the top half of the ring steps away from the lower half. He then steps back waiting for Gray Zee to return to his feet. Gray is definitely looking a little startled right now!

Al Locker: I’m not sure Gray Zee knows where he at right now!

Gray Zee finally gets back to his feet. Mikes then drives the ring steps towards his head. Gray Zee lifts his leg up and hits the ring steps with a huge boot!! Mikes falls backwards with the steps landing on him!

Al Locker: By God!! Mikes could be finished!!!

Gray Zee pulls Lance out from under the steps then sets him up for what looks like to be a Gutwrench Powerbomb!

Alan Carcia: No way!

Al Locker: Don’t do this!!

Gray Zee hits Lance Mikes with a Gutwrench Powerbomb on to the ring steps! He then goes for a cover…




Lance Mikes kicks out!! The ref almost hit the ring step for 3!

Al Locker: That is the will of a World Champion who is hell bent on not losing his title!

Alan Carcia: No one can take Lance’s will away to retain!

Gray Zee gets to his feet and kicks the ring step away from Lance Mikes in pure frustration… Gabriel Lane comes over to Gray Zee to try and keep him focused it seems…

Al Locker: Is Gray Zee losing his cool here?

Alan Carcia: Perhaps he is wondering what it will take…

Gray Zee pulls the ring apron up and pulls out a steel chair…

Al Locker: Gray Zee is going to attempt to destroy Lance Mikes here!

Alan Carcia: Gray Zee has lost it!

Gray Zee starts to smash the steel chair into Lance’s back. Mikes takes shot after shot!

Al Locker: This is sickening!!

Gray Zee throws the chair to one side. He must have delivered around six shots to Mikes. Gray Zee is shown smiling…

Al Locker: This man is sadistic! He’s loving every minute of this…

Alan Carcia: He sure is Locker!

Lance Mikes is rolling around in pain as Gray Zee and Gabriel Lane plot what to do next it appears…

Mikes tries to get back to his feet but falls down. Gray Zee goes for a cover…




Lance kicks out! … Gray Zee punches Lance with a stiff looking punch!

Al Locker: Did you see that punch to Mikes?? His nose could be busted after that!

Alan Carcia: That was one stiff looking punch!

Gray Zee grabs the ref by the neck. The referee points to the HcW logo on his shirt telling Gray Zee not to hit him. The ref continues to reason with him… Gray Zee isn’t taking in the message…

Al Locker: Don’t do anything to the ref! For the love of God! Don’t do it

Lance Mikes gets back to his feet with blood starting to trickle of out his nose. His legs look a little wobbly…

Al Locker: Lance isn’t in great shape here

Mikes bends down and picks the steel chair up that was used on him earlier…

Al Locker: Gray Zee is continuing at the ref here!

Lance Mikes crashes the chair into the spine of Gray Zee. Followed by shot after shot. Mikes has snapped!!!!

Al Locker: Lance isn’t stopping!

Lance continues to smash the steel chair into Gray Zee until the chair finally breaks! Mikes then throws the chair into the ring and drives a boot into the ribs of Gray Zee. Gray instantly clutches at his ribs and rolls over in pain. Lance looks up to the ring and gets himself up on to the apron…

Al Locker: What’s Lance looking to do here?

Alan Carcia: Surely he’s not thinking about going up top? Gray Zee is outside the ring!!

Lance starts to climb the turnbuckle… He’s going up top!!

Al Locker: Nooo!! Lance!

Lance Mikes flies off the top turnbuckle with an elbow drop which drives straight into the chest of Gray Zee. Gabriel Lance turns holding his head!!

(Crowd – Holy Shit! – Holy Shit!)

Al Locker: I swear both men could be broken in half!!!!!

Alan Carcia: Neither man is moving!

The referee looks on. He knows this match has to continue… Gabriel Lane in on his knees trying to assist Gray Zee…

Al Locker: What a match this has been folks!

Alan Carcia: Gray Zee is trying everything to become World Champion. Lance trying everything to remain!

Al Locker: The action has been outside the ring for some time Carcia

Alan Carcia: I can’t see it returning to the ring either!!

The referee continues to watch on as both men start to show signs of recovery. Gabriel Lane gets back to his feet and walks around the ring towards Richard Basset. Lane then pushes Basset off his seat and grabs hold of the World Championship…

Al Locker: What the hell is Gabriel Lane doing!?!

Lance Mikes is almost back to his feet first. Gray Zee is slowly getting up. Gabriel Lane is walking with the World title in his hands. Once Lance returns to his feet Lane drives the belt into his skull!!!! Mikes flies back crashing into the floor…

Al Locker: Noo!!!! No!!!!!! Not like this…

Gabriel Lane pulls Gray Zee on to Lance Mikes for the cover…

Al Locker: NOOO!!! Please not like this…




Lance Mikes kicks out! Gray Zee grabs hold of his own head in disbelief. Gabriel Lane has fallen to his knees in shock!

Al Locker: How in the hell did Lance Mikes get a shoulder up

Lance Mikes’ nose is bleeding pretty quickly now…

Gray Zee gets back to his feet and grabs Mikes by the arm. Gabriel Lane is pointing towards the stage area… Gray Zee then starts to pull Lance up the ramp…

Al Locker: Where on earth are they going Carcia?

Alan Carcia: You don’t think Gray Zee is going to take Mikes backstage do you?

Al Locker: That’s exactly what he might be doing!

Gray Zee continues to drag Lance along by his arm. They finally get to the top of the ramp and then Gray Zee lifts Lance up… Gray Zee goes to throw Mikes off the stage area onto the ground below…

Al Locker: Noo!!

Lance Mikes reverses and throws Gray Zee off the stage!!!!

Al Locker: Oh my God!!!!!!!

Alan Carcia: That’s it… He’s dead!

Gabriel Lane rushes down the ramp to try and get down the side to check on Gray Zee… Lance looks over the edge down towards Gray Zee who lays motionless…

Al Locker: This is over folks! Will someone stop this dam match!!

Lance shrugs his shoulders and goes for a standing moonsault!!!!!

Al Locker: Are you fucking kidding me!!!!

Lance lands mostly onto Gray Zee… It’s not a clean hit but he got enough! The referee doesn’t know what to be doing…

Lance somehow places an arm over Gray Zee for the cover…




Gray Zee kicks out!

Al Locker: I don’t even know how either man is conscious right now

Alan Carcia: It’s the drive for the HcW World Heavyweight Championship Locker!

Lance Mikes and Gray Zee almost both crawling at this stage go forehead to forehead on their knees. Both men then start to deliver punches to one another. Blow after blow. Neither man is giving in… Lance finally drives a forearm into the face of Gray Zee. Gray falls forward onto Lance. Lance then gets to his feet and picks Gray up. Lance then starts to pull Gray down the side of the arena and towards the backstage area…

Al Locker: Folks, we are scrambling to get cameras backstage to this action!

Alan Carcia: Will production hurry the fuck up!

Cameras finally get to the scene of the action… Lance is bleeding everywhere at this stage. Gray Zee has now developed a cut above his left eyebrow…

Al Locker: Look at the state of both men!

Lance Mikes throws Gray Zee onto a table covered with food and drinks in the backstage area. Gray Zee falls off the side of the table. Lance then turns the table onto Gray Zee with food and drinks going everywhere. Lance then looks around. He’s looking for something… Lance finally picks up what appears to be a wooden pallet. He then drives it into the stomach of Gray Zee…

Al Locker: This street fight has beyond what I was expecting…

Lance then throws the pallet towards Gabriel Lane. Lane manages to move out the way…

Al Locker: Lance has the upper hand here Carcia. He’s got to capitalize while he can…

Mikes picks Gray Zee up and delivers a kick to the gut area. He then hits Gray Zee with a clothesline knocking him down to the concrete floor. Mikes then steps back. He starts to watch on as Gray Zee is motionless… Gabriel Lane is shouting at Gray Zee to return to his feet, yet to watch out!

Al Locker: Could Lance be looking to finish this one. Once and for all?

Alan Carcia: He’s now signalling for the Full Stop! If Lance hits it surely it’s goodnight for Gray Zee

Gray Zee is now making his way up. All be it extremely slowly. Lance watches on. Blood running down his face…

Al Locker: Gray is almost back to his feet!!


Gray Zee falls onto his back!!!!


Lance Mike’s looking like a man who has used up every ounce of energy slowly moves towards Gray Zee. Gabriel Lane is screaming NO!!

Al Locker: IT’S OVER! IT’S OVER!!

All of a sudden a car can be heard screeching, getting louder…

Al Locker: Wha…

The camera quickly pans around to see an expensive looking car crash into Lance Mike’s. Lance is sent into the air after trying to jump what he could. However Lance has bounced off the windscreen and over the roof of the car…


Alan Carcia: Oh my word!


The car stands stationery as Gabriel Lane tries everything tinged Gray Zee to his feet. EMTs have now arrived on the scene with multiple referees and HcW management. Jonny D is shouting for more help. Lance is covered in blood…

Al Locker: Folks we had a World title match going on here but no more! It’s over!

Alan Carcia: Man, this is crazy!

Gabriel Lane is slapping at Gray Zee who is starting to get his bearings back. Gray is unaware of what’s happened to Mike’s. Lane knows exactly what’s happened… Gray finally gets to his feet and looks around towards Lance Mike’s who is surrounded by about 30 people…

Al Locker: The match is over Gray Zee!! It’s over!!

Gray Zee walks towards the crowd of people… He then starts to throw people out of the way. He’s looking for Mike’s. Referees and medical personnel are pleading with Gray not to do anything…

Al Locker: Surely not!

Gray Zee continues to throw people out of his way. The referee of the match is on his knees checking on Mike’s. Gray Zee bends down and grabs at Lance…

Al Locker: NO! NOOO!!

Gray Zee hoists Lance Mike’s up and delivers the “T-Gray-O”

Al Locker: NOOO! Not like this!!

Gray Zee then covers Lance Mike’s…




DING! DING! DING! – Is rung inside the arena!

Al Locker: He’s done it… he’s done it!!

Alan Carcia: You have got to be shitting me!! This is unbelievable!

Al Locker: Folks, we have a new World Heavyweight Champion! I cannot believe what we have all just witnessed…

One of the officials is holding the HcW World Heavyweight Championship belt. He then hands it over to Gray Zee. Gabriel Lane is jumping up and down for joy as Gray Zee stares at the belt…

Al Locker: Just who was behind the wheel of that Car Carcia?

Alan Carcia: I don’t kn…

All of a sudden the car revs really loud… Cameras spin around and focus on the car…

Al Locker: Are we about to find out? Who the Hell hit Lance Mike’s!!

The car door opens and out steps none other than…

Al Locker: No way!

Alan Carcia: You son of a bitch!!

Out steps Snakebite…

Al Locker: Just what the actual fuck!

Alan Carcia: Well after everything that’s happened in the last week. My head is mush at this point…

Snakebite walks over towards Lance Mike’s and stands over him…

Al Locker: Snakebite has cost himself and Samantha Hamilton the World Tag Team Championships here tonight and now he has helped cost Lance Mikes the World Heavyweight Championship!

Alan Carcia: Tonight has been something else Locker!

Al Locker: Welcome back folks to what I can only describe as earth shattering night here in HcW! And it isn’t over yet!

Mr Greeney stands in the ring as the crowd chants ass hole, was hole…

Al Locker: The usual reception for the owner folks!

Alan Carcia: These people are fucking retarded Locker. Take a look at them, especially him front row… take a look at him. He looks like the sort to shag his brother then follow it by shooting the family…

Al Locker: Folks, please excuse Carcia…

Alan Carcia: It’s true though! I know you would agree with me off camera…

Al Locker: No I would not!!

The crowd continue to chant ass hole…

Mr Greeney: I am not the ass hole! If you want to be calling anyone an ass hole then maybe you should be directing it towards Snakebite. After all, he has been an ass since he lost to Lance Mike’s at FireTrap! …

Alan Carcia: Mr Greeney is riled up here Locker

Mr Greeney: But fuck it! This is a crazy world we work in. Nothing is ever straight forward and you can’t keep everyone happy!

The crowd go mental… drinks, rubbish and other objects start getting chucked into the ring…

Mr Greeney: Keep it coming… Anyway… I have got better things to do then listen to you fuckers boo me all night! I am out here for one reason, and one reason only tonight! It’s not to talk about Jonny D ending Eddie Rolans career at FireTrap! However that was a remarkable achievement and well done old pal. It’s not to talk about Snakebite… Oh no! It’s to officially announce that I am having a penis enlargement!!

Al Locker: You what?

Alan Carcia: What the fuck…

Mr Greeney: Yep! You heard it here first… I want a bigger dick!

The crowd start to chant… BIGGER DICK! BIGGER DICK!

Mr Greeney steps back and holds the mic out to the crowd…

Al Locker: Well I wasn’t expecting this Carcia…

Alan Carcia slumps his head on to the commentary desk…

Mr Greeney: You fucking morons!! Mines already 12 inches of pure fucking steel. You didn’t think for a minute a guy like me would need a bigger dick did you? … You fans are idiots! Tonight, I present you with a new Monday Night Hell commissioner…

Jonny D starts to run down the ramp… It appears he is still pleading with Mr Greeney not to name a new commissioner. Mr Greeney tells Jonny D to go backstage. Jonny D refuses and gets into the ring. It appears he wants in on the announcement

Mr Greeney: Jonny, Let me get on with this!

Mr Greeney: I present you with a new Monday Night Hell commissioner…

On Mr Greeney’s second attempt music starts to fill the arena…

Real American starts to play…

Al Locker: Oh my word…

Alan Carcia: It can’t be?

Out walks none other than Mr Hamilton

Al Locker: My God!! Mr Hamilton!

Alan Carcia: This is beyond historic!

Mr Hamilton makes his way to the ring slapping fans hands and shaking them also. Mr Hamilton finally gets to the ring steps, walks up and then enters the ring…

Al Locker: I can’t believe what we are seeing Carcia…

Mr Greeney passes a second microphone to Mr Hamilton

Mr Hamilton waves to the crowd then begins to speak…

Mr Hamilton: Thank you, thank you everyone! I am here to make HcW GREAT AGAIN!!!! That’s right folks!

Al Locker: I have heard this man can make us great again

Alan Carcia: But how?

Mr Hamilton: How you ask?

Jonny D raises his mic but is cut off before he can speak.

Mr Hamilton: You see. I have seen all the bullshit going on here and I was hired to clean up the mess you made Jonny.

Jonny D gets a look or shock on his face and points himself and looks at Mr Greeney.

Mr Hamilton: You see. I saw what Snakebite did to Lance Mikes just moments ago and as the new commissioner I am making it clear that criminal activity will not be tolerated here in HcW anymore! Snakebite, if you turn up next week you will be arrested!

Al Locker: Oh wow!

Alan Carcia: He is taking charge, well someone had to!

Real American begins to play as Mr Hamilton drops the microphone and raises his arms in the air. Mr Greeney can be seen with a smirk on his face and Jonny D is still shocked. The camera begins to fade slowly to black.

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