World Champ Gray Zee battles TV Champ Kieran Overton in the main event.

Previously on Monday Night Hell

Al Locker: Could Lance be looking to finish this one. Once and for all?

Alan Carcia: He’s now signalling for the Full Stop! If Lance hits it surely it’s goodnight for Gray Zee

Gray Zee is now making his way up. All be it extremely slowly. Lance watches on. Blood running down his face…

Al Locker: Gray is almost back to his feet!!


Gray Zee falls onto his back!!!!


Lance Mike’s looking like a man who has used up every ounce of energy slowly moves towards Gray Zee. Gabriel Lane is screaming NO!!

Al Locker: IT’S OVER! IT’S OVER!!

All of a sudden a car can be heard screeching, getting louder…

Al Locker: Wha…

The camera quickly pans around to see an expensive looking car crash into Lance Mike’s. Lance is sent into the air after trying to jump what he could. However Lance has bounced off the windscreen and over the roof of the car…


Alan Carcia: Oh my word!


The car stands stationery as Gabriel Lane tries everything tinged Gray Zee to his feet. EMTs have now arrived on the scene with multiple referees and HcW management. Jonny D is shouting for more help. Lance is covered in blood…

Al Locker: Folks we had a World title match going on here but no more! It’s over!

Alan Carcia: Man, this is crazy!

Gabriel Lane is slapping at Gray Zee who is starting to get his bearings back. Gray is unaware of what’s happened to Mike’s. Lane knows exactly what’s happened… Gray finally gets to his feet and looks around towards Lance Mike’s who is surrounded by about 30 people…

Al Locker: The match is over Gray Zee!! It’s over!!

Gray Zee walks towards the crowd of people… He then starts to throw people out of the way. He’s looking for Mike’s. Referees and medical personnel are pleading with Gray not to do anything…

Al Locker: Surely not!

Gray Zee continues to throw people out of his way. The referee of the match is on his knees checking on Mike’s. Gray Zee bends down and grabs at Lance…

Al Locker: NO! NOOO!!

Gray Zee hoists Lance Mikes up and delivers the “T-Gray-O”

Al Locker: NOOO! Not like this!!

Gray Zee then covers Lance Mike’s…




DING! DING! DING! – Is rung inside the arena!

Al Locker: He’s done it… he’s done it!!

Alan Carcia: You have got to be shitting me!! This is unbelievable!

Al Locker: Folks, we have a new World Heavyweight Champion! I cannot believe what we have all just witnessed…

One of the officials is holding the HcW World Heavyweight Championship belt. He then hands it over to Gray Zee. Gabriel Lane is jumping up and down for joy as Gray Zee stares at the belt…

Al Locker: Just who was behind the wheel of that Car Carcia?

Alan Carcia: I don’t kn…

All of a sudden the car revs really loud… Cameras spin around and focus on the car…

Al Locker: Are we about to find out? Who the Hell hit Lance Mike’s!!

The car door opens and out steps none other than…

Al Locker: No way!

Alan Carcia: You son of a bitch!!

Out steps Snakebite…

[‘Scars’ by Papa Roach starts as the Monday Night Hell intro video starts. Old footage from HcW is shown. Snakebite, Lance Mikes, Taurus, Muhammed Rushdi, Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton, Gabriel Ohio, Mr Hamilton, Scythe Bloodline, “Pretty” Ricky Stanton, Martin “The Master” Seas, Anaquin Adams, Kieran Overton, Trent “The King” Harper, Raven Trueblood, Bandera and Tommy McMaster is shown. It fades out into footage of moves: Taurus his the 8 Seconds (Inverted Rolling Cutter) on an opponent. When the song starts Snakebite looks down the camera, Lance Mikes is shown. Mr Greeney is shown. Jonny D is shown. Taurus is shown. Gabriel Ohio is shown delivering the Fall From Grace. Snakebite hitting an elderly women with a steel chair… “Big Deal” Gray Zee holding the HcW World Heavyweight Championship up in the air …The video slowly fades out and in fades HcW Monday Night Hell. Fireworks rocket into the roof of the arena as Hell comes to you live from the T-Mobile Arena, Paradise, Nevada

The cameras pan around inside the arena then focus at the announcer’s desk ringside… The fans are going wild!!

Al Locker: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another episode of Monday Night Hell. My word we are coming off a Monday Night Hell that no one will forget! We have a new commissioner in Mr Hamilton, a new Television Champion in Kieran Overton and a NEW World Heavyweight Champion “Big Deal” Gray Zee!! The youngest HcW World Heavyweight Champion EVER!

Alan Carcia: You’re right Locker! Last Monday was a record breaking show! How about Snakebite caving Samantha Hamilton’s head in with a steel chair! Costing them the World Tag Team Championship! And then he’d go on to running over Lance Mike’s during his title defence!

Al Locker: It was some night folks! And tonight we have security and police officials everywhere as Mr Hamilton has Monday Night Hell in a state of lockdown as he threatened Snakebite not to show up tonight or he would be arrested!

Alan Carcia: If Snakebite knows what’s best he won’t show his ugly mug here tonight!

The cameras focus on Richard Basset…

Richard Basset: Please stand and welcome… The business partner of THE NEW HcW world Heavyweight Champion… Gabbbrriiiieeeeeelllllll Laaannnneeeeeeeee!!!!

Alan Carcia: Stand up Locker you fool…

Al Locker: I’m ok sitting if it’s all the same to you!

Alan Carcia: No respect you!

Al Locker: Fucking diddums…

[“The Choreographer” by Action Bronson blasts through the HcW arena. It’s Gabriel Lane’s entrance song when he comes out alone.

He always liked this song, most of all because Action Bronson speaks out Lane’s mindset]

“I’m the man right now,

I got a plan right now”

[And f**k if he isn’t. He is the business partner of HcW new World Heavyweight Champion, the “Big Deal” Gray Zee. And with that the man who’ll lead the new era of HcW. Do you really think he is called “the Leader” for nothing?

Come on man, honestly? Anyways, he’s in the ring and takes a microphone]

Lane: “Usually, when a new champion is crowned, he comes out, reflects on his match and somewhere he thanks the crowd for staying on his side and giving him the strength to win the title…

I have to disappoint you though. Gray Zee will not act like a douchebag only to make you happy. Why should he anyways? The win against Mikes last week was the culmination of hard work, stepping up his own game in and out of the ring, and let’s be honest, Lance Mikes’ time was already over. The clock started to tick long time ago, he knew it too.

You really expect Gray to thank you? You really want to tell me you did something for him? I mean, I can tell by the look on your faces that you still can’t accept that a 19 years old man is by far more successful than you! Camera man, take a close up of that young man in the first row!

[Lane points to a chubby fan, about 20-25 years old. His face gets shown on the titan Tron]

I know what you are thinking:

[Gabriel’s voice becomes more childish, in order to mock that guy]

“But Gabriel, how you can say that Gray Zee won the title by his own? Everybody knows that Gray won because of Snakebite driving with his car into Lance Mikes!”

[Lane goes back to normal]

Have you been sleeping during the show? Connecting candies on your smartphone?

No no, wait. I know what happened: You weren’t even there last night Monday. So, you went to a random wrestling review website and looked up the results of last Monday’s edition of Monday Night Hell. First thing they wrote was: “Gray Zee wins the World Heavyweight Championship thanks to Snakebite driving his car into Lance Mikes”. And you believe what they say, don’t you?

Guess what? What Snakebite did was his own decision. Truth is, however, that Gray would have won the match anyways, with or without car crash. And yeah, Mikes hit his finisher, but Gray would have kicked out of that with ease. I’m not assuming, I know what I say!

But since you’re an uncultured stupid monkey, I’ll make sure you’ll leave this place NOW! Security, take this joke of a wrestling fan out of here!

[Security staff comes out and bring the young attendant to the exit]

Take what happened to that guy as a warning, ladies and gentlemen, and make sure you listen carefully now: The HcW you know is done! Last week Monday a new era started, and this new era is led by ME! I MAKE THE RULES AND DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS OR NOT! ACCEPT IT OR LEAVE THIS ARENA RIGHT NOW!

[The crowd starts to boo loudly]

I am the one behind Gray Zee’s win, and I am the one who’ll lead this place! Not Mr. Greeney, nor Johnny D. or Mr. Hamilton! Gray Zee is the face of this company, and I’ll make sure it will stay like this forever, if you like it or not!

I don’t care what Snakebite has to say about it, or what Tyke Index… Oh yeah, Tyke Index, I almost forgot:

Mr. Index, I don’t know if all the drugs you took reduced your brain to ashes, or if you are stupid by nature, but I have never seen such a pussy like you. First you express your wish to see my partner Gray Zee win, one week after it you start saying on Twitter “the ratings will go down”? And we don’t even want to know what or who changed your mind, but do us one favor and stay quiet. Your Pure Championship is soon going to be held by another men, and not by such a hypocritical person like you.

I don’t care if your release was truly motivated by your “injuries” (I personally don’t think so), but at least we now have a problem less to care about.

With this said, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to welcome you to this new era of HcW! Enjoy the rest of the night and see you at the main event, where the new face of the company, the “Big Deal” Gray

Zee, will have his first match as a champion. Your champion that will reign forever!

Cameras fade to a commercial

Wallace vs Timothy Hunt

As we come back from commercial break Timothy Hunt and Wallace are already in the ring.

Al Locker: Here we go, the opening match is about to get under way!


The match starts as the referee rings the bell.

Al Locker: Let’s see what these two men have Carcia!

Alan Carcia: I hope both men turn up and perform tonight Locker, if they do it will be a great match

Wallace and Timothy Hunt lock up in the centre of the ring. Wallace over powers Hunt and pushes him back. Hunt drops to the floor and scatters back in to his corner. He gets up slowly and goes to lock up with Wallace again, Wallace again gets the advantage and backs Hunt in to the corner. Wallace let’s go and follows up with a knee to the gut.

Al Locker: Wallace getting the match started with a lot of power

Alan Carcia: If he continues like this, it could be over before it started for Timothy Hunt

Wallace pulls Hunt out of the power and lifts him up for a suplex. He holds him up for a few seconds and then falls back and Hunt comes crashing down and holds his back from the impact of the move. Wallace gets up and starts stomping away at the chest of Timothy.

Al Locker: This is a one sided match so far

Alan Carcia: Wallace is impressive here so far

Wallace lifts Timothy to his feet and whips him across to ring. As Hunt comes back Wallace lifts him up and hits a back breaker on him. Wallace gets up and waits for Timothy to get to his feet. He then kicks him in the guts and then applies a calf crippler on him. The referee slides to the floor as Timothy screams in pain.

Al Locker: It could be over here

Alan Carcia: He needs to get to the ropes quickly Locker, the damage is being done

Timothy Hunt taps out!!


Al Locker: It’s over folks

Alan Carcia: Timothy didn’t even amount any offence, he needs to do better next time Locker.

Richard Basset: The winner of this match…. WAAAAALLLLLLLAACCEE!

Wallace is now up to his feet and the referee raises his arm in the air. Wallace then climbs the top turnbuckle in a corner pretty quickly, that quickly he stumbles and nearly falls off. He shakes it off and gets down quickly.

Jonny D appears to be inside Mr Greeney’s office…

Jonny D: Mr Greeney, you have to reverse the appointment of Mr Hamilton last week on Monday Night Hell! The man is claiming to make HcW great again… Come on! HcW has been great under my leadership…

Mr Greeney: Jonny, here’s the thing. Some people have vented some serious frustrations regarding your approach to running the show. Now I’m not saying I agree with them… BUT! They wanted someone else. Now I wasn’t prepared to let you go. Heck I believe you have done a great job. Fuck, you even managed to run that alcoholic Eddie Rolan out of town. I salute you for that. But Mr Hamilton was needed at this time…

Jonny D: He really wasn’t Mr Greeney!

Mr Greeney: Jonny, unless you have something else for me. The door is over there. Don’t let it hit your ass on the way out!!

With that Jonny D makes his exit slamming the door. Mr Greeney puts his feet up on his desk and flicks Monday Night Hell on his TV…

Al Locker: Well as you can see folks, we have security and extra police guarding the building tonight as appointed by Mr Hamilton the commissioner of Monday Night Hell! We are in a state of lockdown from Snakebite entering the building!

Alan Carcia: There is no chance Snakebite can outwit over 100 security and police here inside this arena…

“Hell’s Soldier” Leon Dread VS Genocide

After the commercial break the camera return to the ring where Genocide and Leon Dread have already made their way to the ring.

Al Locker: Well folks, this a debut match for both superstars

Alan Carcia: Let’s see who can pick up their first win here in HcW!

The bell rings as the referee signals the time keeper to start the match.

Al Locker: Two new superstars here in HcW are about to start their careers

Alan Carcia: They’ll both want a win tonight Locker, but only one can walk away the winner

Leon and Genocide start the match off type by locking up in the centre of the ring. Genocide gets the advantage and backs Leon back in to a corner. He walks back and waits for Leon to come back out. Leon comes back out and they both lock up again. Genocide gets the advantage again and quickly applies a wrist lock on Leon. Leon breaks out by pushing Genocide back in to the ropes and whipping him across to the other side. Genocide comes back and Leon drops down to the floor as Genocide jumps over him. He comes off the other ropes as Leon gets back to his feet and hits Genocide with a dropkick.

Al Locker: Great action here for the opening match

Alan Carcia: Neither man has the upper hand yet

Leon gets to his feet quickly and Genocide gets up slowly. Leon lifts Genocide up and drops him down with an atomic drop and follows up with a clothesline and then hits Genocide with a few knees to the chest. Leon goes for the cover.



Genocide kicks out!

Al Locker: Leon seems to be in charge at the moment, he’ll want to finish this match off as quickly as possible

Alan Carcia: Two great up and comers here in HcW, this match has been great so far

Leon gets up and picks Genocide to his feet. He hits him with a vertical suplex and quickly gets up. He lifts Genocide back up again and scoop slams him to the ground. He then drops an elbow to the chest. Leon gets up and pulls Genocide up to his feet and lifts him up with both arms and hits a fall away slam. Leon then goes for another cover.




Genocide kicks out again!

Al Locker: Genocide really needs to get back in to this match if he wants to have a chance of winning

Alan Carcia: You’re right Locker, Leon has had the advantage and he’s taking it to Genocide right now

Leon gets up and waits for Genocide to get to his feet and he catches his breath. Genocide gets up and Leon runs in with a clothesline but Genocide ducks the clothesline and hits Leon with a quick neck breaker. Genocide gets to his feet.

Al Locker: Genocide has made some space here, can he take advantage and win this!

Alan Carcia: He’s turned the tides, but can he capitalise on this?

Genocide lifts Leon up to his feet and lifts him up and Leon comes crashing down over the knee over Genocide with a back breaker. Genocide goes for the cover.




Leon kicks out!

Al Locker: He almost had him there Carcia!

Alan Carcia: This could be over soon, if Genocide continues his assault

Genocide gets up to his feet and starts to stomp away at Leon as he was stirring to get up. Genocide lifts him up and pushes him in to the ropes and starts to punch away at the mid-section. After about five punches Genocide lifts his knee up and rams it in to the mid-section. Leon goes down holding his mid-section and is then dropped by a vicious DDT.

Al Locker: Carcia, he’s taking control here. The end could be near!

Alan Carcia: It sure could be if this continues for much longer

Genocide lifts Leon up and hits him with an atomic drop followed by a quick clothesline. Genocide lifts Leon up to his feet and hits him with the Final Solution. He then goes for the cover.





Richard Basset: The winner of this match… GEEENNOOOOOCIIIIIDEE!!

Al Locker: Well Genocide has started his career off here in HcW with a win

Alan Carcia: It’s back to the drawing boards for Leon Dread, Locker. He will be kicking himself for not performing tonight

Cameras switch to Mr Greeney’s office. It appears he has been chatting with Mr Hamilton who is just leaving. Mr Greeney receives a call on his mobile phone…

Mr Greeney: Hello?

Al Locker: Who’s Mr Greeney on the phone to?

Mr Greeney: Right… So you’re calling me regarding Gabriel Ohio’s medical records? What do you mean it’s important??

Alan Carcia: Seems serious Locker!

Mr Greeney: Sure, well thank you for the call…

Mr Greeney hangs up and looks down the camera with a frightened look on his face. Mr Greeney then scrambles out of his office instantly yelling at staff and asking them if they have seen Gabriel Ohio…

Al Locker: What on earth was Mr Greeney told?

Cameras switch back to ring side

Al Locker: Well drama back stage folks! And now it’s time for drama in the ring! AND IT’S FOR THE HcW PURE CHAMPIONSHIP!!

HcW Pure Championship
Xtreme Rules|
Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton vs (c)(c) Scythe Bloodline

“You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies begins to place. As the actual lyrics begin playing, the Titaness saunters down the ramp. A sense of determination and resolve can always be found in her eyes. Despite wearing a more stern and serious expression, she’s not one to ignore any fans or supporters. Every now and again, she’ll give a wave or slight smirk. More often than not, however, the Titaness will stick to her more serious and stoic look.

Richard Basset: This match is scheduled for one fall… and is for the HcW Pure Championship. Making her way to the ring… SAAAAMMAANNTTHAAAA “THE TIIIITTAANNNEEESS” HAAAAMIIIIIILLLLTOOOONN!!

When she finally gets in front of the ropes, the Titaness will usually slip through the middle and top ropes. From time to time, however, she will opt to simply step over the top ropes.

Al Locker: Samantha gets a chance at another championship here tonight!

Alan Carcia: She already held the TV Championship, can she add another championship to her resume here in HcW

99 ways to die by Megadeth begins to play. As the music starts Scythe shoots out onto the stage thumping in place with strobe lights accompanying him. He pauses and raises his right arm than dashes down the ramp high fiving fans on the way.


He slides into the ring hopping up on the nearest turnbuckle and roaring towards the crowd then jumps down still feeling the pumping of the music through him. The music calms as it fades and the match gets ready to begin.

Al Locker: Well folks this will be contested in an Xtreme fashion and is for the Pure Championship! Carcia, we have to acknowledge if Scythe Bloodline wins he will hold three titles here in HcW

Alan Carcia: That would be a historic moment if he manages that!

Alan Carcia: Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton came armed with a chair. And after what happened with Snakebite can you blame her!

Scythe Bloodline watches on…

Al Locker: Scythe Bloodline and Raven Trueblood won the World Tag Team Championship as a result of Snakebite aiding them with a chair shot over the head of The Titaness

Alan Carcia: The… Look out!

Before the referee can even ring the bell Samantha drives the steel chair into the skull of Scythe Bloodline. It looks like Samantha has snapped! The referee finally calls for the bell. Samantha appears to have seen the red mist. She’s going berserk on Scythe here! Shot after shot. You can hear here yelling this is you Snakebite…

Al Locker: My God folks!

Alan Carcia: She’s going to town in Scythe

Samantha finally has enough of hitting Scythe with the chair and decides to go and set the chair up in between the middle and top turn buckle… She lifts Scythe to his feet and delivers a scoop slam! Then an elbow drop. She then gets on her knees and starts to pub h away on Scythe!

Al Locker: Scythe is busted wide open!

Alan Carcia: Samantha has been in a different zone here so far! You can still hear her yelling out that this for Snakebite!

Samantha lifts Scythe to his feet then attempts to throw him into the steel chair that’s embedded between the ropes. Scythe manages to reverse the Irish whips but instead of throwing Samantha he swings around and delivers a neckbreaker! Scythe then gets Samantha in a headlock!

Al Locker: What a match up thus far folks!

Alan Carcia: You dam right Locker!

Scythe then applies the headlock tighter and lays down with the grip firm. The referee is asking Samantha if she gives up! Samantha shouts back NO!!

Al Locker: Blood running down Scythes faces from that those early chair shots!

Scythe finally let’s go of the headlock but charges into the ropes as Samantha sits up. He drives a knee into her face and goes for a cover…




Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton kicks out!

The referee shows Scythe the sign for two and a bit! Scythe doesn’t wait to continue the action. He lifts Samantha to her feet and throws her into the ropes… Scythe then delivers a triple clothesline combo before making another cover…




Again Samantha kicks out!

Al Locker: Look at the amount of blood Scythe is losing here!

Alan Carcia: How can he see what he’s doing?

Scythe then wipes some blood off his face then goes to bring Samantha to her feet. Samantha grabs hold of Scythe and rolls him up for a cover…




Scythe just kicks out!

Al Locker: Just how close was that!!

Samantha and Scythe both bounce to their feet at the same time. Scythe runs at Samantha who attempts a clothesline. Scythe ducks under the arm and continues into the ropes again… This time Scythe comes off with a Cross body! Scythe lands on top of Samantha and holds her for a pin…




Samantha gets her right shoulder up!

Al Locker: Scythe must have thought he had done it!!

Alan Carcia: That was crazy close!

Scythe brings Samantha to her feet and delivers a Suplex! He then delivers a couple of stomps before pointing to the top turn buckle!

Al Locker: Scythe is suggesting he wants to finish this match!

Scythe Bloodline climbs to the top of the turn buckle and looks to go for a Heavens Fall…

Al Locker: It’s going to be over if Scythe hits the Heavens Fall!

Scythe comes off the turn buckle with the Heavens Fall!!!!

Al Locker: Samantha just got her knees up!!

Alan Carcia: My goodness!

Scythe rolls around in pain as Samantha slowly gets to her feet…

Al Locker: Samantha is going for that chair she used earlier. What’s she looking to do?

Alan Carcia: She’s got a menacing look on her face Locker!

Samantha lays the chair out flat in the center of the ring. She then lifts Scythe to his feet and throws him into the turn buckle. Samantha then hoists Scythe up top and makes her way to the top…

Al Locker: Surely not!

Samantha delivers the Defying the Gods Frankensteiner

Alan Carcia: Holy shit!!

Al Locker: Oh my goodness!

Samantha picks Scythe up and goes for the Wrath of the Titans. Scythe manages to wriggle out and throws Samantha face first into the turn buckle. Scythe then charges towards Samantha but she manages to turn around and delivers a boot to the stomach!

Wrath of the Titans!!!!

Al Locker: Wrath of the Titans!

Alan Carcia: Do we have a new HcW Pure Champion??

Samantha Hamilton goes for the cover…





Al Locker: She’s done it!! One week after the disappointment of the Tag Team titles! The Titaness has struck gold here in HcW once more!

Alan Carcia: What a match Locker!

Richard Basset: The winner of this match… AND NEEWWWWWW HcW Pure Champion… Saaaammmaannnttthhhaaaaa “The Titaness” Hammmiiilllttttoooooonnnnnn!!!!

Al Locker: What a matchup we just witnessed between two of the best wrestlers on the roster…

Cameras switch to Jonny D who is walking down a corridor backstage. Jonny then walks towards none other than Gabriel Ohio…

Jonny D: Who’s been a bad boy??

Gabriel Ohio stops in his tracks…

Gabriel Ohio: That’s what he used to say to me…

Jonny D facial expression changes…

Gabriel Ohio grabs Jonny D by the throat. He then lifts Jonny D up and hits him with a Fall From Grace!!!! Jonny D is sent crashing through a table. Officials and referees surround Gabriel Ohio. Mr Greeney finally comes through a door and is heard yelling out “OH SHIT”… Mr Greeney runs over to the incident that has just taken place…

The camera zooms in on Jonny D who is being attended to…

Linda Chadwick: Mr Hamilton, may I say it’s great to have you here in HcW

Mr. Hamilton: The pleasure is all mine. Excited to get the ball rolling for my vision, and making HcW great again!

Linda Chadwick: How do you plan on making HcW “great again”? And what do you think of Jonny D claiming HcW was already great under his General Manager leadership?

Mr. Hamilton: first and foremost, Jonny D let this place get out of control. He had let the dogs take control of the yard, and under me, things will change. I will take control again and get things in a working order. People see the product on TV and they can see it is out of control. What people don’t see is what happens behind the scene. People think things are rough on TV. They really should see stuff going on back stage.

Linda Chadwick: Talking about out of control. What did you think as you were watching Monday Night Hell live inside the STAPLES center last week in Los Angeles as Snakebite not only cost his team the World Tag Team Championship but also hit Lance Mike’s with a car and helped cost him the World Heavyweight Championship?

Mr. Hamilton: to be honest it was a disaster. No way should any of that should have went down. Like I said before, if he shows, he will be getting arrested and taken to jail. This place is hardcore, but last week went too far. This

Nothing like this will happen under my watch.

Linda Chadwick: Have you been in contact with Lance Mike’s since the indecent?

Mr. Hamilton: let me continue by saying, I understand where snakebite is coming from, but he could have handled it a different way.

Mr. Hamilton: I called his doctors to see if things are ok. But I have not talked to him personally yet.

Linda Chadwick: Mr Hamilton I have to ask how you can make HcW great again after the rumours of you being involved in money laundering… How can you explain this…?

Mr. Hamilton: I don’t know what source you have, but you should fire them.

Linda Chadwick: And how about the human trafficking over the border from Mexico?? I have heard your involvement in that… Can you explain??

Mr. Hamilton: Again, fire your source you get this bullshit from. Now, anyone questions about HcW?

Linda Chadwick: I am a journalist Mr Hamilton. I Hope you don’t mind…?

Mr Hamilton looks at Linda Chadwick’s questions and notices Jonny D signed them off

Mr. Hamilton: This all makes sense now. If you get your info from Jonny D, you’re an idiot. This interview is done!

Mr Hamilton walks away leaving Linda Chadwick hanging…

Linda Chadwick then walks away shouting after Tommy McMaster…

Mr Hamilton looks totally pissed after the questions he just received…

Standing backstage, leaning against the wall in his trademark black hoody, Tommy McMaster was flicking his zippo and looking at the trash can against the opposite wall, wondering if he could set fire to it and if it would set off the fire alarms, as he thought this Linda Chadwick ran over, hesitated and then all of a sudden a camera crew and this woman were pinning Tommy against the wall.

McMaster: What the hell is this bullshit?

Linda Chadwick: Tommy, please talk us through why you made that challenge last week?

McMaster: Why should I? Get out of my face before I break it.

She paused for a second as a flicker of flame shone in his eyes, she breathed deeply and carried on.

Linda Chadwick: Please answer the question.

McMaster: If it will make you leave quicker then fine. I made the damn challenge because I am sick of the jibes by all these malcontents who follow the party line. I am sick of Raven because he is everything that is wrong with this place, everything he has that should be mine and tonight I rip the feathers off that disingenuous sack of bile.

Linda Chadwick: What do you make of Mr Hamilton and that he said any match could be for the Pure championship?

McMaster: Unless it’s my match I couldn’t care less what he does, what anyone else does unless it’s to my detriment or to my benefit and then I care. So he can come here and be all Mr big boy pants. He can swathe around like he is fucking Trump for all I care, peacock his way into a million lost psyches but if he decides on my match being the one then welcome your new Pure Champion. Now if that’s all I got a cage match to bloody.

He pushes past her and drops the zippo lighter into the bin as the flame starts to ignite.

Cameras return to ringside

Al Locker: Folks, it’s now time for the Steel Cage match between Raven Trueblood and Wildfire, Tommy McMaster…

Steel Cage Match
Tommy McMaster vs (c) Raven Trueblood

The lights turn blue as smokes feels the entrance way as say10 by Manson begins raven walks out with his vampire girl as they look around b4 kissing as pyros go off as blood drips from ravens lip his girl points to the ring as he walks to the ring.

Richard Basset: This match is scheduled for one fall and will be contest in a steel cage match. First, making his way to the ring RAAAAVEEENN TRUUUUEEBLOOOOD!

He slides in his girl points to the corner as he falls back as she bytes his neck as he waits for his challenger.

Al Locker: Tommy McMaster challenge Raven Trueblood to this match up

Alan Carcia: If is a personal rivalry that needs to be settled, and it will be tonight!

The Lights dim as red and orange lights scan the arena, the opening guitar riff of “Burn It Up by Saliva hits as the Tron shows the highlights of his career.

You tore my heart out

You tore my life apart

You tore the sheets of this bed

Just like a porn star

Just like a porn star

One by one fire starts to line the ramp, on both sides towards the ring, as the lights search the arena.

I’m ripping pictures

I’m ripping you off the wall

I’m ripping letters

I’m getting rid of it all

Of it all, of it all, of it all

Of it all, of it all

I hate you and you’re to blame

I’ll send it up in flames

And burn it up

I’ve got gasoline

Got a match, got lighter for your memories

Then the red haired, Tommy McMaster emerges in the crowd, high fiving the crowd as he walks through the mass of people who are cheering madly for him.

Richard Basset: And his opponent… TOOMMMMYYY MCMAAAASSTTEEER!

Burn it up, to a pile of ash

Burn it up, I want to watch the blast

Just as soon as I blow it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah burn it up

He spins round, bows to his Wildfireites, spreads his arms out, bowed, then standing up with his back turned, one finger pointed to the ceiling.

I’m moving past this

I took molasses

Pissing on the ashes

I’m leaving where the past is

I hate you and you’re to blame

I’ll send it up in flames

And burn it up

I’ve got gasoline

Got a match, got lighter for your memories

The Wildfire, in his red trunks, and white “Rich Piggies are going to burn” Tee Shirt, jumps over the guard railing, as a huge red W sign is flashed throughout.

Burn it up to a pile of ash

Burn it up I want to watch the blast

Just as soon as I blow it up

Yeah burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

I’m burning up your memory

There’s nothing left of you and me

And as far as I’m concerned

You can go to hell and watch it burn

You can watch you burn

Watch it burn

He climbs over the ropes, bends down to one knee and stretches his arms out as the whole ring is engulfed in Inflammable fire, his flame hair shadowing his face.

Burn it up

I’ve got gasoline

Got a match and lighter for your memories

Burn it up to a pile of ash

Burn it up I want to watch the blast

Just as soon as I blow it up

Yeah burn it up

The Wildfire waits for the flames to die down, climbs the turnbuckle and places his arms to either side, to make his whole body a big W.

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

Ah yeah, burn it up

‘Cause I just want to burn it up

Because I just want to burn it up

Al Locker: Many may have though this rivalry was over but Tommy McMaster demanded he got himself another piece of Raven Trueblood

Alan Carcia: Raven now a World Tag Team champion Locker!

Al Locker: That is true Carcia

The ref calls for the bell…


Al Locker: Here we go folks! Sit back and enjoy the action…

Tommy McMaster and Raven Trueblood both lock up in the center if the ring. McMaster manages to get the better of Raven and throws him into the ropes. As Raven comes back he is struck with a clothesline. The back of Ravens head crashes off the canvas. McMaster then drags Raven to his feet and starts to hit him with punches to face. Raven looks like he is in trouble early on here!

Al Locker: McMaster taking this fight to Raven folks!

Alan Carcia: McMaster is an animal!

Tommy scoops Raven up and drives his shoulder into his knee. He then drops him on his head and goes for a cover!



Raven kicks out!

Al Locker: Don’t forget folks you can win via pinball, submission or by escaping the steel cage!

Tommy McMaster gets to his feet and has a rant at the ref

He’s claiming it was a slow count. McMaster then turns his attentions back to Raven. Tommy brings Raven to his feet and delivers a couple more punches. This time Raven hits back with a few of his own. Raven is getting back into this… Raven then applies a headlock before throwing McMaster into the ropes… Raven then scoops McMaster up and hits him with a Power slam! Raven now goes for a cover…



McMaster kicks out!

Al Locker: Tommy was dominating folks but Raven is back in this!

Raven Trueblood delivers a few punches to McMaster before picking him up. Raven throws McMaster into the far corner then strikes him with a running clothesline! McMasters head bounces off the back of the top turn buckle… Raven then waits for McMaster to stagger towards him… Raven takes hold of McMaster and delivers a running bulldog! McMaster is down!

Al Locker: What action folks!

Alan Carcia: Both men have pure hatred for one another Locker!

McMaster is holding his face while Raven goes for another cover…




McMaster kicks out again!

Al Locker: Raven close to taking this one ladies and gentlemen!

Raven gets to his feet and eyes up the steel cage… He then lifts McMaster to his feet and takes him by the hair towards the steel cage wall… McMaster reverses and takes hold of Raven and throws him face first into the steel! Ravens head bounces back off the cage! McMaster then grabs hold of Raven and starts to grate his face along the fencing…

Al Locker: My word! Ravens face being used like cheese on a grater!

Alan Carcia: That’s going to leave its Mark!

McMaster continues to grate the face of Raven along the steel cage. Blood starts to trickle out of Ravens forehead…

Al Locker: Laceration on the forehead of Raven!

Alan Carcia: That’s gotta hurt!

Raven finally gets a break and hits McMaster with a punch to the face followed by throwing him into the steel cage. McMaster hit his back on the join between the panels. McMaster falls to the canvas and Raven starts to climb the cage…

Al Locker: McMaster is down!

Alan Carcia: And Raven is attempting to leave the cage! He will win this if he can exit over the top!

Tommy McMaster slowly starts to get back to his feet as Raven almost has one leg over the top…

Al Locker: Can Raven get his leg over the top?

Alan Carcia: He’s going to do it Locker!

Tommy McMaster somehow springs back to his feet and climbs quickly to the top. He hits Raven with several punches before setting him for a superplex!

Al Locker: No! Not from up there!

Alan Carcia: YIKES!!

Tommy McMaster delivers a superplex from the top of the cage! Both men crash into the canvas!

Al Locker: You got to imagine what that also took out of Tommy McMaster…

The referee checks on both men…

Alan Carcia: What a superplex that was Locker!

Tommy McMaster appears to be the first man to return to his feet. Raven is moving. But looking a little dazed…

Al Locker: The good news is both men are moving ladies and gentlemen…

Tommy McMaster waits for Raven to return to his feet. McMaster sets Raven up for a chokeslam! Raven gets out of the hold and runs into the ropes… Byte from Hell! … NO! … McMaster grabs hold of Raven and delivers a chokeslam!

Al Locker: Chokeslam delivered!!

McMaster then brings Raven to his feet… Wing and a Prayer Uranage bomb!!!!

Al Locker: That has to be it!

Tommy McMaster goes for the cover…





Al Locker: McMaster has got the better of this one tonight folks!

Alan Carcia: What a match between these two Locker…

Richard Basset: The winner of this match… Toommmmyyyyyyy MccccMmmaaasssstteeerrrr!!!!

Al Locker: Bother performers putting their bodies on the line tonight in that contest!

The cameras switch location after a static shot of Tommy McMaster…

“The message spoken is very clear. Conform or be conformed. Abide or be denied. The time is now for us to breakthrough. For we are not soldiers to be commanded, we are not the collective. We are the creative. The decisive. The vindictive. Make no mistake, I am not the pawn in your game. I am not the bait for your prey. I am and always will be the hunter, the stalker, the menace. The fly in your ointment. The broken cog in your well-oiled machine.”

Anaquin Adams leans against the building to the arena, hood down over her eyes as she speaks. She is cloaked, her hands tucked inside so the swirling of the cloak surrounds her as this particular wall offers no protection from the windy that blows through.

“I am the one you least expect to come for you. The time will come when you will recognize me for not only the threat that I am, but the threat I intend to be. Your very existence will rely on this. I serve only one master and she drinks from the skulls of those who do wrong to the innocent. My orders are clear, fight the good fight. But understand, take me lightly and suffer the consequences. While I do not intend to be undefeated for long, my defeat will most certainly bring that which you fear most.”

As the camera looms in closer to her face, she peers up from underneath the hood, her silver eyes sparkling as she lowers her eyebrows. “An Anaquin Adams with absolutely nothing, nothing to lose.”

The camera begins to pulls back and the facial features of Anaquin are lost, when suddenly as if there were no one inside of the cloak, it just floats away with the wind

Al Locker: Welcome back folks to another wild night here on Monday Night Hell

Alan Carcia: And one things for certain Locker! It will only get more wild…

Al Locker: Speaking of wild folks, we have Trent Harper vs Martin Seas next!

Cameras go to the ring…

Martin “The Master” Seas vs Trent “The King” Harper

Richard Basset: This match is a no disqualification match up.

Trapt – headstrong begins to play *Harper walks out to flashing lights.

Richard Basset: Making his way to the ring… TREEEENNTTT ‘THEEEE KIIIIING’ HAAARRRPPEERR!!

Trent climbs to the top rope, arms spread and then climbing down, pulling the ropes.

Al Locker: These past few weeks Harper has had a new attitude

Alan Carcia: He’ll want to make up for the loss to Martin Seas a few weeks ago

The lights in the arena dim as Aversion Therapy begins to play. A spot light illuminates the entrance way and we see The Master standing with his back to us, his arms stretched out either side of him in his familiar crucifix pose. He spins around, looks out around the arena, wipes his right hand across his mouth and starts walking to the ring.

“Got a pin in heart shaped case

Stab it in my skin when I see your face

Everything that I feel has changed

I associate you with a world of pain”


The Master rolls under the bottom rope. He stands up and strikes another crucifix pose looking straight in to the cameras.

“I got elastic it’s on my wrist

A bit of plastic that I can twist

It’s on my sleeve where my heart still sits

I pull it back then you don’t exist”

The Master walks to the corner of the ring and sits down, his long hair covering his face.

“Take my mind away

Take my mind away

Take my mind away”

The music fades out and the lights return to normal.

Al Locker: Martin “The Master” Seas already has one win over Trent “The King” Harper folks. It was four weeks ago the pair first met in Martin Seas first match inside an HcW ring in seventeen years!

Alan Carcia: The Master was indeed the better man on the night. But will it be the case tonight?

The referee calls for the bell…


Martin Seas charges at Trent knocking him to the canvas with a shoulder charge. Harper crashes into the canvas! Seas then takes a moment to compose himself before pulling Trent to his feet. Harper is Irish whipped into the ropes and then struck with a vicious clothesline. Seas then lifts Harper up and throws him into the turnbuckle. Harper is then struck with multiple headbutts!

Al Locker: Just like first time out folks! This match has started in the same fashion!

Alan Carcia: Harper is in trouble here early on!

Martin Seas picks Harper up and delivers a few shots to the face! Harper is a little wobbly on his feet right now! … Martin then delivers a kick to the mid-section and sets Harper up for a pump handle slam! And he delivers it! Martin “The Master” Seas then goes for the cover…



Trent Harper kicks out. Seas drives a stiff punch to the face of Harper before getting back to his feet…

Al Locker: No three count on that occasion folks! But what a shot to the face of Harper!

Alan Carcia: Martin Seas has been dominant so far!

Martin Seas is waiting on Harper returning to his feet… Harper is starting to move but slow… Harper is trying to shake the cobwebs here…

Al Locker: Harper needs a break!

Alan Carcia: I’m not sure Seas is prepared to do such!

Trent “The King” Harper gets to his feet but he’s looking shaky… Martin Seas knows Harper is struggling and reigns him in…

Al Locker: What’s Seas looking to do here?

Alan Carcia: Look out!

Trent Harper is hit with a belly to belly suplex!!

Martin Seas then goes for a cover…




Trent somehow kicks out before the ref calls it goodnight!

Seas rolls off Harper and appears to be laughing…

Al Locker: Trent Harper somehow kicking out folks!

Martin Seas starts to circle Harper like a bird watching its pray…

Harper stumbles back to his feet and stumbles back into the turnbuckle! Martin Seas then charges at Harper! But is struck with a boot to the face… Seas stumbles back somewhat… Harper shakes his head trying to get himself back in the zone. It’s been a hard match up so far for Trent…

Al Locker: Boot to the face! Could this be the break Trent Harper needed…?

Trent Harper runs at Seas and strikes him with a dropkick… Martin Seas matches to stay on his feet but falls back into the ropes… Seas comes off the ropes and goes for a clothesline… Harper side steps him and delivers a blow across the back of Seas head…

Al Locker: What a clubbing blow by Harper!

Trent then takes hold of Martin Seas from behind and delivers a German suplex!!

Trent then scrambles for a cover…



Martin “The Master” Seas kicks out!

Al Locker: A near fall

Alan Carcia: It’s going to take more than that to put away Martin “The Master” Seas…

Trent gets back to his feet. He is still trying to shake the cobwebs from the beginning of this match up…

Martin “The Master” Seas hits Trent “The King Harper” with The Masterstroke!!!!

Al Locker: Its over!!

Alan Carcia: Seas is going for the cover…


Al Locker: What the fuck??

Bandera jumps over the railings and in to the ring…

Alan Carcia: IT’S BANDERA!!

The referee calls for the bell!!!!


Martin “The Master” Seas rolls off Trent Harper and runs towards Bandera. Bandera ducks down. Seas goes between the ropes to the outside… Bandera then sets his eyes on Trent Harper…

The referee calls for the bell again…


Al Locker: Bandera is lifting Harper to his feet. I think we know what’s coming next!

Bandera hits Harper with the Bandera Bomb!!!!

Martin Seas slides back into the ring. He spins Bandera around and strikes him with The Masterstroke!!!!

Al Locker: Masterstroke to Bandera!!

Alan Carcia: Martin Seas striking Bandera! Bandera is out cold!

Al Locker: Harper is down. Bandera is down. The Master Martin Seas is the only man left standing here folks!

Al Locker: Well folks, I’m getting word we are about to get a medical update on Lance Mikes

Alan Carcia: From what I’ve heard–

A video begins playing, cutting Alan Carcia off.

The video is dated a few days after Monday Night Hell last week. It’s night. The controversy surrounding the past few weeks continues to be the forefront of a career that spans decades. Lying awake in his hospital bed as he tries to sleep, but sleep doesn’t come. Every so often he glances as the clock to see how many minutes, or hours has passed. Lance Mikes may be more nervous tonight than he was before his first match, or his first title match. He takes a deep breath and finally closes his eyes, but after a few moments something causes him to open it up and as he does he takes a jump.

“What the fuck?”

What he sees is a cloaked figure sitting in the chair next to his hospital bed who looks awfully familiar but as his eyes squint to see for certain, she answers.

“I’ve come with a message for you, Lance Mikes.”

That raspy voice, it most certainly has to be her. “What in the fuck are you doing in my room?”

“I have already told you. I have a message for you.”

Well, this is fucking annoying right now. He’s trying to sleep before the most important match in his career and this lunatic is messing with him now. He tries to turn on the lamp next to his bed but it doesn’t turn on. “Get the fuck out, Adams. I don’t have time for your crazy shit.”

“I will once I have delivered this message. It’s something you need to hear.”

“Then tell me the god damned message and get out of my room.” He can’t really see her face, but as she stands, something seems wrong.

“You’re angry. If you feel better, then by all means. Take your best shot.” As he glances around, he is no longer in his hotel room, but inside a ring and somehow has boxing gloves on his hands.

“You’re fucking nuts, Adams. A nut job.”

“Karma has sent me to you, Lance Mikes. She wanted to forewarn you that she is coming. You’ve betrayed, mislead and deceived those who used to respect you. Those who used to look up to you. You must make this right or she will have no choice but to pay you a visit. I could have to you like a Dickens story and show you your past, your present and your future, but I felt the more direct approach would most certainly be best.”

“Are you kidding me with this shit?” He’s suddenly angry and he takes a swing at her and hits her square in the face, but his own head snaps back. He didn’t even see her swing. He hits her again and once more, it’s only his face that feels the sting.

“And that’s exactly how it’ll be. If you continue, you’ll only be hurting yourself. Make this right, Lance Mikes. Make it right and she will let you be. If you don’t, then may God have mercy on your soul.” As she pulls back the hood, he doesn’t see the familiar silver eyes, but her eyes are red, like blood.

“What the fuck?” But as he says it, he’s takes a step back, something causes him to trip and he finds himself hanging from the ledge of a very tall building. “Oh shit! Help me up!” He glances down at the very long fall that will occur if he can’t hang on. “Adams, get me up!” Her face peers over and looks down at him. “This is your dream, Lance Mikes.” His fingers inch away as he desperately tries to hang on but he just can’t and he feels the fall.

He sits up straight and realizes he is back in his bed. He reaches for the light and this time it clicks on and no one is there. “Fucking dream. Holy shit, this drama is starting to get to me.” He glances at the clock and curses again. He turns off the light, rolls over and is soon asleep.

The lone figure that stands at the foot of the bed slowly moves towards the door and exits the room, leaving the champion to his other dreams.

The camera fades back to ringside with Alan Carcia and Al Locker.

Al Locker: What the fuck was that!

Alan Carcia: That was Anaquin Adams visiting Lance Mikes in hospital folks.

Al Locker: Now we go live to the hospital room of Lance Mikes, where he will give us an update on his situation.

The screen splits in to two. On one side we have Al Locker and Alan Carcia and on the other we have Lance Mikes who is sat on the chair next to his bed, where we saw Anaquin Adams sat.

Al Locker: Firstly, Lance it’s great to see you again

Lance Mikes: Cut the bullshit Locker…

Alan Carcia: So Lance, what have the doctors said? What condition are you in after being hit by the car?

Lance Mikes: Honestly, I’m not in the best of conditions. I broke my leg and my arm along with some ribs. The doctors say I will recovery and that I don’t have any internal damage.

Al Locker: The question on everyone’s lips – Will we ever see Lance Mikes wrestle again?

Lance shrugs before speaking.

Lance Mikes: At this point Locker I don’t have a clear answer. My leg and arm are still healing from the break. I’m not sure what state I will be in after I have recovered from those. The doctors have advised to stay out of in ring action for the immediate future but who knows what the future holds?

You see, Snakebite thinks that costing me the title was his revenge? He just gave the one championship he can’t even win to a new comer in Gray Zee. Let’s be honest if Snakebite had not got involved in the match up I’d still be the HcW World Heavyweight Champion there is no questioning that I had Gray Zee’s number and if I ever return to in ring action… I’ll want MY championship back.

Al Locker: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us Lance, I hope you have a speedy recovery and we see you again here at HcW.

With that the screen zooms back to just Al Locker and Alan Carcia:

Al Locker: Well folks, that was Lance Mikes who is still recovering from his injuries

Alan Carcia: Those injuries were sustained at the hands of Snakebite

Al Locker: Next up we have Anaquin Adams taking on the new comer Tommy Crimson

Alan Carcia: Anaquin is slightly crazy Locker, did you just see what she did at the hospital a few days ago?

“Universal Superstar” Anaquin Adams vs “The Fury” Tommy Crimson

The lights go out as the synth entrance of “Thought Contagion” begins to play by Muse. The screen shows deep space, then slowly over time comes upon a neon blue plant that looks very similar to Earth as lead singer Matt Bellamy begins to sing.

Richard Basset: This match is a no disqualification match up

“Strung out, falling from the big time

Welcome to the infinite black skies

Brain cleansed, fractured identity

Fragments and scattered debris

Thought contagion”

As the song continues, the lights come on as “Universal Superstar” Anaquin Adams name hits the screen and a light dusting of golden glitter begins to fill the arena. A hooded figure stands at the top of the ramp, obviously female as she makes her way slowly down the aisle as the music continues to play.

Richard Basset: Making her way to the ring… AAANNNAAAQQUIIIN ADDAAAMMS!!

Her hoodie is a glittery golden and lights flicker across the surface as she keeps her face hidden as she reaches the steps and climbs up to the ring apron and she walks to the center and looks out at the crowd before she finally pulls the hood back and reveals her face. She’s pretty, her long black hair pulled back into a ponytail and her brown eyes twinkling with amusement as she continues to walk around the apron, hitting all four sides and posing before she finally slips inside as the final piano strains of “Thought Contagion” finally fade out and she steps to her corner. She stands there in a one piece, white sport tights with golden trim and her boots are also white, with US on one boot and AA on the other.

Al Locker: Anaquin was just shown disturbingly visiting Lance Mikes in hospital

Alan Carcia: She is really creepy Locker, but she is a great wrestler

A piano can be heard throughout. As it picks up speed, violins come in to compliment. Darkness consumes the arena suddenly then slowly a crimson red haze spills in. “Lux Aeterna” by Megaraptor blasts throughout. The piece of music made famous by Clint Mansell is covered to perfection by the metal instrumental band. Tommy Crimson suddenly struts out across the stage to roaring boos. One of the most hated men in the business of professional wrestling has arrived. Tommy adjusts his infamous human skin and face jacket. The leather shines in the red glow. The song picks up speed as the heavy guitars of Megaraptor come in. Crimson stops at the top of the ramp and holds both arms out from his body. He basks in the negative response.

Richard Basset: Introducing her opponent, The Fury, Tommy Crimson!

Crimson walks down the ramp knocking signs out of fans hands as he does so. The fans relentlessly boo him for this. Tommy walks by the announce table, carefully he slowly drags three fingers from his left hand across the table top. He then slides in the ring then leaps back to his feet. Crimson holds both arms out from his body then spins to further taunt the crowd. The lights come back on as The Fury waits for the bell to sound.

The referee starts the match by signalling to the time keeper to ring the bell.


Al Locker: This should be interesting folks, Tommy Crimson is new here and he’s up against Anaquin Adams

Alan Carcia: She’s a strange person but a great wrestler, let’s see what Tommy has

Tommy and Anaquin start the match off by coming to the centre of the ring. They attempt to lock up but Anaquin knows she pay be out powered so ducks down and moves to the side and smashes her knee in to the gut of Tommy and pushes him back towards the corner. Tommy hits the corner as Anaquin comes in with another knee to his gut then she starts kicking away in the guts over and over again.

Al Locker: Anaquin getting the upper hand straight away here!

Alan Carcia: She’s smart Locker, she knows what she has to do to win this match!

She walks backwards out of the corner and brings Tommy with her by his head. She grabs hold of him by the waist and hits a belly-2-belly suplex which lands Tommy in the centre of the ring. Anaquin then goes for the cover.



Tommy kicks out!

Al Locker: She’s trying to make quick work of this match

Alan Carcia: She’s been in charge, if this continues it will be over soon

Anaquin gets up to her and brings Crimson to his feet. Anaquin goes for a suplex but it’s blocked by Crimson. Crimson then hits Anaquin with a suplex of his own and then gets back to his feet quickly. He waits for Anaquin to get to her feet and then levels her with a thunderous clothesline. Crimson then picks her back up once again and backs her in to a corner. He whips her across to the other corner and follows in with a big splash in the corner.

Al Locker: Tommy Crimson showing some fight here

Alan Carcia: He has finally got the upper hand Locker, he needs to continue his onslaught if he wants to win

Crimson walks a few steps back and waits for Anaquin to stagger out of the corner towards him. As she does he kicks her in the guts and hits a swinging neck breaker on her. Crimson then goes for the cover.



Anaquin Adams kicks out just before the two count!

Al Locker: A little early but he is trying to win his debut match here

Alan Carcia: Tommy is in control but he can’t put her away

Crimson gets to his feet and waits for Anaquin to get up. He knocks her down with a big boot to the face and then quickly goes to apply the Murder.Death.Kill submission on her. Anaquin manages to get away just in time. Crimson gets to his feet and Anaquin quickly gets back to hers.

Al Locker: If Crimson applied that MDK this would have been over

Alan Carcia: That could have given him his first victory here

As they both get up Crimson goes for a clothesline but Anaquin ducks and goes for the Neptune’s Trident. She hits it close to the ropes and quickly pulls Crimson towards the centre of the ring and positions herself with her back to the ropes and goes for a cover.





Richard Basset: The winner of this match… AAANNNNNAAQQQUUIINN ADDDDDDAAAAMMS!!

Al Locker: She’s done folks!

Alan Carcia: Anaquin has notched up another win here in HcW

Al Locker: It was a good showing from both competitors

Alan Carcia: Tommy Crimson will be wondering what he did wrong, and what he could have done better… One thing for sure is he will bounce back!

Taurus vs “Pretty” Ricky Stanton

Richard Basset: This match is a no disqualification match up.

Taurus walks out on to the ramp way.

Richard Basset: Introducing first… TAAUUUURRUUSSSS

Taurus makes his in to the ring.

Al Locker: Here he is folks, the current number one contender to face Gray Zee at Doomsday

Alan Carcia: Can Taurus win the World Heavyweight Championship again after all these years?

The lights go out and the black Superman logo appears on the big screen. Fall Out Boy’s Centuries starts to play.

Some legends are told

Some turn to dust or to gold

But you will remember me

Remember me, for centuries

Just one mistake

Is all it will take

We’ll go down in history

Remember me for centuries

Remember me for centuries..

Richard Basset: and his opponent… PRETTYY RIIICKKYY STAAAANNTOOOOON!

Boom! Pyros goes off as the Pretty Boy comes down the ramp with two gorgeous ladies on each arm. He’s wearing a glittering wrestling robe and it shines as the spotlight falls on him. He leaves the ladies outside as he walks to the center of the ring, drops to his knees and points at the sky for a moment. He then gets up and flaunts the robe, eventually taking it off and going to his corner.

The referee rings the bell!


Taurus and Ricky Stanton start the match off centre of the ring standing face to face. Stanton starts mouthing off at Taurus who just shrugs and punches Stanton in the face. He follows up with another, and another backing Stanton in to a corner. Taurus then follows up with a knee to the gut and then whips Stanton across to the other corner. Taurus runs in and as Stanton bounces off the turnbuckles he uses the momentum to follow through with a clothesline which takes down Taurus.

Al Locker: What a counter there by Stanton, he came off the turnbuckles like it was nothing

Alan Carcia: This is a match of two powerhouses Locker, it’s going to be great!

Ricky catches his breath for a second as Taurus slowly gets up. Stanton pushes him back in to the ropes and whips him across to the other side. As Taurus comes back he’s levelled with a big boot to the face.

Al Locker: Wow Carcia, he almost took his head off

Alan Carcia: Taurus is going to feel the effects of that one for a while

Stanton pulls Taurus back up to his feet and hits him with a back breaker, taking him back down. Stanton then goes for a cover.



Taurus kicks out just before the two!

Al Locker: Taurus staying in this for now

Alan Carcia: Stanton has something to prove, he feels as though he should have been handed the Pure Championship after Tyke was stripped of it.

Stanton gets to his feet and waits for Taurus to get up. Stanton levels him with a clothesline and then quickly picks him up again. He hits Taurus with a Doom Crown out of nowhere and goes for the cover.




Taurus kicks out!

Al Locker: What the hell… No one kicks out of a Doom Crown!

Alan Carcia: It just happened Locker, I’m speechless

Stanton is going crazy at the referee, screaming it was a three count. Taurus is beginning to stir and Stanton turns his attention back to him. Taurus rushes up to his feet and hits Stanton with a Bullseye! Taurus and Stanton are both laid out of the floor.


Alan Carcia: He’s taking too long to make the cover!

Taurus slowly crawls over to Stanton and drapes an arm over him for a cover.




Stanton kicks out!

Al Locker: Wooow!! He took a while to cover him

Alan Carcia: A second earlier and that would have been it!

Both men slowly get to their feet, using each other as support. They stand and start trading lefts and rights back and forth. Stanton gets the advantage and knees Taurus in the gut. Stanton whips Taurus in to the ropes, Stanton goes for a clothesline as Taurus gets back towards him but Taurus ducks and stops. Stanton turns around.


Al Locker: Another Bullseye, it’s got to be over now

Alan Carcia: He needs to cover him quickly this time

Taurus covers Stanton.





Richard Basset: The winner of this match… TTAAAUUUURRUUSSS

Al Locker: Well he isn’t the number one contender for no reason

Alan Carcia: I still can’t believe Taurus kicked out of a Doom Crown

Al Locker: Heck Stanton kicked out of a Bullseye Carcia!

Alan Carcia: What a crazy fucking match Locker

Al Locker: Welcome back to Monday Night Hell folks! And take a look around the ring and the ramp way. We have over one hundred security and law enforcement officers…

Real American hits the PA system…

Richard Basset: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the commissioner of Monday Night Hell… Mrrrrrrr Haaaammmmiiiiiiilllllltttoooonnnn!!!!

Out steps Mr Hamilton onto the stage. He gives a wave to the crowd then begins his walk to the ring…

Alan Carcia: He’s here to make HcW great again Locker!

Al Locker: So he says!

Mr Hamilton shakes the hands of security and law enforcement personnel…

Al Locker: Well Monday Night Hell is in a state of lockdown ladies and gentlemen as Mr Hamilton vows to keep out Snakebite. Or else he’ll be arrested

Mr Hamilton walks up the steps and enters the ring in between the middle ropes. Richard Basset then hands him a microphone then exits the ring…

Al Locker: We believe that Mr Hamilton is going to address Snakebite…

Mr Hamilton taps on the microphone

Alan Carcia: There is no way Snakebite would get past this security… Just look!

Mr Hamilton: Howdy, Tonight Monday Night Hell is in a state of lockdown because of one man. And that man being SNAKEBITE!! You can’t go around smashing people constantly with steel chairs over the head! And you certainly can’t go around running people over in cars! IN FACT… Who the in Hell do you think you are?

Al Locker: Mr Hamilton attempting to lay the authority down!

The crowd turns to the stage area where Samantha Hamilton has walked out. Holding the HcW Pure Championship and a Steel chair. Mr Hamilton stops talking and looks on.

Al Locker: It’s the new HcW Pure Champion Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton. And she’s armed with a steel chair!

Samantha Hamilton walks towards the ring past all the security.

Mr Hamilton: What brings you out here?

Samantha climbs up the ring steps and enters the ring. She is given a microphone…

Al Locker: This is one angry looking lady!

Alan Carcia: You don’t mess with an angry woman…

Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton: Don’t hold Snakebite back from entering the arena! I want a piece of that son of a bitch!

The crowd erupt!

Mr Hamilton: Now now… calm down. Rules are rules and I told Snakebite what would happen if he showed up tonight. So I’m sorry Samantha he isn’t coming in!

Al Locker: No relation by the way folks! Even though they are both Hamilton’s

Alan Carcia: Aren’t you a genius Locker…

Samantha Hamilton walks up to the face of Mr Hamilton and starts into his eyes

Mr Hamilton: Part of making HcW great again is to cut out these heinous attacks and ridiculous vicious assaults from happening. I stand by my words…

Samantha continues to look at Mr Hamilton…

Al Locker: Well one things for sure and he’s a man of his words!

Mr Hamilton: Why don’t you just go on backstage and watch the rest of the show….

Samantha drops her mic and continues to stare at Mr Hamilton

The crowd start to get rowdy

Al Locker: WHAT THE FUC…

Alan Carcia: OH!

One of the security team has just removed some attire! IT’S SNAKEBITE!

Snakebite turns Samantha around and delivers a punch. Samantha lifts the steel chair and slams it into Snakebites skull. Mr Hamilton is accidently sent tumbling out of the ring…

Al Locker: All Hell has broken loose folks!

Samantha and Snakebite continue to fight in the middle of the ring. Security are trying to break it up…

Al Locker: We need some order out here!

Alan Carcia: Well there is enough security!!

Security and law enforcement eventually manage to separate Samantha and Snakebite but the pair manage to break free and fight in the middle of the ring again…

Al Locker: Folks it’s gone crazy out here!

Snakebite eventually gets outnumbered and held down face first on the canvas. Mr Hamilton appears to be entering the ring again. The law enforcement team have just about managed to handcuff Snakebite…

Al Locker: Just what does Mr Hamilton make of all of this?

Mr Hamilton walks right up to Snakebite and appears to be shouting at him with the mic held down. He then raises the mic and begins to talk.

Mr Hamilton: Well done Snakebite! You may have outmanoeuvred me here tonight with dressing up as a law enforcement officer but look now. Your handcuffed and about to go down town and locked up! You violated my terms I set out for you last week. Samantha, I understand you wanted revenge. So with that said, Snakebite and Samantha you will go one on one at Doomsday Pay-Per-View April 23rd… In a HANDCUFFS ON A POLE MATCH!! … The only way you can win is by removing the handcuffs from your designated pole and cuffing your opponent!

Samantha is nodding in agreement while Snakebite looks on cold.

Al Locker: My goodness folks! These two will go one on one at Doomsday in a HANDCUFFS ON A POLE MATCH!!

Alan Carcia: Just wow…

Mr Hamilton: Now get him out if here officers!

The security team start to pull Snakebite towards the ropes but he’s resisting… Snakebite eventually spits into the face of The Titaness. Samantha wipes the spit off her face and grabs the steel chair she used earlier…

Al Locker: Oh shit!

Samantha drives the steel chair multiple times into Snakebites skull!! … She then throws the chair at him and leaves the ring…

Al Locker: The Titaness Samantha Hamilton has SNAPPED!!

Alan Carcia: Is this what Snakebite wanted?

Al Locker: I don’t know. But that’s what he got!

Mr Hamilton leaves the ring shaking his head. Snakebite is being checked over by medical staff while handcuffed. Samantha has the left the ring looking pleased…

Al Locker: What a night it’s been folks! We’ll be back after this commercial

Al Locker: Well folks, it’s been some night. And we still have a match of champions to come as the new Television Champion Kieran Overton takes on the new World Heavyweight Champion Gray Zee…

Cameras go backstage…

Gray Zee and Gabriel Lane are walking through the backstage area when they bump in Taurus. Taurus and Gray Zee go face to face…

Al Locker: These two men will meet April 23rd at Doomsday for HcW World Heavyweight Championship!

Gray Zee pushes Taurus in the face and quickly jumps back. Referees and officials quickly get involved to prevent Taurus retaliating…

Gray Zee and Gabriel Lane laugh as the camera stays on Taurus who is being held back…

Cameras return to the ring

Al Locker: Gray Zee and Gabriel Lane getting in the face of Taurus! And Gray Zee even going as far as shoving him in the face!

Alan Carcia: That’s one way to piss Taurus off!

Champion vs. Champion/Non Title/No DQ
(c) “Big Deal” Gray Zee vs (c) “The Destructive Beast” Kieran Overton

Richard Basset: This is the main event of the evening… and is a non-title match up which will be no disqualifications!

Beast by Puppy plays over the sound system as there’s massive amount of boos when Kieran Overton walks out as he screams on top of his lungs with his hands in the air on top of the ramp, wearing shorts, shirt, and boots.

Richard Basset: Introducing fist…. the HcW Television Champion THE DESTRUCTIVE BEAST … KIIIEERRAAAAAN OOOOVVEERTTOOONN!

Kieran begins walking down as he ignores each one of the fans before he goes up the steps and goes over the top rope and places his hand on his left arm, basically not giving a damn about them before he turns to anger, while he goes to sit in the corner, waiting for his opponent to come to the ring.

Al Locker: This the Television Champion versus the World Heavyweight Champion!

Alan Carcia: I still can’t believe the manner that Gray Zee used to win the championship last week

Lethal Bizzle, Skepta – I Win begins to play. Accompanied by Gabriel Lane, Gray Zee comes out to the beat of the music wearing a leather hoodie. He throws two punches when the “POW POW!” kicks in and uncovers his face, takes the title and holds it high with pride.

Richard Basset: And his opponent… accompanied to the ring by Gabriel Lane…. The HcW World Heavyweight Champion….THE BIG DEAL GRAAAAAYY ZEEEE

The moment he does that, pyrotechnics explode at both sides like a chain reaction. When he arrives to the ring, he takes the steps, takes off his leather hoodie and enters the ring.

Al Locker: Sit back and enjoy folks!

Alan Carcia: I’m also going to sit back and enjoy!

The referee calls for the bell…


Gabriel Lane climbs onto the ring apron and instantly attempts to distract Kieran Overton… Overton runs towards Gabriel bit Gray Zee makes it to Kieran first! Gabriel Lance quickly jumps down from the apron. Gray Zee takes hold of Overton and delivers a crushing German Suplex!!

Al Locker Very smart from the new HcW World Heavyweight Champion Gray Zee and his manager!

Alan Carcia: It’s good to see you knowledge it Locker!

Gray Zee starts to pummel Overton with punches. It’s become a ground and pound. The referee is trying to stop Gray Zee but he’s not stopping until he wants to! … Gray Zee finally has enough and gets back to his feet…

Al Locker: The new World Heavyweight Champion looking strong against the new TV Champion Kieran Overton!

Alan Carcia: Gray Zee is looking like the destructive one early on here…

Gray Zee drops a knee onto the forehead of Overton and then goes for a cover…



Kieran Overton kicks out! Gray Zee thumps the canvas in frustration…

Al Locker: Gray Zee feeling it should have been three…

Gray Zee pulls Overton to his feet. The TV Champion manages to get a couple of punches in before a kick to Gray Zees left leg. Followed by a second hard kick. Overton then Irish whips Gray Zee into the ropes then strikes him with a clothesline! Gray Zee hits the canvas hard…

Al Locker: Kieran Overton striking back!

Alan Carcia: Two heavyweights going at it here Locker!

Al Locker: You’re right Carcia!

Kieran Overton brings Gray Zee back to his feet and strikes a few stiff punches in his direction. Overton then lifts Gray Zee up and drives him into his knee for a rib breaker!!

Overton goes for a cover…




Gray Zee kicks out!

Overton leaves no time pulling the new HcW World Heavyweight Champion to his feet. Kieran then delivers a flurry of punches then throws Gray Zee into the turn buckle. He then strikes him with a huge splash! Gray Zee is in a World of pain!

Al Locker: What a splash!

Kieran Overton then divers the Destructive Driver!!!!

Al Locker: Its over!

Kieran goes for a cover…




Gray Zee kicks out!

Alan Carcia: That’s a true champion for you Locker!

Kieran Overton can’t believe that Gray Zee kicked out. Gabriel Lane is wiping his forehead sweat…

Al Locker: I thought that was it folks!

Overton falls into the ropes looking a little tired…

Al Locker: Both men leaving it all in the ring!

Alan Carcia: They sure are Locker!

Kieran waits for Gray Zee to get back to his feet… Gabriel Lane climbs onto the ring apron and yells at Overton. Overton turns around and walks towards him…

Al Locker: Gabriel Lane trying to get the attention Overton here!

Alan Carcia: Oh he’s got it!

Kieran Overton clenches his fist and throws a punch towards Lane… Hold on, Gray Zee!! Gray Zee spins Overton around and strikes him with the “T-Gray-O”!!!!

Al Locker: Good night Overton!

Cameras pan towards the stage area where Taurus has walked out from behind the curtain…

Al Locker: It’s TAURUS! He’s gotta be pissed with what Gray Zee done before this match!

Taurus comes down the ramp as Gray Zee notices… Gray Zee comes towards the ropes watching Taurus…

Al Locker: Taurus and Gray Zee haven’t taken their eyes off each other once!

Kieran Overton gets to his feet and grabs hold of Gray Zee…


Kieran Overton goes for the cover… Taurus steps back with a smile on his face…





Al Locker: Taurus has cost Gray Zee here tonight!

Richard Basset: The winner of this match… “The Destructive Beast” KIIIEERRRRAAAANNNN OOVVVEERRRTTTOOONNNN!!!!

Alan Carcia: Taurus will pay for this!

Al Locker: What a night this has been folks! Be sure to tune in next Monday as we head towards Doomsday Pay-Per-View! … Goodnight!

Cameras pan in Gray Zee who is down with Gabriel Lane attending to him. The show then ends with the cameras fading out on Taurus…

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