Tyke Index battles Anaquin Adams in the main event.

The following program contains storylines that are not suitable for children, or those who don’t have a sense of humor – Flashing photography too! – Don’t try what you see at Home, at School or at Work!

[‘Scars’ by Papa Roach starts as the Monday Night Hell intro video starts. Old footage from HcW is shown. Lance Mikes, Taurus, Sammy 3.0, Joanne Canelli, Gabriel Ohio, Hammerstein, Scythe Bloodline, “Pretty” Ricky Stanton, Martin “The Master” Seas, Anaquin Adams, Kieran Overton, Trent “The King” Harper, Raven Trueblood, Bandera, Tommy McMaster and Tyke Index is shown. It fades out into footage of moves: Taurus hits the 8 Seconds (Inverted Rolling Cutter) on an opponent. Anaquin Adams coming off the top rope and dropping a knee on an opponent. Biff Franklin is shown. Tommy McMaster is shown. Taurus is shown. Gabriel Ohio is shown delivering the Fall From Grace. Ricky Stanton and Sammy 3.0 holding the Tag Team Championships. Tommy McMaster is holding the Xtreme Championship. Anaquin Adams is holding the Pure Championship. Tyke Index holding the HcW World Heavyweight Championship up in the air. The video slowly fades out and in fades HcW Monday Night Hell. Fireworks rocket into the roof of the arena as Hell comes to you live from the El Paso County Coliseum, El Paso, Texas!

Al Locker: It’s Memorial Day and right off the bat we want to give special thanks to those in uniform who fought for us to be able to do what we love to do each and every week. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to a sold out El Paso County Coliseum just minutes away from Fort Bliss and many of those stationed there are here in attendance for the first night of the new Franklin Administration! Insanity is history and we have a new World’s Heavyweight Champion in Tyke Index in what is being hailed as the match of the night and a possible match of the year candidate and if you missed that match, I encourage you to out of your way to watch it.

Alan Carcia: It was an amazing and surprising night. Mr. Hamilton and Johnny D have both been fired and we have a new General Manager…

“Frankenstein” by the Edgar Winters Band begins to play across the arena.

Al Locker: Speaking of our new General Manager.

Biff Franklin makes his way down to ringside as the music plays. He climbs up the ringsteps and steps into the ring and acknowledges the fans as the music fades out.

Biff Franklin: Welcome to this edition of Monday Night Hell. I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your amazing response after last week’s Insanity broadcast, but tonight we have to move forward and we are going to implement my vision for HcW while bringing you the best professional wrestling that you have come to expect out of this company.

The fans pop for that.

Biff Franklin: As we move forward to our next PPV, Bitter Enemies, I’ve already announced the main event will be the rematch from Insanity as Tyke Index will take on former champion Taurus in a Last Man Standing match. We will also see the finals of the Television Championship Tournament that begins tonight. I’ve picked the best eight candidates for this tournament: Sammy 3.0, Joanne Canelli, Digital Danny James, Ricky Stanton, Hammerstein, Keiran Overton and Gabriel Ohio.

The fans react to each name given differently.

Biff Franklin: We recently had been in talks with Eric Dane, however, he despite his receding hairline, he wasn’t keen on coming to terms with us here. The fact is that he hasn’t been relevant in about a decade, so catch him at the latest fan convention overcharging you for twenty-year-old eight by ten glossy photos.  I had also put in Henry the Hog into this tournament, however, he decided that he’d rather be the whine about the how deep the swimming pool is here in HcW then trying to learn to swim. He decided to be a coward about things and took his trike to the shallow end of the pool. So, I brought in a specialist to take his spot and I want to introduce you to the newest member of the HcW Roster: Slamsley McBody.


Cameras pan up revealing “Re: Generate” on a video wall with a picture-in-picture video of one random audience seat. Sporting a red New Era baseball cap with his face being shielded by the bill, a lime-green Armani sports jacket, banana-yellow slacks custom-tailored by L.L. Bean, and a pair of Muckmaster Boots…”Son of Slam” Slamsley McBody appears on screen. “The Workrate Warrior”/”The Walking Weapon”/”Son of Slam” Slamsley McBody raises his head as “Back in the Saddle” by Aerosmith resonates through the arena. McBody takes his seat, raises his hands in a slamming motion, and high-fives fans en route to the ring. He, Slamsley, proceeds to hop over the barricade when able before rolling into the ring.

McBody walks over and shakes Biff’s hand before Biff hands over the microphone and leaves the ring.

Slamsley McBody: Feels real good to compete on live television again. For those unaware, my name is Slamsley McBody and yes, your program isn’t mistaken I am indeed “Da Original Vanilla Shilla” ’cause no sells what happens in dis rin’ better than yours truly. I have a match next week against “Digital” Danny James. He’s goin’ to pray to be switched over to “Analog” after da pummelin’ I give him next week, dudes. Goin’ to turn his left arm into an hour hand and his right arm into da minute hand. Time’s tickin’ away and I gotta get ready…so sit back, relax, and watch me prove why I’m da greatest grappler you can view on your telly right here next week.

Xtreme Contender’s Match
Scythe Bloodline vs. Trent “The King” Harper

“Headstrong” by Trapt begins to play as Trent Harper steps onto the stage and begins to make his way down towards the ring.

Richard Bassett: This match is one fall and will determine the number one contender for the Xtreme Championship for Bitter Enemies.

“Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong
Headstrong we’re Headstrong
Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong”

Harper looks focused as he looks at the fans with disdain as he climbs the ringsteps and enters the ring.

Richard Bassett: Introducing first, weighing 220 pounds. Here is Trent “The King” Harper! And his opponent:

As the “99 Ways to Die” by Megadeath starts Scythe shoots out onto the stage thumping in place with strobe lights accompanying him. He pauses and raises his right arm than dashes down the rams high fiving fans on the way. He slides into the ring hopping up on the nearest turnbuckle and roaring towards the crowd then jumps down still feeling the pumping of the music through him. The music calms as it fades and the match gets ready to begin.

Richard Bassett: Weighing 210 pounds, here is Scythe Bloodline!


Al Locker: Our first match of the night will determine the challenger for the Xtreme Championship at Bitter Enemies. Trent Harper could get one more shot at that title, as could Scythe Bloodline.

Alan Carcia: Tommy McMaster has Trent’s number and Scythe is too busy being preoccupied with the issues between Raven and Blacke Archer. Win-win for the Xtreme Champion here.

Al Locker: Provided he retains against Raven Trueblood tonight.

The two lock up in the ring and immediately Trent pulls Scythe in a headlock and clamps on down. Scythe pushes Trent into the ropes who rebounds and shoulderblocks Scythe down to the mat and the two eye each other. Scythe slowly gets to his feet as the two begin to circle around each other again.

Alan Carcia: Trent with another headlock, but Scythe picks him up and drops him on the back of his head! Cover.




Trent slides out of the ring and jaws with the fans for a few moments until Scythe slides out after him and the chase begins until Trent slides back into the ring and Scythe follows him and Trent drives a knee to the head of Bloodline. Trent drags her into the center of the ring and pulls him up and DDTs him down and cover by Trent.






Kickout by Scythe.

Al Locker: Scythe just speared Trent, sending them both out of the ring and to the floor. Scythe is up first and he drives a knee into the gut of Harper and then pushes him into the guardrailing.

Alan Carcia: This match is already spilling to the floor between these two. Scythe charges at Trent who moves and Scythe goes up and over the guardrailing into the first row of fans and these El Paso fans are getting right personal with the action right away.

Trent rushes right over as Scythe tries to climbs over the railing and he DDTs him right on his head. He pulls him up and rolls him back into the ring and slides in for the cover.






Kickout by Scythe.

Trent gets up and moves to the turnbuckle, climbing to the second and leaping off, driving a forearm to the forehead of Bloodline and then covers again.






Another kickout by Scythe.

Trent slaps the mat in frustration as he gets to his feet. He pulls up Scythe and then runs off the ropes, but Scythe flips him over with a super powerslam.





Kickout by Trent.

Al Locker: These two trading pinfalls back and forth.

Both to their feet now and they both run off the ropes and fly into the air, cracking their heads together!

Alan Carcia: Both down now and the referee begins to count.










Both starting to stir now, but Scythe is up first breaking the count. He moves over to reach for Trent who cradles him, but Scythe shifts his weight a little.







Al Locker: Wait a second. What just happened?

Alan Carcia: Obvious Trent won the match.

Al Locker: No, looks like Scythe Bloodline had the pin.

The referee is looking at both of the wrestlers and then walks over to confer with the ring announcer who nods his head and shrugs.

Russell Bassett: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has counted both men’s shoulders to the mat. This match is officially a no-contest. There is no winner.

Al Locker: Who gets the title shot?

Alan Carcia: I have no idea what we do with this at this point.

“Frankenstein” begins to play for the second time tonight as Biff Franklin steps out onto the stage.

Biff Franklin: Since my referees can’t seem to do their damn job, I guess what we’re going to have to do is have a rematch next week and negate their presence. So it’ll be Trent Harper vs. Scythe Bloodline one more time for a shot at the Xtreme Championship, No DQ. There must be a winner.

His music plays again as he leaves the stage heading back to the locker room while both Scythe and Trent recover in the ring, nodding their approval


The Lights flicker until the sounds of electricity fill the arena as it is plunged into darkness. A Moon appears on the titan-tron and a white glow appears on the stage. Standing in the glow is the 7-foot-tall Gabriel Ohio, leather jack blowing in the wind, looking down at the floor. He looks up and walks slowly to the ring. He reaches the ring and steps up onto the apron and then over the top rope, his presence felt.


The fans boo very loudly.

Al Locker: “Fans are voicing their opinion strongly. Perhaps due to Ohio’s recent actions to a member of their own.

Alan Carcia: “Mess with a giant, you get stomped on.”

Gabriel shows no reaction to the crowd’s taunting and baiting. He climbs onto the apron and steps over the top rope and the announcer bails from the ring as does the referee.

Al Locker: “He is not scheduled for a match tonight.”

Gabriel demands a microphone and he is given one. He slowly raises it.

    One, Two and Three little one, then you left me alone. Why do you not want to play with me?

    Is this a game?

    Hide and seek?

    Must I chase you and find you?

    These games bore me.

    The fun is over.


    Game over.

    It seems that you continue to ignore her teachings. She is disappointed with you.

    She has appointed me as your new guide, I will show you the way, I will be your way point.

    I will be your prophet and I will lead you, for I am the way.

    No crucifix will be my relic, no religious symbol but only the blood spilled will be the blueprints of my legacy.



    I will take your trinket, for it will hold you back. You have that trinket and it will keep you from getting what you truly want.


    It all has the price to pay but do you have the will to accept it?

    Hear, my words are both to educate and forewarn you!

    Anaquin Adams.

    The challenge has been set.

    The monster will be put on a leash. Even Cerberus has a master.

    You will taste the defeat by my hand. My hand will be your undoing.

    Come play with me.

    This playground will be ours and these four walls will not contain the agony of your defeat.

    Come play little one.

    Come play.

    I dare you.

Al Locker: Is Gabriel Ohio calling Anaquin Adams?

Alan Carcia: Sure looks like it to me. I wonder if we’ll get a response from her tonight in regards to this bizarre statement. These two are made for each other, if you ask me.

Al Locker: We’ve got more action and thankfully Gabriel Ohio is heading to the back. Let’s get back down to ringside.

Round One: TV Championship Tournament
Sammy 3.0 vs. Joanne Canelli

“Hologram” by Vogel is playing as Sammy 3.0 is already in the ring.

Richard Bassett: This match is one fall and is part of the first round in a tournament for the Television Championship. Introducing first, representing Stanton Enterprises and one half of the HCW Tag Team Champions, Sammy Three Point Oh! And her opponent…

The house lights go down, as a spotlight goes over the crowd. As the spotlight comes to a stop at the back of the entrance way, as “Run This Town” by Rihanna Jay z Kanye West begins to play. A picture of the Italian Flag appears on the screen with the letters F.B.I over the flag, with the words “FULL BLOODED ITALIAN” is written underneath. It soon changes to scenes of mob hits, newspaper clippings from just recent to the late 1900’s, but soon changes once again, to shots of the Mafioso, sitting in a large office, and in limos, and in arena’s from times since past. The spotlight focuses on four figures figures standing at the back of the ramp. This is Joanne and her bodyguards. They make their way down the ramp with Joanne in the middle with Reno and Rude on either side, and Scarpaci following behind, , talking among themselves ignoring the crowd around them. When they reach the ring, Reno holds open the ropes for her, as she slips inside, only to follow behind and stand in the middle of the ring, around her. She removes her jacket, and hands it to one of the guys, before they head out of the ring.

Richard Bassett: Here is the “Jersey Devil Diva” Joanne Canelli!


Al Locker: This is the first one on one match in HCW for Joanne Canelli and she’s taking on our resident android, Sammy.

Alan Carcia: Sammy seems to be all business today.

Al Locker: And you know that how? It’s not like she’s super expressive.

Alan Carcia: I can read the ladies. Even the robotic ones.

The two lock up in the ring. Sammy throws Joanne into the ropes and Joanne ducks a clothesline. Kick to the leg of Sammy who drops down to a knee and Joanne takes another run and drop kick to the back of the head of Sammy who eats the mat.

Al Locker: Canelli taking right to Sammy here.

Joanne with several stomps to the Sammy’s shoulder. She tries for an armbar, but Sammy rolls her up.


Kickout by Canelli. Both are to their feet and Joanne charges in, but Sammy scoops her up and slams her down on the mat. Canelli is back to her feet and she charges in and another slam by Sammy followed by an elbow drop.

Alan Carcia: Sammy taking her shots now, trying to advance in the Television Championship tournament.

Sammy pulls Joanne up and then spins around, nailing her with a savate kick which sends Canelli out and over the top rope. Sammy goes out of the ring and pulls up Canelli and rolls her back into the ring. Sammy climbs up onto the ring apron and starts to get back in, but Joanne nails her with an uppercut as she crawls through the ropes, and then pulls her down with a DDT and a cover.






Kickout by Sammy.

Al Locker: A little treachery on the part of Joanne Canelli here, catching Sammy on the way into the ring.

Joanne pulls up Sammy and whips her into the corner and charges in and hits her with a clothesline, but Sammy grabs her and slams her to the mat and then sags in the corner. Joanne is slowly getting to her feet and Sammy charges and shoulderblocks her, crushing into the Diva into the corner. Sammy drags her out into the center of the ring and lifts her up and falls back into a suplex.

Alan Carcia: Cover by Sammy.






Kickout by Canelli.

Al Locker: Sammy brings her up and whips Canelli into the ropes, Canelli off the ropes with a drop kick to the knee, sending Sammy to the mat. Canelli is up and off the ropes and drives a CURB STOMP to the head of Sammy and the android looks disoriented now.

Canelli leans against the ropes for a moment while Sammy gets to her feet and Canelli swoops in and hoists her up and nails her with a Go To Sleep and a cover!








“Run This Town” begins to play as Joanne gets to her feet as the refere moves to raise her hand, but she pulls her hand away and raises it in the air.

Richard Bassett: Winner of the match, advancing in the tournament is Joanne Canelli!

Alan Carcia: Great win for HCW newcomer Joanne Canelli here as she is one step closer to becoming the Television Championship.

TV Championship Tourney Match
Hammerstein vs. Ricky Stanton

Just one mistake
Is all it will take
We’ll go down in history
Remember me for centuries
Remember me for centuries

Boom! Pyros goes off as the Pretty Boy comes down the ramp with two gorgeous ladies on each arm. He’s wearing a glittering wrestling robe and it shines as the spotlight falls on him. He leaves the ladies outside as he walks to the center of the ring, drops to his knees and points at the sky for a moment. He then gets up and flaunts the robe, eventually taking it off and going to his corner.

Richard Bassett: This match is part of the TV championship tournament, introducing first fighting out of Richmond, Virginia. Weighing in at 215 pounds and standing at six feet even… “Pretty” Ricky Stanton!

Al Locker: Both of these guys have huge heads.

Alan Carcia: That is not nice Locker, they can’t help the shape of their bodies. Other than working out at the gym.

Al Locker: I mean their egos. Though I have to admit that I might not like either of them a lot that this match up does seem interesting.”

Alan Carcia: “You can’t tell me you are not ready to vote Stanton in 2020?

The opening riffs of Everclear’s American Monster blare from the arena’s PA system and the crowd reacts with a roar as Hammerstein slowly steps through the curtain, followed by his manager, Reese Kennedy. He stops at the top of the stage, drinking in the boos of the crowd, a huge sarcastic grin on his face. He waves his hands towards himself, inviting the crowd to get louder. Kennedy pats him on the back, and Hammerstein finally makes his way to the ring, stopping only to smirk and shake his head at the fans. He walks up the ring steps and wipes his boots on the apron. Kennedy holds the ropes open, and The American Monster climbs in the ring. As soon as he’s in the ring he runs as hard as he can into the turnbuckles, then turns and runs across the ring, slamming into the opposite corner. Hammerstein run to the corner to his left, climbs to the middle rope, and raises his arms in the air. He goes to the opposite corner, repeating the gesture and taking in the jeers of the crowd.

Richard Basset: and his opponent, fighting out of Los Angeles, California. Weighing in at 244 pounds and standing at six feet, two inches tall… HAMMERSTEIN!

Al Locker: I heard Hammerstein has quite the arsenal of suplexes and he plans to execute all of them on Pretty Ricky Stanton here tonight.”

Alan Carcia: You know I almost think the crowd is more on Stanton’s side tonight.

Al Locker: Hard to say, but I don’t think either men care as we are ready to start this one off. These two have been going back and forth on Twitter all weekend. It’ll be interesting to see who can back up their claims here tonight.

Ding Ding!

Pretty Ricky Stanton opens the match up getting the first punch to connect against Hammerstein’s jaw. He retaliates with a kick to Rick’s midsection followed by and Irish whip to the corner. Hammerstein charges thinking corner clothesline, but Ricky moves out of the way. He continues to punch Hammerstein once, twice, three, FOUR TIMES! He pulls him out of the corner and turns Hammerstein around. The two strugle as Ricky manages to over power him shoving his face under his arm and smashes him down to the mat with a Pretty Boy Drop!

He goes for the pinfall sliding his body over Hammerstein’s shoulders.






Hammerstein kicks out!

Al Locker: a nearfall there on Hammerstein, it appears to me that Pretty Ricky is on form tonight hitting the Pretty Boy Drop early in this match.

Alan Carcia: he might be all piss and vinegar right now, but Hammerstein still kicked out of that lazy pin. Ricky will need to get more in the game if he wants to put the guy away.

Ricky punches Hammerstein before standing him up, he attempts an Irish whip to the ropes, but Hammerstein reverses it sending Ricky into the ropes instead and using the momentum to hit a spinebuster. He aggressively hammers away at Stanton, but he is able to defend himself. Hammerstein continues the assault as he stands stomping on Ricky. He backs up and charges back in for a Running Senton, only Ricky rolls out of the way. Ricky locks his arms around Hammerstein’s neck, but both men are able to get to their feet. The momentum is swaying, as Hammerstein struggles to loosen Ricky’s grip, he turns to his side and delivers and elbow. Ricky slumps over, but Hammerstein has to hit him one more time to get him to release his hold. Hammerstein rushes into the ropes and back into Ricky with The POUNCE!

Al Locker: “WOW that move nearly turned Pretty Ricky inside out!

Alan Carcia: Sure did! Hammerstein knocked him a little too far away for a quick pin though in my opinion.

Hammerstein is able to get his arm over Ricky for the pinfall as the official counts.






Thr– Ricky puts his foot on the bottom rope at the last second!

Al Locker: “Pretty Ricky with his foot on the rope, what ring awareness by one half of the world tag team champions!”

Alan Carcia: “I did say that Pounce sent him flying, I guess Stanton knew where he landed though.”

Hammerstein looks a bit frustrated thinking that should have ended it. He stands back up keeping his eyes on Ricky letting him slowly get back to his feet. Hammerstein grabs him from behind and hits a “Hammerplex” Ricky’s head hits the mat hard, but he manages to land on his stomach. Hammerstein’s eyes light up as he stalks Ricky, he grabs him from behind delivering a sitout Full Nelson Atomic Drop. The fans almost seem to know what is about to happen. Hammerstien sees how heavy the damage is starting to be to Ricky’s head and how dazed he is, he closes in seeming to attempt a style of rear Naked Choke, but Ricky slyly rolls over top of him pinning Hammerstein’s shoulder to the mat.






Thr– Hammerstein lets go shoving Ricky away from him.

Al Locker: Hammerstein is on the prowl of Pretty boy, but it was Stanton who nearly stole the victory right there. The world has got to be spinning from Ricky Stanton’s point of view right now.

Alan Carcia: Yes he might have sea legs for the moment, but Al the more Ricky manages to keep fighting the more Hammerstein’s frustration seems to grow. Stanton might have overlooked Hammerstein’s power game, but in return Hammerstein seems to have deeply underestimated Stanton’s resilience.

Hammerstein closes in again, but Ricky side steps him tossing him hard in between the turnbuckles and into the steel ring post. Hammerstein groans as he grabs his shoulder distracted from the shooting pain. Ricky gets him again from behind once more hitting the Pretty Boy Drop!

Al Locker: He doesn’t have enough to go for the cover!

Alan Carcia: He is slow getting back up, I think Stanton has something else in mind.

Ricky staggers but is able to shake it off as he approaches Hammerstein meeting him as he is at his knees and standing him up to hit the diamondcutter. Ricky lies there for a moment next to Hammerstein the two of them breathing heavily. Ricky rolls over and crawls over top of him for a moment forgetting to hook the leg out of the exhaustion in his body.






Thr– Hammerstein gets the shoulder up!

Al Locker: I don’t know how he did it, but Hammerstein is staying in this match as Pretty Ricky is starting to get a sort of second wind here.

Alan Carcia: They are both really working over each other, it might come down to who has the better conditioning. That or who could make one more powerful move.

Al Locker: This is the type of fighting that competitors put out when things like the HCW TV championship are at stake.

At first is seems Pretty Ricky can’t believe it, but he doesn’t let it get to him as he stands up. The sweat dripping off his body as he begs Hammerstein to get his ass back up. Hammerstein looks out of it still but is able to get back to his feet using the ropes for leverage. Ricky punches him in the kidney and turns him around delivering a toe kick. As Hammerstein is bent forward Ricky picks him up placing the back of his head against the top of his before dropping down to the mat!

Al Locker: Hammerstein manages to roll him up though!

The official makes the count.




Alan Carcia: Hammerstein grabs the tights of Pretty Ricky!




Ding Ding!

Richard Basset: Your winner ladies and gentleman via pinfall. Hammerstein!”

Everclear’s American Monster starts to play as the referee lifts Hammerstein’s hand in the air. Stanton charges after him but Hammerstein rolls out of the ring and starts to walk backwards up the ramp, laughing at Stanton in the ring with Kennedy at his side.

Al Locker: Hammerstein advances in this tournament, he could be one step closer to winning double the gold. Ricky Stanton does not seem very happy about this at all as he stares daggers at Hammerstein walking backwards up the ramp.

Alan Carcia: Hammerstein is no rookie when it comes to championships and I’m certain he can smell the Television Championship so close to his grasp. He’s got to get through Joanne Canelli next…

Blake Archer: “Hey..(tap tap) Heeeeeey. This thing on, can you guys hear me out there?”

Al Locker: What’s this?


The crowd looks around in confusion with the fumbling voice booming down over them from the PA system. Blake Archer the man involved in back and forth assaults appears on the screen.

Blake Archer: “Good I am told you can see me now. That is right I am here backstage, I figured if I was going to poke the fire at Insanity I might as well step right into the flames here at Monday Night Hell. You see this?! GO ON get in CLOSE!”

He yanks the cameraman aggressively towards him showing off the still scabbing scar from where Raven busted open stitches. Archer barely able to breathe right from the rage stirring inside of him glares deep into the camera lens.

Blake Archer: “I ain’t here to play. I am here at Monday Night Hell to do what you Daddy should have. I am going to whip your ass! I want a match with you Trueblood, no more lurking in the shadows like a lonely goth kid! You come find me and take your beating like a man.”

He backs away from the camera motioning his hands in a come and get me type of way.

Blake Archer: “Come on Trueblood, be a good boy.”

He arrogantly chuckles as the scene fades away.

Xtreme Championship Match
Tommy McMaster vs Raven Trueblood

The lights turn blue as smokes feels the entrance way as say10 by Manson begins Raven Trueblood without his vampire girl Amy who is in hospital seriously ill at the minute. Raven looks around as pyros go off as blood drips from his face, he then walks to the ring and slides into his corner awaiting the Xtreme Champion Tommy McMaster.

[The Lights dim as red and orange lights scan the arena, the opening guitar riff of
“Burn It Up by Saliva hits as the Tron shows the highlights of his career. The Xtreme Champion The Wildfire Tommy McMaster begins to make his entrance]

You tore my heart out
You tore my life apart
You tore the sheets of this bed
Just like a porn star
Just like a porn star

[One by one fire starts to line the ramp, on both sides towards the ring, as the lights search the arena. Then the red haired, Tommy McMaster emerges in the crowd, high fiving
the crowd as he walks through the mass of people who are cheering madly for him.]
Burn it up, to a pile of ash
Burn it up, I want to watch the blast
Just as soon as I blow it up
Ah yeah, burn it up
Ah yeah, burn it up
Ah yeah, burn it up
Ah yeah burn it up

[He spins round, bows to his Wildfireites, spreads his arms out, bowed, then standing up with his back turned, one finger pointed to the ceiling. The Wildfire, in his red trunks, and white “Rich Piggies are going to burn” Tee Shirt, jumps over the guard railing, as a huge red W sign is flashed throughout.  He climbs over the ropes, bends down to one knee and stretches his arms out as the whole ring is engulfed in Inflammable fire, his flame hair shadowing his face.]

Burn it up
I’ve got gasoline
Got a match and lighter for your memories

Burn it up to a pile of ash
Burn it up I want to watch the blast
Just as soon as I blow it up
Yeah burn it up

[The Wildfire waits for the flames to die down, climbs the turnbuckle and places
his arms to either side, to make his whole body a big W]

Raven has left the ring and is looking under the ring for a bunch of fun weapons to smash McMaster with. Raven throws a trash can, a stop sign and the most bizarre one of them all a shopping trolley into the ring.

Al Locker: Wow, Raven Trueblood has thrown everything in there but the kitchen sink

Alan Carcia: It seems like Raven has completely lost it recently since his loved one is in hospital.

Al Locker: Not to mention things with Raven and his nephew Bloodline just hasn’t been the same lately, he must have a lot on his mind like a…

As Raven goes to roll in the ring again McMaster baseball slides the trashcan into Ravens ribs! McMaster picks up Raven and smashes him with a brainbuster on the trashcan! McMaster goes for the cover!



Kick out by Raven!

McMaster picks up Raven and slaps his face a couple of times which enrages Raven who bounces off the ropes and nails McMaster with a very stiff headbutt which staggers McMaster. Raven hits McMaster with a snap suplex onto the trashcan, holding on to McMaster Raven hits a second snap suplex in a row on McMaster.

Al Locker: This match is assembling into chaos here!

Alan Carcia: Raven is zeroing in on McMasters Xtreme Championship with these brutal suplexes!

Raven pushes McMaster into the corner, Raven kicks McMaster in the stomach five times before placing the trash can strategically in the ring. Raven goes for a superplex from the top rope but McMaster hits Raven in the stomach. McMaster locks a front face lock on Raven from the top turnbuckle and throws him all the way into the trash can dead centre of the ring!

Al Locker: Oh my god! Ravens stomach could be decimated here!

Alan Carcia: Both these men have such high tolerations of pain!

McMaster picks up Raven and piledrives him on top of the stop sign! McMaster picks up Raven again and this time smashes him with a chokeslam on top of the stop sign! McMaster goes for the cover!



Kick out by Raven! McMaster picks up Raven and looks for a Wing and a Prayer! Raven escapes and hits McMaster with a Russian Leg Sweep onto the stop sign! Raven places the trash can on top of McMaster and goes to the top rope! Raven smashes McMaster with a leg drop across the trash can!

Al Locker: Raven is signalling for A Kiss Good night here!

Alan Carcia: If he hits this McMaster can kiss good night to his Xtreme Championship!

Raven surrounds McMaster and as he spins around walks right into a A Kiss Goodnight! Raven makes the cover!



The lights have went out in the arena!!!

Alan Carcia: What the hell is happening here!

Al Locker: I have no idea what is going on!? Hold on that’s Blake Archer in the ring!?

As the lights come back on Blake Archer is standing in the ring. Raven turns round and is distracted by Archer. The lights go off again and when they come back on Scythe has disappeared.

Al Locker: Look out Raven!

Raven walks into a Wing and a Prayer from McMaster onto the stop sign! McMaster makes the cover.





Richard Basset: Here is your winner AND STILL Xtreme Champion ‘The Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiildfirrrrrrrrre’ Tommy McMaster.

Al Locker: What the hell just happened there?!

Alan Carcia: Raven Trueblood had the Xtreme Championship within his grasp there but then Blake Archer appeared but just as quickly disappeared again.

Al Locker: I am so confused! Tommy McMaster holds on to his Xtreme Championship but the bigger picture here is what is going on between all these men. Raven is getting to his feet and he slides out of the ring and heads up the ramp.

Alan Carcia: He looks pissed!

[Raven storms backstage and begins to search for Blake Archer.]

Raven: How dear he show up not invited!

He kicks some doors and as he keeps telling himself to calm down he notices a man in the bathroom he then turns the light out and goes after the man while the lights turn back on and a fan with his pants is down on the ground.

Raven: Dammit!

He shouts and punches the door as he goes in search for the reaper himself Blake just then boom! Out of nowhere Raven gets blind sided with a steel pipe as we see Blake step over top of him laughing. He dances around Raven mocking him.

Blake: “I’m the crow. I’m the evil one, yet I get knocked the fuck out like a bitch!” he then starts to kick him while he down as he just laughs in Raven’s face.

Scythe comes running down the hallway towards them and jumps Blake hitting him with a bunch of damn near useless punches. Blake blocks him and uses his hard head to headbutt him sharply in the face. Scythe falls backwards holding a bloody possibly broken nose. Raven sees this and gets a surge of rage to help him to his feet.

Raven: Oh, we doing this and it won’t stop till we dead in the grave!

Non-Title/Champion vs. Champion
Tyke Index (World Champion) vs. Anaquin Adams (Pure Champion)

Al Locker: We are finally here with our main event and this one has been generating a lot of buzz since our new General Manager announced it last week. We have our new World’s Champion Tyke Index taking on our…

The lights go out as the slowed entrance of “Beautiful” begins to play by 10 Years. Graphic, bloody images begin to flicker across the screen, along with images of Anaquin’s Evil Clown face.

As the song continues, the lights come on as “MONSTER” Anaquin Adams name hits the screen and a red light begins to fill the arena. A hooded figure stands at the top of the ramp, obviously female as she makes her way slowly down the aisle as the music continues to play. Her hoodie is a glittery golden and lights flicker across the surface as she keeps her face hidden as she reaches the steps and climbs up to the ring apron and she walks to the center and looks out at the crowd before she finally pulls the hood back and reveals her evil clown face. Her hair is cut short now and a lighter brown and her blue eyes twinkling with amusement as she continues to walk around the apron, hitting all four sides and posing before she finally slips inside as the final strains of “Beautiful” finally fade out and she steps to her corner. She stands there in a one-piece, white sport tights with golden trim and her boots are also white, with US on one boot and AA on the other with the Pure Championship around her waist.

Alan Carcia: Anaquin Adams is not waiting for you to announce her match, obviously.

Al Locker: So it seems. Let’s get down to ringside.

Richard Bassett: This match is one fall and this is a non-title match. Introducing first, already in the ring. “Monster” Anaquin Adams! And her opponent…

An aura falls over the arena as the opening guitar line to “Box Full of Sharp Objects” by the Used blasts across the PA. Strobe lights shiver across the dark lit ceiling and entrance way. Tyke Index can be seen in his full glory – black hoody over his head giving him the look of a stealth assassin with the World Championship around his waist. He slowly walks down to the ring as the crowd go crazy for the World Champion. As he enters the ring he walks to the center of the ring as Anaquin Adams meets him there and they go face to face. Both champions remove their belts and hold them high as they speak to each other before handing them off to the official who sends them outside and then calls for the bell.

Tyke Index takes a swing at Adams and she ducks and wraps her arms around his waist and drives him back into the corner where she shoulderblocks his stomach a few times and then backs up and charges in, but Index lifts his foot and she eats it before going down.

Al Locker: This one is off to a start. Tyke grabs Anaquin by the hair and pulls her to her feet and lifts her up and bodyslams her down to the mat. He grabs her arm and twists, but Anaquin flips herself over and arm drags Index who slides into the corner and they face each other again.

Alan Carcia: The change in Anaquin Adams has been very bizarre. She’s been far more intense, and she was already very intense to begin with.

Al Locker: She spent time in the psych ward over in Manchester! She’s lost her mind!

The two lock up again, Tyke arm drags Anaquin over, she leaps up and charges and he drags her again and she comes at him one more time. He tries to drag her again, but she flips over onto her feet and leaps into the air and kicks him in the side of the face and Tyke goes down.

Alan Carcia: She got him with that one. Looks like he’s bleeding from the ear.

Tyke puts his hand against his ear and brings it back, seeing his blood there and he shakes his head, pointing at her and then nods.

Al Locker: And Anaquin just grins at him.

They lock up in the center again, Tyke whips her into the corner and charges in with a clothesline and then an elbowsmash and another. He beals her out of the corner, but she lands on her feet and she turns around right into a boot to the face by Tyke and she goes down hard.

Alan Carcia: That was a hard boot and looks like Tyke has drawn second blood as Anaquin’s lip is split open now. She wipes it on her arm and she slides out of the ring and begins to laugh. She’s fucking crazy.

Anaquin moves to the corner and Tyke is watching her as she climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Tyke gets into a stance to fight as she drops down into the ring, grinning through her clown facepaint. She moves in and as they go to lock up again, she kicks him in the gut and she runs off the ropes and nails him with a swinging neckbreaker.

Al Locker: Tyke is holding his neck as he lies on the mat and he rolls over onto his hands and knees. Anaquin off the ropes and she drops a knee to the back of his neck. Cover by Adams!



Two—Kickout by the Champ.

Index tries to slide out of the ring, but Adams runs off the ropes and low dropkick to the face. She drags him back into the middle of the ring and she rolls him over onto his back and begin to punch him over and over in the head. She begins to laugh again and she lies on her back on top of him as the referee counts.





Index rolls her onto her back.




T—Kickout by Adams. She gets up quickly and drops a knee to the forehead of Index and then drops down and begins to drive his head over and over into the mat. She gets up and the runs over to the corner and hops up onto the turnbuckle.

Al Locker: She’s going to drop the hammer!

Alan Carcia: No. Tyke is sliding out of the ring.

Al Locker: What the fuck is Anaquin doing?

Somehow, she runs along the top rope to the other corner and flies off the turnbuckle, but Tyke catches her and drops her throat first onto the guardrailing.

Al Locker: That was an amazing move by Adams, but Tyke Index just decimated her by dropping on that guardrailing and Adams is down, clutching at her throat.

Adams coughs and hacks as she grabs at her throat. Tyke pulls her up and throws her back into the ring. He slides in after her and covers.





Th—Kickout by Adams.

Alan Carcia: Tyke pulls her to her feet and locks in a double arm underhook and DDT! Cover on the PURE Champion.






Thr—KICKOUT by Adams.

Tyke slams his hand down on the mat as he gets to his feet. He pulls her up and locks her in and lifts her up and drops her down with a suplex. He spins her over bringing her up and another suplex, followed by one more as he gets to his feet and poses to the crowd. “I told you, Adams. I’m the champ!” he screams as he pulls her up again.

Al Locker: He’s going to put her out now. He’s locking it in and she’s up – Total Definition!

Alan Carcia: It’s over!







Thre—Adams just barely rolls her shoulder, stopping the count. She flops over onto her stomach as Tyke looks at the referee.

Al Locker: He cannot believe she kicked out of the Total Definition. Tyke on his feet as he argues with the referee.

Alan Carcia: Adams is ripe for the picking and Index knows that as he looks over at her. He’s calling for another Total Definition. He tries to pick her up but she isn’t moving on the mat. He struggles to get her up and finally locks in the double arm underhook. “It’s over Adams!”

He hoists her up and she flips over his back and down, bringing him over into a sunset flip where he kicks out almost immediately, sending Adams out of the ring and to the floor. Tyke slides out of the ring and walks over to where Adams is, but she’s not there.

Al Locker: Adams is crawling around the ring, trying to get her bearing and Tyke finally sees her. He moves over and grabs her by the hair and pulls her up, but she grabs him by the tights and pulls him down onto the ringsteps. Both wrestlers are down outside of the ring as the referee begins to count.











Both wrestlers begin to stir. Adams reaches up and grabs the ring apron and pulls herself to her feet, while Tyke pulls himself off the ringsteps, but Adams runs over and grabs the back of his head and drives him back into the ringsteps.

Al Locker: Adams turning this thing around now and Tyke Index is bleeding by the forehead now. She rolls him back into the ring and slides in after him.

She gets to her feet and staggers against the ropes to hold herself up. She slowly begins to climb the turnbuckle.

Alan Carcia: She’s barely able to stand and she’s climbing the turnbuckle. She’s going to kill herself!

Al Locker: She’s not going for the Hammer? Tyke is too far away!

She stands unsteadily on the turnbuckle and looks over at Tyke as she leaps across the rings and drives a knee into the forehead of the World’s Champion, but the momentum from leaping to far causes her to fly out of the rings as Tyke lies there unmoving inside.

Al Locker: Adams is clutching at her knee as she screams on the outside, then tries to scoot back towards the ring, reaching up and pulling herself back inside. Tyke Index has not moved since she landed the move.

Adams slowly crawls over and lies a hand across his chest as the referee counts.








Three—NO!! Tyke Index just barely lifts a shoulder.

Alan Carcia: Are you kidding me?

Both wrestlers lie on the mat. The referee checks on them both before he begins to administer another count.















Adams slowly getting to her feet and she gives the referee a push. He warns her about it as she staggers over and grabs Tyke by the arm to try and pull him up, but he pulls her over and cradles her.






KICKOUT by Adams.

She gets up and knees Tyke in the face and he falls back. She moves again to the corner and slowly starts to climb up.

Al Locker: Is she going to drop another hammer on Tyke?

Alan Carcia: Looks like that to me. But, hold on Tyke is getting to his feet.

Tyke staggers over and pushes Adams, her feet slipping on the turnbuckle and her head smacks into the ringpost and falls back into the ring.

Al Locker: That completely busted her open now too and her face is now a bloody mess. Tyke moving in quickly as he drops down and locks in the High Rise Wrench!

As Tyke locks in the modified STF, Adams lets out a scream as he pulls back. The force of the move causes more blood to pour down her face. The referee is right there asking her, watching for a tapout.

Alan Carcia: She’s reaching. Reaching for the rope.

Al Locker: She scoots closer and Tyke tries to pull her back, but she finally manages to grab the rope and the referee make Tyke break.

Tyke releases the hold and slowly gets to his feet. He doesn’t at all look pleased as he pulls her up to her feet. He whips her into the ropes and as she comes off, she flies with a cross body block and they both go down. She gets up and runs into the ropes and flips over, but Tyke catches her and drops her with another Total Definition and cover!









Tyke releases the hold and lies on the mat as Adams falls over onto her side and rests on the mat as well. The referee walks over and lifts Index’s hand in the air.

Richard Bassett: Winner of the match, the HCW World Champion, Tyke Index!

Tyke finally gets to his feet as his music plays across the loudsystem. The referee brings both of the belts into the ring and walks over to Tyke to hand him the World Title, but he grabs both belts and walks over to Adams as she makes her way to her feet. Tyke offers the Pure Title to Adams as she takes it then offers a handshake to Index, who accepts.

Al Locker: What a match that was! Kudos to both of these competitors for an outstanding match. Hold on…

Gabriel Ohio is coming down to the ring and he climbs inside and goes to boot Adams, but Tyke pushes her out of the way and takes a big boot from the giant that sends him out of the ring.  Ohio looks down at Adams and pulls her up and whips her into the ropes and hits the Día de Muertos!

Alan Carcia: Adams just went through a hellacious match with the World’s Champion and Gabriel Ohio is here to pick the bones!

Ohio doesn’t seem like he’s had enough as she gives her another Día de Muertos and then as she lies on the mat, he picks up the Pure Championship and looks at it for a long moment before dropping it across her broken body and then leaves the ring, heading back up the ramp to the boos of the crowd.

Al Locker: Are you kidding me? Gabriel Ohio just destroyed Anaquin Adams after that hard fought match. He wants the Pure Championship and he’ll do whatever he can to get it.

The referee is looking over Adams in the ring as Tyke slowly crawls back inside.

Alan Carcia: We are completely out of time for this week, but we’ll definitely have a follow up next week. For everyone here at HCW Monday Night Hell, we will see you next week!

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