The main event is a steel cage match pitting Tyke Index against Gray Zee.

[‘Scars’ by Papa Roach starts as the Monday Night Hell intro video starts. Old footage from HcW is shown. Snakebite, Lance Mikes, Taurus, Muhammed Rushdi, Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton, Gabriel Ohio, Mr Hamilton, Scythe Bloodline, “Pretty” Ricky Stanton, Martin “The Master” Seas, Anaquin Adams, Kieran Overton, Trent “The King” Harper, Raven Trueblood, Bandera, Tommy McMaster and Tyke Index is shown. It fades out into footage of moves: Taurus his the 8 Seconds (Inverted Rolling Cutter) on an opponent. When the song starts Snakebite looks down the camera, Lance Mikes is shown. Mr Greeney is shown. Jonny D is shown. Taurus is shown. Gabriel Ohio is shown delivering the Fall From Grace. Snakebite hitting an elderly women with a steel chair… Taurus holding the HcW World Heavyweight Championship up in the air …The video slowly fades out and in fades HcW Monday Night Hell. Fireworks rocket into the roof of the arena as Hell comes to you live from the Honda Center, Anaheim, California!

Al Locker: Welcome folks to another edition of Monday Night Hell! We are live from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California! And a sell-out crowd welcomes us back to the US after a trip over the Atlantic to the UK. And I must say what a week that was in the UK and a show no one will ever forget!

Alan Carcia: It was some trip indeed Locker! And especially you hooking up with those cheap ass prostitutes… ha… I’m not sure one of them was even female…

Al Locker: Come on man, my wife and kids tune in to this show. And NO I never done such. Let’s get on with tonight’s show ladies and gentlemen…

Alan Carcia: haha… Yeah right… wink wink, nudge nudge… What happened in the UK stays in the UK right…

Al Locker: Ignore him folks! What a night we have in store for you here tonight in California! HcW Pure Champion Snakebite will take on Bandera one on one.

Alan Carcia: Someone’s going to get fucked up in that one… Besides I haven’t seen Snakebite since Samantha Hamilton drove off with him last week…

Al Locker: Speaking of Samantha Hamilton. She will go one on one with Martin “The Master” Seas. That should be some contest! And I will also be stepping inside the ring with The Titaness here tonight on Monday Night Hell…

Alan Carcia: I can’t wait for that!

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton is entering the arena with his newly won HcW World Tag Team Championships over the shoulders.

Al Locker: Well, “Pretty” Ricky Stanton will face off against Trent “The King” Harper and “The Destructive Beast” Kieran Overton later on tonight!

Kieran Overton comes out of nowhere and attacks Ricky Stanton. Stanton was totally blind sighted. Kieran starts to pummel away on Ricky as officials rush to the scene to try and break the fight up.

Al Locker: That Kieran Overton has a screw lose! I’m telling you…

Alan Carcia: He may have several lose for all we know!!

Trent “The King” Harper enters the scene and kicks Overton in the face. Overton then falls to the ground. Harper starts to yell out at Kieran as he holds his face. Stanton then looks up and glances at Harper who looks on…

Al Locker: This is going to be some match tonight folks! And talk about adding fuel to the fire!

Sammy 3.0 vs Lauren Harris

Richard Basset: This match is scheduled for ONE FALL…

Al Locker: It’s now time for the android!

Alan Carcia: It never gets real hearing that Locker!

Hologram by Vogel begins to play as Sammy 3.0 walks out on to the entrance ramp.

Richard Basset: Introducing first… SAAMMMMYY THREEEE PPOOIIINNT OOOOO

Sammy walks down to ramp way and in to the ring.

Al Locker: This is always a surreal moment during the show Carcia

Alan Carcia: It’s crazy how far along HcW has come

“Glorious Domination” by CFOS begins to play. Lauren Harris comes out on a rotating pedestal, with her hands extended and the lights black.


Once she gets off, she pulls out a compact mirror, totally blowing off the fans. On the apron, she flips backward into the ring.

Al Locker: Let’s see how Lauren takes to this match

Alan Carcia: It’s always great to see how people react to facing an android Locker


Al Locker: This is always surreal Carcia, seeing an android wrestle!

Alan Carcia: You’re right Locker, it’s crazy. Is it even legal?

Sammy and Lauren lock up in the centre of the ring. Sammy over powers Lauren with her heavy metal weight and backs her in to a corner. She then releases the lock and nails her with a stiff right hand to the jaw. Sammy pulls Lauren out of the corner and hits her with a belly-2-belly suplex which lands her in the centre of the ring. Sammy gets up and waits for Lauren to get up. Lauren staggers up with her back to Sammy. Sammy grabs her and hits a quick German suplex. Sammy then goes for a cover.



Lauren Harris kicks out!

Al Locker: Some great offense there from Sammy

Alan Carcia: That upgrade really worked for her I guess

Al Locker: She won the tag team championships with Ricky and now an impressive start to this match

Alan Carcia: Isn’t an upgrade like being on performance enhancers?

Sammy is already back up to her feet, she waits for Lauren to get up and runs at her with a clothesline. Lauren ducks and hits a neck breaker on Sammy. Lauren gets back to her feet quickly and waits for Sammy to get up. Lauren drops her down with a clothesline and follows up with a leg drop across the neck. Lauren gets back to her feet and lifts Sammy to her feet, she hits a snap suplex on Sammy. Lauren gets up and waits for Sammy to get to her feet.

Al Locker: Lauren getting back in this here

Alan Carcia: She’s had an impressive start here in HcW

As Sammy gets up Lauren nails her with a dropkick, and follows up by going for the cover.



Sammy 3.0 kicks out!

Al Locker: Lauren does not look impressed there Carcia

Alan Carcia: She feels the referee counted a little slow there

Lauren gets up and lifts Sammy to her feet. Whips her across to the corner and follows up with a splash in the corner and holds on to her head and runs out hitting a bulldog. Lauren then goes for the cover again.



Sammy 3.0 kicks out again!

Al Locker: Another close call from for Lauren there

Alan Carcia: She needs to hit a high impact move to finish Sammy off!

Lauren lifts Sammy up and signals for the Beauty-T. She jumps up for the DDT but Sammy throws her off. Sammy runs in a levels her with a thunderous clothesline. As Lauren is getting up Sammy steps back and bounces off the ropes. She runs in hitting a curb stomp on Lauren.

Al Locker: That’s it Carcia, the Android Dance!!

Alan Carcia: That’s all she wrote!

Sammy goes for the cover.





Richard Basset: The winner of this match… SAAAMMYYY THRREEE PPPOIIINNNT OOOOOO

Sammy stands celebrating as she is handed her HcW Tag Team Championship.

Mr Greeney is sitting in his office backstage when all of a sudden his lights go out!

Mr Greeney: What the actual fuck…

A voice can be heard…

“Another worker ant will be stomped Greeney. But to be truly rid of the colony you destroy the nest, thus its leader dies, it all dies. Tick tock Greeney. The hour glass is almost empty”

“You have been warned. Jonny D will be the visual reminder”


The lights come back on and Mr Greeney looks like he’s seen a ghost…

Camera falls backstage and we can see Tyke Index backstage. He is looking at his phone, he holds the phone towards the camera and we can see he is looking at Google Maps.

He has searched in the whereabouts of Taurus.

Not surprisingly no results have been found.

Tyke addresses the camera

Tyke Index: Funny that, Taurus hasn’t been seen since I planted him on his head last week. I am begging you Taurus. Come back from the mountains, come back from the edge and bring me my World Championship. At Insanity…

I will be waiting.

Tyke Index laughs as the camera pans back to Al Locker and Alan Carcia

Al Locker: Careful what you wish for Tyke.

Alan Carcia: Our World Champion Taurus has not been seen since last week on Hell in Manchester when he was attacked after successfully defending his championship against Tyke Index and Gray Zee in a triple threat match.

Al Locker: Will Taurus show up tonight when Tyke Index battles Gray Zee inside a steel cage?

Alan Carcia: Holy shit! Was that a message from Gabriel Ohio Locker?

Al Locker: It appears so Carcia. That was like something out of a horror movie!!

Al Locker: Welcome back folks, before the commercial Mr Greeney looked like he had seen a ghost as it appeared Gabriel Ohio passed him on a message…

Alan Carcia: It scared the shit out of me Locker!

Tables Match
If Gabriel Ohio Defeats Jonny D He Will Earn A Future World Title Shot
Jonny D vs Gabriel Ohio

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one [Crowd – One Fall] First to make his way to the ring, the Monday Night Hell General Manager… Joonnnnnnnyyyyyyy Deeeeee!!!!

Chamillionaire – Ridin’ Dirty hits the PA system

Al Locker: I have said many times that Jonny D must have a death wish. But man, the guy has some balls to put himself into these situations Carcia

Alan Carcia: Jonny ever willing to sacrifice himself for HcW

Al Locker: Gabriel Ohio is a monster. I’m not sure how much I rate Jonny D’s chances in this one

Alan Carcia: Sometimes the underdog comes out on top. I expect Jonny D to be that kind of underdog here tonight…

Jonny D enters the ropes and starts to pull on them

The Lights flicker until the sounds of electricity fill the arena as it is plunged into darkness. A Moon appears on the titan-Tron and a white glow appears on the stage. Standing in the glow is the 7 foot tall Gabriel Ohio, leather jack blowing in the wind, looking down at the floor. He looks up and walks slowly to the ring.

Richard Basset: And now making his way to the ring… Gabrieeeellllllll Ooohhhiioooooo!!!!

Al Locker: Annnndddd out there he is… The seven foot monster, Gabriel Ohio!

Alan Carcia: Look at the size of this monster Gabriel Ohio Locker! Jonny should maybe get out of town

Al Locker: You don’t sound so confident now Carcia

As Gabriel Ohio starts to make his way to the ring He spots couple of fans next to the isle holding signs up with “Who’s a bad boy” on them…

Al Locker: Well Ohio stopping next to those fans Carcia…

Alan Carcia: They better put those signs away Locker!

Gabriel Ohio faces up to the two fans. Jonny D is looking on with concern on his face…

Al Locker: We might have an issue here folks!

Gabriel grabs both fans by their throats and pulls them both over the railings. He then delivers a punch to one of them and scoops the second one up and slams him down on the ramp. Jonny D can’t believe what he is witnessing…

Al Locker: Holy shit! This is not part of tonight’s programming folks! Someone better get security out here! … NOW!!

Ohio brings the first fan he punched back to his feet. He then hits him with the Fall From Grace!!!! Jonny D leaves the ring and jumps over the railings and leaves the scene…

Al Locker: We need some help out here! For fuck sakes this isn’t supposed to be part of the show. And that Jonny D bastard has scampered off through the crowd!

Alan Carcia: Those fans are being taken apart Locker!

Referees and security start flooding the isle way as Ohio starts to clothesline them and strike with big boots! Ohio has snapped! Ohio then brings the first fan he punches back to his feet and strikes him with a Fall from Grace on the ramp!!!!

Al Locker: Will somebody phone the dam police!! This is too much!

Alan Carcia: Shit! I can’t believe what happening here!??

Al Locker: Well there isn’t going to be a match between Jonny D and Gabriel Ohio due to what’s going on here. Ladies and Gentlemen it appears that Ohio snapped, flipped out, whatever you want to call it when those two poor fans held there signs up. They are free to write what they wish on them and Ohio has taken exception!

Alan Carcia: I know someone will be sat at home telling people that this stunt was part of tonight’s show but it really isn’t. I can’t believe what we are witnessing Locker!

More security and officials have stormed the ramp way. Paramedics are also on the scene now.

Gabriel Ohio has lost it

Al Locker: Going back to what you said Carcia, some idiot who thinks he knows the business inside out will be sitting at home thinking this is part of the show. It’s not. This was not supposed to be happening. Jonny D and Gabriel Ohio were supposed to face off in that ring. I just can’t comprehend what has happened here…

Gabriel Ohio is still trying to beat the officials up. He manages to strike one of the paramedics who was helping work on the injured fans

Al Locker: This is too much…

Alan Carcia takes his headset off and leaves the announcers desk. It appears he is going closer to what’s happening…

Al Locker: I apologise ladies and gentlemen for what you have had to witness here. This is a tragedy. We should be watching Jonny D and Gabriel Ohio right now inside that ring. But instead we have a couple of fans who look like they are in there early 20’s. I am speculating at this stage. They have both been savagely attacked by Gabriel Ohio…

Alan Carcia returns to the announcers desk and puts his headset back on…

Al Locker: How does it look Carcia?

Alan Carcia: Not great. Looks like one of the men is having CPR. It looks grim! … I dunno what else to say

Alan Carcia then wipes a tear away…

Al Locker: Bah God!

The police have now arrived at the scene. Gabriel Ohio is still reacting in a violent aggressive manner towards people. The police manage to get Ohio to hold his arms out and the cuff him…

Al Locker: I still can’t get over what we have just witnessed folks!

The police start to lead Gabriel Ohio away as the cameras pan in on the injured fans and the rest of the carnage left behind…

Alan Carcia: Let me do my best Al Locker impression… Welcome back folks to Monday Night Hell folks! I personally can’t get over what we witnessed Gabriel Ohio do before the commercial. He was supposed to take on Jonny D in a one on one contest but he noticed a couple of fans holding up a sign which had “Who’s been a bad boy” on it. Now I don’t know why this appears to upset Gabriel so much, but I am hoping we find out soon. Those two fans have now been loaded into an ambulance. One I can confirm was receiving CPR by one of the paramedics after a Fall from Grace on the ramp way. I am told he was breathing on his own as he was loaded into the ambulance. Ohio has since been arrested and taken into a local police facility. More on this when we know. Moving on with the show…

Alan Carcia: Al Locker is standing inside the ring where he is about to go face to face with HcW Television Champion The Titaness Samantha Hamilton.

Cameras focus inside the ring where Al Locker is standing…

Al Locker is standing in the center of the ring. One microphone is held near his lips, another at his side. He waits until the crowd calms down a bit before speaking into the mic closest to him.

Al Locker: Titaness? Would you mind coming out here for a few minutes? I – and quite a few others – want to speak to you regarding certain, and rather recent, past events.

“You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies hits the PA as Samantha walks down the ramp. A noticeable limp can be seen as she steps and puts pressure on her right foot. Nonetheless, she makes her way into the ring, takes the spare mic, and leans against the ropes. Already, she’s wearing an irritated look – as if she were waiting for this very moment.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: You got the floor. Go for it.

Al Locker: Samantha, we have seen a side of you that is unimaginable. Is this all through Snakebite or is there more to it?

The Titaness raises an eyebrow, clearly repeating the question in her head several times. She scoffs before rolling her eyes slightly.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: You kidding? Of course this is all through Snakebite! There’s a reason I’ve never had to resort to these measures with anyone else before. It’s simple; no one has been this bold, stupid – probably both – with me. Snakebite … is a different kind of…. well, crazy. Probably one of the most dangerous types.

Samantha raises her left hand beside her head.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: Don’t take my word completely on that, though. I’m not a licensed psychiatrist or anything. But from what I’ve seen and did learn, it’s obvious he’s not all there. And as someone who has all but seen a very opposite side of him, it looks like he may be bipolar, or with another mood disorder such as schizophrenia.

Al Locker: At this stage I am starting to wonder if you or Snakebite could land up doing something to one another that you will live to regret? What are your thoughts on those words?

Sam quickly moves her head from side to side, scoffing lowly.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: Nope. Already got past the ‘regret’ phase, and that came into play when I was stupid enough to break my own rule about never being intimate with co-workers. Never again…. never. I learned – reminded myself of that lesson, rather – the difficult way.

Al Locker: You shot Snakebite last weekend in the knee. At what stage did you know you were going to use a firearm on him?

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: When he broke into my hotel room after Doomsday…. and sexually assaulted me. I was done enduring that shit. I am done, rather. No more. I did drop quite a few warnings in prior promos. He cannot say I didn’t try to warn him. Plus, the restraining order was already in effect. He never should have come near me in the first place. Fucking idiot.

Al Locker: Samantha, Your actions last week on Monday Night Hell were unbelievable. You abducted Snakebite during his match up with Martin “The Master Seas. Just what possessed you to such?

The Titaness sighs, running her left hand through her hair.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: …. Yeah. Not really my proudest moment either. What possessed me? Good question. See, that’s how you can tell his side of me is awakened by Snakebite. I’d never otherwise do something hat hasty, that stupid. I’m not like that. I’m not him. But….

Samantha grimaces, biting onto her lower lip for a few seconds before resuming.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: You gotta remember one very, very, very vital fact, Locker. While this situation has been recently escalating, it started months ago. When I was first put against him in a match back in February. Even from that long ago, he threatened me with rape, abduction, and shit like that. What I want to know — is why didn’t management do anything from back then?

The Titaness glares angrily, interrupting before Locker can redirect her train of thought.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: “What? Did you think it was only an act? Was this normal behavior for him? If the answer to either of those is no, someone from management should have taken steps. That being said, I’m not only to blame nor is Snakebite. A lot of management here in HcW is also. I purposely record and film everything that happens out of the ring as a way to keep everyone in touch. So forgive me if I find it hard to believe – as well as all that was said in promos and whatnot – that no one had a clue any of this would happen. I will take full blame and responsibility – even apologize – for dragging him away from Martin. But shooting him?

Sam shakes her head in an adamant manner.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: Never. As far as I’m concerned, I was in the right. It was self-defence. By that point, I had no other choice. Was I just … supposed to let him rape me? If you dare say yes, you’re as crazy as he is.

Al remains silent for a few moments. After gathering his composure and courage, he clears his throat and continues the in-ring interview.

Al Locker: Are you issuing a challenge to Snakebite for Insanity?

Sam lightly taps her fingers against the edge of the mic, seeming to contemplate the answer.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: I mean … technically, he already did that. And I still stand by my answer. I’m not accepting his terms. Hell and no. I’ll fight him at Insanity – but not at the risk of becoming his bitch, slave, whatever he wants to label me as. Hell, why would you guys even allow him to declare such conditions as part of a win, huh?! Do you enjoy this sorta thing?!

If poor Al hadn’t looked nervous yet, now he definitely does.

Al Locker: No, no! That’s not the case —

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: Then why?! Do you think he’s bluffing?! Even after all the times he’s found me backstage and been … aggressive against me? With or without sexual actions, for that matter?!

Al Locker raises his hands behind his head, even taking a few steps back as his own precaution.

Al Locker: Just one last inquiry, okay? Samantha, in all my years of wrestling I am not sure I have witnessed a feud between two wrestlers like this. Where on earth does this finally lead to?

Sam shakes her head once more.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: I’m not sure. But he is right about one thing; one way or another, this bullshit will come to an end.

The Titaness practically pushes the mic in her hand into Al’s hands before turning on her feet. Her theme song echoes through the speakers once more as she slips out of the ring and goes backstage, waiting for her match to arrive.

Alan Carcia: Well there you have it first hand from The Titaness…

Al Locker: Welcome back to Monday Night Hell ladies and gentlemen. I just had the chance to speak with The Titaness Samantha Hamilton before the commercial in what you could describe as an interesting interview.

Alan Carcia: I was hoping she was going to kick your ass Locker!

Al Locker: Well thanks Carcia! Let’s move on to our next match up folks! As “The Destructive Beast” Kieran Overton faces Trent “The King” Harper and one half of the new HcW World Tag Team Champions “Pretty” Ricky Stanton…

Cameras cut to a video package…

The scene opens at Pacific Coast Highway and the 91 junction.


Deuce Holmes stands underneath that very sign wearing his G R I N D E R mask. Surrounded by a small mass of fans, all of whom are chanting “GRIN-DER” low and slow. Holmes smiles behind his most notorious mask, shrugs, and does not introduce himself.

The scene cuts to the HWY 91 & 57 crossing.


Holmes is now in his STIFF mask. Violently, he tears it off to reveal STITCHES. Slowly he then pulls that mask away to once again become STIFF. That revolves faster and faster like an internet nerd’s .gif until..

The feed is live. Deuce Holmes is not front row, but front row on the second level. Next to him, Lavinia stands and holds up the “Too Sweet”. As she does the crowd around them is so loud you cannot tell if it is “BOOOS!” or “DEUCE!” that they are screaming. He stands and high fives her “Too Sweet” then somehow the crowd close to them grows louder. Holmes, doing his best to incite them into an “INSANITY” chant as the cameras returned to ringside.

Al Locker: Just what on earth was all that about

Alan Carcia: What the…

Al Locker: Let’s get on with the in ring action folks!

Cameras switch to Richard Basset who is in the ring…

Triple Threat Match
Kieran Overton vs Trent “The King” Harper vs (c) “Pretty” Ricky Stanton

Richard Basset: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a triple threat!! … First to make his way to the ring… “Pretty” Rickkkyyyyy Stannntttooonnnnn!!!!

The lights go out and the black Superman logo appears on the big screen. Fall Out Boy’s Centuries starts to play:

Some legends are told

Some turn to dust or to gold

But you will remember me

Remember me, for centuries

Just one mistake

Is all it will take

We’ll go down in history

Remember me for centuries

Remember me for centuries..

Boom! Pyros goes off as the Pretty Boy comes down the ramp with two gorgeous ladies on each arm. He’s wearing a glittering wrestling robe and it shines as the spotlight falls on him. He leaves the ladies outside as he walks to the center of the ring, drops to his knees and points at the sky for a moment. He then gets up and flaunts the robe, eventually taking it off and going to his corner.

Al Locker: This is going to be some match folks… And with the attack backstage during the opening moments of the show expect fireworks!

Beast by Puppy plays over the sound system as there’s massive amount of boos when Kieran Overton walks out as he screams on top of his lungs with his hands in the air on top of the ramp, wearing shorts, shirt, and boots.

Richard Basset: annd next to make his way to the ring… “The Destructive Beast” Kiiieerrrannnnn Ovveerrtttooonnnn!!!!

He begins walking down as he ignores each one of the fans before he goes up the steps and goes over the top rope and places his hand on his left arm, basically not giving a damn about them before he turns to anger, while he goes to sit in the corner, waiting for his next opponent to come to the ring.

Stanton walks over to Overton then backs off again as the referee separates them

Richard Basset: And finally to make his way to the ring… Trent “The King” Haaarrrppeeerrrrrrr!!!!

Trapt by Headstrong hits the PA System

“Back off I’ll take you on

Headstrong to take on anyone

I know that you are wrong

Headstrong we’re Headstrong

Back off I’ll take you on

Headstrong to take on anyone

I know that you are wrong”

Trent is focused on the ring and looks at it with distain, ignores the crowd is solely focused on the match and his opponents. He also has a smirk on his face when approaching his opponents

Harper finally climbs the ring steps and enters the ring

Al Locker: This should be a great match up folks!

The referee calls for the bell…


Kieran Overton steps out between the ropes to the outside instantly. Leaving Trent and Ricky to square off inside the ring…

Al Locker: Overton stepping away from the action momentarily…

Trent and Ricky both lock up in the center of the ring. Ricky Stanton manages to place Trent Harper in a headlock which he hold onto. Trent manages to throw Ricky into the ropes but is hit with a stiff shoulder. Trent crashes into the canvas… Ricky Stanton then looks at Overton and tells him to enter the ring

Al Locker: Kieran Overton hesitantly entering the ring folks…

Harper manages to grab Ricky by his trunks and rolls him up…



Kieran Overton drops and elbow to break the cover!

Overton than brings Stanton to his feet. Harper also gets up. The three start to trade punches with one another…

Al Locker: Take a look at these punches!

Alan Carcia: I love it!

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton sends Trent “The King” Harper out between the ropes with a super hard punch. Kieran Overton grabs hold of Stanton and goes for a gutbuster! And hits it! Overton takes no time lifting Stanton back to his feet. He then throws him into the turnbuckle… Kieran then goes for a huge turnbuckle splash, however Stanton’s sidesteps it sending Overton face first into the buckle…

Al Locker: That huge splash not coming off for Overton this time!

Trent Harper gets back into the ring and attacks Stanton, chopping his knee from behind. Ricky hits the canvas. Trent then turns his attentions to Overton. Trent lifts Overton high into the air and delivers a Falcon Arrow into a pin…




Kieran Overton kicks out!

Al Locker: What a Falcon Arrow by Trent Harper!

Alan Carcia: What a move!!

Trent brings Kieran to his feet and hits him with a German suplex! … Look out! Ricky Stanton with a flying clothesline!! Stanton appears to be slapping his knee. Looks like he is trying to get the blood flowing following Trent’s chop block to it earlier. Ricky continues to slap away at his knee but also goes to work stomping away on Trent. Stanton then pulls Harper up. Ricky scoops Trent up and hits him with a running powerslam!!

Al Locker: Could this be it?

Ricky looks set to make the cover. But hold on. Kieran Overton takes hold off him and throws him into the turnbuckle! … This time Kieran hits Stanton with the huge turnbuckle splash!

Al Locker: This time Overton’s managed it folks!

Alan Carcia: Stanton just got crushed!!

As Stanton staggers towards Kieran Overton he is stopped with a punch and then a series of vicious kicks! Overton appears to have entered beast mode! Ricky falls back into the ropes but comes back with a hard punch. Kieran appears shocked that Stanton managed to fight back. Stanton then hits Overton with a Pretty Boy Drop Reverse DDT!! He then goes for a cover!



Trent Harper breaks it up!

Al Locker: That was close. Harper keeping this one alive!

Trent then kicks Stanton before bringing Kieran to his feet. Stanton waits his moment and holds back. Harper goes for the Death Penalty but fails on the first attempt. Overton clocks Harper with a left hook and then a rib breaker! Harper then rolls out of the ring…

Look out!!

Stanton attacks Overton from behind and then moves him in to position for the Doom Crown! AND NAILS IT!!!!

Al Locker: Doom Crown!!!! Good night Overton!

Ricky goes for the cover…




Trent Harper out of nowhere with the save!!

Al Locker: Just listen to the crowd reaction. They thought this one was done!

Trent pulls Stanton up and kicks him in the stomach! Death Penalty!!!!

Al Locker: This time surely! It has to be over!

Trent Harper goes for the cover…




Kieran Overton somehow makes the save. Just how??

Alan Carcia: Goodness me!

Al Locker: How is this match still alive!

Kieran Overton and Trent Harper start to fight. Ricky Stanton leaves the ring and grabs his Tag title…

Al Locker: Ricky Stanton suggesting he’s taking his belt and walking away from this match…

Kieran Overton delivers an Inverted Death Valley driver to Trent Harper. He then signals for the end

Al Locker: Overton signing for the end here…

Kieran brings Trent to his feet and then hits him with The Destructive driver!!!!

Kieran goes for the cover…





Richard Basset: The winner of this match “The Destructive Beast” Kieran Overton!!!!

Al Locker: Overton takes thi…

Ricky Stanton slides into the ring and smashes his Tag title into Kieran Overton’s head, knocking him to the canvas. He then beats away at him before dropping the title and lifting him up. Doom Crown!!!!

Al Locker: Ricky Stanton getting his own back after leaving the match here folks! Stanton just drove his Tag title into Overton’s skull!

Alan Carcia: Overton may have won this match but he looks to be out cold…

Trent Harper gets back to his feet and goes nose to nose with Stanton. The pair then back away from one another

Al Locker: What a match up

We open in the backstage area of the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Sitting on a box of electrical equipment is The Wildfire. He sits, hood over his face, his Xtreme title draped over his thighs. He looks up inquiringly as he holds a picture of Gray Zee in one hand and his silver zippo in the other hand.

“Trent Harper. Let’s address this situation shall we? Like Louis XIV you were dethroned by someone you thought of as a peasant. Someone who would just lay down and say, ‘Yes take my hard fought Xtreme championship. You claim to be a king so I must hand it over.’ Bitch please. I proved once again I am the reason for this rebirth of the Xtreme division. I cleansed it of the sins and fears of my predecessors and forged it in fire. It is now who I am, we are symbiotic. You are a charlatan and always have been. Yet even though you were minutes from falling into the flames someone saved you.”

He looked at the picture. Click. Whoosh. Flame. Click. Whoosh. Flame.

“Yes, I know you went through a damned table too but it only kept you safe from the inevitable failure that runs through your veins. I am as I always going to be – XTREME CHAMPION. This brings me to the man that believes he is a big deal. Yes you won the World Heavyweight championship but lost it just as fast. I completely understand your need for vengeance on this world. It is a fucked up place where ego and conformity is rife. If you were such a big deal Gray then wouldn’t you be champion again? Wouldn’t you be in a title match at Insanity? You seem like a big child who threw out his toys from his cot. “

He looked at the picture again. Click. Whoosh. Flame. Click. Whoosh. Flame.

“Gray Zee. You made a fundamental error in judgement. Putting The Wildfire through a table does not put it out, the embers are still burning and the wood is an accelerant. You want to play big boy games then step up. If this was just a pure childish tantrum then let’s have a match and then we will see who the big deal here is but if it was more, if it was a miscalculated attempt to rile me up then we will have a problem. Gray Zee. If you are such a big deal then how about you face me at Insanity for the Xtreme championship. I am not worried about you or your reputation and I am challenging you so let’s see if the only thing about Gray Zee that is big is his head. Clock is ticking…Gray… Yay or Nay?

He looked at the picture again. Click. Whoosh. Flame. Click. Whoosh. Flame. The picture went up in flames. We panned back and Tommy McMaster had disappeared.

Sam sighed, sitting on the bench in her locker room. Leaning against one of the corners was a pair of crutches. She’d kept them out of both promo shoots for…. obvious reasons. Annoying as they were, the fact was the doctor had been right. The damn things were doing a decent job at keeping all of the pressure off her foot.

The bullet got extracted much smoother than she expected, according to what the Manchester medics had informed Sam.

The main reason for her remaining in either hospital for so long was simple. The foot was one of the places on the human body with the most amount of bones. It would have been easy for anything to end up being separated, dislocated, or much worse. Which made the news even more of a miracle; no such thing had happened. Somehow.

Her head lowered as Sam subconsciously caught a glance towards her foot. She had adamantly – and possibly stupidly – refused to wear a cast. The best form of protection was concealed under her sock; an Ace bandage. The pain itself had gottten … tolerable. Every now and again, though, her foot would twitch, seeming to perfectly remember the feeling of the bullet lodged into her flesh.

Samantha shook her head, sighing softly. She carefully stood up, slowly moving to the sink and getting herself a cup of water.

As she looked up into the mirror, she saw Snakebite shockingly standing behind her. When the hell did he enter her locker room? As she slowly turned around, Snakebite looked at her with disgust.

Snakebite: “Where’s MY belt?”

Sam just sighs – both out loud and in her head. Yeah. It was as she agreed with Tyke. Police were useless, as were security here. Fucking hell.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: “Behind the door. To ensure no one else would find it. Most people would go right to the lockers or whatnot.”

The Titaness knew justification probably wasn’t needed …but it was a pre-emptive move. In case he asked why there of all places.

After Snakebite finds she’s telling the truth, Sam speaks again, beginning to sit back down on the bench.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: “Happy? Good. Now fuck off.”

Snakebite looks angrier than he has ever looked, as he looks over at the belt, and then back at Sam.

Snakebite: “You know he’s not the one, right..?”

Snakebite’s body seems to be slightly shaking from the anger inside of him as he stares a hole through Sam. He turns away, walking towards his belt, and picking it up.

Snakebite: “I’m going to end your career the next time we step into that ring, you fucking whore.”

Snakebite looks over his shoulder, back at her.

Snakebite: “It’s all going to END…..sooner than you think….”

An evil smirk appears on Snakebite’s face, as he turns towards the door, and unlocks it.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: “…. Excuse me? He’s not the…?”

Her heart freezes … and then quickens. Easy as it’d be to play dumb, it’s not in her nature. Sam subconsciously scoots back, shaking her head. Impossible! He couldn’t have known! Tyke even arranged for extra security! Maybe she could believe he knew Tyke visited her, sure.

But all that happened inside?

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: “…. The fuck are you even going on about?! Tyke just visited me! Nothing happened, you paranoid freak!”

It was the best compromise for playing dumb; a – hopefully – way to get answers. If he had somehow snuck into the hospital, she wanted to hear some hint, some indication. Otherwise … she’d see about convincing him he was wrong … even though, ironically, Snakebite was very right.

Somewhat, anyway. It’d been one-sided. But he was otherwise correct.

Snakebite kept facing the door, but didn’t open it.

Snakebite: “Sam…..I’m not stupid. I saw the tweets before they seemed to have disappeared from Twitter. I remember how you two acted at the parties we had. I know he’s always had a thing for you. I know he’s always wanted you. He just never was brave enough to go for it, in my face. Because he knew I liked you. I told him that out of confidence. So when it’s come to you, he’s always been behind my back… “

Snakebite let’s out a slight laugh.

Snakebite: “He’s probably the one who deleted the tweets…. “

Snakebite, with his hand on the doorknob, looks over his shoulder once more.

Snakebite: “Because he’s a little bitch. Just like Joseph…. “

The Titaness scoffs, rolling her eyes.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: “Then all you saw was he agreed to visit me. That’s IT! That’s ALL that happened.”

Against her better judgement, she smirks upon hearing him try to insult Joseph.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: “You definitely won’t be able to say that when he returns. Think whatever the fuck you want – be it about Joseph or what you feel so confident you know happened. The truth, Snakebite, is you don’t know jack shit. Making accusations without proof…. there’s a good reason it’s a stupid ass thing to do. So why don’t you take a moment or two to get your shit together, shut up, and realize you’re just overreacting? You literally just admitted you saw evidence he only met me. Now you’re trying to add more, imaginary drama to the equation because you’re thinking you own me or some shit.”

Sam’s eyes narrow, her voice becoming firmer.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: “I’m gonna say his once and only once; NO ONE owns me. I’m no one’s intimate partner. You can TRY claiming me or whatever the fuck it is you’ve been implying. But that’s not gonna work. I guarantee it.”

Snakebite turns back to the door, once more. He just stands there for a moment, before turning around and charging at The Titaness. But right before he comes in contact with her, he stops…

Snakebite: “FUCK!!!!”

Snakebite punches a nearby locker, denting it.

Snakebite: “I hate how you can lie to me, so fucking easily… “

Snakebite charges back to the door, holding his belt. He opens it this time, staring outside of her locker room.

Snakebite: “Bitches get stitches, Sammie baby…. “

Snakebite slings his belt over his shoulder.

Snakebite: “And you’re gonna need a whole lot of em…. “

Snakebite looks over his shoulder one last time, with a twisted grin.

Snakebite: “Tell your new fling that his old friend is going to be visiting him real real soon…. “

Snakebite steps into the hallway, slamming the locker room door behind him.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: “Goddamnit. I’M NOT LYING! Seriously, nothing —”

Her body tenses up as he charges forward. Sam scoots back quickly, trying to get out of range to make his attack miss. Rather than hitting her like she expected, he slams his fist against a locker. The sight of the dent makes even Samantha flinch and cringe slightly.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: “Hmph. I’m no bitch for one. Two, you still never have busted me open. NO ONE has. You’re not gonna give me stitches, own me, NOTHING. NOW FUCK OFF!”

Her hands cover her ears as the door slams. Sam waits a few seconds, making sure he’s really gone before reaching into a backpack she took with her. Inside is her own belt…. and her cell phone. Shakily, Sam begins sending a text.

The camera gets enough of a peek to confirm it is indeed to Tyke … and is warning him that, somehow, Snakebite seems to have figured out part of what happened at the hospital, and to be careful.

Sam trembles as she hits ‘Send’ before lying on her back atop the bench, with the phone clutched against her chest.

Al Locker: Welcome back to what I can only describe as a wild night ladies and gentlemen

Alan Carcia: It’s been something else Al, it truly has!

Non Title
Martin “The Master” Seas vs (c) Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton

Richard Basset: This match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is a non-title match up!

Al Locker: It’s time for Martin Seas to take on Samantha Hamilton in a non-title match up

Alan Carcia: I’m not sure how she will be able to wrestle with an injured foot, will Martin target her foot?

The lights in the arena dim as Aversion Therapy begins to play. A spot light illuminates the entrance way and we see The Master standing with his back to us, his arms stretched out either side of him in his familiar crucifix pose. He spins around, looks out around the arena, wipes his right hand across his mouth and starts walking to the ring.

“Got a pin in heart shaped case

Stab it in my skin when I see your face

Everything that I feel has changed

I associate you with a world of pain”

The Master rolls under the bottom rope. He stands up and strikes another crucifix pose looking straight in to the cameras.


“I got elastic it’s on my wrist

A bit of plastic that I can twist

It’s on my sleeve where my heart still sits

I pull it back then you don’t exist”

The Master walks to the corner of the ring and sits down, his long hair covering his face.

“Take my mind away

Take my mind away

Take my mind away”

The music fades out and the lights return to normal.

Al Locker: This man is no easy win and with her injury I’m not sure Samantha should be stepping in the ring with him

Alan Carcia: She thinks she has recovered enough to fight Locker, doctors wouldn’t have cleared her to fight if she wasn’t ready, would they?

“You’re Going Down” – Sick Puppies begins to play. As the actual lyrics begin playing, the Titaness saunters down the ramp. A sense of determination and resolve can always be found in her eyes. Despite wearing a more stern and serious expression, she’s not one to ignore any fans or supporters. Every now and again, she’ll give a wave or slight smirk. More often than not, however, the Titaness will stick to her more serious and stoic look.


When she finally gets in front of the ropes, the Titaness will usually slip through the middle and top ropes. From time to time, however, she will opt to simply step over the top ropes.


Samantha Hamilton quickly charges at Martin Seas and knocks him down with a clothesline. She lets him get up and hits him with another clothesline, he gets back up again and is taken down with a dropkick. Samantha then mounts over Martin and starts to unload with punch after punch. The referee tries to warn her to stop. She eventually stops and stands up. She lifts Martin up to his feet. Martin quickly pushes her back and hits a dropkick to the legs and knocks The Titaness down. Martin gets up quickly and starts to stomp away on the leg of Samantha.

Al Locker: This is what I was afraid of Carcia

Alan Carcia: This doesn’t look good for Samantha, he’s already targeting her leg

Martin gets to his feet and grabs the leg a Samantha. He starts to kick away at the back of her leg over and over again. He stops and then slams the leg down in to the canvas. He brings Samantha to her feet and takes her down with a belly-2-belly suplex and then goes for the cover.



Samantha Hamilton kicks out!

Al Locker: Martin Seas is trying to finish this off quickly

Alan Carcia: The longer this goes, the worse it gets for Samantha if you ask me

Martin brings Samantha to her feet once again and she quickly rolls him up for a small package.




Martin Seas kicks out!

Al Locker: She wants to finish this

Alan Carcia: She needs to make quick work of Martin Seas if she wants to win

They both get to their feet quickly and Martin goes for a kick, Samantha stops it by grabbing the leg of Martin and swiping the other leg of Martin, taking him down. She then jumps from his feet over his body and hits an elbow drop to the chest. She then goes for another cover.




Martin Seas kicks out again!

Al Locker: That was a close one!

Alan Carcia: She almost had the match won Locker!

Samantha quickly gets up and brings Martin to his feet. Martin pushes her back and levels him with a clothesline. He quickly picks her up and kicks her in the gut.

Al Locker: If he hits this, it’s all over

Alan Carcia: No one kicks out of a Masterstroke!

As he lifts her up for a Masterstroke she slips out. As Martin lands on his feet he’s met with a kick to the gut and then dropped with a Wrath Of Titans. Samantha holds her leg and manages to get the cover.






Al Locker: What a victory for Samantha Carcia

Alan Carcia: I’m impressed every week by Samantha, Locker. She’s rising to the top slowly here

The camera is on in the backstage area. We see Lance Mikes walking down the hallways. He’s dressed in his normal gym gear. A pair of tracksuit bottoms with a black t-shirt and a tracksuit jacket along with some blue trainers. He has a bandana on his head.

Al Locker: He issued the challenge to Snakebite last week

Alan Carcia: Snakebite wants him next week, but Lance wants to wait til Insanity!

Lance walks in to Mr Greeney’s office and the camera follows up to the doorway.

Mr Greeney: Lance!! Come right on in. I’ve been expecting you.

Lance turns to the camera and smirks and closes the door on the camera man.

Al Locker: Welcome back to Monday Night Hell folks. We are on route to the Insanity Pay-Per-View! Which comes your way later this month. And what a night this has been so far!

Alan Carcia: And there is plenty more to come Locker!!

HcW Pure Championship
(c) Snakebite vs Bandera

Richard Bassett: This match is scheduled for ONE FALL! [Crowd – ONE FALL] and is for the HcW Pure Championship

Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit hits the PA system

Richard Basset: First to make his way to the ring… Banmnnddddeeerrrraaaaaaaaa!!!!

Lights start to flicker as Bandera walks out and enters the stage. Behind him lit up is “Someone is going to get fucked up” Bandera walks to the ring holding up his middle fingers. The crowd seem to be loving it.

Al Locker: Bandera yet to pick up a victory up since his return to HcW folks. But Bandera is one relaxed man, claims it’s all about fucking people up and not the winning!

Alan Carcia: Strange logic to me. But hey, whatever floats his boat

The lights go out, and start flickering green and purple to the beat of “Problem” by Webbie & Boosie BadAzz. As the intro of the song plays, the camera pans around the crowd. Then as soon as the hook begins, the camera focuses on the stage area, where Snakebite slowly walks out from behind the curtain, wearing his bright green fuzzy armless jacket. The crowd gets loud.

The camera focuses in on Snakebite’s face, as he shows an unsettling smile on his face. He mouths “got a problem?” right before the hook ends. As soon as the first verse begins, he begins walking down the ramp, with a disgusted look on his face.

Richard Basset: And now… Introducing the HcW Pure Champion… SNAAAAAKKEEBIIIIIITEE!!

Al Locker: Here comes the HcW Pure Champion ladies and gentlemen

Alan Carcia: He’s going to take Bandera and fuck him up Locker!

Al Locker: Snakebite demanded that this matchup has his HcW Pure Championship on than line. Monday Night Hell commissioner Mr Hamilton agreed to it. And here we are…

The referee calls for the bell…


Snakebite and Bandera square up in the center of the ring. They both go nose to nose. The referee takes a step back. Snakebite throws the first punch! The pair start to trade blows. Back and forwards. Snakebite eventually throws Bandera into the ropes and swings for a clothesline. Bandera ducks the clothesline and comes back with one of his own! … Snakebite bounces off the canvas straight back to his feet and then throws another punch at Bandera…

Al Locker: Neither man wanting to let the other get the upper hand here

Snakebite kicks Bandera in the gut and hits him with a DDT! Snakebite then goes for a cover…




Bandera kicks out!

Snakebite then punches Bandera after the count. He then brings him to his feet. Bandera throws a wild head but in Snakebites direction. He then starts to deliver those strong style kicks ending with a hard punch. Snakebite sways back forth before Bandera scoops him up and slams him down…

Al Locker: Bandera striking back!

Bandera goes for a cover…



Snakebite kicks out!

Al Locker: What a match up we have here folks!

Bandera brings Snakebite to his feet and throws him into the turn buckle. Bandera then runs towards Snakebite but is taken down with a shoulder to the knee area!

Al Locker: What great ring awareness by our Pure Champion Snakebite!

Alan Carcia: He knew Bandera was charging at him so threw himself forward and wiped Bandera out!

Snakebite then starts to stomp away on Bandera. He kicks Bandera in the face!

Al Locker: Snakebite doing all he can here to retain his title…

Snakebite then brings Bandera to his feet. He then runs with Bandera and delivers a bulldog!! Again Snakebite goes forms cover…



Bandera kicks out!

Snakebite sits up with a grin on his face…

Al Locker: Snakebite always looks like a man in his element when inflicting pain on others…

Alan Carcia: That’s Snakebite in a nutshell Locker!

Snakebite then has a word with the ref before returning to his feet. The referee is shaking his head at Snakebite. He then turns his attentions back to Bandera. Bandera is starting to make his way back to his feet. Snakebite grabs Bandera and throws him into the ropes. He then hits Bandera with a spinebuster!

Al Locker: Could this be it?

Snakebite again goes for a cover…




Bandera gets an arm up with a split second to go!

Snakebite again sits up and smiles…

Al Locker: One of the most sadistic men you will ever see Grace our industry folks!

Snakebite gets to his feet and watches on as Bandera slowly makes his way to his feet. Snakebite is just smiling…

Al Locker: Just look at the face of our HcW Pure Champion…

Bandera gets too his feet and charges at Snakebite. Snakebite hits him with a spinebuster. He then heads for the top turn buckle. Snakebite then comes off with a 450 splash!!

Al Locker: Could this be it…

Snakebite goes for the cover…




Bandera kicks out!

Al Locker: Bandera kicks out as the refs hand came down for three!

Snakebite now has a serious look on his face. He brings Bandera to his feet and signals for the Venom Injection. Bit wait! … Bandera kicks Snakebite in the stomach and sets up the Bandera Bomb! AND DELIVERS IT!!!!

Al Locker: We have a new Pure Champion

Alan Carcia: No way

Bandera goes for the cover…




Snakebite kicks out!!

Al Locker: Oh my word!

Bandera gets to his feet looking stunned that the Bandera Bomb wasn’t enough. He signals to the crowd for a second Bomb…

Al Locker: It looks like Bandera is setting up for another Bandera Bomb…

Bandera lifts Snakebite up and places his head between his legs. He lifts up Snakebite

Al Locker: Second Bandera Bomb!

No wait…

Snakebite somehow pulls off a Venom Injection!!!!

Alan Carcia: How the fuck?

Al Locker: Venom Injection! … Venom Injection!!!!

Snakebite goes for the cover…





Al Locker: Snakebite retains! But what an effort from Bandera here folks! He may have come up short but wasn’t far off…

Richard Basset: Your winner, and stillllll HcW Pure Champion… Snaaaakkeeeeebiiiittteeeeeee!!!!

Al Locker: What a match Carcia!!

Alan Carcia: Two crazy son of a bitches just tore the house down Locker!

Suddenly Lance Mikes slides in to the ring behind Snakebite. He crouching down slightly. Snakebite turns around and is nailed with a Full Stop!

Al Locker: What the hell!!

Alan Carcia: he just can’t keep his nose out of anyone’s business!

Bandera gets up and is nailed with a Full Stop as well, the impact knocks Bandera out of the ring.

Al Locker: He’s out of control Carcia!

Alan Carcia: Snakebite is going to be pissed!

Lance grabs Snakebite and lifts him up by the head. He starts talking smack to him and then kicks him in the gut. He hits him with The Ending in the middle of the ring. Lance gets up and walks over to the ropes and is handed a microphone. He turns and kneels down next to Snakebite.

Lance Mikes: I don’t care when or where we fight Rob, you want it next week… YOU’RE ON!! He throws the microphone down and gets up. He walks slides out of the ring and turns his back to the ramp way. He starts laughing at Snakebite as the cameras fade to a commercial break.

Al Locker: Welcome back to HcW Monday Night Hell ladies and gentlemen. It’s now time for the main event of the evening

Alan Carcia: It’s time for the steel cage match Locker, Gray Zee takes on Tyke Index. This is going to be crazy!

Steel Cage Match
Tyke Index vs “Big Deal” Gray Zee

Richard Basset: This match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is the main event of the evening. This will be contested in a steel cage match!

An aura falls over the arena as the opening guitar line to “Box Full of Sharp Objects” by the Used blasts across the PA. Strobe lights shiver across the dark lit ceiling and entrance way. Tyke Index can be seen in his full glory – black hoody over his head giving him the look of a stealth assassin.

Richard Basset: Introducing first…. TYYYYKKEE IINNNDEEXX!!

He slowly walks down to the ring as the crowd go crazy for the former World Champion. As he enters the ring he then leans back in the corner looking almost stoned and disillusioned.

I Win by Lethal Bizzle ft/ Skepta begins to play. Gray Zee comes out to the beat of the music wearing a leather hoodie. He throws two punches when the “POW POW!” kicks in and uncovers his face, takes the title and holds it high with pride. T

Richard Basset: aannd his opponent… ‘BIIIIG DEEEAAAL’ GRAAAY ZEEE!!

The moment he does that, pyrotechnics explode at both sides like a chain reaction. When he arrives to the ring, he takes the steps, takes off his leather hoodie and enters the ring.

Al Locker: It’s steel cage time folks!

Alan Carcia: I can’t wait for this one Locker

Al Locker: What the hell was that?

Alan Carcia: I’ve no idea Locker, I’ve no idea

Al Locker: These two superstars were involved in a great triple threat match last week along with Taurus

Alan Carcia: Both men fell short, and Locker this whole situation with Gray Zee is getting out of hand


Tyke Index and Gray Zee start the match surrounded by the steel cage. Gray runs at Tyke and goes to punch him. Tyke ducks and as Gray turns around Tyke unloads with punches to the face and kicks to the stomach, backing Gray in to a corner. Tyke steps back and comes back in for a clothesline but Gray catches him around the waist and spins around and hits a belly-2-belly suplex on Tyke.

Al Locker: What a great reversal by Gray!

Alan Carcia: Did you hear the impact of that move?

Gray is back to his feet, he brings Tyke to his feet and kicks him in the gut and lifts him up for a suplex but instead of falling backwards Gray just drops Tyke on his face and chest. Tyke flips over and holds his face from the impact. Gray runs over to Tyke and kicks him in the ribs and flips him back over on to his back. Gray then drops down with a knee to the chest of Tyke again and again. He then picks Tyke up and throws him head first in to the steel cage. Tyke bounces off and Gray does it again. As Tyke bounces off for the third time he turns around and Gray catches him around the waist again and hits another belly-2-belly suplex.

Al Locker: This does not look good for Tyke

Alan Carcia: He’s being man handled by Gray here

Gray gets up quickly and lifts Tyke to his feet by his head. Gray goes for a suplex but it’s blocked by Tyke. Tyke rolls through in to a small package.



Gray Zee kicks out!

Al Locker: Great reversal from Tyke

Alan Carcia: He needs to get himself in this match Locker!

Tyke quickly gets to his feet and runs at Gray and levels him with a clothesline. Gray gets back up and is met with a dropkick from Tyke which takes him down again. Tyke gets up and runs at Gray again and drops him with another clothesline. Tyke then lifts Gray up and picks him up for a scoop slam. Instead of slamming him down on the canvas he slams him back first in to the steel cage. Gray gets caught between the ropes and steel cage and is sat up. Tyke runs away and bounces off the ropes on the opposite side and comes back with a high knee to the face of Gray, whose skull is crushed between the steel and Tyke’s knee. Tyke then drags Gray out under the bottom rope and goes for a cover.




Gray Zee kicks out!

Al Locker: Gray looks out of it Carcia, I’m surprised he kicked out

Alan Carcia: He has some left in him Locker, this match-up has been great so far

Tyke gets back to his feet and lifts Gray Zee back to his, he kicks him in the gut and hits a Russian leg sweep on him, Tyke then gets up quickly and stomps away at the stomach of Gray Zee – knocking the wind out of him. Tyke then pulls Gray Zee to his feet. Gray pushes him back and kicks him in the gut, he goes for a T-Gray-O but Tyke manages to drop behind him, Tyke spins him around and

Total Definition!!!

Tyke then goes for a cover.





Richard Basset: The winner of this match… TYYYYKKEEE IIINNNDEEXXX!

Al Locker: There you have it folks, Tyke has beaten Gray Zee

Alan Carcia: He’s beaten a former HcW World Heavyweight Champion Locker, he’s after Taurus now!

Al Locker: What a night this has been. Folks we are heading towards Insanity! Be sure to join us next week. Thank you and goodnight!

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