The Champion of Champions is crowned in a four-person single elimination tournament featuring all Champions on the roster. Also, Caged Fury to decide the number one contender to the HcW World Championship at Hardcore Kingdom.

Instead of the typical scenes that open the show, a recap of Bitter Enemies opens the show. Hammerstein defeating Slamsley McBody to win the HcW Television Championship as various shots of that match play out and in the end, he stands raising the championship high and the scene freezes as the word “CHAMPION” is stamped in gold letters across the screen. Trent Harper in the triple threat match is next as a few scenes play out and then the finish with Harper pinning McMaster and then being handed the Xtreme Championship and the golden letters again appear “CHAMPION”.  The Prison Break match is shown as violent images of both Anaquin Adams and Gabriel Ohio play across the scene including the fall from the top of the cell that Anaquin Adams took before Gabriel Ohio unclips the belt and holds it high above the cell in quite a site and the words “CHAMPION” appears on the screen. Finally, the Last Man Standing match plays out in quick dramatic form as in the end, Taurus with his middle finger extended as his body just refuses to rise once more and Tyke Index is given the World Championship and one final time, the golden stamp of “CHAMPION” is splayed across the screen and then it fades out as the graphic for CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS is displayed and then the logo for Monday Night Hell and fades out as we get a live shot at Universal Studios in Florida and standing in front of the familiar globe are the two commentators for the evening. One is familiar, the other is not as the female begins to speak.

Christine Donahue: Welcome to Monday Night Hell, I’m Christine Donahue and I’ll be filling in for Al Locker for a few weeks as he recovers from that inadvertent Bullseye he received at the hands of Taurus at Bitter Enemies one week ago.  Along side with me today is Alan Carcia.

Alan Carcia: And Bitter Enemies was indeed an amazing spectacle from start to finish and if you ask me Taurus knocked out Al Locker completely on purpose. He probably heard all of the bad things Locker was saying about him off the air.

Christine Donahue: Oh stop. Tonight, we are coming to you live from Universal Studios and tonight General Manager Biff Franklin has put together a pay per view quality event as we are going to find out who the Champion of Champions really is here in HcW.

Alan Carcia: We are set up right out here in the open and as long as you have a ticket to the park, you can watch as we crown our first Champion of Champions here in HcW. World Champion Tyke Index will take on new Television Champion Hammerstein. Pure Champion Gabriel Ohio will take on Xtreme Champion, Trent “The King” Harper. Then the two winners will meet in the finals.

Christine Donahue: On top of that, we will find out who will challenge for the World Championship at Hardcore Kingdom as we will see for the first time in HcW, Caged Fury. Wrestlers enter a cage at random with no eliminations until all competitors have entered the cage. Once the final competitor has entered, then it’s pinfall or submission in order to be eliminated. The last one standing will be the winner and the new number one contender for the World Championship.

Alan Carcia: I don’t know what Franklin was thinking when he set this up but we have literally set up a ring on top of pavement. No pads out here on the ground or anything.

Christine Donahue: Just like in the days of old. We are ready for a night of excitement so let’s get down to ringside and Richard Bassett for the introduction of our first two champions.


Champion of Champions
Trent Harper (Xtreme Champion) vs. Gabriel Ohio (Pure Champion)

Richard Bassett: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Hell. Our first match is part of the first round of our Champion of Champions tournament. Introducing first, the Xtreme Champion:

“Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong
Headstrong we’re Headstrong
Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong”

Trent “The King” Harper steps into view, walking the blocked off aisle towards the ring. He glances at the fans with disdain as they jeer him. His Xtreme Championship is wrapped around his waist as he climbs the steps and moves into the ring.  He unhooks the championship and raises it high above his waist.

Richard Bassett: Here is Trent “The King” Harper!

Christine Donahue: Harper earned that championship last week, that’s for certain. He’s been trying to gain that title for months now and his hard work has finally paid off.

Richard Bassett: And his opponent, the Pure Champion:

“For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Sabaton begins to play as it very easy to see the tall stature of Gabriel Ohio as he walks through the crowd and makes it to ringside.

Richard Bassett: This is Gabriel Ohio!

He walks up to the ring and reaches up for  top rope when around the corner, Trent Harper runs around and clips Ohio’s leg and Ohio spills to the pavement.


Christine Donahue: Harper not wasting any time here as he clips Gabriel Ohio in the back of the leg and Ohio on the pavement out here.

Harper grabs the leg as Ohio moves onto his stomach. Harper lift that leg high and drives it hard into the pavement below. The referee hops out of the ring and starts to yell at Harper demanding he take the match inside the ring as Ohio pulls himself up and rolls into the ring.

Christine Donahue: Harper finally getting back into the ring here.

Alan Carcia:  the referee climbing back into the ring, and Trent Harper stomping away on Ohio’s right leg.  Ohio grabbing the ropes, and Harper kicking him to the outside!

Christine Donahue:  the referee chastising Trent Harper, and Harper shouting back!

Alan Carcia:  Ohio on the floor now, getting to him feet and Harper runs off the ropes and baseball slide right into Ohio who is sent to the pavement once again.

Fans boo as Gabriel Ohio collapses to the floor. 

Christine Donahue:  the ref beginning the count!  Ohio is still down! It could be over that quick!










Gabriel Ohio climbs up to the ring apron!

Christine Donahue:  Trent Harper running toward the far ropes, bouncing off, and nails Gabriel Ohio with another dropkick!!!!!!  He falls back out to the floor.

Fans all booing as Trent Harper yells, “I’m the champion of champions!”

Alan Carcia:  the ref is highly agitated!  He’s warning Harper about any funny business.  Ohio is down, and he may not get back up!










Fans pop as Gabriel Ohio uses the ringsteps to get to his feet!






Alan Carcia:  Ohio climbing up on the ring apron, and Trent Harper with a hard right hand!  Now a front face lock……and nails the modified stun gun! Ohio holding onto the ring ropes and is laid out on the ring apron.

Christine Donahue:  Harper pulling Ohio into the ring, and now a single leg pick up! Harper with a spinning toe hold….

Alan Carcia:  and Ohio immediately into the ropes!

Christine Donahue:  Harper like a wild animal, falling back on that right knee.  The ref chastising the Xtreme champion giving him a count.








Christine Donahue: and Harper breaks!  Harper with a single leg pick up, and the stronger Ohio immediately crawling for the ropes…and gets them!  Harper with a pick up, and a side headlock…no takedown!

Fans cheering as Gabriel Ohio powers out of it with a wristlock!

Alan Carcia:  Gabriel Ohio so strong!  He’s not grabbing the ropes this time!!!

Christine Donahue:  Ohio with an overhead wristlock, and tosses Trent Harper into the corner!  Harper comes bouncing out, and Ohio connecting with a belly to belly suplex!!!!!!!!

Alan Carcia:  no pin.  Gabriel Ohio choking away on Trent Harper.  The ref asking for the break, and Ohio releasing at the 4 count.  Harper hasn’t wrestled anyone with this kind of strength. Uh oh!  Ohio snatching Harper up by his hair!  He hoists him up into a military press…..

Christine Donahue: and twirls him around for a tornado spin toss!!!!!  Trent Harper tossed half way across the ring!!!!!

Ohio hobbles over to where Harper lies.

Alan Carcia:  Harper kind of slow, unable to react to the break.  Ohio standing over Harper and nailing him with repeated double axe handles to the back! Ohio standing over the king in a true rage!

Christine Donahue: and Harper with clipping the leg from behind!!!!

Fans boo as Ohio hits the mat.

Christine Donahue:  Harper clutching his back in agony as he slaps on a single leg pick up. 

Harper placing it onto the 2nd rope, jumps up, and nails the butt drop!  Ohio clutching him knee.  Harper now, wrapping it around the ropes, and tugging away!!!  The ref forcing the break and walking him away from Ohio. Fans boo as Gabriel Ohio clutches his leg!

Christine Donahue: Trent Harper is a changed man after his win last week. He seems to be far more determined and confident that I’ve seen him in the past.














Alan Carcia:  Ohio up to him feet, and Harper on the attack.  Harper kicking away at the leg, and Ohio falling into the corner.  Harper with an Irish whip…no!  Ohio holding on and swings him into the corner!

Christine Donahue:  Ohio snatching Harper by the back of him head and ramming him head into the top turnbuckle!!!!!

Fans: 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10!

Christine Donahue:  Ohio is pissed off!!!  Big Gabriel with repeated headbutts to the dazed Trent Harper!  The king is staggered in the corner.  Ohio Irish whipping him to the far corner!!!  And Harper hits hard!

Alan Carcia:  Gabriel Ohio with a head of steam….

Christine Donahue: and Harper dives out of the way!  Ohio misses the avalanche, and Harper with a small package from behind…1…2…kick out!  Both women back up to the neutral position, and Harper with a thrust kick!

Fans boo as Gabriel Ohio hits the mat!

Christine Donahue:  Harper with a single leg pick up, spinning around and slapping on a figure 4 leglock!!!!!

Fans barking as Trent Harper calls for the bell.

Alan Carcia:  Harper just knows it’s over!!!  Ohio is in agony!  Harper calling for the referee to call it!  He’s bragging, and the match isn’t even over yet!!!

Gabriel Ohio reaches across with his long arms and nails the king!  He pulled something out of him tights!  Harper breaking the figure 4, and Ohio crawling over to the corner.  Harper rolling around the mat in a daze!

Christine Donahue:  Gabriel Ohio has been beaten, attacked, and outwrestled!  But he’s still standing!  Ohio now, hobbling over toward the king.  Trent Harper getting to him feet…

Alan Carcia:  and Gabriel Ohio with a clubbing clothesline!!!!!!!   

Christine Donahue:  Ohio with a pick up, and easily scooping up Trent Harper.  Harper flailing around in panic….

Alan Carcia: and nails the ref in the head!  He kicked him accidently in the head, and he’s down.  Ohio picking up steam and nails him with a powerslam!!!  Ohio clutching his right leg in pain!  Ohio getting up to his feet.

Christine Donahue:  he nails the Día de Muertos and the fans here at universal studios are cheering him.

He covers but there’s no referee to count.

Alan Carcia:  the ref is still down.  Ohio gets up and walks over to check on the referee as king Harper gets to his feet. He rushes over and again clips the knee from Gabriel Ohio who is back down on the mat.

Harper runs off the ropes and dropkicks Ohio to the outside of the ring. Harper steps out onto the apron and as Ohio gets to his feet, he runs off and leaps off, but Ohio catches Harper around the throat and he lifts him up and delivers the Día de Muertos on the pavement. The referee is slowly getting back to his feet.

Christine Donahue: Ohio just decimated Harper there, the referee begins his count.

Ohio rolls back into the ring.












Alan Carcia: Harper is slowly trying to crawl towards the ring. He is reaching for the ring apron.






Alan Carcia:  he’s trying to pull himself up but it’s too late!


Christine Donahue: Ohio goes to the finals!

Ding ding ding

Richard Bassett: the winner of the match as the result of a countout and advancing to the finals of the champion of champions tournament, the Pure Champion: Gabriel Ohio!

Christine Donahue: Trent Harper came in and knew what he wanted to do and he executed that plan, but Ohio had the final say.

Alan Carcia: I’m sure that Trent Harper will want to have another shot at Gabriel Ohio sometime in the near future.

Christine Donahue: We need to take a break, but we will be back with more Champion of Champions here on Monday Night Hell.

Champion of Champions
Tyke Index (World Champion) vs. Hammerstein (Television Champion)

The opening riffs of Everclear’s American Monster blare from the outside Universal Studios PA system and the crowd reacts with a roar as Hammerstein slowly steps through the curtain, followed by his manager, Reese Kennedy. He stops at the top of the stage, drinking in the boos of the crowd, a huge sarcastic grin on his face. He waves his hands towards himself, inviting the crowd to get louder. Kennedy pats the Television Championship on the shoulders of Hammerstein as he finally makes his way to the ring, stopping only to smirk and shake his head at the fans.

Richard Bassett: Weighing in at 244 pounds and accompanied to the ring by his manager Reese Kennedy. This is the HcW Television Champion, Hammmmmmmmmmmmmersteiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

He walks up the ring steps and wipes his boots on the apron. Kennedy holds the ropes open, and The American Monster climbs in the ring. As soon as he’s in the ring he runs as hard as he can into the turnbuckles, then turns and runs across the ring, slamming into the opposite corner. Hammerstein run to the corner to his left, climbs to the middle rope, and raises his arms in the air. He goes to the opposite corner, repeating the gesture and taking in the jeers of the crowd.

Richard Bassett: And his opponent weighing in at 235 pounds and accompanied by Harvey Goodfellows and fighting out of Glasgow, Scotland he is the HcW World Champion Tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyykeeee Indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeex!!!!

Christine Donahue: Our World Champion will be taking on our Television Champion here in this Champion of Champions tournament.

Tyke Index makes his way out with his manager Harvey Goodfellows to the guitar chops of ‘Fight Song’ by Marilyn Manson. Tyke throws the World Championship over his shoulder as he walks towards the ring, looking around the arena Tyke enters the ring and goes nose to nose with Hammerstein before then climbing up the turnbuckles to pose. Tyke then heads center ring.

Alan Carcia: What kind of shape is Tyke Index in after his Last Man Standing match last week against Taurus? You could say that Hammerstein had a far less intensive match during Bitter Enemies and could very well be fresher in that ring.

As the referee signals for the bell Hammerstein attacks Tyke right off the bat with lefts to the face. Tyke staggers into the corner before firing right back with lefts of his own. Tyke whips Hammerstein into the ropes and hits him with a back body drop. Tyke awaits Hammerstein to reach his feet before hitting him with two massive standing drop kicks.

Christine Donahue: Hammerstein trying to take advantage early on but Index was there ready for him.

Tyke goes for a cover but Hammerstein kicks out quickly. Tyke applies a rare side lock as both men stand. Hammerstein pushes his weight into Tyke which takes both men into the ropes. Hammerstein sends Tyke into the ropes and hits him a shoulder block. Hammerstein picks up Tyke and hits him with a DDT making the cover






Kick out!

Christine Donahue: I’m not going to lie that was a very close count. I thought Hammerstein might have just upset the World Champ right there.

Hammerstein picks up Tyke and hoists him in a powerbomb position with Tyke in the air Hammerstein runs towards the turnbuckles with a pop out powerbomb as Tyke goes crashing into the top turnbuckle the momentum taking him to the outside.

Hammerstein exits to the apron awaiting Tyke to reach his feet. Hammerstein hits Tyke with an axe smash across the back. Hammerstein asks a kid in the front row if he is going to vote for him in 2020. The kid yells “go to hell” Hammerstein takes the popcorn out the kids hands and throws it in his face laughing at him as the kid cries.

Alan Carcia: Is that kid even going to be old enough to vote? Not sure this is the best canvasing technique being implemented by Hammerstein.

Tyke spins Hammerstein around and throws him into the steel steps! The referee is at a standing 4 count as Tyke picks up Hammerstein and rolls him in the ring. Tyke checks on the kid before rolling back in the ring to. Tyke picks up Hammerstein. Hammerstein grabs the ref close and with his other hand smashes Tyke with a low blow! The referee doesn’t see it!

Christine Donahue: Low blow there by Hammerstein and this one could put Tyke Index away.





Thr–Kick out by Tyke!

Alan Carcia: Our World Champion has far more testicular fortitude than you give him credit for, Donahue.

Hammerstein picks up Tyke and hits him with a gut wrench suplex. Hammerstein picks up Tyke and hits him with a pump handle into a back breaker! Hammerstein goes to the top rope and shouts at the crowd before hitting a cannon ball!






Thr.. — Kick out!

Christine Donahue: Hammerstein was certain that was it but he has definitely underestimate how strong Tyke Index is.  What’s this now?

Hammerstein starts to argue with the referee. Hammerstein asks his manager Reese Kennedy to jump on the apron. Kennedy does attempting to distract the referee but Index’ manager Harvey Goodfellows pulls Kennedy off the apron and both managers begin to get into a cat fight on the outside!

Alan Carcia: I’d say catfight, but I’m not sure that this qualifies as one. Wait, Tyke from behind!

Tyke rolls up Hammerstein in the melee!






Kick out!


Both men reach their feet and go for a clothesline resulting in a double clothesline. The referee starts to count both men.

Christine Donahue: Tyke got used to hearing standing ten counts last week against Taurus!














Both men reach their feet. Hammerstein goes for a punch Tyke blocks and hits him a series of forearm smashes. Tyke throws Hammerstein into the ropes and hits him with a belly to belly suplex. Tyke picks up Hammerstein and hits him a release German suplex! Tyke goes for the cover…






Thr–Kick out by Hammerstein!

Alan Carcia: Tyke looks to finish this!

Tyke signals for Total Definition but Hammerstein reverses looking for the Hammersteiner! Tyke blocks. Hammerstein looks for a clothesline but again Tyke ducks as Hammerstein turns around he is smashed with Total Definition! But the momentum sends Hammerstein out of the ring and Kennedy is running around to check on him.

Christine Donahue: Certainly, Index could have gotten the fall here.

Tyke rushes out of the ring and Kennedy flees as he grabs Hammerstein and rolls him back in the ring and he slides in with a cover.






Three—Hammerstein just gets a shoulder up!

Alan Carcia: Are you kidding me? All that time outside saved Hammerstein from being pinned right there. Tough luck for Tyke.

Tyke is back on his feet and he’s signaling for another Total Definition as he pulls Hammerstein up, but Hammerstein rolls in behind and cradles, taking Tyke down.




Christine Donahue: Hammerstein with the—

Christine Donahue abruptly stops speaking as the referee’s hand slaps down for:






Richard Bassett: Here is your winner the HcW Television Champion… Hammersteeeeiiiiiin!

Tyke is quickly up and charges at Hammerstein who rolls out of the ring as manager Kennedy rushes to his side. Hammerstein is laughing and pointing at Index still in the ring as his manager Goodfellows joins him in the ring.

Alan Carcia: You were saying?

Christine Donahue: I – uh, never expected to see that much of Tyke Index tonight.

Alan Carcia: Perhaps we should check the replay.

The replay shows an angle now seen previously where Hammerstein grabs a giant handful of Index’s tights, so much so that almost all of Index’s rear is shown to the audience at Universal Studios, but blurred out on the replay. As much as Tyke kicks, he cannot reverse the leverage that Hammerstein has and gets his shoulders counted. Coming back from the replay, Hammerstein is still laughing at Tyke as he raises his hand and yells at you, “I just beat you “champ”! I should be the World Champion!”

Christine Donahue: Hammerstein defeating Tyke Index absolutely has to upset of the year at this point, wouldn’t you agree?

Alan Carcia: Hammerstein wrestles all over the world and nothing he accomplishes surprises me. One would think a win over the champ would definitely earn him a shot at the World Title, right?

Christine Donahue: I couldn’t agree more, though I am not certain that Tyke would agree that Hammerstein won this match fair and square.

Alan Carcia: It doesn’t matter. Hammerstein goes on to face Gabriel Ohio to see who the Champion of Champions is going to be!

Christine Donahue: While we allow the crew to set the cage up for Caged Fury, let’s see this video on the history of Hardcore Kingdom.


When the video ends, the ring has been set up as a cage match. Richard Bassett is standing outside of the cage.


Richard Bassett: This match is called Caged Fury. Wrestlers will enter the cage in random order at a two-minute interval. Only when all wrestlers have entered the cage can anyone be eliminated. Eliminations occur by pinfall or submission or by referee’s discretion. The last wrestler in the cage will become the new number one contender for the HcW World Championship and be in the main event of Hardcore Kingdom. And now, here is the wrestler who drew number one.

“99 Ways to Die” by Megadeath plays over the open air at Universal Studios as the fans all turn to look where the wrestlers enter from and begin to cheer as Scythe Bloodline steps into view. He makes his way towards the ring.

Richard Bassett: Making his way towards the cage, this is Scythe Bloodline!

The referee opens the door to the cage as Scythe takes one lap around the cage and then enters the door and goes through the rope.

Richard Bassett: And participant number two:

“Nobody Likes Me” by Deuce begins to play as the form of Raven Trueblood slowly eases his way down towards the ring.

Richard Bassett: Introducing, Raven Trueblood.

Christine Donahue: This is an interesting turn of events as these two are tag partners, relatives and friends.

Raven approaches the cage and waits for the referee to open the door and then steps up the stairs and into the ring as the referee closes the door behind them and latches the gate.

Alan Carcia: So, if I understand this correctly, these two will wrestle for two minutes and then another wrestler enters the cage.

Christine Donahue: That would be correct.


Christine Donahue: And this match is underway. You’ll notice there’s no referee inside the cage. The referee will not go into the cage until after the last competitor has entered the cage and only to count pinfalls or accept submissions.

Scythe and Raven circle each other in the ring and reach out to bump fists with each other before they lock up. Raven grabs a headlock and then Scythe pushes him into the ropes and looks for a lariat, but Raven ducks, spins around and grabs another headlock.

Alan Carcia: So far these two keeping it fairly clean despite being inside a cage.

Christine Donahue: Scythe again pushes Raven into the ropes and as Raven comes back, Scythe uses a backdrop and sends Raven up and over the ropes as he crashes into the cage.

Alan Carcia: I can’t say that was intentional, but there is a World Title shot at stake at the biggest show of the year for HcW.

Scythe moves over to pull up Raven and bring him back into the ring. He hooks him around the waist and lifts him up and back and falls with a belly to back suplex. He covers.

Christine Donahue: There’s no pinfalls yet. Not until everyone gets into the ring.

As if remembering, Scythe gets up as a horn sounds off and Tommy McMaster makes his way down towards the cage. The referee opens the door and McMaster enters the cage and immediately attacks Scythe, pulling him off Raven and drives him face first into the cage.

Alan Carcia: Tommy McMaster is now putting the boots to Raven in the ring as we get a good look at Scythe who has been busted open after being run head first into that cage.

McMaster pulls up Raven and drops him on his head with a vicious DDT as he spots Scythe trying to get up. He runs over and drives a knee into the head of Bloodline and Scythe goes down.

Christine Donahue: McMaster is fresh and he’s taking full advantage of the situation now as we have a bloody Scythe Bloodline and so McMaster is giving his attention to Raven Trueblood here as he straddles him and begin to just lay in those punches to the forehead.

McMaster pulls up Raven and shoots him into the ropes, coming up Tommy nails him with a lariat that turns him inside out and Raven lands hard on the mat face down. The timer begins to count down for the next competitor as as the horn sounds.

Alan Carcia: Who’s coming out next?

There’s a lull in the crowd and then the fans begin to cheer as a chant breaks out and finally coming into view is the returning Sammy 3.0 as she makes her way to the cage.

Christine Donahue: I had heard rumors but Sammy has returned to HcW after leaving a few weeks ago with Ricky Stanton.

Sammy climbs into the cage and Tommy charges at her, but she blocks a punch and beals McMaster into the center of the ring. McMaster is back up and charges at her again and she lifts him up and slams him down.

Alan Carcia: She had a very public split with Stanton and she’s returned back to HcW on her own and doing very well for herself right now.

Sammy pulls up McMaster and whips him into the ropes and as he comes back she launches him, face first into the cage as he falls back to the mat. From behind, Raven tries to roll her up.

Christine Donahue: No pinfalls yet, but I can imagine it would be rather confusing when you are used to going for pinfalls. Sammy is back on her feet and she just boots Raven in the head and he goes down.

The countdown begins to the final competitor for this match and as the horn sounds the crowd gets to their feet as Lance Mikes makes his way towards the cage.

Alan Carcia: And how nice that Lance Mikes got the last number in this cage match. Everyone else has been going at it and he’s going to be fresh as a daisy going in there.

Lance walks over to the door and the referee opens it up and Mikes gets into the ring and immediately clotheslines Sammy. The referee finally gets into the ring and closes the cage door behind him.

Richard Bassett: And now eliminations can being by pinfall or submission.

Christine Donahue: And now everything counts.

McMaster is over there pounding on the bloody forehead of Scythe Trueblood as Raven is slowly getting to his feet. Lance moves over to grab Raven and just rubs his head back and forth across the chain link of the cage, tearing into his forehead causing more blood to come down his face.

Alan Carcia: Lance Mikes came in here with a mission. He took Tyke Index to his limit a couple weeks ago and he wants to be in the main event of Hardcore Kingdom.

Sammy is getting to her feet and she grabs Lance and whips him into the ropes, Lance comes off and NAILS her with a Full Stop superkick to the face of the android and than grabs her and delivers the Ending! He covers!






Richard Bassett: Sammy 3.0 has been eliminated.

Christine Donahue: No shame there by Sammy. Not too many have ever kicked out of a Full Stop/The Ending combination by Lance Mikes.

Sammy is being helped from the cage as McMaster attacks Mikes from behind. He whips Mikes towards the rope and Raven Trueblood just flies through the air and nails Mikes from the side.

Alan Carcia: Mikes took that hit hard. Wait a second! Raven turns into a uranage bomb by McMaster, the Wing and a Prayer!






Richard Bassett: Raven Trueblood has been eliminated.

Christine Donahue: Raven really went through quite the match at Bitter Enemies and just came up short here tonight leaving only Tommy McMaster, Lance Mikes and Scythe Bloodline.

A very bloody Scythe Bloodline is getting to his feet and Mikes just superkicks him right in the face again, sending him over the top rope and against the cage as he falls down to the ring apron.

Alan Carcia: Hold up! McMaster with a roll up of Mikes.





Kickout by Lance Mikes.

Christine Donahue: Scythe hasn’t moved since he got kicked by Lance. We have referees on the outside trying to check him out through the cage.

McMaster up, he grabs the arm of Mikes and whips Lance towards the rope, but Lance reverses it.  McMaster off the ropes and he leaps over and goes for a sunset flip on Mikes but Mikes grabs onto the top rope until he gets his bearing.

Alan Carcia: He pulls McMaster through and THE ENDING!






Richard Bassett: Tommy McMaster has been eliminated.

Christine Donahue: That leaves two! Scythe Bloodline and Lance Mikes.

Alan Carcia: But look at the condition of Scythe Bloodline right now.

Scythe is crawling from between the ropes and the cage until he’s back in the ring and he crawls right into Lance Mikes who just grins. Scythe’s face is a bloody mess as Lance slowly pulls him to his feet and he measures him up and just nails him with a punch right to the face.

Christine Donahue: Scythe was gonna fall, but Lance is holding him up by his hair. What arrogance!

Alan Carcia: Lance Mikes is nothing if not arrogant.

Lance Mikes is talking shit to Scythe who is just hanging there. Finally Lance tells him that it’s over as he whips him into the ropes and Scythe comes off and

Christine Donahue: Killer Thriller! Killer Thriller! Scythe just hit Lance with the Killer Thriller! Cover!






The crowd just aaaahh at that as the referee waves off the pinfall.

Alan Carcia: Are you kidding me? Scythe pulled that move out of his ass and almost puts away the former World Champion!

Both wrestlers just lay on the ground trying to get their bearing back. As the referee checks on them both.

Christine Donahue: The referee could stop it here if he feels that one or the other cannot continue but so far he hasn’t.

Lane rolls over onto his stomach and pushes himself up onto his hands and knees. He grabs Scythe by the hair and pulls him up.  Lance takes a swing and nails Scythe in the bloody face and Scythe returns the favor. The crowd is getting into it, making chanting noises as they take turns swinging at each other. Scythe takes a swing and Lance ducks, steps back and cuts loose with a Full Stop, kicking Scythe right in the face as Scythe goes down.

Alan Carcia: Lance falls against the ropes but he needs to make a cover! There he goes!






Christine Donahue: The fans are chanting for Scythe who just barely escaped losing this match.

The referee is waving that pinfall off as well as Lance just looks at him incredulously. He hooks the leg again.






Alan Carcia: Scythe is not going down!  Holy shit!

Christine Donahue: I’m sure you’re not allowed to say that at Universal Studios.

Lance slams the mat in frustration as he gets to his feet and he pulls up Scythe and begins to yell at him about his place in HcW. Scythe kicks him in the nards and then hits him with an impact cutter!

Alan Carcia: Lance is rocked here!

Lance staggers back, not going down and Scythe hits him with a second cutter sending Lance to the mat and Scythe stumbles over, falling on top of him.





Lance’s legs go up as he is gonna kick out by Scythe hooks them!



The crowd goes crazy!

Richard Bassett: The winner of Caged Fury, and the new number one contender for the HcW World Heavyweight Championship at Hardcore Kingdom…

“Scythe! Scythe! Scythe!”

Richard Bassett: Scythe Bloodline!

Scythe gets to his feet as he falls against the ropes, grabbing them to keep him from falling down as the referee raises the other hand.

Alan Carcia: I’m not going to lie, that was one hell of a fight by Scythe Bloodline.

Christine Donahue: What a gutsy performance by Scythe Bloodline. And now he’s going to main event Hardcore Kingdom!

Scythe is helped out of the cage and the fans are still giving him quite the ovation as he makes his way out.

Christine Donahue: We have one more match for you tonight, but before we do—

Alan Carcia: I’m hearing that too.

Christine Donahue: Biff Franklin has instructed staff to leave the cage up for the main event because as you can see from the weather we have a storm threatening to roll in and we want to make sure to get through this match so we will take a short break and be back for the finale of the Champion of Champions: Hammerstein vs Ohio!

FINALS: Hammerstein (TV Champion) vs. Gabriel Ohio (Pure Champion)

When we come back, in the ring Hammerstein and Ohio are both already inside the cage.

Richard Bassett: This match is one fall and is the finals of the Champion of Champions tournament.  Introducing first, the HcW Television Champion. Hammmmmersteiiiiiiin!

Hammerstein walks to the center of the ring and raises his hand before turning back and conferring with Reese Kennedy who finally turns and leaves the cage.

Richard Bassett: And his opponent. He is the Pure Champion! Here is Gabriellllllllll Oooooooohiooooooooo!

Christine Donahue: It’s starting to sprinkle here at Universal Studios tonight and the stormclouds are rolling towards us. General Manager Biff Franklin wants to get this match completed before it gets too bad out here tonight so he instructed the staff to just leave the cage up and now this match is indeed a cage match, though he has stipulated there must be a pinfall or a submission. No escaping the cage to win tonight!


Alan Carcia: Hammerstein and Ohio meeting in the center of the ring and Ohio is still limping from his first match tonight against Trent Harper and I’m sure that Hammerstein will take advantage of that if he was at all paying attention.

Christine Donahue: My question is if Hammerstein can lift up the giant Gabriel Ohio for the Hammersteiner.

As the two jaw jack at each other, Hammerstein finally has enough and takes a swing that is blocked by Ohio and countered with a punch of his own as Hammerstein stumbles back against the rope and holds his jaw.

Alan Carcia: Not a wise tactic by Hammerstein, but it’s only the first move of the match. Hammerstein glances out at his manager and then turns back to Ohio who just grins.

Hammerstein rushes in, but Ohio grabs him around the throat. He lifts him up, but Hammerstein floats over and behind and kicks Ohio in the leg and Ohio drops to a knee and Hammerstein rushes to the ropes and kicks Ohio right in the face and cover.



Tw—Kickout by Ohio.

As Ohio rolls over, Hammerstein gets on his back into a crossface position and begins to just nail him with forearms to the face.

Christine Donahue: Hammerstein started with the leg and then goes to the face of the giant, but as long as he keeps the big guy grounded, it can’t be a bad strategy here.

Hammerstein to his feet as he walks over to the legs of Ohio and grabs the bad leg and lifts it up and drives it hard down into the mat as Ohio immediately rolls over and grabs at his leg.

Alan Carcia: Hammerstein looking very confident here as he runs against the ropes and dropkicks right into that bad leg.

Ohio crawls towards the corner as he looks to get away from the onslaught of Hammerstein. Hammerstein moves into the opposite corner and as Ohio gets to his foot in the corner, Hammerstein charges in but Ohio scoops him up and slams him down in a uranage!

Christine Donahue: Cover!




Gabriel tries to put a foot on the ropes, but can’t because it hurts and Hammerstein kicks out of the pinfall attempt. He immediately drives a series of punches into the bad leg of Ohio before scooting away from the big man. Hammerstein gets to his feet and wipes at his forehead and looks up at the sky.

Alan Carcia: The rain is starting to come down a little harder here and these guys are going to have to be careful in that ring.

The ring starts to get damp as Ohio tries to get up, but Hammerstein rushes in and crushes him into the corner. But Ohio just no-sells it and grabs Hammerstein around the throat and spins around, pushing him into the corner and drives a series of elbows into side of Hammerstein’s head.

Christine Donahue: Ohio finally getting into this match as moves to whip Hammerstein from the corner, only to stop and whip him back, sending him over the ringpost and headfirst into the corner of the cage and Hammerstein hangs there in the corner. This may be the opening that Ohio needs to get past Hammerstein!

Ohio grabs Hammerstein and pulls him from the corner and Hammerstein falls to the mat. Ohio draws his thumb across his throat and pulls Hammerstein to his feet and lifts him up for the backbreaker but Hammerstein jabs a thumb into the eye of Ohio who has to release and Hammerstein goes again for the leg.

Alan Carcia: Hammerstein runs off the rope and nails a back first senton splash, crushing the giant underneath. Cover!





Kickout by Ohio!

Christine Donahue: Hammerstein is just running through Ohio here.

Hammerstein pulls up Ohio and runs the ropes but Ohio catches him as he comes back and delivers the Día de Muertos on Hammerstein!

Alan Carcia: Ohio nails his finish! It’s over!

As the rain pours down now freely as Ohio covers Hammerstein.





Three—Kickout by Hammerstein!

Christine Donahue: Ohio cannot believe it. Just look at the disbelief in his eyes.

Alan Carcia: With that leg, I cannot believe that Ohio could give a hundred percent for the Día de Muertos.

Off in the distance a streak of lightning flashes in the sky, followed a few seconds later by thunder as Gabriel begins to just pound the crap out of Hammerstein’s head with his fist before pushing himself to his feet. He limps closer as he leans down and he tries to pull up Hammerstein.

Christine Donahue: Hammerstein with a cradle and he’s grabbing the tights now too!





Thre—Ohio kicks out!

Alan Gabriel: At least we didn’t see Ohio’s keister there.

Christine Donahue: I was thinking the exact same thing.

Hammerstein up, but Gabriel charges him and turns him inside out with a clothesline and another cover.





Kickout by Hammerstein.

Ohio shakes his head as he gets to his feet and reaches for Hammerstein, but Hammerstein grabs Gabriel and pulls him down and Ohio gets clotheslined on the top rope.

Alan Carcia: Hammerstein pulling out all the stops here

Hammerstein drags Gabriel over to the second rope and uses his leg to hold him there, choking him.

Christine Donahue: Hammerstein finally releases Ohio.

Hammerstein screams out, “I’m your next president!”

Alan Carcia: Not sure he has many constituents here in Florida.

Hammerstein runs the ropes and as he comes back Ohio lifts a foot and boots him right in the face. Ohio charges off and nails another clothesline.  Ohio pulls up Hammerstein and lifts him up and drops him throat first on the top rope.

Christine Donahue: These two wrestlers are ignoring the weather here, getting soaked to the bone and still only concerned with winning the Champion of Champions!

Ohio shakes out that foot a little as he moves in on Hammerstein and whips him to the ropes, but Hammerstein ends up going over the top rope and sliding down between the ropes and the cage.

Alan Carcia: Ohio has bad intentions here.

Ohio limps over and places a foot against the head of Hammerstein and grabbing the top rope, just pushes all of his weight into trying to crush the head of the candidate into the steel cage as the screams of Hammerstein are head. Kennedy rushes over and begins to scream at Ohio to let her client go but Ohio only grins.

Christine Donahue: Ohio is getting his second or third wind here as the rain just pours down.

Ohio pulls Hammerstein out from behind the ropes and pushes him into the corner and he backs up and charges in and smashes him into the corner. He backs up and rushes in again.

Alan Carcia: Hammerstein kicks him low!

Hammerstein grabs the legs and takes down Ohio, putting his feet up on the turnbuckle as the referee counts.








Hammerstein jumps to his feet and raises his hands in the air!

Richard Bassett: Winner of the match and the Champion of Champions! The Television Champion, Hammmmmmmerrrrrrrrsteeiiiiiiiiin!

The cage door is open and Hammerstein leaves the cage and rushes over and grabs the giant trophy and lifts it up and is soon joined by his manager, Reese Kennedy!

Christine Donahue: Hammerstein has done it! He’s become the Champion of Champions.

Alan Carcia: It was a hell of a performance, I must say.

Christine Donahue: Looks, a monsoon may be coming out way and we need to wrap this up. But we will be back next week with a brand new Monday Night Hell as we build up to Hardcore Kingdom.

Hammerstein is still celebrating as he carries the trophy through the crowd.

Christine Donahue: For everyone here at HcW, thanks for joining us!

The scene fades with clips of the show and finally fading out with the HcW logo.

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