Tyke Index takes on Raven Trueblood in the main event.

Last week on Mile High Wrestling:

Tyke Index: I appreciate you, Rob. I’ve been keeping my eye on Mile High, and you’ve really been doing a good job.

Robert Mack: I appreciate THAT. And we go way back. We’ve had some very interesting times in HcW. It’s an honor to finally have you here…

Robert extends his hand, and Tyke shakes it.

Tyke Index: Yeah, we used to get lit all over the world. Good times, indeed.

Robert Mack: I miss those nights, bro. It’s too bad I had to leave. But at the same time…..no regrets..

Tyke halfway smiles and nods his head.

Robert Mack: We see what I’ve done since those days, but let’s talk about you. We see you got the belt…

Tyke Index: Yes! Of course I did..

Tyke looks down at his belt and smirks.

Tyke Index: I won the championship again, and I even retired the legendary Taurus. I’m on top of the world…

Robert nods and smiles.

Tyke Index: And you, you are doing real well with Mile High Wrestling. I see you slowly getting the attention of the wrestling world. You’re building a helluva brand here, Rob.

Robert mouths thank you to Tyke, as the fans start chanting “YES!”

Ray Hudson:. A lot of love for Mile High..

Robert Mack: Thank you…

Robert and Tyke look around the Magness Arena at the fans.

Tyke Index: But if I can be honest….

Tyke seems to look real serious, now.

Tyke Index: I was a little disappointed when you left, man.

Robert looks sorry.

Tyke Index: I mean….I used to stand up for you when you went head up with management. Your heart was HcW. Your passion was undeniable. And I used to tell them that, when it seemed like they didn’t really know it.

Tyke shakes his head.

Tyke Index: And then you just gave up. You and Sam…

Robert raises an eyebrow, still looking a little sorry.

Tyke Index: You just left me. You left HcW. When it needed you the most…

Slight boos are heard in the crowd.

Ray Hudson: Things getting a little uncomfortable…

Robert Mack: Well……to be fair, Tyke…….you were the man there. Even if I would’ve won the big one, at some point I was going to have to face you. And let’s face it…..I didn’t stand a chance.

Robert smiles at Tyke, trying to ease the mood.

Robert Mack: So if you were the man in HcW, and my passion needed a stage more fitting for my shine, I had to leave and take my own journey, Tyke.

Tyke just looks at Robert, with a blank expression.

Robert Mack: And now I’m making way more money than I was in HcW. I own my own company, Tyke.

Robert slightly laughs.

Robert Mack: And now you work for me….

Out of nowhere, HcW’s Lance Mikes slides into the ring and attacks Robert from behind.

Ray Hudson: Wait a damn minute!

Wavy Crockett: Oh damn!

Tyke looks on for a moment, as Lance gets on top of Robert and starts throwing rights into his face with impact.

Ray Hudson: Was this a set up??!!

Tyke Index starts asking Lance what he’s doing, but Lance ignores it and keeps pounding away at Robert’s face.

Wavy Crockett: They set us up! HcW set us up!

All four Mile High referees are out, and two of them start holding Tyke back, while two of them start pulling Lance off of Robert.

Ray Hudson: This is just bullshit!

All of a sudden the fans erupt, and Lance Mikes rolls out of the ring and takes off through the crowd, as the cameras show our new Co-General Manager Duece Holmes sliding into the ring, wondering what the hell is going on.

Wavy Crockett: There goes this goofball trying to save the day. If he wouldn’t have been tweeting about #QuagCup every second, he may have caught Lance Mikes before he even got out here!

Duece checks on Robert, as Tyke looks on in shock. Tyke looks over at Biff Franklin in the front row, and Biff is shaking his head in disappointment.

Ray Hudson: Do you think they were in on it, Wavy?

Duece turns to Tyke and looks at him disappointed. Tyke starts trying to convince him that he had nothing to do with that.

Wavy Crockett: I don’t know. Everything seems very fishy…

Duece is calling Tyke a liar and is in Tyke Index’s face now.

Ray Hudson: Uh oh!

The referees are holding the two men back from each other.

(Footage courtest of Mile High Wrestling (https://milehighwrestling.freeforums.net)

[‘Scars’ by Papa Roach starts as the Monday Night Hell intro video starts. Old footage from HcW is shown. Lance Mikes, Taurus, Joanne Canelli, Gabriel Ohio, Hammerstein, Scythe Bloodline, Martin “The Master” Seas, Anaquin Adams, Trent “The King” Harper, Raven Trueblood, Bandera, Tommy McMaster and Tyke Index is shown. It fades out into footage of moves: Taurus hits the 8 Seconds (Inverted Rolling Cutter) on an opponent. Anaquin Adams coming off the top rope and dropping a knee on an opponent. Biff Franklin is shown. Tommy McMaster is shown. Taurus is shown. Gabriel Ohio is shown delivering the Fall From Grace. Ricky Stanton and Sammy 3.0 holding the Tag Team Championships. Tommy McMaster is holding the Xtreme Championship. Anaquin Adams is holding the Pure Championship. Tyke Index holding the HcW World Heavyweight Championship up in the air. The video slowly fades out and in fades HcW Monday Night Hell. Fireworks rocket into the roof of the arena as Hell comes to you live from the Colonial Life Arena, Columbia, SC!

Christine Donahue: Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Hell, I’m Christine Donahue filling in for Al Locker who will return at Hardcore Kingdom. Of course, with me as always the ever pleasant Alan Carcia.

Alan Carcia: What the hell is going over at Mile High Wrestling? You think Biff is smart enough to send over a couple of top guys and start a war?

Christine Donahue: I’m certain that our general manager had nothing to do with that, but I’m told he will address the issue tonight!

Alan Carcia: Franklin seems like the type to run around starting wars.

Christine Donahue: Our first competitor for the night is already in the ring as we will witness our Xtreme Champion in action.


Trent Harper vs. Grapplerette

RIchard Bassett: This match is one fall and is a non-title match. In the ring at this time, from Parts Unknown, this is the Grapplettte!

The Grapplerette is wearing a blue, sleeveless romper with steampunk clockwork designs threaded throughout in glistening silver. The front open, threated with a white lace and designed to look like a corset. Black fingerless gloves, elbow and knee pads. She wears a matching match with a braid peeking outside of the back. She walks out into the center of the ring and raises her hand as the fans clap for this unknown entity.

Richard Bassett: And her opponent:

“Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong
Headstrong we’re Headstrong
Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong”

Richard Bassett: Coming down the aisle, he is the current reigning Xtreme Champion, Trent “The King” Harper!

He takes his time coming down the aisle with his championship belt across his shoulder, looking from side to side at the fans with disdain until he reaches the ring steps and slowly makes the ascension into the ring. He looks over at the masked female briefly before offering a smirk as if writing her off and he walks over to the far corner and climbs up and stretches out his arms before he climbs down and hands off his title to a ring attendant. He points over to the masked woman and shouts, “Is this for real?”

Christine Donahue: We don’t know much about the Grapplerette, but Harper looks like he’s taking her lightly here.


Alan Carcia: He’s the King! Everyone else is just peasants to him. He’ll probably dispatch masked girl here in just a few minutes.

The two circle each other and then lock up and Harper just pushes her down as she slides into the corner and then uses the ropes to get back to her feet. While Harper strikes a pose.

Christine Donahue: She looks to be all business here.

They lock up again and this time Harper lifts her up and slams her down on the mat, as she reaches for her back and scoots away from the champion.

Trent Harper: C’mon Biff! Is this the best you got?

Alan Carcia: Why doesn’t he have a challenger for his title? Franklin better be getting to doing his job here.

Christine Donahue: You know he can fire you, right?

Alan Carcia: And what a fine job he’s doing back there. I give him all the credit in the world.

The masked woman is back on her feet. She moves in for a third lock up and this time Harper drives a knee into the midsection, doubling the woman over and then lifts her up high and drops her down with a powerbomb.

Trent: It’s over, baby!

Christine Donahue: Trent Harper is calling this one over! He covers.





Th—KICKOUT by Grapplerette.

Harper gets up and into the referee’s face wondering why he wasn’t counting faster and Grapplerette gets to her feet and makes a motion of wiping something off her shoulder and as Trent turns around, she nails him with a European uppercut and another and another.

Alan Carcia: She’s firing up now as she backs him into the corner.

She whips him to the other side and then runs over nailing him with a cartwheel kick.

Christine Donahue: Trent Harper has been knocked loopy here.

As Trent stumbles out of the corner, she leaps up and wraps her legs around his head and brings him over with a hurricanrana driver.

Alan Carcia: Trent went head first into the mat.

She holds on for the pin.





Kickout by Harper. He leaps up and just clotheslines her hard, causing her to spin around and land hard on the mat.

Christine Donahue: I don’t think he’s taking her lightly any longer.

Alan Carcia: I think he’s gonna put her away now. He’s got her up for the Death Penalty powerbomb, but she goes up and over!

She slides down his back and grabs his legs, tripping him down and then flips him over on to his back as she crosses his legs over into an Indian deathlock. She rolls him over and then bridges back!








She releases the hold and Harper slides from the ring, limping just a little as he cannot believe what just happened.

Alan Carcia: Are you kidding me right now?

Christine Donahue: What is she doing now?

In the ring as she leans against the ropes closest to a surprised Trent Harper, she reaches back and unfastens her mask and slowly pulls it off to reveal:

Christine Donahue: That’s Betsy Granger! Betsy Granger has come to HcW for the Xtreme Championship.

Trent grabs the title from the referee and shakes his head as he flips her off.

Betsy just motions that she’s coming for that title.

Christine Donahue: Betsy Granger has just defeated the Xtreme Championship and she may just have Trent Harper’s number.

Alan Carcia: Let’s see if she can beat him when she’s not hiding behind a mask trying to surprise folks.

The crowd is going nuts with this surprise as Granger exits the ring.

A replay from the previous match is shown before heading backstage.

Backstage we can see Tyke Index warming up for his match later in the evening, Raven Trueblood approaches Tyke as he is exiting his locker room and walking up the hall way.

Raven Trueblood: Tyke Index. HcW World Champion.

Tyke Index looks at Raven.

Tyke Index: Not sure why you are here? Shouldn’t you be getting geared up for an ass kicking later on pal?

Raven laughs methodically before getting in the face of Tyke.

Raven Trueblood: Look at you, you’ve gone soft. In the past month you have become nothing but a broken man. Last week you were defeated, tonight you will be defeated and at Hardcore Kingdom? Scythe Bloodline shows you the end of the false and mislead path you have been walking and takes your HcW Championship.

Tyke looks visibly angry at what Raven Trueblood has just said, Raven laughs and walks away from Tyke Index.

Christine Donahue: We are already starting with a bang tonight.

Alan Carcia: I don’t know why Raven Trueblood would want to piss off the World Champ moments before they’re about to get into the ring against each other.

Christine Donahue: Maybe it’s some strategy they have come up with to put Index off balance. I honestly couldn’t tell you. Let’s go back to the ring.


Richard Bassett: Our next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first:

The arena lights fainting to the pulse of the opening chord, and the on-stage explosion of pyrotechnics preluded the arrival of The Red Haired Menace — ambling through the cloud of smolder in military-inspired garb.

“Climb into the ring,
For a battle that you can’t win,
Swing as hard as you can swing,
It will still mean nothing,”

Richard Bassett: From Cleveland, Ohio. This is Cerberus.

His pace heightens to a trudge as he maneuvers down the ramp, his sights fixed, unwavering from the ring he’d clamber up; using the top rope for leverage, Brooklyn advances to the apron knee to boot, and enters the ring between the middle rope.  His feet mark a trail to the nearest camera which he targets with his index and middle finger, imitating some form of hand gun, his thumb acting as the trigger which he locks back and snaps forward.  His theme fading to the jeers of the public.

Richard Bassett: And his opponent!

The Lights dim as red and orange lights scan the arena, the opening guitar riff of “Burn It Up by Saliva hits as the Tron shows the highlights of his career.

You tore my heart out
You tore my life apart
You tore the sheets of this bed
Just like a porn star

One by one fire starts to line the ramp, on both sides towards the ring, as the lights search the arena. Then the red haired, Tommy McMaster emerges in the crowd, high fiving the crowd as he walks through the mass of people who are cheering madly for him.

Burn it up, to a pile of ash
it up, I want to watch the blast
Just as soon as I blow it up
Ah yeah, burn it up

He spins round, bows to his Wildfireites, spreads his arms out, bowed, then standing up with his back turned, one finger pointed to the ceiling. The Wildfire, in his red trunks, and white “Rich Piggies are going to burn” Tee Shirt, jumps over the guard railing, as a huge red W sign is flashed throughout.

I’m burning up your memory
There’s nothing left of you and me
And as far as I’m concerned
You can go to hell and watch it burn
You can watch you burn
Watch it burn

He climbs over the ropes, bends down to one knee and stretches his arms out as the whole ring is engulfed in Inflammable fire, his flame hair shadowing his face. The Wildfire waits for the flames to die down, climbs the turnbuckle and places his arms to either side, to make his whole body a big W as his theme fades out.


As soon as the bell rings, McMasters charges and attacks Cerberus and drives him into the corner and delivers a series of punches to the body of the newcomer to HcW.

Christine Donahue: It seems as if since Bitter Enemies when he lost the Xtreme Championship, Tommy McMaster has been on the warpath.

Alan Carcia: Losing a championship can do things to your mind and I’m certain that McMaster is itching to get gold back around his waist.

In the ring, Cerberus is fighting back, pushing McMaster back into the center of the ring. They are exchanging blows and Cerberus starts to get the better of McMaster who finally drops down and nails him hard with a low blow.

Christine Donahue: McMaster going low and the referee is calling for the bell here.


McMaster slides out of the ring and grins, pointing to Cerberus as he walks backwards up the ramp. Cerberus pulls himself into the ropes and stares at McMaster.

Richard Bassett: Winner of the match as the result of a disqualification, Cerberus.

Christine Donahue: I don’t think things are finished between Tommy McMaster and Cerberus.

Alan Carcia: I’m getting word there’s been some sort of altercation in the back. Let’s go to that now.

We can see Scythe Bloodline doing some stretches when out of nowhere we can see Tyke Index push a production box into the hips of Scythe.

Tyke starts to scream in the face of Scythe before picking up Scythe who is in a great deal of pain. Tyke smashes Scythe with a Total Definition on top of the production box!

Scythe is in a very bad way, officials have arrived in the back trying to halt Tyke from doing anymore damage!

Tyke has seen complete red and is no longer thinking rationally. Scythe is trying to pull himself up, Scythe is only half way up when Tyke traps Scythes wrist in the production box.

Tyke then slams the production box lid down on Scythe!! Scythe rolls around withering in anger!

Tyke screams at Scythe “Tell your Uncle Raven this is on him, only person soft around here is him and by the looks of it, it’s you Scythe, you’ve always been soft.”                                            

Christine Donahue: Tyke Index has lost his cool and now what does this do for our main event?

Alan Carcia: Biff Franklin will have to make some sort of decision as to whether or not Scythe can even compete after Tyke with that attack.

Christine Donahue: We will be right back.

Scythe is backstage with the medics attending to his wrist after the brutal attack from Tyke Index earlier in the night.

Medic 1: Can you move your wrist? The medic goes to try and assist but Scythe snaps back clearly in pain but trying to act stubborn about his predicament.

Scythe Bloodline: Alch, fuck! The hell are you twisting it for?! No, I cannot move my wrist, that asshole has really fucked it. He is gonna pay.

Raven Trueblood comes in the room with General Manager Biff Franklin.

Raven Trueblood: You see what your boy Tyke has done? He should be suspended for this. There is no way Scythe can compete tonight.

Scythe Bloodline: I got this, I can still compete.

Biff looks at the medic who shakes his head.

Biff Franklin: Look, it would be irresponsible of me to allow you anywhere near the ring tonight. Scythe, you need to go to the hospital and get better for Hardcore Kingdom. We still owe these fans a main event. So, I’m changing the tag team match to a triple threat match. Tyke Index vs. Gabriel Ohio vs. Raven Trueblood. 

The crowd can be heard cheering in the background.

Raven Trueblood: He is gonna pay big time tonight! Ha, time to show that weak man the true path!

Scene shifts back to the ring.

Christine Donahue: Well, Biff Franklin did what he could with what he had left.  Up next…


The opening riffs of Everclear’s American Monster blare from the arena’s PA system and the crowd reacts with a roar as Hammerstein slowly steps through the curtain, followed by his manager, Reese Kennedy. He stops at the top of the stage, showing off the HCW Television Championship and drinking in the boos of the crowd. There’s a huge sarcastic grin on his face as he waves his hands towards himself, inviting the crowd to get louder. Kennedy pats him on the back, and Hammerstein finally makes his way to the ring, stopping only to smirk and shake his head at the fans. He walks up the ring steps and wipes his boots on the apron. Kennedy holds the ropes open, and The American Monster climbs in the ring. As soon as he’s in the ring he runs as hard as he can into the turnbuckles, then turns and runs across the ring, slamming into the opposite corner. Hammerstein run to the corner to his left, climbs to the middle rope, and raises his arms in the air. He goes to the opposite corner, repeating the gesture and taking in the jeers of the crowd.

He steps down from the turnbuckle and grabs the microphone from Richard Bassett.

Hammerstein: Well, I haven’t heard the sound of a bunch of tin cans rattling around, so I guess Sammy’s not here. And here I am, I trained, I got ready. I’m here, ready to fight, and where’s that bucket of bolts? On a scrap heap somewhere. So, I guess I’ll take both shares of the purse and catch the first thing smokin’ out of this hellhole called Columbia, South Carolina.


“And during the few moments we have left

I want to talk right down to Earth In a language that everybody here can easily understand”

Hammerstein turns around, he’s confused on what’s going on.

An acoustic guitar plays shortly followed by drumming.


The crowd goes ballistic as Carnivore comes out of the back. He is clearly annoyed and angry with what was being said.

Carnivore: Excuse the interruption….

The crowd goes wild for Carnivore as the unpredictable superstar takes time out to soak in the moment.


Carnivore: But I heard you rambling and I was I the area. All you do is run. Your. Mouth, saying SAMMY ISN’T HERE AND SAMMY ON SOME SCRAP HEAP. Sammy isn’t here. You are correct Sammy is not here.

Carnivore approaches the ring slowly.

Carnivore: Sammy is gone, you are very cocky because you know there will not be a fight. You keep flapping your gums week in and week out and I’m SICK of it! Sammy isn’t here, you schmuck but I AM! So…..shut up or square up!

Christine Donahue: Newcomer Carnivore is challenging the Television Champion to a match. We aren’t sure what happened to Sammy, but I’ve a feeling that Hammerstein knew long before now that she wasn’t going to show.

Carnivore tosses the mic out the ring, the music cuts and Carnivore raises his fist to his face, making a boxing stance.

Alan Carcia: Well, Carnivore isn’t holding back here and what’s Hammerstein doing here?


Hammerstein just smirks and he walks over to the referee and motions for him to step from the ring. Then Hammerstein cheapshots Carnivore with a hard right hand. More rights back him into the corner. The American Monster backs Carnivore into the corner, then Irish Whips him across into the far corner. Hammerstein comes flying in with an Avalanche Splash, but finds nothing but turnbuckles as Carnivore moves out of the way at the last moment. Hammerstein stumbles backwards, right into a roll-up by Carnivore. The referee slides into position!







Carnivore rolls out of the ring to the floor where the referee raises his hand in victory. Reese Kennedy is apoplectic at ringside. Hammerstein is irate in the ring, kicking the ropes and cursing at the top of his lungs. He demands the microphone.


Biff Franklin walks out onto the entrance ramp. Carnivore walks up the ramp and stands next to Franklin.

Biff Franklin: OK, Hammer, just calm down. I can’t have my champions in the ring throwing temper tantrums like small children. Fact is, you threw the first punch so the decision stands. 

Reese Kennedy runs up the ramp to plead his client’s case, but comes to a halt when she nearly runs into Carnivore. Kennedy rants and raves at the seeming unfairness of the situation. Franklin simply smiles.

Biff Franklin: Listen, Ms. Kennedy, the victory stands. If you don’t like it, take it before the committee. Oh, wait a minute. I am the head of the committee. So, once again, the victory stands. However, the title will not change hands as there was no contract for a title defense. So, your client is still the HCW Television Champion. But by virtue of a pinfall victory over Hammerstein, Carnivore will receive a title match at Hardcore Kingdom!

As Kennedy shouts his displeasure at Franklin, Hammerstein slides under the bottom rope and starts throwing chairs into the ring.

Biff Franklin: I recommend you calm your client down, Mr. Kennedy.  I was hoping to announce another title opportunity for him based on his victory of our World Champion, Tyke Index, but if he can’t compose himself, I guess I could change my mind in regards to a World’s Title shot.

Kennedy’s eyes go wide and the turns and runs to ringside and tries to calm his client down. Carnivore and Franklin shake hands before the debuting star walks to the back. Kennedy walks a fuming Hammerstein up the ramp, staying between his client and Franklin. Hammerstein shouts obscenities at Franklin as he passes, to which Biff simply smiles and waves.

Christine Donahue: What else could possibly happen here tonight. It’s been a night of surprised and that’s for sure with the debuts of both Betsy Granger and Carnivore. We still have our main event coming up right after this!

Promo shown for the Anaquin Adams/Itsumi Hayashi deathmatch scheduled for Hardcore Kingdom.

Richard Bassett: This is our main event. It’s scheduled for one fall and it is now a triple threat match. Introducing first:

Just as soon as Sabaton’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls” begins to play, we see the giant Gabriel Ohio step out onto the stage and raise his hands. But he almost immediately goes down as behind him stands Tommy McMaster with a steel chair. He sneers at the crowd as the music quickly dies out. 

Christine Donahue: The natives are certainly restless tonight. I don’t think one match has gone on as originally planned on this card and not Tommy McMaster has staked his claim as well.

Alan Carcia: And it doesn’t look like McMaster is done as of yet.

McMaster lifts that chair and brings it several times into the head of Ohio before he finally tosses it aside.  He tries to maneuver Ohio around onto his hands and knees before pulling him in close and wrapping his arms around his waist.

Christine Donahue: He’s not going to…

McMaster lifts up Ohio and drops him down onto the metal ramp with a piledriver. Officials start to come out now and McMaster threatens them until Biff comes out and is now starting to look annoyed as how much of a shit show this particular episode of Hell has become. The medic is checking on Ohio as McMaster reaches down and picks up the Pure Championship and takes it with him when he leaves.

Alan Carcia: I know McMaster has been out of his mind since losing the title, but he’s going to steal someone else’s title?

Biff stands up and walks over to a referee and says something.

Christine Donahue: We’re getting word that the main event will now be between Tyke Index and Raven Trueblood, one on one. We’re going to take one more break and we will try to get back into the ring.

Scene fades as the paramedics begin help Ohio onto a backboard.


“No One Likes Me” begins to play across the arena.

Richard Basset: Introducing first, hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada. He weighs in at 180 pounds and stands at five feet, nine inches tall. He is the leader of the Wicked Path movement, he has been called the Antichrist of Professional Wrestling, he is RAVEN TRUEBLOOD!

The crowd is excited for the show as a man is seen walking through the crowd. He has a shirt on that said “hate me?” Raven taunts and looks around the crowd to boos he don’t mind as he just waits for his opponent.

Christine Donahue: He looks calm cool and collected, but underneath all that we know Raven is lazer focused on Tyke Index who attacked his tag team partner Scythe Bloodline earlier tonight.

Alan Carcia: It might just be the start of the champion’s head games or he could just be looking out for number one. You know number one being himself. Whatever the case it seems to be a whole new side to Tyke Index that we are seeing tonight and I hope to hear some form of explanation.

An aura falls over the arena as the opening guitar line to “Box Full of Sharp Objects” by the Used blasts across the PA. Strobe lights shiver across the darklit ceiling and entrance way. Tyke Index can be seen in his full glory – black hoody over his head giving him the look of a stealth assasin. He slowly walks down to the ring as the crowd go crazy for the former World Champion. As he enters the ring he then leans back in the corner looking almost stoned and disullusioned.

Richard Basset: And now his opponent, making he way from the Mean streets of Glasgow, Scotland. Now allocating in New York City. He is making his way to the ring weighing 225 pounds while standing at six feet one inch tall. Some might call him the Glasgow Machine, Mister N-Y-C, and he is the reigning HCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, TYKE INDEX!

Christine Donahue: Here is the World Heavyweight champion Tyke Index. We have seen a new level out of him since he won that championship belt. A lot of people are happy to see Tyke Index finally accomplish being our champion.

Alan Carcia: So am I, but what lengths is he going to go to keep that title? I am kind of worried about that. Nonetheless Index is a phenomenal athlete and makes a great champion. Raven will have his work cut out for him tonight.

Christine Donahue: Biff Franklin still has not addressed the incident that occurred at Mile High Wrestling this past week.


Ref signals for the bell and steps out of the way of the two men. Raven sits in the corner looking up angrily at Tyke for what he has done earlier in the night. He pulls himself up to his feet as the World champ steps in grappling his arms around him and shifting to a waist lock. He swivels around Raven’s back and goes for a german suplex, but Raven blocks him. He rolls forward tossing Tyke by his arm with an arm drag. Tyke is quick back up to his feet shifting into a pale kick!

Christine Donahue: That Pale Kick catches Raven flush in the face.

Alan Carcia: He just wasn’t ready for Tyke’s quickness.

Tyke tugs Raven upward before Raven shoves him away and delivers a kick to the gut. Raven body slams Tyke onto the mat and runs into the ropes leaping up into a leg drop. Tyke rolls out of the way and Raven hits the mat missing him. As Raven hits the mat Tyke kicks him in the chest, one, two, three times. He pulls Raven back to his feet Irish whipping him hard into the corner. He rushes at him, but Raven dodges out of the way instead locking Tyke in the corner with a series of shoulder thrust. Raven strikes him, one, two, three, four, five, six times! The fans cheer and boo getting split right down the middle between the two men.

Christine Donahue:  Fans can’t make up their mind who they want to root for. Tyke Index has gained quite the following, but Raven seems very endearing after that attack Tyke made on Scythe Bloodline earlier.

Alan Carcia:  I think Tyke doesn’t want to leave any doubts in people’s minds who is the alpha male around this company. That is just my take on it though.

Raven pulls Tyke’s arm throwing him into the ropes and bouncing into the others himself. The two men rush at one another Raven hitting a stiff clothesline on Tyke. He looks down at him before pulling him up to a sitting position just to deliver a dropkick. Raven lost in his fury at Tyke starts to punch him over and over. The ref has no choice reaching a full count, he forces distance between Raven and Tyke giving Raven a stern warning against the closed fist being used.

Christine Donahue:  Raven is not afraid to press the limits, can’t say I blame him after Tyke’s behavior earlier.

Alan Carcia:  Tyke is the champion and he wants to keep it that way. The championship gold can do that to a person Al, it is human nature.

Raven pushes past the Ref and delivers a knee to Tyke before grabbing him by the head and flipping him with a sparemare. Raven attaches a reverse chinlock pulling his chin as he drives his knee into Tyke’s back. Tyke swivels to the left and right, he manages to get to his feet and pushes Raven into the corner. Tyke backs off rushing off the ropes back into Raven with a GORE! The fans start to shout and scream. Tyke goes for the cover on Raven.






Raven kicks out!


Christine Donahue: Raven kicks out of that devastating Gore from Tyke Index.

Alan Carcia: Raven is trying to use his technical knowledge, but Tyke Index’s intensity is almost on overload as he fight back against Raven’s strong willed passion.

Tyke wants to return the favor stomping first on Raven’s back and holding his legs, he flips him over and locks Raven into a Boston Crab. Raven shouts, he pushes his body to the right so Tyke shifts his body to block him from grabbing the ropes. Raven closes his eyes and shakes his head before pressing his head to the mat. Tyke bends back more on his spine to inflict more damage, Raven pops up shouting. He uses all of his power to press up into the agony and forces Tyke off of him. Raven wobbles up holding his back. Tyke charges at him, but Raven drops down grabbing the top rope as he does sending Tyke shooting over the top rope and onto the outside floor.

Christine Donahue: The ring just isn’t big enough to contain these two as Raven sends Tyke Index to the outside.

Alan Carcia: Raven is hurt after that Boston crab, does he have enough in him to fight through the pain? I think it might drive him even harder.

Raven climbs the top rope and looks down at Tyke watching for him to stand he takes a dive as he does. Tyke looks up as Raven’s crossbody connects to him on the outside. Fans cheer loudly. Raven is back up first stomping on Tyke and pulling him back up into the ring. Raven stands there at the ring apron thinking over more high risk. He decides to go for it ascending the turnbuckles again, but Tyke sees what is going on. He gets back to his feet as Raven climbs and grabs him off the top rope throwing him through the air hard down against the mat. Tyke rushes off the ropes and drops an elbow on Raven. Tyke once more covers him for a pin attempt.






Raven kicks out!

Christine Donahue: Another kick out from Raven his heart is 100% in this one!

Alan Carcia: Heart doesn’t always win the day, Tyke Index is still hitting some nice looking spots that are keeping Raven from gaining any huge momentum.

Tyke looks a little frustrated here as he reaches to pull Raven up onto his feet and Raven quickly rolls him up.






Kickout by the Champion.

Christine Donahue: Raven trying to avenge the attack earlier on his friend, but OH!

Tyke gets up quickly as does Raven, but Raven walks right into a Total Definition! Cover!








Alan Carcia: And Tyke Index is looking at the referee as if asking if he’s serious about that. I don’t know it looked like a three to me, but I’m not the referee.


Tyke Index scowls and gets to his feet and lifts up Raven for another Total Definition and cover.








Richard Bassett: Winner of the match, the HCW World Champion, Tyke Index!

Tyke pulls up Raven one more time and delivers another Total Definition before pushing him from the ring and demanding a microphone.

Christine Donahue: Well, it shocks me that Tyke Index is still about after what he has done to Scythe Bloodline and now Raven Trueblood.

Alan Carcia: It seems like the World Champion has went off the boil lately since losing to Hammerstein last week. I have never seen Tyke in his ten years with Hardcore Championship Wrestling lose his cool like that.

Christine Donahue: Word is that he has been really struggling since his appearance in Mile High Wrestling last week, for those who never seen the show from MHW, let’s take a look at the footage.

—–FOOTAGE IS REPLAYED FROM MHW LAST WEEK (Also at the beginning of this show)

Alan Carcia: As the interview concluded Lance Mikes of all people who enter the ring and attack Robert leaving him for dead in the process.

Christine Donahue: Lance Mikes and Robert Mack have had a well-documented storied past but what we don’t know is if whether Tyke Index was in on the attack.

Alan Carcia: Tyke has denied all knowledge of the attack but it hasn’t stopped the dirtsheets suggesting otherwise, we should also state that GM Biff Franklin who was also present has said he had nothing to do with the attack.


Tyke Index circles the ring catching his breath and cutting a frustrated figure before starting to speak:

Tyke Index: Fuck it, no words. You all think I’m losing my cool and you would be right. I am sick of being stitched up around here, I am sick of always having to be the guy and I am sick and tired of taking the blame for everything and anything. Last week on Mile High Wrestling – here are the facts. I was invited by an old friend to provide a favor. I would provide that favor and had what was a great catch up. I hold my hands up and should never have shifted the interview into awkward territory, questioning Rob and his past commitments were something unscripted and for that I apologize.

Alan Carcia: Oh, an apology, I guess we can all go home now.

Christine Donahue: Wait, that’s Lance Mikes! What does he want?!

Lance Mikes makes his way down to the ring with no music making the atmosphere feel more eerie. Lance doesn’t take his eyes off of Tyke the whole time as he enters the ring and takes the microphone off of Tyke. Tyke takes the microphone right back off of Lance.

Tyke Index: You don’t deserve the chance to explain yourself, all you have done this week is cause me grief. You’ve made a career of causing me unneeded grief. Last week was the culmination of that. What you’re going to do right now is take your tail between your legs and you are gonna get a taxi straight to the airport because if you are anywhere near the same town as me for the foreseeable future…

Lance Mikes takes the microphone off of Tyke Index

Lance Mikes: You know champ, Im going to talk and you are going to listen. Everything I did to Rob was coming to him one way or another. You just help me get through the doors ar MHW without realising

Lance smirks.

Lance Mikes: You see it’s no secret me and you don’t get on… but brother when we are on the same page we are fucking unstoppable. Did you see how easy it was to set all that up? It was too easy.

Lance pats Tyke on his shoulder.

Lance Mikes: Don’t worry champ. If you wanna deny any involvement Im cool to take the whole blame for beating Rob to within an inch of his life. Something I should have done a long long time ago.

Just then the music of GM Biff Franklin hits, Biff comes out and stands at the top of the ramp with a microphone.

Biff Franklin: Well, to be honest, it doesn’t matter to me if you were in this together or not. What matters to me is that I’ve just finalized a deal that will have you boys showing up in Pheonix Arizona on July 11 at the Mile High Wrestling PPV because the two of you will be in a tag team match as tag team partners taking on the team of Snakebite and Deuce Holmes.

The crowd pops for that.

Biff Franklin: I hope you don’t embarrass us out there. Bring home a win for HCW.

His music hits again as he leaves the crowd suddenly comes to life because as…

Alan Carcia: That’s Snakebite!

Christine Donahue: He’s the brains behind Mile High Wrestling!

Snakebite and Deuce Holmes jump the rails and as Tyke and Lance are jawing with each other, Snakebite slides into the ring and catches Lance Mikes with a Venom Injection, leaving him laying as he slides out of the ring. Outside the ring, Deuce Holmes is pointing at Tyke Index but Snakebite is grinning from ear to ear as the two leave back through the crowd from where they came as the show fades out.

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