The feud between Defiance and Mile High Wrestling heats up. Raven Trueblood challenges for the Xtreme Championship as he takes on champion Trent Harper. 

 [‘Scars’ by Papa Roach starts as the Monday Night Hell intro video starts. Old footage from HcW is shown. Lance Mikes, Gabriel Ohio, Hammerstein, Scythe Bloodline, Martin “The Master” Seas, Betsy Granger, Trent “The King” Harper, Raven Trueblood, Carnivore, Tommy McMaster and Tyke Index is shown. It fades out into footage of moves: Taurus hits the 8 Seconds (Inverted Rolling Cutter) on an opponent. Betsy Granger unmasking. Biff Franklin is shown. Tommy McMaster is shown. Carnivore is shown. Gabriel Ohio is shown delivering the Fall From Grace. Carnivore is shown. Hammerstein is holding the Television Championship. Trent Harper is holding the Xtreme Championship. Gabriel Ohio is holding the Pure Championship. Tyke Index holding the HcW World Heavyweight Championship up in the air. The video slowly fades out and in fades HcW Monday Night Hell. Fireworks rocket into the roof of the arena as Hell comes to you live from the Bojangles Coliseum, Charlotte, NC!

Christine Donahue: Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Hell here with Alan Carcia.  

Alan Carcia: Two of our top guys are heading over to Mile High Wrestling this week to finally put the nail in the coffin of that turncoat Snakebite and his sidekick Drop The Deuce.

Christine Donahue: We are still working towards our own PPV as Hardcore Kingdom comes to us on August 13 and we already know that Tyke Index will defend the World Championship against number one contender Scythe Bloodline.

Alan Carcia: We may need a new number one contender after what Tyke Index did last week on the show to Bloodline.

Christine Donahue: Let’s take a look.

(Footage is shown where Raven seems to antagonize Tyke Index, then fast forward to later in the night when Tyke attacks Scythe and breaks his hand slamming inside of a case.)

Christine Donahue: Seems a bit out of character for the champion, so you imagine that he’s worried heading into Hardcore Kingdom against Scythe who won Caged Fury by pinning the former champion Lance Mikes in what most consider an upset.

Alan Carcia: Scythe got lucky in Caged Fury. There’s no way that out of 100 matches, Lance doesn’t pin Scythe 99 times.

Christine Donahue: Lance seems to be worried. Perhaps he feels that Scythe is finally in position to take that title from him. There are many that say that Scythe has been held back in this company and now that he’s being given the chance, he could be the next World Champion.

Alan Carcia: Bah.

Christine Donahue: Let’s go to the ring.


Richard Bassett: This match is one fall. Already in the ring, this is Hellfire!

The camera cuts to the ring. There is a luchador wearing a blue dragon mask, a nameplate appears naming the luchador as Hellfire.

Richard Bassett: And his opponent:

The lights go out and the crowd goes quiet.


Carnivore comes out as The Resurrection Section cheers & the lights go back on.

Richard Bassett: This is Carnivore!



Christine Donahue: After a very impression debut last week, Carnivore is back for more.

Alan Carcia: He caught Hammerstein by surprise last week. It won’t be the same thing at Hardcore Kingdom.

Christine Donahue: Biff Franklin did sign a Television Championship match between Carnivore and Hammerstein for Hardcore Kingdom.

The Resurrection Section keeps cheering for Carnivore as the yellow masked wrestler slowly makes his way down to the ring. Carnivore rolls under the bottom rope into the ring & turning his head towards Hellfire, which spooks the luchador. The luchador looks at the ref and backs into the ropes. The music starts to fade. Carnivore slowly sits up, the crowd chants “CARNIVORE IS GOING TO KILL YOU!”

Christine Donahue: Hellfire might be new here, but you’d think he’d scout his opponent.

Hellfire looks around confused as Carnivore grabs the ropes & slowly rises. The “CARNIVORE IS GOING TO KILL YOU!” seemingly get louder and louder. Hellfire covers his ears and repeatedly shouts “NO!” trying to make the chant stop. Carnivore brings his right index finger to the mouth of his mask and shushes Hellfire.

Alan Carcia: The crowd is really getting to Hellfire here as Carnivore is ready for action.

The bell rings as Hellfire charges Carnivore but Carnivore grabs Hellfire’s waist and puts his head under Hellfire’s arm. Carnivore grabs Hellfire’s right thigh and waist, lifting the luchador up and flipping him over on his neck and shoulders for a Back-Suplex sending Hellfire across the ring.

Alan Carcia: Apparently Carnivore likes to cause destruction in peace and quiet.

Carnivore brings his right index finger to the mouth of his mask and shushes Hellfire before running off the ropes, leaping slightly and bringing up his left leg for a knee strike to the bridge of the nose.

Christine Donahue: I don’t think Hellfire has much more left in him after this one.

Alan Carcia: Looks like Carnivore has drawn blood.

“SHHHHH!” connects as the crowd assumes a pool of blood is forming a crimson mask just under Hellfire’s blue dragon mask. Carnivore hooks both legs as the ref drops for the count 1….2….3!


Richard Bassett: Winner of the match, Carnivore!

Christine Donahue: That didn’t take long at all and…

Alan Carcia: I don’t think he’s done just yet.

Carnivore gets up with the crowd cheering loudly again. Carnivore hears the crowd chant “ONE MORE TIME” before looking down at Hellfire. Carnivore picks up the bleeding luchador to his knees and looks at the crowd who keep chanting. Carnivore runs off the ropes, leaping slightly again and bringing up his left leg for another knee strike on Hellfire as the luchador’s head is driven back into the mat by the force of the knee strike.

Christine Donahue: I hope Hammerstein was watching because I believe that Carnivore was sending a message straight to the Television Champion.

Alan Carcia: Hammerstein is too smart to fall for this crap. I bet he’s not scared at all of this maniac.

Carnivore rolls out the ring and walks out, passing by the happy fans as the “Cult of Personality” begins to play again.

Christine Donahue: We’re going to take a break and come back with more on Monday Night Hell.

We open up backstage we see “The Wildfire” Tommy McMaster, in a tight black T-shirt with the words “Wildfire Badass” on it. Over his left shoulder is Gabriel Ohio’s Pure championship title belt. He smiles at the camera with a sadistic grin and taps the belt.

“A couple of weeks ago I was the Xtreme champion and owning that division until it bored me and I wanted to move up to this Pure championship and now here I am the only true Pure champion. I took that little incoherent son of a bitch, Ohio out and has he been since? Of course not. There is no one in this place who has the skills, the pure narcissistic sadism that I have. No one is on my level especially poor old Gabriel the impure, the unclean, the pretender to my title. Well Gabe, if you dare, and if you refute my claim, even though the world knows I am the champion of this belt, then come take it from me. Will you come this second and try to show evidence to the contrary to say you are the champion? Will You?”

A small smile. A tap of the Pure championship.

“Of course not. You are far too gutless and that would be far too confrontational for someone like you that likes to sit on the sidelines spouting bullshit in the face of the facts and the truth. Ohio, sit in your little hospital bed, where I put you, think about your choices in life and realize that this is a war you cannot fathom let alone win. Give me a shout when you realize you have some guts and intestinal fortitude. If you doubt my claims you know where I am, fuckwad. Enjoy watching me win again in few minutes and enjoy knowing that the only true form of purity is The Wildfire. I got a match to win.”

He walks away, tapping the Pure Championship he stole as heads for gorilla.

Christine Donahue: Last week on Monday Night Hell Tommy McMaster completely ruined what was shaping up to be a great match with Cerberus.

Alan Carcia: A low blow will ruin anybody’s night though Christine…

Christine Donahue: Enough of this vulgar and let’s get to ring side!


The Lights dim as red and orange lights scan the arena, the opening guitar riff of “Burn It Up by Saliva hits as the Tron shows the highlights of his career.

You tore my heart out
You tore my life apart
You tore the sheets of this bed
Just like a porn star

One by one fire starts to line the ramp, on both sides towards the ring, as the lights search the arena. Then the red haired, Tommy McMaster emerges in the crowd, high fiving the crowd as he walks through the mass of people who are cheering madly for him with the Pure Championship around his waist

Burn it up, to a pile of ash
Burn it up, I want to watch the blast
Just as soon as I blow it up
Ah yeah, burn it up

He spins round, bows to his Wildfireites, spreads his arms out, bowed, then standing up with his back turned, one finger pointed to the ceiling. The Wildfire, in his red trunks, and white “Rich Piggies are going to burn” Tee Shirt, jumps over the guard railing, as a huge red W sign is flashed throughout.

I’m burning up your memory
There’s nothing left of you and me
And as far as I’m concerned
You can go to hell and watch it burn
You can watch you burn
Watch it burn

He climbs over the ropes, bends down to one knee and stretches his arms out as the whole ring is engulfed in Inflammable fire, his flame hair shadowing his face. The Wildfire waits for the flames to die down, climbs the turnbuckle and places his arms to either side, to make his whole body a big W as his theme fades out.

Alan Carcia: Tommy McMaster awaiting the presence of Cerberus.

Christine Donahue: And he’s parading around with the Pure Championship that he took from Gabriel Ohio.

 Tommy McMaster glances over the ropes as his music begins to fade. As the arena lights faint to the opening chord and the opening pyrotechnics explode which prelude the Red Haired Menace can be seen ambling through the cloud of smolder in military-inspired garb.

 “Climb Into The Ring
For a battle that you can’t win,
Swing as hard as you can swing,
It still means nothing,”

Before the introductions can be made Tommy McMaster goes to attack Cerberus straight off the bat, but Cerberus blocks the punches and heads straight to the ropes. Cerberus blasts Tommy McMaster with huge lariat! Cerberus picks up McMaster and hits him with a belly to belly suplex! Momentum takes Tommy McMaster to the outside!

Alan Carcia: Tommy McMaster wants no part of Cerberus!

Christine Donahue: These are the same cowardly tactics from McMaster as last week.

Cerberus heads out after McMaster. McMaster is going up the aisle and Cerberus grabs him and runs him back to the ring and throws him in.

Christine Donahue: Not going to be an easy night for McMaster tonight!

Cerberus charges McMaster and hits him with a shoulderblock, but the momentum sends McMaster into the ref who stumbles in the corner.  McMaster glances back at the referee and then grabs his crotch and falls over.

Christine Donahue: McMaster feigns a low blow! Cerberus looks at the referee in disbelief!

The referee turns around and sees McMaster on the ground all dramatic like and he glances at Cerberus who is now understanding what’s going on and holds up his hands. The referee points to the bellkeeper.

Alan Carcia: The referee calling for the bell here, looks like he believes Tommy McMaster!


Christine Donahue: This is outrageous! Worse than any of Neymars dives at the World Cup!

Richard Bassett: The winner of this match as the result of the disqualification. Tommy McMaster.

Tommy McMaster rolls out of the ring and smirks at his actions as he backs up the ramp after snatching up the Pure Championship! Cerberus is absolutely raging as he rolls in the ring to argue with the referee. Replays show Tommy McMaster feigning a low blow so that Cerberus is disqualified!

Christine Donahue: We really need to be introducing VAR technology like they have had in the soccer World Cup to catch out this sort of cheating! What a disgrace McMaster is!

Alan Carcia: I found it very creative! Good on McMaster!

Christine Donahue: Nothing at all was settled here between these two and I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this. We will be right back with Betsy Granger in action.


Richard Bassett: This match is one fall and in the ring at this time, Veronica Strong! And her opponent:

“The Only Way Is Up” by Martin Garrix and Tiesto starts to play as Betsy Grangerbursts through the curtain. She bounces from foot to foot, dancing a little to the music. She skips down the ramp, slapping hands with fans. She’s wearing a TARDIS blue, sleeveless romper, with steampunk clockwork designs threaded throughout in glittering silver. The front open, threaded with white lace and designed to look like a corset. Black fingerless gloves, elbow/knee. Her boots are the same color as her, with white laces.

Richard Bassett: From Time and Space, this is Betsy Granger!

She slides into the ring and rushes towards the furthest ring corner, climbing it effortlessly and pumping up the crowd.She does this in all four corners before facing her opponent. She’s still bouncing and dancing a bit, a grin on her face, as she waits for the bell to ring.

The bells barely ring to signal the start of the match before Granger was on the attack of the unknown Veronica Strong. Showing off skilled strikes and kicks, she methodically wore her opponent down.

Christine Donahue: Granger is on fire here and you know she wants to get her hands on Trent Harper once more and perhaps for the Xtreme Championship.

Alan Carcia: She’s been here for a minute. She hasn’t earned a title shot yet! Are you crazy?

Strong tried to fight back, but Granger was too determined and skilled to allow this. Granger quickly took control back over Strong, finally putting the poor girl out of her misery with her finisher, an Indian deathlock surfboard transitioned into a bridging counter and Strong is quick to submit.

Christine Donahue: She calls that the hashtag SpaceStyle and it’s the same move she used to pin Trent Harper last week!


Richard Bassett: The winner of the match, Betsy Granger!

Bubbly and high on her victory, Betsy motions for a mic. Barely out of breath, she climbs the ropes facing the stage.

Betsy Granger: I know I’m just the new kid… I know I haven’t really laid any bricks around this place yet. But that’s going to change quickly. My first order of business?

Betsy looks around and grins, pointing towards the the HCW logo.

Betsy Granger: Trent Harper…. You have something that looks awful pretty. I think it would look even better with me. Keep the Xtreme Title warm for me, love. I’m coming for it… And there will be more where that-

“Headstrong” begins to play as Trent “The King” Harper comes down the aisle with the Xtreme Championship around his waist and a microphone in his hand.

Trent Harper: Well, well, well. Look who shows up without a mask to deceive her opponent tonight! Let me tell you something, Betsy Granger.  That stunt you pulled on me last week, will never ever happen again! You caught me off guard and your trickery worked for one week and one week only.

The crowd begins to chant, “You got beat!”

Trent Harper: You shut up!

The crowd boos.

Trent Harper: You want a title shot, then you have to beat me fair and square, Betsy Granger! Beat me in a non-title and I’ll give you a title shot at Hardcore Kingdom! You can’t beat me, you go back to wherever you came from!

The crowd begins to chant, “Take that bet. Take that bet.”

Betsy grins.

Betsy Granger: Trent, you have a deal. Mask or no mask, I can beat you just like I beat you last week. And then, I’ll see you at Hardcore Kingdom.

Christine Donahue: Gonna get Harper/Granger II here it seem!

Alan Carcia: That first one didn’t count! She was wearing a mask!

Christine Donahue: And wearing a mask gives you what? Superpowers? She beat him. But the question is, can she beat him again?

“The Only Way Is Up” by Martin Garrix and Tiesto begins to play again as Betsy Granger watches Trent Harper back himself up the aisle before she finally exits the ring herself and we go to a break.

Richard Bassett: This match was originally scheduled to be Hammerstein versus Slamsley McBody, however McBody has yet to arrive to the arena. As a result, we have been informed that…

As soon as Richard Bassett announces the McBody is unable to make it, Everclear’s American Monster blares from The Bojangles Arena’s PA system. Hammerstein stomps down the aisle towards the ring, Reese Kennedy walking behind him.


Hammerstein rolls under the bottom rope into the ring as the crowd boos.

Hammerstein: What the hell? For the second week in a row, my opponent doesn’t show? I can only think of two possible reasons that Slamsley decided to take a hard pass on facing YOUR HCW World Television Champion. The first reason is that, while Charlotte used to mean a little something in the world of Professional Wrestling, all you people do is watch NASCAR and fondle yourselves.

Christine Donahue: Oh my.

Alan Carcia: Not entirely untrue.

The crowd rains down the boos on The Television Champion. Hammerstein shakes his head.

Hammerstein: I don’t know why you people are booin me. I showed up and I’m ready to fight. You should be booin Slamsley. He’s the one who didn’t have the balls to show up and fight me. Which leads me to the second reason why he didn’t show. While Slamsley may not have any balls, he sure as hell showed that he has some brains. I mean, after the asskickin I put on him, he realized that he didn’t want anymore. And I couldn’t blame him. Ever since I stepped foot in this company, I have blazed a path blood and devastation like no one else in this company’s history.  And since my first singles match here, I’ve been unfuckingstoppable, and my unbeaten record shows that.

The crowd continues to boo.

Hammerstein: And before you people say anything, what happened last week doesn’t count. That was a fluke, a non-sanctioned match. Carnivore doesn’t hold a credible win over me. It doesn’t count.



“Cult of Personality” begins to play as Carnivore charges to the ring. Hammerstein suddenly grins as he catches Carnivore as he slides into the ring and begins to put the puts to the newcomer to HcW.

Christine Donahue: There’s no referee here for this one and this one is definitely not sanctioned.

Alan Carcia: And Hammerstein, our next US President is putting the boots to Carnivore, just like he’ll do to Russia if they get out of line.

Hammerstein pulls him up and whips him into the ropes and drops him with a clothesline.


The crowd boos as they start up another “Carnivore” chant!

Hammerstein pulls him up again and starts to set him up for the Hammersteiner, but Carnivore spins around and kicks him right in the mush with a roundhouse heel kick and Hammerstein goes down and the crowd pops!

Christine Donahue: I kinda looks like Carnivore is hanging with Hammerstein just fine.

Carnivore shhhhhs the crowd and then slides into a knee strike sending Hammerstein to the outside as Kennedy rushes over to her client as “Cult of Personality” begins to play again as Carnivore leans into the ropes watching as Kennedy helps Hammerstein up and leads him up the aisle and to the back.

The replay is shown.

Christine Donahue: Well, at Hardcore Kingdom, it won’t be just a skirmish for Hammerstein as he will have to face Carnivore one on one and the Television Championship will be on the line.

Alan Carcia: It doesn’t look for the future of this country!

Christine Donahue: We will be back.

‘Box of Sharp Objects’ by the Used blasts over the speakers as Tyke Index makes his way down to the ring. He has the HcW Championship over his shoulder and is wearing denim shorts and a ‘Coke Mountain’ vest embracing the heat outside.

Tyke has received a very mixed response due to his actions the past few weeks, some skeptical of cheering or trusting him. Tyke enters the ring and poses on the turnbuckle showing off the HcW Championship before taking a microphone and standing center ring.

Alan Carcia: I am very interested to see what the champion has to say after the week he has had.

Christine Donahue: The champion doesn’t look in the mood for nonsense tonight Alan, we are all eager to hear what he has to say firstly about injuring the man who he is scheduled to defend the HcW Championship against at Hardcore Kingdom Scythe Bloodline and also business with Mile High Wrestling as we now know that he and Lance Mikes will be representing HcW on enemy territory Tuesday night at their Rise In Phoenix Pay Per View.

Alan Carcia: His attack on Scythe Bloodline was unprovoked, it was completely out of character for Tyke Index to do such a thing – you gotta wonder if what has happened elsewhere with all this Mile High crap has really affected his mindset.

Tyke Index waits for the crowd to calm down who actually chant “You fucked up” at Tyke repeatedly in reference to injuring Scythe last week and not knowing where he stands with the attack on Mile High Wrestling owner Robert Mack.

Tyke Index: Oh, you want answers?

Crowd start a “Yes” chant, Tyke waits for them to calm down before continuing.

Tyke Index: You want to know what happened to Scythe Bloodline? Are you guys actually questioning me? Like I have to answer to each and every one of you?

Crowd start a louder “Yes” chant.

Tyke Index: After everything I have done for you in Hardcore Championship Wrestling the past ten years and this is how you repay me? You want an explanation?

Alan Carcia: It seems that Tyke Index is upset that the fans have seemingly turned on him of late.

Tyke Index circles the ring before starting to talk again, looking somewhat agitated at the crowd.

Tyke Index: Fine, I’ll give you one.

Christine Donahue: This should be interesting!

Tyke Index: I guess you all want me to start with Scythe Bloodline, our very own goody two shoes? You want me to start there? Well, here’s the thing…

Tyke pauses before leaning over the ropes glaring into the crowd, his face turns to rage

Tyke Index: I don’t owe you an explanation for absolutely anything so if were you North Carolina I would mind my own fucking business before we have a falling out…

Crowd start to boo Tyke Index loudly

Alan Carcia: Wow, the crowd have just turned on Tyke Index!

Christine Donahue: I think it’s the other way around. There was no need for the colorful language there from our World Champion

Tyke Index: I have watched the past month how all you sheep have flocked to Scythe Bloodline, deserting everything I have built for you – you couldn’t wait to have a new flavor of the month could you? Well, there is a reason I am known as the iron man here in HcW  – I have seen more flavor of the months than anyone else in this company and at Hardcore Kingdom I cannot wait eradicate the summer flavor once and for all.

The crowd start a ‘We want Bloodline” chant.

Tyke Index: Oh, you want Bloodline? Tough shit, Scythe Bloodline ain’t coming back anytime soon…

Tyke Index: Oh and you guys are still asking if I was in on what happened to Robert Mack? Here’s the thing with Mile High Wrestling – they NEED the attention, they are a dime a dozen fed who NEED a guy like Tyke Index to make them worth anything at all.

Tyke Index takes a break before speaking again as the crowd start a “Snakebite” chant.

Tyke Index: There you go again, flavors of the month. I am fucking sick of it, it’s one thing you guys turning to a guy who still works here but completely another that you choose to cheer for a compulsive lying no good piece of shit who abandoned ALL of you the moment he was sneaky and manipulative enough to open a new place up. See, I’ve watched the past two months as Robert Mack has tried to put HcW down. I couldn’t give a shit about HcW or the staff who work here anymore but the moment you brought my name into things? The moment you brought the name of Tyke Index into disrepute was the moment you signed a death sentence Rob…

Some boo and some cheer, Tyke looks deep into the camera lens with an intense stare.

Tyke Index: So, here is what is going to happen on Wednesday. I’ll give you EVERYTHING you need Rob. I’ll give it to you and more. You asked me to keep my shoes on? Rob, these size fifteen boots will be walking all over you at Rise In Pheonix. Then you’re right Rob, we will talk, we will talk about what retirement home you would rather be in after you can’t eat anything without a straw…

Crowd start another Snakebite chant.

Tyke Index: So on Wednesday, put your silly little face paint on and look in the mirror, I dare you. Try and convince yourself that you are a psycho, because the only regret I have had the past two weeks was that it wasn’t me kicking the shit out of you last week…

Crowd boo Deuce Holmes name in HcW due to the fact he no showed an event he was scheduled to appear at.

Deuce Holmes? Irrelevant, but Deuce let me tell you something now – when you show up on Wednesday bring your dancing shoes, because you ain’t ever seen someone like me before. Not ever, ask your friend Rob abou…

Tyke is interrupted by “Always” from Saliva

Alan Carcia: Hold right up! That song can mean only one thing!

Christine Donahue: Lance Mikes is here and is on his way down to the ring!

Alan Carcia: Did someone say Defiance?

Lance Mikes makes his way down to the ring to a huge mixed response from the crowd, Lance soaks it in before entering the ring and going face to face with Tyke Index. Lance is handed a mic. He’s wearing a HcW t-shirt. He looks around and smiles at Tyke whiles shaking his head.

Lance Mikes: Tyke.. its time for us to show Mile High and the world who we are. Show them who HcW is and not to fuck with us.

Lance puts the mic down on the floor and takes off his t-shirt slowly. Underneath he has another top on. As he drops the HcW top you can now see the one he is wearing is a Defiance top!

Christine Donahue: Oh my. what is this?

Alan Carcia: You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen Defiance. They were the bad of the bads.

Lance picks up the mic.

Lance Mikes: It’s time Defiance show the world why we were are still are the most dominate team anywhere.

Lance takes a shirt that was hooked over his belt and throws it at Tyke.

Tyke takes the shirt and looks at it undecided. The crowd give a mixed reaction and as he places the Defiance shirt on and poses the crowd give a heel reaction to the best heel stable that ever existed in HcW.

(Earlier today)

Scene opens looking at a 5000 west Virginia manufactured trailer with gold and purple stripes on the outside. in a small trailer down in the parking lot, we see Scythe Bloodline holding a white cast with get well soon Nephew – Uncle Raven written on it, Miranda’s signature, JD, Jamie, Jake, even Ella signed his cast. The two are drinking tea, Raven lifts the cup to his upper lip stopping to smell it.

Scythe: What the heck are we doing here?

Raven: A private dressing trailer. I talked to Biff Franklin and he agreed that if I could provide it I could have the parking spots. No more sneak attacks, no more traps. This is our home away from home.

He drinks his tea and sits it down since it is still hot.

Scythe: What the hell is wrong with Tyke Index attacking me like that, six weeks without a paycheck. The medical bills, that falls on me. I hope he is amused.

Raven: He is, you shouldn’t let it bother you nephew.

Scythe: You kicked out of that Total Definition, that was pretty impressive. I think I can only name two other people that have, maybe three. Uncle…Teach me.

Raven: You got to have the will to fight what brings you to the dance how bad do you want that dance and what’s stopping you from getting the dance.

Scythe: A bone fracture.

He laughs. Raven chuckles as he shakes his head.

Raven: remember when me and Blake fought in IWS? The feud between me and legendary.

Scythe nods.

Scythe: Yes, and that lead towards his stalking you here. The moment you started to do something for yourself he had to leach on. I see how you killed off that group, they needed you.

Raven: Yes, and soon you will get that with Tyke it just takes the right place at the right moment you can’t predict it. It just happens on its own.

Scythe: I see, kind of like keep pounding at it, the Grand Canyon wasn’t built in a day, that type of thing?

Raven: Yes.

There is a knock at the door, Raven grabs a baseball bat and answers the door. There is -interviewer: He is small red curly hair, thick black rim glasses.

Interviewer: Oh um Raven, I was hoping to get some comments about fighting for the xtreme championship tonight?

Raven lowers the bat and throws it to the ground he then opens the door as he let’s the person in.

Reporter: Wow awesome, you answer the door just like I imagined! I am a big fan of Bloodcoven guys. I feel like you were cheated at Bitter Enemies against that invader. You both got that redemption in that Caged fury match.

He gets quiet seeing Scythe’s cast.

Raven: Yea we know scythe arm is broken but you don’t need to stare, he is touchy about it. Blake knows damn well that raven goes all out when revenge is on the menu.

Scythe “You mean Tyke Index?”

Raven: Yes… no. Tyke Index did this to you?

Scythe: “Yes. I told you that last week Uncle. So…You wanted to talk about the Xtreme Championship match. Who are you first off? Do you work for Tyke Index? How about Blake Archer?”

The reporter starts to look nervous.

Raven: Easy nephew you can’t think before knowing the story right? What’s your name again?

Reporter: R-Ryan. I don’t work for Tyke, I don’t even know him or Blake. I just want to make a name for myself, you know from talking to the most talked about tag team in HCW.”

Scythe: The only tag team

He says under his breath.

Raven: R-ryan right? Let’s figure out the true meaning behind this interview. You are so shy around the edges no?

Ryan  shrugs.

Raven: Right nephew this poor soul is new on his first gig in HCW. Let us give him a break.

Scythe gets up and looks down on the smaller guy with an expensive camera around his neck.

Scythe: My bad. Well go on then interview away!

Ryan: Right…um..well…Trent Harper has been on a bit of a hot streak. His battles against Scythe has shown he is more than meets the eye. Do you feel confident you can beat the man Scythe wasn’t able to?

Scythe: What the heck is that supposed to mean? You trying to antagonize me carrot top?!

Raven: Nephew! Now Ryan to answer your question Trent had a hot streak until he lost last week. Wait did you not know that?

Ryan: He did lose, but is that the end of his hot streak? Fan want to know what winning that Xtreme Championship would mean?”

Raven: It’s the end of his “wicked path.” None can win every time.”

Ryan laughs feeling amused by the comment. He writes down some notes and Scythe leans over to whisper in his Uncle Raven’s ear.

Scythe: Uncle…if you let this guy take up too much time you won’t have any to finish getting in the zone before this match.

Raven: Well glad you had a laugh or two now it’s time to go.

He gets up and starts to rush the guy out of his home before nodding and turning to Scythe.

Raven: My public, what can I say they adore me, but you were right this is time for business. Tonight the Wicked Path goes Xtreme!

The crowed is excited for the show as a man is seen walking through the crowed. He has a shirt on that said “hate me?” “As Nobody likes Me” hits the pa system and raven taints and looks around the crowed to boos he don’t mind as he just waits for his challenger.

Christine Donahue: Raven Trueblood certainly has been instrumental in the success of his nephew Scythe Bloodline.

Alan Carcia: If only Raven could get his own career back on track.

Christine Donahue: He certainly has his chance tonight.


“Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong
Headstrong we’re Headstrong
Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong”

Trent carries the Xtreme championship with him. He is focused on his opponent looks at them with distain, ignores the crowd is solely focused on the match and his opponent. He also has a smirk on his face when approaching his opponent before holding up the title while looking down at Raven.

Richard Bassett: Ladies and gentlemen this match is an Xtreme rules match, and it is for the Xtreme Championship, fighting out of my left… he hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. He stands at fiver foot nine inches and weighs in tonight at a slim 180 pounds…He is a former HCW Tag Team champion and represents the Bloodcoven… THE LOST SON…RAVEN TRUEBLOOD!”

Raven pulls himself up from sitting in the corner his face dead of emotion and instead fixed on Trent’s arrogant gaze.

Richard Bassett: And fighting to my right…he hails from Manchester, England… Standing at six feet even and weighing in at a solid 98 kilograms…He is the HCW Xtreme Champion….TRENT “the” KING HARPER!

Trent holds up the title and steps closer to Raven, he isn’t concerned with the fan’s reaction only Raven’s. He hands the title off to the official, and then turns into a discus punch knocking Raven square in the jaw!

Christine Donahue: And Trent Harper just started this one off with a shot right to the face of Raven.

Ding Ding

Raven stumbles from that cheap shot but ducks the next swing Trent takes. He counters with a spinning heel kick. Trent is bent over from the strike but grabs Raven’s leg as well. Trent twist his body into a corkscrew hitting a dragon screw on Raven’s leg. He hits the mat and grabs his knee for a second, Trent charges at him delivering a strong knee strike into the face. Raven is smacked back into the hard canvas in the corner. He rolls over holding his head for just a split second. Trent attempts another knee, but Raven sees this one coming and lays out of the way. He sits back up and trips Trent down to the mat with him. He hops over him attaching a side head mount. Trent manages to get one of his hands between Raven’s arm and his neck. He pushes himself up to his feet, he strikes Raven with an elbow and then another. Raven lets go and grabs a handful of Trent’s hair as he rushed towards the ropes. Trent’s head is whipped hard to the mat. Raven falls backwards and rolls outside of the ring, he looks at Trent from over the edge of the ring apron laughing.

Alan Carcia: Raven getting the measure at the start of this match after that shot by Trent. He’s about to take this match to the next level.

Raven looks under the ring, he pulls out a ladder setting it up between the ring apron and the security barricade. Inside the ring Trent is recovering from his whiplash, shaking it off as he is on hands and knees. Raven climbs back up on the ring apron and onto the top rope letting Trent get up to his feet. The fans anticipation grows as Trent starts to turn. Raven dives off the top rope with a spear, but Trent dodges out of the way and Raven crashes into the mat with all his weight driving him to the hard surface underneath. He rolls up to a sitting position grabbing his shoulder, Trent is already running off the ropes and hits him with a dropkick! Trent hooks his leg.






Raven kicks out!

Christine Donahue: Trent has no intent on giving up his Xtreme Championship belt and he’s doing whatever he has to take to make that happen.

Trent gets up pulling Raven to his feet as well he delivers a chop and a jab in quick succession before giving Raven an Irish whip to the ropes, he side steps Raven grabbing his neck and slamming him down with a neckbreaker. Trent quickly crawls back over top of Raven lifting his head and jabbing him with a clenched fist. Raven puts his hands up able to block a few of the jabs, Trent gets back to his feet and stomps Raven in the chest. Raven groans and rolls to his stomach, Trent swings his leg forward, but Raven catches him reversing with a leg whip. Fans pop for that reversal, but Raven is still on his hands and knees trying to shake of a possible concussion. The official walks over checking on him, but when asked if they need to stop Raven refuses. He stands up looking over at Trent he rushes at him leaping up and grabbing his head into a running bulldog. The weight of Raven comes down on the back of Trent’s neck as they hit the mat together. Raven stands up, he needs to catch his wind back, but is feeling more momentum. He holds his hands to his mouth and lets out a loud [crow] for the audience to mimic while he sizes up Trent.

Christine Donahue: Raven on a comeback here. Can he finally get past Trent Harper here and win the championship?

Alan Carcia: For all of his talk, he definitely needs to step up here and finally win the big one here.

Raven grabs Trent around the neck into a front facelock position, he lifts him up… but Trent wiggles his weight against him he grabs Raven’s waistband and reverses into a suplex! The fans disappointment showers into the ring with their groans. Trent rolls out of the ring and looks under the ring skirt, he pulls out a trash can and tosses it over the ropes into the ring. Next he has a wrench used for ring set up, he smirks and looks up, but Raven catches him with a swift baseball slide to the face! Trent stumbles backwards, but doesn’t drop his weapon. Raven is back up rushing into the opposite side’s ropes back at Trent, but Trent dodges his suicide dive leaving Raven to smash into the security railing. Trent laughs with a how do you like that type of attitude. The fans boo him and he delivers a middle finger in their direction before lifting the wrench up and slamming it over Raven’s back!

Alan Carcia: Defiant as always, The King is letting his people know just what he thinks of them.

Raven shouts loudly as the metal stung his spine hard. He stands up using the pain as motivation, he grabs the weapon as Trent attempts to hit him in the gut. He kicks Trent in the stomach and pulls the wrench away from Trent. The king in desperation charges into Raven slamming him hard into the steel ring post. Raven looks stunned, Trent turns him around delivering an STO into the security railing. Fans nearby are mortified to see Raven starting to bleed out the mouth. Trent mocks them igniting an asshole chant from the crowd. He tosses Raven back into the ring seeming to swell with pride at how angry he is making those watching. Trent grabs the trash can and wedges it between the top and middle ropes in the one corner of the ring.

Christine Donahue: Trent setting up Raven here. This isn’t going to be pretty.

Raven is breathing heavily now sitting up in the corner watching Trent. He looks to his right seeing the ladder set up earlier still there. He pulls himself up with the ropes as Trent rushes at him. He hits a strike, but Raven catches himself with the ropes he punches Trent back stiffly. OHHH the fans shout. Trent grumbles and delivers a closed fist between Raven’s eyes. He slumps over for a moment, but drives himself back at Trent with a headbutt! Trent is knocked back into the opposite ropes, he then charges at Raven shouting with a war cry. Raven ducks lifting Trent up over his shoulders, Trent is flipped into the air and lands down hard on the steel ladder snapping it in two!

Alan Carcia: Ladder down! Ladder down! Our first casualty of the night and it was at the expense of Trent Harper and he is in big trouble here.

The fans clap and cheer, Raven looks down on the damage as Trent is staring up at him through a glossy gaze. Raven once more laughs and gives the fans an exuberant. [crow] Raven turns around and gets a sick grin on his face, he rips off the top turnbuckle pad his breathing getting heavier. He rolls out of the ring after Trent, he lifts him up and Trent makes a rather weak attempt to punch him. Raven grabs him by the back of the head and slams him into the ring apron. Trent grabs his face but can hear Raven rushing at him. He jumps out of the way and Raven spears the steel ring steps! Raven grabs his shoulder but is still able to move. Fans seem happy about this.

Christine Donahue: Tough hit as Raven runs right into those steps. Is this what Trent needs to finally put Raven away?

Raven stumbles up, but Trent is able to deliver a decent punch this time. He rams Raven into the ring apron and shoves him into the ring. Trent pauses to catch his breath. The fans try and heckle him to distract him while Raven recovers, but it doesn’t work. Trent slides back into the ring looking like he has yet to find his sea legs. He sees Raven and rushes at him, but Raven side steps. Trent gets his hands up blocking himself from crashing into the exposed turnbuckle, but Raven wraps him up from behind and delivers a German suplex with a bridge.






Trent kicks out!

Alan Carcia: Trent Harper just one second away from being a former champion, but that guy has been on a hot streak as of late.

Christine Donahue: Tell that to Betsy Granger who put a stop to that streak last week.

Raven as if he was expecting that to happen rolls back up to his feet, he hooks Trent face first into the front facelock, fans cheer and then are overtook by surprise. Trent pushes Raven and rushes him into the corner where the trashcan had been! Raven grabs his back, but sees Trent charge him. Raven lifts Trent using his momentum to get his heavy body up and hits a kiss goodnight! He takes a moment before being able to go for the cover… He looks up in the air with pain on his face. Trent is laying flat on his stomach not moving. Raven finally is able to roll him over and cover him after a few seconds.



A man with a mask jumps the guardrailing.


The masked man slides into the ring.

Thr– THE MASKED MAN breaks up the count.

Alan Carcia: That mask looks just like the one that Blake Archer wore when he was running around here causing problems.

The official tries to take charge trying to get the masked man out of the ring but Raven pushes the re aside and stands toe to toe with the guy that possibly cost him this match. The masked man nails Raven with a cutter outta nowhere! The Masked guy slides out of the ring as Trent is coming to and sees what has happened. He stumbles over top of Raven’s body and puts his arm over his chest.








Ding Ding Ding!

The masked guy wastes no time before entering the ring against this time with a steel chair. He swings it down over Raven’s back, the CRACK echoes through the seats of those in attendance. Trent wants a piece of this as well and gives Raven the Death Penalty!

Christine Donahue: I don’t think Trent and this masked man—

Alan Carcia: You mean Blake Archer!

Christine Donahue: Whoever this is! I don’t think they’re necessarily in this together, but only by circumstance as they are working over Raven and Scythe Bloodline is in no condition to help. I don’t even know if he’s in the building.

The crowd pops.

Christine Donahue: What’s this?

Betsy Granger comes running out from the back! Fans rejoice to see her as she rushes in she grabs the chair off the masked man and jabs it into his gut. She then swings it across Trent’s chest. The masked guy rolls out of the ring to evade another chair shot and retreats to the back. Betsy rolls Trent’s body out of the ring and holds the steel chair used as an equalizer high in the air while the crowd cheers.

Christine Donahue: It’s been a crazy night and I’m promised next week will be even more so!

Alan Carcia: Every wrestler on the roster wants to be on Hardcore Kingdom. They’re doing whatever it takes to get there.

Christine Donahue: We will see you next week!

Betsy is leaning over the ropes, pointing at Trent and then goes to check on Raven as the show fades out.

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