The vacant HCW Championship is decided in a fatal four way pitting Tyke Index, Gabriel Ohio, Lance Mikes and Eddie Rolan against each other.

Video plays…

Sometimes the only way to settle something is by going to war … Lives will change forever! … War brings carnage to the forefront … bodies will be broken … some feuds will come to an end, others will begin and some will continue…

The video fades…

And now… HcW War Of Attrition is brought to you by The Al Locker Report – No one calls it like Al Locker…

Cameras begin to pan around the inside of the arena as fireworks rocket up into the rafters (The crowd are going wild!!!!)

Al Locker: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to HcW’s first Pay-Per-View in ten years! We are at the sold out United Center, Chicago, Illinois with 24,000 strong here to witness history be made! Alongside me tonight is the ever funny… if not slightly twisted… Alan Carcia

Alan Carcia: Well thanks for the introduction Locker! What a night! I am so excited to see not just one but two championships decided here tonight!

Al Locker: What a night this will prove to be folks! Alongside us is our Spanish commentary friends Pedro Mardonez-Lopez and Manuel Ramos

Camera pans to the Spanish announcers…

Pedro Mardonez-Lopez: Hola hombre y mujeres a Hardcore Championship Wrestlings War Of Attrition Pay Per View … A mi lado está Manuel Ramos .

Manuel Ramos: No puedo esperar a ver quién se va de aquí esta noche como campeón mundial de peso pesado. Además, ¡quién es el culo metido en una ambulancia mientras Luke Hammerbeam busca vengarse de Snakebite!

Camera’s return to Al Locker and Carcia

Al Locker: It’s time to get to the action folks!

The Winner Will Face The HcW Xtreme Champion Next Month At Bloodshed PPV!
Triple Threat
Trent “The King” Harper vs “Big Deal” Gray Zee vs Scott Matthews

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] and is a triple threat, the winner will face the HcW Xtreme Champion next month at Bloodshed PPV! … First to make his way to the ring … Trent “The King” Haaaaaarrrrpeeerrrrr!!!

Trapt Headstrong hits the PA system and out comes Trent “The King” Harper

Harper makes his way down the aisle…

Al Locker: Harper comes in to this match folks full of confidence after a victory last week on Monday Night Hell!

Trent Harper enters the ring…

“Where’s My Wonderland” by Blood on the Dancefloor hits the PA system…

The arena lights dim as “Where’s My Wonderland” begins to play over the PA system. Multi-coloured lights begins to shine on the entrance, the certain pulled aside as Scott Matthews strolls out confidently, pausing for a second to absorb the audience in attendance before letting out a cackling laugh.

Richard Basset: Next to make his way to the ring …Sccoottttt Maaatthhhheewwwsssss!!!

Scott lifts his hands up to reveal a star on his gloves before heading down the aisle, quick run and slide under the bottom ropes, he gets up and heads over to the ropes and poses as the arena lights brighten and the music fades…

Al Locker: What can Scott Matthews bring to the table…?

Alan Carcia: He is one strange individual!

Richard Basset: Next to make his way to the ring …”Big Deal” Grrraaayyyyy ZZeeeeeee!!!!!

Accompanied by Gabriel Lane, Gray Zee comes out wearing a leather hoodie, he uncovers his face and lifts his arms up. The moment he does that, pyrotechnics explode at both sides like a chain reaction. When he arrives to the ring, he takes the steps, takes off his leather hoodie and enters the ring.

Gray Zee enters the ring…

Al Locker: Here we go folks!

The referee calls for the bell to start the match…


Scott Matthew leans out between the ropes as Harper and Gray Zee lock up in the middle of the ring. Gray Zee manages to move around to the back of Trent Harper and hits him with a German Suplex!! Gray Zee bangs on his chest and points at Scott Matthews… Matthews steps out of the ring onto the apron and doesn’t want any of it. Harper starts to make his way back to his feet… Gray Zee walks over to Harper and hoists him up…

Al Locker: Gray Zee looking like one pissed off son of a gun here folks!

Alan Carcia: Look out…

Gray Zee delivers a second German Suplex to Trent Harper!! Gray Zee then looks out towards Scott Matthews and tells him to get his ass in the ring…

Al Locker: Scott Matthews is still not wanting in this match up ladies and gentlemen

Gray Zee kneels down onto Harper and starts to punch away at him… Left’s and rights, repeatedly hitting Harper…

Alan Carcia: Look at these punches Locker!

Gray Zee gets and when he realises that blood is running down the face of Harper… Gray Zee looks at the blood on his hands and shows it off to the crowd … Scott Matthews slides into the ring and charged up behind Grey Zee and rolls him up!!




Gray Zee kicks out and gets back to his feet quickly … Gray Zee shouts something towards Matthews and then charges at him … Matthews ducks a clothesline sending Gray Zee back into the ropes, as he comes off he is met with a dropkick on the kisses!

Al Locker: What a drop kick by Scott Matthews!

Alan Carcia: But look at Gray Zee … Still on his feet!

Scott Matthews runs at Gray Zee and delivers another drop kick, this time Gray Zee falls into the ropes, bounces off and is met with a spinning neckbreaker! Scott Matthews goes for another cover…




Gray Zee tosses Matthews off him!

Al Locker: Scott Matthews again trying to get this one done!

Trent Harper gets back To his feet bleeding badly … Scott Matthews delivers a clothesline to Harper, Harper gets up quick and is then kicked in the gut and hit with an atomic drop before a duplex!

Al Locker: Scott Matthews looking sharp here folks!

As Matthews attempts a cover Crazy Zee picks him up and hits him with a German Suplex!!

Al Locker: Did you see the way Scott Matthews back of his head hit the canvas!

Trent Harper wipes some of his blood away and charges over to Gray Zee and dives onto him … Trent Harper starts to pinch away at Gray Zee

Al Locker: Harper has snapped

Trent Harper runs into the ropes and again dives towards Gray Zee this time hitting him with a cross body! Gray Zee falls back and Trent holds on for a cover!



Scott Matthews dives on to break the cover!

Al Locker: What a match folks! What a way to start War Of Attrition

Alan Carcia: This is awesome!

Gray Zee rolls out of the ring to speak with Gabriel Lane

Al Locker: Gray Zee looking for some direction here!

Scott Matthews hits Trent Harper with a head but while on top, he then starts to deliver punches to the already busted open Trent Harper! Punch after punch, another head but… Matthews gets to his feet and then stomps on Harper … Gray Zee slides into the ring and hits Matthews over the back of the head with a clubbing forearm blow… Matthews hits the deck face first… Gray Zee then picks up Matthews and delivers another German Suplex! Gray Zee goes for a cover…

Al Locker: Could this be it…




Trent Harper breaks the cover!

Harper then pushes Crazy Zee off Matthews and starts to deliver a few punches of his own, followed by a driven elbow win the face! Harper wipes some blood away then gets to his feet … Harper runs into to ropes and drops an elbow on to Gray Zee … Scott Matthews grabs a hold of Harper and throws him into the turnbuckle … Scott Matthews runs at Harper and delivers a toss off splash! Matthews then lifts Harper into the top turnbuckle and climbs up and starts to pinch away…










Look out!! Gray Zee runs up behind Matthews and delivers a duplex from the top turn buckle!

(Crowd… Holy Shit! Holy Shit)…

Al Locker: My God! Scott Matthews must he broken in half!

Al Carcia: Matthews hit the canvas with so much force it shook the ring!

Gray Zee picks up Scott Matthews and hits him with the Done Deal!!!!

Gray Zee goes for the cover…





Al Locker: What a match folks

Richard Basset: The winner of this match … Grayyyyy Zeeeeee!

The cameras pan backstage where Craig McAllister is stood.

Craig McAllister: Ladies and gentleman my guest at this time Lance Mikes.

The camera zooms out a little and show Lance Mikes. Dressed in his wrestling gear.

Craig McAllister: So tonight you finally get another shot at the HcW World Heavyweight Championship. How are you feeling going in to this match?

Lance Mikes: I’m feel amazing. I’ve had a good run here in HcW in 2018 and I don’t expect it to stop any time soon Craig. I’ve not been beaten here in 2018 and I intend to keep that momentum going by winning the HcW World Heavyweight Championship.

Craig McAllister: You’ve got a history with Tyke Index. Is that going to play a factor on your mind tonight?

Lance Mikes: Honest Craig, No. Me and Tyke have had a history. We’ve been on the same page and off the same page. To me it doesn’t matter how it is with us because even if we were still in Defiance tonight wouldn’t be about teaming up. Tonight is about winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

After say that Lance walks off as the camera turns to watch him go. The camera then fade to a commercial.

Jonny D is shown in a referee’s top pacing up and down Mr Greeney’s office

(The crowd boo!!)

Mr Greeney: Will you sit the fuck down! Just compose yourself man!

Jonny D: Mr Greeney, look … I am concerned about reffing the World Heavyweight Championship match tonight!

Mr Greeney: Just calm down. I will be out there with Locker and Carcia. It will all get taken care of…

Al Locker: What does Mr Greeney mean “it will get taken care of”?

Alan Carcia: I dunno, but I bet it has everyone guessing!!

Al Locker: Moving on folks, the next match up is for the HcW Xtreme Championship!!

HcW Xtreme Championship
Triple Threat
Falls Count Anywhere – Weapons Surrounding The Ring
Scythe Bloodline vs Thomas Marr vs Stalker Knight

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] and is a triple threat, For the HcW Xtreme Championship … First to make his way to the ring … Scythe Bloooooodlineeeeee!!!

99 ways to die by Megadeth hits the PA system. As the music starts Scythe shoots out onto the stage thumping in place with strobe lights accompanying him. He pauses and raises his right arm than dashes down the ramp high fiving fans on the way. He slides into the ring hopping up on the nearest turnbuckle and roaring towards the crowd then jumps down still feeling the pumping of the music through him.

Al Locker: The crowd have really taken to Scythe Bloodline here in HcW folks! Scythe and Gabriel Ohio beat the heck out of each other last week! Resulting in a double count out but what a match it was!

Alan Carcia: Yeah, but tonight they witness him get an ass kicking! And no count outs in this one!

187 – “Master’s Solemn Hour” hits the PA system

Fog starts to fill pockets or the arena as the cameras begin to pan around. All of a sudden the cameras go still looking into a section of the crowd. Stalker and Zara appear to make their way to the ring through the crowd. The arena lights flicker and crackle like a lightning storm…

Richard Basset: And now.. Making his way to the ring accompanied by Zara … Stttaallkkkeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr

Al Locker: What a presence Stalker brings!

Alan Carcia: And what a victory over Jason Reign last week on Monday Night Hell

Stalker comes over the barrier and so does Zara

Stalker enters the ring and signs a message to Scythe Bloodline

Al Locker: Did you just see that

Alan Carcia: I did!

“Legend” by Inexus begins to play as various imagery flickers on the big screen, interspersed with words written in Latin and various languages. As soon as the drop hits, a lone spotlight opens on Thomas Marr as he stands, arms raised in the crucifix position. He walks down to the ring, with the lone spotlight following him amongst the darkness around him and calmly enters the ring.

Richard Basset: Annd now.. making his way to the ring … Thhhhooooommmmaassssssss Maaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Al Locker: Here is one talented individual in Thomas Marr folks! Picking up a well-earned victory on Hell last week

Thomas Marr looks at the weapons on the outside of the ring…

Al Locker: Well Marr is the first to grab a weapon!

Thomas Marr grabs a stop sign and gets in to the ring!

The referee calls for the bell to start this one…


The crowd are pumped seeing weapons around the ring…

Thomas Marr chucks the stop sign to Stalker Knight to catch, which he does but is instantly hit with a running forearm! Scythe Bloodline runs for the turn buckle and climbs it! Stalker is looking for his whereabouts after the forearm … Scythe flies off the turn buckle with a missile dropkick hitting Stalker!

Al Locker: What a start to this one folks!

Thomas Marr has gone back out of the ring, this time picking up a table and sliding it into the ring. He also takes in a piece of wood with barbed wire wrapped around it…

Al Locker: Things are about to get ugly!

Scythe Bloodline covers Stalker…



Thomas Marr breaks the cover hitting Scythe with the wood wrapped in barbed wire!!

Al Locker: Oh my goodness

Scythe rolls off Stalker, it looks like his back has been punctured with that barbed wire!

Thomas Marr stands tall over his opponents…

Al Locker: Thomas Marr getting hardcore from the start here!

Alan Carcia: What a match so far!

Stalker rolls out the ring and goes in search for a weapon

Al Locker: Stalker is out here folks looking for a weapon!

Thomas Marr Irish whips Scythe Bloodline into the ropes, Scythe comes off and drops a kick to the knees of Marr! Marr hits the canvas and drops the wood. Scythe looks at the wood and places it on Top of Marr…

Al Locker: What’s Scythe looking to do here…

Scythe Bloodline climbs up to the top turn buckle

Alan Carcia: Here we go!

Scythe goes to jump off the turn buckle but is met with a kendo stick that Stalker has come into the ring with…

Al Locker: Oh my word! What a strike by Stalker…

Stalker goes for the cover…




Scythe Bloodline kicks out!

Thomas Marr has got to his feet and goes after the table he placed in the ring earlier. Thomas sets the table up as Stalker punches away on Scythe. Scythe manages to block a couple of punches before hitting Stalker with some of his own… Thomas Marr walks over to Stalker and knees him in the face before picking him up. Thomas Marr hits Stalker with a Russian leg sweep and then goes for a cover…




Scythe Bloodline breaks the cover!

Scythe picks Thomas Marr up and delivers a couple of punches, then lays Marr on the table… Scythe looks to go high

Al Locker: Scythe is climbing to the top turn buckle!!

Alan Carcia: He’s looking to hit Marr with Heaven’s Fall!!!!!

Scythe Bloodline hits Thomas Marr with Heaven’s Fall sending him through the table!! Stalker gets to his feet and grabs hold of Scythe! Scythe manages to kick away at Stalker’s legs

Scythe kicks Stalker in The head sending him crashing to the floor. Scythe climbs to the top turn buckle and delivers another Heavens Fall!!!!

Al Locker: Is this it…

Scythe goes for the cover…





Al Locker: We have an Xtreme Champion!

Richard Basset: The winner of this match and nneewwwwww HcW Xtreme Champion… Scythe Blloooooodddllinnnneeeeee!

Alan Carcia: What a match up!

Al Locker: Well folks, Next month we come your way with Bloodshed, but let’s keep moving with War Of Attrition…

Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton vs Raven Trueblood

“You’re Going Down” – Sick Puppies hits the PA system

Samantha Hamilton makes her way to the ring slapping fans hands and showing a lot of confidence…

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] … First to make her way to the ring … Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton

Al Locker: It’s going to be interesting seeing both Samantha Hamilton and Raven Trueblood lock horns

“Say10” by Manson hits the PA system…

Richard Basset: And now making his Way to the ring… Raavveennn Trruueeebloooddd…

The lights turn blue as smokes feels the entrance way as say10 by Manson begins raven walks out with his vampire girl as they look around b4 kissing as pyros go off as blood drips from ravens lip his girl points to the ring as he walks to the ring and slides in his girl points to the corner as he falls back as she bytes his neck as he waits for his challenger

Alan Carcia: They have both been at it this week on Twitter!

Alan Carcia: Indeed!

The referee calls for the bell


Both Samantha Hamilton and Raven Trueblood lock up in the middle of the ring. Hamilton gets pushed into the turn buckle before the ref calls for a break. Raven takes a back step after the count of 4 then slaps Hamilton in the face!

Al Locker: What a slap to the face by Raven…

Hamilton looks pissed and delivers a punch to Ravens face, followed by a kick to the stomach and then an armbar takedown…

Al Locker: Some fast pace action being shown by Samantha Hamilton there!

Samantha Hamilton attempts to go around to the feet of Raven and lock in an ankle lock!

Al Locker: Ankle lock!

Raven manages to wriggle away

Alan Carcia: Not this time Locker!

Raven manages to climb to his feet and the pair lock up again. Raven manages to kick Hamilton in the stomach and delivers a suplex!

Raven goes for a cover…




Samantha Hamilton kicks out

Al Locker: A near fall!

Raven Trueblood gets to his feet and pulls Hamilton up by her hair! Raven then scoops Hamilton up and sets her up for a running power slam! Hamilton manages to elbow Raven a couple of times in the face but he still manages to deliver the slam!

Al Locker: What a power slam!

Raven goes for another cover…



Thre ..

Samantha Hamilton just gets a shoulder up!

Alan Carcia: That was three!

Al Locker: The shoulder was up!

Raven slams the canvas telling the ref to sort his counting out…

Alan Carcia: Can this referee not count to three! What an idiot!!

Raven continues to argue with the ref and Hamilton gets to her feet…

Al Locker: Raven Trueblood busy arguing with the ref still…

Samantha Hamilton pulls Raven around by his shoulder and kicks him in the stomach and divers a DDT!!

Samantha Hamilton goes for a cover…




Raven Trueblood kicks out!

Al Locker: I thought Samantha Hamilton done it!

Alan Carcia: No way!

Samantha Hamilton gets up and backs herself into the turn buckle area…

Al Locker: What’s coming here folks!

Raven Trueblood starts to climb to his feet…

Alan Carcia: Look out!!

Samantha Hamilton runs at Raven shaping up a Spear!!

Raven moves out the way and sends Hamilton shoulder first into the turn buckle.

Al Locker: Raven somehow getting out the way there folks…

Raven Trueblood runs at Hamilton and hits her with a clothesline into the turn buckle…

Hamilton crashes back into the turn buckle. Raven runs over to the other corner and comes sprinting back at Samantha Hamilton…

Al Locker: Raven looking for another running clothesline here!


Samantha Hamilton manages a Spear out of nowhere!

(Crowd – Holy Shit! – Holy Shit!)

Al Locker: That could be it!

Samantha Hamilton rolls on top of Raven for the cover




Raven somehow kicks out!

Hamilton gets to her feet and starts to kick away at Raven. Hamilton then brings Raven to his feet…

Raven kicks Samantha Hamilton in the gut… A kiss goodnight!!!!

Raven Trueblood makes the cover….





Richard Basset: The winner of this match … Raavveennn Trueeeblloooddd

Al Locker: What a fantastic match, both competitors giving there all. Coming next, Rushdi takes on “Pretty” Ricky Stanton in a steel chairs match…

Video plays…

Ricky hits Tyke with a cheap shot and runs down the aisle. He stops and grabs a steel chair and slides in to the ring behind Lance. At this point Lance has Rushdi up and is yelling in his face. Ricky goes to swing and hit Lance but Lance sees it coming and Ricky nails Rushdi with the steel chair. Ricky is looking down in shock and turns around to be nailed with a Full Stop by Lance Mikes.

Steel Chairs Match – Chairs Surround The Ring
Muhammed Rushdi vs “Pretty” Ricky Stanton

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] … And is a chairs match! … First to make his way to the ring … Muhammad Rushdi…

Rushdi makes his way to the ring…

Al Locker: I fear for Rushdi with the mood Stanton has been in recently!

Rushdi then enters the ring…

[The lights go out and the black Superman logo appears on the big screen. Fall Out Boy’s Centuries starts to play: ]

Some legends are told

Some turn to dust or to gold

But you will remember me

Remember me, for centuries

Just one mistake

Is all it will take

We’ll go down in history

Remember me for centuries

Remember me for centuries..

[Boom! Pyros goes off as the Pretty Boy comes down the ramp with two gorgeous ladies on each arm. He’s wearing a glittering wrestling robe and it shines as the spotlight falls on him. He leaves the ladies outside as he walks to the center of the ring, drops to his knees and points at the sky for a moment. He then gets up and flaunts the robe, eventually taking it off and going to his corner…]

Al Locker: Here we go folks!

The referee calls for the bell…


Ricky Stanton and Rushdi lock up in the middle of the ring. Rushdi manages to takes Stanton down with a quick armbar takedown. Rushdi then drops an elbow onto Stanton and then goes for a cover…



Stanton kicks out on the count of 2

Al Locker: Rushdi trying to get this one done early!

Alan Carcia: No chance!

Rushdi rolls out the ring and grabs hold of a chair

Al Locker: We knew this would not take long!

Rushdi gets back into the ring with the chair and strikes Stanton … hold on! Stanton rolls out of the way and Rushdi hits the canvas…

The impact makes Rushdi drop the chair. Stanton gets to his feet and runs towards Rushdi hitting him with a clothesline… Rushdi bounces up back to his feet and then gets hit with a kick to the gut. Stanton then DDT’s Rushdi and goes to grab the steel chair…

Al Locker: Stanton looking to inflict pain on Rushdi here…

Ricky Stanton drives the steel chair into the back of Rushdi… hit after hit!! Stanton isn’t messing around here! Stanton then picks the chair up and drives it into the back of Rushdi’s head…

Al Locker: It didn’t take long for this one to get ugly!

Alan Carcia: Just like your face Locker!! Haha

Ricky Stanton brings Rushdi to his feet and swings the chair at him! Rushdi ducks then punches Stanton … and again … Stanton drops the chair. Rushdi gives Stanton a thumb to the eye then delivers a snap suplex…

Al Locker: Rushdi going for another cover…




Stanton kicks out!!

The referee reiterates to Rushdi that it was almost 3!! But not quite…

Rushdi gets to his feet and picks Stanton up. Rushdi delivers a kick to the mid-section and then hits a DDT!!!!

Rushdi goes to pick the steel chair up!

Al Locker: Rushdi looking for the steel chair now!

Rushdi opens the chair up and places it in the middle of the ring. He then rolls out the ring and tosses another chair in. Rushdi then re-enters the ring and opens the chair up next to the other one…

Al Locker: What has Rushdi got in mind here??

Alan Carcia: I dunno! But whatever it is, expect pain!!

Rushdi delivers a couple of kicks to Stanton… Stanton is trying to get back to his feet. Rushdi goes back to the chairs to make sure they are together. He then picks Stanton up and walks him towards the chairs … Rushdi then punches Ricky in the stomach area then sets him up for a powerbomb!

Al Locker: Surely not!!

Ricky Stanton manages to lift Rushdi up and back body drops him onto the chairs…

(Crowd – Holy shit! – Holy shit!)

Al Locker: Oh my word!! Rushdi has just hit the chairs!

Al Carcia: Stanton wasn’t allowing himself to get power bombed on those chairs Locker!

Al Locker: He scouted that one!

Ricky Stanton staggering around manages to find his balance. He then kicks the chairs towards the outer part of the ring, he then walks over to Rushdi and lifts him up. Stanton then hits Rushdi with a body slam! … Stanton then drives and elbow into Rushdi’s chest area. Stanton then goes for a cover…




Rushdi kicks out!!

Al Locker: A near fall there!!

Stanton grabs hold of Rushdi…

Doom Crown!!!!

Al Locker: Good night Rushdi…

Stanton goes for the pin…





Richard Basset: The winner of this match … Riiiicckkkyyy Stanton

Al Locker: Folks, the next time we will be live on Pay-Per-View one of the following men will be facing the new HcW World Heavyweight Champion! The next match, a number one contenders Ambulance match!! … Between Luke Hammerbeam and Snakebite… Let’s take a look at how this match up came about…

Video plays…

Al Locker: Snakebite has just rolled out the ring folks!

Alan Carcia: He’s after something!!

Snakebite grabs hold of Richard Basset and throws him off his seat to the ground!

Al Locker: What the hell!! Richard Basset hit the back of his head when he landed… someone get some help out here for goodness sakes!

Snakebite picks the steel chair up that Basset was sitting on. Snakebite hits the chair against the ring post, not once but twice! Snakebite the starts to walk around the ring…

Al Locker: Surely not! No No NOOO!!!!

Luke Hammerbeam gets to his feet and realises what Snakebite has got in his hands. Hammerbeam starts to yell at Snakebite  … “Don’t do it!! Noooo!

Snakebite smashes the steel chair into Grandma Hammerbeam!

Grandma Hammerbeam falls backwards collapsing. The crowd can’t believe what’s just happened!

Al Locker: For the love of God will somebody get an ambulance out here! She must be in her 80’s! Someone stop this dam match…!

Tyke Index watches on while Snakebite starts to lick the steel chair that just clocked Grandma Hammerbeam. Snakebite then appears to rub the chair on his crutch area…

Alan Carcia: haha… Snakebite just smashed her skull in Locker!

While Carcia speaks paramedics rush down the aisle with a stretcher, neck brace … gas and air. All sorts of medical equipment on them… two paramedics go to assist Richard Basset while four climb over the barrier to go to the aid of Grandma Hammerbeam…

No.1 Contender Match For HcW World Heavyweight Championship
Winner Will Face The HcW World Heavyweight Champion At Bloodshed PPV
Things Got Personal – Ambulance Match
Snakebite vs Luke Hammerbeam

Al Locker: Let’s go to the ring…

While the camera’s switch to the ring an ambulance reverses into the arena by the stage area…

Alan Carcia: Here comes the ambulance!

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] The winner will face the HcW World Heavyweight Champion at Bloodshed PPV in February! … And this is an Ambulance Match! First to make his way to the ring … Snakebiiittteeeeeee!!!

The lights go out, and start flickering green and purple to the beat of “Problem” by Webbie & Boosie BadAzz. As the intro of the song plays, the camera pans around the crowd. Then as soon as the hook begins, the camera focuses on the stage area, where Snakebite slowly walks out from behind the curtain, wearing his bright green fuzzy armless jacket. The crowd gets loud.

The camera focuses in on Snakebite’s face, as he shows an unsettling smile on his face. He mouths “got a problem?” right before the hook ends. As soon as the first verse begins, he begins walking down the ramp, with a disgusted look on his face.

Snakebite walks up the stairs of the ring during the last two bars of the first verse, and grabs the ring post as the hook kicks back in. Snakebite looks around the crowd, before stepping onto the apron, and climbing through the ropes, as the crowd gets louder. Snakebite holds both middle fingers up to the crowd, and walks around the ring, to assure every fan gets the middle finger. He then slides his jacket off, as the song fades away, and the lights return to normal

Al Locker: Snakebite is one disturbed human being!

Richard Basset: Annd now… making his way to the ring … Luuukkeeeee Hammmmeeerrrrrbeaaaammmm!!!

Al Locker: Luke Hammerbeam will be all out seeking revenge on Snakebite tonight!

Alan Carcia: But he won’t get it!

Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd hits the PA system

Hammerbeam makes his way to the ring slapping the hands of the crowd… Hammerbeam a firm fan favorite!

Al Locker: The crowd showing their appreciation to Luke here

Alan Carcia: What a nerd! I hope Snakebite kicks his ass!

Al Locker: Nothing like calling it down the middle Carcia

Alan Carcia: I am not paid to be fair!!

Luke Hammerbeam goes straight under the ring apron and pulls out a lead pipe

Al Locker: Oh no!!

Hammerbeam rolls into the ring and is instantly stomped on by Snakebite!!

The referee calls for the bell!!


Al Locker: Folks, expect this one to get nasty!!

Snakebite wrestles the led pipe off Luke and starts to smash it over his spine! Luke is in agony as Snakebite continues to beat away at him

Alan Carcia: Shades of old Grandma getting smashed up!!

Al Locker: You sick bastard Carcia!!

Alan Carcia: So what…!!

Luke Hammerbeam manages to get a hold of Snakebite and pulls him between the ropes and out of the ring! Snakebite falls onto the mats outside the ring… Luke Hammerbeam somehow rolls out the ring and gets hold of the lead pipe…

Al Locker: Look at those marks across the back of Luke Hammerbeam!! He is already black and blue! Don’t expect to see much wrestling here folks! Just pure ass kicking!!

Luke starts to beat away at Snakebite with the lead pipe before lifting him to his feet. Hammerbeam then throws Snakebite into the steel railings by the commentary desk…

Al Locker: We better move!

Snakebite is now on the ground holding his back (The crowd cheer!!)

Luke Hammerbeam starts to stomp away on Snakebite then lifts him up to his feet. Hammerbeam hits Snakebite with a couple of punches then steps back … Superkick!!!! … Snakebite falls on to the commentary desk

Al Locker: Oh goodness me!!

Alan Carcia: No not our desk!! Do it to the Spaniards!!!!!!

Al Locker: What’s Hammerbeam doing?!?

Luke Hammerbeam gets onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckle…

Al Locker: I don’t like the look of this!


Snakebite rolls off the desk! Luke Hammerbeam goes crashing through the announcer’s desk!!

(Crowd – Holy shit!! – Holy shit!!)

Al Locker: Hammerbeam must be broken in half!!

Alan Carcia: Snakebite, stuff his ass in that ambulance and send him off to eat soup with Grandma in hospital!!

Al Locker: Your one sick son of a bitch Carcia

Alan Carcia: Am I bothered?

Al Locker: Not one bit, I am sure of that!!

Snakebite gets to his feet and bends down and slaps the face of Hammerbeam!

Al Locker: This is disgusting!!

Snakebite slaps the face of Hammerbeam more and more!

Al Locker: This poor man has suffered enough with Snakebite recently!

Snakebite lifts Hammerbeam up and walks towards the ramp…

Al Locker: The crowd are trying to get Hammerbeam back in this one!

Alan Carcia: It’s too late!! Hammerbeam is done!

Hammerbeam drives an elbow into the gut of Snakebite, hits him with a punch then delivers a suplex on the ramp!

Al Locker: Hammerbeam has the heart of a lion!

Alan Carcia: And the brain of a retard!

Hammerbeam lifts Snakebite up and hits him with a spine buster!! Both men are down…

Al Locker: Both men are down here folks!

Alan Carcia: Come on Snakebite!

Hammerbeam gets to his feet slowly … He lifts Snakebite up and kicks him in the gut Beam Buster!! No! Snakebite lifts Hammerbeam over his back and tosses him on the ramp!

(Crowd – Holy shit!! – Holy shit!!)

Al Locker: The punishment these men are taking is unreal!

Alan Carcia: You mean the punishment Hammerbeam is taking??

Al Locker: You’re a jackass Carcia!

Snakebite lifts Luke Hammerbeam to his feet and delivers a belly to belly suplex!! Snakebite mounts Hammerbeam and starts to hit him with clenched fists. The referee watches on knowing anything goes in this one! Snakebite continues to punch away on Hammerbeam before busting his lip open! Hammerbeam starts to spit blood! Snakebite stands up and looks down on Hammerbeam…

Al Locker: This is pure ruthless aggression!

Alan Carcia: And I love it…

Snakebite is shouting at Hammerbeam to get his was up. The crowd are cheering Hammerbeam on but the energy has been zapped away. Hammerbeam is bleeding, struggling to get to his feet…

Al Locker: Hammerbeam is in a bad way folks!

Snakebite takes hold of Luke Hammerbeam and drives his head into the ramp with a DDT!!

Al Locker: For the love of God will somebody stop this dam match!

Alan Carcia: That’s it Snakebite!

Snakebite get back to his feet, looking rather pleased with what he has just done to Hammerbeam

Al Locker: Look at that smug look on that sick bastards face!

Snakebite proceeds to pick Hammerbeam up and walks him up the ramp way to the top of the stage area…

Al Locker: I don’t like the look of this one bit…

Snakebite throws Luke Hammerbeam off the stage!

(Crowd – Holy shit! – Holy shit!)

Al Locker: Oh my God!!!!

Alan Carcia: That’s it Hammerbeam is dead!!

Snakebite slowly lowers himself on the stage area down to the floor … Both men only a short distance away from the ambulance…

Al Locker: That must have been a 10 foot drop Hammerbeam just encountered!

Snakebite picks Hammerbeam up and tosses him into the ambulance…

Alan Carcia: That’s it!

Al Locker: Not yet… the door isn’t shut

Hammerbeam starts to place his fingers on the door trying to climb out…

Snakebite slams the door shut on Hammerbeam trapping his fingers in the door!

Alan Carcia: It’s over now!!

Snakebite isn’t finished there… he jumps into the front of the ambulance and starts to drive it out the arena…

Richard Basset: The winner of this match … Snakeeebbiittteeeee….

Al Locker: What a match!

Linda Chadwick: Ladies and Gentlemen I am joined by HcW Pure Champion Tyke Index. Tyke, we are moments away from the HcW World Heavyweight Championship match. How are you feeling?

Tyke Index: How am I feeling? How am I feeling? Are you for real? Maybe you should be asking that question to Gabriel Ohio, Eddie Rolan and Lance Mikes. Go on, Linda. Ask them how they feel knowing that in mere minutes they are going to be feeling ten years of hurt. Ten years has now become one night. That night is tonight. Linda, tonight is redemption. I finally take back what was always rightfully mines, the HcW World Heavyweight Championship.

Linda Chadwick: You were the very last HcW World Heavyweight Champion almost 10 years ago. Is this fate? Are you destined to claim back what you say is rightfully yours?

Tyke Index: Linda, tonight is more than fate. Do you have any idea what it is like sitting inside prison for ten years thinking about nothing else in the world than winning back the championship I never lost? I’ve been thinking about this day the past ten years. My destiny is about to come full circle.

Linda Chadwick: Good luck Tyke…

Tense music starts to play as Al Locker begins to speak…

Al Locker: Well folks, we have waited 10 long years for this moment!! The HcW World Heavyweight Championship is about to be decided…

Alan Carcia: I can’t wait…

Al Locker: Check out this carnage from Monday Night Hell last week…

Video plays…

Gabriel Ohio has made his way to the ring through the crowd behind Lance. He slides in to the ring and starts attacking Lance. Tyke has made his way in to the ring and grabs Ohio. They both begin trading punches as Eddie Rolan walks down the aisle with a beer bottle in his hand.

Al Locker: What is he doing out here!

Alan Carcia: It seems like everyone from the world title match is filling the ring!

Eddie gets in to the ring. Lance is getting to his feet. He turns around and gets nailed in the head by a glass bottle. The blood starts to pour out.

Al Locker: He’s busted wide open!

Alan Carcia: Oh man!

The scene begins to fade with Eddie on the outside looking on at the blood on Lance Mikes’ face. Lance is touching the blood and looking at his hands. Ricky and Tyke are fighting in the ring and Snakebite and Luke Hammerbeam are fighting somewhere in the crowd.

HcW World Heavyweight Championship
Fatal 4 Way
Special Guest Referee: Jonny D
Lance Mikes vs Gabriel Ohio vs Tyke Index vs “Ruthless” Eddie Rolan

As the cameras come back to ringside with Al Locker and Alan Carcia. They have been joined by none other than Mr Greeney. Jonny D is now in the ring.

Mr Greeney’s theme “No Diggity” can still be heard in the background…

Al Locker: I’m pleased to announce, we are being joined by the owner of HcW. Mr Greeney.

Alan Carcia: Welcome Mr Greeney. It’s always a pleasure

Mr Greeney: Thanks, but you don’t need to always kiss my ass!

Al Locker: Hahahaha!

Mr Greeney: All I’m going to say is, Jonny better not fuck up tonight!

Al Locker: What do you mean by that Mr Greeney?

Mr Greeney: Time will tell Al, time will tell

Richard Basset: The following contest is scheduled for one fall [Crowd – One fall] and is a fatal 4 way, the winner will be the first HcW World Heavyweight Champion in 10 YEARS!!!!!!!! …. First to make his way to the ring…. Gabbbrriieelllll Ohhhiioooooo….

The Lights flicker until the sounds of electricity fill the arena as it is plunged into darkness. A Moon appears on the titan-Tron and a white glow appears on the stage. Standing in the glow is the 7 foot tall Gabriel Ohio, leather jack blowing in the wind, looking down at the floor. He looks up and walks slowly to the ring. He reaches the ring and steps up onto the apron and then over the top rope, his presence felt.

Al Locker: Can Ohio do it?

Lights go dark, “This Means War!” Booms through the area. Spot Lights sweep the crowd until Eddie Rolan is spotted in the audience wearing blue jeans and a black sleeveless HCW shirt. The crowd cheers when they finally spot Eddie. He raises his hand to show the crowd a can of beer. The crowd roars again and that is the signal to crack the beer high in the air and let foam spray all over the crowd. After tilting the can back for a long drink, Eddies attention turns to the ring as he crushes the empty can, tosses it carelessly over his shoulder and he makes his way to the ring ready to fight. Ready to serve up some street justice in “Ruthless” fashion.

Richard Basset: Annd now.. making his way to the ring … Edddiieeeee Roooooollllaaaannnnnnnn!!!!

Alan Carcia: Eddie Rolan could be the World Champion tonight!

Mr Greeney: Pfftt…

‘Always’ By Saliva begins to play over the sound system in the arena

Richard Basset: Annd now.. making his way to the ring from Manchester England. ‘Yours Truly’ Laaaancee Miiiiikes!

Mr Greeney: There is no fucking way Mikes is walking out of here with that title!!

Mikes climbs into the ring looking on at Ohio and Rolan…

Richard Basset: Annndddd now.. making his way to the ring, the HcW Pure Champion … Tyyyyyykkkeeeee Innndddeexxxx!!!

Tyke Index walks out onto the stage with his HcW Pure Championship over his shoulder, looks at the crowd then makes his way down the ramp…

Al Locker: Here comes the HcW Pure Champion folks, and by the time this Pay-Per-View goes off the air he could be a double champion!!

All four wrestlers are in a corner each. Jonny D is handed the HcW World Heavyweight Championship from the outside. He holds it in both hands and walks around the ring showing it to all four. He then holds it high in the air in the centre of the ring.

Mr Greeney: Here we go folks!


Gabriel Ohio and Eddie Rolan stand back as Lance Mikes and Tyke Index start to move to the centre of the ring. They are about to trade blows when they realise that Eddie and Gabriel Ohio are standing back. The stop and look at each other and Tyke nods at Lance, who nods back. Lance turns to Eddie and Tyke turns to Gabriel Ohio.

Al Locker: After all that, these two are teaming up!

Alan Carcia: Eddie and Gabriel were just going to stand back and them destroy each other and pick up the pieces.

Lance runs at Gabriel who is caught off guard in the corner. Lance begins to work away at his mid-section with punches and kicks. Whiles Tyke does the same in the other corner. Lance moves back and comes in with a clothesline but Gabriel ducks and moves out. He comes back at Lance with a clothesline and Lance ducks. Gabriel turns around and is met with a Full Stop to the jaw. The impact knocks Gabriel out of the ring to the outside.

Al Locker: What a full stop!

Mr Greeney: I swear Jonny! He better not fucking win!

Alan Carcia: Who Lance?

Mr Greeney: Mind your business Carcia, before I sack you.

Lance looks over the top rope at Gabriel as Tyke pulls Eddie out of the corner and scoop slams him down in to the centre of the ring. Lance comes in and pushes Tyke out of the way and begins to stomp away at Eddie. Tyke holds his hands up for a moment but then levels Lance with a hard left followed by a kick to the gut. He then hits Lance with a beautiful snap suplex and goes for the cover.



Lance Mikes kicks out!

Mr Greeney: Damn it Jonny!

Al Locker: A quick cover by Tyke there.

Tyke gets up and lifts Lance up quickly and kicks him in the guts. Tyke comes off the ropes behind him and goes for a clothesline. Lance ducks and hits Tyke with a neck breaker from behind.

Alan Carcia: Lance with a great counter there

Al Locker: I’m calling it, Tyke will walk out with that World Heavyweight Championship

Mr Greeney: You better be right Locker.

Lance gets up and goes straight for Eddie Rolan. As Lance gets close to Eddie, Lance gets kicked in the gut and Eddie drops him down with a DDT. Eddie goes for the cover.

Mr Greeney: Jonny don’t you fucking dare!

Jonny D goes down but doesn’t count. He looks Eddie in the eyes and begins to laugh and stands up.

Mr Greeney: That’s what I’m talking about Jonny!

Al Locker: What? He’s going to cost Eddie the match?

Alan Carcia: I think this is what Mr Greeney was talking about earlier Al

Mr Greeney: Hahaha!

Eddie gets up and has a pissed off look on his face. He goes straight for Eddie but is stopped in his tracks by Gabriel. Gabriel knocks Eddie down to the ground. Out of nowhere Tyke dropkicks Gabriel. Tyke gets up only to be hit from behind with a forearm to his back by Lance Mikes.

Al Locker: Some great action here folks

Alan Carcia: Lance Mikes is the only one standing right now!

Lance picks up Gabriel and hits a belly to belly suplex on him and goes for the cover.



Tyke breaks the fall by kicking Lance in the back. Tyke drags Lance back to his feet by his head and whips him across the ring to the other side, as Lance comes back Tyke clotheslines him. Tyke then mounts over Lance and begins to let go with lefts and rights.

Mr Greeney: That’s it Tyke, let that asshole have it!

Al Locker: Tyke letting out some frustration here

Alan Carcia: This match is all over the place

Eddie has got up and is stomping away on Gabriel. Ohio gets dragged to his feet by Eddie and then kicked in the gut. Eddie suplexes Gabriel and the stands up. He drops down with a knee to the chest, once and then again for a second time. Eddie then goes for the cover. Jonny D doesn’t even go down for the count.

Al Locker: Oh come on! At this rate Eddie won’t even stand a chance

Mr Greeney: That’s the whole point Al. You think I want that redneck as the champion?

Alan Carcia: It could be good for business, the fans love him

Mr Greeney: Shut up!

Eddie gets up and goes straight for Jonny. Jonny holds his referee badge up from the shirt to stop Eddie. Eddie shakes his head. He turns around and quickly spins back. He kicks Jonny in the gut and gives him the middle finger. He sets him up for the Reality Cheque. Jonny comes crashing down on his head. Eddie then rolls him out of the ring.

Mr Greeney: What the fuck!

Al Locker: He did have it coming boss

Alan Carcia: Shut up Al!

Eddie turns around to get kicked in the gut by Tyke. Tyke whips Eddie across to the other side, Tyke meets him in the middle with a back body drop.

Eddie gets up and Tyke backs him up in to the corner. Lance comes in to the fold as Tyke is kicking away at the gut of Eddie. Lance pushes Tyke away and carries on with the kicks to the gut. Tyke shrugs his shoulders and joins in.

Al Locker: Shades of the Defiance days here!

Alan Carcia: This is great.

Mr Greeney: No it isn’t!

Lance backs out and spins Tyke around and kicks him in the gut. Lance sees Gabriel Ohio coming from behind and ducks. Ohio catches Tyke with a clothesline which drops him. Lance kicks Ohio in the gut and hits him with a spinning neck breaker. A second referee has now gotten to ring side. Lance goes for the cover. The referee slides in.

Al Locker: Folks Mr Greeney has left the announce table!

Alan Carcia: This doesn’t look good for Lance or Eddie

The referee begins to count.




Mr Greeney pulls the referee out of the ring before the three count.

Al Locker: What the hell!

Alan Carcia: Mr Greeney just cost Lance the match!

Al Locker: This isn’t going to go well folks

Lance gets up and leans over the ropes and starts yelling at Mr Greeney. Mr Greeney holds his hands up and begins to walk backwards up the ramp way.

Lance turns around and is hit by a fisherman suplex by Tyke. The second referee has now got back in to the ring. Eddie quickly goes for Tyke and drops him with a forearm to the back as he was slowly getting up. Eddie begins to stomp away on Lance, Tyke and Gabriel who are all on the floor.

Al Locker: Mr Greeney is going to be happy if Eddie wins

Alan Carcia: Or Lance Mikes for that matter

Eddie then picks up Lance, Lance quickly grabs Eddie by the legs and takes him down. Lance begins to punch away at Eddie. Lance gets back to his feet. He waits for Eddie to get to his feet. Eddie gets up facing the ramp way. Using the ropes to help. He gets to his feet and turns around to get superkicked in the face.

Al Locker: FULL STOP!!

Alan Carcia: What a kick! He got him right in the jaw!

Eddie Rolan goes flying over the top rope. Jonny D has managed to somewhat sit up against the barriers. He sees Eddie and goes for him. Jonny begins to punch away at Eddie.

Al Locker: Jonny D has had enough of Eddie Rolan today folks!

Alan Carcia: This was always going to happen

In the ring Lance turns his attention to Tyke. Lance starts kicking Tyke in the gut and moves him to the corner and stomp away at the mid-section.

Al Locker: Lance Mikes is looking in control here!

Lance then goes back to Gabriel who is in the other corner. Lance runs in with a splash in the corner and follows it up with a suplex. As Lance is getting up Tyke runs in and knocks Lance down who rolls to the outside. Tyke realises he has an opportunity to finish the match and quickly lifts Gabriel up and sets him up for a Pearl River Plunge. Tyke lifts him up and drops him down hard!


Alan Carcia: It’s got to be over here folks.

Tyke goes for the cover as Lance gets back in to the ring.


Mr Greeney climbs on to the apron to distract Lance


Mr Greeney punches Lance in the face.


Lance shuffles back with the impact of the punch and breaks the fall. Lance hits Mr Greeney with a Full Stop and Mr Greeney comes crashing down. Eddie and Jonny are fighting at the top of the ramp way!

Al Locker: It back fired!

Alan Carcia: Don’t let Mr Greeney hear you say that Al, he looks pissed.

Al Locker: Lance just levelled Mr Greeney.

Alan Carcia: Monday Night Hell is going to be interesting!

Lance turns around and ducks a clothesline from Tyke. Lances quickly steps back and as Tyke turns around he is hit with a Full Stop!

Al Locker: Another FULL STOP!

Alan Carcia: Lance is close to victory. I can sense it!

The impact of the Full Stop knocked Tyke down hard who has rolled out of the ring and is lying on the floor outside. Lance quickly lifts up Gabriel and kicks him guts. He sets him up for The Ending and drops him down hard. He rolls through and goes for the cover.





Al Locker: OH MY GOD FOLKS! Lance Mikes has done it!

Alan Carcia: 20 years in the making. He is finally realised his dream!

The referee gets the belt and hands it to Lance Mikes who is lying on the floor.

A replay is shown

Replay finishes

Suddenly a masked man jumps the barricade on slides in to the ring. He gets to his feet and looks at Lance Mikes. You can see a smirk on the man’s face as he looks over at Tyke Index. The masked man now goes for Tyke and begins to stomp away at him.

Al Locker: What the hell is going on here folks?

Alan Carcia: Who the hell is this!

The masked man slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. He slides in to the ring with the steel chair in hand. He drops the chair in the centre of the ring. He lifts Tyke up and DDTs him head first on the steel chair.

Al Locker: Oh my god folks! This is uncalled for

Alan Carcia: What is the meaning of this?

The camera goes to Lance Mikes who is sat in the corner with the championship in his arms. The camera zooms out and the masked man is seen helping Lance Mikes up to his feet. They shake hands. The masked man lifts Lance Mikes’ arm up and Lance lifts the championship up in the other hand. The camera zooms in on both men with Tyke laying in the back as the camera begins to fade out.

Al Locker: Catch us next Monday to see the fall out of this chaos!

Alan Carcia: Catch us on Monday Night Hell.

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