Hindsight: Rebecca Nakano PI

Rebecca Nakano is a character that I created back in 2008 as part of a role play environment based off the TV show “Heroes”.

Her history is located at this address for those who would like to read up on her character.


Briefly, Rebecca Nakano is a former forensics specialist and coroner with the NYPD. She was found to have the ability to see into the past. Her ability is limited in that in order to see into a specific past, she must be at the location where the incident occured. She must also have something that reflects, such as a mirror, which she uses to see the past.

Rebecca was an adult, already years into her career when her ability manifested to her and caused her great distress. Following a precognitive incident, she would suffer nosebleeds as well as migraine headaches. To battle the pain her ability caused, she began to use a banned narcotic called Refrain. Refrain would only affect those with special abilities.

Rebecca was fired from her position when she was found unconscious in her apartment after using Refrain. After spending weeks in rehab, Rebecca found a second career as a private investigator.

Hindsight: Rebecca Nakano PI will take place in present time. Location will remain NYC.

The story will revolve around the murder of her parents.

A couple characters that will be cast, and since this is an original story, no part is set in stone.

A best friend. female.

A love interest, male.

Secretary for the PI office. (Not gender specific)

Her mother and father.

There will be additional characters announced as things come into play.

The series will be four to six episodes depending on how the writing goes.