4 on 4 elimination tag team tournament; OWA Champion Executioner defends against Traci Lane; Chaos battles Mr. America in best 2 of 3 falls

(Outside scene with light snow falling. scene moves to a nice suburban house. Santa’s sleigh is on top of the house. You see the last of him escape down the chimney. Inside the house the sounds of channels changing and the distinct sounds of the OWA theme. In the top floor of the house, two children, a boy and a girl, look around the corner and begin to creep downstairs. They see Santa and run over and leap onto the couch with him as the OWA Logo crashes through the image and the words “Holiday In Hell”. Fade to a jam packed crowd.)

Ed: Welcome to Holiday In Hell!!! We’re coming to you live from the Omni in Atlanta and we have a jam packed PPV extravaganza for you tonight. We have the Quad-team tournament, with the winners becoming the OWA 6-man champions. Plus that important cage match for the OWA Championship. Current champion Executioner will defend the title inside a steel cage against Wheel of Torture winner Traci Lane. My co-host tonight is Biff Franklin.

Biff: Sheesh. I didn’t think I was ever going to get to talk.

Ed: Any predictions for tonight’s tournament?

Biff: Of course. I think it’ll be the Plague all the way! And I predict that we’ll have a new world’s champion after tonight.

Ed: You do? Executioner is a Plague member.

Biff: Yeah, but without Freddy at ringside, I don’t think Executioner will have a chance.

Ed: Before we go down for our first match, let’s hear from some of the participants in this first match.

Tom Tomorrow

The camera opens on a cheap hotel room in some unnamed part of some unnamed city. Tom Tomorrow, Wrestler of the Future, reclines on a bed as he watches television. He is watching a wrestling program, and smirking at what he sees. He then notices the camera, and sits up as he speaks into it.]

Tom: This is most disappointing. For the past few days I’ve been watching every professional wrestling program I can find. I had intended to arrive in the year 1988 and take on men like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair–legends whose names have come down even to my own era. But I look at them as they are in 1996 and wonder what all the fuss was about. Hogan? He looks like a toothpick! And Flair? He looks like an old man! Fortunately we of the 25th century have transcended the aging process.

He gestures toward the television.]

But then I stumbled upon another wrestling league. The OWA. Men and women of the finest athletic abilities. At last it would appear that I have found a place to make my debut in this age. So I’ve signed a contract, and I shall be making my debut at “Holidays in Hell.” It appears that I shall be joined by three other newcomers for my first match. While I am not terribly fond of wrestling on a team, I have seen my partners and they appear to be of adequate ability, given their lower position on the evolutionary ladder. Ricky Hype, Fast Fighter, Samantha Tanner….yes, I believe they’ll perform we’ll enough.

Of course, they’re still using the same tired wrestling moves that went out of style in the 21st century, but given that our opponents do also, and given that having me on a team is much like adding three extra members, I am confident of our chances of success. And at “Holidays in Hell” it will become plain to all that Tom Tomorrow, the future of professional wrestling, has arrived!

Samantha Tanner/Tom Tomorrow/Ricky Hype/Fast Fighter vs. Sabin Figaro/MegaDiesel/Mack Truck/Johnny Fate

Announcer: This is our first match of the evening. It’s a Quad-person tag team match. Introducing team number one. Coming down the aisle. Team “Debut”! Samantha Tanner. Tom Tomorrow. Ricky Hype and Team Captain. Fast Fighter!!! And their opponents. Team Fate! Sabin Figaro. MegaDiesel. Brawlers Inc. And their partner. Mack Truck and their team captain. Johnny Fate!

Ed: Well. I see Figaro, MegaDiesel and Truck. Where is Fate? This is his team?!?

Biff: I keep telling you. That guy is a loser! No one ever listens to me.

Ed: Can you blame them? Looks like this is going to be a handicapped match. Team Debut against Team Fate without the Fate.

Biff: Looks like it’ll be Samantha Tanner against Mack Truck to start things off.

Ed: Remember. This first round is a normal 8-person tag match, only need to pin of person on the other team to advance. Lock up. Truck goes for a short clothesline, but Tanner ducks. Tanner with a cartwheel kick, but Truck moves out of the way. Tanner nails Truck with a superkick.

Biff: Truck comes back and nails Tanner with a forearm smash. Tanner tags out to Ricky Hype. Lock up. Truck with a whip. Hype comes off the ropes and nails Truck with a forearm smash.

Ed: Hype off the ropes, but Truck nails him with a backbreaker. Hype with an elbow smash and another. Truck tags out the MegaDiesel. MegaDiesel nails Hype with a knee to the back.

Biff: Watch out. Here comes Johnny Fate! He’s attacking Mack Truck. They’re brawling down the aisle. MegaDiesel and Figaro are watching in disbelief!

Ed: Watch out! From behind. Hype with a roll up. one. two. three!! It’s over that quickly!

Announcer: Winners of this match. in 7: 30, Team “Debut”

Biff: Brawlers Inc. are pissed and going after Fate who’s fled the area after laying Truck out with that pipe.

Ed: I’d consider this an upset if it weren’t for the fact that Fate and Mack have been at each other’s throats for weeks.

Biff: Who cares?!?

Ed: We’re ready for our next match. Let’s go down to ringside.

Gustaffson/Consuelo Salyards/Mariko/Rachel Ryan vs. Johnny Stallion/Mike Mustang/Asian Invasion/Freddy Fever

Announcer: This match is one fall. Coming down the aisle at this time, Team Femme…the giant Gustaffson. Consuelo Salyards. Mariko and their team captain. Rachel Ryan! And their opponents. Team Plague. The current OWA Tag Team Champions, Johnny Stallion, Mike Mustang. The Chiefs and their partner. Asian Invasion and their team captain, being accompanied to the ring by “Wild Child” Wendy Ryker. Here is “The Disco Kid” Freddy

Ed: This promises to be an exciting match here in the first round.

Biff: The Plague will walk all over Team Femme. No problem.

Ed: There’s the bell. It’ll be Johnny Stallion of the Chiefs starting out against former OWA TV Champion Mariko. Stallion quickly with a superkick, but Mariko ducks. Stallion with a body slam and he tries for the suplex, but Mariko blocks it. Mariko off the ropes with a flying clothesline and a tag to Rachel Ryan.

Biff: In comes Ryan. They double team him with a fist to the midsection, and Mariko leaves the ring. Ryan misses a clothesline and Stallion tags out to Asian Invasion. Invasion off the ropes, but he hits the brick wall as Ryan takes him down with a shoulderblock. She pulls Invasion to his feet and hits him with a chokeslam.

Ed: Cover by Ryan. one. two. kickout by Invasion. Corner whip by Ryan. She charges in, but Invasion moves out of the corner. Ryan ducks a kick to the head and tags back in Mariko. Invasion with a cross body block, but Mariko takes it all the way over. one. two. kickout by Invasion. Mariko with a whip and she gets him with a backdrop.

Biff: Mariko off the ropes, but Invasion nails her with a thrust kick to the head and he tags in Freddy Fever. Asian Invasion nails Mariko with a superkick, and Fever hits her with a waistlock suplex. Fever with a back heel kick and a fist to the midsection.

Ed: Mariko with a facerake and she tags in Consuelo Salyards. Salyards nails fever with a flying shoulderblock. Then a flying lariat. She whips Fever and hits him with a spinebuster slam. cover. one. Kickout by Fever. Salyards with a whip. Reversal by Fever. He misses with a clothesline and she misses with an elbowsmash but she goes for a cross body block, but Fever nails her with a powerslam.

Biff: Fever tags in Mustang. Mustang and Fever nail her with a double clothesline. Fever leaves the ring and Mustang off the ropes with a flying sunset flip. Fever wants the tag so Mustang tags in Fever. Mustang holds Salyards and Fever goes for the superkick. Salyards ducks and Fever nails Mustang!!

Ed: Mustang goes out over the top rope and to the floor. Stallion is down checking his tag team partner. They are not looking too happy with Fever. In fact. Wait just a second. They are walking out of this match.

Biff: No. it’s a misunderstanding it’ll be worked out.

Ed: Fever is pleading for them to come back and Consuelo tags in Gustaffson. Gustaffson walks up behind Fever and picks him up. Drop Piledriver on Fever by Gustaffson!!! Cover. Ryan, Salyards and Mariko make sure that Asian is kept at bay. one. two. th. His foot is on the ropes, but Wendy Ryker just pushed it off!!! Three!! That’s a three count. Femme’s beat the Plague!!

Biff: What the hell?? That Wendy is a turncoat! She just turned on Freddy!!!

Ed: I think Wendy is a Femme Fatale. They are high fiving and hugging out there. I think Fever’s been scammed. Not only has the tag team champions walked out on him. So has Wendy Ryker.

Biff: I cannot believe how they are treating Fever.

Ed: I am hearing that Elaine Bryant is with the tag team champions. Let’s go there now.

The Chiefs

Elaine – in the back: I’m here with Johnny Stallion and Mike Mustang. What’s going on? Why did you abandon Freddy Fever, after all the times he’s helped you win the OWA Tag Team Championship??

Stallion: We’ll let me tell you something little woman. We won the tag belts on our own, we don’t need Fever or the Plague. We wanna take the OWA by storm by ourselves not with some overlord who thinks he can run everything.

(Mustang interrupts)

Mustang: Fever, OWA. What you have seen here tonight is just the beginning of a force that will overtake you all. Fever never helped us win a title. We won the titles and we will continue to carry these straps. We are already getting challenges from those morons Gus and Rachel. Are you sure that you have what it takes to even say you can be our equals?

Stallion: Gus, you big moron, I took you with a DDT, just think what my Stallion Thrust Kick would do to you, and Rachel? What can I say about you? We punked ya and we’ll do it again. You want a piece of us, come and get it toots. Cuz, we’ll beat you right back to the locker room. Fever, consider yourself fired. And just remember you have a big match coming soon and you wouldn’t want anything to happen to you beforehand.

Mustang: Gus and Rachel. If you want us. Great. No Rules No DQ in a cage. We will grind you up like hamburger against the steel. Fever you know that you have had this coming for a long time. Executioner all I can say is get out from under his grasp and be your own champion. The only way Fever can hold a title is to manage a title holder. Now get this microphone outta my face!

The Chiefs walk out]

Ricky Hype

Shelly Marks: I’m back here in the locker room with Ricky Hype. His team was victorious in the first round of this tournament, however, he’s not very happy.

Ricky Hype, now gaining composure: I tell ya what, my team mates and I can’t even get one match under our belts before some idiot interferes! First thing, if team Fate, yeah right, wants a rematch I’ll gladly give it to them. We had a good shot at winning that match but we didn’t get to see what would have really happened. I gotta apologize to MegaDiesel for what happened!! I wasn’t sure what was going on at the time. That’s not my style! They lost because of their Captain? Fate, you don’t deserve to be captain of anything, and your team, deserves anything but you!

Ricky Hype turns and picks up a hockey stick from his locker.]

Ricky Hype: Johnny “BOY!!” Fate. I’m used to using this on guys ten times more of a man than you, and wouldn’t even consider you more than a fly, but NOBODY!!! Steals the show from RICKY “the FOXX” HYPE!!!! I’m calling my agent to set up a match to see what kind of man you really are. I can’t wait! My fans can’t wait! And I’m sure the rest of the OWA can’t wait to see the HYPEMAN.

Hype breaks the hockey stick over his knee]

Ricky Hype: put you on ice with the HYPERDRIVE!!!!! Fate, we’ll see what you can do when you’re not sneaking up from behind and your face to face with the SHOW!!!!!!

Hype storms out]

Shelly: Back to you guys.

Wendy Ryker/Amazon Woman/Tara Quinn/Stacks Coltrain vs. Davey Scott/Billy Smith/Xyz/Miguel Thunder

Announcer: This match is one fall. First let me introduce Team Fashion. Wendy Ryker. Amazon Woman. “Harley” Tara Quinn and team captain Stacks Coltrain! And their opponents are Team Thunder. Davey Scott. Billy Smith. Xyz and Team Captain Miguel Thunder!!

Ed: Newcomer Ricky Hype is hot. Johnny Fate isn’t making any friends here in the OWA. First Asian Invasion. Then Mack Truck and Brawlers Inc. and now Ricky Hype.

Biff: I keep telling you that guy is a moron but no one listens to me!

Ed: There’s the bell. Starting out in the ring is Wendy Ryker. She’ll be taking on Team captain Miguel Thunder. Lock up. Thunder goes for a spin kick, but Ryker ducks down and nails him with a belly to belly suplex. Ryker points to the other team and as the referee turns around, she nails Thunder with a low blow.

Biff: Whoa! Harsh. I like this girl. Too bad she’s a Femme. Facerake by Ryker and she goes for a whip. Reversal by Thunder and Thunder misses a clothesline but Ryker nails him with a kick. She climbs on the turnbuckle and points to her fallen foe.

Ed: Ryker with another whip. Reversal by Thunder and Thunder hits her with a savate kick. Thunder tags in Xyz. Winner of this matchup will go on to face Team “Debut” in the semifinals. Ryker tags out to Tara Quinn.

Biff: Quinn with a quick rolling kick. Quinn with a whip. Reversal by Xyz. Quinn nails Xyz with a clothesline that sends him out of the ring. Quinn quickly heads for the top turnbuckle. As Xyz climbs into the ring, Quinn goes for a moonsault, but Xyz side steps and Quinn crashes to the mat.

Ed: Xyz tags in Billy Smith. Smith comes in and is met with a palm blow. Quinn into the ropes, but Smith catches her with a backdrop that sends Quinn out of the ring. Smith follows her out and nails her with a chair. Here comes some of her teammates and Smith goes back into the ring.

Biff: Quinn tags in Amazon Woman. Smith nails Amazon Woman as she comes in with a punch. Smith misses a wild punch and Amazon nails him with an inverted atomic drop and a gutwrench suplex. Amazon Woman with a whip. Reversal by Smith and he nails her with an enzuigiri.

Ed: Amazon Woman flies out of the corner, nailing Smith with clothesline. She tags in Wendy Ryker. Ryker nails Smith with a gutwrench suplex and Smith tags in Davey Scott. Scott nails Ryker with a clothesline and then nails her with a piledriver. cover. one. two. kickout by Ryker.

Biff: Scott tags in Xyz. Sets up for another piledriver, but Ryker with a backdrop. She tags in Tara Quinn. She nails Xyz with a palm blow and then a spin kick. She’s setting up and nails Xyz with her Fistdrop! Cover. The three women charge over to stop the other from interfering. one. two. three!!!

Announcer: Winner of this match in 25: 55, Team Fashion!

Ed: It’ll be Team “Debut” taking on Team Fashion in the semifinals! Let’s go now to Elaine Bryant who’s with Johnny Fate!

Johnny Fate

Elaine – in the back parking lot somewhere: I’m here with Johnny Fate.

Fate: I told you that I might show up!! Mack buddy. You’re slow and fat. How do expect to get a hold of me? I mean come on. You’re a loser. You have no wrestling talent at all and you should go back to driving trucks!! You and I will meet very soon!!!! Brawlers Inc. poor babies. You lost!! Isn’t that to bad? I mean I told you to do your share, but you couldn’t handle it!!! I challenge you to a tag team match!!! You two vs. me and my mystery wrestler!!!! Do you think you two could handle it? I mean you couldn’t handle a four on four match up. How could handle a tag team match? MegaDiesel and Sabin. Brawlers Inc.? You guys think that you’re tough enough to face us? I want you two to sign for the match, because if you don’t. I’ll make your life a living hell!!!!! Now Biff Franklin. You’re still spouting off your mouth at me!! Don’t you get the picture? I mean what else do I have to do to shut you up? Mention my name 1 more time. I dare you!!!! Folks I’m not done at Holiday In Hell just yet….so expect to see.

From behind Mack Truck nails Fate with a chair. He kicks him a couple times. He turns to say something to Elaine, but just storms off]

Ed: What are you laughing about!?!?

Biff: Hahahahaha. Did you see that? Fate called him out and so Truck went out there and just creamed him! I loved it! Hahahahaha. What a loser!!

Ed: Let’s go to our colleague. Shelly Marks who’s with Samantha Tanner.

Samantha Tanner

Shelly: We’re in the locker room, I’ve been asked to come here and talk with Samantha Tanner. Congratulations on your win tonight.

(Samantha is getting a rub down in preparation for her next match of the night)

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen. And I say that loosely. Tonight I proved to all of you that I know what I’m doing in that ring. I am the best technical wrestler in the OWA and before Holiday In Hell is over. You will all know it!!! Johnny Fate you must be one stupid man. It’s typical for a man to act like he did, but there still is no excuse for it. You caused your team to lose, and for that I thank you. Ya know, he goes around saying stuff like “Fate is gonna knock on your door”. Well honey if it ever knocked on mine. I’m sure that I wouldn’t open it especially when it’s an ugly guy like you. I mean come on. I’d be that sad too if I looked like him. Now I want to talk about that girl. Ah what’s her name…

Rubdown Man: Consuelo Salyards, mam.

Sam: Thank you Pierre. Consuelo. I don’t know what border you crossed or what orange and peanut truck you fell off of, but I do know that you are the most untalented wrestler in the OWA. Arriba? Come on Salyards, please I mean it’s one thing if you have talent, but it’s another if you just plain suck. I know that you’re a wanna-be Razor Ramon chica, but it’s never gonna happen. You’ve got more hair on your chest that he does!! And the facial hair. Forget about it!!! Honey you and I need to get together and work on that BO of yours. Whew. Even when I was wrestling in another fed I could smell it. Anyway Salyards, as you can tell I want a match with you. I want to make you cry out for pain!!! I want to put you back where you belong!!! That’s the Dog Pound!!!! I’m the woman who can make it happen Consuelo. I’m gonna revoke your GREEN CARD!!! Because I am the sexiest, smartest and slyest. I’m Samantha Tanner. You gotta love me!!!

Shelly: Back out to you guys.

Danny Maxx/Johnny Blades/Shocker/Anthony Hazard vs. Rainbow Warrior/Shogun/Jetstream/Pretty Boy Monty

Announcer: This match is the final first round match in this tournament. First introducing Team Elite. Danny Maxx and Johnny Blades. The Extremists. Their partner. The Shocker and the team captain. Anthony Hazard!! And their opponents. Team Family. Rainbow Warrior. The OWA TV Champion, Shogun. Jetstream and team captain. Pretty Boy Monty!!

Ed: Winner of this match goes on the face Team Femme in the semifinals. Looks like it’ll be Danny Maxx starting out for his team and team captain Pretty Boy Monty on the other. Lock up. Maxx with a whip. Monty comes off the ropes and nails him with a lariat. Monty rubs his bald head and struts, but Maxx is up and takes him down with a flying bodypress. one. Kickout by Monty.

Biff: Monty nails Maxx in the stomach and tags in Jetstream. Maxx goes for a body slam, but Jetstream counters with a small package. one. Reversal by Maxx. one. t. kickout by Jetstream. Maxx tags in Blades. Maxx and Blades whip Jetstream and nail him with a double elbow smash. Maxx nails Jetstream with a dropkick and leaves the ring.

Ed: Blades with a flying fistdrop. Blades off the ropes with a flying sunset flip. one. two. Kickout by Jetstream. Blades off the ropes but Jetstream catches him in a powerslam. He tags out to the TV Champion Shogun. Blades reaches over and tags in Anthony Hazard.

Biff: Lock up. Shogun with a whip into the corner. Shogun with a facebite and Shogun tags out to the Rainbow Warrior. Shogun nails Hazard with a thrust kick to the head and exits the ring. Rainbow Warrior nails Hazard with a slap. Warrior off the ropes. Hazard ducks the clothesline and nails Warrior in the midsection with a fist. Hazard tags in The Shocker.

Ed: Warrior tags in Jetstream. They double team Shocker and whip him into the ropes. They miss with a double clothesline and he nails them with a double clothesline. Shogun with a dragon suplex on Jetstream. One. two. three!!!

Announcer: Winners of this match in 33: 24, Team Elite!

Ed: Great win for Team Elite. Let’s go to Shelly Marks who’s with Asian Invasion.

Asian Invasion

Shelly in the locker room: Thanks Ed. I’m here with Asian Invasion. Tough night for the Plague.

Asian Invasion: Well, an early exit from Holiday In Hell, a nice Christmas break, and you know what, I’m wondering what’s happening to the PLAGUE!!! First, Executioner. You became ungrateful, didn’t you champ… I don’t need help, I’m the big freakin’ stud, okay fine, MISTAKE NUMBER ONE!!!

Next, the Chiefs, Tag Team Champs. You guys think that you’re better without The Plague, think that you’re better on your own, basically cost ME, my chance at the 6-man tag title, MISTAKE NUMBER TWO!!!

SO, Freddy, looks like you and me right. Even though you never helped me out, barley talked to me. You said. Sure, I’ll help you take care of Fate at Behind Enemy Lines. ,. Anything you need… Even though I went and sat at friggin, LAW events with the rest of you IDIOTS, and did EVERYTHING FOR YOU!!!


You NEVER helping me out when you promised!!!

All you did was hold me back!!! Fever, I can’t wait until Dr. Amazon Woman cures the Fever from the OWA!!!

Shelly: Looks like another dropping from the Plague. Let’s go back out to ringside.

Ed: Thanks Shelly. Coming up. The Semi Finals. Team “Debut” will tangle with Team Fashion and Team Femme takes on Team Elite. Remember. Semifinal rounds are elimination style matches and only the survivors advance.

Best 2 of 3 Falls Contender’s Match: Chaos vs. Mr. America

Announcer: This match is the best 2 of three falls. The winner will get a shot at the OWA TV Championship in two weeks. Making his way down to ringside. He weighs in at 301 pounds. Here is Chaos!! And his opponent. He weighs in at 275 pounds. Here is Mr. America!!

Ed: Apparently this match was signed just moments ago. There’s the bell and lockup. Chaos runs into the ropes but Mr. America nails him with a clothesline. He’s going for his patented Piledriver but Chaos escapes and slides out of the ring.

Biff: Chaos is no slouch. You can’t put him away that easily. Mr. America is still smarting from that loss to Rainbow Warrior and Chaos is coming off that loss at Behind Enemy Lines with Stacks Coltrain. Chaos back into the ring. Lock up. Chaos with a cross corner whip and a hiptoss by Chaos.

Ed: Chaos quickly hits him with a swinging neckbreaker and goes for the cover. one. two. Kickout by Mr. America. Mr. America with a low blow and that stops Chaos. Mr. A with a whip and his hits Chaos with a backdrop. Belly to belly suplex by Mr. America.

Biff: Mr. America pulls Chaos to his feet but Chaos with a nice small package. one. tw. Kickout by Mr. America. Mr. America with another low blow and the referee is giving a stern warning.

Ed: Look out. Chaos is reaching into his trucks and he just NAILED Mr. America with whatever it was he had in his hands. Cover by Chaos. one.
two. three!

Announcer: Winner of fall one in 3: 16, Chaos!!

Biff: Great move by Chaos. The referee has no idea what just happened. Mr. America is just now coming around. The referee is trying to get Mr. America to his corner. There’s only about a 60 second rest period and Chaos is looking mighty cocky in the corner.

Ed: He’s dumped whatever that was to the floor and the referee is asking Chaos about using a foreign object which Chaos denies. There’s the bell for the second fall and Chaos is all over Mr. America.

Biff: Chaos with a chokehold. one. two. three. four. He goes for it again. one. two. three. four and the referee is really scolding Chaos now. Hold up. Mr. America is in his tight and he just nailed Chaos!!! Cover. one. two. three!!

Announcer: The winner of the second fall, in 5: 25, is Mr. America!

Ed: Well. They say turnabout is fair play. Now I don’t think either one of them have objects. The referee is checking out Mr. America but he’s dropped his object out of the ring as well.

Biff: Hahaha. This is a great match. Short but great. Though things are all evened up. One fall apiece. There’s the bell starting out the third and deciding fall.

Ed: Mr. America quickly goes for his Piledriver but Chaos with a backdrop. America misses with a clothesline. Chaos misses with a shoulderblock and America nails Chaos with a short lariat. Hotshot by Mr. America and a spinebuster slam. cover. one. two. Kickout by Chaos.

Biff: Chaos goes to the outside. Mr. America follows him out and Chaos nails him with a kick to the midsection. Chaos runs Mr. America into the ringpost. Body slam by Chaos. Chaos sets up a table and slams America on it. Chaos is up and DDTS America on the table. It doesn’t break. Just falls over. Both men tumbling to the ground.

Ed: Chaos whips Mr. America, but America reverses it sending Chaos into the guardrail. America runs Chaos shoulder first into the ringpost. America resets the table and Hotshots Chaos off the table. There’s the bell.

Biff: What? Already? It was just getting good!!

Announcer: At 10: 24, both men have been counted out. This match is a no contest.

Ed: I’m sure a rematch will happen in the future between two, definitely when it comes to the Grand Prix tournament. Let’s go to Elaine Bryant back in the dressing room.

Tom Tomorrow

Elaine: I’m in the locker room where I’m being joined by a newcomer to the OWA, Tom Tomorrow. Tom, what are your feelings regarding the extraordinarily short match that took place earlier?

Tom [with a look of disgust on his face]: My “feelings”? What do you think my “feelings” are? Nor would it be appropriate to say that I was “in” that match. I knew that my presence in this league would frighten most of the OWA, but I did not expect to see the other team throw the match before I even entered the ring, just to avoid facing me. My “feelings”? Disappointed. Disappointed, indeed.

Elaine: What do you think of the contributions of your partners to your victory?

Tom [impatiently]: Haven’t you been listening? I do not consider that a victory. I consider it a farce. As for my partners, I didn’t really notice them. One of them pinned a member of the opposing team, but as I said earlier, I believe that that was only so that they didn’t have to face me.

Elaine: So now Team Debut is up against Team Fashion in the semi-finals. Any thoughts on that match-up?

Tom: Four women, I believe? Based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m not terribly impressed. I sincerely hope they don’t expect me to go easy on them because of their gender. That nonsense about chivalry may still be a part of your backward culture, but it went decidedly out of style in the early 21st century. They can expect no mercy from the Wrestler of the Future.

Elaine: So there you have it, folks. A very confident Tom Tomorrow predicting victory over Team Fashion. Let’s go over to Shelly Marks who’s with Fast Fighter.

Fast Fighter

Shelly: Thanks Elaine. I’m with Fast Fighter. Congratulations on your win in the first round. Now on to round two and you’ll be facing Stack Coltrain’s Team Fashion. Any comments?

Fast Fighter: Well, the team I was captaining got by the first round easily enough, thanks to some help by Fate. Up next is Team Fashion. Well, may the best man. mmmm. Never mind. May the best person win. That will, hopefully, be us.

Shelly: Good luck.

FF: One more thing. Hey Hype, I noticed you are at least sorta into hockey. Well, I’ll have my hockey stick at ringside, but if you want to borrow it, be my guest. Hell, we could have a tag team in the makings. Well, maybe not. We shall see. Let’s rock!!!

Shelly: Let’s go out to Ed and Biff.

Samantha Tanner/Tom Tomorrow/Ricky Hype/Fast Fighter vs. Wendy Ryker/Amazon Woman/Tara Quinn/Stacks Coltrain

Announcer: This match is the first match in the semifinals of the Quad Team tournament. First coming down to ringside. Team “Debut” Samantha Tanner. Ricky Hype. Tom Tomorrow and captain Fast Fighter.

Ed: Ricky Hype is walking down to ringside with Anthony Hazard. He’s coming this way. Let’s find out what this is all about.


(Crowd pops)

Ricky Hype does a little shuffle dance and smiles as he speaks: All right! Ya came here to see a show?!?! You all saw what happened with the last match. That’s not gonna happen to this one!!! You’re gonna see some of the best wrestling in the OWA!!! My team vs team Fashion!! I guarantee it!! How? I went looking for a trustworthy person with integrity. Cheating doesn’t enter this man’s mind. He relies on his abilities to succeed and not others. Being that he is the winner of the OWA best face award, here is. That’s right. MR. ANTHONY HAZARD!!!!!!!!!!!

Ricky bows then shakes Hazards hand and gives him the microphone]

Hazard raises an eyebrow: Thanks Hypster.

Ricky does his little shuffle dance then points to Anthony with both fingers]

Hazard: But let’s not forget I am also the only wrestler in OWA history to hold BOTH the TV Title AND the OWA World Championship belts at the same time.

The crowd goes crazy]

Hazard: Now I’m not down here to watch Ricky’s back. But knowing he can trust me, he asked me here to make sure both of these teams get a fair chance to advance.

Announcer: And their opponents are Team Fashion. Wendy Ryker. Tara Quinn. Amazon Woman and Team Captain Stacks Coltrain.

Hazard rounds the ring shaking all the wrestlers’ hands. When he comes to Amazon Woman, even though she holds out her hand, he simply walks by.]

Announcer: This match is elimination style tag team match. When you are pinned you go back to the locker room and are finished for the night. When one team has all four members pinned then they are the losers and the survivors will advance to War Games.

Ed: Looks like some hostility from Anthony Hazard towards Amazon Woman. Looks like it’ll be Wendy Ryker starting out for Team Fashion. She’ll be taking on Fast Fighter of Team Debut. Lockup but Wendy nails him in the midsection with a fist.

Biff: Looks like that just ticked off Fast Fighter. He whips her out of the ring over the top rope and goes out. He runs her into the guard railing and then into the ring post. Wendy grabs a chair, and tries to hit Fast Fighter but he dodges it and he grabs the chair and busts her open and she is bleeding badly now.

Ed: Fighter rolls her back into the ring. Small package. one. two. three!! Tara Quinn is just a bit too late in making that save.

Announcer: At 2: 07, Wendy Ryker has been eliminated.

Biff: Tara attacks Fighter, nailing him with an enzuigiri. Whip by Tara and she catches him with a tilt a whirl suplex. Another whip and she catches him with a Frankensteiner. NO! Fast Fighter hits her with a powerbomb and tags in Samantha Tanner.

Ed: Great start for Team Debut. Already taking out one member of Team Fashion. Samantha Tanner tries for a fisherman suplex but Tara Quinn counters with a small package. one. two. Kickout by Tanner.

Biff: Tara tags in Amazon Woman and this is the match that Samantha Tanner had wanted. Amazon whips Tanner into the topes and knocks her down with a shoulderblock. Facerake by Tanner. She nails Amazon Woman with a superkick.

Ed: Tanner tries for a legsweep faceslam but Amazon Woman doesn’t budge an inch and takes her down with a huge faceslam. Tanner begs off, but Amazon Woman has no mercy. Clothesline by Amazon Woman. Tanner with another facerake and then a ropeburn. Tanner pulling out all the dirty tricks here against Amazon Woman.

Biff: Tanner with a whip, but Amazon Woman just mauls her with a running forearm smash. Amazon picks her up and. here we go. Running Powerslam by Amazon. cover. one. two. three!! And Samantha Tanner is out of this contest.

Ed: She does NOT look happy at all. Her teammates try to stop her from attacking Amazon Woman. Finally she heads back to the locker room and Tom Tomorrow comes in for his team. We’re at 3 on 3.

Biff: Tom with an elbowsmash.

Ed: Hold on. I’m getting a report that an altercation has happened between Samantha Tanner and someone. Elaine? Elaine are you there?

Elaine: Yes. I’m here. Go back out to the match. This altercation is over and we have it on video. We’ll bring it to you just after this matchup is over.

Ed: Sounds fine. Tom Tomorrow has dominated Amazon Woman so far. Tom puts Amazon on the top turnbuckle. He’s going to try for his Top Rope DDT but Amazon pushes him off and nails him with a clothesline off the top rope. She tags out to Stacks Coltrain.

Biff: Stacks hits Tomorrow with the Spinning Power Bomb. one. two. three! Tom Tomorrow is out of there. We have Stacks Coltrain. Amazon Woman and Tara Quinn on one team and Fast Fighter and Ricky Hype on the other.

Ed: Stacks tags out to Tara Quinn and Fast Fighter comes into the ring. Tara tries for a kick, but Fighter dodges it and nails her with a clothesline. Fighter with a bridging back suplex. one. two. Kickout by Quinn. Fighter puts Quinn on the turnbuckle.

Biff: Nice double underhook superplex by Fighter. cover. one. two. Amazon Woman makes the save on that one. Fighter pulls Quinn up and out of nowhere she nails him with an enzuigiri. She nails him with a jumping side kick. Corner whip by Quinn followed by a handspring elbow.

Ed: Quinn goes for a Frankenstiener, but Fighter slams her down with a powerbomb. one. two. three!! Quinn is out of this one leaving only Coltrain and Amazon Woman to face the team of Fighter and Hype.

Biff: Stacks come in and nails Fighter with a savate kick. Fighter is up and nails Stacks with a back heel kick and he follows it up with a flying dropkick.

Ed: I’m getting word that an ambulance has arrived here at the arena. As soon as this match is over we’ll find out exactly what’s going on in the back. Fighter puts Stacks up on the top turnbuckle but Stacks throws him off and nails him with an elbow from the top turnbuckle. Piledriver by Stacks. cover. one. two. three!!! Fast Fighter is out of this one.

Biff: Hype is in there quickly. I think Stacks was going to tag out but Hype catches her before she’s over there. Bodyslam by Ricky Hype. He nails Stacks with a belly to back suplex and then a kneedrop. Hype into the ropes. He misses an elbow and Stacks ducks a shoulderblock.

Ed: Hype is a ball of fire in there. Stacks goes for a flying fistdrop, but Hype nails her in the midsection. Hype goes for a flying clothesline, but Stacks ducks and Hype goes out over the top!

Biff: And he nails that guardrailing coming out. Hazard goes over to check on Hype. Stacks tags in Amazon Woman, who goes to the outside, but Hazard isn’t going to let her anywhere near Hype. She motions for him to get Hype in the ring then and Hazard just glares at her.

Ed: Hazard is conferring with Hype who is busted wide open and bleeding profusely. Hype says he wants to continue in this match and enters the ring. Amazon Woman clamps on the full nelson but Hype isn’t about to give up. Whip by Amazon Woman. She misses a clothesline and Hype comes back with a flying forearm.

Biff: He’s going for his modified bulldog but Amazon just laid him out with a belly to back suplex. She’s got him up. Running Powerslam. She tags in Stacks who executed the Spinning Powerbomb and goes for the cover. one. two. three!!

Announcer: Survivors of this match in 26: 34, Stacks Coltrain and Amazon Woman!

Ed: Hazard is attending to Hype as Stacks and Amazon Woman head back to the locker room. Now let’s go back to the locker room area where Elaine Bryant is back there.

Camera changes and Samantha Tanner is being loaded onto a stretcher and put into the back of an ambulance. Her face is covered in blood. ]

Mr. America

Elaine: I’m back here and as you can see Samantha Tanner is being taken to the local hospital after a brutal attack on her by Mr. America. We have some footage. It all started after Tanner was eliminated from the tag team match. Let’s go to that footage now.


Elaine: I’m back here in the locker room. Samantha Tanner has just been eliminated from competition tonight. I’m going to try to get a few words, Samantha, can I…

(Samantha just shoves Elaine out of the way and heads into her locker room. as she enters the door is abruptly slammed and some violent sounds as we’ll as an initial scream is heard. the door opens and Mr. America comes out. he drags out Samantha Tanner by her hair…)

Elaine: What in the world…??

{Mr. America then sets up Tanner and piledrives her right then and there. camera focuses on Tanner who is bleeding profusely from her head…)

Mr. America: So now it looks like a novice has chosen to shoot her mouth off about me. Sam, you just don’t seem to understand do you? If I wanted you I would’ve shot out the old spare change and bought you, but then this isn’t the place for personal affairs. Feel lucky that you were the chosen one. This message goes out to everybody. Forget the vacation, I’m back. Consuelo, you’re the first one I’m looking at, and then I’ll be knocking on your door Traci. Oh and Asian, I’m quite upset with you. I mean, I don’t even get an honorable mention in your way it is segments. I guess I’ll have to correct that too. OWA, it’s time America’s perfection played his trump card, but the question is. Can you handle it? The answer is a resounding no!

(As he walks off, Elaine bends over to check on the condition of Sam Tanner)

Elaine: We need some help back here.

(end of footage)

Elaine: As you can see, Mr. America is here to stay. We’ll try to get word on the condition of Sam Tanner before we go off of the air. Back to you guys.

Ed: Incredible attack on Samantha Tanner by Mr. America and, uh oh, He’s on his way down here now. He’s got a chair.

Biff: I’m outta here.

(Mr. America grabs a mic and climbs into the ring…)

Mr. America: Double countout my left foot! That’s no way to end a match where the winner gets a title shot! CHAOS!! Get out here NOW! You’ve got a date with destiny and I have a title I need to pick up in two weeks!

(The OWA commissioner heads to ringside and following him is Chaos. Commissioner turns around and talks to Chaos and Chaos looks up at Mr. America and goes back to the locker room. Commissioner climbs into the ring and says a few words to Mr. America. Mr. America throws down his chair and nods reluctantly then exits the ring and heads up to the locker room as Shelly Marks enters the ring)

Shelly: Mr. Commissioner. What exactly happened here?

OWA Commish: We have a card to finish here. I cannot help it if those two cannot keep their temper and get counted out. However, on Monday night, December 30th, the OWA will be in Seattle WA for the first night of the OWA Grand Prix tournament. As part of the tournament, I’ve signed Mr. America to take on Chaos. There must be a winner in their matchup. The match will not stop until one person’s hand is raised. The winner will get the TV title shot. Both agreed and so be it.

Shelly: Great compromise.

(both leave the ring as the ring announcer enters the ring.)

Danny Maxx/Johnny Blades/Shocker/Anthony Hazard vs. Gustaffson/Consuelo Salyards/Mariko/Rachel Ryan

Announcer: The next match is the last semi-final match for this tournament. The survivors of this match will go on to face Stacks Coltrain and Amazon Woman inside the steel cage for War Games. Entering the ring at this time. Team Femme. Gustaffson. Consuelo Salyards. Mariko and Team Captain, Rachel Ryan! And their opponents are Team Elite. Johnny Blades. Danny Maxx. The Shocker and Team Captain, Anthony Hazard!!!

Ed: This will probably be the match of the night in this tournament. Looks like Rachel Ryan will be starting out with Danny Maxx of the Extremists. Now this is just in. On Monday December 30th, as part of the Grand Prix Tournament, starting in Seattle. Rachel Ryan will take on the non-champion of the World title bout this evening. If Executioner retains the title, then Rachel will take on Traci Lane in Seattle. If Traci wins the belt, then Rachel will take on Executioner.

Biff: The OWA is where it’s at when it comes to professional wrestling. Lockup with Ryan and Maxx. Maxx with a whip and he catches her with a nice belly to belly off the ropes. cover. one. Kickout by Rachel Ryan and that was a nice opening move. Ryan tries a cross corner whip, but Maxx reverses it. Maxx charges in, and Ryan is out of the way, as Maxx crashes into the corner. Ryan nails him with flying clothesline.

Ed: Ryan tags out to the big guy and Gustaffson comes into the ring. Gustaffson nails Maxx with a German suplex. Gustaffson misses a Running Forearm Smash. Gustaffson tries for a DDT, but Maxx counter with a huge back drop. Gustaffson tags back in Rachel Ryan and Maxx tags in The Shocker.

Biff: Shocker nails Ryan with a shoulderblock. Shocker with a whip. Reversal by Ryan. She nails him with an elbow. She follows it up with a Russian legsweep and a swinging neckbreaker. cover. one. two. Kickout by Shocker. Ryan with a whip. Reversal by Shocker and he catches her with a backdrop. Whoa! And it sends her out of the ring over the top rope and she’s holding her leg.

Ed: Remember she injured that leg at Hardcore Heaven this past year. The Shocker goes out of the ring and gives that leg a couple of stomps and rolls her back into the ring. Shocker chokes her against the ropes. Shocker tags in Johnny Blades who comes off the turnbuckle and drives a kick to the leg of Rachel Ryan.

Biff: Some roughness coming through on the part of the Elite who have been this way for a number of weeks now. Johnny Blades with a bodyslam. Nope. Ryan with a small package. one. two. Reversal by Blades. one. two. three!!! She couldn’t kick out with that leg and Ryan has been eliminated from this contest.

Announcer: At 6: 17, Rachel Ryan has been eliminated.

Ed: Consuelo Salyards comes in for the Team Femme. Johnny Blades tags out to the Shocker. Lock up and whip by Salyards. Reversal by Shocker. Salyards nails Shocker with a flying spinning leg lariat. Salyards with a flying lariat. cover. one. two. Kickout by Shocker. Salyards with a flying headscissors by Shocker just throws her off and tags in Anthony Hazard.

Biff: Hazard with a whip but Consuelo nails him with a flying shoulderblock, then a flying fistdrop. Consuelo tries for a flying leg lariat, but Hazard ducks and Consuelo flies out of the ring. Referee counts. one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight and Salyards finally gets back into the ring. Hazard catches Salyards with a belly to belly suplex and then drives a knee to the back. Hazard misses a kick and Consuelo gets the tag out to Mariko.

Ed: Double whip by the two Femme’s and they nail him with a double clothesline. Mariko goes to the top, but Hazard throws her off and drops an elbow. Mariko is up and nails Hazard with a spin kick. Mariko tags in Gustaffson and Hazard tags in Danny Maxx.

Biff: Danny Maxx off the ropes but OH MY! Gustaffson catches him for a big powerbomb!! One. two. three! And Danny Maxx is outta here. Hold on from behind. Johnny Blades just nails Gustaffson. DDT by Blades and he tags in Shocker. They set up Gus and spike piledriver. one. two. three! Gustaffson has been eliminated as well.

Announcer: At 15: 34 Danny Maxx has been eliminated and at 16: 23 Gustaffson was eliminated.

Ed: We’re down to a 3 on 2 in favor of the Elite. Blades tags in Anthony Hazard and in for the Femme’s comes in Mariko. Mariko nails Hazard with flying headscissors and she follows it up with a belly to back suplex. Mariko off the ropes, but Hazard nails her with a double axhandle chop. He goes to the top and comes off with an elbow but Mariko is outta there and goes for a thrust kick to the head but Hazard ducks and catches with the Reverse Powerslam. one. two. three!! Mariko is gone.

Announcer: Mariko has been eliminated at 18: 54.

Biff: This ought to be interesting. Hazard, Blades and Shocker vs. Consuelo. Hazard tags in Shocker. Shocker tries to catch her with a flying clothesline, but she ducks and nails him with a spinning leg lariat. She put on the figure four leglock and Shocker is in pain. He reaches out and finally is able to make it to the ropes for the break.

Ed: Salyards with a thrust kick to the head and a cover. one. two. thre. Kickout by Shocker. Close one. Salyards with an elbow off the ropes. Then whips Shocker in and backdrops him. Salyards goes to the top rope and goes for a dropkick, but Shocker moves out of the way. He tags in Hazard.

Biff: He nails her with a belly to belly suplex. one. two. Kickout by Consuelo. Russian legsweep by Hazard. one. two. Kickout again. Hazard off the ropes, but Salyards catches him with a spinebuster slam and a diving elbow smash. cover. one. two. th. Kickout by Hazard.

Ed: Consuelo with a whip. She goes for a Frankensteiner but Hazard just drops her with a power bomb. one. two. three!! It’s over. Hazard, Blades and Shocker advance to War Games to take on Amazon Woman and Stacks Coltrain. The cage is being lowered and we’re about to have our World Title match. While we’re waiting for this cage to be fit onto the ring. Let’s to now to the OWA Studios and Myers Watterson will give us the rundown on Endurance’s Evil Challenge.

Endurance’s Evil Challenge Update

Myers: Thanks Ed. great card so far and still more to come but I’m here right now to let you know that on February 2nd, the OWA will take on Endurance’s Evil Challenge. The top 16 contenders, not involved in title matches, will be seeded in the EEC tournament. Here’s how the tournament runs.

Round 1: Tag Team Matches. Your partner is picked at random. Please note, if you attack your partner in any manner, you will be eliminated from the tournament. Winners advance to the next round.

Round 2: You will battle your tag team partner from the first round. Winners advance.

Round 3: A four way dance. Two wrestlers start and are able to tag any wrestler on the outside. Match stops when there are 2 wrestlers remaining.

Finale: A Death Match: Winner is the person who wins 3 consecutive falls.

The winner of the tournament will be crowned the NEW North American Champion.

Also, the Grand Prix tournament winner will be face the OWA Champion.

The OWA TV Championship will be on the line.

The OWA Tag Team Championship will also be defended and I’m told that it might be the Chiefs defending against Rachel Ryan and Gustaffson but don’t hold me to that just yet.

That’s all the info I have on EEC at this time. I’ll have more in coming weeks. I’m told the cage is set and ready and we’re on our way to ringside.

Ed: Thanks Myers. EEC should be a great card! The cage is up and ready and it’s finally time for the OWA Championship match. Let’s go now to the ring announcer.

OWA Championship: Executioner vs. Traci Lane

Announcer: This match is one fall. This contest will be held inside this steel cage and it’ll be a pinfall only match for the OWA Championship. First announcing the challenger. She weighs in at 185 pounds. Here is “The Black Widow” Traci Lane!! And introducing the Champion. He weighs in at 230 pounds. Here is the OWA Champion. Executioner!!!!

Ed: There are the introduction. Executioner hands that belt to the referee who in turns hands it to the timekeeper. The door is locked and we’re underway for this championship match.

Biff: Traci Lane wastes no time in nailing Executioner with a dropkick. She attempts a Northern Lights Suplex but Executioner just sits down. Lane off the ropes goes for a clothesline, but Executioner ducks down and catches her in a sleeperhold. Traci runs and rams Executioner head first into the cage to escape the sleeper.

Ed: Lane with a whip and powerslam by the challengers. one. tw. Kickout by Executioner. You might note this is a pinfall only cage match because there is a lid on top of the cage for the next match, plus neither one of these competitors wants to win a title by escaping a cage. They want a 1, 2, and 3.

Biff: Lane off the ropes, and Executioner quickly nails her with a side suplex. Executioner with a flying clothesline. Executioner goes for a short clothesline but Lane ducks and the dropkicks Executioner who hits the cage face first and I think he’s been busted open.

Ed: Looks like it from here. Lane with a vertical suplex and a short clothesline. She follows it up with a Russian legsweep and cover. one. tw. Kickout by the champion. Lane misses a clothesline as Executioner ducks then nails her in the back with a knee and a spinebuster slam by the OWA Champion.

Biff: Executioner applies a Boston crab. Traci Lane is in a lot of pain. She inches towards the ropes and finally gets it and the referee calls for the break. Executioner nails her in the back with another knee. It’s obvious he plans on breaking her back down so he can apply the cross face chicken wing and that’s exactly right. He’s clamping on the Cross Face Chicken Wing!

Ed: Good call on that one and they are in the center of the ring and Lane looks to see how far that rope is and I’m sure it seems like miles for her. Freddy Fever has made his way to ringside. There’s no way for him to get into the ring, so it’s relatively safe for him to be here. However, I just don’t trust him.

Biff: In the ring, it’s been a couple minutes that Lane has been in the Cross Face Chicken Wing. Slowly she’s been edging and finally she makes it to the ropes. Referee calls for the break. Executioner breaks the hold and then noticed Fever at ringside.

Ed: Fever wants to hand something to him through the cage but Executioner isn’t having any part of that, from behind Traci Lane dropkicks Executioner who nails that cage again with his face. rollup by Lane. one. two. three!!! We have a new world’s champion. Traci Lane has become a 2-time OWA Champion!! Executioner is a little disoriented and Fever is pissed.

Biff: The cage door is open and Fever grabs a nearby chair and comes in swinging wildly at Lane who ducks and Fever nails Executioner in the head. Here comes the Femmes, and Lane nails Fever with that belt and he goes through the cage door. He’s obviously pissed off.

Ed: Not as pissed as Executioner is going to be when he revives. The referee is helping him out of the cage while the Femme’s storm in and congratulate the newly crowned OWA Champion. Hopefully we can get a few words with the new champion.

(Traci Lane is exiting the ring, the OWA World Championship clipped around her waist. She and the other Femmes are whooping and jumping around. Elaine Bryant struggles into their midst, holding a mic.)

Traci Lane

Elaine: Traci Lane, you’ve just won the OWA World’s Championship for the second time! Congratulations! How does it feel?

Traci: WHOOOOOOO!!! (She high-fives the other Femmes.) It’s the BEST, Elaine! It’s been too long!

Elaine: Executioner really gave you a tough fight. What do you have to say to him?

Traci: Tough doesn’t do him justice. He was a champ, and he fought like one. I got a break when he became distracted by Freddy, and I jumped at it. He’s a great wrestler and he’ll have this belt again one day.

Elaine: On a side note, it was a disappointing night for Team Femme. Team Elite really handled them. What’s your opinion?

Traci: The Elite are great wrestlers, and we’ve asserted that on a number of occasions. The outcome could have been the reverse just as easily, and they know that. We congratulate them, and you can bet we’ll be looking to even the score soon. Now excuse me, Elaine, but we’ve got a MAJOR party to start!

(The Femmes move off, and Elaine turns to the camera.)

Elaine: Well, there you have it! Traci Lane captures the OWA World’s Championship! Apparently we’ve got someone with former OWA Champion Executioner right this moment.


[Executioner is watching a video monitor in his dressing room following his match with Traci Lane, on the monitor is a replay of the final moments of his match tonight]

Ed: Fever wants to hand something to him through the cage but Executioner isn’t having any part of that, from behind Traci Lane dropkicks Executioner who nails that cage again with his face. Rollup by Lane. one. two. three!!! We have a new world’s champion. Traci Lane has become a 2-time OWA Champion!! Executioner is a little disoriented and Fever is pissed.

Biff: The cage door is open and Fever grabs a nearby chair and comes in swinging wildly at Lane who ducks and Fever nails Executioner in the head. Here comes the Femmes, and Lane nails Fever with that belt and he goes through the cage door. He’s obviously pissed off.

[suddenly executioner jumps up and throws the monitor against the wall as he goes into a rage and starts tearing up the room after a few moments he calms down and notices the OWA cameraman cowering in the corner]


No wait on second thought I have something to say. Freddy, what is your problem man? Has nothing I said made any sense to you???? I don’t even know who you are anymore and personally I have had enough of you and all the whiners from the Plague.

So at this moment I am dropping out of the Plague! I am done with you and you’re backhanded tricks. I just don’t get you man! I couldn’t have made myself clearer and yet you still feel that you have to come out and try to involve yourself in my matches???

Freddy, that belt means nothing if you keep it your way and on that we cannot agree so like I said at this time I am leaving the Plague.

Traci Lane. Excellent match, my friend. You came tonight and whipped my ass, on this night you were the better wrestler and deserve to be wearing the OWA Championship Belt. Apparently I underestimated you again. But enjoy it while you can because I plan on winning the upcoming Grand Prix Tournament and getting a rematch with you for the belt!

This, in fact, is just what I need to get back my focus and a great way to forget about my recent problems with the Plague.

You won this one Traci, but it just gives me more encouragement to train harder than ever before and come back next time and whoop your ass. Congrats.

Rachel, we got another date with destiny on the 30th, in our first match of the Grand Prix Tourney #1 seed VS #2 seed just how it should be. Bring your best because I’m gonna be cranky.

(scene begins to fade)


I’d just like to also take this time to wish everyone in the OWA and their families a safe and Merry Christmas. Let’s bring in 1997 with a bang.

Ed: I’ll tell you what. This PPV has been nothing short of spectacular and we have the finals of the tournament coming up right now. We’ve dispatched Shelly Marks to try and find Freddy Fever, however, he’s nowhere to be found. Hopefully we’ll have some words from him before we go off the air.

Biff: Man. Freddy is in Siberia. Everyone in the Plague has just abandoned that guy. I cannot believe it.

Ed: We’re going to go now to the locker room of the Elite. Then we’ll have words with Amazon Woman and Stacks Coltrain and then War Games. Let’s go to The Elite.

The Elite

The Elite are gathered together in their locker room]

Goodwin: Gentlemen, it’s almost time. This match will determine who will hold the OWA Six Man Tag Team Titles. The greatest organization in OWA history, will meet two of the toughest females in wrestling today.

Shocker: I think the suits hope that we will destroy each other. Amazon will be gone soon, Coltrain has to deal with Girlyboy and it’s not much fun when one group dominates like we do.

Maxx: Don’t get me started on the OWA officials! We have proven to be the greatest tag team in the OWA. The Brawlers and the Chiefs have been trading OUR belts back and forth every time they wrestle. It would take only one match for us to regain our titles. You can be sure, when we do regain our belts, there not going anywhere this time.

Blades: Hey Maxx. Ding Dong.


Blades: Chiefs. We are getting tired of challenges falling on deaf ears. Put up the belts or we will take them against your will. It’s up to you, do it the easy way or the hard way.

Maxx: PLEASE, let it be the hard way. Ding Dong!

Goodwin: It’s just a matter of time. Just remember what we have planned. Stay true to that and we will regain the belts.

Maxx & Blades: Word!

Goodwin: As for our match with Coltrain and Amazon Woman. We know the Extremists are the best tag team there is, but tonight we will be without one of them. Danny, you have performed above the call in this tournament and without you, we would not be where we are. You will be missed.

Goodwin shakes Danny’s hand as everyone else pats him on the back]

Goodwin: But what we need now, is for Anthony and The Shocker to turn it up a notch. Shocker, you helped us get to the second round, and Anthony put the hurt to our last opponents, but this time it’s for all the glory. I ask that you just keep your wits about you and wrestle smart. That goes triple for you Anthony.

Anthony: Hey! Don’t worry Czar. It’s not like I’ve been waiting forever to get into the ring with The Woman or anything.

Hazard smiles evilly]

Shocker: We’ll ya know. After next week, no one will be getting into the ring with her ever again.

Anthony: That’s right my man. But really, she shouldn’t even be in this tourney. I mean, she did lose a retirement match and all.

Goodwin: Can we please focus on tonight’s match?

Anthony, Shocker, Maxx, & Blades with heads down: Yes sir.

Goodwin: OK gentleman, let us hope for a good match, and also let us hope that none of the great wrestlers, in this match, get injured.

Hazard: Which we all know does not include A.W.

The Elite walk out]

Amazon Woman & Stacks Coltrain

Shelly Marks: I’m with Amazon Woman and Stacks Coltrain. Congratulations, you two. You’ve made it to the finals. Now, all you have to do is beat three members of the Elite in War Games. It’s submit or surrender. No pinfalls, no countouts and no DQs. You’ll have to make one of the three surrender.

Amazon: We know exactly what we have to do. Stacks and I have not seen eye to eye on all things, however, we do see eye to eye on winning the OWA 6-man Championship.

Stacks: That’s exactly right. I was a little disappointed in not being on Team Family, but this more than makes up for it. Now we have to get in there and beat the Elite. It’s two of us against three of them. We don’t have to worry about interference.

Shelly: Have you decided who you’ll pick as a third member of the team if you win these titles?

Amazon: WHEN we win these titles. We’ll probably toss a coin and decide between Tara Quinn or Wendy Ryker, if they’ll accept. They were great teammates, even though they’re rookies, they performed we’ll above expectation.

Stacks: *giggles* We’re not saying we couldn’t use them right now. This match will be tough and the game plan is going to be difficult but I think we have something worked out and hopefully it’ll bring us the OWA 6-man championship.

Shelly: Good luck to you both.

War Games for the OWA Six Person Tag Team Championship: Johnny Blades/Shocker/Anthony Hazard vs. Amazon Woman/Stacks Coltrain

Announcer: This is the main event. It is the finals of the Quad Team Tournament. It will be contested in War Games. One member of each team will start out for 5 minutes. I’ve been informed that after that 5 minutes, one member of Team Elite will be allowed to enter the cage. After 2 minutes, then the final member from Team Fashion will enter the cage. After another 2 minutes, the final member of Team Elite will be entering the cage. At that point it’s submission or surrender. The two teams will fight until one member of any team submits or surrenders. And not the participants. Coming down the aisle. They defeated Team Family in the first round…and Team Femme in the second. This is Team Elite. Johnny Blades. The Shocker and Anthony Hazard! And their opponents. Now making their way down to ringside. In the first round, they defeated Team Thunder. In the second round they defeated Team Debut. Here is Team Fashion. Amazon Woman and Stacks Coltrain!

Ed: Here we go. Amazon and Stacks are conferring in their corner. While the three Elite members confer in theirs. The referee is asking for one member on each team to enter the ring. Amazon Woman is entering the ring for her team and it looks like. Johnny Blades will be starting out for the Elite team. There’s the bell.

Biff: Both doors on the cage are closed and here we go. Lockup. Front face lock by Blades. Amazon turns it into a back body drop but Blades takes her over with a sunset flip, however, no count. There are no pinfalls in this match. Blades with a Russian legsweep but Amazon Woman is pumped and it doesn’t seem to affect her at all.

Ed: Amazon Woman with an atomic drop and she nails him with a belly to belly suplex. Amazon whips Blades face first into the cage and again to the other side and it’s all Amazon Woman at this point. There is 60 seconds remaining in this round then it looks like the Shocker will be entering the ring.

Biff: Amazon Woman with a double underhook piledriver and a drop kick. There’s the horn and The Shocker comes in and nails Amazon Woman in the back. Johnny Blades back up to take a breather and The Shocker is working over Amazon Woman. Amazon Woman fights back with a spinning mule kick and a clothesline. However, from behind, Blades nails her with a clothesline and now they’re going to double team her.

Ed: Double whip by the two, sending Amazon Woman face first into the cage. Another 60 second remaining and Stacks Coltrain will be… what the hell!??!? From out of the crowd, Chaos just clipped Stacks Coltrain in the back of the knee with a chair. He’s wailing on her with that chair.

Biff: Here comes members of the Family and Chaos is out of there but Stacks is in a lot of trouble here.

Biff: In the ring. spike piledriver on Amazon Woman by Blades and Shocker. The horn goes off, but Stacks isn’t near the door. She’s trying to get to her feet. Monty is helping her up. I think he wants to take her back to the locker room, but she’s pointing to the cage.

Ed: In the cage, a double body slam and they run Amazon Woman into the cage again and finally Monty is going to help Stacks into the cage. This is probably a mistake but you have to give Stacks credit. As soon as she gets into the ring, Shocker nails her with a clothesline.

Biff: Stacks gets back to her feet and rake the eyes of Shocker and nails him with a low blow and Shocker is in pain. The final horn sounds and Anthony Hazard is in the ring. He goes right after Amazon Woman, who’s now bleeding profusely. He whips her into the cage. Hazard, is pointing over to Stacks and wanting Shocker and Blades to work on her.

Ed: Blades whips Stacks and Shocker nails her with a shoulder to the knee and Stacks is in a world of hurt. Shocker applies the figure four leglock to Stacks and she’s in a lot of pain here. Anthony continues to work on Amazon Woman. Powerslam. He whips her but she rebounds nailing him with a flying clothesline. She lifts him up for the running powerslam but NO she runs him head first into the cage and Anthony is busted open. Amazon drops an elbow on Shocker who releases the figure four but Blades hits Amazon with a shoulderblock.

Biff: Blades whips Amazon into a clothesline by Hazard. Shocker again applies the figure four. Hazard and Blades locks Amazon into the ropes. Hazard pounds on Amazon while Blades drops elbows on the leg of Stacks. Stacks has just about passed out. Hazard is talking to Amazon Woman. I think he’s trying to get her to submit.

Ed: Stacks appears to be out of it but only a submission will stop this match. Stacks’ leg could be broken but it’s hard to tell from this vantage point. Hazard looks like he’s pleading for Amazon Woman to give this match up. The referee is calling for the bell. I do believe that Amazon Woman has surrendered for her team. Hazard let’s her loose from the ropes as his team exits the cage. Amazon Woman goes over to check out her partner.

Biff: In all honesty, she had no choice. Stacks was all but out of it and her leg was injured because of that attack by Chaos. Stacks couldn’t speak for herself and Amazon Woman had no choice but to surrender for her team.

Announcer: Amazon Woman has surrendered for her team. The winners of the match and NEW 6-Person Tag Team Champions. Anthony Hazard. The Shocker and Johnny Blades!

Ed: We wanted to get some words with The Elite. However they’ve already headed out of the arena and we are almost out of time. What? He’s on the roof?? Apparently Freddy Fever is on the roof of this building and a camera man has followed him up there. We’re going to try and get someone up there to do an interview. What? We’re going to talk with Freddy Fever right now.

Freddy Fever

(On the roof. the wind blows. Fever is standing on the edge of the building. He looks over and notices the camera…)

Fever: I should have known you want some comments? What do you expect me to say? I blew it. I blew it with the Chiefs. I blew it with Asian Invasion and I really blew it with Executioner. There’s no one left around me. All I have is myself.

Do you expect me to get up here and rant and rave about getting back at those guys for abandoning me? Well. I have no reason to get back at them. They did nothing wrong while I did everything wrong.

There’s no more Plague. No more friends. Just me. I’ve lost it all. Where is there to go from here? What more do I have to lose?

My career. Next week, Amazon Woman the contract is signed and it’ll be you and me. I’m at the end of my rope and to lose my career would mean the end of my very existence. And if you think I’m ready to give up then think again.

I’m coming to The Final Battle to win. You will not take all that I have left in this world from me next week.

(Shelly Marks burst up to the roof)

Shelly: Freddy! You’re not going to.

Freddy steps down from the ledge and half smiles…]

Freddy: Not tonight, perhaps next week but not tonight.

(fade out)


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