Pre-show for the Crazy Eights event with three feature matches. Dark Paladin takes on Shogun. Amazon Woman battles Monica Brant. Shocker puts the North American Championship on the line against former champion Jetstream

Myers: Hello everyone. I’m Myers Watterson, here in the OWA studios. We’re going to be taking a look back at a few things that lead up to the upcoming OWA/ICWF PPV known at Crazy Eights. We’ll be hearing from the competitors involved in the battle royals, plus a few matches taped earlier this week. Before we get to the battle royal, let’s take a look at our only singles match on the card. Prince Frederick will be taking on the ICWF’s Nabiki Yen. Let’s go back to an edition of OWA Championship Wrestling and find out how this all started.

Recap Stevie’s Wonderland: Nabiki Yen & Prince Frederick

Stevie Cheesecake: Nabiki Yen. welcome to the OWA.

Nabiki laughs: The OWA? What kind of hell hole is this? I’ve not seen so many pathetic excuses for wrestlers in one league at a single time in my life. Everyone knows the ICWF has far superior athletes!

Stevie: Is that so?

Nabiki: That’s exactly so, Mr. Stevie.

Stevie: I see. so, you have come here. just a moment. {From the locker room comes Prince Frederick}

Stevie: Now, Prince, we’re just having an interview here. there’s no need for you to be here. {Nabiki Yen looks at Prince Frederick with disdain}

Frederick: I see. (looking over Nabiki) look what the cat drug in. Nabiki Yen. (chuckle) So we have the pleasure of meeting again.

Nabiki: (snarls) Shut up, Freddy. you prancing around like you’re royalty. you’re the same old disco duck you were several years ago.

Frederick: Now now. we were the best of friends, remember? Tag team partners.

Nabiki: (spits on Frederick) Until you turned your back on me. remember that, Freddy??

Frederick: It’s not my fault you couldn’t hold up your end of the team, Nabiki-hon.

{Nabiki goes to slap Frederick but he catches her hand. and Andrew steps forward.}

Frederick: No need for that, Andy. I’ve just come out to challenge my FORMER partner to a little match. How about it? I mean. you surely didn’t stick around to fight be before. I thought you might have oozed a little courage in the time you’ve been away.

Nabiki: A match with you? You got it! Name the time. and the place. I’ll show the whole world you were nothing but a loser. {with that Yen and Andrew leave the ring and fade out}

Battle Royal #1

Myers: The time and place will be this weekend at Crazy Eights.

Now. let’s get to the battle royals. In Battle Royal 1, we will have Chaos, Traci Lane, Johnny Stallion, Johnny Blades, Denise Duncan, Rob Foster, Fenris, and Kelly Kandelski

Here are some comments from participating wrestlers.


This is CHAOS!! Everyone here in the OWA fights against each other. Everyone gets in fights and argues with each other. But, during the Crazy Eights, we’ll need to work together. Work Together as a team!! Fight hard everyone and work hard. Because we are going to kick the ICWF’s @ss!! Good Luck Everyone!! Let’s Kill Them!!!

Denise Duncan

Ever since I made the move here to the ICWF I’ve been looking for competition. I love the way it feels when I pound some hopeless schmuck into the mat. Now, I’ve got a chance to do it to *seven* schmucks in the same match! (sighs) I just wish I hadn’t drawn Traci Lane in my group. Trace, we used to run together. You and I both know this battle royal will come down to you against me. I know you better than you know yourself. Sorry, babe, but I’m just gonna have to toss you out like all the others. I’m going to the finals and I *will* prevail in the end! Count on it!

Traci Lane

Well well well, here comes Crazy 8’s, and everyone’s just buzzing with excitement. Well, everyone, I suppose, except the Femmes. You see, even when things heat up like they have, we stay cold as ice. That’s what separates a hot-headed rookie from seasoned veterans like us. The Femmes are going to rock, make no mistake about it, and I intend to lead the way by dominating my battle royal. Get ready everyone, because you’re going DOWN–and OUT.

Battle Royal #2

Myers: Battle Royal 2 will feature these Amazon Woman, Jetstream, MegaDiesel, ICWF’s InterContinental Champion Arlechino, Cerebus, Lace, Monica Brant and former OWA announcer Stevie Cheesecake. a couple situations have developed with this battle royal. one which involved Stevie Cheesecake and “Misty” Monica Brant. Cheesecake is the long-time announcer for the OWA and former WHWF wrestler. he’s been retired for about 6 months. until this happened.

Recap: Stevie’s Wonderland: Monica Brant

Stevie: Thanks, and welcome to this edition of Stevie’s Wonderland. my guest at this time is Monica Brant, she was victorious in her match, though there were outside situations. Monica welcome to our show.

Monica: Thanks Stevie. I.

Stevie: I’m sure you’re honored to be here of course. now. Crazy Eights is coming up. it’ll be the OWA and ICWF wrestlers competing in multiple battle royals. How do you feel about the fact that you will be in there with ICWF wrestlers?

Monica: I think it will be.

Stevie: I mean. if you take a good look. they are superior athletes. they can dish out a lot of punishment and take it as well. I mean. no one can compare to an ICWF superstar.

{{Monica looking rather upset, decides she wants no part of this interview and begins to walk off. from behind Stevie clothesline her hard. he picks her up and gives her a piledriver. he stands over her and removes his OWA T-shirt revealing an ICWF T-shirt underneath. he straddles her and sits down on her stomach facing her and leans over giving her a kiss. he stands and takes the microphone}}

Stevie: That’s right. I’m outta here. you OWAers can go to hell. *laughs* and Monica. you are a poor first date.

Stevie walks out of the ring.]

We have some comments from competitors in this battle royal, starting with Monica Brant:

Monica Brant

It’s time to stop talking and start walking, ladies and gentlemen. Steve Cheesecake, you’re going over that top rope, sweetheart, even if I have to do it a piece at a time. After that, it’s no holds barred. Time for a Fashion Statement.

Stevie Cheesecake

Ooh. Monica. dear. it’ll be you and I and six other hot and sweaty wrestlers in that ring. you know I’m looking forward to finally. getting my hands on you. perhaps. you’ll treat me to another kiss when it’s all said and done. and of course. only I can move on to the finals and win this silly tournament. until then, love. *smooch*

Penny Lancaster w/ Lace

Penny: Sandra, the matchups for Crazy Eights are in. You had your problems last year, as I recall.

Sandra ‘Lace’ Andrews: I guess I did. Battle Royals aren’t my specialty. I’ll have to fly around pretty fast to beat all of them. But I can handle it. They can’t hit what they can’t catch. And I’ll be hitting them – HARD. This year Leather and Lace will BOTH be in the finals of the Crazy Eights!

Amazon Woman

Hey. I don’t like coming out here and blabbering about how I’m gonna rip Monica’s eyes out, or drive Lace through the ring, or take that oversized gargoyle MegaDiesel and chuck him out of the ring. no. I prefer to do my fighting inside the ring. I will win this event. I will be the Crazy Eights champion. And Arlechino. I’m gonna throw you out first.


Time to dance, boys and girls. Two feds, eight battle royals, one winner. It’s time to go for the gold, daddy-o!

Myers: We’ll get back to more Crazy Eights talk. but first let’s go down to ringside with Ed and Biff for this exclusive ICWF vs. OWA matchup.

OWA vs. ICWF: Dark Paladin vs. Shogun

This match is one fall. First. representing the ICWF. here is Dark Paladin! And representing the OWA, and the Family, accompanied to the ring by Pretty Boy Monty. here is Shoooooooogun!

Ed: Welcome to Countdown to Crazy Eights. I’m here with Chad Romero of the ICWF. we’ll be bringing you three matches, and Myers will remain in the studio to bring you up to speed on the latest regarding the PPV spectacular, Crazy Eights. Shogun and Paladin are in the ring. and there’s the bell.

Chad: I can’t believe I have to be here. the only decent wrestler you have her is Amazon Woman. do you know her personally? Can you introduce us?

Ed: Um. no. she’s taken. In the ring we have lockup. Paladin quickly with an uppercut. Shogun with a knee to the midsection. and hiptoss by Shogun.

Chad: Paladin’s gonna make quick work of this loser.

Ed: Headbutt by Paladin. and a kneelift. Paladin whips Shogun into the ropes and nails him with a backdrop. Shogun rolls out of the ring.

Chad: Bunch of cowards here in the OWA.

Ed: Paladin follows and is caught with a forearm smash by Shogun. Hey. Chad. have you seen the infamous … Larry Brown… footage?

Chad: Larry Brown? Who the hell is that?

Ed: Hmm. perhaps you’d like to interview Shogun after this match?? Both men are back in the ring. Shogun with an ipponzei. one… two… kickout by Paladin.

Chad: Lucky move. what is this about Larry King?

Ed: Nothing. never mind. whip by Paladin. reversal by Shogun. Paladin comes off and nails Shogun with a clothesline. Paladin goes for a piledriver. but no. Shogun with a backdrop. and a diving headbutt. cover by Shogun. one. two. kickout by Paladin.

Chad: Another lucky shot. Paladin gonna cream this guy.

Ed: Shogun off the ropes. Paladin catches him with a powerslam!!! One. two. kickout by Shogun.

Chad: What the hell. is that an OWA ref??

Ed: Cradle by Shogun. reversal by Paladin. one. two. three!

Chad: See? Gonna be like that at Crazy Eights too. eight ICWF wrestlers in the finals. you can count on that!

Winner of the match: Dark Paladin. Time of Match: 14: 54

Ed: Let’s go back to Myers in the studio. hey. Chad. take a look at this footage.

Chad: Hms?

Battle Royal #3

Myers: Welcome back to the studios. let’s continue.

Battle Royal 3, will feature Gustaffson, Anthony Hazard, Stacks Coltrain, Mike Mustang, Kevin Taylor, NEW ICWF North American Champion Jennifer Sanders, Caray Zents, and Spanish Rose.

We mention that Jennifer Sanders is the NEW ICWF North American Champion. let’s go to footage courtesy of the ICWF this past week for the conclusion of that match.

Recap: ICWF North American Championship: Jessica Spangles vs. Jennifer Sanders

Chad: This may be it! Sanders picks Spangles up and puts her on the top turnbuckle! She locks Spangles head between her legs — THERE IT IS! Sanders nails Spangles with the Rattler! Sanders is exhausted — she falls across Spangles! One, two, THREE! We have a new champion!

Jessie: What a match!


Chad: I gotta get this interview!

Jessie: Chad’s heading for the ring — The Masked Marauder and the Body Girls are swarming the ring along with the Python Princess! Sanders looks exhausted but ecstatic! Chad, you ready?

Chad: I’m here, Jess! Sidewinder, congratulations on winning–

Sidewinder: EEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAA! (grabs Chad and kisses him, then grabs Marauder and does the same). It shore feels good ta have some gold around my waist again! (The Body Girls cram in close, showing their newly won IC Tag belts). And I got the… IC tag champs with me, and the World Champeen! man, are we something… or what? EEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAA!

Chad: That was an incredible display of —

Sidewinder: Yeah, I gotta admit, that little girl put up a durn good tussle! But what’s the bottom line? I’VE GOT THE BELT! Eat your heart out, Spangles! Now Chad, if you’ll excuse us, we got us some partying… ta do! C… mere, you masked devil! (She grabs the Marauder and gives him another kiss, then they all troop back to the dressing room.)

Myers: You can bet that former champion Jessica Spangles will be out for a rematch for that belt. Now. let’s hear from other competitors in that battle royal.

Jennifer Sanders

Well it’s Crazy Eights time again. Ah guess Ah should say something… about mah competition, but ya know what? Ah ain’t got any ta speak of! So, it looks like Ah’ll be headin… fer the finals with very little trouble. Ah… m gonna kick everybody’s butt, especially those prima donnas from the OWA! They think they’re tough — they ain’t seen tough until they’ve seen the Sidewinder!

Stacks Coltrain

I have nothing but respect for the ICWF.BUT, as you know I think something fishy is going on here. I must fight three people from organizations that want to destroy me. but I plan on winning. as they say. money can buy you happiness. and I plan on being really happy tonight. BRING EM ON!

Battle Royal #4

Myers: Battle Royal 4, it’ll be Sabin Figaro, Scott Cobalt, Executioner, Stealth V, Soultaker, Stewart Zents, Python Princess, and Justice.

Scott Cobalt

Well I’ve been in extra hard training for this. Finally, some competition from someone outside the OWA. I’ve always seemed to do well in these sort of things where you don’t have to rely on your friends. Cause let’s face it my best friend around here is this little man here. [holds up his beer then takes a big sig: Oh, sweet beer.

Python Princess

It’s time for Crazy Eights again. I only have one thing to say — class always tells. And I am without a doubt the class of my battle royal. I mean, who can possibly stand up to me? The ICWF wrestlers? I’ve already beaten most of them. The OWA wrestlers? Don’t make me laugh. Mark my words — I shall prevail. (smiles) So why should anyone else show up? The only reason I can think of is so that everyone can see just how good the Python Princess is.


WHEW Crazy Eights is finally here, a chance to prove to the world that I am the Best around, a chance not only to beat the best from the OWA but also a chance to show the ICWF that they do not even belong in the same ring with us, although i am looking forward to getting my hands-on Python Princess.


The time I have been waiting for is at hand! A change to steal the souls of dozens of valiant warriors and add them to my army of darkness. Beware, mortal fools, any who stand against me shall be vanquished, and cast into the pits of hell!

Battle Royal #5

Myers: Battle Royal 5 will have Pretty Boy Monty, OWA TV Champion Mariko, Danny Maxx, Masked Mayhem, Gretchen Gwynne, Taskmaster, Deborah Duncan and ICWF US Tag Team and Intercontinental Tag Team Champion Randi.


So I am entering Battle Royal 5. Now i must tell those ICWF stars, Gretchen Gwynne, Taskmaster, Deborah Duncan, and Randi, you will be the first to go; the OWA stars will destroy you, then I will slowly and painfully defeat Pretty Boy Monty, Danny Maxx, and Masked Mayhem. Such poor opponents for a wrestler of my talents. Sayonara.

Pretty Boy Monty

This is great. Two great organizations going at one another, whew but let me tell you i have wrestled Mariko, seen Danny Maxx and Masked Mayhem, but these ICWF wrestlers Gretchen Gwynne, Taskmaster, Ray Fisher and Randi, man the scouting reports on them. I definitely have my work cut out for me, but as usual I plan to come out on top!


No friends, only enemies. I like that. Battle royals aren’t usually won by the smaller wrestlers, but I intend to change that at Crazy Eights. I will have my hand raised in victory, and my foes will lie at my feet.

Myers: We have another match in the ring. let’s go down to ringside.

Special Challenge Match: Amazon Woman (w/ Prince Frederick) vs. Monica Brant (w. Gustaffson)

Ed: We’re back. I’m Ed Bagel and with me is the ill stricken Chad Romero. Chad? You okay over there.

Chad: *looking a bit ill* You let that kind of stuff go on in the OWA???

Ed: Oh. I think Shogun is waiting for you to do an interview?

Chad: Hell no. I’m not going down there. you go do it.

Ed: *laughs* Let’s get to ringside.

Chad: You shouldn’t let foreigners handle hockey sticks. Hey! What? What’s the Prince guy doing with Amazon Woman??

Ed: They are apparently some kind of item. Lock up. Amazon with a rake to the eyes. and immediately clamps on a bear hug. Monica quickly pokes the eyes to get out of that one. chop by Monica Brant. and another. back suplex by Monica. quick cover. one. two. kickout.

Chad: Hey. I’ve seen Amazon Woman. she’s a heck of a lot tougher than that.

Ed: Amazon with a shoulder block and she pulls up Monica. and presses her overhead. several times she presses Monica up in the air and drops her on her back. elbowdrop by Amazon Woman and a cover. one. two. kickout.

Chad: Could you imagine a date with Amazon Woman?? That’s one tough chick.

Ed: You’re drooling, Chad. front facelock by Monica. Amazon powers her up and places her on the top turnbuckle, meanwhile Monica still holds on to the facelock. Amazon with a few punches to the midsection of Monica causes her to release the hold. Amazon backs a step and SLAPS Monica in the face. Amazon with a superplex!! Cover. one. two. kickout by Monica.

Chad: *laughing* Did you see that slap?? Brant is up. and Amazon is making kissy faces to the Prince guy. clothesline from behind by Brant. hey. is that Prince the symbol guy now?

Ed: That’s a different Prince, Chad. and Monica is going to work on Amazon Woman. piledriver by Monica Brant. Monica applies the Fashion Statement (cobra clutch sleeper). and Prince Frederick is on the ring apron.

Chad: He’s protecting his woman!

Ed: Monica breaks and runs at Prince. but Gustaffson nails Frederick on the outside. wait. behind Monica. rollup by Amazon. she’s holding the tights. too much momentum and it’s reversed. one. two. three!!!!!

Chad: Hey! No way! That’s was cheating!!!

Winner of the match, Monica Brant. Time of match: 20: 09

Ed: Amazon Woman was the one cheating!

Chad: So. they shouldn’t have counted!!!

Ed: Back to Myers at the OWA Studios.

Battle Royal #6

Myers: Thanks Ed. Let’s get on to the next battle royal.

Battle Royal 6 will have WildShadow, Prince Frederick, North American Champion Shocker, Mr. Excitement, Ray Fisher, Jessica Spangles, Leather, and Tanya Mankiller

Let’s hear some comments from the participants in this one:

Tanya Mankiller

Hello boys, here to get some words from the next Crazy 8s winner. Well the slugs from the OWA, WildShadow, Prince Frederick, the Shocker, and Mr. Excitement will be gone before you get the video rolling. Then the remaining ICWF people will fall almost as fast. No way Fisher, Spangles, and Leather will last much longer, especially when they must face me. I guess it will be a total Mankiller final.

Penny Lancaster w/ Leather

Penny: Molly, here is your matchup for Crazy Eights. You did well last year, but I expect you to improve.

Molly … Leather… McGee: It looks like it’s clobberin… time! I was in the finals last year, and I’m goin… back! This time I’ll win it all! I’m ready for anybody they throw at me! (she looks at the computer and reads the names in her battle royal) Hah! I don’t see anybody there who can make me sweat! Don’t worry, Ms. Lancaster, this year the Crazy Eights is MINE!

Prince Frederick

Now now. don’t you worry. Amazon Honey. when we both get into that final battle royal and eliminate the peasants. I’ll allow you to step out of the ring so I can be crowned the winner. You know you’re the only one who can. take me to the limit, my princess.

Battle Royal #7

Myers: Battle Royal 7 will feature Asian Invasion, OWA Champion Rachel Ryan, Legion, Miguel Thunder, J.Q. Smooth, Kommando Karla, VIXXEN, and ICWF US Tag Team and Intercontinental Tag Team Champion Brandi.

Kommando Karla

Well you guys from the OWA are about to meet your makers. Asian Invasion, you will return to Asia via Federal Express; Rachel Ryan, I’ll take your belt and whip you with it, after I crush your head; Legion, you will need a legion to help you; and Miguel Thunder, your thunder is really a fizzle. Vixxxen, you’ll wish you had stayed in kindergarten instead of playing with us big wrestlers; J.Q. Smooth, why are you even here? You ain’t worth talking about. And Brandi, you look so perfect, too bad I’ll break you to pieces and throw you to your sister. Where’s the competition?”

Miguel Thunder

OK, let’s see the 8 battle royals. Predictable: OWA, plain & simple. Looks like all the lamer ham n… egger ICWF competitors aren’t good enough.

Asian Invasion

You have all seen what I can do!!! Sentry was just a walk in the park for me!!! I don’t who will be next, but when there turn comes, oh yes, it will come!!!

Rachel Ryan

I’ve got a forecast for Crazy 8’s: PAIN. That’s right, you’ve all got to deal with the Femmes, and that means you’ve got to deal with the best wrestlers in the world, bar none. We’re collecting belts and kicking ass, and one of us is sure to put that Crazy 8’s trophy on our mantle. I don’t care who you are–ICWF or OWA–you’re hittin… the concrete! COUNT on it!!!

Battle Royal #8

Myers: Battle Royal 8 will see Davey Scott, Shogun, Sentry, Johnny Fate, ICWF Champion Masked Marauder, Vision in Violet, Angel, and ICWF Tag Team Champion Maria Mankiller. We have these comments from some of the participants.

Maria Mankiller

It sure will be a Mankiller final. No one will be able to stand up to us. The OWA bozos, Davey Scott, Shogun, Sentry, and Johnny Fate sound like the nobodies they are. They are history! Then Masked Marauder will go, he’s just a crud, Vision in violet will become a vision in blood red, and Angel will become an angel after wrestling me. She may as well reserve a seat at the pearly gate now.”


Yeah everybody knows, I’m one the best wrestlers in this league when it comes to the Battle Royal just check the records. I should be able to win my first bout anyways, especially due to the fact there is lack of competition in Battle Royal #8. I mean look who’s in the ring. Davey Scott and Sentry. no problem, and that new guy Johnny Fate or should I say Johnny Farce. A! Ha! Ha! what a joke. I’ll take is pipe and I will put it up his (you know what) and make look like Larry Brown. And as for those ICWF clowns, well let’s just say I’ll throw them all out of the ring where they can kiss the cement!! Let’s face it they can’t handle the OWA. Well on to VICTORY!!!the MIGHTY SHOGUN has spoken.

Myers: The winner of each battle royal will meet in a final battle royal to determine the Crazy Eights Champion. And that about wraps it up here for me. Let’s go back to Ed and Chad for our championship match for this special card!

Ed: Pretty Boy Monty, the Family and Jetstream are in the ring. we’ve sent Elaine Bryant down to check out what’s going on.

(Elaine Bryant enters the ring to interview Jetstream as The Family enters the ring.)

Elaine: Jetstream. My my, this is quite a surprise. Is it possible that you are a Member of THE FAMILY now?

Jetstream: Elaine, you do have a knack for understatements. Simply put, YES.

Elaine: Hmmm, that is interesting. So, tell me why did you make this choice?

(Monty interjects one thing.)

Monty: Elaine, as you know we have had a few problems. I went to Jetstream and asked him if he could help us. With the talent he has I knew we needed him, and Shogun there. What more could you as for? Two great young talents.

Jetstream: Elaine, I told Monty that if I joined the FAMILY, we would need another great wrestler to join us. And the first name that came to my mind was none other than SHOGUN. He’s one of the best talents I’ve ever seen.

Shogun: Exactly and when I found out Jetstream was on board it made my decision a lot easier. This has always been a great organization, and It just got better Two fold. hahahaha

Jetstream: Femmes Fatales & Elite, SURPRISE, the FAMILY’s back and stronger than ever now that SHOGUN & the JETMAN’s on board.

{all members except Monty and Jetstream leave ringside as The Shocker’s music begins to play. he makes his way to ringside with Sir Goodwin.}

Ed: Interesting. Jetstream and Shogun. now in the Family.

North American Championship: Shocker vs. Jetstream

Ed: Here we go. lock up. whip by Jetstream. flying clothesline by Jetstream as he quickly takes the offensive in this match. Shocker jumps up and nails Jetstream with a clothesline. flying axhandle by the North American Champion.

Chad: Ya know. I saw that Shocker guy on Regis and Kathy Lee.

Ed: You watch Regis and Kathy Lee?? Heh.

Chad: I was flipping to the all-sports channel. really.

Ed: Belly to belly by Jetstream. one. kickout by the Jetman. Shocker off the ropes. he misses with a shoulderblock. Jetstream off the ropes. clotheslines. he hits off of the other side with a clothesline. Jetstream with a drop kick. no! Shocker ducks it. Shocker is on the second turnbuckle and nails Jetstream with a flying shoulderblock!

Chad: Shocker’s gonna clean this one up soon.

Ed: Shocker with a small package. reversal by Jetstream. one. two. kickout by Shocker! Jetstream with a power clothesline! He places Shocker on the turnbuckle. and DDT!!! This one could be over.

Chad: That had ta hurt!

Ed: Cover. one. two. th. no. kickout by the champion. whips by Jetstream. reversal by Shocker. double clothesline. they are both down! One. two. three. four. five. six. seven. Jetstream is to his feet. he reaches down and picks up Shocker. no. jawbreaker by Shocker. Shocker off the ropes with a flying body press. one. two. three!!

Winner of the match and still North American Champion, The Shocker.

Chad: Hey. what did I. HEY! That Monty guy is in the ring. attacking Shocker! Here comes Goodwin. but Monty nails him too, sending him out of the ring.

Ed: Jetstream is watching all this. wait. he’s grabbing Monty. and pushes him into a corner and begins to talk to him. looks like he’s getting Monty to leave. we’re out of time for this week. we’ll see you this weekend for Crazy Eights!

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