Nine battle royals and it’s winner take all. Plus, a single’s match between Nabiki Yen and Freddy Fever who have some history to hash out

Cool and fancy logo flashes by. then fades as crowd shot is here. ]

Jessie: Welcome to Crazy Eights!

{crowd cheers loudly}

Jessie: We’re coming to you LIVE from the Fresno Convention Center in Fresno California and tonight we will bring you the best in ICWF and OWA action. Joining me in the broadcast booth is the OWA’s Ed Bagel and Biff Franklin. along with Bob Brodsky! Ed, we’re coming live and we’re getting ready for some great action.

Ed: That’s right, Jessie. We’re going to have eight battle royals. and the eight winners of those battle royals will meet in a final battle royal. While we’ve been billing it the OWA vs. the ICWF, it’s still every wrestler for themselves.

Jessie: Good point. we also have one singles match as Prince Frederick will take on his former tag team partner, Nabiki Yen. I’m sure Amazon Woman will be at ringside, and that could mean trouble for Nabiki Yen, though she will have her bodyguard, Andrew at ringside as well, we’ve never seen him in any confrontations.

Ed: I also understand that Stevie Cheesecake will have a special edition of Stevie’s Wonderland on tap for us. We have no idea who his guest is, but you can be sure that Monica Brant will be watching.

Jessie: Please bear in mind, when the battle royals were numbered, that was only to distinguish them apart. The order of the battle royals was determined by draw earlier today. With that in mind, let’s get down to ringside for our first battle royal!

Battle Royal #1

Duffer: Welllllllcome to Craaaaaazy Eights!!!! This will be our first battle royal. and it will feature the following stars making their way to ringside now. Davey Scott. Shogun. Sentry. Johnny Fate. Vision in Violet. Angel. The ICWF Tag Team Champion Maria Mankiller. and the ICWF Champion Masked Marauder!!!!!!!

Jessie: What a great group to start things off with. not only do we have the ICWF Champion, Masked Marauder in the ring, but the ICWF Tag Team Champion Maria Mankiller. but the edge has to go to Vision in Violet, who won the preliminary Crazy Eights.

Ed: Good point, Jesse. However, Shogun has recently won an 11 wrestler battle royal, and Johnny Fate is a relative unknown at this time. There could be an upset. There goes the bell.

Jessie: Right off the bat, Masked Marauder and Sentry tangle up. Maria Mankiller locks up with Angel. Johnny Fate hooks up with Vision In Violet and Shogun takes on Davey Scott.

Ed: Davey Scott misses a roundhouse as Shogun flips him out over the top rope and to the floor.

Duffer: Davey Scott eliminated at 32 seconds.

Bob: *laughs* The OWA are gonna eliminate each other.

Biff: No one liked Scott in the first place. just shut up and sit there and blubber. it’s what you get paid for.

Bob: Why you.

Ed: Back in the ring. Maria Mankiller nails Angel in the midsection. and plows her over with a shoulderblock. clothesline and Angel is out this one.

Duffer: Angel has been eliminated in 2: 01.

Jessie: We’re going to have to watch this one carefully. it’s a quick one.

Biff: Double clothesline by Shogun and Johnny Fate, eliminate Maria Mankiller. she’s outta here. haha.

Duffer: Maria Mankiller eliminated at 2: 45

Ed: Masked Marauder and Sentry continue to battle each other. Johnny Fate comes over and nails Marauder from behind. spin kick by Fate on Sentry! He tosses Sentry out of the ring.

Duffer: Sentry eliminated at 4: 44

Jessie: Vision in Violet clotheslines Johnny Fate. while Shogun and Masked Marauder battle it out. Masked Marauder with a piledriver on Shogun. he goes to the top.

Ed: ViV just whipped Johnny Fate into Shogun, who runs into Marauder perched up on the turnbuckle. Shogun looks up and pushes Marauder off the turnbuckle.

Duffer: ICWF Champion, Masked Marauder eliminated at 6: 32

Bob: Johnny Fate just nailed Shogun and sent him over the top rope.

Biff: Wha??? He should double teamed ViV, then double-crossed Shogun. idiot.

Duffer: Shogun eliminated at 6: 55

Ed: Viv just attacked Fate.

[ViV goes on the attack with a gutwrench suplex. side suplex and a kneedrop. Fate fights back nailing her with an elbow and a cartwheel kick. Fate tries to eliminate ViV, but she holds on, and gets in position kicking him in the groin.]

Jessie: Frankensteiner by ViV. and she pulls up Fate and tosses him out of the ring!

Biff: Crap! Well. it’s only the first one.

Bob: It’s gonna be the trend, Franklin.

Duffer: Johnny Fate eliminated. winner of the match. Vision in Violet!!!!!

Jessie: Really no surprise there. Vision in Violet taking the first battle royal and advancing to the final. Coming up ne.

Stevie’s Wonderland: “Monica Brant”

Duffer: Laaaaadies and gentlemen. at this time we bring you a special edition of Stevieeeeeee’s Wonderlaaaaaand!

Ed: This guy makes me sick. I cannot believe I sat next to him for half a year.

(The Stevie’s Wonderland area is highlights as the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies” is played throughout the arena}

Stevie: Well. thank you for joining me. *wink* {Stevie seductively struts around the stage} Every once in a while, you do something you regret. even *I* do that. not very often mind you. but once in a while. so, it is with great relief that I welcome my guest. “Misty” Monica Brant!!!

{A young man, dressed in “Monica Brant” type wrestling clothes and a wig comes out waving to the crowd}

Stevie: Welcome to the show, Monica.

Pseudo-Monica: Well. thank you very much. I’m glad you asked me out.

Stevie: Oh? Is that right? As I began my introduction I mentioned regrets. and the reason I ask you about that is. that I’m sure you … regret… every hearing the name Stevie Cheesecake.

PM: Oh. yes. I’m very sorry if I upset you in any way, Mr. Cheesecake.

Stevie: Oh. don’t you worry, hon. I’ll let you make it up to me after tonight’s event. how’s that? I know you are dying to date with me.

PM: Anything you say, Mr. Cheesecake.

Stevie: You may go. I’ll speak with you later.

{as the Pseudo Monica turns to leave, Stevie nails it with a clothesline.}

Stevie: *chuckles* This looks familiar. where have I seen THIS before??? Oh. That’s right.

{he drops the mic and sets up the Monica look-alike and piledrives him into the ground. he straddles the fallen fake and leans down to give a kiss, then stands up, taking the mic into his hands again}

Stevie: Oh. Monica. we’re only a few moments away from our second date. are you ready? I think *YOU* should bring the protection, it you know what I mean. *wink*

Bob: Disgusting display by Stevie Cheesecake. that is just horrible.

Biff: I kinda liked it. he’ll get Monica so pissed she’ll screw up her game plan.

Jessie: The competitors are on their way for the next battle royal guys.

Battle Royal #2

Duffer: Ladies and Gentlemen. this is your second battle royal of the evening. Coming down to ringside: first the former OWA Heavyweight Champion, Amazon Woman. followed by “Misty” Monica Brant. from the ICWF, Cerebus. former North American Champion and now representing the Family, Jetstream. the current ICWF InterContinental Champion, Arlechino. following him is Lace. one half of Brawlers, Inc., MegaDiesel. and the final competitor. Stevie Cheesecake. Let’s the battle begin!

Jessie: As expected this is going to be the one to watch. Monica Brant quickly charges after Stevie Cheesecake, but is met with a blindside by Lace before she was able to get there. Lace goes to work on Monica Brant.

Biff: Looks like the two beauty queens wanna mix it up!

Bob: In the meantime, over on the far corner we see Amazon Woman and Arlechino tangled up on the ropes.

Ed: Watch Stevie Cheesecake. he walking up behind Amazon and Arlechino. they don’t even see him and he lift them up and over the top rope.

Duffer: Arlechino and Amazon Woman eliminated at 52 seconds into the match.

Biff: That Cheesecake guy sure is a sneaky one. you have to be careful when he’s around. for more than one reason.

Jessie: The man’s a sleaze, pure and simple. Of course, Monica Brant’s not much better.

Bob: Arlechino and Amazon Woman are still going at it outside the ring. Amazon rams Arlechino’s head into the railing, but Arlechino whips Amazon into the ring post. they are brawling. we need some security here.

Ed: Nothing settled between the Amazon and the clown. Back in the ring, Jetstream nails Cerebus as they fight. Cerebus with an enzuilariato on Jetstream. and he tries to throw him out. MegaDiesel walks right up and picks up Cerebus and tosses him over the rope.

Duffer: Cerebus eliminated at 2: 01.

Jessie: Three favorites eliminated in two minutes! This one is fast paced, folks. Don’t even blink!

[While Lace continues to work over Monica, first with a bulldog then with a clothesline. MegaDiesel and Jetstream go at it. Stevie Cheesecake hangs out on the sidelines. Jetstream and MegaDiesel stop brawling and point to Cheesecake who gets rather nervous. they run at him and begin to work him over. Monica Brant meanwhile applies a fashion statement to Lace]

Jessie: Lace was caught off guard with that one. she’s slowly going out. Brant picks her up and tosses her over then charges over towards Stevie Cheesecake. MegaDiesel catches her with a clothesline and begins to punish the Femme.

Duffer: Lace eliminated at 3: 45

Ed: Powerbomb by MegaDiesel on Brant. he tosses her over the top and goes back towards Jetstream and Cheesecake.

Jessie: Another Femme bites the dust.

Bob: Hold on, Brant catches herself and slides under the bottom rope and dropkicks MegaDiesel from behind sending him out over the top rope and to the floor.

Duffer: MegaDiesel eliminated at 5: 34

Jessie: A stunning display of skill from Monica Brant.

Ed: It’s tearing you up to say that, isn’t it?

Jessie: Shut up and call the match, Bagel.

Ed: Jetstream punishes Cheesecake. power clothesline by Jetstream. and he places Cheesecake on the top rope. he’s going for a superplex. no, Brant rushes over and pushes Jetstream off the top turnbuckle, sending him out to the floor.

Bob: That was a cheap move.

Jessie: Not surprising, considering who pulled it.

Duffer: Jetstream eliminated at 6: 24.

Biff: Hey. this girl has revenge on her mind.

Ed: Brant picks up Cheesecake and press slams him to the mat. she is one pissed Femme. she whips him into the ropes and nails him with a clothesline.

Bob: *laughs* Cheesecake is begging off.

Biff: Surely, it’s a trick.

Jessie: Maybe not. Brant with no sympathy kicks Cheesecake in the midsection.

[Brant catches Cheesecake with a powerslam and signals for the Fashion Statement sleeper. but Cheesecake reaches into his trunks and pulls out something. ]

Bob: Hey, what’s Cheesecake doing. he’s got something in his hand.

Biff: Hey. don’t be sick.

Bob: What? HEY!

Jessie: Brant comes in close and ducks a wild swing by Cheesecake and grabs him and goes for a belly to back suplex. but Cheesecake nails her in the face with that chain.

[Monica is out and Stevie gets up and begins to prance around the ring. he pulls up Monica and delivers a piledriver. he picks her up and executes a fallaway slam. He struts around the ring and taunts the crowd. He tells them he is going to get a second kiss from her and proceeds to approach Brant, kneeling and crawling to her on his hands and knees]

Bob: Ugh. he’s not going to.

Biff: I think he is. hahaha.

Ed: Uhh, Jessie, you might not want to grip that monitor so hard.

Jessie: I’m trying to call a match here, Ed.

[Stevie leans in close to her face and Monica grabs him around the head and bites his nose. Stevie tries to break the bite, and finally Monica lets go.

Bob: Nasty move from the Femme!

Jessie: But, can she follow it up?

[Monica punches him in the face a few times and she picks up and piledrives him into the mat. she leans down at him, and slaps his face a number of times. she picks him up and runs him towards the ropes, but he stops and sends Monica over the top. but she lands on the apron and reaches over the ropes and applies the Fashion Statement]

Biff: Does she have nine lives or what?

Bob: Serves Cheesecake right. that creep.

Ed: Stevie Cheesecake is going out. Monica spins him around and snap mares him over the top and to the floor.

Duffer: Stevie Cheesecake eliminated at 10: 14. winner of this battle royal is “Misty” Monica Brant!!!!

Jessie: Great battle royal. Monica Brant enters the finals and gets a little revenge on her way.

{Biff: Blah, who cares.

Bob: Shut up, Franklin. I almost miss Romero.

Biff: I suppose I have to go interview that tart now, don’t I?

Bob: Actually, I, uh, thought we should let Jessie have the honor.

Jessie: Thanks, guys. (sighs)

(The camera cuts to Jessie standing in the interview area as Monica walks back to the locker room, shaking hands with the fans.)

Jessie: Monica Brant, congratulations on winning your battle royal.

Monica: (Stops and looks Jessie up and down.) Do I know you?

Jessie: Probably not. I’m Jessie James, commentator from the ICWF.

Monica: Oh yeah! Hey, I love listening to you!

Jessie: Really?

Monica: Yeah! You’re better than any of the lousy commentators here, That’s for sure!

Jessie: Uh, speaking of commentators, you won tonight by tossing Steve Cheesecake over the ropes.

Monica: Let’s not talk about that loser right now. (Monica moves closer to Jessie.) You know, the rest of the Femmes are busy preparing for their matches, so I’m sort of looking for someone to help me celebrate. Care to join me for some champagne?

Jessie: Umm, I’m supposed to be commentating.

Monica: Afterward, then. (Monica moves even closer, and puts her hand on Jessie’s arm.) I should warn you Jessie, I’m not a woman who’s used to hearing no.

Jessie: Ahh, we’ll see.

Monica: I hope so. (She winks and walks back to the locker room, high-fiving a fan on the way.)

In September. we’ll separate the good. from the bad. in more ways than one.

In September. The summer may be over. but the heat will just have begun.

In September. the OWA presents. Hardcore Heaven. exclusively on PPV.

Jessie: Ed, the next battle royal should prove interesting.

Ed: You’re right, Jessie. We’ve got two former OWA TV champs, one of whom also once held the OWA belt, and the current ICWF North American and US champions.

Biff: Of course, the fact that Mustang and Hazard are *former* champs means they’ve both been beat — and don’t get me started on those bogus ICWF belts.

Bob: Whaddayou mean *bogus*? Franklin, you’re getting on my nerves — if it weren’t for this bum knee I’d —

Biff: Yeah, yeah. Here’s a quarter — go call somebody who cares.

Ed: I believe it’s time for the introductions of the wrestlers.

Battle Royal #3

Mike Duffer: LAAAAADIEEEEES AND GENNNNNTLEMENNNNNN! The third battle royal in this Crazy 8s tournament is about to begin! First to the ring, from the OWA, at 350 pounds, Gustaffson! From the ICWF, at 243 pounds, the up and coming star, Kevin Taylor! Former OWA champion, at 207 pounds, Anthony Hazard! Current ICWF North American champion, at 185 pounds, … Sidewinder… Jennifer Sanders! From the OWA, another superstar, at 185 pounds, Stacks Coltrain! From the ICWF, one-half of Fury, weighing 235 pounds, Cary Zents! At 245 pounds, former OWA TV champion Mike Mustang! And last but not least, the ICWF US champ, weighing 191 pounds, Spanish Rose!
Let’s go back to Ed Bagel at ringside!

Ed: The wrestlers are all eyeing each other warily, perhaps wondering if any of their opponents can be trusted to form a temporary alliance.

Bob: That’s a good point, Ed. I’d imagine it’ll take a team effort to get big Gustaffson out of the ring.

Biff: You can’t trust anyone in one of these things.

Jessie: The bell sounds and the wrestlers begin to square off. Spanish Rose wastes no time going after Kevin Taylor. Rose with a big forearm! Taylor fires back with a knee!

Biff: Looks like Mike Mustang is going after that cowgirl, Jennifer Sanders! Here’s where we’ll see one of the ICWF pretenders eliminated fast!

Bob: Gustaffson is being attacked by Hazard and Caray Zents! Stacks Coltrain tries pulling Anthony Hazard off, but Hazard clotheslines her to the mat!

[Sidewinder Sanders and Mike Mustang stood toe-to-toe, trading kicks, knees, and punches with little semblance to scientific grappling. Despite Stacks Coltrain’s efforts, Caray Zents and Anthony Hazard backed Gustaffson up into a corner and worked him over until he slumped to the canvas. Kevin Taylor countered Spanish Rose’s brawling tactics with suplexes and armdrags, trying to wear the US champ down with skill and speed, but Rose stunned him with a headbutt. Mustang slammed Sanders to the mat and headed for the top. When Sanders stood up Mustang went for the top-rope dropkick, but Sanders saw it coming and sidestepped. After hitting Mustang with a kneedrop, Sanders picked him off the mat and carried him to the ropes. Despite Mustang’s struggles, Jennifer Sanders was able to dump him over the top rope and to the floor.]

Duffer: Mike Mustang is eliminated at 2: 18

Bob: So much for the ICWF pretender theory.

Biff: Mark my words, this match will end with an OWA grappler still in the ring.

[Sanders joined Hazard in working over Gustaffson, while Caray Zents and Stacks Coltrain went after each other. Zents caught Coltrain with a DDT, then hit her with a flying headbutt to the sternum. Coltrain was able to shake off the pain and roll away from the following legdrop. Meanwhile, Kevin Taylor was being worn down by Spanish Rose’s barrage of boots and forearms. She whipped him into the ropes and nailed him with a flying forearm on the rebound. A pickup into a Gorilla Press followed, and Kevin Taylor was in serious trouble. Sensing that Taylor was about finished, Rose picked him up and rammed his back into a turnbuckle. Setting him back on his feet, she clotheslined him over the top and to the floor.]

Duffer: Kevin Taylor has been eliminated at 5: 51.

Jessie: Rose is looking around — she heads for the crowd around Gustaffson. She grabs Sidewinder Sanders — they’re ready to go at it and — wait a minute!

Bob: It looks like Rose and Sidewinder are going to hold off pummeling each other for the moment. Rose points out Caray Zents, and Sidewinder goes after him like a shot! Gustaffson finally gets back to his feet and hammers Hazard with a big right hand! There’s another! But now Spanish Rose is attacking Gustaffson!

[While Rose and Hazard went to work on the big man, Sidewinder Sanders was able to slip behind Caray Zents and clip his knee. The two ICWF rivals began a back and forth battle of suplexes, saltos, and slams. Meanwhile, Stacks Coltrain was able to recover from the fight she and Zents had been waging and wait for an opening.] [In the corner, Gustaffson was standing again. He slammed Rose and Hazard’s heads together, then dropped Hazard with a kneelift. Rose ducked a roundhouse right from the big man and slammed her boot into his gut. Gustaffson picked her up and slammed her, but before he could follow up Hazard was back up and had locked in a cobra sleeper.] [Zents and Sanders were beating on each other when Stacks Coltrain re-entered the battle, driving a knee into Caray Zents… back. She took him down with a legsweep, then Sidewinder Sanders dropped a knee to Caray’s forehead. Coltrain pulled Zents up and nailed him with a spinning power bomb, and Sanders dropped an elbow from the top rope right into his sternum. Coltrain pulled Zents up and tossed him over the top rope to the floor.]

Duffer: At 8: 52, Caray Zents has been eliminated.

Biff: And another ICWF wimp bites the dust!

Jessie: However, the two belt holders from the ICWF are still in there!

[Coltrain pulled Hazard away from Gustaffson, breaking up the sleeper, and clocked him with a big European uppercut. Hazard scooped Stacks up and slammed her to the mat. He went for an elbow drop, but she rolled away and he hit the canvas hard. Coltrain tried to lock the sleeper in, but Hazard lurched forward toward a corner and Coltrain’s head hit the turnbuckle hard. Hazard took her over with a snap suplex, then knelt astride her and began punching away at her head.] [Spanish Rose was jolted by a roundhouse right from Gustaffson. Sidewinder Sanders pulled her up and once again the two women decided that they… d put their battle off for a while. They made a quick plan, then nailed Gustaffson with a double clothesline that sent the big man down hard. Combining their power, they pressed Gustaffson over their heads and Gorilla slammed him down, shaking the ring.]

Ed: Wow! I felt that one up here! Sanders and Spanish Rose now go to opposite turnbuckles — there’s a double flying elbowdrop! Big Gustaffson has been double-teamed throughout this match, and even he can’t take this kind of punishment for much longer!

[Rose and Sanders sensed that the time was ripe to eliminate the OWA star, and they pulled Gustaffson over to the ropes. Hammering at him, they soon had him draped over the top rope. A final clothesline by Jennifer Sanders and Gustaffson hit the floor.]

Duffer: Gustaffson has been eliminated at 13: 34.

Bob: The question now is, do Rose and Sanders go after each other or do they go to work on Hazard and Coltrain?

Biff: Like I said, you can’t trust anybody — I say one of ‘em is gonna turn her back and the other will clobber her!

Bob: Wrong again, Franklin! Rose just nailed Hazard from behind! Sanders suplexes Coltrain on her head! Looks like it’s ICWF vs OWA!

[It actually was more like a free-for-all, as Coltrain and Hazard continued to batter each other as well as fighting off the attack by the ICWF stars. Bodies flew everywhere as the four suplexed, slammed, and kicked each other, though throughout it all Rose and Sidewinder were able to maintain their alliance. A flying bulldog by Rose on Hazard saved Sidewinder from being eliminated, and a few moments later Sanders returned the favor, nailing Coltrain with a double axe-handle as she tried to toss the Spanish grappler out. Coltrain hit the canvas hard. Hazard quickly took advantage of this and picked Coltrain up, nailed her with a reverse power slam, then tossed her out of the ring.]

Duffer: At 19: 47, Stacks Coltrain is eliminated.

Jessie: Three wrestlers left. Two ICWF belt holders, and a former OWA champion.

Ed: I’d say it looks bad for Anthony Hazard. Sidewinder Sanders and Spanish Rose have been cooperating well for quite a bit of this match.

[Ed Bagel proved quite prophetic, as Sanders and Rose took turns working Anthony Hazard over. The OWA grappler fought hard, but the two women from the ICWF were working well together. Just as Hazard fought one off, the other attacked, usually from behind. A flying clothesline from Sanders sent Hazard to the mat. Rose pulled him up and powerbombed him, then Sanders hit him with an elbow from the second rope. Spanish Rose pulled Hazard up and whipped him into the ropes, then backdropped him over the top and to the floor.]

Duffer: Anthony Hazard has been eliminated at 24: 15.

Bob: Hey, Franklin, I thought you said an OWA wrestler would be the last one in the ring. “Mark my words”, you said.

Biff: Ahh, it took two of ‘em almost five minutes of double teaming to get Hazard out. They cheated, too.

Jessie: Regardless, it now comes down to either the ICWF US champ, Spanish Rose, or the North American champ, Sidewinder Sanders. They’ve been working well together throughout the match, but there can only be one winner.

[The two women went after each other with a vengeance. Suplexes, powerbombs, piledrivers, and powerslams were exchanged by Rose and Sidewinder. For almost five minutes they put on a display of vicious power wrestling, with the advantage see-sawing back and forth.]

Jessie: How much longer can this go on? Rose runs at Sanders and clotheslines her to the mat. She goes for an elbowdrop, but Sidewinder rolls away!

Ed: Now Sanders pulls Rose up and presses her overhead! Big gorilla slam by Jennifer Sanders! She’s headed for the top!

Biff: This match has taken its toll, though. Sanders is a little slow getting up there and Spanish Rose has recovered! She swarms up the turnbuckle right behind Sidewinder! She nails Sanders with a forearm! She locks Sanders up — superplex!

Bob: Rose is back on her feet. She goes right back to the top rope and walks along it! That takes incredible balance! Now she gets ready for the Spanish Press. Here she comes!

Jessie: Sanders saw it coming! She rolled away at the last instant and Rose hit hard! Now Sanders drops a knee to Rose’s back! She pulls Rose back to her feet.

Ed: Sanders tries a whip to the ropes — Rose reverses! Sanders grabs the ropes to keep from rebounding, and Rose charges in with a clothesline! They both go over the top!

Jessie: Incredible! Sidewinder Sanders holds onto the top rope and doesn’t hit the floor! Spanish Rose is eliminated! Sanders pulls herself back into the ring!

Duffer: Spanish Rose is eliminated at 29: 40. The winner of this battle royal, Jennifer … Sidewinder… SAAAAAANDERRRRS!

Ed: An incredible finish to this match! Sidewinder Sanders will advance to the finals! Lisa’s trying to get a word with Sanders. Lisa, are you there?

Lisa: I’m here, Ed, Jennifer, that was an absolutely unbelievable match.

Sidewinder: EEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAA! Thanks, Lisa! Ah just wanna say, all those hombres in the ring were tough, but Ah… m the best! Can’t NOBODY put me down to stay!

Lisa: I notice you and Spanish Rose seem to have been working together for quite a bit of the match.

Sidewinder: Yeah, we decided that since we were the best wrasslers there we oughtta work together until all those with less talent were outta there, so we wouldn’t get accidentally tossed by somebody who got lucky. Rose, Ah got a lotta respect fer ya! You got a lotta talent, and I’m almost sorry ya hadda lose! No hard feelin’s — it coulda gone either way!

Lisa: What about the finals?

Sidewinder: What about … em? Like Ah said before, Ah… m the best! And Ah… m gonna prove to everybody in the ICWF and OWA that Ah… m the best! EEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAA!

Lisa: There you have it. Back to you, Jessie and Ed.

Jessie: There’s the bell and we hear the music of Prince Frederick. this is our only singles match on the card.

Ed: Here’s come the Prince now. along with his. err. companion. Amazon Woman.

Biff: Hey now. she’s a looker.

Bob: You are incredible. did you see what she did to Arlechino, attacked him from behind.

Biff: Just shut up. he nailed her back, didn’t he? Yes. he did.

Jessie: Come on, you two. Here’s Nabiki Yen’s music. let’s go down to the ring for this match.

Nabiki Yen (w Andrew) vs. Prince Frederick (w Amazon Woman)

Duffer: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is one fall and has a 30 min time limit, and is a special challenge grudge match! First. already in the ring, accompanied by the Princess of the Jungle, Amazon Woman, residing in London England. here is. Priiiiiiiiiince Frederiiiiick! And his opponent currently outside the ring, accompanied to the ring by her bodyguard Andrew, from Tokyo Japan, but now residing in Seattle Washington. here is Nabikiiiiiiii Yennnnnn!!!!

Jessie: The bell hasn’t even rung and Nabiki Yen is all over the Prince. She’s tossed him out of the ring and is on her way out, but the ref is giving her a scolding.

Ed: Prince enters the ring and Nabiki quickly drags his face along the top ropes. She tosses him out of the ring this time. the ref is all over Yen for her actions. she slides out the other side and attacks Frederick on the outside. She whips him into the ring steps. but from behind, Amazon Woman just nailed Nabiki with a clothesline.

Bob: Here comes Andrew.

Biff: What’s that goof gonna do.

Bob: Probably not much since Amazon Woman is running to her corner.

Jessie: Prince picks up Nabiki and rolls her into the ring. Snap suplex by Prince Frederick. He goes for a cover. one. two. kickout by Nabiki Yen. Frederick pulls up Nabiki and whips her into the turnbuckle.

Ed: Nabiki flies out of the corner with a flying forearm that drops Prince Frederick to the mat. Nabiki chokes Frederick on the top rope. the ref counts her. one. two. three. she breaks and argues with the ref.

Biff: Hey! Andrew’s reaching up and choking Frederick on the top rope. here comes Amazon Woman.

Bob: The ref sees her and makes her go back to her corner.

Jessie: Nabiki with a tilt-a-whirl suplex. drop kick by Nabiki Yen. facerake by Yen. and Prince counters with a face rake of his own. Yen swings at Prince, but he ducks and catches her with a belly to back suplex and cradles. one. two. kickout by Yen.

Ed: Frederick with a whip and duck. Nabiki off the ropes and nails Frederick with a swinging neckbreaker. cover by Yen. one. two. kickout by Frederick. Nabiki pulls Frederick to his feet.

Jessie: Frederick catches her quickly with a waistlock suplex. both are up. Frederick with a whip, reversal by Nabiki. huh??

Biff: What was that??

Bob: She tripped him.

Ed: Frederick turns around towards Amazon Woman who inadvertently tripped him.

Jessie: From behind, Nabiki Yen with a rollup.


Ed: One. two. three! This one is over!!

Jessie: Or maybe not. Nabiki and Andrew walk back, while Amazon Woman jumps into the ring.

Biff: She BETTER be apologizing.

Bob: Quite a couple ya got there.

Ed: Amazon Woman is helping up the Prince.

Bob: He’s giving her some kind of scolding.

Jessie: Okay. looks like Amazon Woman is apologizing and they’re going to hug and make up. and head out. Prince still has a battle royal to be in.

Lisa: I’m here with the winner of our last match, Nabiki Yen, along with her bodyguard Andrew. Nabiki, congratulation on your victory.

Nabiki: Lisa, I don’t feel very satisfied about that win, Lisa. I want to break Freddy down for what he done to me. That Amazon person try interfere in my match and it backfired. perhaps Andrew and I should team up and take care of Frederick and Amazon once and for all.

{Nabiki and Andrew leave the area.}

Lisa: Looks like Nabiki Yen and Andrew aren’t finished with the Prince and his princess. back to you, Jessie.

Jessie: Thanks Lisa. Gentlemen, what are your thoughts on our next bout?

Biff: No doubt about it, Traci Lane walks all over this group of losers.

Bob: I have to disagree, Franklin, I believe Kelly Kandelski could give Lane a run for her money. The Femmes may own the OWA, but tonight they are going to find out that it won’t be so easy dealing with the superstars of the ICWF!

Ed: It’s time for the introductions, so let’s go to Michael Duffer in the ring!

Battle Royal #4

Duffer: LAAAAADIEEEEES AND GENNNNNTLEMENNNNNN, LET’S GET READY TO RUUUUUUMBLE!! Introducing the eight competitors for our next battle royal at Crazy Eights! One half of the former ICWF Intercontinental Tag Team champions, the Dogs of War, Fenris! A newcomer to the ranks of the OWA, Chaos! The manager of the ICWF World Champion and the ICWF Intercontinental Tag Team Champions, Rob Foster! One half of the current OWA Tag Team Champions, the Extremists, Johnny Blades! One of the newest superstars of the ICWF, Denise Duncan! A member of the highly-ranked OWA tag team, The Chiefs, Johnny Stallion! One of the top-ranked competitors in the ICWF, Kelly Kandelski! And our eighth and final entrant, former OWA World Champion and member of the Femmes, Traci Lane!

Jessie: And immediately Kandelski plows through everyone and is on top of Foster! She buries him in a flurry of lefts and rights!

Ed: I knew there was a history between those two, but I didn’t realize it was THIS intense! Meanwhile, the other wrestlers have recovered from Kandelski’s charge, and are turning their attention to one another. Lane is working over the Dog of War, Chaos attacks Denise Duncan first, and Blades and Stallion face off with one another.

Bob: Blades with an elbowsmash to Stallion. A superkick from Blades, and Stallion goes down!

Biff: C… mon guys, get rid of the ICWF trash before you turn on each other!

[Blades and Stallion continue to work one another over. Traci Lane and Denise Duncan temporarily rid themselves of their first opponents, and square off with one another. Initially, Duncan gets the upper hand, but Lane takes control with a pile driver. Chaos attacks Johnny Stallion from behind, and hits him with everything but the kitchen sink. He tries to eliminate Stallion, but does not succeed and Stallion fights back. Johnny Blades manages to pull Kelly Kandelski off of Rob Foster, but then he himself is attacked by Chaos AND Fenris. This alliance is very temporary, as Chaos and Fenris turn on one another. Blades then goes back to work on Kandelski, and almost gets her over the top rope. Fenris breaks away from Chaos, and goes after Lane.]

Ed: Fenris whipping Lane into the ropes, she ducks a clothesline, and sends him down hard with a shoulderblock! She grabs the Dog by the scruff of his neck, and tosses him over the top rope!

Duffer: Fenris is eliminated at 8: 14.

Biff: Sure took them long enough to finally dump one of those losers.

Bob: He’s not a loser, Franklin, he’s a former champion!

Biff: FORMER champion? Then he’s DEFINITELY a loser!

Jessie: Traci Lane chalks up the first kill, but now she has to deal with a fired-up Kelly Kandelski!

Ed: Look at this! Johnny Blades climbing to the top rope, he goes for a flying cross-body on Stallion but Stallion sidesteps it easily! Stallion pulls blades up, cinches him in and nails him with a jumping DDT!

Jessie: Looks like Blades is out of it. Stallion picks him up and eliminates him!

Duffer: Johnny Blades is eliminated at 9: 01.

Bob: Blades is a top-notch competitor, but trying a top-rope move in a battle royal is not wise in my opinion.

Biff: Did we ASK for your opinion?

Jessie: Stallion has no time to celebrate, as Denise Duncan attacks him. Stallion with a whip into the ropes, Duncan with the reversal. She charges in after him, and is met with a boot to the face! Stallion sets up for a side suplex, Duncan blocks it and nails him with a clothesline! Stallion staggers back against the ropes, and another clothesline from Duncan finishes the job!

Duffer: Johnny Stallion is eliminated at 9: 37.

Bob: Whaddya think about THAT, Franklin? It appears to me that the ICWF has the advantage right now, three to two!

Biff: ONLY because Blades and Stallion wasted so much time fighting one another! My pick, Traci Lane, is STILL in there, and she WILL be the last one standing!

[The other competitors seem to agree with Biff, as they begin to concentrate their attacks on the Femme. Lane fights them all off one by one, and launches a furious assault of her own on Chaos, including executing two Gorilla Press piledrivers. Foster chooses his moments to attack carefully, using a hit-and-run style on the other wrestlers, particularly Kandelski. Kandelski is locked in a struggle with Denise Duncan that leads to.]

Ed: A forearm shot from Duncan stuns Kandelski. Duncan charges from the other side of the ring, and Kandelski backdrops her up and over the top rope for the elimination!

Duffer: Denise Duncan is eliminated at 11: 45.

Biff: Looks like the odds have evened a bit, eh Budsky?

Bob: That’s BRODSKY!

Jessie: An interesting alliance has developed, as Lane and Foster work together on Chaos.

Ed: Good showing by the newcomer to have lasted this long, but he may be out of his league here.

Jessie: They whip Chaos into the ropes, and catch him with a double clothesline that almost takes his head off. Lane casually tosses him over the top rope, but Chaos holds on and avoids elimination! Lane pulls him back through the ropes, picks him, and executes the Gorilla Press piledriver!

Ed: That move has put away some of the best in this sport, and Chaos will be no exception! This time, Lane gets the easy elimination!

Duffer: Chaos is eliminated at 12: 37.

Bob: Kandelski has been working over Foster in the corner, Lane charges in with a knee to the back! Lane whips Kandelski into the opposite corner, charges in again, and Kandelski moves out of the way!

Ed: Lane hit the ringpost hard! Kandelski is going for the elimination, but Lane halts her with an elbow to the gut! Now Lane tries to get Kandelski over the top rope!

Jessie: Both wrestlers giving it all they’ve got, trying to get the elimination. Now Kandelski has the advantage, she almost has Lane out of there! Yes, Lane’s feet touched the floor!

Duffer: Traci Lane is eliminated at 14: 12.

Bob: Lane is out of there, but she still has a hold on Kandelski, trying to pull her out! Kelly holding on with all she’s got, but Foster comes up from behind and dumps her over the top rope!

Duffer: Kelly Kandelski is eliminated at 14: 27. The winner of this battle royal, ROB FOSTER!!!

Bob: Looks like your favorite couldn’t quite get the job done, Franklin!

Biff: Oh, I think she did her job alright! Foster won this match ONLY because of Traci Lane!

Jessie: Lisa is standing by with the winner!

Lisa: Thanks Jess! Rob, you’ve got to be happy with your performance tonight!

Foster: Lisa baby, there was NO way I was going to lose this one! The feds gave me a break today, matching me up with a bunch of tag team morons and that crybaby Kandelski! Traci Lane was the ONLY person in this match who was worth my time! Lane, if you ever want to dump that pathetic organization you’re in now, gimme a call! But now all I have to do is take care of seven more losers, and it’s party time! And let me just say it’s about time we hadn’t some decent interviewers around here!

Lisa: Thank you, Rob! Back to you guys!

Jessie: Our next battle royal features some of the top names from both feds. Pretty Boy Monty, Gretchen Gwynne, Mariko, Body Girl Randi, Danny Maxx. Looks like this one has no clear favorite.

Biff: It’s going to come down to Monty and Mariko, trust me! And with the past history between the Family and the Femmes, it ain’t gonna be pretty!

Bob: But what about Gretchen Gwynne? She’s the ICWF TV champ, and she’s been on a roll lately, heading into her upcoming match with the Masked Marauder for the ICWF World Title. And Taskmaster certainly showed what she could do at last year’s Crazy Eights, when she nearly choked the life out of Stingray! He hasn’t been the same since!

Ed: Let’s go to Michael Duffer for the introductions!

Battle Royal #5

Duffer: LAAAAADIEEEEES AND GENNNNNTLEMENNNNNN, LET’S GET READY TO RUUUUUUMBLE!! Introducing the eight competitors for our next battle royal at Crazy Eights! One-half of the OWA Tag Champions, the Extremists, Danny Maxx! The youngster from the ICWF, Deborah Duncan! Another superstar from the OWA, Masked Mayhem! From the ICWF, the Taskmaster! Former OWA World Champion and member of the Family, Pretty Boy Monty! One half of the ICWF Intercontinental Tag Team Champions, the Body Girls, Randi! The newly-crowned OWA Television Champion and member of the Femmes, Mariko! And last but not least, representing the Syndicate, the current ICWF Television Champion, Gretchen Gwynne!

Jessie: Here we go! Monty attacks Gwynne as she enters the ring! He whips her into the opposite turnbuckle, goes for an avalanche, but Gwynne slips out of the way! Monty stunned by the impact with the ringpost. Gwynne goes for a cobra clutch, Monty counters with an armdrag takedown. Gwynne quickly back to her feet and clotheslines Monty!

Ed: Taskmaster and Danny Maxx exchange blows, while Mariko teaches young Deborah Duncan a few wrestling lessons. Mayhem has Randi trapped in the corner, but the Body Girl picks him up and executes an atomic drop.

Bob: Gwynne with a big splash on Monty in the corner! He staggers forward, Gwynne backs up, and clotheslines Monty, sending him over the top for the first elimination!

Duffer: Pretty Boy Monty is eliminated at 0: 52.

Ed: Monty’s stay in Crazy Eight’s is short, but Gwynne herself may be the next to go as the Taskmaster attacks her from behind! But Gwynne sends her assailant reeling with a forearm smash!

Biff: With Monty gone, Mariko has this one in the bag! She could dump little Debbie Duncan anytime she wants to, but now she goes after the Body Bag Girl, Randi.

Jessie: Mariko with a dropkick, but misses as Randi steps aside. The Body Girl scoops up the Femme and power slams her! She follows that up with a waistlock suplex, but Mariko comes back with a suplex of her own! Mariko pulls Randi to her feet and tosses the stunned wrestler over the top rope!

Duffer: Randi is eliminated at 1: 43.

Bob: Randi was one of the finalists last year, but she has to be disappointed with her performance today.

Ed: Danny Maxx now going after the Femme. Mariko tries for a whip, but Maxx reverses it. Maxx goes for the backdrop, but Mariko kicks him in the gut, and bodyslams him!

Jessie: Mariko goes for the elimination, but Gretchen Gwynne pulls her away. Taskmaster takes advantage of the situation with a series of stomps to Maxx. Maxx getting back to his feet, lands a head butt to the midsection of Taskmaster, driving the air out of her lungs. Maxx to the top rope, nails the Taskmaster with a flying clothesline! Maxx hurls Taskmaster over the ropes, and we have another elimination!

Duffer: Taskmaster is eliminated at 2: 51.

Biff: They’re dropping like flies in this one!

Ed: Danny Maxx now locking up with Deborah Duncan, he forces her back into the corner, but Gretchen Gwynne from behind nails them both with a huge splash from behind! Gwynne showing off to the crowd, and Danny Maxx catches her in a sleeper!

Bob: He’s got it locked in good, and nobody is making a move to help the Gorgeous One! Gwynne is fading fast! She’s about to go down, but, NO! She lurches forward, and dumps Maxx over the top rope!

Duffer: Danny Maxx is eliminated at 3: 57.

Ed: Only four minutes into this one, and already we’ve cut the field in half! Mariko attacks a stunned Gretchen Gwynne, applying a chokehold against the ropes. Masked Mayhem nails Mariko from behind with a forearm to the back, and beats her down with a double-axhandle chop! Mayhem into the ropes, but Mariko sends him down with an elbow.

Jessie: Gwynne is back to her feet. Mariko spots her and charges, but Gwynne is ready and backdrops her! Gwynne sends Mariko into the opposite ropes, Mariko ducks the clothesline, and nails Gwynne with a clothesline of her own!

[Gwynne and Mariko continue to pound on one another for the next few minutes, while Duncan and Mayhem are occupied on the other side of the ring.]

Bob: Gwynne pounding Mariko against the ropes with blow after blow! The ropes are the only thing holding Mariko up right now!

Biff: Don’t count her out yet, Brodsky! She isn’t the OWA TV champ for nothing!

Ed: A confident Gretchen Gwynne signals that Mariko will soon be history! Gwynne backs up and charges at Mariko, who ducks and Gwynne goes sailing over the top rope and to the floor!

Duffer: Gretchen Gwynne is eliminated at 6: 33.

Jessie: Gwynne with a few parting shots at Mariko, distracting her, and Mayhem comes up from behind and dumps Mariko over the top!

Duffer: Mariko is eliminated at 6: 45.

Bob: There goes another one of your picks, Franklin!

Biff: Maybe so, but it was an OWA wrestler who eliminated her, Brodsky!

Ed: Two wrestlers left, and who would have thought they… d be Masked Mayhem and Deborah Duncan! Mayhem going for a sleeper on Duncan, but she breaks that up quickly with a jawbreaker, and both wrestlers are down!

[Mayhem and Duncan put on a pretty decent singles match from here, with each wrestler gaining and losing the advantage several times.]

Jessie: Mayhem goes for an enzuilariato, but Duncan ducks and the masked man is down! Duncan locks in the scorpion deathlock!

Bob: It’s over! He isn’t getting out of this one!

Biff: Gimme a break, Brodsky, he’s already grabbed the ropes! She’s gotta break the hold now!

Ed: Mayhem uses his power to reach the ropes and force the break, the damage may be done. He pulls himself back to his feet, but Duncan sends him back down with a short clothesline. She picks him up, sends him into the
ropes, he ducks a clothesline, but Duncan nails him from behind with a dropkick and sends him to the floor!

Duffer: Masked Mayhem is eliminated at 9: 12. The winner of this battle royal, DYNAMIC DEBORAAAAAAAAH DUUUUUUNCAN!

Jessie: Let’s go to Lisa who is standing by with the winner!

Lisa: Deborah, no one really gave you a chance in this battle royal, but you’ve surprised everyone!

Deborah: I don’t know if I would have given myself much of a chance against the likes of Mariko and Gretchen Gwynne, but Denise and Penny had me ready to face anything today! A win in a match like this against seven of the top wrestlers in the world is a big accomplishment, and I only hope that I can use this momentum to go on and perform well in the championship battle royal!

Lisa: Great match Deborah, and good luck in the finals! Back to you, guys!

Jessie: We’re ready for our next battle royal. A few feuds within this one. Sabin Figaro and Scott Cobalt have a bit of hatred between them. and most recently, Executioner was aiming comments towards the Python Princess.

Ed: This one should turn out to be interesting, I’m going to have to go with Python Princess on this one.

Biff: You traitor. I’m picking Sabin Figaro.

Battle Royal #6

Duffer: LAAAAADIEEEEES AND GENNNNNTLEMENNNNNN, LET’S GET READY TO RUUUUUUMBLE!! Coming to the ring. first. here is OWA superstar. Stealth V… followed by the ICWF’s Soultaker! Prominent member of the Family. Executioner! Another ICWF Superstar, Stewart Zents! One half of Brawlers, Inc., Sabin Figaro. followed by the ICWF’s Justice! followed by Scott Cobalt. and finally. the ICWF’s Python Princess!!! Back to Jessie and Ed.

Jessie: Okay. here we go. there’s the bell and let’s see what transpires.

Ed: Looks like Sabin is going to lock up with Python Princess. bodyslam by Sabin on the Princess. Executioner joins in as they whip her into the ropes and nail her with a double elbow.

Biff: That’s was pretty cool. The OWA has some catching up to do.

Bob: Shut up, Franklin. I’m agreeing with Ed on this one and the Python Princess is going to take this one.

Jessie: Over in the far corner, Soultaker and Justice are tearing into each other. Soultaker whips Justice into the ropes, Justice ducks Soultaker’s clothesline but it caught by Scott Cobalt who powerslams him into the mat. Cobalt and Soultaker take Justice and dumps him over the ropes.

Duffer: At 2: 45, Justice has been eliminated.

Biff: One down. 3 to go.

Ed: Steward Zents just nailed Soultaker in the back. hold on. Sabin missed Python Princess and Princess just clotheslined Sabin over the top.

Duffer: At 3: 23, Sabin Figaro has been eliminated.

Jessie: Executioner and Stealth V are going at it. Stealth goes for a face slam, but Executioner nails him in the side with an elbow shot. Stewart Zents misses a spin kick, Soultaker grabs him and nails him with a belly to belly suplex.

Ed: Scott Cobalt nails Python Princess from behind. he’s trying to throw her out, but the princess has a lot left in her. she nails Cobalt with a couple of shots to the head. and hip tosses him over the top and out of the ring.

Duffer: At 5: 45, Scott Cobalt has been eliminated.

Jessie: Hold on. over on the other side. piledriver by Executioner on Stealth V. he tosses him over the top rope.

Duffer: At 6: 07, Stealth V has been eliminated.

Bob: We got four left. and only 1 OWA wrestler left, Franklin.

Biff: *grumbles* Just shut up.

Ed: Python Princess and Executioner tangle up. while Stewart Zents and Soultaker are pounding on each other. Python Princess whips Executioner towards Zents and … Taker. reversal by Executioner as Python flies into the corner, Zents and … Taker ducks and lifts the Princess out of the ring.

Duffer: Python Princess eliminated at 7: 32.

Jessie: Soultaker and Zents have stopped battling. they’re looking over at Executioner and they begin to move that way.

Ed: Looks like Executioner might be in trouble here. the two charge the OWA star, but he moves out of the way to the other side of the ring. They two ICWF competitors charge him, and this time catch him.

Biff: Look at that! Such cowards, doubleteaming the guy like that.

Bob: Hey. every man for himself.

Biff: Oh. good. nice plagiarism.

Bob: Shut up.

Jessie: Double whip by Soultaker and Zents, and clothesline. Executioner is in trouble here. double elbow drop on the Family member. They pick up Executioner and toss him over the top.


Ed: That’s right. Executioner is hanging on here. Soultaker just nailed Zents. neither of them thinks that Executioner is still in this match. Executioner rests on the apron, while Soultaker pounds on Zents.

Jessie: Spinebuster by Soultaker. and he sets up Zents.

Bob: Tombstone!

Jessie: And he throws Zents out of the ring. he thinks he’s won.

Duffer: Stewart Zents eliminated at 10: 34

Biff: Executioner comes from behind with a kneelift to the back, sending Soultaker out of the ring! YES!!!!!!

Duffer: Ladies and Gentlemen. winner of this match. Execuuuuutioner!!

Ed: Down to ringside with Elaine Bryant and Executioner.

Elaine: Thanks Ed, congratulations to you, Executioner. you advance to the finals.

Executioner: Figaro, Cobalt, Stealth you three now know that there is a new Power to deal with in the OWA, The FAMILY will not die and will soon Rule the OWA. I told you all that I would win this battle royal and Crazy Eights and now I am half way there. ICWF’s Soultaker, Zents and my baby Python Princess, I am impressed by your skills and heart but this day was mine I will not be denied the CRAZY EIGHTS TITLE. WHEW! BABY MOTOR CITY “”MADMAN”” … “EXECUTIONER”… IS HEADING TO THE FINALS.

Elaine: Back you guys!

Jessie: Welcome back to the Crazy 8s! This next battle royal features some truly great wrestlers, although I doubt there’ll be much wrestling, mostly just fighting. But this will be a beauty.

Ed: Yes, it will, and the two federations are very evenly matched up so far. Neither group has gotten an advantage and I think this shows how close both feds are.

Biff: Yeah, right! These ICWF bozos are very lucky and That’s it! But we got the champ in this one, and she’s gonna clean house.

Bob: She can start with your dump then.

Biff: Hey, you stupid.

Jessie: Now, now boys. If you don’t stop fighting, I’ll have to send you to your rooms. Here’s Mike Dufferino with the introductions.

Battle Royal #7

Mike Duffer: Ladies and gentlemen. The seventh battle royal is about to begin. Entering the ring first, from the OWA, at 230 lbs. the Asian Invasion; from the ICWF, at 134 lbs., the vicious ViXXXen; from the OWA, at 232 lbs., Miguel Thunder; from the ICWF, at 179 lbs., Kommando Karla; from the OWA, at 251 lbs., Legion; from the ICWF, at 236 lbs., it’s J.Q. Smooth; the current OWA WORLD’S Champion, at 205 lbs., the rough and ready Rachel Ryan! And last but not least, one-half of the ICWF U.S Tag-team Champions and ICWF Intercontinental Tag-team Champions the Body Girls, at 170 lbs., the double champ, Brandi!

Ed: This will probably end up between the two champs.

Jessie: It very easily could, but don’t count out Karla or Miguel Thunder. Both are very talented and dangerous. Look at them eyeing each other. They’re sizing up the first victims, but it won’t be an easy task here tonight.

Biff: Ryan’s gonna roll up these chumps and take a nap before she wins the whole enchilada.

Bob: Hmmmm, that makes me hungry; where’s the guy with the hot dogs?

Jessie: Later, Bob. Here’s the bell. ViXXXen quickly grabs Thunder and nails him with a kick to the belly. And Legion wants Asian Invasion gone as he hammers him with forearms and fists. Brandi knows all about Karla and stays away, but Smooth pulls her hair and tries to throw her out. A wee bit early for that as Brandi drives a fist into his gut and a knee to his head with a booming kneelift. Ryan grabs Smooth as he falls back and clamps on a reverse bearhug, picking him up and running into a corner, slamming his chest into a turnbuckle.

Biff: Serves him right for even thinking about this match. Look at Thunder ram ViXXXen into a corner. She doesn’t look so tough now. Karla helps Asian with Legion as she holds him in a front headlock and Asian hammers his back with chops and a kick to his chest. You know, maybe Karla belongs in the OWA. She’s definitely a great wrestler.

Ed: ViXXXen is still getting worked over, but Karla runs into Thunder and knocks him into the ropes. ViXXXen is free and quickly stomps Thunder’s head. She pulls him up and lays him against the ropes, then chops his throat and drives several knees to his belly. WOW! No wonder she and Gwynne are so feared in the ICWF. Brandi and Smooth are trading punches, but it looks like Smooth has her in trouble. She staggers into the ropes and Smooth kicks her back, then pulls her hair and drives a staggering right to her chest. She’s down and in pain from that heart punch and Smooth is all over her with stomps and kicks.

[Karla has Legion in a full nelson and Asian rams his knee into his belly several times. He grabs Legion and lifts him for a bodyslam, driving his back into a turnbuckle, then dropping him onto his head. Brandi rolls away from Smooth, who gets caught from behind by ViXXXen; she forgets about Miguel Thunder who is still down. Smooth is caught in a choke as ViXXXen pulls back hard on his hair and clamps a forearm across his throat. He gurgles and gasps and she holds on for dear life. Meanwhile Karla and Asian are pummeling Legion as he tries to stand; she finally lifts him high and carries him to the ropes and with great flair, throws him over the top.]

Duffer: Legion has been eliminated at 4: 06.

Ed: Geez, she’s a one-woman wrecking crew!

Jessie: Just figuring that out? ViXXXen keeps choking away on Smooth, and now driving fists into his kidneys. This looks bad. She grabs his hair and spins him around, lifts him for a slam and drives him into the mat. She goes for an elbowdrop–missed! Smooth up quickly, and puts his boots to her stomach. She’s rolling back into a corner, but he’s right on top of her. Now he’s returning the favor with repeated blows to her body.

Ed: This guy doesn’t mess around!

Jessie: He may be a playboy outside of the ring, but inside he’s all business. ViXXXen in trouble, and it looks like J.Q’s backing up. He’s running toward her with a clothesline–she spins away! Smooth hits that turnbuckle hard, and now he’s down!

Ed: ViXXXen pulls him up and grabs his hair, slamming his face into the turnbuckle. He’s about out and she lays his throat across the top rope and pushes down, choking him even more. Wait! Karla nails ViXXXen from behind with a big forearm, and slings her away! What’s she doing?

Jessie: Looks like she wants to do the honors on Smooth. She’s got him up–and there he goes!!!

Duffer: J.Q. Smooth has been eliminated at 6: 13.

Bob: How cutthroat of Karla! That was ViXXXen’s fight!

Biff: Hey, it’s anything goes in there, Brodsky. You ICWF people not used to that?

Bob: You’d better watch it–

Jessie: Settle down, Bob. Asian Invasion now goes after Brandi who has been beaten by Smooth. He grabs her hair, but she spins and sends an elbow into his gut, then a fist and a big kneelift, sending him crashing to the mat. Brandi wants a victory here and pulls him up by his hair, then slams a forearm into his throat, and a knee into his belly, actually a little lower. Asian is rocked and leans against the ropes as Brandi hammers his belly and chest. She pulls him off and throws him into a corner where she drops him with a dropkick.

Ed: Meanwhile Karla goes after Thunder and lays him out with clothesline as he turned to face her. She kneedrops his chest and pulls him up for a slam, but Miguel pulls her hair back and squirms in her lift and Karla loses her balance. She falls backward with Thunder falling on top.

Jessie: Wow, that could be her finish as Thunder stands and drops an elbow across her chest. He does it again, but she rolls away and his elbow hits solid matting. Karla rolls toward Brandi and Asian, and gets up just in time to hammer him with a forearm smash to the throat. He falls gagging and Brandi slowly pulls him up and chokes him while yelling at him. She is wasting a lot of time by not ending this as she loves to torment her opponents. Thunder is up and sees Asian in trouble. He runs over and hits Brandi with a big forearm smash, then grabs an arm twisting it behind Brandi’s back. She’s in trouble now as both Thunder and Asian rain blows on her and pick her up over the top rope. She tries to hang on to the rope, but they toss her over onto the floor. She could be hurt.

Duffer: Brandi has been eliminated at 8: 47.

Bob: Notice it took two big OWA bullies to manhandle one ICWF competitor.

Biff: You’re dreaming! She never had a chance.

As the wrestlers are reduced in number and get more room, Karla goes after ViXXXen, a dangerous ICWF foe. But ViXXXen grabs Karla’s hair and pulls back while chopping her throat. She has Karla hurt and laughs as she keeps delivering chops and fists to her throat and head. Asian rushes in and slams a big fist into ViXXXen’s back, making her stop, then throws her across the ring into a corner. She slams in hard and he follows with a kick to her belly, a chop to the throat and a hip toss, kneedrop combination. That quick turnaround takes the wind from her sails. Karla runs and leaps high, landing across her belly with an elbow, followed by another across the throat by Asian. They pull her up and throw her over the top rope, sending her flying to the floor.

Duffer: ViXXXen has been eliminated at 10: 27.

Jessie: Starting to get thinned out up there.

Ed: Yes, it is. Karla goes after Miguel and they lock up in a corner, with both trading punches and knees. They look tired and Ryan has Asian in a side headlock, jabbing at his face with quick punches. Miguel Thunder grabs Karla’s hair and pulls her to the turnbuckle, but Karla blocks him with an elbow to the ribs and grabs an arm, twisting it into an armbar. Now she steps over it and sits down hard on the arm and shoulder, driving him into the mat. Karla’s pulling up on that arm, really trying to hurt him.

Jessie: And Ryan is still dragging Asian around the ring, beating his brains out. She stands him up and drives a short clothesline into his chest, dropping him like a rock. His about finished up there, and she knows it. Ryan stands him up and runs at him with a clothesline across the throat, sending him flying over the top rope and crashing to the floor.

Duffer: Asian Invasion has been eliminated at 14: 38.

Ed: Here comes Ryan after Miguel Thunder. These two hate each other in the OWA and would love to see each other get beat up bad. She jumps on Thunder’s back while Karla has that arm nearly deadened. They’re really enjoying this pummeling as he can’t move, caught under these two very capable wrestlers. Finally, Karla lets up and stands, pulling Miguel up for what looks like a, no wait! Karla has him up, then slams his back across Ryan’s knee. He’s rolling around in pain, but both women pull his arms, forcing him to stand and a double kneelift into his belly. A couple more and he’s sagging.

Jessie: I think it’s over for him as they throw him into the ropes and hit him high and low as he comes off. Karla merely pulls his hair and drags him to the ropes, pushing him over the top.

Duffer: Miguel Thunder has been eliminated at 16: 17.

Ed: This is where it gets real interesting. The two eye each other and lock up. Ryan pushes Karla against the ropes, holding her there to get her wind. Karla tries to slip out, but the bigger woman has her tightly held. Ryan backs off, then lashes out with a boot to Karla’s gut and a fist to her head. Karla’s staggered, but keeps moving in and they lock up, but Ryan sensing a win hammers her head and throws her into the ropes.

Jessie: Karla comes off the ropes and ducks the roundhouse, then drives a short jab into Ryan’s kidney. That rocks the Champ. Karla clamps on a front headlock and stands her up with a big kneelift. Ryan looks dazed, but she’s standing. It will take more than a kneelift to finish this Femme. Karla has her in another front headlock, this time choking, and then another kneelift. Ryan now staggers around the ring and Karla grabs her hair and drags her to a corner where she runs her head into the turnbuckle several times. Ryan slumps to the mat and Karla stands on her throat. She has Ryan in trouble and wants to keep dishing out more pain. She places Ryan’s throat across the bottom rope and stands on her neck.

Ed: Rachel’s kicking her legs and trying to squirm out, but Karla has her caught. She finally squirms free, but Karla quickly pulls her hair, putting her in a kneeling position. Wow, a big elbow into Ryan’s forehead, then another and she’s down again. The Kommando just doesn’t let up. Karla pulls Ryan up and throws her into the ropes. Clothesline, Ryan ducks, Karla spins– HUGE dropkick from Ryan on the return! Karla is knocked flying into the far ropes!

Jessie: She’s pulling Karla up now, and is pummeling her with fists and knees to the abdomen. Ryan picks Karla up, slings her over her shoulder, and then takes a running start!

Ed: BOOM!!! Running powerslam, and Karla’s in trouble! She’s really fired up in there!

Jessie: Ryan now leaves Karla and heads for the ropes. She’s climbing the turnbuckle, going for the top–

Biff: Look out! Karla’s getting up!

Jessie: Wow! Karla’s woozy, but she’s already up from that powerslam! Ryan has her back turned, and doesn’t see her just yet. Karla’s waiting as Rachel makes it to the top, and turns–

Biff: She charges in and jumps! Karla shakes the entire ring by slamming into the padding with her body! Ryan’s losing her footing, she’s wobbling–AND SHE’S OUT!!!

Jessie: Rachel Ryan tumbles from the top and out onto the floor! Karla wins it!!!

Duffer: Rachel Ryan is eliminated at 22: 59. The winner of the seventh battle royal is the ever dangerous Kommmmaaaaaaaannnnnnnddoo Kaaaaaarrrrrrrllaa!

Jessie: Karla goes on to the finals, but she looked very tired at the end. I hope she has some steam left. Let’s go to Lisa with Karla.

Lisa: Hi fans, I’m here with one incredible wrestler, Kommando Karla.

Karla: (moves in close to Lisa) Thank you Lisa. It was a tough match with some fine wrestlers. I knew I’d win, it was just a matter of time. Some of them were easy, but I’ll tell you, ViXXXen, Miguel Thunder, The Asian, and especially Ryan had me a little concerned. But my style and class always come out on top.

Lisa: You seemed to work well with some of them. Did you plan on that?

Karla: A little. I knew I’d have to use some of them to help with others, but I didn’t let that stop me from destroying them all! There was some good talent in there, but this New York killer babe will win the crown tonight. I have gotten some respect for the OWA wrestlers, especially Rachel Ryan. I beat her good tonight, but I don’t want to face her all the time.

Lisa: What about the finals?

Karla: Come on Lisa, you know how I’m going to do. I’ll win the whole enchilada and then we’ll go out and really turn this town upside down. I’m the best and That’s it!

Lisa: Thank you, Karla. Back to you, Ed, Jessie, and the two Putzes.

Biff: What two putzes??

Bob: I have no idea.

Jessie: We’re back. and we have only one battle royal left in the initial battle royals. this one will set the stage for the finals. Any picks in this one, gentlemen?

Ed: I’m going to have to go with the OWA’s North American Champion the Shocker, who’s been on a roll as of late.

Biff: I’d pick Frederick if he hadn’t lost earlier to that Yen chick. hmm. I’ll pick WildShadow.

Bob: Oh. right. I’m picking Jessica Spangles for this one.

Jessie: I’m going to have to side with Bob on this one. Spangles looks like the winner here. let’s go down to ringside for this one.

Battle Royal #8

Duffer: Ladies and Gentlemen. this is the final battle royal. the winner of this one, will go to the finals along with the other winners! Coming down to ringside. the OWA secret service guy, WildShadow! tag team contender, Leather! the OWA’s Mr. Excitement! and from the ICWF, Ray Fisher! His Highness, Prince Frederick! ICWF Tag Team Champion, Maria Mankiller. former ICWF North American Champion Jessica Spangles and finally the current OWA North American Champion. The Shocker! let’s go to Ed and Jessie.

Jessie: Jessica Spangles immediately heads towards the Prince. but Shocker heads her off and nails her with a clothesline. Frederick meanwhile jumps on WildShadow. didn’t WildShadow turn on Frederick a ways back there, Ed?

Ed: Yup. sure did. now Frederick has him in the ring. DDT by Frederick. Spangles has turn the table on the Shocker and is nailing him in the corner. hold on. Frederick just nailed her with a superkick, and she’s out over the top.

Biff: Frederick sure has a lot of energy for losing to Nabiki Yen earlier.

Duffer: Jessica Spangles eliminated at 2: 10

Biff: *chuckling* There goes your pick, Bob.

Bob: Just shut up.

Jessie: That was my pick too, Bob. don’t worry about it. Back in the ring, Frederick is working over WildShadow. Leather and the Shocker are tangled up. and Ray Fisher is taking on Mr. Excitement. Tanya Mankiller walks over to Frederick and picks him up and tosses in over the ropes and begins to pound on WildShadow.

Ed: Frederick remains on the ring apron as he crawls in and sits in a corner for a bit. Mr. Excitement just tossed Ray Fisher over the ropes. and he hits the floor.

Duffer: Ray Fisher is eliminated at 4: 32

Biff: There’s two gone. my pick is still in there. C… mon, WildShadow.

Bob: Hmph.

Jessie: From behind Mr. Excitement is nailed by Tanya Mankiller. and dumped over the top rope.

Duffer: Mr. Excitement is eliminated at 5: 04

Ed: Prince Frederick is up. and he goes to nail Tanya Mankiller, but hits The Shocker with a spin kick. The Shocker goes after Frederick chasing him around the ring. Shocker catches him and begins to pound on him.

Jessie: Watch Mankiller. she runs at them, Frederick ducks and Tanya nails Shocker sending him out of the ring.

Duffer: North American Champion, The Shocker is eliminated at 6: 31

Bob: There’s goes Ed’s prediction.

Ed: Hm? WildShadow jumps on Frederick. while Tanya Mankiller tackles Leather. WildShadow pounds on Frederick. he picks him up and tries to put him over the top.

Jessie: Hold on. Irish whip by Leather. and Tanya runs right into WildShadow and Frederick, and WildShadow goes over the top. but hold on. he’s hanging on to Frederick’s hands. he hasn’t touched the floor yet.

Bob: Hey. That’s cheating.

Biff: Is not. there’s no real rules in a battle royal, you ninny.

Bob: Why I outta.

Biff: You probably already have. weirdo.

Ed: Alrighty! Back in the ring. WildShadow hold on the Frederick. Frederick is kicking at WildShadow through the ropes. while on the other side, Tanya Mankiller gorilla presses Leather. she’s going to drop her. then moves her position and drops her out of the ring.

Duffer: At 11: 43, Leather is eliminated.

Jessie: That’s a long drop. I hope Leather is okay. WildShadow cannot hold on any longer against Frederick’s kicks as he finally has to let go and fall to the floor.

Duffer: At 11: 52, WildShadow is eliminated.

Bob: There goes your pick, Biff.


Ed: I’d never have thought Frederick could have endured this. but here we have a one on one with Tanya and Frederick. Tanya wastes no time in attacks the royal one.

Jessie: She whips Frederick into the ropes and nails him with an elbow drop. Suplex by Tanya. and she follows that up with a choke slam. a smile crosses her face as she manhandles Prince Frederick.

Biff: Never happen if he hadn’t wrestled earlier.

Bob: Stop your complaining. the ICWF going into the finals with 6 people. and you just hate it.

Ed: Legdrop by Tanya. she picks up Frederick and he pokes her in the eyes. he puts her in a headlock. she picks him up, while he maintains the headlock and places him over the top rope.

Jessie: Only on the apron. hold on. he’s grabbing her by the hair and pulling her throat down across that top rope.

Bob: That’s cheating. and not very good cheating at that.

Biff: Shut up, Boob. it’s all legal in battle royals.

Ed: Frederick’s not letting go. he sets her up. oh no.

Jessie: He’s not going to suplex her to the floor.

Biff: He’s got her up.

Bob: That creep. he can’t hold her up and they fall to the floor.

Jessie: We need a camera there. hurry. the ref is calling for this one to be over. but who hit first.??

[Camera shows Frederick lying on top of Tanya]

Duffer: Winner of this battle royal. Priiiiince Frederiiiiick!

Ed: Let’s go down with Elaine Bryant and Prince Frederick.

Elaine: Prince. tough battle royal. even though you lost to Nab.

Prince: I did NOT lose. don’t say that. she wants a tag team rematch. she’s got it. anytime. anyplace. I won’t let that wench get away with that cheap victory.

Elaine: Congrats on advancing in the finals. the stage is now set. you’ll be facing Executioner, Kommando Karla, Monica Brant, Jennifer Sanders, Rob Foster, Vision In Violet and Deborah Duncan.

Prince: All suitable contender, mind you. but after I get some rest, I’ll be ready to go.

Elaine: I’m afraid you only have a few minutes to rest.

Prince: What??


Elaine: Back to Jessie and Ed.

Jessie: Here we are fans! Time for the championship battle royal of Crazy Eights, as the eight winners of tonight’s earlier battle royals go at it!

Ed: And an interesting collection of participants we have for this one! Jennifer Sanders, Monica Brant, Kommando Karla, Prince Frederick, and of course last year’s winner, the Vision in Violet.

Biff: Who I predict will be the first one eliminated!

Bob: Gimme a break, Franklin, ViV knows what to do in the ring, she’ll be there at the end!

Jessie: Let’s go down to Michael Duffer, with the introductions!

Crazy 8s Battle Royal Finale

Duffer: LAAAAADIEEEEES AND GENNNNNTLEMENNNNNN, LET’S GET READY TO RUUUUUUMBLE!! Introducing the eight wrestlers who have earned a chance to participate in the final battle royal of this year’s Crazy Eights! Already in the rings is a superstar of the OWA, Prince Frederick! And coming down the aisle. The exciting young star of the ICWF, “Dynamic” Deborah Duncan! A member of the premier wrestling organization, The Family, The Executioner! One of the world’s top wrestlers AND managers, Rob Foster! Another rising star of the ICWF, Kommando Karla! The current ICWF North American Champion, “Sidewinder” Jennifer Sanders! A member of the OWA organization known as the Femmes, Monica Brant! And the winner of last year’s Crazy Eights and former ICWF World Champion, the Vision in Violet, Nancy James!

Ed: There’s the bell! Sanders and Foster immediately go to work on the defending champ, Karla and the Executioner lock up, and Prince Frederick attacks the youngster, Deborah Duncan. Frederick whips Duncan into the ropes, and sends her down with a kick to the midsection. He tries to lock in a spinning toe hold, but Duncan kicks him off into the waiting arms of Monica Brant, who executes a back suplex on the Prince! Brant and Duncan work together to dump Frederick over and out!

Duffer: Prince Frederick is eliminated at 1: 07.

Bob: He didn’t last long!

Biff: What’s that traitor Brant doing, teaming with one of those ICWF losers?

Jessie: Duncan turns around, and finds herself face to face with Rob Foster! They size each other up and both wrestlers back off?

Bob: Something is going between those two! Denise Duncan and Penny Lancaster, if you’re watching, keep that weasel away from Deborah! He’s up to no good!

[The match continues, as Sanders concentrates her efforts on the Vision, Karla and Executioner pummel one another, and Brant goes after Foster. A mistimed splash attempt leaves Foster hurt in the corner, but before Brant can put him away Executioner nails her from behind. Karla joins Sanders in working over ViV, until Duncan comes to the former champ’s aid.]

Ed: Duncan pulls Karla away, nails her with an elbow to the back of the head. She feeds Karla in for a pile driver, and drives her head into the mat! Duncan going for the elimination, but Karla manages to grab onto the ropes. Duncan pulls Karla back through the ropes, scoops her up and drops her across the knee. Duncan turns her back on Karla, but Karla quickly to her feet pounds the youngster from behind with a double-axhandle chop! Karla picks up Duncan, and dumps her over the top rope!

Duffer: Deborah Duncan is eliminated at 4: 19.

Biff: Looks like the clock has struck midnight for Cinderella!

Bob: She has nothing to be ashamed of, she gave one hell of a performance tonight! Duncan gets my vote for Rookie of the Year!

[Onward we go, as Sanders now mixes it up with the Executioner. Karla and Brant trades blows, and Vision in Violet breaks away from the action and spies Foster on the other side of the ring.]

Bob: You know ViV has to want her shots at that loudmouth Foster! He’s been a thorn in her side since Day One in the ICWF! And look at that, Foster’s trying to beg off, but ViV charges in with guns blazing! She pounds away at Foster with a series of punches to the head! She backs off, and a dazed Foster stumbles and falls flat on his face! ViV picks him up and whips him hard into the turnbuckle! She charges in after him, but Foster slips out of the way and ViV takes a bit out of the turnbuckle herself!

Biff: THIS is the wrestler who won last year’s Crazy Eights? No wonder the ICWF is such a joke!

Jessie: Foster quickly takes advantage, stomping and kicking at the fallen Vision! He pulls her out to the center of the ring, and sends her down with an elbow smash! He’s signaling for the DDT!

Bob: This doesn’t look good for ViV! Wait, Kelly Kandelski is at ringside! Foster has ViV set up for the DDT, but he drops her and starts yelling at Kandelski! ViV struggling to her feet, she sees Foster distracted! She charges into him with a knee to the back, sending that piece of garbage over the top!

Duffer: Rob Foster is eliminated at 7: 42.

Ed: Foster doesn’t seem too happy about that, and immediately he and Kandelski are brawling on the floor! The locker rooms empty, and a crowd of wrestlers and officials try to separate the two! Foster backs off, but Kandelski is out for blood! They’re pushing her back towards the locker room area.

Jessie: ViV has no time for a breather, as Executioner nails her with a forearm. The two wrestlers trade blows, but ViV is still stunned from that shot into the turnbuckle, and Executioner drives her back against the ropes!

Bob: Why hasn’t Foster left the ring side area, he’s been eliminated for crying out loud!

Biff: Obviously these ICWF officials are so incompetent they can’t keep control in their own fed!

Bob: He’s got the Crazy Eights Trophy! What’s he going to do with that?

Jessie: Foster sees ViV backed against the ropes by Executioner, and he nails her from behind with the trophy! Executioner dumps ViV over the ropes, and the defending champion is eliminated!

Duffer: Vision in Violet is eliminated at 9: 03.

Ed: Executioner celebrates his victory, but he gets nailed from behind by a clothesline by Kommando Karla, sending HIM to the floor!

Duffer: The Executioner is eliminated at 9: 11.

Bob: Meanwhile that weasel Foster has high-tailed it out of there, and ViV still doesn’t know what hit her! What a cheap shot!

Biff: Foster may belong to a loser organization, but I gotta admire the guy!

Jessie: We’re now down to three wrestlers, and it looks like it will be the two ICWF participants ganging up on Monica Brant. Sanders and Karla confer briefly, and close in for the attack!

[Brant fights back against the assault, but eventually Sanders and Karla wear her down. After several minutes of punishment, they prepare to eliminate the OWA superstar.]

Ed: It doesn’t look good for Monica Brant at this point, the continuous assault by the ICWF pair has taken its toll.

Jessie: Several blows to the head from Sanders send Brant reeling back against the ropes. Sanders signals to Karla, looks like they are ready to finish her off! Sanders and Karla join hands and charge Brant for a double clothesline, but Brant ducks and dumps Sidewinder over the top rope!

Duffer: Jennifer Sanders is eliminated at 13: 33.

Bob: Brant now firing away at Kommando Karla! Brant with a whip into the ropes, and a power slam!

Biff: Brant’s going to win it for the OWA! I know it!!

Jessie: Brant pulls Karla back to her feet and drags her towards the ropes! She goes for the elimination, but Karla fights it. Several forearm blows to the back, though, send Karla down to her knees! Brant feeds Karla’s head into position for a possible pile driver, this could finish it!

Ed: Brant trying to lift Karla up, but Karla is fighting it! Karla lifts Brant up instead, and backdrops her over the top rope!

Duffer: Monica Brant is eliminated at 14: 12. The winner of the battle royal, AND the winner of Crazy Eights: KOMMMMMMMANDOOOOO KAAAAARLAAAAAA!!!!

Jessie: Incredible performance by Kommando Karla, as she is this year’s Crazy Eights Champion! Lisa is in the ring with the winner.

Lisa: That was a great win in this second annual Crazy 8s tournament. What a wrestler!

Karla: Thank you Lisa (still trying to catch her breath). Some of these wrestlers were damn good and gave me a run for my money. But you see who came out on top, don’t you? I knew it all along.

Lisa: Mr. Shoemaker will be up here in a few minutes with the check and trophy, but first, I want to know what’s next for you? Is there anything left?

Karla: Oh yes. I want at least one ICWF title. I missed when Arlechino got me. By the way, where is he? Didn’t he win anything tonight? Ha-ha-ha-ha! I really want a title and then maybe if I do team up with Taylor and Fisher, we’ll take the six-man title. I still have a lot on my mind that I want.

Lisa: Anyone in particular?

Karla: Yes, I want Arlechino, then some of these other goody-goody bozos. I’ve taken some heat for asking Kevin Taylor to team with me. Too damn bad! he’s a hell of a fine wrestler and we’ll clean house as teammates.

{ICWF Commissioner as well as the OWA Commissioner come into the ring. Following behind them is Chad Romero.}

Lisa: Here are the head of the two wrestling federations. Welcome sirs.

Mr S – ICWF Owner: Thank you Lisa, how lovely to see both of you again. Karla, it gives me a great deal of pleasure to present this check for $100,000 and this Waterford crystal trophy to you as the winner of the 1996 Crazy 8s Tournament. You richly deserve both as an outstanding wrestler.

Mr S – OWA Commissioner: I want to add my congratulations, and as an added incentive, the OWA would like to offer you an OWA Title shot against our champion Rachel Ryan at any date you would be free.

Karla: Thank you very much, it was an excellent card and one that really tested my strength, stamina, and power. I want to thank. {she notices Chad who takes the nearest mic}

Chad: That’s okay dear, you did most of it yourself. No need to thank me; besides, you can do it better later when we’re alone.

Karla: What? Why are you up here? You haven’t done a damn thing for me except try to take advantage of me on dates. You crud! Mr. Shoemaker, please hold these. You tried to break up the team of Klieger and Karla because you knew better. You don’t know anything about wrestling, promotion, or how to treat a lady. What does Spanish Rose see in you? Maybe she feels sorry for you.

(Karla pushes Chad into the ropes and drives an elbow into his chest. Before he drops to the mat, she pulls him up and lifts him for a bodyslam, but just rolls him off the top rope onto the apron and then the floor.

Karla: Now maybe you’ll stop interfering where you aren’t wanted. As I was saying, I want to thank my manager, the great former German champion, Karen Klieger, who worked very hard with me to prepare for this. She never lost sight of victory and always kept me motivated. (with tears in her eyes) Thank you very much Karen and you’ll never be bothered by that chump Chad again.

Lisa: (also teary eyed)
Whew! Karla, we just didn’t know you were so emotional about this. You really are one great champion, even if you don’t have a title. You own Crazy 8s!

Karla: Thank you Lisa. We’re leaving now to clean up and quietly celebrate with Mr. S and you–SURPRISE! I want you to come along with us.

Lisa: Well, I guess my work here is done. Ed, Jessie, see you somewhere on the town. Good night fans.

Ed: We’ve went over our allotted time. tune into ICWF and OWA programs for more regarding this event. and we’ll see you in September as the OWA presents Hardcore Heaven. For Bob, Biff, Elaine, Lisa, and Jessie. I’m Ed and we’re outta here.

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