Match for the vacant ICWF World Six-Person Tag Team Championship is the main event.

(Jessie, Bob, Chad, and Lisa stand composed before a wildly cheering crowd; Jessie and Lisa are wearing close-fitting, low-cut evening dresses, while Bob and Chad are in tailored tuxedos.)

Jessie: Good evening, everybody, and welcome to the pay-per-view spectacular event of the year! We’re terribly sorry for all the delays, but to make up for it, we’re offering this evening’s show for the amazingly low rate of–well, free!

Bob: That’s right, fans. Even though a brief legal battle cost us a couple of months of activity, all the same wrestlers, officials, and action is still in place! And to make up for the mess, we’re giving the event to you for absolutely nothing!

Chad: And let’s just say that we won’t be hearin’ from any more self-righteous family groups anytime soon! Callin’ our great sport “anti-family”? “Obscene”? Hey, all you folks in the American Decency Association–ya better send some money PRONTO to Reverend Culpepper! Can you say “court costs”? Can you say “lost wages”? Can you say “countersuit”? I knew ya could!

Lisa: (Laughs) Chad, you’re a riot! Anyway, with the ICWF’s legal victory behind it, we can now bring you the entertainment you’ve been clamoring for, and it starts right here in the sold-out Kingdome here in Seattle, Washington–(everyone stops for a second as the arena shakes slightly; a few tiles drift down from the overhead ceiling, sending a few fans scrambling for cover)–ahem, as I was saying, and tonight we decide the holders of the first-ever ICWF six-man tag championship!

Jessie: Right, Lisa–presuming this place holds up long enough to hold our event! Are we liable for earthquake injury?

Bob: No, that’s in the “seismic standards” part of our contract with the Kingdome.

Jessie: Good! Okay, let’s go over the first couple of rounds of our tournament, held in the two days previous to tonight….

Wildside/Radford vs. Snake Sisters/Marauder – The match was near- complete domination by the Snakes and Marauder, but a accidental kick to the Marauder by the Python Princess, followed by a rollup and hotly-contested three-count led to the advancement of Radford and company.

Winners: Wildside/Radford

Dark Paladin/Fallen Angels vs. S.W.A.T./Megadiesel – This match was eagerly-anticipated first encounter between the Dark Pact and S.W.A.T., with Megadiesel adding to their numbers. The match was a back-and-forth encounter, with Dark Paladin showing no evidence of his former friendship with Angel and Justice. Paladin scored the pinfall on Angel, nailing her with the Crusader. In the ensuing post-match melee, he hit her with it once more, sending her back to the locker room with undetermined rib injuries.

Winners: Dark Paladin/Fallen Angels

Feminine Force vs. Pain Sisters/Kommando Karla – Nikki of the Pain Sisters opened with a powerful offensive salvo, putting the Vision in Violet back on her heels, but a quick Frankensteiner led to the Leap of Faith, and 37 seconds later Feminine Force left the ring the victors. Nikki was livid about the count, and had to be dragged screaming from the ring.

Winners: Feminine Force

Bogert/Helman/Gwynne vs. Taylor/Fisher/Duncan – The teams went after the match with speed and enthusiasm, and the match was totally even most of the way. The end came when Ray Fisher went for a Frankensteiner, but Monica Bogert countered with a power bomb and scored the three count.

Winners: Bogert/Helman/Gwynne

Fury/Early vs. Born to be Wild/Jeri Taylor – Another close match, with Fury and Early’s experience offset by the talent and enthusiasm of BTBW and JT. The turning point in the match came when the ref, occupied with removing an irate Samantha Starr from the ring, failed to notice Lindy Early coming in and delivering a brainbuster to Carrie Westfield. A subsequent fallaway slam from Stewart Zents netted a three-count and another victory for the Kingpin’s stable.

Leather/Lace/Lancaster vs. Rose/Elena/Maria – This match proved to be a total brawl, with Chad Romero’s group aiming to prove their worth in their first appearance as a trio. The match was decided on the floor, where Penny Lancaster reversed a whip into the ringpost, almost knocking Elena Quartermain out. She then rolled her back into the ring and tagged her with a spinning kick, which she followed with a reverse cradle and pin.

Winners: Leather/Lace/Lancaster.

Body Girls/Foster vs. Celtic Thunder/Thomas – The Body Girls and Rob Foster were taken totally by surprise at first by the maniacal antics of Celtic Thunder, with Foster taking the brunt of their shenanigans. Gregg Thomas came in to provide technical balance, and by the fifteen minute mark it was beginning to look as if the unorthodox trio would put it away early. However, Rob Foster was seen lurking around the mugs Celtic Thunder brought to ringside, and poured a powder of some kind into them. The men failed to notice this, and after a few swigs, were swaying drowsily on the apron. Whether this would have proven necessary became moot, however, as Brandi wore Gregg Thomas down with suplexes and slams, concluding the display with a thunderous gorilla slam. She then placed Thomas on the top turnbuckle, and delivered her trademark top-rope piledriver. One arrogant cover later, Foster and the Body girls were on their way to the next round.

Winners: Body girls and Rob Foster

Soultaker/Dogs of War vs. Queens/Arlechino – This match was short and violent, with the key difference being a missed flying somersault splash from Sizzlin’ Belle. The Soultaker added a piledriver and got the easy three-count before the rest of 27 Lives could enter and prevent it.

Winners: Soultaker/Dogs of War

Wildside/Radford vs. Dark Paladin/Fallen Angels – The Dark Pact attacked their opposition before the bell, and held the momentum for the first several minutes of the match. As time wore on, Wildside and Radford battled back, culminating in a figure-four leglock on Michael from Johnny Richards. While Julia and Dark Paladin faced off with Jake Sanders, Radford added a top-rope elbow drop to Michael, and the three- count went to Richards before the Dark Pact could react.

Winners – Wildside/Radford

Feminine Force vs. Bogert/Helman/Gwynne – The two groups went after one another with a mixture of power and technical finesse, with the edge in teamwork going to Feminine Force. This proved to be the difference, as Jessica Spangles and the Vision in Violet teamed to perform a series of devastating double-team moves to Kassandra Helman. Jessica Spangles connected with a flying forearm, and hooked a leg to get a three-count.

Winners: Feminine Force

Fury/Early vs. Leather/Lace/Lancaster – This match continued the brisk rivalry between these two camps, with both teams as evenly matched as could be hoped. After thirty minutes of back-and-forth action, Cary Zents nailed Leather with a superkick, which Lindy Early turned into a bridging back suplex for the victory.

Winners: Fury/Early

Body Girls/Foster vs. Soultaker/Dogs of War – The Body Girls and Rob Foster met the rulebreaking tactics of the Dark Pact with an abundance of their own, resulting in a wild brawl that broke down into chaos on numerous occasions. While Randi and Rob battled Soultaker and Cerebus on the outside, Brandi overpowered Fenris with a gorilla slam, then knocked him totally unconscious with the top-rope piledriver.

Winners: Body Girls/Foster

Jessie: And that sets up our matches for our final round, but now we bring you these oustanding singles matches! Up first we have the All-American Kid, Gregg Thomas, against the awesome Jax! But first, Chad is back in the locker room with some late breaking news. Chad?

Chad: Jessie, it’s a real panic back here, just a few minutes ago while Gregg Thomas was preparing for his match against Jax, a huge thug came down and started to tear them apart! The EMT’s just rolled Uncle Jimmy away on a stretcher, and Thomas sustained a major shoulder injury, but he said that he will wrestle Jax tonight. Now back to you.

Lisa: Well, it’s bad luck for the All American Kid, because he’s up next.

Jessie: Let’s go to the ring announcer.

Michael Duffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. The referee is Donna Quinn. (“Hard as a Rock” by AC/DC begins to blare from the PA as a huge man emerges from one entrance.) Entering the ring first, at 375 pounds, please welcome, the Master of Disaster…JAAAAAAAXXXX!!! (Jax growls and threatens the fans as he comes toward the ring. He enters and yells at the crowd.) And his opponent…from Omaha,Nebraska wighing 235 lb., the All American Kid, Gregg Thomas!!! (Gregg walks toward the ring, holding his shoulder, in obvious pain.)

Jessie: Quinn calls for the bell, and the men lock up.

Lisa: Thomas dosn’t seem to be the same without his manager there.

Jessie: Wow, Thomas hit the huge Jax with a double underhook suplex.

Lisa: Well, Gregg is amazingly strong for his size, but there is no way he can match strength with this impressive man, Jax.

Jessie: Jax now nails Thomas with a tilt-a-whirl suplex,impressive.

Bob: Oh my gosh, look who’s sitting in the front row. The Fallen Angels.

Viper: Hey Im late,but I’m here.

Jessie: Viper what are you doing here?

Viper: Hey,the Angels are at ringside, so I have to announce. So who are these two fools in the ring.

Lisa: Jax and Gregg Thomas.

Viper: Gregg Thomas? This guy looks like a freak.

Lisa: Not so, he is a well acomplished wrestler.

Bob: Can we get back to the match?

Jessie: Thomas goes for his finisher, but Jax blocks it. Thomas hits Jax with a suplex. And–oh my! A flying summersalt splash! 1..2–kickout.

Viper: Not that I care, but I hope Jax wins. Look–a bulldog by Jax!

Bob: Thomas is down! Now Jax presses Thomas and slams him down–HARD.

Viper: Hahaha!!!

Jessie: Now Jax drops a leg across Thomas, but Jax picks Thomas up.

Bob: BIG mistake.

Viper: Why?

Bob: That’s why! Thomas nails Jax with a leg sweep, and a belly to belly.

Lisa: But Gregg doesn’t follow up with a pin–he’s going up to the top!

Jessie: Thomas leaps…right into the arms of Jax!

Bob: Jax is applying a bear hug! I think this one’s over!

{time elapses}

Viper: Jax has had Thomas in the bear hug for a very long time. Why dosn’t he just give up?

Lisa: Because the All American Kid never gives up!

Bob: Right! Just like my ’84 Bucs. We may have been down, but we were NEVER out.

Lisa: Oh, Bob! I could just listen to your football stories forever!

Bob: Y-you could?!?

Jessie: Come on, Lisa, don’t get him started. Jax really cinching in that bear hug. It doesn’t look good for Thomas.

Viper: Ring the bell! That kid is dead!

Bob: Shut up Viper, he’s not dead! I’d rather have Chad around than a worthless loser like you!

Jessie: That’s the first time I’ve ever heard you express a preference for Chad! Thomas sticks a thumb in Jax’s eye and he releases the hold.

Lisa: Gregg must be desperate, because he never cheats.

Viper: And that’s why he never wins.

Jessie: Thomas dropkicks Jax–he falls outside!

Bob: Jax looks disoriented, he’s now jawing with some of the fans at ringside.

Jessie: Thomas is outside. Donna Quinn is following him!

Viper: Jax pushes Thomas into the ref, I love it!

Lisa: Both of them are out!

Bob: Jax is back to arguing with the fans! Now he’s yelling at the Fallen Angels.

Viper: Hey, he can’t do that! The Angels are fans for this match. But they’ll still beat the crap out of him.

Jessie: Viper, remember–this is a family show.

Viper: Not according to the American Decency Association!

Bob: Look–he just hit Julia and Michael both!

Viper: That’s it, I’m out of here!

Lisa: Where is he going?

Bob: Good riddance!

Jessie: Julia is tending to Michael–he’s busted wide open. The ref and Thomas are still out, and–oh my! Viper is coming down to ring with that guy that beat up Thomas!

Bob: Is he coming down to finish the job?

Jessie: NO, he nails Jax! He just tiger bombed this huge Jax on the concrete. Jax is out cold. Now Viper holds Jax–and Julia delivers a superkick right to the jaw! Now the thug rolls Jax into the ring!

Lisa: I guess that’s what happens when you touch the Angels!

Bob: Thomas is up, and so is the ref.

Jessie: Thomas picks up the unconscious Jax and delivers a bridge suplex!

Bob: 1..2..3! It’s over!!!


Bob: Lets go back to Chad in the locker room with the Angels.

Chad: Guys, I’m back here and soon I’ll be interviewing–here they are. Michael, Julia, what the hell is going on here?

Michael: We don’t have to explain ourselves.

Viper: Romero, the Angels go whereever they want, and they wanted to watch a match.

Chad: But did you have to get involved?

Jessie: That big idiot touched us first so we eliminated him.

Chad: But who is this man?

Viper: This is Antoine, he’s the Angel’s bodyguard.

Michael: Don’t try to get an interview, he doesn’t talk.

Chad: But why do you need him?

Julia: Well mortal, eventually we will take over this entire federation, and Antoine is just what we need to protect ourselves.

Michael: Maybe now the tag team champs will give us the title shot they know we deserve.

Chad: But what about Jax?

Viper: Jax, we have no problem with you, nore will we ever wrestle you, but you were just the point we had to prove. This interview is over.

Chad: That’s all I’m gonna get from here. Back to you, Jess.

Jessie: Thanks, Chad! Bob has left to handle more interviewing, so I’m happy to announce a guest comentator: none other than the ICWF intercontinental champion, Arlechino! Great to have you here!

Arlechino: Glad to be here, Jessie. And it looks like we’ve got one hell of a match coming up. “The Sandman” Sid McKnight taking on Chase “Cranker” Stern after Stern challenged the big man during an interview.

Lisa: And, if Chase wants to prove technique beats power, he couldn’t have picked a better opponent. The Sandman’s big enough to powerlift a station wagon!

Lisa: Sounds like you’re nervous about maybe facing the Sandman in the ring someday.

Arlechino: Actually, I was just wondering if he’d help me change the oil in my car.

(The wrestlers make their way to the ring. The crowd lets out a large boo for the bad guys, though the ones within arm’s reach seem strangly silent…. Chase makes his way to ringside next, looking calm and poised for the match ahead.)

Arlechino: And this match is going to be the ultimate example of speed and technique vs power and size for a long time to come.

Jessie: True, but don’t count Chase out because of his size; he’s got alot of power backing him up as well.

Lisa: And the bell rings, and Chase and Sid lock up near the ropes. Sid overpowers the smaller man and sirish whips him to the ropes…powerslam by Sid! 1…2…No! Shoulder up, and so is Sid. He’s telling the ref something, looks like he might be complainng about the count…and Chase rolls up the big man! 1…2…kickout with authority!

Jessie: Sid gets to his feet, and Chase is there to meet him, punch to the gut by Stern! Now…WOW! A tiger driver on the big man! 1…2…shoulder up! Sid tries to roll over and get to his feet, and ANOTHER tiger driver from Stern! 1…2…kickout! I didn’t think Chase would be able to do that move on someone the size of McKnight.

Arlechino: Hey, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight… besides, Stern knows how to use an opponent’s own strength against them.

Jessie: Fast pacing in the first few seconds of this bout and now we see Stern trying to pin Sid again. 1…2…shoulder up! Cranker’s giving it all he’s got in these first few minutes of the match.

Arlechino: Good idea, since he’d facing a man with both power and stamina. Stern to the ropes, charging the stunned McKnight…and a powerslam by the Sandman! And that put a sudden stop to Chase’s soul train!

Lisa: But, the big man is hurting too! The ref there to count them both. It looks like Sid’s getting up…and an elbowdrop on Cranker. Now McKnight pulls him to his feet. Off the ropes…VADER ATTACK! Stern’s gotta be ripe after that one. The Sandman’s pulling Chase to his feet now, stunning him with a well-placed forearm. Now, a whip to the buckle, and a reverse by Chase! He comes charging in…only to meet the boot of Sid McKnight!

Arlechino: And that’s gonna make it hard for Chase to come back, folks. Sid now grabbing Stern in an armbar…and the Cranker with a boot of his own! Sid’s doubled over…but he still manages to plant a kick in Stern’s face! Sid with a cover, 1…2…kickout by the smaller man! Sid picks him up, a whip to the ropes…bodypress on Stern!! 1…2…KICKOUT!

Jessie: That was close.

Lisa: Sure was. These two are going heavey in only the first few minutes. How long can these guys last?

Arlechino: Well, though nowhere nearly as fit as I am, these two can hold there own in the ring a pretty long time. I have a feeling this amtch is going to get more interesting as time goes on.

(These two combatants fight for about five minutes, slowly wearing each other down.)

Jessie: And a whip to the ropes by Sid McKnight, and Chase holds on to the rope and prevents himself from running back. The ref going over to Chase and…it looks like the Bad Boy just handed the Sandman something!

Lisa: They look like brass knuckles from here. The Sandman moves in, and punches Stern in the arm! Now a few more blows…and the ref doesn’t see the knuckles!

Jessie: Proabably because he’s trying to get Bad Boy of the apron! Now the ref turns around, but not in time to see the Sandman throw the knuckles to the floor.

Arlechino: And now the Sandman stunning Chase with a series of kneelifts. Now a whip to the ropes…and an armbar submission lock! And, it’s right on that arm the Sandman nailed with the knuckles! This is shameful!

Lisa: Maybe, but it looks like he’s gotten away with it! (Bell Rings)

Michael Duffer: The winner of this match, by submission, Sid “The Sandman” McKnight!

Jessie: After taking the brass knuckles to Chase’s arm, it’s no wonder he submitted. And, the Sandman adding extra insult by using Chase’s own finisher to win the match! Bob’s got the interview as the Sandman exits the ring!

Bob: Sid, Mark Bagwell–what was that all about in there?

Mark Bagwell: Shut up, Brodsky! It was about winning! Brass knucks, chairs, tables, you name it–we’re gonna do what it takes to win! Tell ’em, big man!

Sandman: You said it, bruthah! Stern, my hat’s off to ya–you’re a tough little *bleep!* But You stepped in there with the wrong man, and now you’re a victim! Anybody who wants to step in there with the Sandman needs to rewind their VCRs and watch that match again! (The pair storm off.)

Jessie: And Chad has Chase Stern in the back! Chad, what’s the story?

Chad: Jess, I’m back here with Chase Stern, and–

Chase: (Snatches the mic and moves toward the camera, allowing his injured arm to dangle.) Sandman! You just crossed the point of no return! You think you made an example of me? Not in this lifetime! I’m coming for you, big man–and that worm of a manager, too! (He shoves the mic back into Chad’s hands and leaves.)

Chad: Looks like Stern’s definitely P.O.’ed! Jess?

Jessie: Thanks, Chad! Now let’s go to the next match!

MD: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a time limit of 20 minutes! Coming to the ring first, at 129 pounds, from Pacific Palisades, California, accompanied by manager Andrea Cantor, here is Kelly Kan-DEL-ski!

(Gloria Estefan’s “Everlasting Love” comes over the PA, as massive cheers and wolf-whistles are heard in the arena. Kelly, in her maroon singlet, is high-fiving the fans while her manager watches for weapons.)

And her opponent, a 265-pounder from Pensacola, Florida…accompanied by his partner the Masked Marauder… Rob… FOS-ter!

(Now the fans turn ugly, a few even throwing stuff at Foster, who is loudly pronouncing his ability.)

Bob: A classic matchup of size against talent.

Chad: How can you call a former U.S. tag team champion untalented?

Bob: The Marauder’s been carrying them the whole time.

Jessie: The match begins a bit early, as Foster jumps Kandelski before the bell and sets up a spinebuster, but Kelly manages to maneuver into a swinging neckbreaker instead. Foster thinks equally fast, and latches on–whoa! A side suplex, and Kandelski’s in trouble. She is delivered to the ropes…

Chad: and stamped Return to Sender with a bodyslam! Continuing to press his advantage, Rob scores a Russian leg sweep, and puts the mosquito in a figure four.

Bob: Kandelski’s agility saves her, though, as she slips out of the hold and whips Foster–no, reversed.

Jessie: Kelly’s speed turns into a drawback, as she is fired into the buckle. Foster tries for an avalanche… no good, as Kandelski is no longer there. He falls onto his back, and Kandelski rolls him outside.

Bob: She gets to rest for a moment, while Foster climbs back in… and promptly suffers a slingshot facebuster.

Jessie: Kelly now puts some of her technical training to work, landing a vertical suplex, and then bringing her opponent down with an armdrag. She can’t seem to get him to his back, though, so she tries a different tack, whipping him into the buckle as Foster’s size proves a disadvantage again. Foster is staggered, but still up, so Kelly tries another armdrag.

Chad: Foster doesn’t fall for that one again, and whips his foe around into the referee. He quickly takes advantage with an eye gouge, but breaks it as Earl Hebner returns to duty.

Jessie: Foster whips Kandelski into the turnbuckle and charges in for a shoulderblock.

Bob and Chad: Oooooooooooooo…..

Lisa: Kelly Kandelski lifts a knee and inflicts the kind of pain only a man can feel. Kandelski moves in and nails Foster with a back suplex. Up to the ropes… and a flying clothesline takes Rob Foster down again. Kelly heads to the ropes herself… and comes back with another flying clothesline!

Chad: Foster finally recovers, and blocks a Boston crab attempted by Kandelski. He tries a side suplex… but he can’t land his move either, as Kandelski interrupts with a dropkick.

Bob: Cantor is yelling something in Spanish, as Kandelski hits another vertical suplex, and a whip to the rope… a kick proves the last straw, as Foster falls and is covered. One… two… no good. She can’t quite hold both shoulders down for the full three seconds, but Rob Foster is still in trouble, as Kandelski catches her in an ab stretch.

Chad: She didn’t quite get close enough to the center, though, and Foster is able to force a rope break.

Jessie: For someone with as little experience as Kelly Kandelski, she’s putting up quite a struggle.

Lisa: Well, as a ring announcer over in EWWA, she’s watches some of the best–including me! She is setting up a figure four, one of her favorites. She’s got Foster in trouble…

Chad: No such luck this time. Foster is too strong for her, and breaks out.

(time passes, with Kandelski mostly in control, but with the occasional mistake allowing Foster to nail her and get a cover.)

Duffer: Five minutes remain!

Jessie: The momentum has been mostly Kelly’s, but she can’t seem to win it.

Chad: Of course not! There’s no way Foster can lose to that mosquito.

Lisa: Kelly’s setting up for an armbar–whoa!! German suplex from Foster and a count!

Chad: 1! 2! 3!!!–NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Jessie: That’s one thing about Kelly–she does not want to lose, as a kickout at the last possible moment keeps it going. Foster is just about exhausted, and resorts to an eye gouge.

Chad: He’s got her–bodyslam! And he’s calling for his finisher, the flying elbow drop! 1! 2! 3-WHAT?

Lisa: Again Earl Hebner rules no pin, as Kandelski’s superhuman courage saves her yet again. While Foster argues the call, Kelly goes in behind and puts in a full nelson.

Bob: This should be curtains for Rob Foster, as he is in some pain… no, he manages to break free and whip his foe to the ropes. Backdrop–Kandelski with a sunset flip! 1—-2—-3!!!! She did it!!

Duffer: Your winner, in a time of 16:30–KELLY KANDELSKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

Jessie: A stunning performance by both wrestlers–I’d say the fans got their money’s worth for that match alone!

Bob: You said it, Jess! Look at him–he’s fuming as he heads back to the locker room!

Chad: Yeah–and look at how smug Kandelski looks as she hops toward the back!

Bob: Oh, Chad, she’s not smug! She’s just happy!

Chad: Yeah, right.

Jessie: Don’t get started, guys. Our next match features that new sensation, Cheerleader Bambi, and the newest member of Kingpin’s gang, Bobbie Bathgate.

Chad: Sensation? You’re kidding. She fought one clown, a nobody, and now she’s a sensation? Get real. She’ll go back to being a Valley Girl after this match. Bobbie will get rid of her. You saw what she did to Arlechino. He looked like a dope trying to wrestle her.

Bob: Chad, smarten up. This woman is an up and coming wrestler and will soon be a contender. And Bobbie didn’t do anything until Gwynne came on.

Jessie: You’re right, Bob. Now up to Marc Duffer in the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen. This next match is one fall, with a 20 minute time limit. Entering the ring, from Chicago, IL, at 157 lbs, Bobbie Bathgate.

(She enters wearing a black leather jacket and removes it to show a black highcut leotard. The crowd does not like her because of her attack on Arlechino with Gretchen Gwynne in Saturday Showdown #8. The boos and jeers shower down on her.)

(“I Want It All” by Queen is blasted over the PA system. The cheers start and get louder.)

Now entering the ring, accompanied by her manager, Kelli, from Huntington Beach, CA, at 137 lbs, Cheerleader Bambi. The referee is Donna Quinn, former NCAA Wrestling Champion.

(She enters wearing a UCLA cheerleader outfit. Bambi slowly removes it, revealing a red thong bikini with matching short wrestling boots. She walks around the ring rousing the crowd to louder cheers.)

Jessie: The crowd really loves Bambi. That will be a big plus for her; Bobbie is a tough wrestler. There’s the bell.

Jessie: They both come out fast and lockup. Bobbie clamps on a front headlock, big forearm across the back, and again. Bambi falls to one knee. But Bobbie pulls her up and tries for a reverse suplex. Bambi blocks it by yanking a leg and dumping Bobbie on her butt. She’s back up fast and they lockup, no, a hard thrust kick to Bambi’s head and she’s down. Bobbie pulls her by the hair and puts on a side headlock. She’s really working that head and neck. Bambi throws in into the ropes and she runs in the opposite direction. WOW! Bobbie met her with a shoulder block and Bambi is down again.

Chad: Well, well, well; I guess you two were right. Bambi is doing real good. Just like a real chump, I mean champ. I told you two she stinks.

Jessie: Bobbie stands her up and delivers a wicked chop to her throat. She puts on another front headlock and moves it into a piledriver.

Chad: Thataway girl, end this real fast. Send her back to the beach.

Jessie: Bambi picks her up with a backflip and runs against the ropes. But Bobbie nails her with another chop, dropping her like a rock. She pulls her up by the hair, but Bambi drives an elbow into her throat. Now Bobbie is gagging and backing away. Bambi moves in with a spin kick, but Bobbie ducks. She tackles her, driving her into the ropes. Donna tries to break it up, but Bobbie traps her and drives a knee into her gut. She nails her again and Bambi’s down. She pulls her up and throws her into the ropes, but Bambi comes off and ducks the clothesline, yanking a leg with her. She’s got Bobbie down and has a reverse leglock, pushing hard on the knee. This could dislocate it, no, Bambi’s moving into a bow and arrow. Wow, what a smooth move; she has Bobbie screaming. Bambi’s won with this before.

Chad: That was against bozos, not Bobbie Bathgate. See, she got to the ropes and now miss UCLA has to release it.

Bob: It really hurts you to see a clean-cut wrestler win, doesn’t it?

Jessie: Bobbie’s up, but Bambi moves in with an elbow to the head and a pickup into an inverted backbreaker. Wait, no, Bobbie counters by swinging her legs and forcing Bambi off balance, falling backwards. Bobbie has her now. She rolls off, stands and stomps her head and neck. Bambi’s trying to roll away and Donna is having trouble with Bobbie. She’s warning her, but Bobbie sidesteps her and goes back to kicking Bambi. Bobbie pulls her up by the hair and throws her into the ropes.

Chad: WOW! What a powerslam. Bobbie has the cover. This is it, 1……….2…..,

Jessie: Shoulder up as Bambi still has life in her. Bobbie with an elbow across the throat, but Donna quickly counts and Bobbie releases and stands. Bambi tries to get up, but Bobbie nails her with a spin kick, dropping her like a rock. Another pin, but Bambi’s shoulder is up at one. Bobbie is choking her.

Bob: Hey Donna, let’s disqualify her.

Jessie: Donna pulls her off Bambi and allows Bambi to get up. They lockup and Bobbie pushes her against the ropes. She pushes her through the ropes and down to the floor. Bobbie follows her has her up for a, WOW, a piledriver onto the floor. Bambi is hurt and just rolling around. Bobbie climbs back in and Bambi’s just getting up. She’s climbing up, but the count is now 15. She’s trying to get in, but Bobbie dropkicks her to the apron and the count starts. Maybe this will give her some breathing room and rest. Donna warns Bobbie about her tactics, and now Bambi is back in.

Chad: Geez, you can’t even try to win without a warning. The ICWF should do something about refs who are too strict.

Bob: Sure, Chad; nothing like breaking a few rules to help win. Just like some of the NFL teams during the ’84 season.

Jessie: Bobbie grabs Bambi’s hair, but a headbutt to her chest sends her back. Bambi now moves in with a forearm to the chest, a snap mare, and dropkick as Bobbie tries to stand. Bambi picks her up by the arm and throws her into the ropes, and nails her with a big clothesline, sending Bathgate sprawling. Bambi pulls her up by the hair and picks her up for a backbreaker. Oh my, she just took a finger in her left eye. Bambi’s holding her face in pain and Bobbie now has her in a front headlock.

Chad: ALRIGHT! What a kneelift! Sent her flying into the ropes.

Bob: She should be disqualified. This stinks.

Chad: So does your underwear, but we don’t complain.

Jessie: Bobbie with a face rake. Donna warns her again, but Bobbie is after her and has Bambi in a standing headscissors. Looks like a piledriver, no, Bambi picks her up and flips her backwards, releasing the hold. WOW! I didn’t think she had it in her after all that punishment. Bobbis slowly gets up, really angry, and Bambi drives a shoulder into as she comes off the ropes. Bobbie didn’t know what hit her.

Chad: Bambi is living on borrowed time. Bobbie will crush her now.

Jessie: What match are you looking at? Bambi pulls her up by an arm and whips her into a corner. God that hurt. And Bambi follows up with a shoulder to her gut as Bobbie slumps in the corner. Bambi climbs the second rope and drops an elbow on Bobbie’s forehead. Now Donna pulls her off and gives Bobbie a chance to come out. Bobbie slowly comes out and Bambi moves in, oh my, she caught a kick to her belly. Bobbie was faking and drew Bambi in.

Chad: Good training with Gretchen Gwynne will always win.

Jessie: Bobbie has her up hammers her neck with a double-axhandle chop. Boy, Bambi fell hard and isn’t moving too good. Bobbie pulls her up by the hair and drives an elbow into her chest. She’s got her in the ropes and raining forearm smashes into her chest and head. Bambi’s falling to the mat. Finally Donna pushes Bobbie away and holds her back.

Chad: Hey, that’s two-on-one. This is rotten.

Jessie: Bambi now standing, but here’s Bobbie with dropkick, she missed! Bambi has her on the mat with a reverse chinlock, pulling back hard. Now she’s twisting the head all around, really working the neck. And a knee in the back helps a little, too. Bobbie’s screaming, but Bambi pulls her up and lifts her with a belly-to-back suplex. Oh my, Bobbie landed hard and fell over in a heap. Bambi isn’t taking any chances; she has her up and hits her with a perfect thrust kick to her head. Bobbie fell back and is really hurt. But Bambi smells blood.

Chad: NO, she just smells.

Jessie: She’s got Bobbie up in a fireman’s carry; up to the top rope. Yes, here it is, Bambi climbs up and WOW! a perfect off-the-top-rope suplex. Bobbie bounces and just lays there. Bambi pulls her up to a sitting position and clamps on a headscissors, the Thighmaster. This has gotten submissions. Bobbie is screaming and slapping Bambi’s thighs, but can’t get free. Look at those muscles! She has some strong legs. Bobbie’s waving and that’s it, she quit. Bambi beat her with the Thighmaster, squeezing her head. What a match, back and forth ’til the end. Bobbie’s rolling on the mat, holding her head in pain. Let’s go to the ring announcer.

Chad: Crap! She won’t get away with that stuff against Spanish Rose or Elena Quartermain.

Ring Announcer: The winner, in 10: 47, Cheerleader Bambi.

Jessie: Let’s go to Danny Lopez with the winner.

Danny: Congrats, Bambi; that was a tough, well-deserved win.

Bambi: Thank you. Yes it was. Bobbie’s a tough wrestler, but I have to, like, show these people that a clean, scientific wrestler can, you know, fight with the best of them. I’m on my way up the standings and won’t stop until I, like win a belt. These wrestlers may be tough, but I’ll beat them.

Danny: Is there anyone you’re aiming for?

Bambi: No, but I do want better opponents with each match. I’m sure I can handle them. The ICWF is great and I’m going to be one of the greatest, just like my mother was. (Blows hair out of her face) I hope the people of the ICWF see my abilities and book me with ranked wrestlers.

Danny: I’m sure they will. You have what it takes. Thank you for talking with us. Back to you, Jessie.

Jessie: Thanks Danny, and now to our sponsors and then up to the ring for our next match.

Chad: Bobbie was robbed, two-on-one. Shaw should reverse the win and give it to Bathgate.

Bob: Yeah right, and you should go soak your head.

Jessie: Okay boys, lighten up, it’s over. This next match will be a real brutal one. These two have been going at it for a while. Spanish Rose wants this match badly and will do most anything to win.

Chad: You’ll see a real champion tonight. Angel better call a priest for the last rights ‘cuz she’ll need ’em. Now you’ll see what can happen with me in charge.

Bob: Yeah, she’ll probably run away.

Chad: You crud!

Jessie: Here’s Michael Duffer with the announcements

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen. This next match is for the U. S. Championship. (Mariachi musc plays amidst a chorus of boos and jeers) Entering first, accompanied by Elena Quartermain, from Toledo, Spain, at 190 lbs. Spanish Rose. (She yells at the crowd while taking off her jacket. She wears a black, high-cut leotard, about two-sizes too small, which hugs to her hard, well- curved body. It has matching boots and kneepads; the leotard and boots have matching roses.)

(“Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen plays loudly.)

Now entering the ring, accompanied by Justice, from New York City, at 158 lbs, the U. S. Champion, Angel. (She enters amidst loud cheers and waves to the crowd. She takes off her jacket and shows that her ribs are wrapped in bandages.) The referee is Donna Quinn.

Spanish Rose: You better not think you weel leave here weeth that belt. It is mine right now.

Jessie: Well, Rose sure is cocky about this.

Chad: Why not, she’s gonna win. No sweat! Look at Angel, she’s still nursing some hurt ribs thanks to Dark Paladin.

Lisa: My sources tell me that they’re badly bruised. Rose will undoubtedly exploit that.

Bob: She’ll battle past it! I know she will!

Chad: You HOPE she will, you mean.

Jessie: There’s the bell. They lockup and Angel takes her down with a wristlock. But Rose pulls her hair and throws her across the ring. What power!

Chad: Just wait, that’s nothin’!

Jessie: They lockup again and Rose pushes her into the ropes, whoa! A big knee to Angel’s belly, and again. Donna breaks it up, but Rose charges back in with another knee and pulls her up into a bearhug. She’s got the champ off the mat and shaking her around. Angel’s screaming–Rose is really working those ribs!

Chad: This is great. What a champ she’ll be.

Jessie: Rose runs into a corner ramming Angel’s back hard. She’s got her trapped there and driving her knee into the champ’s gut. Donna pushes her off and Angel looks hurt. But she’s coming out. They lockup and Angel pushes Rose into the ropes and as she breaks up, she grabs the challenger and puts her in a bearhug. This time she shakes Rose like a ragdoll. Rose is shocked and in some pain as Angel carries her. But Rose managed to grab the ropes and got free.

Chad: She wasn’t hurt! Get a clue!

Jessie: Angel grabs an arm and whips Rose into the ropes, but misses with a kick. Rose nails her with a clothesline, then runs intto the ropes, but this time Angel hits her with a shoulder block. That stopped Rose in her tracks. Angel takes her down with a perfect DDT. But Rose, showing some amazing stamina, grabs angel’s throat with a choke. Angel chops her throat and gets free. Rose is still gagging from that blow.

Chad: That’ll just make her madder. Come on, Rose!

Jessie: They lockup and Rose puts on a side headlock. Angel goes for a suplex, but Rose flips her before Angel can get her up high. She’s got her down and choking her when Donna isn’t looking. She just got caught. Donna gets them both up and they lockup, but Rose quickly whips Angel into the ropes. Angel misses with an elbow as she comes off the ropes and runs against the opposite ropes. As Angel comes off, she grabs Rose and throws her up high for a powerslam. WOW! What a slam! She covers Rose, 1……….2…., kickout by Rose. That was close.

Chad: Crap! Rose was just resting. Just wait, you’ll see a real champ!

Bob: I see a real champ–Angel!

Jessie: Angel has her up for a backbreaker, but Rose rolls off the knee and rolls away. She’s out and resting on the floor. Angel comes out, but Rose grabs her hair and pulls her to the floor and punches her face hard, sending her against the steel rail. Angel’s hurt and doesn’t see Rose climb to the apron and, oh my goodness! Rose dropped an elbow into her chest, sending Angel to the floor. Rose is up and splashes her from the apron with the Matador, her patented splash off the apron. Rose picks up Angel and easily throws her back into the ring, coming in after her. This could be it for the champ.

Chad: It’s over for the chump!

Jessie: Rose whips her into the ropes and nails her with a flying clothesline. She pulls her up and whips her again. This time a knee catches Angel low and an elbow drop on her neck as she falls. Rose pulls her up again and hammers her neck with a double-axhandle chop.

Spanish Rose: Hey, Romeo. Watch this, it’s just for you.

Chad: I’m honored.

Jessie: Rose has her up with a gorilla press and devasting slam. There’s the cover, 1……….2–wait, she pulls Angel up!

Bob: That’s uncalled for!

Lisa: Spanish Rose was both a highly sought-after model AND champion powerlifter back home in Toledo–it really translates well here.

Jessie: Rose pulls her up and tries to lift her to the top turnbuckle, but Angel’s still fighting. She caught then ropes with her legs and stopped Rose, then elbowed her side to get free. Angel’s still reeling from the punishment, but she’s standing her ground.

Chad: She’ll be in the ground soon, six feet under.

Jessie: Angel tries to pick up Rose for a bodyslam, but a short jab to her belly stopped that. Rose picks her up for a belly-to-back suplex and Wow, did she slam Angel hard. Thr champ is in a crumpled heap, but Rose pulls her up by the hair and lifts her to the top rope. Here it comes. She’s up with her and lifts her high over her shoulders for her powerbomb, laying out the champ. Oh my God, that’s it for Angel. Rose is going to the top rope and her she comes. The Spanish Splash from the lights. She lands smack on top of Angel. Rose gets up and stands with one foot on Angel’s chest, striking a double bicep pose. The count is a mere formality, 1……….2……….3, and we have a new U. S. Champion. She’s kneeling beside Angel, pulling her by the hair up to a sitting position.

Rose: I tol’ you I weel win. Don’t ever plan on getting this belt back, ever!

Chad: YES! What a specimen of feminine beauty and power. And a lot of it is due to my leadership.

Bob: Poor Angel! That Spanish Press really hurt her ribs!

Ring Announcer: The winner and new U. S. Champion, in 7:47, Spanish Rose.

Rose: Hey, Romeo. I want you to put the belt around me.

Chad: Ladies and gentlemen. I give you the new U. S. Champion, Spanish Rose. (great many boos and jeers rain down on them, but they laugh and make indecent gestures to the crowd.)

Chad: Congratulations on a great win. You showed the world you can’t be stopped. Did you ever feel like you could lose this match?

Rose: Never. I knew from the beginning I would win this. She can’t stop me. Look how easy I won. She was nothing. You made sure I was ready.

Chad: What’s next, my lovely champion?

Rose: I want to enjoy this and then look at who should wrestle me for the belt. No one will beat me of course, but I should give them a chance to try. Chad, let’s go celebrate with Elena, and Maria. They’re waiting for us.

Jessie: Well, that certainly was a big win for Spanish Rose and a terrible loss for Angel. She’ll bounce back from this, but the beating was very thorough and could affect her for a while.

Bob: Yes, it will, but she’ll be back, stronger than ever. She’ll get this title back.

Jessie: And now we’ve got our contestants ready for our next big bout.

MD: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a semifinal match in the World Six-Man Tournament! Coming to the ring first, Wildside and Ray Radford! And their opponents, at a combined weight of 414 pounds, from Pacific Palisades, California, and Knoxville, Tennessee, the Dreamgirls and the Vision in Violet… Feminine Force!

(The Carpenters’ “Sailing on the Tide” comes over the PA as wolf-whistles abound.)

Lisa: I have to pick Feminine Force to win this one. The Vision and Jessica are just too good for the Wild Trio to overcome.

Chad: Then again, if they can catch Kelly in there, all that talent won’t help.

Jessie: The two captains, Ray Radford and the Vision in Violet, lock up to start. A gut punch represents first strike for the men.

Chad: Radford lands a piledriver, and the former champ is in trouble. Radford heads to the ropes, but doesn’t notice that the ViV is back up… and eats elbow.

Bob: The Vision climbs the buckle, and drops an elbow from floor two. Earl Hebner with the count…



Lisa: The Vision’s lack of power, at least compared to the men, hurts her there, as Radford kicks out. Rockin’ Ray hits a forearm smash and a European uppercut, and sends in Jake Sanders.

Chad: Not that Radford’s planning on leaving anytime soon either, it appears. The Vision is sent to the ropes… and two fists to the midsection.

Bob: That didn’t seem to do any good, nor does a dropkick from Radford help any.

Jessie: A lariat from Sanders does the trick, though… and a double atomic drop! Whip back to the ropes… double dropkick, and she’s down.

Lisa: Wow! Even Lola Mather never lets us get away with that long a double-team!

Bob: You’re not kidding! Where’s the flag??

Chad: Hey, it ain’t cheatin’ if you don’t get caught!

Jessie: This time it’s Radford’s turn with the lariat, and Sanders puts in a full nelson. The Vision is in a bit of pain… but she flips him in front and breaks the hold.

Chad: What’s this? Jessica’s got no business in there!

Jessie: In case you forgot, neither does Ray Radford. And after correcting that, Spangles leaves the ring herself… or tries to.

Bob: Radford made the mistake of going after her, and takes an enzuilariato for his trouble. Meanwhile, the Vision has headed to the top for the Leap of Faith!

Chad: Now there’s desperation for you.

Jessie: Desperation or not, it worked! 1… 2… 3!!

Duffer: Your winners, in a time of 1:59… Feminine Force!

Jessie: And our contestants have cleared the ring–let’s get right to the next big match!

Body Girls/Foster vs. Fury/Early – This brutal encounter was a back-and- forth battle that typified the intensity of the previous tournament matches. Despite the brawling, it was a scientific move–an insided cradle from Randi on Caray Zents–that won the match for Rob Foster and the Body Girls.

Winners: Rob Foster and the Body Girls

Lisa: Before we bring you the main event of the night, let’s go down to Helen Churchbell for some analysis of the match.

(The scene cuts to concession area, where Helen is strolling past the food and souvenir vendors.)

Helen: It’s down to the final two teams. Randi, Brandi, and Rob Foster on one side. Kelly Kandelski, Jessica Spangles, and the Vision in Violet on the other. The North American tag team champions and one half of the team they took the belts from, against the North American singles champion, the #1 contender and former world champion, and the #10 contender with a bullet. And the world six-man title is not all that’s on the line–these two teams despise each other.

Looking at the styles, the Body Girls rely on pure power. Foster has some technical knowledge to go along with it–as does Kelly Kandelski, who combines hers with aerial action. The Vision is more of a pure highflyer, while Jessica is a decent brawler and also knows some martial arts.

The key to victory for the Body Girls and Rob Foster is to keep tagging. Feminine Force has the edge in endurance, and Foster’s trio can’t let it get too big. FF, on the other hand, needs to be most concerned about getting double-teamed–even in the closest matchup by weight, Jessica Spangles is giving up 22 pounds to Brandi, and they could get hurt bad in that circumstance.

Of course, this is all presuming there’s a match. With the Masked Marauder on the sidelines and the Snake Sisters in the building as well, there is quite a possibility of a riot. But we have a clip here that shows Feminine Force recruiting some help too.

(The scene is the aerobics room at Visions of Fitness. Arlechino, Belle, and Penny are having a discussion with Nancy James, the Vision in Violet, who is in her instructor’s leotard.)

Arlechino: So. Your Purpleness is still having trouble with the Soultaker; my mates now have the Dogs of War on their tails; and I need hardly mention the traitorous Dark Paladin. With all of these forces working together, we too must unite to stop them.

ViV: We can certainly use all the help we can get there.

Belle: But what about the Fallen Angels? They’ve got us outnumbered.

ViV: Well, I am pretty sure I can convince the Dreamgirls to join us. Now, you better get back to the locker rooms or you’ll be late for the class.

(A few seconds after they leave, a dark-haired woman in a black leotard enters.)

ViV: Hi! Don’t I know you from somewhere?

Woman: This is your clue. (She pulls out a torn piece of paper with the name “Nancy James” on it.)

ViV: What–a piece from the Soultaker’s book–you’re Taskmaster? What are you doing in LaVergne?

Taskmaster: I got word that Arlechino was coming here, and I figured this would be where I’d find him. I heard you’re looking for help against the Dark Pact?

ViV: That’s why he’s here, all right, and the Queens too.

Taskmaster: And I as well. Those who fight my enemies fight with me.

ViV: Good. You might want to go get some water before class starts. (fade out.) ***

Helen: So, with that many people around, perhaps the best that can be hoped for is that they fight outside and let the real match go on in the ring. All six are worthy fighters, but I pick the Vision in Violet to take Randi with the Leap of Faith. Back up to you.

Bob: The contestants for the final are ready for the introductions.

Michael Duffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with NO TIME LIMIT, and is for the World Six-Man Championship. Our first team weighs in at a combined 600 pounds even! They are Brandi and Randi, the North American Tag Team Champion Body Girls! And their teammate, a former North American Tag Team Champion, Rob Foster! The team is managed by ICWF World Champion the Masked Marauder.

(insert intro)

Duffer: And their opponents, led to the ring by Andrea Cantor, at a combined weight of 414 pounds.

(“Copacabana” comes over the PA as the first member of FF emerges.)

First, from Pacific Palisades, California, the ICWF North American Champion… Jessica Spangles!

(Next it fades into “Everlasting Love, as the cheers intensify.)

And her partner on the tag team The Dreamgirls, also from Pacific Palisades, California… Kelly Kandelski!

(Then the real pop as “Venus” kicks in.)

And the captain, from Knoxville, Tennessee, a former ICWF World Champion… the Vision in Violet!

They are Feminine Force!

(“Sailing on the Tide” plays as all three ascend to the apron.)

Chad: You see? Feminine Force is nothing but three individuals–they don’t stand a chance against a real team like Foster and the Body Girls.

Jessie: Admittedly, the Body Girls have been a team from the start, but on the other hand, Kandelski has had tag team matches with both of her teammates, an experience Foster never got until this event.

Lisa: There’s the bell, and we start the final with Brandi against the Vision in Violet. Brandi is going for the quick win with a full-nelson… the Vision’s not submitting–1… no. Brandi made a trip to convert to a pin hold, but the Vision kicks out.

Chad: Brandi continues with an elbowslam from the middle buckle–better notify Nancy’s next of kin! 1… 2… no such luck, as the Body Girl can’t hold the shoulder down.

Lisa: So far, both teams are sticking to the game plan, although that was closer that ViV would have liked. Brandi is going for the quick win because she knows Feminine Force has the edge on endurance. For her part, the Vision is letting Brandi wear herself out, planning to win later.

Chad: But at this rate, there may not BE a later! Powerbomb! 1! 2! 3! NO!!

Bob: The Vision with a page from Kelly Kandelski’s playbook, the last-second shoulder up. She puts Brandi down with a Russian leg sweep, and takes the opportunity to tag to Jessica Spangles.

Chad: That was a bad move! Brandi picks her up, and sends her into the table!

Jessie: Brandi follows her foe to the outside, and Spangles grabs her and pitches her right back in!

Bob: If only the Bucs had one of them for a quarterback…

Chad: They’d still stink. After an exchange of counters, Spangles gets caught in a tilt-a-whirl suplex! She tries to pick her up, but Jessica’s not moving.

Bob: Time for Plan B, the top-rope fistdrop… a knee up, and it’s Brandi in pain. Both stagger up, and a savatte kick from Spangles… ducked. Brandi with the whip to the buckle… reversed, and Spangles shows off her brawling skill with a Euro-uppercut.

(For the rest of the first five minutes, double-teams break out all over the place. Brandi nearly gets the win with a sunset flip of Kelly Kandelski, and then tags out to Randi–who is promptly almost pinned by a Kandelski suplex. Rob Foster then came in and began some major cheating with chokes on the ropes.

5:00 was reached with Rob still choking the Vision. When he tired of that, he tagged back to Randi, who almost lost again–in fact, the Vision claimed a slow count at the 6min mark. Jessica Spangles then came in for some minor unauthorized double-teaming, which had Randi in deep trouble. Kandelski then almost scored the pin on Randi yet again, but Rob Foster was in for the save. Randi then finally tagged Brandi, and Kelly answered by sending Jessica in. That precipitated a rapid-fire series of four two-counts, two each way. Foster had to come in for another save after a Spangles running powerslam, and then he tagged in. Jessica tagged back to Kelly at that point, for a rematch of the previous fight, and it was more classic moves and countermoves up to 10:00.

Then Brandi came in on a disoriented Kandelski; a powerbomb nearly won her the match, and some double-teaming with Foster left Kelly in severe trouble. Jessica Spangles finally ran Foster out, and Kandelski immediately scored a 2 with a flying leg drop. Yet another complaint about a slow count a minute later, as Spangles appeared to have Brandi for three with a lariat. Brandi made the same argument after a backslide. Spangles caught a just-in Foster sleeping and nailed a spinebuster for yet another 2; but Foster answered with a Boston Crab, forcing the Vision to make the save at 15:00.

From there, everyone was a bit more cautious–well, except the Vision, who landed a flying x-body, but still no pinfall. A series of flying legdrops from the Vision nearly pinned Brandi, who in turn almost took the gold herself with a small package. At 20:00, we return to the match.)

Lisa: This match is still very much in doubt, as the Vision in Violet continues her assault on Brandi with a chop, an atomic drop, and an ab stretch… which Brandi converts to a bearhug, and tags Randi. Andrea Cantor yells at the ref, who insures that Brandi leaves, but not until Randi gets in a kick to the midsection.

Chad: The Body Girls’ teamwork is proving decisive, as the Vision is now facing a fresh wrestler–a trick! The tag was really to Rob Foster!

Jessie: Yet somehow the Energizer Bunny in Violet still keeps the initiative, back suplexing her far larger foe, and following with a Russian leg sweep. An elbowdrop, and then she stands Randi up for another sweep. And now she’s calling for the Avenging Angel, although no one actually knows what that is.

Bob: I suspect she will demonstrate. Phase 1: superplex. Phase 2: tag to Kelly Kandelski. And Phase 3: a figure-four.

Lisa: The Vision and Jessica are setting up a bit away from their corner, to guard against a save attempt–which Brandi just made, and Jessica stopped, throwing her into the table.

Chad: Well, what went around came around for Brandi; and Foster is still trapped, trying for the ropes… the Masked Marauder tries to help, but is blocked by Andrea Cantor.

(time passes)

Bob: Over two minutes in the figure four, and Feminine Force has cut off all efforts to rescue Rob Foster from his foe.

Chad: This isn’t right! He outweighs her 2-1 and change! She must be cheating! And the ref calls for the bell!

Duffer: Ladies and gentlemen, Rob Foster has submitted! Your winners and ICWF Six-Man Champions, in a time of 23 minutes and 12 seconds…FEMININE… FORCE!

Jessie: What an ending to our pay-per-view spectacular! Fans, we hope you had an exciting time with us this evening! Make sure you tune into the Saturday Showdown for the aftermath of this exciting event! So for Chad Romero, Bob Brodsky, and Lisa Madison, this is Jessie James saying so long!

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