So, perhaps you have an idea you think would make for a great show on Splat. It could be a series, or a single movie or a series of movies. It could be a reality show, it could be a drama, or a comedy. The sky is the limit. You might be asking what it would take to get it onto Splat. The answer is fairly simple.

  1. Write the show, movie, series.
  2. Once it is completely written, then Splat will put it on the schedule and then promote it.
  3. Cast the roles. Not every role in a series needs an IC cast member, but the major ones should be cast. We can help with that.
  4. Come up with a logo. We can also help with that too.
  5. Once the show is written, the rest is fairly easy. There would be about a four week promotional period then we would add it to the schedule.

Due to a few past experiences with folks wanting to provide content and not following through after we advertise the series, we can’t do any promotional work for any outside productions until it’s completely written.

The content would be yours, so if at any time you want the content removed from Splat, just let us know.

Just contact us at @wearesplat on Twitter, if you have something you’d think we’d be interested in.