The pre-show for the Shattered Dreams PPV event. Featuring Sonya Victory vs. Crimson as well as Robert Payne vs. ICE.

(We open with a black screen. A deep voice declares, “Ladies and Gentlemen the International Electronic Wrestling Association proudly presents…” On the screen in large white letters appears;


The picture switches to John Marshall standing alone in front of a board carrying the IEWA logo. He is dressed in a dark evening suit, white shirt and black bow tie.)

John: “Hello wrestling fans and welcome to the fair city of Toronto. I am broadcasting to you live from the incredible CN Tower, which dominates the skyline of downtown Toronto and is one of the world’s tallest buildings.”

(As John speaks about the CN Tower the shot switches to an outside view from Lake Ontario and we can see the needle like form of the CN Tower with its doughnut shape observation deck. The shot switches back to John inside the observation deck.)

John: “Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s an amazing building and the view from here on the observation deck is breathtaking. But there is one view which I am sure will interest you most, let’s go over to the window.”

(John beckons and the camera follows him to the window and looks over his shoulder onto a large domed building below.)

John: “That ladies and gentlemen is the Skydome, the scene this evening for one of the major sporting events of winter 1997, the International Electronic Wrestling Associations final Pay Per View of 1997, Shattered Dreams!”

(John pauses as he walks the few paces back to the IEWA board and then he looks at the camera again.)

John: “This event is the culmination of what has been a great year for the IEWA. Already many of the established stars of the IEWA are in the Skydome preparing for their matches later this evening and we’ll be getting their comments later on in the program. But first let’s hear a few words from some of the young men and women who have flocked in the last weeks to join the IEWA seeking their fame and fortune in this great sport. Here’s ‘White Tiger’ Justin van Drake, the Creatures of the Night, Beth Travis, Cassandra Timpson and ‘Sensational’ Shea London.”


(The camera fades in on a gym. “White Tiger” Justin van Drake stands in the middle of that gym doing martial arts katas. When he sees the camera he starts talking.)

JVD: “Greetings. I am Justin van Drake also known as the White Tiger. I have come to this fed for a couple of very good reasons. The first is to teach the rulebreakers in this fed some respect and the second reason is to prove my ability. Arabian Death Dealer, you have posted a challenge to any wrestler who wishes to face you. Any wrestler who has the guts, I believe you said. Your challenge has been accepted. I most definitely have the guts. I also look forward to testing the ability of Derek and Shadoe Rage in singles competition. I am sure it will be an epic battle. Farewell.”

(Fade out.)


(The Creatures of the Night are in front of the camera. Nightmare, Beast and Torturer. It’s nighttime. Beast sits beside a dead animal, Torturer leans against a tree, looking at his torturing instruments. Nightmare, a 6’10” man at 300+ pounds looks at the camera. He is muscular and has short black hair. He wears black trousers with shadowy ghosts on both legs.)

Nightmare: “IEWA. So you accepted us in here. Now it’s too late. No way to step back. We fought in the WWO. We were one of the best stables. Then they decided to “reconstruct” themselves. And they decided to stop our contract. We found a new employer. And the WWO is still “reconstructing”.  You, on the other hand, will have to live with us as best as you can, or as long as you can. Beware the anger that is in us all now. We don’t care who you are. We don’t care how or where to fight against you. You are a from the fans beloved superstar. We will discredit you. You are one of these career-ending heels. We will turn this thing around and come after you. No one should think he is in security.”

(Torturer comes closer to the camera. He is 6’8″ tall and around 250 pounds.

We wears the mask of a henchman. On the right leg of trousers is the word Agony in blood red letters.)

Torturer: “IEWA. Fans. Tag-teams. Beast and I, we were the WWO Internet Tag-Team Champions. The Predators of the Night. As the titles weren’t declared vacant, we consider ourselves as still being the champs. We will bring the belts with us. At least that should be one bait for you. We don’t care who you are. Slaughterhouse. Japan Connection. Wild Cards. Hysteria. Like Nightmare said, we will take you on, no matter where, at what time or what the rules are. And what makes me so certain about ourselves. The mixture in the team. Unorthodox tag-team wrestling with all the basics a good teams needs to know. We had the longest tag-team reign in the history of the WWO and the most title defenses of all WWO wrestlers. Sooner or later we will come for you and the end is inevitable. Agony will be yours. No one escaped the Live Eliminator until now. And while I apply it on my opponent, Beast will be there to watch my back. Beast. BEAST.”

(Beast stands up from his feast, the face still blood-smeared. He is 6’4″ and well over 300 pounds. His black trousers show the word Pain on the right leg.)

Beast: “IEWA. We came here to find a new hunting ground. And until now, only two tag-teams have managed to defeat us. Only to be destroyed some time later. Compare this to the dozens of teams that lost to us. I am the best hunter, the best predator around. You can’t escape me. Your destiny has been chosen. Sooner or later you too will know what it means to feel the Killer Instinct. It will be a fast end for you, only pain for a short moment, but no agony like my friend here uses to deliver. And if you are worthy opponents, who knows, perhaps the Blood Lust will come upon you.”

Nightmare: “All you single wrestlers in this league. One after the other you will have to face me. My Widowmaker was one of the most devastating moves in the WWO, only topped perhaps by Black Dog’s Dog Bomb. Would have loved to finally face him. I eliminated 7 men in the last battle royal. You can try to bribe the officials so that they don’t put you in a match against me. But I will be there when you sleep. Because I am your worst Nightmare.”

(They all three start to laugh and the echo can still be heard some time after the camera fades to black.)


(The scene is the outside of the Great Western Forum. The camera follows an out of place looking young country girl as she leaves the arena. She smiles brightly at the camera.)

Beth: “Howdy! Many of you might not have seen me around, so I figure I ought to introduce myself. The name’s Beth Travis, and I’m gonna be around here for a while. I just finished takin’ in my first IEWA show, and all I can say is, “Wow!” This is definitely the best league out there, and I’m really looking forward to proving myself here. Phew! That Jessica Starbird is the toughest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and that’s saying something coming from a girl who’s spent her whole life around horses, not to mention my dad! She’s a real inspiration for a rookie like me, and I hope I’m half as successful as she’s been this year. I hope I’ll make all you fans proud, myself proud, and most importantly my parents proud. I’ll be around.”


(In a disused gym. Cassandra Timpson is having a fairly even sparring match with a young blond woman. Suddenly, Cassandra digs her thumbs into the other girl’s eyes, who then screams in pain. Cassandra just laughs, pulls her over to the ropes, and rakes her eyes across the top rope.)

Cassandra: “Take a look, IEWA.”

(Allowing the girl to stagger away from the ropes, she then executes a vicious neckbreaker. Getting to her feet, she walks across the girl’s stomach, digging her heel into the girl’s belly as she passes.)

Cassandra: “This is what awaits you.”

(Picking the girl up, Cassandra whips her into the ropes and applies a sleeper. As the girl flails, Cassandra continues.)

Cassandra: “I don’t like talking. I prefer the screaming of others to the sound of my own voice.”

(Finally, it’s clear that the girl is out. Cassandra lets her fall to the mat.)

Cassandra: “Now my fun *really* begins. You’ll all learn soon, firsthand, just what I’m capable of. More than you ever wanted to know or experience.”


(The scene is a beaten-up gym in the middle of Liverpool, England. Many gruff looking men pass by the camera, which then focuses on a punching bag, just in front of a poster of Melanie Chisholm. The bag is being employed by an attractive young blond woman, who judging by her perspiration has been using it for a while. She notices the camera, and decides to take a break.)

Shea: “Evenin’ all. Shea London ‘ere’, just getting ready for my debut in the IEWA, against ‘oever the powers that be decide to put me up against. The gym’s my uncle’s. It saves on training costs, and plus gives me some time to spend with me family. I can’t promise you fans an ‘uge winning streak, but I can promise the biggest effort you’ll see in that ring, week in and week out. It’s nice to see some familiar faces around ‘ere, like Sonja… and like Erykah Draper. I still remember those comments back in C-Pro about non-Japanese wrestlers, duchess. I didn’t get a chance to make you eat ’em there, so maybe I can ‘ere? And as for the so-called Prodigy, I see that belt around your waist, but I also saw ‘ow you got it. I’m not scared of you, Jun, and maybe not too long from now that belt of yours ‘ill be around my waist.”

(She looks back at the punching bag.)

Shea: “I got more training to do. I’ll be seein’ you, IEWA.”

(The picture returns to John Marshall on the observation deck of the CN Tower. He has now been joined by Sheena LesRiviers who is wearing an off the shoulder long black evening dress. Sheena smiles to the camera.)

John: “I’m sure they’re all eager to win one of the coveted titles in the IEWA.”

Sheena: “Yes John, but the competition in the IEWA is tough. It’s not just a case of winning a title, then you’ve got to defend it and we have a lot of titles being defended tonight at Shattered Dreams.”

John: “Yes it’s not just the IEWA titles on the line folks, we’ve also got the ESWP World Heavyweight Title match between the Firestarter and ‘Superninja’ Chris Michaels plus a GDWA Champion vs Champion match between Officer May Order and ‘The Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita.”

Sheena: “So much to talk about John and so little time to do it in, where are we going to start?”

John: “Well let’s begin with the Women’s Tag Team Title match between the champions, the Prima Donnas, and Ellen and Wendy Yates. There’s quite a history leading up to this match.”

Sheena: “That’s right John, this was designated a ‘No Managers at Ringside’ match following the actions of Sophia di Marco, the Prima Donnas manager, during their title defense against SWAT.”

John: “Some very questionable behavior there by Sophia. But then the Yates sisters manager, the Kingpin, is no better, organizing an attack on the Cruel Angels before their match at the last Monday Night Mania.”

Sheena: “Yes and that led to a brawl in the aisle between the Prima Donnas and Ellen and Wendy Yates which resulted in Wendy Yates and Lady Jane Forbes being carried off on stretchers. There is certainly no love between these ladies.”

John: “Well, we do have a few words from the Prima Donnas about this match. We sent Rachel Knight over to London to catch up with them while they were doing their Christmas shopping.”

(As the picture fades out we overhear an irate Sheena: “What! Boedder sent that sweetie Rachel on an international shopping trip. I’m the number one female reporter around here, any shopping trips are my turf!”)


(The scene is the Virgin Records megastore in Oxford Street, London, England. There are crowds of shoppers thronging the aisles between the racks of CD’s. The in-store music system is playing the usual selection of Christmas songs, currently it’s Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’, George Michael is singing, “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, the very next day you threw it away, so this year I giving to somebody special….”. Through the crowd thread Rachel Knight and an IEWA camera crew. Their targets are two young women, dressed in fashionable long coats with across the shoulder purses. Behind the two women stands a butler dressed as butlers dress (hey this is England, no one notices eccentrics, they’re all a bit odd over there) who is laden down with gift wrapped parcels and shopping bags. As we get closer we can see that the two women are Lady Jane Forbes and Svetlana Nijinsky, the Prima Donnas. Svetlana is gyrating back and forth in time to the music and Jane is busily searching through a rack of CD’s for something.)

Rachel (businesslike): “Lady Jane, Svetlana, hello.”

(Jane looks up from the CD’s and Svetlana stops swaying.)

Jane (in an astonishingly friendly manner): “Oh hi Rachel, nice to see ya.”

Svetlana (also astonishingly personable): “Yeah Rachel, Merry Christmas.”

Rachel (slightly taken aback): “What are you doing?”

Jane: “Oh just a little bit of Christmas shopping Rachel (she looks at the butler groaning under the mass of parcels). At the moment I can’t decide on a present for my sister, should I get her M-Peoples Fresco or the new album by the Verve, what do you think?”

Rachel (bemused by the friendliness): “Huh, oh, um, M-People, no the Verve, no…. (pause trying to work out what to say, so she just blurts out), so what about the Yates Sisters then?”

Jane: “Now Rachel you’re just trying to be the Christmas grump aren’t you, bringing up a subject like Wendy and Ellen. Well since this is the season of goodwill we’ll wish them a happy new year.”

Svetlana: “Yeah, because after we’ve finished with them at Shattered Dreams they aren’t going to have a very Merry Christmas are they.”

Rachel: “So what about this no managers at ringside rule then? Speaking of managers, where is Sophia?”

Svetlana: “Well it’s a bit weird actually, she’s gone off to do some shopping at a Pet Store.”

Jane: “I hope it isn’t our Christmas present, I don’t fancy a pet. But coming back to the no managers at ringside thing, we’re quite pleased actually. At least it means the Kingpin won’t be able to hit me from behind again.”

Rachel: “So you’re not worried about not having Sophia around to help you out?”

Jane: “No, of course not. (Pause for a second.) Oh before we forget here’s your Christmas present Rachel.”

(Jane reaches into the pile of parcels held by the butler and pulls out a present that is obviously the size and shape of a CD and hands it to Rachel. Rachel eyes it with deep suspicion.)

Rachel: “What is it? Is it safe to open?”

Svetlana (in a bemused voice): “It’s a CD Rachel, of course it’s safe to open it (shrugs her shoulders).”

(Rachel opens the present and looks at the cover, in white letters on a black background it says ‘A Perfect Day’.)

Jane (enthusiastically): “It’s originally a Lou Reed song, but it’s been re-done for charity by a whole bundle of singers, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Bono, Heather Small, Emmylou Harris, Tom Jones, Lesley Garret etc. etc. Hope you enjoy it.”

Svetlana (looking at her watch): “Oooh look at the time, sorry Rachel we’ve got to dash, more presents to buy and we promised to attend a charity carol service at 11.”

(Both Jane and Svetlana set off towards the store exit, Rachel stands dumbfounded next to the butler. She looks up at him.)

Rachel: “So let me get this straight. The Prima Donnas, the most prissy, stuck up, snobbish tag team in the IEWA are being nice to people, giving presents and helping charities. I don’t believe it.”

Butler (very dryly): “Yes ma’am, I know, I think it’s called the spirit of Christmas. All a load of humbug if you ask me.”

(The butler walks off, leaving Rachel alone in the crowded store. The sound system is now playing Greg Lakes 1970’s protest song ‘I believe in Father Christmas’, it is reaching its crescendo. Greg is singing “… and I believed in the Israelite, and I believe in Father Christmas, I look to the skies with excited eyes, hallelujah, Noel, be it heaven or hell, the Christmas we get we deserve.” Fade out with the music.)

(The scene returns to John and Sheena on the observation deck.)

John: “Hmmm, I do hope the Prima Donnas and the Yates sisters will be able to show more dignity and sportsmanship than they have done so far.”

Sheena: “Yes, but I wouldn’t put money on it. Nor would I put money on a clean fight in our other women’s tag team match, the four way dance between the Cruel Angels, Dream Succubus, SWAT and the Harliquinettes.”

John: “Of course SWAT have met Dream Succubus in a four way dance before and beaten them.”

Sheena: “Yeah, but that was under regular rules, this is a falls count anywhere match in which both team members must be eliminated. That is much more suited to the styles of Dream Succubus and the Cruel Angels.”

John: “And of course there is also a history between the Cruel Angels and Dream Succubus pre-dating their arrival in the IEWA. Let’s see what the Cruel Angels and their manager Lady Mai Tai had to say about this match.”


(Open camera in an alleyway somewhere in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo. It seems our cameras are lucky to be catching Lady Mai Tai and the Cruel Angels at “work”. Yes, Lady Mai Tai stands with a rather angry look as Reika Kusanangi grabs some poor young man by the throat and Megumi hugs Lady Mai’s leg in anticipation of something to come.)

Lady Mai Tai (angry face but calm demeanor): “Now dear Kaneda let us review your transgressions against me shall we?”

Kaneda (gasping for air because of Reika’s hand around his throat): “M-Mai -kun… please I meant to pay…”

Lady Mai Tai (sarcastically): “Oh, Mai-kun is it? (Angrily as she runs a long finger nail across Kaneda’s face) tell me little fool, since when are you and I familiars eh? Address me properly or Reika here will use your larynx as a jump rope for Megumi here (pats Megumi on the head who smiles brightly).”

Kaneda (nervously gasping for air): “Mai… p-p-please let me (gasp) explain…”

Lady Mai Tai (coldly): “As I recall, I lent you a sum of roughly fifty thousand dollars U.S. for which you said you needed to finance a little excursion with your little friends. (Thinks.) Oh damn what were their names again?”

Megumi (happily): “The Jade Tigers…”

Lady Mai Tai (smiling as she pats Megumi on the head again): “Ah yes the Jade Tigers!! (Turning to stare coldly at Kaneda) Not only have you failed to repay this debt at its initial interest of ten percent a week but you then went and took my sister Chazuke out after I told you directly that such an action was forbidden?!”

Megumi (turning and spotting the camera): “Um… Mai-sama (tugging on Mai’s skirt).”

Lady Mai Tai (patting Megumi on the head again but still addressing Kaneda). Now you must pay doubly on your debt to me Kaneda… you have 3 days to pay me fully at 50 percent interest and (sigh) I must make an example of you…”

Megumi (nervously looking at the camera and tugging on Mai’s skirt): “Um… Mai-sama it’s important…”

Lady Mai Tai (placing a hand over Megumi’s mouth, silencing her): “Reika, please proceed with the discipline!!”

(Reika quickly begins to viciously beat Kaneda with her powerful fists, pounding Kaneda’s face.)

Lady Mai Tai (turning to Megumi with a spiteful gaze): “HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU NOT TO SPEAK WHEN I’M LECTURING?!?”

Megumi (shrinking back as she points to the camera crew): “But mai-samam… the press…”

Lady Mai Tai (seeing the camera and rubbing her temples): “I don’t need this now. (Sighing) Very well (assumes her usual stance and smiles evilly). This poor slob tried to cheat me, he tried to make others believe that they can cross my path and not pay the price!! The so-called Dream Succubus are going to learn to pay that same price!! (Snorting derisively.) Tokyo Riot Squad indeed… (Snorts in contempt) flatulent ignorant fools is what you look like to me!! Maybe they weren’t told that Dump Matsumoto retired ten years ago!! We have to deal with them twice now… first in that ridiculous four way dance and then (a wicked grin crosses her face) we get them in a Tokyo Streetfight, the type of match my dear Cruel Angels THRIVE IN!!”

Megumi (bouncing as she rubs up and down Mai’s leg): “Oooo, the Dream

Succubus look scary Mai-sama… in that toei-Doga kind of way!! I think they were the villains on last week’s Megaranger episode!”

Lady Mai Tai (looking down at Megumi with a cocked eye brow): “And just how pray tell did you watch Megaranger Megumi-chan? I thought I told you to not watch such trash?”

Megumi (nervous): “Um… I… um (cringing as Lady Mai Tai wraps Megumi’s chain around her wrists)”

Lady Mai Tai (glaring at Megumi): “I will deal with you later!! (Turning to the camera) Tokyo Streetfight means it’s no rules at all, come as you are, use what you want and make your poor opponent cry like a two year old as you grind their flesh from their bones?!”

Megumi (bouncing): “Meat, sweet really neat the Dream Succubus will be beat!!”

Lady Mai Tai: “We have no reason to fear anyone in these matches!! I have my beloved Megumi (pats her on the head as Megumi tries to gnaw through her chains) and of course (jerks a thumb back, pointing to Reika, her shirt covered in blood as the camera zooms in on the mangled face of poor Kaneda). My “Iron Horse” is ready to wreck and destroy like any good demolition tool! Hell she’s a one woman wrecking crew!! Let the Devil and Demoness come to us, we’ll bring the pain as Reika will break their bones and we’ll bring the noise as Megumi makes them cry for their mothers!! WE ARE THE FUTURE OF THE IEWA!! SHATTERED DREAMS WILL BE A NIGHT… (lowers her voice to a hiss) of Dojo Domination…”

(Fade out as the screams of Kaneda can be heard in the background.)

(Again a shot of John and Sheena on the observation deck.)

John: “So that was the scene in the women’s tag team division folks, now let’s turn to the men’s tag team division and do we have a match for you tonight.”

Sheena: “A classic confrontation, a four way dance between the current champions Hysteria, former champions the Wild Cards, the Prophets of Rage and the Blackhearts. Yup, this is going to be…. (lost for a word)… a classic, how else can I describe it.”

John: “Well this is certainly an unusual way for a title to be defended, in a four way dance. Let’s get the comments of the defending champions Hysteria about this match.”


(The scene opens to the backstreet side of a gym. There’s a white stretch limo standing right in front of a door. A dozen journalists stand around the limo, trying to find out who might be in or who was in it. Suddenly the motor of the limo starts and it drives away. Now the backdoor opens and Chaos comes out of the gym. A big smile appears on his face. He waves at the journalists to come to him.)

Chaos: “Hi everybody! I guess you members of the royal rat pack already found out, that this limo wasn’t the one of Hysteria. So, I’m here to tell you that the subject of your desire has left the building. C’ya all at ‘Shattered Dreams’. Bye!”

(He turns around and tries to leave, but the journalists follow him into the building.)

Reporter: “Chaos….. Chaos… who was in that limo????”

(Chaos stops walking and turns around to the journalists.)

Chaos: “I know that it’s ‘normal’ for guys like you to ask questions although you know that there’s no answer, but all I can say is that there will be a ‘big’ surprise at Shattered Dreams.”

Reporter: “Have you hired someone to interfere in the match???”

(With an angry look on his face.)

Chaos: “Hey, listen up, Hysteria doesn’t cheat!!!! To tell the truth I don’t care about the belts. True, they make us the champs, the number one, the best. But that doesn’t mean anything to us without the respect and the support of the fans. And the fans don’t pay their hard earned bucks to see cheaters. We will step into the squared circle and fight. Either we win it the fair and honest way, or we have to lose it.”

Reporter: “What do you think about the other teams involved??”

Chaos: “What do you think I think? They are the best. The bottom line is, on Shattered Dreams we will see the four best teams in the IEWA right now in one ring. Man, that’ll be a lot of traffic in that ring. There won’t be easy opponents, they all know about the big chance to become the new number one and they’ll do everything to be it. They’ll all chase the champs. It’ll be one hard night.”

Reporter: “That sounds like you think you won’t win it?!”

Chaos: “We did everything possible to make sure, we’ll win. We trained hard, we worked like dogs…. and we’ll have this ‘big’ surprise. Fact of the matter is, the event is named ‘Shattered dreams’, and that’s the thought that all our opponents will think when the match is over and the little announcer dude shouts our name. Hysteria?!!!!!!”

Reporters: “Any final words to the other teams involved??”

(With a bored look on his face.)

Chaos: “You guys know how to ask the same damn questions time and time again, huh? Well, The Wild Cards, you’re a great team. You’ve been champions before and War and me, we respect you. But your lucky hand won’t help against the power that controls the masses, Hysteria. We’ve seen that before, didn’t we? Sput?!!! The Blackhearts, Smacks and the Irish Ass. You guys want to be an example for others to follow, well, then learn how to spell the word respect. If not us, respect the fans at least. I was wrong. There will be three of the best teams in that ring. You don’t deserve the belts and the fans don’t deserve chumps like you. We met before, too, and you sure still feel the pain. Prophets… c’mon… the Brady bunch has women power, but I don’t see any men?!!! When they are in the ring I always think, hell, who is fighting there, the Bradys or their managers??”

(His voice gets silent, but with great impression.)

Chaos: “Beware, tag teams of the IEWA, Hysteria will fight for their lives. We never stop, we never quit?!!!!!”

(He poses in front of the journalists and the scene fades out.)

John: “Some dismissive words there from Hysteria about the Blackhearts.”

Sheena: “Yeah, let’s see what the Blackhearts themselves had to say about the match.”


(Camera opens on ‘Blacksheep’ Billy Ray Skaggs, and ‘Irish Assassin’ Brian O’Halleran standing in front of the IEWA banner. Both men are dressed in long black dusters.)

Skaggs: “Well, well. The time is drawing very near. The time when my fine Irish friend and I get our chance at the glorious gold of the IEWA World Tag-team championship. Shattered Dreams is almost upon us, and it appears the odds will once again be stacked against us. Well, that is fine. Both of us have lived our lives on the wrong side of the tracks, and we are used to adversity.”

O’Halleran: “I don’t give a damn how the suits are bloody screwin’ us anymore. I don’t care that we got to go through three other teams to win those belts. I don’t bloody care about anything anymore ‘cept kickin’ arses and breakin’ bones. I am tired of playin’. It is time for serious (BLEEP)ing business.”

Skaggs: “As you can see, my fine Irish friend’s patience has all but run out, and mine has as well. Hysteria, Wild Cards and Prophets of Rage. We are tired of you getting all the press. We are tired of being considered less than you. Frustrated doesn’t even cover it my friends. I was hoping this could be a nice sporting contest between Hysteria and ourselves, but now that the odds are against us, and we are backed into a corner.”

O’Halleran: “Now it’s a bloody streetfight. Just like it’s always been for me. I done nothin’ in my neighborhood but bust heads since I was a wee one, and now it is going to be no different in that ring. Blood, agony and pain is all you got to look forward too.”

Skaggs: “You can damn well trust us on that one.”

(Skaggs doesn’t flash his trademark grin. Instead he just stares at the camera with a similar intensity that O’Halleran shows on his face. Fade to black.)


(Camera opens on “Superninja” Chris Michaels. He is standing in a locker room. He is wearing his ring attire which consists of blue singlet with a white streak across the chest and back, black boots, kneepads, and shingaurds, and black tape on his wrists. His light brown hair is pulled back into a ponytail, and his face is clean shaven.)

CM: “First let me say that it is a true honor to represent the ESWP on another feds PPV. I have watched the IEWA grow at an incredibly fast pace, and I have seen it become a true powerhouse in a short time. I hope this match I have with Firestarter can be just the first in an ongoing partnership between the ESWP and IEWA. Now onto the match itself. Firestarter, yes, you have put me in the Burning Zone before, and yes, I did submit. Does that give you an edge? I don’t think so. Now that I know how you apply the hold, I can counter it, and now that I know just how painful and dangerous the move is, I will do anything not to get caught in it again.”

(Michaels looks around him for a second and then back at the camera.)

CM: “You may notice no one is with me Firestarter. That is the way I wanted it. I told Q.Q.Ellis, Don Hall and the rest of the Alliance to stay away on this one. Why? A few reasons. I wanted my first world title shot, a shot many people believe Don Hall gave to me, to be unmarred by outside interference. Hopefully you’ll show a little pride and respect, and act like a true champion, and come down to the ring by yourself as well. I don’t want people thinking I didn’t earn this shot. That I need Ellis or Hall to get it for me, and then I need their help to win the title. I want to do this on my own. To prove to myself that I can accomplish my ultimate goal in this great sport. To do that, I have to beat you Firestarter. Prepare for a war Firestarter, because I have everything on the line tonight. There will be NO MERCY?”

(Fade to black.)

(The picture fades into ringside at the Skydome. John Marshall and Sheena LesRiviers are now seated next to each other at the ringside commentators table.)

John: “Some harsh words from Chris Michaels for the Firestarter. We’ll certainly be looking forward to that match later on, but now let’s talk about the 10 man Survivor Series match on tonight’s card.”

Sheena: “This is a match which is scheduled to be between the team of Estrago, Richard Starr, ‘The Liberator’ John Steele, the Sledgeman and Robert ‘The Bullet’ Payne and the team of the Arabian Death Dealer, ‘The Maimer’ Dan Holloway, I.C.E, Nemesis and the Demonmaster.

John: “Let’s hear from the Sledgeman first.”


(The camera fades into Sledgeman and JB in their living room. Sledge is wearing a Detroit Red Wings hockey jersey and faded blue jeans. JB is wearing black jeans, and the new Sledge 1:1 t-shirt. Above them is a poster of Sledge, JB, the Starrs, John Steele, and Estrago after the Sledgeman-Richard Starr match.)

Sledge: “First off, I’d like to thank the Starrs, Steele, and Estrago for fighting off Demonmaster and the imposters. It is really time to unite and show whose boss here. That’s why I’d like to propose a stable that will stand up to these over grown bullies, and be the backbone of the IEWA. It can be done, and it should be done.”

JB: “With all these interferences going on, we’ve taken the liberty of hiring some riot police to make sure no one gets to the ring, or leaves for that matter.”

Sledge: “I’ve should’ve gotten to this last week, but I had some personal business to attend to. That masked man that has made a few appearances, and unmasked a while ago, is JB’s greatest enemy. He calls himself Magnum .357.”

JB: “Magnum was a body guard for another manager back when I managed in the IWA. He was sent to take me out, but I ended up leaving him belly up on the floor. Soon after I announced that I was leaving and coming here to the IEWA he swore that he’d come after me, and leave me crippled. It looks like he wants to keep his word.”

Sledge: “Magnum, if you want a piece of JB, you’re going to have to get through me first. At next Mania, I challenge you to a sledge match, my match.”

JB: “We also have a few things to sweeten the deal. If you win, you get a cage match with me the following week. When Sledge wins, you have leave the IEWA, and never return. So whatta say, big boy?”

Sledge: “John Steele, you’ve been wanting a title shot, you’ve got one, right after my match with Magnum.”

Sledge: “Lastly, after Shattered Dreams the score will be good guys 1, bad guys 0. The odds are against you.”

(The camera fades out.)

(Back to ringside with a shot of Sheena.)

Sheena: “And now from John Steele.”


(John ‘The Liberator’ Steele stands in front of his logo, wearing his ring attire and his American flag bandana.)

Steele: “Yes, finally it’s time again. Time for some decent wrestling action. I have been waiting for a long time to get into the ring again. Finally my fans will get something for their hard earned money. And I trained. I feel better than ever before. I’m ready for the Munich Cup, where I will represent the IEWA. I can only reuse my words to say what an honor this is for me.”

Steele: “But now to the upcoming event. Shattered Dreams. Let’s see who will have a bad dream. Let’s only look at the line-up. Our side, the greatest line-up of superstars the IEWA managed to get into one team.

The current TV champion, Sledgeman. An impressive man indeed. Champion in two different leagues. Multiple title holder. And married to a very nice woman. A lucky man he is. Perhaps I can use this match and get his signature under our match contract. Don’t bother. In the ring against this other team I will look after your back and I know I can trust you to look after my back.

Richard Starr. The IEWA living legend. The first wrestler ever to win the TV title. My teacher and mentor. What is there left to be said about him? Richard, I hope you will join me in my tour around Chicago Hospitals on Christmas Eve. And bring some presents for the children.

Estrago. The mysterious high-flyer of the IEWA. Nice to meet you finally in a match, and glad to be on the same side as you are. Let’s see if I can learn some moves from you. Would certainly be an addition to my repertoire?

And last but not least, Robert “The Bullet” Payne. Haven’t seen much from you, but if only half the rumors are right….. Wow. And martial arts. That makes us a team of one powerhouse, one technician, one luchador, one who knows the martial arts, and one who knows a bit of everything. I think with that line-up we are prepared to take on nearly every other team of 5 wrestlers, and surely those we are to face in the Shattered Dreams PPV.

Three unknown newcomers. An untalented clown. And someone who saw too many Schwarzenegger movies. Holloway, we still have a score to settle. I’m looking forward to getting you in my fingers. This time there won’t be a surprise attack. Firestarter has to prepare for his title defense. And with all those men on my side, an interference seems unlikely. This time you will feel what liberty is all about. And Starr has beaten you twice. You really think you have a chance against us?”

(Steele shows another one of his impressive poses.)

Steele: “Demonmaster. I still don’t know if you are behind these imposters, but it seems likely. Pray that you aren’t the last man in the ring, against me, or it could become one of the worst evenings of your life. I would beat everything you know about the imposters out of you. And they wouldn’t even consider helping you, because there are 4 guys behind me, eager to get their hands on you too.

Could there come a surprise from the three other guys? An Arabian Death Dealer. Not sure exactly what should be so deadly about Arabia, except perhaps these nasty knifes in the back but in the ring you don’t have such a thing. Joey Payne and ICE. Boys, where did they find you? You aren’t even on the official roster of the IEWA. Hope this doesn’t turn out to be the worst match of the year. I want to show my fans something, so guys, please, get in shape for this match. I’m waiting for you. And don’t forget to eat your vitamins.

But you won’t be able to beat this.”

(Steele starts to show an impressive series of poses, like if he was on a body builder contest. Then the camera fades to black.)

(Again back to ringside with John and Sheena.)

John: “Now we can go backstage folks, where Rachel Knight is waiting to interview Richard Starr.”


(Scene opens in Richard Starr’s locker room. Starr is resting on his bench. Rachel Knight is standing beside him. She is smartly dressed in a long skirt and an expensive shirt.)

Rachel: “Richard, at the last Mania you had what may be your best match yet in the IEWA. How do you feel?”

Starr (grins): “Kind of sore. I’m glad Sledge is on my side, ’cause for a wrestler who isn’t overly large, he can sure cause a lot of damage. C’mon Sledge, what do you think I am, a training dummy? (Laughs)”

Rachel: “You don’t seem overly upset with not regaining the Television championship.”

Starr: “Well, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t win it back, but you can’t be the champion all the time. Sledge has all the makings of a great champ, and I wish him luck in his upcoming defenses. I must admit I was a little suspicious of him after our last match, that’s why I had Alex in the seats. But Sledge proved that he’s one of the good guys.”

Rachel: “Do you plan on asking Sledgeman for a rematch?”

Starr: “In a while, but for now, there is a long list of people who also deserve shots. For the time being, I’ll concentrate on getting a few wins. And who knows? Maybe there’s a chance of me becoming the first heavyweight champion.”

(Suddenly, the lights go out, and a deep, harsh voice is heard.)

Voice: “I don’t think so?”

Starr: “Who the blazes are … (His voice is interrupted by a metallic clanging noise. The sound of a struggle commences.)

Rachel: “Someone get some lights on in here?”

(Five more metallic clangs are heard, several seconds apart. Then there is silence. A few moments later, the lights come back on. Starr is lying on the floor. His head, which is busted open, lies on a blood covered chair. He is unconscious.)

Rachel: “We need some paramedics here?”

(Rachel is desperately trying to help him as the scene fades to black.)

(Back to John and Sheena at ringside, both with shocked expressions on their faces.)

John: “What on earth? Quick, quick (motioning to some of the camera crew that we can’t see) some of you get back there and help Rachel now?”

Sheena: “What does this mean? (Looks quizzically at John who shrugs.) We’ll bring you an update later on folks as soon as we know anything but in the meantime I guess we should just carry on?”

(Sheena looks at John, who nods, pauses for a moment to regain his composure and then starts speaking again.)

John: “In a short while our ‘Free for All’ program of matches will begin. Interestingly our first contest is between Robert ‘The Bullet’ Payne and ICE, who will then meet a second time this evening in the 10 man survivor series match. Our camera crew were able to catch up with Robert Payne while he was out training earlier this week. Here’s what he had to say about the 10 man elimination match, his teammates and also ICE.”


(Camera opens. Robert Payne is jogging along a street surrounded by trees. He turns his head to face the camera while he jogs.)

Payne: “So I guess I’m in a 10 man elimination match at the PPV. Well, that’s fine with me. I’m going to be set up with some of the best wrestlers in IEWA? So, I’m looking forward to this Sunday?”

(The Bullet starts to speed up and the camera is having trouble keeping up, but manages to stay focused on Payne.)

Payne: “But I’m not happy about a couple of things. First, for all of you Cruiserweights? I’ve been challenging anyone and everyone who’s a lightweight to step in the ring with The Bullet? But have I received any responses to my challenges? NO? Why? That’s what I would like to know?! When the tournament arrives. I’m going to be there? And no one is going to keep me from winning the Cruiserweight Title?”

(Payne speeds up even faster but the camera manages to stay with Robert Payne.)

Payne: “Another thing is you ICE? When I see you at the PPV I’ll make it my duty to take you out? Don’t take it as a threat, take it as a promise?”

(The Bullet breaks into a sprint as the camera stops and watches Payne run for a bit before the camera fades out.)

(The shot returns to Sheena at ringside.)

Sheena: “In the minutes before we get to the first of our preliminary ‘Free for All’ matches we can now hear what the Demonmaster thinks about the 10 man Survivor Series match.”


(The entire scene is a gigantic fireplace. In there stands a single man, wearing a blood-red cape, turned away from the camera. The fire doesn’t seem to harm him in any way. Here and there, little red creatures with long tails, horns and tridents can be seen jumping around. The man turns around and comes closer to the camera. It’s the Demonmaster.)

Demonmaster: “It’s been a long time since you last heard from me. Too long. It’s getting time to mix up these lazy wrestlers in the IEWA again. I’ve been watching you from the distance and what did I have to see? This minus Sledgeman taking the Television title. We met twice and there was never a real winner in our matches. Oh, yes, you won once by count-out. OK, you were a little bit faster than me, returning into the ring at the count of 9. But you know you were very lucky that evening. If this is the quality of IEWA wrestling…… Continue to hide behind your wife and your hammer.

And then this wannabe guy named Firestarter appeared, claiming that fire can’t harm him. I was supposed to face him at the PPV. In a fire cage match. With some real fire right out of hell. But he’s just another worthless chicken incarnation, knowing how to force the officials to suspend him for long enough, so he doesn’t have to face me. And then, according to some words written on a piece of paper, between the ESWP and the IEWA, he is put again on the line-up for the card, defending his ESWP world title against a Superninja. I should have been the one to face him. Chickenstarter, I will get you. Sooner or later. Your fate is sealed.

The match of the year was canceled, and what did the officials decide? They put me into a lousy 10 men elimination match, with a lot of talentless so called bad guys on my side. Holloway, you aren’t much better than the rest, but I still consider you the best of these 4 servants under my command.

Our enemies? Four of the beloved superstars from the IEWA. This two souls in one body guy who wants to liberate everything and anything. The old grand-dad, who talked the officials into them giving him the TV title at the beginning. The jump-around like a loose purple tennis-ball. And last but certainly least the little dwarven miner with his happy hammer. Count to this a fifth nobody.

Here is what I’ll do. Send the servants into the war and ride behind them like the general who kills off the wounded. See you all in hell.”

(The camera fades to black, but his demonic laughter is still heard for some time.)

(The picture returns to John and Sheena at the commentary table, preparing for the first match of the evening.)

John: “Our first match tonight will feature two top-notch performers, Robert ‘The Bullet’ Payne and ICE.”

Sheena: “These two have had a strange relationship as of late. ICE a few Mondays ago, interfering in Payne’s match versus Machine Man, hitting Machine Man with brass knuckles, giving ‘the Bullet’ an easy victory. But one question remains: What is actually going on between these two athletes? Here’s some pre-recorded comments by ICE.”


(Camera opens to a pitch black room. From out of the darkness, I.C.E.’s voice can be heard, cutting the blackness like a knife)

I.C.E.: “You knew we were coming, Robert Payne. And right now, you’re probably confused and don’t know what’s going on. For me to first help you in your debut match, and when I watched your match versus Bart Blair. And now, it’s going to be you and me in the ring!”

(All of the sudden a flash of blue light illuminates an empty room, and uncovers ICE in his blue tights and his deep blue eyes.)

I.C.E.: “Don’t expect a helping hand. When you wrestle me, you’re wrestling the L.T.C.! See you in the ring.”

(The light goes out and darkness fills the room as the camera fades out)

(A ringside shot of Sheena and John again.)

Sheena: “Wow! That was some powerful imagery used by ICE! I still don’t know what this L.T.C. is all about…”

John: “Well, hopefully time will tell. Let’s go to the ring for a surely entertaining match!”

(Camera switches to the ring where Davie has the microphone in his hand, ready to address the crowd)


Davie: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and weighing at 229lbs… ROBERT ‘THE BULLET’ PAYYYYYNNNNE!”

(The crowd pops as “Around The World by Daft Punk” begins to play. Robert Payne emerges from the locker room wearing his black karate pants and bandanna. His look seems very serious as he makes his way to the ringside area. He stops in front of the announcers table and asks for a microphone)

Payne: “ICE! I heard what you had to say! I don’t care if you’re in the L.T.C. or if you ARE the L.T.C.! I’m going to take you out! So COME ON DOWN punk so I can get this over with!!”

(Robert Payne drops the microphone back on the table and climbs into the ring, throwing his black bandana into the crowd)

Davie: “His opponent, from Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada and weighing in at 204lbs… here is I.C.E.!”

(The lights dim and are replaced by an eerie blue light shining into the center of the ring. “Hey Man Nice Shot” by Filter begins to play as I.C.E. steps out from the locker room wearing his blue tights with ICE written down the side. He steps into the ring and a flash of light illuminates the entire arena for a moment before the normal lights return)

Sheena: “This ICE guy looks pretty intimidating. He should make quick work with Robert Payne.”

John: “And here we go, this match is officially on its way as they lock up!”

Sheena: “And ICE quickly has Payne in a headlock! Payne is trying to escape the hold and manages to counter with an arm-drag takedown!

John: “The Bullet now applying an arm-bar submission… ICE is making it to his feet and is forcing Payne into the turnbuckle! There’s the ref to break the two. Some good sportsmanship being shown by these two athletes!”

Sheena: “They lock up again, and a succession of forearm smashes by ICE to Payne’s head!”

John: “ICE now throwing Payne into the ropes… and a DROPKICK by ICE!”

Sheena: “These are two very sound technicians. They’ll have to dig deep in order to gain a victory here tonight!”

John: “ICE picking up Robert Payne….and a EUROPEAN UPPERCUT sending The Bullet into the turnbuckle! ICE charges… And a kick to the midsection by Payne! And another! ICE is backing off!”

Sheena: “Robert’s charging! ICE ducks a clothesline and… a D=R=A=G=O=N S=U=P=L=E=X!!”

(Crowd goes: “ooooooh!”)

Sheena: “See that! Ole Robbie’s going down now!”

John: “ICE landing quick kicks to Payne’s leg! ICE now applying a FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK!”

Sheena:” It’s not looking good for The Bullet! He’s struggling to find the ropes. ICE is keeping a lot of pressure on Payne’s leg… and this one maybe over…

John: “Wait a minute, Payne’s trying to turn over! And… He reverses it! He’s countered the figure four! And now ICE is attempting to break the hold!”

(Face pop!!)

John: “ICE makes it to the ropes and the ref breaks the hold. The Bullet now pulling ICE to his knees… AND A SIDEKICK TO THE HEAD!! ICE drops like a rock!”

Sheena: “Payne’s going to the top ropes… A LEGDROP!! Landing right on ICE’s head, adding to the pain of the sidekick! Cover by Payne…”

1 . . 2 . .

John: “And a kickout by ICE.”

Sheena: “Robert Payne bringing ICE to his feet and sending him off the ropes… Payne misses a clothesline… ICE hits Payne with a kick to the midsection… waistlock uplift… and A P=O=W=E=R=B=O=M=B by ICE!!”

John: “Now ICE is going for the cover!”

1 . . 2 . . thr..

(Crowd goes: “Ooooooh!”)

Sheena: “Payne gets his shoulder up! And ICE now applying a COBRA CLUTCH!! The Bullet is in some trouble!”

John: “Payne is struggling to reach the ropes! ICE lets go of the hold and hits him with another European Uppercut! Robert Payne is down! And ICE is heading to the top ropes! Payne is not moving at all… FROG SPLASH BY ICE!! Man, there was impact to that one! And ICE is going for the pin!”

1 . . 2 . . Thr..

(Crowd goes: “Ooooh! Aaaah!”)

Sheena: “Kickout!”

John: “I can’t believe it! That must’ve taken all of The Bullet’s strength to kick out!!”

Sheena: “ICE now picking up Payne. He’s attempting a Piledriver! But Robert counters with a backflip!”

(Face pop)

Sheena: “ICE is getting back up. Robert Payne bounces off the ropes… S=P=I=N=N=I=N=G H=E=E=L K=I=C=K!! And both men fall to the outside!”

John: “Payne hitting some quick sidekicks on ICE. The Bullet jumping up onto the apron! PLANCHA DIVE!! And ICE goes down! And Payne is slowly rolling back into the ring!”

Sheena: “These two are giving it all tonight!!”

John: “And ICE is making his way slowly into the ring. Payne meets him on the apron… Payne is trying a Vertical Suplex… But ICE lands on his feet behind him. The Bullet turns around… a front waistlock by ICE into a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!”

Sheena: “And ICE is setting Payne on the top rope! Both men are up top… G=U=T=W=R=E=N=C=H S=U=P=E=R=P=L=E=X TO THE OUSTIDE!! OH MY GOD!! BOTH MEN CRASH TO THE OUTSIDE!!”

(Crowd goes: “Ooooooooh!!”)

John: “They both look really hurt as Davie starts the count! Robert Payne is not moving at all!! And I don’t think ICE knows where he’s at!”

(The ref counts 1… 2… 3… 4… 5…)

John: “This match has been extremely demanding on both wrestlers. ICE is beginning to move now but it doesn’t look like he’s going to make it in time…

(The ref counts 6… 7… 8… 9… 10!!)


Sheena: “Well, it looks like this one turns out to be a draw. These two gave it everything they had!”

John: “Surely we’ll be seeing a lot more of ICE and Robert Payne in the future. Later on tonight in the big ten-man elimination match, and then both men will probably be participating in the upcoming Cruiserweight tournament.”

(Davie is climbing back into the ring to proclaim the outcome while ICE and Payne are slowly staggering back up)

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has ruled this match… A DOUBLE COUNTOUT!!”

(Crowd pop!)

(Shot opens showing old grainy black and white video of ‘Bad Boy’ Mark Bagwell being Choke Slammed by Martial Law, which then switches to a black screen with white letters which reads:

It Started In Dawg Pound Wresting . . .

Then switch to slightly fuzzy black and white video of Officer May Order taking down the ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama with a Flying Neck Scissors Sleeper. After that it again switches to a black background which reads;

It Matured In The Grand Dragon . . .

Switch again to slightly fuzzy video showing Law slapping ‘the Arrest’ (a Bar Arm Choke Hold) on Renegade in the middle of the ring. It then switches back to the black screen which now reads;

Now It’s Taking Over The ESWP . . .

Shot switches to more recent video from an up close ringside camera showing Martial Law pinning Deathmaster with a lateral press. With the sound of the Slam it again switches to a black background and white letters, which now read;

Soon It Will Come To The IEWA, And There Is Only One Question . . .

Fast Cut to five silhouetted figures of varying sizes who are blackout against the flashing red and blue lights from a police car behind them, as ‘Bad Boys’ from Inner Circle (The theme from the TV Show COPS) begins to play…


With that the baseline begins to thump and the following words are superimposed across the dark images as the music begins to play;

What Are YOU Gonna’ Do?

(The picture returns to a serious looking John Marshall seated at the ringside commentators table.)

John: “Fans, we have just received news that Martial Law has been attacked on his way into the arena… not by his opponent, Andrew Tucker, but by ESWP Superstar El Hombre!”

Sheena: “El Hombre and Martial Law have been feuding in the ESWP for a long while about the ESWP Television Championship… and somehow, El Hombre managed to sneak in backstage. We have heard rumors that El Hombre was in contractual negotiations with the IEWA but such unsportsmanlike behavior will surely not help Mr. Hombre to get a contract here in the IEWA!”

John: “I understand that Tako Kakuta is backstage, trying to get a few comments.”

(The camera switches backstage where Tako, smiling, is standing before a locker room labeled “Mr. Law and Ms. Order”)

Tako: “John, I am sorry to tell you that Mr. Law is unable to provide us with any comments. I have been talking to Dr. Manoli who examined Mr. Law following the attack. Mr. Law’s injuries are not severe but he will have to forfeit tonight’s match with Mr. Tucker. We have not received any detailed information about the attack but Mr. Hombre seems to have jumped Mr. Law on his way into the arena and attacked him with a bullwhip and then hit him repeatedly with Mr. Law’s ESWP Television title belt. Mr. Law has only sustained minor injuries but Dr. Manoli did not allow Mr. Law to wrestle tonight so as not to risk a further injury. John and Sheena, back to you.”

(The camera switches back to ringside, Davie is standing in the ring in his Santa Claus costume with the mike)

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, we have just been informed that Martial Law is unable to compete tonight. Therefore, Andrew Tucker will win this matchup by FORFEITURE!!”

(Boos and yells from the crowd!! Immediately, “Hip Hop Bommi Bop” by DTH plays over the PA, and the Mania Girls come out to delight the crowd and calm them down with their dance routines)

John: “Ladies and gentlemen, Andrew Tucker wins this match via forfeiture, and I am sure the feud between Mr. Law and Mr. Hombre is far from over. We hope to receive some comments later on tonight. Fans, apologies that Mr. Law’s and Mr. Tucker’s in-ring debuts, much anticipated as they are, are not going to happen here tonight.”

Sheena: “However we do have the match between Sonja Victory and Crimson which is being brought forward in time because of this change in the schedule. Let’s see what Sonja and her sister Sarah had to say about Crimson and this match earlier on today.”


(The camera opens on Sarah and Sonja Victory. Both of the pretty young women are dressed in jeans and Sonja has on a white CK shirt and Sarah has a black Planet Hollywood shirt. Sarah has her hair pinned up and Sonja’s is down around her face. Both ladies are smiling and laughing about something said before the camera came on and standing in front of an IEWA backdrop.)

Sonja: “Well, the big night is coming up. I didn’t fare so well in the Skyweight battle royal, but on Sunday, I get a chance to go one on one with Crimson…”

Sarah: “Crimson? What is that? Some kind of perfume?”

Sonja: “No, it’s the lady I’m fighting. I don’t know, maybe her parents were hippies or something.”

Sarah: “Maybe she just couldn’t come up with anything better. What’d you do Crimson, pick a name at random? [Takes a mock snobbish accent] I hear the color crimson is all the rage in Paris this year darling.”

Sonja (laughing): “What’s that?”

Sarah: “That was my impression of the Prima Donna’s. But speaking of rage, I see that Dalbello hasn’t had the guts to sign a match with me. What’s the matter? You figure out I’m too good for you? You need to send your… what? Cousin? Sister? Mom? All of the above… what? Anyways you need to send Medusa, who if memory served was named after some old hag in Greek mythology with a perpetual bad hair day. Well, I’ll take on the snake-woman. It will be just like fighting Dalbello.”

Sonja: “It will?”

Sarah: “Well, they’re so inbred, it doesn’t matter. I mean that’s why they all look like freaks and act like imbeciles. But back to Crimson, you think life treated you poorly? Yeah… I heard about you, poor mistreated little you. Well when you get in the ring with my sister, you’re going to get mistreated again when she beats the daylights out of you.”

Sonja: “Crimson, this is my chance to show what I can do, so watch out, you’re going down hard.”

Sarah: “You’re going down hard?”

Sonja: “I got a little carried away.”

(They both laugh at that as the camera fades to black.)

(We return to ringside. Davie is back in the ring, dressed up as Santa Claus, house mike in hand.)

Davie: “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

(Crowd pop!! Davie smiles and proceeds to announce)


Davie: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, she is from Yellowknife, Canada, and weighs 137 pounds… here is CRIIIIIIIMSON!!”

(Heel pop as “Poison” by Alice Cooper plays and Crimson steps through the curtains. She is wearing a red one-piece leaving her lower back and abdomen bare. Her long, red hair hangs wildly down in her face. The fans greet her with boos, but some appreciative whistling can also be heard. Crimson smiles arrogantly, then enters the ring, and the music changes to “Control” by Traci Lords to a loud but mixed pop)

Davie: “And her opponent, accompanied to the ring by her sister Sarah, weighing in at 130 lbs… she is from Hollywood California, here is SONJAAAAAAAA VIIIIIIICTORY!!”

(The two attractive Victory sisters, Sarah and Sonja, make their way down to the ring, Sonja is wearing black spandex shorts, a black and silver sports bra type top and black and white Asics wrestling shoes. She has her long blonde hair pulled into a pony tail and smiles and shakes a few hands. Sarah is a few steps behind, wearing black wrestling pants, black wrestling boots with black martial arts shin guards over them and a black and red sports bra top. She has black hair that is also tied into a ponytail, and is smiling, but hers is a little more contemptuous than the genuine one of Sonja. Sarah is wearing a black leather jacket. They get into the ring and Sonja warms up a bit on the ropes while Sarah goes and grabs the mic from Davie’s hands)

Sarah: “Hey! Crimson… Why do you call yourself Crimson? It have anything to do with your tendency to bleed all over the place when you get hit? Or do you just think it’s cool? Kind of a Euro-snob loser sort of thing? ‘Look at me! I’m Crimson… watch out!’ Give me a break…”

(Crimson angrily charges Sarah, but Sarah leaps out over the ropes and Sonja catches her in a drop toehold!)

John: “Strong words from Sarah Victory and Crimson tried to grab her but Sonja dropped her to the mat… and Sonja tries apply the STF but Crimson jumps back up before Sonja can apply the chinlock… and Sonja with hard kicks to Crimson’s midsection…”

Sheena: “Crimson stunned, and Sonja with tries a hard kick to Crimson’s face… NO! Crimson blocks and grabs ahold of Sonja’s foot… and Sonja KICKS WITH HER OTHER LEG… ENZUIGIRI… BUT CRIMSON DUCKS IT!!”

John: “Boy, those two women are fast! Sonja crashes to the mat, Crimson with a quick Elbowdrop to the back of Sonja’s head and a lateral press…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “Kickout. You’re not going to pin Sonja Victory that easily. Sonja might have less experience then Crimson but she has trained a lot with her sister and has been touring through Japan… but right now, Crimson with the advantage, and she applies an Armbar!”

Sheena: “Sonja’s face grimacing in pain, and Sarah on the outside yelling words of encouragement… Sonja somehow staggers to her knees and lands an Elbow to Crimson’s midsection… and another one, and Crimson releases the hold…”

John: “And Sonja trying to regain some momentum, another hard Elbow right into Crimson’s belly, and Sonja goes into the ropes and charges…”

Sheena: “NO! Crimson sees it coming and catches Sonja in a Bearhug… into a BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!!”

(Heel pop!!)

Sheena: “In these opening minutes you can see clearly that Crimson has the experience edge over Sonja and manages to counter her early assaults… Sonja on the mat, Crimson goes into the ropes and grabs Crimson’s neck… S=N=A=P=M=A=R=E!!! SONJA’S HEAD SNAPS BACK AND SHE HOLDS HER NECK IN PAIN!!”

John: “Crimson points at Sarah and grins wickedly… and Crimson with a cover…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “No! Sonja gets her shoulder up! That cover was much too cocky, and Sonja wiggles out of it… and Crimson now goes to the second rope… FISTDROP! But Sonja rolls away!”

John: “Crimson hits the mat, and she howls out in Pain and holds her clenched fist… and Sonja immediately behind her… SMALL PACKAGE!!”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “Can’t keep her down!! Crimson with the kickout!”

John: “Both women jump up, Crimson is angry and immediately charges but Sonja leapfrogs, Crimson comes off the ropes and right into a SPINNING HEEL KICK FROM SONJA!! WHAT AGILITY!!”

Sheena: “AND SONJA JUMPS ONTO THE TOP ROPE… S”P”R”I”N”G”B”O”A”R”D M”O”O”N”S”A”U”L”T!!! INCREDIBLE!! Sonja on top of Crimson, ref in position…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “Unbelievable!! What a move! Crimson barely manages to kick out but she is still feeling the effects of that Spin Kick… But Sonja regained the upper hand, she pulls Crimson back up and a HARD KICK to Crimson’s ankle… and another one… and another… Crimson drops to one knee and is grimacing in pain! Those kicks are hard and furious, and Crimson clearly in deep pain!”

Sheena: “Good tactic by the younger Victory sister, trying to immobilize her opponent. And Sonja goes to the outside, to the apron… Crimson is disorientated, and Sonja waits till she gets back up… S=P=R=I=N=G=B=O=A=R=D S=U=N=S=E=T F=L=I=P!! INCREDIBLE!! SONJA TRIES TO PULL CRIMSON DOWN BY HER THIGHS…”


1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “But Sonja flips her legs around Crimson’s arms… AND REVERSES THE COVER!!”

1 . . 2 . . Thr…

(Crowd goes: “Oooooooh!!”)

Sheena: “Three!!”


Sheena: “Sonja raises her hands in victory but the ref signals a two count only… and Sonja can’t believe it… she looks frust…”

John: “CRIMSON IS BACK UP!! Sonja turns around but Crimson nails her with a HARD SPINNING LEG LARIAT!! That was a rookie mistake, arguing with the referee, and Crimson nails Sonja! Crimson immediately goes for Sonja’s ankles and applies a F=I=G=U=R=E F=O=U=R!! FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK APPLIES BY CRIMSON AND SONJA FALLS BACK!! SONJA IN PAIN!!”

Sheena: “Sonja tries to get up and out of the leglock but she is clearly in agony… Crimson is stronger than Sonja and continues pressure… and Sonja manages to get back up – no! Sonja drops to the mat again, still in the Figure Four, her shoulders touching the mat…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “No, Sonja somehow manages to get up from that… but Crimson still has her in that leglock… and Sarah outside yelling to her sister… Sonja tries to roll around but Crimson is too strong and blocks it…”

Sheena: “Sonja tries again… and it looks as if she could do it… YES!! SONJA TURNS AROUND… Crimson releases the hold – NO! SONJA ROLLS AROUND AND GRABS CRIMSON’S FEET!!”

(Face pop!!)


Sheena: “I don’t think this will work… Crimson is too close to the ropes… the ref asks for the submission but Crimson shakes her head and reaches for the ropes…”


John: “DID YOU SEE THAT?? SARAH FROM THE OUTSIDE JUST KICKED CRIMSON’S HAND AWAY!! Crimson would have reached the ropes but Sarah kicked Crimson’s hand from the outside, and the ref didn’t see it… AND CRIMSON SLAPS THE MAT AND HOWLS IN PAIN!! SHE TAPS OUT!! IT’S OVER!!”


Sheena: “Sonja releases the hold, gets up and smiles to the fans, but there are a few boos from the audience, and Sonja looks a bit sad as she hears the boos… her older sister helped her win this one… Crimson still in pain… and the ref raises Sonja’s hand!”

(Santa Davie is back in the ring with the mike, and “Control” by Traci Lords plays anew)

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, your winner… as a result of a Submission… SONJAAAAAAA VIIIIIIICTORY!!”

(Sarah climbs into the ring and raises her sisters’ arm)

John: “A win for Sonja Victory in her debut singles match in the IEWA. We’re just going to take a short break folks and then we’ll be back with a look at the first of the two 10 woman Survivor Series matches on tonight’s card.”

John: “Well ladies and gentlemen the main show is just a little while away. One of the features of tonight’s card is that we have two 10 woman Survivor Series matches, the winners from which go forward to meet in a match later this evening for the Women’s TV Title.”

Sheena: “In the first of these two matches we have the team of Jessica Starbird, Gojira Takeshima, Yori Kenyuki, ‘Rave Girl’ Andrea Kosaka and ‘Lethal’ Lynn Wenzel going up against Rachel Nighthawk, Jun Shiratori, Concrete Blonde, Sarah Victory and Deth Nell.”

John: “Okay, let’s start off by hearing from Jessica Starbird, fresh from her win over the IEWA Women’s Heavyweight Champion Napualokelani.”


(The camera focuses in on a couple of magazine pages. The page on the right shows Jessica Starbird giving a clothesline to Napualokelani. The page on the left has a column with the words “Mystic Consultant Takes World Champion To The Limit by Charisma Anderson” in bold letters at the top of the page. As the camera scans these pages, two women’s voices are heard.)

Voice #1: “Not getting into conflicts, huh? Not getting into conflicts? You see what not getting involved got you? It nearly got you killed out there. On top of that, I had to spend the whole day at the spa getting that disgusting cigar smoke out of my pores?”

Voice #2: “Ouch? Please, not so hard.”

(The camera slowly pans out to reveal Jessica Starbird’s usual office, this time with various unique holiday decorations. There are pictures of snowflakes on her desk where the magazine is lying. There’s a large tree in the left corner decorated with strings of popcorn, dried flowers and cranberries, as well as small quartz crystals shaped like icicles. Panning to the right, the camera rests on the shot of Jessica Starbird lying down on a specially designed massage table, covered with a white towel except for her exposed neck and shoulders. Dr. Millicent Hargreaves, wearing a more casual green and red holiday sweater and a blue jean skirt, is standing behind Jessica as she moves and massages Jessica’s neck and shoulder area. Jessica has a small white cloth over her eyes.)

Dr. Hargreaves (with a bit of anger in her voice): “You talked so much about just getting in there and wrestling, and not hanging around the locker rooms after the match, and not socializing with the wrestlers… (Stops massaging for a second and looks down into Jessica’s face) Jessica, what’s the universal law on this, huh? What is it?”

Jessica: “What you resist, you will attract.”

Dr. Hargreaves: “That’s right. (She takes a hold of Jessica’s neck, sharply twists it to the right, and keeps massaging.) You attracted the very thing you wanted to avoid. Now you’ve got a wrestler with an Energizer bunny motor mouth that keeps going and going on your case. And who were those people with her, the daughters of Godzilla? (She how twists Jessica’s neck to the left and continues massaging.)”

Jessica: “Ow? Hey, take it easy, will you? You’re supposed to be healing me, not giving me whiplash. (Short pause) That’s better. You know, up to this point, I haven’t let any of these wrestlers get to me. I figured it would be a waste of my energy.”

(Dr. Hargreaves now reaches down underneath the table to grab a bottle of oil and a couple of small, white crystals. She places the crystals on top of Jessica’s forehead.”

Jessica: “But Jun has become something of a little brat lately, to the point where now, she’s plain annoying. And you know what? The rest of the IEWA agrees with me. It took an order from the president to get her to wrestle at the pay-per-view for crying out loud.”

(Dr. Hargreaves moves over to Jessica’s right hand side carrying the bottle of oil and sits down on a stool that is out of camera range. She pours a little of oil on her fingertips.)

Dr. Hargreaves: “Okay, give me your hand.”

(Dr. Hargreaves presses her fingertips on various spots on Jessica’s right hand.)

Jessica: “Look, Jun may portray herself as Miss Perfect; a nickname that I think has been taken, by the way, but you know, and I know, that no one is perfect. Sooner or later, her flaws will be exposed, and her imperfection will be shown to the world.”

Dr. Hargreaves: “Well, who better to expose her flaws than a highly acclaimed mystic consultant? She’s in your team elimination, right?”

Jessica: “Yes, that’s right. And I intend to use my newly harnessed energies to show that it takes more than high-tech equipment and being taught every move in the universe to make a wrestler.”

Dr. Hargreaves: “But she’s a champion.”

Jessica: “A champion who had a lot of help to get her that title. If she was so gifted as she claims, she wouldn’t need the help.”

Dr. Hargreaves (stops massaging for a second): “And in the other extreme, you’re making yourself out to be some kind of martyr by refusing help and getting beaten to a pulp in your matches. Thankfully, that woman came out there this last time around to save your hide. Order something or other…”

Jessica: “May Order. She’s a police officer in San Francisco. Nice lady.”

Dr. Hargreaves: “San Francisco, huh? Maybe Charisma knows something about her. Sounds like someone who could watch your back.”

Jessica: “Look, we’ve discussed this before; I’m not interested in joining a stable.”

Dr. Hargreaves: “I’m not talking about stables, I’m talking about protection. You’re a target now. Because you were in a title match, everybody is after you. I’m not about to lose my best consultant to a bunch of manic, jealous women.”

Jessica: “I’ll be fine, Doctor.”

Dr. Hargreaves (mocking Jessica): “I’ll be fine, doctor. If you were fine, I wouldn’t be here right now trying to fix you up for this pay-per-view.”

Jessica: “I don’t want to be tied down to other wrestlers. My lifestyle is such that it would be a risk to expose it to these people. The only way these other wrestlers fit into the equation is to help me further my personal growth. (Short pause as Dr. Hargreaves displays a worried expression on her face.) Oh all right, I’ll will at least think about it. (Dr. Hargreaves resumes massaging and pressing down on various spots on Jessica’s right hand.) Despite everything that happened, it was an important night for me. I showed the entire wrestling world that I belong in the IEWA. Yes, I took some beatings, but I used all of my energies to fight back against Napualokelani, and I had a great chance for a victory… (Sighs)…until the salt. And this isn’t table salt she hit me with. Whenever we meet again, I’ll be better prepared for whatever other tricks she may have up on her sleeve. Say, how long do I have to keep this thing on? (She points to the cloth over her eyes with her free hand.)”

Dr. Hargreaves: “Are you still feeling irritation? (Jessica shakes her head no.) Good, the bilberry’s working. I’ll remove it after I’m finished here. Because of that match, now, you have some momentum. Now, everyone in the wrestling world knows who you are. And sooner or later, you’ll get another shot at the Hawaiian bully. And I’m bringing a gas mask to that rematch. (That brings out a smile from Jessica.) Anyway, if you’re going to continue on this quest, you may as well take advantage of this attention. Besides, it’s good for business. We’ve already paid off the bills for the building damage from Halloween thanks to new clients. All because of wrestling. I never would’ve imagined it.”

Jessica: “Ever since I’ve drawn out these aggressive energies through wrestling, I see things in a different perspective, and that’s helping me in my consulting career as well as my wrestling career.”

Dr. Hargreaves: “Charisma tells me that you’re getting challenges from all over the wrestling world, both within and outside the IEWA. Some big names, too. If that’s the case, you know what you need to do, don’t you?”

Jessica: “Stop resisting, and confront everyone.”

Dr. Hargreaves: “That’s right. Even if it means wrestling on solstices.”

Jessica: “I’m not too thrilled about that, but do you think we should be talking about that sort of thing with the cameras rolling?”

Dr. Hargreaves: “Nah. The world isn’t ready yet.”

(Dr. Hargreaves continues to massage the hand as the camera fades.)

(Back to Sheena at ringside.)

Sheena: “Well Jessica has certainly made a name for herself in the IEWA and as a consequence a lot of the team she is up against are targeting her in this match. Let’s hear from Sarah Victory first.”


(Camera opens on Sarah Victory, she is wearing jeans a black t-shirt and black leather jacket. She has her hair worn tied back in a ponytail and is idly swing a pair of nun chucks in a lazy circle. She is standing in a locker-room of some sort.)

Sarah: “Well, someone in the front office must know talent when they see it. Sonja’s first match, she is given a chance to win a major title. Although she came up a bit short, due to a fluke dropkick, she’ll be back. Now on Sunday, not only do I have a chance to win the TV belt, but it is not beyond the realm of possibility that I could walk away with the World Title belt too.

If someone should happen to pin Napualokelani, I could make fun of that name, but that’s too easy. I mean everyone with half a brain already has. Well, if someone should happen to pin her, then when I pin them in the finals, voila` new World’s champion. Not that it should be too hard. Jessie Starburst, the juice is loose mystic crystal girl, she’s proven she’s real good at taking a beating. Can’t really mount much of an offense though when you’re getting your head caved in. “Lethal” Lynn Wenzel, ooohhh, the big scary biker…in spandex, whatever. She’s basically a wannabe tough girl who thinks that attitude will get you something. Well, that and 75 cents will buy a cup of coffee. Gojira Takeshima. What is with her? Green face paint and big muscles? I’ve beaten muscle women a lot better than you.

Ask Dream Succubus what happened to Susan O’Malley in the last federation I was in. Yori Kenyuki, some rookie punk from C-Pro. Well, I’ll be happy to give you a start. You can start by looking up at the lights as I pin you. And that leaves Andrea Kosaka, the Rave shampoo girl. I’ll tell you what. A piece of advice, stay home and wash your hair, it will be a lot less painful. I mean, I’ve got the Prodigy on my team and she’s the Skyweight champ. She can take all you on by herself. Right Jun? And then when I make it to the finals, look who might be there…the whole jolly Rage family with all their happy cute little names, like Medusa and Dalbello and Godiva and Mantha and their happy little buddy Marissa Monet the WNBA washout. And on the other side Napualokelani, who probably can’t even last through her match. She’ll be on “E” long before I get there, she’ll have a heart attack if she has to wrestle more than ten minutes. I hope oxygen is standing by. Suicidal Blonde Bimbos.

Jazzy Borden and old Painless herself. Yeah. Well, I suppose that’s pretty much the whole roster once you throw in all the tag matches. Speaking of which, what makes the SWAT and those others think they can stand up to Dream Succubus? Devil and Demoness wiped the mat with them the last time, except for a fluke roll up. Well, I’ll talk to you later, when I’ll have a title belt around my waist.”

(Camera fades.)

(Back to ringside and a shot of John Marshall.)

John: “Sarah is rather dismissive of her opponents there, we’ll see in a little while if her predictions come true. But now let’s hear from Deth Nell.”


(Cut to a shot of a burnt out church. As the camera pulls through the doors and into the building we pass buy the pews and debris as we close on the altar. Sitting on the altar, cross-legged is Deth Nell. Her face is pale and her lips painted black. She has piercings in her eyebrows, lips and nose, that one being connected by three chains to her right ear. She wears and abundance of black eye shadow, almost like she painted it on with an airbrush over her eyes. As she looks at the camera there is an almost distant haunted look in her eyes.)

Deth Nell: “Here I stand. In the burnt out remains of His house. The house that man built for Him. Built upon the backs of women. Their pains and sufferings going down through the ages without so much as a whisper of their terrible toilings. Where is Her house? Why are so many monolithic structures erected like giant ornate penises? Where is the house where She is revered?”

(She stands and walks behind the altar. She stops and runs her hands along a burnt and faded mural of Christ on the cross. She shudders for a moment and then speaks.)

Deth Nell: “Her house is in me now. It is a part of me. A part of all women. Her voice carries down to us through the ages. If only we listen. She has been everything to Him. Mother, lover, sister and daughter. She cared for him when He was sick. She loved him when He was vulnerable. She protected Him from His own creations when He was scared. And She died for Him when He was wrathful. I hear Her. I can listen to Her voice within me. I am shown the future and the past by Her. I am told and directed by Her glorious voice. I, like all my sisters, am made in Her image.”

(She opens her eyes and looks directly at the camera.)

Deth Nell: “Jessica Starbird. You have abused the gifts She has given you. You have stolen from Her and given nothing in return. She demands tribute and you rebuke Her. She asks for love and you deny Her. She requests penance, and I shall serve Her. We enter into combat with eight other women, but know this. They are irrelevant to me. They shall be ignored so long as they do not block my path to you. You see She has asked me to punish you and I can do nothing but obey Her voice.”

(She turns and walks back into the burnt out church. Her arms are spread wide as she climbs the stairs to the destroyed altar. The camera pulls up and out as she lays across the altar, her face to the sky. A solemn bell begins tolling in the distance. Fade to black.)

(A shot of Sheena and John at ringside.)

Sheena: “Hmmm, some interesting thoughts there from Deth Nell. One aspect of the two Survivor Series matches that we haven’t mentioned yet is that should either of the champions participating in the matches, Napualokelani, the Heavyweight champion or Jun Shiratori, the Skyweight champion, be pinned or tap out during the match then they will lose their title to the person who eliminates them. In Jun’s case there is also of course the proviso that the person must also satisfy the weight requirement for the Skyweight title.”

John: “Well Jun doesn’t seem too concerned about that, in comments earlier she was much more concerned with Jessica Starbird and also the Kingpin. Let’s hear her words.”


(Open camera in an empty arena. Sitting ringside are Jun Shiratori and Lady Mai Tai, both with very angry looks upon their faces. Flanking them both are the Cruel angels, Reika standing silently as always, an ever threatening force of violence and rage. Megumi crouches beside Lady Mai Tai, lovingly licking her Mistresses leg.)

Jun (with mic): “Y’know, I really, really can’t stand little wimps like the Kingpin. Some tough guy you are chump?! You needed a pair of handcuffs to take on Mai here? (Points to Lady Mai Tai who looks at the camera sourly). Yeah well kudos to you tough guy?! Afraid that in a real fight she’d take you? (Shakes her head and spits) That’s what you amount to in my book you 2 bit pimp?! (Sighs quickly.) But I ain’t here to bitch at you… I’ll leave that to my dear sister Mai?! (Pats Lady Mai Tai on the shoulder.) No, I’m here to address Little Miss Nobody Jessica Starbird?! (Digital distortion blots out Jun flipping the bird to the camera.) That’s my personal view on you freaky hippie?! Go consult your tarot cards and crystals while I laugh and kick your teeth in?! YOU MESS WITH ME AND YOUR GOING TO GET FIRST CLASS BEATING?! I’M BRINGING THE WHOLE DAMN DOJO DOWN ON YOU?! (Closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.) I’m going to dissect you little girl. I’m going to get you in the ring and pull you apart limb by little limb till you scream my name in pain. Lord, I’m going to have fun making you bleed?! I’m going to smile as you sit there in the middle of the ring and BEG for mercy, mercy that I have no intention of giving as I ram my shin through your pearly white teeth… from this moment on I OWN you girl?! (Hands the mic to Lady Mai Tai.)

Lady Mai Tai (Petting Megumi): “Tell me little one, what do we do with cowardly fools who seek to humiliate us?”

Megumi (eyes flashing evilly): “Bleed them Mai-sama?!”

Lady Mai Tai: “Tell me little one, what do we seek for those who have wronged us?”

Megumi: “REVENGE MAI-SAMA (starts to rub up and down Mai’s leg slowly)”


Megumi (rubbing up against Mai at a frantic pace): “THE KINGPIN MAI-SAMA?! THE KINGPIN?!”

Lady Mai Tai (yanking on Megumi’s chain as she whispers harshly): “And what will our cruel angel’s thesis deliver unto him little one?”

Megumi (growling insanely): “PAIN?! PAIN?! PAIN?! PAIN MAI-SAMA?!”

(Megumi starts to bang her head against the floor.)

Lady Mai Tai: “Oh, the Kingpin and his harlot flock will suffer by the deliverance of my unique brand of justice?! The Yates Sisters will cry like the children we know them to be and Napualokelani… She will roast in the juices o her own sweat as we cook like the sow we know her to be… (Stroke’s Megumi’s cheek as she motions Reika to come forward.) My Dojo is the force to contend with here Kingpin?! The day of the Syndicate is over and your imagined monopoly in wrestling is slowly turning to a crumbling dream from which I will pick up the shattered pieces and forge a new destiny for my family… My ‘Iron Horse’ has twice demolished your pathetic sister combination?! You seek to beat my precious Megumi down (runs a finger across Megumi’s lip) yet she gets up and takes more of your punishment?! How can you hope to stop those who refuse to acknowledge pain? You have brought a thousand hells upon your House and they are maintained within my Cruel Angels?! In the end, it is I who will stand over you in laughter as my heel is driven through your eye socket and blood stains the ripe earth below…”

(Hands mic back to Jun.)

Jun: “The mighty Yates sisters are so bad… they got nothing accomplished by their little assault… NOTHING?! The Angels are still here?! I’m still here?! So what did you get done? Did you expect me to get on my knees and beg for mercy from the Blob who has my World title? I DECLARE WAR?! WAR?! WAR?! (Beats on her chair with each declaration) BRING ON YOUR SYNDICATE?! THE FUTURE OF WRESTLING IS RIGHT HERE. (Points to everyone with a motion of her hand.) The stuff dreams are made of has been used up… its time all of you were escorted into the Dojo’s Nightmare?!

(Tosses the mic down and rises to leave, the Dojo following her. Fade out.)

(Back again to John at ringside.)

John: “Well folks let’s get some comments from someone who has been a little elusive recently. At this moment Tako Kakuta is backstage looking for Rachel Nighthawk.”


(Scene switches to the locker room area. IEWA reporter Tako Kakuta, accompanied by a cameraman, march down a hallway, passing several closed locker rooms…)

Kakuta (smiling broadly): “Greetings wrestling fans? There’ve been a great deal of questions coming into tonight’s gala event. One question that has been circulating, though not as fierce as others, has been the whereabouts of Rachel Nighthawk. Since participating in the Rumble for the Women’s Heavyweight Championship, Ms. Nighthawk has gone into hiding, and there was concern as to whether she would fulfill her commitment here tonight. That question has been put to rest though, as Ms. Nighthawk -is- in the building.”

(Tako Kakuta stops in front of a locker room.)

Tako (smiling as always): “We’re in front of Rachel Nighthawk’s dressing room now. Let’s see if we can get a quick word with her.”

(Tako knocks on the door, then turns the unlocked door knob…)

Tako (stepping into the dressing room): “Hello? Ms. Nighthawk?”

(The cameraman follows Tako into the dressing room, then pans the camera to the left. Rachel Nighthawk, sitting in a locker stall and caught off guard by the two ‘guests’, looks up into the camera.)

Nighthawk: “What the hell?!?”

Tako (smiling: “Tako Kakuta, IEWA reporter. I was wondering if you could speak with us prior to your match.”

(Rachel zips-up the front of her jumpsuit, visibly angered by Tako’s appearance. Rachel seemingly was starting to undress when Tako entered. A rubber peach-colored sports bra, with a laced-front, and shorts hang on the side of the stall. Suddenly a man steps in front of the camera…)

Man (his hands up in a ‘back-off’ posture): “Hold on just a minute there gentlemen.”

Tako: “I’m sorry for coming in unannounced….the door was unlocked and I was hoping to get a word or two with Ms. Nighthawk.”

(The man, a good looking, broad-shouldered gentleman, with short brown hair parted to the side, smiles at Tako. Dressed in a white turtleneck sweater underneath a navy blue blazer with matching pants, and black Italian loafers, speaks…)

Man: “Understandable, my son. It would have been more appropriate for you to contact me beforehand, so as to avoid an embarrassing situation as this. Since you’re here though, perhaps I could field your questions?”

Tako (looking a tad perplexed): “Perhaps….um….who might you be, sir?”

Man: “Excuse my manners, Mr…..Kakuta is it? You may address me as Matthew Zahn, if you choose. Now, how may I assist you?”

Tako (smiling yet again): “I was wondering if Ms. Nighthawk would be able to share with our viewers the reason for her absence during the past several weeks. But first, I believe our viewers would like to know your reason for being here, Mr. Zahn? Are you her bodyguard for the evening?”

Zahn (laughing): “That could be viewed as one of my duties, though it’s one of many I have adopted. (Zahn puts his arm around Tako’s shoulders and pulls the reporter close to him.) You see, my son, those of us who have chosen to walk in the light, to follow our hearts and dreams, are slowly being ensnared within the maw of the darkness. We no longer have a will of our own. Day after day, shackles are a fixed to us, upon the numerous chains that were placed beforehand. With each passing day the weight of those bondages increase. For those of us who fall and succumb to the will of the darkness, the weight does not lessen, it doubles and doubles, multiplying ten-fold upon ten-fold, until the weight is so great that we fall beneath the very earth itself, into the grasp of the dark for eternity. Such a fate was being brought upon our beloved daughter Rachel. The minions of darkness encircled her, filling her ears with their words of blasphemy. She stood strong against the deluge, withstanding the onslaught as best she could. Fortunately for her, an angel of light arrived. The tentacles were pushed aside, the chains reduced to powder. The light had arrived, and the darkness cowered in fear. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, as the saying goes. The darkness was defeated. Rachel and I walked out of the domain of evil, side by side.

That is not the end, however. It is only the beginning of a great endeavor, one accepted by both our daughter Rachel and myself. As I said, the darkness exists everywhere, but in no place does it breed and thrive as strong as it does in this wrestling promotion, what you call The International Electronic Wrestling Association. Our quest begins tonight, when we stand before the worshipper of devils, Jessica Starbird. Her affection for the dark, and those of her ‘associates’, shall cease this evening. Four other warriors of light join our cause. Success, my son, is inevitable. Salvation has arrived?”

Tako (perplexed, and still being held close by Zhan): “Well, uh, thank you for sharing your time with us, Mr. Zahn. Let’s head back to the ring…”

Zahn: “Leave? Why do you wish to leave, when the adventure is just beginning? Your cameraman may depart, but you my son, must remain. Tell me about yourself, Tako Kakuta…”

(Scene fades with Tako Kakuta trying to find words that obviously escape him at the moment. Rachel Nighthawk, smirking, begins to prepare for the match…)

(Back again to John at ringside.)

John: “Well our final comments on this match come from the Concrete Blonde who is making her debut in the IEWA this evening. I think we can go backstage now to get a few comments, is the camera crew there yet?”


(The camera fades in on the hallway leading to the locker rooms. Slowly it moves past doors with names like “Jessica Starbird”, “Jun Shiratori”, “Medusa Rage”, “Erykah Draper”, and others. Finally it arrives at a door with new sign on it, “Concrete Blonde”. One of the camera crew carefully pushes the door open to reveal an empty room. The wooden locker room bench is new and polished… the locker is shiny and new also. The camera pans from side to side, but no one is in the small room.

Confused, the camera crew shuffles out of the locker room. As they head back down the hallway they hear some commotion coming from the ramp that leads to the loading dock of the stadium. The move towards the sounds. As they approach the loading dock they see two men… large, stout men with ill intent etched into their roughhewn features… handing a bottle to CONCRETE BLONDE. The large woman is wearing her denim jacket with the words “SCREW YOU” written on the back, as well as her wrestling attire. She takes the bottle and takes a long, hard swig of whatever it contains. She wipes her mouth with her sleeve and spits a large wad of chewing tobacco on the ground. Cautiously the camera crew approaches.)

CB (spotting the camera crew. She speaks in broken English with a heavy Japanese accent): “Konichiwa? I am just… how do you say? … Preparing for my match? G’o to G’o… er… five on five as you American’s would say, neh? I say this… I *love* to fight. Fun is in pain… and blood… and um… what’s the word…”

(Concrete Blonde pauses, searching her mind for the right word perhaps? In any event, she pauses… then takes another long swig from the bottle. Suddenly she lashes out, smashing the bottle over the head of the man nearest to her. He slumps over as his friend jumps up in surprise.)

CB: “…crippling? Yeah… that was fun.”

Man #2: “You psychotic….”

(Concrete Blonde throws her head back, laughing, a maniacal, devilish sound, like nails on a chalkboard. She reaches into her jacket and pulls out a long Japanese butterfly knife.)


(Concrete Blonde lunges towards the second man, but he manages to avoid her and he runs off into the night. Concrete Blonde turns to face the camera.)

CB: “Starbird, Takeshima, Kosaka, Wenzel, Kenyuki…. When our paths cross, you will have no place to run… no place to go. Your future rests in my hands. Nighthawk, Shiratori, Victory, Nell… cross me… disappoint me… you will live to regret it. I *AM* Concrete Blonde… this *IS* my time… this *IS* BLOODLETTING TIME?”

(Camera fades to black as Concrete Blonde stalks off back towards the arena.)

John: “The second of the 10 woman Survivor Series matches features Medusa, Lauryn, Dalbello and Godiva Rage plus Marissa Monet against Erykah Draper, Jazzy Borden, Napualokelani and the Suicide Blondes, Baby Jane Ross and Taylor Monroe.”

Sheena: “It would be an understatement of epic proportions to say that this match involves an element of animosity between the various members of the two teams.”

John: “Where do we begin?”

Sheena: “Well, the Misfits, Dalbello and Godiva, have been feuding with the Suicide Blondes for quite some time now and will certainly be wanting to get some payback for what happened at the Mania Show in Albany last November 24th when the Blondes got a win with the help of Bart Blair.”

John: “Yes and then there is the bitter hatred between Erykah Draper and Dalbello Rage. A couple of weeks back when we were first planning this show we got to hear from Ms. Draper exactly what she thought about this match.”


(In the conference room at Boedder Towers John Marshall, Sheena LesRiviers and Frankie ‘the Viper’ Lombardo sit around the table conversing about the broadcast schedule for the Shattered Dreams PPV. John Marshall looks at his notes.)

John: “Okay, Sheena, Viper what are we gonna say about the Erykah Draper, Dalbello Rage situation?”

(The telephone on the table rings and Viper answers it.)

Viper: “Hey you’ll never guess who I got on the phone as we speak?”

Sheena: “Who?”

Draper: “Who the hell do you think?”

John: “Ms. Draper, it is…”

Draper: “Don’t act like you’re glad to hear from me… the entire IEWA has conspired against the World Class Athlete for months down. So don’t try to befriend the ‘Painmaker’… kiss my ass too many times and I just might fart in your face?”

John: “Okay Ms. Draper. Now, since you’re here I assume you’d like to answer some questions. “

Draper: “Well I haven’t got all night… and don’t waste my time, keep that tramp Sheela E….”

Sheena: “That’s Sheena?”

Draper: “You don’t wrestle in the ring little girl, so nobody really gives a damn about you? Like I said, don’t waste my time, get to the point.”

Viper: “Hey, what’s going on with your situation with President Boedder?”

Draper: “President *Boner* and I have come to terms… my terms? And I’ve told him in no uncertain terms I want Dalbello “AGE” in the ring where I can kick her black ass?”

John: “Any truth to the rumor that you aren’t getting along with your teammates?”

Draper: “Your talking about that little elimination tag match at Shattered Dreams pay per view, right?”

John: “Er, yeah. Exactly.”

Draper: “Well, look at it from my point of view. I got this 400 pound Yokozuna-babe walking around the IEWA with my belt on… “

Viper: “You’re talking about the IEWA Women’s World title?”

Draper: “You damn right? I got nothing against her, hell, I’m part Filipino if truth be told… but this Jalapeño babe ain’t said a word since she won the title and hasn’t even had the decency to wear the belt in public….”

Sheena: “But she’s defended the title against…”

Draper: “Against somebody that ain’t me? You see from day one, Pres. *Boner* and his buddies have kept me out of the title picture. I put the Wakigatame on Lynn Wenzel and she begged me to take the P_A_I_N away… I rolled up Crimson for the 1-2-3 at the last pay per view… I’m the #1 Contender to the World Title? What the hell have YOU done lately?”

John: “Okay, okay, settle down now. Erykah, how do you feel about your other teammates?”

Draper: “I don’t even know who the hell they are. Erykah Draper is out for herself. Who the hell even asked my permission to sign me up for this match anyway? If I was a tag wrestler I’d already have the belts… but come IEWA Shattered Dreams I’ll have the copper belt.”

Viper: “Tell it like it is?”

Sheena: “Erykah, I’m interested in your recent remarks on Dalbello Rage and Sonja Victory.”

Draper: “Victory is the last thing Sonja is ever gonna achieve in the IEWA… you just wait and see. Understand, this is _my_ house? My House_of_Pain? And she’s got hell to pay from the ‘Painmaker’. And as far as Dalbello Rage, that bitch ain’t ever gonna call herself champion as long as the World Class Athlete has anything to say about it.”

John: “What do you mean? Rumor has it Dalbello desires to return to the tag ranks and wrestle there exclusively.”

Draper: “I don’t give a damn if Dalbello Rage wants to return to the ZOO? Erykah Draper has a plan… first things first? I guarantee that ‘Painmaker’ Erykah Draper will be the next, the inaugural and the greatest IEWA TV Champion of all times. Period. Second, in 1998 Erykah Draper will be the World Heavyweight Champion… and last but not least by a long-damn-shot… the International Electronic Wrestling Association will find Dalbello “AGE” left in the middle of the ring in agony courtesy of yours truly.”

Viper: “So do you think Dalbello is afraid of you? Is that why she wants to wrestle in the tag ranks exclusively?”

Draper: “I put out the challenge to that coward and she puts Medusa in her place… it used to be that Dalbello Age would just run and hide from me. Now, she’s gone ahead and pulled the switcheroo to keep from playing *MY* game. But after Medusa T A P S-O U T we turn our attention back to the ‘Age of Rage’ Dalbello Rage…”

Sheena: “(Ahem) We’re running short on time. Any last words…”

Draper: “At the IEWA pay per view, I get ‘little’ Lauryn Rage and Medusa in the same ring, at the same time, in the same night? And when I slap the Wakigatame on both of their chicken wings, you’ll see why Draper is at the top of her game. Keep that godd*mn copper belt good and shiny for me, cause you’re lookin’ at the next champ?”


(The camera again focuses on John Marshall sitting at the commentators table. But he seems to be thinking of something else and says nothing.)

Sheena: “John, John, is something wrong?”

John: “Sorry Sheena, it was just seeing the three of us working together made me wonder where Frank is.”

Sheena: “Hey, he was the one who upped and walked out on us in the middle of a show, and since then things have been running pretty well.”

John: “Yes I know that, but I still miss him and worry about where he is and whether he’s okay.”

Sheena: “Snap out of it John, we’ve got a show to present.”

John: “Okay, now where were we? (Consults his notes.) Ah, yes. We were discussing the feuds between the women of the Age of Rage and their opponents.”

Sheena: “Yes, yet another pairing to watch out for in this match is that between Marissa Monet and Napualokelani. Let’s hear what Marissa had to say about it earlier on.”


(Fade in. Marissa Monet hangs out on a street corner. She’s dressed all in black, wearing a long black leather coat and eyes the camera with a squint.)

Marissa: “Kingpin, it’s nice to see your two little hookers are doing something for you other than wasting space. You let them keep pampering you. You make sure they treat you right like only people you pay will because I’m sorry, chunky brotha, but I’ve got to bust your bubble. You say all we gotta do is call out the Syndicate and they’ll come running? I wonder if that’s really true. I mean, I’ve been calling out your little pork chop, but she ain’t been coming anywhere? You know, I think you’re stretched a little too thin, Pinhead. And that’s good. You can’t look after all your girl’s interests in every promotion you wrestle for. That’s your fatal flaw. Go get your shaves and your haircuts and please, have somebody dry clean that Armani suit you seem to think makes you somebody, because you haven’t shown and proved anything to me about your ability to keep a champion through any other means than cheapshots and gang ups. Other people might buy the line that you’re perhaps one of the most effective managers in the sport, but we only see you in the little ponds. All those title belts you have lying on your desk. I don’t see any of the big prizes. And you know what, Pinhead? I personally am gonna bring you down by collapsing your little Napualokelani myself. I don’t care if she’s 6’7, 350lbs. You think she’s your enforcer? You’re going to learn a little something about this game, Pin. It’s called wrestling and it takes more than bulk to win. It takes cunning, it takes intelligence. It takes a plan. And Napua’s only plan is how to get her next bowl of poy.”

(Marissa snorts derisively as she leans up against a wall, folding her arms over her chest.)

Marissa: “Ain’t no way a girl from Brooklyn is ever going to go down to some Hawaiian freak. Brooklyn always represents and that’s where I’m coming from. So, Pin, you just watch your back because the real BROOKLYN brawler is on your tail. I haven’t forgotten getting hit with those bats. I haven’t forgotten a thing. I just warn you. Don’t get overconfident. Don’t even blink. Because if you do I will catch you sleeping. Remember that. BK to the fullest.”

(Marissa pats her heart twice and gives the camera a dismissive wave. Fade out.)

John: “Then on top of this there is Lauryn Rages situation. She was severely injured by Erykah Draper and Jazzy Borden at the International Stampede PPV and must be looking for some sort of revenge.”

Sheena: “Well at the moment she seems much more focused on Jun Shiratori and the Skyweight title. Here’s what she had to say about Jun.”


(Fade in. Lauryn Rage works on a heavy bag, Dalbello overseeing her as she flashes combinations of body shots and hooks on the bag, making it shake and groan with every shot. Her eyes are intense. Her hair frizzy with sweat in its braids. She wears a sweat-soaked vest and light basketball shorts. Her feet dance and shuffle as she moves in and out, striking with lethal precision. Her hands are just a blur. The bag jumps like it’s been shot with each blow. Then her feet lash out as she kicks and shoves with her feet, setting up for more shots. She spins into it to deliver elbows and forearms, finally leaping up to catch the bag in a body scissors as she squeezes it between her legs and rains fists and blows down upon it before arching backwards and flipping to her feet to deliver a straight right to the midsection.)

Dalbello: “And the kill.”

(Dalbello claps her hands as she approaches Lauryn and gives her a cup of water to drink and towels off her hair.)

Dalbello: “Very nice. Very nice indeed. I’m quite impressed by your killer instinct.”

Lauryn: “Yo, I’m still vexed about that Sophia Di Marco. You know I’m gonna get me some payback when it comes time. You know that, right. Well, it ain’t nothin’ to me, frankly. Jun’s livin’ all high on the hog now because she figures she’s got all the angles covered? She don’t have a clue what’s coming her way. She doesn’t know that the hardest part of winning a title is keeping it. And even harder than that is keeping it away from a Rage.”

Dalbello: “You just maintain that focus. Remember, for all the talk, Jun’s still got a solid foundation. She knows her stuff.”

Lauryn: “I don’t care if she knows her stuff. I got the best teacher in the world right here in you. And frankly, there just ain’t six senseis or whatever that can measure up to that. Jun’s fallen in love with the idea of being a villain. That’s cool.”

(Lauryn fires off a rapid combination of punches.)

Lauryn: “I can play the hero if that’s what people want. Or I can come in and be a bigger villain. They don’t know what they’re gonna get out of me. I know what’s coming from them. Winning isn’t what matters. Consistency and excellence is the key. She don’t want anything to do with her little bushido, her little code of ethics. That’s cool. Because if she wants to throw out the rulebook then she’s right in my bailiwick.”

(Lauryn dances around more, looking like Sugar Ray in his glory days.)

Lauryn: “I don’t even know if it’s important for me to win the belt. But I know I’m going to humble her. She can brag all she wants about being champion, but I promised myself I would never let her brag about beating Lauryn Rage. I just won’t let that happen.”

Dalbello: “And that’s exactly the kind of drive and determination that you need. Remember, Lauryn, time is on your side. And Jun’s going to be desperate. She doesn’t want the embarrassment of losing the title in her first defense. So she’ll be willing to pull out all the stops, get herself counted out, walk away from the ring or get disqualified to keep the belt. Why do you think she wouldn’t face you in a cage?”

Lauryn: “She can’t figure out how to cheat in a cage. I know. That’s something useful to know. For all her vaunted bragging she don’t know how to cheat all the time. I just got to put her in unfamiliar situations and then I can crush that little Jun bug. Is it right to be anticipatin’ beatin’ on somebody so eagerly?”

Dalbello: “I should hope so. It isn’t just right. It’s necessary. Now get back to work.”

(Lauryn nods and with renewed enthusiasm she begins lacing the bag with looping rights hands and stiff left uppercuts. She lands heavier and heavier blows. As each blow gets heavier, she smiles even more broadly. She really is enjoying the action. Dalbello looks on with pride in her eyes. Fade out.)

(Shot of Sheena and John at ringside.)

Sheena: “With the winners from each of the two Survivor Series matches going forward to meet in the Women’s Television Title match it is possible that Lauryn and Jun could meet this evening for the TV title.”

John: “There’s certainly a lot of animosity between the two of them. We sent Tako Kakuta out to get Jun’s opinion and here’s what happened.”


(Open camera in a gym somewhere in Tokyo. Tako Kakuta is waiting outside the women’s locker room waiting to grab an interview… but with who?)

Tako (mic in hand): “Folks I’m hoping to get some words with the Skyweight Champion Jun Shiratori. My sources say that she and Lady Mai Tai were spotted here not but ten minutes ago and being ‘The Man For The Fans’ that I am you know I just had to get some words…”

(Jun and Lady Mai Tai step out of the locker room smiling and talking.)

Tako: “Ladies any thought on some of the competition?”

Jun (rolling her eyes): “Aw geez not the midget again…”

Lady Mai Tai (placing a hand on Jun’s shoulder): “Don’t worry I’ll handle this. (Grabs the mic from Tako.) Take a hike Mighty Mouse and take some tips from an expert in the mat game…”

Tako: “HEY? (Trying to snatch the mic back.) GIMME THAT?!”

Lady Mai Tai: “GIRLS?!”

(The locker room door opens and out step Megumi and Reika. Reika immediately places her hand over Tako’s mouth as Megumi looks him over and begins to lick his forehead.)

Tako: “MMMMPH?!”

Lady Mai Tai (looking to Jun): “You want the intro?”

Jun: “Lay it on me babe?!”

Lady Mai Tai: “Stand back and cover your eyes because the brightest star in the IEWA is shining your way?! That’s right boys and girls sit back, every woman’s nightmare and every man’s pleasure… All the guys want her but none can measure up… The one and only “Gifted Child” of the IEWA… Now and Forever your IEWA World Skyweight Champion… JUN SHIRATORI?!”

(Jun smiles as she steps forward and high fives Mai who yanks on Megumi’s chai to get her off of Tako.)

Jun (scratching her chin with her head looking up in thought): “Where to begin, where to begin… so many chumps and so little TV time to humiliate them all. (Sighs and shakes her head with a wry smile.) Well let’s start with the obvious… Me and the pineapple Queen have a little match signed or that lil’old gold belt called the IEWA World Women’s Heavyweight title?! Tell me lard butt, what excuse will you use after I KO you? What possible excuse will you possibly give after I tear the meat from your grotesque corpulent body? (Chuckles evilly.) Damn, your manager sure has got himself a large damn mouth for such a puny god damn body, the only thing that will give me more pleasure then pinning you in the ring 1,2,3 will be beatin’ the tar out of him… People are callin’ this match a David and Goliath affair but I say ‘No way Jose’?! Why? Because at least ol’Goliath had physical prowess and warriors skill goin’ into that fight whereas the Lualu Queen’s only skill is being able to core a pineapple in 7.2 seconds?!”

Lady Mai Tai: “Ain’t it the truth folks?! Physical exercise is the champ trying to tie her shoes, why I bet my ‘Iron Horse’ would beat the hell out of that slovenly grotesque side of pork?!”

Jun (smiling as she lays a hand on Mai’s shoulder): “Sweetie even the ‘Nude Wonder’ Lauryn Rage could wrestle circles around Napuawhatshername and that’s impressive since dear naked Lauryn can’t wrestle for [expletive deleted]. (laughing) Hey Mai?”

Lady Mai Tai: “What ‘Prodigy’?”

Jun: “You know that picture of Lauryn from the weigh-in I got off the web?”

Lady Mai Tai (shivering in horror): “Brr, don’t remind me about it… I nearly puked…”

Jun (smiling slyly): “Yeah well I mailed into Fangoria and won the $500 first prize?! Then Toei Doga turned into the monster of the week on this week’s MegaRanger episode?! Talk about horror?!”

Lady Mai Tai: “Hey Jun what about ol’slob boy the Kingpin?”

Jun: “Well Mai, The Kingpin claims that Ellen Yates would’ve won the Battle Royal if she hadn’t chickened out? Well I say back up your flappin’ jaw with proof?! (Snaps her fingers and Lady Mai Tai hands her a piece of paper. Jun holds it up for the camera.) Read and weep King boy?! It’s a contract for dear Ellen to face me for the Skyweight belt in an Iron Woman match?! That’s right 1 hour time limit winner take all and all and I do mean ALL parties banned from ringside… I feel the need to humiliate poor Ellen so thoroughly that I’ll need one hour at the least to be fully satisfied?! Sure I could destroy her in under 30 seconds but what fun would that be?”

Lady Mai Tai (smiling): “Oh too true dear Jun, too true. (Turns to Reika and Megumi and snaps her fingers. Both girls put Tako down) Your interview is done Sneezy, now take a hike?! (Hands him the mic.)”

Tako (nervous): “But…”

(Lady Mai Tai snaps her fingers again and Tako is hung upside down by his ankles by Reika as the camera fades.)

(Shot of John and Sheena at ringside. John looks shocked.)

John: “Goodness, something has got to be done about all this abuse of our brave IEWA reporters. Poor Tako, first Bart Blair locked him in a closet, now Mai Tai has him hung upside and I heard that he had to be taken to hospital after the weigh-in for the Women’s Skyweight tournament.”

Sheena: “Oh come on, that was just because he hyper-ventilated after seeing all those tramps in their skimpy costumes.”

John: “Still he is a dedicated reporter and deserves better treatment than this.”

Sheena: “Okay, okay, we’ll start a Save Our Tako campaign but time is moving on John, the main show is fast approaching.”

John: “Yes that’s true. In the few minutes we have left before the main show starts I think we have enough time to get a peek into the locker room where the women of the Age of Rage are preparing for the second of the 10 woman Survivor Series matches.”


(Fade in. Inside the Rage dressing room Mantha Rage has her family surrounding her as they are seated at a table. Medusa and Marissa are seated on either side of her, heads down. Shadoe is rubbing Marissa’s shoulders, keeping her calm and quiet as she seems lost in thought. She clenches and unclenches her fists, breathing in and out. Dalbello is sprawled out on the floor, ice on her knees, stretching and getting loose.

Lauryn watches her with half an eye, mimicking her actions. She has a warm pack on her neck as she rolls it, stretching the neck and shoulders as she stretches her calves and thighs, too. Godiva Rage squeezes a hand exerciser with her left hand, calmly sipping a bottle of Powerade.)

Mantha: “So those are the strengths and weaknesses of everybody you’ll be in there against. Any questions before we go out there and do our jobs?”

Marissa: “You just isolate me on that fat slob Napualokelani and let me do my job. Then the rest of you can clean up the scraps. All I want is one shot. Just one shot and I’ll knock her ass flat.”

Mantha: “Marissa, don’t get overfocussed. I like the intensity, but understand there’re four other wrestlers out there. We can’t lose sight of that goal.”

Medusa: “And we can’t forget that Napualokelani’s title is on the line. You know the Kingpin is going to try to get her disqualified to hang onto that belt. Pinhead’s overstretched. He’s having trouble keeping up with all his wrestlers.”

Mantha: “All the better for us. The Syndicate can grow too big for its britches. But let’s not rely on that, all right. We’ve got to avoid the disqualification whatever we do. Lauryn, don’t push it out there. The only wrestler smaller than you out there is Babs Monroe. Don’t risk injury again going toe-to-toe with anybody and slugging it out. All right, stick to your game. Keep this precise. That’s what it’s going to take for us to win.”

Lauryn (shutting her eyes and smiling): “Yes mom. Don’t worry, I’ve got the plan down. But don’t expect me to just pass up any opportunity at Jazzy Borden. You know that we got beef and I’m fixin’ to squash it once and for all.”

(Mantha fixes Lauryn with a hard stare.)

Mantha: “You play it by the numbers, Lauryn, or you’ll find yourself watching from the sidelines. Ask your sister about going all out in the ring despite your condition.”

(Dalbello looks up. She rubs her womb.)

Dalbello: “Let’s stay out of ancient history, all right. That doesn’t need to be discussed. I’ll keep her focused out there. Still, Mantha, we got a loose cannon in Erykah Draper. You know she’s trying to cripple all of us. There’s going to be chairs and all sorts of things that she pulls out to break us down.”

Mantha: “I don’t want any of you on the floor. Keep it in the ring at all times. I want the ref’s eyes on you at all times so we have to keep this clean. All right. Am I understood, Dusa? Diva?”

Godiva: “Aaaaaooowwww?!! Wot’s this rot? No fun on the floor? But ruddy well why not? I mean this is all about fun, too. Look, I ain’t interested in no singles title, right. Why can’t I ‘ave me fun?”

Medusa: “Because we need everybody we can get. And there’s probably going to be a million people coming down to ringside to watch that match or inject their little two cents. The Yates sisters, that jackass Bart Blair who’s trying to make a name for himself, there’s a hell of a lot of conspiracies against us around here.”

Mantha: “It’s part of the drawbacks of being the major players. Don’t any of you worry about that, though. You guys just worry about the folks on the inside. That’s trouble enough. We’ve got a few matchup problems in there. And we’ve got some desperate people. They’ll be hungry. They’re out to hurt us so you just focus on the inside. The outside is my job.”

Marissa: “You sound pretty confident, girl. You think this is really all going to go like you planned?”

Mantha (putting a hand on Marissa’s forearm): “I’ll make sure you’re all looked after.”

Shadoe: “You’re dealing with the real power behind the Rage family. The one who’s looked after us all, made sure we’re in position to what we have to do to win. Trust her she knows what she’s doing.”

Marissa (nodding): “All right, I’ll trust you, coach. I just want to get in there.”

Mantha: “It’s soon enough, but without being focused we don’t have a chance in there. They’re all going to get up for this. You’ve got to match their energy. And believe me that isn’t going to be easy. We need to outwork them. We need to outhustle them. None of you can win this on your own. Remember that. This is a team. If you try to make this a one-on-one competition then some of you are going to get eliminated and you’ll put your sisters at a disadvantage. Now, I want you all to look at each other.”

(The Rage women do, looking back and forth, acknowledging each other with nods, touching fists, smiling.)

Mantha: “You’re all in this together. Tag each other in and out. Give each other the ball. Work off each other. If you see somebody getting taken advantage of or slowing down you get in there for her. Make sure you’ve always got each other’s backs. Do you hear me?”

Rages: “Yes, ma’am.”

Mantha: “This is our match to win? This is our moment to shine?”

Rages: “YES, MA’AM?!!”

Mantha: “We run this. We’re the champions belt or no belt. You understand. And don’t let anybody take this match away from us. You hear me. You don’t let anybody take this away from us. If Napua wants to get out. You let her get out. The goal is to win. Nobody here is more important than anybody else. Nobody here has an agenda that supersedes anybody else’s. We get everything together and we lose everything together.”

Rages: “Yes, ma’am.”

Mantha: “Now put your hands in.”

(Mantha extends her hand. The Rages reach out to cover her hand with theirs.)

Mantha: “Let’s do this for one our mothers and father. The Age of the Rage begins in the IEWA right now.”

Rages: “To honor our mothers and fathers.”

Mantha: “Don’t ever embarrass the name. Please.”

(Fade out.)

(We return to John and Sheena at their ringside commentators table. There is a buzz of excited noise around the stadium now, the lights are dimming.)

John: “Okay folks, that’s our preview over. The IEWA’s Shattered Dreams Pay Per View is now only moments away. If you haven’t signed up with your cable operator then get on the phone NOW. As we’ve seen the competitors are ready, Sheena and I are ready, the crowd is ready, they’re starting to chant…”

Crowd: “FIVE….., FOUR…., THREE…, TWO.., ONE?!!!!!”


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