The IEWA crowns a new Women’s TV Champion as Yori Kenyuki battles Marissa Monet in the main event.

(Fade in: the jam-packed Toronto Sky Dome. The Mania Girls are dancing in the ring to some Christmassy-music wearing white bras, red tights, red Santa Claus-style hats and are dancing barefoot over chairs set up in the ring. Artificial snow is coming down from the arena top, and mistletoes are decorating the steel guardrails. IEWA logos and “Shattered Dreams” in Gothic letters are ornamenting the ring, and the fans have brought hand-made signs or are dressed up like their favorite superstars. Some young girls are wearing San Francisco Police uniforms, a woman can be seen holding up a sign “Erykah Draper – payback time!”, and some front row teenagers are dressed in “Metallica” t-shirts and are holding up handmade signs saying “Hysteria – #1!!” The Mania Girls then seize their dances and leave down the aisle, throwing candy to the audience while the lights dim and an elderly woman leads young schoolchildren down the aisle. Ring announcer Davie Traylor is in the ring, dressed like Santa Claus, mike in hand)

Davie: “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

(Crowd pop, a lot of the younger children reply: “Ho! Ho! Ho!”)

Davie: “I said: “HO!! HO!! HO!!”

(Another crowd pop, the audience screams back: “HO! HO! HO!” Davie smiles)

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, please arise as the Toronto Community Primary School Children’s Choir will sing the Canadian National Anthem.”

(The crowd cheers and then quiets down as the lights dim and the Canadian Flag is highlighted in the ring. Most of the fans arise from their seats and sing along as the children sing “Oh Canada” in perfect unison. Cigarette lighters are being held up by the fans. As the children finish, the lights go on again and the choir is greeted with a deafening crowd pop. The children then leave down the aisle while the music changes to Prodigy’s “Firestarter” to a strong face pop and the camera switches over to the broadcaster’s table, showing John Marshall and Sheena LesRiviers)

John: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the biggest event in IEWA history, welcome to Shattered Dreams, and as we speak one of the many IEWA newcomers is making her way to the ring, the ‘Rave Girl’ Andrea Kosaka!”

(A small woman, just about a hundred pounds in weight and obviously of Japanese heritage, runs down the aisle, smiling and slapping hands. She is wearing a blue Lycra wrestling suit with white piping, leaving her arms, stomach, and lower back exposed. Long, white lines run down the sides of her suit, and she is wearing black armbands and kneepads and black sneakers on her feet, as well as futuristic bright silver sunglasses)


Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, our first team weighs in at a total combined weight of 757 pounds… introducing first, she is from Chicago, Illinois, and weighs in at 108 pounds… ‘RAVE GIRL’ ANDREA KOOOOOOOOSAAAAAAAAKA!!”

(Andrea springboards into the ring and checks the ropes, then hands her sunglasses to the ring attendant. The music changes to some Japanese ceremonial war drum rhythms)

John: “We have seen Andrea before in action at the Skyweight battle royal, and this will be her debut in a ‘regular’ match. And here comes Yori Kenyuki!”

(Yori Kenyuki walks down the aisle, staring intensely. She is wearing a light green bodysuit covering everything but her arms. The bodysuit shows silver diamonds on her chest, back, and thighs. She is also wearing light green boxing style boots and shingaurds with silver diamonds on the front and black padded fingerless gloves. Her wrists are taped white)

Davie: “And her team partner is from Yokohama, Japan, and weighs 163 pounds… here is YOOOOOOORI KEEEEEEEENYUKI!!”

Sheena: “Yori is a big woman with experience from wrestling down in Japan, as well as extremely focused. A lot of experts have predicted that she could be one of the survivors and make it to the Television title finals.”

John: “Yori is surely a force to be reckoned with at over 160 pounds, and if you remember the International Stampede, she took Medusa Rage to the very limit.”

(Yori Kenyuki climbs into the ring underneath the top rope while Andrea Kosaka is still standing on the top rope, animating the fans to dance with her. The music changes to the theme of the Godzilla movie)

Davie: “Their team partner is from Tokyo, Japan, and weighs in at 210 pounds… GOOOOOOOJIRA TAKESHIIIIIIIIMA!!”

(Face pop as one-half of Burning Rain, Gojira Takeshima, walks down the aisle. She is wearing a dark green tank top and loose fitting military pants as well as black combat boots, fingerless gloves and a knee brace over her left knee)

John: “When I was discussing the line-up for Shattered Dreams, Gojira was one of the women the experts were certain that she would get far, she has the size and endurance to withstand a lot of punishment, as well as the tag team experience necessary in a match like this.”

Sheena: “True, but this might also be her main disadvantage. Gojira is a tag team wrestler, even if she should survive the first round and make it to the Television title finals, she would be on her own, and at two-hundred-plus pounds with no partner to tag out to, she will tire very easily.”

(Gojira climbs into the ring and bows to Yori Kenyuki, who replies the bow while Andrea does some warm-up aerobics. A few fans in the front row are copying Andrea’s dancing moves while a woman in the back is holding up a “Burning Rain” sign. The music changes to “Reckoning Day” by Megadeth)

Davie: “Introducing, from Orlando, Florida, and weighing in at 136 pounds… ‘LETHAL’ LYNN WEEEEEEEENZEL!!”

(Strong face pop as Lynn Wenzel runs down the aisle, slapping hands. She is wearing a black sports bra, white spandex shorts and a black leather jacket as well as biker boots. Lynn hangs her heavy leather jacket over one of the ringposts and jumps into the ring)

John: “We haven’t seen Lynn in a long while, making her comeback here at Shattered Dreams. She was the very first woman to sign a contract here in the IEWA.”

(Lynn and Andrea high five while Yori and Gojira do warm-up stretches. The music changes to Ottmar Liebert’s “Lush” to a strong crowd pop)

Davie: “And their partner is from Sedona, Arizona, and weighs in at 140 pounds… please welcome JEEEEEESSICA STAAAAAAAAARBIRD!!”

(Jessica Starbird walks through the curtains, wearing a red singlet with snowflake designs, green tights, and red boots. Jessica waves to the fans, then walks down the aisle. A man wearing a tuxedo in the front row makes a photo of her while she walks down the aisle. Jessica then enters the ring and shakes the hand of each of her teammates)

John: “There goes Santa’s little helper!”

Sheena: “Yeah… where’s my candy??”

(The music changes to “Bloodletting” by Concrete Blonde, and the fans’ reaction turns into a strong heel pop)

Davie: “And their opposing team weighs in at a total combined 737 pounds! Introducing first, she hails from Osaka, Japan, and weighs in at 197 pounds… CONCRETE BLOOOOOONDE!!”

(Boos and yells as the big Japanese woman swaggers down the aisle, shouting at some front row fans. Concrete Blonde is wearing a black one-piece leotard, red boots, and red kneepads, as well as studded leather wristbands and a black studded collar)

John: “Concrete Blonde is no stranger to the women’s wrestling world, having wrestled in Cherry Bomb Pro as well as aided Robin Blaze in the SJPW, she also competed in the recent IEWA battle royal for the women’s World title.”

(“Bloodletting” stops and is replaced with “Bela Lugosi’s Death” from Bauhaus. Deth Nell walks down the aisle, dressed entirely in black, and wearing heavy black eyeshadow and black lipstick. Her eyebrows, lips, and nose are pierced, and her nose ring is connected with three chains to her earring)

Davie: “Her partner hails from the dark streets and shadows of unreality and weighs 135 pounds… DETH NEEEEEEEEEEELL!!”

Sheena: “The dark streets and shadows of unreality?? What the…”

(Deth Nell climbs into the ring as the music changes to “Control” by Traci Lords to a strong heel pop)

Davie: “And their partner is from Hollywood, California! Weighing in at 141 pounds, here is SAAAAAAAARAH VIIIIIIIICTORY!!”

(Sarah walks down the aisle, wearing black wrestling pants and boots and black karate shin guards, as well as a black sports bra with green and silver accents. She grins arrogantly to the crowd, then jumps into the ring)

John: “Sarah Victory is a world title contender is various independent federations, but she has yet to prove herself here in the IEWA… although she has made quite an impact by attacking Erykah Draper.”

Sheena: “She attacked a helpless, injured woman… big deal!”

(“Control” stops and “Numb” by Holly McNarland starts to play over the PA while Sarah Victory and Concrete Blonde shake hands and Deth Nell starts to charge towards Jessica Starbird in the ring but the referee steps in between)

John: “Deth Nell seems to be very eager to get at Jessica Starbird!”

Sheena: “And so does this woman, Rachel Nighthawk… and her crooked evangelist!”

Davie: “Their partner hails from Tucson, Arizona, and weighs in at 139 pounds… accompanied to the ring by Matthew Zahn… here is RAAAACHEL NIIIIIGHTHAWK!!”

(Matthew Zahn, wearing a white turtleneck sweater underneath a navy blue suit, accompanies Rachel Nighthawk to the ring. Rachel wears a peach rubbery suit, black boots with purple laces, black kneepads, and cords around her wrists. Matthew Zahn angrily glares at Jessica’s friend, Shanye Anderson, then holds down the ropes for Rachel to enter. The referee is meanwhile busy keeping the teams from going at it, while Concrete Blonde whispers something in Yori Kenyuki’s ear)

Sheena: “Did you see…”

(The music changes to “Mad Machine” by Kimuko Oomori, and the heel pop gets louder)

Davie: “And their partner is from Yokohama, Japan, and weighs 125 pounds… she is the IEWA Skyweight Champion of the Wooooorld… ‘THE PRODIGY’ JUUUUUUUN SHIRATOOOOOORI!!”

(Jun Shiratori steps through the curtains, wearing a black swimsuit covering everything but her stomach and ornamented with silver katakana characters, as well as black and silver armbands and white boots with black laces. She is wearing a black and silver robe with the image of a silver swan with spread wings on it and “Gifted Child” written underneath, as well as a pair of wayfarer sunglasses and the IEWA Skyweight title around her waist)

John: “Jun hands her sunglasses, robe, and title belt over to the ring attendant, and all ten women in the ring now… remember, if Jun gets pinned or submits to a Skyweight, the title WILL change hands!”

Sheena: “Well, the only Skyweight in her opposing team is Andrea Kosaka, and she is a rookie.”

John: “Jun should still not underestimate her, Jessica Starbird is a rookie as well and she nearly upset Napualokelani for the World title! It looks like Rachel Nighthawk will start against Lynn Wenzel… lock up and Rachel immediately with a Face Rake!”

(The crowd boos!)

Sheena: “Not nice but effective! Lynn holds her face, Rachel grabs her arm and whips her into the ropes… Lynn bounces back and Rachel with a High Knee Lift! Lynn goes down, and Rachel makes the tag to Concrete Blonde!”

John: “Rachel pulls Lynn up while Concrete Blonde whips into the ropes… Rachel holds Lynn in position and Blonde CLOTHESLINES Lynn down! Whoa! That was a clothesline from a woman who weighs nearly two hundred pounds, Lynn is down and Blonde covers…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “No, Lynn kicks out!”

John: “Blonde pulls Lynn up and nails her with a hard chop to the chest… and another one… and Blonde whips Lynn into the ropes… GOOD REACTION BY LYNN!! She makes the tag to Andrea Kosaka while being whipped in… BUT SHE GETS CHARGED OVER BY CONCRETE BLONDE!!”

Sheena: “I didn’t think Blonde saw the tag, she covers Lynn… but Andrea comes down from the ropes with a DOUBLE AXE HANDLE!! And it’s Andrea Kosaka against Concrete Blonde now! I don’t know if that was very wise, Concrete Blonde outweighs the ‘Rave Girl’ by almost ninety pounds… and Andrea nails Concrete Blonde with fast, furious kicks but they seem to be absorbed with ease! Andrea now goes into the ropes and rushes at Blonde with a clothesline… but Concrete Blonde barely moves… and Andrea tags out to Jessica, both women go into the ropes and charge Concrete Blonde, Double Clothesl…”


Sheena: “Almost two hundred pounds, and Andrea Kosaka holds her throat and gasps for air… that Clothesline hit little Andrea hard, and Concrete Blonde now hitting Jessica with a hard elbow… and Blonde looks around… LOOK AT THAT!! Jun Shiratori, Deth Nell and Rachel Nighthawk ALL want to tag in, they all want a part of Jessica Starbird!”

John: “And Concrete Blonde whips Jessica Starbird chest-first into her corner… and Jessica spots Jun Shiratori and WHACKS her with a hard punch! That’s a mistake, she should concentrate on her opponent… and Concrete Blonde distracts the referee while Deth Nell, Jun Shiratori and Rachel Nighthawk all pound away at Jessica in the corner!”

Sheena: “And Deth Nell chokes Jessica with that tag rope! Jessica grimacing in pain as Deth chokes her and yells something into her face… and it looks like the ref spotted something and turns around, and Deth releases! But the damage is done, Jessica staggers back and Concrete Blonde catches her… BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX!! Blonde with a cocky cover…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “No, Jessica kicks out! Blonde should have focused on hooking a leg, and Blonde now makes the tag to Deth Nell! And Nell rushes in and nails Jessica with hard knees to the back… and Deth applies a chinlock!”

Sheena: “Deth Nell, although a Skyweight, is a very accomplished submission style wrestler! She has Jessica in the Chinlock and she seems to be wearing her down quite a bit… Deth Nell laughs wickedly, her dislike for Jessica is no secret… and Deth continues the squeeze. The referee checks but Jessica shakes her head…”

John: “In a ten-woman match like this you need to focus on eliminating your opponents as quickly as possible, one by one. I don’t know if these wear-down holds are so effective in this kind of match… OOOH! AND JESSICA COUNTERS WITH A JAWBREAKER!!”

(Face pop!!)

Sheena: “Jessica manages to break the hold with that Jawbreaker, and Deth holds her jaw and crawls over to her corner… Jessica walks to her corner as well but she has taken a lot of punishment… Lynn Wenzel, Gojira Takeshima and Andrea Kosaka all reach over to do the tag… Yori Kenyuki strangely seems not to be too interested in tagging in… And Deth Nell tags out!! Deth Nell reaches Sarah Victory and the tag is made!!”

John: “And Sarah immediately rushes over to Rachel Nighthawk to prevent her from tagging out… TOO LATE!!”

(HUGE crowd pop!!)

Sheena: “JESSICA MAKES THE TAG… And the huge Gojira Takeshima is in the ring now! And Sarah looks worried, Gojira outweighs her by some seventy pounds… And Sarah with a Forearm Smash… GOJIRA BLOCKS IT!! Another Forearm Smash by Sarah and Gojira blocks it again… AND GOJIRA NOW WITH A FOREARM SMASH… SENDING SARAH CRASHING TO THE MAT!!”

(Face pop!!)

John: “Gojira a huge woman… she is unbelievably strong! Sarah rubs her jaw, and Gojira drags her back up by her hair and whips her into the ropes… Sarah comes back… GOJIRA CATCHES HER AND A RUNNING POWERSLAM!! Gojira hooks the leg…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “Uh, no. Sarah kicks out. I think she used all her experience there…”

John: “And Gojira tags out. This has to be Gojira’s tactic, overpower her opponents and then make the tag before she tires out with her 200+ pounds… Lynn Wenzel is back in the ring, and she hits the prone Sarah with an Elbowdrop… and Lynn goes for Sarah’s legs and wraps them around in a FIGURE-FOUR… NO! SARAH COUNTERS AND ROLLS LYNN WENZEL UP IN A SMALL PACKAGE!!”

1 . . 2 . . Thr…

John: “Uh, I thought this was over! But Lynn kicks out, and both women jump back up… Lynn Wenzel tries a Running Clothesline but Sarah ducks it… both women go into the ropes… AND SARAH VICTORY WITH A S=P=I=N=N=I=N=G L=E=G L=A=R=I=A=T!! LYNN GOES DOWN, AND LYNN GOES DOWN HARD!! Sarah covers, hooks the leg…”

1 . . 2 . . Thr…

John: “NO! NO! Lynn Wenzel kicks out!!”

Sheena: “Uh, I thought this was it! Lynn Wenzel managing to escape defeat on two very narrow occasions, and Sarah now draws her thumb across her throat… she indicates that she wants to finish this now… Sarah with the whip in… A”X”E K”I”C”K… NOOOOOO!! LYNN ROLLS AWAY!!”

(Huge face pop as Lynn Wenzel evades Sarah’s finisher)

John: “That would have been the match, and both Lynn and Sarah are hurt now… Lynn crawls over to her corner, and so does Sarah… and Sarah tags Jun Shiratori in… but Lynn manages to tag as well, and Andrea Kosaka now in the match!”

Sheena: “And Jun and Andrea with a lock-up… Andrea immediately goes into a waistlock but Jun breaks it up with a Side Elbow Smash to Andrea’s face… Andrea holds her face and Jun goes into the ropes… and comes back with a DROPKICK… No! Andrea sidesteps and Jun crashes to the ground!! And Andrea grabs Jun’s feet and SLINGSHOTS HER FACE FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLE… Jun dazed and hurt, and Andrea grabs her from behind… SMALL PACKAGE!!”

1 . . 2 . . John: “Uh, no! Can’t keep her down!”

Sheena: “Jun has to be careful, if Andrea pins her the Skyweight belt is gone! Jun is trying to get up while Andrea goes to the outside… boy, is she agile… AND ANDREA WITH A S=P=R=I=N=G=B=O=A=R=D S=U=N=S=E=T F=L=I=P!! ANDREA GRABS JUN’S TIGHTS… AND YES, SHE PULLS HER DOWN!!”

1 . . 2 . . Thr…

(The crowd cheers!! Huge face pop…)

John: “No!! Only a count of two!! I thought we had a new champ there! Jun kicks out, and Andrea makes the tag… and she tags Gojira Takeshima in! And… look at this! Double-team action… Gojira lifts Jun onto her shoulders… AND ANDREA M#I#S#S#I#L#E D#R#O#P#K#I#C#K#S JUN OFF OF GOJIRA’S SHOULDERS!! Gojira covers, this is over…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “No, Jun gets her shoulder up again! As much as I hate that snot nose, she is a true champion… you just can’t keep her down… and Gojira showing those huge Forearm smashes again, and Jun is in big trouble… her head snaps back as Gojira hits these huge punches… AND GOJIRA UNDERHOOKS JUN’S ARMS!!”

(HUGE Face pop!!)

John: “That’s the GOJIRA BOMB!! Gojira goes for her finisher… SHE LIFTS JUN UP… NO! Can’t Bomb her down, Jun flips around in midair and NAILS GOJIRA WITH A HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN!! WHAT AGILITY FROM THE CHAMP!!”

Sheena: “Gojira is stunned and holds her head… and Jun Shiratori crawls over and makes the tag… and Rachel Nighthawk is back in the ring!”

John: “Gojira is still on the ground and crawls over to her corner… no, she is too big and slow! Rachel catches Gojira’s foot before she can tag out… and Rachel with applies a SLEEPER!! Rachel putting pressure on Gojira’s neck… she is trying to wear her down for her Neckbreaker finisher! Trying to tire that big woman out sure is an effective strategy… but Gojira has neck muscles like a bull! Rachel puts on the squeeze, the ref checks but Gojira shakes her head… and Rachel releases the sleeper.”

Sheena: “She isn’t going to get the submission from Gojira but she wore her down significantly… and Rachel goes into the ropes… ROCKER DROPPER!! Right onto Gojira’s hurt neck!! Gojira howls out and holds her neck, and Rachel grabs her neck, spins around and falls back… R=O=L=L=I=N=G N=E=C=K=B=R=E=A=K=E=R!!! RACHEL NIGHTHAWK HITS HER FINISHER!! And Rachel rolls Gojira onto her back and hooks her leg…”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!

(Heel pop!!)

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Gojira Takeshima has been eliminated by pinfall!”

John: “And that’s it! First casualty, and it’s five against four!!”

Sheena: “And Jessica Starbird immediately runs in and attacks Rachel Nighthawk! Those two women can’t stand each other, and Jessica immediately with European Uppercuts!! Gojira rolls out of the ring, still rubbing her hurt neck, and Jessica whips Rachel into the ropes and catches her in a BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!! And Andrea Kosaka goes onto the top rope, Jessica tags to Andrea AND JESSICA BODYSLAMS ANDREA ON TOP OF RACHEL NIGHTHAWK!! Great teamwork, and Andrea covers…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “Uh, no. That’s not enough! But Andrea is like a whirling dervish, she hits Rachel with a FAST LEGDROP!! And another one, and another one… and Andrea yells out to the fans!!”

(Face pop!!)

Sheena: “And Andrea now grabs Rachel’s arm, secures it between her legs, grabs Rachel’s foot and a TIGHT ROLL-UP…”

1 . . 2 . . Thr…

John: “No! Kickout!”

Sheena: “I don’t know how Rachel got out of that tight roll-up… I think Andrea just didn’t have the muscle to keep Rachel down at only 108 pounds… and Andrea with a Side Headlock… but Rachel with a THUMB TO THE EYE!”

John: “Rachel gaining a breather here, and she manages to tag out to Concrete Blonde… Blonde with a Roundhouse Right but the ‘Rave Girl’ ducks it, and Andrea hits a STANDING DROPKICK to Blonde’s knee! Concrete Blonde howls out in pain, and Andrea now with fast kicks to Blonde’s ribcage… Blonde seems to absorb most of them but she still staggers back, obviously hurt… and Andrea goes into the ropes… SWINGING NECKBREAKER!! AND BLONDE DROPS TO ONE KNEE!! Andrea Kosaka goes to the outside and cheers to the fans!!”

(Fans cheer!!)

Sheena: “That’s a rookie mistake, she should focus on her opponent… Andrea jumps in… S=P=R=I=N=G=B=O=A=R=D H=U=R=R=I=C=A=N=R=A=N=A! – NO!! CONCRETE BLONDE CATCHES HER IN MIDAIR AND P=O=W=E=R=B=O=M=B=S ANDREA TO THE MAT!!”

John: “And Andrea is agony-stricken, she holds her back and wiggles back and forth on the mat… that was a hard Powerbomb, the whole ring was shaking… and Blonde grabs Andrea’s throat and… K*A*T*A H*A*J*I*M*E!! JUDO SUBMISSION CHOKE!! AND ANDREA IMMEDIATELY TAPS OUT!! ANDREA IS GONE!!”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Andrea Kosaka has been eliminated via Submission!!”

Sheena: “And it’s five against three! Andrea Kosaka had no chance in that submission hold, her fragile 108 pounds against Blonde’s 200… BUT CONCRETE BLONDE WON’T RELEASE!! ANDREA IS IN PAIN AND BLONDE IS STILL CHOKING HER OUT!! And the referee kicks Blonde’s arm and forces the break of the hold!”

John: “Lynn Wenzel jumps in and DROPKICKS Blonde from behind while Jessica Starbird pulls Andrea out of the ring and checks on her… Andrea still holds her overextended shoulder and her neck, her face is grimacing in pain… and Lynn Wenzel now puts the Armbar on Concrete Blonde… no, Blonde is in the rope and the ref forcing the break! Lynn breaks clean, and Blonde makes the tag to Deth Nell!”

Sheena: “It doesn’t look good now for Jessica Starbird and her team… three against five, and Deth Nell now up against Lynn Wenzel… Lynn charges and Deth Nell BACKDROPS her! Lynn goes to the mat, and Deth immediately behind her… SLEEPERHOLD!! DETH WITH HER SLEEPER, THAT’S HER FINISHER…”

John: “But Jessica Starbird runs in and clips Deth Nell’s leg from behind to make the save!”

Sheena: “Good thing she did, if her team lost another member that would be the end, I’d say. Deth looks angrily at Jessica and pulls Lynn Wenzel back up… AND LYNN WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!!”

1 . . 2 . . John: “Kickout!”

Sheena: “And Deth Nell is angry now… she hits Lynn with HARD KICKS TO THE MIDSECTION… Lynn staggers back, and Deth with a SPINNING HEEL KICK!! And Deth tags out to Concrete Blonde!”

John: “Concrete Blonde immediately goes into the ropes, and goes for a LEGDROP… No! Lynn rolls away!”

Sheena: “Lynn would have been reduced to a block of grease if that two-hundred pound Legdrop would have hit! But Blonde crashed to the ground, and Lynn reaches over to Yori Kenyuki… NO! YORI REFUSES TO TAG IN… And Jessica Starbird accepts the tag instead, looking angrily at Yori Kenyuki!”

John: “Concrete Blonde getting back up and JESSICA RUSHES IN WITH A CLOTHESLINE!! Blonde staggers back but isn’t going down AND JESSICA WITH ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE!!”

(Fans cheer as Concrete Blonde is about to lose her balance, and Jessica goes into the ropes a third time…)


Sheena: “Jessica staggers back, Concrete Blonde rushes in… AND JESSICA DODGES AWAY!! AND CONCRETE BLONDE GOES INTO THE TURNBUCKLE… and Jessica immediately grabs Blonde’s thigh… SMALL PACKAGE!!”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!

(HUGE face pop!!)

John: “Three count!!”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Concrete Blonde has been eliminated via Pinfall!!”

John: “And it’s four against three, giving Jessica and Lynn a better chance! And Deth Nell jumps in again and nails Jessica with a hard kick to the hamstring! Jessica howls in pain, and Deth Nell goes into the ropes… BULLDOG!! DETH RAMS JESSICA HEAD-FIRST INTO THE MAT!! And Deth Nell immediately tags to Sarah Victory!”

John: “Sarah is still fresh, and Sarah pulls Jessica up, wrings her arm around, and CONNECTS WITH HARD KICKS TO JESSICA’S STOMACH!! Jessica staggers back in pain, Sarah still has the Armwringer applied and tags to Jun Shiratori, and both Sarah and Jun whip Jessica into the ropes… AND A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE BY JUN AND SARAH!! Jessica nearly flips 360 degrees as that hard Clothesline hits her, and Jun with a cocky cover…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “No! Kickout! That cover was far too cocky, and Jessica gets her shoulder up… Yori Kenyuki still not in this match so far!! I don’t get this!!”

John: “And Sarah Victory gets her foot up on the turnbuckle on the outside and Jun whips Jessica into it… AND JESSICA HITS HEAD-FIRST INTO SARAH’S FOOT!! Jessica staggers back… RIGHT INTO A POWERSLAM BY JUN SHIRATORI!! Jun with another cover…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “STILL can’t keep her down!! And Jun now with a whip-in… BUT JESSICA HOLDS ON TO THE ROPES AND JUN MISSES HER DROPKICK!! Ow! Jun crashes to the mat and clenches her hurt back while Jessica reaches over… AND MAKES THE TAG TO LYNN WENZEL!!”

John: “Lynn immediately charges at Jun and hits her with a kneedrop!! Jun is stunned, and Lynn goes onto the second rope… LEGDROP FROM THE SECOND TURNBUCKLE!! Hits the mark, and Lynn cheers to the fans!!”

(Crowd pop!!)

Sheena: “And Lynn Wenzel pulls Jun Shiratori up, whips her into the ropes AND RUNS HER DOWN WITH A FLYING SHOULDERBLOCK!! Jun goes down, Lynn with the lateral press…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “No, kickout! Jun kicks out!”

Sheena: “But she has taken quite some punishment, and Lynn Wenzel lifts Jun up… waistlock uplift… P/I/L/E/D/R/I/V/E/R!! OH-MY-GOD!! Lynn Wenzel Piledrives Jun Shiratori to the mat… cover…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “No! I don’t believe Jun got out of that one!!”

Sheena: “AND LYNN SIGNALS THE HAZEMAKER!! That’s her finisher, a Brainbuster Suplex… she wraps Jun’s arm around her neck and lifts her up… no, Jun blocks… Lynn tries again and Jun with another block… AND JUN LIFTS LYNN UP INTO A SUPLEX… drops Lynn onto the ropes… SLINGSHOT SUPLEX INTO A FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX!! THAT’S HER S=W=A=N H=O=O=K!! Into the bridge…”

1 . . 2 . (Lynn frantically tries to kick out, but Jun holds her shoulders firmly pressed against the mat) . 3!!

(Heel pop!!)

John: “And it’s four against two!”

Sheena: “Or against one, depends on the point of view… Yori doing absolutely nothing in this match!”

John: “And Jessica Starbird immediately jumps in again, she is doing most of the workload for her team… but Jun has already tagged out and Deth Nell is in again! Just look at Jun! She is completely exhausted!!”

Sheena: “Jun has taken a lot of punishment but is still in this match, and it’s Deth Nell against Jessica Starbird again! Deth Nell with hard punches into Jessica’s ribcage, and Jessica staggering back, and Deth Nell whips Jessica into the ropes… Jessica comes back and Deth Nell with a waistlock… NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!! Into the cover…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “No, kickout! Nearly a three count there, and Deth Nell now locks Jessica’s feet around her legs, grabs Jessica’s hands and falls back… S=U=R=F=B=O=A=R=D!! DETH NELL WITH A PUNISHING SUBMISSION HOLD… and look at Jessica!! She is screaming out in pain… she is completely worn down, but she isn’t submitting… the referee asks for the submission but Jessica refuses… Deth Nell is increasing the pressure but Jessica still shaking her head… and Deth releases the Surfboard!!”

Sheena: “When you’re in a four-against-two advantage, wearing down your opponent slowly is very effective… Deth Nell goes into the ropes now, comes back and grabs Jessica’s neck… SNAPMARE!! Jessica’s head snaps back, and Deth makes the tag to Jun Shiratori!”

John: “…but Jun doesn’t seem to want to tag in! She is still hurt and shakes her head… and Deth grabs her shoulder and points into the ring! We all know that Jun is only in this match because President Boedder forced her to, and Jun refuses to tag in… and Deth Nell is FURIOUS!! She yells at Jun Shiratori and demands the tag… AND JESSICA IS BACK UP… DETH NELL TURNS AROUND AND JESSICA IMMEDIATELY UNDERHOOKS BOTH OF DETH’S ARMS… Jessica with the lift-up… S=E=E=I=N=G S=T=A=R=S D=O=U=B=L=E U=N=D=E=R=H=O=O=K P=O=W=E=R=B=O=M=B! JESSICA IMMEDIATELY CAPITALIZES ON DETH’S AND JUN’S ARGUMENT!! Cover…”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!

(Huge face pop!!)

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Deth Nell has been eliminated via Pinfall!”

John: “That’s it!! No one got up from that powerbomb yet so far, and Jessica makes it three against two! And Rachel Nighthawk runs into the ring and charges… but Jessica with a Drop Toehold!”

Sheena: “I have to admit, Jessica is one hell of a rookie… she nearly lifts the world title, then pins both Concrete Blonde and Deth Nell and now faces three opponents! And Rachel Nighthawk tries to get back up, Jessica with a kick to Rachel’s midsection, AND JESSICA UNDERHOOKS RACHEL’S ARMS!!”

(Big face pop again!!)


(Big heel pop as Matthew Zahn jumps onto the apron and WALLOPS Jessica over the back of the head with his wooden cross he has hanging around his neck! Jessica immediately collapses, and the referee immediately gives signs to the timekeeper)

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Rachel Nighthawk has been disqualified!”

(Matthew Zahn pulls the barely conscious Rachel out of the ring while the referee checks on Jessica Starbird)

John: “Rachel is gone, and two women left on each side… but can Jessica continue…”

Sheena: “The referee checks, and Jessica nods, although holding her head… and Sarah Victory immediately jumps in… and Sarah immediately bombards Jun with kicks… Jessica is too hurt to defend herself against these kicks… AND SARAH WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK!! That hit Jessica right in the face! Sarah with a cover…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “Kickout! Still some energy left in Jessica Starbird! And Sarah now with Knife-Edge Chops to Jessica’s throat… Jessica is hurt and staggers back, and Sarah with a HARD KICK TO JESSICA’S ANKLE!! And Jessica drops to the mat, Sarah tags Jun in who jumps in from the top rope AND LEGDROPS ON JESSICA’S CHEST!! Jun now tries to wrap Jessica up in some kind of leglock…”


1 . . 2 . . John: “Uuuuuh, that was close! Jun with a kickout in the last possible moment!”

Sheena: “Jessica is back up but Jun is fresher and faster… and Jun with a high knee into Jessica’s stomach! And Jun picks Jessica up and lifts her onto the top rope… oh my…”

John: “It looks like Jun is going for a Superplex here… yes, Jun is on the second rope… she grabs Jessica’s neck and goes for the… no, Jessica blocks it! Jun tries to Superplex again but Jessica blocks… AND JESSICA STARBIRD REVERSES THE SUPERPLEX… AND BOTH WOMEN CRASH TO THE OUTSIDE!!!”

(Huge pop, the fans go: “Ooooooh!” and “Aaaaaaah!”)

Sheena: “And both Jun and Jessica are lying on the outside now… Jessica completely motionless while Jun winces and holds her back…”

(The ref counts… 1… 2… 3…)

John: “Jessica tries to get back up but Jun holds Jessica’s feet, and Jessica falls down again…”

(The ref counts… 4… 5… 6…)

Sheena: “Jun still holding on to Jessica’s legs… but Jessica with a kick, right into Jun’s chin, freeing herself…”

(The ref counts… 7… 8… 9…)

John: “Jessica completely without orientation, and Jun still out cold after that kick…”

(The ref counts… 10!! And then signals for the timekeeper)

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has counted both Jessica Starbird and Jun Shiratori out!”

(Big crowd pop!!)

John: “Both women showed absolutely tremendous performances tonight and took each other to the limit… Jun Shiratori retains the Skyweight title… Jun is still on the floor, gasping for air, while Jessica slowly limps back to the locker rooms… I think she hurt her foot well when she crashed from the turnbuckles!”

Sheena: “Yes, Jessica strongly favoring one foot… and the referee now forcing Yori Kenyuki into the ring! It’s Yori Kenyuki against Sarah Victory now, only two women left… and both women still relatively fresh, Sarah has only been in the ring for very little, and Yori not at all… and the two lock up…”

John: “Two paramedics are running in from the back and help the completely exhausted Jessica Starbird back to the locker rooms, I think she should check on her foot, and Jun is back up and angrily snatching the Skyweight title belt back from the timekeeper’s table…”

(Big heel pop!!)

Sheena: “It’s Concrete Blonde!! She is back from the locker rooms!”

John: “Jun Shiratori is limping back down the aisle as well, I think she hurt her leg as well when she took that hard fall from the Superplex… she refuses any help from the paramedics and limps down to the locker rooms with her title belt… this is far from over between Jessica and Jun! I really pity Jessica, though… she pinned two top notch opponents, took severe punishment including a cheap shot with a heavy foreign object and a Superplex to the outside… she would deserve to be in that Television title final but the odds were too much against her with Andrea Kosaka, Gojira Takeshima and Lynn Wenzel being eliminated early, and Yori Kenyuki being absolutely no help at all…”

Sheena: “Speaking of Yori, she is finally in the ring now with Sarah Victory but I dislike her chances… Sarah’s teammate, Concrete Blonde, is back at ringside… and Sarah immediately clobbers Yori with chops and kicks to the gut…Sarah with a whip-in and she catches Yori with a kick to the knee!”

John: “Sarah is a very experienced martial artist, and she is using her speed to her advantage… Yori staggering backwards… I hope we can get an update later on the condition of Martial Law, Jessica Starbird’s foot, and Jun Shiratori’s knee… Sarah now going into the ropes AND A HIGH-FLYING CROSS BODY PRESS!!! YORI IS DOWN!”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “But Yori shakes her off!”

John: “This doesn’t look good, Concrete Blonde at immediate ringside, I think Yori may be in trouble if she doesn’t look out… but Sarah with the advantage here… Yori staggers back up to her knees but Sarah comes off the ropes… S=P=I=N=N=I=N=G L=E=G L=A=R=I=A=T!! AND IT HITS YORI SQUARE IN THE FACE!!”

(Fans go: “Ooooooh!”)

Sheena: “Great move by the martial artist… AND SARAH SIGNALS FOR THE AXE KICK!! If she hits this, it’s over, she nearly crippled Erykah Draper with that move… Sarah goes into the ropes… OOOOOOOOOH!!”

(Fans pop as Concrete Blonde hits Sarah’s foot with a chair just as she bounces into the ropes!!)

John: “DID YOU SEE THAT?? Concrete Blonde turns onto her team mate and nails Sarah Victory! And Sarah drops and holds her ankle… I don’t believe this!! And look at Yori! She slowly gets back up and drags Sarah’s head between her legs… waistlock uplift… T=H=U=N=D=E=R=F=I=R=E P=O=W=E=R=B=O=M=B!!! YORI HITS HER DEVASTATING FINISHER!! Yori with a cocky cover now, she simply plants her foot onto Sarah’s chest…”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!


John: “I don’t get this! Blonde turns on her teammate and enables Yori Kenyuki the victory, and the referee didn’t see any of this!”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Sarah Victory has been eliminated via pinfall! Therefore, the winner of this match, and as the sole survivor advancing to the Television title finals… YOOOOORI KEEEEENYUKI!!”

(Concrete Blonde enters the ring, and she and Yori embrace while the ref raises Yori’s hand, and her music, ceremonial war drums, plays again. Sarah Victory holds her foot, the crowd boos and yells)

John: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is sickening! We knew Yori Kenyuki as an intense and honorful athlete, but this is… I have no words for this!”

Sheena: “And Yori pulls Sarah up by her hair and nails her with a hard punch while Concrete Blonde grabs her… KATA HAJIME!! THAT’S HER JUDO SUBMISSION CHOKE AGAIN!! AND SHE SHAKES SARAH AROUND WHILE YORI JUST LAUGHS…”

John: “And Concrete Blonde drops Sarah back to the mat… I think she has lost consciousness and is in dreamland! I dislike Sarah and what she did to Erykah Draper but she didn’t deserve this treatment! Blonde and Yori are swaggering backstage, grinning sadistically, while Paramedics are helping Sarah back up…”

(The fans boo and yell, and some debris is thrown into the ring)

John: “Ladies and gentlemen, we have seen an incredible match between ten of the best athletes in women’s wrestling today… and right now we have women’s tag action for you. The Cruel Angels, SWAT, Dream Succubus and the Harliquinettes will battle the number one contender spot out in a falls-count-anywhere-in-the-Skydome match, and remember that both members of a team have to be pinned or beaten into submission before a team is eliminated, and there are no count outs or disqualifications!”

(Davie is standing in the ring, looking rather silly in his Santa Claus costume and throwing candy as well as little presents in form of IEWA merchandise into the audience. Davie smiles and then proceeds to announce)


Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a special four-team elimination match, and pinfalls and submissions count ANYWHERE IN THE SKYDOME!!”

(Crowd pop!!)

Davie: “There are no disqualifications, no count outs, and no time limit, and both members of a team have to be defeated for a team to be eliminated! Introducing first, they are from Japan and weigh in at a total combined 405 pounds… Devil Maruyama and Demoness Kimura… DREEEEEEEEEEEAM SUCCUBUS!!”

(Heel pop as a hard and fast techno music plays over the PA and Devil and Demoness swagger down the aisle, wearing full red singlets with black flame stripes down the sides, red fingerless gloves and heavy black boots. Devil swings a heavy chain as she walks down the aisle, sneering to the fans)

John: “Dream Succubus are considered to be the next tag champs here in the IEWA by many experts… they came up close against SWAT a few weeks ago, but if they win this match today, they will get a guaranteed shot at whoever will emerge victorious from the Donnas against the Syndicate later on tonight!”

(The techno music stops and changes to “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” by Ryokoo Takahashi. The heel pop continues, in the ring Devil and Demoness play with their chain and nunchaku)

Davie: “And their opponents are from Japan and weigh in at a total combined 404 pounds… accompanied to the ring by Lady Mai Tai, Megumi Urameshi and Reika Kusanagi… THE CRUUUUUUUUUEL AAAAAAAAANGELS!!!”

(Megumi and Reika step through the curtains, both wearing chain mail shirts. Megumi is wearing combat boots and studded fingerless gloves and her black and white one-piece with the image of an angel impaled on a spike, while Reika wears her purple one-piece, black steel toed boots, and studded fingerless gloves. Lady Mai Tai has the wild bouncing Megumi on a leash, and the three women enter the ring. Dream Succubus and the Angels stare at each other with ferocity, the music then changes to “House of Fun” by Madness to a huge, mixed pop)

Davie: “And their opponents are from Sleepy Hollow, Illinois, and weigh in at a total combined 267 pounds… Comedy and Melody… THE HARLEQUINETTES!!!”

(Comedy and Melody dance down the aisle, Comedy is wearing her red and blue outfit which resembles a cross between a clown suit and a cheerleader’s outfit, and bonks her Happy Hammer over the heads of a few kids in the front row who are dressed like clowns while Melody is wearing a blue women’s singlet with silver musical notes on it, white boots and elbow pads, a silver jacket and a steel mask with musical note shaped slits for eyes. Melody takes her mask off before entering the ring, her face is painted with musical notes. Comedy bonks Megumi over the head with her Happy Hammer, Megumi barks and leaps at Comedy but Lady Mai Tai holds her in place with the leash. The music then changes to “Colors” by Ice-T to a huge face pop)

Davie: “And their opponents… they weigh in at a total combined 285 pounds and are accompanied to the ring by Commando McKillin… Angel and Justice… SWAAAAAAAAAAAT!!”

(Huge face pop as McKillin, Angel and Justice walk down the aisle. Justice is wearing an LA motorcycle cop jacket along with long tights and a loose top, the tights are done in the black and yellow police uniform stripe. Angel is wearing military fatigue pants, camo jacket and a bright red beret. The two women shake hands as they walk down the aisle and enter the ring – and are immediately jumped by Dream Succubus!!)

John: “And the match is on the way!! Mai Tai releases Megumi’s leash, and Megumi immediately jumps at Comedy! Megumi and Comedy brawl on the floor while Demoness and Devil pearl harbor Angel! And Reika jumps at Justice, God! Reika weighs more than twice then her opponent… and Reika with HEAVY FOREARMS to Angel’s chest!!”

Sheena: “Megumi tears into Comedy… AND MEGUMI BITES COMEDY IN THE CHEST!! Ouch! Comedy howls in pain, and Melody runs in and pulls Megumi off of her! Reika is still pounding Angel into the ring corner while Demoness Kimura whacks Justice with her nunchaku! And the heavy Devil SPLASHES REIKA FROM BEHIND!! But Reika remains standing, and she slowly turns to face Devil now… uh oh… I don’t think Devil has to face an opponent larger than her very often… AND REIKA WITH THOSE CLOSED FIST PUNCHES RIGHT INTO DEVIL’S JAW!!”

John: “This is pure violence… Melody pounds into Megumi while Comedy still clutches her chest… and Demoness Kimura whips Justice into the ropes AND CLOTHESLINES HER OVER THE TOP ROPE!! Justice is out of the ring… and Angel is back up and she jumps onto Megumi and Melody!! This is a war… LOOK AT THIS!! Justice grabs a steel chair from the outside, Demoness follows to the outside… AND JUSTICE WALLOPS DEMONESS WITH THE CHAIR!!”

(Face pop!!)

Sheena: “First cover of the night, Justice covers Demoness outside the ring…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “And there comes Devil with a S=P=L=A=S=H TO THE OUTSIDE ON TOP OF JUSTICE TO BREAK THE COVER!!”

Sheena: “Demoness is holding her head while Devil pounds into Justice now… and Reika and Angel are going at it in the ring… and Angel points at the huge Reika, Comedy nods and both Angel and Reika go into the ropes, Double Clothesl… NO! REIKA COUNTERS WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE HERSELF AND BOTH ANGEL AND COMEDY GO DOWN!! And… OOOOH!! DEVIL MARUYAMA JUST LIFTED JUSTICE UP AND THREW HER INTO THE STEEL GUARDRAILS!!”

John: “And Melody and Megumi are still going at it… Megumi whips Melody into the ropes, Megumi with a Roundhouse Punch as Melody comes back off the ropes but Melody ducks it and grabs Megumi’s neck… R=O=C=K A B=Y=E B=A=B=Y!! THAT’S HER SWINGING NECKBREAKER FINISHER!! MELODY HITS HER FINISHER ON MEGUMI!! And Melody covers…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “And there goes Reika and throws Melody off of her team partner! It is extremely difficult to eliminate someone in this match because her partner is always there, trying to make the save…”

John: “And Comedy went to the outside now as well and leaps at Demoness who is getting back up… BUT DEMONESS CATCHES COMEDY IN MID AIR… AND R=A=M=S HER AGAINST THE RING POST!! And look at Devil Maruyama, she has picked up Justice and whips her into the steel steps… NO! JUSTICE WITH THE REVERSAL AND DEVIL GOES INTO THE RINGPOST!! Meanwhile, Demoness with a HIGH LEGDROP onto Comedy on the outside!”

Sheena: “And in the ring, Reika BODYSLAMS ANGEL ON TOP OF MELODY!! Both women seem to be out, Angel lies on top of the Melody and the ref counts…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “No, Melody can somehow shake Angel off of her! Still eight women in this match, and Megumi is getting back up in the ring… and Megumi LAUNCHES AT ANGEL!! Megumi clobbers into Angel, that is one vicious woman!! Angel staggering back, and Megumi with a HEADBUTT! And Reika is still in the ring, I think no one is going to get her out of the ring very soon… she weighs 278 pounds… And is still dazed but getting back up, Demoness on the outside drops the elbow and Comedy and covers…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “But Comedy gets her shoulder up! This is vicious!! Devil still going at Justice, and Devil grabs Justice’s hair and THROWS the young African-American around by her hair!! And Devil drags Justice down the aisle… look at this! One of the fans is handing Devil a handmade sign… and Devil HITS IT OVER JUSTICE’S HEAD!!”

John: “What did that sign read, by the way? ‘Miko fears Easy G??'”

Sheena: “Ooh well! And Devil lifts the dazed Justice up and a BODYSLAM!! Justice is stunned, and her partner Angel is trying to fend off Megumi’s wild brawling attacks in the ring… Megumi pounds Angel into the corner… Megumi now leaps and BIG SPLASHS… NO! Angel ducks and Megumi hits the corner hard… Angel immediately with a SMALL PACKAGE…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “Megumi kicks out! And Reika has Melody in some kind of choke hold… Reika chokes the stuffings out of Melody, while Demoness Kimura assaults her partner Comedy on the outside… and Demoness lifts Comedy up and THROWS HER BACK INTO THE RING!!”

Sheena: “Meanwhile, Devil takes Justice in a Chinlock and sits on her back… D=E=V=I=L C=L=U=T=C=H!! WITH TWO HUNDRED POUNDS ON HER BACK!!”

John: “And the ref immediately runs in and checks on Justice… BUT ANGEL HAS SEEN IT AND CHARGES… AND DROPKICKS DEVIL OFF OF HER PARTNER!!”

(Face pop!!)

Sheena: “Justice has nearly passed out but Angel is assaulting Demoness now with kicks to the midsection… both SWAT members now against Demoness Kimura! And both Cruel Angels are going up against the Harliquinettes while Devil Maruyama pounds into Comedy on the outside!! And look at this… Reika holds Melody up while Megumi comes off the ropes in a SPINNING HEEL KICK!! And Melody goes down and covers – NO! Megumi doesn’t cover but she goes to the top rope instead… this doesn’t look good… and Reika goes to the outside…”


Sheena: “Reika places Melody on the table… Melody is struggling but Reika holds her feet on the table while Devil Maruyama spots in and holds Melody’s wrists in place… Melody is screaming but secured to the table… AND MEGUMI COMES FLYING FROM THE TOP ROPE… S=O=M=E=R=S=A=U=L=T H=Y=S=T=E=R=I=A L=E=G=D=R=O=P!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! AND SHE CRASHES INTO MELODY AND THE TABLE BREAKS IN BITS!! Megumi covers…”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!

John: “That’s it!! First casualty!! Melody from the Harliquinettes is gone, while Devil and the Angels actually worked together to eliminate an opponent… BUT NOW DEVIL AND REIKA ARE GOING AT IT!! TWO OF THE BIGGEST WOMEN IN OUR SPORT!”

Sheena: “And Comedy is back up and launches at Megumi!! Melody is gone and still motionless lying in that broken table but Comedy is in to avenge her partner… And Comedy with a SPINNING LEG LARIAT!! Megumi goes down and Comedy covers her on the outside…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “No, Megumi manages to kick out!”

Sheena: “Comedy now drags Megumi down the aisle while Reika and Devil exchange Forearm Smashes on the outside! Seven women are left, and both members of SWAT now double-teaming Demoness Kimura on the outside! And Comedy THROWS MEGUMI RIGHT INTO THE LOT!!”

(Crowd pops!!)

John: “Justice tries to get back up from the ground while Angel grabs Comedy and Megumi AND HITS THEIR HEADS TOGETHER!! Comedy drops in pain but Megumi didn’t even seem to realize it… AND MEGUMI NOW WITH A KICK TO ANGEL’S MIDSECTION!!”

Sheena: “Justice is getting back up, so is Comedy… and Comedy grabs Justice up for a… NO! JUSTICE COUNTERS, GRABS COMEDY’S NECK AND HITS THE M=I=R=A=N=D=A!! THAT’S HER FINISHER!! MIRANDA DDT…”

John: “Comedy is out, Justice crawls over to Comedy… but Demoness is in the way and lifts Justice up by… waistlock… UPLIFT… OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!! DEMONESS P=O=W=E=R=B=O=M=B=S JUSTICE RIGHT TO THE CONCRETE!!”

Sheena: “Comedy is still out, and Megumi is choking Angel now with her wristband… and Reika has managed to overwhelm Devil on the outside! Devil is down, Reika drops the leg and covers…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “No, Devil Maruyama kicks out!”

Sheena: “What a violent match! And Demoness pulls the motionless Justice up and drags her backstage! Demoness pulls Justice behind the curtains, the camera follows her… she is going to the concession stands, I think she is planning something… security is telling the fans to step back, Demoness pulls Justice up on a table and climbs herself on the table… AND DEMONESS LIFTS JUSTICE UP… AND P=O=W=E=R=B=O=M=B=S JUSTICE THROUGH THE TABLE!! UNBELIEVABLE!!”

John: “Demoness powerbombs Justice through a table, and Demoness cockily puts her foot on Justice’s sternum…”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!

Sheena: “And Justice is history… AND THERE COME COMEDY AND MEGUMI!!”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Justice has been eliminated via Pinfall!”

John: “Comedy drags Megumi backstage, while Angel is brawling with Reika and Devil Maruyama in the aisle, and Reika with hard chops to Devil’s neck… AND DEMONESS COMES RUNNING IN FROM BACKSTAGE TO HELP HER PARTNER!!”

Sheena: “But Comedy and Megumi are still brawling in the stands… and Comedy grabs Megumi’s head… AND BULLDOGS HER RIGHT INTO THE HOT DOGS!! But Megumi retaliates and THROWS herself at Comedy! Comedy and Megumi now brawling while security tries to keep the fans away…”

John: “And Demoness now running in to save Reika who is standing on top of the fallen Devil Maruyama…”

Sheena: “And Demoness charges and a HIGH FLYING CROSS BODY ONTO REIKA… NOOOOO! REIKA CATCHES DEMONESS IN MID AIR AND P=O=W=E=R=S=L=A=M=S DEMONESS! And Reika covers, nearly three hundred pounds on top of Demoness…”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!

John: “Ladies and gentlemen, Demoness Kimura has been eliminated via Pinfall!”

Sheena: “And it’s five women left in this violent match-up… and backstage Megumi charges Comedy but Comedy sidesteps and Megumi crashes into the wall… Megumi tumbles back, and Comedy grabs the coffee machine from the table… AND WHACKS IT OVER MEGUMI’S HEAD!! Megumi goes down, Comedy, completely exhausted, drops onto Megumi…”

1 . . 2 . . Thr…


Sheena: “And Comedy is frustrated, Megumi is busted open… Comedy grabs Megumi’s feet and locks her into… T=H=E T=R=A=G=I=C E=N=D=I=N=G!! THAT’S HER HUSBAND’S FINISHER!!”

John: “Megumi howling out, her face now completely covered in blood, and there are no ropes or nothing Megumi can reach! The ref checks and Megumi shakes her head!!”

Sheena: “Angel, Devil and Reika now on the outside! Devil is still lying on the concrete while Angel jumps onto Reika… and Reika catches her and SLAMS her to the concrete!!”

John: “And Megumi is still bleeding and can’t get out of the Tragic Ending… and the ref checks Megumi again… AND MEGUMI ISN’T RESPONDING!! MEGUMI HAS PASSED OUT!! MEGUMI HAS PASSED OUT!!”

Sheena: “And the ref tells Comedy to release the hold!! Comedy releases and raises her arms!”

(Paramedics are rushing in and drag the unconscious Megumi on a stretcher while Comedy staggers back through the curtains)

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has ruled that Megumi Urameshi is physically unable to continue this match!!”

(Crowd pop!!)

John: “And it’s down to four women, one from every team… Devil is back up and AXE HANDLES REIKA from behind while Angel spots Comedy and charges… AND ANGEL CLOTHESLINES COMEDY DOWN AND ANGEL AND COMEDY ARE BACK BACKSTAGE!! Angel on top of Comedy and the two women catfighting on the hot dog and ketchup remains!!”

Sheena: “Angel pounds into Comedy… And Comedy with a ROLL-UP!! GREAT COUNTER…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “Uh, no. Kickout by Angel. But Comedy shows us again that she is a technical genius, she has held two ESWP World titles… and Comedy lifts Angel onto that table…”

Sheena: “And on the outside Reika nailing Devil with those massive Forearms… and Reika with a big boot to the head! Devil goes down, Reika covers…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “But Devil kicks out!” There are four women left in this violent match-up, Comedy from the Harliquinettes is doing battle with Angel from SWAT backstage while Reika Kusanagi from the Cruel Angels is pounding Devil Maruyama from Dream Succubus! Fans, we hope to get you an update about Megumi’s condition later on tonight, as well as Jessica Starbird, Jun Shiratori, and Martial Law.”

Sheena: “And Reika lifts Devil up by her arm and a High Knee Lift! Reika gets het 278 pounds in motion and charges… BUT DEVIL SIDESTEPS AND REIKA HITS THE GUARDRAIL!!”

John: “And Comedy and Angel are still brawling backstage… Comedy with a… OOOOOOH!! LOW BLOW!! Angel is hurt and Comedy lifts her up on the table… I think Comedy wants to show us a Superplex off of the table… this looks dangerous…”

Sheena: “AND COMEDY TRIES A SUPERPL… NO! Angel blocks it, and Angel frees herself with a thumb to Comedy’s eye! Comedy blinded, and Angel with a front waistlock… OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD!! C=O=N=C=R=E=T=E C=R=U=S=H B=E=L=L=Y T=O B=E=L=L=Y S=U=P=L=E=X OFF OT THE TABLE!! THIS IS IT, ANGEL COVERS…”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!

(Crowd pop!!)

John: “And both Harliquinettes are out! Angel showed her finisher from the top of a table!”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Comedy has been pinned and the Harliquinettes are eliminated!!”

(Another strong pop!!)

Sheena: “And Devil tries to offset her weight disadvantage against Reika… Devil with an Armbar… and Angel runs in from backstage!”

John: “Three women left, fans, and while Reika and Devil are heavy and strong they are also completely tired out now so Angel with have a chance… Angel runs in but Devil spots her and raises her leg… OUCH! ANGEL RUNS RIGHT INTO A BIGFOOT!!”

Sheena: “Angel goes down, and Devil walks ov… NO! REIKA FROM BEHIND GRABS DEVIL’S TIGHTS AND A SMALL PACKAGE!!”

1 . . 2 . . John: “But Devil kicks out! I thought this was over for DS…”

Sheena: “Devil still in the match but Reika regaining momentum… and Reika pulls Angel back up… AND NAILS HER WITH HER S=P=I=N=N=I=N=G B=A=C=K=F=I=S=T!! REIKA’S FINISHER!! Angel drops down and Reika SPLASHES ON TOP OF HER AND COVERS!!”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!

(Heel pop!!)

John: “And SWAT is gone!”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Angel has been pinned and the team of SWAT is eliminated!!”

Sheena: “And it’s Reika Kusanagi and Devil Maruyama left!”

Davie: “And Reika towers over Devil who is still on the ground… Reika leaps and LEGDROPS!! Cover…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “But Devil with a kickout!”

John: “And Reika with Closed Fist Punches… but Devil retaliates, and the two huge women on the ground brawling in a catf… uhm… I don’t think you could call this a catfight, somehow…”

Sheena: “Reika pounding away with heavy punches, and Devil is bleeding from the side of her mouth… Reika with the advantage and… Devil is grabbing something from her thighs… Reika moves a few steps back and CHARGES DEVIL… BUT DEVIL HAS HER CHAIN WRAPPED AROUND HER HAND AND SMASHES IT RIGHT AGAINST REIKA’S JAW!! And Reika drops down!!”

(Heel pop!!)

John: “And Devil on top of Reika, she hooks her leg and covers with pulled tights…”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!


Sheena: “And that’s it! Reika couldn’t get up from that one!”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Reika Kusanagi has been eliminated via pinfall… therefore, your winners… DREEEEEEEEAM SUCCUBUS!!”

Sheena: “And Dream Succubus earning themselves a shot at the tag titles!”

(Devil, still bleeding in her face and holding her ribs, raises her arm while techno music plays, and Reika staggers back down the aisle, security preventing any further actions between the two big women)

John: “I understand we have words from Dr. Eric Manoli, who has tended Jessica Starbird, Jun Shiratori, Megumi Urameshi and Martial Law. Eric, can you hear us?”

(The scene switches to backstage in the medroom, Jessica Starbird is sitting on a chair, a bandage wrapped around her bare left foot, while Megumi Urameshi lies on the examination table in the middle of the room, pale and stitches in her forehead. Megumi growls faintly at Jessica who eyes her carefully. Dr. Manoli is just checking the cut on Jun’s foot and her knee while Jun sneers at him. Dr. Manoli the realizes he is on air)

Eric: “Yes, John, thank you. Thankfully, Mr. Law is not seriously injured and will be back in no time, I would suggest only two days of rest. Ms. Urameshi’s head wound had to be closed with twelve stitches, and I had to give her tranquilizers because she tried to bite my fingers but she will be fine, she has a tough skull. Ms. Starbird has overextended her foot in that fall, she will have to wear a light cast around her foot to stabilize for maybe a week or ten days but it should have no effect on her wrestling ability, Ms. Shiratori has cuts in her foot and knee when she landed on the remains of the one of the tables at ringside but it’s only cosmetically. Thankfully, none of these athletes took severe injuries but unfortunately Mr. Starr had to be hospitalized. He has a concussion and internal bleedings, first prognosis suggests four to six weeks without training or wrestling activities.”

John (voiceover): “Thanks a lot, Dr. Manoli, although Mr. Starr’s injuries are really bad news, and I hope IEWA officials can find a replacement for the former Television champion for tonight’s match…”

(John is cut short as all of the sudden Megumi and Jun leap up, and Megumi jumps onto Jessica Starbird. Megumi, however, is still dazed from the tranquilizers, misses, and lands into the glass cabinet, shattering it. Jessica jumps up but is greeted by Jun’s bare foot kicking her in the jaw. Jun jumps onto Jessica and clobbers her with closed fists, while Dr. Manoli is frantically trying to pull Jun off of Jessica)

John: “Oh my god! Oh my god!!”

(Jun smashes her elbow into Dr. Manoli’s ribs to free herself and continues to brawl with Jessica on the floor. Megumi is wincing, having glass cuts all over her body, and Jessica manages to retaliate with a stiff finger to Jun’s solar plexus. Jun shrieks back, enabling Jessica to stagger back up to her knee, but Jun immediately slides into Jessica’s hurt foot! Jessica cries out and crashes to the ground, holding her foot… Jun reaches for one of the penicillin bottles behind her in the cabinet and smashes it… no, the door to the room flies open and four IEWA security men rush in and grab Jun by the arms and drag her away. Jun cries out and curses Jessica, who lies in one corner of the room, clutching her bandaged foot, while one of the IEWA officials helps Dr. Manoli back up and two others pull Megumi out of the shattered remains of the glass cabinet)

Sheena: “Oh boy! This is far from over between Jessica and Jun! I doubt Mr. Boedder is going likes this, and I smell fines or suspensions for Jun and Megumi!”

John: “Dr. Manoli helps Jessica back up but Jessica can’t put any weight on her foot… let’s just hope she will be fine…”

(Fade back to ringside where Davie-Claus is standing in the ring with the mike)


Davie: “The following contest is a ten-man elimination tag team match! The first team weighs in at a total combined weight of 1253 pounds, introducing first, weighing in at 225 pounds… NEEEEEEEEMESIS!!”

(Small heel pop as the theme from “Psycho” plays and Nemesis walks down the aisle, wearing black pants with the word “Nemesis” written down his left leg in blood red lettering. His short black hair is in a buzz cut)

Davie: “And his partner hails from Bombay, India, and weighs 257 pounds… here is THE ARABIAN DEATH DEALER!!”

(Another heel pop, and the Hysteria fans in the front row begin to headbang as Metallica’s “Wherever I may roam” rocks over the PA. The Dealer is wearing black pants, a black shirt, a black trench coat, a blue turban and bast)

John: “Both Nemesis and the Dealer debuting here tonight in the IEWA, and we just received word that Richard Starr will be replaced with William Bumble in the elimination match, maybe the chance for Will to make the breakthrough!”

Sheena: “Ya right!”

(“Wherever I may roam” cuts off and is replaced with “Hey man, nice shot” by Filter)

Davie: “And his partner hails from Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada, and weighs 204 pounds… representing the Lawrencetown Connection… here is ICE!!”

(ICE steps through the curtains, wearing blue tights with the word “ICE” written down his legs in bold script)

John: “ICE already had a match earlier on in the free-for-all and he and Robert Payne battled to a double countout, but ICE looks recovered, and his opponent from the free-for-all will be in his opposing team.”

Davie: “And his partner is from Chicago, Illinois. Weighing in at 294 pounds, here is… DAAAAAAAN ‘THE MAIMER’ HOOOOOOOLLOWAY!!”

(The music changes to Metal Church’s “Ton of Bricks”, and Dan Holloway walks down the aisle, wearing a black jacket with a red anarchistic symbol on the back, sunglasses, black wrestling trunks and biker boots. He is smoking a thick cigar on his way down the aisle)

Davie: “And their partner, from parts unknown. He weighs 273 pounds… THE DEEEEEEMONMASTER!!”

(Strong heel pop as “Selling Jesus” by Skunk Anansie plays and the Demonmaster walks down the aisle, wearing trousers showing flames, a demon facemask, and a blood red cape. The music then changes to a funny music sounding like bees buzzing, and the crowd starts to sing “Bum-ble! Bum-ble!”)

Davie: “And their opponents weigh in at a total combined 1354 pounds! Introducing first, from the beehive and weighing in at an even 300 pounds… ‘THE BUMBLEBEE’ WIIIIIIIILIAM B. BUUUUUUMBLE!!”

(The crowd laughs as the fat William Bumble swaggers down the aisle, waving to the fans. He is wearing a black bodysuit, accenting his squatness. The music then changes to “Around the World” by Daft Punk)

Davie: “And his partner is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and weighs 229 pounds… ‘THE BULLET’ ROBERT PAYYYYYYYYYNE!!”

(Robert Payne runs down the aisle, wearing black loose-fitting karate pants and a bandanna around his head. Robert jumps into the ring and yells and points at ICE but the referee goes in between the two men)

John: “Payne and ICE haven’t seen enough of each other yet, and the ref with trouble keeping the two men separated.”

(The music changes to “Apocalypse” by Wyclef Jean to a huge face pop)

Davie: “And their partner is from Mexico and weighs 237 pounds… he is accompanied by Bonita… ESTRRRRRRRRRRAGO!!”

(Estrago and Bonita walk through the curtains, Bonita is sharply dressed, as usual, and Estrago wears his purple tights and purple face mask. His mask has black eye protects and a slot for his pony tail to come out. Estrago jumps into the ring over the top rope while William Bumble is keeping Robert Payne away from ICE. The music changes to “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC)

Davie: “Introducing – from Chicago, Illinois, he weighs 254 pounds… ‘THE LIBERATOR’ JOOOOOOOOHN STEEEEEEEEEELE!!”

(Huge face pop as John Steele runs down the aisle, slapping hands. He is wearing blue cut-open wrestling pants and a stars & stripes bandanna around his head. Steele enters the ring and shakes Estrago’s and Payne’s hand, and the music cuts off and “Smash it up” by the Offspring plays)

Sheena: “Here comes the champ!”

Davie: “And their partner is from Lancing, Michigan, and weighs 235 pounds… accompanied by his wife JB… the IEWA Television Champion, SLEEEEEEEEEDGEMAN!!”

(The strong face pop continues as JB and Sledgeman walk down the aisle. JB carries the sledgehammer, and Sledgeman is wearing a bright yellow and green singlet and wrestling boots, as well as the IEWA Television title belt around his waist. Sledge and JB shake some hands on their way down the aisle. Sledge then gives his belt to the timekeeper, and JB remains outside with the sledgehammer. JB nods to Bonita and Sledge shakes hands with Steele and Estrago)

John: “All ten men in the ring now, and Estrago starts off against Nemesis! Lock-up and Nemesis with a high knee into Estrago’s stomach, and Nemesis whips Estrago into the ropes, Estrago comes back, Nemesis leapfrogs, both men bounce off of the ropes again… and Nemesis with a Flying Shoulderblock!”

Sheena: “Estrago goes down, and Nemesis tries to follow it with a Legdrop… Estrago rolls away! And Nemesis tags to ICE! Estrago reaches over to make the tag but ICE prevents the tag by kicking the luchador to the back of the head! And ICE with a Bodyslam, Estrago goes down and ICE covers…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “But Estrago kicks out! ICE now trying to go for a sleeper but Estrago grabs the ropes and the ref forces a break… and Estrago retaliates with an Uppercut! ICE’s head snaps back, and Estrago with the Irish-whip… SUNSET FLIP BY ESTRAGO…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “But ICE can kick out! Estrago now tries to tag John Steele… No! Robert Payne gestures that he wants in to fight ICE!! And Estrago tags to Payne!!”

John: “And Payne immediately launches himself at ICE… both men battled each other earlier on in the free-for-all but this isn’t over yet between these two men… Payne pulls ICE up and nails him with a hard kick to the ribcage, and another one… ICE is hurt, and Payne leaps up… JUMPING SPIN KICK!!”

Sheena: “And ICE is down, Payne points to the top rope… and Payne climbs up… he might be taking a bit too long up there… FLYING ELBOWDROP… But ICE rolls away!!”

John: “And Payne crashes to the mat, his elbow is hurt… ICE crawls over and tries to cover…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “But Payne THROWS the ICE off! Ice is only 204 pounds, he couldn’t keep Payne down… but ICE still with momentum! He pulls Payne up, whip in and ICE WITH A CLOTHESLINE SENDING PAYNE OVER THE TOP ROPE!! And ICE jumps onto the top rope… AND A S=U=I=C=I=D=E D=I=V=E DOWN ONTO ROBERT PAYNE!!”

(Crowd goes: “Ooooooh!!”)

John: “ICE landing on top of Payne, and both men are hurt… ICE tries to get back up, he pulls Payne up and smashes his head against the ringp… no, Payne blocks AND PAYNE RAMS ICE’S HEAD AGAINST THE RINGPOST NOW!!”

(The ref counts… 1… 2… 3…)

Sheena: “And Robert Payne is FURIOUS at this ICE… we still don’t know what this Lawrencetown Connection is all about, but ICE and Payne surely with open contempt for each other… and Payne grabs the steel steps… And SMASHES… NO! ICE saw it coming, Standing Dropkick… AND HE DRIVES THE CHAIRS RIGHT INTO PAYNE’S FACE!!”

(The ref counts… 4… 5… 6…)

John: “Payne tumbles down, and ICE jumps on top of him and hits him with relentless closed fist punches!! And Payne fights back! Both men brawling outside the ring…”

(The ref counts… 7… 8… 9… 10!!)

Sheena: “And there’s the ten count… but it doesn’t look like either man cares! Both men still brawling wildly… and John Steele runs in and tries to separate the two!”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, both Robert Payne and ICE have been counted out and are ELIMINATED!!”

(Crowd pop!!)

John: “And there comes security… pulling the two apart… and in the ring, it looks like Sledgeman is up against the Arabian Death Dealer!”

Sheena: “The Dealer is a new man here in the IEWA, he is an expert martial artist… he charges Sledge but Sledge with a HIGH BACKDROP!! And Sledge with a Fistdrop, and makes the tag to John Steele… Double Whip-in by both men, and Sledge and Steele with a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!”

(Face pop!!)

John: “Payne and ICE are still brawling on the outside but security has managed to restrain both men now… and Steele scoops the Dealer up… ATOMIC DROP!! The man from India grimacing in pain, and Steele follows it up with a SHORT CLOTHESLINE!!”

Sheena: “The Dealer goes down, and Steele covers…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “But not enough! The Dealer kicks out! Steele now pulls him up, wrings his arm around… but too close to the ropes, Dealer grabs them and the ref forcing a clean break!”

Sheena: “And Steele now with a… No, the Dealer blocks and nails Steele with martial arts chops to the throat!! Steele staggers back, and the Dealer follows it up with a THRUST KICK!! He’s over 250 pounds but still possesses great agility… and the Dealer makes the tag, and the Demonmaster is in the ring now.”

John: “And the ‘Master picks Steele up and tosses him around by his long hair! The ‘Master laughing evilly to the crowd… Steele in pain, and the ‘Master with a whip-in… Steele tries a Clothesline but Steele ducks… comes back from the ropes… FLYING FOREARM BY JOHN STEELE!!”

Sheena: “And that took the big ‘Master down! And Steele hooks the leg…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “Kickout!”

Sheena: “And Steele over to his corner, tag made to William Bumble… and Bumble goes into the ropes…”

(The crowd cheers: “Bum-ble! Bum-ble!”

Sheena: “And lands a BIG SPLASH!! 300 pounds landing on the Demonmaster, Bumble covers…”

1 . . John: “But the ‘Master just THROWS him off like a bug!”

Sheena: “Well, he is a bug… in a way…”

John: “The ‘Master is back up, William Bumble charges, trying to Clothesline… BUT THE DEMONMASTER CATCHES HIM BY THE THROAT AND LIFTS HIM UP… C=H=O=K=E=S=L=A=M!!”

(Heel pop!!)

John: “Did you see that?? Bumble weighs easily 300 pounds, and the Demonmaster Chokeslams him! And the ‘Master back up, he grabs Bumble around the neck… S/O/U/L C/A/T/C/H/E/R N/E/C/K/B/R/E/A/K/E/R!! THE MASTER HITS HIS FINISHER… And a very cocky cover…”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!

Sheena: “And Bumble is gone! Four against three now!”

John: “And the Master tags out, and Dan Holloway in the ring now for the first time, and Sledgeman jumps into the ring to oppose him… Sledge’d better take care, Dan Holloway was always one of the top contenders for that Television title… and if Dan pins Sledge here tonight, he will be the new champion!”

Sheena: “True… and Dan starts aggressive and pounds into Sledge with heavy Forearm Smashes… Sledge staggers back, and Dan now with a Front Waistlock… BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!”

John: “Holloway possesses great strength, and he goes into the ropes… FISTDROP… hits the mark! And Holloway tags Nemesis back in, Dan Holloway pulls Sledge up, Nemesis climbs the ropes and comes down with a TOP ROPE CLOTHESLINE! He calls that the ‘Kaos Factor’… cover by Nemesis…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “But Sledge with a kick out!”

John: “I thought we had a new TV champ there… but the Sledgester kicks out… Nemesis is an absolutely reckless competitor, he pulls Sledge up, whips him into the ropes and comes back WITH A FLYING SHOULDERBLOCK! Sledge topples down, and Nemesis yells out to the fans!”

(Heel pop!!)

Sheena: “Nemesis pulls Sledge up… NO! Sledge grabs his legs and rolls him into a Small Package!!”

1 . . 2 . . John: “But Nemesis kicks out!”

Sheena: “But it gave Sledge a breather, and Sledge crawls over and makes the tag to Estrago! Nemesis is back up but Estrago with a JUMPING DROPKICK and Nemesis goes down again!!”

(Face pop!!)

John: “And the luchador goes to the second rope… NICE ELBOWDROP by the young Mexican… he tries a cover…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “But not enough! Nemesis kicks out!”

John: “And Estrago tagging back out to Sledgeman… we are seeing some fast tags here between Estrago, Steele and Sledge… and Sledge goes for Nemesis’ legs, I think he goes for the Figure Four… but Nemesis kicks him away! Nemesis staggers back up, and Sledge with an Armbar and a kick against Nemesis’ overextended arm!”

Sheena: “Nemesis is in the ring since quite a while now, he’d better try to make a tag… Sledge is wearing him down… whip-in by the champ and he tries a Clothesl… NO! NEMESIS CATCHES HIM AND A D=D=T!”

(Heel pop!!)

John: “And Sledge is down, Nemesis crawls over and rolls him on his back… cover…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “But can’t keep him down! And Nemesis pulls Sledge up, Sledge clearly dazed now… and Nemesis lifts Sledge onto the top turnbuckle…”

John: “This looks very dangerous, but we know that Nemesis is a man who doesn’t care about his health or his opponents’… And Nemesis climbs onto the second rope and grabs Sledge’s neck… he is going for his IMMORTAL AGONY TOP-ROPE INVERTED DDT…”

Sheena: “But Sledge blocks, and Sledge tries to kick Nemesis away… Sledge with a kick to Nemesis’ belly, and Nemesis staggers… he is still on the second rope, and Sledge jumps up, headscissors… OH MY GOD… S=L=E=D=G=E=N=S=T=E=I=N=E=R!! FROM THE TOP ROPE!! NEMESIS’ LEGS ARE HOOKED…”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!

(Big face pop!!)

John: “And Nemesis is gone, and it’s three apiece!”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Nemesis has been eliminated via Pinfall!”

Sheena: “And the Arabian Death Dealer immediately jumps into the ring and tries to catch Sledge… no, Sledge already manages to make the tag, and John Steele is in the ring!”

John: “The Dealer nails Steele with a hard punch…”

(All of the sudden, a big pop from the crowd and the fans stand up and look to the locker room entrance. A man, about 6’5″ with black hair and gray eyes comes out, he wears a t-shirt saying “Guns don’t kill people, I do” and jeans)

John: “That is the man who went after Sledge and JB already, the man Sledge was talking about… Magnum .357!”

(Magnum walks to the aisle with a mike in his hand. The contestants in the ring hesitate and look towards the man, who starts to speak)

Magnum: “To all the [BLEEP]ers out there, I’m Magnum .35[BLEEP]ing 7. I’m the one that will take out that piece of [BLEEP] that you hold so high, by the name of Sledgeman.”

(Heel pop!)

Magnum: “[BLEEP]man, you want me to take your sorry ass on, in your wimp ass match? We’ll do anything to beat the [BLEEP] out of that [BLEEP]ing whore of a wife you have. After I whip your ass, her ass will be mine. J[BLEEP]ing B, you better enjoy walking, ’cause after I’m done with you, you ain’t going to be able to walk. So [BLEEP]man, be ready for the beating of your life! Now get that [BEEP]ing camera out of my face!”

(The cameraman next to him hesitates a moment, then Magnum charges him, grabs his neck and executes a Neckbreaker on the poor official! Security immediately rushes in and pulls Magnum away, the cameraman holding his neck and Sledge and JB are talking and angrily pointing down the aisle where Magnum attacked the cameraman)


Sheena: “And what language! My poor innocent ears… THE DEATH DEALER IN THE RING WITH A ROLL-UP!!”

1 . . 2 . . John: “Uh, but Steele kicks out. Steele was distracted for a moment when Magnum walked in, and the Dealer tried to capitalize, but Steele escapes the cover… and both men back up, Steele with the tag to Estrago!”

Sheena: “And Estrago immediately going at the Dealer with a spinkick but the Dealer blocks it and hits Estrago with a hard Chop! Estrago staggers back, and the Dealer whips Estrago into the ropes… the luchador bounces back, and THE DEALER WITH A BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!!”

John: “The man from Bombay on top of Estrago, cover…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “Not enough! Estrago can kick out!”

John: “But the Dealer still enjoying the upper hand! He places Estrago’s leg on the bottom rope and KICKS HIS OVEREXTENDED LEG!! The referee with a warning but the Dealer disregards him and follows it up with an Elbowdrop… lateral press…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “But Estrago kicks out again! And the Dealer picks him up and a whip-in…”

John: “Estrago has taken some punishment already, comes back from the ropes and THE DEALER WITH A HIGH BACK BODY DROP… BUT ESTRAGO LANDS ON HIS FEET BEHIND HIM!!”

Sheena: “Amazing agility from the luchador… AND HE IMMEDIATELY GRABS DEALER’S NECK… I=N=V=E=R=T=E=D D=D=T!! O=V=E=R A=N=D O=U=T!! ESTRAGO HITS HIS FINISHER… And he hooks the leg…”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!

(Face pop!!)

John: “And the Dealer is gone, and it’s three against two now!”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, the Arabian Death Dealer has been eliminated by Pinfall!”

John: “We understand that riot security will be send down the ring to avoid further interference by Magnum .357 and the Imposters!”

(The crowd pops as half a dozen heavy security stroll down the aisle, wearing protective uniforms, helmets, and nightsticks)

John: “Great decision to send these guys down to prevent further interference, let’s hope this match can continue in all fairness… and Dan Holloway jumps into the ring to confront Estrago… and the Maimer starts immediately with a hard kick to Estrago’s midsection!”

Sheena: “Holloway scoops Estrago up and a Bodyslam… and the Maimer goes into the ropes, grabs Estrago’s head… SNAPMARE!! Estrago’s head snaps back and he holds his neck in agony… Holloway covers…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “But Estrago can kick out! And Dan with Piston Forearm Smashes, and they are showing effect against his smaller and lighter opponent, Holloway follows it up with a Headbutt! He sure is an accomplished brawler…”

Sheena: “And Dan Holloway with a ROUNDHOUSE PUNCH but Estrago ducks it, and Estrago jumps over to his corner and makes the tag! Sledgeman is back in the ring for his team.”

John: “And Sledge jumps at Holloway and connects with European Uppercuts! Holloway staggers back, and Sledge goes into the ropes… NOOOOOO!!”

(One of the security pulls down the top rope and Sledgeman tumbles to the outside! The security man then throws his helmet off and is revealed as Magnum .357!!)

Sheena: “It’s Magnum!! He was disguised as one of the security… AND HE BRANDISHES HIS NIGHTSTICK AND GOES AFTER JB!!”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Dan Holloway has been disqualified!!”

John: “Holloway got DQ’ed but I think this is secondary right now, Magnum goes after JB, Sledge still dazed on the floor… but Sledge gets back up and runs at Magnum… AND MAGNUM NAILS SLEDGE WITH HIS NIGHTSTICK!!”

(Heel pop!!)

Sheena: “And Magnum grabs Sledge’s neck… AND HE SHOWS THE NECKBREAKER!! He already used this against the cameraman, and now he nails Sledge with it!!”

(The other security men finally rush in and pull Magnum away just as he goes after JB while Sledge lies on the floor and holds his neck)

John: “And Sledge is out!! Security finally drags Magnum back down the aisle who points at JB and curses!”

Sheena: “JB tends Sledge, who seems to be really hurt…”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Sledgeman has been eliminated via Countout!!”

(The crowd starts to boo and yell)

John: “And Sledge has been counted out… JB helps him down the locker room! I think Sledge is seriously hurt… and it’s down to two against one! Estrago and John Steele against the Demonmaster!”

Sheena: “The Demonmaster enters the ring, and Estrago is opposing him… and the ‘Master with heavy punches but Estrago blocks them… AND ESTRAGO WITH A STANDING DROPKICK!!”

John: “Great aerial agility from the luchador, and Estrago goes to the top rope… and he cheers to the fans…”

(Fans cheer!)

John: “And Estrago comes crashing down… FLYING SOMERSAULT LEGDROP!! Great move by Estrago, cover…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “But the Demonmaster throws him off!”

John: “And Estrago makes the tag to Steele, both men whip the ‘Master into the ropes… BUT THE MASTER RUNS BOTH MEN DOWN WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!”

(Heel pop!!)

John: “Estrago rolls out of the ring, and the ‘Master lifts Steele up… P=I=L=E=D=R=I=V=E=R!! THE HUGE DEMONMASTER PILEDRIVES JOHN STEELE!! THIS IS IT!! Cover…”

1 . . 2 . . Thr…

(Face pop!!)

John: “No! John Steele kicks out!! The Demonmaster can’t believe it!!”

Sheena: “And the ‘Master drags him up again, Irish-whip… but John Steele ducks it… AND HE GOES BEHIND THE MASTER AND WHIPS HIM UP… L=I=B=E=R=T=Y!!! JOHN STEELE HITS THE LIBERTY!!”

(Huge face pop!!)

John: “And Steele covers, hooks the leg…”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!


John: “And this is over!!”

(Huge face pop as John Steele and Estrago raise their arms, and AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” plays, while the Demonmaster holds his back and rolls out of the ring)

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners… ESTRRRRRAGO AND ‘THE LIBERATOR’ JOOOOOOOHN STEEEEEEEELE!!”

John: “Tremendous ovation as Steele, Bonita and Estrago walk back down the aisle and shake hands. Fans, it’s time for our GDWA exhibition match. Sheena and I are taking a break and have some food together with the charming Brittany van Kelsey who will join us later on for the big ESWP World Title match between the Firestarter and Chris Michaels, over to our GDWA colleagues, Allen Bishop and Sam Mutt!”

(The camera pans over to a broadcast set near the ring entrance. Two men sit before microphones. One is wearing a blue blazer and t-shirt with the GDWA logo while the other wears a tank top and sunglasses, chugging down a beer)

Bishop: “Hello IEWA fans, I’m Allen Bishop, play by play man for the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance. My friend…”

Mutt: “This Coors is great… and what do you mean by friend?”

Bishop: “My friend beside me is none other than Sam Mutt who does color commentary. We are honored to feature GDWA action here at the IEWA’s Shattered Dreams pay per view.”

Mutt: “And what a treat we have for you moronic IEWA fans… the ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita faces the legendary GDWA World Champ ‘Double O’ Officer May Order.”

Bishop: “And this is one of those rare match ups which will entail no outside interference, just pure athleticism. Both wrestlers are fan favorites… IEWA fans know of Officer Order from IEWA Mania the other night. IEWA Women’s World champion Napualokelani was about to pound Jessica Starbird into oblivion when Double O came to the rescue…”

Mutt: And she better be careful. Napua is a member of the Syndicate stable. And just as the Syndicate runs the GDWA, it runs the IEWA too.”

Bishop: “Anyway, Spud McKenzie is the GDWA ring announcer and time keeper. He’s ready to start the match, let’s go to Spud!”


(Spud McKenzie stands in the middle of the ring wearing a gold and black tuxedo as he looks out to the fans)

Spud: “First of all, the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance would like to thank all the great fans of the International Electronic Wrestling Association for inviting us to pay per view. The IEWA is a classy promotion and has some of the greatest athletes in the world…”

(Fans cheer as Spud postures and looks about the arena!)

Spud: “NOW! The GDWA wishes to return this great honor by showcasing some of our premier competitors. So, for all of you IEWA fans, I have one question to ask… ARE YOU READY?”

(Fans scream: “YES!”)

Spud: “I said, ARE YOU READY?!?!?!?!?!”

(Fans cheer louder and scream: “YES!!!”)

Spud: “THEN… Let’s Get Rrrrrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrrrrrumble!!!!”

(Crowd EXPLODES as fireworks go off around the ring)

Spud: “Wrestling fans, your GDWA contest tonight is a NON TITLE match up set for one fall with a 30 minute time limit!”

(The thunderous roar of Japanese drums blasts through the speakers as Keiko Mita steps through the curtain. Mita is a short, slimly built Asian woman has short cut black hair and is dressed in loose fitting black karate pants and a black sports bra with crossed silver katanas over the chest. Black boots, and black tape on her hands and wrists complete her outfit. She walks straight to the ring, an intense, focused look on her face)

Spud: “Hailing from Kyoto, Japan. She is 5 feet 4 inches, 115 pounds, here is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION… ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita!!!”

(Fans cheer as Mita enters the ring and hoists the WH title over her head. She points to the camera as she climbs the turnbuckles and kisses the belt)

Bishop: “Fans, we’ve just been joined by Wrestling Sheet Writer Marcie De La Cruz. She’ll be adding side bars to this explosive encounter…”

De La Cruz: “Thanks for having me, Allen and Sam.”

Mutt (chugs another beer): “Don’t mention it… hey, can I go take a…”

Bishop: “A what?”

Mutt: “A… you know… a leak.”

Bishop: “Damn it Sam! We’re on the air… now Marcie, tell us about this encounter.”

De La Cruz: “Mita and Order are a match makers dream. Double O as we all know is a legend in our sport. She was one of the first competitors to bring Judo to Women’s wrestling. So, with the coming of Mita, we have the old generation meeting the new. Mita is a multi-generational star from Japan… quick, strong, solid technical background while still able to brawl and good aerial skills.”

Bishop: “Much like the late great ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama. And fans, Sachie will be entered in the GDWA Hall of Fame at our Dawg Pound Nights pay per view. Let’s hear the intros for the champ.”

Spud: “And HER opponent…”

(A bigger pop as fans hear ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle)

Spud: “Led down the aisle by her manager Martial Law…”

(As Order’s music starts the houselights go down and the stadium is filled with flashing red and blue lights. Twin spot lights shine down on the entrance way as ‘Double O’ steps out dressed in a black SWAT Jumpsuit, Combat Boots, and a black Baseball cap which reads “What Ya Gonna Do?”. Over her right shoulder, that sought after strap – the GDWA World Heavyweight Title belt. Following right behind her is the Large Law man himself, Martial Law, who is also dressed in a black SWAT Jumpsuit, closely at his side is a very large happy looking German Shepherd. The Arena explodes in a deafening symphony of Crowd Pop and Flash Bombs)

Spud: “Hailing from San Francisco, California. She is 5 feet tall weighing 120 pounds… the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… ‘Double O’ Officer May Order!!!”

(The house lights come on, as Law and Order begin to make their way to the ring. The crowd goes wild, everyone on their feet, many pulling out just purchased Order T-shirts or homemade signs. As the camera pans the audience, it lingers on a pair of frat boys who are excitedly jumping up and down holding a pair of signs which read “Andrea Who?” and “Order 4:20″. As the camera moves on, we see a Girl Scout Troop all holding a large bedsheet which reads ” We Love You May!”, as the camera pans back to Order, we see her slapping hands of fans and stopping to give a hug to a small girl in a Black Officer Order T-shirt at least two sizes too big, holding a plastic title belt. Behind her a fan shoves a cardboard sign which reads “Double O – The Real World Order!!” into the shot. After hugging her, Order puts her cap on the little girl and smiles as she again begins to jog toward the ring, slapping hands on the way)

Bishop: Double O has done it all in this sport. Rumor has it she has to come your IEWA to expand her repertoire.”

De La Cruz: “Order is not this new kind of babyface in pro wrestling. She loves the fans and is clearly embracing them as she heads down the aisle. Matches in which she’s faced other fan favorites have been problematic for them because Order is so loved around the world.”

Mutt: “Well, you saw those signs around the arena. Andrea who? Let me give you IEWA fans who’ve been in the dark a refresher. Andrea Chandler is the Queen Bee of the GDWA. She is a former World Champ and is the most decorated wrestler in GDWA history. On the Tuesday Night Catfight in Japan, Order defends against Andrea, a woman Order has NEVER beaten before.”

(As Order enters the ring, she runs from ringpost to ringpost holding her GDWA World Heavyweight Title belt high above her head, driving the crowd in to an even bigger Pop!!, before handing it to Law on the outside and calling for the mike. As the house noise falls to a dull roar, Order begins pointing down to Law and the very large German Shepherd)

Order: “I’d like to take a second and introduce a new friend of mine, a member of the LAPD for the last 5 years and the most decorated police officer in California and my guest manager tonight, Please welcome… Max!”

(Crowd pops as the dog sits up and begins to wave a paw at the crowd. A Pair of teenage boys in Medusa Rage T-shirts hold up a sign which reads “What Ya’ Gonna’ DO?” and scream at the camera. Back in the ring, Order faces Keiko, bows and now looks ready to lock up)

Mutt: “Order’s so quick. She’s all business, and look at the Crippler. She ain’t here to play either.”

Bishop: “Spud is smiling as he points to the referee.”

Spud: “Wrestling fans, tonight’s match up will be officiated by GDWA referee Martin R. Delany… first, in the black corner, weighing 115 pounds. She is a former Wrestler of the Month award recipient. Just recently winning the WESTERN HERITAGE TITLE in a Royal Rumble match up at the Fall Moonsault, she has held this title with great dignity. Ranked #12 in the world… Representing the Dragon Trio! Here is the GDWA Western Heritage Champion… the ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita!!!”

(An appreciative pop as Mita nods to the fans)

Spud: “Her opponent in this contest is a legend in the sport. She has been well distinguished in our sport. Also, a former Wrestler of the Month award recipient, she is a two time former Western Heritage Champion. Coming in at a trim 120 pounds, she has held the most distinguished title in the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance since July 29th of this year. May Order has wrestled internationally and nationally in some of the most acclaimed matches in the sport today. I present to you the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… ‘Double O’ Officer May Order!!!”

(Fans all pop as Order points to all the fans in the arena)

De La Cruz: “Order and Mita have never met before, this shall be a great contest.”

Mutt: “And don’t think Order is the ONLY hard hitter in this contest. Order is known for her rapid fire offense, but Mita has proven she can do it all… just look at her great brawls with Bloody Mary both in the GDWA and in Independent feds in Japan.”

Bishop: “Mita wanting to shake hands… and Officer Order bowing. A smile spreading over both competitors’ faces as this one is ready to begin.”

De La Cruz: “Order ironically is of mixed racial heritage. May Order is half Japanese, but is much more American in culture. If you recall, that was part of the stuff of debate when Officer Order feuded with Sachie Yokoyama.”

Bishop: “The ref going over the rules… and here we go.”


Bishop: “Collar and elb… no! Order with a Karate Kick but Mita with a forward roll away. Order twirling around, and a Mita with a smirk spreading her lips.”

Mutt: “Order has been training to face the 140 pound bodybuilder Andrea Chandler. She’s a little thrown off by a woman who has just as much if not more speed and agility than herself.”

De La Cruz: “Or what about Mita? She’s been training to face Heavyweight wrestlers. Both wrestlers just flew in from Japan just to be on Shattered Dreams, and it is Mita who is fresh from a title defense against Nikita Marx.”

Bishop: “Both women slow to lock up. Mita the more cautious of the two as the lock up in the middle of the ring… and Mita forcing Order back as Order struggles, dropping down low. Mita with a front facelock and Order twisting out of it with a Wristlock and an Armdrag and…”

Mutt: “…and Mita with a counter Armdrag and now a *snapping* Armdrag Takedown!!! Order back up and Mita with an Armdrag Takedown. Order is dazed as Mita with a pick up and hard kicks to the ribs of Order. Mita with a Strong Kick to the hip, ribs, thighs and is pelting May Order with those Muy Thai Leg Kicks…”


(Fans pop as Keiko Mita hits the mat)

Bishop: “Order waiting as Mita jumps up to her feet and Order *missing* a Superkick as Mita drops back to the mat, and now a Kip up to her feet…”


(Fans pop!)

Bishop: “And Officer Order firing back with a Karate chop!”

(GDWA fans jump up to their feet)

Bishop: “Order with another Karate Chop as Mita backs into the near ropes. Order with another Karate Chop, but Mita with a handful of hair as she tosses Order into the near corner, and a *nasty* Karate Chop to the chest!”

(Fans go: “Whoooooooooooooo!”)

Bishop: “Order fighting out of the corner with a hot Karate Chop!”

Mutt: “But Mita fighting right back!”

(Fans go: “Whooooooooooooooo!”)

Bishop: “Order firing out with Rapid Fire Karate Chops, and Mita backing off. Order _another_ Karate Chop… and Mita with a Backhand fist to the mouth!”

Mutt: “Mita with *snapping* Karate Chops, and now tight Karate Chops to the face, and a Headbutt to the brow. And Order is humbled in the corner.”

(Fans cheer as Keiko Mita Irish Whips Officer Order)

Bishop: “Order thrown to the far corner as Mita picks up a head of steam and…Order catching the ropes and backflipping out of the corner as Mita hits the buckle…”

Mutt: “Order with a Waistlock… GERMAN SUPLEX!!!”

1 . . 2 . . Kick out!

Bishop: “Both women back up and Order with a _blistering_ Karate Chop!”

Mutt: “And Mita firing right back! Order is down, and Mita running for the near ropes, bouncing off and hops right over Order. Order up to her feet as Mita… SPRINGBOARDS OFF AND NAILS A FLYING HEADBUTT!!!”

(Fans cheering as Mita picks up Order)

Bishop: “Frontface lock by Mita, and attempts to hoist her up… ORDER COUNTERS WITH AN INSIDE CRALDE!!!”

1 . . 2 . . kick out!

Bishop: “Both women back up and Mita a Leg drag takedown into a legbar.”

(GDWA fans yelp as the rest of the arena cheers)

De La Cruz: “Mita is a solid technical wrestler. She may be the best fan favorite technical wrestler in the GDWA.”

Mutt: “And notice how she’s taken all of Order’s shots. Mita is taking that Martial Arts attacks and defusing it with her own Martial Arts. Order isn’t as much of a brawler as Mita, and we’re seeing it here.”

Bishop: “Double O crawling for the ropes, and Mita with a single leg pick up and a twisting Leg Scissors and falls back to the mat. Order slapping the canvas and Mita twisting the ankle.”

(Mixed cheers as Order snatches the ropes)

Mutt: “And Mita with poor ring positioning. The ref with the count and Mita releasing. Order up to her feet, and Mita with a *snapping* Karate Chop!”

(Fans pop as she Irish Whips Order to the far ropes)

Bishop: “Mita with a head of steam and Order bouncing off the ropes… no! Order holding on AND CRASHES INTO MITA WITH A RUNNING CLOTHESLINE!”

Mutt: “Order into the side ropes and bouncing off… Spinning Elbowdrop. And the World Champ in command as Mita struggles to get off the canvas. Mita locking up with Order…”

Bishop: “And Order with a Twisting Judo flip over the hip!”

(Fans pop as Mita crashes to the mat)

Mutt: “Mita back up and Order with another tie up and ANOTHER Judo flip over the hip and Order slapping on an Armbar, and falls back to the mat for a Wakigatame!!!”

(Fans all stand as Mita slaps the mat in pain)

Spud: “10 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.”

Bishop: “Mita slapping the mat in pain, but not submitting. A tough gal. Mita twisting around, attempting to prevent the dislocation or the breaking of a bone.”

Mutt: “This is not a staple hold for Double O. Mita already slapping on a Bodyscissors and shifting Order around as Mita rolls her back to the mat. Order losing her hold, and this is the technical expertise that we were discussing.”

Bishop: “Order losing hold, and Mita easily rolling into the ropes. Great defense work by the Western Heritage champion. Both women quick to the neutral position, and encircle one another.”

(Fans whistle as both women encircle and Martial Law encourages Order)

Bishop: “Collar and Elbow tie up and Mita slapping on a Side Headlock into a Hammerlock but Order leaning forward and BACKFLIPPING OUT OF THE HAMMERLOCK!!!”

Mutt: “Order running into the side ropes as Mita twirls around and…”


(Fans pop!)

Mutt: “She nailed Mita square in the head. Mita is down, and Order with a pick up and a Frontface lock… VERTICAL SUPLEX!”

Bishop: “Order with a single arm pick up and a Legdrop to the bicep. Order back up and ANOTHER legdrop, and the World Champion exploiting Mita’s injury.”

Mutt: “Mita can’t find the ropes, as Order picks her up and nails a high knee to the midsection… and a Scissors Kick to the back of the head.”

(Fans are roaring as Officer Order heads for the near corner)

Bishop: “Order going up high, and Mita is down.”

Mutt: “Double O is a phenomenal Cruiserweight. She truly exploits every ounce of her weight to her opponent’s disadvantage. Order climbing the turnbuckles, and Mita clutching her left arm.”

Bishop: “Order up high as Mita is lifeless on the mat. Order diving off and… MISSES the Elbowdrop!”

(Fans groan as Keiko Mita easily rolls out of the way)

Mutt: “The Western Heritage champ with goo conditioning. She suckered the World champ into that mistake. Mita up to one knee now as she heads over to the near corner. She’s going for a high risk maneuver.”

(Fans all on their feet as Keiko Mita climbs the turnbuckles)

Bishop: “Mita up top, so quick, so agile! Mita measuring the World Champ as she Swan Dives off… AND NAILS A HEADBUTT!!!”

(Fans roar as Mita picks up Order)

Bishop: “…and a _devastating_ Karate Chop! Order down to the mat, and Mita with a Single Leg pick up and positions Order’s shin between her legs… SHINBUSTER!”

Mutt: “Mita favoring that arm as she gets up to her feet. Order is being worn down. She’s got a busted lip, a bruised chest and Mita is taking her lower body apart.”

Bishop: “Mita with a pick up and connects with a Thrust kick to the ribs, and now strong kicks to the thigh, the knee and ribs area! Mita nailing away with Muy Thai Leg Kicks, and now an Irish Whip to the far ropes.”

Mutt: “Order to the far ropes as Mita is running at full speed and… KEIKO MITA NAILS A LEG LARIAT TO THE HEAD OF ORDER, ORDER FLIES OVER THE TOP ROPE!”

(Fans all roaring as Officer Order hits the floor)

Spud: “20 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 10 remain.”

Bishop: “Order down on the outside, and Mita climbing up the turnbuckles.”

De La Cruz: “This is Mita’s home. These high risk maneuver of Mita are phenomenal.”

(The ref counts: 1… 2… 3… 4…)

Mutt: “Order slow to her feet as Mita is poised up top. Mita with a Forward Flip and BOMBARDS OFFICER ORDER WITH A SUICIDE PLANCHA!”

(Fans all cheering as both women lay on the floor)

Bishop: The world champ is in trouble. Order is down, and Mita slow to her feet, and now picking up Order and sliding her into the ring. Mita climbing the turnbuckles, and the champ is in dire straits.”

Mutt: “Order slow to her feet, and Mita up high. Mita flying off the top and OFFICER ORDER SNATCHES HER WITH A FRANKENSTEINER!!!”

Bishop: “Oh my!”

(Fans all roaring as both women lay motionless on the canvas)

Bishop: “That’s a trademark of Order. She has uncanny agility. We haven’t seen that much of her agility in this match up, but Mita totally caught off guard.”

(The ref counts: 1… 2… 3… 4…)

Mutt: “We’ve seen that Frankensteiner before. Order employing it as a defensive weapon, even I am impressed!”

(The ref counts: 5… 6… 7…)

Bishop: “Order slow to her feet, and she’s wobbly. Order with a pick up, and a *snapping* Karate Chop! Mita falling into the ropes, and her left arm is just barely holding her up. Order with an Irish Whip to the far ropes, no, reversal!”


1 . . 2 . . Thr…

(Fans gasp as Mita gets the shoulder up)

Bishop: “Order slow with a pick up as she slaps on a frontface lock… D D T!”

Mutt: “NO!”

(Fans all pop as Keiko Mita counters with a Single Leg Takedown)

Bishop: “Mita with a Double Leg pick up now. She hooks the left knee and applies a Double Leg Grapevine… AND FLIPS ORDER OVER FOR THE TEXAS CLOVERLEAF.”

(Fans all pop as Order screams out in pain)

Bishop: “Mita still feeling the effects of that incredible Frankensteiner. Order slapping the mat in pain as Martial Law yells for her to get the ropes.”

Mutt: “Mita has worked on the knee all night, and it was a set up for this. Order reaching for the ropes… and for the second time tonight Mita with poor ring positioning. The ref wants a break, and Mita falling to the mat.”

De La Cruz: “Mita has taken Order out of this match. This is Mita’s style. A win here not only earns her a World title shot, but it earns her credibility as a World title contender.”

Bishop: “Mita so slow with a pick up. Oh my. She’s hurting. Mita with a Spinning Back Fist, and Order is spitting blood. Mita with a Waistlock pick up, and walks Order over to the near corner.”

Mutt: “Here we go! Mita hoisting up Double O to the top turnbuckle, and Order nailing Mita with a weak right hand jab.”

Bishop: “Mita falls to the mat, but she’s back up again. Mita climbing the turnbuckles, and Order with another jab sending Mita to the mat. Mita up a third time, and Order flying off the top and SLAPS ON A FRONTFACE LOCK FOR A SPINNING DDT…”

Mutt: “But Mita with an Inverted Atomic Drop… and a Superkick! Order is down, and Mita with a pick up and slapping on a Crossface for a German Suplex!!!”

(Fans all on their feet cheering as both women lay on the canvas)

Mutt: “Cover! Cover!”

(Fans all screaming as Mita crawls over to Order)

Bishop: “Order sliding away from Mita, and Double O remaining on her chest. She is beat.”

Spud: “5 minutes remaining!”

Bishop: Order into the ropes, and Mita up to her feet. Keiko Mita with a pick up… KARATE CHOP! and another KARATE CHOP!”

(Fans popping: “Whooooooooooooo!”)

Bishop: “Order is on the ropes. Order on the ropes. Mita with a Spinning Backfist, and Order holding in with all her strength. Mita with a Karate Kick to the midsection, and Double O doubled over.”

Mutt: “Mita with a Frontface lock and hoists up the Champ, slingshots her off the top rope… but Order holding on! Order clutching the top ring rope, and balancing her feet on the ropes…”

De La Cruz: “Oh my!”

Bishop: “Order can’t get down. Mita rushing into Officer Order…”

Mutt: “But Order only falls to the ring apron. She held on. Mita hanging through the ring ropes and Order hoisting herself up by the ropes and NAILS A GUILOTING LEGDROP ACROSS THE BACK OF MITA’S HEAD!”

(Fans screams as Keiko Mita clutches her head)

Bishop: The ref trying to force them away from the ropes, but Order Catapulting herself ON TOP of the ropes… and she drops across the back of Keiko Mita…”

Mutt: “…and slaps on a Bodyscissors! Order rolling Mita away from the ropes, still with those Scissors… AND SLAPS ON A JUDO CHOKEHOLD!!”


Bishop: “Mita trying to roll back into the ropes, but Double O like a spider with her prey. She’s all over Mita’s back, squeezing the life out of her… and that Chokehold around the neck… Order is choking her out…”

Mutt: “No [BLEEP]! Order is choking her out! Order is choking her out! The ref is checking, the ref is checking…”

Bishop: “Mita can’t find the ropes!”

Mutt: “It’s over!”


(Fans cheer as they hear “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle)

Spud: “Wrestling fans, at 27 minutes 36 seconds, your winner via submission… the GDWA World Heavyweight Champion Officer Order!”

(Officer Order roles out of the ring wearily as the ref checks on Mita)

De La Cruz: “Order was in trouble. Mita had this match won, but she exposed her back to the champ. Order hopping across her back, and while squeezing the air out of her from around the ribs, slaps on the chokehold.”

(Officer Order looks into the camera and thrusts the GDWA World title into the forefront. Order stammers: “Andrea, You’re next!!”)

Bishop: “Mita prepped so well, but Order knew the weakness of the Western Heritage champion.”

Mutt: “I can’t believe this. Mita was running the so called champ around the ring. Order hadn’t accounted for Mita’s versatility. Mita with fewer mistakes wins this one.”

Bishop: “Well, thanks to President Boedder for allowing us into the IEWA arena and audience. Sam, Marcie, it has been a pleasure working with you tonight.”

Mutt: “Does that mean I don’t get any more free beer?”

Bishop: “You’ll have to ask President Boedder.”

De La Cruz: “It’s been a pleasure you guys.”

Bishop: “From all of us at the GDWA, thanks.”

(Fade in: at ringside, President Boedder is standing in the ring wearing a dark grey business suit and a black tie. He does not look happy)

John: “Welcome back, fans, while we took a short break President Boedder came to ringside and we understand that he has an important announcement considering Shiratori’s continuous interferences in Jessica Starbird’s matches.”

(Boedder waits until the “Boedder sucks”-chants have calmed down, then starts to speak)

Boedder: “Since both Ms. Shiratori and Ms. Starbird have legitimate claims for a title shot, Ms. Shiratori being the World Skyweight champion and Ms. Starbird’s chance of becoming the champion ended rather controversial last Monday Night Mania, both women will meet next Mania to determine the number one contender.”

(Big crowd pop!!)

Boedder: “The winner of this match will receive a shot at the IEWA World Women’s champion at the IEWA February pay-per-view, A Night of Royalty. However, since Ms. Shiratori and her partners, the Cruel Angels and Lady Mai Tai, have chosen to violate IEWA regulations on multiple occasions, for the duration of this match-up Ms. Mai Tai and the Cruel Angels will be locked into a steel cage over the ring!!”

(HUGE Face pop!!)

Sheena: “Whoa!”

Boedder: “Furthermore, A Night of Royalty will feature a giant battle royal to determine the first ever IEWA World Heavyweight Champion!!”

(Another strong pop!! Boedder smiles, then exits the ring. An empty drink can is thrown against his head as he walks down the aisle but he ignores it with dignity. Fade back to John and Sheena at the broadcasters table)

John: “We’re back, and a very special thank you to our friends from the GDWA for covering a very exciting match up. Fans, two blockbuster announcements from the President, Jun Shiratori will meet Jessica Starbird next Mania and the number one contender spot is on the line, and this time there will be no Mai Tai or Angels to interfere. And finally, it is confirmed that a World Heavyweight title will be introduced!”

Sheena: “And now it’s time for a match many have been waiting for more than any other match perhaps. The entire Rage clan goes into battle against Dalbello’s nemesis Erykah Draper, the woman who nearly put Lauryn Rage out of action, Jazzy Borden, the long-time rivals of the Misfits, the Suicide Blondes, and the heavyweight champion Napualokelani.”

(Davie has entered the ring with the house mike in hand. The crowd starts to pop as “Victory” from Puff Daddy starts to play)


Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a ten women elimination match. The first team is weighing in at a total combined 783 pounds and is accompanied by Derek, Andre, Shadoe, Kembe, and Mantha Rage. Introducing first, she hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and weighs in at 140 pounds… LLLLLLLAURYN RAAAAAAAAGE!!”

(Big pop as the four brothers escort the youngest member of the Rage clan to ringside. Lauryn is wearing a black spandex tank top, blousy combat pants, boots and a black glove on her right hand. Lauryn enters the ring and tests the ropes while each of the Rage brothers grabs a chair and sits down in one corner around the ring)

Sheena: “That’s like… five Rages at ringside?”

John: “Had to be expected, the Rages feel they have been wronged so often here in the IEWA and now are taking justice into their own hands.”

Davie: “And her partner is from Brooklyn, New York. Weighing in at 175 pounds, here is MAAAAAARISSA MOOOOOONET!!”

(Missy Elliot’s “The Rain” starts to play, and Marissa Monet walks down the aisle, a very intense look in her eyes. She enters the ring by simply stepping over the top rope, then nods to Lauryn)

John: “My god, she’s huge!”

Sheena: “She looks like a horse.”

John: “But still, a woman of her size and stamina is a valuable asset in an elimination match like this where it’s about endurance and stamina.”

Davie: “Their partners are weighing in at a combined 308 pounds. Godiva Rage and ‘Ms. Perfect’ Dalbello Rage… THEEEE MIIIIIIISFITS!!”

(Mussorgsky’s “The Great Gate of Kiev” starts to play to a tremendous crowd pop. Dalbello wears a black two-piece, spandex shorts and bandeau top, connected with three fine lines of chain. She wears black boots with “Ms. P” written on the side, a neoprene sleeve on her left knee, and a black leather glove on her right hand. Godiva wears black spandex two-piece bikini and is barefoot, wearing ankle braces for support. She is wearing a white fur to the ring over it)

Davie: “And finally, from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. She weighs in at 160 pounds… MEEEEEEEEDUSA RAAAAAAAGE!!”

(Tremendous pop as Medusa comes down the aisle to the 3rd movement of Dvorak’s 9th Symphony of “The New World”. Medusa wears a spandex zip-fronted cat suit, knee high black boots, hard shin pads, knee guards and the single black glove)

Sheena: “Take a look at this! Ten Rages! Well… nine Rages and a Monet.”

John: “…”

Sheena: “Dalbello Rage and Lauryn Rage and Medusa Rage…”

John: “Uhm…”

Sheena: “And Godiva Rage and Mantha Rage and Andre Rage…”

John: “Eheh…”

Sheena: “And Kembe Rage and Derek Rage and Shadoe Rage…”

John: “We know…”

Sheena: “And Poppy Rage…”

John: “Sheena…”


John: “IT’S ENOUGH!!”

Sheena: “Oops? Got carried away.”

(The music changes to “My Way” by Sid Vicious to a strong heel pop)

Davie: “Their opposing team weighs in at a total combined 998 pounds! Introducing first, weighing in at a combined 271 pounds, here are Baby Jane Ross and Taylor Monroe… THE SUIIIIIIICIDE BLOOOOOOONDES!!”

(Strong heel pop as the Blondes come down the aisle, smiling cockily. Both women are wearing body-fitting black vinyl bodysuits with faux leopard-skin plunging collars. The Blondes eye the Rage brothers sitting around the ring carefully, then enter the ring while security is restraining a young fan who jumped over the guardrails wearing a shirt saying “Lauryn marry me!”)

Davie: “Their partner is from Detroit, Michigan, and weighs in at 195 pounds… JAAAAAAAZZY BOOOOOOORDEN!!”

(“Here we go again” by the Laughing Hyenas plays and the massive Jazzy makes her way towards the ring to a big heel pop. Jazzy is wearing black overalls and a white t-shirt as well as white face paint. Jazzy grins evilly to Lauryn and draws her thumb across her throat, then enters the ring and nods to the Blondes)

Davie: “Her partner is from Tokyo, Japan, and weighs 145 pounds… ‘PAAAAAAAINMAKER’ ERYYYYYYKAH DRAAAAAAAAAPER!!”

(TREMENDOUS heel pop as the lights dim and skulls & crossbones highlight the aisle and the ring. “Bring the Pain” by Method Man plays… but no one comes down the aisle. After waiting for a few moments, Davie announces again)


(Again, no one coming down to the ring. After a few moments the fans start to boo while Baby Jane argues with the referee and Dalbello Rage simply shrugs her shoulders. The music then changes to some Island Ukulele music to a strong heel pop)

Davie: “And her partner is accompanied to the ring by the Kingpin and weighs in at 387 pounds… the IEWA World Women’s Heavyweight champion… NAPUALOKEEEEEEELAAAAAAAAANI!!”

(The Kingpin, dressed in a very expensive Armani, XXL, is puffing away on a fat cigar while Napualokelani swaggers down to ringside, wearing a flower patterned bodysuit and face paint picturing a flower over her left eye. Napualokelani lifts her huge body into the ring, and the Kingpin and Shadoe Rage stare at each other carefully. The Kingpin blows smoke into Shadoe’s face who jumps up, infuriated, but his brother Derek calms him down)

John: “Erykah Draper no-showing??”

Sheena: “I don’t get this. But this gives the Rages a huge advantage! Five Rages against four… plus their entire family at ringside!”

John: “But still, the Misfits have never beaten the Suicide Blondes, Jazzy Borden nearly crippled Lauryn Rage, and Napualokelani is the reigning world champ!”

Sheena: “And it looks like Dalbello starts against Baby Jane Ross! Both women know each other very well and Jane eyes Dalbello carefully… lock-up, and Dalbello immediately goes into a side armlock! Jane howls as Dalbello twists her arm around but manages to push Dalbello backwards into the ropes, and the ref forcing the break… Uuuh! Face rake by Baby Jane!”

(The crowd boos!)

John: “Baby Jane laughs at Dalbello who holds her face, and tag made to her partner Taylor Monroe. Both women grab Dalbello’s arms, double Irish-whip and DOUBLE BACK BODY DROP!! Dalbello crashing to the mat! Taylor immediately covers…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “Oh no, big kickout. Much too early. But the Blondes are doing the right thing, they are one woman less since Draper didn’t show, and have to go for quick covers whenever the opportunity arises! Taylor now with the pickup, she goes for a neckbr…”

Sheena: “No, Dalbello wiggles away! And Taylor runs in and charges but Dalbello catches her in a drop toehold! And Dalbello immediately applies a crossface and goes into the STF, Taylor screams but is too close to the ropes, and the ref forcing a break.”

John: “Dalbello now tags to Marissa Monet, and Taylor crawls into her corner and the big Jazzy Borden is tagged in.”

Sheena: “Marissa Monet is the big question mark, she is a rookie although a very capable athlete. She will have to prove herself in a match like this full of World class athletes. Marissa and Jazzy eye each other carefully, Jazzy asks for a test of strength and Marissa accepts!”

(Crowd pop!!)

John: “It looks like both women are almost on a par, you can see the intensity in the faces of both women as they try to subdue each other… AND BOOT TO THE LEG BY JAZZY BORDEN!!”

(Heel pop!!)

Sheena: “Marissa making the rookie mistake when accepting that strength test, and Jazzy with a hard kick. And Jazzy follows it up with a Double Axehandle, and Marissa drops to one knee!”

John: “Uh, and Jazzy follows it with a strong uppercut! Marissa’s neck snaps back and she drops to the mat, Jazzy goes into the ropes… LEGDROP – NO!”

Sheena: “Marissa rolls away! And Jazzy goes down, Marissa jumps up! She’s a big woman but quick as a cat, and Marissa with a Kneedrop, hits the mark! Marissa now going into the ropes and comes back… B=I=G S=P=L=A=S=H!! That’s 175 pounds splashing onto Jazzy Borden, this could be it…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “But Jazzy with a strong kick out! And look at Lauryn! She reaches over to Marissa, she really wants to tag in and get her revenge! And Marissa makes the tag… and Marissa scoops Lauryn up… and SLAMS HER ON TOP OF JAZZY!! Great double-team move, and Lauryn with the lateral press…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “But another strong kick out. And Lauryn applying the sleeper now! I doubt this is very effective, Jazzy has neck muscles like a horse…”

John: “But Jazzy has to carry 195 pounds around and tires very easily! This might be a good weapon, Jazzy looks exhausted… but Jazzy smashes her elbow into Lauryn’s midsection! Lauryn coughs hard but keeps that Sleeper applied… and Jazzy with another big elbow smash into Lauryn’s ribcage! And Lauryn staggers back while Jazzy gets up…”

Sheena: “But Lauryn goes into the ropes and charges the big woman – NO! JAZZY COUNTERS WITH A SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE!! But look at Jazzy, she is totally exhausted, and she reaches over… tag made! Baby Jane Ross back in the ring.”

John: “And Jane immediately goes onto the second rope and lands a LEGDROP RIGHT ONTO LAURYN’S NECK!!”

(Crowd goes: “Ooooh!”)

Sheena: “And Lauryn in pain, we all know about that terrible neck injury of hers… Jane laughs cockily into the camera and a cocky cover…”


1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “Uh, kickout! Jane’s cover way to cocky, she had better not underestimate Lauryn. And Lauryn makes the tag to Medusa Rage!”

(Huge pop!!)

John: “Baby Jane charges and Medusa catches her and a BIG POWERSLAM!!”

(Crowd pop!!)

John: “And Jane jumps up and holds her back! She crawls into her corner, she wants no part of this big woman! And Jane tags… TO NAPUALOKELANI!!”

(Big pop!! Medusa and Napualokelani stare each other down, then Medusa makes the title belt gesture and the crowd pops again!)

Sheena: “And Napualokelani with an Uppercut… NO EFFECT!”

(Another big pop!!)

John: “Napualokelani with another hard smash but Medusa simply absorbs it! And the champion tries another punch… BUT MEDUSA BLOCKS IT AND FIRES BACK!! Piston Forearms by Medusa hitting Napualokelani hard… the champion staggers back, and Medusa with relentless Forearm Smashes! And Medusa grabs Napualokelani, whip-in, no, reversal…”

Sheena: “Medusa coming back from the ropes, Napualokelani with a clothesl… no, Medusa ducks it, bounces back from the ropes in a FLYING SHOULDERBLOCK… AND NAPUALOKELANI IS DOWN!!”

(Huge pop!!)

John: “Remember, the title is on the line, we may have a new champion here! Is this going to be Medusa’s first title… cover…”

1 . . Sheena: “Uh, no. Napua simply throws her off. And Medusa with the tag to Dalbello.”

John: “Napua tries to get her heavy body back up, but Dalbello with a HARD KICK to Napua’s back! And Dalbello goes into the ropes, bounces back… SNAPMARE!! The big Hawaiian’s head snaps back, and Dalbello immediately follows it up with a CORKSCREW ELBOW!!”

Sheena: “Dalbello with a lateral press, could we see another title for ‘Ms. Perfect’…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “No, Napua kicks out! And Dalbello applying a Sleeperhold… Napua’s face shows exhaustion, she is one big woman and has to carry a lot of weight around.”

Sheena: “A lot of fat, to be precise. And that sleeper wearing the big woman down! The ref lifts Napualokelani arm… and it falls!”

(Face pop!!)

John: “And the ref checks for the second time… and the arm falls again! Once more and we have a new champion!! The ref lifts Napua’s arm again… AND IT F…”

Sheena: “No! Napualokelani can keep it up! And the Hawaiian getting up to one knee, she is trying to power back up but Dalbello still applying pressure… Napua is back up, and Dalbello now releasing the hold and going into the ropes… CLOTHESL… NO! Napua catches her around the throat, lifts her up… C=H=O=K=E=S=L=A=M!!!”

(Heel pop!!)

John: “Did you see how easily she managed to lift 150 pounds up and slammed Dalbello to the mat? This could be it for Dalbello, and the champ with a cover…”

1 . . 2 . . Thr…

(Crowd goes: “Ooooh!!”

John: “Kickout! I thought that was it!”

Sheena: “And Baby Jane demands to be tagged in outside! That’s typical, she doesn’t want to do the dirty work but as soon as Dalbello is down Jane can’t wait to get back in… tag made!”

John: “And Baby Jane picks Dalbello up and a bodyslam! Jane follows it up with a cocky kneedrop… hits the mark!”

Sheena: “Jane going to the top turnbuckle now… I think she will show us a high risk maneuver, Dalbello still looks completely out… and Jane stands on the top turnbuckle and poses cockily for the fans!”

(Heel pop!!)

John: “That might be a mistake! Jane should seize the opportunity and finish Dalbello off instead of wasting time… and Janes comes crashing down… BUT DALBELLO GOT HER FOOT UP AND JANE FLIES RIGHT INTO IT!!”

(Face pop!!)

Sheena: “Jane stumbles back and holds her jaw, and Dalbello jumps up! She has been playing possum, I knew it! And Dalbello immediately grabs Jane’s knee… Jane tries to push her away but Dalbello FALLS BACK INTO THE F=I=S=H=E=R=M=A=N=S S=U=P=L=E=X!! INTO THE BRIDGE!!”

1 . (Taylor Monroe tries to rush in for the save but Kembe grabs her foot and pulls her out of the ring to prevent this) . 2 . (Jane struggles and tries to wiggle out of the bridge but Dalbello keeps her shoulders tight on the mat) . 3!!

(Big pop!!)

John: “First woman gone! And it’s five against three! This is not looking good!”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Baby Jane Ross has been eliminated via pinfall!”

(Crowd cheers!!)

Sheena: “And Napualokelani immediately rushing into the ring, Dalbello reaches over to her corner but Napua manages to kick her into the back of the head, and Napua now grabs Dalbello’s hair and tosses her around the ring! Dalbello screams in pain as Napua slams her to the mat!”

John: “Dalbello is a powerful athlete but she very rarely has to face an opponent more than twice her weight… and the big Hawaiian now going into the ropes… AND DROPS THE LEG!! MASSIVE LEGDROP, this is over…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “No, Dalbello somehow gets her shoulder up! Napua angrily shakes her head in disbelief but the referee clearly signaling a two count only… but Dalbello seems badly mauled!”

John: “She has been in the ring for quite a while now, and she’s better tag to one of her sisters or Monet but Napualokelani is controlling the pace right now… and she slaps on the NERVEHOLD!!”

(Heel pop!)

Sheena: “This is one of her most effective weapons! Napualokelani applying pressure on Dalbello’s nerves over her shoulder, and the expression in Dal’s face speaks volumes… she is clearly in pain, and Derek and Kembe on the outside shouting words of encouragement…”

John: “And the referee walks over to Dalbello and checks… AND HE SIGNALS FOR THE BELL…”

Sheena: “NO! Dalbello frantically shaking her head! I thought she submitted here but she is an eighteen year old veteran and knows what it takes to stay in the match at this point… and Dalbello trying to get to one knee…”

(Face pop as Dalbello, her face still grimacing in pain, struggles to get back on her feet and rams her elbow into Napualokelani massive belly)

John: “And Dalbello Rage with a Side Elbow Smash! And another! And Napualokelani staggering back… and she releases the hold… and Dalbello with a Knife Edge Chop, and the champ staggers back!”

Sheena: “These two women here in the ring right now might as well be the two most feared women in this sport of all times! Napualokelani still in control, both women exchanging blows, but the longer Dalbello stays in this match the greater is her chance of pinning Napualokelani!”

John: “The Hawaiian now landing a hard punch… no, Dalbello blocks it… and Dalbello with a furious Piston Forearm! Napua staggering back, and Dalbello with another heavy Forearm Smash… and Dalbello goes into the ropes now, charges… CLOTHESLINE!!”

(Face pop!!)

Sheena: “The champ in trouble, but Napua doesn’t fall, and Dalbello charges again, another Cl… NOOOOO! NAPUALOKELANI CATCHES HER AND A M=A=S=S=I=V=E BELLY-TO-BELLY!!”

John: “That has to be it, 387 pounds covering Dalbello…”

1 . . 2 . . Thr…

(Crowd goes: “Ooooh!” and “Aaaah!”)

Sheena: “No! Kickout!”

(Napualokelani looks angrily at the ref who signals that Dalbello kicked out, then she draws her thumb across her throat, causing a loud heel pop)

John: “Napualokelani wants to finish this now! She signals for the Tsunami… she picks Dalbello up and hangs her into the turnbuckle upside down… this doesn’t look good for Dalbello Rage…”


(Face pop!!)

John: “And the champ charging right into the turnbuckles… Dalbello immediately jumps on top of the second turnbuckle… B=U=L=L=D=O=G!!”

Sheena: “Slamming Napua’s head right onto the mat, cover by Dalbello! We may have a new World champ!!”

1 . . 2 . . John: “No! Napualokelani lifts her shoulder off the mat!”

(All of the sudden, a big pop in the crowd as two women are seemingly making their way through the fans towards ringside)

Sheena: “But Dalbello in control right now… what the-“

John: “It’s Kurumi and Kasumi Otonashi!! Idol Team Otonashi!!”

(The camera focuses on the Japanese women jumping over the guardrails. The heavier of the two has long, black hair and wears a black tanktop and shorts, and carries a kendo stick, while the slightly shorter one of the two wears white tights and carries nunchakus but otherwise looks similar to her sister)

John: “I don’t think the two women in the ring have spotted them yet, Idol Team Otonashi are sworn enemies of the Misfits! And Dalbello is going into the ropes and… OOOOOOH! KURUMI SMASHES HER KENDO STICK RIGHT INTO DALBELLO’S ANKLE!!”

(Boos and yells from the crowd!!)

Sheena: “Meanwhile Kasumi is arguing with the referee about something, I don’t think he saw what was going on! And there come Kembe and Derek Rage! They charge at Kurumi and Kasumi but they run down the aisle, the Rage brothers are making sure that no further interference occurs but the damage might be done…”

John: “Dalbello is clutching her ankle, clearly in pain… the referee’s attention is back in the ring, and Napualokelani picks the helpless Dalbello up by the neck… C”H”O”K”E”S”L”A”M!!”

Sheena: “This is history! Napualokelani with a 387-pound lateral press…”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!

(The crowd starts to boo and yell as Napualokelani raises her arms. Medusa and Lauryn pull Dalbello out of the ring who is clearly in agony. Kembe and Derek, having chased Idol Team Otonashi back to the locker rooms, have returned and are supporting Dalbello who is grimacing in pain and clearly favoring one foot)

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Dalbello Rage has been eliminated via Pinfall!”

(Another strong heel pop!!)

Sheena: “And things have evened out a bit, four against three now! But what did Idol Team Otonashi do here? Did they sign in the IEWA? And let’s hope Dalbello isn’t injured from that sneak attack!”

(The crowd applauds Dalbello as her younger brothers help her down the aisle, back backstage)

John: “Dalbello was so close of lifting yet another world title, but the old nemesis of the Misfits, the Otonashis, cheated her out of the match. Napualokelani has tagged, and Taylor Monroe now back in the ring against Lauryn Rage.”

Sheena: “Lock-up by both women and Taylor with a fast hip toss! Lauryn goes down and Taylor tries an Armwringer but Lauryn wiggles free, but Taylor immediately connecting with a Standing Dropkick!”

John: “Both women are fast and very agile, Lauryn immediately back up and Taylor whips her into the ropes, Lauryn bounces back, Taylor leapfrogs and Lauryn turns around and runs Taylor over with a SHORT LARIAT!!”

(Face pop!!)

John: “Taylor rubs her jaw and shrieks, and Lauryn picks her up… Scoop Slam! And Lauryn tags, here comes Marissa Monet!”

Sheena: “And you can immediately see the difference in style, Marissa immediately pounding away at Taylor Monroe with heavy Forearms! Taylor staggers back, and Marissa with an Irish whip, Taylor comes off the ropes and MARISSA CATCHES HER IN A BIG POWERSLAM!! Cover by Monet…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “And Taylor Monroe kicks out!”

Sheena: “But Marissa is on fire! She outweighs Taylor Monroe by forty or so pounds and completely outpowers her. Taylor slowly getting back up, Marissa immediately grabs her arm through her legs and lifts her up… GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB!! That one had power!!”

John: “Sure did, and Marissa following it up with a Corkscrew Elbowdrop… lateral press…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “But she can’t keep her down. As cocky as Taylor Monroe may be, she is still a veteran of the squared circle and you cannot put her away that easily. Marissa pulls Taylor back up and… OOH! TAYLOR WITH A FACE RAKE!!”

(Crowd boos)

John: “Taylor using illegal tactics to get a breather, Marissa howls in pain and Taylor immediately reaches over and makes the tag… and Jazzy Borden in the ring now! And we still don’t know where Erykah Draper is!”

Sheena: “Marissa has also managed to make the tag, and Godiva in the ring now for the Rages, for the first time I believe. Lock-up by the two powerhouses and Jazzy pushes Godiva into the ropes… clean break… OOOH! GODIVA IMMEDIATELY CHARGING JAZZY FROM THE ROPES WITH A HARD LARIAT!”

John: “And Jazzy staggers back, Godiva with a front waistlock but Jazzy manages to turn around and reverse… AND JAZZY WITH A BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!!

Sheena: “Down goes Godiva, and Jazzy grabs her foot and twists it around, Anklelock… no, Godiva has grabbed the rope and the ref forces the break… but Jazzy with a hard kick to Godiva’s kidney! Jazzy is one of the biggest women here in the IEWA and she shows us that she is one of the strongest and meanest as well… and Jazzy with a LEGDROP ACROSS GODIVA’S CHEST!! Cover…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “And Godiva with the kickout!”

Sheena: “But Jazzy still with the advantage, she turns Godiva on her stomach, plants her boot into Godiva’s spine, grabs her hands and pulls back… PAINFUL BOW AND ARROW SUBMISSION!! And Godiva howls in agony as Jazzy overextends her back!”

John: “Jazzy is a very powerful woman, this may well be over… the referee asking for the submission but Godiva frantically shaking her head but she is clearly in pain here… and Jazzy releasing the hold, and picks Godiva up…”

Sheena: “Jazzy places Godiva’s head between her thighs… waistlock uplift… no, Godiva blocks the Powerbomb attempt. Jazzy tries another uplift and Godiva blocks again… AND GODIVA COUNTERS WITH A BACK BODY DROP!!”

(Face pop!!)

John: “Jazzy crashes to the mat, but Godiva drops to one knee, she has taken a lot of punishment. She should go for the tag, Lauryn reaches out… no, Godiva can’t reach her! Jazzy grabs her foot and pulls her back… but Godiva shakes her off! Godiva getting back up to her feet, so is Jazzy… and Godiva goes into the ropes… F=L=Y=I=N=G C=L=O=T=H=E=S=L=I=N=E!! JAZZY IS DOWN, AND GODIVA COVERS!!”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “Uh, kickout!”

John: “But Godiva seems in control now, she grabs Jazzy’s neck… but Jazzy with a thumb to the eye, and Godiva stumbles back! And Jazzy gets back up, and nails Godiva with hard punches to the midsection! Godiva stumbling back, and Jazzy grabs her arm, whip-in…”

Sheena: “Jazzy ducks as Godiva comes back, backdrop… no, Godiva counters, grabs Jazzy’s arms… D=O=U=B=L=E U=N=D=E=R=H=O=O=K D=D=T!!”

(Face pop!!)

John: “And this may be over, Jazzy’s head driven into the mat, Godiva covers and hooks the leg…”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!

(Big face pop!!)

Sheena: “And that’s it! Four against two, Godiva has pinned the huge Jazzy Borden!”

John: “That has to be somewhat of a surprise, and Taylor Monroe is back in the ring now against Lauryn Rage!”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Jazzy Borden has been eliminated via pinfall!!”

(Big pop!!)

Sheena: “Napualokelani team is maybe too handicapped by the non-show of Erykah Draper, now they are outnumbered four against two… and Taylor and Lauryn lock up, Lauryn attempting a hip toss but Taylor reverses and goes into a side armlock, reversal by Lauryn and Lauryn now with an armdrag, Taylor jumps back up and Lauryn immediately grabs her legs and goes into an Inner Cradle…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “But Taylor Monroe reverses!!”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “Lauryn kicks out! The youngest of the Rage sisters is also said to be the most talented but she might not have fully recovered yet from that neck injury! Lauryn jumps up but is greeted with a Leg Sweep and goes down again, and Taylor Monroe with a fist drop!”

John: “Hits the mark, and Taylor goes to the outside now… she jumps onto the third rope… SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT… But Lauryn pulls her legs up, and Taylor crashes into her knees!”

(Face pop!!)

Sheena: “And Lauryn reaches over and makes the tag… and Medusa Rage is in the ring now… and look at Taylor! She wants no part of Medusa and panics and crawls over to her corner and tags! And Napualokelani against Medusa Rage again… and Medusa does the title belt gesture!!”

John: “And the two big women going at it again, this is Medusa’s chance to finally get her first world title belt… lock-up, and Napua pushes Medusa backwards into the ropes… break, and Medusa with a slap into Napua’s face!”

(Crowd pop!!)

Sheena: “Napualokelani staggers back, and Medusa charges… SHORT CLOTHESLINE!! And Medusa continues to maim the huge Hawaiian with those Piston Forearms!”

John: “A lot of hatred between these two women, Napualokelani eliminated Medusa Rage to win this title in the battle royal a few weeks back… Uh! And Napua frees herself with a thumb to Medusa’s eye! Medusa staggering back, blinded, and the champ goes into the ropes, charges… C=L=O=T=H=E=S=L=I=N=E… AND BOTH WOMEN TUMBLE OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE OUTSIDE!!”

(Big crowd pop!!)

Sheena: “uuh… and Napualokelani 387 pounds landing on top of Medusa Rage on the outside… both women are stunned by the impact, the Kingpin moves in closer but Kembe and Shadoe are there and watching every one of his moves… Napualokelani shakes her head, trying to clear the cobwebs, and tries to get back up but Medusa pulls her down by her hair and nails her with a big uppercut!”

John: “This is getting nasty. Medusa grabs Napua’s head and delivers a HEADBUTT… OWW! Both women stagger back from that impact… Medusa drops to one knee… and Napua with a double axehandle to Medusa’s back!”

Sheena: “But Napualokelani has taken heavy punishment herself… she nails Medusa with another huge forearm sma… Medusa blocks it and a Chop to Napua’s throat sending her staggering back… and Medusa grabs Napua’s head AND RAMS HER INTO THE STEEL GUARDRAILS!!”

(Face pop!! The fans start to chant: “‘Dusa! ‘Dusa!”)

John: “Napua dropping to the concrete, and Medusa, slightly limping, is walking back to the ring… wait a sec… the referee has just signaled to the timekeeper…”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, both Medusa Rage and Napualokelani were unable to answer the count of ten are thus eliminated!!”

(Crowd pop!!)

Sheena: “And Medusa slaps the mat in frustration, she was on the verge of beating Napualokelani for the world title…”

John: “But now it’s Marissa, Godiva, and Lauryn against Taylor Monroe! Three against one! Taylor Monroe is looking around, very uncomfortable, she now has to face three Rages and no one to tag out to!”

Sheena: “Medusa and Napualokelani are still circling each other on the outside… and Taylor Monroe is in the ring now against Lauryn Rage! The two Skyweight going at it, lock-up and Lauryn goes into a side Hammerlock… Taylor reversals, Lauryn re-reversals and Lauryn sending Taylor into the ropes…”

John: “Taylor leapfrogs over Lauryn, both women come back off of the ropes and Taylor leaps up and reverses over Lauryn’s head, then drops down, her legs underhooking Lauryn’s arms… VICTORY ROLL!!”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “And Lauryn kicks out! Taylor is doing the right thing here, she has to eliminate three women so she has to go for quick pins wherever and whenever possible… Lauryn jumps back up but Taylor immediately going into a Rolling Cradle…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “And Lauryn kicks out again!”

Sheena: “Taylor picks her up and twists her arm but Lauryn reverses and puts Taylor into some kind of armwringer… and Lauryn tags Godiva in while keeping Taylor’s arm twisted, and Godiva with a hard kick against it!”

John: “The Rages playing safe now, fast tags and wearing Taylor Monroe down. Godiva with a front waistlock and a BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX bringing her much smaller opponent down and…”

(Suddenly, many in the audience stand up and look towards the entrance…)


(Huge heel pop as “The Painmaker” runs down the aisle in her royal purple wrestling spandex, towel over the shoulder. Erykah looks completely mad)

John: “And I’m just receiving news from backstage… hang on… OH GOD! SOMEONE LOCKED ERYKAH DRAPER INTO HER LOCKER ROOM!! That’s why she didn’t show up!!”

Sheena: “What?? Someone locked Draper in??”

John: “Who could that have been? The Rages? The Kingpin? The Victories?”

Sheena: “Anyway, Draper is fresh and completely mad!! Boy, she looks furious! She stomps to ringside and DEMANDS the tag in… Godiva whips Taylor into the ropes… and Erykah extends her arm and the tag is made!”

(Heel pop!!)

John: “I don’t think Godiva even noticed the tag, I don’t think she realized that Draper is even here… Godiva has clotheslined Taylor and now goes for a waistlock uplift… I think she goes for the BRITISH BOMBSHELL… No! Draper goes onto the top rope and nails Godiva with a M=I=S=S=I=L=E D=R=O=P=K=I=C=K!! Boy, she is furious!! And she pounds away at Godiva, into the ropes… KNEEDROP! And Draper hooks the leg…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “And Godiva kicks out! But Draper is immediately pulling her back up and underhooks her left arm, her right arm… AND SHE LIFTS THE BIG WOMAN UP… B”U”T”T”E”R”F”L”Y S”U”P”L”E”X!! INTO THE BRIDGE, THIS IS OVER…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “Uh, no. Kickout! Godiva might not be the best technician in the world of wrestling but she had enough power left to kick out… AND ON THE OUTSIDE MEDUSA AND NAPUALOKELANI ARE UP AND EXCHANGING BLOWS AGAIN!! Medusa with closed fist punches against the huge Hawaiian, and Napua looks like she has a cut in her lip…”

Sheena: “In the ring Draper pulls Godiva up by her hair, Godiva screams and Draper LIFTS HER UP AND TOSSES HER AROUND BY HER HAIR!! And Draper grabs her arm, whip-in… Draper ducks in anticipation of a Backdrop… BUT GODIVA COUNTERS!! Waistlock uplift…”

John: “SHE GOES FOR THE BRITISH BOMBSHELL… Uplift, Powerbomb… no, Draper reverses in mid-air and a HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN!! Godiva drops to the mat… AND ERYKAH HAS HER LEGS WRAPPED AROUND HER ARM!! WAKIGATAME!!”

(Big heel pop)

Sheena: “And look at the pain in Godiva’s face!! Erykah is fresh and furious, and Godiva tries to reach the ropes… she nearly has them, ten inches away and getting closer…”

John: “But Draper increases pressure and pulls her back into the middle of the ring! And Godiva crying out, she still tries to power her way out… AND GODIVA HITS THE MAT!! SHE TAPS OUT!! SHE TAPS OUT!!”

(Huge heel pop!!)

John: “Draper keeps Godiva in that armbar who is completely helpless and sobs in pain but the referee pulling Draper away and forcing the break!”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Godiva Rage has been eliminated via Submission!!”

(Heel pop!!)

John: “This is not good! It looked so well for the Rages, three against Taylor Monroe who is a tag wrestler and had no one to tag out… but Draper arrived and eliminates Godiva, and it’s the two youngest members of the Age of Rage, Marissa Monet and Lauryn Rage, against one of the greatest athletes in women’s wrestling today, Erykah Draper, and the experienced GDWA tag wrestler, Taylor Monroe.”

Sheena: “Two against two, and all four women are staring each other down angrily… on the outside, the Kingpin is holding Napualokelani back while Medusa stars angrily at her, being held back by the big Kembe.”

John: “Draper tags to Taylor who has recovered, and Lauryn Rage jumps into the ring. Lauryn looks over to Draper, her eyes piercing with hate, and Lauryn and Taylor lock up.”

Sheena: “Lauryn might not be 100% after her recovery. Lock-up, oh and a Russian Legsweep by the youngest of the Rages. Taylor goes down, Lauryn goes into the Armbar but Taylor wiggling out of it, and Lauryn sends her down again with a Standing Thrust Kick!”

John: “Lauryn showing a lot of talent despite her early age, and she follows it up with a HIGH ELBOWDROP… Nope, Lauryn rolls away! This might have been a rookie mistake, Taylor playing possum, and Taylor immediately pulls Lauryn up, wraps her arm around Lauryn’s neck and falls back in a BACK SUPLEX!! Taylor with the lateral press…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “But Lauryn has her shoulder up, only a count of two. Taylor still enjoying the advantage, whip-in by the Suicide Blonde, Lauryn comes back from the ropes and Taylor catches her in a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!! That had impact!!”

John: “Lauryn’s back crashing to the mat, and she winces in pain… and Taylor wants to finish this! She goes to the top rope…”

Sheena: “But Lauryn jumps back up! She lured Taylor into this and now Lauryn DROPKICKS THE ROPE… and Taylor loses her balance and crashes onto the turnbuckle!!”

(Crowd goes: “Ooooh!”)

John (winces): “Ouch! Good thing she’s a woman… but Taylor is stunned sitting on the turnbuckle and Lauryn jumps up to the second rope as well… OH GOD! I think she goes for the SUPERPLEX…”

Sheena: “NO! Lauryn jumps on top of Taylor’s shoulders… T=O=P R=O=P=E H=U=R=R=I=C=A=N=R=A=N=A!! THAT’S THE WHIPPERSNAPPER!! AND SHE HAS TAYLOR’S LEGS HOOKED!!”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!

(Face pop!!)

John: “And it’s two against one!!”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Taylor Monroe has been eliminated via Pinfall!!”

Sheena: “We thought Lauryn still had a hurt neck but that perfectly executed Top-Rope Hurricanrana spoke volumes! Lauryn is fully back, and now she points at Draper!!”

(Face pop!)!

John: “And Erykah Draper enters the ring… and Draper and Lauryn stare each other down!”

Sheena: “And look on the outside! The Kingpin brandishes his cane while Napualokelani hisses at Medusa… Medusa charges at the big Hawaiian but Kembe holds her back! This is far from over between those two… AND DRAPER CHARGES LAURYN BUT LAURYN WITH A KICK TO THE GUT!!”

(Big face pop as Draper folds over!!)

John: “And Lauryn lands a Double Axe Handle to Draper’s back! I have never seen her this intense and aggressive! Lauryn is manhandling Erykah Draper! She lands a hard kick to Draper’s kidney, and another one… and Draper in pain! ‘The Painmaker’ is fresh but has to face a talented youngster who is out for revenge, and a 175 pound Marissa Monet! This may well be too much for her, and Lauryn whips Draper into the ropes… DROP TOEHOLD BY LAURYN RAGE… INTO THE S=T=F!! AND DRAPER IN PAIN!!”

Sheena: “A taste of Draper’s own medicine as Lauryn applies pressure… Draper crying out in agony but shakes her head as the ref asks for the submission, but she can’t get out… she’s in the ropes! Draper manages to get ahold of the bottom rope, and the ref has to kick Lauryn’s arm away to force the break!”

John: “Lauryn completely dominating Erykah Draper here, she pulls Draper up and Bodyslams her to the mat… and Lauryn goes to the second turnbuckle… FLYING ELBOW!! Connects, and Lauryn with the cover…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “And Draper kicks out! But Lauryn is far from done, she pulls the screaming Draper by her hair to the turnbuckles, into the corner, climbs onto the second rope… AND NAILS HER WITH CLOSED FIST PUNCHES!!”

(Huge face pop!! The crowd counts: “One… Two… Three…” as Lauryn nails Draper with those vicious punches)

John: “The ref gives Lauryn a warning but she doesn’t seem to care, and continues to bombard ‘the Painmaker’ relentlessly!”

(The crowd continues: “Four… Five… Six… Seven…”)

Sheena: “Oh, Draper’s howls of pain must be music in Lauryn’s ears after being hospitalized for nearly two months…”

(The crowd continues: “Eight… Nine… Ten!!” and then starts to pop! Erykah stumbles back while Lauryn climbs onto the second rope…)


1 (The crowd chants: “One!”) . . 2 (The crowd chants: “Two!”) . . (The crowd chants: “Three!” and starts to explode in a big pop but the referee waves it off and signals that Draper barely got her shoulder up)

John: “Oooooooh, that was close! BUT LAURYN GOES FOR THE KILL NOW! She signals for the Whippersnapper and goes to the outside…”

Sheena: “Listen to this crowd, they are fully behind Lauryn Rage as she goes to the top rope… Draper slowly gets back up, completely disorientated, she has a nasty cut above her eye from those closed fist punches… AND LAURYN WITH THE W=H=I=P=P=E=R=S=N=A=P=P=E=R…”

John: “BUT DRAPER SAW IT COMING!! She catches Lauryn in mid-air… P=O=W=E=R=B=O=M=B!!”

(Heel pop!)

Sheena: “And Lauryn hits the mat hard, she lies lifeless, Draper has to pin her… if she eliminates Lauryn she still has to face Marissa Monet on the outside… and Medusa and Napualokelani are still at each other’s throats, Medusa’s brothers can barely hold her back, and the Kingpin grabs the World title back from the timekeeper’s table…”

John: “Lauryn gets herself back into a sitting position… Draper wipes some blood off of her forehead and goes into the ropes… S*N*A*P*M*A*R*E!!! OH-MY-GOD!! Lauryn’s neck snaps back, this cannot be good considering her injury, and Draper immediately grabs her arm… W+A+K+I+G+A+T+A+M+E!!!”

(Heel pop!!)

Sheena: “In the center of the ring! Draper has Lauryn locked tight into that Wakigatame and overextends her arm… and Lauryn howls out in pain… I don’t think she can fight back, Draper is stronger than her and Lauryn lacks the experience… AND LAURYN TAPS OUT!! LAURYN TAPS THE MAT!!”

(Big heel pop!!)

John: “And the ref forcing Draper to release while Lauryn holds her arm…”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Lauryn Rage has been eliminated via Submission!”

Sheena: “Lauryn completely dominated her, but one rookie mistake was enough for Draper to turn the tide… and Marissa Monet is in the ring! What a match we have seen, and it’s down to these two women!”

John: “I don’t want to pick a winner here… Marissa is bigger and stronger but Draper has the experience and the technical gifts… Marissa is in this match for much longer then Draper but Draper just got pounded by Lauryn Rage and has a cut above her eye, the blood may affect her vision… AND ON THE OUTSIDE NAPUALOKELANI CHARGES MEDUSA RAGE AND WALLOPS HER TITLE BELT OVER HER HEAD…”

Sheena: “NO! Medusa blocks it and POUNDS AWAY AT MEDUSA!! Kembe and the Kingpin try to hold these two back but to no avail, they are at each other’s throats… AND THE KINGPIN WALLOPS KEMBE WITH HIS CANE!!”

John: “Meanwhile, lock up by Marissa and Erykah… Draper with a side armlock… and Draper pushes Marissa into the ropes, break… AND ANDRE JUMPS OVER TO THE KINGPIN WHO JUMPS BACK AND BRANDISHES HIS CANE!! And Napualokelani grabs Medusa’s head AND SLAMS IT AGAINST THE STEEL GUARDRAILS!!”

Sheena: “Draper with a quick face rake, and Marissa holds her hurt face… on the outside Medusa blocks a punch and nails Napualokelani with those huge forearms!! And Medusa tries to whip Napualokelani into those steel guardrails while Erykah Draper goes into the ropes…”

John: “NO! NO! NAPUALOKELANI REVERSES AND MEDUSA RAGE CRASHES AGAINST THE RING… RIGHT INTO ERYKAH DRAPER WHO WAS GOING INTO THE ROPES!! Medusa drops to the concrete, and Draper drops to her knees by that impact! AND LOOK AT MARISSA MONET!! She immediately capitalizes and picks Draper up by her throat while Andre and Shadoe keep Napualokelani away from her fallen sister… LOOK AT HOW LONG MARISSA KEEPS DRAPER IN THE AIR BY HER THROAT!! This is one strong woman… and she CHOKESLAMS DRAPER!! P”U”N”K D”U”N”K!! MARISSA HITS HER FINISHER, and she hooks Draper’s leg…”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!


(Big face pop!!)

John: “I can’t believe it! Marissa scores the upset by pinning Erykah Draper with her trademark maneuver!”

Sheena: “But not without the help of Medusa Rage who crashed right into Draper as she went into the ropes… AND MEDUSA AND NAPUALOKELANE GOING AT IT AGAIN!! AND THERE COMES THE KINGPIN… And Security is here!!”

(Half a dozen officials run in down the aisle and pull Medusa and Napualokelani away from each other. Two other officials separate the Kingpin from the Rage brothers and shove them away. Medusa and Napualokelani still glare at each other hatefully…)

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match and advancing to the Television final match… MAAAAAARISSA MOOOOOONET!!!”

(Fans cheer!)

John: “Fans, security pulling the involved men and women away, Yori Kenyuki against Marissa Monet will be the match for the Television title later in our main event, it has to be considered somewhat of a surprise. I understand that right now Tako Kakuta is backstage with Jun Shiratori who has comments about the special stipulations involved in her matchup with Jessica Starbird next Mania!”

(Cut to backstage, a corridor in the locker room area of the Skydome. Tako Kakuta, a big smile on his face, is standing next to Jun Shiratori. Jun has some stitches across her foot and a small bandage and plasters on her knee. She sneers at Tako, her Skyweight title is above her shoulder)

Tako: “We have heard the announcement, you have to face Jessica Starbird next Mania and the Cruel Angels and Lady Mai Tai are going to beeeeeeeeeeeeee…”

(Tako howls and ducks as Deth Nell pops up out of nowhere and charges Jun Shiratori down! Jun shrieks in anger and pain, and Deth Nell, still sweaty and in her ring attire, pounds into her with nasty punches! Shiratori fires back and both women brawl on the floor in a nasty catfight! Tako runs into safety, and Deth Nell uses her long, black painted nails to scratch into Jun’s face! Deth pulls Jun up by her hair and SMASHES her head onto the Skyweight title belt. Jun cries out, and Deth turns her onto her stomach, grabs her injured foot and overextends the ankle while laughing maniacally! Jun screams and cries as Deth Nell twists her foot around in a very unnatural angle)

Tako: “Oh my God! Oh my God! Deth Nell sneak attacks Jun Shiratori!! She is still angry when she got pinned by Jessica Starbird because Jun refused tag in… and look at this! Jun is helpless in that ankle lock and Deth Nell yells at her hideously… AND THERE COME MAI TAI AND THE CRUEL ANGELS!!”

(Reika, Megumi and Mai Tai run towards Jun and Deth down the corridor. Deth releases the hold as she spots them and runs down the corridor. Megumi angrily jumps up and down and rams her head against the walls while Mai Tai gently takes the sobbing Skyweight’s champ’s head into her hands and caresses her. Reika walks over to the camera, grunts, and her huge hand over the camera is the last to be seen as the scene fades to black. Cut back to ringside)

John: “Fans, Jun Shiratori tasting some of her own medicine.”

Brittany: “Did you see that angle Deth twisted her foot around? Ouch!”

John: “Yes, with us know is ESWP commentator Brittany van Kelsey who will help us commentate the upcoming ESWP World Heavyweight title match between Firestarter and ‘Superninja’ Chris Michaels. Brittany, what can you tell us about the two combatants?”

Brittany: “Firestarter is like, huge and cruel. He is a meanie and I hope Chris beats him. Chris is a nice guy and kind of cute, and he has held the little guys’ belts.”

John: “Little guys’ belts?”

Sheena: “Yeah, the ESWP Junior Heavyweight titles.”

John: “Oh…”

(The camera focuses back at ringside where Davie is ready to announce)


Davie: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the ESWP HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WOOOOOORLD!!”

(Big pop!! The chants turn into heel pops as “Firestarter” by the Prodigy plays over the PA)

Davie: “Introducing first, representing Death Enterprises. He is from London, England and weighs in at 299 pounds. He is a former ESWP European Heavyweight Champion and European Tag Team Champion. He is the winner of ESWP’s Gauntlet 1996 and is the reigning ESWP HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WOOOOOORLD… FIIIIIIIRESTARTER!!”

(The entrance from the locker rooms is engulfed in flames and Firestarter steps through, unharmed. He is wearing his airbrushed tights and face mask and the big ESWP World title across his shoulder)

Brittany: “I, like, don’t understand it. He walks through fire and like never gets hurt!”

Sheena: “Guh!”

(The music cuts off as Firestarter enters the ring and hands the title belt over to the timekeeper, then White Zombie’s “Super Charger Heaven” plays to a big face pop)

Davie: “And his opponent weighs in at 234 pounds and represents the Ellis Alliance! He is a former ESWP North American Junior Heavyweight Champion, ESWP World Tag Team Champion and ESWP World Junior Heavyweight Champion. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… ‘SUUUUUUPERNINJA’ CHRIS MIIIIIIIICHAELS!!”

(Big face pop as Michaels walks down the aisle. He looks intense and focused, he is wearing his one-piece singlet and wrestling boots and has his long hair tied back into a pony tail. Michaels carefully eyes Firestarter and jumps into the ring)

John: “We have received word that Demonmaster has tried to make his way down the aisle to ringside but ESWP officials have taken great care to prevent any interference from this match, as this is a very important title match! It seems as if Demonmaster isn’t finished yet with Firestarter, and Firestarter and Michaels with a lock-up, Michaels with a side headlock but the champion pushes him off.”

Sheena: “And the ESWP champ now pounding into Michaels with a big uppercut… but Michaels blocks it! And Michaels retaliating now with uppercuts of his own! Firestarter staggering back, and Michaels follows it up with a THRUST KICK!! And Firestarter drops on one knee!”

(Face pop!!)

John: “Chris Michaels is a very intense athlete, and he connects with a HARD KICK INTO FIRESTARTER’S ANKLE!! What a furious start by the Superninja, Firestarter goes down and Michaels with a quick lateral press…”

1 . . Sheena: “But Firestarter throws him off. Much too early yet!”

Brittany: “Yeah, Firestarter is, like, a great wrestler!”

John: “Michaels can’t keep him down but he now grabs Firestarter’s arm and twists it into an armwringer… Firestarter tries to ram his elbow into Michaels to break this but he can’t reach him… and the champ with a closed fist breaking the hold!”

(Crowd boos!)

Sheena: “But Michaels doesn’t stop! He has been going downhill ever since losing the ESWP World J-belt to Sengir in late October and wants to win this title here tonight to make up for it… Michaels goes into the ropes as Firestarter gets back up… HIGH FLYING CROSS BODY PRESS! Can he keep him down…”?

1 . . 2 . . John: “No, and still not enough!”

Sheena: “But Chris Michaels really dominating the 299-pound athlete here tonight! Michaels follows it up with a fast Legdrop… and another…”

John: “And he connects every time! And Michaels goes to the second rope now… DROPS THE ELBOW!! And a cover…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “And another kick out!”

John: “But Michaels is relentless!”

Brittany: “Yeah, like the Energizer Bunny!”

Sheena: “Ugh! And some people call ME a dumb blonde…”

Brittany: “What?”

Sheena: “Never mind…”

John: “Michaels with the pick-up and he whips Firestarter into the ropes, clothesline… but Firestarter catches him and a 360° BACKBREAKER!! And Michaels holds his back!”

Brittany: “Why is this called a backbreaker? I mean, he, like, doesn’t actually break his b…”

Sheena: “Never mind. Firestarter with a breather now that he managed to drop Michaels on his knee… and he covers…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “But kickout by Michaels!”

Sheena: “He seems to be seriously hurt though, Firestarter picks him up and a whip-in, no, Michaels reverses… Firestarter tries to clothesline but Michaels leapfrogs, bounces off the ropes… RIGHT INTO A BIGFOOT BY FIRESTARTER!! Right into his jaw, this could be over…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “No, Firestarter can’t keep him down!”

Sheena: “But Firestarter pulls Michaels up now… AND A HARD K=I=D=N=E=Y P=U=N=C=H!! THIS IS THE SET-UP FOR HIS FINISHER!!”

(Heel pop!!)

John: “And Firestarter signals for the Burning Zone Torture Rack!! He lifts Michaels up…”


(Face pop!! Michaels struggles to fall back into the Suplex as Firestarter tries to break the Full Nelson)

John: “His finisher is the Dragon Suplex!! If he manages to fall back into the Bridge this is over!! Michaels struggles, we may have a new champ but Firestarter is too heavy for Michaels to Suplex at this point in the match… OOOH!! AND FIRESTARTER WITH A BACK MULE KICK!!”

(The crowd boos and yells as Firestarter frees himself with an obviously unfair maneuver)

Brittany: “I hope that didn’t hit Chris were it, like…”

Sheena: “It hit Michaels somewhere where it hurts! The referee issuing a warning but the damage is done… and Firestarter picks Michaels up again… B*U*R*N*I*N*G Z*O*N*E!!”

(Heel pop!!)

John: “No one gets out of this… the ref checks… AND MICHAELS WAVES HIS ARM!! Michaels submits!!”


(Firestarter releases Michaels who drops to the mat. The referee then hands Firestarter the world title, and Prodigy’s “Firestarter” plays)

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, your winner… AND STILL…”

(Heel pop!)


(Firestarter raises the belt to a huge heel pop as Michaels crawls out of the ring. The crowd gives him a respecting ovation but Michaels face expresses anger and pain. He holds his back and favors one leg, two paramedics run in to help him but Michaels angrily pushes them away, refusing any help, and disappears backstage)

John: “Fans, Chris Michaels obviously unhappy about this loss, he came so close in his valiant attempt to lift the World title. We will be right back after this. Don’t go away!”

(The camera comes up on the Kingpin and Napualokelani, sitting in the locker room. The Kingpin is grinning from ear to ear)

Kingpin: “Medusa, Medusa, Medusa… you never learn, do you? You’re always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to the Kingpin. Why is that? Your dreads too tight? Pumped too full of steroids? Or is it just that you’re a stupid bitch that can’t get the job done? Aside from Dalbello and Godiva, your whole damn family is pathetic. Wasn’t even a Rage who won the match, was it? And she couldn’t even get the job done without a little accidental help from Napua. It must suck going to Rage family reunions, sitting around kissing Dal and Diva’s asses, wishing any of the rest of your sorry asses were half as good.”

(He puffs on his cigar and blows three perfect smoke rings)

Kingpin: “Oh yeah, by the way, the next time one of your pitiful little brothers puts his hand on me, he’s going to draw back a stub. Got that? Remember, little boys, it took three of you to hold me back. Three. But no matter. Bottom line is, Napua’s still the champ, the Rages are still a joke, and it took them locking Erykah in her locker room to win the match. I bet she’s still pissed. With a little guidance and direction of all that energy, I think she could do a lot of dama…”

(He stops suddenly)

Kingpin: “But that’s my business. Not yours.”

(Ellen and Wendy Yates walk in from off camera. Ellen sits in the Kingpin’s lap, running her hand over his bald head, Wendy stands behind him and puts her hands on his shoulders)

Kingpin: “It just doesn’t get any better than this.”

Ellen: “Time to go, sugar plum. We’ve got a date with the Donnas.”

Wendy: “Now, how many World Tag Titles would that be for us?”

Ellen: “I don’t know. Let’s ask Medusa Rage.” (She slides off the Kingpin’s lap and he stands up) “Medusa, how many World Tag Titles will that make for me and Wen?”

(The Kingpin stamps his foot four times and snorts like a Clydesdale. All four of them fall out laughing)

Wendy (rubbing the Kingpin’s head): “That’s a good girl, Medusa. Good girl.” (She looks at her hands, disgusted, then rubs them on her tights) “Yuck. Jerry Curl juice.”

(Ellen cackles wildly. Napua grins, then hoists the World title belt up onto her shoulder)

Kingpin: “Yup. Still looks good there, sweetheart. Well, as you can see, I’ve got business to attend to. Float away, fruitcake. You bother me.”

Ellen: “Bye, Medusa.”

Wendy: “Too bad Christmas is over. I’d have sent her some more needles for her ‘roids.”

Ellen: “Well, obviously, she’s got plenty. She gets them from Monet.”

Wendy: “Oh, yeah. That makes sense.”

Kingpin: “C’mon, sweet thangs… time to go to the ring.”

(The camera cuts back from the broadcast table)

John: “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back, and just in time for the big women’s tag title match! The Prima Donnas are defending the belts against Ellen and Wendy Yates from the Syndicate, and we all know that Dream Succubus are contenders number one since they are the winners of that brutal four-way earlier on tonight! We have just heard from the Syndicate, and it looks like they are more than ready to add yet another World title to their list achievements.”

(The camera zooms on Davie in the ring who has the mike in hand. He is wearing a silly Santa hat and begins to announce)


Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the IEWA Women’s TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD!!”

(Big crowd pop which turns into boos and yells as “Wsup? Wsup?” by LA Flow blares over the PA system)

Davie: “Introducing first, the challengers. Representing the Syndicate and weighing in at a total combined 270 pounds. From Kalamazoo, Michigan, here are… ELLEN AND WENDY YAAAAAATES!!”

(Ellen and Wendy step through the curtains, both sisters are wearing maroon women’s singlets with matching boots, wrist tape and headbands. They stroll down the aisle, Wendy shouts at a fan in the front row, then enter the ring)

Sheena: “We all know that both teams are handicapped, so to speak, as their respective managers are banned from ringside to prevent any interference. We have also heard from President Boedder that he will strip the Donnas of the belts should anyone interfere in their favor.”

John: “Yes, it seems as if the Donnas are this time forced to actually wrestle!”

(The music changes to the calm and melodic tunes of Carmen of Bizet’s “Waltz of the Toreadors”)

Davie: “And their opponents are the IEWA Women’s Tag Team Champions of the World, at a total combined 246 pounds here are Lady Jane Forbes and Svetlana Nijinsky… THE PRIIIIIMA DONNAS!!”

(The Prima Donnas walk cockily to ringside, just like their opponents without their manager. Lady Jane wears a deep red singlet with a random pattern of small golden stars on it and a black velvet fur trimmed cape as well as a diamond tiara on her head. She hands the fur and tiara to the ring attendant, giving him a look full of disdain, while Svetlana, wearing a black tutu and slippers on her feet, annoys the crowd by performing ballerina exercises in the ring)

John: “And there goes the bell, the big match is on! Any predictions, Sheena?”

Sheena: “It’s really hard to say. The Donnas have yet to win a match fair here in the IEWA, and we have not seen the Yates sisters in action ever since Wendy got injured at the International Stampede, courtesy of the Cruel Angels.”

John: “It looks as its Lady Jane starts it off against Ellen Yates, both women are fast skyweights.”

Sheena: “Ellen and Jane eye each other carefully… and the two lock up, Jane with a fast side headlock, but Ellen slips out of it and pushes Jane into the ropes but Jane frees herself with a back elbow right into Ellen’s face!”

John: “Ellen holding her f ace while Jane lands a hard kick to Jane’s right knee. Ellen clips down to one knee and Jane now with a hard European Uppercut! Jane seemed to catch Ellen off guard, a vicious start by the English noblewoman. She whips Ellen into the ropes, Ellen leapfrogs, both women bounce off the ropes again and Jane with a FLYING FOREARM!!”

(Crowd pop!!)

Sheena: “Jane immediately going for the cover…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “But clearly much too early as the more experienced Ellen Yates kicks out. Jane pulls her back up by her hair and she tries to land a chop but Ellen blocks it and nails Jane with a Forearm Smash! Jane staggering back and Ellen with a Standing Dropkick! And Jane goes down!”

Sheena: “Great opening minutes from these two extremely agile women, Jane jumps back to her feet as Ellen goes into the ropes… and Ellen leaps over her, grabs her thighs and pulls her into a Sunset Flip!!”

1 . . 2 . . John: “Uh, kickout! She nearly surprised the champ there… and Ellen reaches over and tags Wendy in! She’s the powerhouse of the team and Wendy and Ellen each grab one of Jane’s arm, double whip-in and a HIGH DOUBLE BACKDROP by the Yates sisters!!”

Sheena: “And Wendy now the legal woman in the ring, she goes into the ropes and a quick elbowdrop…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “But Jane can get her shoulder up, Wendy had better hook the leg. Wendy now picks Jane up, scoops her up and drops her into a Bodyslam! And another quick tag, Ellen back in the ring, nice teamwork here by the Syndicate. Wendy holds Jane in position and Ellen nails her with a hard kick to the midsection!”

Sheena: “Remarkably fair match so far!”

John: “Was a good idea from Boedder to ban all managers from ringside. Jane drops to her knees and Ellen immediately jump s on her back, grabs her jaw and applies pressure… Camel Clutch!”

Sheena: “Jane grimaces in pain as Ellen applies that nasty submission hold but I doubt it will be effective at this early stage of the match, and Ellen is only a Skyweight herself. Jane is slowly crawling forwards, Ellen is trying to keep her away from the ropes but Jane is gaining inch by inch… and Jane’s got the bottom rope and the ref forcing the break!”

John: “Jane is still holding her back, and Ellen with a swift kick to Jane’s kidney! And Ellen picks Jane up by the neck, I think she is going for a Swinging Neckbreaker… but reverses, waistlock… AND JANE WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX OUT OF NOWHERE!! INTO THE BRIDGE!!”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “And the kickout! That snotnose is a real bitch but she’s one of the fastest in the game! And Ellen manages to tag, and now for the first time in the ring we have Svetlana Nijinsky!”

John: “And the two Prima Donnas immediately picking Ellen up, double Irish whip into the ropes and the Donnas with a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!”

(Crowd pop!!)

John: “That had impact!! Ellen drops to the mat, and Svetlana goes into the ropes and comes back with a HIGH LEGDROP ACROSS ELLEN’S CHEST! Svetlana with a quick lateral press…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “But she can’t keep Ellen down!”

John: “And Svetlana pulls Ellen to her feet, and she applies the Abdominal Stretch!”

Sheena: “Uh, very good ring savvy by Svetlana, she has that hold applied in the middle of the ring, Ellen crying out in pain as the Russian ballerina overextends her abdomen but she can’t reach the ropes…”

John: “Fans, I have received word that we have some quick backstage comments from another top tag team here in the IEWA, SWAT, regarding none other than Erykah Draper!”

(Fade in: a grainy video feed, apparently coming from some kind of camcorder, shows Angel and Justice of SWAT standing in front of a locker room door. The door says “Erykah Draper” and appears to have been taken off its hinges)

Angel: “Man, this is a tragedy.”

Justice: “I know. Who would do such a horrible thing to such a fine athlete as Erykah?”

(Both women look sad for about half a second, then they burst into laughter)

Angel: “Well, now you know, Painmaker.”

Justice: “You know, I bet you and a lot of other IEWA wrestlers were sitting back and laughing your fool heads off when we said we’d become the vigilantes of the IEWA. Still laughing now, Draper?”

Angel: “We cost you a win over your enemies, the Rage family. And, since Dalbello has already done a tap-dance on your body, the Rages didn’t have to worry about getting their own revenge. Nice little arrangement, if I do say so myself.”

Justice: “Sure, we could have come down and beat the crap out of you, but what would have been the point? Justice has been served, your attack on Lauryn Rage has been brought to sentence. Consider yourself on probation.”

Angel: “And to the rest of the IEWA, better behave. Because someone’s watching you, and it ain’t Santa Claus.”

Justice: “Demon Sucky-wrestlers, enjoy your title shot against the Prima Donnas, but don’t get too comfortable. You’ve still got your sentence to come.”

(The two women laugh, and then walk away from the door and dressing room. The camera focuses on the name on the door for a few seconds, then fades away)

Sheena: “Hu-huh! SWAT were the ones who locked Draper into her locker room? We thought it was the Rages or maybe Sarah Victory…”

John: “I’m sure we will hear from Erykah Draper regarding that matter soon enough! Svetlana Nijinsky still putting immense pressure on Ellen’s abdomens, and Svetlana reaches back as the ref checks for the submission… AND SVETLANA REACHES JANE’S HEAD, AND JANE PULLS TO INCREASE THE PRESSURE!!”

(Heel pop!!)

Sheena: “Heh, cheeky! Ellen now crying out as the pain on her abdominals increases, Wendy runs in to break it but the referee forcing her back to her corner! The ref, as usual, seeing nothing…”


(Big pop!!)

Sheena: “Ellen is out of that hold but she is still wincing in pain and holding her side… she crawls over to Wendy, Svetlana is back up and tries to stop her… TOO LATE! TAG MADE!!”

John: “And Wendy in the ring now, boy, she is furious! Svetlana tries to nail her with a closed fist punch but Wendy simply absorbs it… and Wendy grabs Svetlana’s head… HEADBUTT!! Svetlana drops to one knee and Wendy goes into the ropes… CLOTHESLINE TO THE BACK OF SVETLANA’S HEAD!! And Svetlana drops face-first to the mat!!”

Sheena: “Boy, Wendy is HOT! She onto the second rope while Svetlana is staggering to get back up… AND WENDY COMES DOWN… S=E=C=O=N=D R=O=P=E B=U=L=L=D=O=G!!”

(Fans cheer!!)

John: “We might have new champs here! Svetlana is down, her face driven into the mat, and Wendy rolls her over, cover…”

1 . . 2 . . Thr…

(Crowd goes: “Oooooh!”)

Sheena: “NO! NO! Svetlana kicks out!!”

John: “That was two and three quarters! Nearly the pinfall here, and Wendy is now trying to finish this… she pulls Svetlana up, into the ropes, Svetlana comes back and Wendy catches her… SPINEBUSTER!!”

Sheena: “Boy, that had impact! And Wendy draws her thumb across her throat, she is trying to finish this!!”

John: “Wendy pulls Svetlana’s head between her sinewy muscled thighs, waistlock uplift… she goes for the Powerbomb but Svetlana can counter! Wendy tries it again and Svetlana blocks again… AND SVETLANA COUNTERS WITH A BACK BODY DROP!!”


Sheena: “Wendy landing hard on her back here, that Powerbomb would have been it for Svetlana, I am sure!”

John: “Great counter by the former ballerina, but she has taken a lot of punishment for a woman her size and now she has to make the tag… Svetlana reaches over while Wendy gets back up… AND SVETLANA TAGS!!”

Sheena: “Lady Jane is back in the ring, Wendy tries to get back up but Jane with a swift kick to Wendy’s ankle and she drops to the mat again! And Jane grabs the ropes, places her foot on Wendy’s neck! Wendy struggling to get Jane’s foot off of her throat, gasping for oxygen, and the referee breaking it up!”

John: “I have to say I am surprised by the Donnas, though! They really seem to know every trick in the book, and Ellen now with a Closed Fist Punch to Wendy’s forehead!!”

(Crowd goes: “Oooooh!”)

Sheena: “The ref giving Jane a warning but she seems oblivious, and she pulls Wendy in position, steps back… AND A S=U=P=E=R=K=I=C=K!! RIGHT INTO WENDY’S JAW!! THIS IS OVER!! Jane covers…”

1 . . 2 . . Thr…

John: “NO! KICKOUT!!”

Sheena: “Ow! I thought this was over but Wendy with some energy left… and Lady Jane doing the tag again! Svetlana in the ring now! And both Donnas pick the stunned Wendy Yates up and a double Irish whip, double cl… NOOOO! WENDY YATES CLOTHESLINES BOTH WOMEN DOWN!!”

(Big pop!!)

John: “That woman has power! Svetlana jumping back up but Wendy with a SWIFT CLOTHESLINE AND SVETLANA GOES OVER THE TOP ROPE!! Jane getting back up, dazed, and Wendy pulls her head between her legs, quick uplift… P”I”L”E”D”R”I”V”E”R!!”

(The crowd cheers and yells!)

Sheena: “OH BOY!! Did you see Jane’s neck snap back? What a comeback by Wendy Yates, and she tags her sister Ellen in… AND THEY ARE GOING FOR THE FINISH!! ELLEN SIGNALS FOR THE HOSPITALIZER!!”

John: “Ellen goes onto the top rope while Wendy grabs Jane’s feet by the ankles and turns her around… BOSTON CRAB…”

(The crowd starts to pop as a man, well-muscled but not overtoned, jumps over the guardrails to the ring)

Sheena: “Who’s that?”


(The crowd goes: “Ooooh!”)

Sheena: “And Ellen goes for the pin… wait, there’s that man…”

1 . . 2 . . (The crowd pops as the intruder grabs the referee’s ankles and pulls him out of the ring before his hand slaps the mat for a third time)

John: “HE’S PREVENTING THE PINFALL! The Syndicate had this won, no doubt! And… IT’S MIKE MALONE!!”

Sheena: “We’ve all heard rumors that Mai Tai and her Dojo are bringing in men for her stable, and we all know Malone has some allegiance with the Dojo! And the ref calls for the bell!”


Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this match as a result of a Disqualification… ELLEN AND WENDY YATES!!”

(Heel pop!!)

John: “Oh boy, Mike Malone helps the Donnas, part of the Dojo, to retain the belts… look at Wendy, she is MAD!! And there comes Sophia DiMarco!!”

(The crowd boos as Sophia runs down the aisle, smiling. She hugs Svetlana, then grabs the tag belts from the timekeeper’s table and jumps in the air, celebrating. Svetlana is grabbing her belt, completely exhausted, while Jane is still motionless in the ring following the Hospitalizer. Ellen and Wendy are arguing with the referee but his decision stands…)

Sheena: “…and there comes Boedder!”

John: “Boy, this is gonna be interesting! We all know Boedder promised to strip the Donnas of the titles if any interference happens on their behalf…”

(The crowd starts to boo as Boedder strolls down the aisle. He skillfully ignores a drink container thrown against his head and the big “Boedder fears L-Dog” sign raised by a little girl in the front row. Boedder enters the ring and demands the mike. He does not look happy)

Sheena: “Boedder really doing something for his money today…”

Boedder: “Not so fast, Miss DiMarco! Put the tag belts right down!”

(Crowd pop!! DiMarco is shocked!)

Boedder: “Now, you just had to disobey my orders, didn’t you! I thought I had made myself clear when I said that if anyone interferes on your behalf in this matchup the Prima Donnas will be STRIPPED OF THE TAG BELTS!!”

(Another pop!! Jane is still motionless, Svetlana and Sophia are trying to shout something towards Boedder…)

Boedder: “Now, since I’m in a Christmassy mood, I will give you the choice. Either you give the belts right back to me and vacate the titles…”

(Big pop!! Sophia and Svetlana frantically shake their head)

Boedder: “… or you and Mr. Malone will go walk straight back to your locker rooms and the Prima Donnas will defend the titles ON THE SPOT AGAINST THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS!!”

(Big, big pop!! Svetlana shakes her head, completely exhausted, while Sophia, still complaining, along with Malone and the completely infuriated Ellen and Wendy Yates are being dragged back down the aisle by security. All of the sudden, some fast techno music starts to play to a loud heel pop…)

John: “OH MY GOD!! The number one contenders due to the four way brawl earlier on are DREAM SUCCUBUS!!”

(Big heel pop as Demoness Kimura and Demon Maruyama stroll cockily down the aisle, making the belt gesture . Demoness’s forehead is cut by some stitches, courtesy of the match earlier on!)

Sheena: “Demoness dives into the ring and Boedder talks to the referee and signals for the bell! We have an additional match here! I don’t believe this!! Svetlana charges Kimura but Demoness pounds her down with a swift Standing Lariat!!”

(Heel pop!!)

John: “Lady Jane is starting to move again, she has taken a lot! And Demoness picks her up by her hair, tilt-a-whirl… AND A 360° BACKBREAKER BY DEMONESS KIMURA!!”

Sheena: “This is not good, this is not good for Jane at all! She just had her back severely damaged by the Hospitalizer, and now Demoness working on it… and Demoness whips Jane into the ropes, she bounces back… BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!”

(Heel pop!!)

John: “Oh my god! Demoness Kimura is 180 pounds! That has to be over!! And Demoness covers…”

1 . . 2 . . Thr…

(Big pop!! – but Jane miraculously gets a shoulder up!)

John: “NO! NO! Only a count of two!!”

Sheena: “Unbelievable, the stamina of this woman! I doubt she can take any more, though… Demoness pulls her up and a hard Forearm to Jane’s ribcage! Jane staggers back and Demoness tries to scoop her up into a Bodyslam… NO! JANE CAN COUNTER WITH AN EYE RAKE!!”

John: “Jane has to tag out now, she has taken so much punishment… she crawls over to Svetlana, Svetlana reaches out… and she tags… NO! DEMONESS WITH A DOUBLE AXE HANDLE TO JANE’S BACK BEFORE THE TAG IS MADE!!”

Sheena: “This is bad for Jane, she has to tag to stay in this match… and Demoness pulls her into the turnbuckles… DEVIL HAS REMOVED THE TURNBUCKLE PAD!! AND DEMONESS SMASHES JANE’S HEAD AGAINST THE EXPOSED STEEL ROPE!!”

(Big heel pop!!)

John: “OH MY GOD!! AND JANE IS BLEEDING!! Look at this, Demoness tags out cockily, and Devil Maruyama picks the bleeding and completely stunned Jane up by her throat… AND… A C=H=O=K=E=S=L=A=M!!!”

Sheena: “Did you see that? She picked Jane up like a feather!! And Devil goes to the top rope, she draws her thumb across her throat… That’s a 225-pounder on the top rope… she is taking her time but Jane isn’t moving and her face completely covered in blood…



1 . . 2 . (The crowd cheers as Jane still doesn’t move…) . 3!!


John: “Oh my god! New champs! New champs!!”

(The crowd pops as Devil and Demoness swagger over to the timekeeper’s table and grab the tag belts)

Sheena: “That… that wasn’t a match… that was a massacre!”


(HUGE heel pop as DS’s techno music plays and Demoness and Devil cockily hold their newly acquired tag belts up to the crowd)

John: “Dream Succubus on their way back to the locker room… and there comes Sophia DiMarco! And Sophia runs to Lady Jane and gently lifts her head into her lap… Jane is bleeding heavily, and she doesn’t move… and Svetlana is also running to her… this doesn’t look good…”

Sheena: “And there come stretchers! IEWA paramedics are rushing down… Jane needs medical treatment, and she needs it fast! Two paramedics are lifting Jane onto a stretcher and securing her…”

John: “Fans, let’s hope Lady Jane will be alright! She has displayed unbelievable stamina tonight, she came back from a Hospitalizer, her head has been smashed open, she got chokeslammed and was of the receiving end of a 225-pound-top-rope Moonsault! True, we all disliked her snotty antiques but she displayed that she truly is a great young wrestler… fans, I understand the Prophets of Rage are standing backstage ready for their tag title match!”

(Fade in: The Prophets of Rage are in their dressing room, dressed in their gear, ready to go. Shadoe claps his hands and smiles. He has a spring of mistletoe tucked under his ear. Derek is wearing a Santa hat)

Shadoe: “Merry Christmas, IEWA!!! ‘Tis the Season of Giving, isn’t it? Yeah, and that’s exactly what we’re fixing to do. We’re going to go out there and share some season’s beatings with our good buddies, Hysteria, the Wild Cards and somebody else that doesn’t matter too much when it comes right down to it.”

Derek: “Just more meat for the morgue. We’re getting ready. But hold up, bruh!”

(Derek claps a massive hand on Shadoe’s shoulder)

Shadoe: “What’s up?”

Derek: “It’s Christmas and Chanukah. We gotta give ’em a little gift, don’t we?”

Shadoe: “I suppose.”

(Derek shoulders his way into the frame)

Derek: “So, what we’re going to do is this. We’re gonna spare you all the pleasure of getting your asses kicked by the Prophets of Rage. You aren’t going to have the pleasure of having the greatest tag team in the world just stomp you all until there’s nothing left. We are stepping aside. Because frankly, there ain’t a damn thing we want from you guys. And another championship belt right now just isn’t something we’re interested in doing.”

Shadoe: “Yeah, that’s right. So, we’re not going to be out there. But what we’re going to do… maybe this isn’t such a big gift after all. We’re gonna let you take on a team of rookies. A team of amateurs. Yeah, that’s right. The Prophets have stepped aside to let the Disciples of Rage take over.”

(The Rages split aside and the Disciples of Rage slide into center stage. They smile and clap, doing a little jig)

Andre: “Can it be? Can it be all so simple? The Disciples of Rage just march right in and get to kick the asses of a whole bunch of punks? Whoever wants to get in the way can just get the living you know what kicked out of them. The Disciples of Rage have been in the back for too long and now we’re coming to grab a little of that spotlight that the Rages so deserve. Kembe, tell ’em what’s in store for them?”

(The wild-looking Kembe just laughs gleefully)

Kembe: “Oh, this is going to be fun! There’s gonna be bodies flying, there’s gonna be action from one end of the building to the other. There’s gonna be a whole lotta shaking going on! There’s gonna be action like nobody ever saw. Because the Disciples are coming with something new and something a little bad. Hey, it’s gonna be a merry Christmas when we roll up to the pay window and take those title belts away from all of you with your jaws just dropped. We gonna beat you like you stole from us!”

Andre (rubbing his knuckles): “They did. They done stole our spotlight one too many times. They ignored us. You won’t be able to ignore us for much longer.”

Shadoe: “The time is now. Let’s march down that aisle! There’s work to be done!”

Andre: “This is gonna be something for the record books.”

(He raises his hand, and without even looking, Kembe tags it. They tap fists and march down the aisle. As Derek moves past, he covers the camera with his big hand)

The Rages: “Dashing through the snow… in a one horse open sleigh… over the fields we go… laughing all the way!!!”

(Back to ringside)

John: “Uhh? The Prophets have been replaced by the Disciples! What a chaotic Shattered Dreams! Erykah Draper locked into her locker room, Jessica Starbird and Deth Nell being attacked behind the scenes, Dream Succubus lifting the tag belts without even being scheduled… what else will happen??”

Sheena: “Andre and Kembe strolling down the ring, accompanied by Derek and Shadoe… Davie appears speechless now that it’s the Disciples and not the Prophets who are wrestling…”

(Andre and Kembe enter the ring, Andre is wearing black trunks, boots, and vest and the single black glove while Kembe wears cycle shorts under shaggy basketball shorts, two black gloves and a navel- and a nose ring)


Davie: “Uh, and their opponents are weighing in at 485 pounds… Billy Ray Skaggs and Brian O’Halleran… the BLAAAAAAACKHEARTS!!”

(Heel pop as “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones plays and Skaggs and O’Halleran walk down the aisle. Skaggs, wearing loose-fitting black pants, black boots, black wrist tape and a black vest, i s displaying his famous smile while Brian, simply wearing black trunks and boots, seems very displeased. Both men enter the ring, eyeing Kembe and Andre carefully, then the music changes to “Ace of Spades” by Motorhead to a big face pop)

Davie: “And their opponents are weighing in at a combined 447 pounds… Ace of Spades and Blackjack Donovan… former IEWA Tag Team Champions of the World… THE WIIIIIILD CARDS!!”

(The crowd pops as Ace and Blackjack dance down the aisle, slapping hands along the way. Ace is wearing a pure white costume with a spade on the chest and a white face cowl while Blackjack wears a costume designed like the Jack of Diamonds in a card game and a white mask with a red diamond over the face)

John: “Former tag champs here, can they repeat it tonight?”

(Suddenly, the lights darken and the fans pop! The aisle is highlighted by a white spot, and “I can’t dance” by Genesis plays over the PA)

Davie: “And their opponents, IEWA Tag Team Champions of the World… War and Chaos… HYYYYYYYSTERIA!!”

(War and Chaos step through the curtains, dressed in black suits… and they dance towards the ring just like Genesis in their video! The fans greet them with cheers and a big pop!)

Sheena: “Hee! Hee! They truly can’t dance!”

(The two tag champs enter the ring, then remove their suits to reveal their usual wrestling gear underneath, “Ride the Lightning” shirts. Chaos asks for the mike as the music stops and the lights switch back on again)

Chaos: “HO HO HO Hi everyone!!! I hope you had a great evening so far!! Well, I really don’t want to disturb you and believe me, this match will start veeeeery very very soon. BUT… my big buddy over here, the only War that was made for girls…”

(The female part of the crowd pops!)

Chaos: “Anyway… we both thought about this nice battle here tonight and after two days of extensive thinking something came to our minds. HELP… we have to fight against nine other men…”

(He points at Derek and Shadoe outside the ring

Chaos: “You all know that we don’t hide normally and that we want nothing more than respect. But those two individuals around that ring here made us a little bit nervous… to tell you the truth. So, we thought that we might have some support at ringside, too. This isn’t a normal event, and so we asked Santa Claus for a present. Nothing expensive, quite normal, very normal. HO HO HO, ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, our one day support division, from Europe, he’s a true champ, here is for you…”

(He takes a deep breath and the crowd starts to yell)


(“Bochum” by Herbert Groenemeyer sounds from the PA and the crowd is going nuts completely. Normal enters the arena through the entrance. He wears a black tuxedo and black boots. Over his right shoulder lays the EEF European Championship belt. Coming down the aisle he high-fives the front row fans and smiles from one ear to another. He enters the apron at the corner of Hysteria and they all high-five each other)

John: “What an evening! Hysteria with their own back-up, none other than the EEF European Heavyweight Champ!”

Sheena: “And the match can finally start, it looks like Andre Rage starts it off against Billy Ray Skaggs of the Blackhearts!”

John: “Lock-up by the two and Andre immediately with a Hip Toss, he tries to go into the armbar but Billy can shake him off… Billy jumps back up just as Andre goes into the ropes and Andre Clotheslines Billy down… quick lateral press…”

1 . . Sheena: “But Billy Ray can throw him off! And Andre with a quick tag and Blackjack Donovan from the Wild Cards jumps into the ring! Blackjack immediately landing quick kicks to Billy’s side… quite some history between these two teams, the Wild Cards beat the Blackhearts in the very first IEWA Tag Team Title match! Billy is back up but Blackjack Donovan immediately grabs his legs and wraps him into a small package!!”

1 . . 2 . . John: “But Billy can kick out!”

Sheena: “Blackjack charges but Billy can counter with a quick thumb to his eye! And Billy manages to lean over and make the tag, and the big War from Hysteria is in the ring now! Blackjack is still blinded, War picks him up and a quick Bodyslam! And War goes into the ropes and a high LEGDROP… misses!!”

John: “Blackjack saw it coming and rolls away, and the big War crashes to the mat! And Blackjack crawls over to his corner and makes the tag… Ace of Spades in the ring now, and he goes into the ropes, grabs War’s head… SNAPMARE TAKEOVER!! War howls and holds his hurt neck, Ace tries to keep him down for a cover…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “But War throws him off!”

John: “Did you notice? A large number of quick covers, the teams are out to eliminate each other quickly before wasting too much energy! This can be a very long match, and Ace working on War’s back… and he drives his knee hard into the back of the big man!”

Sheena: “Right into his spine, and Ace trying to capitalize! He pulls his opponent up, whips him… no, War can reverse, Ace bounces of the ropes and WAR WITH A SHOULDERBLOCK!! And Ace goes down hard! War covers…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “But Ace of Spades can kick out! And War makes the tag to Kembe Rage! Look, on the outside Klaus Lehman and Shadoe Rage are circling each other carefully… and Kembe and Ace of Spades in the ring now! Kembe has nearly a foot height advantage, that guy is one big fella!”

Sheena: “Sure is, and he lifts Ace up… and lands a Forearm Smash after another! Ace staggers back, and Kembe lifts him up… HIGH BACK SUPLEX!!”

(Crowd pop!!)

John: “That had impact, and Ace is stunned… Kembe makes the tag to Andre Rage, and Andre running into the ring a hard kick right into Ace’s kidney! Ace howling out in pain, and Andre picks him up and a fast Scoop Slam… Ace goes down, and Andre covers…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “Can’t keep him down!”

John: “But Ace is still prone and Andre lands his elbow right into the nerves of Ace’s shoulder… Ace shrieking out, and Andre pulls him up…”


1 . . 2 . . John: “No, Andre kicks out! Not enough, but it gives Ace a breather, and he can tag out to Chaos from Hysteria!”

(All of the sudden, the crowd pops and turns towards the aisle. Three tall men are silently coming down towards ringside, wearing monk cloaks, covering their faces. Shadoe, Derek and Klaus Lehman are turning to face them but they simply stare down)

Sheena: “It’s Nightmare, Beast and Torturer! The Creatures of the Night!”

John: “And Chaos against Andre in the ring now! Chaos charges but Andre with a boot to his ribcage, and he makes the quick tag to Kembe! Kembe enters the ring, and both Disciples now whipping Chaos into the ropes… DOUBLE FLYING CLOTHESLINE BY THE DISCIPLES!!”


Sheena: “Chaos goes down and Kembe hooks the leg…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “But he can’t keep him down!”

Sheena: “And look at this! The Creatures of the Night simply standing there, faces down, motionless, and Shadoe intercepting them to prevent any interference, and so is Lehman… and Lehman and Shadoe now arguing!”

John: “And in the ring Chaos back up and Kembe grabs his neck for a DDT… no, Chaos can push him off! Both these men are huge! Over three hundred pounds, and Chaos now landing a big European Uppercut! Kembe staggering backwards and Chaos lifts him up, drops him on his knee… STOMACHBREAKER!!”

Sheena: “And Shadoe and Derek are still occupied with the Creature of the Night who simply stand there and stare, completely emotionless… and look at this! Chaos is about to pick Kembe up, Lehman dives into the ring… AND LEHMAN CLIPS CHAOS’ LEG FROM BEHIND!! WHAT THE…”

(Heel pop!!)

John: “Chaos goes down, and Kembe stars surprised at Lehman… AND LEHMAN GRABS CHAOS’ NECK AND DDT’S HIM TO THE MAT!! And Lehman points at Chaos! He seems to tell Kembe ‘Pin him, you twit’!”

Sheena: “Where was the ref… arguing with Skaggs… and Lehman dives away from the ring as Kembe, a bit unsure about the whole situation, drops onto the motionless Chaos and hooks the leg…”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!

(The crowd starts to boo and yell as Klaus Lehman runs down the aisle. “You sold out! You sold out!” cheers start to erupt, and War is over his fallen partner!)

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, Hysteria have been eliminated via Pinfall!”

(Boos and yells from the crowd!)

John: “I don’t get this! Hysteria bring Lehman as a backup against the Rages and he turns against them and immediately runs off… AND WAR AND CHAOS RUN DOWN THE AISLE AFTER THEM!!”

(Face pop as Hysteria are doing the chase)

Sheena: “And it’s down to three teams! Regardless of the outcome one thing is sure, Hysteria won’t be the tag champs after tonight! Kembe is still in the ring while Blackjack sneaks up behind him… ROLLUP CRADLE!!”

1 . . 2 . . John: “But he can’t keep him down! Kickout!”

Sheena: “Three teams left, we all thought either Hysteria or the Prophets would win this but now we have to rethink completely! And the much smaller Blackjack Donovan pounding away at Kembe who seems to absorb them… and Kembe PUSHES BLACKJACK AWAY RIGHT INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!!”

John: “Uh, right into the corner of the Blackhearts… and O’Halleran uses the opportunity to nail his elbow between Blackjack’s eyes…. AND KEMBE RUNS IN WITH THE AVALANCHE… NOOOO O! Blackjack ducks… AND KEMBE COLLIDES WITH BRIAN O’HALLERAN AND BRIAN DROPS FROM THE APRON!!”

(Big pop as Brian O’Halleran falls… right into the hapless Shadoe Rage! Both men tumble over in a heap of limbs while Billy Ray Skaggs, enraged, jumps over the top rope and pounds at Kembe!)

Sheena: “Uh, and the Blackhearts are mad at the Rages now… Billy in the ring exchanging blows with Kembe… the referee trying to pull Billy back into his corner but to no avail… and Blackjack Dovovan goes onto the top rope… AND CORKSCREW PLANCHAS BOTH KEMBE RAGE AND BILLY RAY SKAGGS OFF THEIR FEET!!”

(Big Face pop!!)

John: “And on the outside Brian O’Halleran is back up, Shadoe trying to get up behind him… AND BRIAN GRABS SHADOE’S NECK AND FALLS BACK!! Irish Wake Diamond Cutter on the outside!! Oh boy, complete chaos…”


John: “And in the ring Kembe is brawling with Blackjack Donovan now, Ace of Spades has just launched himself at Billy Ray Skaggs…”


John: “The bell…”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has disqualified ALL THREE REMAINING TEAMS!!”

(Crowd pop!!)

Sheena: “Oh boy, all eight men are really going at it now, and there goes security!”

(Half a dozen black and white striped men are running in and are tearing the furious Shadoe off of Brian O’Halleran, and are separating the four men in the ring)

John: “And now? Who are the champs?”

Sheena: “Beats me!”


John: “Uh, and they are still trying to get at it… another few officials are running in and separate them… and the Creatures of the Night are silently walking away down the aisle! Fans, we have to hear from President Boedder regarding the situation of the tag titles but right now it’s time for the final match of the night, the coronation of the first ever IEWA women’s Television champion!!”

(Davie is back in the now-cleared ring, and the crowd starts to boo as Yori Kenyuki’s music starts, Japanese war drums)


Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the IEWA WOMEN’S TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!!”

(Crowd pop!!)

Davie: “Introducing first, hailing from Japan… she is the only survivor of the first elimination match, here is YOOOORI KENYUUUUKI!!”

(Yori Kenyuki walks down the aisle in her light green wrestling attire ornamented with silver diamonds. She sneers at the booing fans while making her way down the aisle, then enters the ring)

John: “The fans treating Yori exactly the way she deserves after what happened earlier on.”

Sheena: “Fans, we have comments from her opponent backstage! Let’s go to Tako!”

(Fade in: Marissa Monet is backstage at Skydome, wiping her brow down. Shadoe Rage is tucked under her arm, beaming proudly. Marissa’s face is a study of pride, confidence, and smug superiority. She jerks her chin at Tako who has a microphone)

Marissa: “Tako, you hold the mic up for me. I’ve got something to say to the world out there.”

Tako (smiling): “Yes, Miss Monet.”

Marissa (laughing scornfully): “Yeah, that’s right. I like that, Tako. Ms. Monet. See, everybody in the IEWA is talking about me like I’m a rookie. They said, look at this little Coney Island girl in her shorts and jersey, she must be a pathetic rookie without a clue. Man, they just don’t know Coney Island girls, do they. They just don’t know what’s up with us. But that’s cool. That’s all well and good, because when I get in there with Ms. Yori Kenyuki she’s gonna see what Coney Island is all about. Brooklyn style, baby. Brooklyn style.”

Tako: “You, Mr. Rage, must be very proud.” (Big smile as he lifts his camera and takes a snapshot of Marissa who cops an attitude at the question)

Shadoe: “I always knew. Now, you’re going to see exactly what’s the deal. She’s gonna be the first to bring the gold home in 1998 for the Rage clan. And we’ll all be out there watching her go for the gold. Yori’ you’re in a foreign land on foreign turf. You’re done.”

Marissa: “You’re gonna get Punk Dunked just like Draper did.”

Shadoe: “Time to walk that aisle, angel. Time to walk that aisle.”

(Back to ringside where Davie is in the ring with the mike)

Davie: “And her opponent is the only survivor from our second elimination match, she hails from Brooklyn, New York, and weighs 175 pounds… MAAAAAAARISSA MOOOOOOONET!!!”

(“The Rain” by Missy Elliot plays over the PA, and Shadoe Rage leads Marissa down the aisle. Shadoe is flamboyant as ever, taunting the kids in the front row, while Marissa appears focused and stares at Yori in the ring)

Sheena: “And both women in the ring now, and this is for the gold.”

Davie: “This has to be somewhat of a surprise. Yori and Marissa were two overlooked rookies but this changed overnight, and now both are squaring off for this prestigious belt!”

Sheena: “And the two big women with a lock-up… Marissa with the Armlock but Yori frees herself with a rear elbow… and Yori grabs Marissa’s neck and a quick snapmare takedown… Yori tries to take the prone Marissa Monet into the sleeper but Marissa glides to the ropes and the ref with the break!”

Davie: “Marissa gets back up and Yori grabs her arm, Irish-whip… and Yori with a Standing Shoulderblock… Marissa nearly losing her balance but she remains on her feet! And Yori looks shocked…”

Sheena: “And Marissa pushes Yori away! And both women stare each other down… AND YORI WITH A SLAP RIGHT INTO MARISSA’S FACE!!”

(Heel pop!!)

Davie: “But Yori retaliates with a hard right of her own! Right into Marissa’s gob, and she is staggering back, Yori immediately applying the front waistlock… AND A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! Cover by Yori Kenyuki…”

1 . . 2 . . Sheena: “No, Marissa is strong enough to shake her off… AND SARAH VICTORY IS RUNNING DOWN THE AISLE!!”

(Heel pop!!)

John: “Sarah still seems to be more then mad at Yori Kenyuki for the scenes in our first match of the night… and Shadoe turns and tries to hold Sarah back! The Rages have made it clear that they want no interference in this match, and Shadoe barring the way… AND THERE’S CONCRETE BLONDE!!”

(Another strong pop as Sarah turns just to run into a big running Forearm by Concrete Blonde who appeared from the locker rooms as well)

Sheena: “In the ring Marissa just kicked out of a cover by Yori following a Powerslam but most fans are interested now by the scenes outside… Sarah struggling to get into the ring to get at Yori but Shadoe Rage stood in the way, and then Concrete Blonde, Yori’s new friend, attacking Sarah from behind… AND HERE COMES SONJA!!”

(While Marissa is pounding at Yori in the middle of the ring Sonja Victory runs down the aisle and lands a precise dropkick to the back of Blonde’s head, just as she prepares to assault her sister. Sarah staggers back up and lands a hard punch into Blonde’s gut… and another… while Sonja holds her in position!”

John: “There come security… and President Boedder is with them!”


Sheena: “And Boedder is making an unmistakable sign and pointing back to the locker rooms… and security are separating the Victories from Concrete Blonde! And Marissa has just nailed Yori with a big Cross Bodyblock in the ring…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “But Yori kicks out! And Boedder clearly telling the officials to lead everyone not involved in the match away… even Shadoe Rage, who protests and yells but officials are very clear! Boedder really with some drastic means today to prevent interference!”

Sheena: “Well, it was getting out of hands in the last few weeks… and everyone is gone now, and it’s only Marissa and Yori in the ring! Marissa has just whipped Yori into the ropes… AND A TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER!! That woman has power, Yori is over 160 pounds herself… and Marissa follows it up with a high elbowdrop, cover…”

1 . . 2 . . John: “But she can’t keep her down… Yori with the kickout but Marissa really in control of this match-up… Marissa with a fast chop to Yori’s throat, Yori staggers back and Marissa with the whip-in… no, Yori

reverses… UHUHUH!!! THE REFEREE WAS STANDING RIGHT BEHIND MARISSA AND BOTH COLLIDE!! The big Marissa completely burying the poor ref underneath him!”

Sheena: “Marissa checks on the referee but he seems groggy and out… and look at this, Yori is untying the cords from her elbowpad… AND LOOK AT THIS! YORI WALKS UP BEHIND MARISSA AND TIES THAT CORD AROUND HER NECK!!”

(Heel pop!!)

John: “Oh God, the ref is out and Yori is strangling Marissa with that cord!! Marissa trying to pull it off of her neck but Yori is choking away and depriving Marissa of air…”

Sheena: “Someone’s got to do something! Nobody at ringside at the ref is out… Marissa is starting to turn blue! Yori is strangling her!! And Marissa is losing power, she drops to one knee…”

(Big pop as all of the sudden one of the Mania Girls runs down the aisle! She is still dressed in the Mania Girls’ Christmas outfit, the white bra and the red pants, and jumps into the ring)

Sheena: “What’s this… IT’S NATASHA FROM THE MANIA GIRLS!! And Natasha PULLS YORI AWAY FROM MARISSA!! Marissa immediately gasps for air, Yori turns around and looks surprised at Natasha… Natasha is furious! She shoves Yori, and Yori pushes her back… the ref is slowly getting back up, so is Marissa… and Natasha SLAPS Yori!”

(Face pop!!)

Sheena: “I know Natasha, she’s the one with a little wrestling background from the Mania Girls… and Yori now PUSHES the small Mania Girl, and she goes sailing over the top rope… Yori turns around, her attention back to Marissa… BUT MARISSA IS BACK UP; WAISTLOCK AND A N=O=R=T=H=E=R=N L=I=G=H=T=S S=U=P=L=E=X!! INTO THE BRIDGE!! The ref is back up and in position…”

1 . . 2 . . 3!!

(Huge pop!!)

Sheena: “I still can’t believe this! Natasha from the Mania Girls making the save when all seemed lost for Marissa Monet…”

Davie: “Ladies and gentlemen… your winner… and NEEEEW IEWA WOMEN’S TELEVISION CHAMPION… MAAAAARISSA MOOOOONET!!!”

John: “Fans, I’m afraid this is all we have time for, we have seen one hell of a pay-per-view, I’m sure there will be a lot of talk in the weeks to come, thanks for watching!”

(Fireworks explode from all four ringposts while the ref holds Marissa’s right arm up. Marissa is visibly exhausted and still gasping for air, Mania Girl Natasha enters the ring and raises Marissa’s other arm. Marissa then raises the belt high into the air while Shadoe Rage and the other Rages run in to congratulate. Fade out)


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