Six man tag match is the main event: Shane Martin, The Outlaw and Lazz Sterling vs. Damien Payne, Tommy Danger and Tommy Rowlands.

V/O: This is the great question in which we have been fighting, and its decision is at hand, and the results of this contest will affect the ages to come.

[A bloody and beaten Tommy Rowlands has his arm raised in the air as he tries to stand up!]

V/O: Sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah!

[Maxime St. Jean is seen locking on the “Touch of Class” on Hunter York!]

#Sometimes I get a good feeling#

[Aaron Stile leaps off the top rope with a hurricanrana looking like he’s going to get it]

#Get up off my knees quit dreaming#

[But then he’s planted into the mat with a power bomb by Cyril Lesley]

#Run for cover like every other motherf*****#

[Anatole Lee front flips off the top rope and crashes down into Bishop and Keltrane in the front row!]

#Glad just to see some shelter, even if you hate where it’s at#

[Cyril Lesley grabs ahold of the Jr. Heavyweight title as the ladder is pushed out from under his feet, he dangles over the ring with his feet kicking before pulling the strap loose!]

#Put that in your pipe an smoke it#

[Ben Tuckwell grabs Buddy Drifter’s arm as both men balance on a ladder, Tuckwell drapes his leg over the back of Drifter’s neck and leaps off the ladder with the Face Tuck!]

#You’ll need to smoke something to choke back the tears#

[Tommy Danger is seen locking in the Nightmare Sleeper on Maxime St. Jean!]

#That’s what these years have taught me#

[Corey Irons locking in the Web of Death on Scottie Page in the blood filed Devil’s Playground 2!]

#Cause a bird in the bush ain’t in your hand#

[Emerald City Kitty and Candi Caine rolls around cat fighting!]

#See the sky’s no good with clipped wings#

[Nick Hart hoists Ryan Arnott up on the ladder and falls back Arnott grabs the Jr. Heavyweight Title as he’s dropped throat 1st over the top rope with a hotshot off the ladder!]

#Wouldn’t let us fly, so now your gonna hear us singing this s***#

[Lara Leigh Love steps on the throat of Miranda Steele!]

#Shoutin from the mountains like an anthem#

[Tawny Blake leaps off the top rope planting Nikita Sabine with the Blake Bomb!]

#Feel the bass drum hit the f****** system#

[Several flashes of various wrestlers exchanging blows flashes back and forth during the up tempt of the song!]

#Sometimes I get a good feeling#

[Big Smoothy leading the Brute Squad!]

#Lay back day dreaming thinking ’bout#

[Tommy Rowlands and Speedy Irons stand toe to toe with each other jaw jacking]

#Better days, better men, better ways#

[Buddy Drifter and Jackson Phillips bowling in a run down bowling alley!]

#To get things done, it’s comin better run#

[Anatole Lee and Todd Bishop pulling each other off the 2nd story cage and falling!]

#For Cover quick, cause we’re tearin down the whole s***#

[The Nightstalker delivers an Axe Kick to the back of Todd Bishop’s neck!]

#Startin from the ashes again, enough we’ve had it#

[Scott Stylez raises his the World Tag Team Title up into the air!]

#Guerillas from outta the mountains’ll come#

[Lazz Sterling hits a triple jump Asai Moonsault onto AsH on the floor!]

#The whole world be our sierra miestra#

[Estrago stops at the top of a steel cage as Malik Johnson starts to stagger back up to his feet. Estrago leaps off the top and hits a flipping neckbreaker that brings the arena to their feet!]

#It’s gonna get darker for dawn#

[Ryan Williams connects with the William’s Cutter off the top of a ladder on Mark Davenport!]

#An if you’re not fighting with us don’t come at all#

[Emerald City Kidd and Steve Greedy are seen stomping away at Buddy Drifter]

#Cause it’s comin down hard, got nothin to lose#

[Aaron Stile, Hallowe’en Jack, Estrago, and Cyril Lesley are seen doing planchas as the scene cuts back and forth from one to the other]

#An those that get hit, got hit cause they chose#

[Mark Davenport splinters a Singapore cane across the back of Tommy Danger’s head as he checks on an injured Todd Bishop!]

#To side with that of the system#

[Tommy Danger shoves Todd Bishop out of the way as Donovan Keltrane throws a huge fireball in Danger’s face!]

#Feel the bass drum#

[The table goes up in flames from the 2nd story cage as Damian Payne Chokebombs Scottie Page through the table with and down to the arena floor below as the crowd leaps to their feet!!]

DeLucia: “Combat Zone last week was a wild event, and we crowned new tag team champions and…”

Streamline: “Tommy Danger remained the Number One Contender for the world title thanks to Buddy Drifter!”

DeLucia: “Indeed. Rumor has it that nobody in or out of the company has seen Cyril Lesley since his loss to Tommy Danger last week, but we’ll try to keep you updated when we come by him!”

Streamline: “IF we come by him! That guy was always depressed. Maybe he offed himself!”

DeLucia: “Never say anything like that ever again!”

Streamline: “What?! IT’S TRUE!”

DeLucia: Up next the man who’s responsible for Cyril’s current state!


[The lights in the arena went out as “Faint” by Linkin Park hit the speakers hard. Blue effecting lights with a little red in them went on to the titan tron as a flip switch was flipped on a wall. As it got flipped, the lights came back on as Buddy Drifter came walking out form the back.]

DeLucia: And folks, here is out first match and I got to say. I’m surprised it got signed really.

Streamline: And why you say that? I mean, these fans have been the one’s getting in Buddy’s business.

DeLucia: Yeah but they are fans, not wrestler s.

#I am A little bit of loneliness A little bit of disregard A handful of complaints But I can’t help the fact That everyone can see these scars#

[Shots of the rap star Buddy standing in the ring with a smile on his face. Switching to a shot of him holding onto the ankle lock as he pressed his eyes wide open for everyone to see.]

#I am What I want you to want What I want you to feel But it’s like No matter what I do I can’t convince you To just believe this is real#

[Buddy began walking down the rampway as the fans screams names and booed him big time. Another shot of Buddy standing right next to Lazz Sterling and Big Smoothy.]

Streamline: Well I wonder who the lucky soul that gets to face Buddy is.

DeLucia: I doubt they will be lucky.

#So I let go Watching you Turn your back like you always do Face away and pretend that I’m not But I’ll be here ‘Cause you’re all that I got#

[Showing Buddy Drifter hitting a chair shot onto the ref as he goes straight down to the mat as it switches right back to Smoothy and Buddy running down to the ring ready for a fight.]

#I can’t feel The way I did before Don’t turn your back on me I won’t be ignored Time won’t heal This damage anymore Don’t turn your back on me I won’t be ignored#

[Buddy rolls into the ring and pops right up to his feet as he smiles at the fans. He begins to walk to the ropes on the right side of the ring as a set of pyro’s go off on the two turnbuckle post behind him.]

#I am A little bit insecure A little unconfident ‘Cause you don’t understand I do what I can But sometimes I don’t make sense#

[Buddy then looks out at the fans as he looks up at the entrance way to get prepared for his match.]

#I am What you never want to say But I’ve never had a doubt It’s like no matter what I do I can’t convince you For once just to hear me out#

DeLucia: And I still can’t believe what Buddy did to Blake Lesley, Cyril’s dead son last week.

Streamline: I got to agree but business is business Paul.

DeLucia: That wasn’t business Danny. That was personal.

[The lights then come completely back to normal as Buddy grabs the top ropes and pulls back. Acting like he is going to slap the ref, Buddy reaches over and takes the microphone away from ring side, as he walks back towards the middle of the ring.]

DeLucia: Man, and here come the boo’s.

[MASSIVE “YOU SUCK TO HELL�= D CHANTS] [Buddy shakes his head a little before starting.]

Buddy Drifter: You people think that has any effect on me tonight?

[Buddy stops and thinks.]

Buddy Drifter: Tonight isn’t what you people say. No, tonight is what you do in this very ring. What that one guy, that one normal person can do in this square circle, what he can do for each and every living person that has come to boo me, what he can do tonight for you.

[Buddy stops for a second, thinking to himself as he walks over to the ramp side ropes.]

Buddy Drifter: But you know something, after long and hard deliberation, I think I picked a good candidate to fight for you. But I want you all to know something. This is going to hurt one person tonight…

[Buddy walks back to the middle of the ring. Lowering his head slightly before finishing.]

Buddy Drifter: …And that one person is going to be ME!

Streamline: Buddy does have a heart. See, he’s not such a bad man.

DeLucia: OH PLEASE! Any man who pisses on a grave deserves to be hurt badly.

Streamline: Paul, I’m shocked…

[Buddy wipes his head before continuing.]

Buddy Drifter: So without further ado, please welcome your rep for tonight and my opponent, MR. JACKASSSSS!!!

[MASSIVE HEEL POP FOR THE NAME OF THE OPPONENT] [And the light’s shimmer, “Barney’s theme song” by Barney came on as the fans started booing loudly.]

DeLucia: Oh let me guess. Buddy picked this out?

Streamline: Now how do you know that?

DeLucia: Call it a hunch.

[Buddy started laughing as the man, wearing a pair of solid black wrestling tight shorts with long black wrestling boots. He had an upper chest that looked solid with every inch. Buddy just pointed as the music slowly faded off.]

DeLucia: Thank you.

Streamline: Oh come on, you know you digged that.

[The fan, walking slowly and unsure of the place, stepped up on the first step of the stairs. Walking up gently, he climbed through the ropes and entered the ring. Looking across the ring at Buddy, he jumped in the air a few times before walking over to the ref.]

DeLucia: This is real good for TV folks. A pro wrestler taking on a non-athlete.

Streamline: How do you know this is unfair? What the fans did to Buddy is unfair.

[Buddy, still with the microphone, raised it up with a smile before speaking.]

Buddy Drifter: Ok now hold on. Before I start, I just want you to know, this is not personal, it’s business.

[BOOOO] [Buddy looks around before continuing.]

Buddy Drifter: Forget all these people out here. Just do what I told you earlier and this will all end very fast. Deal?

[Buddy extends his right hand, offering it in a hand shake, as he gives the man a smile.]

Streamline: Ok, now look at that. Buddy is a sportsman.

DeLucia: I don’t like this. Something seems up.

[The man looks down, right at the very hand that is offered and rubs his head. Looking out at the fans who boo their voices loudly, the fan just shook his head slightly before walking away from Buddy.]


[The fan turned back around, anger in his eyes and passion throughout them. Buddy extended the hand once more, offering it even further out. But this time there was no shake. No head or hand shake was done as the fan took kept stepping back, right into the ropes. The anger in Buddy’s eyes gave a story. A story that even a non-wrestling fan knew.]

DeLucia: I don’t like this. This just doesn’t seem right.

[Buddy tossed the microphone to the floor, pulling his white cut off shirt up and over his head to expose his rock hard body. He stepped back towards his corner, looking out at every fan that he despised. The ref then reached out and signaled for the bell, starting the match for the night.]

Streamline: Well here goes the end of the fans life tonight.

DeLucia: But he isn’t fighting the fans. He’s fighting a man. A normal man in that ring.

[Buddy cracked his head a little, walking towards his right as he looks at his opponent across him. The man shakes a little before stopping in his tracks. Motioning in the form of a bring it sign, Buddy’s eyes wide up like he is shocked. Buddy shakes his head for a second before running full speed at the guy. Getting right next to him, the fan falls backwards, grabbing the arm of Buddy and swinging him over for a nice arm drag.]

DeLucia: WOW!

Streamline: Did he just do…?

[Buddy sat up on his knees, looking at the fans with a confused and serious look on his face. Buddy pressed up off the mat and started walking towards the corner. Thinking long and hard before coming out, Buddy takes off for the fan, going for a close line but as he does, the fan grabs the arm and forces Buddy down face flat on the mat as he hooks an arm bar, pressing Buddy’s arm back over his back.]

DeLucia: I can’t believe this. This “FAN” has gotten the better of Buddy twice.

Streamline: Is this a normal man or a true athlete? [Buddy crawled for the ropes, reaching out and taking the bottom rope as the fan let the hold go. Buddy rolled out of the ring and fell to the floor, grabbing the microphone that he had tossed out of the ring. He raised it to his lips as the fans laughed in the arena.]

Buddy Drifter: Ok, what the hell is going on here? I said a normal fan, who the hell are you?

[The fan just looked at Buddy, smiling as he stepped away from the ropes in the ring.]

Buddy Drifter: You see people, this is what I’m talking about. Distrust, dishonestly, and deceit are what makes me hate you.

DeLucia I don’t see any of that in these IGA fans.

Buddy Drifter: As far as I’m concern, I should just walk out of this match as it isn’t what I agreed to.

[Buddy dropped the microphone to his side as he started walking towards the ramp. But before he could get there, the fans retaliated with some choice words.]


[Buddy’s face turned from white to bright red in a matter of minutes before he turned around to face the guy. As he did, a built of lighting shot up his ass, making Buddy run right for the ring. Sliding under the bottom rope, Buddy got to his feet and ducked a close line attempt from the fan. Buddy bounced off the ropes and went for The Freestyle, a hard spear, but the fan leaped the move, allowing Buddy to roll right on through.]

Streamline: I think this is not a normal person. This just isn’t fair.

[Buddy looked back as the fan ran for Buddy. Buddy raised up and sent a hard shot, landing it right into the jaw of the fan. He got rocked back as Buddy sent another shot right to the fans face. Sent one more in, Buddy grabbed the fans left arm and sent him right for the ropes. Hitting them, Buddy lent down and went for a back body drop but the fan took hold of Buddy’s head and lifted it, placing his knee in front of him as he landed Buddy’s face right on it.]

DeLucia: I can’t believe this. Buddy is getting showed up tonight and by this fan.

Streamline: That isn’t a fan and you know it.

[Buddy went back a little bit, holding his face as he noticed the fan coming at him. Buddy leaped in the air and swung his feet around, bring his foot right in to the face of the fan, as he hit a solid spinning heel kick. Buddy crawled over and went for the pin attempt quickly.]

DeLucia: Here’s a pin…



[But no. the fan kicked out at the last possible second of three.]

Streamline: WHAT!

DeLucia: This fan isn’t a fan at all. I just got word that he is a former grad student right here in Auburn Hills for the local wrestling training facility.

Streamline: That’s not fair then. Buddy doesn’t know.

[Buddy looks up at the ropes and pressed himself up to his feet. Walking over to the fan, Buddy picks him up to his fete but the fan presses his arms out of the way. He then sends a shot right into the face of Buddy, knocking him back a few feet and into the corner. The fan then grabbed the left hand of Buddy and went to send him across the ring, but as he did, he pulled Buddy right back into an inverted DDT position, dropping Buddy down right on the back of his head on his knee.]

DeLucia: And Buddy is seeing stars after that one.

[Buddy rolled around on his back as the fan got to his feet and climbed through the ropes. Going for the top, he looked down at a fallen and still down Buddy. The fan then jumped off, crossing his legs outward, as he lands right down on the neck with both of them on Buddy.]

Streamline: This is starting to scare me a little.

DeLucia: Well I think the fans made a wise choice on who to fight for them.

[The fan grabs on to the legs of Buddy and goes for the cover.]



[And Buddy just barely kicks out and he is shocked.]

DeLucia: We just almost had the biggest upset in our history.

[The fan grabbed Buddy’s head and tossed him right on the outside. Buddy flopped right on the floor, holding his face as he did. The fan gave a smile, pointing at all the people standing in the arena as he ran for the far ropes, bouncing off them and leaping through the middle set of ropes, connecting with a suicide dive.]

DeLucia: And this guy is giving everything he has. By the way, I just found out that his name is David Crisp.

Streamline: I say he should be banned from this arena.

[David got to one knee and pushed himself up to his feet. As he did, he walked over to the fans, slapping a few and he signaled for Buddy to get to his feet. The dazed and dizzy Buddy started to get to his feet, looking around for a moment before turning around. As he did, David came flying right at him, going for his paten move, leaping in the air, grabbing the head of Buddy for a clothesline inverted bulldog drop called the breakaway. As he did, Buddy hit the floor hard. Slamming his head right against the mat as the fans started chanting away.


DeLucia: Man, It’s like these people are wanting Buddy to get injured here.

Streamline: I know. I feel for him deeply.

[Buddy then slowly started to get to his feet when David walked over to him. Grabbing him by the head, Buddy did the only thing he could do. He grabbed the tights of David and yanked him right into the ring post. David went straight down as the ref looked on and started counting away.]




Streamline: Hey, the ref is even against Buddy. He just started the count on him.

DeLucia: Well if Buddy would respect others then this stuff wouldn’t happen.

[Buddy took hold of the ring apron, grabbing it with both hands as he heard the count going on.]




[Buddy got to his feet, pulling himself up and into the ring as he stopped the count and rolled back out. Buddy then went right for a chair that was sitting at ring side. Flipping the seat up, Buddy folded it up and started walking over to where David was. Holding it straight up, Buddy waved for the fan, the pro-am trainee to get to his feet. As he did, a few fans grabbed the chair and held on, pulling Buddy right around. Buddy noticed that David was coming as he let the chair go and gave a sharp kick to David’s gut.]

DeLucia: Security. We don’t need more hurt on our fan crew.

[Buddy reached around and held David into a belly to belly hold. Picking him up, Buddy lifted with all his might and flipped David right up and over, letting his back nail the ring post and falling down on top of his head.]

Streamline: That’s the way Buddy. Show that fan what the IGA is really about.

[Buddy, anger all over his face, leaps up and goes straight for the chair. As he does, a woman takes a beer and tosses it straight into the face of Buddy. Buddy, shocked at what happens, wipes it off and grabs the chair. Tugging away, another woman right beside of her grabs out a can of mace and spray’s the face of Buddy, making him scream out loud and falling back against the apron. As he did, the crowd came to life as one man came running down the ramp.]

Streamline: Hey, he can’t be here.


[Phillips ran around the ring and ran right for Buddy. Grabbing the chair from the fan, Buddy rubbed his eyes and turned right in time to see a chair coming at his head.] [SMACKKKKKKK]

Streamline: CALL THE POLICE….

[Phillips lifted the chair again and ramped the top of it right into the chest of Buddy. Buddy screamed out in pain as Phillips dropped the chair as the ref kept ringing the bell.]

DeLucia: Get security down here now. This is starting to be a bad night.

[Security came down the ramp, about five of them as Phillips went over to check on David Crisp. Security went right to work on Buddy as Phillips helped up David and started walking him towards the back.]

DeLucia: Folks, the night is just starting and what a crazy night it has been. Already a shocking moment and the night will get much better.

Streamline: Call the cops, Phillips needs to go to jail.


[We come back from commercial to see Dalbello Rage and Cadence O’Riley standing in opposite corners, awaiting the ring of the bell. Corlong is stepping outside the ring and there is a brief pause before…..]


DeLucia: Here we go!

[Rage immediately rushes at O’Riley, hitting her with a hard clothesline and putting the boots to her shoulder and chest.]

DeLucia: Dalbello Rage coming at O’Riley hard right off the bat.

Streamline: That’s the kind of woman she is, quick and rough, just my style!

DeLucia; Yeah the quick part maybe…..

[O’Riley fights hard to get to her feet, punching Dalbello in the midsection, she runs off the ropes and dropkicks her to her knee, sending Dalbello tumbling over.]

DeLucia: Good comeback from Cadence O’Riley. Thinking quick and getting back to her feet!

[O’Riley hits the ropes again and drops down hard with an elbow drop on Rage, her body jerks in response and she clutches the top of her chest with both hands. O’Riley pulls Rage to her feet and gives her a quick kick in the stomach, pulling her up for a piledriver, but Dalbello kicks her legs and blocks the piledriver, then standing up and flipping O’Riley over with a back body drop, immediately dropping down and following it up with a rear chinlock. O’Riley strains and struggles before reaching the ropes, the ref calling for Dalbello to break the hold, which she reluctantly does, pounding the mat in frustration.]

DeLucia: Dalbello getting worked up, Danny.

Streamline: She seems to be in an awful pissy mood, maybe it’s because of all the losses she’s had lately.

DeLucia: You could be right, Danny, she seems to be getting frustrated already, and the match has barely started!

[Dalbello gets to her feet and drops her elbow onto Cadence’s knee, O’Riley yelps in pain and clutches her leg before Dalbello lifts it up and slams it back down on the mat, then dropping down and cinching in a leg lock.]

DeLucia: Rage starting to get to work on that knee, trying to make sure O’Riley stays grounded, a good strategy.

Streamline: Take out the leg and the person can’t do much.

[The ref checks for a submission but Cadence refuses. Dalbello breaks the hold and stands up, giving a hard kick the O’Riley’s hamstring before letting her let drop and settling back in the corner, waiting for Cadence to rise. As she gets on his feet, Dalbello runs at her and hammers her with a clothesline, her head slamming hard against the mat.]

DeLucia: Vicious clothesline by Dalbello Rage! She is really driven in this match and seems intent on hurting O’Riley!

Streamline: Well isn’t that the point, Paul? &

[Dalbello tries for the pin…..]




DeLucia: Kickout by O’Riley.

Streamline: It was a good clothesline, but come on, she really expected to put her away on a clothesline?

[Dalbello stands up, running off the ropes and trying for an elbow drop, but O’Riley quickly rolls out of the way and Dalbello hits canvas. Cadence gets to her feet and gives Dalbello a quick stomp to her back, then she pulls her to her feet and pulls her over with a snap suplex. Dalbello clutches her back in pain.]

DeLucia: O’Riley trying to turn the tables on Dalbello.

Streamline: Yeah but she’s limping, it’s only a matter of time before Dalbello goes back to that knee.

[O’Riley pulls Rage to her feet, grabbing her in a front face lock and dropping down with a DDT, Cadence floats over with a quick pin….]




DeLucia: Kickout by Rage.

[O’Riley stands up, waiting for Rage to rise, Cadence runs off the ropes and tries for a clothesline, but Dalbello quickly ducks it, turning around and bringing O’Riley to the mat with a double leg takedown, she then slips outside the ring, grabbing her ankle and dragging it along, moving to the corner. She rears Cadence’s leg back and slams it against the ringpost. She screams in pain and grabs her leg. Dalbello takes her ankle from her and does it once again while the ref slides out of the ring and begins the DQ count…..






[Dalbello slides in the ring, breaking the ref’s count and O’Riley slides away from the ringpost, still grabbing her knee. As soon as she can. Dalbello grabs her legs and wraps around with a figure four, dropping down. Cadence yells out, her arms thrashing as the Ref checks for the submission.]

DeLucia: Dalbello really going to work on that knee, Danny.

Streamline: It’s good strategy, pick one part and go to work on it, and it’s working well. Dalbello has had the upper hand this whole match. I think we’re going to see her losing streak end tonight.

[Cadence claws her way to the ropes, finally reaching them and hanging onto them for dear life. A frustrated Dalbello only leans back into the figure four even harder. The ref starts the DQ count again.]





[Dalbello breaks the hold and slams the mat in frustration. Dalbello grabs O’Riley by the hair and pulls her to her feet, whipping her against the ropes and pulling her up, slamming down hard on the mat hard with a spinebuster. Trying for another cover…..]



THR….. NO!!!!!

Rage: COME ON!!!!!

DeLucia: Apparently Dalbello disagrees with the ref on this one, Danny. ; Streamline: Man, she’s getting hot! Well, she already was hot, well, you know what I mean!

[Dalbello gets on her feet and starts to argue with the ref, giving O’Riley the time to regain her bearings, get to her feet, and rush behind Dalbello for a roll up…..]




DeLucia: Near fall by Cadence there.

Streamline: Dalbello was spending too much time yapping at the ref and she almost last the match! That’s the problem with women, they all talk too much!

DeLucia: We here at the IGA do not necessarily share or agree with the opinions of one Danny Streamline, folks.

Streamline: What???

DeLucia: Nothing…..

[Dalbello jumps to her feet and stomps Cadence furiously, pulling her up by her hair once again and whipping her into the ropes. Cadence hits the turnbuckle hard. Dalbello charges at her but O’Riley quickly moves out of the way, turning around and pulling Dalbello over with a stiff backdrop, her body folding over her neck as she lays on the mat.]


DeLucia: What a desperation move by O’Riley! Did you see Dalbello fold over, Danny!?

Streamline: Of course I did, stupid, I’m watching the same match you are!

DeLucia: Is the name calling necessary?

Streamline: Apparently, stupid……

DeLucia: Oh Cadence going for the pin!!!!




DeLucia: Dalbello barely escaping that one, but I think the tide of the match has seriously turned with that one move!

Cadence gets on her feet, limping still. Dalbello struggles to get to her knees, O’Riley comes at her, but just as she does Rage lunges forward, clipping out her leg. Dalbello gets to her feet, holding her neck. Dalbello goes back to work on O’Riley’s knee, stomping at it and locking in an anklelock. O’Riley cries out in agony, desperately trying not to tap. The ref slides down to check for the submission. Cadence lets out a yell before pushing herself up, standing on one foot, Dalbello still holding the anklelock. Cadence jumps up and swings her free leg around, hitting Dalbello with a reverse enzuigiri! Dalbello stumbles forward and slams against the ropes, her throat snapping against the top rope and sending her stumbling back. Cadence moves around and grabs her from behind, rolling over with Dalbello into a roll-up, bridging over for even more leverage….]




DeLucia: Holy cow! Cadence O’Riley stealing this one from Dalbello Rage!

Streamline: Dalbello had the pace of the whole match dictated and O’Riley took it right out from under her!!! Dalbello is livid right now!

[Dalbello gets to her feet and gets in the ref’s face, yelling at him for a fast count, the ref shakes his head and yells back at her. Dalbello kicks the ropes in frustration and lets out an infuriated scream before the camera cuts]




DeLucia: Looks like we’re set to be joined by that Trash Talkin’ Texan himself… Ryan Williams!

Streamline: Yeah… the Trash Talkin’ soon to be FORMER International Champion I might add!

[The crowd rises to its feet and erupts as “Defy You” by The Offspring blasts out across the arena to signal the entrance of Ryan Williams. After a few moments Williams emerges from the back and makes his way to the top of the entrance ramp…]

## You may push me around… ## ## But you cannot win… ## ## You may throw me down… ## ## But I’ll rise again… ## ## The more you say… ## ## The more I defy you… ## ## So get out of my face… ##

[Williams holds both arms aloft in salute to the huge ovation he is receiving… he is wearing a black sleeveless “T-3” t-shirt, black cut-off jeans, black boots and his International Title belt is draped over his right shoulder…]

## You cannot stop us… ## ## You cannot bring us down… ## ## Never give up… ## ## We go on and on… ## ## You’ll never break us… ## ## Never bring us down… ## ## We are alive! ##

[Ryan marches down the aisle in a confident manner, climbs the ring steps and enters the ring. He makes his way over to the far corner and climbs to the middle turnbuckle before holding his arms aloft as camera flashes explode all over the arena…]

## The wind blows… ## ## I’ll lean into the wind… ## ## My anger grows… ## ## I’ll use it to win… ## ## The more you say… ## ## The more I defy you… ## ## So get out of my way… ##

[He hops down from the turnbuckle and makes his way to the opposite corner where he again climbs the turnbuckles and holds both arms aloft…]

## Can you leave it all behind? ## ## Can you leave it all behind? ## ## Cause you can’t go back… ## ## You can’t go back… ##

[“Defy You” fades out as Williams goes to the remaining two corners, climbs them both in turn and works the crowd some more before signaling to the outside for a microphone…]

Williams: You know something…


[Ryan looks around at the overwhelming reaction he is getting from the crowd but his “all business” facial expression remains etched across his face…]

Williams: You know something… what happened last week on Combat Zone opened my eyes to what lies in store for ol’ T-3 at the Team Challenge Series. I mean… this ain’t no one-on-one match nuh-huh. This is a triple threat match for MY International Title. A title that I damn near broke my neck falling from a ladder to capture back in February!

[Williams turns to face the stage area and motions towards the IGATron…]

Williams: To the jackasses in the production truck… if you would be so kind to run the footage from last week!

**cut to the IGATron as we are reminded of the confrontation from the previous week’s Combat Zone involving Williams, Gionet and Holtz**

Williams: Unfortunately for you Larry you ain’t getting my belt at the Team Challenge Series and unfortunately for one Leonard Holtz his chances are slim to none to walking out with MY International Title. You and Holtz can attack me all night long, but that won’t ensure you victory on June 30th. If there is one thing the trash talking Texan knows is kicking ass and taking names and I say right about now Gionet YOUR ASS IS MINE!

[The crowd erupts in cheers as Larry Gionet takes off his leather jacket throwing it off to the side and motions with his fingers for Williams to bring it on.]

Streamline: HERE WE GO!

DeLucia: They are going to tear into one another!

[Before they can lock horns, a crowd of boos is heard around the arena as Leonard Holtz sneaks from behind Ryan Williams and pounds him with some forearms. Holtz nails Williams with some stiff shots to the head and goes for an Irish whip towards the ropes, but Ryan Williams counters with an arm twist into the Williams Cutter as the crowd explodes in cheers! Larry Gionet just looked on from the right corner turnbuckle. Seeing his opportunity, he levels the International Champion from behind with a clothesline to the back of the head sending him crashing down to the mat as Leonard Holtz rolls to the outside. Not wasting any time, Larry Gionet grabs the ankles of Ryan Williams with his legs but then locks the arms of the trash talking Texan with his arms flipping over in a butterfly bridge of sorts.]

DeLucia: NO! Ryan Williams is arched above Larry Gionet as he is stretching the legs and the arms of the International Champion! Listen to him scream in pain… Somebody help him!

Streamline: Ha-ha that is one of Gionet’s other finishers that he likes to call the Journey’s End! Look at him squirm! Don’t let go of the hold Larry!

[A ton of officials fled to the ring trying to get Larry Gionet off of Ryan Williams. With a sadistic look in his eyes he just drives his elbows into the upper back of Ryan Williams as he screams in pain. The referees are finally able to get Larry Gionet off Ryan Williams as he celebrates his triumph with a monstrous round of boos from the crowd. Leonard Holtz walks back up the ramp and shakes his head with bitterness shown on his face.]

Streamline: I told ya, Ryan Williams got what was coming to him!

DeLucia: Oh sure that was real classy! He attacked Ryan Williams from behind again. He doesn’t have the guts to take him on man to man, but he will have to face those facts on June 30th!

Streamline: He was just picking his spots and if he picks his spots right like I think he will at the Team Challenge you are looking at the IGA’s new International Champion.

DeLucia: God help us all.

**Cut back to live footage**

[Williams stands in the center of the ring and shakes his head before allowing a smile to surface briefly and then fade away just as quickly…]

Williams: This is exactly what I’m talking about. One-on-one there is no doubt that Ryan Williams could kick Larry Gionet’s scrawny little ass from pillar to post and walk out of Team Challenge Series STILL the International Champ!


Williams: BUT… this ain’t gonna be one on one and what happened last week is a prime example of why in this type of match you need to have eyes in the back of your head at all times! Heck… I don’t even need to be the guy getting beat in order to lose my title. I mean Gionet could lock that little piece of crap Holtz in that “Journey’s End” as he did me for example and Holtz could easily tap before I had a chance of breaking the hold. Or Holtz might score the win over Gionet where again if I’m not careful the outcome would be outta my hands!

Streamline: He seems nervous to me!

Williams: Am I nervous? Hell no! What is bugging me however is the prospect of me losing this title without actually LOSING the match!

DeLucia: Well that answered your question!

Williams: So… I’m gonna do something about that right now. In other words… I’m on a mission to ensure that one of my Team Challenge opponents does NOT make it to the triple threat match. The only question now is which opponent is spared an ass kicking until the pay-per-view and which opponent will be watching the pay-per-view from a hospital bed!

[Williams pauses and looks into the crowd…]

Williams: Tell you what… maybe you guys can help me out here. When I call out the names of my opponents I want you to boo the roof off this building as an indication of who you wanna see leaving this arena in an ambulance later tonight!


Williams: Ok then… Holtz!


Williams: Not bad, not bad at all. Ok… Gionet!


DeLucia: I think we’ve got our winner… or loser might be more like it!

Williams: The people have spoken and so now I guess the only thing left to do is for Larry Gionet to get out here and get what’s coming to him!

[The guitar riffs of “Harvester of Sorrow” by Metallica blasts through the arena as a chorus of boos is heard throughout the place knowing it is the theme of Larry Gionet.]


# My life suffocates # # Planting the seeds of hate # # My love turned to hate # # Trapped far beyond my fate # # I give you take # # This life that I forsake # # Been cheated of my youth # # You turn this lie to truth #

# Anger misery # # No suffer onto me # # Harvester of sorrow # # Language of the mad # # Harvester of sorrow #

[Larry Gionet slowly walks to the ring as the jeers become louder. He wears his black leather jacket and black half tight s, black knee pads and black boots. Without hesitation, he just shrugs off the boos heard from the crowd.]

# Pure black lurking clear # # My work is done soon here # # Try getting back to me # # Get back what used to be # # Drink up shoot in # # Let the games begin # # Distributor of pain # # Your loss becomes my gain #

# Anger misery # # No suffer onto me # # Harvester of sorrow # # Language of the mad # # Harvester of sorrow #

[Larry Gionet walks to the right side of the ringside area. As a fan flips him the finger, Larry Gionet snarls at the fan nearly scaring the life out of him. He slides into the ring, and grabs the microphone.]

LG: I heard you from the backstage area running your mouth about how you nearly broke your neck to win that title back in February. And let me see if I heard you right, you said that you are gonna beat MY ass?! You know NOTHING about pain until you have been through what I have champ! But unlike you, I don’t go around complaining and making excuses on his this is a triple threat match and not a one on one match.

Streamline: You tell him Larry!

DeLucia: He wasn’t complaining he was just stating facts.

LG: I wasn’t the one that was trapped in that submission hold last week it was you Williams. But for once Ryan I am gonna agree with you on something. At Team Challenge Series 3 you very well could lose that International Title that you hold so dear to you. I look at you right now man to man and I know that deep down inside that scares you like nothing else. That very thought of losing everything you have worked so damn hard for makes you wake up in a cold sweat. It makes you question your very ability in this sport. THAT is why you want to take me out of the equation for Team Challenge 3.

[Larry Gionet pokes Ryan Williams in the heart looking at him with a smirk on his face.]

LG: Because deep down I know it, you know it and all these pieces of shit know it that I will come in Team Challenge Series 3 as the challenger but when that final bell rings I will be the one walking out as the IGA International Champion!

Leonard: “Now now now, Boy.. well, Girls. Put the claws away.”

[ HUGE YOU AIN’T BEEN AROUND IN A WHILE BUT WE STILL HATE YOU POP! ] [The camera was forced to swing back towards the entrance, standing there was the former Phoenix Champion. A pair of loose fitting denim pants hung off his waist and a black shirt with the image of the Burger King emblem plastered across it. Leonard glanced out towards the fans, that confident smirk gracing his lips as he did reach out and waved. ]

Leonard: “Aw, I missed you guys too. But you know, since I actually have a job I can take a few days away… instead of belching and farting next to my television dinner and my television/VCR Combo set.”

[This drew another huge pop from the fans but Leonard seemed to ignore them as he moved towards the ring, pausing at the apron as Williams made a step towards him causing the Southern Loudmouth to frown.]

Leonard: “Back Toro. Back. Afraid I’m not comfortable with you breathing on me. Maybe, Gionet will be though, seems he likes it when you are gasping on the back of his neck.”

[Williams made a snappy retort but since the microphone was not anywhere near his mouth only the people in the front row were allowed to hear it. After a few seconds Ryan did move away from the ropes as Leonard slipped under the bottom cable, coming to his feet Leonard reached out and patted Gionet on the shoulder. ]

Leonard: “Glad you found your voice, was afraid I’d have to whoop up on a mute retard.”

[Gionet drew his attention away from Williams and went to say something put Leonard put his finger to his lips and sshed the former STD member. Leonard turned his attention away from both members in the ring and pulled away to one of the corners. ]

Leonard: “First of first, you both have come out here and rambled about how… if Holtz taps to Gionet, or Gionet gets pinned by Holtz, or Williams pins Holtz, or Holtz pins Williams. But you guys keep forgetting. Holtz ain’t going to lose, Numb Nuts.”

[Williams and Gionet were no longer allowed to pay attention to just each other, instead their focus was forced upon all three members in the ring at this time. Holtz stepped forward again, causing a triangle to form between them. ]

Leonard: “You seem when it comes to a title, whether it is the Phoenix Championship or the World Title, there is one thing that the Southern Loudmouth doesn’t do and that is lose to a bunch of Numb nutted heroines. So when Team Challenge Series 3 comes around, we are going to be inside that squared circle… fighting for the International Champion.”

Streamline: “Which the Southern Loudmouth will be the next champion!”

DeLucia: “I thought you wanted Larry Gionet to win the title?”

Streamline: “What? Where have you been? The Artic?”

[Leonard reached out one hand slapping hard across Gionet’s cheek three times, that mocking smirk pressed on his lips as the microphone was raised back to his lips.]

Leonard: “But you two can sit here and bitch to each other but as for me, well, I’ve got a few things that I need to run by Madison, and you all… well, you mostly need a bath.”

[As Holtz spoke he turned his back from Gionet, heading back towards the ropes as Gionet growled in frustration. Charging across the ring, Gionet caught Leonard across the back with a clothesline, taking the Loudmouth down. But before Gionet was able to further the assault Williams caught him with a stiff right hand, rocking Larry back on his feet. ]

DeLucia: “And all hell just broke loose! Gionet takes down Leonard but Williams won’t let Larry get the upper hand!”

Streamline: “That’s not possible! Leonard… Larry! Fight together get rid of that damn redneck Champion!”

[Williams and Gionet continued to exchange stiff rights and lefts as Leonard climbed back to his feet, taking a moment to clear his head. After only a few seconds Leonard charged in the melee throwing punches at both competitors inside the ring. Yet, the beating wasn’t allowed to get very far as the at ringside security slipped into the ring and separated the wrestlers. The beating only paused for a second before Williams was able to break free, charging across the ring and leaping over many of the security that was holding Leonard back and driving another fist across the Former Phoenix Champion’s face. ]

Streamline: “Separate that crazed lunatic he could hurt someone!”

[But even as Danny spoke Gionet broke free charging back into the melee, which left several ringside security and three pissed wrestlers throwing wild punches as the camera faded to black quickly replaced with a commercial for Team Challenge Series 3.]


[The arena is drowned in darkness. Repetitive guitar riffs and thunderous percussion beats reverberate from the building’s impressive sound system.] [BOOM!] [White light bursts from the stage in a pyrotechnic masterpiece.]


DeLucia: And here comes Sean Kelly to start off our Phoenix Title Fight tonight.

[Shortly, with (hed)’s angry anthem “Waiting To Die” thundering about the arena, the fireworks die almost as quickly as they had erupted and the curtains are cast aside abruptly as the lights filter back over the enthused crowd, and from them emerges Sean Kelly.]

‘I’m a hit man, I’m a stalker, I’m a soldier, I’m a street walker!’

[Fists clenched, he begins his serene march to the ring. Bright green eyes, or what’s visible of them from the moist blonde locks falling over such a focused stare. The silver ring that hung from a brown leather cord around his neck created a glare from the ring lights, fingers let go of that clenched fist to stretch at his side as he nears the ring.]

‘[EDIT] you! You don’t know me, I’m a freak! Never slow down, Never sleep!’

[A nimble leap from the floor of the aisle onto the ring’s apron is made in one fluid movement. A jerk of his head and those unruly strands are cast from his face, revealing trademark grin. If it were any cockier, it’d have balls.]

‘I get so high! Don’t play with me! See me, Stay away from me! Just let me ride!’

[After a looming gaze is cast over the crowd, he finds his way over the middle rope and wanders directly to the farthest corner of the ring, ascending the second turnbuckle. Head downcast, the lights dim as a golden spotlight beams over the self-proclaimed “Purest Athlete on Earth”.]

‘No, you can’t fade me! I ain’t trying to hear [EDIT] that you’re saying to me!’

DeLucia: And we are ready for the Phoenix Champion to arrive.

Streamline: I believe this is the time that Speedy understands what a real challenger is.

Voice over: “Waddaya-say?



[Suddenly “Dream Of Mirrors” by Iron Maiden plays.]

Have you ever felt The future is the past But you don’t know how…? A reflected dream Of a captured time Is it really now. Is it really happening?

[A cyan strobe-effect hits the arena. The crowd has mixed reactions as Speedy Irons steps through the curtains, wearing his patented cyan-outfit and a black shirt that in front reads in white: Five Past Sanity: It’s Psycho Time!!! On the back it reads in cyan: Brilliant in All Insanity!]

Don’t know why I feel this way Have I dreamt this time, this place? Something vivid comes into my mind and I think I’ve seen your face Seen this room, been in this place Something vivid comes again into my mind

All my hopes and expectation Looking for an explanation Have I found my destination? I just can’t take no more

The Dream is true, the dream is true the dream is true, the dream is true

[The IGA-tron shows Irons standing in the ring facing Tommy Rowlands, getting a beating at the hands of Rowlands and crawling to the back stage after that match. Then it switches to past victories of the Speedster. Irons capturing the IGA Euro Title.]

Think I’ve heard your voice before Think I’ve said these words before Something makes me feel I just might lose my mind Am I still inside my dream? Is this a new reality something makes me feel that I have lost my mind?

All my hopes and expectation looking for an explanation coming to the realization that I can’t see for sure

I only dream in Black and White I only dream ’cause I am alive I only dream in black and white To save me from myself

I only dream in black and white I only dream ’cause I’m alive I only dream in black and white Please save me from myself

The dream is true, the dream is true The dream is true, the dream is true

I get up put on the light Dreading the oncoming night Scared to fall asleep and dream the dream again

Nothing that I contemplate Nothing that I can compare to letting loose the demons deep inside my head

Dread to think what might be stirring that my dream is reoccurring got to keep away from drifting saving me from myself

I only dream in Black and White I only dream ’cause I’m alive I only dream in Black and White to save me from myself

I only dream in Black and White I only dream ’cause I’m alive I only dream in Black and White to save me from myself.

Lost in a dream of mirrors Lost in a paradox Lost and time is spinning lost a nightmare I retrace

Lost a hell that I revisit Lost another time and place Lost a parallel existence Lost a nightmare I retrace

[Several shots of Irons at the shrink.]

I only dream in Black and White I only dream ’cause I’m alive I only dream in Black and White To save me from myself

I only dream in Black and White I only dream ’cause I’m alive I only dream in Black and White To save me from myself

[Speedy looks around shifty. A shot of Irons holding the IGA Phoenix Title high.]

I only dream in Black and White I only dream ’cause I’m alive I only dream in Black and White To save me from myself

The dream is true, the dream is true The dream is true, the dream is true The dream is true, the dream is true The dream is true, the dream is true

[The Speedster rolls under the bottom rope into the ring, he rolls to the right corner and pulls himself up. He jumps up the second rope and crosses his fists above his head… Then he takes off his shirt and throws it to a female fan in the crowd.]

Streamline: You know, Speedy makes me laugh every time I see him.

DeLucia: I could say the same for someone else.

[Speedy, twisting around from the crowd, looked over at Kelly who was itching to get some action going. The two men, running at each other, reached out and locked up in the middle of the ring. Fighting for foot position, Kelly brought his body in close and went under the arm of Speedy and twisted his body around, locking Iron’s arm in an arm lock.]

DeLucia: We haven’t seen much of Kelly but he still looks crisp in that ring.

[Speedy looked back, over his shoulder, as he brought his left arm right into the face of Kelly. Kelly let the hold go, falling back a little as Speedy ran for the far ropes. Bouncing off, Kelly ran for him and fall right for the floor, rolling under the leaping Irons. Irons stopped right in his tracks, letting Kelly get to his feet as he leaped in the air and connected with a sharp drop kick.]

Streamline: That’s got to hurt. Kelly is rusty, that is why that happened.

DeLucia: Well either way, Irons does have his title on the line here.

Streamline: And we will see a new champion tonight.

[Irons was quick to follow up. Reaching down to the head of Kelly and whipping him to his feet. Sending a hard fist to the face, Irons continued again with another one in the same place. Kelly went again the ropes again, Iron’s sent him across the ring for the ropes as he ran at him and hit a hard clothesline. Kelly hit the match hard, popping right back up to his feet as Irons connected again.]

DeLucia: The action is all over the place here early. Iron’s is showing me a new side to him.

[Irons grabbed the body of Kelly and walked him over to the corner. Pushing his worked body into the corner, his face facing outward, Iron’s took his right shoulder and lowered it, grabbing the ropes on each side of Kelly and pressing in top the gut as hard as he can. Kelly screamed out as Iron’s pulled back again and went hard right on in.] [The pain was starting to settle in as Iron’s lifted his body and sent Kelly flying across to the other corner. Kelly hit it hard, coming out as Iron’s ran right for him. Speedy got to the dizzy Kelly, ready for a hard clothesline again, but that wasn’t the case. Kelly ducked under and lifted the body of Speedy, pushing him into midair as Speedy landed with his face right on to the corner top turnbuckle, making Iron’s fall back right on to the mat beside the fallen Kelly.]

DeLucia: And out of nowhere, what a reverse by Sean Kelly.

Streamline: I told you it was just a matter of time. Now get up Kelly.

[Like on instinct, Kelly started to get to his feet. Iron’s held on to his jaw, trying to see if there was any blood coming out. Kelly looked over and ran for the other side of the ring. Bouncing off the far ropes, he ran right for a rising Irons and brought up his knee, connecting with the face of Irons, knocking him right back to the mat.]

DeLucia: Well speaking of a matter of time, did you see what happen to Buddy Drifter earlier?

Streamline: Yes I did and the fans are uncalled for sometimes. I agree he had it coming but what they did was uncalled for.

[The camera panned up to the catwalk above the ring, “The Shroud” Anthony Aldred stood next to the railing, his hands wrapped around the bar as he watched the ring carefully. Fully focused on the Phoenix Title Match.]

Streamline: Anthony Aldred is here in the arena?

DeLucia: And he’s taken note of this match very carefully. It seems like he’s got his eyes set on one of these 2 men…

[Kelly went right for the top rope, turning around and pulling himself up backwards for the second rope. He checked down, looking at Speedy before leaping off and dropping a hard leg right on the neck of Speedy.]

DeLucia: And here is our first cover of the night.



[But no, Speedy kicked out at the last second, driving that arm right up and off the mat. Kelly looked pissed off as he crossed his hands in frustration.]

Streamline: Oh come on, that was a three count.

DeLucia: Well if it was I didn’t see it.

Streamline: Look who’s in the front row!

[Security moved people out of the way as the escorted the former 2 time SPW World Champion, Adam Cage down the aisle towards the front row. Cage motioned to a man sitting on a corner seat and then to security motioning for him to be thrown out of the arena. One of the guards grabs the man and jerks him out of the chair dragging him to the back. Cage smirks as he sits down in the seat and watches the ring.]

Streamline: What the hell is Adam Cage doing here?

DeLucia: I’ve got no clue whatsoever!

[Kelly got to his feet, dragging the psycho Speedy Iron’s with him. Kelly then locked Iron’s in a vertical suplex position, lifting up, he went to drop him on the top rope but as he did, Iron’s bounced off and came over the head of Kelly, allowing Kelly to get a little more power into the vertical suplex. Iron’s bowed his back a little before Kelly went for another pinning attempt.]


[But that wasn’t going to be the down fall of Speedy. He reached up and pulled the strength and kicked out of the pin once again.]

Streamline: Man, Speedy really coming alive with a fight tonight.

DeLucia: I think some people around here don’t think he can fight. Speedy has earned my respect tonight so far.

[Kelly looked up once again, still trying to figure out how to beat Iron’s. He grabbed the head of Speedy and walked him over to the ropes. Taking his hand, Kelly slapped the chest of Irons as he doubled over. Kelly took the left arm of Irons and sent him right across the ring. Hitting the ropes, Kelly leaped in the air for a heel kick but Irons grabbed the leg of Kelly and held him in his arms. Falling backwards, Irons fell to the mat and let Kelly’s neck go right across the top rope.]

DeLucia: And the tide is turning. Irons with the momentum coming.

[Irons got to his feet fast, looking at Kelly who turned around right into a body slam from Irons. Speedy picked him up into it, wrapping his arms around Kelly’s head tightly, before dropping him into an inverted DDT slam. Kelly laid there on the mat, holding on to his back which was in deep pain. Irons climbed through the ropes and went for the top rope. He looked out at the crowd before leaping off, hitting his version of the shooting star press, what he calls The Rising Phoenix.]

Streamline: WOW! I didn’t know he could do it that perfect.

DeLucia: And Irons is red hot and on his feet.

[“The Shroud” continued to watch the ring but his head raised as he looking towards Adam Cage who also was intent on the match. Irons got up, waving his hands up in the air as he walked over to the corner. Kelly held on to his stomach, slowly getting to his feet as he did. Looking down at the mat, Irons walked over to Kelly and wrapped his arms around his head. Running for the ropes, Irons leaped in the air, pressing off the second rope, irons then went down as he hit what he calls, the Irons Dropper.]

Streamline: Ahhhhh!

DeLucia: That should be it.




[Irons rolled off of Kelly, holding his hands high in the air as the ref signaled for the bell.]

DeLucia: Well Speedy Irons retains his title in a hard fought victory here tonight.

Streamline: I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it.

DeLucia: Well believe it.

[Speedy rolls out of the ring after the ref hands him his title. Irons stumbles back against the railing holding the belt in the air, in front of Cage. Adam smirked as he stood up from his seat and laid into Irons from behind with a stiff forearm shot that sent Irons stumbling forward to his knees! ] [CROWD ROARS!]

Streamline: That may have knocked the goofy out of him!

DeLucia: That’s uncalled for! Adam Cage doesn’t even work here!

[Cage backs up the aisle with a smirk as Speedy Irons slowly stands up holding the back of his head and looking around. Adam Cage waved to Irons as he headed into the back, Irons looked at him confused, the camera panned up to where “The Shroud” was on the catwalk but he was gone as soon as he was seen.]

DeLucia: Don’t go away! Up next is our Hour One Main Ev…

(DeLuica’s voice has been stopped by a plastic bag that has become wrapped over his head, and is choking the life out of him. Behind him on the rail, stands the masked Serial Killer. Streamline has quickly run from the area, getting as far away from the SK as he can. DeLucia attempts to fight back, but the Killer simply slams his head HARD into the monitor on the announce table in front of him. The blood from his head begins to fill the bag up, until DeLucia falls limp against the table. The fans are all in shock at the brutal violence, as the masked man picks up DeLucia and a mic, and brings them both into the ring. He sets DeLucia in the middle of the ring, and begins to slowly draw him into a chalk outline. When he is finished, he looks to the IGATron as it lights up with the following words, written in red. “DONT ASK WHY” and signed with the smile logo. The SK puts the mic up to his mask and speaks)

SK: I told you, those who wronged me in words or actions, would feel my wrath next. This man called me a coward, and that is wronging me in WORDS. And thusly he paid the price. To my main target, you will pay the price for your ACTIONS very soon, count on it. Soon you will be choking in your own blood!

(The SK drops the mic and exits out through a stunned crowd as Streamline has returned to his seat.)

Streamline: Can we get some help out here? Someone? Please!! Paul is really hurt here!

[EMTs rushed down the aisle to the ring quickly attending to DeLucia as the camera cuts to a commercial.]


[The IGAtron came to life as Jazz Madison was seen sitting back in a chair, with Jeff Keenan, C.K. Walker, and Tyson Bryson already in the ring Madison smirked a bit.]

Madison: With The Team Challenge Series 2 weeks away, The Dynasty V2 needs to focus on Team Work! So tonight…I went out and found 4 of the greatest wrestlers from around the world and brought them here! To test the 3 of you….yes it will be 4 on 3…but we’ll call this tough love! Because I do love the 3 of you like sons!


Madison: So…Danny Antiguar and El Rico…along with returning to the IGA…”Tornado” Takara and Tokyo Vigilante #2!


Streamline: Wow Jazz went all out to find some of the best wrestlers from around the World! After what happened to Paul just seconds ago…I’m joined here by Kimberly Baldwin!

Baldwin: That’s me! You know if these guys are the best from around the World…why haven’t they ever won a match…ever…like…ever…

[The 4 enhancement talents made their way down the aisle talking between each other, the crowd in an uproar from Jazz’s misleading promise. The 4 charged the ring quickly but the Dynasty was on them stomping away on Antiguar and Rico! Vigilante #2 jumped up onto the apron but caught a knee lift knocking him back down to the floor! Takara slid into the ring untouched and stood up as C.K. Walker turned around catching a series of forearms to the side of the face knocking him backwards into the ropes!]

Baldwin: This one time in the back…I had to interview Takara, and he was in the shower, and I heard the water running but I didn’t think about it…

Streamline: And that surprises me why….

Baldwin: So I saw him in the shower…and it’s true…

Streamline: What’s true?

Baldwin: That Asian guys have small…thingies…

Streamline: I didn’t need to know that…

Baldwin: Oh? Well…you do! I taught you something new!

[“Bull” Anderson ordered the others out of the ring as Takara whipped Walker into the ropes and spun around looking for the Tornado Elbow but C.K. ducked out of the way and came up behind Takara! “Tornado” turned around into a boot to the midsection, Takara doubled over and was planted with a DDT! Takara held the back of his neck and head, C.K. reached up and tagged in Tyson Bryson who climbed to the top rope and measured Takara before coming off with a flying leg drop to the back of the head!]

Streamline: Devastating move by Bryson!

[Tyson Bryson pulled Takara back up to his feet keeping his head down and smirked before coming down with the Dirt Nap in the middle of the ring! Bryson smirked to Matt James and laid back over Takara for the pin!]

Baldwin: He did! That move! He does…

Streamline: Dirt Nap! Stick a fork in Takara he’s done!

Baldwin: Sticking a fork in him would hurt….

Streamline: Ugh, my head hurts!




Corlone: “Tornado” Takara has been eliminated!

[Tokyo Vigilante #2 rushes into the ring quickly and kicks Bryson in the stomach as he starts to stand up! Vigilante #2 backs Bryson into the ropes and whips him across the ring, Tyson rebounds and almost has his head taken off by a spinning leg lariat! Vigilante stands up quickly and tags in Antiguar who ducks into the ring waits on Bryson laying into him with a stiff knife edge chop! Tyson stumbles backwards as Antiguar charges at him, Tyson drops down to the mat pulling down the top rope as Antiguar goes flying over the top to the floor!]

Streamline: Heads up move by the vet! Tyson knows how to use the ring to his advantage and he’s doing just that!

[Jeff Keenan drops down off the apron and pulls Antiguar to his feet, grabbing his arm and whipping him into the steel steps! Antiguar’s back strikes it firmly as he falls to his knees wincing in pain! Tyson continues to distract Anderson until Keenan rolls Antiguar back into the ring! Danny holds his lower back, Danny tags in Keenan who ducks into the ring behind Antiguar measuring him. Danny stood up slowly only for Jeff to grip him from behind and plant him face 1st into the mat with the Quickstryke! Keenan rolls Antiguar onto his back and puts one finger on his chest for the pin!]

Baldwin: That’s just cocky!

Streamline: That’s confident!




Corlone: Danny Antiguar has been eliminated!

Streamline: Tommy Rowlands, Damian Payne and Kasady are going to be in for the same thing come the Team Challenge Series…total domination!

[El Rico springboarded to the top rope and came off with a dropkick to Keenan who side stepped it! El Rico bounced off the mat as Keenan locked in a full nelson from behind and took him over with a release dragon suplex! El Rico landed on the back of his neck getting folded up and rolling back and forth! Jeff slowly started to crawl towards his corner as Walker held his hand out screaming for the tag! Keenan stretches and claws closer like he had been battling for an hour before diving to make the tag!]

Baldwin: Jeff Keener must be really out of shape…he looks tired!

[Walker steps into the ring and waiting on Rico, Rick stands slowly and turns around into a super kick that left him laid out in the middle of the ring! Walker picks up El Rico back up to his feet and hoists him onto his shoulder into a torture rack, Walker grins as he spins Rico off and comes down with a diamond cutter!]

Streamline: Reality check!

[Walker stands up and puts a foot on Antiguar’s chest for the pin!]




Corlone: El Rico has been eliminated!

Baldwin: Either the Dynasty V2 is really really good…or the other guys are really really bad…I don’t know!

Streamline: The Dynasty V2 are that good!

Baldwin: OOOOoook!

[TV2 looked at the other 3 across the ring and slowly entered as Rico rolled out to the floor. Walker and Vigilante circle each other before locking up, TV2 quickly took C.K. over with an arm drag take down! Walker sprung right back up to his feet but almost had his head taken off with a crescent kick! Keenan climbed into the ring and rushed at the Vigilante who took him down with a drop toe hold! Keenan’s face smacked off the mat, TV2 started to stand up but caught a basement dropkick to the back of the head from Bryson! Anderson shouted for Bryson to get out of the ring, which he did without question. Walker and Keenan stood up next to each other quickly, Vigilante #2 staggered up and into a pair of simultaneous superkicks that laid the former IGA start out!]

Baldwin: Do you think that Tokyo Vigilante is ugly…why else would he wear a mask? Pretty people don’t wear masks…

Streamline: After that move, I think he’s uglier than he was before!

[Bryson took a tag from Walker and headed up to the top rope coming off with a flying elbow drop to the chest of Vigilante! TV2 twitched a bit as the 3 Dynasty members in the ring stepped on his chest grinning.]





Corlone: Tokyo Vigilante #2 has been eliminated…the winners…the entire team of the Dynasty V2!

Streamline: Pure domination and I expect to see the same thing at the PPV!

[Walker, Keenan and Tyson leave the ring their arms raised in victory as the camera fades to black.]


[The scene clicked on to show Buddy walking into a room where the IGA’s medical staff, Dr. Christopher Youngman was standing there waiting.]

Buddy Drifter: DOCTOR!

[Dr. Youngman ran over, hands out in front, grabbing the shoulders of Buddy.]

Buddy Drifter: That damn fan is going to pay if I lose my eyes.

Dr. Youngman: Try not to talk Mr. Drifter…


[Dr. Youngman pulled Buddy’s hands away. The redness came through, like the center of a steak, Buddy’s eyes clamped shut, tightly drawn together and not opening.]

Dr. Youngman: I need you to open your eyes.

Buddy Drifter: You try and open your eyes when some lady tosses finger nail remover into both your eyes and another fat lady who could use Jenny Craig, spray’s mace also in to the eyes of what women wants.

[HUGE HEEL POP] [Dr. Youngman grabs a wet towel and places it over the two eyes of Buddy.]

Buddy Drifter: Boy if you don’t watch, I’ll make the Buster Douglas verses Mike Tyson fight look like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

[Dr. Youngman presses a little harder, trying to keep it over the two eyes.]

Buddy Drifter: Get off me, just get off me NOW!

[Buddy tosses Dr. Youngman across the floor. Throwing the wet and damp towel with him as he turns on what eye sight he has at the moment towards the camera.]

Buddy Drifter: Jackson Phillips. You want a piece of me, then you’ll get it…


Buddy Drifter: Just not till I say so.

[BOOOOOO] [Buddy rubs his eyes a little more before continuing.]

Buddy Drifter: And as far as you fans go, that was it. The end of the line. No more turning back. As of next week, I’m not holding the strings away from the potential danger that I might cause on each of you.

[Buddy looks down, still rubbing his eyes.]

Buddy Drifter: Al l this crap is going to come to a halt and there ain’t a damn person in the IGA or around the world that’s going to stop me.

[Dr. Youngman got back to Buddy’s side before buddy finished. Grabbing his shoulder, Buddy pushed again, this time falling off the bed and hitting the floor.]

Buddy Drifter: Aweeeee!!

[With that, the scene then faded out and to the arena floor.]


[Starr goes and slides in the ring and gets to his feet as Jackson comes running at him full speed. He gets there as Starr leaps up and starts tossing out rights and lefts. Ricky takes the right hand of Jackson and sends him off the far ropes. On his return, Starr leaps in the air and hits a big Lou Thesz Press on Jackson. Ricky starts sending rights into the face of Vic as the ref comes in the check. Ricky gets off of Vic as he rolls out to the floor, holding his face.]

Streamline: Ricky Starr taking it to Vic Jackson!

Baldwin: Ricky is cute! He almost won that tournament a few weeks ago!

[Jackson looks right at Starr as the fans scream out at the top of their lungs. Vic then rolls into the ring as Starr goes for him again. This time Vic sends a boot into the gut of Starr as he goes back a little. Jackson sends a shot to the face as he sends him off the far ropes and then bends down as he sends him over into a back body drop.]

Crowd: Oooooo!

[Starr hits the mat and pops right back up. Jackson then hits a big clothesline in the middle of the ring. Starr stays down for a bit as Jackson starts up the turnbuckle and when he gets there he leaps off into an elbow drop but Starr rolls out of the way.]

Crowd: Ooooooo!

Streamline: He missed!

[Starr grabbed the top rope as he pulled himself up to his feet. Jackson held onto his arm as Ricky started with that right arm, nailing a hard axe handle to the right shoulder as Starling grabbed at it again. Starr then grabbed the right arm as he wrapped it around into an arm wrench and Vic started to scream out in pain as Ricky walked him into the corner. Starr then wrapped his right arm around the rope as he pulled up on it. The pain was on Jacksons face as Starr gave a shot to the gut with his right foot.]

Streamline: Starr already going to work on the arm and…ohh… just stopped Jackson with a shot to the abs!

[Starr then sent Vic off to the other corner by that right arm but he then reversed it as he sent him right in to him with a shoulder block against that right shoulder. Starr held on as he hit another hard shoulder block as Jackson went down to the mat. Starr then went off the right side ropes and came back down with a hard fist drop as he went for a cover.]



[But no, Jackson kicked out at the last second!]

Baldwin: That right arm and shoulder at talking a beating from Starr.

Streamline: Starr’s got the advantage now but don’t look for him to keep the lead!

[Starr looked up at the ref as he thought that was three. Ricky then pulled up Jackson from the mat as he sent him it to the corner, before he sent him off to the other side. As he followed, Jackson hit the corner and saw Starr come. He then ducked and came around grabbing the head of Starr for a hard neck breaker. Ricky held his neck as Jackson held his right shoulder. The pain starting to come in as Jackson rolled over to his stomach.]

Baldwin: Both men now feeling the effects here, Danny.

[Jackson grabbed up Starr and he sent him into the middle of the ropes. One hard right to the face as Jackson sent Starr to the other side. As he came back, Vic gave one kick to the gut as he went for a hard snap suplex.]

Crowd: Oooooo!

Streamline: Wow! Nice snap suplex there. Quick.

[Jackson rolled to his feet and headed to the corner and hopped to the top. Setting up he leaped off and hit a massive moonsault that rocked the ring itself.]


DeLucia: Good God!

[The crowd couldn’t believe it as Jackson started to go for the pin but instead went and locked on a Boston crap in the middle of the corner. Starr screamed out loud at the top of his lungs as he started to crawl for the corner.]

Streamline: Ricky is going to tap here I have a feeling!

[Starr inched his way to the corner. One hand after another as the fans boo’d him. As the ref got down to check if he wanted to quit, Starr shook his head ‘no’ as he almost grabbed the bottom rope but Jackson pulled him out to the center of the ring.] [HUGE POP!] [Starr then arched up, rolled to his left shoulder and broke the hold. Popping out, he fought the pain and grabbed up the loose legs of Jackson and reversed the hold.]

Baldwin: Now it’s Starr that has Jackson trapped!

Streamline: Nice reversal!

[Jackson started to scream as he crawled for the ropes himself. He did everything he could as he pulled, scratched, and swung for the bottom rope. The ref changed positions to check to see if Vic wanted to quit. Vic then took his whole body weight and pulled Starr back into an inverted school boy as the ref went for the cover.]

Streamline: Whoa! Jackson with a roll up!



[But no, Starr rolled out and popped free!]

Crowd: Ohhhhhhh…..

[Jackson got to his feet, shaking his head to clear it. Starr was already on his feet and glaring at Jackson. Grabbing that sore right arm, Starr turned and whipped Jackson HARD into the corner with an air rushing thud.]

Crowd: Oooooo!

Streamline: GOOD GOD!

[Jackson hit so hard he rebounded back out and fell face first to the mats. Starr wasn’t done though and he went to work on Vic, pounding away on that shoulder with the heel of his boot. Jackson’s body was rocked with each shot. Finally, Ricky reached down to scoop the man up, but Starr’s arm was grabbed and Jackson was brought down to the mat into a cross face chicken wing!] [HUGE FRICKIN POP!]

Streamline: Jackson has Starr trapped in the center of the ring!

Baldwin: That was like…outta nowhere!

[Jackson kept the hold locked in tight in the middle of the ring as it didn’t take long before Ricky Starr began to slap the mat!] [Tap!] [Tap!] [Tap!]


Corlone: The winner of this match…”SLICK” VIC JACKSON!

[Vic’s arm was raised in victory as he raised back up to his feet. The crowd began to boo heavily as Jackson climbed up the ropes shouting at the fans.]


[The referee called for the match to begin, as Bollinger and Kerns made their way into the center of the ring. The returning Bollinger was the first to make a move, looking for a clothesline. Nathaniel Kerns was smart enough to duck out of the way, and Jesse slid right by his opponent. Bollinger turned around as Nathaniel grabbed on to his opponent’s wrist. Kerns whipped Jesse into the corner of the ring. Bollinger backpedaled into corner of the ring, his back hitting first and his legs flying into the air.]

Streamline: Both of these guys have nothing to lose…Estrago is giving them a chance to climb the ladder again!

[Kerns stalked his opponent, slowly walking towards him in the corner. Nathaniel strategically sent punches to Jesse’s chest and face, hoping to wear down his opponent slightly. Bollinger’ knees gave way, and he fell down to the ground, sitting in the corner. Nathaniel continued his onslaught by kicking Jesse in the face and chest. After a few kicks for good measure, Kerns back off towards the middle of the ring. Nathaniel waited for Bollinger to make his move.]

Streamline: Nathaniel being a smart him. Waiting for his opponent’s next move.

Baldwin: I like smart guys.

[Nathaniel was bent over, his hands on his knees, waiting for Bollinger to stand up. Finally, Jesse raised his arms and grabbed onto the middle rope. Bollinger pulls himself up to his feet and stumbled towards Kerns. Nathaniel sprinted at Jesse, leading with his right shoulder, but Bollinger stepped out of the way and let Kerns drive his shoulder into the ringpost. Kerns just lay in the corner of the ring, grabbing his shoulder while Jesse got up behind his opponent. Bollinger wrapped his arms around Kerns’ waist and dragged him out into the middle of the ring. Jesse lifted Nathaniel into the air and then turned 180 degrees, slamming Kerns face first into the mat.]

Streamline: Belly to belly by Jesse Bollinger.

[Bollinger got up and reached down, grabbing a handful of Nathaniel Kerns’ hair, pulling him up as well. Jesse got in front of Nathaniel and booted him in the gut. As Kerns doubled over, Bollinger hooked both of Nathaniel’s arms. Jesse hoisted Kerns up into the air, and Bollinger stepped forward, coming down on one knee, followed by dropping Nathaniel’s back right across his knee.]

Streamline: Double underhook backbreaker.

[As Bollinger tossed Nathaniel onto the mat, Jesse got down onto both knees and hooked Kerns’ leg.]

Baldwin: And Jesse Bollinger looking for the cover…



Streamline: Have to do better than that to beat Nathaniel! Not much better but better than that.

[Bollinger was a little frustrated when the ref did not even get to two, but more to his surprise, Nathaniel Kerns was sitting up. Kerns and Bollinger both got up to their feet at about the same time. Bollinger was the first to blink, sending some open-handed punches to Nathaniel’s face, backing him up into the ring ropes. Jesse grabbed on to Kerns’ wrist and attempted to whip him into the opposite ropes, but as Nathaniel got to the middle of the ring, he held on to Jesse. Kerns whipped Bollinger into the ropes. As Jesse bounced back and sprinted towards Nathaniel, Kerns leapt into the air, splitting his legs and letting Bollinger run right by him. Jesse bounced off of the ring ropes once again, but this time, Nathaniel Kerns was already in the air. As Bollinger got right by Kerns, Nathaniel was in the air and he threw his two legs into Jesse’s chest.]

Streamline: Nice standing missile dropkick by Nathaniel Kerns.

[Kerns jumped into the air with a burst of energy; the crowd was right behind him. With Bollinger flat on his back, Kerns walked over to the corner of the ring and began climbing up to the top rope. Kerns took his time to the top while Jesse was clutching his chest, struggling to breathe. Nathaniel got to the top rope and crouched down, looking out over the crowd. Finally, Kerns leapt up into the year, flipping backwards and landing on top of Bollinger, chest to chest.]

Streamline: And a HUGE moonsault!

[Still just laying on top of Jesse, Nathaniel Kerns reached over and grabbed on to Bollinger’ leg, pulling it up for a pin.]

DeLucia: Kerns may have it.



[Bollinger cleverly reached over and grabbed on to Kerns’ left leg, and Jesse was able to shift his weight over to the left, enough to pin Nathaniel’s shoulder s onto the mat and keep them pinned with the left leg.]

Baldwin: Wow…

Streamline: Nice reversal by Bollinger.




Streamline: And Kerns stays alive!

[Bollinger just stood up this time and would not allow Kerns to willingly get up to his feet. Jesse just stepped on top of Kerns’ neck, applying pressure for a count of five as the ref pull him away. After Bollinger saw Kerns was barely moving, Jesse made his way over to the corner of the ring. Bollinger made the rookie mistake of slowly climbing to the top rope, and with his back turned, Nathaniel Kerns hopped back up to his feet. As Bollinger got to the top rope and turned around, Nathaniel lived up to his name by running to the corner of the ring and jumping up on to the second rope. Jesse was caught off guard by this turn of events, and Kerns punched the top rope with his fist, forcing Bollinger to lose his balance and fall to a cradling position on the top turnbuckle.]

Streamline: What a comeback by Nathaniel Kerns!

[With Bollinger cradling on the top turnbuckle, Kerns was able to put Jesse into a front facelock. Using his amazing upper body strength, Nathaniel lifted Bollinger into the air, holding him vertically for a few seconds before falling down from the second rope, dropping Bollinger on to his skull.]

Streamline: Big brainbuster by Nathaniel Kerns!

Baldwin: Kerns floating over for the pin!




[SHOULDER UP!] [CROWD ROARS!] [Kerns pulls Bollinger back to his feet before tossing him out of the ring to the floor! Kerns climbs up to the top rope and waits on Bollinger who slowly starts to get back to his feet. Nathaniel leaps off the top and comes crashing down into the guardrail as Jesse side stepped him! Bollinger quickly rolled Kern back into the ring and followed in after him! Nathaniel stood back up holding his chest as the big man hoisted him up onto his shoulders and planted him with the Outlaw Drop in the middle of the ring covering him for the pin!]

Streamline: One mistake that’s all it takes in the IGA to change the course of a match!





Corlone: The winner of this match…”THE OUTLAW” JESSE BOLLINGER!

[Bollinger stood up as the crowd roared in cheers, Jesse pumped his arms breaking the streak that he had going as Kern holds the back of his neck slowly rolling from the ring as the camera cuts to a commercial.]


[With a sudden rip across the PA system, the electric guitar riff brought to open the beginnings of Down’s “Bury Me In Smoke”. Laser light effects began to wash across the sea of fans inside the Centre in several assorted colors. Dry ice soon created a cloud of mist on the stage, making the colors of the lights glow with an eerie facade. That mist seemed to roil like smoke as it snaked its way in a billow out towards the fans. The fans were now on their feet as the drums pounded in tune with the riff of the guitar.]

Giovanni Corlone: Ladies and gentlemen… this next match is a six man tag team match!


Giovanni Corlone: Already in the ring, the team of SHANE MARTIN, THE OUTLAW and the IGA world champion, LAAAZZZZ STERLING!!

[The beat became steady and soon the lyrics drifted from the PA system, the deep, grainy like voice filling the arena.]

~~When does a holding keep me from myself…? No chance was given to find myself today… My time of aging … wonder when I’ll die… But When My Time Will Come I Know The Reason WHYYYY!!!~~

[There was a tremendous pop as Ryan Williams, Tommy Danger and Damian Payne all stepped out from behind the curtain. Each man took a part of the stage and stood there a moment, letting their bodies be washed in the odd glow created by the lights and mist. Smoke like tendrils curled about the legs and torso of each man as they began to make their way down the ramp.]

~~I have to Risk It… Alone it keeps me safe and in my home I have to use it… To keep me satisfied until I’m gone Don’t regret the rules I broke… When I Die Bury Me in smoke!~~

[At the title words, Ryan, Tommy and Damian parted and that’s when Tommy Rowlands both broke through the “smoke” created by the mist.!]


Baldwin: He’s back!

[All four members of C2K4 made their way towards the ring. Each man was dressed in his usual choice of tights, but each wore the same shirt. A black Tee with the golden maroon that said it all. C2K4. On the back of each shirt read “Whatever doesn’t kill us, had better run fast.”]

~~Under the world I wait for my fate My souls resting beneath my blissful state My time of aging wonder when I’ll die But when my time will come, I know the reason why~~ ~~I have to risk it … alone it keeps me safe and in my home I have to use it … to keep me satisfied until I’m gone Don’t regret the rules I broke, When I die bury me in smoke~~

[The fans popped as the four came together and offered each other high five’s as Bury Me In Smoke ended with that guitar and drum combo solo.] [HUGE POP]

Giovanni Corlone: Their opponents….being accompanied to the ring by the IGA International Champion RYAN WILLIAMS…at a total combined weight of 703 pounds, the team of the IGA TV champion DAMIAN PAYNE, TOMMY DANGER and TOMMY ROWLANDSSS …..C….2….K….4!!!


[The crowd was on their feet as the participants took their spots in respective corners, Shane Martin staring across at Tommy Rowlands as the bell rang and Bull Anderson bounced around as the two jockeyed for position, Ryan Williams leading the fans with a steady rhythmic clap as he stood on the arena floor, backing his team mates.]

Baldwin: Wow, is it good to see Tommy Rowlands back inside the squared circle! What an ovation for the former world champion when he showed up!

Streamline: I am surprised he is starting out right off, Kimberly.

Baldwin: Like, it’s his nature, Danny. Getting right back into things as soon as he can. Ya know?

Streamline: Ditz.

Baldwin: What?

Streamline: Glitz. I said he is all glitz.

Baldwin: Right. Ok. Whatever.

[Martin ducked in with a fake, making Rowlands whirl around to his side. Rowlands then grabbed Martin’s arm and twisted up, going to his tip toes to wrench in the hammer lock. Martin, too, went to his tip toes, grimacing in pain before ducking low and popping out of the hold.]

Baldwin: Rowlands looking to set the tone here and takes the advantage, trapping Martin in a nice arm bar here.

Streamline: You know what an arm bar is?


Streamline: Ow. Not you too.

[As he came around, Rowlands was only half turned and Martin tripped him up with a drop toe hold. Rolling free before Martin could drop an elbow, Rowlands let the man elbow the empty canvas and when Martin popped up, he was nailed with a flying shoulder. Rowlands scrambled back and hooked a leg.]

Crowd: Ooooooo!

Streamline: Whoa…cover early!




[Lazz Sterling ducked between the ropes and lay into the back of Rowlands shoulders with a hard boot shots. Tommy went rolling off, holding his head while a dark flash flew over him. It was Tommy Danger and he aimed a well placed flying forearm into the chest of the World Champion.]

Crowd: Ooooooo!

[Sterling fell to his arse with wide eyes and then slithered under the ropes and then ducked holding the back of his head with a grimace. Danger had used his momentum from the shot to slide under the ropes and out on the arena floor. Rowlands staggered to Payne and made the tag.] [HUGE POP]

Baldwin: Here comes Damian Payne, the IGA TV Champion!

[Payne stepped in and caught a rising Martin with a big right hand that sent the man back to the mat. The Outlaw came in and was body slammed by the superstar with authority before he rolled out. Payne stood there with his arms out stretched, looking as if he was challenging Sterling, the crowd drowning the men in cheers.] Baldwin: Is he calling out Sterling?!

Streamline: Right now, I don’t think Damian Payne cares who he gets his hands on! The man is on fire!

[Sterling didn’t bite and just shook his head and turned away from Payne, who then turned away and focused his attention on Martin. Martin, sneaky as ever, lifted a forearm into the crotch of Payne and doubled the man over.]

Crowd: Booooooo!

[As Payne staggered towards the ropes, he was suddenly grabbed from behind by Sterling and Outlaw and both men dropped to the floor, just about snapping the neck of Payne with the reverse drop guillotine. Payne fell face first and into the canvas, allowing Martin to finally tag in Outlaw.]

Streamline: And this is what we call….a development.

Baldwin: Shane Martin and the Outlaw well aware of how to use the tag team system and rules, to their advantage. Of course, Sterling is no stranger to using the system either.

Streamline: Hey, just what are you implying?

Baldwin: Just call the match, Danny.

[The Outlaw came into the ring, hopping over the ropes and landing on the fallen Payne with a leg drop, all in one motion. He then hooked a leg and rolled the dazed Payne up for a cover. Anderson dropped to do his work.]





Baldwin: Payne out the back door at the last second, Danny.

Streamline: TV Champion lucky to get out of that one.

Baldwin: No way. Way too early to pin the champion.

[Payne was still a bit dazed from the hangman, but fought back when Outlaw got him to rise. A few shots to the midsection looked like it might help turn the tide, but Outlaw forced Payne to the ropes with an Irish whip and then sent him over with a release German suplex on the way back.]

Baldwin: What a throw by The Outlaw!

Streamline: We call that a German suplex.

[Kimberly reached over and tapped Danny’s forehead.]

Baldwin: And we call this a tumor.

Streamline: It’s not a tumah.

[Payne skidded to his hip and rose and surprisingly caught Outlaw with a forearm, sending the man back a few steps. Payne got to his feet, but Outlaw sent him down with a right hand to cheek and neck. Payne grit his teeth, growing pissed and slithered left, needing to make a tag, but was cut off by Outlaw. He then slithered right, was cut off and then he rolled to his hip and lunged away and to his feet. Payne put a smirk upon his face and stopped for a fraction of a second, before reaching out his hand to tag in Danger.]



Baldwin: Oh! Here we go.

[The Outlaw blinked a bit at first as Tommy slipped in under the second and top ropes, his stalk already started. Then The Outlaw shook his head and looked like he was too good for Tommy and he put on a smirk of his own before tagging in….]



Baldwin: Oh boy! Lazz Sterling!

Streamline: The Outlaw, as drunk as he is most times, is a genius!

Baldwin: Oh please.

[Sterling ducked under rope one and two as he came in to face Tommy. Tommy rolled his neck and sniffed back once, letting his pectorals dance a bit in anticipation, but then moved in and got nose to nose with the man.]

Streamline: Is it me, or can you hear the theme to Clint Eastwood’s, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly?

[Danger looked up as he bumped chests with the World Champion, but Sterling was defiant, brazen and just shoved him away far enough for Tommy to take a stutter step back.]

Crowd: Oooooooo!

[Tommy stepped right back in his face and the two started to jaw at each other.]

Lazz Sterling: I’ve told ya once, I’ve told ya twice, I’ve told ya a thousand times. I own you!

[Tommy smirked and let his mouth work from side to side.]

Tommy Danger: Yeah?

Lazz Sterling: Yeah.

[Tommy suddenly got a curious look on his face and tilted his head, Lazz balked and did the same.]

Tommy Danger: Can you feel that?

[Lazz blinked]

Lazz Sterling: What?

Tommy Danger: This.

Crowd: OOOOO!

[Lazz’s eyes went wide when Tommy exploded on him with a massive European uppercut, sending the man stumbling back into a corner. Tommy followed him in with a running clothesline that took the man off his feet and hung his arms on the ropes.]

Crowd: Oooooooo!

[Danger backed up a bit, then stepped forward, grabbed Sterling’s jaw and measure a big right hand.]

Crowd: Ooooooo!

Tommy Danger: That’s for you.

[He reared back and slammed another one to his jaw and neck, making Lazz stagger some more.]

Crowd: Oooooooo!

Tommy Danger: And hell, that one is for you too!

[What Tommy failed to see before he turned around to pummel Sterling again with a running clothesline, was Outlaw and Martin dropping off the apron and yanking both Rowlands and Payne off the apron on the other side. Payne and Rowlands, incensed, were ready to climb in the ring, but Bull Anderson was keeping them at bay. Outlaw and Martin rolled into the ring and both set up in a half tur n. When Tommy turned away from Sterling to set him up, he was leveled to the mat with a double superkick!]

Crowd: Ooooooooo!

Baldwin: Good God! Tommy’s head hit the mat like a sack of wet rags!

[Danny looked at Kimberly.]

Streamline: What? Did you watch some tapes of Paul before this assignment?

Baldwin: Actually, yes.

[Ryan Williams suddenly slid in the ring and all hell was about to break loose, but Bull Anderson cut Williams off and shoved him back.]

Streamline: Hey! This is a six man match! Williams shouldn’t even be here, damnit!

[Once the ring was cleared by Anderson, who was now all over Martin and Outlaw, a dazed Starling urged Danger back up by grabbing at the man’s neck, even as he lay on the mats. He settled Danger’s left arm over his own shoulder and then fixed his fingers into the tights before snapping him up, holding the 244 pounder vertical and then dropping him to the mat with ring shuddering suplex.]

Baldwin: Sterling with a text book suplex on Danger!

[Danger writhed on the mats, but not for long as the Sterling bounced off the ropes and came down on the Nightmare with a top rope somersault leg drop.]

Crowd: Oooooo!

Streamline: The human highlight reel!

[Anderson dropped as Sterling lay on Danger with a lateral press.]



[Rowlands and Payne both started to dip under the ropes to come in and break the count, but Payne turned and ran towards Outlaw, knocking him off the apron.]

Baldwin: Rowlands with the save!


[This let Rowlands catch Sterling with a round house spinning heel kick. Sterling grabbed his head and bellowed before rolling to his feet and staring at Lesley. The man Sterling beat back at International Incident dropped to his arse and quickly rolled out onto the floor, while Danger slowly dragged himself to the corner. Payne had gotten back to his corner and leaned out to make a tag, but Danger was dragged back with a yank by Sterling and Martin, who had slithered in while Anderson was admonishing Rowlands.]

Baldwin: Danger is in a whole lotta trouble here, Danny.

Streamline: Looks like Martin and Sterling have cut him off from his troops!

[Sterling had hold of Tommy’s foot, Tommy bouncing to keep his balance on the other as he rose. Sterling expected the Enziguri and ducked as Tommy went to cuff him with a boot, Tommy dropping to the mat on his hands and one knee. Sterling reached back to tag in Outlaw and made the tag with a slap, but Tommy suddenly jerked free of Sterling’s hold and rolled into a somersault. He then backed into the ropes and came off of them with some speed and went to the air, aiming an extended arm to the chest and neck of both Sterling and Outlaw, driving through with his powerful legs and sending both men to the mat with large thuds.] [HUGE MOVE POP]

Baldwin: Danger scores with the double flying clothesline!

[The place had come apart and was now full force on its feet at a fever pitch, Danger lay there on his belly, trying to crawl to safety. Sterling sat up only a few seconds after being knocked down, but was shaking his head. Outlaw had rolled to a knee and was holding his neck. Danger lunged and made a tag to Payne, who came in fast and went right after Outlaw.] [HUGE POP!] [Legs extended, Payne slapped his hands and caught a slow rising Outlaw with a seat drop kick. Sterling had rolled to a knee and was treated to the same thing, but he half swatted away the TV champion and only caught half the kick.]

Streamline: Payne a house of fire here!

[That was until Outlaw caught him with a boot to the gut. Hooking up Payne, Outlaw grabbed some tights and draped one of Payne’s arms over his shoulder before snapping him over in = a snap suplex. But Payne blocked it and reversed the thrown arm and snapped Outlaw over instead. Outlaw arched his back, then scurried over and reached out and tagged in Martin, who scampered to the top rope and looked to come down on a caught off guard Payne, but the 295 pounder wrapped his arms around the flying torso of Martin and drove him to the mat with a thunderous powerbomb.]

Crowd: Oooooooo!

Baldwin: Power Bomb by Payne and when he I gotta tell ya, he is the best in the business nailing that move!

Streamline: Oooo…that’ll take the starch outta ya.

[Payne got up a bit stunned himself at the impact and backed into the wrong corner. Sterling and Outlaw worked over Payne with a few cheap shots before being counted by Anderson.]

Baldwin: Wrong part of town there for the TV champion!

[Martin worked Payne over for a few more minutes with boots and a headbutt until Payne caught him with a boot to the chin from his position on the mat. Martin staggered back a bit before face planting, a few feet from his corner. Payne rolled to his knee and looked up at Rowlands, who was begging to be tagged in. Payne looked at Sterling, who was reaching over and blind tagging Martin.]

Baldwin: Looks like Sterling wants back in!


DeLucia: Here comes Sterling!


Streamline: Oh oh! Here comes Rowlands!!

[Rowlands hopped over the rope towards Payne after being tagged in and gives him a high five. However instead of letting go, Payne suddenly turned and grabbed Rowlands arm, Irish whipping him into the oncoming Sterling. Rowlands went high, using the extra momentum and caught Sterling with a half turn high cross body that sucked the wind from Sterling’s lungs when he hit the mat. Rowlands grabbed a leg.]

Crowd: OOOOOO!

Baldwin: What a move by Payne and Rowlands! A hook of the leg!!




[HUGE HEEL POP.] [Outlaw had reached in and yanked on Rowlands foot and dragged him off of the cover, saving Sterling. It was at this point that the fans attention was turned to the ramp, where Larry Gionet was making his way down towards the ring. Ryan Williams suddenly bolted as Gionet was pointing at him and jawing away and something struck a nerve.]

Baldwin: A save by Outlaw and this… wait a second….it’s Gionet an….whoa! Ryan Williams is wasting no time!

Streamline: Oh man! These two already have a date with Holtz for the International Title at Team Challenge Series!

[That distraction had Sterling turning to look, smirking that Williams once again would lose his temper. Payne and Outlaw were battling outside the ring now as Payne had grabbed Outlaws shoulder and spun him around after making the save. Payne fired a shot right into the mush of Outlaw and had him staggered when all of the sudden, he stepped in, slapped the back of Outlaw while in a headscissors and he dropped!]

Crowd: Ohhhhhhhhhh!

Baldwin: Wow! Payne just dropped Outlaw out on the ring apron mats with a DDT!

Streamline: Anderson is losing control of this one! And look at Sterling, he has no idea what is….oh no…no…NOOOOO! Turn around!

[Streamline suddenly stood and yanked off his headset, screaming at Sterling as the fans roared. Sterling tilted his head, and just looked at Streamline. That’s when Tommy Danger stepped in behind Sterling and slapped on the sleeper hold.] [HUGE POP]

Baldwin: Oh oh!

[The fans came to their feet as Danger pushed on the back of Sterling’s knee and forced him to the mats on his knees, Danger slithering his other arm around and across his first to form an X. The knee of Danger was then placed into the spine of Sterling and the Nightmare Sleeper was locked.] [HUGE ROAR]

Baldwin: Danger’s got it locked and Sterling is going under!

Streamline: But Anderson is outside trying to get Payne off of Outlaw!


Baldwin: Rowlands just leveled Martin with a running clothesline and right off the apron!

[Rowlands indeed had laid like a lion in wait until the timing was right, Martin turned right into that corded forearm, sending him to the floor in a heap, Rowlands grabbing the ropes and measuring.]

Streamline: Geezus!

[Danger had Sterling flailing and soon, the head dropped and Sterling was going under, the hands dropping at his side as Tommy reared back, sweat dripping from his cheek as he held the hold and looked for Anderson. There was a sudden flash as someone slid inside the ring amid all the confusion, right about the same time Rowlands vaulted himself over the ropes and took out a staggering Martin with a full body press from inside the ring to out on the floor.]

Crowd: Oooooooo!

[Back in the ring, the form that had slid in wielded a chair and stood behind Tommy as the fans suddenly came to realize who it was.]

Baldwin: JEFF KEENAN!!? What on earth?


Crowd: Oooooooooo!

Baldwin: Danger ducked!

Streamline: Oh man!!! Keenan just nailed Sterling!!

[Danger smirked as Sterling slumped and he turned around to face a stunned Jeff Keenan. Danger got a boot up, stooped Keenan and on that stoop, Danger moved in, turned his torso into Keenan’s, reached down between Keenan’s legs and pulled up on his left leg and hefted. About half way up, Danger had Keenan level for a sidewalk slam, but he twisted a bit and rolled when he dropped, nailing Keenan with the Air Raid Crush!]


[The place exploded, but it was filled with a mix of boos and cheers as suddenly two-forms came running down the ramp. One was CK Walker and the other, was…the Serial Killer?!] [MASSIVE BOOOOOOO!]

Baldwin: OH NOOO!! Who the hell is this?!

Streamline: Ten bucks it’s the one man that has been leaving the IGA wrestlers a waste backstage the last few weeks!!!

Baldwin: Danny?! What the hell is going on!? How can you keep up!?

Streamline: Who says I am?!

[Before anyone could register what was going on, Keenan rolled back out of the ring and made his wounded escape. Anderson, having pulled Payne and Outlaw apart, which didn’t last long, turned and saw Rowlands and Martin out on the floor. He tried to get between those guys but Walker shoved him to the side and went after Payne!]

Baldwin: All hell is breaking loose!!

[Walker attacked Payne as he tried to get back to his corner, double ax handling him over the barricades. The Killer, mask and all, snuck up behind Tommy Rowlands and stunned him with a low blow!] [BOOOOOOOOO!]

Baldwin: What the…..this mysterious assassin has just gone after Rowlands!! And I have been trying for weeks to find out who this guy is backstage!

[No sooner had he said that than the Killer was grabbing Rowlands from behind and two seconds later, he nailed him with the burning hammer!]


Streamline: My God! That was the….LAST LAUGH!!

Baldwin: Isn’t that Cha…

Streamline: THE JESTER IS BACK!!! OH MY GOD! That means Jester took out Paul earlier tonight!

[The Killer ripped off his mask to reveal, what appeared to be what most would consider another mask. It was the painted face of “The Jester” Chad Allen!]

Streamline: I can’t believe this! This place has come apart!

Baldwin: And there is still a match going on!

[Danger, who had gotten to his feet after nailing Keenan, watched in horror as Rowlands was attacked. He was about to step out and go and help when he suddenly remembered Lazz Sterling, the world = champion, in the ring. He turned. It was too late. Sterling had gotten to his feet in all the fracas and waited for Tommy to turn and face him, when he did, Sterling moved in and caught Danger around the torso, hefted him up, did a 180 and dropped catching Danger with the HOTTSHOT off the top ropes!]


[Sterling wasted no time and dropped to hook a leg and yell at Bull Anderson to get back in the ring. He did and started the count, Sterling setting his feet to the ropes and nodding his head with the count!]





Streamline: This one is over! My God! What chaos! Lazz Sterling has pinned Tommy Danger!

Giovanni Corlone: Ladies and gentlemen…. the winners of the match…. the team of THE OUTLAW, SHANE MARTIN and the IGA World Champion… LAZZZZZ STERRRRLINNNNG!


Baldwin: I can’t believe it!

Streamline: Believe it, toots! Sterling got the three count and it’s all over!

Baldwin: One word, Danny! Travesty!

Streamline: Call it what you will, Lazz Sterling has a huge advantage going into The Team Challenge Series!

[The scene faded with a pull back, both teams helping their respective members and being kept apart by the IGA officials.]

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