The scene opens at a Global Combat Championship press conference. On the stage is Tommy Ward on stage as he accepts the prize for his tournament victory. It is a statue with golden MMA gloves on top and his name across the plaque of the trophy. 

He steps up to the microphone and addresses the members of the press and the audience in attendance which includes Kan Tai and Panda who are seated somewhere in the center.  Panda turns to Kan Tai, “That was a fun tournament. Tommy Ward totally deserves this prize for winning. He’s the greatest.”

Kan Tai smiles at Panda, “He did do a really good job. I’m so happy for him!” They are clapping along with the crowd and soon the applause dies down as Tommy gets ready to speak.

“I want to thank my trainers and training partners for getting me prepared for this tournament. It’s been a great experience and now I’m ready to fight for the championship.”  As Tommy continues to speak, the curtain behind him slowly parts and soon the trophy is pulled behind the curtain. 

“And in closing, champ, Tommy Ward is coming for you. I hope you’re ready because I believe without a shadow of a doubt I’m meant to be the champion.  Thank you for this trophy,” he turns to acknowledge the trophy only to find it missing. “Did someone move the trophy?”  

Kan Tai stands, “I saw it go behind the curtain!” she yells.

Tommy Ward opens up the curtain but there’s no trophy as we fade out to the Kan Tai Panda Adventures.

#7: Golden Gloves Gone
(featuring “Go!” by M83 featuring Mia Lan)

When we come back, there are some police officers there taking statements from those in attendance who aren’t all that helpful since no one saw who took the trophy, only that the trophy was taken. One officer finishes taking Kan Tai’s statement and she and Panda walk over to Tommy Ward who doesn’t seem pleased at all.

“Tommy!” she says as she walks over and they shake hands.

“Thanks for coming, Kan Tai. This has been a nightmare, I’m sorry for that,”  he responds as he shakes his head.

Kan Tai wrinkles up her nose, “It’s not your fault,  unless you have a relative who stole it from you for you, which would be really weird.” 

Tommy holds up his hands, “I promise it wasn’t me.”

Panda gives Kan Tai a nudge. “I was only kidding, Tommy.  Oh, this is Panda.”

Panda takes a bow, “Pleasure to meet you.” 

“It’s not every day you talk to a panda,” says Tommy with a smile. “I mean, I’ve seem some weird things, but this wasn’t something I expected. Nice to meet you, Panda.”

“Any idea who might want to take your trophy?” Panda asks.

Tommy shrugs, “It could be anyone from the tournament, upset they didn’t win. I couldn’t think of any reason for someone other than that to want to take the trophy.”

A police officer comes up with a photo and shows it to Tommy, Kan Tai and Panda. “Do any of you recognize this person? Video surveillance caught her removing the trophy from the premises.” 

The photo is shown as a female and three males are loading the trophy into the back of a van.

“I don’t know who those guys are, but that is Rupika Khan,” Ward finally says. 

Kan Tai shrugs her shoulders, “Why would she take that title?”

“I don’t know.”

The scene zooms in on that photo as we transition to Rupika Khan who is directing traffic as her stooges, which look awfully familiar to the stooges in previous episodes, are carrying the trophy into a mansion. The first stooge asks, “Couldn’t you have just had one of these made? I’m sure they’d deliver.”

Rupika smacks him on the back of the head, “Those kinds of trophies don’t mean anything. This was won in a tournament! A tournament I should have been in. They didn’t allow us females to compete for a trophy in the tournament. Just the men. Well, I showed them. Now this trophy is in the hands of a woman, where it belongs!”  She points over to a room where other trophies have accumulated. “Just put it in there!”

The three stooges carry the trophy into the room and set it down. “You steal all these other trophies, boss?” asks the second stooge.

“I’ll have you know that I won all of those trophies myself.  I’m a fighter and I fight to win.” 

The sound of a vehicle pulling into the driveway is heard as Rupika rushes over and looks out the window and sees a cop car pull up, and another behind it. She rushes back and points to the trophy, “Get that out of here. I don’t know why you put that in here anyway! And which one of you left a clue behind. The cops are here! Incompetence everywhere! Take it out the back!”

The three stooges pick up the trophy and scurry out the back way just as the doorbell rings. Rupika checks herself in a nearby mirror and then walks over and opens the door.  Standing there is the police officer with Tommy, Kan Tai and Panda behind him. 

Rupika puts on all of her charm as she asks, “Oh, hello Officer. What can I do for you?”

The officer holds out a photo, “Is this you ma’am?”

Scrutinizing the photo, Rupika takes her time as she finally shakes her head, “I’ve never seen that woman before in my life.”

Kan Tai speaks up from the back, “Give me a break! You’re wearing the same outfit!”

“Ma’am, we’re going to have to search your premises.”

Rupika smiles, “I would most certainly let you, but my grandfather doesn’t like me letting strangers into the mansion.” Her smile fades, “At least not without a warrant.”

Panda points at Rupika, “We don’t need a warrant!”

“Yes, we do,” replies the cop as he turns to look at the panda, “I’ll go get one.”

“And the rest of you can leave as well, no strangers, just like grandfather said,” Rupika says with a smug look on her face, then shuts the door on their faces.

Outside on the step, Kan Tai gives a little ‘hmph’. “Rude much!  I guess we should get going. Panda…” she starts then realizes that Panda is not there.  “Where’d Panda go?”

Tommy shrugs, “He was here a moment ago.” They turn and see his little tail disappearing around the corner. “Oh, he went that way?”

“He’s going to get us in trouble!” Kan Tai starts to chase after him. 


When we return from the break, all three of our heroes, Kan Tai, Panda and Tommy Ward are standing in line looking forward with a confused look on their faces. 

“Those gnomes are the ugliest lawn gnomes I have ever seen,” comments Panda.  We are finally shown the garden gnomes being commented on and there are four gnomes there, that are obviously our three henchmen and the large trophy. All four are disguised as garden gnomes. 

Tommy Ward shakes his head, “That one in the middle isn’t too bad looking,” obviously talking about the trophy. 

Kan Tai finally adds, “We should get out of here before we get into trouble,” she said.

“But, the trophy is here somewhere on this property!” exclaims Panda.

Tommy is looking from one to the other and then finally asks, “When did you two switch places? Aren’t you the one who usually rushes into dangerous situations?” he points to Kan Tai, then turns to Panda, “And aren’t you the one who usually runs away from dangerous situations?”

They start walking as as they turn the corner, there are three very large bodyguard types standing there.  One of them says, “Weren’t you asked to leave?” 

Panda points the way they came, “We were just leaving!” He runs away from the big guys. 

Tommy watches him go and adds, “That’s more like it.” 

“Let’s get out of here!” The two run after Panda as the three large bodyguards start to chase after them with some funky chase music in the background. The chase scene continues as the henchmen are about to move the trophy then they stop suddenly as everyone runs by and then they pick up the trophy and start running the other way.

After a few moments, everyone runs back going the other way, then a few minutes later only the bodyguards run by and they stop. “Where’d they go?”

“We musta lost them.”

“C’mon, the boss ain’t gonna like it if we don’t catch them.” 

They all three disappear off screen and then the heads of Kan Tai, Panda and Tommy Ward peek out from behind the bushes. 

“I think I saw some guys carrying that trophy earlier,” Tommy says.

Panda looks up at him, “Why didn’t you say something?”

“I was running for my life?”

“Good point.”

Kan Tai interject here finally, “Look, we gotta go find that trophy. We can’t let Rupika keep something that doesn’t belong to her.”

Meanwhile, inside the mansion, the three bodyguard types are standing in front of Rupika who is obviously unhappy. “If they take my trophy, I will fire all three of you!”

“I think they finally left the property, miss.”

“They very well better have! Now get!” she shoos them off and disappears into her trophy room where the trophy in question has been returned and is being tended to by the henchmen. 

“Now that those idiots have left, I can sit and admire my trophy,” Rupika chimes as she takes a seat in a chair and gazes at the trophy. Meanwhile, around the back of the mansion. Panda takes notice of something near the back entrance. “Look, there’s a doggy door. I can squeeze in and let everyone in.”

Tommy shrugs and nods, “That’s actually not a bad idea.”

“You saying I ain’t good with ideas?” Panda asks sternly.

“I didn’t say that at all!”

“But, if they have a doggy door,” Kan Tai starts, but before she can finish, Panda is already sticking his head through the hole where he comes face to face with a large dog on the other side who slowly begins to growl. “That should mean they have a dog, right?” her voice is heard on the other side of the door as Panda smiles at the dog. “Nice doggy…”

Panda quickly pulls his head back and starts to run as the dog charges through the opening in the door and immediately chases Panda around. Kan Tai reaches up and opens the door easily, “Well, at least Panda is distracting that dog and we can go inside and check it out.”

Tommy looks back at the commotion in the backyard, “Will he be okay?”

Kan Tai looks over at the Panda running in circles with the dog chasing him. “I mean, if he gets dirty, I’ll just put him in the washer.” 

Kan Tai and Tommy head into the mansion.


When we come back from commercial, Kan Tai and Tommy are sneaking around inside the mansion when Panda finally appears. He is super dirty and trying to dust himself off. Kan Tai notices him, “Oh! You made it back!”

Panda grumbles, “No thanks to you.”

“What happened to the dog?” whispers Tommy.

“You don’t want to know.”

In the distance, the voice of Rupika Khan can be heard and Kan Tai motions for everyone to follow. They tiptoe down the hall and past some stairs and they find the door to the trophy room. They fling open the door and immediately, Rupika turns to them and jumps in front of the trophy. “You can’t have it! It’s mine!”

“Rupika, why did you steal the trophy?” Kan Tai asks as she notices all the other trophies in the room. 

“Because I wanted a chance to win but they wouldn’t let me compete because it was a men’s tournament! You can’t take this from me. I’ll fight you!” she gets into a fighting stance.

Tommy shakes his head, “Rupika, before you snatched the trophy I was going to announce the women’s tournament with the winner getting a very similar trophy! And I was going to announce you as one of the competitors!” 

“You were?”

Tommy nods his head, “Yes. I was. You were going to get a chance to earn a trophy.”

Rupika looks very solemn as she steps away from the trophy, “I’m sorry I took it. I got super jealous.”

Kan Tai places a hand on her shoulder, “We all do crazy things now and again.”

The scene changes and police officers are milling about. 

“I don’t want to press charges, it was just a misunderstanding, officer,” Tommy says as the officer is taking notes. “I’m sure it won’t happen again.  I’ll just go get my trophy and be on my way.” He turns to Kan Tai and Panda, “And thank you for helping me retrieve the trophy. I don’t know that I could have done it without you.”

Rupika walks up, “And without you, I probably would be in a far worse situation than I am now. So thank you.” 

Kan Tai smiles, “It all worked out in the end and that’s all that matters!” Tommy walks off as Panda nods, “Is there reward money?”

“Shush, Panda!” whispers Kan Tai.


Tommy walks back with concern on his face. “Did someone move the trophy? It was in the room, but now it’s gone.”

Rupika holds up her hands, “I swear it wasn’t me this time!” 

Kan Tai shakes her head, “This has been happening a lot lately! What is going on?”

Tommy sighs, “Here we go again.”


Live action outdoor scene comes to life as the real Kan Tai enters the screen carrying Panda. She stops in the center and addresses the camera. 

“Hi! I’m Kan Tai and this is Panda!”

She holds him up for a brief moment before continuing.

“On today’s episode, you saw how jealousy and greed can lead you down a very bad road. Being jealous of someone else’s accomplishments only serves to stall your journey to your own accomplishments. Instead of being jealous when someone is successful, congratulate them and continue to focus on your own successes. Lift each other up instead of trying to minimize their work to make your own look better! We will see you next week!”

As Kan Tai waves, the scene fades out and back to an animated sequence. On a monitor, the image of the missing trophy is seen as a male begins to laugh.

“Well now, you are right where you belong, little trophy. There are only a few more items I desire and then that talking panda will be mine!”

The scene slowly fades with the sound of maniacal laughing in the background fades the scene to dark as the credits roll. 

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