“Are you sure this is the right place?” Kan Tai asks as the scene opens. Three individuals stand facing away from the screen as the shot backs up and we finally see that Panda is also there. What we also see is that they are staring at a very creepy looking motel.  The sound of a loose shutter keeps hitting the wall, making a loud whacking noise. 

We finally see who is standing with Kan Tai and Panda looking at the hotel.  The first is identified as Teresa Duke and the second is identified as Melissa Aki.  It’s Teresa who speaks up first, “This is the name of the place the promoter gave me.”

“I don’t see any other wrestlers around here at all,” comments Melissa as finally Panda decides to add his two cents in, “Well, how about we go find somewhere else to stay since this is obviously where the devil stays when he is in town and I have no desire to meet him in any way, shape or form.”  Panda turns to walk away and Kan Tai reaches back and holds him in place.

“This is definitely the place,” she says as she looks at the other two, “I guess we should go inside.”

(featuring “Go!” by M83 featuring Mia Lan)

When we return from the opening sequence, all three are standing at the reception desk. Teresa reaches over and gently taps the bell and a loud gong sounds as all four of them jump into the air. 

“That’s not creepy at all,” mutters Melissa under her breath as a very elderly man shuffles in from behind the counter.

“May I help you?”

Kan Tai speaks up, “We have a reservation. Kan Tai, Melissa Aki and Teresa Duke.”

The attendant looks over the counter and sees Panda. “No pets.”

“Pet?! How dare you–” Panda starts and is silenced when Kan Tai covers his mouth with her hand. 

“He’s not a pet, sir. He’s my stuffed panda.”

“Oh, very well then. Here are your keys.” Each person takes a key and as they reach for their luggage, the attendant disappears. Kan Tai turns around and starts to ask something, but no one is there. “This place gets creepier and creepier.”

They start to pull their luggage down the hallway and they turn a corner when Panda stops suddenly. “That’s a creepy doll.”  There’s a sign there that asks everyone to “Please do not touch the doll.”

“I’m glad it’s out here and not in any of our rooms,” Teresa says in a low whisper. 

“Best to move on from here,” the desk clerk’s voice startles everyone who leaps up. “It’s a tale of a tragic story of a woman who was so jealous that she nearly murdered everyone over her husband’s infidelity. The local priest trapped her soul into the doll on this very spot. Many have tried to remove the doll, but it always returns. They say if you disrespect her in any way, she comes to life and seeks revenge.”

With that, he turns and walks away. “Have a good night!”

They watch him walk away. “I don’t want nothing to do with no doll like that!” says Melissa Aki as they start to move down the hallway and the others move to follow. A close up on the doll, sees a glowing in her eyes as if she were watching the quartet angrily.

However, as they turn away from the doll, a loud thump startles them all as they immediately stop walking. “I’m not looking,” says Panda.  Everyone else slowly turns around and sees that somehow the doll has fallen onto the floor. 

“Oh dear,” says Kan Tai as she walks over. 

“I wouldn’t touch that,” says Panda as he hides behind Melissa’s legs, finally turning around..

Kan Tai doesn’t hesitate to reach for the doll and pulls it into her arms. “Don’t be silly. It’s just a doll. I don’t believe in all that nonsense that old guy was talking about!”  It had fallen face down so as she picks it up, the eyes of the doll slowly begin to open. 

As Kan Tai’’s brown eyes look into the blue eyes of the doll, they suddenly glaze over. At the same time, both the doll and Kan Tai blink and suddenly, Kan Tai has blue eyes and the doll has brown ones as a grin crosses Kan Tai’s face. “I’m just going to put it back. No big deal.”

She stands and walks over and places the doll on the table and the doll’s eyes close again. Melissa turns back to the others, “Shall we get to our rooms?”

We see them walk down the hallway as the scene turns to black.

There is silence and then slowly, blurry view of the hallway and the four walking away is seen. Another blink and then we hear Kan Tai’s voice.

“Where are you going? Why are you leaving?”  It’s not a typical voice, perhaps more of a voice of a conscience. “I’m over here!  Hey!” It’s then she sees herself with the others walking away. “Oh no! That’s not me! Don’t leave me here!” but they cannot hear her as they turn the corner.


We come back from break and the quartet are getting ready for bed. Panda and Kan Tai are in one room. Evil Kan Tai is sitting on the bed staring straight ahead as Panda lays back on the bed. “You okay, Kan Tai? You seem a little tense.”

“I’m not tense.” she mutters under her breath. 

“I.. Well, I mean, you’re typically in a far better mood. I mean, you’re kinda brooding.”

She suddenly stands to her feet and turns to glare at the Panda and says, “I’m going out.”  She walks to the door, opens it and leaves. Panda watches with a worried expression, “Something’s not right with her…”

Meanwhile, in the other room, Teresa is ready for bed, but Melissa Aki is heading towards the doorway. “I’m going to see if there’s anything to eat. Wanna come?”

Shaking her head, Teresa responds, “I’m too tired to eat. I’ll get something in the morning. I’m going to sleep.”

“Fair enough. I won’t be long.” Melissa exits the room and as she steps into the hallway, Evil Kan Tai is there too just leaving her room. “Hungry too?” Melissa asks as she walks over towards Kan Tai. “I was just heading to the kitchen, wanna come?”

“Yes.” says Kan Tai and as Melissa walks by her, she gives her an evil glare. As the two walk down the hallway, they are approaching the doll. We get the doll’s view as she sees the two approaching.

“That’s not me!” but the two continue to walk as Doll Kan Tai realizes she’s not saying anything out loud. “You can’t hear me!”  She struggles to move, but cannot.

Melissa stops walking as she notices the doll again. “Do you realize that doll actually kind of looks like you, Kan Tai.”

“I never noticed,” responds the doppelganger as Melissa starts to move on by, “It’s weird.”

Evil Kan Tai looks at the doll and notices that it’s trying to move and warns, “If you interfere, it’ll be the end of you. You may as well get comfortable, you’re going to be there for an eternity.”  Evil Kan Tai then moves on after Melissa.

“What? You can’t mean…” cries Doll Kan Tai as she watches them go.

The duo walk into the kitchen as Melissa goes for the fridge. Evil Kan Tai glances around and sees a knife rack and begins to move towards it.  Melissa pulls out some food, setting it on the counter as she starts to make a sandwich with her back towards Kan Tai who slowly begins to creep up on her with a knife in hand.

As Evil Kan Tai raises the knife overhead to strike, Melissa accidently knocks a tomato from the counter to the floor and leans down to pick it up just as Kan Tai brings the knife down and embeds it into the counter with a thud!

Melissa raises up and sees the knife, “Oh! I needed that. Thanks, Kan Tai.”

Glaring at her from behind, Evil Kan Tai mutters, “Any time.”

Later, the two are heading back to their rooms when they pass the doll again. Doll Kan Tai struggles and tips herself over when Evil Kan Tai places her upright and once again warns, “I promise you if you interfere, I will ensure your life as this doll will be very uncomfortable.” 

“Are you talking to the doll?” asks Melissa?

“Of course not,” responds Evil Kan Tai. “I was just setting it upright.”  As the two disappear around the corner Doll Kan Tai once again tries to move herself and manages to tip herself over again as she falls off the table and lands on the floor with an ‘oof’. 


“Okay. Now that I’m down here, what next?” Doll Kan Tai has landed on the floor and as she struggles, she manages to push herself up onto her feet. The doll slowly begins to walk down the hallway, moving very slowly. 

Time passes as the sun comes up and Doll Kan Tai is still making her trek down the hallway when she reaches the entrance to the inn. “Oh no! I’ve gone the wrong way!” she cries as she stumbles backwards and lands on her butt, sitting on the floor. 

Meanwhile, the others are just waking up and preparing to go out and they’ve met out in the hallway.  “So, where are we going today?” asks Teresa Duke. 

Evil Kan Tai just gives a grin, “I know just the place.” The quartet begins to walk down the hallway when they notice the doll is missing.

“That creepy doll is gone,” comments Panda as he looks around nervously,  hiding behind Kan Tai’s legs. “Where’d it go?”

As Evil Kan Tai narrows her eyes and looks around, she finally says, “I’m sure it’s nothing. Let’s get going.” 

As they walk down the hallway towards the entrance, Evil Kan Tai spots the doll sitting behind a plant. “Head on outside. I’m going to see if the old man has a map.” The others agree and head out into the daylight while Evil Kan Tai picks up the doll.   “I told you to stay out of my way.” She lifts the doll up and hangs it on a hook as Doll Kan Tai swings her arms and legs back and forth, trying to free herself. “I have plans and they do not include you,” Evil Kan Tai says before turning and heading outside as well. As the scene pans backwards, right next to the hanging Doll Kan Tai is a sign for Friendship Falls with a picture of a cliff with a waterfall that flows over it and looks to be hundreds of feet down. 

A while later, the quartet is hiking up a hill with Teresa in front, followed by Melissa, then Evil Kan Tai and Panda in the rear. “How much further? My tiny legs can’t go much further,” complains the panda as they continue upward.

“Not much further. There’s a sign,” Teresa responds as they all see the sign stating that the falls is only a quarter of a kilometer away.   Evil Kan Tai sees a large stick lying nearby and picks it up. 

As Melissa stops for a moment, “See. Not far at all. It’s actually a really nice day out. I’m glad we went for a walk.” Teresa continues upward, as Evil Kan Tai lifts her stick and takes a mighty swing at Melissa who happens to notice her shoe was untied and leans down to tie it back up as the stick whistles over her head.

“Kan Tai!” yells Panda. “What are you doing?”

Evil Kan Tai reaches down and grabs Panda, covering his mouth. “I’ve already dealt with a doll today, I have no problem dealing with a stuffed panda,” she mutters into his ear and then heads off in a different direction.

Melissa finishes tying her shoe and stands up looking around, “Kan Tai? Panda?” 

“Over here,” says Kan Tai as she steps back out from the bushes. Teresa comes back, “I didn’t realize you all had stopped. Where’s Panda?”

“He decided to head back. The walk was a little tiring for him,” Kan Tai explains as the trio once again starts to climb.

Melissa shakes her head, “We were almost to the top.”

Meanwhile, behind the bushes, Panda is tied up around a tree. 

Back at the inn, a couple come by and see the doll hanging from the hook and sets her back on the floor. The doll waves to the couple as they sit there gobsmacked as it walks on by and out the door.

The doll is learning to better move around in its tiny body as it sees the sign for the waterfall and begins to sprint up the trail.  Meanwhile, Panda is still tied to a tree and struggling to free himself.

At the falls, Evil Kan Tai has walked to the edge and is looking over the cliff down into the where the water crashes into the lake. She turns to look over at Melissa and with an evil gleam to her eyes, she beckons her over, “You really need to see this. It’s awesome!” 

Doll Kan Tai finally reaches the area where Panda was last seen and she hears him struggling to free himself.  As she walks over in front of him, he looks down at her and asks, “Kan Tai?”

Scene goes back to the falls where Melissa gets up from her spot and walks over to where Evil Kan Tai is. 

“Be careful over there. It’s a long way down,” comments Teresa Duke from where she is relaxing on the ground. 

“Don’t I know it,” adds Evil Kan Tai as Melissa finally joins her.  Melissa looks over the edge, “That is amazing. You’d never survive the fall, that’s for sure.”

“That’s what I’m counting on,” mutters Evil Kan Tai and as she moves behind Melissa and looks to give her a large push, a squeal comes out of know where as Panda with Doll Kan Tai on his back charges into the area and crashes into Evil Kan Tai, sending her over the edge of the cliff.

“My body!” we hear Doll Kan Tai think as we fade to a commercial.


“What was that for?” asks Teresa as she leaps to her feet and everyone rushes to the edge of the waterfall only to find that Evil Kan Tai is hanging from a rock, the only thing keeping her from plunging to her death.

“That’s not Kan Tai. Kan Tai is inside the doll!” Panda cries as the doll gets up to her feet. 

“No way,” Teresa Duke walks over and leans down towards the doll. “You really in there, Kan Tai?”

The doll nods her head and then points towards the falls.

Melissa finally gets what she’s trying to say, “That’s Kan Tai’s body hanging on. We need to get it back and get Kan Tai back inside of it! Someone hold me!” 

Melissa gets down onto her stomach and tries to reach over the falls, “Grab my hand,” she says as scoots even closer to the edge.  Teresa walks over and grabs onto her legs to keep her from going over. Panda holds onto Teresa and Doll Kan Tai holds onto Panda. 

Melissa is finally able to clasp hands with Evil Kan Tai. “Everybody pull!” yells Melissa as everyone behind gives a mighty heave and Evil Kan Tai soars up and over and then tumbles past Panda and knocks Doll Kan Tai over as the two tumble to a stop and just as they do, they make eye contact and their eyes swap back to the way they were before.

Kan Tai gets to her feet, “Is it me? I’m back?” Panda runs over and gives her a big hug. “Welcome back!”

Teresa Duke just shakes her head, “I cannot wait to check out of this place. I say we go check out right now and get out of here. This place has given me enough of the creeps for one lifetime.”

“I’m behind you on that. Let’s go,” says Melissa who reaches down and picks up the doll. 

When they all arrive back at the inn, Melissa places the doll back on the shelf and they all go to their separate rooms. 

They all meet outside as the innkeeper rushes out, “Where you going? You have two more nights already paid for by your employer!”

“Oh no, we ain’t staying one more night in this place, creep-master,” says Teresa as she throws her luggage into the back of the car and the others follow suit.

“Oh wait, I forgot some luggage,” Melissa cries as she rushes into the Inn.  She rounds the corner and slows down as she passes the doll and then starts to walk past it. However, as she gets a few feet by a shadow looms over her from behind and as she turns around, she starts to let out a scream.

A few moments later, we see a view from the doll as she watches Melissa walk past again to the hallway and back outside, “Wait! That’s me! Don’t leave me here!” we hear Melissa’s voice, when suddenly her vision goes black.

As our quartet drives off, we can hear Evil Melissa say to the others, “You know, I’ve always hated the name “Melissa.” Maybe you should call me Daniella…”

Panda is heard saying, “Oh. I like that name,” as the scene fades into the live action portion of the show. In a scenic background of a waterfall, Kan Tai, carrying her stuffed panda come into the scene.

“Hi everyone! Kan Tai here with Panda! We hope you enjoyed today’s spooky episode of Kan Tai Panda Adventures. Sometimes it’s easy to hold grudges and be angry at someone and even try and get back at them for something you think they did to you.   But all that anger and resentment only hurts yourself. It never truly hurts anyone else. So before you begrudge anyone, just remember who will it really hurt. Them? Or you? Thanks for watching this week. We will be back next week with another great adventure!”

Kan Tai waves Panda’s little hand as the scene fades back into an animated sequence. Someone is watching a monitor as the doll from earlier in the show is set upon a pedestal, however the head remains covered with a towel.

The monitor is switched off as someone laughs in the background. “One day that talking stuffed Panda will be mine and will make me millions, perhaps even billions!” He cackles as the scene fades to black where a small voice of Melissa Aki is heard asking, “Anyone here? Turn on the light please?” before the show goes to credits.

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