The opening sequence for Limelight ends with a picture of Trina Bray from 1996.

LIMELIGHT: Trina Bray “The Amazon Woman”

Elaine Bryant (narration): It was 1992, and Trina Bray had just completed college with a degree in elementary school teaching. She was an athlete throughout high school and college—Volleyball, basketball, track. If there was a sport and if the females were allowed, Trina Bray tried out and excelled in every sport.  She decided when she was young that she would become a teacher.

Trina Bray: I always wanted to be a teacher. My mother was a teacher, and my grandmother was a teacher. I just thought it was what the Bray women do. My mother didn’t discourage me from doing sports, but she didn’t encourage me either. It was all about studies.

Elaine Bryant: She graduated with honors from the University of Oregon. However, student loans and debt were piling up.

Trina Bray: Oregon used to be a wrestling hot spot. It started dying out in the early 90s as companies began to go national. But I continued to work out. I was at the gym quite a bit. A guy walked up to me and asked me if I ever considered being a wrestler. He ran a wrestling company and wanted to start incorporating females. He wanted men and women to compete against each other. I thought he’d lost his mind, to be honest, but when he started talking about money. I’ll admit, he got my attention. I was drowning in debt. I had just graduated college, and no one was hiring. Two years later, I debuted for the OWA.

Elaine Bryant: The OWA was one of the first intergender professional wrestling companies on the planet. Unfortunately, there’s very little footage of the early years because everything was syndicated. Taking on the name of “Amazon Woman,” Trina Bray quickly became a fan favorite because of her attitude and cheerful demeanor. And she would win.

Trina Bray: I was so nervous my first match out. I am sure everyone is like that. But one win turned into two, and the next thing you know, I was undefeated for quite some time.

Elaine Bryant: She formed a popular tag team with TigerLily, and they quickly became the tag team champions.

Trina Bray: Lily was great. She had been in for many years by the time I got there. She was instrumental in helping mold me. We would drive to towns together. People called us inseparable.

Elaine Bryant: Then Trina got her shot. A shot at the World Championship.

Trina Bray: I was half of the tag team champions, and then I won the tournament to become the top contender to the world title. Lily was kind of pissed, to be honest. She became even angrier when I won the world title because the promotion rules were that you could only hold one title. Lily wanted me to give up the world title, but I just couldn’t. I relinquished the tag team title, which means she also relinquished the tag team title. That was when our feud began.

TigerLily: I blamed her at the time, but the reality is that I saw it coming a mile away. The moment the promoter put her in that tournament, the tag team was running on fumes. I had a feeling she was gonna win. Looking back, it was probably the best thing to happen to both of us.

Elaine Bryant: TigerLily would attach Bray at any opportunity, several times busting her open and making her bleed.

Trina Bray: I know she thinks I abandoned her. But, given the same circumstances, she would have done the same thing. She’d had her time as World Champ. I couldn’t pass it up.

TigerLily: Looking back, I can’t really blame her, but after I attacked her and left her bloody, we main-evented shows around the territory for months. We drew big. We strung them along, too, not giving the match any sort of finish until the big final match at Halloween Horror 1994. I either would have to beat her for the title, or it’s my last shot. She beat me. I wish we had the footage.

Trina Bray: It was my first “blood” feud. It was the feud that cemented my legacy as the champ. I owe her a lot. We spilled a lot of blood between the two of us during that feud.

Elaine Bryant: When the OWA went national on cable television in late 1995, Amazon Woman was still the champion. She was also the champion when she would defend her championship on the first OWA PPV event, Wintertime Massacre.

OWA Championship: Amazon Woman vs. Ricky Blood 

The bell rings. “Ladies and gentlemen, this match is one fall to a finish, and it is for the OWA World Championship.” The crowd pops at the announcement, and he continues, “Coming down the aisle, from San Diego, California. He is the North American Champion, Ricky Blood!” Blood jogs down to the ring, only in his ring gear as he has already wrestled tonight. He slides into the ring and hops up with the championship belt around his waist. The crowd cheers as he removes it and holds it up for all to see. He hands it off to ringside because his title is not at stake. “And his opponent.” 

This causes the crowd to pop even louder as they anticipate the arrival of their hero, “Coming to the ring now, hailing from Parts Unknown. She is the current reigning and defending OWA Champion of the World. Welcome to the ring, “Amazon Woman!” The chants begin even before her name has finished being announced as “Amazon! Amazon!” begins to fill the ring, and the champion appears from behind the curtain. She raises the OWA Championship over her head, then drapes it over her shoulder as she heads to the ring, ready to go. Amazon rushes to the ring and slides underneath the bottom rope before getting to her bare feet and moving to the corner to get up onto the second turnbuckle and acknowledge the cheers of the fans before she hops down and finally hands off her title to the referee.  

“The very popular champion here tonight going against the newly crowned unified North American Champion, Ricky Blood.” Amazon and Blood meet in the center with the referee holding the championship as he gives them the rules of the match, something they’ve heard many times. As the referee directs them back to their corner, Amazon Woman reaches out to shake Blood’s hand, and he obliges much to the cheer of the fans. Ed’s voice is finally heard, “And this match is our main event. Hopefully, that handshake will mean that this match will be free of rule-breaking and dirty tactics. Again, only the OWA Championship is on the line here. Due to the OWA’s long-standing rule of a wrestler only being allowed to hold one championship at a time, if Blood were to win, he would have to relinquish the North American Championship and fulfill all the bookings for the OWA Champion. And the referee calls for the bell, and this match is underway.” 

As they meet in the center and lock up, Ricky smacks Amazon with a quick kick to the thigh, backing up the champion, who shakes it off. “Ricky Blood starting things off quick here, but it looks like it was only a warning shot to the champion.” They lock up again, and Amazon drills Blood in the face with a forearm shot to the jaw, and he staggers back now. “Amazon telling him that’s one each, and Blood just grins. This is the first time Amazon Woman and Ricky Blood have wrestled each other.” They lock up again, and Blood whips Amazon into the ropes and nails her coming off with a clothesline, knocking the champion down. He goes for a quick cover, but she kicks out almost immediately and kips up and grabs the arm of Blood and armdrags him over, then keeps a hole of the arm for an armbar. She twists on the arm as she presses a knee into his side, but Blood twists around, kips up, flips over, and tosses her this time, only Amazon Woman flies in between the ropes and to the floor. “I’m almost sure that was coincidental, but anything is possible. What’s he going to try here?” 

Ricky Blood has scaled to the top turnbuckle, but Amazon is to her feet and sees him, so she slides back into the ring, and Blood has no choice but to just hop down. Amazon waggles her finger back and forth, telling him she isn’t going to fall for that, and Blood just grins and shrugs as they get ready to tie up once again. “Another lock up here, and Amazon Woman pushes Blood into the corner and,” a loud smack echoes through the arena, “chop by Amazon Woman. And another. And one more for good measure.” Blood’s chest is turning a bright red as he stumbles out of the corner. Amazon Woman bounces off the ropes and grabs the back of his head, and bulldogs him face-first into the mat and rolls him over, “Only a one count for the champ, as Blood is not done here. She clamps on the headlock, and slowly they get to their feet. Blood pushes her off into the ropes, and she comes back, and neither budge. She runs into the ropes again and tries for another shoulder block, but he stands firm.” This time she tries again, but as she starts towards the ropes, he grabs her shoulders and pulls her back hard, and she crashes down onto her back, and he covers for a quick one count, “Just one, and that’s all. ” 

“Amazon Woman is up, and against the ropes, Blood comes at her but she ducks and sends him over the top and to the floor.” Amazon steps out onto the ring apron and backs up to the corner, and then runs and leaps off with a flying clothesline onto Ricky Blood on the concrete floor, sending them both crashing down. “That may have hurt both of them, but Blood took the brunt of the attack there. Amazon Woman may have hurt her knee as she’s flexing it a little before she gets to her feet trying to shake out that stinger.” Amazon reaches for Blood, pulls him up, rolls him back into the ring, and then slides under the ring after him. “She’s going for the pinfall, but only a two count as Blood kicks out.” 

Amazon gets to her feet and begins to climb up onto the turnbuckle, making it all the way to the top as the crowd gets excited in anticipation for whatever move she may have planned here. She holds her balance as Blood slowly makes his way to his feet, and she leaps off, but Blood hooks her and spins her into a powerslam, holding her for a pin, “Is this it?” Ed asks as the referee counts to two before she kicks out. Blood slowly pushes up and straddle her back, reaching around her chin and cupping his hands together and pulls back, “Chinlock by Ricky Blood as he pulls back hard on her chin and neck and the referee is asking if she wants to give it up and she’s shaking her head.” Still, fortunately, she’s close to the ropes, and she reaches out, grabbing one with her hand, and the referee forces Blood to release his hold.  

Blood gets to his feet, and he bounds off the ropes and drops a knee to the back of her neck and a second one. “Amazon Woman holding the back of her neck now as it gets pounded on by the challenger. He pulls her up, perhaps a suplex, but NO, he drops her on her head with a brainbuster. Cover!” The referee counts to two, and just before the three counts, Amazon lifts her shoulder off the mat. “Ricky Blood is in shock that didn’t finish her off. He grabs her and pulls her up, and whips her into the far turnbuckle. He runs across and leaps into the air for a Stinger Splash, but Amazon Woman slips out of the corner, and Blood cracks his head on the ringpost!” 

The camera pans in, and Blood lays limp against the turnbuckle, and as he slides down onto the mat, Blood is seen trickling down his face now. “He’s busted open from that move.” Amazon Woman hasn’t noticed yet as she lies against the bottom rope and tries to catch her breath and her bearings, or she may have realized how vulnerable Ricky Blood is at the moment. She’s beginning to crawl over towards him, and she covers him for a one… Two… thr… NO! Blood kicks out!” She gets to her feet then pulls Blood up to his feet. She scoops him up, “I think she’s going to finish him off right here with her Running Powerslam.” But as she starts to run, he slips off her back and just tosses her over the top rope, and she crashes to the floor in front of the announce table. “He just hurled her out of the ring, and now he’s coming after her.” Ricky wipes the blood from his face with the back of his hand, pulls up Amazon by her arm, and just whips her into the guard railing. The crowd just ”oos” at that. He moves over and lifts her up, and drops her throat first onto that guard railing. “Amazon Woman clutching at her throat now as she tries to make space between her and Ricky Blood. She’s moving towards the ring, but Ricky just shoved her hard, and she connects with the ringpost and just slumps to the ground. This match is getting more and more aggressive as time goes on, and rightfully so. It is for the World Championship.” 

As Ricky pulls her up, the camera picks up that she has also been split open and Blood is running down and soaking into her mask. “Surelythey’ve been outside for longer than a ten count, but the referee is certainly lenient here with that count, perhaps not wanting to taint our first pay-per-view main event.” The camera can pick up the referee, telling them to get it back into the ring. Ricky already had that thought in mind as he rolls her back inside and slides in after her, rolling her up for a pin, “But he only gets a two count,” says Ed as he is in complete heaven right now, sitting ringside for this match and his voice shows the excitement that it holds for him. “Just one second away from being the World Champion!”  

Both champions are a bloody mess as Ricky Blood turn and begins to scale the turnbuckle. Once on top, he leaps off and connects hard as his own head hits hers, “Headbutt from the top rope and neither wrestler is moving right now.” The referee is concerned as he begins to check on both wrestlers, and then he begins to count, with the fans counting along with him.  




“Four” Still no movement from either wrestler. “We could have a double knockout here, and that would be a shame for as hard as these two wrestlers have fought here tonight.” 



“Seven.” And by this time, Amazon slowly turns onto her side and starts to push herself up. Meanwhile, Ricky Blood has rolled onto his back and is blinking his eyes open. 


Amazon Woman uses the ropes to get back to her feet, and the referee stops counting, but she’s barely holding herself up. She takes a couple of unsteady steps and tries to drop an elbow, but Ricky rolls to the side, and she crashes back down to the mat. “Exhaustion is setting in for both of these wrestlers, and the brutality that they have distributed to one another is taking this to the next level,” observes Ed as Ricky Blood slowly gets to his feet. 

Ricky walks over to AmazonWoman’s head and reaches for her. Still, she grabs his head and pulls him over into a pinning cradle but only gets a two-count before he pushes away. They slowly get to their knees, and Ricky takes a wild swing and nails Amazon with a punch, but she swings right back, and Ricky falls back. She gets to her feet and struggles to pull him up onto his feet, and she scoops him up into position for the running powerslam but staggers back into the corner. “What is she up to?” inquires Ed as she starts to climb back up to the second turnbuckle. “She’s going to powerslam him from the turnbuckle?” But just as Ed says that, Blood wiggles his feet and pushes her off as he sits on the top turnbuckle and when she turns around, he leaps off and clotheslines her, and when he does, she flips around and lands on her stomach. “He about tore her head off; this has to be it! We should have a new champion!” 

Ricky Blood slowly crawls over and drapes an arm across her stomach as the referee counts, “One.” 


“Three…” “No!” Ed interjects as Amazon Woman barely manages to slip her shoulder up into the air to avoid the loss. “You can’t get any closer than that without losing!” Ricky Blood lies there with a bewildered look on his face as he slowly turns around and looks at Amazon Woman like she’s some sort of indestructible machine. He slaps his hand on the mat as he gets up onto his knees, then pulls himself up to his feet. He steps towards the turnbuckle and starts to climb, first getting up on the second, then all the way to the top, turning around just as Amazon Woman has gotten to her feet and turns towards him. Facing away from her, he leaps into the air, flipping backward, “Moonsault by Ricky Blood, but oh my!” Oh, my is right as Amazon manages to catch him, spin around and drive him down into the mat, “She caught him midair and dropped him with a powerslam!”She’s already on top of him, and she doesn’t move as the referee slides down and counts to three, his hand striking the mat each time, and he turns to call for the bell. “Amazon Woman retains!” shouts Ed as the fans erupt, and Myers” voice makes it official. 

“Winner of the match and still OWA Champion of the World, Amazon Woman!” She slowly rolls off the challenger, and they both lie in the ring, breathing heavy. The referee reaches for her belt and drapes it across her, then raises her hand to signal victory. “That was a great match, and Ricky Blood has nothing to be ashamed of in defeat. He took her to the extreme limit tonight.” 

Trina Bray: Ricky Blood was a solid contender. He put up a hell of a match on that first PPV.

Elaine Bryant: Ricky Blood would disappear and reappear as the Rainbow Warrior, but Amazon Woman was just getting started. With the expansion, there were more eyes on Amazon Woman than ever before. And not just the wrestling audience. Enter the Femme Fatale.

Trina Bray: The Femme Fatale was a new faction that had just arrived in the OWA. Traci Lane was their leader, though I doubt she would admit to it. They tried to recruit me, but after TigerLily, I preferred to just go my own way, at least for the time being. They didn’t appreciate it and were partially responsible for me losing my title to Monty.

OWA Championship Match: Amazon Woman vs. Pretty Boy Monty 

“This match is scheduled for one fall or to a TV time limit. It is for the OWA World Championship. In the red corner is the challenger. He is the number one contender. Representing the Family, this is Pretty Boy Monty!” Some boos throughout the crowd as they jeer the rulebreaker getting ready to challenge their hero. “And introducing the champion!” Jeers turn to cheers as the fans become more animated. “She is the current reigning and defending OWA World Champion, from Parts Unknown here is Amazon Woman!” She gets up on the turnbuckle and holds her title up high in the air.  She hops back down and hands off the title to the referee, and removes her jacket as she gets ready for this title defense. 

“Amazon Woman is one of our most beloved champions here in the OWA. Her popularity has gone unmatched.” Ed gets settled in to call this match as the referee holds up the belt high before handing it off to the ringside area. The wrestlers meet in the center of the ring as the referee instructs them to keep it clean. Amazon reaches a hand out to Monty, but he just smirks and walks back to his corner, and the referee calls for the bell. “And this match is underway.” 

“Here’s where the challenger is at a disadvantage. We only have about ten minutes of television time remaining, so if he’s going to beat her, he’s going to have to win before time elapses.” The two wrestlers lock up in the center of the ring. Monty whips the Amazon into the corner and runs in with an elbow smash, but Amazon ducks around and comes back with an elbow of her own. “Monty just explodes out of the corner and clotheslines Amazon Woman out of her boots! Well, if she were wearing boots.” Monty delivers a few stomps to the fallen champion and then pulls her up by her hair. He goes to lift her up for a suplex, but she floats behind him, landing on her feet and wrapping her arms around his waist, and she lifts him up and over for a crushing belly to back suplex. Hold on, we have company here.” 

The camera changes to focus on the Femme Fatale making their way into the studio. “Not just Traci Lane and Denise Duncan, but Mariko and Rachel Ryan have also appeared to join the group. And, of course, taking up the rear is the giant Gustaffson. Are they here to support Amazon Woman? Has she joined the Femmes?” In the meantime, Amazon has gone for a cover but only gets a two count. She pulls Monty up, but he reaches up and rakes her eyes, and she falls against the ropes. Monty rushes in, and she ducks and lifts, sending up and over the top rope, and he tumbles to the concrete floor. “Looks like the members of the Family have come to ringside as well. Rainbow Warrior, Tiger, and Executioner are all here. The Femmes start to move in on Monty, but the Family attacks! We have a brawl here at ringside, and the referee has left to ring to try and get this broken up.” 

With just Amazon Woman in the ring, she doesn’t see from behind Raekwon slipping in under the ropes. He stands and reaches into his trunks and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles, slipping them on his hand.  As Amazon turns around, Raekwon unloads on her, nailing her right in the jaw, and she drops like a bag of bricks to the mat! “Raekwon with another sneak attack, this time on the World Champion! Monty is crawling back into the ring, and he scrambles over and covers the champ.” The referee, who was distracted by the chaos, turns and sees the pin and slides in and makes the three count! “We have a new champion!” Monty rolls off to the side now that the bell has rung, and the match is over. The referee hands him the title, and he clutches it to his chest. 

Trina Bray: Then there was that little runt, Raekwon. I really had nothing to lose with no title at that point, and I was one pissed-off Amazon Woman.

Amazon Woman vs. Raekwon 

The opening sequence plays, and once it finishes, the studio shot opens already in the ring. Myers Watterson and Amazon Woman are already in the ring. “This match is scheduled for one fall to a finish. In the ring at this time,” Myers begins but immediately stops and bails from the ring as Raekwon sneaks in from the side of the ring and blindsides Amazon Woman, “Another sneak attack by Raekwon, just like last week, but this time Amazon Woman was ready for him as she spins around and kicks him in the gut. Raekwon’s brass knuckles fall to the mat, and she kicks them from the ring. The bell rings as the referee is ready to start this match, “Amazon Woman is all over Raekwon with a series of punches by the former champion. She gets up, and the fans are going nuts, and Amazon Woman is fired up. She needs to keep this one short if she’s still planning on challenging Pretty Boy Monty later in this show for the World Title. We are still waiting for word from Monty if he’s going to accept.” Whip into the ropes by Amazon, and Raekwon ducks a clothesline attempt and comes off with a kick to the midsection and then a DDT! “That looked like it dazed the former champion. Where’s Raekwon going now?” He steps outside the ring on the apron and begins to climb to the top turnbuckle. Looks like something high risk.” Amazon Woman has slowly made her way to her feet, and as Raekwon jumps from the turnbuckle, she catches him and drives him hard into the mat.

“But she’s not finished with him. She could easily get the pin, but she pulls him to his feet and scoops him up and hits another running powerslam and this time makes the cover!” The referee counts to three, and the bell rings. “Impressive victory by Amazon Woman who had something to prove here against the wrestler who cost her the World Championship. Hold on, she doesn’t appear to be finished with Raekwon. She’s pulling him up again and hoisting him over her shoulder. She moves around the ring with the lifeless wrestler, and she powerslams him once again on the mat! Amazon Woman making a statement here that she’s not to be messed with.

Trina Bray: I’m pretty sure he never returned after that match. But I was still angry about losing the world title. And I let everyone know.

Elaine Bryant: Bray started being more aggressive in the ring. Her first target was TV Champ Rachel Ryan of the Femme Fatale.

OWA TV Championship: Rachel Ryan vs. Amazon Woman

Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the OWA TV Championship. First, coming to ringside, she is the former OWA Champion…let’s welcome… Amazon Woman! And her opponent, now making her way to ringside, accompanied by the Giant Gustaffson… she is your OWA TV Champion… she is Rachel Ryan!!!

Ed: They lock up. Amazon Woman quickly on the offensive with a bodyslam, followed by a vertical suplex. Amazon Woman tries for a diving elbowsmash, but Ryan ducks out of the way. Ryan with a bulldog, but Amazon throws her off. Ryan with a whip and a clothesline on Amazon Woman.

Stevie: Ryan hits Amazon Woman with an elbow. Rachel Ryan whips Amazon Woman into the turnbuckle. Rachel Ryan goes for a European uppercut, but Amazon Woman counters it with a backslide. One, kickout. Amazon Woman whips Rachel Ryan into the turnbuckle. Amazon Woman with a belly-to-back suplex. Amazon Woman goes for her Running Powerslam, but Rachel Ryan counters it with a facerake. Ryan with a backbreaker and a leg drop. Ryan takes her down with a spinebuster slam. One, two, shoulder up.

Ed: Rachel Ryan goes for a powerslam, but Amazon Woman counters it with a lariat. Amazon whips Ryan into the corner and followers her in with the corner splash. Amazon with a pin… One… two… kickout by the champion.

Stevie: Amazon Woman goes for an abdominal stretch, but Rachel Ryan counters it with a hiptoss. Rachel Ryan nails her with a flying clothesline. Ryan with a back suplex followed by a jackknife powerbomb. One, two, kickout. Ryan goes for a short clothesline, but Amazon Woman ducks. Amazon Woman nails Ryan with a flying forearm. One, two, thr… kickout. Amazon Woman executes a splash. One, two, three. We have a new TV Champion!

Announcer: The winner and NEW OWA TV Champion is Amazon Woman. Time of match: 7: 57

Trina Bray: No one says it out loud, but being any other type of champion just doesn’t have the same feel to it when you’ve been the World Champion. But I had gold again. I was also starting to turn a corner that I probably shouldn’t have.

OWA TV Championship: Amazon Woman vs. Mariko

This match is one fall and is for the OWA TV Championship. First, the challenger, accompanied by Gustaffson, a member of Femme Fatale, here is Mariko! Coming to the ring, here is the current OWA TV Champion. She is Amazon Woman!

Ed: There is a lockup. Mariko goes around and tries for a belly-to-back suplex, but Amazon Woman blocks it with an elbowsmash. Amazon whips Mariko into the ropes and misses a clothesline. Mariko bounces back and nails Amazon with a kick.

Stevie: Mariko whips Amazon Woman into the corner and charges in, but Amazon leaps out with a forearm smash, knocking Mariko down. Amazon Woman slows down Mariko with a bearhug, but Mariko pokes her eyes to escape.

Ed: Mariko nails Amazon Woman with a spin kick and charges into the ropes. Amazon misses with a clothesline but nails Mariko with a spinning mule kick. Belly to belly by the champion and a cover. One. Two kickout by Mariko.

Stevie: Amazon whips Mariko and goes for a tilt-a-whirl suplex, but Mariko counters with an enzuilariato. Mariko is up and nails Amazon Woman with a spin kick, knocking her to the mat. Mariko with an elbowdrop on the champion. Bodyslam by Mariko.

Ed: Mariko dominating at this point. Nice flying headscissors. Amazon Woman fights back with a fist to the midsection, then a piledriver! Amazon Woman executes a powerslam and covers.

Stevie: She is grabbing the tights!

Ed: What are you talking about? One, two, three!

[Instant replay clearly shows Amazon Woman pulling on Mariko’s tights to get leverage and the pinfall.]

Ed: That certainly doesn’t seem like the Amazon Woman we’ve come to know.

Amazon Woman

Amazon Woman: First of all, I want to thank my fans for writing this week. I know it seemed kind of funny last week with how my match ended, and I wanted to clear it up. So… if Mariko could come out here…I’d like to speak with her face to face.

Mariko–and the rest of the Femmes–come out from backstage. They do not move to surround themselves, merely standing behind their teammate.

Amazon Woman: First, Mariko… you are a great competitor. In the heat of battle, after viewing the footage, I see that I used the tights to gain the pinfall. I am extending a professional apology. I would like to grant you a rematch at the earliest possible convenience. Do you accept?

Mariko: I do not know. I am still angry at you for what you did. I will have to consult my teammates.

She turns to them.

Monica Brant: She seems sincere. I have got no problem with it.

Rachel Ryan: Everybody has a bad night–I had one a couple of weeks ago myself. Give er a break. (Gustaffson nods.)

Traci Lane: It hardly seems necessary, but I concur. You have proven yourself as a major player in our sport, Amazon Woman. I feel you would grant us the same favor.

Mariko: Nods and turns back to Amazon Woman. I will fight you again. This time, let it be with honor.

Amazon Woman: Very well then…I’ll get with the commissioner about that, and we’ll get it on.

Amazon Woman drapes the TV Title over her shoulder and heads for ringside.

Trina Bray: I won’t lie. I took JetStream lightly. He hadn’t really done squat since he arrived in the OWA. I was gearing up for a rematch with Mariko. I had pulled her tights to win, and I felt bad, so I wanted to prove to her, and to myself, I could beat her without resorting to that sort of thing. Then along came JetStream.

OWA TV Championship: Amazon Woman vs. Jetstream

Ed: Amazon walks right up to JetStream and gives him a shove… JetStream shoves her back, and Amazon retaliates with a punch… no… block by JetStream and clothesline, knocks the champion to the mat. Amazon tries for an elbowsmash but misses as JetStream kicks her in the midsection.

Stevie: I hate to say this, but I think Amazon looked past JetStream and to Mariko… JetStream is no slouch… JetStream with a powerbomb… and he climbs to the top turnbuckle and nails Amazon Woman with a diving shoulderblock! One… two… three!!! Oh my GOD!!!

Ed: Amazon has been defeated in just over a minute by JetStream… She cannot believe it…

Trina Bray: I was gearing up to fight Mariko. JetStream took me by surprise and beat me in a minute. One minute. Do you know how humiliating that is? I lost it.

Stevie: Watch out… Amazon Woman just nailed JetStream from behind… she sets him up… and piledriver… she pulls up JetStream and lifts him up… uh oh… Running Powerslam!!!!

Ed: I am not entirely sure what’s wrong here, but she’s… picking him up again… we need some help here… another Running Powerslam by the former TV Champion… okay… here comes some officials.

Stevie: I think she just snapped…

Ed: We’re out of time for this week… please join us next week for more OWA Championship Wrestling.

The camera focuses on the ring as officials try to get Amazon Woman to go back to the locker room as she hoists JetStream back onto her shoulders.]

Trina Bray: Losing the world title was a lot. Losing the TV title was more of the same, and I wasn’t about to let it slide. They started calling the title the North American title. JetStream became a target, but it was at the expense of my fans. To be honest, I kind of stopped caring. Wrestlers were cutting promos, making fun of the fact that I lost the title quickly, and Colt was one of them.

North American Championship. Jetstream vs. Colt

Ed: Okay. Here we go. JetStream is no longer the TV Champion, but he is the North American Champion. And his first title defense is against Colt. Lock up. And JetStream with the first offensive most. A short clothesline. But Colt is quickly up. JetStream nails him with a flying forearm.

Stevie: JetStream runs into the ropes and misses with an elbow. Atomic drop by Colt. Hey. Look in the front row at ringside. The former OWA Champion Anthony Hazard is spectating this match. He retire or what?

Ed: He did NOT retire. But I’m not sure he’ll be allowed to be at ringside. Colt whips JetStream into the ropes. JetStream comes off with a running forearm smash. Colt quickly recovers with a headbutt to JetStream. spinebuster slam by Colt. One. Two. Shoulder up.

Stevie: JetStream blocks Colt’s chokeslam attempt. Short clothesline by JetStream. JetStream goes to the top. Flying axhandle. MISSES! Colt is up and quickly setting him up. Reverse Crucifix Slam!!! It’s over. We have a new champion.

Ed: Nope. Look.

Stevie: Amazon Woman is flying to ringside. She climbs the turnbuckle, and she NAILS Colt with a flying elbowdrop!

Ed: What the hell.?

Stevie: She just chucked JetStream over the top rope and to the floor. She is stomping on Colt. she sets him up. Running Power Slam. Here we go again.

Ed: Nope. Look. Stacks Coltrain has run down and entered the ring. Amazon Woman just tossed Colt out through the ropes.

Stevie: Stare off. They are just looking at each other. Uh oh. Words are being exchanged between the two, but we can’t seem to pick it up on the mic. This may come to blows. Wait a second, here comes the rest of the Family, and Amazon bails from the ring.

Announcer: Time of match: 13: 05 – No Contest

Ed: She’s not sticking around for that.

Stevie: I can’t blame her one bit. Does she have a beef with the Family? Crap, she’s coming up here.

Amazon Woman

{Amazon Woman walks up to the podium and shrugs with a grin}

Amazon Woman: Hey. Colt. You didn’t seem all that prepared for me? Next, time don’t run your damn mouth! You got me? Family, it wasn’t anything personal, but your boy wants to talk shit about me. This is what’s going to happen. Next time, tell him to keep his damn mouth shut.

She walks back to the locker room.]

Ed: Hold on, just a minute. We’re NOT going to let her just walk away from this. Shelly Marks is on her way down to the locker room to get more from Amazon Woman. What? She’s there now. Okay. Let’s go to Shelly Marks.

Shelly Marks: This is Shelly Marks for the OWA. I’m here near AmazonWoman’s locker room. Here she is now.

Amazon Woman – trying to enter the locker room: Excuse me. This is MY locker room. You are invading MY privacy. You want to know what’s up with me? Fine. sit your ass down, and I will tell you. (she forcefully pushes Marks down into a chair) Now listen up because I am NOT going to be repeating myself. I hope I am making myself clear.

{Marks just nods}

Amazon Woman: Fine. I am a former Tag Team Champion. I am a former OWA TV Champion. I am a former OWA Champion. I go off for a bit to gain my bearings. To take a break. Turn on the TV, and theFemme’s are calling me out. Raekwon is calling me out. So, I get the competitiveness back in me and come back, ready to wrestle. I work my way back to the top and become the OWA TV Champion, beating Rachel Ryan. Okay. No problem. The next week, Ryan beats Hazard and wins the big one?? What the hell is THAT about? I beat HER. I should have gotten that match. I SHOULD be the OWA Champion. I’ve beaten Ryan. Lane. Mariko. Gustaffson. Colt. Monty. Raekwon.

I’ve beaten them all. Then this JetStream guy comes out of nowhere. Who did he beat to get a title shot? No one. He gets lucky and gets the pin on me. Fine. I just put that punk in his place. There’s a triangle match with the top contenders next week, and I’m not even involved. I’m sick and tired of people just walking past me when I’ve hardly lost a match! Then Colt. Let me tell you something, Colt. Don’t you EVER call out Amazon Woman again. I will dismantle you. JetStream. North American Champion. I am coming for you at Press Your Luck. I want THAT title. And Stacks Coltrain. You’re new here, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but don’t ever get in my damn business again. As for you, Marks.

She picks her up by her collar and walks her to the door.]

Amazon Woman: Get the hell out of my locker room. And next time. Knock first.

She opens the door and pushes her out. Then pushes out the cameraman and slams the door. 

Trina Bray: I spent week after week dogging JetStream until he finally put the North American title on the line.


JetStream: Well, Amazon Woman, I finally get you in the ring. No more sneak attack from behind. Tonight, you will find out why I’m the CHAMP, and your just an old washed-up champion wannabe. I intend to make you pay for your constant interference in my matches. You think you can beat me, well LADY, you’ve got another thing coming. I will take out my frustration on you. And when I’m finished with you, ALL OF OWA will know not to cross JETSTREAM.

He starts walking towards the ring, stops & turns back to the camera.

Amazon Woman, if by some freak of nature, you beat me. Rest assured that I will make your life a living hell. Prepare to face the consequences of your actions. See you in my Nightmares.

Heads towards the ring with a mean look in his eyes & laughing hysterically.

Shelly Marks: Over to you, Elaine Bryant.

Elaine Bryant: Thanks, Shelly. I’m right outside the locker room door of Amazon Woman. She’s about to go after her fourth title here in the OWA. Oh. Here she comes now.

Amazon Woman comes out and looks at Bryant with disdain, pushes her down, and walks out to the arena.]

North American Championship: Jetstream vs. Amazon Woman

Ed: There was NO call for that whatsoever. We need to get someone back to make sure Elaine is okay.

Stevie: It’s called an invasion of privacy. Besides. She’s okay. Just a little shaken up. Stare down in the ring right now between JetStream and Amazon Woman. JetStream hands the title to the ref, and Amazon attacks him right off the bat. She nails him with a low blow and then gives him a neck snap.

Ed: Amazon with a dropkick that misses its mark as JetStream moves aside. JetStream with a nice fallaway slam. Lock up and whip by Amazon Woman, who catches JetStream with a tilt-a-whirl suplex. Elbowsmash by Amazon. She tried for a belly to back, but JetStream nails her with an elbowsmash. JetStream catches her with a Japanese armdrag, then kicks her in the head.

Stevie: That just pissed off the former champion as she nails him in the gut with a headbutt. She catches him with an inverted atomic drop. Amazon Woman continues her assault with a belly-to-back suplex. Amazon runs off the ropes. JetStream ducks a clothesline and nails Amazon Woman with a Yakuza kick. JetStream climbs to the second turnbuckle and hits Amazon with an elbowdrop.

Ed: JetStream places Amazon Woman on the top turnbuckle, but Amazon Woman pushes him off. she jumps off the second turnbuckle and nails JetStream with a flying forearm. Amazon Woman catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Cover. One. Two. kickout by JetStream.

Stevie: JetStream with a kick to the midsection of Amazon Woman. He whips her towards the corner, but no. reversal by Amazon, who sends JetStream into the corner. Amazon woman with a flying avalanche splash. and Running Powerslam!! Cover. One. Two. Thre. NO! Kickout by JetStream! No one has kicked out of her Running Powerslam before!

Ed: Amazon Woman just threw JetStream out over the top rope! She follows him out. She whips him into the guard railing. She rolls him back into the ring. JetStream with a knee lift catches Amazon Woman. He picks her up for a body slam, but she grabs the ropes, and he falls backward. Cover. One. Two. Wait. she has her foot on the ropes for leverage. Three!

Stevie: We have a new champion!!

The winner is Amazon Woman. Time of match: 20: 26

Ed: I cannot believe the way that Amazon Woman won that match. She is the new North American Champion.

Stevie: Heh heh. I knew she’d do it. What’s next?

Trina Bray: The fans were starting to boo me now. I guess I was at this point a full-fledged heel. The kids started tearing up their pro-Amazon Woman signs they had made. But I only made it worse.

Prince Frederick vs. Monica Brant

This match starts off very slowly due to the regalFrederick’s stalling tactics. Once the match begins, there is a back-and-forth match for about 15 minutes. At the 15-minute mark, the Prince misses a superkick, accidentally nailing the referee, knocking him out of the ring. Gustaffson goes to check on the fallen ref. Brant misses a clothesline, and Frederick nails her with his finisher, the brainbuster. He covers, but the ref is still out. WildShadow enters the ring and nails Frederick with a spin kick, then pulls Brant over to cover him. Gustaffson has finally revived the ref, and the ref makes the one, two, three. At this point, Brant and Gustaffson leave the ringside area as WildShadow attacks Frederick, when flying out of the locker room comes Amazon Woman, who nails WildShadow from behind with a clothesline then begins to pummel him. She throws him out of the ring and then goes over to attend to Frederick. She lies his head in her lap and tries to wake him up gently.

Ed: What the heck is going on here?

Stevie: Hahaha… I think we see who Amazon has feelings for.

Ed: Shelly Marks is on her way to ringside…

Shelly: I’m here with Amazon Woman and Prince Frederick…

Amazon Woman – still holding Frederick, trying to revive him: Freddy… Freddy… wake up…

Shelly Marks: Can we get a few words from you, Amazon…

Amazon continues to ignore Shelly while attending to Frederick… he finally begins to stir and opens his eyes to look up and see Amazon Woman… he quickly jumps up and holds up his fists defensively.

Shelly: Hold up, Prince… if you look at that monitor, you’ll see what happened…

The replay is shown, and Frederick looks rather confused… he walks over to Amazon Woman and whispers something into her ear. She smiles as they walk arm and arm out of the ring, leaving Shelly scratching her head in the ring.

Trina Bray: There really was only one thing that could solidify my heel turn, and that was to form a team with Freddy Fever, who was parading around as a crowned prince. We became the tag team champions within weeks of forming a team. I should have known it wouldn’t last long.

OWA Tag Team Championship/Texas Tornado/Steel Cage Match: Amazon Woman/Prince Frederick vs. Sabin Figaro/MegaDiesel

Announcer: This match is one fall and is a Texas Tornado match, held inside this steel cage. The OWA Tag Team Titles are on the line for this event. First, let’s introduce the challengers. Weighing in at a total combined weight of 667 pounds, here are Sabin Figaro and MegaDiesel, the team of Brawlers, Inc! And now, introducing the champions! They weigh in at a total combined weight of 408 pounds. Here are the OWA Tag Team Champion, Amazon Woman, and Prince Frederick!

Ed: Well, it’s been announced that the winners of this match will take on the Chiefs this week on OWA Championship Wrestling. and the titles will be on the line. But first, we have to get through this cage match, and once the bell rings, it’s going to be chaotic.

Biff: You got that right. The cage door is closed, and there’s the bell. Amazon goes after Sabin, and MegaDiesel locks up with Frederick. Amazon tries to throw Figaro into the cage, headfirst, but Figaro is too fresh and easily blocks that. He kicks her in the midsection but misses a clothesline.

Ed: Frederick knees MegaDiesel in the groin and piledrives him, then helps Amazon Woman double team Figaro, nailing him in the back. They try and set him up for a spike piledriver, but MegaDiesel is up and attacks Amazon Woman while Figaro backdrops Frederick. MegaDiesel with a belly to belly on Amazon Woman.

Biff: MegaDiesel with a whip into the corner, but Amazon reverses it, sending MegaDiesel into the corner and follows him in with a flying corner splash. She muscles him up on her back and delivers a crucifix slam. Figaro takes down Frederick with a power clothesline. Amazon Woman attacks Figaro from behind with a clothesline to the back of the neck. She whips him this time, face-first into the cage.

Ed: Frederick is up and stomping on MegaDiesel. He tries to rub his face into the cage, but MegaDiesel blocks it. Frederick steps on the bottom rope, trapping the neck of MegaDiesel underneath it. Frederick pulls on the top rope, applying more pressure. Amazon Woman powerbombs Figaro.

Biff: Amazon Woman goes to the top and leaps off with a splash, but Figaro moves out of the way, and she crashes to the mat. Figaro leaps up, whips Amazon into the corner, nails her with his Fist Flurry, and goes for a cover. One. Two. Frederick makes the save. MegaDiesel is up and grabs Frederick from behind and delivers an atomic drop that sends Frederick face-first into the cage.

Ed: It looks like Frederick is busted open here. MegaDiesel is on him now. Short clothesline by MegaDiesel on Frederick. Figaro goes for a Fisherman suplex on Amazon Woman. He and MegaDiesel are conversing a bit. MegaDiesel whips Frederick to Figaro, who nails him with a dropkick. MegaDiesel picks up Frederick and nails him with a jackknife powerbomb. Cover. One. Two. Save by Amazon. Frederick with another low blow on MegaDiesel.

Biff: Sabin goes for a cross-body block, but Amazon ducks, and Sabin eats the cage. Frederick whips MegaDiesel into Amazon, but she’s not looking. She spins around and collides head-to-head with MegaDiesel, who turns and walks into a Frederick superkick. Cover. One. Two. Three!!!

Announcer: Winner of the match and still OWA Tag Team Champions, Amazon Woman, and Prince Frederick.

Ed: Frederick grabs both belts and tries to drag a fallen Amazon Woman out of the ring. She finally gets to her feet. Looks like she’s not happy with Frederick.

Biff: Hey. they won, didn’t they? Sheesh.

Trina Bray: There’s an old saying about sleeping with snakes, and Freddy Fever was the king snake of them all. What he ended up doing shouldn’t have surprised me in the least.

OWA Tag Team Championship: Prince Frederick/Amazon Woman vs. Mike Mustang/Johnny Stallion

Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the OWA Tag Team Championship. First introducing the challengers… weighing in at a total combined weight of 520 pounds, here are Johnny Stallion, Mike Mustang, the team of the Chiefs! And their opponents… they are the OWA Tag Team Champions… weighing in at a total combined weight of 408 pounds. Here is the team of Amazon Woman and Prince Frederick!

Ed: Okay… here we go… you can see the bandage on the forehead of Prince Frederick… he took a tremendous beating inside that cage last week at Hardcore Heaven. The referee is giving last-minute instructions, and there’s the bell.

Biff: It’ll be Amazon Woman starting out against… Johnny Stallion…There’s a lockup… Amazon quickly lifts Stallion and executes a fallaway slam… she pulls him up, and there’s a belly-to-belly suplex… she flexes a bit for the audience, then pulls up Stallion and whips him into the corner and runs in with a flying corner splash!

Ed: Cover by Amazon… one… two… kickout by Stallion… whip by Amazon… reversal by Stallion… Amazon comes off with a nice clothesline and goes to tag out to Frederick.

Biff: Frederick is a bit slow on the entrance, which allows Stallion to tag out to Mustang. Lockup… Frederick, with an armlock… he tags out to Amazon, and she delivers a boot to the midsection, and Frederick leaves the ring.

Ed: Mustang with a face rake, and he nails Amazon with a double ax handle chop… Mustang off the ropes, and he nails her with a lariat… small package by Mustang… one… two… kickout by Amazon…

Biff: Mustang whips Amazon… no reversal… Amazon goes for a backdrop, but Mustang leaps over… but no… Amazon catches him and has him set up for her Running Powerslam… in comes Stallion, caught by Frederick, who nails Stallion, sending him into the referee and knocking them both to the floor…

Ed: Amazon executes the Running Powerslam…she’s going for the pin, but there’s no ref… Frederick is conferring with her… He picks up Amazon in a suplex position…he’s going to slam her down on Mustang… what!?!? No way!

Biff: What the hell was that… instead of slamming her down on Mustang… he just delivered a brainbuster on Amazon Woman… what in the world… he pulls Mustang on top of Amazon Woman… and rolls out to help the ref in…

Ed: I cannot believe this… the ref looks at the pin… one… two… three! Frederick just gave away the tag team championship to the Chiefs… what in the hell is going on here. He’s in the ring and raising their hands. He stomps on Amazon Woman a couple of times as Mustang slides out of the ring and brings in a chair.

Biff: Frederick whips Amazon into the ropes, and the Chiefs nails her with that chair. They drop the chair on the mat, and Frederick picks her up, and…he’s going to brainbuster her again… on the chair!!

Ed: Amazon Woman is out of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a concussion… now, what are they doing??

Biff: Frederick goes to his robe and pulls out a pair of scissors… he slides back into the ring… and he’s cutting her long dark hair…he’s cutting it very short…he’s taken about 8 inches of that hair off…

Ed: The three are laughing… high fives all around at this disgusting display…

Biff: Uh oh… Frederick is pointing up here… must be at you…they’re leaving the ring and coming up here… you get this interview…

Ed: What? No way… why me?

Prince Frederick & The Chiefs

Frederick and the Chiefs make their way up to the podium, laughing.

Frederick: takes his crown and smashes it on the ground, stomping on it, laughing, turns, and shakes hands with Stallion and Mustang. That’s the way it should be done, people! Let me tell you something, I can only carry Amazon Woman for so long before it gets on my last nerve, and I just couldn’t stand it any longer. Look at that loser out in the ring. I don’t think we need to worry about her for a while. Whadda say, fellas, do you think she looks good in short hair???

Stallion: GOOOOD GAWD! Let me tell ya something, Freddy. I don’t know what you saw in that ugly Amazon, but when you said you would deliver the OWA Tag Team Championship to the Chiefs, we almost didn’t believe ya. But seeing is believing, pal. And you have our undying support.

Mustang: This gold sure does feel good around the waist, doesn’t it? Haha! With Freddy and The Chiefs around, you better watch out. There ain’t no gold safe when we’re around. We plan on taking this place over, and you will all be sorry. Tell em, Freddy!

Frederick: I’m done with this Prince crap, let me tell you something. I guess we start with Fate, then go through Brant, then Coltrain. We’re looking for some singles gold now that we control the tag team scene. We’re thinking of raising some hell, so keep your eyes out. Mustang, Stallion, and myself… and… who knows… we may have a few others on our side before we’re done. Freddy Fever is back… and tired of being thrown around. Me and the Chiefs are about to take over this place like the Plague!

They turn to leave, laughing, then Fever turns back around.

Freddy: Oh… by the way, Amazon Honey? Don’t worry about your stuff… I had it incinerated this morning.

All Three: Good Gawd!!!

Freddy: Hahahaahahahahahaha!

Trina Bray: I have never gone back and watched that. For a while, it was all I could think about. It was all I could do. I obsessed. I had to get my hair cut properly after that. I was embarrassed. To be betrayed and humiliated like that. I didn’t answer my phone. Not from the promotor or my friends. Even wrestlers I really never talked to started calling me to check on me. I just hid out in my apartment. I no-showed a couple of matches.

Pretty Boy Monty vs. Amazon Woman

Announcer: This match is one fall. First, being led to the ring by the Executioner. he weighs in at 275 pounds. He is a member of the Family. Returning to action tonight is Pretty Boy Monty! And his opponent. Also, returning to action this week. She weighs 165 pounds. Here is the former OWA Champion, TV Champion, North American Champion, and Tag Team Champion. Here is Amazon Woman!

Ed: Monty is now in the ring. AmazonWoman’s music is playing. But so far, she hasn’t appeared at ringside. Monty and Executioner are conferring. And shrugging.

Biff: I bet you she’s afraid to show up. Afraid Fever might be coming down to ringside.

Ed: I doubt that sincerely. Here comes another official. He’s talking to the in-ring official. Now they are conferring with the ring announcer.

Biff: What’s going on??

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve been informed that Amazon Woman has not arrived at the arena for tonight’s match. We’ve also been informed that Amazon Woman has not given any notice as to why she isn’t here tonight. The officials of the OWA have decided to award this match as a result of a forfeit to Pretty Boy Monty!

Trina Bray: But I couldn’t hide forever. I finally showed up. I fought in the Halloween Horror tournament but lost in the finals. I tried to put everything that happened with Freddy behind me. But I just couldn’t. So, I challenged him once and for all. I knew there was no way after what he had done that we could ever stay in the same profession. Either he had to go, or I had to go.

Elaine Bryant: As much as he hated to lose either one of his best drawing talents, the OWA Commissioner had no choice but to set aside a two-hour broadcast to put together the final battle between Amazon Woman and Freddy Fever. Winner stays. Loser must retire.

Final Chapter – The Final Battle: Amazon Woman vs. Freddy Fever 

The bell rings, and the crowd roars as the ring announcer does his job in announcing, “We’re finally ready for the Final Battle!” He lets the crowd get it all out, and as they bring it down a notch, he continues. “The rules for this encounter are as follows: A casket is sitting at ringside. There is no DQ. There are no count-outs. The referee is not authorized to stop this event for any reason. The wrestlers can fight anywhere in the building they choose. To win the match, a wrestler must be placed into the casket and then pushed out of the Arena doors. The referees will not oversee the action but will be stationed at each of the four designated entrances to the building and signal when a winner has been determined. There is no time limit. The loser must retire from professional wrestling. Ladies and gentlemen, your first competitor!” 

The familiar keyboard opening to Van Halen’s “Jump” begins to play as the crowd gets to their feet and begins to chant the name of “Amazon! Amazon! Amazon!” The ring announcer waits for her to appear on the ramp as the crowd goes nuts, “She weighs in at 165 pounds. She comes from Parts Unknown. She’s a former OWA Tag Team Champion. A former OWA TV Champion. A former OWA North American Champion and a former OWA Champion! Here is Amazon! Woman!” 

As he says her name, she starts down the ramp, moving from one side to the other to slap hands with the fans as she makes her way towards the ring.  She walks by the announce position to shake Ed’s hand, who stands to greet her. Biff remains seated, but when she goes to shake his hand, he reaches for it, and she pulls it back and grins before turning and climbing onto the ring apron. Biff just shakes his head, “Hmph.” She looks at the crowd for a long time, soaking in the adulation before turning and flipping herself into the ring and moving to the side of the ring where the casket lies. She takes a long, lingering look at the future vessel of someone’s demise. She slowly backs away from it and moves to her corner as her music fades out and is replaced by another as “Staying Alive” from the Bee Gees hits the air. The crowd turns from cheering to booing.  

Freddy steps into the spotlight and smirks at the audience, even as he hears a very loud belligerent fan shout, “You suck, Freddy!” He turns towards the sound and offers the fan a, “Well, you paid to see me, idiot, not the other way around.” The ring announcer takes over, “He weighs in at 245 pounds. He comes to you by way of Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s a two-time former OWA Tag Team Champion and a two-time former OWA Champion. This is the “Disco Kid” Freddy Fever!” 

Freddy walks by the casket as he runs his hand along the smooth surface and then gently picks up the lid as if testing to make sure it opens. He lets it close and then points to Amazon Woman and then to the casket. “You’re going in here, baby,” he says as he gives it a final pat. Amazon just shakes her head. Fever climbs up onto the apron, and Amazon charges him, so he hops back down. Ed’s voice is finally heard “There’s no referee to keep them apart, but it looks like Fever doesn’t want any part of Amazon.”  

“She’s trying to jump him as he gets into the ring!” Biff explains as Freddy circles the ring again. “Get in the ring, Fever!” a fan shouts as he turns and responds. “You get in the ring! See how you like getting beat up by an angry amazon.” While his attention is distracted, Amazon slides out of the ring and runs up behind him, and nails him in the back. “She’s not waiting for him anymore. She wants this revenge, and she’s not holding back.” The bell rings finally, “And this match is officially underway. There is no time limit to this match. We’ve been guaranteed by the network that we will stay as long as needed to the completion of this match, so I hope you overset your VCRs for this match, everyone!” 

Amazon chases Fever around the ring until he slides in, and she follows him in. He looks back briefly to see she’s right behind him, and he slides out of the ring again and continues to run around, which her hot on his heels. “This is turning into a footrace instead of a fight,” Ed comments as Fever slides into the ring again, but Amazon Woman grabs him by the foot this time. As a panicked Fever tries to kick at her, she pulls him back out of the ring, and he lands on the floor with a thud, and she immediately begins to stomp all over him as he tries to get away from her. “She’s nuts!” cries Biff as Amazon finally pulls Fever up and whips him into the corner ring post. “Fever taking that post face first, and he’s down. Amazon Woman exacting her revenge on the man who cut her hair and embarrassed her,” Ed adds to commentary. 

Amazon Woman rolls Fever over onto her back and straddles him, and just begins to lay in the fists to his face as he tries to shield himself. She finally stands up and lets out a roar, and the crowd is eating it up. She reaches down and grabs a handful of his hair and pulls him to his feet, but Fever grabs her around the waist and lifts her up and back with a belly-to-back suplex, and Amazon is down. “Fever needed that move because it had been all Amazon up to that point,” comments Biff, “Now he has to capitalize if he wants to keep his career.” 

Fever crawls over towards the ring apron and reaches underneath, and pulls out a chair. He reaches up to grab the corner of the ring and pull himself up to his feet. Amazon Woman is slowly getting to her feet but goes down immediately as Fever just thumps that chair into her forehead. “Fever is holding up that chair like it was a trophy,” says Ed. “Well, he finally got the upper hand on Amazon Babe,” retorts Biff. 

Amazon Woman slowly begins to stir as Fever pushes that chair into the ring. He walks over and grabs Amazon by the hair and rolls her into the ring as well, then follows her in. He sets that chair up in the center of the ring. He helps Amazon to her feet, then pushes her into the corner and grabs a headlock. He starts to run and looks like a bulldog, but Amazon Woman holds him up, then drops him crotch first on the back of the chair, “Freddy’ll be singing soprano, after that one,” says Biff, using the obligatory comment after most nasty crotch shots. What’s that woman doing now?” 

Amazon rushes into the ropes and comes back and clotheslines Freddy off the chair. Freddy curls into a fetal position as he tries to nurse his wounded jewels. The fans suddenly erupt as Amazon Woman has reached down into her boot, unzipped it partway, and pulls out a pair of scissors! “You’ve got to be kidding me! She can’t do that to Freddy!” cries Biff as Ed just chuckles, “Oh yes, she can. If it’s good for him, it’s good for her.” She reaches down and grabs a handful of Freddy’s disheveled ponytail and lops it off with one solid cut, and the fans are going nuts! She walks over and begins to toss strands of Fever’s hair over the side of the ring, scattering them about like ashes, before dropping the scissors at ringside.  

On the other hand, Fever reaches back and feels the missing hair and his eyes go wide, and he begins to shake his head. “No. No. Nononono!” he cries as he tries to get to his feet, and as he does, Amazon Woman charges him, and he ducks her clothesline, grabbing the top rope, and she flies out of the ring and to the floor. He walks over and picks up the chair, and throws it outside the ring. It smashes against her side. He drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring and sees his hair lying about and picks up a few strands and then walks over and picks up that chair and begins to wail on her with it, several times over.  

 He picks her up and drops her back across that guard railing, and Amazon Woman grabs her back in pain, crying out. “He could have broken her back right there,” comes the observation by Biff Franklin as Fever pulls her to her feet and whips her across the aisle and into the other guard railing, and Amazon Woman crumbles to the mat. Fever doesn’t give her any time to recover as he drops down and places his hands over her throat and squeezes, while Amazon Woman grabs at his wrists and tries to break free. “This is getting to be too much,” Ed comments seriously as the tone to this match changes.  

Freddy finally releases his chokehold, and he gets to his feet and glances around, then moves towards the casket. He grabs it and pulls it up the aisle to where Amazon Woman lies, coughing as she struggles to get to her hands and knees. Fever runs over and kicks her in her ribs as she cries out and rolls over onto her side, clutching at her side.  The tone to the announcing gets even more serious now as Freddy Fever’s actions turn more vicious with every move. He pulls her up, puts her in a fireman’s carry, walks her over, and dumps her into the coffin, shutting the lid.  He begins to push the casket up the aisle. 

“Freddy Fever heading to the exit, but he’s got a long way to go. He has to exit this auditorium and then out the main door of this arena,” Ed reminds those watching at home. “I don’t see anyone trying to stop him now. She may be done for,” adds Biff while Freddy gets to the top of the ramp, but as he does, the lid suddenly pops open, and the lip hits Freddy right underneath the jaw, and he drops fast to the floor of the ramp. The head of Amazon Woman pops out as she maneuvers her body up and out of the coffin and lands hard on the steel ramp.  

She struggles to her feet and moves to grab Fever, pulling him up, and she hoists him up onto her shoulders and nails her running powerslam onto the steel floor of the stage. “That’s her finish, but can she capitalize on it?” Ed asks as she lies atop Fever for a moment before she slowly gets to her feet. She reaches down, grabs him by the arm, pulls him up, and whips him into the casket. Freddy lies against the casket as she charges in, and he is quick to snap off a devastating Disco-Kick. Amazon Woman drops again to the ramp.  

Freddy walks over and pulls Amazon to her feet, lifts her up in a bear hug position, walks backward, and drops her chin first onto the casket! “Amazon Woman just crumbling to the floor. Freddy struggling with the lid to that casket as he gets it open.” He walks over and lifts the babyface’s lifeless body, brings her to the casket, and tries to drop her in.  

“She’s got her hands against the casket, stopping Fever from putting her in.” With all her strength, she pulls hard, bringing herself close to the casket, causing Freddy Fever to slam into the structure as she slips down his back. He turns around and charges her, and she backdrops him to the hard, steel floor of the stage. “Fever didn’t like that one bit,” Biff comments as Fever cries out in pain, reaching around to his back. 

Amazon Woman approaches Fever and pulls him up and sets him up, and piledrives him right onto that stage. “Oh, my Lord, Amazon Woman is not holding anything back here. These two are not only trying to win this match but possibly end each other before the night is over,” Ed screams as Amazon Woman pulls Fever up and drags him over to the casket. She places his head into the casket and brings the lid down on his neck. “She’s trying to decapitate him!” cries Biff. “She is not,” retorts Ed as she tries to prove Ed wrong by grabbing the lid of the casket and pulling down on it with all her might. Freddy’s legs begin to kick as he squirms, trapped there until she finally lets go, and Freddy drops to the floor, grabbing at his neck. I’m telling you, she’s trying to kill him!” Ed immediately comes back, “She is not! She’s trying to incapacitate him so she can get him into the casket!”  

Amazon Woman grabs Fever by the head and rams him several times, face first, into the casket, which causes Freddy to be busted open now. She whips Fever into the guard railing and then pushes him over the rail and into the crowd. She follows him over and motions for everyone to move out of the way as she whips him into the first few rows of steel chairs.  She starts to pick up one after the other and slam them down upon the fallen heel until he is buried underneath. “What does she have in mind here,” asks Ed Bagel as she climbs onto the stage again.  She backs up, gets a running head start, leaps into the air, and lands on the pile of chairs! “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Biff Franklin is screaming, “What a damn lunatic that woman is!” 

Hurting as well now, Amazon Woman slowly rolls off the pile of chairs. She gets up, holding her side as she starts to unbury Freddy Fever from underneath that pile of wreckage. “Both of these combatants are busted wide open here and giving their all in this match. They are holding nothing back here,” says Ed as Amazon Woman drags Fever out onto the concrete away from the fans who are chanting, “Amazon! Amazon!” after that insane move. “Someone is going to die here tonight,” cries Biff Franklin as she hoists Fever up into a Fireman’s Carry and begins to carry him towards the casket and then dumps him inside.  “She’s got him in the casket, but can she get him out of the building?” 

She begins to push the casket, but as she does, it seems the casket gets stuck going through the curtain, so Amazon Woman moves around to see what is in the way. As she does, Freddy Fever slips open the lid and crawls out of the casket. “She didn’t see him escape,” notes Ed as Amazon finally seems to get whatever it was out of the way and moves to start pushing the casket once again, when suddenly, out of nowhere, Fever comes over and cracks the back of her head with a steel chair. Her face crashes against the casket, and she crumbles to the steel ramp. Freddy lifts that chair high and yells, “Yeah, baby,” then winces and drops the chair as he gives that casket a push, sending it through the curtain.  

“Fever is holding his side here. I hope he didn’t crack a rib or something,” Biff acknowledges as Fever grabs Amazon by the hair and tries to drag her through the curtain. She reaches up and grabs him by the wrists and then kicks him right in the head, and he stumbles backward. As she reaches up to wipe some blood from her face, she reaches for the curtain and pulls it off the entrance and wraps it around Freddy’s throat, and begins to choke him. “That bitch is crazy,” yells Biff as he stands up. “Sit back down,” says Ed. “I’m trying to see what’s going on,” is the response.  

Freddy reaches up and grabs her head, and just drops down against the steel flooring of the ramp, nailing Amazon with a jawbreaker as she releases the curtain and takes a couple of steps backward. Fever untangles the curtain from around his neck as he gasps for air and then tosses it aside as he slowly gets to his feet.  Amazon Woman also is getting to her feet, “Fever kicks her in the gut and then – oh no, he’s not going to…” Ed starts as Fever hoists Amazon up into a suplex. “Oh yes, he is,” Biff finishes just as Fever drops straight down with a brainbuster on the steel ramp, “Amazon Woman is done! Dead,” screams Biff as his voice seems to start to fail him. “Put her in the casket and take her straight to the cemetery! She’s absolutely done!” 

Amazon Woman lies unmoving on the steel ramp as Freddy stumbles back and leans against the wall. “OWA officials might want to come out here and look before this one gets any more serious. Amazon Woman hasn’t moved a muscle in several moments here.” As if reading Ed Bagel’s mind, two referees make their way out and begin to look over Amazon Woman. Fever, as if getting his second wind, moves over and kicks one referee in the head, and then grabs the other and just pushes him off the ramp as he pulls Amazon up into a sitting position and places her on his shoulders as he carries her out of the auditorium and into the back where the camera is already positioned.  

As Fever carries her into the backstage area, he looks around for the casket. “Where is it?!” he demands as a stagehand points off in a direction, and he finally just dumps Amazon’s body onto the ground and goes off in search. The video feed from the back appears on the large screen for those in attendance. The camera follows Fever as he finds it around the corner, and he begins to drag it back, and when he gets to that same spot, he notices that her body is no longer there. “Goddamnit!” He walks over and grabs that same stagehand by the shirt, “Where’d she go?!” He releases the man, and as he does, a scream is heard as Amazon Woman comes into view and spears Fever through a wall as the crowd is heard once again chanting her name. They both remain there, locked in the wall for a few moments until Amazon Woman pulls back and Fever falls backward into the opening of the wall. 

Amazon Woman is up and staggers backward before she begins to push the casket out of the view of the camera again, “Where is that crazy woman going,” asks Biff as the camera begins to catch up to her, and she’s in the main hall now where the souvenirs and concessions are located. She stops pushing and then heads back to where she left Fever. She looks around because he’s not where she left him. She turns and begins to run back to where she left the casket, and as she goes around the corner, Fever throws some liquid in her face, and she screams. “That’s hot coffee! Freddy Fever is a despicable human being, Biff Franklin.” “Freddy Fever is fighting for his career here in the OWA. There are no rules.” 

Amazon Woman staggers around blindly when Fever kicks her in the gut again and then looks like he’s going to brainbuster her again, but she drops to her knees, and low blows him! “That’s cheating!” Biff cries foul as Ed responds, She’s fighting for her career too!” She gives him two more crotch shots before he finally falls over, face red as he holds his groin, crying out.  She staggers to her feet and walks over, grabbing some napkins and wiping that coffee from her face. She sees a popcorn cart plugged in, and she grabs the plug, pulling it from the wall. She begins to roll the card towards Fever, and as he manages to get to his feet, she rams it right into him as glass and popcorn fly everywhere! “How much more can they do to each other?” Ed screams out as Fever tries to get away from the hot popcorn and runs right into the arms of Amazon Woman, who lifts him onto her shoulder and gets a running start, and powerslams him hard onto the tiled floor. “There’s no give on that floor, Biff Franklin!”  

Both wrestlers lie there for a few moments as they catch their breath. “Amazon Woman needs to get Fever in that casket if she is going to keep her job,” Biff notes as she slowly starts to rise from on top of Fever. Both wrestlers are still bleeding here from the forehead as she walks over and tries to pick up a table before realizing it’s attached to the floor. “Out of nowhere, Freddy Fever just bulldogged Amazon Woman onto that table!” The table breaks in two as a piece of it falls to the floor.  

Fever picks up a piece of that broken table and slams it down on the back of Amazon Woman repeatedly. Fever turns around and picks up one of the nearby chairs, and he throws it hard against a window that overlooks the parking lot below. The glass splinters and spider webs but doesn’t shatter. “He wouldn’t dare,” Ed chimes in, “That has to be about 30 feet down.” Fever walks over and pulls Amazon to her feet, and whips her into the glass. “I guess he would,” cries Biff as the window bends with her weight but doesn’t break.  Fever motions for his superkick, “He’s going to kick her through the window!” He kicks, and she moves, and his foot goes right through the glass, and he loses his bearing and falls, now hanging by his feet as Blood begins to trickle down his leg. 

Amazon Woman is lying on the ground, trying to catch her breath as Fever struggles to free himself as he dangles from the hole he created in that window. She slowly gets to her feet and picks up a steel chair, and begins to wail on the helpless Fever with it. “She’s going to murder him,” Biff screams into the microphone as Amazon finally tosses the chair to the side.  She walks over and picks up one of the t-shirts from a stand and wipes the blood from her face, and tosses the rag aside now. 

She walks over and tugs that casket closer to where he is before she grabs him by the arms and pulls him free of the window. She walks around and picks up both legs, and just stomps on his groin as his eyes get wide and he groans out loud. A couple of more stomps before she releases his legs, and he rolls over onto his side and curls up. She grabs him by what hair he has left and pulls him to his feet and heaves him up, and drops him into the casket. She starts to push it towards an entrance. “Amazon Woman is going to win this,” Ed cries out as Biff screams, C’mon Freddy!” 

As she gets close, the referee opens the door for her, and she turns the casket to push it out when the lid of the casket pops open, the lid blocking the casket from going out of the door.  She moves around to try and close it, but Fever slams it back down on the top of her head when she lifts it up.  He crawls out and lands hard on the floor. “Oh, thank God,” Biff prays as Fever reaches for her hair. As he does, she reaches up and jabs a thumb into his eye. 

Amazon Woman grabsFever’s hand and whips him, but he reverses it, and she goes flying into a merchandise table, and shirts and collectibles go flying as Fever stumbles off down the hall. She crawls out from the rubble and gets to her feet, and asks, “Where’d he go?!” Someone points in the direction where Fever went, and she staggers after him. The camera follows her until she gets to a set of stairs, “Where is he,” she demands. Suddenly Fever runs into the picture, but she sidesteps him and pushes him down a flight of concrete steps, and he tumbles to the bottom. Biff screams into his mic, “Freddy Fever is dead! He doesn’t have to worry about retirement. She just killed him!” Ed is silent for a moment, “You may very well be right,” he says in a solemn voice as Amazon Woman uses the handrail to get down the steps, taking each step gingerly. 

“This battle is taking everything out of these two competitors,” Ed states the obvious, as she walks over to the unmoving Fever and pulls him to his feet. She whips him into a shelf that has numerous cans of paint, and as Fever crashes into it, he falls, and the shelf tips over, and all the cans fall onto the prone body of the heel. Biff is beside himself, “I have never seen anything like this in my life. How much more can these two take?” “Biff Franklin, we are approaching the one-hour mark of this match, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen two competitors fight at this level for so long in my life,” Ed adds as Amazon approaches Fever. He hits her under the chin with a can of paint, and she slumps to the ground before turning and starting to crawl up the stairs. 

Fever gently gets to his feet and begins to stomp on paint cans until one of them pops open and green paint begins to leak onto the ground, and he picks up the can and just douses her with that green paint. Ed just can’t take it, “Oh my God, that paint is everywhere. Wait a second, what’s Fever doing now? He wouldn’t dare!” Fever has taken another can of paint and lifts it high in the air as if he’s going to bash in her head, but as he moves towards her, his foot slips on paint, and he takes a fall, and the can drops on top of him instead.  Amazon Woman’s slow crawl brings her to the top of the stairs as she tries to get the paint from her eyes. 

Fever at the bottom of the stairs has pushed himself up to a seated position and slowly to his feet. Amazon Woman’s eyes glance up, and she gets to her feet as well and walks over to the fire hose on the wall and begins to uncoil it from the spindle. As she reaches for the control, Fever sees what she has in mind, and he holds up his hands, “Don’t do this…” he pleads, but she turns the crank, and water shoots out and hits Fever full force, sending him back down the stairs. “But she can’t seem to control the hose. She has the strength but not the weight,” Ed notes as suddenly the hose is out of her grip and flailing about, spraying everything and everyone in the immediate area. “What a mess!” Water and green paint are everywhere. Workers rush over to turn off the water as Amazon Woman lies on the ground, panting as she tries to catch her breath.  

The camera moves to look down the stairs, and Freddy Fever is up and using the handrail to make his way back up the stairs. As he gets to the top, he suddenly ducks as a chair comes out of nowhere, and it crashes into the wall, and he charges and spears Amazon Woman against a wall. As she rests there, he walks over and takes the casket and just rams it against her, squishing her against the wall. He pulls it back and charges in again, squashing her against the wall one more time.  This time he pulls it back and walks over and superkicks her right in the chin, and the back of her head goes through the drywall, leaving a hole as she finally slumps to the ground. 

He walks over and, with much effort, picks her up and drops her into the casket, and, without closing the lid, begins to push her towards the exit. As he gets there, her hand is seen grasping the edge of the casket. He walks around and climbs into the casket himself. “What the hell is Fever doing,” Biff asks as Fever stands up inside it and pulls Amazon Woman to her feet. As they are both standing in the casket, Fever locks her in for a suplex and lifts her up. “Is he going to…” Ed starts, but then Fever drops straight down, deliver his devastating brainbuster inside the casket. He rolls out and then closes the lid, and as the referee opens the door, he pushes the casket out and then collapses as the bell begins to ring. “Fever has done it! Fever has won the Final Battle!” screams Biff into the microphone as his voice is getting hoarser.” The ring announcer is heard, “Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the Final Battle. Freddy Fever!”  

The camera has changed to back inside the auditorium as the crowd gets to their feet and begins a “Freddy! Freddy!” chant. Fever is being helped by an official back into the auditorium and back towards the ring. He’s bloody, splotches of green paint all over him and soaking wet. He is helped up the ringsteps and into the ring as the referee raises his hand in the air. Ed’s voice has a little admiration in it as he speaks, “I have to admit that was one hell of a performance by Freddy Fever, but we also have to recognize that this means that Amazon Woman is no longer in the OWA. Amazon Woman will retire after tonight.” 

Suddenly the chant changes from “Freddy!” to “Thank you, Amazon!” Coming through the curtain, also assisted by an official, is Amazon Woman as she is helped to the ring. “I never liked her much, but Amazon Woman put up one hell of a fight tonight,” admits Biff as the referees leave the ring, allowing Freddy and Amazon Woman to be in the ring. They approach each other, and as they are face to face, they suddenly fall into an embrace. “Mutual respect being shown here by both competitors as they are hugging it out in the ring.”  

Words are being exchanged while they are hugging, and then slowly, they break it off. Amazon reaches up and grabs Fever by the cheeks with her hands and says something else to him before she grabs his hand and raises it high in the air, acknowledging defeat as the crowd is just losing their minds, cheering for both competitors.  

Trina Bray: I won’t lie. I had never been in a match like that before. I’ve never fought that long before. I think the match clocked in at around 90 minutes. I had barely had time to shower and change before I was pulled into a press conference to confirm that I was retiring from wrestling. It was time for me to move on from wrestling. It had been so good to me, but in the end, it wasn’t my dream. It wasn’t what I really wanted to do. I was able to get out of debt because of it, and for that, I’ll always be grateful. And the fans were the best.

Elaine Bryant: Trina Bray made her return to wrestling for the first time in 20 years at Splat’s (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament, where she presented the winner the tournament trophy. And while she may not be looking to get back into the wrestling ring, it seems that Trina Bray has embraced her wrestling background moving forward.

Trina Bray: Enough time has passed where people stop and look at you for a moment as if they recognize you, then shake their head and move on. If I said there was a part of me that didn’t miss it, I’d be lying. I’m truly enjoying my life right now as I go into my 20th year as a schoolteacher. This is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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