Sunday, July 28, 2019
Apex Community Center
Denver, Colorado
LIVE only on The SE Network

The official opening video of Mile High AMMO begins the show. “Bullet The Blue Sky” by Sepultura starts playing for the first 8 seconds of the track, and then it automatically skips to the hook.

Sepultura - Bullet The Blue Sky (U2 cover) [HD]

During the first eight seconds of the song, different Mile High superstars performing their finishers are shown in slow motion with a black and white color scheme.


Tyke Index taking Zombie to Coke Mountain is shown


Bullet hitting Des Sol on Raven Trueblood is shown

Bullet the blue sky

Solomon Cain pulling at the rope tied around Tyke Index’ neck is shown

Bullet the blue sky

Samantha Hamilton and Jackie Layton are shown celebrating with their Tag Titles

Bullet the bluuuuuueee

Azurine Vebbins wearing her ThrowDown Championship during her entrance is shown

Bullet the bluuuuuueee

Skrabz is shown slowly raising his Mile High Wrestling Championship in the air for the camera, as the video fades away, and the cameras are panning around the gymnasium. “Bullet The Blue Sky” by Sepultura continues to play through the sound system.


{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Welcome world to the debut episode of Mile High AMMO. We are LIVE in the Apex Community Center, here in Denver, Colorado! I am Jen Vallejos, and beside me is the man who will be here with me every other week; Mr. RJ Smith.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: All my dreams have come true.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well…

{{{RJ Smith}}}: I’m happy to be here, Jen.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: What a night we have in store for you, in the hottest hour on The SE Network.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: How about that amazing main event tonight?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: S.T. vs S.E.X.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: If only their name was S.T.D. We would have a very informative show for the youth.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Wow. Haha. Also tonight, Emily Falls, Chris Mosh, and even “The Real Deal” Dillon Daniels will be in action throughout the night.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: And Robert Mack is going to…

“Venom” by Eminem plays throughout the arena, as the fans cheer.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Speaking of the devil.

Robert Mack comes out and heads down the ramp, towards the ring, with Byron Brown in tow.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Don’t call the boss man the “devil”.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: It’s a phrase, Ronald.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Do you think Snakebite is going to come out of retirement to face Lance Mikes, one more time?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: That would be cool.

Robert and Byron climb into the ring, and Robert requests a mic.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: You know me and Rob go way back. Of coarse I’ve been watching Mile High Wrestling. And just a few weeks ago he came out here and told everyone that he wasn’t hyping up outsiders. What has Lance Mikes done for Mile High that makes anyone excited to see him get Snakebite out of retirement?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well, he’s actually 1-0 here in Mile High Wrestling.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: And in that match we saw Lance Mikes pin Snakebite. So why do we need to see it again?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: You’re not making any sense.

The music fades away, as Robert looks around the Apex Community Center.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: What’s up, Denver?

The fans get louder, the sound so much different than when inside an actual arena.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Welcome to the debut episode of Mile High AMMO. And what a night it is going to be.

Robert Mack looks around the gymnasium with a smile on his face.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Last week at Rise Again we all found out that the masked man was Lance Mikes.

The fans boo loudly, with some cheers peppered in

{{{Robert Mack}}}: And now there’s rumors of ‘Snakebite versus Lance Mikes’.

Some more cheers join in.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: That will not be happening…

Mixed reactions.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: But if Lance ever wants to step foot into the Mile High ring to see if he’s still got it? I got a roster full of the best wrestling competitors in this game, right here.

Robert thinks for a second.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Let me rephrase that actually…….I got THE BEST wrestling competitors in this game, right here in Denver.

Robert smirks as the fans start chanting, “Mile High!”

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Other than that, my ex-wife Katrina is banned from any future Mile High Wrestling events, and there will absolutely never be anything like we saw at Rise Again, ever again.

Robert nods at Byron, who nods back.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: So let’s move to the next hot topic. That being “The Lost Child” Solomon Cain.

Mixed reactions from the crowd.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Come on down!

Robert looks towards the stage area, wasting no time.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: The boss man isn’t wasting any time.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I’m just nervous Solomon Cain is not going to pay the fine. I fear for his job.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Well a line has to be drawn somewhere.

“Bury With My Guns On” by Bobaflex begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Here he comes…

Solomon walks out wearing his street clothes as he gets mixed reactions from the crowd.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: I don’t see a checkbook in his hand, Jen.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: This is not going to turn out good.

Solomon slowly walks down the ramp.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: I like Solomon. But I do feel like his head is getting too big. And the more he gets away with it, the worse it’s getting.

Solomon walks up the ring steps and through the ropes into the ring.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: A lot of mixed reactions to his attack on Mr. Stanton. Surprisingly a lot of people were happy that Solomon attacked him.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Surprisingly? That pretty bastard got in Solomon’s ring and belittled him.

The music fades away as Robert Mack puts the mic to his mouth.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Solomon Cain. You know, I remember when you first came around. I told myself, “I like this guy.”

Robert slowly paces back and forth in front of Solomon.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Then when shit hit the fan last year, and I had to find a replacement challenger for Skrabz at Good Time, you stepped up.

Robert points at Solomon, nodding his head.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: I gave you that huge opportunity.

Robert points at himself.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Fast forward to a few months ago and you lose to Skrabz for a second time, spiraling out of control.

Robert moves his finger in a spiraling motion, shaking his head.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: I might get myself in trouble for saying this Solomon, but if I was in your shoes I can’t say I wouldn’t have retaliated if Stanton came into the ring I wrestle in and got in my face making threats.

Robert shrugs, looking into Solomon’s eyes with a serious look.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: But at the end of the day, Stanton never put his hands on you. Yet, you not only attacked him backstage, but snuck attack him and got him taken to a hospital.

Robert shakes his head.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Solomon, I had no choice but to fine you for your actions. The world is loving your actions. We are entertainment, and you are entertaining.

Robert points at Solomon.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: But lines have to be drawn. You can not do whatever you want to do. You will have rules to follow whether you like it not.

Robert looks directly into Solomon’s eyes.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: If Ricky Stanton is invited here and does not physically put his hands on you, you can NOT put your hands on him, no matter how bad you may want to.

Robert continues to stand in the same spot and look directly into Solomon’s eyes.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: I don’t care what you tweet, I dont care what you say. You can say whatever you want about Ricky Stanton. But you can NOT put your hands on him if you are not physically provoked.

Robert starts pacing again.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: So if you do not pay this fine Solomon, it’s not Ricky Stanton you are disrespecting. It’s me.

Robert stops and points at himself.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: And if you think you have more power than me in Mile High Wrestling, you are sadly mistaken.

Robert gives Solomon a cold stare.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: So I’m only going to say this once; you either pay the fine, or disiplinary action will be taken.

The fans surpringly boo, as Solomon looks around the arena with a mic in hand.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: He’s not pulling a checkbook out of his pocket.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Does he even use a bank?

Solomon slowly raises the mic to his mouth, but all of a sudden “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy hits the speakers.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Wait a minute…

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: He said he wouldn’t be here. Yet here he is.

Just then a woman comes down the ramp with mic in hand and everyone looks confused.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: He really is pretty is person.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Obviously that is not Ricky Stanton. I believe that is Baylor Davis, an SE representative.

The woman steps into the ring with two SE Bodyguards and stands in front of Robert and Cain.

{{{Baylor Davis}}}: Hello…my name is Baylor Davis, and I’m a model for Stanton Enterprises.

The fans boo loudly.


Baylor turns to Cain.

{{{Baylor Davis}}}: First of all, you need to understand something Mr. Cain. I’m a professional model. Not a wrestler, so cool your jets and let me do what I’ve been hired to do and that is give you a personal message from The Pretty Boy… Ricky Stanton sends you the following:

Baylor unfolds a piece of paper and begins to read off of it.

{{{Baylor Davis}}}: “Take a good look Cain. Take a good look at your world right now. You have become the voice of the backstage. People loved the fact that you attacked me at Rise Again. They took great pleasure in it. But I want you to take a good look around you. Your span of control, your world, everything you hold dear you have no control over. In fact, you are nothing more than a man climbing up a very rocky side to Mt. Olympus. You want to fight against the Gods like myself because you believe you’re owed, that you’re doing it for some odd code or you might think you’re doing and saying what everyone backstage is feeling. But in the end, all you will be is a man made a fool. Congrats Cain, you’re not my hobby, not a threat. You’re just someone I’m going to fuck with until I get bored. And there’s NOTHING you can do to stop me. So get mad, get everyone mad. Hell, RALLY THE TROOPS! At the end of the day you are a product, and there’s nothing like product placement in shows. I will put you in your place Wild Dog.”

Baylor folds up the paper, smiles, and steps out the ring. She heads back up the ramp met with a deafening sound of boos as Rob and Cain stand in the ring.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: She’s easy on the eyes, but the fans are not being easy on her. And rightfully so.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Yeah, at this point I think we are all getting sick of this type of stuff.

Cain is shaking his head, smirking, looking around at all the pissed off fans. Robert looks to be in deep thought.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Even Robert looks fed up.

Cain notices Robert’s mind is elsewhere and he steps towards him, making Robert shake back to the Apex Community Center. Cain gets face to face with Robert, now expressionless.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Dont do nothing stupid, Solomon….

Off mic, you can hear Cain tell Robert, “Do what you have to do…”, before walking past Robert and climbing out of the ring.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Well, he’s not paying the fine.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: What is Robert Mack going to do?

{{{RJ Smith}}}: They might have to find Emily Falls a new opponent for next week.

Robert doesn’t turn to watch Cain, instead he looks off in the distance in front of him, back in deep thought.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Robert Mack is in deep thought. His mind looks heavy.

Solomon walks straight up the ramp and through the curtains.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Solomon Cain still has the power.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: He might not have a job in the next 24 hours.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Rob isn’t going to fire him. Come on…

Robert is taking all of this in, as we fade to commercial.


“Bloody Nose” by Hollywood Undead hits as “The Cold Hearted” Chris Mosh stands with his back towards the ring in a black hoody with the hood on.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well, it’s time for some in ring action here on AMMO.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: This guy is a douchebag.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: He’s been doing well for himself. I dont personally like his attitude myself, but he’s been pretty successful since we returned in May.

Chris turns his head towards the ring as he smirks, then turns around.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is for one fall!!! Making his way to the ring… weighing in at 210 pounds….. residing in Las Vegas, Nevada……. “The Cold Hearted” Chris Mosh!!!

Mosh walks towards the ring as he just ignores the crowd. He walks up the stairs, then jumps over the top rope as he turns in the middle of the ring.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Look at the size of the guy in the ring already though. He’s going to break Chris Mosh in half.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: That would be Nathan “Bruiser” Backlund. He signed with Mile High Wrestling about a month ago and we haven’t heard anything from him until now. This will be his debut match.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: And he’s going to kill Chris Mosh.

Mosh stands with his back to the hard camera as he turns his head to the camera and smirks.

Match Official: Austin Mack

“The Cold Hearted” Chris Mosh
Nathan “Bruiser” Backlund

Mosh and Bruiser stand in the middle of the ring as Mosh is yelling at Bruiser to save himself and get out of the ring. Bruiser shakes his head and Mosh tells him again to get out of the ring, once again Bruiser shakes his head. This time Mosh slaps Bruiser and said to get out of the ring. Bruiser gets mad and punches Mosh with left and rights.

Bruiser throws Mosh off the ropes and tries to clothesline him, but he ducks and comes back off the ropes and Mosh clotheslines Bruiser. Mosh smirks as he waits for Bruiser to get up. Bruiser gets up and turns around and gets hit with a Super Kick! Mosh looks down at Bruiser and goes for the pin.



Mosh picks up Bruiser. Mosh shakes his head as he picks up Bruiser and hits him with another Super Kick!

Mosh smirks as he starts saying how great he is to the crowd. Mosh goes back to Bruiser as Bruiser is using Mosh to try and stand up. Mosh helps him up kicks him in the gut and then hits the Mosh Pit on Bruiser!!!

The ref goes to check on Bruiser but Mosh pushes the ref out of the way and picks up Bruiser, as Mosh smirks and hits Bruiser with the Moshplex, and goes for the pin!!!




“The Cold Hearted” Chris Mosh

Match Length: 02:17

“Bloody Nose” by Hollywood Undead begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winner of this match… “The Cold Hearted” Chris Mosh!!!

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Where did they find this big waste of talent?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I’m getting word that this was his first and last match here in Denver. Robert Mack is not impressed.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: A damn shame.

Mosh stands up and looks down at Bruiser as the ref holds Mosh’s hand in the air. Mosh goes back over to Bruiser as the ref tells Mosh to get out of the ring. Mosh puts his hand out to help Bruiser up.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: No time to form an alliance. Jen just said they are letting this fella go.

Bruiser shakes Mosh’s hand where Mosh then Super Kicks him again.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Is he not done with him?!

Mosh drags Bruiser to the middle of the ring. Mosh climbs up to the top rope and hits a 450 Splash!

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Mosh should probably calm down before the true monster comes put of this man.

Mosh gets up and smirks as he kicks Bruiser out of the ring. He then stands in the ring with his hands in the air, smirking.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Mosh continues his winning ways.


“Friday” by Rebecca Black begins playing throughout the Arena, as Emily Falls walks out, skipping to the ring, waving and smiling big, and highfiving the crowd. You can tell she’s happy.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Welcome back to AMMO. And we are about to see The Barf Queen in action.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Which makes me want to barf.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is for one fall!! Making her way to the ring… weighing in at 120 pounds….. from Denver, Colorado……. Emily Falls!!!

When Emily gets in the ring, she skips around energetically as she keeps smiling at the crowd, as her opponent Bubbles stands in the corner waiting for the start of the match.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: This match has “joke” written all over it.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Come on, RJ. Lighten up.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Its a clown vs a clown. I mean…

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well, we’ve seen Bubbles once before in a Mile High ring, when she went one on one with Psycho on the seventh episode of Thursday Night ThrowDown.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: And we could’ve done without seeing her again, I’m sure.

Match Official: Mark Buhler

Emily Falls

As soon as the bell rings, Bubbles pushes Emily causing Emily to stumble back. Bubbles starts giggling, but Emily quickly runs past her to the ropes and does a springboard moonsault to her as she turns around.

When Bubbles gets to her feet, she tries to slap Emily but Emily blocks it and slaps her. Bubbles falls down and lays there for a few seconds.

Once Emily is sure Bubbles won’t get up, she starts hyping the crowd up for the Emily Fall. Bubbles begins to get up and Emily takes her down with the Emily Fall!!!

Emily goes for the pin.




Emily Falls

Match Length: 00:31

“Friday” by Rebecca Black begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winner of this match… Emily Falls!!!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: An impressive victory for Emily Falls.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: She beat Bubbles, Jen. Not Azurine Vebbins. Not Psycho. Not Erin Blue. She beat Bubbles. What’s impressive?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Don’t be mean, RJ.

Emily Falls celebrates her victory in the ring, jumping around, as the fans cheer.


We are inside a studio setting with an unfamiliar face standing by; a Hispanic woman with a beautiful welcoming smile.

{{{Augustina Saiz}}}: We hope you all are enjoying the very first episode of Mile High Ammo tonight! My name is Augustina and I’ll be taking a minute with you all to reflect on some of the best moments in Mile High’s most recent Pay Per View, Rise again!

Augustina gives an enthusiastic nod as she smiles.

{{{Augustina Saiz}}}: “The War Queen” Leah made her Mile High debut against The Titaness! And she gave a mighty fight, busting the Titaness’ mouth wide open! Sam gave an incredible fight as well, considering she was fresh out of a coma! In the end, the two superstars knocked each other out with a simultaneous head butt. “The Titaness” Sam Hamilton fell on top of The War Queen giving Sam the pinfall. I don’t know about you, but after seeing that match I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of The War Queen!

The camera switches angles, and Augustina turns to face the new camera angle.

{{{Augustina Saiz}}}: Speaking of Mile High debuts, Erin Blue made a Mile High debut on Rise again in a Fatal Four Way match! And Pretty Ricky Stanton stopped by to discipline Tyke Index and Solomon Cain. Did it come as a surprise to anybody that Solomon Cain wasn’t going to bend over and take that metaphorical spanking so easily? He ended up attacking Pretty Ricky backstage and sending him to the hospital! And by the way, what is going on with Robert Mack and Emily Falls??

Augustina leans in a little closer to the camera and puts her hand next to her mouth as she whispers.

{{{Augustina Saiz}}}: I know Mr. Mack is my boss, but I’m hoping Emily Falls spills the beans soon.

Augustina straightens back up into her more professional stature.

{{{Augustina Saiz}}}: Azurine Vebbins successfully defended her Throwdown Championship against Zombie in a Last Dame Dancin Match! Zombie fought for that title with everything she had in her, but in the end it wasn’t enough to beat the Adorkable Angel. Word backstage is that Zombie was pretty P.O’d about the loss and even considered leaving MIle High all together, but we’re all glad she’s decided to stay.

Augustine switches cameras again.

{{{Augustina Saiz}}}: The Hangman’s match between Tyke Index and Solomon Cain did not disappoint. Did you guys see Solomon smack Tyke Index across the face with the hand covered in Tyke Index’s own blood? I’m just hoping Solomon didn’t have any open wounds on that hand. You know the AIDS virus is also transferred through blood.

Augustina gives a chuckle.

{{{Augustina Saiz}}}: In the end it was Solomon Cain who hung from the gallows at Rise Again, giving Tyke Index the win and allowing him to keep his Phoenix Championship.

Another camera switch.

{{{Augustina Saiz}}}: And what kind of Pay-Per View would it be if Skrabz wasn’t involved? Skrabz and Bullet went head to head for the Mile High Championship and you know who came out the winner. Skrabz, again! Will this guy ever lose his title? More importantly, is he single?

Augustina blushes.

{{{Augustina Saiz}}}: Moving on… The masked man turned out to be Lance Mikes, a rival of Robert Mack’s from his HCW days. And Katrina and Lance treated us all to a make out session that was very uncomfortable to watch. Who does that on live TV? Well, that is all I have time for tonight, Mile High. Meet me here again in two weeks! Let’s get back to the show!

Augustina smiles.


The cameras are focused on Jen Vallejos and RJ Smith at commentary, while “Bullet The Blue Sky” by Sepultura plays in the background.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well, in two weeks we will be live inside a restaurant.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: They say it’s one of the most popular restaurants in Denver.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: It is. We will be hosting AMMO inside of Casa Bonita.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Free food?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: We can wish. Nonetheless, as Augustina said; Rise Again was a wonderful night, last week

{{{RJ Smith}}}: And now we are on the road to the second Mile High Spectacular. Who is going be next to step up to Skrabz?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I wish Skrabz would let ME step up to him.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Sounds like you’ll have to fight Augustina for that spot.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I was here first.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: We still have our main event to come tonight.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: And speaking of matches, it was just announced on Twitter earlier today that Psycho would be added to the Hardcore Championship Match at Episode Twenty.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: She whines and complains and gets rewarded for it.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: She made some good points, RJ.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: I’m only kidding anyways. I like Psycho.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well we are about to see some more in ring action up next. Lets take another break.


“Cult of Personality” by Living Colour begins to play over the sound system. “The Real Deal” Dillon Daniels steps from behind the curtain, looking focused.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is for one fall!!! Making his way to the ring… weighing in at 218 pounds….. from Chicago, Illinois……. “The Real Deal” Dillon Daniels!!!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: We’ve not seen Dillon Daniels since The Emily Falls “Barf Your Heart Out” Battle Royal.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: And he didn’t last for long then Jen.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: That’s right, he was eliminated early on by Da Brix City Boys but he’s not somebody to take lightly. He picked up that big submission victory over a debuting Rayne Young at Good Time and if you ask me, all he needs is another shot.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Yeah, cause he’s the real deal…

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: That sounds like sarcasm, but it’s a true statement, RJ.

Dillon Daniels walks down the ramp, and slides into the ring. He bounces around, staying focused. Looking confidently at the local talent standing across the ring from him.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: And who’s the jobber?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Jobber? Why do you say that?

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Have you not been watching the show, Jen?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I have, but that’s Nathan Fury, a Denver resident and protege of Two Cold Scorpio.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Flash Funk?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I think he prefers Scorpio. Nathan doesn’t have much experience, but he has a bright future.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: So he IS a jobber.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I think he’ll give it all he’s got, but Daniels is The Real Deal. I definately see Dillon picking up the three count here.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Of coarse you do.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I’m getting word from the back that we are having trouble with our broadcast, please bare with us.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: What’s going on?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Just some gremlins in the system, RJ.

The gremlins continue interfering with the broadcast and the referee pats down Dillon Daniels in his corner, checking him over for foreign objects. Nathan Fury flexes and poses in his corner, trying to garner some support from his home town crowd.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Look at this tough guy…

Walking from his corner with intensity “The Real Deal” urged the referee to start the match, yelling for him to “Ring the bell ref, lets go!”

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Dillon certainly seems up for this one, RJ.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: He should be unamused, how are those gremlins Jen, they under control yet?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Not yet, Ray.

The referee guides Dillon back to his corner, then turnes to Nathan for his pre-match check.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: That’s what I like to see, Jen. A referee doing their job.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: It’s good to see an official taking charge for once, sure.

With his pre-match checks completed the referee calles both men to the center of the ring

{{{RJ Smith}}}: They need to bring this referee over to the main show.

Dillon and Nathan circle the middle of the ring, their eyes locked on each others intently, as they wait for the bell to sound.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Here we go, RJ.

The referee raises his arm to give the time keeper the signal to start the match, but before he could bring his arm back down the sound of fingers snapping is heard around the arena and then… DARKNESS

{{{RJ Smith}}}: What the hell is going on? More of those damn gremlins?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I’m a little freaked out, RJ.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: It’s OK Jen, don’t wor….

♫ ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ ♫

The arena is bathed in an ominous red glow that snaps into existence the second the music hits.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: What is it RJ? What’s happening?

♫ ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ ♫

{{{RJ Smith}}}: I think it’s…

♫ ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ ♫

With the glitches in the streaming broadcast increasing, a man steps through the curtain and stops on the stage. The red glow of the lights add to his menacing aura. He paces around the stage talking to himself and pointing out in to the crowd, his face hidden below the pulled up hood of his coat and his wild hair, which flows over his face almost becoming one with his unkempt beard.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: What the hell?

In the ring, Dillon Daniels tries to get the ref’s attention, pleading with him to start the match.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Dillon still keen to get the match underway here, Jen, but who is that?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: …Samson.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Who?

Samson walks to the ring, stopping every few seconds to talk in the crowds direction. Upon reaching the ring Samson climbs the steps, walks along the apron and then ducks between the top and middle ropes. Samson walks to the center of the ring, and quickly pulls his hood down then immediately throws his arms out either side of him, in a crucifix pose.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Whoever he is, he might be mt favorite.

The second his arms are extended the lights return to normal and the music cuts out, the glitches in the broadcast continue.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: That’s Samson. We knew he was coming but..

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Look like he’s out here to save us from another jobber match.

Samson stumbles backwards then falls and rolls through, coming to a stop sitting on the canvas slouched against the bottom ring rope. He stares straight ahead.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Two on One Handicap.

Dillon Daniels looks at Nathan Fury and then at Samson. “The hell are you doing here”? Dillon asks him.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Dillon wants answers, RJ.

Dillon approaches Samson who pounces to his feet. Samson grabs The Real Deal by the head then leans in and whispers something in his ear. Dillon pulls away and backs up, looking confused. Dillon backs all the way up to the ropes then drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: What did he just tell him?

Dillon walks backwards up the aisle maintaining eye contact with Samson who smiles sinisterly.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: What the hell… where is he going?

{{{RJ Smith}}}: I don’t know, but Nathan…

Seeing an opportunity to strike, Nathan Fury slowly approaches Samson from behind, shaping up to hit him with a German Suplex.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Nathan Fury about to handle business!!

Just as Nathan is about to clasp his arms around Samson’s waist, Samson spins around and stares in to Nathans eyes, laughing menacingly.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: You done fucked up, man.

Nathan takes a step back but Samson follows and grabs him by the head, Samson leans in and whispers something in Nathans ear.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Dillon Daniels is leaving, RJ, but what’s going on now?

Nathan pulls away from Samson and backs up angrily while yelling out a frustrated “No!”

{{{RJ Smith}}}: What is he telling these people?

Nathan charges at Samson with a clothesline but Samson ducks underneath, spins around, grabs Nathan and then rams his head into the mat with sickening impact.

Samson bounces straight back to his feet then stands over Nathan and yells “You will feel the TRUTH!… One way… OR ANOTHER!”

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: This guy is a creep.

Samson paces around the ring then leans against the ropes looking towards Dillon Daniels, who had continued watching from the stage and now stares back at Samson with a look of dazed confusion.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: This is craziness.

Samson laughs menacingly and snaps his fingers…



{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: We’re back and I’m being told that the broadcast problems are fixed…

{{{RJ Smith}}}: They caught the gremlins?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: It seems so, RJ.

“Pledge Your Allegiance” by Suicidal Tendencies starts up. Twelve seconds in, the “S! T!” chants start.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: The fans seem to really be behind S.T.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: And they just announced this tag team name to the Mile High audience recently.

Aoife “Banshee” Maguire takes this as her cue to walk through the curtain with bodyguard/girlfriend, Katrina “Knox” Knox, right behind her. A second later, the team known as S.T., Jackie “Bandit Layton, wearing her Mile High Wrestling Tag Team Championship, and “Psycho” Saoirse Maguire, walk through the curtain as well.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is the main event of the night, and is for one fall!!! Making their way to the ring first… weighing in at a combined weight of 225 pounds….. from New Orleans, Louisiana……. they are being accompanied to the ring by their fellow Sheildmaidens… they are the Mile High Wrestling Tag Team Champions… Psycho and Bandit… they are S.T.!!!

The four women make their way to the ring where Banshee steps through the ropes first, the others following her in. She takes the center of the ring with Knox behind her and points to the two corners facing the camera. Bandit takes the left corner, Psycho takes the right and all four raise a fist in the air.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: What a cool show this has been. And we’re really topping it off with an awesome Tag Team Main Event showcasing our amazing tag team division.

“Thunder Struck” by AC/DC begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Now these guys are awesome.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: They’ve garnered a lot of fan support for sure.

“Thundering” Terry Marshall and Space Lord come out from behind the curtains, full of energy.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And their opponents… weighing in at at a combined weight of 596 pounds….. from Huntington, West Virginia……. “Thundering” Terry Marshall and Space Lord… they are the Sports Entertainment Xchange!!!

The tag team goes down the ramp hyped, and slide into the ring. They fist pump around the ring, hyping the Denver crowd too.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: I want to smoke what they smoke.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Me too.

Match Official: Regina Ball

Tag Team Main Event Match
Sports Entertainment Xpress

The bell rings and Marshall and Bandit meet in the center of the ring. The two lock up and immediately, Marshall just shoves Bandit down to the mat and then flexes to the crowd as they pop big for the larger man.

Bandit gets to her feet and glances over at her corner before she dares him to try that again.

Marshall nods and as they get ready to lock up again, this time Bandit nails him in the gut with a boot and then runs the ropes and comes back and as Marshall is doubled over, she knees him right in the side of the head, dropping the big man to the mat. She reaches over to tag in Psycho and then holds Marshall down as Maguire comes in and runs the ropes only to rebound with a drop kick to the face that sends Marshall to the outside of the ring.

The Shieldmaiden team high five as Marshall walks it off on the outside and then slides back in closer to his corner and tags in Space Lord who comes into the match as Bandit steps out onto the apron and Psycho just smirks.

They meet in the center and jaw at each other and Psycho goes for the punch, but Space Lord blocks and returns the favor, sending Psycho back a step. A few punches later and Psycho is against the ropes and Space Lord sends her across the ring and she bounces back and he hoists her up high with a military press and then just unceremoniously drops her on her back in the ring as the fans pop.

Space Lord pulls her up and whips her into the corner and then charges in and nails her with a big boot before tagging in Marshall who comes in and delivers a series of chops to her in the corner. He whips her into the ropes and as she comes back, he sends her high in the air with a backdrop and she manages to roll into her corner and reach for a tag from Bandit who charges in and is hit with a series of three clotheslines before she finally ducks a fourth and comes back with a dropkick to the knee of the bigger man as he reaches for it, she quickly moves off the ropes and chop blocks him from behind as he cries out in pain and tries to reach out towards his corner for a tag but he’s too far away.

Bandit grabs the leg and pulls it hard towards her before reaching back and grabbing a tag. Psycho climbs up onto the turnbuckle and drops down with a knee to the injured leg of Marshall. Psycho then quickly turns him over and applies a half crab as Marshall tries to inch himself towards his corner to tag his partner, Space Lord who is reaching for that tag.

The power of Marshall inches them closer and closer, but Bandit runs in and nails Space Lord sending him to the floor and then helps Psycho pull Marshall back towards their corner. She gets back on the apron and tags herself in. She moves up to the second turnbuckle and tries for a kneedrop on the injured knee of Marshall who rolls out of the way and finally into his corner where he tags out to Space Lord who rushes in and downs Bandit with a clothesline, then a second. Psycho enters the ring and she gets taken down with a clothesline as well.

Space Lord grabs them both by the hair and as he looks like he’s going to ram their heads together, they kick him low and then both run the ropes and looks to come back with a double clothesline, but instead he takes them out. Finally, Marshall comes in and it breaks down into a four way.

It takes a while, but the referee finally gets control of the match, almost counting all four superstars out.

Psycho hit Space Lord with a beautiful dropkick and tagged in Bandit, who went straight to the top rope, as everyone in the Apex Community Center got to their feet.

Space Lord quickly got to his feet, out of nowhere, running to the corner where Bandit stood on, up the ropes, and quickly brought her down with a very dangerous Universal Demise!!!!!

Space Lord went for the pinfall victory.




Sports Entertainment Xpress

Match Length: 13:57

“Thunder Struck” by AC/DC begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: What a tag team battle. And Sports Entertainment Xpress stay undefeated.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: So I guess this makes them the new number one contenders?

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winners of this match… Sports Entertainment Xpress!!!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well, if my calculations are correct, Da Brix City Boyz are still owed a rematch.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Forget all that. Its all about SEX, baby!

Sports Entertainment Xpress celebrate in the ring, somehow still full of energy.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: It’s only a matter of time before these guys get their shot.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: And NEEEEEEW…

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Very possible. But The Shieldmaidens have been THE tag team division in Mile High since almost day one.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: They weren’t tonight.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well, they lost. But I mean, they didn’t lose lose.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: They lost.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: It’s been fun, guys. We’ll see you again in two weeks, with another episode of Mile High AMMO.

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