Sunday, December 15, 2019
Best of Mile High AMMO 2019
Flashback Episode
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The official opening video of Mile High AMMO begins the show. “Bullet The Blue Sky” by Sepultura starts playing for the first 8 seconds of the track, and then it automatically skips to the hook.

Sepultura - Bullet The Blue Sky (U2 cover) [HD]

During the first eight seconds of the song, different Mile High superstars performing their finishers are shown in slow motion with a black and white color scheme.


“Mr. AMMO” Chris Mosh looking over his shoulder during his entrance is shown


Alastair Frost celebrating a victory is shown

Bullet the blue sky

Streetz attacking Sports Entertainment Xpress is shown

Bullet the blue sky

“The Real Deal” Dillon Daniels during his entrance is shown

Bullet the bluuuuuueee

The screen glitches up showing Samson laughing

Bullet the bluuuuuueee

Ripley holding the MHW AMMO Television Championship up is shown, as the video fades away.

Episode Two

The scene opens with “The War Queen” Leah arriving to the Deadlift Party. Decked out in the only way she knows how to approach a deadlift party, Zubaz and a fanny pack. As she looks around the backstage area she can tell that S.E.X. spared no expense. There are four power cages on one side, four barbells already equipped with double wagon wheels on each side (totalling 225lbs), and a random trap bar. Leah scoffs at the trap bar. In the back, S.E.X. has set up a table with a sign stating ‘appetizers’ on it. These appetizers are an array of protein, pre-workout, bcaa’s, fish oil, amino acids, glutamine and creatine.

{{{“The War Queen” Leah}}}: Now this is my type of party.

As Leah reaches the end of the table there’s an additional sign that says ‘Take One’ set in front of a stack of protein shakers.

{{{“The War Queen” Leah}}}: Don’t mind if I do.

Leah is startled as “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor starts playing in the backstage area. The lights begin to flicker and mix with random colors. A fog billows in on the ground. As Leah turns around she sees Sports Entertainment Xpress have arrived. Terry Marshall and Space Lord both walk into the party. Space Lord is dressed in green wrestling trunks, with matching Chuck Taylor’s and face paint. Marshall, is shirtless and wearing zubaz as well.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Leah, SISTER! NICE PANTS!

{{{Space Lord}}}: Why does everyone on this planet wear pants?

Sam walks in right as she manages to barely hear Space Lord’s question. An amused smirk adorns her face as she looks almost ready to respond to that, but chooses not to. Although zubaz aren’t usually her go-to with lower body clothing, she has her own pair on, with a rather bold tube top covering her upper body. It’d be easy to question if it was more along the lines of a bikini instead of tube top with how the damn thing looked.

{{{Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton}}}: Hello guys … Leah.

The Titaness bows her head in acknowledgement to Leah.

{{{Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton}}}: You definitely live up to your name, in and out of Mile High. OATH was quite the fight also. Good to see you’re still here despite our relatively recent, crazy fight.

Terry Marshall has a shaker cup in each hand, shaking up some pre-workouts, while Space Lord is pouring the powder straight into his mouth.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!

Marshall flips both shakers open and begins pouring them both in his mouth at the same time like a ’99 Stone Cold with some Budweisers. Sam grabs her own shaker, smiling in approval at the idea.

{{{Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton}}}: Hell yeah! Let’s get started indeed!

Leah is still shooting Samantha a look over her comments about their matches not just in Mile High but also OATH. She clearly isn’t happy about losing twice to her but you can’t win them all. She brushes it off and raises her shaker of pre-workout.

{{{“The War Queen” Leah}}}: These weights aren’t going to lift themselves. Time to experience some sick f’n gainz ya’ll.

Leah turns her shaker up, guzzling the pre-workout down. Finishing it quickly, she slams the shaker down to the ground cracking it. The rest of the crew look to her.

{{{“The War Queen” Leah}}}: Guess I don’t know my own strength.

They all laugh as the scene fades.

Episode One

“Pledge Your Allegiance” by Suicidal Tendencies starts up. Twelve seconds in, the “S! T!” chants start.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: The fans seem to really be behind S.T.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: And they just announced this tag team name to the Mile High audience recently.

Aoife “Banshee” Maguire takes this as her cue to walk through the curtain with bodyguard/girlfriend, Katrina “Knox” Knox, right behind her. A second later, the team known as S.T., Jackie “Bandit Layton, wearing her Mile High Wrestling Tag Team Championship, and “Psycho” Saoirse Maguire, walk through the curtain as well.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is the main event of the night, and is for one fall!!! Making their way to the ring first… weighing in at a combined weight of 225 pounds….. from New Orleans, Louisiana……. they are being accompanied to the ring by their fellow Sheildmaidens… they are the Mile High Wrestling Tag Team Champions… Psycho and Bandit… they are S.T.!!!

The four women make their way to the ring where Banshee steps through the ropes first, the others following her in. She takes the center of the ring with Knox behind her and points to the two corners facing the camera. Bandit takes the left corner, Psycho takes the right and all four raise a fist in the air.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: What a cool show this has been. And we’re really topping it off with an awesome Tag Team Main Event showcasing our amazing tag team division.

“Thunder Struck” by AC/DC begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Now these guys are awesome.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: They’ve garnered a lot of fan support for sure.

“Thundering” Terry Marshall and Space Lord come out from behind the curtains, full of energy.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And their opponents… weighing in at at a combined weight of 596 pounds….. from Huntington, West Virginia……. “Thundering” Terry Marshall and Space Lord… they are the Sports Entertainment Xchange!!!

The tag team goes down the ramp hyped, and slide into the ring. They fist pump around the ring, hyping the Denver crowd too.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: I want to smoke what they smoke.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Me too.

Match Official: Regina Ball

Tag Team Main Event Match
Sports Entertainment Xpress

The bell rings and Marshall and Bandit meet in the center of the ring. The two lock up and immediately, Marshall just shoves Bandit down to the mat and then flexes to the crowd as they pop big for the larger man.

Bandit gets to her feet and glances over at her corner before she dares him to try that again.

Marshall nods and as they get ready to lock up again, this time Bandit nails him in the gut with a boot and then runs the ropes and comes back and as Marshall is doubled over, she knees him right in the side of the head, dropping the big man to the mat. She reaches over to tag in Psycho and then holds Marshall down as Maguire comes in and runs the ropes only to rebound with a drop kick to the face that sends Marshall to the outside of the ring.

The Shieldmaiden team high five as Marshall walks it off on the outside and then slides back in closer to his corner and tags in Space Lord who comes into the match as Bandit steps out onto the apron and Psycho just smirks.

They meet in the center and jaw at each other and Psycho goes for the punch, but Space Lord blocks and returns the favor, sending Psycho back a step. A few punches later and Psycho is against the ropes and Space Lord sends her across the ring and she bounces back and he hoists her up high with a military press and then just unceremoniously drops her on her back in the ring as the fans pop.

Space Lord pulls her up and whips her into the corner and then charges in and nails her with a big boot before tagging in Marshall who comes in and delivers a series of chops to her in the corner. He whips her into the ropes and as she comes back, he sends her high in the air with a backdrop and she manages to roll into her corner and reach for a tag from Bandit who charges in and is hit with a series of three clotheslines before she finally ducks a fourth and comes back with a dropkick to the knee of the bigger man as he reaches for it, she quickly moves off the ropes and chop blocks him from behind as he cries out in pain and tries to reach out towards his corner for a tag but he’s too far away.

Bandit grabs the leg and pulls it hard towards her before reaching back and grabbing a tag. Psycho climbs up onto the turnbuckle and drops down with a knee to the injured leg of Marshall. Psycho then quickly turns him over and applies a half crab as Marshall tries to inch himself towards his corner to tag his partner, Space Lord who is reaching for that tag.

The power of Marshall inches them closer and closer, but Bandit runs in and nails Space Lord sending him to the floor and then helps Psycho pull Marshall back towards their corner. She gets back on the apron and tags herself in. She moves up to the second turnbuckle and tries for a kneedrop on the injured knee of Marshall who rolls out of the way and finally into his corner where he tags out to Space Lord who rushes in and downs Bandit with a clothesline, then a second. Psycho enters the ring and she gets taken down with a clothesline as well.

Space Lord grabs them both by the hair and as he looks like he’s going to ram their heads together, they kick him low and then both run the ropes and looks to come back with a double clothesline, but instead he takes them out. Finally, Marshall comes in and it breaks down into a four way.

It takes a while, but the referee finally gets control of the match, almost counting all four superstars out.

Psycho hit Space Lord with a beautiful dropkick and tagged in Bandit, who went straight to the top rope, as everyone in the Apex Community Center got to their feet.

Space Lord quickly got to his feet, out of nowhere, running to the corner where Bandit stood on, up the ropes, and quickly brought her down with a very dangerous Universal Demise!!!!!

Space Lord went for the pinfall victory.




Sports Entertainment Xpress

Match Length: 13:57

“Thunder Struck” by AC/DC begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: What a tag team battle. And Sports Entertainment Xpress stay undefeated.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: So I guess this makes them the new number one contenders?

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winners of this match… Sports Entertainment Xpress!!!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well, if my calculations are correct, Da Brix City Boyz are still owed a rematch.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Forget all that. Its all about SEX, baby!

Sports Entertainment Xpress celebrate in the ring, somehow still full of energy.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: It’s only a matter of time before these guys get their shot.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: And NEEEEEEW…

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Very possible. But The Shieldmaidens have been THE tag team division in Mile High since almost day one.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: They weren’t tonight.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well, they lost. But I mean, they didn’t lose lose.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: They lost.

Episode Two

We return with a shot of Space Lord, Terry Marshall, Leah, and Sam Hamilton all standing together and all screaming at the same time. “YOU GOT THIS BROTHER!” is heard from Terry Marshall. The camera moves around their bodies to reveal Major Helmet trying to deadlift with the trap bar.

On either side of the bar there is a 5 pound plate, or a 2.27 kg plate for our metric system friends. Helmet is struggling and even throwing in some hip hinge. Finally, with one last grunt Helmet is able to complete the lift. Space Lord, Hamilton, Marshall, and Leah all cheer and begin to clap. Helmet drops the weight like a douche and begins flexing, which brings on laughter from everyone.

{{{“The War Queen” Leah}}}: Dropping weights, Helmet? Don’t get caught doing that next time you’re in Planet Fitness.

{{{Space Lord}}}: Ok, back to the serious weight.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Serious for you three maybe, but I’m just warming up.

Marshall walks over to the barbell, which is now loaded with 405lbs, or 183.7 kg. Marshall grabs the bar and performs three reps, with perfect form. Marshall turns to his tag team partner and their party guests and says “feel free to lower the weight if needed” in a cocky but teasing tone.

Marshall grabs a shaker with his Amino Acid drink and steps back as Space Lord steps up to the bar.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Brother, what are you doing?

{{{Space Lord}}}: Uh, deadlifting.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Brother, we don’t pull Sumo around here, you know better than that.

Space Lord says nothing, and stays in his sumo stance. Space Lord grabs the bar and reps out five reps. Space Lord slams the bar down and turns around to look at Marshall with a big smile on his face.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Whatever brother, sumo doesn’t count.

Episode Five

“I Remember Everything” by Five Finger Death Punch is already playing throughout the arena when we return. Raven Trueblood and Emily Falls are already in the ring, with Double Team Ihari standing on the outside.

Jen Vallejos
It’s time! History is about to be made, RJ.

RJ Smith
Time for The Real Deal to stake his claim. You were talking earlier about how Chris Connor wrestled at the very first episode of Mile High Wrestling. Let’s talk about Dillon Daniels. He main evented the first Mile High Wrestling episode.

“Cult of Personality” by Living Colour begins to play over the sound system. “The Real Deal” Dillon Daniels steps from behind the curtain, looking focused.

Augustina Saiz
The following match is the main event of the night and is a Fatal Four Way Match for one fall!!! AND is for the MHW AMMO Television Championship!!!!! Making his way to the ring… joining Emily Falls and Raven Trueblood… weighing in at 218 pounds….. from Chicago, Illinois……. “The Real Deal” Dillon Daniels!!!

Dillon Daniels walks down the ramp, and slides into the ring. He bounces around, staying focused. Looking confidently at the local talent standing across the ring from him.

Jen Vallejos
Well, your guy looks confident and ready to go.

RJ Smith
In just minutes he’s going to be our champion. A champion we can be proud of.

The lights in the arena go out and the sound effect of thunder echoes throughout the arena as the entrance way and ring are illuminated in a neon blue light.

Jen Vallejos
Ripley has been around since the very first episode. As a matter of fact, he defeated Chris Mosh in that very first match. And Mosh is fighting for the Ultimate Championship next Sunday.

The lights then flash wildly like lightning. “Redneck Stomp” by Obituary then hits. Ripley walks out onto the stage wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, black wrestling tights, and black boots. He stands at the top of the entrance way and looks around the arena as the crowd erupts in cheers, with some scattered boos.

Augustina Saiz
And their opponent… weighing in at 240 pounds….. from Brooksville, Florida……. Ripley!!!

Ripley starts walking towards the ring. As he makes his way down the aisle to the ring he looks at the fans. Once he reaches the ring he stops and looks at it then quickly walks up the steel steps and enters the ring.

RJ Smith
You know, Ripley may have wrestled at the very first episode of Mile High Wrestling. But he didnt main event it.

Jen Vallejos
But he won, unlike Dillon Daniels.

In the ring, Ripley paces around then climbs up in one of the corners of the ring to look out at all of the fans. He points to a few fans as the crowd continues to cheer. He then hops down unzipping his hoodie and tosses it to ringside and walks to the center of the ring as his music fades out and the lights return to normal.

Match Official: Regina Ball

MHW AMMO Television Championship
Fatal Four Way Match

“The Real Deal” Dillon Daniels
Emily Falls
Raven Trueblood

The fans seemed to be mostly behind Emily Falls with all kinds of different chants for her. She looked to be blushing, and both DTI sisters were chanting with the crowd, egging the Las Vegas residents on to get louder.

Raven moved first, running at Dillon Daniels, only to get clotheslined with impact, causing Raven to backflip face first into the mat.

Ripley ran at Dillon with a Mark of Failure and connected!!!

Falls quickly got behind Ripley and dropped him with an Emily Fall, as The Bunkhouse Saloon was excited!!!

Ripley, Falls, and Dillon were the main ones taking turns being in control of the match. Raven just kept getting knocked back down everytime he got back up.

At one point, Ripley took Raven out with a Mark of Failure that also sent him back flipping face first into the mat!!!

And right after that, Emily dropped Daniels with an Emily Fall. Emily and Ripley would take notice of each other, on each side of the ring. DTI cheered for their new friend and Emily was looking real confident.

Ripley smirked and told Emily to bring it, before the two locked up. Ripley got The Barf Queen in a side headlock, and then Emily squeezed out and dropped Ripley with an Emily Fall!!!

Emily went for the win.




Ripley and Emily would continue fighting each other until Dillon made his way back into the fight.

Towards the end, Ripley was laying flat on the mat and Emily was on the top rope looking to go for her Moonsault, when Dillon came out of nowhere again, and shoved her off to the outside sending her flying into both Ihari sisters!!

Dillon Daniels turned around to Ripley and started jumping up and down stomping, as the Las Vegas residents seem to be mad at what he did to Emily.

Ripley starts staggering to his feet, as the fans boo. Dillon goes at Ripley with a super kick, but Ripley ducks under and runs to the ropes, bouncing off and coming back at Daniels with a Mark of Failure!!!

But Daniels ducks under and runs to the ropes. But Ripley quickly runs right behind him, and just as Dillon is bouncing off the ropes, Ripley clotheslines him out of the ring.

Ripley turns around to Raven Trueblood running at him with a clothesline, but Ripley ducks under and runs to the ropes again. As he bounces off the ropes, Raven runs at Ripley too, meeting him in the middle and catching the Mark of Failure!!!

Ripley pins Trubelood.


The fans are cheering loud as Emily is on her feet and running to the ring apron!


Emily slides into the ring.

But her boot gets caught on the apron somehow, as she fights to get loose.



Match Length: 11:34

Jen Vallejos
Oh my! Emily was so close!!! But Ripley has done it!!! Ripley is our very first AMMO Champion!!!

“Redneck Stomp” by Obituary starts playing throughout the arena.

Augustina Saiz
And the winner of this match and very FIRST MHW AMMO Television Champion….. RIPLEY!!!!!

RJ Smith
This is a conspiracy.

Jen Vallejos
What the hell is she doing here?

Ginger Knox is in the ring holding the MHW AMMO Television Championship belt. Ripley breathes heavy staring at it, and her, somewhat confused.

RJ Smith
She’s about to knock his ass out with his own belt!

Ginger Knox hands the belt over to the inaugural champion and Ripley holds the belt high in the air, as Ginger claps for him with a big smile on her face.

Jen Vallejos
What is this new attraction Ginger Knox has for Ripley?

RJ Smith
Isn’t he married?

Jen Vallejos
I believe he is, RJ. But I mean, no one said Ginger likes him like that. But he definately has her attention for some reason.

All of a sudden, the outside lights go out and a loud static noise is heard. You can see alot of quick shadow movements reflecting from the moonlight and the people in attendance are having mixed reactions.

RJ Smith
Whoa! Is The Bunkhouse Saloon closed now? Do they close at 8?

Jen Vallejos
I don’t think that’s what’s happening, RJ.

The outside lights finally flicker back on and Samson is standing next to Ginger Knox. As soon as Ginger notices him, she screams loudly and runs to Ripley, hugging him tightly.

RJ Smith
He’s back!

Ripley gently nudges Ginger to get behind him and then takes a step forward to run at Samson, only for the outside lights to go out again and the loud static noise to return.

Jen Vallejos
That sound is hurting my ears!

RJ Smith
This shit is crazy.

Jen Vallejos
Samson just ruined Ripley’s moment.

When the lights return again, Samson is gone, as Ripley looks around confused holding his new Championship belt tightly.

RJ Smith
Is Dillon Daniels okay?? Samson may have kidnapped Dillon Daniels!!

Jen Vallejos
No, Dillon’s sitting right over there looking just as confused as everyone else.

RJ Smith
I think Samson wants that AMMO Title…

This ends with confusion and the fans chanting “Holy Shit!”

Episode Four

Jen Vallejos
Well it’s been a fantastic night so far and the action has been at a level only MHW can d….what…what is Gabriel Ohio doing out here?? He is not scheduled to be out here??”

Gabriel Ohio walks down the ramp, no entrance music or stage lighting, a determined look on his face. He is carrying a large sack over his shoulder.

RJ Smith
What the hell is in that sack? Is he about to deliver toys to the litle boys and girls?

Jen Vallejos
I’m pretty sure that’s not what’s in that sack, RJ.

Gabriel carries the bag up the steps and steps over the top rope, then places it in the centre of the ring. He walks over to the ropes and demands a microphone. He is given one, mainly out of fear.

Gabriel Ohio
Isn’t life oh so bliss, when everything seems to be going your way my sweet Saoirse. All the worries of life no longer worrying you as you fly high on cloud nine. Is the glow of the spotlight warming your precious heart? Reflecting off your trinket that you wear around your waist. A hero’s welcome awaits you every time you go to a mall, every time you arrive at an arena? When you book a hotel room? The bank balance increasing?

Gabriel briefly stops as the fans let their voices be heard. Gabriel laughs.

Gabriel Ohio
A Shepard does not worry about the opinions of the sheep.

The crowd are more vocal now. Gabriel chooses to ignore it.

Gabriel Ohio
Now I know you are back there Saoirse. Why don’t you come out here and see if you can kick my teeth out again. I know you would like nothing better.

The crowd are definitely up for that idea.

Jen Vallejos
Is he serious?

Gabriel paces the ring. A moment or two passes and eventually the lights dim,l and the Shieldmaidens’ motto, “Hell is empty and the Maidens are here!” comes up on the Tron. Dublin Death Patrol’s “Pigs In The Hollow” hits and “Psycho” Saoirse Maguire comes walking through the entryway smirking cruelly, wearing her MHW Hardcore Championship.

RJ Smith
Does Ohio have a death wish?

Gabriel raises the microphone to his mouth once more.

Gabriel Ohio
Oh there she is. Come forth little one. Join me. Let us see some of that spunk you showcase every night!

Psycho walks down the ramp and climbs the ring apron.

Gabriel Ohio
That’s it. You come in here. Good girl.

Gabriel smiles a twisted smile. Psycho is unfazed and climbs in the ring.

Gabriel Ohio
Finally, you are here. Look at you. Your walk, your posture. You are on top of the world right now. You are taking everything in your stride now. Nothing can stop you. Or so you think. You say you have been to the darkness. You say that there is nothing that the darkness can do now that you have not already experienced? How was it when you were bound in chains? Abused by the fists of your Captors?

Psycho’s smile has disappeared from her face. Her eyes scrunched into an angry scowl.

Gabriel Ohio
Did they sodomise you? Did they use your body in other ways that you do not talk about? Does the scars keep you awake at night? Do the memories haunt your dreams? Do their faces taunt you from the shadows?”

Psycho’s rage is building up and it shows, her hands balled into fists as her entire body starts shaking from the physical tension of trying to restrain herself.

Gabriel Ohio
To this day they still torture you, yet you cannot see the chains. I am going to break you. I am going to make you earn that name you wear like a badge of honour, PSYCHO. I am going to break you without even lifting a finger.

Gabriel reaches into his pocket and pulls something out and looks at it with a smile as he strokes it.

Gabriel Ohio
I ask you, Saoirse, do you think they would last as long as you did in the chains?

Gabriel turns his hand around and it is a picture of Psycho’s wife, he crumples it up and drops it, the second picture is Psycho’s sister, the third picture, is RJ, Psycho’s child.

Jen Vallejos
Okay. He is taking this too far…

Psycho’s eyes almost glow red as she fires off a kick that doubles Gabriel over.

RJ Smith
And there it is!

Psycho starts wailing on him with her fists, smashing him with everything she has again and again and again until Gabriel goes down whether he wants to or not. Psycho jumps on top and starts throwing punches as if her very life depends on it while she screams.

Jen Vallejos
You should never piss off a woman, let alone a psycho.

Psycho yells, “Ye fuckin’ gammy gowl! Ye fuckin’…” before hammering away at him, drawing a slight trickle of blood as she does so.

RJ Smith
He asked for this, Jen.

Jen Vallejos
But ‘why’ is the question.

Road agents fill the ring and referees try to pull Psycho off of Gabriel. It takes some time but they succeed. She turns her attention to them and starts taking them out, snapping off the Gealtachta on each one as they come near her.

RJ Smith
This chick is seriously bad ass.

Jen Vallejos
All hell is breaking loose!

Gabriel has made it back to a knee and speaks again.

Gabriel Ohio
Is that the best you can do? I will make everyone you love squeal like pigs! I will bring the apocalypse to your world.

Psycho snaps off a roundhouse kick to the head and Gabriel goes down hard.

RJ Smith
Just give up, man!

Jen Vallejos
Does he enjoy pain?

Psycho picks up the sack and turns it out. The jaws of a closed bear trap hit the ring. There is also a plastic bottle filled with what looks like water, amongst other instruments of destruction.

Jen Vallejos
Oh my God…

Gabriel Ohio
That’s it. Do it. You know you want to.

Gabriel smiles. Teeth bloody, eye swollen shut.

RJ Smith
This guy is fucking crazy!

Jen Vallejos
I’ve never seen anything like it…

Psycho picks up the bottle of liquid and opens it before pouring it on Gabriel’s face. His face begins to smoke and his face blisters.

Jen Vallejos
Oh my God! What the….?

RJ Smith
I think that is acid!!!

More staff pull Psycho away from Gabriel as EMT’s rush the ring. Psycho starts to snap off the Gealtachta on them as well, Gabriel simply smiling as she does so.

RJ Smith
I have never seen anything like this in professional wrestling.

Psycho yells, “Ye’re gonna stop laughin’…”

Jen Vallejos
I just can’t watch anymore.

Psycho marches over to her bag, opens it and pulls out a blackthorn shillelagh. Gabriel starts to sit up and Psycho blasts him in the chest with it, yelling “Stop yer laughin’!”

RJ Smith
At this point, Gabriel Ohio has to be hyped up on some kind of drug. No normal human can laugh at a beating like this.

Psycho rears back and blasts him in the chest, knocking him over onto his back. Gabriel looks up at her and she raises the club above her head with both hands, bringing it down onto his head yelling again, “STOP YER FUCKIN’ LAUGHIN’!!!!”

RJ Smith
We need to send some more help out here! She’s going to end up killing him!

Psycho brings the club down a second and then a third time, drawing blood with both shots. Gabriel tries to move and Psycho swings the shillelagh like a golf club, cracking him one more time in the head and knocking him out cold before yelling, “I’LL BAE SHUTTIN’ YER FUCKIN’ MOUT UP, I WILL BAE!!!!”

RJ Smith
Does anyone in the back see what the fuck is going on?! Send out more help! More security!!! This is not going to end well!!!

As Psycho raises the shillelagh up again, her sister, Aoife “Banshee” Maguire rushes to the ring, Becca “Bruiser” Maguire, Katrina “Knox” Knox, Alex “Bullet” Carbajal, Jackie “Bandit” Layton and Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton all right behind her. Banshee and Bruiser dive into the ring, Bruiser grabbing the club while Banshee looks Psycho in the eyes.

RJ Smith
Hopefully the Shieldmaidens can talk their sister away from this carnage.

Banshee whispers something to her sister and Psycho blinks in confusion. Banshee nods and Bruiser moves into her wife’s sightline as well. Psycho starts to look around and the Maidens move her back as EMTs are finally allowed to check on the battered and bloodied Gabriel Ohio. The Maidens lead Psycho from the ring while Robert Mack and Byron Brown enter to survey the carnage. The camera lingers for a second and then cuts to commercial.

Episode Two

We go backstage again with all four Deadlift Party members drenched in sweat. Two bars sit across from each other, both loaded with 810 pounds/367.4 kg. At the bar to the left steps Terry Marshall, and the bar on the right steps Space Lord. Marshall grabs the bar in a traditional stance and Space Lord grabs the bar in a sumo stance.

{{{Leah & Sam Hamilton}}}: 1, 2, 3, LIFT!

Both Marshall and Space Lord lift their bars. Both men struggle, but both complete their lifts. Marshall and Space Lord drop their bars and instantly engage in a big sweaty bro hug.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Brother, that was awesome.

{{{Space Lord}}}: Not since Bruce Banner turned green have I been matched in power.

{{{Major Helmet}}}: This is so exciting, my first party. I’ll make the protein shakes.

Major Helmet moves to the table of foodies and begins making protein shakes for everyone.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Alright sisters, you two are up.

Both Leah and Sam walk over to their respective bars unloading the massive 810 pounds left behind by S.E.X. With each lady loaded up Space Lord and Terry Marshall count them off.

{{{Space Lord & Terry Marshall}}}: 1, 2. 3 LIFT, SISTERS!!!

Leah and Sam deadlift at the same time, holding the weight at the top. Locking eyes as the two are trying to prove who’s the strongest, Leah becomes distracted as Sam flashes her a coy smirk. Looking down at Samantha’s barbell, she has more weight than Leah. Frustrated, Leah sets the weight down and immediately goes to adding more weight.

{{{“The War Queen” Leah}}}: Naw, Sam. First you beat me at Rise Again. Then again over in OATH. Not here. Not today. I can match that weight.

Folding her arms over, Samantha Hamilton watches on as Leah again goes to the barbell. Despite more struggle than other attempts, she’s able to match the Titaness’s weight. The War Queen responds with a smirk.

{{{Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton}}}: You know, I wasn’t originally trying to make this a damn contest. But I’ll accept your challenge, so … alrighty. Let’s do this!

{{{Space Lord}}}: WE’VE GOT A LIFT OFF!!!

Sam and Leah have both upped the weight on their respective barbells to an insurmountable weight.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Whoa, whoa, ladies. That’s 495 pounds/224.5 kgs. That’s a world record for women your size.

Locked in a stare both Sam and Leah go straight to trying to lift the weight. Both are struggling at this weight but they refuse to break eye contact. The War Queen is the first to crack as she lets go of the bar and walks over to Sam. Sam follows suit, quickly on the defense.

{{{“The War Queen” Leah}}}: What’s your problem? You just need to be better at everything don’t you? I will beat you, Sam. One way or another I will find a way.

{{{Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton}}}: Problem?! Me?! Not a goddamn thing! You’re the one who clearly has insecurities! You wanna try to beating me so fucking bad?! Fine. That’s all well and good. Hell, if you think I’m scared of losses, you’re sadly mistaken, so bring it!

Space Lord and Terry Marshall immediately jump between the two in order to break up the scuffle.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: There’s no fighting at a Deadlift Party.

{{{Space Lord}}}: DEADLIFT!!!!

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: You two are going to be across the ring from each other next week at Episode XXI. Whatever beef you two got, settle it there. Today, we lift and enjoy some delicious protein.

Major Helmet brings over a tray of protein that’s already been prepared. Space Lord and Terry Marshall grab theirs. Both Sam and Leah reach for and grab the same shaker. Tensely they each pull into their own direction not wanting to give in to the other. In the tussle the shaker flies out of their hands and the protein lands directly on Major Helmet covering him in the drink. This breaks the tension as all four laugh at Major Helmet’s misfortune.

{{{Space Lord}}}: NOW THIS… IS A DEADLIFT PARTY!!!

Leah and Samantha each grab their own protein drinks and the Recap show ends with the four toasting to a successful Deadlift Party.

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