Sunday, August 11, 2019
Casa Bonita
Denver, Colorado
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The second episode of Mile High AMMO opens with “The War Queen” Leah arriving to the Deadlift Party. Decked out in the only way she knows how to approach a deadlift party, Zubaz and a fanny pack. As she looks around the backstage area she can tell that S.E.X. spared no expense. There are four power cages on one side, four barbells already equipped with double wagon wheels on each side (totalling 225lbs), and a random trap bar. Leah scoffs at the trap bar. In the back, S.E.X. has set up a table with a sign stating ‘appetizers’ on it. These appetizers are an array of protein, pre-workout, bcaa’s, fish oil, amino acids, glutamine and creatine.

{{{“The War Queen” Leah}}}: Now this is my type of party.

As Leah reaches the end of the table there’s an additional sign that says ‘Take One’ set in front of a stack of protein shakers.

{{{“The War Queen” Leah}}}: Don’t mind if I do.

Leah is startled as “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor starts playing in the backstage area. The lights begin to flicker and mix with random colors. A fog billows in on the ground. As Leah turns around she sees Sports Entertainment Xpress have arrived. Terry Marshall and Space Lord both walk into the party. Space Lord is dressed in green wrestling trunks, with matching Chuck Taylor’s and face paint. Marshall, is shirtless and wearing zubaz as well.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Leah, SISTER! NICE PANTS!

{{{Space Lord}}}: Why does everyone on this planet wear pants?

Sam walks in right as she manages to barely hear Space Lord’s question. An amused smirk adorns her face as she looks almost ready to respond to that, but chooses not to. Although zubaz aren’t usually her go-to with lower body clothing, she has her own pair on, with a rather bold tube top covering her upper body. It’d be easy to question if it was more along the lines of a bikini instead of tube top with how the damn thing looked.

{{{Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton}}}: Hello guys … Leah.

The Titaness bows her head in acknowledgement to Leah.

{{{Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton}}}: You definitely live up to your name, in and out of Mile High. OATH was quite the fight also. Good to see you’re still here despite our relatively recent, crazy fight.

Terry Marshall has a shaker cup in each hand, shaking up some pre-workouts, while Space Lord is pouring the powder straight into his mouth.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!

Marshall flips both shakers open and begins pouring them both in his mouth at the same time like a ’99 Stone Cold with some Budweisers. Sam grabs her own shaker, smiling in approval at the idea.

{{{Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton}}}: Hell yeah! Let’s get started indeed!

Leah is still shooting Samantha a look over her comments about their matches not just in Mile High but also OATH. She clearly isn’t happy about losing twice to her but you can’t win them all. She brushes it off and raises her shaker of pre-workout.

{{{“The War Queen” Leah}}}: These weights aren’t going to lift themselves. Time to experience some sick f’n gainz ya’ll.

Leah turns her shaker up, guzzling the pre-workout down. Finishing it quickly, she slams the shaker down to the ground cracking it. The rest of the crew look to her.

{{{“The War Queen” Leah}}}: Guess I don’t know my own strength.

They all laugh as the scene fades into the official opening video of Mile High AMMO. “Bullet The Blue Sky” by Sepultura starts playing for the first 8 seconds of the track, and then it automatically skips to the hook.

Sepultura - Bullet The Blue Sky (U2 cover) [HD]

During the first eight seconds of the song, different Mile High superstars performing their finishers are shown in slow motion with a black and white color scheme.


Tyke Index taking Zombie to Coke Mountain is shown


Bullet hitting Des Sol on Raven Trueblood is shown

Bullet the blue sky

Solomon Cain pulling at the rope tied around Tyke Index’ neck is shown

Bullet the blue sky

Samantha Hamilton and Jackie Layton are shown celebrating with their Tag Titles

Bullet the bluuuuuueee

Azurine Vebbins wearing her ThrowDown Championship during her entrance is shown

Bullet the bluuuuuueee

Skrabz is shown slowly raising his Mile High Wrestling Championship in the air for the camera, as the video fades away, and the cameras are panning around the restaurant. “Bullet The Blue Sky” by Sepultura continues to play through the sound system, as the cameras pan around.


“Vicious” by Halestorm begins playing throughout the arena.

# You make me vicious
# Watch as I make the pain my mistress
# You can call me Miss Malicious
# I’ll dress you up in stitches
# No I cannot resist this

The fans immediately begin to boo and start a “Fuck you, Jansen” chant.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Welcome to a new episode of Mile High AMMO. I am Jen Vallejos, and sitting beside me is R.J. Smith.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: And the ThrowDown Champion is starting the show tonight.

# If it don’t hurt I get suspicious
# I like to take the knife and twist it
# Babe, our love is sacrilegious
# I’m not scared to admit it
# This violence is delicious

Jansen’s name comes across the screen as her music continues to play. Big Paul Banter steps from the back and onto the stage as he yells for the fans to shut their mouths.

# What doesn’t kill me
# Makes me vicious
# I’m not gonna break, I can take
# All that you can give
# This is survival of the sickest
# I am not afraid, bring the pain

Jansen finally steps out of the shadows and steps in front of Paul as she carries her pool cue stick with her and over her shoulder is the Throwdown Championship. She glances from one side of the arena to the next and then just glances up at Paul as if in disgust as she finally strides down towards the ring. She’s dressed to wrestle with the addition of a leather jacket.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Jansen Myrrh has been champion for a week now.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: And she’s already showing more promise than Azurine Vebbins.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well…

Jansen steps up into the ring and hands off her cue stick to Banter before she moves from one side of the ring to the next and just shakes her head as she removes her jacket and tosses it out of the ring and walks to take the microphone from Meozha.

{{{Jansen Myrrh}}}: I’ll take this, get lost.

Meozha scowls at Jansen before stepping out of the ring as Jansen begins to speak.

{{{Jansen Myrrh}}}: So next week, I have a Triple Threat Match for my Throwdown Championship. You see, I do what I say I’m going to do. I went out there and beat that marble-mouthed twit, Azurine Vebbins and rescued this from her unworthy little grasp. And as promised, I am here on Ammo to grace your presence and to do what a champion should do and defend this championship. So let us see who the promotion has for me tonight.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: See what I mean, Jen. This is the true definition of a champion.

There’s a long, drawn out pause before the lights go out with short flickers of dim light almost like faint lightening, as the opening instruments of “What’s Wrong” by PVRIS plays.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: That music sounds familiar…

As the vocals begin, Ginger Knox steps out from behind the curtain, as a single spotlight displays her. She stands there on the stage area for a moment. As the bridge begins, she begins walking down the ramp, slowly.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: My ex girlfriend.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: You wish. Though to be fair, you could do better, RJ.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: So are you free tonight?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I don’t date people I work with.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: You don’t, Mrs. Stanzas?

As the chorus to the song begins, she slides into the ring, under the bottom rope, as the lights begin to flicker faster, and brighter. She walks circles around the inside of the ring, pacing, until her music stops and Jansen begins to laugh.

{{{Jansen Myrrh}}}: Are you kidding me right now? You know, I saw you in the back and thought maybe you were homeless. Paul thought you were one of Skrabz’ groupies. I guess you could be both. Honestly, I didn’t even realize that you still worked here.

Ginger seems to be getting agitated as she walks up and just slaps Jansen across the face. Jansen staggers back and holds her hand to her cheek before she frowns. She drops the mic and hands the championship to the referee who holds it high in the air and then hands it off to ringside before calling for the bell.

Match Official: Regina Ball

Mile High Wrestling
ThrowDown Championship
No Disqualification Match

Jansen Myrrh©
Ginger Knox

As soon as the bell rings, Jansen charges in and Ginger skillfully tosses her up with a hip toss, sending Jansen to the mat.

Jansen gets to her feet and stumbles back into the corner, Ginger charges in and nails he with an elbow and a second. Ginger whips her across to the other corner and charges in but gets nailed right in the face by one of Jansen’s boot, then Jansen charges out of the corner only to be taken down by a powerslam by the challenger. Cover.


TwoKickout by Jansen.

Paul Banter is pacing outside the ring, slapping the mat. Ginger pulls up Jansen who reaches up and digs her fingers into the eyes of Knox and then grabs a headlock and steers herself away from the ref in order to jab a thumb right into Knox’s throat who immediately begins to cough and choke as she grabs her throat.

The referee begins to ask Jansen who denies hitting her throat as she grabs a handful of hair and pulls her into another headlock and again, jabs her thumb hard into the throat of Ginger Knox who begins to cough and choke again.

Jansen charges the ropes and comes back with a knee to the head, sending Ginger Knox to the mat. Jansen grabs her by the hair and pulls her to the center of the ring and pulls her head between her knees and lifts her up, stuffing her down with a Myrrh-driver.

Jansen immediately covers.




Jansen Myrrh

Match Length: 01:07

Jansen gets to her feet. The referee hands her the Throwdown Championship and Jansen holds it high. Ginger starts to roll over and Jansen drops the belt, pulls her up and stuffs her with another Myrrh-driver before standing up and dusting her hands off and retrieving her belt.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Jansen Myrrh is being a bit much.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Just making a statement.

Jansen walks over and snatches the mic from ringside.

{{{Jansen Myrrh}}}: And that’s exactly how it’ll go down next week. I’ve got a Myrrh-driver with both Vebbins and Zombie’s name on it.

Jansen throws down the mic and exits the ring to meet up with Banter as the duo head back up the ramp, while “Vicious” by Halestorm plays throughout the arena.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: That Triple Threat Match next Sunday is going to be crazy.


We are inside the Mile High Studio with Augustina Saiz.

{{{Augustina Saiz}}}: Welcome back to Mile High AMMO!

Augustina gives a radiant smile.

{{{Augustina Saiz}}}: Ginger Knox got her butt handed to her tonight, didn’t she? I hope she is going to be okay, but I don’t think anyone watching the show expected the match to go any differently. Jansen Myrrh is not one to mess with!

Augustina shakes her head.

{{{Augustina Saiz}}}: But enough of that. You all know why I’m here. Let’s hit the high spots on Mile High Wrestling Episode 20! So Robert Mack finally grew a pair and stood up to “Pretty” Ricky Stanton, huh? That is big news! I didn’t think Robert had it in him.

Augustina laughs to herself before continuing.

{{{Augustina Saiz}}}: Samantha Hamilton and Psycho worked together for much of the fatal fiveway match for MHW’s first Hardcore Championship, but it was at this moment where Sam and Psycho realized they were in fact opponents in this match and not allies.

Augustina points to a video on screen just to the left of her that shows Sam and Psycho having a staredown in the middle of the ring.

{{{Augustina Saiz}}}: In the end it was Psycho who came out of the fatal fiveway victorious and Mr. Glen Greeney himself was there to present the belt. Earlier in the show Emily Falls announced in an interview that she would not be revealing the secret that Robert Mack was hiding, but after a brutal loss to Solomon Cain, Emily broke down and revealed that she is Robert Mack’s daughter.
Mile High crowned a new Throwdown Champion last week when our Adorkable Angel, Azurine Vebbins lost to Jansen Myrrh in a Steel Cage Match. But, it was what happened after the match that had everyone on edge. Zombie managed to trap Azzy in the steel cage with her! Jansen got involved and soon all three superstars were entangled together in a brawl. As we all know, Zombie was not happy about her loss to Azurine Vebbins at Rise Again, but in my opinion, she needs to build a bridge and get over it. And in our Main Event, Tyke Index retained the Phoenix Championship when he defeated Bullet. She gave her all, but it just wasn’t enough.

Augustina gives a brief look of pity into the camera before resuming her cheerful demeanor.

{{{Augustina Saiz}}}: That is all of the time I have tonight, Mile High. Don’t forget Daddy Mack is premiering tonight right after AMMO on the SE Network! And let’s get back to the show.


“Borderline” by Tame Impala begins to play across the arena as “Queen of Kings” lights up the tron and it isn’t long before Erin Blue steps from behind and waves to the crowd as she makes her way down to ringside. She slaps hands with the fans, moving from one side to the next before reaching ringside and going around the ring to greet as many fans as possible.

Erin’s wearing her chessboard (Queen of Kings) t-shirt and jeans as she rolls into the ring and poses briefly before asking for a microphone.

{{{“The Queen of Kings” Erin Blue}}}: What’s up, Denver!

The customers pops as Erin grins and continues.

{{{“The Queen of Kings” Erin Blue}}}: I really haven’t had the chance to interact with the fans as much as I liked lately and when I was given a chance to do a backstage promo, I decided that I wanted to come out and see the fans for myself and get face to face with them!

The fans continue to cheer.

{{{“The Queen of Kings” Erin Blue}}}: First of all, I want to address my opponent from last week. Leah, you were definitely the better wrestler and I give you all the props in the world. Perhaps I can impose upon you a rematch at some point in the future!

The fans begin to chant “Rematch! Rematch!”

{{{“The Queen of Kings” Erin Blue}}}: But until then, we must move onward and outword! My opponent for next week has been put into the spotlight for pretending to be someone she’s not and I know all about that. Trust me. I’ve been there. I hope that by the time next week rolls around and we hit the Magness Arena that Emily Falls will be 100% focused and will take me to my limit. I know she’s had a rough time of it here, but I believe that one day, Emily Falls will be at the top of this sport one day. But, unfortunately, in order to get there, she’s going to have to go through me next week.

{{{“The Queen of Kings” Erin Blue}}}: Now, I have all the respect in the world for Emily Falls but to her I would say this. Put the drama behind you, focus on our match and may the best wrestler win.

More cheers from the customers at Casa Bonita.

{{{“The Queen of Kings” Erin Blue}}}: Finally, I want to offer the fans who attended the show last week at the Magness Arena an apology. I let words get to me and I lost focused during my match with Leah. So, I give you my word right now that I will never let that happen again. Wavy Crockett is an embarrassment to the announcing profession, an embarrassment to the human race and an embarrassment to the sport of professional wrestling. How he remains employed is beyond me, but I will no longer let his words push my buttons. I’ve been through this before and I’ll go through it again.

{{{“The Queen of Kings” Erin Blue}}}: It’s time that your Queen of Kings regains her focus and it’s time to start going through the competition. There are championships for the taking and it’s time that I start to focus on that. From now on, you’re going to get the best Erin Blue. Thank you, Denver!

Erin drops the mic and poses for the crowd once more before exiting the ring and heading toward the back.


We return with a shot of Space Lord, Terry Marshall, Leah, and Sam Hamilton all standing together and all screaming at the same time. “YOU GOT THIS BROTHER!” is heard from Terry Marshall. The camera moves around their bodies to reveal Major Helmet trying to deadlift with the trap bar.

On either side of the bar there is a 5 pound plate, or a 2.27 kg plate for our metric system friends. Helmet is struggling and even throwing in some hip hinge. Finally, with one last grunt Helmet is able to complete the lift. Space Lord, Hamilton, Marshall, and Leah all cheer and begin to clap. Helmet drops the weight like a douche and begins flexing, which brings on laughter from everyone.

{{{“The War Queen” Leah}}}: Dropping weights, Helmet? Don’t get caught doing that next time you’re in Planet Fitness.

{{{Space Lord}}}: Ok, back to the serious weight.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Serious for you three maybe, but I’m just warming up.

Marshall walks over to the barbell, which is now loaded with 405lbs, or 183.7 kg. Marshall grabs the bar and performs three reps, with perfect form. Marshall turns to his tag team partner and their party guests and says “feel free to lower the weight if needed” in a cocky but teasing tone.

Marshall grabs a shaker with his Amino Acid drink and steps back as Space Lord steps up to the bar.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Brother, what are you doing?

{{{Space Lord}}}: Uh, deadlifting.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Brother, we don’t pull Sumo around here, you know better than that.

Space Lord says nothing, and stays in his sumo stance. Space Lord grabs the bar and reps out five reps. Space Lord slams the bar down and turns around to look at Marshall with a big smile on his face.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Whatever brother, sumo doesn’t count.



{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: What happened to the lights?!

♫ ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ ♫

The arena is bathed in an ominous red glow that snaps into existence the second “Lies You Tell” by Scarlxrd hits.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: I believe this is Samson, Jen.

♫ ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ ♫

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: This guy is hella creepy….

♫ ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ ♫

With glitches in the streaming broadcast, a man steps through the curtain and stops on the stage. The red glow of the lights add to his menacing aura. He paces around the stage talking to himself and pointing out in to the crowd, his face hidden below the pulled up hood of his coat and his wild hair, which flows over his face almost becoming one with his unkempt beard.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is for one fall!! Making his way to the ring… weighing in at 295 pounds….. Samson!!!

Samson walks to the ring, stopping every few seconds to talk in the crowds direction. Upon reaching the ring Samson climbs the steps, walks along the apron and then ducks between the top and middle ropes. Samson walks to the center of the ring, and quickly pulls his hood down then immediately throws his arms out either side of him, in a crucifix pose.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: We met Samson two weeks ago, but tonight he has his debut match.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: And against Nathan Fury, from two weeks ago.

The second his arms are extended the lights return to normal and the music cuts out, the glitches in the broadcast continue.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Nathan Fury is already in the ring ready to get redemption from last week.

Samson stumbles backwards then falls and rolls through, coming to a stop sitting on the canvas slouched against the bottom ring rope. He stares straight ahead at his opponent, who is already in the ring.

Match Official: Mark Buhler

Nathan Fury

As soon as the bell sounds, Nathan Fury runs at Samson, only to be caught in The Truth!!!

Samson goes for the pin.





Match Length: 10:00

“Lies You Tell” by Scarlxrd begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winner of this match… Samson!!!

Samson drops to his knees in celebration, extending his arms out to his sides.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: An impressive debut…


The hard rock open to “Evil” by Clutch plays across the arena as the lights dim and a spotlight appears on the stage as the team of the Ihari sisters stand. Muriko stands scowling with her arms crossed across her chest and Huruka stands in front of her giving the crowd a wave along with a huge smile. Muriko has had enough and bumps into Huruka, as if telling her to get going as the lyrics begin.

#You’re a long way from home

#Can’t sleep at night

#Grab your telephone

#Something ain’t right

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is a Tag Team Match for one fall!!! Making their way to the ring… weighing in at a combined weight of 304 pounds….. from Okinawa, Japan……. Muriko and Huruka… Double Team Ihari!!!

#Well, that’s evil

#Evil going on

#And I’m warning you brother

#You better watch your happy home

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: This tag team made their official debut last week, and made their impact.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Very impressive tag team. And the fans are already behind them.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Even though Muriko is quite a bi…

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Jen!

As the vocalist sings the duo make their way down towards the ring. Huruka is slapping the hands of the fans from one side to the other as Muriko just walks straight down the middle of the aisle. As they get to ringside, Huruka tries to go around the ring to slap more hands, but Muriko grabs her by the shoulder and pushes her towards the ring before climbing the steps and getting on the ring apron and looking out at the crowd. Huruka rolls underneath the ropes and jumps to her feet and gets on the second turnbuckle and poses to the crowd as their music fades.

Match Official: Austin Mack

Tag Team Match
Double Team Ihari
The Exes

As the bell rings, it looks like Huruka is going to start but suddenly Muriko rushes over and just mauls the two opponents, sending one to the outside and onto the floor. Huruka yells something to her sister in Japanese before stepping out onto the apron.

Muriko grabs a handful of Jeanne Davis’ hair and pulls her into the ring and then just devastates her with a mongolian chop right to the throat and the referee is telling Ihari to stay away from the throat as Davis stumbles down to one knee, gasping for air.

On the outside, Huruka is extending her arm for a tag as Muriko brings up Davis and wraps her arms around her and brings her over with a crashing belly to belly suplex. Muriko grabs Davis by the hair and literally drags her over to her corner where she tags in her sister.

Huruka leaps in over the top rope and legdrops Davis, then runs to the ropes and takes down the staggering Davis with a headscissors takedown and sends her into her own corner and Davis makes the tag to Toni David who has been waiting to get into this match. David charges in, Huruka ducks a clothesline and springboards off the ropes and flies backwards, nailing David in the face with an elbow shot.

Huruka stomps and claps, trying to get the crowd going before she runs to the corner, steps up each turnbuckle before flipping off the top and twisting over into a splash. Huruka reaches to pull up Toni and gets a shot to the midsection for her trouble and Toni whips Huruka into her corner where Muriko makes the tag, but Toni charges in with a corner splash only to get a stiff forearm shot right to the face as Muriko enters the ring.

She steps onto Toni’s gut and stands there, with her hands on the top rope as the referee counts, but Muriko steps off at the four count. As Muriko argues with the ref, David slowly rises to her feet, only to be kicked low by Muriko who turns around and grabs Toni on each side of her face and delivers four devastating headbutts right to the face, leaving Toni bleeding from the mouth as she slumps to the mat.

Muriko tags in Huruka and then runs to the corner to scale to the top as Huruka does the same. Muriko leaps off first and lands a headbutt from the top rope right to the face of Toni David, then Huruka leaps off and nails the 450 somersault splash and goes for the cover.




Double Team Ihari

Match Length: 01:34

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Another impressive victory from Double Team Ihari!

“Evil” by Clutch begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winners of this match… Double Team Ihari!!!

Both ladies celebrate their victory in the ring.


We go backstage again with all four Deadlift Party members drenched in sweat. Two bars sit across from each other, both loaded with 810 pounds/367.4 kg. At the bar to the left steps Terry Marshall, and the bar on the right steps Space Lord. Marshall grabs the bar in a traditional stance and Space Lord grabs the bar in a sumo stance.

{{{Leah & Sam Hamilton}}}: 1, 2, 3, LIFT!

Both Marshall and Space Lord lift their bars. Both men struggle, but both complete their lifts. Marshall and Space Lord drop their bars and instantly engage in a big sweaty bro hug.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Brother, that was awesome.

{{{Space Lord}}}: Not since Bruce Banner turned green have I been matched in power.

{{{Major Helmet}}}: This is so exciting, my first party. I’ll make the protein shakes.

Major Helmet moves to the table of foodies and begins making protein shakes for everyone.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Alright sisters, you two are up.

Both Leah and Sam walk over to their respective bars unloading the massive 810 pounds left behind by S.E.X. With each lady loaded up Space Lord and Terry Marshall count them off.

{{{Space Lord & Terry Marshall}}}: 1, 2. 3 LIFT, SISTERS!!!

Leah and Sam deadlift at the same time, holding the weight at the top. Locking eyes as the two are trying to prove who’s the strongest, Leah becomes distracted as Sam flashes her a coy smirk. Looking down at Samantha’s barbell, she has more weight than Leah. Frustrated, Leah sets the weight down and immediately goes to adding more weight.

{{{“The War Queen” Leah}}}: Naw, Sam. First you beat me at Rise Again. Then again over in OATH. Not here. Not today. I can match that weight.

Folding her arms over, Samantha Hamilton watches on as Leah again goes to the barbell. Despite more struggle than other attempts, she’s able to match the Titaness’s weight. The War Queen responds with a smirk.

{{{Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton}}}: You know, I wasn’t originally trying to make this a damn contest. But I’ll accept your challenge, so … alrighty. Let’s do this!

{{{Space Lord}}}: WE’VE GOT A LIFT OFF!!!

Sam and Leah have both upped the weight on their respective barbells to an insurmountable weight.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Whoa, whoa, ladies. That’s 495 pounds/224.5 kgs. That’s a world record for women your size.

Locked in a stare both Sam and Leah go straight to trying to lift the weight. Both are struggling at this weight but they refuse to break eye contact. The War Queen is the first to crack as she lets go of the bar and walks over to Sam. Sam follows suit, quickly on the defense.

{{{“The War Queen” Leah}}}: What’s your problem? You just need to be better at everything don’t you? I will beat you, Sam. One way or another I will find a way.

{{{Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton}}}: Problem?! Me?! Not a goddamn thing! You’re the one who clearly has insecurities! You wanna try to beating me so fucking bad?! Fine. That’s all well and good. Hell, if you think I’m scared of losses, you’re sadly mistaken, so bring it!

Space Lord and Terry Marshall immediately jump between the two in order to break up the scuffle.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: There’s no fighting at a Deadlift Party.

{{{Space Lord}}}: DEADLIFT!!!!

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: You two are going to be across the ring from each other next week at Episode XXI. Whatever beef you two got, settle it there. Today, we lift and enjoy some delicious protein.

Major Helmet brings over a tray of protein that’s already been prepared. Space Lord and Terry Marshall grab theirs. Both Sam and Leah reach for and grab the same shaker. Tensely they each pull into their own direction not wanting to give in to the other. In the tussle the shaker flies out of their hands and the protein lands directly on Major Helmet covering him in the drink. This breaks the tension as all four laugh at Major Helmet’s misfortune.

{{{Space Lord}}}: NOW THIS… IS A DEADLIFT PARTY!!!

Leah and Samantha each grab their own protein drinks and the scene ends with the four toasting to a successful Deadlift Party.


{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: It’s time for our main event.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: The food here sucks, by the way.

A low idling of a motorcycle engine can be heard as the opening piano of “Zombie” by Bad Wolves can be heard. Wendy “Zombie” Stevens is kneeling in silhouetted shadow, a hood over her head, Lexa Pellegrini standing behind her as smoke wisps along the entrance ramp.

Another head hangs lowly, child is slowly taken
And the violence causes silence, who are we mistaken?
But you see, it’s not me, it’s not my family
In your head, in your head, they are fighting
With their tanks, and their bombs, and their bombs, and their drones
In your head, in your head, they are crying



At the instant the word ‘Head’ is sung, pyro goes off, Stevens kips up and pulls off the hood, a sadistic smile on her face that the camera picks up. She stops midway down the ramp, and looks around at the crowd before running down the ramp into the ring, and diving through the second and bottom ropes, rolling through the dive as she enters the ring, and lands on the opposite second and bottom ropes.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is the main event of the night, and is for one fall!!! Making her way to the ring first… weighing in at 157 pounds….. from Manhattan, New York……. she is being accompanied by Lexa Pellegrini… representing the Shieldmaidens… Wendy “Zombie” Stevens!!!

Zombie gets on the turnbuckles of each of the four corners, doing a finger formation of the letter M for her Shieldmaidens, as Lexa steps in the ring.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: This is Zombie’s first match since her loss at Rise Again.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: She is a very beautiful woman.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: She is a sore loser.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: No, she is a passionate fighter.

Zombie jumps off the fourth corner, and takes her hood off and hands it to Lexa, giving her a small peck as she holds the ropes open for her to step out.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Whatever you say, RJ. The fact of the matter is that she is going to get a second chance at that ThrowDown Title next Sunday.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: And she’s not leaving the Magness Arena without it.

Zombie stands in the center of the ring, glaring up the ramp for her opponent.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Zombie is currently the only active Shieldmaiden in Mile High to have never won gold in Denver.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: This is only her fifth match, Jen.

“I Remember Everything” by Five Finger Death Punch begins to play, as smoke feels the entrance way.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And her opponent… weighing in at 185 pounds….. from The Underworld……. Raven Trueblood!!!

All of a sudden from the rafters we see a black crow, then Raven Trueblood walks up to the crow and looks at it before screaming as the lights go out.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Raven Trueblood has had an interesting career so far in Mile High.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: He’s a weird-o.

Raven appears in the ring, staring at Zombie; who just laughs at him. Raven doesn’t look amused.

Match Official: Regina Ball

Raven Trueblood

Zombie didn’t seem to take this match very serious at the start, and it was hard to tell how Raven took it himself. But as the match progressed and Zombie realized Raven was tougher than she thought, she seemed to start getting frustrated.

Zombie’s frustration cost her on quite a few occasions throughout the match. Both superstars had close wins during the last five minutes of the match.

At one time we witnessed Zombie give Raven a Zombiesteiner that looked like it broke Raven’s neck. Yet somehow Raven kicked out of the pin when Zombie looked to end the match afterwards.

Raven would at one point send The End Is Near into Zombie, knocking her out of the ring. Raven would join her and the two would almost both get counted out, but luckily Raven was able to get himself and Zombie back in the ring before the count of ten.

In the end, Zombie would take Raven to Zombieland, and Raven would pass out. After three attempts to see if Raven could keep his arm up, after the ref let go of it, it fell again, giving the ref no choice but to call for the bell.


Match Length: 12:32

“Zombie” by Bad Wolves plays throughout the arena.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Zombie back to her winning ways. Can she win next Sunday?

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Yes.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winner of this match… Zombie!!!

Zombie celebrates in the ring, until the cameras fade into outside of the restaurant.


There are very few cars in the Pepsi Center parking lot, but one that stands out is a Tesla Model 3. It is parked in the closest section of the lot, in a special visitor section.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I’m getting the word that this footage was shot earlier today. For some reason we are airing right now, before we go off air.

The peaceful summer day is interrupted by the sound of loud exhaust pipes. A Honda Shadow rolls into view. The darked out bike cuts through the parking lot, and as it comes closer it is clear Solomon Cain is driver.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Well, that’s clearly Solomon Cain…

Solomon drives directly to the Tesla, and parks in front of it. Solomon steps off of the bike and looks at the car, examining it. Solomon turns to his bike and pulls a wooden baseball bat from the saddle bag on the side.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Wait… is this what I think it is?

{{{RJ Smith}}}: I believe that is Ricky Stanton’s car, yes.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well, one of them at least.

Solomon turns back to the Tesla and takes a few big steps and swings the bat into the hood. The blow results in a giant dent. Next, Solomon turns to the headlights smashes each of them. The tail lights are the next victims, as Solomon smashes them on as well.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Oh my God, this is bad ass!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Mr. Stanton is going to be pissed.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Well, this is what happens when you poke at the rebel of Mile High.

Solomon then turns the Louisville slugger to the windows, bashing each of them in with a single swing. Solomon then climbs onto the dented in hood and begins smashing away at the windshield.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: He is absolutely destroying Mr. Stanton’s vehicle…

The windshield smashes in, but does not shatter as it is safety glass. Solomon hammers away with repeated power shots, until the windshield begins to break from the frame.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: This is good tv. And the greatest thing is….it’s streaming LIVE on Ricky’s network.

Cain stops and takes a few deep breaths. Cain throws the bat down, and it rolls across the parking lot. Solomon looks into the camera, with the look of a wild animal.

{{{Solomon Cain}}}: Do you see how easily destroyed the material objects you hold in such high estime are destroyed? Do you see Stanton? When you build your world on weak materials, your world is easily crumbled. Stanton, I will crumble your world, and I will crumble you.

Solomon steps down off of the hood of the car and walks back to his bike. Solomon pulls a yellow bottle out of the same saddle bag he pulled the bat from. Solomon opens the bottle and begins to squirt it all over the car, and inside of the car, coating the interior.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: No…

When the bottle is empty Solomon throws it inside the car. Solomon then takes a few steps back and pulls a pack of Newports and a book of matches from the packet of his vest. Solomon takes out a cigarette and places it into his mouth. Next, Solomon strikes one of the matches and lights the cigarette and then the book of matches.

{{{RJ Smith}}}: Solomon Cain is my new favorite wrestler.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: This is CRAZY!!!

Solomon watches as the book of matches ignites, and then throws it into the broken passenger side window. The interior of the car bursts into flames. Solomon smirks, and get back on his bike, driving off as this episode of AMMO fades to black.

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