Sunday, July 21, 2019
Magness Arena
Denver, Colorado
LIVE only on The SE Network

Rise Again opens up on The SE Network with Robert Mack pacing back and forth in the Magness Arena parking area. You can hear the cheers from inside the arena, until “The Cold Hearted” Chris Mosh walks up to Robert.

{{{“The Cold Hearted” Chris Mosh}}}: Waiting on Katrina and the masked man?

Robert stops pacing and looks at Chris.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Yeah.

{{{“The Cold Hearted” Chris Mosh}}}: I cant wait until they get here myself. I’m looking forward to the masked dude kicking your ass so Katrina can take back control of Mile High.

Robert smirks.

{{{“The Cold Hearted” Chris Mosh}}}: Just like I’m going to kick Emily Falls’ ass tonight.

Robert rolls his eyes.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Well, arent you just so cold hearted…

Robert pats Chris on the head, and Mosh swats Robert’s hand away.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Go get ready for your match, Chris. I hope everything goes as planned for you tonight. But I got business to take care of. So bye…

Mosh laughs, rolls his eyes, and walks away as the scene fades into a video that appears to be a cell phone video with the wall of a building that comes into view. As the shot backs up, it’s very clear that the building is the Magness Arena in Denver. A female voice is heard finally in the background asking, “Are we live? Ok.”

The shot swings over and the mystery woman is standing with her back to the camera as she is obviously at the back entrance of the arena.

“I told you that you owed me, Mile High Wrestling. I’ve come to collect.”

She reaches for the door and opens it wide and strides through as the feed is cut.

A music video opens the event, with “Elevate” by Papa Roach playing. It shows flashbacks of The Rise In Phoenix and clips of where we are today with the superstars since re-opening in May.

We see that Skrabz won the Mile High Wrestling Championship at The Rise In Phoenix, while Bullet became the inaugural Phoenix Champion last year, defeating Samantha Hamilton in a grueling Ladder Match.

Tyke Index was representing HcW with Lance Mikes last year, while Solomon Cain was fighting on the Kickoff Show.

Azurine Vebbins teamed with “Desert Rose” Anya last year, trying to capture the Tag Team Titles, while Samantha Hamilton officially became a Shieldmaiden.

Wavy Crockett and Chris Mosh did battle last year, while Emily Falls found herself on the Kickoff Show.

Last year, Scythe Bloodline invaded Mile High as an HcW superstar, attacking Tyke Index.

The last minute of the music video really showcases the top three rivalries going into this event, before coming to a close.

The cameras are in the arena where fireworks are exploding. “Elevate” by Papa Roach plays through the sound system, as the camera pans around the Denver crowd.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Welcome world to Denver… welcome to the fastest rising wrestling promotion in history…. welcome to Mile High Wrestling!!!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: The Denver crowd has been waiting for this night for too long. And we know all of you at home watching the SE Network have as well. We are finally here!!!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I am Ray Hudson, and I am with my beautiful partner in crime; the lovely Jen Vallejos.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: And guess who’s back….

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: That’s right. We are joined tonight with the returning and ever so controversial Wavy Crockett.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Waddup waddup waddup waddup! And y’all better tell Azurine Vebbins I’ma say what the fuck I want, cause I still have no filter.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: We expect nothing less, Wavy. But we expect so much tonight. Three HUGE matches!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: My future husband Skrabz is going to defend his Mile High Wrestling Championship tonight to arguably his toughest opponent yet. She is the only person to have ever pinned Skrabz. Can Bullet take the biggest prize in Mile High Wrestling away from Mr. Untouchable?

Signs in the crowd are shown, such as: “Rhyno is the Masked Man”, “No SEX? No Bueno!”, “I’m Pregnant With Ricky Stanton’s Baby”, “#MileHighKick”, and “I Wanna Hang With Tyke and Cain”.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: So Jen engaged now?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: In her dreams. But tonight we will also see the ThrowDown Championship on the line in a Last Dame Dancin’ Match, when “Mrs. Most Marketable” Azurine Vebbins defends her belt against arguably the meanest chick in the Shieldmaidens; Zombie.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Zombie has been verbally punishing Azurine Vebbins all week over statements she made last year about the belt she currently holds.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Right. And I believe Azurine has humbled herself since, and is a proud champion.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Yet Zombie has reminded us all to watch what comes out of your mouth because it can haunt you for the rest of your life.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Sometimes you gotta watch what goes IN your mouth too.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Oh lord…

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Moving on, the Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Championship will be on the line tonight when Tyke Index defends it against Solomon Cain in a rivalry that is probably the biggest in our company’s history.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Yeah, in the last month these two have taken things to places we have never witnessed before.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: And its sponsered by the Suicide Prevention Hotline….

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: That’s really not funny, David…

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton is in the ring with a few of his goons and the crowd is already booing.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: This is quite rude. I mean, he is our Network Provider – this is the man that ensures Mile High is seen by millions of viewers all around the world.

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: BEFORE we get this show started, I want to address some things that occured last week on the nineteenth episode of Mile High Wrestling. Take a look…

—--Two Weeks Ago on Mile High Wrestling—--

Robert slides into the ring and quickly gets to his feet and gets in between Solomon Cain and Jen.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: THIS HAS GONE TOO FAR! Solomon, back up…

Solomon brushes his hair out of his face. Solomon’s facial language clearly shows he is surprised at the way Robert Mack is talking to him. Jen takes this as her chance to slide out of the ring and runs up the entrance way as if she is running for her life.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Solomon you can’t do this. Now, I’m not going to suspend you because I’m not going to cheat the fans or cheat Tyke Index out of the Solomon Cain and Tyke Index match at Rise Again. This however is too much and cannot go unpunished so Solomon…

Before Robert Mack can finish Solomon Cain lands a hard kick to the testicles of Robert Mack. Mack instantly crumbles to his knees, but Solomon isn’t done. Solomon grabs Robert Mack by the hair and pulls him up and then spikes him down on his head with the Burnout!!!

Solomon pops back up to his feet and goes right back to the rope. Solomon grabs the rope and begins pulling it, lifting Tyke off the ground and off his feet once again. The crowd goes crazy and boos and begins filling the ring with garbage.

Down the entrance way comes a mix of what appears to be twenty Denver police officers and security guards. Solomon doesn’t care and continues to hold onto the rope. The officers and security guards hit the ring and begin to pile on Solomon Cain as the show blacks out…

——End Video——

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I agree, it went too far at Episode Nineteen. The Magness Arena was even threatening to cancel their contract with Mile High Wrestling.

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: NOW, if you THINK for a SECOND that’s acceptable then all of you need a drug test! DON’T YOU BOO ME! I’M THE NETWORK EXECUTIVE! I’M THE MONEY! I’M THE PLAN! I’M RICKY FUCKING STANTON!

The Denver crowd is booing loudly.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: People are animals, nowadays.

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: Now…Now Robert, I know you’re back there….I want you to come on down to ringside…..

It’s quiet for a moment as the fans murmur in anticipation to what’s about to go down.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I hope Rob doesnt get in anymore trouble. It’s not like he asked Solomon to pull that stunt two weeks ago.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: But Solomon definately should have been held accountable. If Rob doesn’t hold people accountable, they’ll believe they can do whatever they want.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: That’s true, I guess.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Stop being pussies. People watch wrestling for moments like the ending of Episode Nineteen. I heard the conplaints on Mile High UnCut about how Tyke Index’s moment was taken away from him. Fuck all that! This isn’t The Wiggles. This is fucking wrestling! Sport Entertainment!

“Venom” by Eminem begins playing throughout the arena, as Robert Mack comes from behind the curtain, and the fans cheer.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Here comes the boss man.

Robert Mack walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring, requesting a mic from ringside.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: And Rob fittin to tell Ricky exactly what I just told y’all. Watch!

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Well, welcome to the show, Mr. Stanton. It sure is always a pleasure to be graced with your presence.

Robert nods at PRS, before giving a somewhat shameful facial expression.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Now, believe me…. I 100% agree that the ending to Episode Nineteen was out of line. It’s not just you who is confronting me, but I got the Magness Arena threatening to not have anything to do with my wrestling brand. It’s been crazy….

Roberts nods his head, looking down, before looking back up and into PRS’s eyes.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: But talk to me, sir. You came to Denver to take action, I assume. So what you got?

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: He’s just playing. He fittin to lay it on Ricky in a second.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Soubds like a lot I ass kissing from Robert.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Doo doo on his lips…

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Y’all better stop playing. That’s why Rob brought me back. Y’all aint shit…

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: Well first of all Robert thank you for giving me the time to come on your show. And yes, last week has caused a little dust up, but I’ve thrown enough money at it to shut them up so that’s no worry for you. You just run the fed and I’ll deal with the rest. But first things first. You took a horrific nut shot last week from one of your guys and well, we cannot have authority getting nut shots. I mean, I felt it all the way in Richmond Va. And then said wrestler went out his way to add further damage. Well, the Pretty Boy can’t have that either. So, right now….I WANT SOLOMON CAIN TO COME OUT TO THIS RING……RIGHT….NOWWWW…..

Stanton starts pacing the ring waiting for Solomon Cain.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I dont know if calling out Solomon Cain is a smart business move.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Plus it’s a Special Event. Solomon has a big match tonight. He doesnt have time for all this extra stuff.

“Bury Me With My Guns On” by Bobaflex begins to play over the PA. The crowd looks to the entrance way but Solomon Cain is not there.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Looks like he’s on his way to the ring…

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: You’d think Mr. Stanton would have learned his lesson with Forge. This is not a good business decision.

Stanton becomes more upset and begins to pace faster as the song continues to play but Solomon still doesn’t show up. The boos from the crowd increases as much as Ricky Stanton’s rage.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: See, Solomon ain’t even bout to come out. Stanton isn’t worth his time.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: That might be for the best.

The entire song plays but Solomon Cain doesn’t appear. As the music fades out completely, the boos become defining and Ricky Stanton looks as if he is going to lose his mind.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Yeah, I think this means Solomon will not be answering to Mr. Stanton tonight..

Stanton paces back and forth steaming in rage and finally stops and looks at the entrance way.

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: I SAID….

Before Ricky can finish “Bury Me With My Guns On” by Bobaflex blares over the PA cutting Ricky Stanton off. Solomon Cain slides out onto the entrance way with an evil smile on his face.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Oh boy…

Solomon cooly marches to the ring, giving Stanton a devilish grin the entire time as he watches Stanton’s anger. Solomon climbed the steps of the ring and steps in with a mic of his own. As the music and the crowd fades quiet, Solomon speaks.

{{{Solomon Cain}}}: I’d say I’m sorry to keep you waiting Richard, but I’d be lying. See, I didn’t come out here the first time, because I don’t answer to you. I don’t answer to Bob Mack, I don’t answer to any damn body. But, curiosity got the better of me so I decided to come out here on my own accord. So, Richard Stanton…what the fuck do you want?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: At this rate, there won’t be a Phoenix Championship Match tonight.

Stanton looks at Rob and then back at Solomon.

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: SO, you don’t answer to no one huh? You just show up to the show and just do what you want huh? THIS….this right here, Rob. You see this is a wild DOG. You went and got yourself a wild dog. Let’s get something straight.

Stanton gets in Solomon’s face with the mic as the crowd gets on their feet.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Something is about to happen, and the crowd knows it.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: He’s jawing off to the Network!

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: I AM RICKY STANTON. I am the reason you have a job, boy. And you’re DAMN WELL GOING TO GIVE ME THE RESPECT I DESERVE. I’m not one of these puny businessmen out there that have no connection to their industry. I’ve been doing this for nearly a decade and was running a company when you were still in your beach shorts coming to rings trying out for segments! The Pretty Boy is NOT going to sit here and be belittled by an ARROGANT, REPLACEABLE, WANNA BE TOUGH GUY. I called you out here to let you know that we will NOT have a repeat of last week for this Pay Per View and I damn sure will NOT watch you assault Rob again. He’s the face of this company, and I’m the face of YOUR WORLD. YOUR UNIVERSE.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Mr. Stanton is too prideful. This conversation didn’t have to happen in the ring.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: So it should’ve happened in private? These fans pay their money for these conversations to happen in private? You’re so stupid, Jen.

Stanton steps back and thinks.

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: You know what? How about you just stand over there and I’m going to solve this problem before this show even starts. TYKE INDEX, I KNOW YOU’RE BACK THERE LAUGHING. GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Is the Hangman’s Match about to open the show?? Everyone is coming out…

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I just dont see this ending well…

The crowd erupts as “Jubel” by Klingande hits over the speakers and out appears Tyke Index wearing the Phoenix Championship around his waist.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: And here comes our new Phoenix Champion.

Tyke has visible black and blue bruises around his neck from where Solomon attacked him weeks ago, despite his aches and pains he is still visibly laughing at the interactions between PRS, Mack and Cain.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Either Tyke is really into BDSM, or that’s from two weeks ago. But they look fresh to me…

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Disgusting…

Tyke gets in the face of Solomon, eager to get revenge. He then unfastens the championship, takes a few steps backwards and holds the title in Solomon’s face. Tyke then turns his head to acknowledge his old foe PRS. Stanton can be heard voicing “I’m your boss” to Tyke, Tyke just laughs at him and takes the mic.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Tyke Index seems to find all of this hilarious.

{{{Tyke Index}}}: Well, look what we have here. Nice to finally get an invite to the party, boys. I was starting to wonder if it had maybe got lost in the mail next to PRS invite to the Grammys last year.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Wait…they invited Mr. Stanton to Grammys?

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Oh my God, Jen…

Tyke laughs at PRS, PRS does not look amused voicing away from the mic “Easy, I’m your boss”.

{{{Tyke Index}}}: Shut your mouth, you are the boss of nothing apart from a zero to four win loss record against the champ. So, go stand in your little corner, don’t worry I’ll get you a nice little buy rate tonight so you can go buy yourself a new little suit, one that actually fits you. Look at you, you look ridiculous.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Tyke is really roasting Mr. Big Shot…

Tyke looks at Robert Mack and just sighs over the mic dismissively

{{{Tyke Index}}}: Robert, I got nothing to say to you. Since I found out Katrina had eggs on toast for breakfast, I got everything I need off of you…

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Whats wrong with eggs on toast?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well, egg yolk is just period blood.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: And I’m disgusting? Can someone cut this weird-o’s mic please?

The crowd begins to chant “Eggs on Toast”, Tyke raises the mic to the crowd and laughs. Robert Mack shakes his head, smirking.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Our Phoenix Champion is not letting up tonight, is he?

Tyke Index then stares back at Solomon Cain as the laughter soon dissipates into a serious situation.

{{{Tyke Index}}}: Ricky boy, I heard what you said to our lost lil’ boy Solomon over here and I fear you may have been addressing the wrong dude. See, Ricky, what happened a couple of weeks ago is nothing compared to what is going to happen later tonight. Last time around I done Solomon a favor and kept him around a little longer. Tonight? Tonight I do him an even bigger and better favor, don’t I Solomon?

Tyke then gets right in the face of Solomon Cain.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Oh boy…

{{{Tyke Index}}}: Tonight it all ends, it ends for you Solomon. Ricky, Robbie, if I had one bit of advice for you boys it would be to make this match tonight unsanctioned. Cause I don’t think you are prepared for the consequences of this jerk off’s actions….

Stanton glares at Tyke Index as the crowd chants “H-C- DUB! H-C-DUB! H-C-DUB!”

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: These folks know their wrestling, Ray.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Let’s just hope they don’t take a trip down memory lane!

Stanton smirks and pushes Tyke back from Solomon.

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: As much as I know you THINK you’re in control, Tyke…you’re not. THE MATCH WILL GO AS IT’S PLANNED. And to make sure of that….Both of you ARE BANNED from wandering the arena, backstage, and you WILL be confined to your lockerooms UNTIL YOUR MATCH. That’s right. BOTH OF YOU. SO TURN AROUND, AND GO TO YOUR ROOOOOOOOMMMMMSSSSSSSSSSSSS…..And my goons will make sure it stays that way.

Stanton turns and looks at Robert Mack.

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: Rob, you good with that??? I mean, it is your show I’m just trying to keep the circus going smooth…..doesn’t matter – Ok guys – BACK TO YOUR LOCKEROOM, AND WE’LL SEE YOU FOR YOUR MATCH! Get them outta here, guys…

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I know Rob ain’t bout to let that bald headed ego trip talk to him like that….?

The security walks both men in seperate directions, as the fans boo very very loudly.

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: I COULD CARE LESS! WE HAVE YOUR MONEY! Rob, the floor is yours!

Ricky drops the mic and rolls out the ring, heading back up the ramp as “Centuries” by Fallout Boy plays.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Mr. Stanton has come here tonight on a power trip. He’s lucky Solomon and Tyke didn’t take a shot at him.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I’m actually really shocked this didn’t turn into a brawl.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Oh please. Solomon isnt that bad ass. Dont act like I haven’t been watching Mile High Wrestling. Solomon Cain is an emo child. And Tyke Index is a fucking hippie.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well…

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: But Rob has no excuse. He should’ve took his show back the moment Ricky stole it from him. That was some ho shit…

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Folks, we’re gonna take a short break before our first match of the night…

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well, we started this event with Mr. Stanton taking control of the Solomon/Tyke situation from Episode Nineteen.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: No, we started this show with Rick throwing his weight around and sticking his chest out. And now we’re all hoping we end this show with him getting what’s coming to him.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I dont know about all that. But I do know it’s time for what we ultinately came here tonight for; some in ring action.

As the actual lyrics of “You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies begins playing, Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton saunters down the ramp wearing her Mile High Wrestling Tag Team Championship. Walking beside her is her husband, Joseph “Orion” Hunter.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The opening contest is for one fall!! Making her way to the ring first… weighing in at 145 pounds….. from Ft. Lauderdale……. being accompanied to the ring by Joseph Hunter… she is one half of the Mile High Wrestling Tag Team Champions… Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton!!!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: And Samantha Hamilton actually just woke up from a coma that she was put in participating in a very dangerous match in another wrestling company.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: And all I can hope for is that Rick gets put into one before this night is over.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Are you still talking about Mr. Stanton?

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: He wasted about ten minutes of our show trying to make people take him serious. Yes, I’m still talking about him.

A sense of determination and resolve can always be found in Sam’s eyes. Despite wearing a more stern and serious expression, she’s not one to ignore any fans or supporters. Every now and again, she gives a wave or slight smirk. More often than not, however, the Titaness sticks to her more serious and stoic look.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I believe this is Sam’s first singles match in this second season of Mile High, correct?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: That is correct.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: So she couldn’t win the top title and was angry about it. She couldnt win the Phoenix Title and bit her tongue so her “sisters” didnt beat her ass. And now she’s settling as a Tag Team Champion, because she can’t win anything on her own. Am I correct?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well no, she was the inaugaral ThrowDown Champion. She defeated four superstars in one match to win that belt, Wavy.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Just like everyone else…

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I’m not a fan of the Titaness either, but maybe you’re going in a little too hard.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: That’s what she said.

When Sam finally gets in front of the ropes, she slips through the middle and top ropes.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well, I can already imagine that no one is happy your are back, Wavy.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: And I still dont give a fuck.

“Green Light Go” by Becky G fires over the PA System as “The War Queen” Leah makes her way out through the entrance taking in the crowd. Donning her typical hat and face shield Leah throws up her ‘War Queen W’ for the crowd. They show their excitement as Leah starts to make her way down the aisle towards the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And her opponent… weighing in at 132 pounds….. from Chicago, Illinois……. “The War Queen” Leah!!!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Pretty excited to see what The War Queen brings to the table.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: She definately looks like a tough chick, just like the Titaness.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Tough? Like the piggy back rider?

Posing once again for the crowd, The War Queen pulls the face shield down and throws up the W once more.
Match Official: Regina Ball

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton
“The War Queen” Leah

After the bell sounded, both ladies shook hands and we were off to the first match of the night. The Denver crowd was excited.

The two locked up and Sam quickly got behind Leah. Sam tried to get her off her feet, but Leah held her ground and got behind Sam, quickly dropping her with a snap German suplex.

Leah got to one knee and looked around the Magness Arena, taking the moment in as the fans applauded her.

Sam got to her feet with a smirk and nodded her head. Out of nowhere, Sam took Leah down with a vicious spear.

Sam didn’t waste much time before gabbing Leah’s foot and hooking her into an ankle lock. Leah began fighting to get out and it didnt take long for her to get to the ropes, forcing the referee to make Sam break the submission.

When Leah got to her feet, Sam Irish whipped her across the ring and Leah jumped up to the middle of the top rope and splashed back down onto Sam with a sprinboard moonsault. The fans went nuts.

The match was just back and forth throughout, and the longer it went the crazier it got. In possibly one of the biggest highlights of the match, Leah busted Sam’s lip wide open with a sick roundhouse kick. Blood poured down the Titaness’ chin.

This would be when Sam’s whole character changed and she went from being competitive into a monster. Sam sent body kicks, elbow strikes, knee strikes, the whole nine yards. It was like the ‘blood pour’ made her more powerful.

The commentators wondered if the ref needed to stop the match after that vicious kick from Leah, as Sam just got out of a coma a few days ago. But the match would continue.

Sam would end up hooking Leah in the kimura lock but Leah would not give up, no matter how much pressure Sam put on her.

It was looking like Leah was going to pass out though, but Sam ended up letting The War Queen loose to come up with a different game plan maybe.

Sam lay on her back with her eyes closed, breathing heavily. When both ladies got to their feet, after minutes, the fans stood and applauded them as both the Titaness and Leah looked around the arena, out of it.

From here Leah would get the upper hand. At one point, Leah flew out of the ring with a suicide dive into Sam, sandwiching her into the commentary table, making her body twist.

Once back in the ring, the two started to go back and forth with headbutts, one of them busting Leah’s head wide open.

After about seven back and forth headbutt shots, they both threw headbutts at the same time, crashing their skulls together, as Leah fell ass first to the mat. Sam fell to her knees and then over the top of Leah, out cold.





Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton

Match Length: 17:17
“Youre Going Down” by Sick Puppies begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winner of this match… Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton!!!

Both superstars lay in the same position, practically dead. Joseph Hunter slides into the ring to check on his wife.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: What a match from these two women. The bar has been set for the night.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Even more impressive was Ms. Leah. In her Mile High debut she showed the world that she fits right in.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: So many newcomers arrive in Denver to find out the level of talent we have here, and they run away in fear. The War Queen took the challenge and fought with all het heart.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I’ll go ahead and second that. This match was brutal…

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: You know it’s a great match when Wavy doesn’t make a smartass comment about it.

Scene opens in an unknown training center in an unknown city in Japan. There are several portions sectioned off with heavy bags, crossfit and weights that are being utilized. There are several rings set up with individuals sparring, some for boxing, some mixed martial arts and in one ring, there is a wrestling sparring session currently ongoing. As the camera moves closer to the wrestling ring, inside the Ihari sisters are training with their sparring partners.

Huruka, the smaller of the sisters is currently in the ring with one sparring partner. She is currently in a headlock, though as she pushes her opponent towards the ropes as he rebounds, she cartwheels off to the side, leaps into the air to springboard off the top rope and nails the spar with a spinning leg lariat, taking the partner down.

On the outside, trying to reach for a tag is her much larger sister, Muriko. Though at present, Huruka doesn’t seem to see the request for a tag as she pulls her sparring partner up and leaps into the air, wraps her legs around his head and spins around, taking him back down to the mat. She finally notices that her sister wants in and skips over to make the tag and as Muriko climbs into the ring, the sparring partner has already crawled over and made the tag to his tag team partner.

As the biggest sparrer comes into the ring, Muriko rushes over and just hammers him before he can event get through the ropes and then with a giant elbow, she knocks his partner off the ring apron and to the floor. “Kare o kizutsukenaide kudasai!” screams Huruka, already knowing that her sister is in a mood as she begs her not to hurt their training opponent.

Ignoring her sister, Muriko just hammers a series of elbows down onto the back of her opponents head before grabbing him around the neck and lifting him up, slamming him down to the mat with a giant uranage. She moves over to her corner and tags in her sister, then climbs up onto the turnbuckle.

Huruka is trying to tell her sister not to do the move, but Muriko just motions to the other corner and gives Huruka a push with her foot and reluctantly Huruka finally moves to the other corner and slowly climbs the turnbuckle. Muriko flies off and nails a headbutt to the forehead of the fallen sparring partner which immediately busts him wide open and blood begins to flow down his head. Muriko gets to her feet, a little wobbily from the headbutt and motions for her sister to go and Huruka flies off, somersaulting around and smashing down on the opponent with a senton splash.

Satisfied, Muriko dusts off her hands as a training gets into the ring and Huruka and the trainer tend to the hurt spar as Muriko climbs out of the ring to grab a towel and wipe the blood from her own forehead — not her own, of course. She spies the camera and smirks as she walks over.

“Mile High Wrestling?”

After it’s acknowledged, she nods and speaks to the camera, “Mile High Wrestling no chimu wa, watashitachi ga tochaku suru junbi o shimasu. Watashitachi senshuken ni katsu tame ni kite imasu. Don’nani!” she says as the subtitles appear on the screen under “Tag Teams in Mile High Wrestling. Prepare yourselves for our arrival. We are coming to win championship, no matter how we do it.”

Huruka seems to have noticed the camera as she leaves the ring and rushes over to get in front of her sister and waves into the camera, “Konnichiwa! Konnichiwa! Watashitachiha Amerika ni kite, subete no fan ni atte tomodashi o tsukuru no ga ureshidesu!” She grins as the translation appears, “Hi! Hi! We are happy to come to America and meet all fans and make friends!”

Before she can get anything else out, Muriko shoves her aside and glares at her for a brief moment before she continues, “Karuku watashitashi o tsurete ikanaide kudasai. Junbi ga dekite iru. Daburuchimuihari ga yattekuru!” As the translations appears on the screen, “Don’t take us lightly or you will end up like him in the ring. Be ready. Double Team Ihari is coming!” she grabs her sister by the arm and starts to drag her towards the ring as Huruka turns and waves with a big smile to the camera and the scene fades.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I cant believe he’s still here….

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton is walking backstage, on the cell phone, when he spots a janitor mopping the floor. He stops and shakes his head.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: He better not…

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: HEY BIG FELLA, we could’ve hired anyone to mop this floor but it’s you, so let’s do a good job ok?

The janitor looks at Stanton.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Uncalled for…

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: ARE YOU EYEBALLING ME? Do you know who I am? I am the man that’s PAYING YOU SO THAT LITTLE JOHNNY CAN PLAY T-BALL AND SELL BOY SCOUT POPCORN. So if you don’t want your wife to go and cheat with the mailman because you don’t have a job for mopping poorly, then I suggest you stop looking at me and LOOK AT YOUR WORK!

Stanton keeps walking and steps right through the clean area the janitor just mopped up.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: That man need to wop Rick in the head with that wet mop. Real talk.

“Bloody Nose” by Hollywood Undead hits as “The Cold Hearted” Chris Mosh stands with his back towards the ring in a black hoody with the hood on.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well, time for some more in-ring action.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Yeah, I see my buddy done became “cold hearted”. Usually people become cold hearted because they were good people and their heart got broke. Chris was always a jackass, and he didn’t know anyone to break his heart. So I don’t feel this at all.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Mr. Stanton needs to do something about you next…

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: And I’ll slap him with a wet mop.

Chris turns his head towards the ring as he smirks, then turns around.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following contest is for one fall!!! Making his way to the ring first… weighing in at 210 pounds….. residing in Las Vegas, Nevada……. “The Cold Hearted” Chris Mosh!!!

Mosh walks towards the ring as he just ignores the crowd. He walks up the stairs, then jumps over the top rope as he turns in the middle of the ring.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: This match has come to be after Chris Mosh shockingly kicked Emily Falls in the face two weeks ago. We thought he was about to get Ripley, but that wasn’t the case.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Right. And while Emily was begging Robert to let her reveal some kind of secret they both know, Mr. Mack let her know she was going to face Mosh tonight.

Mosh stands with his back to the hard camera as he turns his head to the camera and smirks.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: The two most annoying superstars in Mile High Wrestling history going head to head. How exciting…

“Friday” by Rebecca Black begins playing throughout the Arena, as Emily Falls walks out, skipping to the ring, waving and smiling big, and highfiving the crowd. You can tell she’s happy.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And his opponent… weighing in at 120 pounds….. from Denver, Colorado……. Emily Falls!!!

When Emily gets in the ring, she skips around energetically as she keeps smiling at the crowd.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: So what do you think is going on between Rob and Emily, Jen?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I have no idea.

Match Official: Jack Glascock

“The Cold Hearted” Chris Mosh
Emily Falls

The two superstars stepped to the center of the ring as the match started. Mosh said something and Emily Falls slapped the piss out of him, as shock covered the faces of many in the Magness Arena.

Mosh was shocked for a moment, rubbing the side of his face. Before long he smirked however, and said something else to her.

Emily threw another slap, but this time Mosh caught her arm. He lifted his other hand, holding one finger up and moving it from left to right, mouthing “No, no, no”.

Emily sent her left hand into Mosh’s face, making him stumble away. Mosh angrily ran at Falls who caught him in a capture suplex.

Emily quickly got over Mosh and locked him into a sleeper hold as he sat on the mat.

Falls would keep control for a little while, before Mosh sent a thumb into Fall’s eyeball while the ref wasn’t looking. From there, Mosh gained control.

Mosh would later go for his Superkick, but Falls caught his foot. She threw his foot away, and gave him a side headlock take-down.

When Mosh got back to his feet, he kicked Falls in the gut and gave her the Mosh Plex!!!




“The Cold Hearted” Chris Mosh

Match Length: 09:54
“Bloody Nose” by Hollywood Undead plays throughout the arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winner of this match… “The Cold Hearted” Chris Mosh!!!

Mosh celebrates, laughing at the fallen Emily Falls.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well, hate him or love him, Mosh has been impressive with this new attitude.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Another victory for The Cold Hearted.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: He can get that rematch whenever….

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: And he’s probably going to kick your ass again.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Nothing taken from Emily Falls though. She had a good showing.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: She lost.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: But not easily.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: She lost.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: You are something else, Wavy.

“I Remember Everything” by Five Finger Death Punch begins to play, as smoke feels the entrance way.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is a Fatal Four Way Match for one fall!! Making his way to the ring first… weighing in at 185 pounds….. from The Underworld……. Raven Trueblood!!!

All of a sudden from the rafters we see a black crow, then Raven Trueblood walks up to the crow and looks at it before screaming as the lights go out.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: It is time for our Fatal Four Way Match. guys.

Raven appears in the ring, waiting for the soul he will defeat.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Raven is definately an interesting guy.

The lights in the arena go out again and the sound effect of thunder echoes throughout the arena as the entrance way and ring are illuminated in a neon blue light.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Ripley got a victory a couple of weeks ago and I’m sure is looking to keep that momentum.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I’m surprised to still see him around.

The lights then flash wildly like lightning. “Redneck Stomp” by Obituary then hits. Ripley walks out onto the stage wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, black wrestling tights, and black boots. He stands at the top of the entrance way and looks around the arena as the crowd erupts in cheers, with some scattered boos.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And one of his opponents… weighing in at 240 pounds….. from Brooksville, Florida……. Ripley!!!

Ripley starts walking towards the ring. As he makes his way down the aisle to the ring he looks at the fans. Once he reaches the ring he stops and looks at it then quickly walks up the steel steps and enters the ring.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: This will be the first time Raven and Ripley meet.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: This match was originally schedule to be a Triple Threat Match. But just a few days ago Robert Mack added a fourth participant.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Probably to kiss the LGBT’s ass.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: It’s LGBTQ now I believe, but I would chill with all that. Let’s talk about Gabriel Ohio.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: The dude who got his head kicked off by Psycho?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Gabriel Ohio is a former champion in…

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I. Don’t. Give. A. Fuck. In Mile High, he got his ass kicked. He hasn’t proven anything to me yet.

In the ring, Ripley paces around then climbs up in one of the corners of the ring to look out at all of the fans. He points to a few fans as the crowd continues to cheer. He then hops down unzipping his hoodie and tosses it to ringside and walks to the center of the ring as his music fades out and the lights return to normal.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I guess to be fair, Ripley has actually been a champion in Mile High, and he’s probably a D+.

The lights flicker until the sounds of electricity fill the arena as it is plunged into darkness. A moon appears on the titan-tron, as “Satan’s Arrival” by Pieces of Eden begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well, everyone deserves a second chance.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I dont expect the same result as we saw two weeks ago.

A white glow appears on the stage. Standing in the glow is the near 7 foot tall Gabriel Ohio, leather jacket blowing in the wind, looking down at the floor. He looks up and walks slowly to the ring.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And one of their opponents… weighing in at 280 pounds….. from Parts Unknown……. Gabriel Ohio!!!

Ohio reaches the ring and steps up onto the apron and then over the top rope, his presence felt.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well its time to meet the addition to this match.

The synth sounds of Foster the People’s “Style” begins as the screen lights up with what appears to be a simple graphic of an angel that floats up towards the center. The angel’s halo tilts and as the angel adjusts it, it becomes a crown as the words “Queen of Kings” appears on the screen followed by the name of “Erin Blue” as the vocals of the song begins and Erin Blue appears on the ramp.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And their opponent… weighing in at 168 pounds….. from Las Vegas, Nevada……. “The Queen of Kings” Erin Blue!!!

Erin shakes her hip from the left to the right, raising an arm up into the air as she then begins the walk towards the ring. She is wearing a blue top and bottom, outlined in silver glitter as she rolls under the ring and uses the rope to pull herself up to her feet.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Ray, what would your name be if you wanted to be a chick?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I’ll ignore that comment. This woman was eager to get in the ring and Robert Mack has given her this opportunity. I already have nothing but respect for her.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Right. Stop trying to make her life choice define her and realize we actually have another newcomer that is about her shit.

Erin walks towards each side of the ring, giving a curtsey to the audience before moving to her corner.

Match Official: John Paul Vigil

Fatal Four Way Match
Raven Trueblood
Gabriel Ohio
“The Queen of Kings” Erin Blue

As the bell sounded, Raven quickly stepped into the middle of the ring and started pointing at each opponent, making threats. Ohio went at him with a running big boot.

Ohio went for the early pinfall.


Erin broke the count and then ran to the ropes bouncing back with a shining wizard to Ohio.

Ripley stepped up to Erin and the two exchanged words until Erin threw up a European uppercut causing Ripley to stagger backwards.

Ripley ran back at Erin and clotheslined her to the mat. Raven came up behind Ripley, spinning him around, and Ripley quickly dropped him with a spinebuster.

Ohio appeared out of nowhere with a code breaker to Ripley. Ohio then quickly pulled Raven to his feet and performed The Kiss of The Cerberus!!

Ohio went for the pin.



Erin broke the pin up. She pulled Ohio to his feet and Ohio kicked her in the gut and then performed The Kiss of The Cerberus on her!!

Ripley came out of nowhere and gave Ohio the Mark of Failure!!!

Ripley went for the pinfall victory.



Ohio kicked out!!!

The commentators made note that Ohio has definately been bringing it tonight, that he’s bounced back hard from his debut match.

The match would continue with Ohio, Ripley, and the debuting Erin Blue one-uping each other, while Raven couldn’t seem to get a move in. Everytime Raven got back to his feet, he’d be taken back down.

Ripley would set up a table outside of the ring, between the end of the stage ramp and the ring. The table would sit there for a while as the superstars brawled all inside and outside the ring area.

Finally later while Erin, Ohio, and Ripley fought inside the ring, Raven poured gasoline over the table. The Denver audience was going nuts, of coarse.

The commentators would bring up the Magness Arena wanting to discontinue Mile High Wrestling events after the ending of Episode Nineteen, and maybe catching someone on fire was going to cause this to be the last Mile High event inside the Magness Arena for sure.

Ripley came out of nowhere with a Mark of Failure to Raven!!!

Ohio and Erin continued to fight in the ring while Ripley got a hold of a box of matches. It was deafening inside of the Magness Arena.

Ripley lit the table on fire and then noticed Erin with her back against the ropes. He climbed onto the apron grabbing her, but she gave him a mule kick, sending him off the apron and into the table of fire!!!!

Within seconds, staff was sprayong fire extinguishers as the fans were chanting “Holy Shit!” Even Erin had a look of shock on her face as she looked at what she just did.

Erin would get to her feet and turn around into Bloody Mary from Ohio, covering her face in red mist!! She stumbled out of the ring.

Raven rolled into the ring and Ohio kicked him in the gut before giving him the Fall From Grace!!!

Ohio pinned Raven…




Gabriel Ohio

Match Length: 23:18

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: That match was edge of your seat from start to finish. Wow!

“Satan’s Arrival” by Pieces of Eden begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winner of this match… Gabriel Ohio!!!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: It really was. I still have goosebumps…

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Four tough dudes for sure.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Stop it…

Gabriel Ohio stands in the middle of the ring looking around at all the carnage, with a smile on his face.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Ohio really bounced back tonight from his upsetting loss two weeks ago.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Maybe Psycho kicked some fighting ability into him.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: The man already knew how to fight, Wavy.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Oh ok…

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: But impressive match from Ripley, Erin, and Ohio.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Indeed.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: And what about Ragdoll Trueblood?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well…

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: For a match that had no story coming into it, these folks created one. Amazing.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Indeed.

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton is seen talking with producers backstage when a black bag is placed over his face! The producers run as the camera shows Solomon Cain punching Ricky in the back of the head!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Oh my God!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Solomon Cain is destroying the Pretty Boy!

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I knew it! That’s what his big headed ass gets!

Cain drags Ricky by the bag around his head and hurls him into a table.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: But even you gotta admit, Wavy, this is a little overboard!

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I ain’t gotta admit shit.

Ricky rolls over, still trying to get his footing, when Cain kicks him in the back. Ricky yells out in pain.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I thought he was supposed to be confined to his locker room anyways?!

An SE Security guy comes to the rescue but is met with a hellified clothesline from Solomon.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Solomon really needs to be tamed. He’s out of control.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: That man provoked him. Tyke provoked him two weeks ago. Stop making Solomon out to be the bad guy in this. He’s a crazy white boy, and if y’all keep fucking with him, he’s gonna ultimately shoot this motherfucker up, just like white people do.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: That was uncalled for…

Ricky is trying to remove the bag when Solomon grabs it again and twists it around! Ricky is reaching for the bag trying to breath and Solomon is punching him mercilessly!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Send more help! Rob’s really gonna be in some trouble if the Network President goes to the hospital. Somebody help this man!!!

Solomon releases the bag as he is pushed away from Ricky by the police. Ricky is coughing and gasping for air as Cain leaves the area.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: He’s hightailing it. I wonder what this is going to mean for the Hangman’s Match later tonight. Will it still happen?

The cameras cut to Tyke Index in his own lockeroom watching the whole assault go down and he does nothing but shake his head and chuckle.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well Tyke finds it amusing.

As “99 Wats To Die” by Megadeth starts, Scythe Bloodline shoots out onto the stage, thumping in place, with strobe lights accompanying him.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is a Tag Team Match for one fall!! Making his way to the ring first… weighing in at 220 pounds….. from Mansfield, OHIO……. Scythe Bloodline!!!

Scythe dashes down the ramp and slides into the ring hopping up on the nearest turnbuckle and roaring towards the crowd, before jumping down still feeling the pumping of the music through him.The music calms as it fades and the match gets ready to begin.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well, it’s time for some more in-ring action, and this should be an interesting Tag Team Match.

“Pretty Fly For A White Guy” by The Offspring begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And his tag team partner… weighing in at 215 pounds….. from Douglasville, Georgia……. Brandon Young!!!

Give it to me baby

Give it to me baby

Give it to me baby

And all the girls say I’m pretty fly (for a white guy)

B Money, and his homies Kyle, Leo, Willie, Franco, Deshaun, and Tyler come walking out from the back. They stop to push each other around before heading down to the ring.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: This dude can’t be serious.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: This is the debut of Brandon Young, also known as B-Money. We saw him at Episode Nineteen, and I guess him and Scythe are trying out this little alliance.

The arena goes black as “Out of The Black” by Royal Blood hits the speakers. Black lights come on revealing on the glowing green eyes of “The Viper” Johnny Knight. He runs down to the ring and slides in, with “Silent Lucha” Kaito Jackson behind him, shushing the crowd.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And their opponents… weighing in at at a combined weight of 420 pounds….. from Mexico City……. Kaito Jackson and Johnny Knight… they are The Foundation!!!

The two members of The Foundation get ready for their match, inside the ring.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I pick these guys. These guys look like a real tag team. I don’t know what the hell those other two guys are.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: The Foundation have definately showed us they are a force to be reckoned with. Our tag team division as a whole is pretty damn impressive.

Match Official: Regina Ball

Tag Team Match
Scythe Bloodline
and Brandon Young
The Foundation

The match started with Brandon Young and Kaito Jackson.

And the match ended with Brandon Young and Kaito Jackson. Brandon threw a punch, Kaito blocked it and put him in the Devil’s Lock.

Scythe yelled for Brandon to get out, but seconds later Brandon tapped out.

The Foundation

Match Length: 00:14

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Ahahahahaahaha!!!!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Maybe that IS Rayne Young’s little brother.

“Out of The Black” by Royal Blood begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winner of this match… The Foundation!!!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Really sucks for Scythe Bloodline.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: He put himself in this position. He’s too nice to people. He should have challenged Young to a one on one match instead of finding himself in a Tag Match.

The Foundation celebrate in the ring, while Scythe looks at Brandon Young with his eyebrow raised.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I just got the official time in my ear. This match lasted fourteen seconds.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: That’s hilarious.

Robert Mack is backstage shaking his head as an ambulance drives away with the lights flashing and sirens sounding. He turns around into Emily Falls.

{{{Emily Falls}}}: What happened?

Robert lets out a deep breath, seeming irritated.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Nothing. What are…

Out of nowhere, a steel chair smashes Robert Mack in the back of the head as Emily Falls lets out a loud scream.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: What the hell?!

The masked man stands over Robert, holding the steel chair. Emily steps to him, but Katrina Mack steps out of nowhere, getting in Emily’s face.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Oh no…

{{{Katrina Mack}}}: Stay back. I wouldnt want you to get hurt too.

{{{Emily Falls}}}: Why are you doing this?

{{{Katrina Mack}}}: Mind your business…

{{{Emily Falls}}}: You know it is my business…

{{{Katrina Mack}}}: And you know I dont feel threatened if you tell the world. It’s him that wants to keep it a secret.

Katrina points down at Robert, who is starting to get to all fours. The masked man starts to slam the steel chair into Robert’s back a few times.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Man, y’all help my boy…

Emily tries to get past Katrina, but Katrina shoves her to her ass.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Damn…

{{{Katrina Mack}}}: Go back to your locker room, Emily.

{{{Emily Falls}}}: But…

{{{Masked Man}}}: She said go back to your locker room.

Emily snarls at the masked man.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: That voice is familiar…

{{{Katrina Mack}}}: Take him away…

The masked man grabs Robert Mack by a leg and drags him away. Emily tries to get to her feet, but Katrina pushes her right back down with her foot.

{{{Katrina Mack}}}: It’s been a while, Emily, but I’ll still whoop your ass…

Emily’s eyes water up.

{{{Katrina Mack}}}: Go back to your locker room.

Katrina walks away, in the direction the masked man took Robert Mack, as Emily sits on the floor crying.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: It’s time for the Last Dame Dancin’ Match.

A low idling of a motorcycle engine can be heard as the opening piano of “Zombie” by Bad Wolves can be heard. Wendy “Zombie” Stevens is kneeling in silhouetted shadow, a hood over her head, Lexa Pellegrini standing behind her as smoke wisps along the entrance ramp.

Another head hangs lowly, child is slowly taken
And the violence causes silence, who are we mistaken?
But you see, it’s not me, it’s not my family
In your head, in your head, they are fighting
With their tanks, and their bombs, and their bombs, and their drones
In your head, in your head, they are crying



At the instant the word ‘Head’ is sung, pyro goes off, Stevens kips up and pulls off the hood, a sadistic smile on her face that the camera picks up. She stops midway down the ramp, and looks around at the crowd before running down the ramp into the ring, and diving through the second and bottom ropes, rolling through the dive as she enters the ring, and lands on the opposite second and bottom ropes.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is a Last Dame Standing Match for one fall, and is for the Mile High Wrestling ThrowDown Championship!!! Making her way to the ring first… weighing in at 157 pounds….. from Manhattan, New York……. she is being accompanied by Lexa Pellegrini… representing the Shieldmaidens… she is the challenger… Wendy “Zombie” Stevens!!!

Zombie gets on the turnbuckles of each of the four corners, doing a finger formation of the letter M for her Shieldmaidens, as Lexa steps in the ring.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Zombie has made quite the impact since coming to Mile High.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: That she has, Jen, defeating Tyke Imdex in her debut match.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: …who went on to become the Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Champion.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: But now Zombie has the chance to become the ThrowDown Champion.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: And her fellow Shieldmaiden sister has the chance to become the top Champion later tonight.

Zombie jumps off the fourth corner, and takes her hood off and hands it to Lexa, giving her a small peck as she holds the ropes open for her to step out.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: It’s a shame all these Shieldmaidens like the same thing I like. We could’ve all been better friends.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I’m sure even if they liked men, they wouldn’t like you, Wavy.

Zombie stands in the center of the ring, glaring up the ramp for her opponent.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: This match was voted the most anticipated match of the night, on Twitter.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I’m definately excited for this maych.

“Problem” by Postmodern Jukebox begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Well, well, well…

“The Adorkable Angel” Azurine Vebbins has a solitary spotlight follow her from the entrance ramp to the northern-facing ring apron, as she wears her Mile High Wrestling ThrowDown Championship proudly.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And her opponent… weighing in at 115 pounds….. residing in Malibu, California……. she is the Mile High Wrestling ThrowDown Champion… Azurine Vebbins!!!

Along the way, Ms. Vebbins pirouettes, skanks, and twirls like a whirling dervish down to the ring.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: She look like she gained a little weight.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Stop it.

Azurine keeps dancing until getting onto the northern ringside apron and climbing through the middle and bottom ring ropes. Upon entering the ring, Zombie quickly gets in her face as the referee tries to keep them separated until the bell rings.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: This is Azurine Vebbins first title defense in this second season of Mile High Wrestling.

Match Official: Jack Glasock

Mile High Wrestling
ThrowDown Championship
Last Dame Dancin’ Match

Azurine Vebbins©

As soon as the bell sounded, Zombie started throwing hard rights and lefts, pummeling Vebbins.

The ref tried to pull Zombie away once she had Azurine against the ropes smashing her fists into Azurine’s face.

Zombie shoved the ref down and then went right back in on Azurine, bringing her down onto the mat and mounting her.

The fans were booing extremely loudly as Zombie just wouldn’t stop with the assault. Finally, she let off and demanded the referee start counting.

The camera revealed a big gash in Azurine’s top lip, her whole mouth full of blood. The boos were deafening.




Zombie just cupped her right ear out with her hand, with a smile, taking in all the boos without a care in the world.


Azurine was trying to pull herself up using the ropes, one of her eyes already swelling up.



Zombie ran at Azurine with a knee to the face, knocking her out of the ring between the bottom and middle ropes.

Zombie dropped down and rolled out of the ring behind her. She pulled Azurine to her feet and delivered a rolling fireman’s carry into a reverse senton.

Zombie then lifted up the ring apron and looked up at the crowd with quite the smirk.

Zombie pulled out a metal baseball bat from under the ring. The fans kept booing, displeased at the beating Azurine had already taken, and what looked like was about to happen.

Zombie mocks Azurine, standing in a batter stance as if she’s about to knock a baseball out of the park.

Zombie’s smile turns into a snarl as she lifts the bat up and begins slamming down into Azurine’s ribs over and over, as the ref kept yelling for her to stop. Unfortunately there was obviously no disqualification.

Zombie yelled to the fans that their hero was done, as she walked over to the steel steps and ripped the top half away, throwing it down.

Zombie dragged Azurine’s lifeless body to the steel steps and lifted her up to where her head and chest lay across the top.

Zombie took a few steps backwards and the came at Azurine with a running curbstomp, driving Azurine’s already swollen face into the steel.

Zombie yelled at the ref to count her.



The fans’ boos somehow grow louder.





Azurine was not moving at all.




Azurine pushed off the ring steps with all her might to her feet and Zombie got frustrated and quickly ran at her with a kotaro krusher onto the ring steps.

Zombie continued her assault, even bringing a steel chair into play, beating Azurine’s (at this point) broken body with it.

Zombie would go on to stack two tables onto one another on the outside of the ring, before sliding a twenty foot ladder into the ring.

The fans would get to their feet as Zombie would pull Azurine up and lift her up to sit on her shoulders.

Zombie slowly climbed the ladder, legs somewhat floppy, bringing Azurine to the top.

At this point there were mixed reactions from the crowd.

Once at the top, Zombie pulled her head from under Azurine and wrapped her arms around her and attempted to German suplex her off the top. But Azurine held on somehow, with whatever strength she found in herself.

Azurine started kicking back as Zombie hung on with both hands, only one leg on the ladder for a moment. And then Azurine sent a hard elbow back knocking Zombie off and to the outside through both tables!!!!!

Azurine collapsed off the ladder to the ring mat like Jello. The fans started chanting “Holy Shit!” while the ref started counting them down.




No movements.





Azurine grabbed the bottom rope.


Azurine started to pull herself up.


Azurine got to her feet.


Azurine collapsed again.

Azurine Vebbins

Match Length: 16:01
“Problem” by Postmodern Jukebox plays throughout the arena.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Wow….

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winner of this match… and STILL Mile High Wrestling ThrowDown Champion….. Azurine Vebbins!!!

The video screen glitches again as another video feed interrupts the proceedings and this time the back of a woman is shown as she is walking down a corridor.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: What’s this…?

“Time’s up. Time to collect. And I’m going to start with one of your most prized possessions. It’s time to reveal the worst kept secret in professional wrestling.”

As the woman turns around, it’s now clear that the mystery woman has been Jansen Myrrh and she offers a wry smirk as she looks past the camera and asks, “Ready, Paul?”

“Ready when you are, champ.”

“Hit my music,” she says as she turns and continues down the corridor as the arena is suddenly filled with the music of Halestorm and their song “Vicious.” In the ring, Azurine Vebbins is hanging on the bottom rope with her Throwdown Championship laying beside her.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: This bitch is back and ready to collect yeah….

# You make me vicious
# Watch as I make the pain my mistress
# You can call me Miss Malicious
# I’ll dress you up in stiches
# No I cannot resist this

# If it don’t hurt I get suspicious
# I like to take the knife and twist it
# Babe, our love is sacreligious
# I’m not scared to admit it
# This violence is delicious

Jansen’s name comes across the screen as her music continues to play. The fans begin to boo and hurl insults towards the woman who destroyed Candi Bratton, driving her from Mile High Wrestling as everyone looks towards the entrance.

# What doesn’t kill me
# Makes me vicious
# I’m not gonna break, I can take
# All that you can give
# This is survival of the sickest
# I am not afraid, bring the pain

A figure finally emerges from behind the tron and it’s 400+ pound Paul Banter as he heads towards the ring with no Jansen, who appears from the crowd and hops the railing and slides into the ring and whacks Azurine in the back of the head with her pool cue stick, as it breaks in half and Vebbins eyes close back as Paul Banter makes it to ringside.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: This is uncalled for. What in the actual hell? Really?!

Jansen grabs a handful of hair and pulls Vebbins to her feet and kicks her in the gut, doubling her over and she wraps her arms around her and lifts her up and drops her with a Myrrh-driver!!!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: She’s making a statement, and I dont like it either, Jen.

The fans begin to chant “Fuck Off Jansen”. From the outside Paul Banter can be heard yelling, “Do it again!” as he points to the fallen champion.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Don’t do it again!!

Jansen grabs her by the hair again and pulls her head once again between her legs and lifts her up and holds her up, delaying the inevitable for only a moment before she drops down with another hard piledriver.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Shit…

Fans start to throw trash towards the ring as Jansen gets to her feet and walks towards the rope and yells at some ringside fans who nearly hit her with a cup of soda, which only seems to incite the woman as she walks back over and grabs Azurine one more time and pulls her up and drops her once more with a third Myrrh-driver!!!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Like she hasn’t already been through enough…

Paul Banter is grinning from ear to ear as Jansen gets to her feet and she reaches for the Throwdown Championship and puts it up to her waist and yells out, “I’m the goddamned champion!” She spits down at Vebbins and tosses the championship onto her prone body. The fans finally erupt in some cheers as “Thundering” Terry Marshall and Space Lord run down the ramp and slide into the ring.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Thank God!!

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Sex.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I hope Azurine recovers well. She really has a lot of haters.

Jansen and Paul hightail it up the ramp.

The cameras are focused on Katrina Mack in Robert Mack’s office, with the masked man. She looks directly into the camera.

{{{Katrina Vigil}}}: Hello Denver!! Hello Mile High Wrestling fans of the world!! Your favorite is back in charge, and what a night it has been. What a night it’s still set to be!

Katrina pretends to think for a second.

{{{Katrina Vigil}}}: But let’s make it even better. My ex husband has completely abandoned you guys, and I just dont know where he could be…

Katrina nods her head with a smirk.

{{{Katrina Vigil}}}: But I’m here to save the day. Tonight’s main event needs a special guest referee. Jack, John, nor Regina are worthy of refereeing a match the magnitude of ‘Skrabz versus Bullet’.

Katrina looks over at the masked man with a smile before looking back into the camera.

{{{Katrina Vigil}}}: Therefore I, the great Katrina Mack, will be the Special Guest Referee of tonight’s Mile High Wrestling Championship Match.

Katrina looks around pretending to think again, before locking her eyes on the masked man.

{{{Katrina Vigil}}}: Oh yeah…

Katrina turns to the cameras.

{{{Katrina Vigil}}}: I did tell Rob that tonight we would reveal who the masked man is, didnt I?

The masked man steps front and center.

{{{Katrina Vigil}}}: Can we get a drum roll please.

The masked man slowly pulls his mask off, revealing none other than…

the former owner and World Champion of HcW; Lance Mikes!!!

{{{Lance Mikes}}}: Your’s Truly…

Katrina steps up to the side of Lance.

{{{Katrina Vigil}}}: Hey Sam….be sure to warn your leader about Lance Mikes. Because he will be out there with me…

Katrina and Lance turn to each other and begin kissing in front of the camera until the scene fades.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: A lot of secrets revealed before the break.

The opening saxophone of “Jubel” by Klingande begins to play over the PA and as it speeds up, eventually it hits a crescendo into a drop.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well two; Jansen Myrrh is back, and Lance Mikes revealed himself as the masked man.

“Save me”

Just as the chorus rolls, Tyke Index appears from behind the curtain with a hood over his head, wearing his newly won Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Championship. There is cheers from the crowd as Tyke poses at the bottom of the ring steps before entering the ring.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is the Hangman’s Match, and is for the Mile High Wrestling Championship!!! Making his way to the ring first… weighing in at 200 pounds….. residing in Brooklyn, New York……. he is the Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Champion… Tyke Index!!!


The lights go off and when they come back on Tyke is sitting in his corner.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Even though Tyke looks like he worked at a gas station earlier today, he is definately a force to be reckoned with.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Zombie has expressed her feelings about him fighting for the Phoenix Title two weeks ago, and being in such a high profiled match tonight.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well, she may have defeated him at Mile High Spectacular, but he’s proven himself on multiple occasions, even long before she showed up.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Let’s not forget he is part of the reason the original Shieldmaiden leader is gone. And her wrestling career never got back on track after that.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Like I said, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Plus, Zombie tweeted what she wanted to be next for her. She chose to go after the ThrowDown Title.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: At the end of the day, its all irrelevant. Zombie has a bright future here in Mile High. Her day will come to face Tyke again, and possibly for the Phoenix Title.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Yeah, Zombie will be fine. She just seems to complain a lot. A Samantha Hamilton Jr. if you will.

“Bury Me With My Guns On” by Bobaflex hits the loud speakers, as the lights strobe to the beat.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: And here comes the Emo Bad Ass himself.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Is that his new nickname?

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Aint nothing to get it copyrighted. Throw that shit on some shirts and I’ll be rich off his name.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: You’re crazy, David.

As the very first vocals begin, “The Lost Child” Solomon Cain steps from behind the curtains and hits the stage, standing tall, as he gets mixed reactions.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And now introducing the challenger… weighing in at 255 pounds….. from Cleveland, Ohio……. “The Lost Child” Solomon Cain!!!

Solomon Cain slowly walks down the ramp, looking very confident.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: The secobd time tonight these men have been out here.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Yeah earlier they were called out and forced to listen to Rick pretend to be tough.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I bet “Rick” would whoop your ass.

The Lost Child heads up the ring steps, and into the ring.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: This is going to be a gruesome match…

Match Official: John Paul Vigil

Mile High Wrestling
Phoenix Championship
Hangman’s Match

Tyke Index©
“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain

The noose hung over the ring and Solomon Cain quickly ran at Tyke with a running knee strike, but Tyke side stepped and quickly came behind Solomon with a rolling German.

Tyke grabbed the noose and tried to twirl it around his fingers while smiling at Solomon as he got back to his feet.

Tyke yelled to Solomon if he still wanted to hang. Solomon shook his head without a laugh.

Solomon started throwing mui thai knees into Tyke, backing him into a corner, before sending a vicious headbutt into the skull of Tyke.

Tyke fell to his ass in the corner, and Solomon grabbed the noose, yelling at Tyke, to inform him he would be hanging alone tonight.

Solomon went back to Tyke and started sending his knee repeatedly into his skull, until he busted open.

This was the first time Solomon smiled during this match. Solomon wiped his palm across the blood and then slapped Tyke across the face with his own blood, as the fans let out a loud “oooooo”.

Solomon kept control for a little while longer until Tyke kicked Solomon square in the nuts!!

Then Tyke wiped blood off his face into his palm and slapped the fuck out of Solomon!!

Solomon pulled Tyke in and dropped him with an explode suplex.

After resting for a while, Solomon went to the top rope as all the fans got to their feet. He gave Tyke a Death Wish, then went for the pin.



Kick out!!

When they both got to their feet, Tyke kicked him in the nuts a second time and took full control from there.

Tyke kept control for a while before Solomon gained it right back dropping Tyke with the Burnout!!!

Solomon put the noose around Tyke’s neck and tightened it, calling for them to start pulling the rope up.

The noose started to pull up and Tyke gripped the rope trying to avoid choking. Solomon watched laughing.

Tyke’s feet left the mat and he sent one of his legs into the side of Solomon’s head, while struggling to hold himself up from choking.

Tyke was able to loosen the noose and fall to the mat!!

This pissed Solomon off and he started laying into Tyke with hard rights.

Tyke would eventually get back control and hold onto that control, really wearing The Lost Child out. Especially when he got a hold of a steel chair, and just bent the thing all up, laying into Solomon.

After three attempts, Tyke would finally get the noose around Solomon’s neck and call for it to be lifted.

Solomon would be pulled off the mat, trying to fight out but no luck. His body eventually went limp…

Tyke Index

Match Length: 20:31
{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Mannnn, what the fuck?!

The screen blacked out and all sound disappeared for a moment before a commercial break began.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: We apologize for the longer commercial break, but we are back now.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: That was a scene I never wanted to see.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: We can inform you at home that Solomon Cain is breathing. He is however being taken away on a stretcher to be taken to an emergency room.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: He’s alive right now, which is the good news. What we understand is the feed was cut and the last thing you saw was Solomon not moving.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: We apologize to you at home. That match was not something I want to see in Mile High again.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Disturbing yes.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Again…Solomon Cain is still breathing. But he is being taken to an emergency room to be further checked on.

Katrina Mack is standing in the ring with a crop top referee shirt on, and a very short skirt. Standing behind her is Lance Mikes, as the fan fans are booing loudly.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: And this makes me so mad…

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Right. It’s taking everything in me to not slap the piss out of Lance Mikes.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is the main event of the night, and is for one fall… and is for the Mile High Wrestling Championship!!! In the ring already, your special guest referee for the match… Katrina Mack!!!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: The fans are not big on this decision neither. Why can’t we just have a normal main event?

The lights dim as the Shieldmaidens motto “Hell is empty and the Maidens are here!” comes over the tron as guitar stabs ring out. Concrete Blonde’s “God Is A Bullet” starts up in earnest and five women in matching kuttes, Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton, Jackie “Bandit” Layton, “Psycho” Saoirse Maguire, Katrina “Knox” Knox and Aoife “Banshee” Maguire, walk out seemingly leading the way for their sixth sister.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: Making her way to the ring first… she is the challenger… weighing in at 135 pounds….. from New Orleans, Louisiana……. she is being accompanied to the ring by her fellow Shieldmaidens…… Alex “Bullet” Carbajal!!!

Alex “Bullet” Carbajal makes her way out in a full length boxing robe, ready for war. The Shieldmaidens make their way to the ring and Bullet steps in, starting to shadowbox the second she steps in. She raises her hands into the air and then nods, ready to go.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: About a year ago at The Rise In Phoenix, Bullet became the inaugural Phoenix Champion. Tonight she has the opportunity to become the new Mile High Wrestling Champion.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Skrabz is the champion for a reason. And even though a controversial win over Skrabz last year, it was a win for Bullet nonetheless. But a lot of lies from the Shieldmaidens about the victory, even though Skrabz had already gave Bullet her props to begin with.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: It’s really Bullet’s surroundings that cry the most, to be honest.

Tempa T’s “Next Hype” starts to play, the beat builds for ten seconds and then Skrabal Stanzas can be heard saying “Are you dizzy blud?”. The beat explodes and Tempa T immediately comes in with his lyrics.

“What kind of things that you have
When I find out don’t expect me to stop
I’ll come for the P’s that you stack
And come for all the food that you plot
Better hand over the bag
Your boys don’t wanna see you shot
If I kick down the door to your flat
Dun Know I’ll clear out your house on the spot”


{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: And here comes the champion.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Your crush.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Sounds about right.

Skrabal Stanzas comes walking out from the back wearing a Man Like Zombie t-shirt and poses with his arms stretched out, holding the Mile High Wrestling strap in his right hand.

“CLEAR! All the things in your house
CLEAR! All the things in your fridge
SMASH! All your plates from your rack
CLEAR! All of your kids’ toys
CLEAR! All of your CD rack
Won’t get none of your CD’s back”


{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And her opponent… weighing in at 235 pounds….. from London, England……. he is the Mile High Wrestling Champion… Skrabz!!!

Skrabz throws the strap over his shoulder and walks to the ring, his slow but deliberate swagger in direct contrast with the hype beat and aggressive lyrics.

“I have to punch up guys
Guys try it with me, I don’t know why
Bax! Pax man straight in his eyes
They floored me, I was looking at the sky
Par! Now I have to go blind
That boy there I swear he gonna die
You’re not bad you’re a mug don’t think you’re a guy
When I slap man you won’t be alright”


{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Skrabz has been the top guy for over a year. He looks to keep that spot tonight.

Skrabz walks up the steps and climbs into the ring, handing his belt over to the referee. He stands in the corner of the ring and leans back against the turnbuckle with his arms folded across his chest as the music fades out.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Man, Lance Mikes looks like a bitch.

Match Official: Katrina Mack

Mile High Wrestling Championship

Bullet and Skrabz meet in the center of the ring as Katrina Mack accepts the championship from Skrabz and walks in front of the two to hold the championship high signifying that it’s on the line in this match. As she walks over to hand off the championship to the ring attendant, Bullet is pointing at Katrina and jawing with Skrabz, as if accusing him of being behind this, to which Skrabz can be heard responding that he doesn’t need Katrina Mack to beat Bullet.

Lance Mikes is on the outside as Katrina calls for the bell to start the match, the two participants are still jawing back and forth in the center of the ring. Bullet continues to insist that Skrabz has Katrina Mack there because he can’t beat her and then calls him a ‘pussy’ which causes Skrabz to take a wild swing at Bullet who ducks and Bullet tackles the champ, taking him down to the mat and starts to pummel him with rights.

Skrabz manages to flip her over and drives a forearm smash down onto her before climbing up and staggering back into the corner. Bullet moves to her feet and Skrabz charges out of the corner and she NAILS him with a hard elbow and then grabs his arm and gives him her finish as she ripcords him back into a spinning elbow and Skrabz drops hard to the mat. The crowd pops big for Bullet’s finish and she quickly goes for the cover but Katrina Mack is over on the side talking to Lance Mikes.

Bullet screams for Mack who finally turns around and then moves over to slowly get down into place, seemingly knocking one of Skrabz’ feet under the bottom rope and counts.



Th – She stops the count and points to Skrabz foot on the ropes. Bullet gets to her feet, looking pissed as she walks over to Katrina who grabs her shirt and points out that she’s the ref and not to lay a hand on her or she will disqualify her.

Bullet grabs the shirt and threatens to pound the smaller referee as the crowd begins to chant, “Katrina Sucks!” loudly as Skrabz takes the moment to roll under the ropes and out of the ring, trying to get his bearings back. Bullet finally releases Katrina’s shirt as the referee walks over to remind the crowd she’s in charge of this match as Bullet drops down and rolls out of the ring.

Skrabz is leaning up against the ring post and she walks over to nail him, but he grabs her arm and pulls her right into the ringpost, then again and once more as Bullet’s legs turn to jelly, perhaps having been briefly knocked out on her feet as she leans against the ring apron.

In the ring, Katrina doesn’t seem all that interested in counting the participants outside the ring, but more enjoying the carnage being created. Skrabz rolls into the ring and gets to his feet, then reaches down and grabs a handful of Bullet’s hair and pulls her up onto the ring apron. He grabs her and lifts her up, bringing her over the top rope and dropping her spine onto his knee with a crushing backbreaker and then he covers as Katrina drops and delivers a lightning fast count.

Th--kickout by Bullet.

Skrabz gives Katrina a look, as if asking why she’s counting fast for him and she just smiles back at him as she stands up and backs away from the competitors. Skrabz rises up and grabs Bullet by the hair again and pulls her to her feet and then grabs her around the neck for a Mic Check, but Bullet shoves Skrabz who goes crashing into Katrina, sending her through the ropes and to the outside as Lance Mikes scrambles over to the other side of the ring to check on her.

Bullet grabs one of a stunned Skrabz’ arms and rolls him over and drops down, clamping on an arm bar as Skrabz snaps out of his stupor and scrambles towards the ropes and slides underneath the ropes dragging Bullet with him. As he gets to the floor, he pulls hard, dragging Bullet off of the ring apron and swings her around and crashes her into the guardrailing, causing her to release the submission hold and fall to the floor and hold onto her back.

Skrabz pulls her up and grabs her around the waist into a hug and drives her back first into the ring apron. Mack has rejoined the match as Mikes ensures she’s alright and she rolls herself back into the ring. Meanwhile, on the outside, Skrabz drives Bullet once more, back first, into the ring apron before rolling her back into the ring.

Bullet is clutching at her back as Skrabz makes his way into the ring. He bounces off the ropes and drives a knee into the back of the Shieldmaiden. He then straddles her back and grabs her around the chin and pulls back in a deep camel clutch. With pain etched across her face, Bullet tries to reach for the rope but it’s far too out of reach. Katrina Mack isn’t even asking her if she wants to submit.

Skrabz releases the hold and then pulls up Bullet, but Bullet small packages him. Katrina pretends not to notice that the pin attempt is ongoing for several seconds before Skrabz breaks the package. Bullet gets to her feet, still favoring her back as she approaches Katrina Mack who just grins at the Shieldmaiden. Finally, Bullet grabs her around the shirt and drags her to the center of the ring. Lance Mikes immediately gets on the ring apron.

The voice of Katrina Mack is clear as the audience seems pissed at the turn of events caused by Mack, who threatens to suspend Bullet if she does anything. The cameraman is in perfect position when the face of Skrabz looms behind Katrina Mack and when Bullet releases her, Skrabz spins around Mack and nails her with a Mic Check!!!

Lance Mikes slides into the ring and Bullet grabs a hold of him, giving him Dios Es Una Bala!!!

Skrabz and Bullet look at each other and then down to the fallen referee and her unmasked man. Dueling chants begin, “Thank you, Bullet! Thank you, Skrabz!”

As the two competitors look down at the fallen two who have rolled to the outside, they look at each other and then finally move back to the center of the ring and they both begin to talk shit again as Bullet just lays into Skrabz with a right. Skrabz reaches up to touch his cheek and he responds in kind, returning the favor to the Shieldmaiden who staggers a step backwards. Bullet then charges Skrabz taking him down to the mat and begins to rain punches down on to the head and neck of the champ who tries to cover up and protect himself.

The fans are cheering but that cheering gets louder when referee Regina Bell is seen jogging down to the ring, going by Lance Mikes and Katrina Mack laying at ringside.

Bell slides into the ring. Skrabz throws Bullet over and drives a knee to the side of her head as he slowly gets to his feet. He grabs her by the hair and drags her over to the ropes and then slowly pushes her head against the ropes and drags her along that top rope. Regina Bell gives him a stern warning as he just holds up his hands, acting innocent. He runs into the far ropes and as he gets ready to nail Bullet, she drops down and Skrabz tumbles through the ropes and to the floor.

As Bullet is shaking off that knee, she sees Skrabz rise from the floor, placing his arm on the ring apron to steady himself. She crawls over and grabs his arm and pulls him to the corner and then she wraps her legs around his arm and the ring post, trapping it and then arm bars as Skrabz yells out in pain. Regina Bell moves in to start the count on Bullet as the Shieldmaiden cranks down on that arm, pulling it hard against the ring post. Before Bell gets to 5, however, Bullet releases the hold and Skrabz crumbles to the mat and holds onto his shoulder.

Bullet rolls out of the ring and she walks over and grabs Skrabz’ arm and pulls it hard, dragging him towards the guardrailing. She leans against the railing and then wraps her legs around his arm and just falls back into another arm bar over the guardrailing using her weight to add that much more pressure to the move. She’s outside the ring so referee Bell can only continue to count from the ring.

At about the count of 15, Bullet releases the hold and she falls to the floor and Skrabz grabs at his arm as he tries to stagger towards the ring. Bullet leaps over the railing and just charges Skrabz from behind, pushing him into the ring post again as he connects with that injured shoulder. She pushes him into the ring and slides in after him and covers.




Bullet slaps the mat and then begins to drive a series of knees into the face of Skrabz before getting to her feet. As Skrabz rolls over, blood can be seen pouring down his face. She pulls him up as Regina tries to get a look at the cut and whips him into the far turnbuckle. Bullet rushes in and tries for a kick, but Skrabz drops down and her foot gets trapped on the turnbuckle and he chop blocks her other leg and she crashes to the mat.

Skrabz rolls under the ring and wipes some of the blood from his face as he reaches under the rope to grab Bullet’s arm and pulls her hard into the ringpost and then wraps her arm several times against the post. He raises his foot and places it on the ring apron and then just pulls on that arm, but can’t hold it because of his own issues with his damaged shoulder so he lets go and just nails Bullet in the head with a punch.

Skrabz looks down and then he reaches down and begins to pull the protective pad from the floor, revealing the concrete below and he grabs Bullet and begins to pull her from the ring until just her feet are holding her up and he drops down quickly with a DDT to the exposed concrete. Regina Bell flies out of the ring to check on Bullet now and tries to get Skrabz to get back into the ring.

As Bullet rolls over, she’s now bleeding profusely from her head now as well. Skrabz leans against the ring and shakes at his shoulder, trying to get it working again as he finally rolls into the ring. Regina is checking on Bullet when she sits up and crawls towards the ring. The referee climbs back into the ring and Bullet pulls herself up using the ring apron and then climbs up until she’s standing on the apron.

Skrabz runs into the ropes and just crashes into Bullet, sending her off the apron and crashing into the guardrailing and she crumbles to the floor. Skrabz leans against the ropes, holding himself up, Regina is telling him to keep it in the ring. He stumbles away from the ropes and raises a hand high in the air as the fans pop for the champion with blood streaming down his face.

Bullet begins to move again, once again trying to get into the ring. She climbs up on the apron and Skrabz once again bounces off the ropes and charges her, but this time, using the top rope for leverage, Bullet swing a leg high and kicks the champion right in the face and then spins around on the apron and NAILS him with a spinning back fist, dropping the champ. She scrambles into the ring and rolls him over onto his back and hooks the leg.



Thre—-shoulder up!

The crowd pops as the match continues. They pop louder when as Skrabz rolls over, Bullet transitions perfectly into a LaBell Lock. The camera focuses in on the two, both with blood covering both of their faces as Bullet cranks back on the hold and Skrabz tries to maneuver his body around until he’s able to drape a foot over the bottom rope and referee Bell is right there to count as Bullet refuses to break the hold.





Bullet finally breaks the hold and gets to her feet and grabs Skrabz by the arm and pulls him out to the center of the ring and ripcords him and nails him with the rolling elbow as the crowd pops. She holds onto his arm and she executes a second rolling elbow and she keeps a hold of him as the crowd pops and begins to chant “One more time!”

This time as she pulls him to her, he hits her out of nowhere with a Mic Check and the crowd just loses their mind as both wrestlers lie on the mat and Regina Bell checks on both of them before standing up and beginning her count.







Both wrestlers begin to move.


Both wrestlers slowly get to their knee.


The referee calls off the count as they get to their feet and as Bullet takes another step towards Skrabz, he Mic Checks her once more and the crowd is on their feet. Skrabz crawls over to the ropes, using them for leverage as he gets to his feet.

He staggers over and reaches for Bullet and pulls her up and drops her a third time with the Mic Check before rolling her over and covering her.





Match Length: 14:09
“Next Hype” by Tempa T begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winner of this match… and STILL Mile High Wrestling Champion….. Skrabz!!!!!

The referee hands Skrabz his belt as he holds it high over his head, shaking off the cobwebs.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Who is going to beat this man?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Nobody.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I could beat him.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: You couldn’t even beat Chris Mosh.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: What a crazy night it has been.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Yeah, it’s been real dope.

The camera shows Lance Mikes carrying Katrina Mack up the ramp over his shoulder, looking at Skrabz in disgust.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Things didn’t go as planned for Katrina and Lance.

Skrabz smiles and holds a middle finger up for Lance Mikes.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: He’s so hot.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: You must ain’t never seen me with my shirt off.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Don’t want to.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: You talking to me or Ray?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Skrabz is still on top, guys. This has been Rise Again. We will see you next Sunday with the debut of Mile High AMMO. Goodnight, world!

Rise Again fades off with Skrabz standing on the middle turnbuckles hokding his belt up for the world to see.

Mile High Wrestling, Inc.
Copyright © 2019

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