Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Magness Arena
Denver, Colorado
Streaming LIVE only on The SE Network

And just like the phoenix…
we rise….

Jul 10, 2018 at 5:46pmSkrabz said:”Ya got a bad man like Forge, ya got man like Ricky Stanton, there be The Titaness, Lance Mikes, Anaquin Adams, ya got the bossman back in the paint, Azurine Vebbins , Deuce Holmes, shit, ya even got the HC dub World Heavyweight Champion, Tyke Index… and then who ya got right there at the top of the pile? Standin’ tall above them all like a big man, through sheer hardwork and determination?”

He takes another bottle from the box and twists of the cap while looking straight in to the camera. he twists the cap of the bottle and sneers arrogantly.

“Me. That’s who. Man like Skrabz.”

Rise (feat. Skylar Grey)

“Rise” by David Guetta featuring Skylar Grey starts playing as slightly quick flashbacks of different moments during different entrances by different superstars at The Rise In Phoenix are shown.

“You can take a swing at my ego.”

Forge punching Ricky Stanton is shown.

“You can make a run for my crown.”

The Confessional reversed into the Mic Check by Skrabz to Candi Bratton is shown.

“Even with an army of people,”

Robi Jean Mitchell handing Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton her official Shieldmaiden cut is shown.

“you ain’t gonna take us down.”

Ophelia “Widow” Blaque and Jackie “Bandit” Layton are shown celebrating with their Tag Team Titles.

“You can aim your evil right at us.”

Wavy Crockett hitting a leg drop on “The Party Boy” Chris Mosh is shown.

“You can drop your bombs on the ground.”

Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton falling all the way from above Bullet’s head on top of the ladder, all the way through the table, is shown.

“Even if you still make me nervous,”

Snakebite and Lance Mikes hugging it out is shown.

“you ain’t gonna take us down.”

Ricky Stanton grinding Forge’s face against the Steel Cage is shown.

Jul 6, 2018 at 12:21pmrickystanton said:
PRS: And you will be ready, because I’m going to break you. I’m going to have you sliding down that cage in your own blood questioning your life. I’m going to raise your battered face to your wife and blow her a kiss. I’m going to stomp your head so far into the ring that your face will leave an impression that rivals the Shroud of Turin.

Jul 11, 2018 at 1:47am @forge said:”It isn’t enough that I make you richer every week. It isn’t enough that I’m taking this fledgling company to the top, doing more for it than the so-called main event ever will just by being real, by doing what comes naturally to me. You have to try and make a name for yourself, again, by piggybacking off what those stronger than you accomplish. You’re trying to take the meatiest bone from the biggest, meanest beast in the yard and claiming the kill they’re still wearing the blood from. In your fantasy world that makes you great. In reality, it gets you mauled and sent to the ER to get put back together like a spray-tanned, steroid-fueled Humpty Dumpty. And there ain’t enough money on the planet that’ll put you back together when I’m done, bitch.”

Jul 11, 2018 at 12:27amBullet said:Alex “Bullet” Carbajal: I’m not sure I can come back from those places but I’m going to go there anyway because anything less would be a disrespect to you, disrespect to the company, disrespect to the sport, disrespect to the championship and disrespect to myself! I owe everything i just mentioned to do whatever I can to climb that ladder, rise to the top and take that belt down to claim my place in history!

Jul 6, 2018 at 10:35amSam “The Titaness” Hamilton said:”This is gonna be one of those times – moreso than usual – when actions speak louder than words. Forgive me if I’m not worried about God being a bullet. Hard to be scared when I don’t even believe in God to begin with.”
“Rise” by David Guetta featuring Skylar Grey starts back up at the bridge.

“There’ll be no need for crying,”

Candi Bratton with The Confessional on Senior Referee Michael Mack is shown.

“if darkness fills the skies.”

Robi Jean Mitchell and “Universal Superstar” Anaquin Adams shaking hands is shown.

“We’ll go on forever. Like the phoenix,”

Bullet raising the Phoenix Championship in the air, on top of the ladder, is shown.

“we will rise up from the ashes.”

Forge celebrating his victory is shown.

“This world is our’s tonight.”

Lance Mikes and Tyke Index celebrating their victory is shown.

“We’ll go on forever. Like the phoenix,”

Toll Gang members in the front row are shown, with Skrabz.

“we will rise.”

Robi Jean Mitchell celebrating her victory is shown.

“We will rise.”

Skrabz celebrating his victory with the Mile High Wrestling Championship is shown, before everything fades to black, including the music.

The official opening video of Mile High Wrestling begins showing. “Colorado” by TECH N9NE starts playing for the first 27 seconds of the track, and then the hook is looped for a second time.

Colorado (Bonus Track)

Yeah, uh-huh, uh-oh, no, damn

An overview of Downtown Denver is shown during the night, with a baby blue and orange color scheme.

It-it-it-it-it-it that good Colora-

The screen flickers back and forth rapidly, between cuts of Downtown Denver and the Mile High Wrestling logo, concluding with the logo turning sideways and spinning off into the screen like a ninja star.

(-Do, do, do, do)
You know it’s that fire
I can’t get no higher

Alex “Bullet” Carbajal holding the Phoenix Title on the top of a ladder is shown, followed by “The Adorkable Angel” Azurine Vebbins dancing down the ramp.

(Do, do, do, do)
I came to turn the night up
Now watch me as I light up

Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton spearing Snakebite through the guard rail is shown, followed by all five members of The Shieldmaidens standing in the ring.

(-Do, do, do, do)
You know it’s that fire
I can’t get no higher

Forge is shown ramming his head into Deuce Holmes’ face, followed by Emily Falls performing a Moonsault.

(Do, do, do, do)
I came to turn the night up
Now watch me as I light up

Skrabz is shown delivering the Mic Check to Candi Bratton, followed by Candi Bratton raising the Mile High Wrestling Championship in the air, as the video fades away, and the cameras are in the arena where fireworks are exploding. The instrumental to “Colorado” plays through the sound system, as the camera pans around the Denver crowd.

Ray Hudson: Welcome everyone to the tenth and final episode of Mile High Wrestling!!!

Wavy Crockett: You make it sound like the whole company is coming to an end.

Ray Hudson: Well, that’s obviously not the case. We are just getting a brand new show that will air on Thursdays. It all starts August 2!!

We see many signs in the crowd, such as “We Want More Anaquin”, “I’m A Shushmytush Chanter”, “Samantha “The Shieldmaiden” Hamilton”, and “The Lost Child”.

Wavy Crockett: I’m excited for the main event tonight, Ray.

“Diamond Teeth Samarai” by YoungBoy Never Broke Again starts playing throughout the arena.

Ray Hudson: And here comes the boss.

Robert and Katrina Mack step out onto the stage holding hands, as there’s a mixture of cheers and boos.

Wavy Crockett: And his wife, Ray.

Robert and Katrina head down the ramp and into the ring, as Robert asks for a mic, and the music fades away.

Robert Mack: What’s up, Denver?!

The fans cheer, loudly.

Robert Mack: We had a real good time in Phoenix, but we must admit….. we missed home.

Katrina nods her head, with a smile.

Robert Mack: A lot of changes coming. But the truth is, as a company…. we are growing a lot faster than originally expected. Things are going real smooth.

Robert smirks.

Robert Mack: So we have to change as we evolve. That’s why next week, all our superstars get a break. And when we return the following week, we will begin to go live on Thursdays, with Thursday Night Throwdown. A different show, a different vibe.

Robert looks around the arena, at the reactions.

Robert Mack: We will introduce a brand new championship soon, to add to our current belts.

Robert gives a thumbs up.

Robert Mack: We’ve been signing new talent.

Katrina smiles and nods, looking out into the Denver crowd.

Robert Mack: And of coarse we will return to Pay-Per View next month. All the details for that event will come sometime before Thursday Night Throwdown debuts. Like I said…. a lot of changes. A lot of new.

Robert has a serious look on his face.

Robert Mack: We are growing, and I’m damn proud of our roster. We couldn’t do it without those hardworking individuals back there. And of coarse we couldn’t do it without each and every one of you in this arena tonight, and at home watching on The SE Network. I am damn proud of Mile High Wrestling!

The fans cheer.

Robert Mack: So with all the changes, I’d like to announce that we will be getting rid of both current General Manager positions for at least the time being. We are taking the position away from Deuce Holmes. Hopefully he wants to return to the roster as one of the athletes. We are currently discussing that. But whatever he chooses to do, I support him one hundred percent. And I am promoting my wife to Co-Owner of Mile High Wrestling! She’s been talking to me about it for a while now, and I believe it’s time. Baby….let’s take Mile High Wrestling to even bigger heights!

Katrina smiles and takes a moment to hug her man, before he continues speaking.

Robert Mack: As for HcW, Lance Mikes and I made amends. At the end of the day, our differences really had to do with the way we thought the business should be. But we both love this business at the end of the day. And the truth is there would be no Mile High Wrestling if it weren’t for HcW. I would have never came back to wrestling, and things would have never led me to opening my own wrestling company. Lance Mikes didn’t have to show up for a match on my Pay-Per View. I am simply grateful…

Robert looks into the camera, seeming pure.

Robert Mack: So let’s get this show started!!

The fans cheer as we cut to our first commercial break of the night.

Street Fight Match
“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain

We return from commercial break, where “I’m Broken” by Pantera is playing throughout the arena, as “The Lost Child” Solomon Cain is pacing in the ring, awaiting his opponent.

Ray Hudson: A lot of changes happening in Mile High Wrestling. Welcome back to the tenth episode…

The lights in the arena go out and the sound effect of thunder echoes throughout the arena as the entrance way and ring are illuminated in a neon blue light. “Redneck Stomp” by Obituary then hits. Ripley walks out onto the stage wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, black wrestling tights, and black boots. He turns around showing off a large white skull on the back of his hoodie. He faces forward and stands on the top of the entrance way and looks around the arena as the crowd erupts in cheers, with some scattered boos.

Byron Brown: The opening match is a Street Fight Match for one fall!! Already in the ring… weighing in at 255 pounds….. from Cleveland, Ohio……. “The Lost Child” Solomon Cain!!!

Ripley then starts walking towards the ring as he does he lets out a large scream of “Let’s Go!”. As he makes his way down the aisle to the ring he takes time to slap the hands of a few fans.

Byron Brown: And his opponent… weighing in at 240 pounds….. from Brooksville, Florida…….. Ripley!!!

Once Ripley reaches the ring, he stops and looks at it then quickly walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. In the ring Ripley paces around then climbs up in one of the corners of the ring to look out at all of the fans, he points to a few fans as the crowd continues to cheer. He then hops down unzipping his hoodie and tosses it to ringside and runs at Solomon Cain with a spear out of nowhere!! Jack Glascock goes ahead and calls for the bell immediately, to make this match official.


Ray Hudson: Ripley getting this match started immediately!

Ripley rolls out of the ring, and starts digging under.

Wavy Crockett: He said Solomon Cain woke something up in him.

Ripley is grabbing chairs and throwing them into the ring, as Cain begins to get to his feet.

Ray Hudson: I see that. I’ve never seen Ripley like this since his debut in Mile High.

Ripley grabs a baseball bat, and rolls into the ring.

Wavy Crockett: He bout to bat Solomon’s head off!

Cain runs at Ripley, and like a baseball player; Ripley swings the bat into Cain’s stomach.

Ray Hudson: Man, Ripley is out the gate!

With Cain hunched over, Ripley swings the bat down onto Cain’s back, bringing Cain to his knees.

Wavy Crockett: This the type of Ripley I wanna see!

Ripley then swings the bat right into the back of Cain’s head, as Cain falls flat on his face.

Wavy Crockett: Damn!!

The fans are going nuts.

Ray Hudson: What a match to start tonight’s episode of Mile High Wrestling!

Ripley tosses the bat out of the ring, and grabs a chair, as the fans are on their feet.

Wavy Crockett: He switching it up now…

Ripley begins laying into Cain with the chair.

Ray Hudson: He is really destroying The Lost Child!

Cain slowly crawls towards the ropes with his body flopping around slightly, as Ripley keep smashing the chair into his body.

Wavy Crockett: Where’s a Hardcore Championship when you need one?

Cain quickly rolls out of the ring.

Ray Hudson: Solomon Cain trying to catch a break from this assault!

Ripley quickly rolls out of the ring with the chair, lifts it in the air, and Cain comes up with a knee to Ripley’s stomach.

Ray Hudson: And Solomon stops a chairshot!

Cain sends his head into Ripley’s, forcing Ripley to drop the chair and fall to his knees.

Ray Hudson: And Solomon is fighting back!

Cain throws a knee into Ripley’s skull, forcing Ripley to fall to his back.

Wavy Crockett: I’m really digging Solomon Cain too…

Cain rolls into the ring to get it together.

Ray Hudson: Yeah, he’s definitely been an interesting superstar.

Ripley shakes his head and begins to get to his feet, as Cain lays in the ring holding his own head in pain.

Wavy Crockett: It look like his head is throbbing from that baseball bat.

Ripley picks the chair back up, and rolls back into the ring.

Ray Hudson: And Ripley is coming back with that chair!

Ripley swings the chair down at Cain, but Cain rolls out of the way and quickly gets to his feet.

Ray Hudson: Solomon avoiding another chairshot!

Ripley runs at Cain with the chair and swings, but Cain ducks and runs to the opposite ropes, bouncing off and coming back at Ripley, as he raises the chair into the air. Cain catches Ripley with a running knee strike, causing Ripley to drop the chair again.

Ray Hudson: Solomon Cain and them knees…

Cain looks down at the chair, and then out into the Denver crowd, as the fans cheer loudly.

Wavy Crockett: The fans wanna see Solomon exact some revenge…

Cain waves off the Denver crowd, shaking his head, as he kicks the chair away. The fans start booing.

Ray Hudson: And it looks like Solomon doesn’t care what the fans want…

Ripley gets to all fours, and Cain stomps him back down.

Wavy Crockett: Solomon is in control now, and he doesn’t even need a weapon…

Ripley gets to all fours again, and Cain stomps him down once more.

Ray Hudson: I mean, I don’t think Ripley needs one neither. It’s the principle, Wavy.

Cain places his hands in position to hold Ripley down, and then begins driving his knee down into Ripley’s ribs, over and over.

Wavy Crockett: Please, Ray! Ripley is getting mauled.

Cain rolls Ripley on to his back, and then heads to the corner of the ring.

Wavy Crockett: What does he have in mind??

Cain climbs to the top rope, while Ripley begins to get to his feet.

Ray Hudson: Well, he’s going to the top…

As Cain gets to the top rope, Ripley goes to the corner and starts to climb up the front way.

Ray Hudson: Ripley coming to stop him!

Ripley throws a European uppercut into Cain, making him wobble.

Wavy Crockett: Solomon’s about to fall!!

Cain grabs Ripley’s hair and headbutts Ripley, causing him to fall back onto the ring mat.

Ray Hudson: But Ripley falls, after a headbutt!

Cain climbs all the way to the top, and then comes down onto Ripley with a spinal tap.

Wavy Crockett: Wow…

Ray Hudson: Very impressive!

Cain goes for the pin.



Ray Hudson: And Ripley kicks out!

Cain pushes up and then comes back down with his knee into Ripley’s ribs.

Wavy Crockett: He really is into them knees, Ray.

Cain repeats a knee to Ripley’s ribs.

Ray Hudson: And I know they hurt.

Cain gets to his feet, and starts taunting Ripley to get to his.

Ray Hudson: Solomon Cain was victorious in his debut match last week. He’s well on his way for another victory.

Cain goes ahead and grabs Ripley’s head, and starts pulling him upwards.

Wavy Crockett: The Child is a beast.

As Cain gets Ripley to his knees, Ripley comes out of nowhere with a spinebuster to The Lost Child.

Ray Hudson: And Ripley with a spinebuster to Solomon Cain!

Ripley mounts Cain, grabs him by the hair and starts smashing his elbow repeatedly into Cain’s forehead.

Wavy Crockett: He bout to bust him open on some Forge shit…

Ripley heads to the corner of the ring and begins to climb to the top rope, as Denver gets to their feet in anticipation.

Ray Hudson: And now Ripley is going to the top!

Ripley jumps off the top rope onto Cain with a picture perfect elbow drop to the chest.

Ray Hudson: What an elbow drop!

Without hesitation, Ripley rolls out of the ring and begins digging under.

Wavy Crockett: And low and behold he needs more weapons…

Ripley pulls out a very small white packet and sets it on the edge of the ring, then reaches back under the ring.

Wavy Crockett: The fuck is that? Did he just rip the tag off the ring apron or something??

Ripley pulls out a bottle of what looks like lighter fluid and sets that next to the white packet, as some of the fans start getting rowdy when they have an idea of what might be about to happen.

Ray Hudson: I don’t think that was a tag, Wavy…

Ripley then pulls a table out from under the ring, and slides it in, around the packet and bottle.

Wavy Crockett: Did he have to move that little shit to get to the table? I’m so confused right now…

Ripley gets into the ring and Cain is already up, and stomps on him, preventing Ripley from getting to his feet.

Ray Hudson: Ripley spent too much time getting the table, and now Solomon’s back in control.

Cain pulls Ripley to his feet and Irish whips him to the ropes. Ripley bounces back and flies at Cain with a vicious Spear!!!

Ray Hudson: Spear!!!

Ripley heads over to the table, and picks it up. He begins to set the table up, as the fans are going nuts in the Magness Arena.

Wavy Crockett: But who you think going through that table though?, Ray?

Ripley looks down at the packet and bottle, then around the arena, as the fans get even louder.

Wavy Crockett: The fuck he bout to do, Ray?

Ripley grabs the packet and the bottle, opening the bottle, as he heads towards the table.

Wavy Crockett: Hold up…

Ray Hudson: Yeah…

Ripley squirts liquid all over the table, and then closes it back up.

Wavy Crockett: Naw, he ain’t bout to…?

Ripley holds the packet in the air, as the fans are really coming unglued.

Wavy Crockett: See, white people fucking crazy….

Cain comes up behind Ripley, spins him around hard, hooking him up, and gives him an exploder suplex across the ring.

Ray Hudson: Well, Solomon Cain stops that from happening!!

Cain looks around the ring for something, but doesn’t find what he is looking for.

Wavy Crockett: I think Solomon got a little bit more sense than to catch somebody partner. Or maybe, I don’t know…

As Ripley gets to his feet, he comes running at Cain and gets shot up over Cain’s head, sending him front flipping through the table!!

Ray Hudson: And Ripley has been put through the table!!!

Cain looks down at Ripley and around the arena, as the fans boo loudly.

Wavy Crockett: And look at this shit…. the fans mad because no one got caught on fire. That’s real foul, Ray. These people real foul…

Cain waves off the fans, and approaches Ripley on the shattered table.

Ray Hudson: Solomon Cain does not care how the feel.

Cain grabs Ripley’s leg and locks him into the Pain Game.

Ray Hudson: And this is the Pain Game. Ripley is locked in the Pain Game!!!

The ref checks on Ripley, and Ripley is shaking his head.

Wavy Crockett: This might be it…

Ripley somehow escapes, and both superstars get to their feet.

Ray Hudson: How did Ripley get out of that?!

Cain runs at Ripley with a big boot, but Ripley ducks, running to the ropes. Ripley bounces off, running at Cain with the Mark of Failure!! But Cain ducks under..

Wavy Crockett: Solomon ducks the Mark of Failure!!

As both superstars turn to each other, Cain kicks Ripley in the gut.

Ray Hudson: I can’t believe it!

Cain gives Ripley the Burnout!!!

Ray Hudson: Burnout!!!

Cain goes for the pin.





“Broken” by Pantera begins playing throughout the arena.

Byron Brown: And the winner of this match… “The Lost Child” Solomon Cain!!!

Cain celebrates his victory, as we fade to commercials break.

We return from commercial break and Mile High Wrestling Interviewer Meozha Zhanae is standing by with the Phoenix Champion; Alex “Bullet” Carbajal.

Meozha Zhanae: I’m standing by with our very first Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Champion; Alex “Bullet” Carbajal! How are you feeling tonight?

Bullet nods thoughtfully.

Alex “Bullet” Carbajal: Same way I always feel on fight night. Ready to watch the others’ fights, ready to jump in if somebody wants to step to my girls and ready to show the whole world that the Shieldmaidens are always ready to go no matter who it is!

Meozha Zhanae: Fair enough. That Ladder Match at The Rise In Phoenix got crazy. How did you feel about your chances, during the match?

Shaking her head slightly, Bullet shrugs off the question.

Alex “Bullet” Carbajal: I never thought about it that way. It’s never in question to me until the bell rings and they’re announcing a name. I’d bet money that Titaness felt the same way in that match. You look at her face when the match was over and she was angry with herself because she knew…

Bullet nods pointedly.

Alex “Bullet” Carbajal: She…knew… that it should have been hers and you know what? That’s not a weakness or a loser’s mentality, that’s what it takes to put yourself in position to win. As it turned out, I had what it takes that night so I’m standing here as the inaugural Phoenix Champion, but anyone who wants to question whether Titaness has it in her is either jealous or lying to themselves about her. You’re damn right it got crazy because that’s what happens when two imposing wills collide!

Meozha Zhanae: What were your emotions as you pulled the belt down from the hook and knew you were officially the Phoenix Champion?

Bullet takes a moment to contemplate and then nods.

Alex “Bullet” Carbajal: When I got my hands on this and pulled it down from that hook…

Bullet nods slowly, ominously.

Alex “Bullet” Carbajal: It was everything all of us had been working so hard for coming into Rise In Phoenix. All the work we put in at our day jobs to allow us to train, to get to where we could ride into Mile High Wrestling and show everybody that this isn’t any stupid TV show! This isn’t some fake poseur weekend warriors who have their bikes trucked in so they can pretend for Bike Week or Sturgis, this is who we are and we will not be denied. When I pulled this belt down it meant I was a champion but more than that, it meant the Shieldmaidens had gone three for three and proven that when there’s no more room in hell, not only do we roam the Earth, we run the caremonda!

Meozha Zhanae: Of coarse after the match it was revealed that Samantha Hamilton was the newest member of The Shieldmaidens? How did that make you feel?

Bullet can’t help but snicker and smirk.

Alex “Bullet” Carbajal: Like the night couldn’t get any better! You tell me after THAT fight, that the person who brought it to me so… is our new sister?

Bullet nods, slapping the belt as if clapping.

Alex “Bullet” Carbajal: I’m in, my vote is yay right now!

Meozha Zhanae: Would it have been different if she won the match?

Bullet shakes her head.

Alex “Bullet” Carbajal: Not for me, no.

Meozha Zhanae: So what’s next for Bullet?

Bullet smiles broadly.

Alex “Bullet” Carbajal: Keep riding like only we can! The Shieldmaidens are here and if you don’t know, you’re gonna learn! God is a Bullet!

Bullet nods, pointing her hand towards the camera, holding it in the shape of a gun.

Alex “Bullet” Carbajal: Bang!

Meozha Zhanae: Thank you for your time, Ms. Carbajal.

Layla Aishe
“California Princess” Ariana Bentley

The cameras return to the arena where “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron is playing throughout the arena, as Layla Aishe paces in the ring awaiting her opponent.

Ray Hudson: Well, now we have two brand new superstars to Mile High Wrestling about to debut against each other.

“Love Story” by Taylor Swift begins playing throughout the arena, as “California Princess” Ariana Bentley steps out from behind the curtains.

Byron Brown: The following match is for one fall!! Introducing first, already in the ring… weighing in at 120 pounds….. Layla Aishe!!!

Ariana begins walking down the ramp, smiling and waving to the crowd.

Byron Brown: And her opponent… weighing in at 132 pounds….. from Los Angeles, California……. “California Princess” Ariana Bentley!!!

As the song starts getting upbeat, she climbs up the stairs and starts smiling, waving, and blowing kisses to the crowd again. She gets in the ring and starts going to the corners of the ring blowing kisses to the crowd.


Referee Regina Ball calls for the bell and both ladies step up to the middle of the ring.

Ray Hudson: Let’s see what these ladies got, Wavy.

Both ladies lock up, and Ariana quickly takes her down with a headlock takedown.

Ray Hudson: The California Princess starting off with a headlock takedown!

Layla quickly gets back to her feet, only to be taken right back down with another headlock takedown.

Wavy Crockett: And to be honest, I was picturing the other chick dominating this match.

Layla gets back up again, and this time is brought back down to the mat with a simple wrestling takedown.

Ray Hudson: Well, the match just started…

This time Ariana grabs Layla’s legs and begins to hook her into the Boston crab.

Ray Hudson: Ariana going for a Boston crab!

Layla frees one of her legs and begins kicking at Ariana.

Ray Hudson: But Layla ain’t having it.

Layla kicks Ariana completely off of her, and is quick to get to her feet. Ariana runs at Layla and gets thrown across the ring with a belly to belly suplex.

Ray Hudson: Well, there you go, Wavy!

Layla quickly gets over to Ariana, grabbing her foot and hooking her in the ankle lock.

Ray Hudson: Layla is now in control..

The ref checks on Ariana, but Ariana is not giving up.

Wavy Crockett: If she taps out after coming in so strong…

Ariana front rolls, shooting Layla forward and flat on her face.

Wavy Crockett: There we go!

Both ladies get to their feet, and Layla quickly hits Ariana with an enziguri.

Ray Hudson: Real competitive match, so far.

Layla takes a moment, while Ariana very slowly gets back up.

Wavy Crockett: It’s been very fast paced.

As soon as Ariana gets to her feet, Layla takes her down with a clothesline.

Ray Hudson: Layla with a clothesline..

Ariana gets right back up only to be taken down with another clothesline.

Ray Hudson: Another one!

Ariana gets up quickly again, and Layla takes her down with a big boot.

Ray Hudson: She is on fire!

Ariana wobbles to her feet, and as Layla goes to grab her, Ariana gives her a tiger suplex out of nowhere.

Ray Hudson: And the California Princess comes back!

Ariana takes a moment, and then gets Layla to her feet, only to get shoved into the corner.

Wavy Crockett: They are back and forth in this one!

Layla runs at Ariana and hits her with a corner splash.

Ray Hudson: Layla with a corner splash to Ariana!

Layla takes a few steps back, as Ariana stumbles forward right into a snap suplex, that in amazing fashion she somehow lands on her feet from.

Wavy Crockett: WHOA!

Ray Hudson: She just landed on her feet!!! That looked amazing!!!

The fans go nuts for that reversal.

Wavy Crockett: How the hell, bro?

Both superstars turn to each other and Ariana hooks Layla into the kimura lock, but Layla quickly gets out of the hold before too much pressure is applied.

Ray Hudson: Kimura lock…

Wavy Crockett: Nope. She got out!

As both superstars get back to their feet, Layla sends a Superkick into Ariana’s face!!

Ray Hudson: Superkick!!!

Ariana only stumbles backwards, and then a few steps forward as Layla takes her down with In The Stars!!!

Ray Hudson: And that is In The Stars!!

Layla goes for the pin.



Ariana moves up and quickly hooks in The Tiara, out of nowhere!!!

Ray Hudson: Wait a damn second?!

Wavy Crockett: Holy shit!

The ref checks on Layla, who is trying to stay strong.

Ray Hudson: Where did Ariana find the energy??

Layla taps out!!!


Wavy Crockett: She did that.

“Love Story” by Taylor Swift plays throughout the arena.

Byron Brown: And the winner of the match… “California Princess” Ariana Bentley!!!!

Ariana Bentley celebrates, as the fans cheer for her.

Ray Hudson: An amazing victory for the California Princess…

As the fans are cheering for Ariana’s victory, Jordan Hagan is down at ringside.

Wavy Crockett: The hell he doing?

Ray Hudson: We send it to Jordan Hagan who is out here to interview another one of our new superstars.

Jordan Hagan: Thanks guys, I’m here with Mile High Wrestling’s newest signee, Jansen Myrrh.

Jansen is sitting in the front row watching all the matches as she stands up as Jordan approaches and she nods her head with a smile.

Jansen Myrrh: I’m actually really excited about being here. I’ve been taking on all comers and my win-loss record might not be that great, I’m definitely giving my all out there in the ring. I have much to live up to.

Jordan Hagan: Now that you bring that you, you have a great wrestling pedigree. Your uncle was the former multiple time IAW Heavyweight Champion of the World, Dandy Myrrh.

Jansen Myrrh: Actually, he’s the reason I’m here today. We were very close and it was very sudden, his passing. I had just entered wrestling school when he died and now I want to do everything I can to live up to the name of my uncle Dandy.

Jordan Hagan: Rumors are swirling backstage that you might be in line to debut on the first episode of Thursday Night Throwdown.

Jansen laughs.

Jansen Myrrh: I sure hope so! I didn’t come to Mile High Wrestling to sit in the audience. I want to get out there and show everyone what I can do in that ring.

Jordan Hagan: Anyone in particular you’d like to get into the ring with?

Jansen Myrrh: The California Princess seems like she’d be a great candidate, but nothing is set in stone. I’m completely open to whoever the Macks think would be the best fit for me.

Jordan Hagan: Rumor has it that you’ve been hanging around with “Better Than You” Paul Banter who wrestles in Texas and Indiana.

Jansen Myrrh: Well, I’d call it a respectful relationship. Paul picked me completely out of the blue to be his tag team partner in a tag tournament and so far we’re doing okay. Made it to the next round and hopefully to the one after that. Paul has been very helpful in steering me in the right direction, giving me some guidance. You can only learn so much at wrestling school and I’m completely happy training out at Rose City Academy, but experience like Paul has is crucial to development as well.

Jordan Hagan: I’ve been told you’re working on a special finisher.

Jansen Myrrh: It’s special to me, whether it is to anyone else or not. My Uncle Dandy used to finish off his opponents with the Myrrh-driver, which is a version of the piledriver and I have been working on it for several months now and hopefully, it’ll help me get to where I want to be here in Mile High and that’s on a winning streak.

Jordan Hagan: Well, hopefully we will see you and the Myrrh-driver debut here at Mile High Wrestling on the first edition of Thursday Throwdown on August 2nd, right here on Rhe SE Network.

Jansen Myrrh: I can certainly hope so!

Jansen waves to those in the audience as she retakes her seat.

Jordan Hagan: Guys, let’s get back to you.

Ray Hudson: And we are gonna take a quick commercial break. We will be back with more…

“Are you dizzy blud?”

“What kind of things that you have
When I find out don’t expect me to stop”

Ray Hudson: Here comes our new champion! Welcome back, folks…

As we return from commercial break, the sound of Tempa T’s “Next Hype” fills the arena and the fans rise to their feet in anticipation of the Mile High Wrestling Champion’s arrival. They don’t have to wait long as Skrabal Stanzas soon appears on the stage with a huge smile on his face, but apparently without his newly one championship belt.

Wavy Crockett: Candi gon get it right back, Ray.

The fans are loud and somewhat split in their reactions to the new Mile High Wrestling Champion, with some boos being heard among the cheering.

Ray Hudson: Well, it sure wasn’t an easy win for Skrabz, but he is our new champion.

As Skrabz casually walks across the entrance way towards the aisle, he lifts his black Toll Gang hoody slightly, revealing the gleaming Mile High Wrestling Championship belt beneath it, strapped tightly around his waist. He pauses where the entrance stage meets the aisle and moves his hands behind his back to unclasp the belt. He grasps it in his right hand as it falls from his waist and in a slow, deliberate movement he raises the belt high into the air while scanning the crowd from side to side with a smug look of self-satisfaction on his face.

Wavy Crockett: A temp champ.

The fans’ reaction remains mixed but the boos increase in volume. Skrabal laughs as he lowers the belt and then begins his slow, confident swagger to the ring, bouncing with every step. He holds the Mile High Wrestling Championship in his right hand lazily by his side, causing it to drag along the floor next to him as he moves down the aisle. He reaches the ringside area and throws the belt over the top rope and into the ring with blatant disregard, then he rolls under the bottom rope, entering the ring.

Ray Hudson: Later tonight Skrabz will be teaming up with Azurine Vebbins and our latest big signee; Tyke Index, to take on Forge and two of our Shieldmaidens.

Skrabz picks the Mile High Wrestling Championship up as he rises to his feet then climbs the corner closest to the announce table, where he again slowly lifts the belt into the air with his right hand while looking arrogantly out into the crowd who remain split in their reaction. Skrabal hops down from the turnbuckle and slings the belt over his right shoulder then takes a microphone from the pocket of his loose-fitting grey sweat pants.

Wavy Crockett: And we know who’s going to win that Six Man Tag. Not this temp champ…

The music fades out and Skrabz stands in the ring listening the mixture of boos and cheers. After a few seconds he holds his right hand slightly up and out in front of him then moves it through the air in a “zip it” gesture, the crowd falls silent and he lifts the microphone to his mouth while smiling.

Skrabz: I saaaaiiiiid….

Skrabz slowly raises the belt in the air once again with his right hand, and the crowd erupts with boos and cheers. He lowers the belt back on to his shoulder and continues.

Skrabz: I said I’ma be the next Mile High Wrestling Champion and as ya shoulda all done worked out by now… man like Skrabz be a man of his word.

Skrabz tilts the mic away from his mouth and smirks as the fans continue to boo and cheer.

Skrabz: From day dot I made it clear that if it ain’t Skrabz it ain’t matter and now, after two long months the Mile High Championship finally matter.

Skrabz smirks and shakes his head before once again lifting the title in the air with his right hand, causing the fans to grow louder.

Skrabz: And now I got it I’ma keep it, trust!

Lowering the belt back on to his right shoulder, Skrabz continues.

Skrabz: But I know there be a certain few people in the back there who gonna wanna get this title work and let me tell ya, man like Skrabz is an equal opportunities employer fam, no discriminatin’. So I ain’t care who or what you are, ya want this strap? All ya gotta do is climb in this ring and try takin’ it.

Skrabal pauses again and as he does a small Candi Bratton chant breaks out. Skrabz is visibly surprised by this, cocking his head slightly and raising his eyebrows, which only encourages the fans to chant louder.

Skrabz: Ya-nah you right, you right. It could be Candi.

The fans cheer loudly for the former Mile High Wrestling Champion.

Skrabz: Or it could be man like Forge.

Mixed reactions for The Martyr Machine, but either cheer or boo the fans are loud for him.

Skrabz: Or it could be gyal like Azurine.

The boos morph straight in to a “shush my tush” chant as the crowd shows their appreciation for The Adorkable Angel.

Skrabz: Shit… it could even be some new man like Solomon Cain wantin’ to add some weight to they name but at the end of the day it ain’t a ting. I ain’t care if you earn it, ya steal it or if ya handpicked for the spot… fact is you stand in front a me actin’ bad and I’m a put you on time out, on a naughty step vibe, standard!

Skrabz lowers the mic again and walks to the ropes smiling and laughing with the Mile High Wrestling Championship still resting over his right shoulder.

Ray Hudson: The champ said he’s ready for any and all challengers…

Leaning on the top rope he looks out into the rabid crowd for a few seconds before lifting the mic to continue but just as he goes to speak, the arena goes completely black and all you hear over the PA system is, “Oh, yo, yo!”, then a small pause. On the tron appears the words: “Hell is empty and the Maidens are here.” Then the lyrics to Five Finger Death Punch’s “Jekyll and Hyde” start.

Wavy Crockett: Uh oh. He’s in trouble now…

“There’s just so much Goddamn weight on my shoulders; All I’m try’na do is live my mother fucking life. Supposed to be happy but I’m only getting colder. Wear a smile on my face but there’s a demon inside.”

The lyrics repeat once more, and as the drums start, the lights in the arena start flashing with the beat. At the :25 mark, the music stops for a few moments. The lights go black once more. And 5 seconds later, the music kicks up again and the lights come on.

“Oh, yo, yo. There’s a demon inside! Oh, yo, yo. Just like Jekyll and Hyde! Oh, yo, yo. There’s a demon inside! Oh, yo, yo. Just like Jekyll and Hyde!”

Ray Hudson: And here comes Robi Jean Mitchell and her Shieldmaidens.

On the stage stands the Shieldmaidens. R.J. standing at the head of the pack. Alex “Bullet” Carbajal to the right of her, Jackie “Bandit” Layton to the left with Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton, Ophelia “Widow” Blaque, and Fianna Donnelly standing behind her. At the :50 mark there’s a few second pause then the music picks up again.

“There’s just so much goddamned weight on your shoulders; That you can’t just live your mother fucking life. The story’s getting old and my heart is getting colder. I just wanna be Jekyll; but I’m always fighting Hyde.”

This is when The Shieldmaidens start down the ramp toward the ring.

“You’ve got rocks in your head, I can hear them rollin’ ‘round. You say that you’re above it, but you’re always fallin’ down. Is there a method to your madness, is it all about pride? Everyone I know, they’ve got a demon inside!”

As the last word was screamed out, The Shieldmaidens all slide into the ring. Like a sultry dancer, RJ rises in the middle of the ring. And as she stands there posing, the music begins to slow.

“Oh, yo, yo. All I’m try’na do is live my mother fucking life. Oh, yo, yo. Wear a smile on my face; but there’s a demon inside. Oh, yo, yo. All I’m try’na do is live my mother fucking life. Oh, yo, yo. Wear a smile on my face; BUT THERE’S A DEMON INSIDE!!”

RJ Mitchell stands face to face with Skrabz, as the fans are chanting, “This is awesome!” The other five Shieldmaidens are all standing behind her, staring at Skrabz, also.

Ray Hudson: The fans really enjoying this moment.

Skrabz smirks and raises the mic to his mouth, but RJ grabs the top of it slowly, and takes it out of his hand, as the fans get super loud.

Wavy Crockett: On some gangsta shit!!!

RJ drops the mic and shakes her head, before placing her hand on the championship belt over Skrabz’ shoulder.

Ray Hudson: Robi Jean surely letting it be clear…

RJ mouths the word “Mine” looking directly into Skrabz’ eyes, before turning around and exiting the ring as Five Finger Death Punch’s “Jekyll and Hyde” begins playing again. The other Shieldmaidens give Skrabz one more look, before following the leader.

Ray Hudson: Interesting moment for sure. We gotta take a break. Stay tuned…

We fade to a commercial break.

Rock N’ Roll God
“The Party Boy” Chris Mosh

We are back from commercial break as “I’m The One” by DJ Khaled ft Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Quavo, and Lil Wayne hits and “Mosh” shows up on the titantron, then shows “Mosh” on black as it zooms out to show it is on a hoody, as “The Party Boy” Chris Mosh turns around.

Byron Brown: The following match is for one fall!! Introducing first… weighing in at 210 pounds….. residing in Las Vegas, Nevada……. “The Party Boy” Chris Mosh!!!

Mosh walks down the ramp slapping hands with fans. Mosh walks around the ring slapping hands with the fans around the ring. Mosh gets to the commentary table and slaps hands with Ray Hudson and tries to get a high five from Wavy Crockett, but he still leaves Mosh hanging.

Ray Hudson: Still being a hater huh?

Mosh just shrugs and goes back around the ring slapping hands with rest of the fans. When Mosh gets back to the bottom of the ramp he climbs up on the apron then jumps over the ropes. Chris Mosh slaps hands with Byron Brown, then spins into the middle of the ring as the camera zooms into The Party Boy smirking with a wink into the camera.

Wavy Crockett: I ain’t no hater, Ray. He just hasn’t earned my respect…

Ray Hudson: Well nonetheless, welcome back to Mile High Wrestling, ladies and gentlemen.

The lights turn off…Then red & blue lights flicker on as “Sweet Child O’Mine” by Guns N’ Roses’ opening riff plays. The crowd cheers. As the song continues, Rock N’ Roll God comes walking out. He has a smile on his face as he is playing his silver guitar.

Byron Brown: And his opponent… weighing in at 235 pounds….. from West Hollywood, California……. “The One and Only” Rock N’ Roll God!!!

God makes his way down to the ring and he lets the fans touch him as he passes them. He slides the guitar under the bottom rope and rolls in. He hands off the guitar and he stands in the ring.


Both superstars shake hands, as Referee John Vigil calls for the bell.

Ray Hudson: A show of respect from both superstars.

Out of nowhere, Mosh sends the Party Pooper at God, but God catches his foot.

Ray Hudson: Party Poo…no!!! Rock N’ Roll God catches Mosh’s foot!

God pushes Mosh’s foot with force, making Mosh spin in a 360, right into a little Rock N’ Roll History by Rock N’ Roll God himself!!!

Ray Hudson: Rock N’ Roll History!!!

God goes for the pin.

Wavy Crockett: Well damn. Is this it?





Wavy Crockett: That’s all she wrote…

“Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses begins playing throughout the arena.

Byron Brown: And the winner of this match….. Rock N’ Roll God!!!

Rock N’ Roll God celebrates his victory before the cameras quickly go backstage, where Solomon Cain and Ripley are throwing punches at each other.

Ray Hudson: We’re getting word that Solomon Cain and Ripley are fighting backstage¡

Ripley throws Solomon Cain through a big backstage glass window!!

Wavy Crockett: Oh shit!!

Security pulls Ripley away, as backstage personnel check on Cain.

Ray Hudson: These two absolutely do not like each other. We have to take a break…

We fade to a commercial break.

Cameras cut to the backstage area after a brief commercial break, with Mile High Wrestling Jordan Hagan being the first thing the fans see when the show comes back on. He smiles at the camera, lifting the mic to his lips.

Jordan Hagan: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m standing by with the man who defeated “Pretty” Ricky Stanton one week ago, in a Steel Cage Match at The Rise In Phoenix… Trenton ‘Forge’ Mitchell! How are you feeling tonight, Mr. Mitchell?

The camera pans over as he poses his question, showing the imposing form of Forge standing by. He still wears the wounds of war from the cage match but instead of making him look weathered and pained, he looks more dangerous instead. Looking down at Jordan, he shakes his head once.

Forge: Mr. Mitchell? Seriously?

Jordan Hagan: Just being respectful…

Forge shakes his head again, popping his neck slightly.

Forge: It’s unnecessary.

Jordan Hagan: Um… all right, then. Forge. How are you feeling tonight after that brutal match a week ago?

Forge: Better than I did before it. You hear that, Jordan?

Forge puts a hand to his ear, making a bit of a show out of listening for something that, apparently, only he can hear. Jordan does his level best, but…

Jordan Hagan: I’m sorry, I don’t hear anything.

Forge: Exactly. No bragging about money and influence and prowess. Not anymore. All it took was one fight, Jordan, and now? Nothing. Music to my ears.

Jordan Hagan: Everything you said you would do at The Rise, you did. Do you feel like you’re finished with Ricky Stanton?

Forge: Until the moment he strolls back in here talking like he owns the place? Yeah. On to bigger and better things.

Nodding a little, Jordan moves on to his next question while Forge just… looms there over him.

Jordan Hagan: Earlier tonight, your wife Robi Jean Mitchell officially announced her interest in becoming the next Mile High Wrestling Champion. You supported that on Twitter last week. When do you think we will see the Martyr Machine go for the gold?

Forge: When I’m ready. Robi kicked things off here and she’s been stomping ass from the start. She’s undefeated and after tonight she’ll own a win over the World Heavyweight Champion, just a prelude to her actually owning that championship.

Jordan Hagan: Does that mean you wouldn’t challenge her for the title should she win it?

Forge’s response is a cold stare, prompting Jordan to drop the question and move on quickly.

Jordan Hagan: Right, so… the question is; what’s next for you?

Forge: Mile High Wrestling keeps lining people up and I keep tearing them to pieces. Beyond that, I’m not thinking too far ahead. Tyke Index, Azzy Vebbins and Skrabz are next on the list, and they’re in for a world of hurt against myself and the Shieldmaidens.

Jordan Hagan: Is there anyone in particular that you have your eyes on?

Smirking a little, Forge puts a heavy hand on Jordan’s shoulder which actually seems to weigh him down a bit… as well as making him ill-at-ease.

Forge: You want the truth on that?

Jordan Hagan: Um… sure?


Jordan blinks a little as Forge leans in, shrinking back a bit.

Forge: I’m not stopping what I do here until I’ve ripped everyone in this locker room apart. Candi Bratton? Solomon Cain? Rock N’ Roll God? Line them up and I’ll mow them down, sport. Violently, bloodily… with finality. It doesn’t matter who’s across the ring from me, Jordan. It’s about damn time people get that into their heads.

Nodding, Jordan makes an attempt to straighten up but that hand is keeping him down a bit.

Jordan Hagan: Tonight, you are in one of the biggest main event matches in Mile High Wrestling history. What are your thoughts going into that?

Forge: So I didn’t make that clear already? Samantha, Robi and I are going to run an ass-kicking train on those three, sending Tyke scrambling to whatever hole he crawled out of and scaring Azzy into half-galloping, half-stumbling back to her Mistress with a few new scars. And Skrabz?

Finally moving his hand, Forge cracks his knuckles.

Forge: I’ll make him beg.

Thankful now that he’s out of questions, Jordan stammers out…

Jordan Hagan: Thank you for your time, Tren-… er, Forge.

Inclining his chin curtly, Forge turns and walks out of sight.

Jackie “Bandit” Layton
The Dustwalker: Caden Walker

The cameras return to the arena where “Deathride” by The Union Underground is playing throughout. The Dustwalker: Caden Walker is standing in the ring, waiting for his opponent.

Ray Hudson: One of our newest superstars to sign with Mile High Wrestling…

With the lights dimmed, The Shieldmaidens’ motto, “Hell is empty and the Maidens are here!” comes up on the Tron. The Real McKenzies’ “Pour Decisions” starts with its pounding drumming. As the song swings into the main riff, Jackie “Bandit” Layton comes almost skipping out, wearing her Mile High Wrestling Tag Team Championship belt around her waist; Ophelia “Widow” Blaque, with her Tag Title belt, and Fianna Donnelly both following out behind her.

Byron Brown: The following match is for one fall!! In the ring already… weighing in at 275 pounds….. from San Antonio, Texas…… The Dustwalker: Caden Walker!!!

The other two Shieldmaidens escort Bandit to the ring, as she bounces and skips along as if she has not a care in the world.

Byron Brown: And his opponent… weighing in at 120 pounds….. from New Orleans, Louisiana……. she is being accompanied to the ring by her fellow Shieldmaidens… one half of the Mile High Wrestling Tag Team Champions….. Jackie “Bandit” Layton!!!

Bandit slips into the ring and pops up onto the second turnbuckles, raising her hands in the air, welcoming the reaction from the crowd.


Referee Jack Glascock calls for the bell, and Bandit steps up to the center of the ring.

Ray Hudson: And Bandit is ready to go!

Wavy Crockett: These Shieldmaidens ain’t no joke!

Walker stares at Bandit, as Bandit raises her eyebrow, before looking down at The Shieldmaidens, seeing if they see this guy.

Ray Hudson: And The Dustwalker seems to want Bandit to come to him…

Bandit runs at Walker with a missile dropkick, forcing him into the corner.

Wavy Crockett: He ain’t ready!

Bandit quickly gets to her feet and starts unloading kicks into Walker, as he still stares at her.

Ray Hudson: He seems to unaffected, Wavy…

Bandit takes a few steps back and runs at Walker with a knee into his face.

Wavy Crockett: That had to hurt him!

Walker stumbles right into a running bulldog from Bandit.

Ray Hudson: And Bandit indeed gets him down.

Bandit quickly goes to the top rope, as the fans get to their feet.

Ray Hudson: Is she going for the Snowbird Splash already?

Bandit jumps off, onto Walker, with a moonsault, but Walker brings his knees up.

Ray Hudson: And Caden brings his knees up!

Bandit rolls around in pain, as Walker gets to his feet.

Ray Hudson: Caden Walker is stalking his prey..

Walker mounts Bandit and begins unloading rights and lefts into Bandit’s skull.

Wavy Crockett: This is a weird man, Ray. But he still stands no chance against a Shieldmaiden…

Walker gets to his feet and stomps on Bandit one good time.

Ray Hudson: He’s doing fine, it looks like to me…

Walker walks around the ring, staring out into the Denver crowd.

Wavy Crockett: For now…

Bandit begins to get to her feet, as Walker takes notice.

Ray Hudson: Bandit IS undefeated.

Walker focuses on Bandit as she fully stands up, and gives her the Light’s Out as soon as she gets to her feet!!

Ray Hudson: And that is called Light’s Out!

Walker quickly grabs Bandit by the hair and yanks her to her feet, placing her head between his legs.

Ray Hudson: And it looks like he’s going to go for his South Texas Death Ride…

Walker flips her up in position for the South Texas Death Ride, but as he starts running with her, she gives him a hurricanrana, sending him flying out of the ring.

Ray Hudson: And it’s reversed into a hurricanrana!!!

Walker wobbles to his feet, and quickly rolls back into the ring and gets the One-Armed Bandit as soon as he stands before Jackie Layton!!

Ray Hudson: One-Armed Bandit!!!

Bandit quickly runs to the corner, and climbs to the top rope, as the fans start cheering loudly.

Wavy Crockett: I think she’s about to end it here, Ray…

Bandit comes off the top with the Snowbird Splash!!!

Ray Hudson: Snowbird Splash!!!

Bandit hooks the leg of Walker.





Ray Hudson: Another victory for The Shieldmaidens.

“Pour Decisions” by The Real McKenzies begins playing throughout the arena.

Byron Brown: And the winner of this match… Jackie “Bandit” Layton!!!

Ray Hudson: And we’ll be right back, with out main event…

Widow and Fianna get into the ring and celebrate with their fellow Shieldmaiden, as we fade to commercials break.

Six Person Tag Team Match
Skrabz, Azurine Vebbins, and Tyke Index
Forge, RJ Mitchell, and Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton

We return from our break, where the opening saxophone of “Jubel” by Klingande begins to play over the PA. As it speeds up, eventually it hits a crescendo into a drop.

“Save me”

Ray Hudson: Welcome back to the show, and it’s the official Mile High debut of Tyke Index!

Byron Brown: The following match is the main event of the evening!! And it’s a Six Man Tag Team Match for one fall!!! Introducing first… weighing in at 200 pounds….. residing in Brooklyn, New York……. he is the “King of Coke Mountain” Tyke Index!!!

Tyke Index appears from behind the curtain with a hood over his head just as the chorus rolls. There is rapturous jeers from the crowd as Tyke poses at the bottom of the ring steps, before entering the ring.


The lights go off and when they come back on, Tyke is sitting in his corner.

Ray Hudson: This Six Man Tag Match is literally huge. This is a big main event…

“Problem” by Postmodern Jukebox begins to play throughout the arena, as “The Adorkable Angel” Azurine Vebbins has a solitary spotlight follow her from the entrance ramp to the northern-facing ring apron. Along the way, Ms. Vebbins pirouettes, skanks, and twirls like a whirling dervish down to the ring. Most fans break out with chants of “Shush my tush!”

Byron Brown: And one of his tag team partners… weighing in at 115 pounds….. residing in Malibu, California……. “The Adorkable Angel” Azurine Vebbins!!!

Unabashed she keeps dancing until getting onto the northern ringside apron and climbing through the middle and bottom ring ropes. Upon entering the ring, she dutifully awaits referee instruction as well as announcer introductions.

Ray Hudson: This is an awesome team of superstars…

Tempa T’s “Next Hype” starts to play, the beat builds for ten seconds and then Skrabal Stanzas can be heard saying “Are you dizzy blud?”. The beat explodes and Tempa T immediately comes in with his lyrics.

“What kind of things that you have
When I find out don’t expect me to stop
I’ll come for the P’s that you stack
And come for all the food that you plot
Better hand over the bag
Your boys don’t wanna see you shot
If I kick down the door to your flat
Dun Know I’ll clear out your house on the spot”

Skrabal Stanzas comes walking out from the back and poses with his arms stretched out, wearing his brand new Mile High Wrestling Championship belt around his waist.

Byron Brown: And their tag team partner… weighing in at 195 pounds….. from Margate, England……. he is your new Mile High Wrestling Champion… Skrabz!!!

“CLEAR! All the things in your house
CLEAR! All the things in your fridge
SMASH! All your plates from your rack
CLEAR! All of your kids’ toys
CLEAR! All of your CD rack
Won’t get none of your CD’s back”

Skrabz walks to the ring, his slow but deliberate swagger in direct contrast with the hype beat and aggressive lyrics.

“I have to punch up guys
Guys try it with me, I don’t know why
Bax! Pax man straight in his eyes
They floored me, I was looking at the sky
Par! Now I have to go blind
That boy there I swear he gonna die
You’re not bad you’re a mug don’t think you’re a guy
When I slap man you won’t be alright”

Skrabz walks up the steps and climbs into the ring. He stands in the corner of the ring and leans back against the turnbuckle with his arms folded across his chest as the music fades out.

Ray Hudson: And it’s now time for the other team…

The arena goes completely black and all you hear over the PA system is, “Oh, yo, yo!”, then a small pause. On the tron appears the words: “Hell is empty and the Maidens are here.” Then the lyrics to Five Finger Death Punch’s “Jekyll and Hyde” start.

“There’s just so much Goddamn weight on my shoulders; All I’m try’na do is live my mother fucking life. Supposed to be happy but I’m only getting colder. Wear a smile on my face but there’s a demon inside.”

The lyrics repeat once more, and as the drums start, the lights in the arena start flashing with the beat. At the :25 mark, the music stops for a few moments. The lights go black once more. And 5 seconds later, the music kicks up again and the lights come on.

“Oh, yo, yo. There’s a demon inside! Oh, yo, yo. Just like Jekyll and Hyde! Oh, yo, yo. There’s a demon inside! Oh, yo, yo. Just like Jekyll and Hyde!”

On the stage stands the Shieldmaidens. R.J. standing at the head of the pack. Alex “Bullet” Carbajal to the right of her, Jackie “Bandit” Layton to the left with Ophelia “Widow” Blaque and Fianna Donnelly standing behind her. At the :50 mark there’s a few second pause then the music picks up again.

Byron Brown: And their opponents… introducing first… weighing in at 135 pounds….. from New Orleans, Louisiana……. Robi Jean Mitchell!!!

“There’s just so much goddamned weight on your shoulders; That you can’t just live your mother fucking life. The story’s getting old and my heart is getting colder. I just wanna be Jekyll; but I’m always fighting Hyde.”

This is when The Shieldmaidens start down the ramp toward the ring.

“You’ve got rocks in your head, I can hear them rollin’ ‘round. You say that you’re above it, but you’re always fallin’ down. Is there a method to your madness, is it all about pride? Everyone I know, they’ve got a demon inside!”

As the last word was screamed out, Robi slid into the ring. Like a sultry dancer, she rises in the middle of the ring. And as she stands there posing, the music begins to slow.

“Oh, yo, yo. All I’m try’na do is live my mother fucking life. Oh, yo, yo. Wear a smile on my face; but there’s a demon inside. Oh, yo, yo. All I’m try’na do is live my mother fucking life. Oh, yo, yo. Wear a smile on my face; BUT THERE’S A DEMON INSIDE!!”

Wavy Crockett: That’s a bad ass woman right there, Ray.

The roar of a motorcycle engine reverberates through the sound system while two spotlights situated on the stage glare straight ahead in the otherwise-dark arena like two giant headlights. As the grinding guitars and overpowering drums of Metallica’s “Hardwired” start up, a tall figure steps out onto the stage, little more than a living shadow between the bright lights. He strides out to the ramp, the lights going up at this point to show Trenton “Forge” Mitchell standing at the apex. Slamming his taped right fist into his left palm, he pops his neck to one side, then the other, before heading down to the ring, the encroaching hands of the fans all but ignored.

Byron Brown: And one of her tag team partners… weighing in at 253 pounds….. from Plant City, Florida……. Forge!!!

Pulling himself onto the apron via the middle rope, Forge turns to look out at the masses peppered with several swooning ladies, then steps fully into the ring. Ascending the turnbuckles, the tattooed powerhouse slides off his cut and holds it high in the air, gripped tightly in his fist… a show of pride toward his club. Dropping back down, he hands it to the attendant with a stern warning to take damn good care of it. Leaning back against the turnbuckles, the stoic biker awaits the start of the match in silence.

Ray Hudson: And now it’s time to see the newest Shieldmaiden…

As the actual lyrics of “You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies begins playing, Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton saunters down the ramp. A sense of determination and resolve can always be found in her eyes. Despite wearing a more stern and serious expression, she’s not one to ignore any fans or supporters. Every now and again, she gives a wave or slight smirk. More often than not, however, The Titaness sticks to her more serious and stoic look.

Byron Brown: And their tag team partner… weighing in at 145 pounds….. from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida……. Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton!!!

When Sam finally gets in front of the ropes, she simply steps over the top ropes.


Senior referee Michael Mack calls for the bell, and it looks like we’re starting off Azurine and Sam.

Ray Hudson: And look who we’re starting off with, Wavy.

Sam runs at Azurine with a spear, and Azurine side steps. Sam stops herself by grabbing the ropes.

Wavy Crockett: These two women know each other too well..

Sam turns around into a kneestrike by Azurine.

Ray Hudson: Azurine getting the upper hand, already.

Azurine moves behind Sam and hooks her in a sleeper hold, but Sam pulls her forward over her head and down onto the ring mat.

Wavy Crockett: It always ends up being so back and forth with these two.

Azurine gets up and turns right into Sam, who grabs her neck ready to chokeslam The Adorkable Angel.

Ray Hudson: The Titaness going for a chokeslam!

Azurine hits Sam with an open palm strike, but Sam holds her grip.

Wavy Crockett: Dat Azz is tryna fight out of it.

Azurine hits Sam with a second open palm strike, and Sam still holds on tight.

Ray Hudson: No luck…

Azurine gives Sam a hard knee strike, and Sam let’s go and stumbles a couple steps back.

Wavy Crockett: There she goes!

Azurine runs the opposite direction, bouncing off the ropes and comes back with a jumping clothesline, but she is caught in another one armed chokehold by Sam.

Wavy Crockett: Oh shit!

Sam chokeslams Azurine down onto the ring mat.

Ray Hudson: Chokeslam to The Adorkable Angel!

Sam quickly gets Azurine into a crucifix, applying serious pressure.

Wavy Crockett: This isn’t good for Vebbins!

The ref checks on Azurine.

Ray Hudson: The Titaness applying pressure here..

Tyke Index comes out of nowhere and pulls Sam off of Azurine.

Ray Hudson: Wait a minute!

Forge quickly gets into the ring, and Michael Mack quickly stops him.

Wavy Crockett: Forge bout to get you, boy!

Tyke Index backs back into his corner, while laughing and talking trash to Forge, angering The Martyr Machine.

Ray Hudson: And Tyke Index has been trying to get under Forge’s skin all week on Twitter.

Sam stares a hole through Tyke, before turning back to Azurine, who is slowly getting up.

Wavy Crockett: Didn’t Tyke and Sam used to date or something?

Ray Hudson: I don’t believe so..

Sam get Azurine to her feet and puts her head between her legs and powerbombs her to the mat with impact.

Ray Hudson: Powerbomb to Azzy!

Sam goes to her corner and tags in RJ.

Ray Hudson: And Robi Jean Mitchell has been tagged in!

RJ comes in looking over at Tyke and Skrabz.

Wavy Crockett: She’s glowing in confidence!

RJ stomps on Azurine, keeping her eyes on the other two, making sure they are watching.

Ray Hudson: The President of The Shieldmaidens wants all eyes on her.

Wavy Crockett: And they are…

RJ runs to the ropes, jumping up and springboarded off with a moonsault onto Azurine.

Ray Hudson: Beautiful springboard moonsault onto Ms. Vebbins!

RJ goes for the pin.

Wavy Crockett: Going for the three…



Wavy Crockett: Kickout!

RJ mounts Azurine and begins throwing rights and lefts.

Ray Hudson: Robi laying into Azurine.

Azurine throws RJ off of her, and starts to get up, only to be kicked in the ribs by RJ, who was quicker to get back to her feet.

Wavy Crockett: Showing everyone who is the most dominate.

RJ grabs Azurine’s leg and starts pulling her to the middle of the ring.

Ray Hudson: She surely came out victorious in an amazing match last week.

Azurine starts kicking at RJ.

Ray Hudson: Azzy fighting back!

Azurine kicks RJ back and rolls over to her corner, jumping and tagging in Tyke Index.

Ray Hudson: And in comes Tyke Index, who seems to have an interest in Mrs. Mitchell…

Tyke Index gets into the ring smiling at RJ, as the fans cheer loudly.

Wavy Crockett: Forge gon retire that boy….

Tyke takes a moment to look around the Magness Arena and feel the energy.

Ray Hudson: The Mile High Wrestling fans really into Tyke Index…

Forge ask RJ to tag him in, and with a grin on her face she tags in her husband.

Wavy Crockett: Out shit! Here we go!

Forge gets into the ring, smirking, not taking Tyke Index serious at all.

Wavy Crockett: Forge bout to kill you, homie…

Tyke Index steps to the middle of the ring, and tells Forge to come on.

Wavy Crockett: This guy has a death wish….

Forge points at himself and looks back at his tag team partners wondering if Tyke is sure that’s what he wants. RJ and Sam tell him to go show him.

Ray Hudson: Let’s see if Tyke can back up his mouth, here.

Forge steps up to Tyke and throws a punch, but Tyke ducks, quickly getting behind him and dropping him with a rolling German suplex.

Ray Hudson: Well…

Tyke taunts Forge, with a smirk on his face, as the fans cheer.

Wavy Crockett: This dude mental….

Forge gets back to his feet with a more serious look now. Forge runs at his opponent with a Piston Kick, and Tyke ducks under, going behind Forge again, and dropping him with another rolling German suplex.

Ray Hudson: Tyke ducking under the Piston Kick!!

Tyke Index goes to his corner and fake yawns, showing Denver that he is bored.

Ray Hudson: Tyke is on fire!

Wavy Crockett: No he ain’t…

Forge gets to his feet, and both superstars meet back face to face in the middle of the ring. Both superstars are talking trash.

Wavy Crockett: It’s bout to get real, now!

Forge lunges his head at Tyke, and Tyke pulls his head back in time, and then uppercuts the Martyr Machine.

Ray Hudson: Tyke really staying on top of Forge!

Tyke throws a forearm smash at Forge.

Wavy Crockett: Y’all always forget how all this doesn’t really matter…

Forge comes back with a powerful standing clothesline that just about takes Tyke’s head off.

Wavy Crockett: Told you!!!!

Tyke wobbles back to his feet and eats another clothesline from Forge.

Wavy Crockett: Stop sleeping on Forge, Ray!!

Ray Hudson: I’m not…

As Tyke stumbles back to his feet, Forge goes for another clothesline, but Tyke ducks under, runs to the ropes, jumps up to the middle rope and springboards around at Forge who catches him into the Chrome Bomb!!!

Wavy Crockett: Chrome Bomb, bitch!!!

Forge backs up and looks down at Tyke, with a smirk. He tells Tyke, “Welcome to my show, boy!”

Wavy Crockett: Ahaahhahahhaha!!!

Ray Hudson: Forge in control, now.

Tyke starts sliding his body to his corner, but Forge stops him with a powerful stomp to the ribs.

Wavy Crockett: No tag for you, buddy!

Forge mounts Tyke and begins laying into him with rights and lefts.

Ray Hudson: Forge beating into Tyke Index.

Forge then drives his elbow into Tyke’s forehead twice, before getting to his feet.

Wavy Crockett: An animal!!

Sam is asking for a tag.

Ray Hudson: Looks like Ms. Hamilton wants a piece of Tyke Index..

The camera reveals that Tyke Index is bleeding from his forehead.

Wavy Crockett: And there go the weekly blood at the hands of Forge!

Forge goes ahead and tags in Sam. Sam returns to the match.

Ray Hudson: And here she comes!

Tyke is to his knees, as he looks at The Titaness, with blood on his face. Sam shakes her head at her former friend.

Wavy Crockett: This is what happens when you try to play with the Martyr Machine, Ray…

Tyke flips Sam off, and Sam comes at him, but Tyke jumps back and tags in the new Mile High Wrestling Champion in. The fans go nuts, as Skrabz steps in.

Ray Hudson: And here comes the only superstar in this match who hadn’t been in yet; our new Mile High Wrestling Champion!

RJ begs for the tag, and Sam looks over her shoulder at her new friend.

Wavy Crockett: But RJ wants back in!

Sam looks back at Skrabz, wanting to fight, but she goes ahead and tags in RJ.

Ray Hudson: Sam tags in the President…

RJ enters the ring slowly, ready to fight the champion.

Wavy Crockett: Robi Jean is gonna take that belt from Skrabz. I hope he knows that…

Skrabz yells to Forge on why his woman is more man than him. Forge doesn’t seem bothered by it, as he just stares at Skrabz with a solid expression.

Wavy Crockett: And why do people keep making the same mistakes?

RJ slaps the shit out of Skrabz’, making spit fly out of his mouth.

Ray Hudson: Ohhhhhhhhh…..

Wavy Crockett: Man…

Skrabz’ face gets serious, as he looks off to the side, taking it all in.

Wavy Crockett: Did you see the spit fly from his mouth, Ray?

Ray Hudson: I did.

Skrabz looks back at RJ, who quickly hits him with a spinning heel kick, making Skrabz stumble backwards, where Azurine slaps his back and jumps into the ring.

Ray Hudson: And Azurine just tagged herself in!

Skrabz looks at Azurine kind of frustrated, as Azurine steps up to RJ, who seems disappointed too.

Wavy Crockett: I thought we was gonna see Skrabz versus Robi Jean….

Azurine wastes no time in taking RJ down with a frankensteiner.

Ray Hudson: Nope. And Azurine is on RJ already!

RJ gets back to her feet, and Azurine takes her back down with a scoop slam.

Ray Hudson: And Azurine with a scoop slam!

Azurine runs to the ropes while RJ stumbles back to her feet, and jumps onto the middle rope, coming back at RJ with a Springboard Axe Handle!

Ray Hudson: She’s on fire!!

Azurine dances around the ring, as Denver starts chanting “Shush My Tush!”

Wavy Crockett: These fans always chant the dumbest shit.

As RJ gets to her feet, Azurine gives her The Pearly Gatekeeper!!!

Ray Hudson: The Pearly Gatekeeper!!!

Azurine goes for the pin.

Wavy Crockett: Hold up…



The Titaness breaks up the pin!!

Ray Hudson: And Samantha Hamilton breaks up the pin!!

The ref quickly forces Sam back to her corner.

Wavy Crockett: Man, that was close!

RJ uses all the energy she has left to jump across the ring and tag in Forge.

Wavy Crockett: Forge is in! Forge is in!

Tyke begs for the tag, and Azurine looks back and forth between him and Forge.

Wavy Crockett: You better tag him in, and get out of there!

Azurine tags in Tyke, as Tyke runs into the ring with an inziguiri to Forge that only makes him fall to one knee.

Ray Hudson: Tyke Index back in the match!

Tyke runs to the ropes behind Forge, and bounces back with a forearm smash to the back of Forge’s head, knocking him on his face.

Ray Hudson: And he’s fired up!

Tyke sees Forge starting to get to all fours, and he runs to the ropes and comes back with Coke Mountain!!!

Ray Hudson: Coke Mountain!!!

Wavy Crockett: Nope, Forge moved!!

But Forge rolls out of the way just in time. But Tyke wastes no time and running back to the ropes, but this time coming right back into a Twisted Steel, out of nowhere!!!

Ray Hudson: Twisted Steel!!!

Forge goes for the pin.

Wavy Crockett: It’s done..





“Hardwired” by Metallica starts playing throughout the arena, as Sam and RJ get into the ring to celebrate with Forge.

Ray Hudson: They win another one…

Byron Brown: And the winners of this match… Forge, Robi Jean Mitchell, and Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton!!!

Skrabz already has his belt and is heading up the ramp shaking his head.

Wavy Crockett: Skrabz looks let down..

Azurine stands on the apron, watching the opponents celebrate.

Ray Hudson: It was a good fight between them all.

The cameras cut backstage, where Robert Mack kisses Katrina Mack on the lips.

Ray Hudson: What is this?

Robert Mack: Alright, babe. I’ll see you in a little bit. Let me go talk to a few people, before we go.

Katrina smiles at her husband, as he leaves their office. All of a sudden, her blissful smile turns into an evil smile.

Katrina Mack: Love ya…

Katrina looks at her cell phone and presses the screen a few times, before putting it to her ear.

Katrina Mack: Hey Candi. I just wanted to tell you that he finally gave in. I’m Co-Owner of Mile High Wrestling. Hope to see you soon.

The tenth episode of Mile High Wrestling ends with Katrina looking sinister.

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