Sunday, July 7, 2019
Magness Arena
Denver, Colorado
LIVE only on The SE Network

The official opening video of Mile High Wrestling begins the show. “Colorado” by TECH N9NE starts playing for the first 27 seconds of the track, and then the hook is looped for a second time.

Colorado (Bonus Track)

Yeah, uh-huh, uh-oh, no, damn

An overview of Downtown Denver is shown during the night, with an orange color scheme.

It-it-it-it-it-it that good Colora-

The screen flickers back and forth rapidly, between cuts of Downtown Denver and the Mile High Wrestling logo, concluding with the logo turning sideways and spinning off into the screen like a ninja star.

(-Do, do, do, do)
You know it’s that fire
I can’t get no higher

Raven Trueblood during his entrance is shown, followed by Emily Falls flying in the air with a moonsault.

(Do, do, do, do)
I came to turn the night up
Now watch me as I light up

Da Brix City Boyz roughing each other up is shown, followed by all eight members of The Shieldmaidens posing in a dark room.

(-Do, do, do, do)
You know it’s that fire
I can’t get no higher

“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain is shown flying out of the ring with a palauncha, followed by Tyke Index laughing in a tub with an NYPD shirt on.

(Do, do, do, do)
I came to turn the night up
Now watch me as I light up

Azurine Vebbins smashing the Titaness with a superkick is shown, followed by Skrabz holding the Mile High Wrestling Championship in the air with each Brix City Boy on each side holding up their Tag Titles, as the video fades away, and the cameras are in the arena where fireworks are exploding. The instrumental to “Colorado” plays through the sound system, as the camera pans around the Denver crowd.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Welcome everyone to another episode of Mile High Wrestling. As always, we are live in the Magness Arena in Denver, Colorado.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: And our loyal fans are here screaming loud and proud.

Signs in the crowd are shown, such as: “If We Dont Find Out Who The Masked Man Is Tonight, We Riot”, “I Love SEX”, “I Wanna Be A Shieldmaiden”, “The Foundation Is The #1 Tag Team”, and “Skrabz Is King”.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Always a great atmosphere, and we have a helluva show planned for you tonight.

“Bury Me With My Guns On” by Bobaflex begins to play over the PA and the crowd begins booing, as they know what the music means. Solomon Cain steps out onto the entrance way, dressed in his street clothes and holding a black duffle bag.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well there’s no telling what’s inside that duffel bag. And to be honest, Jen, after his actions on Episode Eighteen, I’m a little nervous.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well we do know Solomon Cain is planning to announce the match type for he and Tyke Index’s match at Rise Again.

Solomon stops at the top of the entrance way and takes in the boos, which oddly makes him smile.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: What type of match do you think he’s going to choose?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Maybe that duffel bag has something to do with it.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: A ‘Duffel Bag on a Pole’ Match?

Solomon snarls and heads to the ring where he grabs a microphone from Meozha Zhanae before rolling under the bottom rope and then sliding back into the corner where he sits for a bit, still taking in the hate from the crowd.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well, he’s about to let us know.

Solomon once again gives an evil smile and pulls himself up to his feet and makes his way to the middle of the ring as the music fades out.

{{{“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain}}}: So, I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to explain myself and explain my actions. Well…F**K THAT!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: The Denver fans not big fans of The Lost Child after his actions a couple of weeks ago.

{{{“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain}}}: I don’t owe anyone in Mile High an explanation, and I d@mn sure don’t owe any of you fans an explanation. The only person I owe anything to is Tyke Index. And Tyke, I owe you a big…

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: A big what?

{{{“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain}}}: …Thank you.

The crowd is stunned, not sure what to make of what Solomon is saying.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well, Tyke did stop Solomon from further harm. In a way. Kind of.

{{{“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain}}}: Tyke, I’ve got to thank you for snapping me out of my slump, for smacking me back to reality. The problem is though, that you done f**ked around and turned me back to the old me. That chair shot didn’t just crack my skull open, it woke me up and knocked me back to my roots.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: His roots?

{{{“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain}}}: When I came into Mile High I was a killing machine. I ran over everyone, I ran Forge’s bitch ass out of here, and staked my claim as the next Mile High champion. But then it happened…

Solomon pauses for a moment. He then points out the crowd and does a 360, pointing all the way around the arena.

{{{“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain}}}: You people happened. The fans happened. You started cheering for me. I knocked Robert Mack’s painted ass all over the Magness Arena and you people ate it up and got behind me like a lazy socialist gets behind Bernie Sanders.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I don’t know if politics is a good subject in 2019.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I dont think he cares, Ray.

{{{“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain}}}: You people got behind me and cheered for me like I was the second coming going into Good Time. You fans made me believe in love and happiness, you made me believe that this sport isn’t bad, you gave me hope. You…gave me…hope.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: He maybe needs “hope” after what we saw a couple of weeks ago.

{{{“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain}}}: FUCK YOU ALL FOR THAT!!!

The crowd begins booing heavily and trash even begins to be thrown into the ring. Solomon throws his arms out in a crucifix position and throws his head back taking it all in, but soon returns to his stance in the middle of the ring.

{{{“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain}}}: So, Tyke…I’m back, and I’m back for you, and I’m back with a bloodlust. Tyke, let’s cut right to it. You have a death wish, and I’m the guy to grant you that wish. You wanna get crazy? WELL LET’S GET CRAZY!

Solomon grabs the black duffle bag he had brought with him and left in the corner. He rips it open and pulls out a noose. He takes his place in the middle of the ring and holds the rope up high for everyone to see, being sure to leave the noose dangling down.

{{{“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain}}}: Tyke, Mile High Wrestling, I give you the Hangman’s Match. Just like Lennit from “Of Mice and Men”, it is simple, but it dangerous.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Oh my goodness…

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Yeah, he cant be serious.

{{{“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain}}}: The only way you win is to take the business end of this rope, you know the noose, or for you snowflakes who might be triggered by the word ‘noose’, let’s call it the chokey end. This noose hangs from a pulley above the ring, you put it around your opponent neck…that would be your skinny ass neck, Tyke Index. So, I wrap this around your neck, I hoist you up, and I tie the other end off. I’m victorious and you are left swinging.

The crowd begins to boo again, either at the craziness of the match or at Solomon. Solomon smiles once again and lowers his arm, dangling the rope beside him.

{{{“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain}}}: Tyke, you may have survived being buried alive, but let’s find out if you are invincible. See, I’ve been hung my whole life…just ask Samantha Hamilton, she can tell you first hand about that, but at Rise Against you are going to be hung from the neck, and I am going to sit back and watch with a smile on my face as you swing from the rafters, grasping for breath until your feet stop moving and your pants feel with shit.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I dont like this new Solomon Cain.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well he said it’s the old Solomon Cain, Jen.

{{{“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain}}}: You wanted to go to war, you wanted to tempt fate, you wanted to walk that razor’s edge, you wanted to fuck with me…. Well, Tyke, be careful what you wish for…because you just might get it.

Solomon throws the mic down, and “Bury Me With My Guns On” by Bobaflex begins playing over the PA again as the crowd comes alive with boos once more.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: A Hangman’s Match. That’s controversial, Jen.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: And scary…

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well, we’re back from our break and Solomon Cain just announced that his match with Tyke Index in two weeks will be a Hangman’s Match.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I still dont know what to think of that.

“Who’s the realest is it you?! (YEAH! YEAH!)
Who’s the illest is it you?! (YEAH! YEAH!)


“The Realest” by Onyx erupts through the arena as red and blue lights flash around the entrance way.

“It’s that time we about to lift off
Let off the ratchets, full metal jackets blow your head off backwards
Attack with, everything
Let that mac eleven ring, like bill collectors”


Shox “Da Rebel and Tox “Da Problem”, Da Brix City Boyz, walk out from the back side by side, wearing their Tag Titles over their shoulders. With the larger Tox on the left and Shox on the right as we view them, the imposing brothers stop on the entrance way and bounce up and down momentarily then thump their chests three times in sync, Tox using his right hand and Shox using his left.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Looks like our first match of the night is for the Tag Team Titles.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: A highly anticipated rematch from Mile High Spectacular.

“Every nigga on the run
In the city that we from
We catchin’ wreck on wreck like rush hour
You don’t want niggas like us to get power”


{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is a Tag Team Match for one fall, and is for the Mile High Wrestling Tag Team Championships!! Making their way to the ring… weighing in at a combibed weight of 595 pounds….. from Brixton, London, England……. Tox and Shox… Da Brix City Boyz!!!

The pair march towards the ring side by side, quickly and confidently, with their body language oozing aggression and intensity.

“United we stand divided we fall
Hammers’ll draw, man down ya man on the floor”


{{{Ray Hudson}}}: A very controversial ending to the original match at Mile High Spectacular.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: It was all technically fair.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: The Shieldmaidens were not happy about it.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well, maybe they would have did the same if the shoes were on the other foot.

At the end of the entrance they make their way to opposite sides of the ring. Both men jump up on to the ring apron at the same time then climb over the top rope.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Da Brix City Boyz have held the Tag Titles for a month now. Will their reign continue?

Once in the ring they walk at each other and meet in the middle of the ring with an aggressive chest bump which knocks each of them back a couple of steps.

“Who’s the realest is it you?! (YEAH! YEAH!)
Who’s the illest is it you?! (YEAH! YEAH!)
Who the realest in here?”


The music fades out as the brutish brothers take to their corner and begin hyping each other up for the match.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Toll Gang has been on the top since Mile High Wrestling made it’s return. They’re going to stay on top.

The lights dim and the crowd starts to murmur in anticipation. Three Days Grace’s “Riot” starts playing and the Shieldmaidens’ logo pops up on the entrance screen.

“If you feel so empty
So used up, so let down
If you feel so angry
So ripped off, so stepped on
You’re not the only one
Refusing to back down
You’re not the only one
So get up”


Shieldmaidens’ President, Alex “Bullet” Carbajal, steps out first, to her immediate right stands her fellow group member, Jackie “Bandit” Layton, to her left, Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton. Stepping out to take their places on either end of the line are a pair of tattooed sisters, “Psycho” Saoirse Maguire on the far right, Aoife “Banshee” Maguire on the far left. Slipping in to the left is another tattooed woman, Katrina “Knox” Knox. Ending up on the left is the final member, Wendy “Zombie” Stevens. With all seven in place, Bullet nods and they stare the ring down like it owes them all money.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: How can you bet against a group like this? These women dominate.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Who has the gold, Ray?

“Let’s start a riot, a riot
Let’s start a riot
Let’s start a riot, a riot
Let’s start a riot”


{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the challengers… weighing in at a combined weight of 265 pounds….. from New Orleans, Louisiana……. accompanied to the ring by their fellow Shieldmaidens… Jackie “Bandit” Layton and Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton!!!

As the chorus rages over the speakers, Bullet leads her group to the ring. They surround the ring, Bandit and Psycho going around the right while Knox and Banshee go to the left. Titaness and Zombie follow Bandit and Psycho and then keeps going so as to give the ring at least one ‘Maiden on all four sides.

“If you feel so filthy
So dirty, so fucked up
If you feel so walked on
So painful, so pissed off
You’re not the only one
Refusing to go down
You’re not the only one
So get up”


{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I dont know, Jen. I got a feeling that they are going to win back those belts tonight. And at Rise Again, we will have a new Mile High Champion.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Do NOT bet against Skrabz. You’ll lose all your money, Ray.

The Shieldmaidens nod to each other as they wait for the chorus to kick in again.

“Let’s start a riot, a riot
Let’s start a riot
Let’s start a riot, a riot
Let’s start a riot”


As soon as it starts, Bullet nods and the seven women all climb up into the ring and make their way to the middle, taking their places as they face the hard camera in the same order they stood on the stage. The chorus plays again and Bullet raises her fist, the other seven doing the same in unison, all seemingly ready to conquer the world before them.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Here we go…

Match Official: Jack Glascock

Mile High Wrestling
Tag Team Championship

Da Brix City Boyz©
The Shieldmaidens

The verbal rivalry alone, between The Shieldmaidens and Toll Gang, had been intense since the return of Mile High Wrestling. The loyal fans of Denver were very into the match because of it.

The match started with Titaness and Tox in the ring, and Titaness quickly went in on Tox as to show she was not going to lose to BCB a second time.

Sam hit Tox with a few clotheslines before striking him with a hard superkick that made Tox stumble backwards into the ropes. When he bounced back stumbling, Sam took him down with a vicious spear.

Sam tagged in Bandit, and Bandit quickly went in on Tox. She dropped him repeatedly with a few dropkicks before knocking him outside of the ring.

The Denver crowd was on their feet as Bandit ran from the other side of the ring, flying out with a suicide dive into Tox.

Bandit would eventually get Tox back into the ring before a countout took place. Once Tox was able to tag in Shox, Shox began getting the upperhand for his team.

Bandit would eventually be able to tag in Sam, who took the fight to Shox.

The fans in attendance were absolutely shocked when Sam pulled Shox up into powerbomb position and held him up there on her shoulders for a few seconds, demonstrating her strength.

Unfortunately she showed off for too long as Shox sent an elbow smash into her temple, and then sent a second, as both superstars fell to the mat.

Shox would eventually be able to tag Tox back in and the match was literally back and forth all the way through. Notably, BCB seemed more confident and relaxed, while the Bandit seemed to be taking the match more serious and trying harder than their last two matches against BCB. Sam seemed to be fighting harder, but still semmed like she didn’t take her opponents too serious.

As we came towards the end, Bandit and Tox were in the ring with Tox in the corner. Bandit hit her Bust Card on him, as he stumbled forward and face first into the mat.

Bandit dropped Shox off the ring apron with a running dropkick before slowly climbing to the top rope, as Denver got to their feet.

Bandit came down onto Tox with a Snowbird Splash!!!




The Shieldmaidens

Match Length: 15:38

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: What did I tell you, Jen?

“Riot” by Three Days Grace begins playing throughout the Arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winners of this match… and neeeewww Mile High Wrestling Tag Team Champions…. The Shieldmaidens!!!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: That makes the Shieldmaidens three time Tag Team Champions.

The referee hands Babdit and Sam their newly won Tag Team Titles.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I gotta be honest though, Ray. I just dont like these chicks.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Are you mad your boys didn’t win, Jen? They all fought hard.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Noo. It’s not that. I just dont like their attitudes. They are bad role models for women, Ray.

The Shieldmaidens celebate in the ring, holding their gold high above their heads.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well, no matter their personalities, they are at the top of the tag division yet again.

Backstage, we see Jessica McDaniel wearing a Sports Entertainment Xchange fanny pack, standing by with the tag team for an interview before their match.

{{{Jessica McDaniel}}}: I’m standing by with the fastest rising tag team in Mile High Wrestling… “Thundering” Terry Marshall and the Space Lord… they call themselves Sports Entertainment Xpress. How are you guys feeling tonight?

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: SISTER, WE ARE FEELING JACKED, STACKED, AND READY TO ATTACK! We have been rockin and rollin since day one here in Mile High, and tonight the band plays on.


Space Lord starts flexing into the camera.

{{{Space Lord}}}: WHEW! WHEW! WHEW!

Space Lord’s eyes get big and almost pop out of his head. He stops flexing and begins marching back and forth in the background pumping his arms up and down while making a “whew” sound.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Needless to say, Space Lord is hyped. I’m hyped, and that fannypack you are wearing is HYPE! So all the Thundermaniacs and all the Sports Entertainment Xpressiacs make sure you orders yours today from the the Mile High shopzone, dude.

{{{Jessica McDaniel}}}: You guys have come into Mile High Wrestling and made an impact, quickly running through whatever they throw at you. Tonight you add someone to your corner. How are you feeling about teaming with the ThrowDown Champion tonight?

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: We are pumped. Azurine gets us, and when you are hanging with a champ it’s gonna rub off. Iron sharpens iron, and one champion sharpens the soon to be tag team Champions. Do you think I’d have Dat Azzy at the Marshall Family annual Fourth of July cookout if I wasn’t stoked to have her all about the Sports Entertainment Xpress train?

Jessica McDaniel nods her head.

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Azzy, has been great over the past couple of weeks and I honestly don’t know who was more excited about teaming up; her or us. She has taught us about dancing and we have taught her about clanging and banging.

{{{Jessica McDaniel}}}: Its quite clear you guys are looking to compete for the Mile High Wrestling Tag Team Championships in the near future. How do you feel about The Shieldmaidens?

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: Well ya know the Maidens are some basic chicks. They travel in a pack so that makes them even more dangerous. I have to admit I respect them though, and I’ll even lay out an invite for the Titaness to clang and bang with us anytime. That girl and Zombie eat iron almost as much as Space Lord and I do.

Terry pauses before continueing

{{{“Thundering” Terry Marshall}}}: We saw tonight that they don’t back down no matter how big their opponents, and that they won’t be intimidated. So, yeah we have a lot of respect for them but that respect won’t protect them from the storm and it won’t stop them from being…

Space Lord stops pacing and steps in front of Terry Marshall and looks at the camera with a dead serious look.

{{{Space Lord}}}: Smokey and The Bandit… I do not fear you Burt Reynolds, I do not fear you Jerry Reed. I have been to the distant Amazonian planet called Chyna, it took me more than 2 days to get there because I would not subscribe to their prime service. I battled and defeated their greatest warriors, She-Ra, Diana Troy, Red Sonja, and Nicole Bass. As so they found me the only Male worthy of breeding a new generation of Amazons with. YOU MAY BE MY CHILDREN…But…father will teach you a lesson. WHEW! WHEW! WHEW!

Space Lord starts beating his chest and pacing around again. Terry Marshall and Jessica McDaniel both look on, lost for words. Before long, Azurine Vebbins walks into camera view holding a couple of steel chairs stacked on top of each other. Terry takes one and its revealed that “Hamilton” is writtin on the back of it. Azurine hands the other chair to Space Lord and the back of that one says “Layton”. Azurine then points out towards the speakers in the hallway as “Eastbound and Down” by Jerry Reed cuts in and temporarily plays them all out.

A video package airs with a dark vibe to it, eerie rock music playing in the background. The silhouette of a large man is shown throughout. The man is revealed to be former HcW and PCW superstar; Gabriel Ohio. The video ends with the words; “TONIGHT”.

The lights in the arena go out and the sound effect of thunder echoes throughout the arena as the entrance way and ring are illuminated in a neon blue light.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well, later tonight we will see the Mile High debut of Gabriel Ohio. Very interesting looking guy.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: One of Rob’s boys from HcW.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well he’s from HcW. I dont know about him and Rob being boys though.

The lights then flash wildly like lightning. “Redneck Stomp” by Obituary then hits. Ripley walks out onto the stage wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, black wrestling tights, and black boots. He stands at the top of the entrance way and looks around the arena as the crowd erupts in cheers, with some scattered boos.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is for one fall!! Making his way to the ring first… weighing in at 240 pounds….. from Brooksville, Florida……. Ripley!!!

Ripley starts walking towards the ring. As he makes his way down the aisle to the ring he looks at the fans. Once he reaches the ring he stops and looks at it then quickly walks up the steel steps and enters the ring.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Ripley hasn’t been very successful since the return of Mile High.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Nor has his opponent tonight. But it’s a chance for one of them to shine.

In the ring, Ripley paces around then climbs up in one of the corners of the ring to look out at all of the fans. He points to a few fans as the crowd continues to cheer. He then hops down unzipping his hoodie and tosses it to ringside and walks to the center of the ring as his music fades out and the lights return to normal.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Usually Ripley is hanging out at Silver Lake, but tonight he is looking to leave Emily Falls in a lake of blood.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Ummm…..no.

“Friday” by Rebecca Black begins playing throughout the Arena, as Emily Falls walks out, skipping to the ring, waving and smiling big, and highfiving the crowd. You can tell she’s happy.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And his opponent… weighing in at 120 pounds….. from Denver, Colorado……. Emily Falls!!!

When Emily gets in the ring, she skips around energetically as she keeps smiling at the crowd.

Match Official: John Paul Vigil

Emily Falls

Both Emily Falls and Ripley had a lot to prove tonight. Emily was the one who submitted in last week’s #1 Contender Match, and Ripley spent the whole match knocked out over a broken commentary table.

The two superstars shook hands after the bell had sounded, and began to circle the ring. They locked up in the middle and Emily quickly got Ripley in a side headlock.

Ripley got free and pulled Emily’s arm behind her back. Emily got free and the two stood across from each other as a mild round of applause came from the crowd.

Ripley went for a clothesline, but Emily ducked under and ran to the ropes, bouncing back with a flying crossbody. But Ripley caught her in mid-air.

Ripley shifted her into a fallaway slam and went for the pin.



The match was pretty evened out, but Ripley seemed more focused than ever. It wasn’t before long that it became obviously clear that Ripley had become more serious than he’s ever been. Shades of his competitiveness in his match against Forge last year were showing. You could tell he was here with a purpose.

Emily slowly started losing control of the match and Ripley found himself in complete control.

Ripley hit Emily Falls with a mean Mark of Failure, that actually sent her into a quick backflip, hitting the mat like mud.

Ripley pinned The Barf Queen.




The roof blew off the arena, as everyone thought it was definately over.

Seconds later, Emily stumbled to her feet very slowly and Ripley took her head off again with another Mark of Failure and pin attempt.





Match Length: 09:04

“Redneck Stomp” by Obituary begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winner of this match… Ripley!!!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: What an impressive match for both of these competitors!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: And I’m really impressed in Ripley. I was starting to lose hope. I hope he stays on this path.

Ripley celebrates in the ring for a moment, but as he noticed Emily moving on the mat, he walks over to her.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: If he keeps on this path, he could definitely be a champion again.

Ripley extends his hand and helps Emily to her feet, as the fans applaud the good sportsmanship. But out of nowhere the cheers turn into boos.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: What’s going on, Ray?

The camera shows “The Cold Hearted” Chris Mosh sliding into the ring.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: That’s Chris Mosh. What the hell is he doing?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Is he not done with Ripley?

Emily Falls and Ripley stand side by side, confused. Ripley starts saying something and as it looks like Mosh is about to superkick Ripley, he turns to Falls, giving her The Party Pooper!!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: What the hell?!

Mosh quickly rolls put of the ring and escapes up the ramp as Ripley stands at the ropes wanting to kick his ass. Ripley then turns to check on Emily.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Why the hell did he just kick Emily Falls? What the hell is going on?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: He is real cold hearted.

Scythe Bloodline finds himself wandering the backstage area. The more he walks, the louder a man’s voice becomes. A group of five men stand around the one shouting. He is heated over what he is saying. His bleached blonde hair is wavy, his eyes intense as he speaks.

{{{Scythe Bloodline}}}: Are you having troubles?

{{{Brandon Young}}}: Trouble? Am I having trouble? None, of these punks are man enough to face me, YO! TROUBLE! I’m having trouble running my mouth around this damn place because no one will book me for a damn match. AM I HAVING TROUBLES HE SAYS?”

B Money looks over at his homies, and looks back at Scythe.

{{{Brandon Young}}}: Hell yeah I am having problems YO! I just want to showcase my talents, and this place isn’t having it. What’s it to you anyway?

At first Scythe is taken back by the harsh tone, but that might just be the nature of athletes in this industry. He takes a deep breath before deciding to speak.

{{{Scythe Bloodline}}}: I was just interested, you don’t seem like someone that has deep connections around Mile High Wrestling. Am I wrong in assuming such a thing about you?

{{{Brandon Young}}}: If I had connections YO, I wouldn’t be sitting on my ass week after week. I would be out in that ring showing everyone that Brandon Young is money. Instead we sitting back here beating our meat. Watching everyone else get opportunities.

This makes Scythe shake his head a little, the vulgar language, is there such a need? This stark contrast isn’t something so unattractive it discourages him away though. He is in an opposite position himself.

{{{Scythe Bloodline}}}: Do I look like a man with connections?
There is a pause as B Money looks at his homies and than at Scythe with his silver chains, and expensive tailor made clothing. He clears his throat and tries to rephrase it.

{{{Scythe Bloodline}}}: Fine, what I was meaning is I am new to Mile High just like you are. I made my name somewhere else, wrestling fans know me from other places. For Christ sake Brandon when I wrestled Tyke Index that should have been a big deal, instead all I cared about was that Meozha Zhanae announced I was fighting out of Mansfield, Georgia. I thought where the fuck is that, is that a real place? I never have been to Georgia in my life!! I went and looked it up it is a place with under 400 people living there I think if I was from there it would be a much bigger deal how many people rise from obscurity out of their city? It isn’t like your home town, the county seat, 33,675 living there. I’ve looked into your background Brandon there is quite a bit in common we share, and quite a bit we don’t. We could help one another you know…

{{{Brandon Young}}}: Help each other? We might be able to do that. I need to showcase my talents to the people yo! Plus I need some money.

{{{Scythe Bloodline}}}: The first trick is making people see you man. You don’t wait for an opportunity.

The homies crowd around Brandon and Deshaun whispers something in his ear while he stares skeptically at Scythe. He just might know what he is talking about so he decides to hear him out as the scene fades.

A low idling of a motorcycle engine can be heard as the opening piano of “Zombie” by Bad Wolves can be heard. Wendy “Zombie” Stevens is kneeling in silhouetted shadow, a hood over her head, Lexa Pellegrini standing behind her as smoke wisps along the entrance ramp.

Another head hangs lowly, child is slowly taken
And the violence causes silence, who are we mistaken?
But you see, it’s not me, it’s not my family
In your head, in your head, they are fighting
With their tanks, and their bombs, and their bombs, and their drones
In your head, in your head, they are crying



At the instant the word ‘Head’ is sung, pyro goes off, Stevens kips up and pulls off the hood, a sadistic smile on her face that the camera picks up. She stops midway down the ramp, and looks around at the crowd before running down the ramp into the ring, and diving through the second and bottom ropes, rolling through the dive as she enters the ring, and lands on the opposite second and bottom ropes.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is for one fall!! Introducing first… weighing in at 157 pounds….. from Manhattan, New York……. she is being accompanied by Lexa Pellegrini… representing the Shieldmaidens… Wendy “Zombie” Stevens!!!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: In two weeks, in only her fourth match with Mile High Wrestling, Zombie will be fighting for the ThrowDown Championship.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: She came in and made an impact, Ray. Nothing but big matches for this woman since her debut.

Zombie gets on the turnbuckles of each of the four corners, doing a finger formation of the letter M for her Shieldmaidens, as Lexa steps in the ring.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: That ThrowDown Championship Match will be Azurine Vebbins’ first title defense since we came back.

Zombie jumps off the fourth corner, and takes her hood off and hands it to Lexa, giving her a small peck as she holds the ropes open for her to step out.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Unfortunately I think Wendy’s about to suffer her first loss. Skrabz is a whole nother level.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: We were saying the same thing when Bullet went up against Skrabz, last year. We remember how that ended.

Zombie stands in the center of the ring, glaring up the ramp for her opponent.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: She doesnt stand a chance, Ray. No disrespect to her, but Skrabz really is the man.

Tempa T’s “Next Hype” starts to play, the beat builds for ten seconds and then Skrabal Stanzas can be heard saying “Are you dizzy blud?”. The beat explodes and Tempa T immediately comes in with his lyrics.

“What kind of things that you have
When I find out don’t expect me to stop
I’ll come for the P’s that you stack
And come for all the food that you plot
Better hand over the bag
Your boys don’t wanna see you shot
If I kick down the door to your flat
Dun Know I’ll clear out your house on the spot”


Skrabal Stanzas comes walking out from the back and poses with his arms stretched out, holding the Mile High Wrestling strap in his right hand.

“CLEAR! All the things in your house
CLEAR! All the things in your fridge
SMASH! All your plates from your rack
CLEAR! All of your kids’ toys
CLEAR! All of your CD rack
Won’t get none of your CD’s back”


{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And her opponent… weighing in at 235 pounds….. from London, England……. he is the Mile High Wrestling Champion… Skrabz!!!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Did the Magness Arena just get hot, or is it just me?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Its hot, but I mean we are in a large room full of breathing people.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Am I still breathing…?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Oh lawd….

Skrabz throws the strap over his shoulder and walks to the ring, his slow but deliberate swagger in direct contrast with the hype beat and aggressive lyrics.

“I have to punch up guys
Guys try it with me, I don’t know why
Bax! Pax man straight in his eyes
They floored me, I was looking at the sky
Par! Now I have to go blind
That boy there I swear he gonna die
You’re not bad you’re a mug don’t think you’re a guy
When I slap man you won’t be alright”


Skrabz walks up the steps and climbs into the ring, handing his belt over to the referee. He stands in the corner of the ring and leans back against the turnbuckle with his arms folded across his chest as the music fades out.

Match Official: Regina Ball

Wendy “Zombie” Stevens

Zombie was smirking and looking real confident as the bell sounded. The two got face to face and Zombie threw the first punch.

Skrabz threw a punch back and the two exchanged blows for a minute until Skrabz gave her an uppercut that made her stumble backwards.

Skrabz went for a clothesline but Zombie beat him to it with a short-arm clothesline, taking him down instead.

Zombie quickly started stomping on him until he got to all fours, and she backed up and ran at him with a running curbstomp.

Skrabz rolled out of the way and quickly got to his feet. Zombie ran at him and got taken down with a drop toe hold.

Skrabz quickly mounted Zombie and began throwing rights into her face until she was able to throw him off of her.

When Zombie got to her feet, Skrabz dropped her with a snap suplex.

Skrabz looked out of the ring at Lexa and nodded with a smirk on his face. She shook her head in disgust.

When Skrabz turned back around, Zombie was getting to her feet. Skrabz got behind her and dropped her back down with a back body drop.

Skrabz kept control of the match for a while, before Zombie got back control with her Zombiesteiner!!

Zombie went for a pin.




Even though Skrabz kicked out, Zombie gained control from here. Every move she connected on Skrabz, she looked around the arena with pure cockiness.

At one point, Zombie even yelled to the crowd asking how they could cheer for Skrabz.

Finally, she went for her Pilgrim/Defender and literally as Skrabz was going down, in the craziest way, he turned Zombfe’s finisher into a Mic Check, as the fans went nuts.

Skrabz threw an arm over Zombie.





Match Length: 09:42

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: That was amazing!!

“Next Hype” by Tempa T begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Everything he does is amazing.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well…

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winner of this match… Skrabz!!!

Skrabz celebrates his victory in the ring.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Bullet better be ready.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I’m quite sure she is, Jen.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: This man is untouchable.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: So you just think no one stands a chance?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Nope.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well folks, we are just two weeks away from Rise Again. And what a main event Skrabz and Bullet will be.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: What a main event we have tonight.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Yes, still to come… Bullet will defend her Phoenix Title to Tyke Index and Raven Trueblood in a Triple Threat.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Will Bullet make it to Rise Again still holding the Phoenix Title?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: We’ll be back with more action after this break.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: What a night it has been already here in Denver.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: We crowned new Tag Team Champions and Zombie suffered her first loss.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: And now it’s time for another Shieldmaiden in action.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: And the debut of Gabriel Ohio…

With the lights dimmed, the Shieldmaidens’ motto, “Hell is empty and the Maidens are here!” comes up on the Tron. Dublin Death Patrol’s “Pigs In The Hollow” hits and “Psycho” Saoirse Maguire comes walking through the entryway smirking cruelly.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: You’re always talking about your little crush on Skrabz. Let me tell you about Psycho…

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: She isnt into your kind, Ray.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Black guys?

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Just “guys”…

Alex “Bullet” Carbajal, Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton, Jackie “Bandit” Layton, Katrina “Knox” Knox and Aoife “Banshee” Maguire trail out behind her and then walk her to the ring.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is for one fall!! Making her way to the ring first… weighing in at 105 pounds….. from Asheville, North Carolina……. being accompanied to the ring by her fellow Shieldmaidens… she is “Psycho” Saoirse Maguire!!!

Psycho slides into the ring looking like she can’t wait to get down to business.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Bullet will be in action later tonight, defending her Phoenix Championship.

The lights flicker until the sounds of electricity fill the arena as it is plunged into darkness. A moon appears on the titan-tron, as “Satan’s Arrival” by Pieces of Eden begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: And here comes our newest superstar in Mile High Wrestling.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: He looks like a winner.

A white glow appears on the stage. Standing in the glow is the near 7 foot tall Gabriel Ohio, leather jacket blowing in the wind, looking down at the floor. He looks up and walks slowly to the ring.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And her opponent… weighing in at 280 pounds….. from Parts Unknown……. Gabriel Ohio!!!

Ohio reaches the ring and steps up onto the apron and then over the top rope, his presence felt.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Lets see what he’s got…..

Match Official: John Paul Vigil

Gabriel Ohio
“Psycho” Saoirse Maguire

As soon as the bell sounded, Ohio stepped up to Psycho and got taken down with a sick Gealtachta!!!

Psycho went for the early pin.




“Psycho” Saoirse Maguire

Match Length: 00:11

Dublin Death Patrol’s “Pigs In The Hollow” starts playing throughout the arena, as the Shieldmaidens quickly slide into the ring celebrating hard with Psycho.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Are you serious…?

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winner of this match… in eleven seconds….. Psycho!!!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Where the hell is Robert Mack finding these people? Why does he have marketing hype these guys up for them to come in and look bad?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: They’ve established their names in other wrestling companies.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Well, Mile High Wrestling is on another level I guess. Cause they seem to fail when they come to Denver.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Hopefully Ohio can bounce back next time…

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Like the rest of em, he just needs to humble himself and realize the level of talent we have before he steps back in the ring.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Huge victory for Psycho. Another W for the Shieldmaidens.

The Shieldmaidens are extremely proud of their sister and it shows in the celebration.

The cameras focus in on Robert Mack talking to someone, frustrated.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: No one needs to know. Just stop talking about it, Emily.

The camera zooms out to reveal Robert is talking to Emily Falls.

{{{Emily Falls}}}: But why not? Why keep this a secret? Everything comes to light eventually. And you’ll be in a lot more trouble if it comes out of someone else’s mouth.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: It can’t come out of anyone else’s mouth if they dont know. And they wont know. Because you’re going to stop talking about it.

Emily shakes her head, frustrated.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Look, I have work to do. I’ll see you after the show.

Robert starts to walk off but stops as he remembers something.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: And you need to be worried about what you’re going to do about getting kicked in the face earlier tonight. Because you and Chris Mosh are going to have a match at Rise Again. And if you keep worrying about the wrong thing, he’s going to knock you on your ass again.

Robert walks away, as Emily doesn’t look happy.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Welcome back to Episode Nineteen, folks.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: What the hell is going on with Robert Mack and Emily Falls…?

The arena goes black as “Out of The Black” by Royal Blood hits the speakers. Black lights come on revealing on the glowing green eyes of “The Viper” Johnny Knight. He runs down to the ring and slides in, with “Silent Lucha” Kaito Jackson behind him, shushing the crowd.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is a Six Person Tag Match for one fall!! Making their way to the ring first… weighing in at at a combined weight of 420 pounds….. from Mexico City……. Kaito Jackson and Johnny Knight… they are The Foundation!!!

The two members of The Foundation get ready for their match, inside the ring.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well, these guys were hella impressive last week.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: And tonight they get a shot at redemption.

The lights dim in the arena and cast the arena in a red glow, and for a moment — only a moment — the crowd quiets down just a smidge. The guitar riff opening that carries throughout the rest of Asking Alexandria’s “Into the Fire” breaks out and brings the crowd to their feet — both in a positive and negative reaction, completely mixed.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: And speaking of a “shot at redemption”…

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Yeah Finn Whelan definately needs this victory after his performance last week.


Just as the first line of the song is screamed, Finn Whelan appears not from behind the curtain, but from one of the visitor’s entrances. He stops at the top of the steps for a moment, a slight smirk on his face as he glances at the people around him, and then sets his eyes upon the ring below.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And their tag team partner… weighing in at 204 pounds….. from Seattle, Washington……. he is “The Seattle Saint”, FINN WHEEEEELLLAAAAAAAAAN!!!!

Finn makes his way down slowly, ignoring the people around him, though a few fans clap him on the shoulders as he descends.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: A lot of hype was placed behind Finn Whelan. He even popped up at Mile High Spectacular and stood face to faces with the Shieldmaidens.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: But in his debut match a couple of weeks ago, Raven Trueblood defeated him quickly.

At the barrier, Finn slings himself over and slides immediately underneath the bottom rope and leaps to his feet in the center of the ring. He heads directly for the ropes in front of him, and hops up onto the bottom one, bouncing slightly as he looks back at the crowd, choosing a few choice words to share with them.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I got a good feeling that was a one time thing. Finn is in to win.

Finn drops down from the bottom rope, and pulls off his vest as he heads to his place against the turnbuckle, leaning into it as his music fades out.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: We are about to see, Ray.

“Problem” by Postmodern Jukebox begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: And here comes Mrs. Most Marketable.

“The Adorkable Angel” Azurine Vebbins has a solitary spotlight follow her from the entrance ramp to the northern-facing ring apron.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And their opponents… introducing first… weighing in at 115 pounds….. residing in Malibu, California……. she is the Mile High Wrestling ThrowDown Champion… “The Adorkable Angel” Azurine Vebbins!!!

Proudly wearing her ThrowDown Championship around her waist, Azurine Vebbins waits on the stage area for her partners.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I’m very excited for this three person team.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Me too!

“Thunder Struck” by AC/DC begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Here they come, Ray!!

“Thundering” Terry Marshall and Space Lord come out from behind the curtains, full of energy.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And her tag team partners… weighing in at at a combined weight of 596 pounds….. from Huntington, West Virginia……. “Thundering” Terry Marshall and Space Lord… they are the Sports Entertainment Xchange!!!

The tag team goes down the ramp hyped, and slide into the ring. They fist pump around the ring, hyping the Denver crowd too.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: The fans are very behind Azurine Vebbins and Sports Entertainment Xpress!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: But on the same note, the opposing team are maybe a little hungrier for this victory, after two weeks ago.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Lets do this…

Match Official: Regina Ball

Six Person Tag Match
Azurine Vebbins and Sports Entertainment Xpress
Finn Whelan and The Foundation

The match started with “Thundering” Terry Marshall and Finn Whelan. They both stepped into the middle of the ring and Terry threw a punch at Finn Whelan, knocking him clean out.

Terry went for the early win.




Sports Entertainment Xpress and Azurine Vebbins

Match Length: 00:07

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I’m going to have a headache before this show is over. What in the actual hell?

“Thunderstruck” by AC/DC begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winners of this match… the team of Azurine Vebbins and Sports Entertainment Xpress!!!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I’m speechless….

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Why so much hype behind a guy who can’t even hang?

“Venom” by Eminem takes over the sound system, as Robert Mack interrupts the celebration with Byron Brown in tow, stepping onto the stage with a mic in hand.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: What is Rob doing out here?

The music fades away as Robert puts the mic to his mouth.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: I’m sitting back there watching my show, making sure it’s going smooth and I hear my commentators asking why I put so much hype behind people who never stepped foot in a Mile High ring before, just because they were successful in someone else’s wrestling company.

There’s mixed reactions from the crowd, and the camera shows The Foundation shaking their heads by ringside, disappointed in their tag team partner.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Almost every time I do that, they come in and cant hang.

Robert and Byron shake their heads.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: I dont mean to get out of character, Finn… but you’ve already showed me “your’s” and I’m not a big fan of it. So if you want out of your contract, you definately can have your wish.

The camera shows Finn slowly coming to, holding his jaw in pain.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: I apologize to Denver, and everyone in the locker room for hyping up superstars who were successful elsewhere.

The fans applaud the apology.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: The lesson learned here is that it doesn’t matter how many titles someone has won in another wrestling company…..Mile High Wrestling has the best of the best. And from here on out, the way it admittedly should’ve been all along; any outsider will need to prove themselves in OUR ring before I acknowledge them as someone special.

The fans cheer.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: So that is my word from here on out. And I’m doing it for our company. Because you see….these guys think they’re blessing Mile High cause we’re not in the same conversations as the wrestling companies they’ve been successful in.

Robert chuckles a bit.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: But we’re not in the same conversation because Robert Mack doesn’t hang out with the rest of you. My name isn’t popular because I’m not out here sitting around a campfire drinking and laughing about whatever it is y’all probably gossip about together, or in most cases as I see on Twitter; whine about. I’m about business, and I mind mine. I’m about Mile High Wrestling.

The camera shows Finn sitting in the corner of the ring, rolling his eyes.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Regina, stay out there. Finn, you have one more match before I let you go, if you want your money.

The camera shows Azurine and S.E.X. walking back through the curtains.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Foundation… I apologize for partnering you up with Finn. I’ve been too nice about giving people opportunity they don’t deserve in the first place. The following match is a two on one Handicap Match for one fall. Ring the bell…

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Aw man.

Match Official: Regina Ball

Two On One Handicap Match
Finn Whelan
The Foundation

As soon as the bell sounded, both members of The Foundation started throwing punches and kicks at Finn Whelan, backing him into the corner.

The ref would force them back, but as soon as Finn stepped out of the corner, Kaito Jackson set him up with his Devil’s Lock and locked him in tight.

Seconds later, Finn tapped out in pain.

The Foundation

Match Length: 00:12

“Out of the Black” by Royal Blood plays throughout the arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winners of this match… The Foundation!!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well that would be the third squash match in a row tonight. Our next match is the main event, so let’s hope this trend doesn’t continue…

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: No debuts in the main event. We should be good.

The Foundation celebrate their victory in the ring.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I’m glad Rob realized how talented his roster is. I’ve BEEN feeling like newcomers need to truly earn their places here. Who cares what titles they’ve won elsewhere? The best of the best are truly right here in Denver, every other week.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: And now that you say “every other week”, should we tell tgem?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: A new show is coming, ladies and gentlemen. Tomorrow, Mile High Wrestling will be getting it’s own official Twitter account seperate from Robert Mack’s, and more information will be revealed on there.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I’m excited.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Let’s finally take a break…

The scene opens up in an unknown outdoor location, as the scenic snow-driven day appears on screen. The wind is blowing and the snow that falls, does so at an angle being driven by those same winds. The camera moves closer towards the top of the ledge as a female figure stands, facing away from the camera. She wears a large red jacket with the hood of but wisps of her long black hair peeks out occasionally, tugged to the side by the wind that blows by. She also wears a heavy pants and snow boots apparently attached to skis. As the camera moves in closer, she begins to speak.

“Mile High Wrestling. You owe me.”

She doesn’t look at the camera as she speaks, softly at first. “I did you a big favor and how did you return that favor? Ignoring me. I was on the verge of greatness and you snatched it right out from underneath me. Closed up. Went home. Then without a word to me, reappeared. Held a card. A card I should have been close to the top.”

She begins to slide one of her skis back and forth at the top of this hill. “When I found out you were back, the card was done and you were promoting your first TV card and did you call me? No. I haven’t been resting on my laurels. I’ve been to Japan. I’ve been to Australia. I’ve been to the middle east. I’ve been to China. I’ve been winning championships. But you wouldn’t know anything about that, now would you? Would you even care? I brought buzz to your little TV show and you disrespected me.”

She reaches up and takes the goggles from her head and drops them over her eyes, though her face is still turned away from the camera. “Don’t you worry. Invitation or not, I’m coming back. He’s been training me and I’m coming back to get what’s mine. I don’t care if it’s a Shieldmaiden. The King of Coke Mountain. The drunk biker. The ass-chick. Any of the HcW has-beens. Or Skrabz and his Beastie Boys. I’m coming for respect. Championships. All which are owed to me. And don’t you worry, I’ve made examples out of plenty on my way to the top and I have no problem making more.”

She takes a deep breath as she prepares to do down the hill on her skis, “Mile High Wrestling. Your mistake will be your last.” With that, she pushes herself as the camera rushes over towards the edge to look down and see her as she skis down between some trees and disappears from sight as the scene fades.

The opening saxophone of “Jubel” by Klingande begins to play over the PA and as it speeds up, eventually it hits a crescendo into a drop.

“Save me”

Tyke Index appears from behind the curtain with a hood over his head just as the chorus rolls.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I don’t know for sure who that mystery woman is, but she’s coming back to take over.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: But doesn’t everyone make claims like that?

There is rapturous jeers from the crowd as Tyke poses at the bottom of the ring steps before entering the ring.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is our Main Event of the night, and is a Triple Threat Match for one fall, and is for the Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Championship!! Making his way to the ring first… one of tge challengers… weighing in at 200 pounds….. residing in Brooklyn, New York……. Tyke Index!!!


The lights go off and when they come back on Tyke is sitting in his corner.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Tyke Index defeated Scythe Bloodline last week to get this opportunity.

“I Remember Everything” by Five f Finger Death Punch begins to play, as smoke feels the entrance way.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: And this man defeated Finn Whelan in one of the most shocking matches, two weeks ago, since we returned.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the other challenger… weighing in at 185 pounds….. from The Underworld……. Raven Trueblood!!!

All of a sudden from the rafters we see a black crow, then Raven Trueblood walks up to the crow and looks at it before screaming as the lights go out.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Raven Trueblood looking to win gold here tonight.

Raven appears in the ring, waiting for the soul he will defeat.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: If he fights like he fought last week, he’ll be the new champion in no time.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I dont think we will see a repeat like that with this much.

The lights dim as the Shieldmaidens motto “Hell is empty and the Maidens are here!” comes over the Tron as guitar stabs ring out. Concrete Blonde’s “God Is A Bullet” starts up in earnest and six women in matching kuttes, Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton, Jackie “Bandit” Layton, “Psycho” Saoirse Maguire, Wendy “Zombie” Stevens, Katrina “Knox” Knox and Aoife “Banshee” Maguire, walk out seemingly leading the way for their seventh sister.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And now… weighing in at 135 pounds….. from New Orleans, Louisiana……. she is being accompanied to the ring by her fellow Shieldmaidens… and is our Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Champion… she is Alex “Bullet” Carbajal!!!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: We have seen a lot of these ladies tonight. Will Bullet cap this night off right for the Shieldmaidens?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: It wouldn’t be shocking. She is one of the best, if not the best. Something we will find out in two weeks.

Alex “Bullet” Carbajal makes her way out in a full length boxing robe, ready for war. The Shieldmaidens make their way to the ring and Bullet steps in, starting to shadowbox the second she steps in. She raises her hands into the air and then nods, ready to go.

Match Official: Jack Glascock

Mile High Wrestling
Phoenix Championship
Triple Threat Match

Tyke Index
Raven Trueblood

As the bell sounded, each superstar stood in their corner looking back and forth between each other. The Denver crowd was ready for tgis match.

Bullet has been the only person to ever hold the Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Championship and was set to figgt for the Mile High Wrestling Championship in two weeks. She needed this win.

Tyke Index came in with a lot of hype behind his name, but his win/loss record was back and forth since coming to Denver. He needed this win.

Raven Trueblood was the new blood, and he had everything to prove. He needed this win. So he walked over to Tyke and kicked him in the gut.

Bullet watched on as Raven stuffed Tyke’s head between his legs to perform a powerbomb. But Tyke flipped Raven pver his head.

Tyke looked down at Raven and then across to Bullet. Raven got to all fours and Tyke kicked him in the head.

Tyke began to approach Bullet with a big grin on his face. He pointed at hikself and then her, stating it was really going to be a fight between tge two of them.

Raven came up behind Tyke with an axe handle, knockinf him into Bullet. Tyke turned around into a clothesline.

Bullet smashed Raven with her Cabacera, knocking his lights out. She shrugged and went for an earlt pin.



Tyke Index broke up the pin, and didnt waste no time with forearm smashes to the back of Bullets head.

Bullet escaped the assault and go to a knee and Tyke came at her with an inziguiri.

Raven came out of nowhete with a leg drop to Bullet. Tyke looked at Raven, confused, as Raven got to his feet.

Tyke gave Raven three rolling Germans in a row, and then realized Bullet was getting to all fours.

Tyke smirked at Bullet, as the fans started singing “Tske heeerrrrr to Coke Mountain!”

Tyke looked aroubd the Magness Arena with a big ol’ grin beforw running towards her to give the people what they wanted. But Bullet got to her feet and ran at him at the same time, flying into him with a loud forearm smash, caving Tyke’s skull in.

The fans wete cheering, and theb out of nowhere Raven smashed his foot into Bullet’s face with The Ebd is Near!!

The fabs were in shock how Raven kept gettinf back up. Raven ran gis thumb across gis throat signaling for the end.

It was not the end, and in fact Tykr and Bullet would came toether and double back drop him through the commentary table, as the fans went nuts.

Tyke and Bullet would go on to fight for a while just one on one. Bullet kept locking Tyke into sub missions, but he just would not give up.

Finally when it looked like Bullet was going to make Tyke tap, Raven came back again breaking tge submission up.

Raven got Bullet to her feet and dropped her wiyh The Byte From Hell.

Raven went for the pin.



Tyke Index broke up the pin attempt.

Tyke kick pushed Raven out of the ring, and started jumping up and down in the ring double stomping, as Bullet got to all fours.

Tyke went for Coke Mountain, but Bullet rolled out of the way. Tyke turned around and got caught up in Dios Es Una Bala!!!

Bullet webt for the pin.



ThrRaven broke up the pinfall attempt!!!!!

The fans wete trupy goibg nuts, some looking stressed, some looking shocked, some happy, some frustrated.

Raven slowly got Tyke to his feet, looking to end this natch. But out of nowhere, Tyke gave Raven the Total Definition.

Bullet grabbed Tyke by the head and lulled hin to his feet going for Dios Es Una Bala for a second time, but ibstead lulled Tyke in and got an elbow smash from him that made a loud cracking sound.

Bullet fell to one knee, and Tyke took her to Coke Mountain!!!

Tyke quickly grabbed Raven, got him to his feet, and chubked him out of the ring, before pinning Bullet.




Tyke Index

Match Length: 22:32

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: We have a new Phoenix Champion!!!

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Holy cow!

“Jubel” by Klingande begins playing throughout the arena, as the fans cheered loudly. Some boos could be heard too.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winner of this match… and neeeeewwwwwww Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Champion… Tyke Index!!!

Tyke Index stands in the middle of the ring, still recovering from the match and catching his breathe, as the referee is holding his belt to give to him.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I cant believe Bullet’s run is over…

Suddenly, “Bury Me With My Guns On” by Bobaflex begins playing over the PA. Tyke snaps to attention as the crowd erupts with boos. Tyke spins around facing the entrance way, waiting for Solomon Cain to come down the entrance way.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: You cant be serious…

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I suppose he cant wait until Rise Again?

Tyke readies himself for a fight, but Solomon Cain comes out of nowhere through the crowd and slides into the ring behind Tyke. Solomon charges and lands a jumping knee strike to back of Tyke’s head that drops the already battleworn Champion to the mat.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: This isn’t right! Let him have his moment!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Literally a big moment for Tyke Index. And Solomon Cain is taking it away from him…

Tyke rolls over slowly, but Solomon is waiting with a noose in hand. Solomon begins stomping away on Tyke, slamming the heel of his boot into the skull of Tyke.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Okay! This is already too much. Can we send some help out here?! Break this up!

Solomon stops kicking Tyke long enough to grab him by the hair and lift him up. Solomon throws the noose around Tyke’s head and begins to drag him to his feet.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: The Hangman’s Match is in two weeks, Solomon. Chill out!

With a last ditch effort to defend himself Tyke grabs the rope as he gets to his feet and pulls it to bring Solomon closer to him. Tyke manages to land a few punches but Solomon lands a boot to the stomach followed by a vicious headbutt to the nose that staggers Tyke back before Tyke drops to his knees.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Send security out here now!!!

Solomon continues his vicious assault by quickly grabbing Tyke by the hair and lifting him to his feet. Solomon then takes a few quick steps and with a giant throw sends Tyke Index flying over the top rope. Solomon though holds onto the rope that contains the noose and pulls it hard, stopping Tykes body before it hits the ground.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Seriously!! Send some fucking help out here!!! What the fuck, man?!

Tyke’s feet dangle about a foot from the ground and the noose pulls tight around his neck. Tyke grabs at the rope trying to loosen it, panic quickly sets in as he realizes he can’t loosen it and the oxygen is cut off from his body.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I cant even watch this…it’s disturbing. Where the fuck is security?!

Solomon stands in the ring with an evil grin on his face as he holds the rope tightly. Solomon watches on as he watches Tyke’s body flaying around trying to get loose, but it soon goes limp as Tyke appears to pass out.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Keep your head down, Jen. Fans, we apologize….

Security quickly comes running to the ring. Three security guards run into the ring and two more run to ringside to check on Tyke. The security guards grab Solomon and begin trying to get the rope out of his hands. Solomon loses his grip on the rope as the three security guards pry it from his hand. Surprisingly, Solomon just leaves the ring.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Is security out here yet, Ray?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Yeah…but hold on. Keep your head down….

Solomon marches over to Meozha Zhanae and before Solomon can do anything she takes off running. Solomon grabs her steel folding chair and slams it shut. Solomon turns and heads straight for the security guards helping Tyke Index. Solomon smashes the first one over the head with the chair and drops him. The second security guard catches a boot to the stomach that doubles him over and Solomon than smashes the chair across his back.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: What is going on now?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Solomon has lost it, Jen. I dont even know how to explain this.

The security guards that are in the ring head towards Solomon. Cain blasts one in the head as he is coming through the ropes, dropping him to the mat where he rolls to the floor. Another one is able to grab the chair and tries too pull it away from Solomon. But, with a big pull Solomon jerks the security guard off the ring apron and the guard lands on the security railing.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: He’s taking out all the security.

Solomon rolls into the ring and looks at the fifth and final security guard. The guard looks around, and sees that he is alone. The guard jumps out of the ring and takes off up the entrance way running away.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Is Tyke okay though?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I hope so…

Solomon, still holding the chair, snarls and turns his gaze back to the rope, which still has the noose around Tykes neck.


Ray Hudson throws his headset off and jumps up from the announce table and heads for the ring. Solomon sees him coming and his evil smile intensifies. Ray jumps into the ring but before he can say or do anything Solomon smashes the chair over his head, dropping Ray to the mat.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: Ray, you okay?

Solomon turns his eyes to the announce table and throws the chair down. Solomon rolls out of the ring and heads straight for Jen Vallejos. Suddenly a random fan hops the security railing trying to help, but Cain drops him with a big thrust kick to the face as soon as he is over the railing. Another fan begins to come over the railing but Solomon pushes him down to the ground and quickly grabs his head and slams his face into the railing.

{{{Jen Vallejos}}}: I’m going to look up now, Ray…

Jen looks up and sees Solomon, and tries to make an escape. She begins to run from the announce table but Solomon sprints after her and quickly catches her, grabbing her by the hair. Solomon throws Jen into the ring under the bottom rope. Solomon grabs a microphone from the ring side table and quickly makes his way into the ring where Jen has coward into a corner in fear.

{{{“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain}}}: Jen, last time we were here you said we are all family in Mile High. I DON’T HAVE ANY F**KING FAMILY!!!

Suddenly, Robert Mack begins running down to the ring with a mic in his hand. Mack begins talking before he even gets in the ring.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!

Robert slides into the ring and quickly gets to his feet and gets in between Solomon Cain and Jen.)

{{{Robert Mack}}}: THIS HAS GONE TOO FAR! Solomon, back up…

Solomon brushes his hair out of his face. Solomon’s facial language clearly shows he is surprised at the way Robert Mack is talking to him. Jen takes this as her chance to slide out of the ring and runs up the entrance way as if she is running for her life.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Solomon you can’t do this. Now, I’m not going to suspend you because I’m not going to cheat the fans or cheat Tyke Index out of the Solomon Cain and Tyke Index match at Rise Again. This however is too much and cannot go unpunished so Solomon…

Before Robert Mack can finish Solomon Cain lands a hard kick to the testicles of Robert Mack. Mack instantly crumbles to his knees, but Solomon isn’t done. Solomon grabs Robert Mack by the hair and pulls him up and then spikes him down on his head with the Burnout!!!

Solomon pops back up to his feet and goes right back to the rope. Solomon grabs the rope and begins pulling it, lifting Tyke off the ground and off his feet once again. The crowd goes crazy and boos and begins filling the ring with garbage.

Down the entrance way comes a mix of what appears to be twenty Denver police officers and security guards. Solomon doesn’t care and continues to hold onto the rope. The officers and security guards hit the ring and begin to pile on Solomon Cain as the show blacks out…

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