Sunday, August 18, 2019
Magness Arena
Denver, Colorado
LIVE only on The SE Network

The official opening video of Mile High Wrestling begins the show. “Colorado” by TECH N9NE starts playing for the first 27 seconds of the track, and then the hook is looped for a second time.

Colorado (Bonus Track)

Yeah, uh-huh, uh-oh, no, damn

An overview of Downtown Denver is shown during the night, with an orange color scheme.

It-it-it-it-it-it that good Colora-

The screen flickers back and forth rapidly, between cuts of Downtown Denver and the Mile High Wrestling logo, concluding with the logo turning sideways and spinning off into the screen like a ninja star.

(-Do, do, do, do)
You know it’s that fire
I can’t get no higher

Bullet laying kicks and punches into Raven Trueblood is shown, followed by Samantha Hamilton and Bandit celebating with their Mile High Wrestling Tag Team Championships.

(Do, do, do, do)
I came to turn the night up
Now watch me as I light up

Psycho performing Gealtachta on Gabriel Ohio is shown, followed by Sports Entertainment Xpress in the ring hyped up.

(-Do, do, do, do)
You know it’s that fire
I can’t get no higher

“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain is shown flying out of the ring with a palauncha, followed by Tyke Index laughing in a tub with an NYPD shirt on.

(Do, do, do, do)
I came to turn the night up
Now watch me as I light up

Azurine Vebbins smashing the Titaness with a superkick is shown, followed by Skrabz holding the Mile High Wrestling Championship in the air, as the video fades away, and the cameras are in the arena where fireworks are exploding. The instrumental to “Colorado” plays through the sound system, as the camera pans around the Denver crowd.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Welcome everyone to the twenty-first episode of Mile High Wrestling!!! I’m Ray Hudson and this is my ever so controversial partner; Wavy Crockett.

Signs in the crowd are shown, such as: “Why Are You So Obsessed With Skrabz?”, “Robert Mack Is My Father Too”, “Don’t Leave The Magness Arena”, “Everybody Wants SEX”, and “2x DrowDown Champion”.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I’m not controversial, people are sensitive.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well we got an amazing show for you all tonight. Skrabz and Tyke Index will team up tonight to face the team of The Foundation.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: You’ll probably never find Skrabz on AMMO, so you know Jen is mad.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Why wouldn’t Skrabz be on AMMO?

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Why won’t Nicki Minaj return my calls?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: You sound like Tyke Index. Tonight, we will also see Samantha Tolson-Anderson make a special appearance to go toe to toe with Solomon Cain.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Solomon really got the bitches fighting for him. Well, I guess technically that makes Rick the bitch huh?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: The ThrowDown Championship is on the lime tonight when Jansen Myrrh defends the belt against Azurine Vebbins and Zombie in a Triple Threat Match.

“Bury Me With My Guns On” by Bobaflex hits the loud speakers, as the lights strobe to the beat.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: And here comes the man who destroyed Mr. Stanton’s Tesla last Sunday on AMMO.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Highlight of my week.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well, Stanton isn’t very happy about it.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Oh well.

As the very first vocals begin, “The Lost Child” Solomon Cain steps from behind the curtains and hits the stage, standing tall, as he gets mixed reactions.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is for one fall!!! Making his way to the ring first… weighing in at 255 pounds….. from Cleveland, Ohio……. “The Lost Child” Solomon Cain!!!

Solomon Cain slowly walks down the ramp, looking very confident.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Solomon Cain is about to step into the ribg with one of Mr. Stanton’s friends.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Will you stop calling him “Mr. Stanton”, Ray? You got so much doo doo dripping from your mouth, all the ass you’re kissing.

The Lost Child heads up the ring steps, and into the ring.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I’m not kissing any ass. Just being respectful.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Naw you’re disrespecting yourself.

The medium-speed base line of Lacey Sturm’s “The Soldier” reverberate through the arena for a bit before the lyrics kick in…

“You’ve drawn your line in the sand…
So I’m crossing over again…
You brag that you’re a grenade…
So I pull your pin and I wait…
The time will come…
When your power…is gone…
Yeah I might die today…
But I’m gonna die anyway!”

The paces of the music picks up, and just before the chorus begins, Samantha Tolson-Anderson steps onto the stage, singing along with the chorus.

“I’m gonna stand my ground…
Even if they back down…
‘Cause I don’t care what you say anymore…
So what? You raise your voice?
I’m screaming back my choice…
‘Cause I sure ain’t scared of you anymore!”

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And his opponent… weighing in at 158 pounds….. from Jefferson City, Missouri……. Samantha Tolson-Anderson!!!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: She stars in one of the hottest shows on The SE Network; Wrath of the Immortals. Season 3 has begun and…

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: …shit is crazy. Y’all gotta check it out.

Samantha makes her way down the aisle as the crowd roars. She touches as many outstretched hands as she can, stopping to touch foreheads with a young girl in one of her ‘Bombs Away’/’Kiss of Death’ shirts. She then makes her way around the guardrail at ringside before climbing into the ring and climbing each turnbuckle, holding up her arms to a huge roar each time.

Match Official: Jack Glascock

“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain
Samantha Tolson-Anderson

Samantha looked ready and focused from the start of the match. Solomon kept grinning and shaking his head at the Mile High outsider.

The two locked up and Samantha quickly went behind Solomon for a German suplex. But Solomon held his ground, laughing in the process.

Samantha pushed Solomon away and quickly ran the other direction, jumping to the middle rope and coming back with a springboard dropkick to Solomon as he was turning aroind, putting him on his ass.

Solomon’s attitude quickly changed as he hopped back to his feet, only to be taken down with Mind Your Head!!

Samantha went for the pin.




The longer the match went, the more Solomon started to take Samantha serious. But the more tired Solomon got, Samantha started suplexing him around the ring.

At one point, Samantha flew down onto Solomon outside the ring with Oda a México, causing the Denver crowd to chant “Holy Shit!”

The fans would chant “This Is Awesome!” throughout the end of the match, as Samantha really gave Solomon a hell of a fight.

But finally Solomon hit the Burnout on Samantha and pinned her to the mat.




The fans went nuts, as the cameras panned around at all the shocked faces.

It took a while for Samantha to get to her feet, and Solomon was breathing really hard. He hit Samantha with a second Burnout, pinning her again!!!




Solomon Cain

Match Length: 13:46

“Bury Me With My Guns On” by Bobaflex hits the loud speakers.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winnner of this match… “The Lost Child” Solomon Cain!

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: And Solomon Cain is barely getting up on his feet – what a fight.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Ms. Anderson said she came for a fight and a fight it was and – what the hell?

A cameraman appears to be getting in the ring.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: He tryna get a close up?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Yeah, I don’t know…

Just then the guy takes off the hat and classes and it’s RICKY STANTON!!! The crowd loses it!

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: TURN AROUND CAIN!!! IT’S STANTON!!!!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: OH MY GOD!

Cain sidesteps Stanton and reaches for his collar as Stanton drops the camera! The crowd is outta control as Cain and Stanton are mouthing! Just then a blonde woman runs in the ring in a white wrestling uniform and creeps up behind Cain while he’s dealing with Stanton.


Lily forces a taser into the back of Cain and he starts convulsing and falls to the floor shaking!


Stanton motions for his goons and they run ringside and block off the entrance to the ring. Meanwhile two others pick up a shocked Solomon Cain and cuff him to the ropes. Stanton begins to punch him mercilessly and yelling at him.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: What a lil ho? You think I should get in on this?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: No.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Aight.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Or go ahead, Wavy.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Naw. You was right. Let me chill out.

Stanton motions for a mic and the ref hands him one.

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: ROBERT MACK. You pretty much told me that I was on my own when I came to your show. ON MY NETWORK. You let this WILD DOG just do whatever he wanted to you and look where it has gotten you. I’M NOT DOING THIS TO AVENGE YOU..

Ricky is breathing heavily.

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: I”m doing this to PREVENT MORE ROGUE WARRIORS from rising up any time they feel like it.

Stanton drops the mic and spits on Cain and then motions them to unhandcuff him and drag him to the center of the ring.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I’ve been told now in my ear, other stars from the back have tried to come out but are blocked as SE Goons have BLOCKED the entrance doors from the ramp and around the arena. We are at Mr. Stanton’s disposal.

Stanton stands over Cain as Lily hands him a mic.

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: I TOLD YOU TO STOP. I TOLD YOU TO GET THE HELL IN LINE. This is what you’ve made me do. AND TO THINK you were going to TRY and put your hands ON MY WIFE!!!! Do you REALLY THINK I WAS GOING TO LET THAT SLIDE! DO YOU REALLY THINK I DIDN’T HAVE A PLAN FOR YOU! WAKE THE HELL UP CAIN!

Stanton smacks Cain.

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: You wanted me. HERE I AM. Get UP CAIN… GET UP CAIN!!!!

Ricky smiles and laughs as the crowd loudly boos. Lily prances around the ring as she falls into Ricky’s arms laughing and they kiss with Cain lying motionless in the ring. She tells the cameraman to get a close up of the taser and it shows it was on “Max”.

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: Lily get me the briefcase I’m not done.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I’m at a loss for words. Ricky has taken over tonight and it looks like he’s pulling out some form or something and oh my….he just stapled it to the forehead of Cain!!!

{{{“Pretty” Ricky Stanton}}}: YOU DO WITH THAT WHAT YOU DESIRE. Any match. FIGURE IT OUT.

Just then Stanton lays over Cain’s body and Lily counts 1..2..3.. And makes the bell ringer ring the bell as the boos get louder. She holds up his hand and kisses him on the cheek as they both look into the camera and Ricky mouths to the camera “Tragic Kingdom”, before we fade to a commercial break.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well it was just pretty much made official moments ago; Ricky Stanton will step into the ring with Solomon Cain.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: And just like Forge did last year, Solomon is going to fuck Ricky up

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: That remains to be seen. But the most interesting thing about it is that Mr. Stanton is allowing Solomon Cain to choose the match stipulation. Can you imagine?

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Big mistake.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Just look at the last match stipulation Solomon Cain came up with.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I’d like to see….nevermind.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: It’s going to be crazy, whatever it is.

The lights dim and the crowd starts to murmur in anticipation. Three Days Grace’s “Riot” starts playing and the Shieldmaidens’ logo pops up on the entrance screen.

“If you feel so empty
So used up, so let down
If you feel so angry
So ripped off, so stepped on
You’re not the only one
Refusing to back down
You’re not the only one
So get up”


Shieldmaidens’ President, Alex “Bullet” Carbajal, , steps out first, to her immediate right stands her fellow group member, Jackie “Bandit” Layton, to her left, Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton. Stepping out to take their places on either end of the line are a pair of tattooed sisters, “Psycho” Saoirse Maguire on the far right, Aoife “Banshee” Maguire on the far left. Slipping in to the left is another tattooed woman, Katrina “Knox” Knox. Ending up on the left is the final member, Wendy “Zombie” Stevens. With all seven in place, Bullet nods and they stare the ring down like it owes them all money.

“Let’s start a riot, a riot
Let’s start a riot
Let’s start a riot, a riot
Let’s start a riot”


{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is a Six Person Tag Match for one fall!!! Making their way to the ring first… being a accompanied to the ring by their fellow Shieldmaidens… Bullet… and the Mile High Wrrstling Tag Team Champions; Bandit and Samantha Hamilton… they are the Shieldmaidens!!!

As the chorus rages over the speakers, Bullet leads her group to the ring. They surround the ring, Bandit and Psycho going around the right while Knox and Banshee go to the left. Titaness and Zombie follow Bandit and Psycho and then keeps going so as to give the ring at least one ‘Maiden on all four sides.

“If you feel so filthy
So dirty, so fucked up
If you feel so walked on
So painful, so pissed off
You’re not the only one
Refusing to go down
You’re not the only one
So get up”


They nod to each other as they wait for the chorus to kick in again.

“Let’s start a riot, a riot
Let’s start a riot
Let’s start a riot, a riot
Let’s start a riot”


As soon as it starts, Bullet nods and the seven women all climb up into the ring and make their way to the middle, taking their places as they face the hard camera in the same order they stood on the stage. The chorus plays again and Bullet raises her fist, the other six doing the same in unison, all seemingly ready to conquer the world before them. All seven walk over and retrieve microphones from the ringside attendants, none of them looking particularly pleased.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: What do they have to say?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I’m not sure. But they don’t look pleased.

{{{Alex “Bullet” Carbajal}}}: So, it has come to this? El malparido rey, el rey de las malparidas pelotas…

{{{Jackie “Bandit” Layton}}}: That’s one way to put it!

{{{“Psycho” Saoirse Maguire}}}: Aye, a blaedin’ good one at tha…

Bullet just shakes her head.

{{{Alex “Bullet” Carbajal}}}: I thought Skrabz, Tox, Shox, Chris Mosh, Tyke Index…

Bullet pauses and turns to Zombie.

{{{Alex “Bullet” Carbajal}}}: And with all due respect, Solomon Cain…

Bullet nods and looks back to the camera.

{{{Alex “Bullet” Carbajal}}}: …were bad, but…

Bullet shakes her head in absolute disgust.

{{{Alex “Bullet” Carbajal}}}: ¡Hijueputa! ¡Que caremonda!

Sam steps forward a few paces, raising her own mic up towards her lips in the process.

{{{Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton}}}: So .. Jen. You know what’s the most amusing about you commentators? You seem to talk as if we don’t pay attention to you guys. At least in my case, that’s not completely true. I heed the words, but it is correct to note I don’t immediately reply to them. Anyway … you said our attitude was bad?

Sam lets the rhetorical hang in the air, slowly nods, and begins to reply.

{{{Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton}}}: I won’t deny that, in some regards, I’m definitely not the best role model. But for one, I never claimed to be. Two – and here’s the real issue at hand …

Sam gestures to the ring, then glances towards the ramp … even points after a few more seconds.

{{{Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton}}}: Have you seen ANYONE back there even making an effort like The Shieldmaidens have to be a half-decent source of inspiration?! If so, go right ahead and tell me. In case I went temporarily blind or some crazy shit like that.

Sam smirks confidently, knowing there isn’t really much of a retort that could be offered.

{{{Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton}}}: No, I’m definitely not a saint. None of us are. But you don’t hear us saying NO ONE deserves to be in any wrestling ring, regardless of gender. At least we’re in the here and now as opposed to the ‘50s, maybe even way later back in the ‘good old days’ for men like Gates!

Sam’s fists clench.

{{{Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton}}}: Hell, I welcome any and all challengers. Who are you doesn’t matter. You will NEVER hear me say ‘get out of the ring, you don’t belong’. Never. Why not? Easy. That’s not how a real fighter, let alone CHAMPION, talks to anyone. Really, it’s twenty-nineteen. This ‘women can’t fight-slash-win titles’ crap is old and outdated.

Zombie takes her place next to Titaness, nodding and smirking at what the tall blonde woman said.

{{{Wendy “Zombie” Stevens}}}: Well, to be fair, I used to say Azzy doesn’t belong, but only because of my own bias. Thing is, Gates thinks the world continues to revolve around the days of The Honeymooners or I Love Lucy. Well, last I looked, this isn’t black and white, it’s a world of color out there, and in those colors, everyone has a chance to shine. I have to think Gates is going to have a coronary tonight when not one, not two, but THREE women are in a triple threat match for the ThrowDown Championship tonight. In this very ring, we have the Tag Team Champions in Bandit and Titaness. We have the Hardcore Champion in Psycho. We have a former Phoenix Champion in Bullet. But “we should know our place”, right Gates?

Zombie points around the ring and turns to her sisters in the ring.

{{{Wendy “Zombie” Stevens}}}: THIS is our place!

Bullet can’t help but smile knowingly at Zombie.

{{{Alex “Bullet” Carbajal}}}: Primer Phoenix Champion…

Bandit and Psycho step forward with Titaness and raise their championships to the sky.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Zombie has a chance to become ThrowDown Champion later tonight.

Suddenly the opening to “Indestructible” by Disturbed begins to play causing the Shieldmaidens to look over to the stage with a look of confusion plastered across their faces. After a few moments however, those looks are replaced with shock as once the song kicks into full swing, Becca “Bruiser” Maguire gingerly walks out from behind the curtain and onto the stage with the aid of a crutch with a microphone of her own in her other hand.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Wait a second! That’s Becca Maguire! Psycho’s wife and a member of the group that is standing in the ring right now!

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: But what is she doing here? She ain’t signed to Mile High.

Maguire slowly makes her way down the ramp as the rest of the Shieldmaiden sisters are talking amongst each other, wondering what their injured sister is doing here. Once she reaches the ring, Becca sits on the apron and places her crutch and microphone down in the ring and uses the ropes to lift herself up onto her feet. Psycho sits on the middle rope as Titaness picks up the crutch and microphone and once Bruiser has entered the ring, Hamilton hands both items back to her as “The Animal” fades out.

{{{Becca “Bruiser” Maguire}}}: Looks like ya’ll have seen a fuckin’ ghost or somethin’…

Bruiser chuckles a little as do the rest of her Shieldmaiden sisters.

{{{Becca “Bruiser” Maguire}}}: I know that ya’ll are wonderin’ just what the Hell I’m doin’ here, aye?

The Maidens all look at one another before nodding between themselves and then turn their attention back to Bruiser who smiles as she allows the crutch she was using to fall by her side, the look of shock now back on the faces of her sisters.

{{{Becca “Bruiser” Maguire}}}: After my latest check up? I’m fully healed… not only that… but I’m also cleared to compete inside a fuckin’ wrestlin’ rin’ again!

Bruiser shakes her left leg to further prove she’s fully healed as her sisters look genuinely happy, especially Psycho, at Bruiser’s news.

{{{Becca “Bruiser” Maguire}}}: But that ain’t all I have to say…

Now Bruiser turns away from her sisters and focuses on the hard camera.

{{{Becca “Bruiser” Maguire}}}: Mile High Wrestlin’? My name is Becca “Bruiser” Maguire! And just like all my sisters here in this rin’ with me… I am here to take this bitch over! I am here to drop some bitches on their fuckin’ heads! I am here to kick some teeth down all ya’ll bitches throats! Becca “Bruiser” Maguire is here in Mile High Wrestlin’!

Bruiser then backs up towards her sisters who pat her on the back, happy to have her with them as she smirks into the camera. Lining herself up with the rest of the Shieldmaidens, she then looks over to their leader, Bullet.

{{{Becca “Bruiser” Maguire}}}: Hell is empty, aye?

Bullet nods holding her hand out and pointing it towards the camera shaped like a gun, all the other Maidens following suit with her simultaneously.

{{{Alex “Bullet” Carbajal}}}: Y no morimos fácil… we do not die easy…

{{{The Shieldmaidens}}}: WE DIE BLOODY!!!!

{{{Alex “Bullet” Carbajal}}}: BANG!!!!

“Riot” then blasts out of the PA system as the Maidens get ready for their match, all chatting with Bruiser and patting her on the back, welcoming her to Mile High.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: This Shieldmaiden stuff is getting out of hand. That’s a lot of em…

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: There are a lot of them. They’re not all in Mile High.

“Green Light Go” by Becky G fires over the PA System as “The War Queen” Leah makes her way out through the entrance taking in the crowd. Donning her typical hat and face shield Leah throws up her ‘War Queen W’ for the crowd. They show their excitement as Leah starts to make her way down the aisle towards the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following Six Person Tag Match is for one fall!!! In the ring already… Bullet and the Mile High Wrestling Tag Team Champions; Bandit and Samantha Hamilton… they are the Shieldmaidens!!! And their opponents… introducing first… weighing in at 132 pounds….. from Chicago, Illinois……. “The War Queen” Leah!!!

Posing once again for the crowd, The War Queen pulls the face shield down and throws up the W once more.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: This is a pretty big Six Person Tag Match.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Sex will be fighting Bandit and Samantha at Mile High Spectacular 2 for those Tag Titles.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Yes. And Sports Entertainment Express…

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: SEX!!!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: …defeated Bandit abd Psycho in Tag action a few weeks ago. But tonight they have the chance to beat both Tag Champs.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: They were actually partying with that other Tag Champion last week.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Very fun party.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: You say it like you were invited.

“Thunder Struck” by AC/DC begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I watched it.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Nerd…

“Thundering” Terry Marshall and Space Lord come out from behind the curtains, full of energy.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And her tag team partner… weighing in at at a combined weight of 596 pounds….. from Huntington, West Virginia……. “Thundering” Terry Marshall and Space Lord… they are the Sports Entertainment Xchange!!!

The tag team goes down the ramp hyped, and slide into the ring. They fist pump around the ring, hyping the Denver crowd too.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: These guys are fucking awesome.

Match Official: Regina Ball

Six Person Tag Match
The Shieldmaidens
(Bullet, Bandit, and Titaness)
“The War Queen” Leah and Sports Entertainment Xpress

A very fast paced exciting Six Person Tag Match that started off with Bandit and Leah. Bandit flew around the ring, and Leah went to war.

As soon as Sam got tagged in, the crowd got super excited as Sam and Leah got face to face. The two threw hands and brawled it out for the world.

Eventually, Terry Marshall would get tagged in. Sam stood her ground against Terry, as expected. Once Space Lord got tagged in, Bullet let Sam know she wanted a piece of this guy.

Bullet and Space Lord used their speed against each other, running all over the ring knocking each other down.

Space Lord seemed very impressed with Bullet, understandably so.

Leah wanted a piece of the former Phoenix Champion, so Space Lord tagged her in. Leah stood her ground with Bullet, but Bullet definately got the better of The War Queen, reminding the world why she main evented the last Special Event.

Eventually Terry would be the legal man, but Leah would slap his back to tag back in as he ran off the ropes running right into The Cheshire Grin from Bandit and Titaness!!!

Leah clotheslined Sam right out of the ring and turned around into Bandit to Drop The Bomb!!!

Leah pinned Bandit, as Space Lord halfway stepped into the ring once Bullet was going to enter.




“The War Queen” Leah and Sports Entertainment Xpress

Match Length: 16:19

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Man, I was sure this was going to end up being my boys first loss. But they came through.

“Green Light Go” by Becky G plays throughout the arena.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: So you bet against your boys?

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Bullet was in this match. No one was safe.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winners of this match… “The War Queen” Leah and Sports Entertainment Xpress!!!

Leah and Sports Entertainment Xpress celebrate their victory in the ring.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well, all three Shieldmaidens fought hard, Wavy.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: But my favorite tag team won, and that sexy thang too.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: You find Space Lord ‘sexy’?

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Not a good joke.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Will Sports Entertainment Xpress be our next Tag Champs, one month from tonight?

Camera pans backstage and we see Phoenix Champion Tyke Index walking down the hall way of the Magness Arena, he is carrying the pictures of Skrabz as he continues to search for his tag team partner tonight. Tyke then catches sight of a bald headed guy, Tyke runs up to the guy bursting with excitement just to realize it isn’t Skrabz but instead the janitor of the Magness Arena.

{{{Janitor}}}: I thought I told your ass not to come back here after huckling you outta here on Thursday!

Tyke Index laughs and then attempts to reassure the janitor

{{{Tyke Index}}}: Hey! I thought you were Skrabz. You know Skrabz, right? Everybody knows Skrabz? And about Thursday, I’m sorry, look I’ll make it up to you. Here, take this.

Tyke Index reaches into his pocket and pulls out five dollars

{{{Janitor}}}: Five dollars? What the hell am I supposed to do with five dollars?

{{{Tyke Index}}}: I dunno, buy a sandwich or something?

{{{Janitor}}}: What sandwiches do you buy that costs five dollars these days Tyke? All dem drugs over the years have gone to your head, cheapest ones in this entire area are at least ten dollars.

{{{Tyke Index}}}: Listen, if you can tell me where Skrabz is I’ll pay your entire wage for the day AND I’ll even sort your entire family out with front row seats tonight.

{{{Janitor}}}: I’m the god damn janitor! I don’t need your help to sort any of my family out, besides they at home tonight watching the Simpsons like they are every Sunday but about that first offer, how much we talking?

Tyke Index reaches into his pocket and gives the janitor a wad of cash

{{{Janitor}}}: Another wad then we are talking.

{{{Tyke Index}}}: You think this stuff grows on trees?

{{{Janitor}}}: Do you wanna find Skrabz or not?

Tyke Index rolls his eyes before going into his pocket and pulling out another wad of cash, just as he is about to hand it over to the janitor we can suddenly see Mile High World Champion Skrabz standing behind Tyke Index. Tyke can’t see him, Skrabz shakes his head and then walks on down the hall way as Tyke is still oblivious to his presence. The janitor has seen Skrabz and bursts out laughing, he can’t believe his luck, not only is he getting two hundred dollars for doing next to nothing but he knows he could tell Tyke just to turn around but instead he cruelly takes the money and points Tyke Index in the WRONG direction.

{{{Tyke Index}}}: So you are sure Skrabz is down here, right? What’s so funny!?

{{{Janitor}}}: Do I look like I’m not a man of my word!?

Tyke Index stares at the janitor for a second before heading in the wrong direction.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I can’t believe that janitor just sent Tyke in the wrong direction!

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Why would Tyke believe the word of a man who last time he was giving him directions, directed him outside the arena and almost barred him from the venue?!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well, we know Skrabz is now in the building. Later on tonight Tyke Index and Skrabz will need to get along to take on a very game and a very dangerous Foundation.

The synth sounds of Foster the People’s “Style” begins as the screen lights up with what appears to be a simple graphic of an angel that floats up towards the center. The angel’s halo tilts and as the angel adjusts it, it becomes a crown as the words “Queen of Kings” appears on the screen followed by the name of “Erin Blue” as the vocals of the song begins and Erin Blue appears on the ramp.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is for one fall!! Making her way to the ring first… weighing in at 168 pounds….. from Las Vegas, Nevada……. “The Queen of Kings” Erin Blue!!!

Erin shakes her hip from the left to the right, raising an arm up into the air as she then begins the walk towards the ring. She is wearing a blue top and bottom, outlined in silver glitter as she rolls under the ring and uses the rope to pull herself up to her feet.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: You scared, Wavy?

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Naw.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: You look scared, Wavy…

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Chill bruh…

Erin walks towards each side of the ring, giving a curtsey to the audience before moving to her corner.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I predict this is going to be a classy match.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Why? Emily Falls is pissed now.

“Friday” by Rebecca Black begins playing throughout the Arena, as Emily Falls walks out slowly to the ring. She forces a half smile on her face, waving a little bit to the fans in attendance.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And her opponent… weighing in at 120 pounds….. from Denver, Colorado……. Emily Falls!!!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I’m sure she’s calmed down since then. Rob never fought or denied Emily’s claims. So I’m sure they talked it out and everything is good.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I guess.

When Emily gets in the ring, she waits for the start of the match, looking more focused than ever.

Match Official: John Paul Vigil

Emily Falls
Erin Blue

Emily Falls seems to have a different attitude, clearly. She looks more focused in this match, than any other match. Erin offers to shake her hand, and Emily shakes her head and starts bouncing around. Erin nods her head and is ready to go.

The two lock up in the middle and Erin shifts Falls into a gutwrench suplex.

Erin quickly gets Falls into a step over armlock, and Falls gets her foot on the bottom rope.

Both superstars get to their feet, and Emily is holding her arm looking frustrated.

Emily steps forward and is taken down by a clothesline by The Queen of Kings.

Emily rolls to the corner and sits, and Erin quickly stays on top of her with a corner foot choke.

The ref starts counting and Erin releases, and backs away. Emily is looking real mad.

Falls gets to her feet and tells Erin to keep bringing it. The two lock up again, and Emily gets her into a side headlock.

Erin drops Emily with a rough Backdrop Driver!!

Erin hooks the leg.




Erin quickly mounts Emily and begins throwing elbow smashes into her face.

From there, Erin gets to her feet and heads to the corner, where she climbs to the top rope.

Emily rolls out of the ring.

Once Emily got back in the ring, she finally gained control for a while until Erin was able to get her back down to the mat, where she hooked her in the Throne Stretch.

Emily fought tapping out for a little while before finally giving up.

Erin Blue

Match Length: 05:58

As “Style” begins to play across the arena, Erin slowly gets to her feet and offers a hand to Emily Falls, helping her to her feet and touches her on the shoulder as the two converse for a moment, then Erin raises Emily’s hand and Emily exits the ring.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well, at least Emily is finally being a good sport.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: When is she going to just hang up her boots?

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winner of this match… “The Queen of Kings” Emily Falls!!!

Erin walks over to the corner and asks for a microphone. Her music fades out as she taps the mic to ensure it’s operating and grins.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: The Queen has something to say…

{{{“The Queen of Kings” Erin Blue}}}: Hello Denver!

Crowd pops.

{{{“The Queen of Kings” Erin Blue}}}: I’ve been in Mile High Wrestling a little over a month now and I’m not going to lie, I’ve had a rough go of it from the start. But, I feel the worm is turning here and so I want to issue a challenge for Episode 22. I’ve been keeping an eye on the talent here and I’m ready ti take a leap and challenge one of the best that Mile High has to offer. I don’t have a grudge, or a problem with this individual. I just want to push myself harder than I’ve ever pushed myself before.

A stage hand is running down the aisle, trying to get Erin’s attention, but she hasn’t noticed.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: What this dude doing?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Stop calling her a dude, Wavy.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Man, I’m talking bout the guy on the outside of the ring.

{{{“The Queen of Kings” Erin Blue}}}: So for Episode 22, if he will accept. I’d like to issue a challenge to Tyke Index.

The crowd pops for that.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Wow! That’s a big challenge…

Erin finally notices the individual at ringside and leans through the ropes as they converse.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: See who I’m talking about now, Ray?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: I do.

Erin immediately drops the microphone, leaps from the ring and sprints towards the back, disappearing from view of the confused audience.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: What is going on?

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Her boyfriend probably found her sex change documents and he’s pissed.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: David….what the fuck, man?

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Well..

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: To quickly change the subject, earlier today an incident went down and we got it on camera.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Yeah, some more bullshit from Ricky…

Just then the big screen comes on and it shows Zombie and the other Shieldmaidens coming outside their hotel to head to the arena. They look around and Zombie motions a bellhop over.

{{{Wendy “Zombie” Stevens}}}: Hey, um, our bikes – We were allowed to park them out front last night. Where are they???

{{{Bellhop}}}: I’m sorry ma’am….but… they were towed earlier this morning.

{{{Wendy “Zombie” Stevens}}}: WHO…

Zombie grabs the guy by the collar.

{{{Bellhop}}}: As per order of Mr. Stanton, who owns this hotel!!!! He had them all towed and….and he knocked them down first and watched them fall like dominoes! I ride! I get it! It’s horrible!!!!

Zombie lets the guy go…

{{{Bellhop}}}: It’s a three-block walk that way. If you were…or…I could…get you an Uber???

{{{Wendy “Zombie” Stevens}}}: Better make it a hearse.

Zombie turns to her sisters.

{{{Wendy “Zombie” Stevens}}}: Guys, I’m sorry. I’m going to fix this and make a call.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: What a crazy night it has already been!

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: And we’re not even half way through. Stanton is really getting on my nerves.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: He’s good at doing that.

“Problem” by Postmodern Jukebox begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Well, he’s going to end up getting crowded by the whole Mile High locker room. I’ma jump in too!

“The Adorkable Angel” Azurine Vebbins has a solitary spotlight follow her from the entrance ramp to the northern-facing ring apron.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is a Triple Threat Match for one fall, and is for the Mile High Wrestling ThrowDown Championship!!! Making her way to the ring first… one of the challengers… weighing in at 115 pounds….. residing in Malibu, California……. “The Adorkable Angel” Azurine Vebbins!!!

Along the way, Ms. Vebbins pirouettes, skanks, and twirls like a whirling dervish down to the ring.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Ray is she still dating women? I can’t fake it anymore.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: She’s still kicking ass. That’s all I know.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Well she lost the title two weeks ago.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: She’s still kicking ass, Wavy.

Azurine keeps dancing until getting onto the northern ringside apron and climbing through the middle and bottom ring ropes. Upon entering the ring, she dutifully awaits referee instruction.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: She’s still got an ass.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: How long did it take you to think of that?

A low idling of a motorcycle engine can be heard as the opening piano of “Zombie” by Bad Wolves can be heard. Wendy “Zombie” Stevens is kneeling in silhouetted shadow, a hood over her head, Lexa Pellegrini standing behind her as smoke wisps along the entrance ramp.

Another head hangs lowly, child is slowly taken
And the violence causes silence, who are we mistaken?
But you see, it’s not me, it’s not my family
In your head, in your head, they are fighting
With their tanks, and their bombs, and their bombs, and their drones
In your head, in your head, they are crying



At the instant the word ‘Head’ is sung, pyro goes off, Stevens kips up and pulls off the hood, a sadistic smile on her face that the camera picks up. She stops midway down the ramp, and looks around at the crowd before running down the ramp into the ring, and diving through the second and bottom ropes, rolling through the dive as she enters the ring, and lands on the opposite second and bottom ropes.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And now the other challenger… weighing in at 157 pounds….. from Manhattan, New York……. she is being accompanied by Lexa Pellegrini… representing the Shieldmaidens… Wendy “Zombie” Stevens!!!

Zombie gets on the turnbuckles of each of the four corners, doing a finger formation of the letter M for her Shieldmaidens, as Lexa steps in the ring.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: It’s really Azurine versus the world.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well actually, I dont know if Zombie’s been smoking that legal weed here in Denver, but she just hit a whole 180 recently as far as her opinions of Azurine go.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I saw that. Makes me think she had something up her sleeve.

Zombie jumps off the fourth corner, and takes her hood off and hands it to Lexa, giving her a small peck as she holds the ropes open for her to step out.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Zombie is currently the only active Shieldmaiden in Mile High to never have won gold here in Mile High Wrestling.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Well, there’s the new chick.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: That’s right. Bruiser is now on our roster

Zombie stands in the center of the ring, glaring up the ramp for her opponent.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: The champ is about to make her entrance, Ray.

“Vicious” by Halestorm begins playing throughout the arena.


# You make me vicious

# Watch as I make the pain my mistress

# You can call me Miss Malicious

# I’ll dress you up in stitches

# No I cannot resist this


The fans immediately begin to boo and start a “Fuck you, Jansen” chant.


# If it don’t hurt I get suspicious

# I like to take the knife and twist it

# Babe, our love is sacrilegious

# I’m not scared to admit it

# This violence is delicious


Jansen’s name comes across the screen as her music continues to play. Big Paul Banter steps from the back and onto the stage as he yells for the fans to shut their mouths.


# What doesn’t kill me

# Makes me vicious

# I’m not gonna break, I can take

# All that you can give

# This is survival of the sickest

# I am not afraid, bring the pain


Jansen finally steps out of the shadows and steps in front of Paul as she carries her pool cue stick with her. She glances from one side of the arena to the next and then just glances up at Paul as if in disgust as she finally strides down towards the ring. She’s dressed to wrestle with the addition of a leather jacket.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And their opponent… weighing in at 171 pounds….. from Augusta, Georgia……. she is being accompanied to the ring by Paul Banter… she is the Mile High Wrestling ThrowDown Champion… Jansen Myrrh!!!

Jansen steps up into the ring and hands off her cue stick to Banter before she moves from one side of the ring to the next and just shakes her head as she removes her jacket and tosses it out of the ring and walks to her corner.

Match Official: Jack Glascock

Mile High Wrestling
ThrowDown Championship
Triple Threat Match

Jansen Myrrh©
Azurine Vebbins

As soon as the bell sounds, Zombie wastes no time going after Azurine Vebbins, tackling her to the mat. She starts unloading hard lefts and rights into her face.

Jansen Myrrh watches for a moment with a grin, before throwing Zombie off and mounting The Adorkable Angel herself with rights and lefts of her own.

Zombie gets to her feet and throws Jansen off of Azurine, and gets back to throwing her hands into Mrs. Most Marketable.

Jansen grabs Zombie by the hair and pulls, dragging her off of Azurine and slinging her to the mat.

Zombie gets to her feet and the two get into a heated argument. Zombie shoves Jansen. Jansen shoves back. The two start throwing hands as the Denver crowd gets excited.

Zombie abd Jansen lock up and Zombie gets Jansen in a headlock. Azurine comes out of nowhere with a bulldog to Zombie, bringing both superstars down.

Jansen wobbles to her feet and Azurine takes her back down with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown.

Zombie wobbles to her feet and Azurine gives her a good ol airplane spin.

Azurine sets Zombie down on her feet and takes her down with her Crucifix DDT!!

Azurine goes for the pin.



Jansen breaks the pinfall up!

The three take turns with control of the match for most of the match. Finally, sometime after Jansen herself clears the commentary table, to everyone’s surprise Azurine and Zombie come together and double suplex Jansen through it!!!

Zombie and Azurine were left one on one for the short remainder of the match. Zombie would eventually get her Pilgrim/Defender on Azurine, and hook the leg.





Match Length: 22:53

“Zombie” by Bad Wolves plays throughout the arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winner of this match… and NEW Mile High Wrestling ThrowDown Champion… Wendy “Zombie” Stevens!!!

The referee hands Zombie her new belt and she holds it high in the air as her Lexi celebrates with her.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well this day may have started off bad for Zombie, but it has ended on the highest note.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Jansen Myrrh didn’t last long as champion eh?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Not a very long reign at all.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I was hoping Azurine was going to win, so we couldve seen Zombie quit.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Gawd damnitt, Ray. Whos side are you on? Or do you just hate everyone?

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Almost everyone.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: We have a new champion, folks. Congratulations, Wendy…

We can see Tyke Index coming down the hall again, he looks visibly angry at not being able to find Skrabz. Tyke catches sight of the janitor who sent him in the wrong direction earlier and approaches him quickly.

{{{Tyke Index}}}: I thought you said Skrabz was down that way?! You directed me to the damn trash area! If you don’t know where Skrabz is then I want my money back.

The janitor tries to hold back his laughter.

{{{Janitor}}}: Oh, you weren’t able to find him?

{{{Tyke Index}}}: What kind of question is that, you know I couldn’t find him! You sent me in the wrong direction, you have no idea where Skrabz is, do you? Give me my money back.

{{{Janitor}}}: Hold on, hold on. I would give you your money back but I already spent it.

{{{Tyke Index}}}: What do you mean you already spent my money?! I only gave you it fifteen minutes ago!

The janitor holds out his hands to show off two gold bracelets, Tyke looks raging.

{{{Janitor}}}: I got myself some bling just down the road, I seen Skrabz wear bracelets just like these before! He’s my favourite wrestler.

{{{Tyke Index}}}: Oh! So you just go ahead and spend my money on Skrabz bracelets, what about a Tyke Index t-shirt? Could you not have bought that instead?

As Tyke is talking, Skrabz appears behind Tyke again like earlier and looks like he’s going to say something, but instead shakes his head before walking on, the janitor sniggers again too.

{{{Tyke Index}}}: What’s so funny?! You laughing at my t shirt, what’s so funny about my t shirt? I should knock your ass out right here!

{{{Janitor}}}: No, no it’s not the t-shirt, it’s just…it’s just…

{{{Tyke Index}}}: Spit it out!

{{{Janitor}}}: It’s just that Skrabz just walked down that way….

The janitor points in the right direction this time but Tyke doesn’t believe him and walks in the other.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: So this time the janitor actually pointed Tyke in the right direction of our Mile High Wrestling Champion, but Tyke never took his advice.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Tyke Index is such an idiot!

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: He does know he’s going to be teaming with him later? He can see him then.

As “99 Wats To Die” by Megadeth starts, Scythe Bloodline shoots out onto the stage, thumping in place, with strobe lights accompanying him. Brandon Young slowly walks out behind him, looking cool.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following Tag Team Match is for one fall!!! Making their way to the ring first… weighing in at a combined weight of 435 pounds….. the team of Scythe Bloodline and Brandon Young!!!

Scythe dashes down the ramp and slides into the ring hopping up on the nearest turnbuckle and roaring towards the crowd, before jumping down still feeling the pumping of the music through him. Brandon Young smoothly walks down the ramp behind him, and rolls into the ring. The music calms as it fades and the match gets ready to begin.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Scythe Bloodline really wanting this tag team to work.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: It won’t though. The two Asian chicks are gonna fuck em up.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: We’ll see.

The hard rock open to “Evil” by Clutch plays across the arena as the lights dim and a spotlight appears on the stage as the team of the Ihari sisters stand. Muriko stands scowling with her arms crossed across her chest and Huruka stands in front of her giving the crowd a wave along with a huge smile. Muriko has had enough and bumps into Huruka, as if telling her to get going as the lyrics begin.

#You’re a long way from home

#Can’t sleep at night

#Grab your telephone

#Something ain’t right

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And their opponents… weighing in at a combined weight of 304 pounds….. from Okinawa, Japan……. Muriko and Huruka… Double Team Ihari!!!

#Well, that’s evil

#Evil going on

#And I’m warning you brother

#You better watch your happy home

As the vocalist sings the duo make their way down towards the ring. Huruka is slapping the hands of the fans from one side to the other as Muriko just walks straight down the middle of the aisle. As they get to ringside, Huruka tries to go around the ring to slap more hands, but Muriko grabs her by the shoulder and pushes her towards the ring before climbing the steps and getting on the ring apron and looking out at the crowd. Huruka rolls underneath the ropes and jumps to her feet and gets on the second turnbuckle and poses to the crowd as their music fades.

Match Official: Regina Ball

Tag Team Match
Double Team Ihari
Scythe Bloodline & Brandon Young

Double Team Ihari have come to Denver and have already been making a name for themselves, yet to be defeated in tag team action. On the other hand, Scythe Bloodline and Brandon Young was more of a tag team experiment. And in their debut match as a tag team, things didn’t turn out too hot.

Scythe said he wasnt going to give up, and in this match he proved that. Most of this match was a Handicap Match as Scythe fought the two sisters by himself. Anytime B-Money was in the ring, it wasn’t long before he’d tag Scythe right back in.

Towards the end of the match, while Huruka and Young were the legal wrestlers, Muriko was yelling at Scythe about his choice in a tag team partner. Young was going to tag in Scythe, but Muriko had came around ringside and Scythe dropped off the apron to address her.

Huruka took Young down with a headscissors takedown and went straight to the top rope. The fans were cheering, and Scythe took notice.

But Muriko sacked Scythe in the back of the head and shoved him into the ring post hard, while Huruka came down from the top rope onto B-Money with her 450 Senton Splash!!!

Huruka hooked the leg.




Double Team Ihari

Match Length: 07:45

“Evil” by Clutch plays across the arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winners of this match… Double Team Ihari!!!

The sisters celebrate their latest victory, while Scythe sits with his back against the outside barricade looking over at his fallen tag partner.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: When do you think Scythe is going to realize this tag team isn’t going to work?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Man, when are you gonna learn that most of the shit you do or say doesnt work?

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Then how do I have this job?

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: If Scythe has faith in Brandon Young, let him have that faith. You gotta go through the most to get to the best.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Scythe is a former HcW World Heavyweight Champion, and now he’s placing his career path in the hands of this wannabe gangsta. It’s ridiculous.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Another victory for Double Team Ihari.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: This has been quite the night.

The lights flicker until the sounds of electricity fill the arena as it is plunged into darkness. A moon appears on the titan-tron, as “Satan’s Arrival” by Pieces of Eden begins playing throughout the arena.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Here comes this creepy mothafucka…

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Looking for his redemption. And you can expect if he can win this match, he’ll automatically be first in line for that Hardcore Title.

A white glow appears on the stage. Standing in the glow is the near 7 foot tall Gabriel Ohio, leather jacket blowing in the wind, looking down at the floor. He looks up and walks slowly to the ring.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following match is for one fall!!! Making his way to the ring first… weighing in at 280 pounds….. from Parts Unknown……. Gabriel Ohio!!!

Ohio reaches the ring and steps up onto the apron and then over the top rope, his presence felt.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Psycho bout to kick his head off again.

With the lights dimmed, the Shieldmaidens’ motto, “Hell is empty and the Maidens are here!” comes up on the Tron. Dublin Death Patrol’s “Pigs In The Hollow” hits and “Psycho” Saoirse Maguire comes walking through the entryway smirking cruelly.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: You can see fans in the crowd tonight already purchasing the #MileHighKick shirts. We’ll we see a repeat?

Alex “Bullet” Carbajal, Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton, Jackie “Bandit” Layton, Katrina “Knox” Knox and Aoife “Banshee” Maguire trail out behind her and then walk her to the ring.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And his opponent… weighing in at 105 pounds….. from Asheville, North Carolina……. being accompanied to the ring by her fellow Shieldmaidens… she is “Psycho” Saoirse Maguire!!!

Psycho slides into the ring looking like she can’t wait to get down to business.

Match Official: John Paul Vigil

Gabriel Ohio

It had been six weeks since Gabriel Ohio’s disappointing debut, where Psycho gave the impressive Gealtachta that fans dubbed the Mile High Kick. Some fans in attendance tonight even wore the new t-shirt available through Mile High Wrestling.

But obviously since then Gabriel Ohio reintroduced himself and showed he is definately a force to be reckoned with. However, even though Ohio didn’t fall as easy, Psycho walked out with the Hardcore Championship two weeks ago, defeating Ohio and three other superstars.

In this match though, it wasn’t as easy for Psycho as it was six weeks ago. And with all the focus on just each other, the match was a little tougher than the Five Way Match a couple of weeks ago.

Psycho would even go for the Gealtachta early on, but this time Ohio would catch her by the ankle and give her a t-bone suplex.

Ohio would honestly be in control for most of this match, even performing a top rope t-bone suplex at one point that would have broke any normal woman in half. Psycho however showed she was a true warrior.

Psycho took a beating from Ohio. A complete difference from their first encounter. In the end, Ohio went for The Kiss of The Cerberus, hitting the buckle bomb on Psycho, but as Psycho stumbled forward from the corner she hit a vicious Gealtachta!!!

Ohio collapsed to the ground, and Psycho fell to her knees, out of breath, and then covered the giant of a man.





Match Length: 14:09

“Pigs In The Hollow” by Dublin Death Patrol plays throughout the arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winner of this match… Psycho!!!

Psycho celebrates with the other Shieldmaidens.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: What a match! Gabriel Ohio fell short again, but definately showed he can hang in Mile High Wrestling.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: If you’re talking about who can hang, we need to just point out the beating this woman just took. I get shit for hating on everyone, but this woman is bad ass. Straight up!

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Psycho is definately something special.

Paul Banter is following a very angry Jansen Myrrh down the hallway as she kicks things out of her way. She’s practically speedwalking and Paul is having a hard time keeping up.

{{{Paul Banter}}}: Goddammit, Myrrh. Hold up. I told you not to put that title on the line.

Jansen spins around and gives Paul a push, though he doesn’t budge as he comes to a stop.

{{{Jansen Myrrh}}}: I don’t need this from you right now. I don’t need your shit.

Jansen turns and enters one of the locker rooms and Paul starts to follow but notices the gender specific sign on the door and takes a step back.

{{{Paul Banter}}}: C’mon, Myrrh. I’m sure you can get another match with the champ. As a former champ, I’m sure we can make that happen. Maybe at the Spectacular.

The door flies open and Jansen emerges, bag in hand but still in her gear as she hasn’t even bothered to change.

{{{Jansen Myrrh}}}: I should still be the champ. Where the fuck were you? You’re supposed to be helping me out there and what?

Paul starts to answer, but she cuts him off.

{{{Jansen Myrrh}}}: I don’t even want to hear your shit. I’m leaving. Go… find something else to do rather than follow me. I need some fucking space.

Jansen turns to go.

{{{Paul Banter}}}: What’s that supposed to mean?

Jansen turns around to face him.

{{{Jansen Myrrh}}}: It means I need some damned space. From you. Go home or something.

Jansen turns and walks towards the exit as he continues to follow but as she gets there, she steps outside letting the door slam back on Paul. He places a hand on the door, leaning on it.

{{{Paul Banter}}}: Fuck

{{{Emily Falls}}}: Mom said she just wants one more chance.

Emily Falls is standing in Robert Mack’s office with Robert Mack.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: She’s getting to fight Sam in two weeks. That’s not enough?

{{{Emily Falls}}}: Seems like she wanted that match to get back in the door.

Robert raises his eyebrow, frustrated.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: So she’s not even taking the match serious?

{{{Emily Falls}}}: Well, I don’t think she was at first. But after everyone started saying she was going to get beat up, she’s been in the gym A LOT.

Robert shakes his head, thinking about everything his daughter is telling him.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: I dont know, Emily. She’s caused a lot of problems.

{{{Emily Falls}}}: But dad, with Mile High about to leave Denver, she really would like to be on the road with us.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: I don’t know, Emily…

{{{Emily Falls}}}: Well, her suggestion was a match at Mile High Spectacular. She could find a tag partner and you could find a tag partner. And if her team wins, you have to give her a job. But if your team wins, she’s banned from Mile High forever.

Robert laughs a little.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: So she wants to fight me?

Emily looks frustrated.

{{{Emily Falls}}}: Are you going to do it or not? I think you should.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: And who is going to be her partner?

{{{Emily Falls}}}: She didn’t tell me anything about that. But I know who should be your partner…

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Sam already has a match.

{{{Emily Falls}}}: I know someone who doesn’t have a match yet.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Bullet doesn’t like me that much.

Robert goes from looking against this idea to thinking about it.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: But she doesn’t like Katrina….

Emily shakes her head, very frustrated.

{{{Emily Falls}}}: I’m talking about me. Let me be your partner!

Robert closes his eyes, seeming like he isn’t for it at all.

{{{Emily Falls}}}: Oh. You’re still ashamed of me…

Emily starts walking away.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Emily…

Emily grabs the office door handle.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Fine!

Emily stops.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: I’ll do the match. And you can be my tag team partner.

Emily forms a huge smile, turns around, and skips to her father.

{{{Emily Falls}}}: Thanks, dad!

Emily gives Robert a huge hug and kiss on the cheek.

{{{Emily Falls}}}: I love you.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: I love you, too.

Robert doesn’t look pleased, his chin over her shoulder.

The arena goes black as “Out of The Black” by Royal Blood hits the speakers. Black lights come on revealing on the glowing green eyes of “The Viper” Johnny Knight. He runs down to the ring and slides in, with “Silent Lucha” Kaito Jackson behind him, shushing the crowd.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: The following Tag Team Match is the main event of the night and is for one fall!!! Making their way to the ring first… weighing in at at a combined weight of 420 pounds….. from Mexico City……. Kaito Jackson and Johnny Knight… they are The Foundation!!!

The two members of The Foundation get ready for their match, inside the ring.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well, this is a huge opportunity for The Foundation.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Yeah, because they definitely don’t deserve to be in the main event.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Well, I wouldn’t say that.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I know. Thats why they hired me.

The opening saxophone of “Jubel” by Klingande begins to play over the PA and as it speeds up, eventually it hits a crescendo into a drop.

“Save me”

Tyke Index appears from behind the curtain with a hood over his head just as the chorus rolls, wearing his Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Championship. There are cheers from the crowd as Tyke poses at the bottom of the ring steps before entering the ring.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And their opponents… introducing first… weighing in at 200 pounds….. residing in Brooklyn, New York……. he is the Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Champion… Tyke Index!!!


The lights go off and when they come back on Tyke is sitting in his corner.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Tyke has been searching for Skrabz all week, and he’s finally going to get to see him.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: He has drool coming out of his mouth.

Tempa T’s “Next Hype” starts to play, the beat builds for ten seconds and then Skrabal Stanzas can be heard saying “Are you dizzy blud?”. The beat explodes and Tempa T immediately comes in with his lyrics.

“What kind of things that you have
When I find out don’t expect me to stop
I’ll come for the P’s that you stack
And come for all the food that you plot
Better hand over the bag
Your boys don’t wanna see you shot
If I kick down the door to your flat
Dun Know I’ll clear out your house on the spot”


Skrabal Stanzas comes walking out from the back and poses with his arms stretched out, holding the Mile High Wrestling strap in his right hand.

“CLEAR! All the things in your house
CLEAR! All the things in your fridge
SMASH! All your plates from your rack
CLEAR! All of your kids’ toys
CLEAR! All of your CD rack
Won’t get none of your CD’s back”


{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And his tag team partner… weighing in at 235 pounds….. from London, England……. he is the Mile High Wrestling Champion… Skrabz!!!

Skrabz throws the strap over his shoulder and walks to the ring, his slow but deliberate swagger in direct contrast with the hype beat and aggressive lyrics.

“I have to punch up guys
Guys try it with me, I don’t know why
Bax! Pax man straight in his eyes
They floored me, I was looking at the sky
Par! Now I have to go blind
That boy there I swear he gonna die
You’re not bad you’re a mug don’t think you’re a guy
When I slap man you won’t be alright”


{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Can Skrabz and Tyke co-exist?

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Well, Tyke seems like it’s what he wants.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Skrabz just cares abour the “W”s. Maybe it’ll work.

Skrabz walks up the steps and climbs into the ring, handing his belt over to the referee. He stands in the corner of the ring and leans back against the turnbuckle with his arms folded across his chest as the music fades out.

Match Official: Jack Glascock

Tag Team Match
Skrabz and Tyke Index
The Foundation

Tyke Index and Johnny Knight start the match, and Tyke let’s Skrabz know that he’s got it, and Skrabz has nothing to worry about. Skrabz rolls his eyes and Knight runs at Tyke with a slingblade. Skrabz shakes his head.

As Tyke gets back to his feet, Knight Irish whips him into the ropes and meets him in the middle with a flying shoulder hit.

Knight tags in Kaito. Tyke gets to his feet and Kaito starts catching him with horizontal chops to the chest until Tyke jumps up with an inziguiri.

While Tyke catches his breath, Kaito gets to his feet. Kaito goes for a missile dropkick and Tyke grabs his ankles as Kaito falls to the mat. Tyke quickly starts trying to pull Kaito into the Boston Crab.

Kaito fights and kicks his way out of being fully locked into the submission. As Kaito scratches to his feet, Tyke comes flying at him with a forearm smash.

Tyke attempts the Boston crab again, and Kaito fights some more. Kaito excapes Tyke’s grasp and goes for a hot tag to Knight.

Knight comes running in with a flying crossbody taking down Tyke. Knight quickly pulls Tyke to his feet and drops him with a simple backdrop.

Knight goes for a quick pin attempt.


As Knight goes to get Tyke up, Tyke quickly shifts Knight into a wakigatame. The ref checks on Knight and Kaito runs in and breaks it up. Skrabz mean mugs Kaito from the ring apron, and Kaito points at him while backing away.

Tyke runs at Kaito with a flying forearm smash, knocking him through the ropes and out of the ring.

Tyke turns around to Knight running at him and Tyke quickly sidesteps and goes behind him bringing him down with a rolling German.

Knight gets to his feet to gets dropped by another Rollin German. And then a third.

Tyke asks Skrabz if he wants in, and the crowd cheers. Tyke looks around the arena taking their opinions in before nodding his head and heading towards Skrabz, but Knight comes flying at the back of Tyke’s head with a missile dropkick.

As Tyke flies forward however, Skrabz tags himself in. The roof blows off the building as Skrabz starts throwing punches at Knight, knocking him down over and over.

Skrabz runs at Kaito on the apron with a dropkick, knocking him off again. He turns around to Knight running at him, so he runs at Knight and takes him down with a Float Over DDT.

Skrabz would keep control for a little while until Tyke would tag himself back in, causing a few boos. Tyke asks for everyone’s forgiveness, that he just wanted back in. Skrabz looks annoyed, but gets back on the apron.

Knight tags in Kaito while this all happens, and Tyke turns around into Kaito springboarding off the ropes with a diving cross body wrap.

As soon as both men are back to their feet, Kaito hurls Tyke against the ropes followed by a flying shoulder to the head.

Kaito moves his thumb across his throat signaling the end. Skrabz shakes his head in disappointment.

When Tyke gets to his feet, Kaito gets him into the Devil’s Lock!!

Tyke fights it and ends up getting his hand on the bottom rope, grabbing it tight. The ref forces the break up.

Both men get to their feet and Kaito comes up behind Tyke with the Living Dead!!!

Tyke fights it for a while, but Kaito looks like he really has this one locked in. Tyke starts fading, and Skrabz comes out of nowhere with a Mic Check basically to Tyke, but it brings Kaito down with them as he was wrapped around Tyke tightly.

The fans are going nuts, and Knight comes running in the ring, only to be caught with a Snare Clap!!!

At the end of the match, Skrabz and Knight would be the legal men and Skrabz would drop Knight with a Mic Check and go for the pin.



Coke Mountain!!!!!

Tyke hit his finisher on Skrabz, getting payback, as the ref looked on in shock. Tyke looked around the arena at the mized reactions and shrugged his shoulders with a smile. He dragged Skrabz to the corner, and tagged himself in.

Tyke got right back in the ring and put his foot over Knight.




Tyke Index and Skrabz

Match Length: 08:40

“Jubel” by Klingande plays throughout the arena.

{{{Meozha Zhanae}}}: And the winners of this match… the team of Tyke Index and Skrabz!!!

Tyke Index celebrates their victory.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Skrabz gon be pissed when he wakes up.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Tyke wanted the glory of this victory.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: A little payback really. Skrabz took him down earlier in the match.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: We expected friction.

Tyke stands over Skrabz, as his music fades away. He looks down at the Mile High Wrestling Champion, and then looks around the Magness Arena. Still so many mixed reactions.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: I’d leave well enough alone…

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Tyke doesn’t think like that, Wavy. We all know that.

Tyke reaches down and offers to help Skrabz to his feet. It takes a moment, but once Skrabz comes to and realizes what Tyke is doing, he slaps Tyke’s hand away and quickly gets to his feet.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: It’s about to go down!!

Robert Mack slides into the ring out of nowhere and stands between the two superstars, holding a mic.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Uh oh! The boss man has intervened. What’s he got to say?

{{{Robert Mack}}}: No! This match is special….

The fans start booing.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: You two can, and will, fight at Mile High Spectacular 2, in four weeks. But until then you can NOT touch each other.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Not a popular decision..

The boos grow louder before a “Let Them Fight!” chant breaks out.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: I will, on September 15….

The boos grow loud again.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: These fans want to see these two fight. This is a dream match in Mile High.

A good portion of the locker room is now in the ring, making sure Skrabz and Tyke Index don’t fight, as Robert Mack rolls out of the ring.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Damn, Rob done got the whole locker room out here to prevent these two from fighting before their scheduled match.

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: Rob knew how this Tag Match was going to end. He came prepared.

Robert stops in the middle of the ramp and turns around, looking like he just remembered something.

{{{Robert Mack}}}: Oh yeah….. and just to make this match even more special…… the Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Championship will be on the line too, Tyke.

{{{Wavy Crockett}}}: Damn…

{{{Ray Hudson}}}: That’s huge….

Episode 21 fades to black.

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