Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Magness Arena
Denver, Colorado
Streaming LIVE only on The SE Network

The show opens up with the cameras backstage, live. A limo pulls into the parking lot. The driver runs around and opens up the door, and out comes Olivia Areano and “Pretty” Ricky Stanton. The crowd has a mixed reaction.

Wavy Crockett: The Pretty Boy really showed up!

Ray Hudson: This started in a Twitter rant and now it’s here. Ricky Stanton has come to address Forge Mitchell tonight!

Ricky stops during his way ringside, as he shakes hands with staff.

Ray Hudson: He is the CEO of Stanton Enterprises. He streams this show on his network folks. I don’t know why ANYONE would want to cross the boss.

Wavy Crockett: Because Forge is a bad motherfucker. Ricky has some balls showing up tonight.

Ray Hudson: Well, it all started with Forge calling Olivia entitled and Stanton spoke up on behalf of his protégé. Before you know it all of the Shieldmaidens step in and well…. here we are. Tonight is going to be an interesting night, to say the least.

The scene fades into a recap from last week.


We are back to our show, and the fans look ready for the main event, as the cameras pan around the arena.

Ray Hudson: Welcome back, and it’s now time for the main event!


When Samantha finally gets in front of the ropes, she steps over the top rope.

Wavy Crockett: I can actually see that Adam’s apple that Candi was talking about.

Ray Hudson: You better stop. That woman would rip you in half.


Robert Mack is asking Combes who these men are. Combes tells him that they are lumberjacks.

Ray Hudson: The Master trying to make this a lumberjack match.

Wavy Crockett: No, he ain’t trying nothing. He just told Rob that this was going to be a lumberjack match.

Ray Hudson: Well, he’s not the boss…

Wavy Crockett: But he is The Master…


Ray Hudson: The fans are actually cheering Candi Bratton. I don’t get it…

Candi stops when she sees a fan with a Titaness Hamilton sign and she grabs it and tears it to shreds, yelling “Hamilton ain’t shit!”

Ray Hudson: Well, if that doesn’t change the cheers into boos…



Ray Hudson: And here we go!

Special Guest Referee Robert Mack has called for the bell, and it seems like Samantha and Combes have agreed upon a temporary alliance against Candi.

Wavy Crockett: This is bullshit! That’s why the fans are cheering for Candi Bratton! Adam’s Apple is a sellout, aligning herself with The Master, just because she’s jealous of Candi Bratton’s fame…

Candi is cussing at both of her opponents, as they stand together with smirks on their faces.

Ray Hudson: I mean, the fans cheer for The Titaness, too…

Wavy Crockett: Not after this stunt…

Samantha and Combes both each take a step forward, but as Samantha takes a second step, Combes doesn’t. Samantha turns around confused, as Combes brings his leg up to big boot her down to the mat.


The six men start to surround Candi. Samantha starts to get out of the ring herself, but is knocked out onto the floor by Combes.

Wavy Crockett: It’s about to be a gangbang!

Three of the men start stomping away at Samantha, and three of the men attack Candi. The fans are booing extremely loud.

Ray Hudson: Get these men out of here! What the hell?


Combes reveals he was hiding a pair of handcuffs in his bottom attire.

Ray Hudson: Wait a damn minute! What does he have those for?

Combes handcuffs one of Samantha’s wrists to the bottom turnbuckle.

Wavy Crockett: Shit getting real kinky around here…

Samantha comes to, and realizes she’s handcuffed to the turnbuckle wire. The fans are booing.

Ray Hudson: The Master has basically eliminated Hamilton from the match.


Ray Hudson: I think he’s about to wrap this up….

Combes slams the Weight of the Crown into Candi, dropping her like a bag of potatoes.

Wavy Crockett: No…

Combes looks over at Samantha one more time, and winks.

Ray Hudson: This one’s over, people…

Samantha looks at Combes with fire in her eyes, as she jerks her wrist with all her might, breaking the cuff chain in two!!

Wavy Crockett: What the fuck?!!

Ray Hudson: Holy shit!!!

Combes’ jaw drops, as Samantha gets to her feet, and stares a hole through The Master.

Wavy Crockett: I’m not even in the ring and I just shit on myself.

Combes charges at Samantha, who clotheslines him down.


Samantha kicks Combes in the gut, and puts him in position for a powerbomb.

Ray Hudson: Hamilton setting The Master up for a powerbomb.

Samantha shockingly lifts, and slams, Combes into the mat with a powerbomb.

Ray Hudson: Oh my God! She really did that.

Wavy Crockett: Damn…

The fans are cheering. A lot of them standing on their feet, clapping.


Samantha Irish whips Candi to the ropes. Candi bounces back into the Defying The Gods, by The Titaness.

Ray Hudson: Defying The Gods!!!

Samantha runs her thumb across her neck, signifying the end.

Wavy Crockett: Candi…

Ray Hudson: Hamilton is claiming this match!

Samantha gets Candi to her feet, one more time, setting her up for the Wrath of the Titans.

Ray Hudson: Hamilton about to finish this match!

Candi unhooks her arms, drops to one knee, and gives Samantha a low blow.

Wavy Crockett: The hell?

Samantha feels a little pain, but obviously it doesn’t effect her as it would a man.

Wavy Crockett: Did Candi really just low blow Hamilton?

Samantha grabs Candi by the head, and Candi reaches up and slaps the hell out of Samantha. That hurts her a little more than the low blow.

Ray Hudson: Now that hurt!!

Samantha pushes her boot into Candi’s face, knocking her on her back.

Ray Hudson: And it only angered The Titaness!

Combes, out of nowhere, strikes Samantha in the back of the head with the Weight of the Crown. Samantha falls to her knees.

Ray Hudson: Weight of the Crown!!! Out of nowhere!!!


Samantha lays on the mat for a moment, before rolling out of the ring. She lifts the apron up, and reaches under the ring.

Ray Hudson: What is she reaching for?

Samantha pulls out a sledgehammer. The fans start cheering at the top of their lungs.


Samantha runs at Combes and smashes the top end of the sledgehammer into his skull, taking him down.

Ray Hudson: Oh what an impact!!

Samantha raises the sledgehammer into the air, holding the bottom with both hands. She brings it down with powerful force, as Combes thankfully rolls out of the way, and out of the ring. The sledgehammer puts a hole in the ring mat.

Ray Hudson: My God!!

Wavy Crockett: Wow…


Suddenly there’s a woman cutting through the crowd and hopping the guardrailing. She’s dressed in a manner that might consider her to be homeless, except for the white paint on her face and the black around her eyes that drip down and make it seem as if she’s been crying. Her hair is disheveled, though a large braid sits a little crooked behind her head. The woman is wearing jeans, torn in several places as well as a tattered leather jacket that looks like it’s seen better days.

Ray Hudson: I think that…? I think that’s Lara Bratton! Candi’s daughter! What the hell is she doing in Mile High?

Wavy Crockett: Wait!! My favorite wrestler in the world has a younger, hotter daughter?

“The Prankster” Lara Bratton slides into the ring holding a cane, as the fans look on confused. Robert Mack asks her what the hell she is doing here. This causes Samantha to turn around, to see who Robert is talking to.

Ray Hudson: Wrong show, Lara…

Samantha looks confused and angry, as she approaches Lara with the sledgehammer.

Wavy Crockett: Leave her alone!

Ray Hudson: She chose to get into the ring!

Lara spit sprays a purple mist into Samantha’s face.

Ray Hudson: What the hell?!

Samantha drops the sledgehammer, as she starts wiping her eyes, trying to get the mist out.

Ray Hudson: What the hell was that?!

Lara smashes her cane across the side of Samantha’s head, as it shatters into pieces.


Robert walks over to Lara, and yanks the sledgehammer out of her hands. He tells her she has to leave, right now.

Ray Hudson: Hell yeah! Rob is a helluva ref!

Wavy Crockett: This is No DQ. How is he doing anything right?

Lara rolls her eyes, and then walks over to her mother. She starts shaking her, to wake her up.


Lara makes a facial expression, looking past Robert, that makes Robert jump out of the way at the same time as Lara, as a blinded Samantha comes flying where they were with a vicious spear that ends up connecting with The Master.

Ray Hudson: The Titaness out of nowhere, with a spear!

Lara quickly grabs Samantha and throws her out of the ring. Robert looks at her pissed, as she announces she’s leaving.

Ray Hudson: Kick Candi out of the match! Her daughter refuses to listen!

Wavy Crockett: She’s leaving, Ray!

Ray Hudson: It’s too late!

Wavy Crockett: You’re not the ref! Shut up!

Lara gets out of the ring, and starts backing her way up the ramp.


Candi crawls over to the sledgehammer.

Wavy Crockett: There you go, Candi! Finish these frauds! You don’t even need your daughter!

Samantha starts climbing up the apron.

Ray Hudson: Hamilton coming back to the match, from the outside…

Candi runs at her with the sledgehammer and smashes it into her skull, knocking her off the apron and face first into the barricade.

Wavy Crockett: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Candi closes her eyes, resting on the ring ropes, for a moment.

Ray Hudson: Candi looks like she’s getting too old for this shit. No offense, but we don’t need her representing our company, Wavy!

Candi lifts the sledgehammer up, and brings it down onto Combes’ ribs.

Ray Hudson: Sledgehammer to the ribs of The Master!

Candi brings the sledgehammer down two more times, before dropping it outside of the ring. The Master is coughing up blood.

Ray Hudson: This is absolutely sick!

Wavy Crockett: I love it!

Candi goes for the pin.





Lara was on the stage area still, and comes running down the ramp.


Lara slides into the ring, as her mom is in sitting position. “Big Bad Wolf” by In This Moment starts blaring over the arena sound system.

Wavy Crockett: She did it!!!

Byron Brown: And the winner of this match… and your first EVER Mile High Wrestling Champion….. “Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton!!!!!

Robert Mack, already having got out of the ring after the three count, slides back into the ring holding the championship belt.

Ray Hudson: I can’t believe this…

Wavy Crockett: Hater!!

Lara snatches the belt out of his hand and quickly shoves it at her mom, as confetti starts shooting from the arena roof.

Ray Hudson: I might catch shit for this….but an old woman is our champion….

Wavy Crockett: But she’s the best! Hater!!

Robert looks at Lara, shaking his head. He then slightly smiles, and mouths “congrats” to Candi, before heading out of the ring.

Wavy Crockett: “Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton is our Mile High Wrestling Champion!!!

Samantha is shown sitting outside, with her back against the barricade, pissed off.

Wavy Crockett: Awww! Boo fucking hoo!!

Ray Hudson: She fought her heart out, Wavy!!

Lara helps her mom to her feet. Candi holds the belt in the air, as there are still some cheers for her, but you can now also hear some boos.

Ray Hudson: Goodnight, everyone! It’s going to be interesting next week. See you then…

Mile High Wrestling fades off with Candi holding up the belt in one hand, and her middle finger in the other. Her daughter has both her middle fingers in the air.

Earlier Today…..

In the backstage area, a photographer is shown standing around, seeming to be waiting for someone. A voice behind the camera is heard.

Cameraman: This camera’s working. Where’s Bratton?

Photographer: She’s supposed to be here. The boss wants pictures of her with the belt for promotional purposes.

The cameraman shoots around the area until he sees Candi Bratton and Lara Bratton.

Cameraman: What’s this? They’re over here.

The cameraman keeps filming as Katrina Mack comes into view. The trio seem to be in discussion, but whatever it is they’re saying can’t be heard from the photography area.

Photographer: What’s that all about?

Katrina shakes hands with both Candi and Lara before turning and walking away. The Brattons begin walking over to where the cameraman is, and the microphone can just barely pick up their voices now.

“The Prankster” Lara Bratton: What was that all about?

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton: Just making sure I get the best possible hand in this fucking game of poker.

Candi and Lara look at each other and grin.

We now fade into the official opening video of Mile High Wrestling. “Colorado” by TECH N9NE starts playing for the first 27 seconds of the track, and then the hook is looped for a second time.

Yeah, uh-huh, uh-oh, no, damn

An overview of Downtown Denver is shown during the night, with a baby blue and orange color scheme.

It-it-it-it-it-it that good Colora-

The screen flickers back and forth rapidly, between cuts of Downtown Denver and the Mile High Wrestling logo, concluding with the logo turning sideways and spinning off into the screen like a ninja star.

(-Do, do, do, do)
You know it’s that fire
I can’t get no higher

Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton is shown spearing Snakebite through the outside barricade, followed by “Desert Rose” Anya flying in the air with a moonsault.

(Do, do, do, do)
I came to turn the night up
Now watch me as I light up

“The Party Boy” Chris Mosh is shown high fiving some fans, followed by all five members of The Shieldmaidens standing on the stage area.

(-Do, do, do, do)
You know it’s that fire
I can’t get no higher

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton is shown yelling at an opponent, followed by “Next Generation” Luke Corvo flying in the air with a frog splash.

(Do, do, do, do)
I came to turn the night up
Now watch me as I light up

Skrabz is shown sitting around with other Toll Gang members, followed by “The Master” Issac Combes lighting up a cigar, as the video fades away, and the cameras are in the arena where fireworks are exploding. The instrumental to “Colorado” plays through the sound system, as the camera pans around the Denver crowd.

We see many signs in the crowd, such as “Candi Bratton For President”, “The Titaness Deserves A Rematch”, “Forge vs Ricky Stanton”, and “Will You Marry Me, Anya?”.

“Centuries” by Fall Out Boy begins playing around the arena.

Du du du du-du du du
Du du du du du-du du du

Ray Hudson: Here comes the big boss!

Some legends are told
Some turn to dust or to gold
But you will remember me
Remember me, for centuries
Just one mistake
Is all it will take
We’ll go down in history
Remember me for centuries
Hey, hey, hey
Remember me for centuries

Pyro hits as Ricky Stanton walks out onto the stage area, with Olivia Areano. They walk down the ramp, ready to start off this episode of Mile High Wrestling. Ricky grabs a mic and steps inside the ring. Olivia follows.

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: WELL NOW, WELCOME TO MILE HIGH WRESTLING! I know many of you are trying to figure out who I am. Well, I’m your network executive. I AM STANTON ENTERPRISES. That’s right. This promotion is streamed onto my network and I get a percentage. Now, some people don’t realize who I am so I thought it would be nice to come down, and introduce myself. FORGE…I KNOW YOU ARE BACK THERE. GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE….

Ray Hudson: The CEO of Stanton Enterprises is really out here calling out Forge…

Wavy Crockett: Death wish!

Moments later, “Hardwired” by Metallica hits and Forge walks out onto the stage to a reaction that’s almost wholly negative from the fans. They barely rate a glance out of him, though, as the big man’s eyes are on the ring, locked on Ricky inside of it. Forge powers down the ramp and up the steps, entering the ring and coming within a few inches of the “Pretty Boy” before stopping, glowering at him in silence.

Ray Hudson: No sense of self-preservation on this guy. He looks like he wants to crack the guy signing the checks right in the mouth! But… he wouldn’t do that, would he?

Wavy Crockett: Forge has no limits! He’s The Martyr Machine!!

Olivia is glaring daggers at Forge, who after a couple moments shoots a look her way. Scoffing at the woman seething next to Ricky, his attention is back on Stanton as “Hardwired” fades out. Taking a mic out of his back pocket, Forge opens things up.

Forge: There a reason you’re out here squawking at me when I’m preparing to delete a member of your roster, Stanton?

Ray Hudson: A reference to his Falls Count Anywhere Match with Deuce Holmes later tonight, for those of our fans just tuning in!

Wavy Crockett: Holmes is in for it!! Everyone getting fucked up tonight, by my man Forge!

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: Now before you go into your little tirade, as I said before, and now that I’m here it’s in your face. SHE IS MY WRESTLER. Did you think I was going to let you just come out your mouth about her? She has worked hard and is far from entitled.

Ricky holds Olivia back.

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: Your problem with me is well….I’m ENTITLED.

Ricky laughs.

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: You work for MHW, but I stream these shows. So in a roundabout way…..YOU WORK FOR MY BENEFIT. I didn’t come here to start anything but put you back in your place…..BOY.

The fans are buzzing.

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: AND THAT BEGINS WITH RESPECTING THE PRETTIEST WRESTLER IN HISTORY. So what’s it gonna be??? You gonna act crazy or are you going to square up and shake my hand. Cause I am sorry how we started. But we can head down a different road.

Ricky holds out his hand, and Forge with an odd little half-smile on his face, stares at it. He looks past Stanton toward Olivia, who’s a big ball of smugness at this point, then back to the man in front of him.

Forge: Let’s see if I get this straight; I call the little girl here on what she is, an entitled brat…

Once again Ricky has to hold Olivia back.

Forge: …and you decided to fight her battle for her instead of her showing that she’s half of what she thinks she is by doing it herself. Then you start tossing around money and influence, expecting not only myself, but my people to just kneel like you’re some fuckin’ King… which you ain’t.

Taking another step, Forge puts himself almost nose to nose with Ricky, blatantly ignoring that extended hand.

Forge: Here’s the thing: what myself and the Shieldmaidens do? It’s in high demand. If we didn’t do it here, we’d do it somewhere else and get paid just as much. You ain’t wavin’ a big stick here, Ricky-Boy. Respect is earned. You ain’t earned mine, your little girl ain’t earned mine… hell, no one in this damn arena has yet. So draw that hand back, go back to your skybox with the bottles of Dom and thousand-dollar gold-covered chicken wings and watch what I do later tonight. I’m going to educate all of you about how you get respect… by snapping Deuce Holmes like a twig.

Ray Hudson: We’re at a fever pitch right now.

Ricky smiles as he looks down and looks up and smirks… AND THROWS A PUNCH!

Ray Hudson: Stanton takes a swing! And we’re off to the races!

The fist lands and Stanton backs Forge up with a couple more good licks before the big man from Plant City starts firing back with right hands of his own! Stanton and Forge trade several blows before the size and power of Forge lets him get in some unanswered shots! The carnage is not merely them alone however, as a screaming Olivia bounds off the second rope and lands on Forge’s back, trying to claw at his face.

Ray Hudson: This is nuts!!!

All of a sudden, Robi Mitchell comes running down to the ring to rip Olivia off of him. She does, and the two women brawl to the outside of the ring.

Ray Hudson: The ladies brawling too! That’s Forge’s wife right there!

Back on his feet, Ricky knocks Forge hard into the ropes with a high knee… and the Martyr Machine retorts with the Piston Kick! Grabbing a still-upright Stanton by the arm, Forge whips him hard into the ropes to set up for Twisted Steel but Ricky catches himself and rolls out of the ring before Forge can get hold of him, yelling at Olivia to bring her ass over to him!

Wavy Crockett: And the CEO is running! Like a track star!

RJ rolls into the ring, snarling and pointing a threatening glare at Olivia while Forge, looking energized from the brawl, draws a proverbial line on the canvas, daring Stanton to come back in.

Ray Hudson: Forge wants more!!

Stanton rubs his chin as he’s pulling on Olivia.

Ray Hudson: Stanton is NOT getting back in that ring! Olivia is NOT SIGNED!

Wavy Crockett: I hope she do sign. With my baby Ginger looking like she’s leaving, I need a new girlfriend…

Ray Hudson: But Forge took the point and match tonight! The Pretty Boy has had his fill!

Ricky is still talking smack as he heads backstage with Olivia. Forge, on the other hand, is looking around for a moment as strangely enough, there’s a couple cheers for him out in the crowd. He doesn’t acknowledge it though, leaving the ring and heading up the ramp with RJ at his side.

Ray Hudson: We gotta take a commercial break. We’ll be right back!

We are back from commercial break and “I’m The One” by DJ Khaled ft Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Quavo, and Lil Wayne hits as “The Party Boy” Chris Mosh shows up on the titantron. Then the camera shows “Mosh” on black as it zooms out to show it is on a hoody, as Chris Mosh turns around. Mosh walks down the ramp slapping hands with fans.

Byron Brown: The opening contest of the evening is a tag team match for one fall! Introducing first… weighing in at 210 pounds….. residing in Las Vegas, Nevada……. “The Party Boy” Chris Mosh!!!

Ray Hudson: Welcome back to Mile High Wrestling, and boy did the show start off wild.

Mosh walks around the ring slapping hands with the fans around the ring. Chris get to the commentary table and slaps hands with Ray Hudson. Wavy Crockett is sitting in his seat this week, as both men lock eyes.

Ray Hudson: I think Chris wants you to say something, Wavy.

Mosh asks if Wavy has anything smart to say. Wavy doesn’t speak. Mosh says he figured as much, as he goes back around the ring slapping hands with rest of the fans.

Ray Hudson: Mighty quiet, Wavy…

Wavy Crockett: I don’t acknowledge losers.

Ray Hudson: Well nonetheless, you fist match tonight is a tag team match.

When Mosh gets back to the bottom of the ramp, he climbs up on the apron, then jumps over the ropes. Chris Mosh slaps hands with Byron Brown, then spins into the middle of the ring as the camera zooms in on Mosh smirking, before he winks into the camera.

Wavy Crockett: Corny ass…

Ray Hudson: Why didn’t you say all thy a minute ago?

The lights in the arena go out and the sound effect of thunder echoes throughout the arena as the entrance way and ring are illuminated in a neon blue light. “Redneck Stomp” by Obituary then hits. Ripley walks out onto the stage wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, black wrestling tights, and black boots. He turns around showing off a large white skull on the back of his hoodie.

Byron Brown: And his tag team partner… weighing in at 240 pounds….. from Brooksville, Florida……. Ripley!!!

Ripley faces forward, standing on the top of the entrance way, and looks around the arena as the crowd erupts in cheers. Ripley then starts walking towards the ring. As he does, he lets out a large scream of “Let’s Go!”.

Ray Hudson: Let’s go!!

As Ripley makes his way down the aisle to the ring, he takes time to slap the hands of a few fans. Once he reaches the ring he stops and looks at it, then quickly walks up the steel steps and enters the ring.

Wavy Crockett: I can’t believe they put these two dweebs together.

In the ring, Ripley paces around, then climbs up in one of the corners of the ring to look out at all of the fans. He points to a few fans as the crowd continues to cheer. He then hops down unzipping his hoodie and tosses it to ringside. Ripley walks to the center of the ring as his music fades out and the lights return to normal.

Wavy Crockett: I pray to God these women put these boys in the places.

The lights dim. On the titantron, the Shieldmaiden’s motto appears “Hell is empty and the Maidens are here.” as the opening of Marilyn Manson’s “This Is The New Shit” starts ramming it’s way onto the soundsystem. The Shieldmaiden’s logo pops up on the entrance screen.

“Babble babble bitch bitch
Rebel rebel party party
Sex sex sex and don’t forget the violence
Blah blah blah got your lovey-dovey sad-and-lonely
Stick your stupid slogan in
Everybody sing along”

Shieldmaidens’ VP, Alex “Bullet” Carbajal steps out first. To her left stands the Sgt-At-Arms, Ophelia “Widow” Blaque. Fellow group members, Jackie “Bandit” Layton and Fianna Donnelly, take their places on either end of their officers, the four women all staring dead at the ring.

“Are you motherfuckers ready
For the new shit?
Stand up and admit
Tomorrow’s never coming
This is the new shit
Stand up and admit”

Wavy: The hottest group on Mile High Wrestling.

Ray Hudson: And you may have noticed RJ is not out here with them. Just moments ago she and her husband were involved in a very shocking brawl…

As the chorus rages over the speakers, Bullet leads the group to the ring. They surround the ring, Bandit and Bullet going around the right while Widow and Fianna go to the left. They nod to each other as they wait for the chorus to kick in again. As soon as it starts, the four women all climb up into the ring and make their way to the middle, taking their places as they face the hard camera in the same order they stood on the stage. The chorus plays again and all four Shieldmaidens raise their fists, all seemingly ready to conquer the world before them.


Referee Regina Ball has called for the bell, and it looks like we’re starting off with Ophelia and Mosh.

Wavy Crockett: I hope she bites him and drains all his blood.

Ray Hudson: You’re so stupid, Wavy. The match is underway, ladies and gents.

Mosh wants to start with a grapple, and Ophelia just grins at him. Mosh raises his eyebrow and asks her to come on.

Wavy Crockett: Look, he is uncomfortable right now. Little bitch…

Ophelia gets into grapple position, and the two lock up.

Ray Hudson: Starting off with some grappling.

Ophelia actually starts pushing Mosh towards the corner. Mosh spins her around right before they get to the corner, and gets her into the corner. The ref pulls Mosh off of Ophelia.

Ray Hudson: The Widow ain’t someone to play with. Though Chris Mosh is a veteran.

Ophelia looks at Mosh without a concern. Mosh rolls his eyes, and the two grapple again.

Wavy Crockett: Little bitches roll they eyes…

Mosh takes Ophelia down with a headlock takedown. Ophelia gets back to her feet, and Mosh takes her down with a second headlock takedown.

Ray Hudson: Chris Mosh in control of this match!

Ophelia gets to her feet and Mosh Irish whips her to the corner of the ring.

Ray Hudson: Irish whip to the corner!

Mosh runs at Ophelia and she lifts her boot up, catching Mosh in the jaw.

Wavy Crockett: I hope he lost teeth!

Mosh has his back to Ophelia, holding his jaw. Ophelia runs up behind Mosh and connects a running bulldog, taking Mosh down.

Wavy Crockett: And their ain’t no tooth fairy, little bitch.

Ray Hudson: Would you chill?

Ophelia gets to her feet and quickly drops an elbow on Mosh.

Ray Hudson: Ophelia dropping an elbow on The Party Boy!

Ophelia drops a second elbow, but Mosh rolls out of the way. Both superstars get to their feet at the same time, but Mosh gives Ophelia a spinning neckbreaker.

Ray Hudson: Mosh back in control.

Mosh goes for the pin.

Ray Hudson: He goes for a pin!


Ray Hudson: Not enough!

Mosh gets to his feet and walks over to his corner. He tags in Ripley.

Wavy Crockett: Their chances of winning got a little better.

Ray Hudson: Mosh has tagged in Ripley…

Ophelia gets to her feet. Ripley gives her a European uppercut.

Wavy Crockett: These boys think they tough beating on women.

Ray Hudson: Chill, Wavy!

Ripley gives Ophelia a second European uppercut.

Ray Hudson: Ripley in control of this match.

Ripley gives Ophelia a neckbreaker.

Wavy Crockett: That neckbreaker was weaker than his little TV show.

Ripley gets Ophelia into position for the Sharpshooter, but Ophelia starts kicking her way out of it.

Wavy Crockett: And Ripley is not able to keep a hold of the Widow, just like his show can’t keep a hold of anyone’s attention.

Ripley has stumbled backwards, but is still standing. As Ophelia gets to her feet he runs at her with a Spear.

Ray Hudson: Spear! Spear!

Ripley tags in Mosh.

Ray Hudson: Ripley tagging in Mosh to keep the party going.

Ophelia hits Mosh with a spinning heel kick as he gets into the ring. She starts stomping away at Mosh.

Wavy Crockett: He shouldn’t have tagged him back in for the rest of the match…

As Ophelia steps back, Mosh gets to his feet. Ophelia Irish whips him towards the ropes. Bullet holds the top rope down, as Mosh goes flying out of the ring.

Ray Hudson: That was uncalled for!

Wavy Crockett: Teamwork! Something the other team knows nothing about.

Bullet hops off the ring apron and starts stomping away at Mosh.

Ray Hudson: Oh come on!

Wavy Crockett: Make me wanna go over there and stomp on him too!

Ray Hudson: Bet you won’t!

Ripley hops down from the apron on his side, and starts making his way around.

Ray Hudson: Ripley coming to save his tag partner.

Wavy Crockett: They got two other women out there. He can’t be that stupid…

The ref slides out of the ring and tries to stop Ripley, while Bullet throws her arms up like she’s innocent.

Wavy Crockett: Listen to the ref, dumbass!

Ophelia slides out of the ring to bring Mosh back in.

Ray Hudson: Bringing this action back to the ring, finally.

The ref, Ophelia, and Mosh are all back in the ring. Ophelia tags in Bullet.

Ray Hudson: Bullet back in the match.

Mosh is already getting back to his feet. Bullet starts throwing punches at Mosh’s body and face. She starts throwing some kicks in there.

Ray Hudson: Bullet is a true fighter.

Bullet takes Mosh down with a jumping knee to the chin.

Ray Hudson: Ouch!

Wavy Crockett: You was just hating on her a minute ago…

Bullet tags Ophelia back in, as Ophelia climbs to the top rope. Mosh is getting to his feet and Bullet gives him a suplex back down to the mat.

Wavy Crockett: Mosh just getting fucked up by these women. Closest thing to getting action from two females he will ever see.

Ophelia hits a moonsault from the top rope, onto Mosh, and quickly goes for a pin.

Ray Hudson: Will this be it?



Ripley breaks the pin up.

Ray Hudson: Ripley breaks the pin!

Ophelia gives Ripley a cold stare. Ripley shrugs and shakes his head, before getting back to his corner.

Wavy Crockett: You messing with the wrong one, Ripley!

Ophelia gets Mosh to his feet and Irish whips him to her corner. She tags in Bullet.

Ray Hudson: These ladies got the tagging down pat.

Bullet starts throwing body shots at Mosh in the corner.

Wavy Crockett: She bad!

Mosh grabs Bullet by the shoulders and throws her into the corner he was in. He then quickly Irish whips Bullet to his corner.

Ray Hudson: The Party Boy finally back in control!

Mosh gets ready to run at her, but Ophelia grabs his wrist. Mosh breaks out of her grip, as she hops down to the outside, smiling.

Ray Hudson: Widow distracting Mosh!

Mosh turns around and runs at Bullet with a running forearm shot, but she moves and throws Mosh towards Ripley, knocking him off the apron.

Wavy Crockett: Oh snap! Chris Mosh just turned heel!!!

Ray Hudson: It was an accident, Wavy. Chill…

Mosh gets frustrated, looking down at Ripley, feeling bad. He turns around into Bullet, who begins Sweating Bullets.

Wavy Crockett: Naw, I think he wants to be a Shieldmaiden…

Ray Hudson: Bullet is Sweating Bullets!!

One last hook takes Mosh down.

Ray Hudson: Mosh is out cold!

Bullet goes to her corner and tags in Ophelia.

Ray Hudson: Widow is back in the match!

Mosh slowly gets back to his feet, and Ophelia comes up behind Mosh and gives him the Widow’s Maker.

Ray Hudson: Widow’s Maker!!!

Bandit runs at Ripley on the outside, and takes him back down with a clothesline as he was getting back up.

Ray Hudson: She’s not even in the match!

Ophelia pins Mosh.

Wavy Crockett: It’s done!





Referee Regina Ball has called for the bell, as “This Is The New Shit” by Marilyn Manson starts playing again.

Byron Brown: And the winners of this match… Alex “Bullet” Carbajal and Ophelia “Widow” Blaque……… The Shieldmaidens!!!!!

The other members of The Shieldmaidens join Ophelia and Bullet in the ring, to celebrate the victory.

Ray Hudson: These ladies are 2-0 already.

Wavy Crockett: And Mosh is Lame-Lame.

Ray Hudson: I’m getting word that Jordan Hagan is backstage with Araceli Martinez.

The cameras go backstage where Jordan Hagan is standing by with Mile High Wrestling’s newest superstar; Araceli Martinez.

Jordan Hagan: I’m standing by with Mile High Wrestling’s latest signature, the beautiful Ms. Araceli Martinez. How are you feeling this evening?

Araceli Martinez: I’m doing great!

Jordan Hagan: That’s awesome. And tonight you will have your debut match against another superstar who is having their debut. How does that feel?

Araceli Martinez: To be honest, it’s upsetting that Azurine Vebbins is going to have to lose her match in Mile High Wrestling. But that’s just the way it’s going to have to be…

Jordan Hagan: Confidence! Does a lot of that have to do with being in your own hometown of Denver, Colorado? Do you feel like you have the hometown advantage?

Araceli Martinez: No. It has to do with how hard I’ve worked the last four years preparing for this match.

Jordan Hagan: Well, I wish all the luck tonight, Ms. Martinez.

Araceli Martinez: Thank you very much.

We fade to a commercial break.

We are back from our commercials as the titantron flickers on. The first ambient chords from “Rockstar” by Post Malone ft. 21 Savage play throughout the arena. The crowd moves to their feet to love or hate the man to step through the curtain. “Next Generation” Luke Corvo pauses, then walks directly towards the ring leaping onto the apron, turning to face the crowd.

Byron Brown: The following contest is for one fall! Introducing first… weighing in at 185 pounds….. from Detroit, Michigan……. “Next Generation” Luke Corvo!!

Ray Hudson: Welcome back to Mile High Wrestling! And we are about to see The Master in action!

As the music continues playing, Corvo leaps over the top rope and makes his way up the turnbuckle, taunting the crowd to get louder before he removes his ring jacket and the music fades.

Wavy Crockett: My mans came up short last week.

The lights dim before the instrumental to “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold starts, with blue flashes strobing to the guitar at the opening of the song. After the first deeper riff, “The Master” Isaac Combes makes his way to the ring.

Byron Brown: And his opponent… weighing in at 386 pounds….. from Oakland, California……. The Master!!!

The lights go back up as The Master enters, and takes, center ring.


Referee Regina Ball has called for the bell, and The Master runs at Corvo with a big boot.

Ray Hudson: And here we go already!!

Combes looks around the arena as the fans boo him.

Ray Hudson: The Master soaking in the boos from the crowd.

Corvo already moving, but Combes helps him to his feet. Combes locks Corvo into a bear hug as the ref checks on Corvo, who is screaming in pain.

Wavy Crockett: He fittin to kill this kid!

All of a sudden Combes just pushes Corvo up to his shoulders, and puts him into the Torture Rack.

Ray Hudson: Torture Rack!!

The ref is still checking on Corvo, who is getting mauled by The Master.

Ray Hudson: This might be it, folk!

Corvo taps out, but Combes keeps him in the Torture Rack anyways.

Wavy Crockett: It’s over!!


The ref has called for the bell, and is now trying to get Combes to let Corvo go.

Ray Hudson: You won the match, Master!

Wavy Crockett: You sound like his slave. Chill out!

Combes finally drops Corvo, as he laughs at what he has done so quickly.

Byron Brown: And the winner of this match, via submission…… The Master!!!

Combes rolls out of the ring, as he grabs that small box from a couple of weeks ago, and brings it back into the ring with him.

Ray Hudson: Oh man! No this again!

Combes opens the box and places his right hand in it, covering his palm with ink.

Wavy Crockett: Thug life!

Combes slaps Corvo’s back, leaving his handprint.

Wavy Crockett: Stamped!!

Combes looks around the arena, with a smirk, as the fans boo him loudly.

Ray Hudson: Master does not care!

Combes climbs out of the ring and begins walking up the ramp.

#Even with these chains you can’t stop me!

The hard rock screaming of In This Moment’s “Big Bad Wolf” blares over the loud system and into the area, as the graphic for “Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton comes on the screen.

Wavy Crockett: Here she comes! Is it already time for the Candi-bration??!!

#Once upon a time there was a nasty little piggy filled with pride and greed
#Once upon a time there was an evil little piggy, typical disease
#You see this little pig is slowly becoming by worst enemy
#You see this evil pig, she’s a blood, blood, blood sucking part of me

Candi Bratton comes into the aisle from the back and pauses for a moment, as the fans begin to rain down a mixture of jeers and cheers. She offers them an uncaring smirk as she just shakes her head, her jet black hair lingering down around her shoulders. She wears very tight stretch pants and an oversized t-shirt that exclaims, “Candibration!” She has the Mile High Wrestling Championship across her shoulder. Her daughter Lara is walking with her dressed in her Prankster-wear as she always is, face all painted up and all. They walk right past Combes, as if he doesn’t even exist, as he gives them a dirty look.

Ray Hudson: Candi and Lara are interrupting Master’s celebration, for their own celebration…

#Pig, pig would you let me in?
#Pig, pig would you let me in?
#Pig, pig I’ve been everywhere that you’ve been
#Now I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to win
#Pig, pig would you let me in?
#Pig, pig would you let me in?
#Pig, pig, I’m already under your skin
#’Cause I’m the big bad wolf now let the games begin

Candi steps through the ropes and flips the crowd the bird and offers them a “Fuck You” before walking over and picking up a ringside mic from the attendant, as the music fades out. Lara follows her into the ring as well, and points to her mother. Candi belts into the microphone.

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton: Guess who’s the champ, bitches?!

Wavy Crockett: Candi Bratton!!! The Queen of Wrestling!!!

Lara has a microphone now as well as she leans against the ropes.

“The Prankster” Lara Bratton: Poor Sammy Hammy and Grimace couldn’t beat the “old woman”. My mom has more fortitude than either one of you will ever have and she’s gonna be the champ until she decides she doesn’t wanna be no more.

There is a “Candi! Candi!” chant picking up steam and the duo still looks a little confused by it. They put their mics down and whisper to each other for a moment and then shrug.

Ray Hudson: The fans seem to really be into Candi, despite the fact that she’s an…

Wavy Crockett: You scared to finish that sentence?

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton: So we thought we’d come down here and have ourselves a little Candi-bration!”

The Denver crowd erupts in a “Candi-bration!” chant, almost blowing the roof off the Magness Arena.

Wavy Crockett: Candi-bration! Candi-bration!

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton: At least we were until that lead-facepaint wearing sorry excuse for a GM decides to throw in his two fucking cents worth by putting me in the ring with some scrub named Scrubs.

“The Prankster” Lara Bratton: I don’t think that’s his name…

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton: Who the fuck cares!?!

Candi grins, as the fans continue to chant. She positions the belt across her shoulder before going on.

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton: What I want to know, and I still don’t have a good fucking answer, is where Scrubs gets off getting a title shot? Who’s he beat of any sort of goddamned merit?

“The Prankster” Lara Bratton: Well, he beat that one guy….

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton: What guy?

“The Prankster” Lara Bratton: That ONE guy? The one who he beat and then was so embarrassed to be beaten by Scrubs that he left the next day, and no one has seen him since.

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton: Well, if I got beat by Scrubs, I’d probably be too embarrassed to show my face around this place again. Fuck! Who else?

“The Prankster” Lara Bratton: Well, he had a threeway..

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton: A threesome? I don’t need to hear about any of that shit.

“The Prankster” Lara Bratton: Threeway, mom. Not quite the same thing.

Ray Hudson: Skrabz is undefeated here in Mile High Wrestling, just like Candi Bratton…

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton: Continue…

“The Prankster” Lara Bratton: He beat some dude named Dunce and another guy named Forget.

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton: Sounds about right. Then what happened?

“The Prankster” Lara Bratton: Oh, he got his ass beat.

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton: You don’t fucking say! Sounds like a worthy challenger to me! Let’s go ahead and book the match! Holy shit! What the fuck is going on around here? Surely you would think there’d be a massive tournament to determine a number one contender or a goddamned battle royal! But no, this loser gets thrown to the wolves! This motherfucker can’t even speak English!

The crowd comes to life as something seems to be happening unaware to the duo in the ring, as Skrabs hops the railing and slides into the ring.

Ray Hudson: Wait a minute! That’s the #1 Contender for Candi’s championship!

Skrabz grabs Lara and throws her out of the ring. Then as Candi turns around to see what’s going on, Skrabz nails her with a Mic Check, Candi rolls out of the ring and crashes into the guardrail.

Ray Hudson: Skrabz letting Candi know what he’s about!

Wavy Crockett: Rap battles? This is wrestling!

Skrabz eyes the title that just happens to be lying in the ring next to a microphone. He pics up both but just as he lifts the mic to his mouth, Lara comes back into the ring and hits him with a slingshot forearm.

Ray Hudson: Lara standing up for her mom!

Lara picks up the Mile High Wrestling Championship and scrambles out of the ring, where she helps her mother to her feet and hands her the Mile High Wrestling Championship. The pair walk backwards towards the backstage area, never taking their eyes off of Skrabz, who is standing in the ring, leaning on the top rope and staring right back at them. Candi flips him the double birds before holding up the championship, before Lara finally pulls her backstage, as we fade to a commercial break.

Earlier Today…..

The cameras show Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton storming quickly through the hallways of Denver’s Magness Arena, looking equally determined and infuriated. Her cameraman Joseph was following behind, without a camera.

Joseph Hunter: And … you’re sure he won’t go …. you know?

Joseph points his right ring finger beside his head and spins it in circles.

Joseph Hunter: Back to his other side again?

Seeing exactly how he gets to his true question makes a ghost of a smirk appear on Sam’s face. She even chuckles lowly for a few seconds. As the laughter dies, her more stoic appearance reappears as she seems to be thinking seriously about that.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: I’m pretty sure. I really do think he only reverted back to help me not walk out into the ring and look like an idiot.

Sam’s pace slows as she continues, clearly taking the concern into consideration.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: Well … isn’t that why you’re gonna be nearby? And in case he does? You can fight now.

Joseph grimaces, causing Sam to chuckle again.

Joseph Hunter: Don’t laugh at me. Fine, fine. I can’t say I’ll like it, but … point made. Yeah. That’s why I hid away for all that time. To prevent history from repeating.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: There, see? Problem solved. Okay, let’s go. It’s almost time.

The two soon arrive beside the door – though Joseph purposely positions himself so even when it’s opened, he won’t be immediately seen. Sam raises a clenched fist and knocks on Rob’s office door.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: It’s me, Rob.

As if he had been waiting by the door or something, Robert Mack swings the door open, with a half smiling, but all professional look on his face.

Robert Mack: Come on in, Sam.

Robert sees Joseph, and cocks his eyebrow.

Robert Mack: Joseph. Y’all come on in.

As they both enter his office, Robert closes the door behind them. He grabs an extra chair from by some shelves, and parks it next to another that has already been placed in front of his desk. He then proceeds around his desk, to take his seat.

Robert Mack: Y’all go ahead and get comfortable. As we spoke about, earlier this week, we got some talking to do…

Joseph Hunter: Sam’s the wrestler on your roster, so I was gonna let her have the spotlight, as it were. Sure though, okay.

Both take their seats with little hesitation. Sam’s lips press tightly together for a moment as she first gathers her thoughts, trying to find a civil but firm and serious way to express her thoughts. Only after she feels confident on how to begin, Sam nods and begins speaking.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: I know what I said likely came off as a tad harsh. And I’m not gonna deny that – professionally – I am still new. But as far as being involved in this industry, I’m not. Even underground, there was a system of sorts we abided by. We left HcW because their regulations and whatnot weren’t right. And now?

Sam leans forward slightly in her chair, arms crossing over her chest.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: It just … seems that you somehow took a bit of Lance with you, per se, and are mimicking things he’d say or do. But I know that isn’t you. You’re better, smarter than this. You should know as well – nah, better – than me how all of this shit works. That being said, it isn’t just me who’s against Skrabz getting the contendership. Even Candi agrees it should be more or someone else. And I have no love for her – but the fact we can both concur on something? As well as your wife? If that doesn’t scream something needs to be done, I don’t know what does.

One last pause before Sam continues yet again.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: I’m not just being generous because you’re my boss. I give a fuck about you. Really, I do. It’s exactly why I’m taking the ‘tough love’ approach. But really, you got tons of time before the first PPV. I’d very highly recommend doing some sort of contendership match, tournament, whatever. But leaving things as they are?

Sam’s head moves from side to side.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: That would be even worse of a mistake than most of what we did as rivals. And considering it got as far as outright shooting? That’s also saying something.

Finally, she goes quiet, allowing Robert to mull over her words and take his turn to talk. Robert leans forward, placing his elbows on his desk, interlacing his fingers, and looks Sam directly in the eyes.

Robert Mack: To be honest, the only thing that stung a little was you comparing me to Lance Mikes. Because let’s face it, if I was anything like Lance Mikes, then Snakebite would be fighting Candi Bratton at The Rise In Phoenix.

Robert smirks and gives Sam a wink, before sitting back in his chair again.

Robert Mack: Other than that, I will never be mad at any talent for speaking up for themselves. You think very highly of yourself. You are very confident in yourself. That’s why when you told me you were coming to Mile High, I was over the roof in excitement.

For the first time since he started speaking, he takes his eyes away from Sam’s.

Robert Mack: With all due respect, maybe Candi would rather face you because she’s already beat you once. Maybe she has doubts about being able to conquer Skrabz….

Robert gives a look that makes it seem like he meant for that to sting. But then he turns it into a kind grin.

Robert Mack: Sam, I admit….a lot of folks see you as the current face of the company. And you didn’t even win the belt. I’m surely not against those opinions. But I want to give everyone a chance. You had one, already. What’s so wrong with giving a man like Skrabz, who has been busting his ass for me harder than most of that locker room, his chance?

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: It’s true though. You’re not exactly following the more traditional procedures at this moment. Hence why I’m adamant on some sort of a tournament …. something. Anything except what feels like random selection. If you’re going solely off merit … it isn’t just him who’s busted their ass off. But to answer your question, that’s what rematches are for. I’m sure you’ve seen them happen, on and off the screen. They happen a lot, especially between rivals. If there aren’t rematches, then there are ones to decide who does get the right to have the contendership.

Sam shrugs casually.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: That’s just how this business is.

Sam’s teeth latch onto her lower lip as she leans back in her chair. If she hadn’t looked serious before, now it’s somehow strengthened.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: While this wasn’t something I immediately came for … I do wanna get this cleared up. Rob? Did your wife even watch HcW? Does she know exactly what went down between us?

Now it’s her turn for her head to turn.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: It may have only been a fling …but it doesn’t change the fact you were still married – I’m assuming – back then. And I wanna apologize to her. Because if I’d known you had an actual spouse? I wouldn’t have done that. I’d rather be a grade-S bitch than homewrecker on any given day.

Sam’s gaze returns to Rob as she makes eye contact once again.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: It already seems like things are tense between you two. And if I am already part of the reason for her being upset? Just another incentive for me to do the right thing. But if she already knows … then I’m not gonna repeat knowledge she already has. So? Does she know, or … not?

Robert slightly laughs, looking Sam deeply in the eyes.

Robert Mack: I’m not Snakebite, Sam. I’m Robert Mack. What you and Snakebite had going on is none of my business….

Robert forms an evil grin, as he slowly looks from Sam to Joseph, then back to Sam.

Robert Mack: So as far as her watching HcW, and what you and Snakebite had going on? If she thought you were fucking me..

Robert laughs slightly.

Robert Mack: You’d have more to worry about than tournaments and what you call random selection, Sammie baby.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: Wrong. It is your business. That is exactly what me and Tyke were worried about for the longest time. I didn’t know you only as Snakebite. We both knew you as Rob for a while. And it is for that reason that, near the end, I worked my ass off to try to revert your Snakebite persona back to Rob. Really, don’t be technical with me. You know it’s the exact same thing.

Now a leg crosses over the other while Sam continues.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: Maybe not here nor right now, but Robert Mack is technically Snakebite. It’s no secret. Even the commentators realized that during our fight! And given what I’ve seen and sometimes heard from your wife? Who’s to say she hasn’t started multiplying as well as adding everything up?

Sam leans back, taking a deep breath in order to calm herself.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: It does matter to me. Because, technicalities aside, there’s a lot more than being fired I may have to worry about if this gets around. Hence why I’d rather just come clean now and get it over with. But I can’t keep this hidden. It’s not right. One of us has to tell her. If it’s not gonna be you, then process of elimination implies I should. And I will speak up, if push comes to shove.

Robert Mack: Well, she’ll be here tonight if you need to speak with her. In the meantime….

Robert stands up and smiles normal.

Robert Mack: Was there anything else you wanted to talk about before you see yourself to the door? With your friend….

Robert straightens up his suit.

Robert Mack: I got a lot of business to take care of. The Tag Team titles aren’t the only championship announcement I got. Big plans for the future!

Robert says the last sentence rather loud, with a cheesy smile. Sam sighs softly, slowly getting to her feet.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: I just really, really, really hope before the first PPV rolls around, you’ll consider this talk. A merit system’s all well and good, but I think the people = audience and roster – would prefer the suggestions that have been offered. But … it’s your call. I’ll respect them even if not necessarily like all of them. Other than that?

Sam’s head moves from side to side.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: I’m good for now.

Joseph follows Sam out. The two exit Rob’s office, leaving him to his own devices until he takes the evening off.

We are back from our commercials and “Pretty” Ricky Stanton is backstage talking with Katrina Mack.

Katrina Mack: Trust me, I’m 100% fine with it all. It was an awesome way to start off the show! You’re very bold…

Before Ricky can respond, Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton walks up.

Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton: Hey Ricky! It’s good to see you…

Ricky smiles, and nods his head, before Sam turns her attention to Katrina.

Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton: You had something you wanted to tell me?

Katrina Mack: Yes ma’am! Go out there tonight, and make an impact…

Sam nods.

Katrina Mack: And next week…. you’ll be going one on one with the #1 Contender. And if….when you beat Skrabz, my husband will have no choice but to admit to his mistake.

Sam smiles, nodding her head again, before the cameras return to the arena.

Wavy Crockett: This is why I’m not married.

Ray Hudson: But you are married…

The roar of a motorcycle engine reverberates through the sound system while two spotlights situated on the stage glare straight ahead in the otherwise-dark arena like two giant headlights. As the grinding guitars and overpowering drums of Metallica’s “Hardwired” start up, a tall figure steps out onto the stage, little more than a living shadow between the bright lights. He strides out to the ramp, the lights going up at this point to show Trenton “Forge” Mitchell standing at the apex. Slamming his taped right fist into his left palm, he pops his neck to one side, then the other, before heading down to the ring, the encroaching hands of the fans all but ignored.

Byron Brown: The following match is for one fall, and is a Fall Counts Anywhere Match!!! Introducing first… weighing in at 253 pounds….. from Plant City, Florida……. Forge Mitchell!!!

Ray Hudson: Anyways, welcome back to Mile High Wrestling! It’s time for the Falls Count Anywhere Match…

Pulling himself onto the apron via the middle rope, Forge turns to look out at the masses peppered with several swooning ladies, then steps fully into the ring.

Ray Hudson: The two superstars in this match debuted last week, and arguably stole the show…

Ascending the turnbuckles, the tattooed powerhouse slides off his cut and holds it high in the air, gripped tightly in his fist… a show of pride toward his club. Dropping back down, he hands it to the attendant with a stern warning to take damn good care of it. Leaning back against the turnbuckles, the stoic biker awaits the start of the match in silence.


As feedback overtakes the arena, a single spotlight shines brightly on the black curtain at the gorilla position. The spotlight lowers on to two bare feet poking out from under the black curtain.

Wavy Crockett: This the dude with the wack theme song huh?

As the opening and recognizable riff of “I Wanna Be Your Dog” by Iggy Pop hits the speakers, Deuce Holmes pushes the curtain aside and quickly makes his way to the ring.

Byron Brown: And his opponent… weighing in at 205 pounds….. from Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido Sapporo, Japan……. Deuce Holmes!!!

At ringside, Deuce steps up on the apron and wipes off his bare feet. Through the middle ropes he enters.


Senior Referee Michael Mack calls for the bell, and Deuce is looking rather confident on his side of the ring. Forge just looks focused.

Ray Hudson: It’s about to go down!

Deuce walks up to Forge, talking smack, and Forge lunges his head forward with the same vicious headbutt that busted Skrabz face wide open last week.

Ray Hudson: Shit!!

Deuce falls to his bottom, and quickly checks his lip for blood.

Wavy Crockett: My dude is on some gangsta shit! He really fucking everbody up tonight!

When Deuce realizes he’s not bleeding, he pushes off the mat to get up, but Forge quickly runs at him with a knee to the skull.

Ray Hudson: Forge staying on top of Deuce Holmes.

Forge gets on top of Deuce and begins pounding his right fist into Deuce’s face.

Ray Hudson: He’s gonna bust Deuce Holmes open at this rate…

After about twenty hits, Forge quickly gets to his feet, bringing Deuce up with him, and throws Deuce out of the ring with power. Deuce flies out of the ring, rolling, and smacks the commentary table.

Wavy Crockett: Forget Skrabz! Give my man Forge that title match!

Forge looks around the arena as the crowd chants “YES!”. Forge doesn’t react to the cheers.

Ray Hudson: We have some very interesting fans in Denver…

Forge gets out of the ring, and this is when we realize that Deuce’s upper lip is bleeding. Blood is soaking into Deuce’s beard.

Ray Hudson: And Deuce Holmes is busted open. Shades of last week with Skrabz!

Forge grabs Deuce by the head, and Deuce quickly brings his arm up delivering a nasty low blow to Forge.

Ray Hudson: Deuce Holmes is not going to stay down that easy….

Forge falls to the concrete floor, as Deuce feels his mouth and realizes himself that he is bleeding.

Wavy Crockett: He doesn’t stand a chance!

Deuce slowly gets to his feet. He grabs Forge by the head, and tries to get him back into the ring.

Wavy Crockett: He ain’t even strong enough to get him up.

Ray Hudson: Wavy, YOU ain’t shit. Shut up…

Deuce rolls Forge into the ring, rolling in behind him.

Wavy Crockett: That dude out of breath!

Deuce goes for the pin.



Wavy Crockett: He really thought it was over?

Ray Hudson: Forge kicks out of the pin attempt.

Deuce looks at Forge, and even though his mouth is busted open, he smiles with confidence at his downed opponent.

Ray Hudson: Deuce Holmes is still very confident. Minor setback do a major comeback…

Wavy Crockett: Please! Ain’t nothing minor about what Forge has already done to him!

Forge begins to move to his feet as Holmes squares up behind him. Spinning quickly, Holmes hits Forge hard with a Mule Kick to the kidney. As Forge drops down onto one knee Deuce applies a Dragon Sleeper. He wrenches it in deeply which drags Forge back up to his feet. With the submission hold locked in tightly, Deuce drags Forge back a step closer to the ring ropes.

Wavy Crockett: Grab the ropes, my nigga!!!

Ray Hudson: It’s Falls Count Anywhere, Wavy. There’s no rope breaks in this match. It’s No DQ!

The referee lifts Forge’s arm once and it falls flat and limp. Once again Forge goes down to one knee. Holmes heaves, and backs up again closer to the ring ropes.

Ray Hudson: Is Deuce Holmes about to win this match??!!

Deuce snatches Forge backwards a last time and positions his right foot on the middle rope. As he stands on the middle rope with his left, Holmes pulls Forge up into an inverted vertical suplex and dumps him hard over and onto his shoulder. On their way down to the floor below, Deuce completes the big fall with the Osaka Street Cutter!!!

Ray Hudson: OH MY GOOODDDDD!!!!

Wavy Crockett: SHIT!!!!

The fans are chanting “Holy Shit!”

Ray Hudson: What the fuck??!!

Maybe not as much, but Deuce is hurt also from his move. The ref is checking on both superstars.

Ray Hudson: Deuce Holmes may have hurt himself with that move!

Deuce starts moving slowly. He seems to be holding his shoulder.

Ray Hudson: It indeed looks like he hurt his shoulder…

Deuce slowly drags his body over Forge for another pin attempt.

Ray Hudson: This is it!




Wavy Crockett: He kicked out!

Deuce looks confused as all hell.

Wavy Crockett: You dealing with a beast!!

Deuce shakes his head and pins Forge again.




Wavy Crockett: You ain’t gon beat him, Deuce!!

Deuce looks around, still confused.

Ray Hudson: I’m just as confused as Deuce is. How did Forge kick out??!!

Deuce gets to his feet and quickly starts clearing the commentary table top off. The fans are buzzing.

Ray Hudson: Looks like things are about to escalate!!!

Forge is actually starting to get up and Deuce takes notice. He helps Forge the rest of the way up, and brings him towards the commentary table.

Wavy Crockett: It still won’t be enough!!

Deuce smashes Forge’s head into the table, and then rolls him on top of it.

Ray Hudson: This is gotta be it, Wavy!!

Wavy Crockett: Naw!

Deuce gets on top of the commentary table also, as the fans are on their feet.

Ray Hudson: Everyone in Denver on their feet. We all know someone is about to go through our table.

Deuce helps Forge to standing position, and out of nowhere Forge lifts Deuce into the air and brings him down with a Chrome Bomb, right through the commentary table!!!

Ray Hudson: Chrome Bomb!! Chrome Bomb!!

Forge throws his arm over Deuce.

Wavy Crockett: It’s over!




Wavy Crockett: What the hell?!!

Both superstars lay motionless for a moment.

Ray Hudson: No one wants to die!

Forge begins to get to all fours, as he looks at the destruction underneath him.

Wavy Crockett: It’s crazy in these streets!

Forge gets on top of Deuce and starts throwing hard rights into his face. Each shot making a thud.

Ray Hudson: He’s really gonna kill him, at this rate.

Forge gets to his feet and brings Deuce to his feet too. Blood really beginning to pour from Deuce’s face.

Ray Hudson: There’s blood everywhere!

Shades of last week as Forge hits Deuce with the Twisted Metal on top of the destroyed commentary table.

Ray Hudson: Twisted Metal!!

Wavy Crockett: Twisted Metal!!

Forge falls on top of Deuce for the pinfall.

Wavy Crockett: It’s for real over!





Wavy Crockett: Told you!!!

Forge rolls over to his back as the referee has called for the bell, and “Hardwired” by Metallica plays throughout the arena.

Byron Brown: And the winner of this match… Forge!!!

Forge gets into sitting position, as he looks over at Deuce, and starts laughing.

Ray Hudson: Forge loves it!!

Wavy Crockett: Ricky Stanton better go home before he gets finished with!

Forge gets to his feet, as he looks around the arena. Mixtures of cheers and boos everywhere.

Ray Hudson: We gotta take a break, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll be right back!!

We fade to a commercial break.

We are back from our commercials as “Alarm” by Namie Amuro starts up in the arena speakers, and “ARACELI” appears on the titantron; black background and white cursive font. As the beat kicks in, Araceli Martinez walks out onstage. She looks around at the crowd until lyrics start, when she begins walking down the ramp.

Byron Brown: The following contest is for one fall! Introducing first… weighing in at 130 pounds….. from right here in Denver, Colorado……. Araceli Martinez!!!

Ray Hudson: Welcome back to the show, and it’s time for a debut match for two different superstars.

Araceli stops at the bottom of the ramp when the beat stops, and “words up” walks toward the steps, as the music starts again. She climbs up the steps and into the ring putting an “I love you” hand sign into the air, as she walks around ring until the music fades.

Wavy Crockett: I really need a snowbunny in my life.

Ray Hudson: I believe she’s Hispanic, Wavy…

“Problem” by Postmodern Jukebox begins to play throughout the arena, as “The Adorkable Angel” Azurine Vebbins steps out from behind the curtain. She has a solitary spotlight follow her from the entrance ramp to the northern-facing ring apron.

Byron Brown: And her opponent… weighing in at 115 pounds….. currently residing in Malibu, California……. “The Adorkable Angel” Azurine Vebbins!!!

On her way to the way, Ms. Vebbins pirouettes, skanks, and twirls like a whirling dervish down to the ring. The Denver fans seem to be into her, as they cheer. Unabashed she keeps dancing until getting onto the northern ringside apron, and climbing through the middle and bottom ring ropes. Upon entering the ring, she dutifully awaits the referee’s instructions.

Wavy Crockett: All that dancing; you think she can twerk?

Ray Hudson: I’m just trying to see if the can wrestle.

Wavy Crockett: That’s the gayest shit I ever heard…


Referee Jack Glascock has called for the bell and both ladies get face to face. Araceli extends her hand to shake, as Azurine looks down at it.

Ray Hudson: This match is underway.

Azurine shakes her hand as the fans clap for the show of sportsmanship.

Ray Hudson: Good sportsmanship!

Wavy Crockett: Sportswomanship….

They both take a few steps back and begin circling the ring in grappling position, ready to kick this match off.

Ray Hudson: Alright, now it’s underway!

Both superstars hook up in the middle, and it seems like Araceli is getting the advantage, pushing Azurine back a few steps.

Ray Hudson: Now this is both of their Mile High Wrestling debuts, but this is Araceli’s first major match ever.

Azurine quickly hooks Araceli into a side headlock.

Wavy Crockett: And it shows!

Araceli gets out of Azurine’s grip, twists her arm, and pulls her into a side headlock of her own. Araceli gives her a headlock takedown.

Ray Hudson: You spoke to soon, Wavy!

Araceli bounces around the ring, giving Azurine a chance to get back to her feet.

Wavy Crockett: Not really. A pro knows to stay on top of em.

Both superstars meet in the middle again, grappling one another.

Wavy Crockett: Forget all this friendly competition shit. Break that ho’s nose.

Araceli quickly slings Azurine to the mat, hooking her into a crossface.

Ray Hudson: Araceli looking very impressive in her debut match.

The ref is checking on Azurine, but Azurine front rolls out of the submission, as both superstars quickly get to their feet. But Azurine immediately takes Araceli down with a standing dropkick.

Wavy Crockett: And now it looks like you’ve spoke to soon, Ray Ray….

Araceli quickly gets back to her feet, and Azurine gives her a snap suplex.

Ray Hudson: Snap suplex to Araceli!

Araceli slowly gets to her feet, as Azurine runs to the ropes. She bounces off and runs at Araceli with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown.

Ray Hudson: Very impressive!!

Azurine puts her hands in the air, as the fans cheer.

Wavy Crockett: I’d like to see both these women team up next week in a Handicap Match against Forge. These women need to be taught how to fight.

Ray Hudson: Oh my…

Azurine grabs Araceli by the head and arm, getting her to her feet.

Ray Hudson: You are a bigger asshole than Candi Bratton. And at least she’s a smart asshole.

Azurine goes behind Araceli and hits her with the Half Nelson Suplex, but Araceli lands on her feet!!

Ray Hudson: Wow!!!

Wavy Crockett: That was dope!

Araceli quickly dropkicks Azurine in the back of the head, sending her flying forward onto her knees, with her upper body resting over the middle rope.

Ray Hudson: Araceli showing she’s really been putting in a lot of work, like she said.

Araceli runs to the ropes opposite of Azurine, bouncing back and going for the the 303, but Azurine ducks down to the mat.

Ray Hudson: The end of the match flashed before my eyes.

Azurine gets up, as Araceli runs at her right into a knee strike.

Ray Hudson: These two women have the heart of will.

Azurine takes Araceli down with a snap suplex.

Ray Hudson: Araceli back down to the mat.

Araceli slowly gets back to her feet. Azurine takes her right back down with the Crucifix DDT.

Ray Hudson: Crucifix DDT! Could it be over?

Azurine goes for the pin.




Ray Hudson: And she kicks out!

Azurine gets to her feet and starts anticipating Araceli getting to her feet.

Wavy Crockett: I think this thick white girl is about to end this one

Araceli is slowly getting up, while Azurine gets ready to finish her off.

Ray Hudson: It indeed looks like Azurine is ready to finish her opponent off…

Araceli is to her feet, and Azurine sets her up for The Pearly Gatekeeper.

Ray Hudson: The Pearly Gatekeeper!!!

Araceli starts kicking back into Azurine’s legs, until Azurine loses her grip.

Wavy Crockett: Nope!

Ray Hudson: Araceli is still in this!!

Araceli throws her elbow back hard, into Azurine’s face.

Wavy Crockett: Damn!

Araceli turns around and goes for a suplex, but Azurine lands on her feet behind Araceli, and quickly gives her The Pearly Gatekeeper.

Wavy Crockett: DAMN!

Azurine goes for the pin.

Wavy Crockett: It’s over!





The ref has called for the bell and Azurine gets to her feet, in celebration, as “Problem” by Postmodern Jukebox begins playing again, throughout the arena.

Byron Brown: And the winner of this match… “The Adorkable Angel” Azurine Vebbins!!!

The ref raises Azurine’s right hand into the air, as the fans cheer for the new Mile High Wrestling superstar.

Ray Hudson: Azurine Vebbins wins her first match in Mile High Wrestling.

Azurine starts dancing in the ring, to celebrate her debut victory.

Wavy Crockett: And she dancing bout it..

Araceli starts moving to the corner of the ring.

Ray Hudson: Araceli gave a hell of a performance in her first showing, but she wasn’t the one tonight…

Azurine sees her opponent, and walks over to her. She extends her hand.

Ray Hudson: Azurine with a show of respect…

Araceli reaches out after a little hesitation, as Azurine brings her to her feet.

Wavy Crockett: Maybe they’ll dance together…

Azurine tells Araceli something motivational and Araceli smiles back, before leaving the ring to the winner.

Ray Hudson: What a back and forth fast paced match! We’ll be right back with more action.

Azurine continues to celebrate, as we fade to a commercial break.

We are back from our break, and the cameras are panning the arena. While the instrumental – the first 30 seconds of Within Temptation’s “See Who I Am” – start up, the lights dim. The screen shows a silhouette with most of the features covered by a veil. Above the shadow, the name “Desert Rose” Anya is displayed in a bright, blood-red hue.

Ray Hudson: And here comes the Desert Rose!

Wavy Crockett: She been saying all over Twitter that she is done with Emily, after tonight.

Seconds after the actual lyrics start up, a spotlight shines down at the top of the ramp, where Anya is quietly standing, wearing her attire for the ring.

Byron Brown: The following contest is for one fall! Introducing first… weighing in at 155 pounds….. from Las Vegas, Nevada……. she is the “Desert Rose” Anya!!!

Anya turns, grinning at the audience, and walks down the ramp with a slow but confident, optimisic walk. She waves to the fans along the way, even high-fiving a few, before arriving at the ring.

Ray Hudson: Emily has really gotten under Anya’s skin. That’s for sure.

The Desert Rose ascends up the small set of steps … and then enters by jumping, using the closest turnbuckle to ensure she jumps successfully over it. She lands on her feet, turns, and climbs in front of the same turnbuckle she just jumped. Raising a clenched fist, she listens to the audience’s reaction for a good five to ten seconds before getting off the ropes and leaning against them, waiting for her opponent.

Wavy Crockett: My whole night will be made if Emily finishes Anya off, by throwing up on her.

“Friday” by Rebecca Black begins playing throughout the arena. Emily Falls steps out from behind the curtain, to an arena full of cheers.

Ray Hudson: New theme music for Emily Falls!

Byron Brown: And her opponent… weighing in at 120 pounds….. from right here in Denver, Colorado……. Emily Falls!!!

Emily skips down the ramp and skips around the ring for a bit, before rolling into the ring and getting ready for her match up.


Referee Jack Glascock has called for the bell and Emily quickly runs at Anya, who catches Emily in the setup for the Yes Lock.

Ray Hudson: Emily rushing into the action!

Anya has Emily down in the Yes Lock, but Emily pushes out with her knees, then front rolls away.

Ray Hudson: And quickly gets out of the submission.

Both superstars get to their feet and Anya comes at Emily who catches her in a drop toe hold that brings Anya crashing down face first into the bottom rope.

Wavy Crockett: Emily on that ass!

Emily wastes no time getting on top of Anya, and begins slapping her with rights and lefts, with this big uncomfortable smile on her face.

Wavy Crockett: Ahahahhahahahha!! She real life crazy!

The referee pulls Emily off of Anya, as Emily starts kicking and screaming for Jack to let her go.

Wavy Crockett: Bet let her go!

Anya gets to one knee, feeling her face, very frustrated.

Ray Hudson: Emily putting it on Anya, early in this match.

Wavy Crockett: Emily is all in Anya’s head. That’s why she doesn’t want to fight her anymore.

Emily comes running at Anya, who stands up and hooks her into the Kimura Lock, bringing Emily down to the mat.

Ray Hudson: Anya has Emily down again!

Emily quickly escapes, rolling out of the ring.

Ray Hudson: Emily rolls out of the ring.

Anya wastes no time running to the other side of the ring, bouncing off the ropes, and coming back to the side Emily is on with a suicide dive. However, Emily moves out of the way just in time, as Anya goes crashing into the outside barricade.

Ray Hudson: Emily Falls is truly in this match tonight! She came prepared…

Emily sits on the concrete floor, looking over at Anya. She begins laughing.

Wavy Crockett: She came crazy..

Emily gets up and grabs Anya by her hair. Emily rolls Anya into the ring, following right behind, and goes for the pin.



Ray Hudson: Barely a two count.

Emily looks frustrated and slams her fist to the mat. When she realizes everyone is still around her, she quickly starts smiling again.

Wavy Crockett: See what I’m saying though? She crazy!

Out of nowhere, Anya grabs Emily’s foot, and jerks her off her feet, hooking her into an ankle lock.

Ray Hudson: Anya is pulling out some submissions tonight!

Emily rolls forward, sending Anya flying forward and out of the ring again.

Wavy Crockett: And Emily just keeps getting out! Anya can’t keep her down!

Emily looks at Anya, then to the top rope, back to Anya, then back to the top rope.

Ray Hudson: Oh boy, what is she thinking?

Emily goes to the corner of the ring as Anya is starting to move. She climbs to the top rope.

Ray Hudson: She’s about to do something crazy!

Anya gets to her feet and Emily does a Moonsault to the outside, taking Anya back down.

Ray Hudson: Look at Emily Falls trying everything to keep Anya down!

The fans are chanting “Holy Shit!”

Wavy Crockett: She got the arena on they feet!

Emily gets to her feet and gets Anya to her’s, before throwing her back into the ring.

Ray Hudson: This could be it…

Emily rolls back into the ring and goes for the pin.


Out of nowhere, Anya hooks Emily into Anubis’ Judgment.

Wavy Crockett: Oh shit!

Ray Hudson: Anubis’ Judgment!! This is how she won last week!

The ref is checking on Emily.

Wavy Crockett: It’s over!

Somehow Emily gets on her feet, lifts Anya up, and powerbombs her back down.

Ray Hudson: No it’s not! Oh my God!

Emily reaches down to grab her, but Anya somehow kicks her away. Anya does a kip up, and Emily runs at her with a clothesline. Anya ducks.

Ray Hudson: Emily refuses to lose.

Emily turns around right into a superkick right to the jaw. Emily collapses to the mat.

Wavy Crockett: Damn!

Anya goes to the corner of the ring, climbing to the top rope.

Ray Hudson: Anya looking to fly! What she does best!

Anya comes down onto Emily Falls with the Weighing Of The Heart. She goes for the pin.




The ref calls for the bell.


Ray Hudson: And that’s all, folks!

Within Temptation’s “See Who I Am” begins to play throughout the arena, as Anya lays on the mat with her eyes open, breathing heavily.

Byron Brown: And the winner of this match… “Desert Rose” Anya!!!

Ray Hudson: But Emily gave all her heart!!

Anya slowly gets to her feet, as the ref grabs her wrist and raises her arm in the air, as we fade into a commercial break.

Ray Hudson: We’ll be right back, with our main event….

We our back from our final commercial break, as the cameras pan around the arena. As the actual lyrics of “You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies begin playing, Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton saunters down the ramp. A sense of determination and resolve can always be found in her eyes. Despite wearing a more stern and serious expression, she’s not one to ignore any fans or supporters. Every now and again, she gives a wave or slight smirk.

Byron Brown: It is now time for the main event of the evening!!! And it’s a tag team match for one fall! Introducing first… weighing in at 145 pounds….. from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida……. Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton!!!

Ray Hudson: Welcome back to Mile High Wrestling, and it is time for our main event!

When Sam finally gets in front of the ropes, she slips through the middle and top ropes.

Wavy Crockett: Samantha has been whining all week about not getting a second chance.

Ray Hudson: If you wrestle in that ring, and don’t want to be champion, you don’t need to be here. She has the heart of a champion.

Tempa T’s “Next Hype” starts to play. The beat builds for ten seconds and then Skrabal Stanzas can be heard saying “Are you dizzy blud?”. The beat explodes and Tempa T immediately comes in with his lyrics.

“What kind of things that you have
When I find out don’t expect me to stop
I’ll come for the P’s that you stack
And come for all the food that you plot
Better hand over the bag
Your boys don’t wanna see you shot
If I kick down the door to your flat
Dun Know I’ll clear out your house on the spot”

Skrabal Stanzas comes walking out from the back and poses with his arms stretched out.

Byron Brown: And her tag team partner… weighing in at 195 pounds….. from Margate, England……. Skrabz!!!

“CLEAR! All the things in your house
CLEAR! All the things in your fridge
SMASH! All your plates from your rack
CLEAR! All of your kids’ toys
CLEAR! All of your CD rack
Won’t get none of your CD’s back”

Skrabz walks to the ring, his slow but deliberate swagger in direct contrast with the hype beat and aggressive lyrics.

“I have to punch up guys
Guys try it with me, I don’t know why
Bax! Pax man straight in his eyes
They floored me, I was looking at the sky
Par! Now I have to go blind
That boy there I swear he gonna die
You’re not bad you’re a mug don’t think you’re a guy
When I slap man you won’t be alright”

Skrabz walks up the steps and climbs into the ring. He stands in the corner of the ring and leans back against the turnbuckle with his arms folded across his chest as the music fades out.

Ray Hudson: The #1 Contender for the Mike High Wrestling Championship!

#Even with these chains you can’t stop me!

The hard rock screaming of In This Moment’s “Big Bad Wolf” blares over the loud system and into the area, as the graphic for “Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton comes on the screen.

Wavy Crockett: The champ is here! Again!

#Once upon a time there was a nasty little piggy filled with pride and greed
#Once upon a time there was an evil little piggy, typical disease
#You see this little pig is slowly becoming by worst enemy
#You see this evil pig, she’s a blood, blood, blood sucking part of me

Candi Bratton comes into the aisle from the back and pauses for a moment, as the fans begin to rain down a mixture of jeers and cheers. She offers them an uncaring smirk as she just shakes her head, her jet black hair lingering down around her shoulders. She wears very tight stretch pants and an oversized t-shirt that exclaims, “Candibration!” She has the Mile High Wrestling Championship across her shoulder. Her daughter Lara is walking with her dressed in her Prankster-wear as she always is, face all painted up and all.

Byron Brown: And their opponents… from Boville, Idaho….. “The Prankster” Lara Bratton……. and the Mile High Wrestling Champion… “Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton!!!!!

Ray Hudson: Skrabz ruined their celebration earlier tonight. Or rather her Candi-bration…

#Pig, pig would you let me in?
#Pig, pig would you let me in?
#Pig, pig I’ve been everywhere that you’ve been
#Now I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to win
#Pig, pig would you let me in?
#Pig, pig would you let me in?
#Pig, pig, I’m already under your skin
#’Cause I’m the big bad wolf now let the games begin

Candi steps through the ropes and flips the crowd the bird and offers them a “Fuck You”, as the music fades out. Lara follows her into the ring as well, and points to her mother.


Senior Referee Michael Mack has called for the bell, and it looks like we’re starting off with Lara and Sam.

Ray Hudson: Here we go!

Wavy Crockett: The Brattons have this one in the bag!

Lara looks back at her mom, as they share a laugh at Sam’s expense. Sam keeps a solid look.

Ray Hudson: Sam looking to rip through her enemies.

Lara starts bouncing around the ring with her fists up, trying to make a mockery of Sam. Sam just keeps a solid look.

Ray Hudson: Maybe not such a smart move by The Prankster.

Lara bounces closer to Sam, and Sam runs at her, taking her down with a vicious spear.

Ray Hudson: Spear!

Sam stands and looks straight into Candi’s eyes with the same solid expression.

Wavy Crockett: Candi gon fuck you up…

Lara slowly gets to her feet, and Sam helps her the rest of the way. Already, Sam delivers the Reversal of Fate to Lara.

Ray Hudson: Reversal of Fate!!!

Sam looks over at Skrabz, to see if he sees who she is.

Wavy Crockett: Do you believe in love at first sight…?

Sam gets Lara to her feet again, and this time she performs Atlas Shrugged.

Ray Hudson: Atlas Shrugged!!!

Sam goes for the pin.



Wavy Crockett: Not today, baby!

Candi breaks up the pinfall. The referee gets Candi back to her corner.

Ray Hudson: Candi breaks up the pinfall.

Sam gets to a knee, and looks at Candi with a cold stare.

Wavy Crockett: Ain’t nobody scared of you!

Sam tells Candi she wants her in the ring, right now. Candi flips her off.

Ray Hudson: Candi wants no parts of The Titaness…

Sam storms over to Candi, who quickly hops off the apron.

Wavy Crockett: Mind ya business, Samuel!

Sam turns back to Lara, who is still laying on the mat.

Ray Hudson: The Titaness is standing tall, right now.

Sam grabs Lara, lifting her off the ground. As Candi gets back on the apron, Sam just throws Lara at her, knocking Candi back down to the concrete floor.

Ray Hudson: Oh shit!

Wavy Crockett: That’s so disrespectful…

Sam looks over at Skrabz. Skrabz extends his hand for a tag and tells Sam to let him get some action.

Wavy Crockett: Let the wack rapper in!

Sam shrugs before walking over to Skrabz, and giving him the tag.

Ray Hudson: The Titaness tags in Skrabz!

Lara is now sitting in the corner, trying to come back to. Skrabz walks over to her with a smirk. He points at her, looking out around the arena. The fans are cheering.

Wavy Crockett: What is he doing?

Skrabz extends his hand and looks at Lara sincerely. Lara looks up at him with the dirtiest of looks.

Wavy Crockett: Get outta here!

Skrabz apologizes for what he did earlier, and asks if she’d forgive him.

Wavy Crockett: He’s trippin!

Lara raises her eyebrow, before reaching out and taking Skrabz’ hand. Skrabz helps her to her feet, and pulls her in close, looking down into her eyes.

Wavy Crockett: That’s somebody daughter!!

Ray Hudson: Candi Bratton’s to be exact….

Skrabz starts whispering something in her ear, before he pulls her in tighter, and squeezes an asscheek.

Ray Hudson: Well…

Lara quickly brings her knee up, but it seems Skrabz was expecting that, as he catches her knee before it catches him.

Wavy Crockett: You better take that lick!

Lara uses his hand holding her knee to push off of, moving up over Skrabz’ head, hooking him into a DDT and attempting to bring him down. But Skrabz holds her in the air. He pulls her out of the headlock position, while she is now eye level with him.

Ray Hudson: Skrabz the stronger of the two….

Lara looks frustrated, but then smiles at Skrabz while he says something else smooth. But then Lara headbutts Skrabz majorly hard, causing Skrabz to let her go, and take a couple of steps backwards, holding his head.

Wavy Crockett: Finally!

Lara runs at him with a missile dropkick, making Skrabz stumble backwards into the ropes.

Ray Hudson: Lara Bratton is fighting back.

Lara runs at Skrabz with a clothesline to get him out of the ring, but Skrabz just shoves her down, as she back rolls away and uses the momentum to fly at her mom, for a hot tag.

Wavy Crockett: My favorite wrestler is coming in!

Candi gets in the ring and looks pretty pissed off. Skrabz smirks and asks what’s wrong. Candi starts cussing him out about touching her daughter.

Wavy Crockett: Get the switch!

Candi starts walking towards Skrabz, cussing, before out of nowhere she runs at Sam and knocks her off the apron.

Ray Hudson: Candi cheapshoting Hamilton!

Candi starts cussing down at Sam, before turning back to Skrabz.

Wavy Crockett: That’s why she’s the champion!

Ray Hudson: Because of cheap shots?

Candi runs at Skrabz as he just pushes his chest out, and knocks her on her bottom.

Ray Hudson: Well…

Skrabz drops an elbow down on Candi, as Sam gets back onto the apron, and demands that Skrabz tag her in.

Ray Hudson: Samantha wants Candi!

Skrabz looks at Sam crazy, then looks around the arena as it seems the fans want to see the tag.

Ray Hudson: The fans want to see The Titaness get her hands on Candi.

Wavy Crockett: No, the want to see Candi beat up Samantha.

Out of nowhere, Lara runs up behind Skrabz with a missile dropkick, shoving him towards Sam, who slaps his chest, before climbing into the ring.

Ray Hudson: Hamilton tags herself in!

Skrabz looks at Sam showing he wasn’t cool with that. The ref tells him to get out of the ring, and Skrabz goes ahead and does that.

Ray Hudson: The Titaness is the legal person on her team.

Lara is back in her corner, and Sam picks Candi up to her feet. Sam places Candi’s head between her legs and gives her a powerbomb with nasty impact.

Ray Hudson: Powerbomb to the champ!

Sam grabs Candi’s foot and twists her over, putting her into the ankle lock.

Ray Hudson: Ankle lock on the champ!

The ref is checking on Candi. Lara comes out of nowhere with a boot to the head of Sam, breaking the ankle lock on Candi.

Wavy Crockett: Nice save by Lara!

Skrabz tells Lara she better get back to her side of the ring. Lara tells him to kiss her ass. Skrabz tells her he might after the show.

Wavy Crockett: He better lay off of Lara!

Sam is back up, and grabs Lara by the head, and power whips her out of the ring.

Ray Hudson: And she’s gone…

Candi is using the ropes to pull herself up, as Sam starts heading back to her.

Wavy Crockett: Candi will always come out on top…

Sam grabs Candi by the head, placing her in position for either one of Sam’s finishers.

Wavy Crockett: Come on, Candi! Show em!

Sam goes for the Wrath of the Titans, but Candi brings her head up, front flipping Sam to the mat below.

Wavy Crockett: Yes!

As Sam gets back to her feet, Skrabz slaps her back, tagging himself in. Sam gives him a dirty look.

Ray Hudson: Skrabz returning the favor…

While Sam is chewing Skrabz out, Candi runs at him cornering him into the corner with a Running Corner Clothesline.

Ray Hudson: Running Corner Clothesline out of nowhere!!!

Sam gets back onto the apron, shaking her head.

Wavy Crockett: She’s just going to walk out on her partner?

Candi hooks Skrabz into The Confessional!!!

Ray Hudson: The Confessional!!

Out of nowhere, Lara is outside the ring and pulls Sam down to the concrete floor.

Ray Hudson: The Brattons working together well!

Lara Irish whips Sam into the ring steps, shoulder first.

Wavy Crockett: That’s my girl!

Inside the ring, Skrabz jumps back, landing on top of Candi, and back rolls off of her.

Ray Hudson: Wait a minute…

Wavy Crockett: No! No! No!

Lara jumps up onto the apron, and Skrabz runs at her with a missile dropkick, knocking her back down to the concrete floor.

Ray Hudson: Skrabz is on fire!

Skrabz turns around to Candi who is about to throw a punch, but Skrabz hits her with the Mic Check.

Ray Hudson: Mic Check!!! The second one tonight!

Skrabz goes for the pin.

Wavy Crockett: No!!





The ref has called for the bell.

Wavy Crockett: What the hell?!

Byron Brown: And the winners of this match… Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton and Skrabz!!!

Ray Hudson: Skrabz has pinned the champion!!

Skrabz throws his arms into the air, in celebration of his victory.

Ray Hudson: This could be the outcome at The Rise In Phoenix!

Sam is sitting on the outside, looking up into the ring at her tag team partner for this night.

Wavy Crockett: But it won’t be!

Skrabz looks back at Sam and smirks, before pointing back and forth between him and her, mouthing “next week”.

Ray Hudson: They will indeed lock up next week!

Candi has rolled out of the ring, while Lara checks on her.

Ray Hudson: This was definitely not the night that Candi had planned.

All of a sudden, the titantron displays a camera looking at Candi Bratton’s brand new truck. The wheels are missing, as it sits on blocks.

Ray Hudson: What is this?

Lara shakes her mom, telling her to look up at the titantron.

Wavy Crockett: That ain’t Candi’s truck is it?

On the titantron you can see that the whole truck is covered in graffiti, with the doors even missing. The truck is stripped of almost everything.

Wavy Crockett: That is Candi’s truck!

Candi Bratton is cussing up a storm, as she gets to her feet, wobbling up the ramp, to get to the back.

Ray Hudson: Who did that to her truck?!

Wavy Crockett: It says “The Master” right there on the side of it, you big dummy!

Ray Hudson: He took it too far!

This episode of Mile High Wrestling ends with the camera on Sam laughing about what happened to Candi, as she still sits on the outside of the ring.

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