Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Magness Arena
Denver, Colorado
Streaming LIVE only on The SE Network

The show starts with a blackout in the arena. The fans are buzzing. You can tell we are inside of the arena based off of all the camera flashes.


“I wanna be your dog” by Iggy Pop hits the speakers as the words: “ROUND ONE!” appear on the big screen.

Evolution Wrestling’s Qiang Chen is in a seated position on the mat and his eyes are crossed. From behind, Deuce Holmes, wearing the crimson mask is able to hit a basement Osaka Street Cutter for the win.

The words: “ROUND TWO” appear on the big screen.

Honor Wrestling’s Pure Champion of more than one year, Alicia Lukas stumbles backwards inside of the steel cage. From out of nowhere Deuce Holmes catches her and makes the Osaka Street Cutter look easy and deadly for a clean pinfall!

#QuagCup Quarterfinals – June 24, 2018

Suddenly, the music and video feed stops and Lavinia appears on the titantron. The crowd cheers. She’s wearing the tiniest, tightest red dress with red pumps, fingernails and lips. She cups her hands around her mouth.





The crowd picks it right up and it gets louder and faster. Deuce Holmes appears next to Lavinia, picking at his ear and pretending to be deaf.

Ray Hudson: That would be the new Co-General Manager, announced a few hours ago on Twitter.

As Deuce picked his ear, the chants stopped but the crowd was so loud that you could not tell if it was “BOOOOOOO” or “DOOOOOOSE” that they were shouting.

Ray Hudson: The Denver crowd is really into this…

Lavi and Deuce waited, until finally Deuce tried to calm the crowd so that he could speak. When a hush finally fell over the crowd, Deuce Holmes did not speak. With his gruff, grizzled and over the top voice he began to sing. At the top of his lungs!


Lavinia put her arm around his waist and joined right in.


The crowd was hot tonight at Magnuss Arena, and after his video package and various tweets and announcements during the day, they dug it and joined right in with Deuce and Lavinia to sing “Home Sweet Home” by Motley Crue.

Ray Hudson: This is nuts!!

As the first verse ended Lavi pointed at the bottom of the screen where Robert Mack’s tweet appeared, and then grew to take over the whole screen.

Deuce Holmes and Lavi appear back on the big screen, as Deuce ominously points upwards, before making a pulling down motion from over his head as a giant ‘The Rise In Phoenix’ banner comes down from inside the arena, covering the stage area and big screen. Fireworks explode, as the fans cheer until the cameras fade out.

The official opening video of Mile High Wrestling begins showing. “Colorado” by TECH N9NE starts playing for the first 27 seconds of the track, and then the hook is looped for a second time.

Colorado (Bonus Track)

Yeah, uh-huh, uh-oh, no, damn

An overview of Downtown Denver is shown during the night, with a baby blue and orange color scheme.

It-it-it-it-it-it that good Colora-

The screen flickers back and forth rapidly, between cuts of Downtown Denver and the Mile High Wrestling logo, concluding with the logo turning sideways and spinning off into the screen like a ninja star.

(-Do, do, do, do)
You know it’s that fire
I can’t get no higher

Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton is shown stepping over the top rope to enter the ring, followed by “Desert Rose” Anya flying in the air with a moonsault.

(Do, do, do, do)
I came to turn the night up
Now watch me as I light up

“The Party Boy” Chris Mosh is shown high fiving some fans, followed by all five members of The Shieldmaidens standing in the ring.

(-Do, do, do, do)
You know it’s that fire
I can’t get no higher

Forge is shown ramming his head into Deuce Holmes’ face, followed by “The Master” Issac Combes lighting up a cigar.

(Do, do, do, do)
I came to turn the night up
Now watch me as I light up

Skrabz is shown delivering the Mic Check to Candi Bratton, followed by Candi Bratton raising the Mile High Wrestling Championship in the air, as the video fades away, and the cameras are in the arena where fireworks are exploding. The instrumental to “Colorado” plays through the sound system, as the camera pans around the Denver crowd.

Ray Hudson: Welcome everyone to the sixth episode of Mile High Wrestling!!! And what a night we know it’s going to be…

Wavy Crockett: It’s always a good night in Denver, yes.

We see many signs in the crowd, such as “Skrabz Stays Mile High”, “Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Run the Show”, “Bratton Pack, Bitches”, and “I Love Lesbians”.

Ray Hudson: Well, with the main event for The Rise In Phoenix already official…. last week, Forge took into consideration that a Mile High Wrestling Championship Match at the event was not an option. Therefore he went after the next best thing; the CEO of Stanton Enterprises, Ricky Stanton!

Wavy Crockett: I hope Ricky accepts the challenge. I’m telling you! That’s gonna be a fire match, for sure! Although, Ricky may be handling the network business around here, but he’s gotta stay out of The Shieldmaidens’ way! Focus on Forge, and don’t bite off more than you can chew. He already has more than enough dealing with my dude Forge, to begin with.

Ray Hudson: Two weeks ago these two men got into a small spat starting with Forge calling Stanton’s protege “Entitled”, on social media. Ricky tried to reel in the situation informing Forge of the SE connection but Forge didn’t care! Fast forward a week later they’re nose to nose until blows are exchanged!

Wavy Crockett: These two men wanna kill each other. And Forge’s wife is itching for a fight just like her husband. To be honest, the protege might be safer staying out of this…

Ray Hudson: Now last week, Forge just ups the ante! Take a look!

Last Week…

Forge: No more running. I want the Mile High Wrestling Championship. And that belt is occupied for The Rise In Phoenix. So the next best thing would be breaking your ego in half, Ricky. So how about you talk to the man standing behind me, get a contract written up for an unsanctioned match, and meet Robi and I in Phoenix, Arizona. You and your little girl wrestler. And we’ll take your heads OFF!!!

“Centuries” by Fall Out Boy begins playing around the arena.

Du du du du-du du du
Du du du du du-du du du

Ray Hudson: Here comes the big boss!

Wavy Crockett: And his beautiful lady! Wow…

Some legends are told
Some turn to dust or to gold
But you will remember me
Remember me, for centuries
Just one mistake
Is all it will take
We’ll go down in history
Remember me for centuries
Hey, hey, hey
Remember me for centuries

Pyro hits as Ricky Stanton walks out onto the stage area, with Lily Hollister-Stanton. They walk down the ramp, ready to start off this episode of Mile High Wrestling. Ricky grabs a mic and steps inside the ring. Lily follows.

Byron Brown hands Ricky a mic, from the outside. The music fades away, as the fans have mixed reactions throughout the arena.

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: Last week, I was in my office in Sasebo, Japan, finalizing my deals with Kamikaze Pro when my wife hands me a phone showing video footage of what was going on here in Denver. I have to say that I was a bit taken back by what I heard.

Ray Hudson: For those who don’t know Stanton is set to make his debut there, in Kamikaze Pro, at the end of this month.

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: It seems as if Forge is just itching to do something with all that pent-up aggression. My odds are on the fact that OBVIOUSLY someone isn’t taking care of at home very well.

Stanton looks over at Lily, and laughs a little.

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: I MEAN COME ONNNN…

The fans start booing.

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: Oh you can boo, it’s ok because if a man is walking around THAT tense, THAT bent out of shape, then that can only mean he’s not very relaxed in ALLLLLL AREAS OF HIS LIFE…

Ray Hudson: Mr. Stanton is out of line!!!

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: But this isn’t about his wife, or my wife for that matter. This is about a man, who works for a company that has a show that’s streamed BY MY COMPANY, having the balls to not back down and who is just determined to make a name for himself. So Forge… I’M GOING TO ASK AGAIN… BRING YOUR ASS DOWN RINGSIDE… RIGHT NOW!

Stanton paces the ring, waiting for Forge’s entrance.


Just then, Forge comes on the big screen and the crowd erupts.

Forge: Hey, skin-top! Up here!

A heavy amount of boos but some scattered cheers as the camera centers on Forge somewhere backstage.

Forge: Before you send your badge-wearing punks my way to get eviscerated, let me make something clear: I don’t answer to you. But you? You owe ME an answer from last week! So out in front of all those drones who pay to see me kill every poor bastard in my path… I WANT TO HEAR YOU SAY IT, IN FRONT OF THE WORLD, THAT YOU ACCEPT MY CHALLENGE!



“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I WILL FACE YOU!

Ray Hudson: OH MY GOD THIS CROWD HAS COME UNGLUED! And Forge… Forge is smiling!

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: BUT… it will be inside… OF A FIFTEEN-FOOT-HIGH STEEL CAGE! There will be NOWHERE for you to run!

Ray Hudson: Whoa, whoa, whoa! A steel cage?! Is Mr. Stanton serious?!

Wavy Crockett: As a heart attack! And Forge is STILL smiling.

Audibly cracking his knuckles, Forge glowers down at Stanton from the screen, still wearing a sadistic grin.

Forge: Last I checked, Stanton, YOU were the one running from ME. You wanna be locked in a cage with me? No rules, no interference, man-to-boy? I’m all for it. But as to your entitled brat and pretty wife? I suggest you leave them at home… because they’re going to SCREAM when they see what I do to you!

The last image seen is of Forge’s boot being driven into the camera before the feed cuts to static.

Wavy Crockett: Oh damn! It’s really gonna go down!

Stanton paces the ring staring at the blank screen.

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: You see! That’s what I’m talking about! INSUBORDINATION! Mile High needs to deal with that! I shouldn’t have to put up with such disrespect. And when I get in that cage…. oh yeah, it’s going to be SOOOOOOOOOO PRETTTYYYYY!!!!

Stanton and Lily step out the ring and head backstage as people boo, and “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy plays throughout the arena.

Wavy Crockett: I think Stanton had a knee jerk reaction to accepting that match!

Ray Hudson: Oh No! He meant it! He wants Forge to fall in line and it’s not happening! This is a pride thing!

Wavy Crockett: Well, opposite of what Mr. Stanton said….that match at The Rise In Phoenix is going to get soooooo ugly…

Ray Hudson: We’ll be back with some action next, ladies and gentlemen.

We fade into our first commercial break of the night.

Triple Threat Match
“Desert Rose” Anya
“The Adorkable Angel” Azurine Vebbins
Alex “Bullet” Carbajal

While the instrumental – the first 30 seconds of Within Temptation’s “See Who I Am” – start up, the lights dim, as we return from our commercial break. The screen shows a silhouette with most of the features covered by a veil. Above the shadow, the name “Desert Rose” Anya is displayed in a bright, blood-red hue.

Ray Hudson: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. We started off with two shocking announcements, but now it’s time for some wrestling action!

Seconds after the actual lyrics start up, a spotlight shines down at the top of the ramp, where Anya is quietly standing, wearing her attire for the ring. Normally, it consists of shorts and a top, but she may change her outfits from time to time, depending on her mood or whim, whatever inspires her first.

Byron Brown: The opening contest is a Triple Threat Match for one fall!! Introducing first… weighing in at 155 pounds….. from Las Vegas, Nevada……. “Desert Rose” Anya!!!

Anya turns, grinning at the audience, and walks down the ramp with a slow but confident, optimisic walk. She waves to the fans along the way, even high-fiving a few, before arriving at the ring.

Wavy Crockett: She’s so fine, Ray. But so weird…

Ray Hudson: Weird?

The Desert Rose ascends up the small set of steps … and then enters by jumping, using the closest turnbuckle to ensure she jumps successfully over it. She lands on her feet, turns, and climbs in front of the same turnbuckle she just jumped. Raising a clenched fist, she listens to the audience’s reaction for a good five to ten seconds before getting off the ropes and leaning against them, waiting eagerly for her opponents.

Ray Hudson: This should be an action packed Triple Threat Match right here. All three participants will be involved in the last two Round One matches of the Phoenix Tournament, next week.

“Problem” by Postmodern Jukebox begins playing throughout the arena. “The Adorkable Angel” Azurine Vebbins has a solitary spotlight follow her from the entrance ramp to the northern-facing ring apron. Along the way, Ms. Vebbins pirouettes, skanks, and twirls like a whirling dervish down to the ring. Most fans applaud Azurine based on her technical acumen and acrobatic ability.

Byron Brown: And one of her opponents… weighing in at 115 pounds….. residing in Malibu, California……. “The Adorkable Angel” Azurine Vebbins!!!

Azurine keeps dancing until she get onto the northern ringside apron, and climbs through the middle and bottom ring ropes. Upon entering the ring, she will dutifully awaits referee instruction, as well as announcer introductions.

Wavy Crockett: Dat azz!!

Ray Hudson: She told you she’s not interested, Wavy…

Wavy Crockett: That’s what they all say before I get em.

Ray Hudson: That’s rape…

Wavy Crockett: I didn’t mean it like that, fool!

The lights dim as the Shieldmaidens motto “Hell is empty and the Maidens are here!” comes over the Tron as guitar stabs ring out. Concrete Blonde’s “God Is A Bullet” starts up in earnest and four women in matching cuttes, RJ Mitchell, Jackie “Bandit” Layton, Ophelia “Widow” Blaque and Fianna Donnelly, walk out seemingly leading the way for their fifth sister. Alex “Bullet” Carbajal makes her way out in a full length boxing robe, ready for war.

Byron Brown: And their opponent… weighing in at 135 pounds….. from New Orleans, Louisiana……. she is being accompanied to the ring by fellow Shieldmaidens; Jackie Layton, Ophelia Blaque, Fianna Donnelly, and Robi Jean Mitchell… she is Alex “Bullet” Carbajal!!!

The Shieldmaidens make their way to the ring and Bullet steps in, starting to shadowbox the second she steps in. She raises her hands into the air and then nods, ready to go.

Ray Hudson: All of The Shieldmaidens are out here for this one.

Once our referee, Regina Ball checks all three competitors and is satisfied, she calls for the bell to officially start this match.


Anya and Azurine both go right at Bullet; Anya with a clothesline and Azurine with a standing dropkick.

Ray Hudson: These ladies are not worried about The Shieldmaidens!

Anya turns to face Azurine and is taken down with a running DDT.

Ray Hudson: Azurine not planning on losing a second week in a row.

Azurine covers Anya but before the ref can slide into position to make the count, Bullet breaks up the pin attempt.

Wavy Crockett: Too early, baby..

Bullet connects with a hard right hand to Azurine’s jaw, which staggers her back into the ropes.

Ray Hudson: Bullet fighting back!

Standing legdrop by Bullet onto Anya, which she uses as a cover for a pin attempt.


Azurine breaks it up with a low dropkick!

Wavy Crockett: My girl breaks it up!

All three competitors move to their feet where Anya takes Bullet down hard with a hurricanrana!

Ray Hudson: Anya with a hurricanrana!!

Azurine follows with an elbow smash to the back of Bullet’s neck. As soon as this occurs, Anya locks in an ankle lock on Bullet.

Ray Hudson: Anya hooks in the ankle lock on Bullet!!

Seeing this, Azurine hits the ropes running for a springboard double axe handle smash again to the back of Bullet’s neck!

Wavy Crockett: These two ladies are teaming up on Bullet!!

Anya wrenches on the ankle lock as our referee Regina Ball checks Bullet for a tap-out. Bullet shakes her head violently indicating no tap and Anya wrenches it in deeper.

Wavy Crockett: I know Azurine understands this is not a Tag Match, right?

From out of nowhere, Azurine breaks up the hold with an open palm strike to the solar plexus of Anya.

Wavy Crockett: Oh ok!! I was about to say..

Leaping, Azurine spins Anya maybe five times to complete her tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown!

Ray Hudson: Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown!!

Anya moves to her feet where Azurine lifts her up with a fireman’s carry.

Ray Hudson: Azurine is absolutely on fire!

Wavy Crockett: Isn’t she?

The crowd knows what is next, and as they rise to their feet, Azurine begins the airplane spin.

Wavy Crockett: They gon take off and fly away!

It continues until Azurine can barely stand. That’s when she heaves Anya off of her shoulders for a Death Valley driver!

Ray Hudson: Oh my! Death Valley driver!!

With a lateral press, Azurine hookes the outside leg of Anya, as the referee slides into position to make the count.



Bullet breaks it up!

Ray Hudson: Bullet saves the match!

Still favoring the ankle, Bullet pulls herself and Azurine to their feet.

Ray Hudson: Which two of these women do you think will have to go one on one next week, and which one do you think will be fighting The Titaness?

Bullet connects with a hard right hand. Then another! A third right hand has Azurine on the ropes where Bullet clotheslines her over the top and down hard onto the floor below.

Wavy Crockett: Who knows, Ray?

Ray Hudson: Bullet clotheslines The Adorkable Angel to the outside!

Anya begins moving to her feet and Bullet cracks her knuckles.

Wavy Crockett: You definitely don’t want to have Azurine versus Samantha next week, as they are friends.

Anya puts her head down and goes for a spear! Quickly Bullet side-steps her and uses Anya’s own momentum to shove her hard into a corner.

Ray Hudson: Bullet with a quick reversal!

Anya bounces back towards the center of the ring, her back to Bullet, who spins and connects with her Dios es Una Bala!!!

Ray Hudson: Dios es Una Bala!!!

Before Bullet can go for the pin, Azurine comes from out of nowhere back into the ring with another version of her springboard double axe handle. Bullet looks up and with a half step back, catches Azurine square on the point of the chin with a nasty uppercut! Azurine hits the mat hard and Bullet is immediately upon her for the pin!




Ray Hudson: That was so close!!!

As they both move to their feet, Bullet lands a boot to the gut of Azurine, then sends her towards the far corner with an Irish whip that Azurine reverses it and follows Bullet in.

Wavy Crockett: These women are the bomb dot com.

As Bullet hits the turnbuckles, Azurine leaps, connecting with double knees to the sternum!

Ray Hudson: Wait a minute…

Bullet catches the top ropes, holding herself up as Azurine measures her then connects with superkick!

Ray Hudson: I believe this is the Sweetheart Sock Hop…

As Bullet falls forward, Azurine catches her in a front facelock and with no hesitation plants her with a DDT, completing the Sweetheart Sock Hop!!!

Ray Hudson: That would be the one!

Anya is now up to her knees, and clutching the back of her head. Azurine looks back and forth between Bullet and Anya.

Wavy Crockett: She better do something.

When Anya lifts off of her knees, Azurine leaps across her back and catches the far arm. She slams Anya down hard with an inverted juji gatame.

Ray Hudson: This could be it!!

Anya struggles but can not break free and refuses to tap when asked by the ref.

Wavy Crockett: She doesn’t wanna give up!

Never missing a thing, our referee Regina Ball checks both of Anya’s shoulders. They are both pinned, so she begins the three count.




Right after the three count, Bullet jumps out of nowhere to break the pin up.

Ray Hudson: Was it a three??!


Wavy Crockett: It was a three, Ray!!

Bullet is furious that she was not able to break up the pin. She pulls Azurine to her feet and lands a left hook that spins Azurine halfway around. Bullet spins too and lands another Dios es Una Bala!

Ray Hudson: Sore loser much?

Bullet pulls Anya to her feet and shoves her hard into the corner, following her in with another Dios es Una Bala!!

Wavy Crockett: She’s taking out everybody!!!

Bullet then turns her attention onto the ref, but Regina wisely slides out of the ring and starts making her way up the ramp towards backstage.

Ray Hudson: Bullet is not happy!

Wavy Crockett: Dat Azz still won, though, Ray!

Ray Hudson: We’ll be back with the very first Round One Match of the Phoenix Tournament….next!

The other four Shieldmaidens slide into the ring, and smile at the carnage, as we go to a commercial break.

We are back from commercials, and the cameras are backstage where The Shieldmaidens are shown talking to each other.

Ray Hudson: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. We got the cameras backstage. Not sure what’s going on…

Bullet and Bandit go one way as RJ, Ophelia, and Fianna go another.

Wavy Crockett: Our camera team is like paparazzi or something. Not minding their business at all…

As Bullet and Bandit round the corner towards the women’s locker room, a loud whack is heard. The top part of Bullet’s body is seen as she falls to the floor. A chair flies through the air and crashes against the wall in the hallway, as Bandit looks around, confused, and ready to fight.

Ray Hudson: Wait a damn minute! What is this?!

The camera looks down at Bullet on the concrete floor, out cold. All of a sudden the sound of poles clinging against each other and falling all over the concrete is heard.

Wavy Crockett: Damn, these two Shieldmaidens are getting beat up by another team, or something. The camera guy is slow to react..

Seconds later, Bandit’s body flops down beside Bullet’s.

Ray Hudson: Oh my goodness…

Wavy Crockett: Damn!! You don’t think that’s my favorite wrestler huh?

Suddenly, as if their bodies are being drug, they disappear from view, before our cameras return to the arena.

Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Championship Tournament Round One Match
“The Party Boy” Chris Mosh
“Next Generation” Luke Corvo

Ray Hudson: I don’t know, but that’s some horrible movie type shit…

The titantron flickers on as the first ambient chords from “Rockstar” by Post Malone ft. 21 Savage play throughout the arena. The crowd moves to their feet to love or hate the man to step through the curtain.

Byron Brown: The following match is for one fall, and is a Round One Match in the Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Championship Tournament. Introducing first… weighing in at 185 pounds….. from Detroit, Michigan……. “Next Generation” Luke Corvo!!!

“Next Generation” Luke Corvo pauses, then walks directly towards the ring leaping onto the apron, turning to face the crowd. As the music continues playing, Luke leaps over the top rope and makes his way up the turnbuckle taunting the crowd to get louder before he removes his ring jacket and his music fades.

Ray Hudson: Glad to see Luke Corvo decided to stay with us, after all.

Wavy Crockett: I’ll be glad if he just beats Mosh’s ass…

“I’m The One” by DJ Khaled featuring Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Quavo, and Lil Wayne hits, as “The Party Boy” Chris Mosh shows up on the titantron. It then shows “Mosh” on black as it zooms out to show it is on a hoodie as Chris Mosh turns around. Mosh walks down the ramp slapping hands with fans.

Byron Brown: And his opponent… weighing in at 210 pounds….. he resides in Las Vegas, Nevada……. “The Party Boy” Chris Mosh!!!

Mosh walks around the ring slapping hands with the fans around the ring. He then gets to the commentary table and slaps hands with Ray Hudson.

Wavy Crockett: Man, fuck this clown…

Wavy Crockett takes his headset off, gets up from his chair, and walks around the commentary table as Mosh starts saying some words.

Ray Hudson: Hold on! Come sit back down!

Wavy Crockett gets in Mosh’s face, as their noses push up against one another.

Ray Hudson: David!!!

Mosh shoves Wavy off of him, causing Wavy to take a step back. Wavy takes a step forward and throws a punch right into Mosh’s face.

Ray Hudson: Oh no…

Both superstars are throwing punches as the referee slides out of the ring and tries to pull them apart.

Ray Hudson: What the hell is he thinking? You gotta wait til The Rise, man!

The other three referees are out now trying to break the fight up, as they finally get the two separated.

Ray Hudson: This is just out of control!

Luke Corvo is standing in the ring, shaking his head.

Ray Hudson: And with Chris Mosh entertaining this, he’s going to end up forfeiting this match..

Robert Mack has now made it to ringside, and is yelling at Wavy Crockett. It looks like he’s sending him to the back.

Ray Hudson: Wavy Crockett is going to end up losing his job, folks..

The referees are trying to talk Mosh into getting into the ring.

Ray Hudson: And Chris is gonna end up losing his chance at becoming the very first Phoenix Champion.

All of a sudden, Emily Falls slides into the ring and starts throwing rights and lefts into the back of Corvo’s head.

Ray Hudson: What the hell is this now?!!!

Corvo turns around and shoves her back into the ropes. Emily bounces off the ropes, and jumps at Corvo with a jumping clothesline, taking him down.

Ray Hudson: I’m assuming Emily is getting revenge on Corvo for walking out on her last week!

Emily gets on top of Corvo and starts throwing more rights and lefts. The referees are now in the ring to break this fight up, as Robert Mack walks Wavy to the back.

Ray Hudson: It is absolute chaos out here!!!

Mosh rolls into the ring, as three referees pull Emily out of the ring.

Ray Hudson: Emily Falls is angry, folks!

Corvo gets to his feet, as the official referee for the match asks Corvo if he is okay to fight. Corvo nods his head.

Ray Hudson: And yet, it looks like this match is going to happen after all.

Senior referee Michael Mack asks Mosh if he’s okay to fight. Mosh nods his head.


Corvo quickly runs at Mosh with an enzuguri.

Ray Hudson: Enzuguri from Corvo to officially kick this match off!

Corvo holds his head, trying to shake back from the attack made by Emily Falls.

Ray Hudson: A lot of chaos before the match even started!

Mosh starts getting to his feet, and Corvo quickly takes him back down with a basement dropkick.

Ray Hudson: Corvo staying in control here.

Corvo hooks Mosh in the single leg crab. The referee is checking on Mosh.

Ray Hudson: I want to doubt it’s over already…

Corvo tightens the grip trying to end this match quickly. Mosh starts throwing his other foot up, kicking at Corvo slightly.

Ray Hudson: And The Party Boy is making his escape!

Corvo let’s go of the hold and stomps down onto Mosh.

Ray Hudson: But Luke Corvo keeps him grounded.

Corvo yells to the crowd that the party is over, as he starts stomping on the ring to get Mosh up quicker, so he can finish him off.

Ray Hudson: Corvo looks like he’s ready to end this. Pretty unhappy about his loss to Mosh a few weeks back. So I guess he’s trying to right that “wrong”.

Mosh is slowly getting to his feet. Corvo goes to grab Mosh, and Mosh slaps his hands away, taking a step back. Out of nowhere, Mosh hits Corvo with the Party Pooper.

Ray Hudson: Party Pooper!!!

Corvo gets back up rather quickly, looking dazed and confused, as he walks right into the Moshplex.

Ray Hudson: Moshplex!!!




Ray Hudson: Chris Mosh just won this match, out of nowhere!!

Corvo kicks out right after the three count as Mosh raises his arms in sitting position, as the crowd goes wild.


The referee has called for the bell, and Corvo is sitting in the corner, confused, as “I’m The One” by DJ Khaled featuring Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Quavo, and Lil Wayne begins playing throughout the arena.

Byron Brown: And the winner of this match, advancing to Round Two of the Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Championship Tournament… “The Party Boy” Chris Mosh!!!

Mosh is to his feet, as the referee raises his arm in victory.

Ray Hudson: “The Party Boy” Chris Mosh will fight in Round Two of the Phoenix Tournament, in two weeks, right here on The SE Network. Wow!

The cameras go backstage again where the remaining three Shieldmaidens are shown talking. You cant hear what they are saying, but you can tell they know something about what happened to the other two Shieldmaidens, and they don’t seem the least bit happy, obviously.

Ray Hudson: Things are getting real interesting around here. We’ll be back with more action after this break….

We fade to a commercial break.

Street Fight Match
Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton
“The Prankster” Lara Bratton

We’re back from our break, as “You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies begins playing throughout the arena. As the actual lyrics begin playing, Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton saunters down the ramp. A sense of determination and resolve can always be found in her eyes. Despite wearing a more stern and serious expression, she’s not one to ignore any fans or supporters. Every now and again, she gives a wave or slight smirk. More often than not, however, The Titaness sticks to her more serious and stoic look.

Byron Brown: The following match is a Street Fight Match, for one fall!!! Introducing first… weighing in at 145 pounds….. from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida……. Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton!!!

When Sam finally gets in front of the ropes, she slips through the middle and top ropes.

Ray Hudson: Welcome back, and it’s time for the first of two main event matches tonight! And I’m being joined by one of our Co-General Managers; Mrs. Katrina Mack…

Katrina Mack: Yeah, this should be…

Out of nowhere, “The Prankster” Lara Bratton slides into the ring and smashes her cane into the back of Sam’s head, making her fall flat on her face.

Katrina Mack: Wow!

Ray Hudson: Lara Bratton has just attacked Samantha Hamilton from behind during her entrance!

The referee is pushing Lara away, as Lara is yelling for the ref to start the match.

Ray Hudson: A very low down dirty move by Lara Bratton!

Katrina Mack: Are you surprised though, Ray?

Ray Hudson: Not really, I guess…

Sam is slowly getting to her knees, holding her head.

Katrina Mack: Lara might regret this though.

Sam looks over at Lara with fire in her eyes. She demands that the ref start the match.

Ray Hudson: And it looks like The Titaness wants this match to start!

Referee John Vigil asks if Sam’s sure, and then calls for the bell.


Katrina Mack: Here we go…

Lara quickly runs at Sam, and kick pushes her in the side of the head. Lara starts wailing at Sam with the cane.

Ray Hudson: Lara taking advantage of a downed Hamilton.

The ref pushes Lara away, but Lara runs right back to Sam and starts beating her with the cane even more.

Katrina Mack: A vicious beating by Ms. Lara Bratton.

The ref pulls Lara away again and Lara throws her hands up, claiming she’ll chill out.

Ray Hudson: I hope the referee doesn’t trust Lara…

Katrina Mack: It’s all legal either way, Ray.

As soon as the referee steps back, Lara smashes him over the top of the head with the cane, knocking John Vigil out.

Katrina Mack: Oh my! Well, I’m not so sure that is legal…

Ray Hudson: And that’s actually your brother, correct?

Katrina Mack: Sure is…

Out of nowhere, The Titaness runs at Lara with a spear.

Ray Hudson: Spear!!!

Sam takes a second to get it together, before looking over at Lara’s cane.

Katrina Mack: This is Sammie’s chance to switch control.

Sam grabs Lara’s cane and holds it in the air, looking around the arena as the fans cheer loudly.

Ray Hudson: The fans want The Titaness to get her revenge…

Sam swings the cane down but Lara quickly rolls out of the ring before the cane hits her.

Katrina Mack: Smart move by The Prankster.

Ray Hudson: Indeed!

Lara quickly goes over to the timekeeper and yanks him out of his chair, throwing him across the concrete floor.

Ray Hudson: Lara getting a weapon of her own.

Katrina Mack: Well, I believe the cane is actually Lara’s personal weapon, Ray.

Lara grabs the timekeeper’s chair, while Sam rolls out of the ring.

Ray Hudson: Lara better hurry up!

Sam runs at Lara, as she turns around and swings the cane at her. Lara blocks the cane shot with the chair, and then back swings it across Sam’s lower jaw, as the fans make the “ooooo” sound.

Ray Hudson: God damn!!!

Katrina Mack: That was a nasty blow.

Lara stands over Sam and starts bringing the steel chair down onto her body, repeatedly.

Katrina Mack: This Lara is a very vicious young lady…

Lara throws the chair down hard onto Sam’s body.

Ray Hudson: That she is, Mrs. Mack!

Lara starts taking the top layer of the commentary table off.

Katrina Mack: Is she about to put her through our table?

Lara is talking trash to the fans, as they boo her. She’s finding it very amusing.

Ray Hudson: I think so, Mrs. Mack. We better get out of the way.

Katrina Mack: She cant just break our property. As a matter of fact, she’s not even signed to our company. She signed a one match deal.

Ray Hudson: I don’t know what to tell you…

Katrina Mack: If she puts that woman through this table, I’m taking it out of her check…

Sam is already starting to get back up, but Lara helps her up the rest of the way before rolling her onto the commentary table.

Ray Hudson: Don’t you want to warn her first?

Katrina Mack: Warn her? She’s a grown woman. She should know better…

Lara climbs on top of the commentary table, as the fans are on their feet.

Ray Hudson: Well folks, Lara is planning to put The Titaness through this table.

Lara starts trying to get Sam to her feet.

Katrina Mack: Who does this?

Sam reaches up and grabs Lara by the neck tightly.

Ray Hudson: Wait a minute!!!

Lara is panicking and trying to get out of Sam’s grip.

Ray Hudson: Samantha Hamilton has Lara by the neck!!!

Katrina Mack: Put her through the table!!!

Ray Hudson: Huh?

Sam looks into Lara’s eyes with anger, before lifting her into the air and chokeslamming her through the announce table.

Ray Hudson: Chokeslam through the announce table!!!

Katrina Mack: That had to hurt…

Sam is off of her feet too, obviously.

Ray Hudson: Both superstars are down.

Sam starts slowly crawling away from the destroyed table.

Katrina Mack: The Titaness is moving.

Sam gets her hands on the ring apron and starts pulling herself up.

Ray Hudson: She is alive!!

As Sam gets to her feet, she turns and looks at Lara Bratton’s motionless body.

Ray Hudson: Lara was in control, but we have witnessed a shift in that.

Sam walks over to Lara and starts to get her to her feet.

Katrina Mack: Why doesn’t she pin her??

Ray Hudson: Still gotta do it in the ring. Falls do not count anywhere.

Sam walks her to the ring and rolls her into.

Katrina Mack: She’s about to pin her, though.

Sam looks around the arena and then lifts the ring apron up, as the fans start cheering.

Ray Hudson: I don’t think she is, Mrs Mack!!

Katrina Mack: Oh my…

Sam pulls out a table from under the ring as the fans start going nuts.

Katrina Mack: She just put her through a table! What the heck?

Sam pushes the table into the ring.

Ray Hudson: This match isn’t just about winning, to these women. They want to hurt the other…

Sam reaches under the ring again, as the fans get even louder.

Katrina Mack: Someone’s gonna get killed!

Sam pulls out a ladder, and the fans are erupting in the Magness Arena.

Katrina Mack: Oh my goodness! This is too much!

Ray Hudson: I don’t think she’s getting that ladder to change a lightbulb, folks!

Sam slides the ladder into the ring.

Katrina Mack: What IS she about to do, Ray?

Ray Hudson: There’s no telling…

Sam rolls into the ring, before looking around the arena at the fans on their feet.

Ray Hudson: The fans are really into this one!

Sam grabs the table, and begins to set it up towards the middle of the ring.

Katrina Mack: This is me making me nervous, Ray…

After the table is set up, Sam goes over to the ladder and picks it up.

Ray Hudson: Something is about to happen, indeed!

Sam starts setting the ladder up towards the corner of the ring.

Katrina Mack: Is this rivalry really that personal?

After setting the ladder up, Sam walks over to Lara who is already moving, and stomps on her twice.

Ray Hudson: It looks like it!

Sam gets Lara to her feet and rolls her onto the table. Every fan in the arena is on their feet.

Ray Hudson: Sam has Lara on the table like a turkey on Thanksgiving!

Sam walks over to the ladder and around it, as she starts climbing the other side of said ladder.

Ray Hudson: She is climbing up the ladder, folks!

Sam gets to the top of the ladder and looks down at Lara.

Katrina Mack: My heart is seriously beating fast…

As Sam climbs all the way to the top, standing herself up, trying hard to keep her balance, Lara rolls off of the table.

Ray Hudson: Oh shit…

Sam slowly starts to get from the top, as Lara starts getting to her feet.

Ray Hudson: Lara is off of the table, and Hamilton has noticed…

Sam starts climbing down the ladder, as Lara starts climbing up the opposite side.

Katrina Mack: She’s getting down from there. Smart decision.

Sam notices Lara is going up, and raises her eyebrow. Sam begins to climb back up.

Ray Hudson: Well, Lara is climbing up the ladder, so Hamilton is now climbing back up the ladder!!

As both superstars get to the top, Lara throws a punch at Sam.

Katrina Mack: This is not going to end good…

Sam throws a punch, and then Lara throws a second. Sam throws a second, and then Lara throws another.

Katrina Mack: Someone is gonna fall. And that’s a big fall!!

Ray Hudson: If Lara falls, she’s going through that table. However, if Sam falls…..she’s falling all the way out of the ring to the concrete floor.

Both superstars keep taking turns, until Sam grabs Lara by the head and headbutts her, almost causing Lara to fall back, through the table.

Katrina Mack: Ohwhoawhoawhoa!!

Sam slowly turns around on the ladder, sitting down on the very top.

Ray Hudson: What is Sam doing??

Sam reaches behind her and hooks Lara into a stunner position.

Ray Hudson: Oh my goodness…no way!

Katrina Mack: What is it, Ray? What is she about to do??

Sam backflips off with a shiranui off of the ladder, as the both fall straight down through the table!!!

Ray Hudson: OH MY GODDDDDDDD!!!!!

Katrina Mack: What the fuck?!

Ray Hudson: The Titaness just performed a shiranui off of the ladder, and through a table!!!

The fans are chanting “Holy Shit!”

Katrina Mack: Send medical personnel out here now!!!

Sam uses what might be all the energy she has left to put an arm over Lara’s body.

Katrina Mack: How the hell is she not paralyzed???

Referee Regina Ball comes running out and slides into the ring.




Ray Hudson: WHAT?!!! How in the hell???!!!

Despite the fall and impact, Sam lays on her back with her eyes wide open, shocked at the fact that Lara was able to kick out.

Katrina Mack: My stomach is hurting!

Sam very slowly rolls out of the ring onto her feet, supporting her standing position by holding onto the ring apron.

Katrina Mack: How is this match not over? How are these women still alive?

Sam lifts up the ring apron.

Katrina Mack: I can’t even…

Ray Hudson: The Titaness is literally looking for something else, under the ring….

Sam reaches under the ring and pulls out her sledgehammer, as the fans go nuts again.

Ray Hudson: She’s got her sledgehammer, folks…

Katrina Mack: Good thing we got Lara Bratton to sign a contract..

Sam stands on the outside for a moment, still trying to get herself together.

Ray Hudson: But you don’t want to see anyone go through this pain that these women are enduring..

Sam slides into the ring as fans get to their feet again.

Katrina Mack: This is what they love…

Sam yells at Lara, informing her she fucked with the wrong bitch, before she starts slamming the sledgehammer down onto Lara, similar to the closing moments of our very first championship match, before Candi won.

Ray Hudson: Shades of the ending to the Mile High Wrestling Championship Triple Threat Match, a few weeks back.

Sam throws the sledgehammer down, as Lara starts coughing up blood.

Katrina Mack: We need medical help, for real..

Sam shakes her head, gets Lara to her feet, and finishes her off with the Wrath of the Titans.

Ray Hudson: This has gotta be it, folks…

Sam goes for the pin.

Katrina Mack: I hope so…





Katrina Mack: Thank God…

The referee has called for the bell, and Sam just rolls over to her back. “You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies begins playing throughout the arena.

Byron Brown: And the winner of this match… Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton!!!

Both ladies lay on the mat, as medical personnel is indeed at ringside, with a stretcher.

Ray Hudson: This was a brutal one…

Lara is still coughing up blood, as medical personnel slides in the stretcher board.

Katrina Mack: I picked the wrong match to guest commentate on.

Ray Hudson: Nonetheless, it was an honor to have you out here, Mrs. Mack. Thank you for filling in. We’re gonna take another commercial break, and we’ll be back with more action.

We fade to a commercial break.

We are back from commercials and “Next Generation” Luke Corvo approaches Robert Mack, backstage.

“Next Generation” Luke Corvo: This place is a joke! It’s obvious to me that everything is rigged to better fit your friends.

Robert Mack: My friends? Man, I got love for all you guys. Would you like to go talk in the office, buddy?

“Next Generation” Luke Corvo: No! I quit!

Ray Hudson: Wow…

Corvo storms away from Robert, who watches on with his eyebrow raised.

Wavy Crockett: What a baby…

Robert shrugs, as the cameras return to the arena.

Emily Falls
Ginger Knox

Ray Hudson: Either way, welcome back Mile High fans to this eventful night. And welcome back to the table, Wavy…

Wavy Crockett: Yeah, sorry about all that. I was tired of getting bullied. I had to handle mine’s….

“Friday” by Rebecca Black starts playing throughout the arena. Emily Falls steps out from behind the curtain, as the fans cheer. “The Prankster” Lara Bratton is currently being rolled out, to the back, on a stretcher.

Byron Brown: The following match is for one fall! Introducing first… weighing in at 120 pounds….. from Denver, Colorado……. Emily Falls!!!

Emily skips down the ramp, and skips around the ring for a bit. She rolls into the ring, and jumps around excited.

Ray Hudson: It’s good to have you back out here, regardless. That’s for sure!

The lights go out, with short flickers of dim light almost like faint lightening, as the opening instruments of “What’s Wrong” by pvris play.

Wavy Crockett: I really missed my girlfriend..

Ray Hudson: Does you wife watch this show?

As the vocals begin, Ginger Knox steps out from behind the curtain, as a single spotlight displays her. She stands there on the stage area for a moment. As the bridge begins, she begins walking down the ramp, slowly.

Byron Brown: And her opponent… weighing in at 175 pounds….. from New Orleans, Louisiana……. Ginger Knox!!!

As the chorus to the song begins, Ginger slides into the ring under the bottom rope, as the lights begin to flicker faster and brighter. She walks circles around the ring, pacing, until her music stops.


Referee Regina Ball has called for the bell. Emily takes a step forward just as quick as Ginger Knox drops down and rolls out of the ring.

Ray Hudson: Where the hell is she going?

Emily looks at Ginger with her eyebrow raised, as Ginger simply walks backwards up the ramp with a smile on her face.

Wavy Crockett: Baby, you got a match. Come back! You walk out again, they gon fire you!

Emily starts asking the referee what is going on, and he just starts counting Ginger out.

Ray Hudson: And she’s gonna get herself counted out, it looks like.




Wavy Crockett: My girl trippin…

Ginger waves ‘bye’ to Emily as she gets to the top of the ramp.

Ray Hudson: I don’t understand the logic in this. This woman walked out of her last match, and we haven’t even seen her since. I thought she was done, then. She comes back tonight, and she just walks out of another match…



Wavy Crockett: I was gonna get her to accompany me to the ring at The Rise, but she’s gonna get fired…

Emily looks very frustrated.

Ray Hudson: Emily Falls obviously not happy about this.




Ginger walks through the curtains and disappears.

Ray Hudson: This is absolutely crazy…




Ray Hudson: I’ve never seen anything like it…

Emily Falls shakes her head in shame.

Byron Brown: And the winner of this match, due to a countout… Emily Falls!!!

Emily looks up at the referee with confusion that turns into a big smile.

Ray Hudson: I think Emily Falls just realized she won.

Emily starts jumping around the ring as “Friday” by Rebecca Black begins playing again.

Ray Hudson: Not the way she may have liked to win, but a win is a win, indeed.

The cameras go backstage, where Robert Mack and Katrina Mack are shown standing in front of a TV, watching what all just happened.

Katrina Mack: So you said Luke quit. And now we gotta fire Ginger….

Robert Mack: Well, we don’t have to fire Ginger. We’ll just talk to her…

Katrina looks at Robert, appalled.

Katrina Mack: Talk to her about what?! She’s a fucking joke, Rob. If we’re going to be taken serious as a wrestling company, we gotta be serious. She’s got to go. You know damn well I didn’t even want her back in the first place.

Robert puts his hand on Katrina’s shoulder.

Robert Mack: Look, relax. And just trust me. Let’s talk to her and see where her head is at.

Katrina shakes her head in disgust.

Katrina Mack: So, what? You fucking her too? You know I told you I was willing to forgive you about what Sam told me last week, but now I’m starting to wonder.

Robert closes his eyes, trying to stay calm.

Katrina Mack: First, you fuck “you know who” at Mosh’s party. Then I find out you used to screw Sammie. Now you’re fucking Ginger Knox? The most retarded bitch on this planet.

Robert Mack: I’m n…

Katrina cuts Robert off and starts mocking Ginger Knox.

Katrina Mack: Ohhhhh, I’m so depressed. My ex left me for a woman with a brain. I need some time off. Please. I’m depressed.

Katrina rolls her eyes, and returns to normal.

Katrina Mack: Fuck that! Either you fire her, or I will. You got until next week!

Katrina storms away, as Robert watches her with disappointment. We fade into a commercial break.

Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Championship Tournament Round One Match
“The Master” Issac Combes

We are back from the break, and the lights in the arena go out as the sound effect of thunder echoes throughout the arena. The entrance way and ring are illuminated in a neon blue light. “Redneck Stomp” by Obituary then hits. Ripley walks out onto the stage wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, black wrestling tights, and black boots. He turns around showing off a large white skull on the back of his hoodie, he faces forward and stands on the top of the entrance way and looks around the arena as the crowd erupts in cheers, with some scattered boos, he then starts walking towards the ring as he does he lets out a large scream of “Let’s Go!”.

Byron Brown: The following contest is for one fall! And is a Round One Match in the Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Championship Tournament!!! Introducing first… weighing in at 240 pounds….. from Brooksville, Florida……. Ripley!!!

As Ripley makes his way down the aisle to the ring, he takes time to slap the hands of a few fans. Once he reaches the ring he stops and looks at it then quickly walks up the steel steps and enters the ring.

Ray Hudson: Welcome back!! And it’s now time for the second Round One Phoenix Tournament Match of the night!

In the ring Ripley paces around then climbs up in one of the corners of the ring to look out at all of the fans. He points to a few fans as the crowd continues to cheer. He then hops down unzipping his hoodie and tosses it to ringside walking to the center of the ring as his music fades out and the lights return to normal.

Ray Hudson: Both superstars in this match need this win.

The lights in the arena dim before the music starts, with blue flashes strobing to the guitar at the opening of the instrumental to “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold.

Byron Brown: And his opponent… weighing in at 386 pounds….. from Oakland, California……. The Master!!!

After the first deeper riff, Combes makes his way to the ring. The lights go back up as he enters and takes center ring.

Wavy Crockett: Issac really gotta win this one after what happened to him last week.


Referee Jack Glascock has called for the bell, as both men move towards each other in the center of the ring where Combes lands a stiff boot which doubles Ripley over.

Ray Hudson: And The Master is getting right to it!

Combes lands a stiff forearm across the back of Ripley which drives him down to one knee.

Wavy Crockett: Issac got his ass whooped by Candi last week.

Again, Combes lands a brutal forearm shot to the back of Ripley’s neck.

Ray Hudson: You should never mess with someone’s truck. Especially them white folk.

From one knee, Ripley lands a hard punch to the solar plexus which doubled Combes over.

Wavy Crockett: Especially Candi Bratton!

As Ripley stands, he stands Combes back up with a vicious European uppercut!

Ray Hudson: Ripley now fighting back.

Combes connects with a stiff right jab to the jaw and as soon as it lands, Ripley returns the blow with a jab of his own.

Wavy Crockett: A lot of punches being thrown!

Combes throws another punch, and this time when Combes punches and connects the crowd shouts: “NO!” When Ripley connects with another punch, the crowd screams: “YES!”

Ray Hudson: The crowd really into this match so far!

Harder and faster they punch at each other until they look like “Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots” and you can’t no longer distinguish the crowd’s “YES!” from their “NO!” It’s a frenzy of stiff right hands, and the crowd at a fevered pitch!

Ray Hudson: Both men holding their own.

Wavy Crockett: Well, I’d hope they weren’t holding each other’s, Ray.

Ray Hudson: You are disgusting…

Combes lands a right hand which staggers Ripley, and he follows it up with a boot to the gut.

Ray Hudson: Combes trying to take Ripley down here.

Combes backs Ripley into the ropes with a wristlock. With an Irish whip, Combes sends Ripley for a ride. As Ripley bounces back into the center of the ring, Combes goes for a big boot but Ripley ducks it and hits the ropes running. Ripley bounces off and knocks Combes flat, with an elbow smash!

Ray Hudson: Ripley coming back!!

Ripley lands a standing elbow drop and goes for the pin.


Combes shoves Ripley five feet off the mat and halfway across the ring with the kick out. The momentum causes Ripley to roll under the bottom rope and tumble down to the arena floor.

Wavy Crockett: The Master is a beast!! Where was this last week?

Combes rolls to the outside forcing referee Jack Glascock to start a ten count.



Ray Hudson: Get him back in the ring, Master!

Combes shoves Ripley into the guardrail at ringside and begins choking him with a boot.

Ray Hudson: This is uncalled for!!




Combes releases the hold, and pulls Ripley to his feet.

Ray Hudson: Now get him in the damn ring!


Combes easily scoops Ripley.


Struggling, Combes gorilla presses Ripley and drops him hard behind himself down onto the steel steps at ringside!

Wavy Crockett: I think he’s just trying to get Ripley counted out, Ray.



Combes slides back inside, incensed to realize he halted the referee’s count out, which begins a new one for Ripley.




Ray Hudson: Ripley still has a chance…

Ripley reaches out to the bottom rope from the top of the steel steps and pulls himself to the ring apron, where he rolls back inside.

Wavy Crockett: He’s back in…

Immediately, Combes pulls Ripley to his feet and again easily scoops Ripley. With a bodyslam motion, Combes entangles Ripley into the tree of woe!

Ray Hudson: Master staying on top though!

Combes backs up into the far corner, and with a running start goes for a baseball slide dropkick. At the last possible split second, Ripley lifts himself out of harm’s way with a hanging sit-up! Combes slides way too hard and crotches himself on the ring post!

Wavy Crockett: OUCH!!!

Ripley hops down then pulls Combes up to his feet. Combes is holding his junk with both hands and slightly bends forward as Ripley connects with a one handed bulldog. Rolling Combes onto his back, he covers him for a pinfall.




As both men move to their feet, Combes still holds his junk with one hand. With his free hand he rakes the eyes of Ripley.

Wavy Crockett: Issac might need to start wearing a cup every night.

Stiff left jab by Combes, and then another. As Ripley moves to return the blow, Combes lands a boot to the gut.

Ray Hudson: That might not be a bad idea, Wavy…

Combes grabs Ripley by the ear, hard! And still holding his junk with one hand, lands a vicious headbutt. Ripley goes down to one knee, but Combes pulls him back to his feet by the ear!

Ray Hudson: The Master giving Ripley a beating…

Combes gives Ripley another even deadlier headbutt! Ripley’s forehead is lacerated deeply and the blood flows freely! He drops down to two knees.

Wavy Crockett: Issac tryna be like my boy Forge…

Combes backs into the ropes and with a running start lands a huge Weight of the Crown to the prone Ripley.

Ray Hudson: Weight of the Crown!!

Combes drops down onto Ripley with a lateral press, without hooking a leg.




As soon as the ref’s hand slams the mat a third time, Ripley kicks out just a moment too late.

Ray Hudson: Was that a three count?


Ray Hudson: I guess that means it was!!

Byron Brown: And the winner of this match, advancing to Round Two of the Phoenix Championship Tournament… The Master!!!

Ripley stands, and tries to argue with the ref but he stumbles as he does, causing Glascock to throw up the dreaded “X” with both arms towards backstage calling for medics.

Ray Hudson: Let’s go ahead and send some help out here!

Still holding his junk with one hand and slightly grimacing while smiling, Isaac Combes’ other arm is raised in victory!

Wavy Crockett: Issac might need some help too….

Ray Hudson: We’ll be right back, folks, with our main event!!!

The cameras go backstage, where we see Forge walk over and pound on The Shieldmaidens’ locker room door. Soon Robi Jean Mitchell comes out and they walk off heading towards the ring.

Ray Hudson: What is this?

All of a sudden, a forklift comes into view as it carries a large box and the box is dropped in front of The Shieldmaidens’ locker room door and it’s revealed that Candi Bratton is driving the forklift.

Wavy Crockett: It’s Candi!!

Candi backs up the truck and then hops down and then walks over, ensuring that no one is coming out of that room. She turns and spies the Skrabz’ locker room.

Ray Hudson: Oh boy…

Candi heads towards his room, grabbing a chair on the way, and props the chair against the door under the latch and then grins. She dusts her hands off.

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton: Fucking dead meat.

Candi heads off towards the arena entrance,as we finally fade to our final commercial break.

Tag Team Match
“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton and Skrabz
Forge and Robi Jean Mitchell

We are back from commercials, as the roar of a motorcycle engine reverberates through the sound system while two spotlights situated on the stage glare straight ahead, in the otherwise-dark arena, like two giant headlights. As the grinding guitars and overpowering drums of Metallica’s “Hardwired” start up, a tall figure steps out onto the stage, little more than a living shadow between the bright lights. He strides out to the ramp, the lights going up at this point to show Trenton “Forge” Mitchell standing at the apex.

Byron Brown: The following contest is our main event of the evening, and is a Tag Team Match for one fall!!! Introducing first… weighing in at 253 pounds….. from Plant City, Florida……. Forge!!!

Slamming his taped right fist into his left palm, Forge pops his neck to one side, then the other, before heading down to the ring, the encroaching hands of the fans all but ignored.

Ray Hudson: It’s now time for our main event! And we don’t know if it’s going to be a Tag Match, or Handicap Match, at this point…

Pulling himself onto the apron via the middle rope, Forge turns to look out at the masses peppered with several swooning ladies, then steps fully into the ring. Ascending the turnbuckles, the tattooed powerhouse slides off his cut and holds it high in the air, gripped tightly in his fist… a show of pride toward his club. Dropping back down, he hands it to the attendant with a stern warning to take damn good care of it. Leaning back against the turnbuckles, the stoic biker awaits his wife’s entrance in silence.

Wavy Crockett: No matter that match type, Forge is gonna fuck someone up.

Ray Hudson: So you’re voting against your favorite wrestler?

Wavy Crockett: No…

The arena goes completely black and all you hear over the PA system is, “Oh, yo, yo!” then a small pause. On the tron appears the words: “Hell is empty and the Maidens are here.” Then the lyrics start.

“There’s just so much Goddamn weight on my shoulders; All I’m try’na do is live my mother fucking life. Supposed to be happy but I’m only getting colder. Wear a smile on my face but there’s a demon inside.”

This repeats once more. And as the drums start, the lights in the arena start flashing with the beat. At the :25 mark, the music stops for a few moments. The lights go black once more. And 5 seconds later, the music kicks up again and the lights come on.

“Oh, yo, yo. There’s a demon inside! Oh, yo, yo. Just like Jekyll and Hyde! Oh, yo, yo. There’s a demon inside! Oh, yo, yo. Just like Jekyll and Hyde!”

On the stage stands Robi Jean Mitchell. At the :50 mark there’s a few second pause then the music picks up again.

“There’s just so much goddamned weight on your shoulders; That you can’t just live your mother fucking life. The story’s getting old and my heart is getting colder. I just wanna be Jekyll; but I’m always fighting Hyde.”

Byron Brown: And his tag team partner… weighing in at 135 pounds….. from New Orleans, Louisiana……. RJ Mitchell!!!

This is when RJ starts down the ramp toward the ring.

“You’ve got rocks in your head, I can hear them rollin’ ‘round. You say that you’re above it, but you’re always fallin’ down. Is there a method to your madness, is it all about pride? Everyone I know, they’ve got a demon inside!”

As the last word is screamed out, RJ slides into the ring. Like a sultry dancer, she rises in the middle of the ring. And as she stands there posing, the music begins to slow.

“Oh, yo, yo. All I’m try’na do is live my mother fucking life. Oh, yo, yo. Wear a smile on my face; but there’s a demon inside. Oh, yo, yo. All I’m try’na do is live my mother fucking life. Oh, yo, yo. Wear a smile on my face; BUT THERE’S A DEMON INSIDE!!”

#Even with these chains you can’t stop me!

The hard rock screaming of In This Moment’s “Big Bad Wolf” blares over the loud system and into the area, as the graphic for “Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton comes on the screen.

#Once upon a time there was a nasty little piggy filled with pride and greed
#Once upon a time there was an evil little piggy, typical disease
#You see this little pig is slowly becoming by worst enemy
#You see this evil pig, she’s a blood, blood, blood sucking part of me

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton comes into the aisle from the back and pauses for a moment, as the fans begin to rain down a chorus of cheers. She offers them an uncaring smirk as she just shakes her head, her jet black hair lingering down around her shoulders. She wears very tight stretch pants and an oversized t-shirt that exclaims, “Old is the New Young” She has the Mile High Wrestling Championship across her shoulder.

Byron Brown: And now their opponents! First… weighing in at 250 pounds….. from Boville, Idaho……. “Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton!!!

#Pig, pig would you let me in?
#Pig, pig would you let me in?
#Pig, pig I’ve been everywhere that you’ve been
#Now I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to win
#Pig, pig would you let me in?
#Pig, pig would you let me in?
#Pig, pig, I’m already under your skin
#’Cause I’m the big bad wolf now let the games begin

As the music fades out, Candi Bratton snatches a microphone from ringside. The fans begin a “Candi! Candi!” chant. She glances from side to side, a little unsure of how to take this newfound popularity as she smirks and points to the ring.

Wavy Crockett: I’m so torn at this match, Ray….

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton: You cocksuckers have done fucked up!

The crowd gives an ‘oooo’.

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton: I already told management that I don’t need Jazzy Jeff here for this beatdown that I’m about to give you. And when I’m done, I don’t want to hear my fucking name come out of your mouth ever again. Especially you —

Candi points to RJ.

“Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton: You fucking little tart.

“Fucking little tart! Fucking little tart!” the fans start chanting.

Ray Hudson: Quite the chant…

Candi drops the championship belt on the floor and charges to the ring and slides underneath, ready to attack.

Wavy Crockett: She’s ready to go!

Ray Hudson: Why would she even wanna do this on her own?

Candi tells the ref to ring the bell, but the ref is saying they have to wait for Skrabz.

Ray Hudson: Maybe Skrabz escaped…

Tempa T’s “Next Hype” starts to play, the beat builds for ten seconds and then Skrabal Stanzas can be heard saying “Are you dizzy blud?”. The beat explodes and Tempa T immediately comes in with his lyrics.

“What kind of things that you have
When I find out don’t expect me to stop
I’ll come for the P’s that you stack
And come for all the food that you plot
Better hand over the bag
Your boys don’t wanna see you shot
If I kick down the door to your flat
Dun Know I’ll clear out your house on the spot”

No one comes out. Forge and RJ are shown in the ring, slightly laughing and shaking their heads.

Ray Hudson: It looks like he’s stuck in his room…

Candi tells the referee again to ring the bell, as Skrabz’ music fades away.


Senior Referee Michael Mack has called for the bell, and it looks like we’re starting with Candi and RJ.

Ray Hudson: Candi is really about to do this. And she looks very confident.

Wavy Crockett: Of coarse she is!

Candi starts yelling at RJ to tag in Forge, because she wants to pick on someone her own size.

Wavy Crockett: Candi is really bout that life!

Ray Hudson: She’s basically calling RJ a little girl…

RJ looks back at Forge with a smirk, as they both shake their heads at Candi.

Ray Hudson: Robi is unbothered.

Candi steps up, and RJ meets her. Out of nowhere, Candi throws a thumb to RJ’s throat.

Wavy Crockett: Straight gangsta shit!

Candi runs at Forge and knocks him off of the ring apron.

Ray Hudson: Candi came prepared!

Candi turns back to RJ, who is still holding her throat, coughing. Candi approaches her, and out of nowhere RJ hits her with a spinning heel kick, causing Candi to stumble back into to a corner.

Ray Hudson: Robi Jean fighting back!

RJ takes a few steps back before running toward Candi with a missile dropkick.

Ray Hudson: Missile dropkick in the corner!

Candi falls flat on her face, and RJ quickly sits on her back, grabbing her hair, and wailing into the back of her skull with rights.

Ray Hudson: Robi is giving Candi a beatdown here…

The referee pulls RJ off of her. RJ pushes the referee. Michael Mack reminds her he is an official.

Ray Hudson: Well, you can’t be doing that now…

RJ stomps down on the back of Candi’s head.

Wavy Crockett: Get up, Candi!

Forge is back on the apron, frustrated. He asks for the tag in.

Wavy Crockett: My dude wants in the match!

RJ gladly tags her husband in, as he gets into the ring and starts cracking his knuckles.

Wavy Crockett: This my dream match right here, Ray!!

Candi rolls over to her back, holding her head.

Ray Hudson: Candi is in a bad place right now…

Forge goes to get her up and Candi throws a punch right into the downstairs area.

Wavy Crockett: Aw damn!!

Forge has fallen to his knees, trying to breathe as calmly as possible.

Ray Hudson: That is never a good feeling…

Candi gets to her feet, grabs the back of Forge’s head, and forces her knee into his skull.

Wavy Crockett: I knew this shit was gon get brutal!

Candi throws another knee to Forge’s skull, still holding onto the back of his head.

Ray Hudson: Knees to the skull of Forge!!

Candi throws a third knee, this time letting Forge go as he falls to the mat.

Ray Hudson: Candi really holding her own in this match!

Wavy Crockett: She’s a badass!

Candi takes a moment to shake back, as you can tell her head is still ringing.

Ray Hudson: I can’t deny that…

Forge starts to get to his feet, and Candi helps him the rest of the way, setting him up for a belly to belly suplex.

Ray Hudson: Candi attempting a belly to belly suplex on Forge…

Candi can’t seem to lift Forge off his feet, and Forge just gives her a belly to belly suplex of his own.

Wavy Crockett: But instead, Forge gives her the belly to belly suplex!!

Candi slowly crawls to the corner of the ring, trying to pull herself up.

Ray Hudson: Forge back in control.

Forge walks after her, as he grabs her head and lunges his head into her mouth.

Wavy Crockett: That sounded like it hurt!

Forge tags back in RJ.

Ray Hudson: These two really work well as a team.

RJ walks around Candi’s body with an evil grin. We can now see that Candi’s mouth has been busted open.

Wavy Crockett: Forge never fails to bust someone open!

RJ sits on top of Candi and begins throwing rights and lefts into her face.

Ray Hudson: They are really beating down Candi now..

RJ looks down at her fists, seeing Candi’s blood on her knuckles. She wipes her knuckles off on Candi’s shirt before slapping Candi hard across the face.

Ray Hudson: That’s disgusting!

RJ tags back in Forge.

Wavy Crockett: They really tagging in and out.

Forge drags Candi to sitting position in the corner of the ring.

Ray Hudson: Putting a whooping on Candi.

Forge grabs the top ropes and begins stomping his boot into Candi’s face, making the blood flow even harder.

Wavy Crockett: He’s stomping a mudhole, and walking it dry!

The referee pulls Forge out of the corner, as Forge throws his hands up.

Ray Hudson: I still can’t believe Candi wanted to go at this alone.

Forge tags back in RJ.

Wavy Crockett: Yeah, she may be regretting it now…

RJ drags Candi out of the corner of the ring, to the middle.

Ray Hudson: They’re destroying Candi…

RJ hooks Candi into The Maiden’s Shield.

Ray Hudson: Maiden’s Shield!!!

The ref checks on Candi, who is cussing loudly as blood flows down the bottom of her face.

Wavy Crockett: She isn’t going to give up. Trust me.

All of a sudden, RJ is looking towards the titantron with her eyebrow raised. The camera turns to the stage area to show what RJ sees.

Ray Hudson: What’s going on now?

Robert Mack is shown backstage. He approaches Skrabz’ locker room door.

Wavy Crockett: What’s he gonna do?

The camera shows RJ and Forge looking at the titantron, disappointed.

Ray Hudson: I believe Forge and RJ have been having fun with Candi Bratton.

On the titantron, Robert Mack unjams the chair and opens Skrabz’ locker room door.

Ray Hudson: It looks like he’s free now…

Skrabz is sitting in a chair in front of the door, smoking a “cigar”.

Ray Hudson: Skrabz looks unbothered…

Skrabz stands up and steps out of his room, now noticing that Robert opened the door. He looks Robert up and down, and then walks away.

Ray Hudson: I think he’s coming to the ring, Wavy!!

RJ has released Candi from the submission, as she tags in Forge.

Wavy Crockett: Forge back in the match

Forge gets Candi to her feet and Irish whips her to the corner opposite of his and RJ’s.

Ray Hudson: Forge and RJ just gonna continue this assault, regardless of if Skrabz is coming or not.

The crowd erupts as the cameras turn to show Skrabz walking out onto the stage area.

Ray Hudson: And he’s here!!!

Forge laughs and begs Skrabz to come on down.

Wavy Crockett: And Forge gon fuck him up!

Skrabz walks down the ramp and stops in front of the ring. Forge continues to beg him to join the match.

Wavy Crockett: Don’t get in that ring, boy. You better go back to the back and smoke some more herb…

Skrabz hops up on the ring apron, and slaps Candi on the shoulder, tagging himself in, as he climbs into the ring.

Ray Hudson: Here we go!

Skrabz and Forge get nose to nose. Skrabz pushes Forge off of him with disgust, and Forge lunges his head forward, but right into a straight right from Skrabz.

Ray Hudson: Skrabz has been patiently waiting!!

Skrabz starts throwing rights and lefts into Forge, backing him to a corner.

Ray Hudson: Look at him go!!

Skrabz starts throwing body shots at Forge, as he’s in the corner.

Wavy Crockett: Until my dude busts his shit open again…

Forge pushes Skrabz away, and Skrabz just runs back at him with a knee to the gut.

Ray Hudson: Skrabz staying on top of him!

Skrabz takes a couple of steps back, as Forge stumbles forward and gets caught with a Mic Check!!!

Ray Hudson: Oh shit!! Mic check!!!

RJ comes running at Skrabz out of nowhere, only to be caught with a Mic Check, too!!!

Ray Hudson: Another Mic Check!!!

Wavy Crockett: Damn…

Skrabz rolls RJ out of the ring, with his foot, and then pins Forge.



Candi Bratton breaks up the pinfall!!!

Ray Hudson: What in the hell is she doing?!!

Skrabz looks up at Candi, pissed off. The referee forces Candi back to her corner, as Candi cusses at Skrabz about him being out here when she doesn’t need him.

Ray Hudson: This match could’ve been over!!

Wavy Crockett: Naw, Forge would’ve kicked out anyways.

Skrabz looks back down at Forge, grabs him by his hair, and uses his other hand to throw hard fists into Forge’s face.

Ray Hudson: Skrabz staying on top, regardless.

Skrabz, still gripping Forge’s hair, gets to his feet and throws his knee right into Forge’s nose.

Ray Hudson: Ooo, that look like it hurt!!!

Skrabz let’s Forge lay on the mat, and starts talking trash to The Martyr Machine.

Wavy Crockett: Don’t let the beast wake up, Skrabz!!

We can now see that Forge’s nose is actually bleeding.

Ray Hudson: Wow! A little retribution…

Skrabz starts getting Forge to his feet, and out of nowhere Forge pushes Skrabz away hard. Skrabz backs right into Candi slapping the back of his head, to tag herself back in.

Wavy Crockett: Let the best come back in!

As Candi gets in the ring, Skrabz drops her with a Mic Check!!!

Wavy Crockett: Man, what the fuck?!

Ray Hudson: Skrabz letting her know…

Skrabz rolls out of the ring and starts pacing outside, frustrated.

Wavy Crockett: That’s some baby ass shit!

Forge slowly moves towards Candi, getting her to standing position.

Wavy Crockett: He giving his opponents the win!

Skrabz jumps back on the apron and Forge turns his attention to him. They both talk trash to each other until Candi runs up behind Forge with a forearm smash, knocking Forge into Skrabz, who flies off the apron.

Ray Hudson: How the hell is she back up?!!!

Candi pushes Forge into the corner, and starts choking him.

Wavy Crockett: She truly is a beast!!!

The referee pulls Candi off of Forge, as she starts cussing Michael Mack out.

Ray Hudson: I don’t understand how she is up!!

Candi notices RJ back on the apron shaking off the effects of the Mic Check.

Ray Hudson: I am shocked!!! Absolutely shocked!!

Candi runs at RJ, who jumps up and kicks Candi right in the face from the apron.

Wavy Crockett: Candi, you should’ve stayed on Forge…

Candi stumbles around right into the Twisted Metal from Forge!!!

Ray Hudson: Twists Metal!!!

Forge goes for the pin.




Wavy Crockett: It’s over…

RJ jumps into the ring.


RJ helps her man up, and gives him a big hug.

Byron Brown: And the winners of this match… Forge and Robi Jean Mitchell!!!!!

RJ kisses her man passionately, as “Hardwired” by Metallica plays across the arena.

Ray Hudson: Forge and Robi Jean have just beat the main event of The Rise In Phoenix…

Forge and RJ celebrate in the ring a moment longer, before they get out of the ring and start heading up the ramp.

Wavy Crockett: I told y’all Forge was the man!! And RJ is the woman…

Skrabz is shown hanging on the ring apron looking into the ring at Candi, shaking his head.

Ray Hudson: Forge just pinned the Mile High Wrestling Champion, folks…

Wavy Crockett: She’s still my favorite, though…

Ray Hudson: What is in store for next week? We’ll see you then…

Episode six ends with Forge and RJ Mitchell standing on the stage area, with smiles on their faces.

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