Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Talking Stick Resort Arena
Phoenix, Arizona
Streaming LIVE only on The SE Network

The official opening video of Mile High Wrestling begins showing. “Colorado” by TECH N9NE starts playing for the first 27 seconds of the track, and then the hook is looped for a second time.

Colorado (Bonus Track)

Yeah, uh-huh, uh-oh, no, damn

An overview of Downtown Denver is shown during the night, with a baby blue and orange color scheme.

It-it-it-it-it-it that good Colora-

The screen flickers back and forth rapidly, between cuts of Downtown Denver and the Mile High Wrestling logo, concluding with the logo turning sideways and spinning off into the screen like a ninja star.

(-Do, do, do, do)
You know it’s that fire
I can’t get no higher

Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton is shown stepping over the top rope to enter the ring, followed by “Desert Rose” Anya and Azurine Vebbins double clotheslining RJ Mitchell out of the ring.

(Do, do, do, do)
I came to turn the night up
Now watch me as I light up

“The Party Boy” Chris Mosh is shown high fiving some fans, followed by all five members of The Shieldmaidens standing in the ring.

(-Do, do, do, do)
You know it’s that fire
I can’t get no higher

Forge is shown ramming his head into Deuce Holmes’ face, followed by Emily Falls performing a Moonsault.

(Do, do, do, do)
I came to turn the night up
Now watch me as I light up

Skrabz is shown delivering the Mic Check to Candi Bratton, followed by Candi Bratton raising the Mile High Wrestling Championship in the air, as the video fades away, and the cameras are in the almost empty arena, with very few fans just now trickling in. The instrumental to “Colorado” plays through the sound system, as the camera focuses in on Play-By-Play Announcer Ray Hudson, Co-General Manager Katrina Mack, Backstage Interviewer Meozha Zhanae, and King Kurt, standing behind a tall glass table in the middle of the arena seating area.

Ray Hudson: Welcome everyone to Episode Nine of Mile High Wrestling. And tonight is a special episode, as we will be counting down to our very first Pay-Per View event; The Rise In Phoenix. This is our first episode outside of Denver, as we are here live in Phoenix. I am here joined by one of our two amazing Co-General Managers; Katrina Mack…

Katrina Mack: Hola!

Ray Hudson: Also we are joined by one of our Backstage Interviewers; the lovely Meozha Zhanae…

Meozha Zhanae: Hello world!!

Ray Hudson: And interestingly enough, we are joined by the cousin of former Co-General Manager Angel Smith; King Kurt. You may remember him from our very first episode…

King Kurt: Wop wop!

Katrina Mack: I am so excited for tonight, guys! When my husband presented to me this idea for this wrestling company, I thought he was in way over his head. The card for tonight is just special. “Special” is literally the word for tonight.

Ray Hudson: Definitely tonight is the payoff of a lot of hard work. Obviously not just from Robert Mack, but even moreso from this amazing roster.

Meozha Zhanae: And a lot of outside talent competing tonight. Which really adds to the whole “special” atmosphere.

Katrina Mack: For sure. I can’t wait to see these matches go down. Every match on the card is something special, hands down.

Ray Hudson: And throughout this show we will surely talk about those matches.

Katrina Mack: So can we please talk about this Steel Cage Match tonight?

Meozha Zhanae: Two very attractive men looking to get ugly inside of a Steel Cage.

Ray Hudson: To think this match literally rose from a back and forth Twitter exchange that wasn’t even about either superstar. Forge simply put his nose in someone else’s business, and things grew from that.

King Kurt: That dude Forge straight be on that gangsta shit. Real life situations…

Katrina Mack: Right, and Ricky Stanton is not a man to back down. I’ve had the privilege of having many conversations with Ricky, and he just has an aura about him. He is a business man, but he knows how to throw them hands.

King Kurt: Straight gangsta.

Ray Hudson: Let’s go ahead and take a look back at the first night these two superstars shared a ring…

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
(Episode Four)

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: WELL NOW, WELCOME TO MILE HIGH WRESTLING! I know many of you are trying to figure out who I am. Well, I’m your network executive. I AM STANTON ENTERPRISES. That’s right. This promotion is streamed onto my network and I get a percentage. Now, some people don’t realize who I am so I thought it would be nice to come down, and introduce myself. FORGE…I KNOW YOU ARE BACK THERE. GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE….

Ray Hudson: The CEO of Stanton Enterprises is really out here calling out Forge…

Wavy Crockett: Death wish!

Moments later, “Hardwired” by Metallica hits and Forge walks out onto the stage to a reaction that’s almost wholly negative from the fans. They barely rate a glance out of him, though, as the big man’s eyes are on the ring, locked on Ricky inside of it. Forge powers down the ramp and up the steps, entering the ring and coming within a few inches of the “Pretty Boy” before stopping, glowering at him in silence.

Ray Hudson: No sense of self-preservation on this guy. He looks like he wants to crack the guy signing the checks right in the mouth! But… he wouldn’t do that, would he?

Wavy Crockett: Forge has no limits! He’s The Martyr Machine!!

Olivia is glaring daggers at Forge, who after a couple moments shoots a look her way. Scoffing at the woman seething next to Ricky, his attention is back on Stanton as “Hardwired” fades out. Taking a mic out of his back pocket, Forge opens things up.

Forge: There a reason you’re out here squawking at me when I’m preparing to delete a member of your roster, Stanton?

Ray Hudson: A reference to his Falls Count Anywhere Match with Deuce Holmes later tonight, for those of our fans just tuning in!

Wavy Crockett: Holmes is in for it!! Everyone getting fucked up tonight, by my man Forge!

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: Now before you go into your little tirade, as I said before, and now that I’m here it’s in your face. SHE IS MY WRESTLER. Did you think I was going to let you just come out your mouth about her? She has worked hard and is far from entitled.

Ricky holds Olivia back.

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: Your problem with me is well….I’m ENTITLED.

Ricky laughs.

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: You work for MHW, but I stream these shows. So in a roundabout way…..YOU WORK FOR MY BENEFIT. I didn’t come here to start anything but put you back in your place…..BOY.

The fans are buzzing.

“Pretty” Ricky Stanton: AND THAT BEGINS WITH RESPECTING THE PRETTIEST WRESTLER IN HISTORY. So what’s it gonna be??? You gonna act crazy or are you going to square up and shake my hand. Cause I am sorry how we started. But we can head down a different road.

Ricky holds out his hand, and Forge with an odd little half-smile on his face, stares at it. He looks past Stanton toward Olivia, who’s a big ball of smugness at this point, then back to the man in front of him.

Forge: Let’s see if I get this straight; I call the little girl here on what she is, an entitled brat…

Once again Ricky has to hold Olivia back.

Forge: …and you decided to fight her battle for her instead of her showing that she’s half of what she thinks she is by doing it herself. Then you start tossing around money and influence, expecting not only myself, but my people to just kneel like you’re some fuckin’ King… which you ain’t.

Taking another step, Forge puts himself almost nose to nose with Ricky, blatantly ignoring that extended hand.

Forge: Here’s the thing: what myself and the Shieldmaidens do? It’s in high demand. If we didn’t do it here, we’d do it somewhere else and get paid just as much. You ain’t wavin’ a big stick here, Ricky-Boy. Respect is earned. You ain’t earned mine, your little girl ain’t earned mine… hell, no one in this damn arena has yet. So draw that hand back, go back to your skybox with the bottles of Dom and thousand-dollar gold-covered chicken wings and watch what I do later tonight. I’m going to educate all of you about how you get respect… by snapping Deuce Holmes like a twig.

Ray Hudson: We’re at a fever pitch right now.

Ricky smiles as he looks down and looks up and smirks… AND THROWS A PUNCH!

Ray Hudson: Stanton takes a swing! And we’re off to the races!

The fist lands and Stanton backs Forge up with a couple more good licks before the big man from Plant City starts firing back with right hands of his own! Stanton and Forge trade several blows before the size and power of Forge lets him get in some unanswered shots! The carnage is not merely them alone however, as a screaming Olivia bounds off the second rope and lands on Forge’s back, trying to claw at his face.

Ray Hudson: This is nuts!!!

All of a sudden, Robi Mitchell comes running down to the ring to rip Olivia off of him. She does, and the two women brawl to the outside of the ring.

Ray Hudson: The ladies brawling too! That’s Forge’s wife right there!

Back on his feet, Ricky knocks Forge hard into the ropes with a high knee… and the Martyr Machine retorts with the Piston Kick! Grabbing a still-upright Stanton by the arm, Forge whips him hard into the ropes to set up for Twisted Steel but Ricky catches himself and rolls out of the ring before Forge can get hold of him, yelling at Olivia to bring her ass over to him!

Wavy Crockett: And the CEO is running! Like a track star!

RJ rolls into the ring, snarling and pointing a threatening glare at Olivia while Forge, looking energized from the brawl, draws a proverbial line on the canvas, daring Stanton to come back in.

Ray Hudson: Forge wants more!!

Stanton rubs his chin as he’s pulling on Olivia.

Ray Hudson: Stanton is NOT getting back in that ring! Olivia is NOT SIGNED!

Wavy Crockett: I hope she do sign. With my baby Ginger looking like she’s leaving, I need a new girlfriend…

Ray Hudson: But Forge took the point and match tonight! The Pretty Boy has had his fill!

Ricky is still talking smack as he heads backstage with Olivia. Forge, on the other hand, is looking around for a moment as strangely enough, there’s a couple cheers for him out in the crowd. He doesn’t acknowledge it though, leaving the ring and heading up the ramp with RJ at his side.

Ray Hudson: That was an epic opening to a Mile High Wrestling episode. Truly a transitional point for us as a company. Having the CEO of the network we stream on come onto our show to call out one of our best superstars…it was truly a big night.

Meozha Zhanae: And ohhh my Godd is Ricky Stanton so hot. I’m really looking forward to seeing him in wrestling tights tonight.

Katrina Mack: Girl, behave. Haha.

Ray Hudson: We haven’t seen these two men get their hands on each other since that night, but that makes it all the more anticipating to see tonight.

Katrina Mack: For sure. And inside a Steel Cage? It’s going to be SPECIAL.

Ray Hudson: We gotta go ahead and take a break. More matches to cover throughout the night, and of coarse some live in ring action before The Rise begins. We’ll be right back…

We are back from commercials and the cameras are outside of the arena, showing fans still in line to get inside the building.

Ray Hudson: Fans still waiting to get inside the Talking Stick Resort Arena.

Katrina Mack: Special…

The cameras return to the inside of the arena, focusing on our commentary team for this special episode.

Meozha Zhanae: What about those Shieldmaidens huh?

Katrina Mack: Those women have been dominating Mile High Wrestling. Making an impact every night.

Meozha Zhanae: And they are like half the card tonight. All four of the active members in action.

Ray Hudson: Indeed. We got Ophelia Blaque and Jackie Layton representing their team in a match that will crown our very first Mile High Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

Katrina Mack: And originally there was supposed to be an eight team elimination tournament, if you remember. Once The Shieldmaidens signed on, the wrestling tag teams of the world were shook. No one felt they stood a chance…

Meozha Zhanae: We just found out who would be facing The Shieldmaidens last week. And the two ladies already have a tag team name and everything.

Ray Hudson: The Rose Colored Lasses! “The Adorkable Angel” Azurine Vebbins and “Desert Rose” Anya will come together in attempt to get some gold around their waists.

Katrina Mack: And there’s already some history between the two teams, as The Shieldmaidens have made impacts on both superstars.

Ray Hudson: It’ll be a highly competitive match indeed. Then of coarse, Bullet advanced to the Final Round of the Mile High Wrestling Phoenix Tournament. So she will be facing Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton in a Ladder Match to crown the very first Phoenix Champion.

King Kurt: Them womens gon get hurt in that match.

Katrina Mack: Please! Both those women would hurt you, Kurt…

King Kurt: You trippin..

Ray Hudson: And then, as announced at the end of last week’s episode, “Universal Superstar” Anaquin Adams has challenged our very own Robi Jean Mitchell to what some are calling a Dream Match.

Katrina Mack: I want to see it! It’s going to be crazy!

Meozha Zhanae: A lot went down at the end of last week’s show. The fans were buzzing about it. Everyone was talking about it. Some even consider it the most edge of your seat ending to a Mile High Wrestling show.

Ray Hudson: The ratings definitely spiked. And it actually promoted every Shieldmaiden match that will take place tonight at The Rise In Phoenix. Let’s take a look at this crazy turn of events from last week…

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
(Episode Eight)

Azurine pulls Sam to her feet yet again, this time rolling her back into the ring.

Ray Hudson: Pinfalls and submissions can only take place in the ring.

As Azurine climbs on to the ring apron, the lights dim. On the stage tron The Shieldmaiden’s motto appears; “Hell is empty and the Maidens are here.” and the opening of Marilyn Manson’s “This Is The New Shit” starts ramming it’s way onto the soundsystem. The Shieldmaiden’s logo pops up on the entrance screen.

“Babble babble bitch bitch
Rebel rebel party party
Sex sex sex and don’t forget the violence
Blah blah blah got your lovey-dovey sad-and-lonely
Stick your stupid slogan in
Everybody sing along”

Ray Hudson: What the hell is going on here?!

Wavy Crockett: The Shieldmaidens bout to tear some shit up!

Shieldmaidens’ President, Robi Jean “RJ” Mitchell, steps out first. To her immediate right stands her VP, Alex “Bullet” Carbajal. To her left stands her Sgt-At-Arms, Ophelia “Widow” Blaque. Fellow group members, Jackie “Bandit” Layton and Fianna Donnelly, take their places on either end of their officers, the five women all staring dead at the ring.

“Are you motherfuckers ready
For the new shit?
Stand up and admit
Tomorrow’s never coming
This is the new shit
Stand up and admit”

As the chorus rages over the speakers, RJ leads her group to the ring. They surround the ring; Bandit and Bullet going around the right while Widow and Fianna go to the left.

Ray Hudson: Well, Bullet is going head to head with The Titaness in a Ladder Match next week. And Widow and Bandit are facing Azurine and Anya to crown the first ever Tag Champs, next week.

All five women climb onto the ring apron, around the ring. Azurine stands in the middle of the ring, ready to fight her heart out.

Wavy Crockett: Is that why you think they’re out here, Ray?

The Titaness gets to her feet, realizing what is going on. She starts cussing, as all five Shieldmaidens climb through the ropes, into the ring.

Ray Hudson: I don’t know, but shit is about to hit the fan!!!

Sam quickly runs at Widow and spears her to the mat. Bullet and Fianna quickly jump on Sam and start swinging on her.

Wavy Crockett: They on that gangbang shit, Ray!! You know they from that 504!!

Azurine runs at RJ, and Bandit jumps at Azurine before she can get to the Shieldmaiden President. Bandit brings Azurine to the ground and begins pounding on her.

Ray Hudson: They’re just ruining our main event tonight…

Widow is back up, and joins Bandit in beating on Azurine Vebbins.

Ray Hudson: It’s a five on two assault!!

The crowd erupts as “Desert Rose” Anya comes running out.

Wavy Crockett: Here comes the Desert Rose; Azurine Vebbins’ tag team partner next week.

Anya slides into the ring as Bandit and Bullet immediately start stomping away at her. Widow still beating on Azurine, Fianna still beating on Sam.

Ray Hudson: These women stay in control!

“Big Bad Wolf” by In This Moment starts playing over the sound system, as the fans get even louder.

Wavy Crockett: Oh shit! Here comes my favorite again!!

Candi Bratton comes storming down the ramp cussing, as she throws her championship belt down, and starts digging under the ring.

Wavy Crockett: Candi bout to fuck all y’all up!!

RJ slides out of the ring, as Candi swings a chair out from under the ring, right into RJ’s face.

Ray Hudson: DAMN!!!

Candi pulls the chair back, and catches RJ in the skull with a second chair shot, knocking RJ on her bottom.

Wavy Crockett: I told you! I told you!

All of a sudden, Emily Falls comes running down the ramp and right past Candi, as she slides straight into the ring. Candi looks on, interested.

Ray Hudson: Now it’s five women against five women!!!

Wavy Crockett: I hardly think Emily Falls is quite a woman, Ray…

Emily starts throwing rights and lefts at Bandit.

Ray Hudson: Well, look at her go, Wavy!!

Fianna comes running at Emily, as Emily hits her with the Emily Fall.

Wavy Crockett: Shit…

Candi is standing outside smiling and nodding, before she finally rolls into the ring.

Ray Hudson: Things have gotten interesting!!!

Widow and Bullet jump Emily at the same time, and start stomping away at her.

Wavy Crockett: The Shieldmaidens ganging up on Emily now!

Candi wacks Widow in the back with the steel chair, as Widow falls to her knees before falling to her face.

Wavy Crockett: Don’t fuck with the champ!

Just as Bullet is about to come after Candi, Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton spins her around and delivers the Wrath of the Titans to her PPV opponent.

Ray Hudson: Wrath of the Titans!!!

Candi, not here to choose sides, smashes the steel chair into Sam’s skull!!!

Ray Hudson: What the hell?! Wrong person, Candi!

Wavy Crockett: I think she did it on purpose, Ray…

Some boos can be heard from the crowd, as Candi raises an eyebrow, before RJ Mitchell attacks her from behind.

Ray Hudson: The Shieldmaiden President is back up!

RJ stomps away at Candi, until Anya and Azurine Vebbins double clothesline her out of the ring.

Ray Hudson: With the odds evened out, it’s becoming more chaotic!

RJ, Fianna, Widow, and Bandit are all on the outside together, slowly getting up, as the Desert Rose comes flying out of the ring at them with a suicide dive, taking them all back down!!!

Ray Hudson: Oh my God!!!

Emily Falls rolls out of the ring, struggling to bring Candi Bratton with her.

Wavy Crockett: This shit is crazy!

Azurine turns to look at The Titaness who is back on her feet.

Ray Hudson: This match is still going on, by the way.

Sam gets Bullet to her feet, and goes to Irish whip her out of the ring, but Bullet reverses it into Dios Es Una Bala!!!

Ray Hudson: Aw man!!!

Anya is back in the ring, and clotheslines Bullet over the top rope, flying out with her due to the momentum.

Wavy Crockett: Now it’s just Azurine and The Titaness in the ring, again.

Azurine looks all around her, shaking her head.

Ray Hudson: So much chaos here at ringside.

Sam is somehow slowly getting up already.

Wavy Crockett: It’s crazy!

Azurine gets Sam the rest of the way up, and performs The Pearly Gatekeeper!!!

Ray Hudson: Wait a minute!!

Azurine goes for the pin.

Wavy Crockett: No way…





Wavy Crockett: It’s over!!!

Before Azurine’s theme music can start playing, all five Shieldmaidens are back in the ring, stomping away at Da Damsel In Dat Dress.

Ray Hudson: Will the just leave?!

The fans are booing loudly.

Emily Falls: Excuse me! Helllooooo!!! Down here!!

The camera turns to show Emily Falls holding a mic.

Emily Falls: I got a challenge to make…

Suddenly, the lights go out as the arena is filled with green light, as the sounds of Muse’s “Thought Contagion” begin to play.

Ray Hudson: Well, Emily was about to say something…

The screen lights up with the logo for the “Universal Superstar” Anaquin Adams. The fans go nuts.

Ray Hudson: Wait a damn minute! Could it really be?!

The music plays for a short time before a figure finally steps through the curtain and Anaquin Adams begins to make her way down the aisle.

Ray Hudson: That’s “Universal Superstar” Anaquin Adams!!!

Anaquin is dressed in long leather pants, a black “Muse” t-shirt and wearing a helmet as her long green hair flows behind her. Her black boots take step after step until she reaches the ring and she takes a step at a time until she enters the ring, placing her hand on her head to hold her helmet in place.

Wavy Crockett: What is she doing on our show?

Anaquin grins as she walks to each side of the ring, raising her hand, as she finally is handed a microphone and the lights come on.

“Universal Superstar” Anaquin Adams: Hello, Mile High Wrestling!

The Shieldmaidens look on, confused.

“Universal Superstar” Anaquin Adams: For those who may not be familiar, my name is Anaquin Adams, Universal Superstar. Just so you are aware, that isn’t a self-imposed nickname that I have created but an occupation bestowed upon me by the gods. They have also just communicated with me a new Challenge of the Gods.

Anaquin smiles, looking directly into Robi Jean Mitchell’s eyes.

“Universal Superstar” Anaquin Adams: Robi Mitchell – You should feel blessed to have been chosen by the gods as one of the eleven stars that make up the constellation of Taurus. I understand that the Phoenix of Mile High Wrestling is rising next week, and I hereby challenge you for that event, as part of my Challenge of the Gods, to a match. One on one. You and the Universal Superstar, as the Phoenix rises. What do you say?

RJ points at Anaquin and looks at the other Maidens, mouthing, “Is she serious right now?”.

Ray Hudson: This would be huge…

The other Maidens shrug and kind of laugh mockingly at the Universal Superstar. Only to have RJ turn back to Anaquin and tilt her head slightly. Anaquin offers her hand to the Shieldmaiden.

Wavy Crockett: I don’t think it’s gonna happen like that…

Robi looks down at the offered hand and then back up to Anaquin, as Bullet hands her a mic.

Robi Jean Mitchell: Challenge Accepted.

Instead of shaking Anaquin’s hand, RJ rears back and headbutts her in the face.

Wavy Crockett: Oh shit!

Before the other Maidens could move in, she shook her head to stay them, as she simply steps out of the ring with the others in tow.

Ray Hudson: Well, at least they’re finally leaving.

A staggered Anaquin reaches up to touch her forehead where a bit of blood has started to flow and just grins. Anaquin picks a microphone back up.

“Universal Superstar” Anaquin Adams: May the god Eleos have mercy on your soul.

Muse’s “Thought Contagion” begins to play again, and Anaquin once again acknowledges the fans as everyone else just looks into the ring at the Universal Superstar, in confusion.

We are back from our break, and we see the arena is slowly filling up, as “Rise” by David Guetta featuring Skylar Grey plays throughout the arena; the official theme song for The Rise In Phoenix.

Ray Hudson: The Talking Stick Resort Arena is beginning to fill up for a huge event tonight.

The cameras focus back on the commentary team for this evening.

Meozha Zhanae: Let’s talk about your friend, Ray…

Ray Hudson: Wavy?

Meozha Zhanae: Yes. What’s up with that?

Katrina Mack: Yeah, because he has gotten himself into a wrestling match tonight.

Ray Hudson: Well, he’s seemed to piss quite a bit of people off. I guess Chris Mosh wants to fight about it.

Meozha Zhanae: And Katrina, you had to be there for the Contract Signing. That had to be interesting.

Katrina Mack: And it was….

Meozha Zhanae: Let’s take a look at that…

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
(Episode Seven)

The camera focuses in on a contract laying on a table surface.

Katrina Mack: You two want this match…

The camera pulls back to reveal Katrina Mack sitting at the end of the table.

Katrina Mack: All you gotta do is sign the contract, and it’s one hundred percent official.

The camera zooms out, revealing “The Party Boy” Chris Mosh and Wavy Crockett sitting at the table, across from each other.

Katrina Mack: Chris…

Mosh picks up a pen in front of him and pulls the contract towards himself, all while staring at Wavy with intensity.

Wavy Crockett: Don’t get slapped, boy…

Mosh pushes his seat back, quickly standing up. Katrina and Wavy both stand up, too.

Katrina Mack: Gentlemen gentlemen! Please!! Let’s be professional!!

Mosh and Wavy stare each other down, still standing.

Katrina Mack: If you want the match, you have to sign the contract, Chris…

Mosh stares at Wavy a few seconds longer, and then looks down at the contract before signing it.

Katrina Mack: There we go.

Mosh slides the contact closer to Wavy, both men still standing.

Katrina Mack: Now if you will, Wavy…

Wavy slightly laughs, before picking up the pen before him, and without hesitation signs the contract.

Wavy Crockett: Isn’t it something… a Pay-Per View called The Rise…you are gonna fall. I’m going to end your career. There will be no way of bouncing back, when you lose to the Color Commentator.

“The Party Boy” Chris Mosh: I’m going to do everyone a favor and shut you up for good.

Katrina looks on, nervously.

Wavy Crockett: That’s what you don’t get, Party Boy. My job is to talk shit. It’s no one’s fault but your own that you can’t handle someone not liking you. You gotta cry like a little bitch and ask for a match with a commentator, because in your mind that’s the only chance you have at getting a victory at a Pay-Per View event. But I got news for you; I’m gonna fuck you up.

Mosh quickly comes around the table, and Wavy meets him there.

Katrina Mack: Security!!! Security!!!

Both men start throwing punches, as security runs into the room and quickly pull them apart.

Katrina Mack: Save it for The Rise!

Security pulls the men out of the room, as Katrina slumps in her chair looking like she has a migraine.

Meozha Zhanae: Your boy is causing a lot of trouble.

Katrina Mack: And to be honest, it’s such a rough thing to deal with. Because his sole job is to talk trash on commentary, but boy….he offends so many people.

King Kurt: They all just sound real sensitive.

Ray Hudson: And for the most part, that’s exactly it. Too many sensitive people.

Meozha Zhanae: True. I remember when I got on Twitter and saw Anya was feeling creeped out about Wavy’s comments. Like why? He works for the same company as you. He’s not going to jeopardize his job. He’s only doing his job. He has a family to provide for.

King Kurt: True story.

Ray Hudson: Exactly. I sometimes feel for my round, man. He goes through the most. But the thing is, he can fight. So while he’s considered the underdog tonight, Chris Mosh better bring his A-Game.

Katrina Mack: It’s almost like Chris Mosh is fighting for a good bit of the locker room.

Meozha Zhanae: And it’s kind of silly when you think about it. You got The Shieldmaidens destroying everyone in their path, but some of the Mile High superstars are worried about Wavy Crockett.

King Kurt: They scared of The Shieldmaids.

Ray Hudson: Shieldmaidens. But yeah, I’ve noticed that too. No offense to The Titaness, but when Candi Bratton interferes in a match, Samantha will go nuts about it. Doesn’t even have to be her match. But The Shieldmaidens actually interfere in her match and she’s quiet….

Katrina Mack: She was even discussing joining The Shieldmaidens.

Ray Hudson: And that is so hypocritical. You hate Candi because she abuses the rules, but you’re willing to join the biggest gang of rulebreakers?

Meozha Zhanae: Even said she had respect for them.

Katrina Mack: Well nonetheless, Wavy Crockett will step into the ring tonight against “The Party Boy” Chris Mosh in what is sure to be an interesting contest.

Ray Hudson: We’re gonna take another break. Still to come, we got the Mile High debut of Rock N’ Roll God, and plus…. Emily Falls will be in action. Stay tuned…

We are back, and the Talking Stick Resort Arena is over halfway full now.

Ray Hudson: The Rise is getting closer, guys!!

The cameras focus back on the announce team.

Meozha Zhanae: Mile High Wrestling vs HcW

Katrina Mack: And this story goes way back. My husband used to wrestle for HcW. And I remember him being so happy with everything at first. Then it just all turned into him complaining and feeling like the company was being ran into the ground.

Ray Hudson: And of coarse while he was setting up the first Mile High Wrestling event, he made the decision to leave HcW.

Katrina Mack: Lance Mikes was never happy about that. And since then it seems to have been struggling to stay alive.

Ray Hudson: That Biff Franklin is probably the only reason HcW is still around.

Meozha Zhanae: But of coarse after weeks and weeks of speculation, Tyke Index finally announced he was coming to Mile High Wrestling.

Ray Hudson: And Tyke Index is the current HcW World Heavyweight Champion.

Katrina Mack: So my husband got him on the show, hoping to speed up the process of him signing a contract. He figured it would work by having him inside the Mile High atmosphere.

Ray Hudson: But unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse…

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
(Episode Seven)

Robert climbs into the ring and begins asking Byron Brown for a mic. On the outside of the ring, Byron hands Robert a mic, as the music fades.

Robert Mack: Welcome Denver to Mile High Wrestling!!!!

The fans cheer for that.

Robert Mack: Mile High Wrestling….

Robert smirks, and looks over to the front row.

Robert Mack: But tonight, the HcW General Manager Biff Franklin is in attendance.

Robert points over at Biff Franklin, as the camera focuses in on him enjoying the show in the front row.

Robert Mack: Thanks for being here tonight. You’re doing a great job fixing that place, sir. Too bad you weren’t around when I was there. I imagine we could’ve done big things…

Robert shrugs, then looks off towards the stage area.

Robert Mack: And tonight, we have the HcW World Heavyweight Champion Tyke Index in the building!!!

The fans start chanting, “Tyke Index!!!”

Robert Mack: That’s right! We’ve been waiting!! So without further adieu, let’s bring out my old friend Tyke right now!!!

An aura falls over the arena as the opening guitar line to “Box Full of Sharp Objects” by The Used blasts across the PA. Strobe lights shiver across the darklit ceiling and entrance way. Tyke Index can be seen in his full glory – black hoody over his head giving him the look of a stealth assasin.

Ray Hudson: This is really a surreal moment…

Tyke slowly walks down to the ring as the crowd goes crazy for the HcW World Heavyweight Champion. As he enters the ring he then leans back in the corner looking almost stoned and disullusioned.

Wavy Crockett: You know why they call him the King of Coke Mountain?

Ray Hudson: Yes.

Wavy Crockett: Because he does a lot of Coke, Ray.

Ray Hudson: I said “yes”….

As the music fades, Robert hands Tyke an extra mic.

Robert Mack: Motherfucking Tyke Index!!!

The fans erupt, as Robert and Tyke exchange smirks.

Tyke Index: I appreciate you, Rob. I’ve been keeping my eye on Mile High, and you’ve really been doing a good job.

Robert Mack: I appreciate THAT. And we go way back. We’ve had some very interesting times in HcW. It’s an honor to finally have you here…

Robert extends his hand, and Tyke shakes it.

Tyke Index: Yeah, we used to get lit all over the world. Good times, indeed.

Robert Mack: I miss those nights, bro. It’s too bad I had to leave. But at the same time… regrets..

Tyke halfway smiles and nods his head.

Robert Mack: We see what I’ve done since those days, but let’s talk about you. We see you got the belt…

Tyke Index: Yes! Of coarse I did..

Tyke looks down at his belt and smirks.

Tyke Index: I won the championship again, and I even retired the legendary Taurus. I’m on top of the world…

Robert nods and smiles.

Tyke Index: And you, you are doing real well with Mile High Wrestling. I see you slowly getting the attention of the wrestling world. You’re building a helluva brand here, Rob.

Robert mouths thank you to Tyke, as the fans start chanting “YES!”

Ray Hudson:. A lot of love for Mile High..

Robert Mack: Thank you…

Robert and Tyke look around the Magness Arena at the fans.

Tyke Index: But if I can be honest….

Tyke seems to look real serious, now.

Tyke Index: I was a little disappointed when you left, man.

Robert looks sorry.

Tyke Index: I mean….I used to stand up for you when you went head up with management. Your heart was HcW. Your passion was undeniable. And I used to tell them that, when it seemed like they didn’t really know it.

Tyke shakes his head.

Tyke Index: And then you just gave up. You and Sam…

Robert raises an eyebrow, still looking a little sorry.

Tyke Index: You just left me. You left HcW. When it needed you the most…

Slight boos are heard in the crowd.

Ray Hudson: Things getting a little uncomfortable…

Robert Mack: Well……to be fair, Tyke…….you were the man there. Even if I would’ve won the big one, at some point I was going to have to face you. And let’s face it…..I didn’t stand a chance.

Robert smiles at Tyke, trying to ease the mood.

Robert Mack: So if you were the man in HcW, and my passion needed a stage more fitting for my shine, I had to leave and take my own journey, Tyke.

Tyke just looks at Robert, with a blank expression.

Robert Mack: And now I’m making way more money than I was in HcW. I own my own company, Tyke.

Robert slightly laughs.

Robert Mack: And now you work for me….

Out of nowhere, HcW’s Lance Mikes slides into the ring and attacks Robert from behind.

Ray Hudson: Wait a damn minute!

Wavy Crockett: Oh damn!

Tyke looks on for a moment, as Lance gets on top of Robert and starts throwing rights into his face with impact.

Ray Hudson: Was this a set up??!!

Tyke Index starts asking Lance what he’s doing, but Lance ignores it and keeps pounding away at Robert’s face.

Wavy Crockett: They set us up! HcW set us up!

All four Mile High referees are out, and two of them start holding Tyke back, while two of them start pulling Lance off of Robert.

Ray Hudson: This is just bullshit!

All of a sudden the fans erupt, and Lance Mikes rolls out of the ring and takes off through the crowd, as the cameras show our new Co-General Manager Duece Holmes sliding into the ring, wondering what the hell is going on.

Wavy Crockett: There goes this goofball trying to save the day. If he wouldn’t have been tweeting about #QuagCup every second, he may have caught Lance Mikes before he even got out here!

Duece checks on Robert, as Tyke looks on in shock. Tyke looks over at Biff Franklin in the front row, and Biff is shaking his head in disappointment.

Ray Hudson: Do you think they were in on it, Wavy?

Duece turns to Tyke and looks at him disappointed. Tyke starts trying to convince him that he had nothing to do with that.

Wavy Crockett: I don’t know. Everything seems very fishy…

Duece is calling Tyke a liar and is in Tyke Index’s face now.

Ray Hudson: Uh oh!

The referees are holding the two men back from each other.

Ray Hudson: And then of coarse Robert Mack would show up five days later at HcW Hell, as Snakebite, and attack Lance Mikes.

Katrina Mack: And then last week on OUR show, my husband would verbally abuse both Lance Mikes and Tyke Index. And mostly HcW…

Ray Hudson: But Tyke Index would get a chance to really speak on the subject himself, a couple nights ago on HcW Hell…

Monday, June 9, 2018
(HcW Hell)

Tyke Index: Oh and you guys are still asking if I was in on what happened to Robert Mack? Here’s the thing with Mile High Wrestling – they NEED the attention, they are a dime a dozen fed who NEED a guy like Tyke Index to make them worth anything at all.

Tyke Index takes a break before speaking again as the crowd start a “Snakebite” chant.

Tyke Index: There you go again, flavors of the month. I am fucking sick of it, it’s one thing you guys turning to a guy who still works here but completely another that you choose to cheer for a compulsive lying no good piece of shit who abandoned ALL of you the moment he was sneaky and manipulative enough to open a new place up. See, I’ve watched the past two months as Robert Mack has tried to put HcW down. I couldn’t give a shit about HcW or the staff who work here anymore but the moment you brought my name into things? The moment you brought the name of Tyke Index into disrepute was the moment you signed a death sentence Rob…

Some boo and some cheer, Tyke looks deep into the camera lens with an intense stare.

Tyke Index: So, here is what is going to happen on Wednesday. I’ll give you EVERYTHING you need Rob. I’ll give it to you and more. You asked me to keep my shoes on? Rob, these size fifteen boots will be walking all over you at Rise In Pheonix. Then you’re right Rob, we will talk, we will talk about what retirement home you would rather be in after you can’t eat anything without a straw…

Crowd start another Snakebite chant.

Tyke Index: So on Wednesday, put your silly little face paint on and look in the mirror, I dare you. Try and convince yourself that you are a psycho, because the only regret I have had the past two weeks was that it wasn’t me kicking the shit out of you last week… Deuce Holmes?

Crowd boo Deuce Holmes name in HcW due to the fact he no showed an event he was scheduled to appear at.

Tyke Index: Irrelevant, but Deuce let me tell you something now – when you show up on Wednesday bring your dancing shoes, because you ain’t ever seen someone like me before. Not ever, ask your friend Rob abou…

Tyke is interrupted by “Always” from Saliva

Alan Carcia: Hold right up! That song can mean only one thing!

Christine Donahue: Lance Mikes is here and is on his way down to the ring!

Alan Carcia: Did someone say Defiance?

Lance Mikes makes his way down to the ring to a huge mixed response from the crowd, Lance soaks it in before entering the ring and going face to face with Tyke Index. Lance is handed a mic. He’s wearing a HcW t-shirt. He looks around and smiles at Tyke while shaking his head.

Lance Mikes: Tyke.. its time for us to show Mile High and the world who we are. Show them who HcW is and not to fuck with us.

Lance puts the mic down on the floor and takes off his t-shirt slowly. Underneath he has another top on. As he drops the HcW top you can now see the one he is wearing is a Defiance top!

Christine Donahue: Oh my. what is this?

Alan Carcia: You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen Defiance. They were the bad of the bads.

Lance picks up the mic.

Lance Mikes: It’s time Defiance show the world why we were are still are the most dominate team anywhere.

Lance takes a shirt that was hooked over his belt and throws it at Tyke.

Tyke takes the shirt and looks at it undecided. The crowd give a mixed reaction and as he places the Defiance shirt on and poses the crowd give a heel reaction to the best heel stable that ever existed in HcW.

Ray Hudson: Choice words by Tyke Index.

Katrina Mack: Silly words by both…

Meozha Zhanae: Nonetheless, this Tag Team Match can definitely end up getting out of hand tonight.

Ray Hudson: It’s personal. It’s deeper than Mile High Wrestling vs HcW. It’s four prideful men jumping at each other head first.

Katrina Mack: And speaking of in-ring action, it’s about that time. The Talking Stick Resort Arena is starting to really fill up. And we got a couple of matches before the Pay-Per View officially begins.

Ray Hudson: We’ll be right back, with that action…

Emily Falls
Araceli Martinez

“Friday” by Rebecca Black starts playing throughout the arena. Emily Falls jumps out from behind the curtain and skips down the ramp.

Byron Brown: The following contest is for one fall! Introducing first… weighing in at 120 pounds….. from Denver, Colorado……. Emily Falls!!!

Emily skips around the ring for a bit, before jumping inside getting ready for her opponent.

Ray Hudson: Welcome back to Mile High Wrestling, live tonight in Phoenix, Arizona!

“Alarm” by Namie Amuro starts playing throughout the arena, and “ARACELI” appears on the titantron; black background and white cursive font. As the beat kicks in, Araceli walks out onstage. She looks around at the crowd until the lyrics start.

Byron Brown: And her opponent… weighing in at 130 pounds….. from Denver, Colorado……. Araceli Martinez!!!

Araceli begins walking down the ramp. She stops at the bottom of the ramp when the beat stops. She walks toward the steps, as the music starts again. She climbs up the steps and into the ring putting the “I love you” hand sign into the air. She walks around the ring as the music fades out.

Katrina Mack: Araceli been missing since her loss to Anya, a few weeks back.


Meozha Zhanae: Interesting match between these two.

Referee Jack Glascock has called for the bell, and Araceli and Emily step to the middle of the ring.

Ray Hudson: Emily was actually about to challenge Robi Jean Mitchell to a match for the actual Rise of Phoenix card, and Anaquin Adams beat her to the punch.

Meozha Zhanae: Leaving poor Emily Falls in tears…

Out of nowhere, Araceli jumps up and connects with the Obsidian, sending Emily Falls crashing into the middle rope, and hanging there.

Katrina Mack: Hold on a minute…

Ray Hudson: Araceli just hit Emily Falls with one of her signature moves. Right off the jump!

Araceli looks at Emily hanging on the middle rope, before running to the other side of the ring, bouncing off the ropes and heading back to Emily where she hits Emily Falls with a beautiful 303!!!

Ray Hudson: Three oh three!!!

Katrina Mack: Wow…

Araceli quickly goes to the top rope, and waits for Emily to get back to her feet.

Meozha Zhanae: Araceli is not playing around tonight.

King Kurt: She got family to feed, my nigga.

Emily slowly gets back to her feet, and Araceli jumps off the top rope at Emily with her Chupacabra!!

Ray Hudson: Chupacabra!!! Chupacabra!!!

Araceli goes for the pin.

Katrina Mack: Emily just got finished quickly…

Meozha Zhanae: I am shocked…




Katrina Mack: Oh my goodness!!! She just kicked out!!!

Ray Hudson: Emily Falls has kicked out of the Chupacabra!!!

Araceli slams her fist on the ring mat in frustration.

Meozha Zhanae: The heart of Emily Falls…

Araceli gets to her feet, and brings Emily to her’s.

Katrina Mack: Araceli is smart in not wasting too much time.

Out of nowhere, Emily hits Araceli with the Emily Fall!!!

Meozha Zhanae: Whoa!!!

Ray Hudson: Emily Fall!!!

Emily goes for the pin.

Ray Hudson: Could this be it?!!!




Ray Hudson: Kickout!!!

Araceli gets back to her feet pretty quick for just being hit with the Emily Fall. Emily gets to her feet, too.

Meozha Zhanae: These women are trying to end this one quick!

Araceli goes for a quick clothesline, but Emily ducks and gives her a second Emily Fall!!

Ray Hudson: Another one!!! Another one!!!

Emily goes for the pin.

Katrina Mack: I think that’s it!




Katrina Mack: It is!

Ray Hudson: It is!!


Meozha Zhanae: Wow…

“Friday” by Rebecca Black plays throughout the arena, as Emily jumps up and down in joy.

Byron Brown: And the winner of this match… Emily Falls!!!

Emily runs around the inside of the ring with her arms in the air.

Ray Hudson: What a quick edge of your seat match!

Katrina Mack: Blink and you missed it…

Ray Hudson: We’re gonna go ahead and take a break. We’ll be right back with the Rock N’ Roll God in action!

Rock N’ Roll God
“The Lost Child” Solomon Cain

Ray Hudson: Welcome back to Episode Nine, and we got some more action for you, with two new superstars to Mile High Wrestling.

Katrina Mack: Two very interesting individuals indeed.

“Broken” by Pantera is playing throughout the arena as we have returned from commercial break. “The Lost Child” Solomon Cain is pacing in the ring, awaiting his opponent.

Meozha Zhanae: As you can see, “The Lost Child” Solomon Cain is already in the ring, awaiting his opponent. He came out during the break.

Ray Hudson: I was watching promos by this guy, this past week, and he is a very interesting dude, for sure.

The lights turn completely off, before red & blue lights flicker on as the “Sweet Child O’Mine” by Guns N’ Roses opening riff plays. The crowd has a mixed reaction. As the song continues, Rock N’ Roll God comes walking out. He has a smile on his face as he is playing his silver guitar.

Byron Brown: The following contest is for one fall!!! In the ring already… weighing in at 255 pounds….. from Cleveland, Ohio……. “The Lost Child” Solomon Cain!!!

Katrina Mack: Now this guy has some star power behind him.

Ray Hudson: And Solomon doesn’t?

Katrina Mack: I’m not saying that at all. Both these superstars are great additions to Mile High. But Rock N’ Roll God is on his way to the ring, and I’m speaking about him now.

God makes his way down to the ring and he lets the fans touch him as he passes them.

Byron Brown: And his opponent… weighing in at 235 pounds….. from West Hollywood, California……. “The One and Only” Rock N’ Roll God!!!

God slides the guitar under the bottom rope and rolls in. He hands off the guitar, and he stands in the ring, awaiting the start of the match.


Ray Hudson: The match is underway!

Referee Regina Ball has called for the bell, and Rock N’ Roll God looks ready to go. Solomon Cain just stares at God.

Katrina Mack: As I was saying, Rock N’ Roll God has that superstar shine to him. He has already showed the world he is here to make an impact, before the bell went off.

God seems to be feeling real good, as he looks around the arena at the fans in attendance.

King Kurt: He looks like a fucking fruitcake to me.

Meozha Zhanae: You probably just have the munchies, Kurt. I can smell the weed all over you…

God begins walking towards Cain, talking some smack with a smile on his face.

King Kurt: Shit, I’m just saying that nigga look way too fucking happy. You come in the hood with that bullshit, you gon have a hundred holes in your body. Realest shit I ever said…

As God gets in front of Cain, Cain hits him with a jumping knee strike to the chin.

Ray Hudson: And Cain welcomes Rock N’ Roll God to his hood!

Cain looks around the arena, as the fans in attendance seem impressed.

Katrina Mack: Fans still filing in, but the arena is definitely filling up.

As God gets back to his feet, Cain gives him an exploder suplex, putting him right back down.

Ray Hudson: Exploder suplex to the God!!

God rolls out of the ring onto his feet, holding his back.

Meozha Zhanae: Rock N’ Roll God to the outside of the ring, realizing what he’s in the ring with.

When he gets it together, God points at Cain in the ring, nodding his head with a small laugh.

Ray Hudson: I think he’s indeed realizing the power of Solomon Cain.

God rolls back into the ring, ready to tear the roof down.

King Kurt: He need to man his ass up.

Meozha Zhanae: I like how you’re really getting into this match.

Cain comes running at God with a running knee strike, and God side steps out of the way.

Ray Hudson: Running knee strike!!

Katrina Mack: Nope!! Rock N’ Roll moves out of the way!

As soon as Cain turns around, God sets Cain up for an emerald fusion, but while on God’s shoulders, Cain pushes off landing on his feet behind God.

Ray Hudson: Now the fight is on!!

Cain grabs God and brings him up, and God uses the momentum to back flip over Cain’s shoulders, landing on his feet behind Cain.

Ray Hudson: Rock N’ Roll God is keeping up with The Lost Child here.

God rolls Cain up in a small package, from behind.

Ray Hudson: Wait a minute!

Meozha Zhanae: He’s got him rolled up!



Katrina Mack: Too soon…

God quickly gets back on top of Cain and starts unloading punches, trying to keep The Lost Child down.

Ray Hudson: I’m really impressed with Rock N’ Roll God’s quickness here.

King Kurt: He man’d up a little, already. Fo sho…

Cain throws God off of him, and both superstars get to their feet at the same time.

Katrina Mack: Solomon Cain showing he is a very powerful individual.

Cain charges God, and God gives him a dropkick that makes him stumble backwards, but he is able to stay on his feet.

Ray Hudson: Dropkick from Rock N’ Roll God that almost takes down the big man.

God charges Cain, clotheslining him into the corner.

Katrina Mack: Rock N’ Roll really is staying on top of Solomon

God begins unloading chops into Cain’s chest in the corner.

Meozha Zhanae: I just hope he doesn’t wear himself out.

Cain headbutts God, as God stumbles backwards and falls on his bottom.

Ray Hudson: Powerful headbutt to Rock N’ Roll God!!!

God gets back to his feet, trying to shake off the headbutt, as Cain runs at him with another running knee strike, this time connecting.

Ray Hudson: He connects with the running knee strike!!

God slowly gets back to his feet, and Cain puts him right back down with a vicious backbreaker.

Katrina Mack: Ouch! That looked like it really hurt…

Cain goes to the corner of the ring, and climbs to the top rope, as the fans stand up to see what the big guy is about to do.

King Kurt: He can fly?

Meozha Zhanae: It looks like he’s about to try…

Cain jumps off with the Death Wish, but God rolls out of the way just in time.

Ray Hudson: I believe he was going for his diving headbutt that he calls the Death Wish.

King Kurt: Well, he missed that shit, Ray…

God goes for the pin.




Ray Hudson: Not enough!

God wastes no time in hooking Cain into the STF.

Katrina Mack: Look at him go!

The ref checks on Cain, and Cain breaks out of the hold and starts elbowing God in the head.

Ray Hudson: But Solomon Cain quickly escapes!

God gets to his feet, holding his head, and then runs to the ropes as Cain gets to his feet. God bounces back with a Spear to Cain!!

Ray Hudson: Spear!!!

God gets to his feet and starts taunting Cain, making it seem like he is about to finish this match right here and now, as the fans get into it.

Katrina Mack: Rock N’ Roll God looks like he’s about to end this one.

As Cain gets to his feet, God sets Cain up for some Rock N’ Roll History, but Cain starts throwing elbows into the back of God’s head, until God steps back.

Ray Hudson: Rock N’ Roll History!!!

Meozha Zhanae: No sir! No history lessons today!

God steps forward and Cain hooks him into the Burnout, and connects!!

Ray Hudson: Burnout!!! Burnout!!!

Cain goes for the pin.

King Kurt: That’s a three, my nigga…




Ray Hudson: And it’s over!!


“Broken” by Pantera begins playing throughout the arena, as Cain raises one arm in the air.

Byron Brown: And the winner of this match… “The Lost Child” Solomon Cain!!!

Katrina Mack: Solomon Cain victorious in his debut match, tonight.

Cain celebrates in the ring in his own way, as the fans welcome the two new superstars to the company, with respect.

Ray Hudson: It’s almost showtime, folks!! We got just a little bit left of this show. We’ll be right back…

Out if nowhere, before we do go to break, Ripley comes out of nowhere with the Mark of Failure to Ripley!!

Ray Hudson: What the hell is this?!

Katrina Mack: What do you mean what is this? You know what this is…

Ripley looks down at Cain with disgust, as the fans go nuts.

Ray Hudson: Ripley getting revenge from last week!

All four referees are in the ring, trying to get Ripley out.

Meozha Zhanae: Well, Solomon Cain did a lot worse last week.

Ripley asks for a mic, and Byron Brown hands him one from the outside, while the refs try to get him out of the ring.

Ray Hudson: He’s got something to say…

Ripley hovers over Cain, and puts the mic to his own mouth.

Ripley: Next week……me and you………STREET FIGHT!!!!!

The fans cheer, loudly, as we finally fade to commercials.

Back from commercials, and the camera pans around the Talking Stick Resort Arena, showing all the wrestling fans awaiting the start of The Rise In Phoenix.

Ray Hudson: We are literally moments away from The Rise In Phoenix, live on Pay-Per View. If you haven’t ordered it yet, what are you waiting for?!

Katrina Mack: We will give you your money’s worth. Guaranteed.

King Kurt: Y’all did say y’all was paying me for this shit huh? Cause I need my money ASAP, so I can order this bitch.

Meozha Zhanae: And it’s going to be an eventful night! That’s for sure..

Ray Hudson: It will all conclude with the very first Mile High Wrestling Championship defense.

Katrina Mack: Yes. And Candi Bratton has held her belt for six weeks. This is the night she will truly be put to the test as champion. A one on one match with a man who has more wins than anyone else in Mile High Wrestling. A man who has never been pinned or submitted. Tonight, Candi Bratton will defend the gold against Skrabal Stanzas. AKA Skrabz…

The Main Event Match Promo video package begins with snippits from past promos, where Mile High Wrestling superstars gave their opinions on Candi Bratton.

May 24, 2018 at 5:00pmSam “The Titaness” Hamilton said:”Loser,” she mutters to herself. “Couldn’t even fucking win without resorting to cheating. Tch.”

Jun 21, 2018 at 1:33pmemilyfalls said:Emily Falls: I don’t know WHY you are the Mile High Wrestling champion, I mean, out of what I heard, old women are weak.
First of all, I need to be nice and give your grandkids all a ticket – that I payed for – and let them watch me make grandma’s mouth bleed.

May 29, 2018 at 2:31pmSam “The Titaness” Hamilton said:Her head shakes in annoyance.

“So, in the end, you have nothing to show. Nothing to back all of your bravado up. Me? I got tons of matches, some as recent as a few days ago. I don’t think I’m hot shit. I know I am. Your merchandise being the highest-selling doesn’t mean shit. Another way you’re like Trump – it just means there are enough idiots to support someone like you. You could – and will be – the highest selling superstar here. But at the end of every week, you will not be the best nor most strongest fighter. No, no. That goes to people who earn that ranking; individuals like me, Issac, Luke Corvo, and even Anya to name a few people here. She definitely has more actual potential and talent than you. And she certainly doesn’t need tot sink to low measures like you.”

Jul 3, 2018 at 7:50pm @robirjmitchell said:“Your old, Candi. Sure sure, somehow you have the top title in the company. I can promise you, it was a fluke. Someone was either high or drunk when they decided to put you in the running for Champ. I mean seriously? Rob, what the fuck were you thinking?”

Jun 5, 2018 at 7:14pmSam “The Titaness” Hamilton said:”Just like our President, you’re a fucking idiot, Candi. Why would I pussy out of this match, huh? It’s true I may not gain much more aside from a win here, but I have nothing to lose. Sure, you can’t lose your title until the first PPV but you’ve got a lot more to lose than me. Your pride may legit kill you if your heart doesn’t first. Why? Because you wouldn’t be able to handle a loss. I can tell you’re that kinda fighter.”
“Hate Me Now” by Nas featuring Puff Daddy begins playing, as the camera zooms into the Mile High Wrestling Championship title belt.

As soon as the words “Escobar season has returned…” are spoken, the song skips straight to the hook.

“You can hate me now.”

Candi Bratton attacking Anya after their Tag Team Match is shown, from Episode One.

“But I won’t stop now.”

Candi Bratton is shown launching a chair up at “Desert Rose” Anya as she comes down from the top rope, from Episode Two.

“Cause I can’t stop now.”

Candi Bratton is shown viciously beating The Master with a sledgehammer, from Episode Three.

“You can hate me now.”

Candi Bratton is shown celebrating with her Mile High Wrestling Championship, with her daughter, from Episode Three.

“But I won’t stop now.”

Candi Bratton locking Skrabz in his locker room with a steel chair is shown, from Episode Six.

“Cause I can’t stop now.”

Candi Bratton breaking up Skrabz’ pinfall in their Tag Team Match is shown, from Episode Six.

“You can hate me now.”

Candi Bratton missing Skrabz and flying into Forge with the championship belt is shown, from Episode Seven.

“You can hate me nooowww.”

Candi hitting RJ Mitchell with a steel chair is shown, from Episode Eight.

“Do it now. Do it now. Do it now.”

Every hateful tweet from Twitter that has been directed at Candi Bratton is shown at a rapid speed, all over the screen.

The music abruptly stops, and the screen goes black. You can hear Skrabz speak…

Jul 10, 2018 at 5:46pmSkrabz said:”I feel like this has taken for ever to get here though. I mean what’s it been? A couple a month? Nah fam, years it took me, years! Oh what ya think man jus’ stepped foot in a ring for the first time here? In Mile High? Nah! Ya needsta listen better coz man has said he been grinding for time, it jus’ only now be startin’ to pay off.”
“Hate Me Now” by Nas featuring Puff Daddy randomly cuts back on in the middle of the third verse, rapped by Nas.

“People fear what they don’t understand.”

The clip of Candi locking Skrabz in his locker room with the steel chair, from Episode Six, is shown again.

“Hate what they can’t conquer.”

The locker room door opened, with Skrabz sitting down in a chair smoking, from Episode Six, is shown.

“Guess it’s just the fury of man.”

Skrabz catching Anya into a Mic Check as she flies from the top rope, from Episode Eight, is shown.

“Became a monster, on top of the world, never fallin.”

Rapid clips of Skrabz’ delivering the Mic Check to opponents since Episode Two, to now, is shown.

“I’m as real as they come, from day one.”

Skrabz pinning “The Real Deal” Dillon Daniels on Episode Two is shown.

“Forever ballin’. C’mon!”

Skrabz holding Candi Bratton’s Championship belt is shown, as the words “C’mon!” echoes, and the screen fades to black for a moment.

The screen lights back up with a snippit from Episode Eight, with Candi Bratton and Skrabz in the ring.

Ray Hudson: I’m sure Skrabz is still hot about what Candi did last week…

In the ring, Candi Bratton raises her microphone to her mouth but Skrabz interrupts before she can speak.

Skrabz: Shush now, fam.

Skrabz smirks at Candi who looks him straight in the eyes and calls him a “mother fucker”.

Wavy Crockett: Oh no he didn’t!

Skrabz: You done said too much already and to be real witchu, ya potty mouth startin’ a make man feel sick… I ain’t talkin’ ’bout the words ya choose ta use though, fam. I jus’ mean you out here talkin’ a whole load a shit.

Some cheers can be heard from the crowd.

Skrabz: See you said all them tings but not a single one matter coz at no point did you mention man like Skrabz… You can’t keep over lookin’ man though, nah. The Rise in Phoenix is jus’ round the corner, the clock is countin’ down and the alarm is about to sound time up on ya lil’ title reign. So you besta wake the fuck up and snap out of your day dream coz man like Skrabz a be ya worst nightmare, on some Rambo on Elm Street type a shit.
Five seconds of the instrumental to “Hate Me Now” by Nas featuring Puff Daddy starts playing, as Candi and Skrabz are shown face to face from Episode Eight. As soon as five seconds has passed, the instrumental stops and the video ends with Candi Bratton saying the following, from yesterday:

Jul 10, 2018 at 2:37pm @candibratton said:“And so it will be. I hope you’re one hundred percent prepared because if you give me even one percent, I’m going to take it and I’m going to walk out of Phoenix still the Mile High Wrestling Champion. You see, I hear the rumors, the rumbling. I doubt anyone in that locker room gives me a chance in hell of retaining this championship. But those are the same motherfuckers who didn’t give me a chance in hell of winning this championship in the first place. They all counted me out from day one. So, I not only have to retain this championship, I am going to prove to every motherfucker out there that I deserve to be the Mile High Champion.“

Meozha Zhanae: The Rise In Phoenix is just seconds away!!

Katrina Mack: I am truly excited!!

King Kurt: This shit special, like my niggas say.

Katrina Mack: Go order The Rise now if you haven’t! Because it starts now…

“Rise” by David Guetta featuring Skylar Grey plays in the background as this episode fades to black.

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