Coal Miner’s Glove Match

Mariah Lopez © vs. Kitty Dark

for the Splat Multiuniversal Championship

The rules of the match are explained. The loaded coal miner’s glove is placed on the pole in the corner of the ring, nearly six feet higher than the corner post. The glove is the only weapon that can be used and the match cannot be stopped until the glove is retrieved from the pole. Falls count anywhere. No countouts. If the champion gets herself intentionally disqualified, the belt changes hands. 

As the bell ring, Lopez and Dark both eye the glove and run for the corner. Lopez gets there first and starts to climb the turnbuckle, but Dark pulls her down and tries to climb, but Lopez pulls her down. After a few tries to immediately retrieve the belt, Dark decides to get rid of Lopez and while she climbs up, Dark pushes her off the turnbuckle, sending her crashing down to the floor on the outside of the ring. Dark then tries to climb up, but Lopez is quick to her feet and she climbs up the ringpost on the outside and meets Dark on the turnbuckle. They exchange a couple of blows before Lopez grabs the back of Dark’s head and pulls her face-first into the pole. Dark falls back into the ring but also grabs Lopez by the gear, and they both crash into the ring.

They begin to wrestle, with some attempts to grab the glove but neither is worn down enough to allow the other the time needed to climb the pole. The fight spills outside where Dark is run into the ringpost and busted open. Lopez tries to climb from the outside up the ringpost but Dark powerbombs her on the ring apron.

The fight rolls back into the ring at the 25-minute mark and Kitty misses a corner charge, allowing time for Lopez to run to the corner and begin to climb up the pole. She gets her hands on the glove and starts to pull it off the pole when Dark climbs up behind her and grabs her around the waist from behind.  As Dark delivers a devastating belly-to-back suplex from the top turnbuckle, Lopez’s grip on the glove causes it to fly off the pole and land on the other side of the ring. With the glove in play, pinfalls will now count.

The referee checks on both wrestlers as they haven’t moved since coming off the turnbuckle, but then Dark rolls over onto her side and starts to get to her feet, but before she does, she spots the glove and starts to crawl towards it.  Lopez does get to her feet and she notices that Dark is crawling away, she goes to grab her, unaware that Dark has the glove in her possession. She grabs Dark from behind and lifts her up for a back suplex when Dark just nails her in the face with the loaded glove and Lopez falls to her back.  Dark floats over and covers but only gets a two-count.

The glove shot has busted open Mariah now and both competitors are bleeding. Dark pulls a limp Lopez to her feet and whips her into the ropes, preparing to nail her one more time with the glove, but Lopez leaps off the ropes with a cross-body block but only gets a two-count from the referee. 

Lopez is getting hyped up to get this match over as she gets to her feet. She levels up for her roundhouse kick as the crowd pops, watching Dark slowly getting to her feet, but as Lopez goes for the kick, Dark uses the glove to block and Lopez falls to the mat, clutching her ankle while Dark falls against the ropes as she tries to catch her breath. Lopez is in pain as she slowly gets to her feet and hops on one foot, but as she turns around, Dark levels her with a punch with that loaded glove right to the face and Lopez drops to the mat. Dark covers and gets the one, two, and three as the fans leap to their feet.

Winner and NEW Splat Multiuniversal Champion: Kitty Dark.

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