Multiuniversal Championship: Silver vs. Kash

NFW Trauma – 3/14/20
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“Long live the reckless and the brave
Don’t think I want to be saved
My song has not been sung
So long live us”

“The Reckless and the Brave” by All Time Low plays through the arena speakers. The fans erupt into cheers as Sierra Silver bounces out from the back. She stands at the top of the ramp and gazes out into the NFW crowd. She unsnaps the title belt around her waist and holds it high into the air.

Sierra skips down the ramp and slides her Multiuniversal championship into the ring. She jumps up onto the apron, wipes her feet to show respect, and jumps over the top rope. She motions to someone at ringside to give her a mic.

Sierra: What is up, NFDub??

Fans cheer for the cheap pop.

Sierra: For those who don’t know who I am, the name’s Sierra. Sierra Silver. Recently, I took part in and won Splat!’s Tournament of Mystery. In doing so, I won this bad boy!

Silver holds her title belt up high for the live crowd and viewing audience to see. Lots of ooo’s and ahh’s are heard.

Sierra: This pretty little thing is the Multiuniversal championship, and it is to be defended in all kinds of wrestling promotions, with this one being the very first! I signed on the dotted line and now it’s official. In a few weeks I will be putting MY Multiuniversal title on the line against-

The fans begin to boo loudly as Sierra is cut off by “Superficial” by Heidi Montag playing over the public address system.

“It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard
It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard”

Angel Kash walks out from backstage and locks eyes with the woman in the ring. She blows a mock kiss her way before strutting down to the ring to confront her. The two women get face to face. Sierra wears a face of determination while Kash just smirks arrogantly. She casually takes the mic from Silver’s hand…

Angel Kash: Now… much better, don’t you all agree? After all, you want to hear not from the soon to be former Multiversal champion. No, you want to hear from the Trillion Dollar Princess and soon to be Multiversal champion Angel Kash am I right?!

The fans greet this statement with loud boos, which causes Angel to put a hand on her hip and flip her hair as the Trillion Dollar Princess rolls her eyes in disgust.

Angel Kash: If you lowlife losers could just shut up while I am talking that would be great? Because no one pays to hear from you! They pay to hear me and to see me, thanks. Now… first thing’s first. Congrats on winning that title. I mean really, you won the entire tournament against many tough competitors impressive. I mean really give her a round of applause.

Angel gives a golf clap, as the fans cheer at Sierra’s accomplishments. Before her expression turns into a stink eye at the fans, then gives a bitchy look toward the Multiversal champion as she soon begins to speak in her normal tone.

Angel Kash: But here is the catch as someone who has been a champion all over the world. It is much harder to keep that belt in fact, your first title defense… well, it’s gonna be your last because unlike others I am not here for feel-good moments or positivity like my overgrown little girl of an opponent tonight. I will do whatever it takes to ensure the proper social order and it starts with taking what I want by force and that title well I want it so since I do I will be taking it off of you.

Sierra giggles. It soon turns into a full on laughing fit. She makes a dramatic showing of doubling over and holding her sides in laughter before abruptly standing straight and yanking the mic back from Kash.

Sierra: Hold up. You serious? Do you realize how many people have been saying that exact same thing to me since I won this title? Do you know how many people have told me I don’t belong since I started wrestling? It ain’t anything I haven’t heard before. You don’t think I deserve this, you think you’re going to take it from me without breaking a sweat.

You really think I don’t know this is going to be difficult for me? Difficult has been the word to define my entire career to this point and I’m still here! What makes you so sure you’ll be the straw to break the camel’s back? Because you have a lot of money? Here’s a newsflash, Princess, money ain’t gonna buy this belt. You’re gonna have to earn it. And I promise you it won’t be easy. Cause this overgrown little girl is going to make sure that the Multiuniversal championship is the one title you will NEVER win.

Sierra smirks and drops the mic in front of Angel. She holds her title up high as her music plays and Kash storms out of the ring in disgust.

NFW Trauma – 3/21/20
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Amy Connors: Ladies and gentlemen please help me welcome my guest. She is the Multiuniversal champion… Sierra Silver.

Sierra Silver bounces into the shot, a beaming smile on her face, her title belt wrapped around her waist.

Sierra: Hey hey!

Amy Connors: Sierra, first and foremost, you’re new here to New Frontier Wrestling. What are your thoughts so far?

Sierra: I gotta say, Amy, it’s exactly what I was expecting and more. The fans are incredible, the staff is helpful and, aside from Angel Kash, the boys and girls in the locker room have been very welcoming.

Amy Connors: Nice, nice. Speaking of Angel Kash, your first title defense is coming up in one short week on March 28th at March Mayhem. You’ll be going up against the Trillion Dollar Princess herself. Is there any pressure going into the match?

Sierra: Well there’s always pressure going into any match. Anyone who tells you different is a liar. The important thing is how you handle it. Angel ain’t no joke, I know this won’t be a cake walk. I just gotta stick to my training and give it everything I got and I think I’ll be just fine.

Amy Connors:
 One last question. NFW is definitely Angel Kash’s home turf. Do you feel there will be a sort of home-field advantage for her next saturday?

 Honestly? Nah. NFDub may be her stomping ground, but I know there will plenty of Sierra Silver fans in the crowd, as there always are. I know they’ll-

Amy Connors: LOOK OUT!

Sierra is hit from behind, sending her sprawling forward onto the ground, holding her head in pain. Angel Kash walks into the shot, smiling evily down at her opponent. She delivers a swift, stiff kick to Silver’s midsection, forcing a grunt from the champion. Angel chuckles. She lifts Sierra to her feet and tucks her head under her arm.

Angel: It’s mine!

Kash drops Silver with a DDT onto the concrete floor.

Angel stands up triumphantly, laughing as she does so. She pulls the Multiuniversal title free of Sierra’s waist and gazes at it lovingly. She looks into the camera and holds the belt high with one hand and blows a kiss into the camera with the other, a smug smile on her face as the shot fades out.

NFW Trauma PPV: March Mayhem
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Amy Connors: Ladies and gentlemen, Sierra Silver!

Sierra jumps into frame. Her wide smile ever present on her face.

Sierra: What is up, Amy!

Amy Connors: Sierra, you are mere moments away from putting your Multiuniversal title on the line against Angel Kash. Take us through how you’re feeling.

Sierra: I’m feelin’ good! I’ve had one hell of a week and now I’m ready to cut loose and kick some ass!

Amy Connors: Do you want to say anything before heading out there?

Sierra: Hells yeah!

Connors passes the mic off to Silver. Sierra unstraps the title around her waist and drapes it over her shoulder.

Sierra: NFDub! I’ll be real with you, this might be the last time you see me here for a bit. Sister Sin’s got a pretty busy schedule. I just wanted to say that I am eternally grateful for y’all for welcoming me into your homes and making me feel so welcome! I want you to know how much it means to perform in front of all of you wonderful peeps! See this?

Silver pats the belt.

Sierra: This isn’t mine. It’s ours. This championship represents all of the people who were told you’ll never be anything. For the people who have been shut down or turned away. You’re stronger than any roadblock in your way. Keep pushing and never look back. You got this! And, as for my opponent, Angel… I hope you’re ready, cause ya girl’s comin’ to rob you blind!

Thea Crawford: The following contest is set for one fall or to a 40 minute time limit and it is for the Splat Multiverse Championship. Splat rules state there are no count outs and the title will change hands on an intentional disqualification.

The fans begin to boo loudly as “Superficial” by Heidi Montag hits over the public address system

It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard
It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard

As the lights dim and flash gold all over the arena, a lone spotlight forms at the entrance ramp as out from the back first steps Nigel Harrigton who stands in his butler outfit and a stoic look on his face. As seconds later in arrogant and exaggerated fashion, Angel Kash herself walks out as the fans boo loudly.

Hoppin’ out the maserati
All I see is paparazzi
Snapping pictures for the
Front cover of a magazine
So I pose in everything I wear
Love to make the people stare
Always center of attention
Lookin’ so bootylicious

Thea Crawford: She resides in the Hamptons of New York, this is Angel Kash!

Angel blows an arrogant kiss to the fans before doing a series of arrogant poses at the top of the ramp. She then says something to Nigel Harrington as they first go ahead, before the arrogant rich blonde bombshell does an arrogant supermodel like strut down to the ring, taunting the fans as she walks by them, before rudely sticking out her hand, and flipping her hair arrogantly as she brushes past the fans, not letting them even come close to touching her. She makes her way up the ring steps with Nigel Harrigton, holding her hand from the outside, as she yells at the ref to lower the ropes for her which he does.As she enters and poses in the center of the ring as the fans boo loudly. After that, she lays on the top turnbuckle nonchalantly taunting the fans as Todd hands her a mirror and she admires her beauty. Before stepping down and telling Nigel something who goes and grabs a mic from a stagehand and wipes it off thoroughly before handing it to his boss. Angel, then scans the crowd as the fans are greeting her with loud boos. Which causes her to put her hand on her hip and roll her eyes in annoyance. As she begins to speak in her normal arrogant tone.

Angel Kash: Now, before I take the Splat Multiverse title from Sierra Silver, and put it where it belongs around my waist. I got a few things to get off my chest, and because I am so nice and caring I have given you the people of the honor of not only being the ones who watch this great moment but also hear my mission statement.

The fans boo loudly as Angel rolls her eyes and huffs in disgust. Before speaking into the microphone in a bitchy tone.

Angel Kash: Oh shut up no one wants to hear you, commoners. Consider yourselves even lucky to even have this honor to hear my mission statement. I know we have people here from Splat and this will be good for them to know what their soon to be champion and face of the brand is all about.

The boos grow louder as Angel blows a smug kiss out to the fans before laughing.

Angel Kash: As you’re soon to be Splat Multiverse champion and you’re Trillion Dollar Princess. It is my job to dispose of paper champions like Sierra Silver, her victory was a tough one, however, now you have a real challenger. A challenger that you can’t overcome, you understand that? Sierra this isn’t those mountains you had to climb in life. The argument you keep using on me is you worked for everything you’ve had whereas I didn’t have to work for anything. That is just the jealousy talking. You know you’re at the end of your rope here in NFW I am not the same girl whose team was beaten last month. I will sink to any depths and that attack was just a taste. See I am simply just smarter than you. You can cry cowardly all you want but I can care less about you or any of these morons think.

The fans once again boo loudly, which causes Angel to chuckle with a smirk before darning her attention back to the camera.

Angel Kash: So Sierra, Splat get ready because after it is all said and done you will all bow to the Trillion Dollar Princess. Now, lets get this on the road the sooner I win the belt the sooner I get out of this third cesspool of a city.

Angel drops the mic in disgust before blowing fake kisses to the fans. Who greets it with loud boos as she then mouths “I am the Queen of the Multiverse”, and blows her smuggest one even fluffing her hair a little bit, before leaning into her corner. She frowns as her opponent’s music hits.
Long live the reckless and the brave

Don’t think I want to be saved
My song has not been sung
So long live us

As All Time Low begins playing over the arena speakers, green and white lights begin strobing around the arena.

Sierra bounces out onto the stage to a loud ovation. Silver poses at the top of the stage, one hand pointed out into the crowd. She then waves her arms up and down in a motion to pump up the crowd

Sierra begins a fast paced stride towards the ring, interacting with the fans at ringside as she passes by. She hops up onto the ring, wipes her feet onto the apron to show respect, then jumps over the top rope to enter the ring.

Breaking out of a town called Suburbia
I remember everybody always saying
“Little brat, must be crazy, never make it
In our vicious little world”
Still I’m leaving

Thea Crawford: Making her way to the ring, from Des Moines, Iowa. She is the Champion of the Splat Multiverse! ‘Sister Sin’, Sierra Silver!

Silver jumps up on each turnbuckle and poses for the crowd, one finger pointed into the air. She jumps down and makes her way to her corner. She removes the belt from around her waist and hands it over to the referee who takes it and shows it to Angel Kash who insists that it will be hers before the night is over.

The referee walks to the center of the ring and raises the championship high in the air as the two competitors wait for the bell.

Christine Donahue: It’s the Splat Multiuniversal Championship on the line tonight. It’s Sierra Silver’s first title defense since she won the title at the Tournament of Mystery last month. I’m Christine Donahue and with me is none other than the esteemed Biff Franklin calling the action for this championship match.

Biff Franklin: You gonna let me get a word in here at some point?

Christine Donahue: Sure! Go right ahead.

Biff Franklin: As I was gonna say..

The bell rings.


Christine Donahue: And this match is underway.

Biff Franklin: You did that on purpose.

Christine Donahue: Angel Kash looks ready to go here. She’s been itching for this title opportunity since it was announced.

Biff Franklin: She’s already rung the champ’s bell, if you didn’t know.

The two competitors finally lock up after a bit of stalling on the part of Angel Kash. Kash is able to back Silver up against the ropes and the referee is in there calling for a break. Kash throws her arms up as she smiles brightly at Silver who returns the smile, but Kash just slaps her right across the face. Sierra holds her cheek then charges at Kash who ducks down and leaves the ring.

Biff Franklin: Kash trying to cause Silver to lose her cool here, which is a great tactic. And Kash can take her time getting back into the ring with the no count out rule.

Silver rolls out of the ring, and Kash begins to run and slides back in but Sierra is able to grab her boot and pull her back out of the ring. Sierra lays in a hard chop that causes Angel to step to the side. Sierra pushes her up against the ring post to lay in another chop, but Kash moves out of the way and Silver’s hand hits right up against the ring post.

Biff Franklin: Those ring posts do not like to be chopped and Sierra is feeling that right now.

Christine Donahue: And Angel Kash is not going to let this opportunity pass her up.

Angel grabs Sierra’s hand and slams it repeatedly into the steel ring post as the referee tries to get them to get back into the ring. Angel pulls Sierra’s arm under the turnbuckle and then takes a step back and just kicks it hard with the flat of her foot, smashing the hand against the turnbuckle as Sierra screams out in pain.

Christine Donahue: Angel Kash is proving to everyone why she deserved this title opportunity tonight.

Sierra clutches at her hand as she gingerly rolls into the ring and Angel slides in from the other side. Angel gets to her feet and walks over and grabs Sierra’s hand and places it on the mat and just jumps up and smashes it with her feet.

Biff Franklin: It’s been all Angel Kash since the bell rang here.

Sierra moves to the corner as Angel arrogantly motions to the crowd she’s going to be the new champ. Angel charges into the corner and just smashes up against Sierra, then clamps on a head lock, strikes a pose and comes out of the corner with a bulldog but instead, Sierra lifts her up and back, dropping her on her head with a giant back suplex.

Thea Crawford: 10 minutes have passed. 30 minutes remaining.

Christine Donahue: Sierra needed that move.

Angel holds the back of her head as Sierra uses one hand to drag herself away from Angel and then uses the ropes to pull herself up with one hand. Angel is getting to her feet when Sierra charges over and dropkicks her, sending her between the bottom and second rope and to the floor.

Biff Franklin: Angel Kash crashing hard on the outside. There ain’t nothing wrong with Sierra’s feet as she rebounds off the ropes and dives through the ropes, taking out Angel Kash on the outside.

Angel starts to get to her feet and Sierra charges over and dives between the ropes and takes out Angel on the outside. Sierra immediately screams out as she lands on her injured hand as the referee rushes out of the ring to check on her to make sure she can continue.

Christine Donahue: Splat rules are very specific that if the champion cannot continue in a match, the title will change hands.

Biff Franklin: Sierra doesn’t want to be the first Splat Champion and the first champion to lose via referee’s decision.

Sierra is telling the referee she wants to continue and the referee motions for her to get into the ring and she does, but only long enough to come back out and grab Kash and throw her into the ring and then rolls in after her. She whips Angel into the ropes, but Angel wraps her arms around the top rope to stop her from rebounding. Sierra charges in and leaps up onto Angel’s thighs for a monkey flip, but Angel holds her. She staggers forward two steps and then drops back with a hotshot, dropping Sierra’s throat across the top rope.

Biff Franklin: Damn. That hurt.

Angel gets to her feet and grabs a handful of Sierra’s hair and drags her to the corner and then climbs up to sit on the top turnbuckle and pulls up Sierra by her neck and hangs her there with a sleeperhold but the referee is right there count.





Angel releases the hold and Sierra collapses to the mat. Sierra tries to move away from Angel but she reaches down and looks out at the crowd and with a grin on her face, she tells the crowd that this is it and they’re about to get a new champ. She grabs an armbar into a triangle choke!

Christine Donahue: That’s the Liquidation! Sierra is in serious trouble here.

Thea Crawford: 20 minutes have elapsed. 20 minutes remaining.

Biff Franklin: Sierra’s face is turning red here as she desperately claws for the ropes. She’s fading right here! We’re gonna have a new champ.

As Sierra struggles, her movements are getting weaker and weaker. The referee moves in to check her arm. He picks it up. Releases it. It falls.

He picks it up again. Releases it. It falls.

He picks it up again. Releases it. It falls, but at the same time, Sierra’s foot drapes itself over the bottom rope and the referee calls for the break. Angel refuses to let it go as the referee counts.





Angel breaks the hold and then scolds the referee for not awarding her the match. She raises her hand and the referee grabs it and puts it down and she scowls at him. She points to Sierra demanding the referee checks to make sure she can continue and he does so. And as he does, Angel reaches into her tights.

Christine Donahue: What’s this? What does she have there?

Biff Franklin: You’re looking at the same monitor that I am… Oh. It’s a diamond necklace.

Angel wraps it around her first and then waits as Sierra makes her way to her feet and then just cold cocks her with it and Sierra drops like a rock to the mat. Angel quickly falls on Sierra, while trying to get the necklace back in her tights as the referee drops down to make the count.




Biff Franklin: Are you kidding me? That was the slowest count I’ve seen in my life.

Christine Donahue: There was nothing wrong with that count, Biff. Don’t try and start trouble where there’s none. Sierra Silver has the heart of a champion and just kicked out of that illegal tactic on the part of Angel Kash. It would have been a tragedy if she had won the title like that.

Angel Kash is beside herself as she looks at the referee and back to Sierra and then back to the referee as she gets to her knees and motions for a three count. Referee shakes his head and shows it was a two count. Angel reaches for Sierra who is now busted wide open from that shot with the necklace right on her forehead as blood begins to run down her face. Sierra reaches up and grabs the head of Angel and drops down for a jawbreaker.

Christine Donahue: The crowd is getting behind Sierra here, trying to will her to her feet. They most certainly do not like Angel Kash here in NFW.

Biff Franklin: Fan adoration is overrated.

Thea Crawford: 30 minutes have elapsed. 10 minutes remaining to time limit.

Sierra wipes the blood away from her face with her arm and starts to climb to the turnbuckle.

Christine Donahue: She might be going for the swanton! She won the tournament with this move!

Biff Franklin: What in the sam hell was that?!?

Sierra leaps off for the swanton but Angel Kash somehow catches her coming off with a Kash Flow codebreaker and these fans pop huge for that crazy ass move. But as Angel tries to reach for Sierra, she manages to roll outside and to the floor.

Christine Donahue: That was Angel Kash’s finisher but she has to have Sierra inside the ring to win this match.

Angel scrambles to the outside and wearily tries to pull Sierra up to her feet and then rolls her into the ring. Angel scrambles into the ring, and covers. The referee drops down to count…




Biff Franklin: Can you get any closer than that?

Thea Crawford: There are five minutes remaining. Five minutes.

Angel gets to her feet, showing frustration as she pulls up a bloody and beaten Sierra and out of nowhere Sierra just kicks her in the jaw and second time. She grabs Angel by the hand and nails her with an Eat Defeat. The crowd is chanting for Sierra as she staggers to her feet and goes to the top turnbuckle.

Thea Crawford: Three minutes remaining!

Christine Donahue: Swanton!

Sierra drops right on Angel Kash with a swanton bomb.

Biff Franklin: Cover!




The bell rings as the fans get to their feet.

Thea Crawford: The winner of the match and STILL Splat Multiuniversal Champion, Sierra Silver!!

As her music hits, she staggers to her feet and leans against the ropes as the referee hands her the belt and then goes to check on Kash. Sierra staggers to the center of the ring and holds up the belt.

Biff Franklin: Wait a second here!!

From behind, Angel Kusanagi slides into the ring and whallops Sierra in the back of the head with a chair, dropping her hard to the mat. The crowd begins to boo!

Christine Donahue: Angel Kusanagi knows she has a title shot coming at the Triad Challenge and she’s making a statement right here.

Biff Franklin: She was upset that she lost in that final to Sierra.

Angel pulls up Sierra and drops her with a Boseki Driver. The crowd continues to boo as Angel smirks as she gets to her feet. She walks over and picks up the championship and holds it up as she stands over a fallen Sierra Silver as referees enter the ring to try and get her out. Angel drops the title over Sierra as she exits the ring.

Christine Donahue: She’s not going to be able to nail her from behind at the Triad Challenge.

Biff Franklin: Provided Sierra is still champion when the Triad Challenge comes.

Christine Donahue: We want to thank New Frontier for allowing us to bring you this championship match. We will see you next month at Overpowered Wrestling as Sierra Silver will defend against Ryan Keegan and then in May for the Triad Challenge! Enjoy the rest of the PPV!