Recap of everything up to this point, including the kidnapping of Barbara Gordon by David Cain which ended episode three.

Cassandra rushes up the stairs of the clock tower and into the computer room. She searches each and every room of the place as panic begins to set in for her. 

She sits down at the computer but has no clue what to do so she just punches a few buttons, but nothing happens. It’s the first time in a very long time that she’s felt helpless. 

She starts to get up when she spots something out of the corner of her eye before realizing that it’s Barbara’s phone. She slowly reaches for it and the screen flickers to life. 

“Speak your name,” the phone tells her.

Cassandra blinks at it a couple of times. Finally, she says, “Orphan.”

The phone opens up. 

From her perspective, the icons are more meaningful to her than the symbols that are used as words that she can’t read. She spots the handset icon and pokes at it with her finger and the phone log comes up.

The names mean nothing to her since she cannot read the letters, so she pushes the one furthermost to the top. It happens to read “Dick.”

The phone starts ringing and after a few times, a man’s voice answers. “Barbara? What’s up?”

Cassandra isn’t sure what to say and the frustration is building up inside her.


Not knowing what else to do, Cassandra begins to yell into the phone, “Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now!”

“Who is this?”

“Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now!”

The phone hangs up.

Cassandra reaches up and palms her face before she sets the phone down on the desk and looks up at the computer.  After a few moments, she gets up, removes her backpack, and pulls out her costume.

Dick Grayson is mildly confused as he stares at his phone. “What was that all about…” and then something clicks. He realizes that wasn’t Barbara but more than likely Cassandra. 

He calls back immediately but no one answers. He makes one more call.

“Can you meet me at the clock tower? I don’t have time to explain.” He hangs up.  He walks over to his closet and opens it up. His wardrobe doesn’t seem abnormal at first glance. He reaches into the closet and flips a switch and the inside the closet begins to slowly spin around.  As his everyday clothing disappears, a dresser spins around and stops in front of him. 

He slides open the drawer and there’s a familiar suit there with the Bat symbol on it.  He shakes his head and closes it, then opens the next drawer where we see the familiar red, yellow, and green outfit of Robin. 

“That thing wouldn’t even fit me,” he shuts it and starts to open the next one, “Where is that…” as he opens the drawer he nods. “There you are.” He pulls out a blue and black suit and flips the switch again as the closet spins once more. He brings the Nightwing suit out into the light and blows on it, causing a cloud of dust to launch towards him as he coughs a few times. 

“I get the message,” he mutters under his breath as he tucks it under his arm and darts out the door.


Violet Paige had no clue why she was getting a call from Dick Grayson, but it sounded important so she hopped on her cycle and headed toward the clock tower. 

She had spent the last few days of training and was feeling much better about what happened to her. Granted, David Cain was a trained assassin but she should have been more careful. He lured her right in and she paid for it.


She wasn’t going to let him have another shot like that.

She leaned into a turn and zoomed around the corner and then weaved through traffic.

As she pulled up next to the clock tower, Dick Grayson had just arrived.


“What’s up,” she asks as she hops off her cycle.

Dick shakes his head, “I think I got a call from Cassandra. But it was on Barbara’s phone. That doesn’t happen. There has to be something…”


As the two buzz the doorbell, Cassandra is inside putting on her gear.  Hearing the buzzer, she rushes down to let them in. 

“What’s going on?” asks Dick. He notices Barbara’s wheelchair by the door. Cassandra looks like she’s trying to mime something, but sighs.  She grabs the wheelchair and drags it out onto the sidewalk and tips it over.  She then pretends to walk down the street to find it tipped over.


Violet looks at her, “You’re saying you came home and this wheelchair was lying like this on the sidewalk?”

Cassandra nods her head, “Yes.”

Dick now looks even more concerned, “Do you know where she is?”


Cassandra shakes her head, “No.”

Dick looks over at Violet and then back to Cassandra, “Do you know who took her?”

Cassandra can only shrug at that question.


Violet snaps her fingers, “Where’s that father of yours at? Any idea?”

Cassandra shakes her head again. 

Dick shakes his head, “If someone took her, it’s for a reason. If he’s trying to get your attention, then he should have left something behind otherwise that’s the point? Did you search the chair?”  


Cassandra shakes her head as Dick walks past and rights the chair again, running his hands along the side and the back.  His eyes light up as he pulls out an envelope that appears to have been taped to the back of the chair and opens it up.

“There’s an address.”

Violet walks over and takes the note, “You should probably let Cassandra and I handle this.”

Dick looks surprised, “Why would I do that?”

Violet shrugs, “We’re the only heroes here. She’s super combative and I have my suit.”

Dick looks almost offended, “I’ll have you know that I used to be Batman and Robin.”

Violet looks skeptical, “You were both? At the same time?”

Frustrated, Dick walks over and opens the trunk to his car. “Not at the same time. That’s insane. I also used to be Nightwing.”

Violet leans in to see the suit, “Is it a split personality thing? Or, just like to swap being a different superhero each time? Besides, when was the last time you trained?”

Cassandra interrupts and points to herself, “With me.”

“Well then, let’s do this,” she says as she hands him back the note. She taps Cassandra, “You ride with Wonder Boy over there.”

“That’s Boy Wonder and it was a very long time ago. I don’t use that moniker anymore.  Whatever!” he shrugs as he gets into the car and Cassandra hops into the passenger side.

Violet’s motorcycle zooms past as Dick starts up his sports car. He looks over at Cassandra, “Ready?”

She nods.

He punches the gas as his wheels squeal and the car zooms out onto the street. 

“I don’t know what foolishness you have put into my daughter’s head, but I assure you she is nothing more than a trained killer. She was born, bred, and trained to kill on cue. Once we have settled this situation to my satisfaction, we will release you and you can go about your business. Unless my daughter decides to murder you, which is an option.”

David Cain speaks as he paces back and forth, though his pacing isn’t that of nervousness but impatience. 

On the other hand, Barbara Gordon would probably have some sort of smart comeback, but being muted by a gag prevents that from happening. She is tied to her wheelchair as well.  She isn’t sure where she is and all she can see is that there is a light overhead that shines down on her and David Cain waltzing around in front of her.

“Why can’t we just kill the cripple, Father?” Marque asks as she can barely be seen on the outline of the light.

“Because the ‘cripple’ is going to be the bait we need to get your sister here so we can all go back to being one big happy assassin family.” 

A breeze flows through briefly, some paper skittering across the ground. 

David walks over and in between two boards and it’s then that we see that this is an unfinished construction site. As he gets closer, we hear the humming of a motor and we see a concrete truck, the barrel spinning around in circles.

He has prepared for this. He carefully steps around something and as we get an overhead shot, it’s a deep hole in the ground. 

He walks over and flips a button and the back of the truck lowers and concrete begins to spill from the back and fills the hole. 

Once the hole is filled, David shuts down the truck and he hears the sound of the motorcycle and sports car getting closer, a grin crosses his face. “Just in time.”  He motions towards his daughters as Willow and Marque walk past the truck to stand in front of it. Meanwhile, David Cain steps up behind Barbara and wheels her towards the concrete.

The motorcycle pulls in first, followed by the sports car and as they stop, Violet steps off her cycle and immediately suits up. Each side door of the sports car opens and Orphan and Nightwing exit the car. 

Mother Panic joins the duo and looks at Nightwing, “You barely squeezed yourself into that suit, hm?”

“Shut up.”

“I mean, don’t you have a butler or something who could have taken it out a few sizes?”

“I said shut up,” Nightwing points to David Cain, “You give her back!”

David Cain laughs, “You can have her back. All you have to do is get by us.”

Marque begins to swing her chain, while Willow prepares to fight. 

Meanwhile, David Cain rolls Barbara towards the concrete as her eyes get wide as he drops her onto the wet substance. Slowly, the chair begins to sink into the wet concrete. “Of course, you’ll have to get by us before she sinks to her death.”

Nightwing starts to go for David, but Orphan stops her. “Mine,” she simply says as she begins to walk briskly, then into a run as she heads towards her father.

Willow and Mother Panic engage, while Marque just grins at Nightwing.

“Why do I get the crazy one?” asks Nightwing as he rushes into battle only to get quickly trapped as Marque uses that chain to wrap around his ankle and pull him to the ground and then she takes off running, dragging the body of Nightwing behind her.

“If you’ll come with us, I’ll free your fri–” the words never finish as Orphan drives a fist right to the face of David Cain who staggers back a few steps and reaches up to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth. “I guess we do this the hard way.”

Orphan gives David the double bird. He smirks, “Cute.” He then charges in and the two begin to exchange blows, but each blow is blocked one by the other.

“How about you just give up now and let me save, Barbara?” asks Mother Panic as she goes around with Willow.

“How about you go fuck yourself?” responds Willow as she leaps in to take a swing at Panic, who blocks it, but Willow has other plans as she slips a knife with her free hand and tries to thrust it into the side of Mother Panic, but the suit holds steady and the blade cannot penetrate it.

“I’m afraid you’re going to have to do better than that,” says Mother Panic as she drives an elbow into the jaw causing Willow to stagger back several feet. 

Meanwhile, Nightwing is being dragged across the ground and as he passes a small tree, he reaches out and grabs it with both hands. Marque keeps running and as the chain becomes taut her feet fly up into the air and she crashes to the ground. 

We check in Barbara as she keeps trying to see how far into the concrete she’s sunk and sees that it’s near to her feet at this point. She tries screaming through her gag. 

Orphan ducks underneath a fist and makes a sprint for Barbara but David is right behind her. He grabs her and drives a knee right into her stomach, pushing the air out of her as she drops to her knees. He tries to punt her but she blocks the drives a fist right into his midsection, meanwhile, Barbara Gordon continues to sink into the wet concrete. 

Nightwing has gotten the chain from around his ankle and is to his feet and Marque charges at him and nails him with several fists and kicks that drive him backward.

“This may have been a mistake,” he mutters under his breath, realizing he wasn’t quite ready for this battle.

Marque takes another swing and instincts kick in for Nightwing as his arm shoots up and blocks the blow. A surprised look crosses the face of Marque, and it becomes even more surprised as Nightwing’s fist hits her square in the face and knocks her to the ground.

Marque lies on the ground for a moment and then begins to sob, “How could you hit a girl like that?!” she weeps loudly. 

Nightwing holds up his hands, “I didn’t mean to hit you that hard,” he says as he comes in closer to check on her when she suddenly grabs his arm and neck and clamps on tight, cutting off his air. 

“So stupid!” she squeals as she grips onto him with all her might.

Nightwing’s face starts to turn red as he slowly begins to sink to the ground, starting to lose consciousness. 

Willow has realized that the protective suit that Mother Panic wears will prevent her from using her knife effectively, so she tosses it to the side. She charges in and ducks underneath a punch from Panic and runs off.

“Oh no you don’t,” mutters Mother Panic as she gives chase to the fleeing assassin. 

David Cain and Orphan exchange blows, each one hitting the other but it seems as if David Cain’s strikes are far more effective as Cassandra seems to be slowing following each time she is hit. 

She begins to backtrack as if she’s feeling overwhelmed, but David continues to press her. “I taught you everything you know, little girl. There’s no way you’ll beat me,” he says confidently as he continues to press her back.

Marque continues to choke out Nightwing who seems to be passing out as his face has turned a bright red now. Marque continues to grin as she knows she has this one now. However, her face suddenly changes when Nightwing begins to lift her up and just swings her into the side of the cement truck, once, twice, and three times before she finally releases the choke. 

Nightwing falls back, gasping for air as he tries to get his bearings back. Marque has been knocked a little loopy. 

Over their shoulder, we see that Mother Panic and Willow have ended up on top of this unfinished structure made mostly of beams. They easily leap and run on the beams as they battle. Willow seems to be getting the upper hand on the hero. When suddenly, Panic leaps forward and spears Willow but they both fall off the ten-story structure.

Marque is slowly getting to her feet when behind her Nightwing rises and uses Marque’s chain and wraps it around her neck. Marque’s eyes go wide as she reaches for the chain that is firmly coiled around her neck and it isn’t long before she passes out, allowing Nightwing to cuff her.

Around the other side of the building, Mother Panic has cuffed Willow.  We flashback to the moment they fell from the top of the structure and plummeted towards the hard ground below. 

As the duo falls, Mother Panic allows herself to cushion the blow by letting her protective suit take the brunt of the fall.  As they fall, Willow rolls away from her by sheer momentum.

“Ouch,” mutters Mother Panic under her breath.

She gets up and staggers towards Willow who is slowly rising to her feet and Mother Panic just punches her in the side of the face and Willow slumps to the ground as Mother Panic produces some handcuffs and walks towards the assassin.

Orphan and David Cain are getting closer to the construction and soon Orphan’s back is up against the cement wall seemingly trapped. She looks tired as she reaches up to pull off her mask.

David Cain grins, “Time to come home where you belong.”  He goes for the final blow when suddenly everything goes in slow motion. 

As David tries to finish her off, glimmer flashes across Cassandra’s eyes, and a knowing grin crosses her face. Just before she’s struck, she slips to the side, and Cain’s fist is driven through the cinderblock wall, dust and debris flying everywhere as a surprised look crosses his face. Cassandra leaps up and over David and then as she flips forward, she uses her feet to drive David Cain’s face right into the wall.

As motion resumes a normal pace, David Cain slumps down as Cassandra produces a zip tie and secures his hands as well.  Cassandra looks to the side and sees Barbara has sunk about halfway down, the wet cement covering her lap and she’s screaming out loud through her gag. Cassandra hurries over and tries to pull Barbara out but it’s too difficult for her. 

Soon, Nightwing and Mother Panic are there.  Mother Panic uses her suit to cut through the ropes tying Barbara to her chair and as the chair continues to sink, they pull her free from it before it disappears.

Barbara reaches up and pulls the mask free. “Thank God,” she says as she lies on the ground.  

Nightwing scoops her up and the quartet head back towards the vehicles as the sounds of police cars get closer to the construction site.

With David Cain and his two daughters in custody for kidnapping and attempting to murder Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson was feeling better about himself. He needed that kick in the ass to get him off his and get him out there to help keep Gotham safe. 

However, deep down he knows that what Gotham doesn’t need is Nightwing. While the Nightwings, the Orphans, and the Mother Panics of Gotham help, Gotham has only really felt safe with one hero around.

He has folded up his Nightwing outfit as he walks into the closet and places it into the drawer, closing it firmly. He pulls open the top drawer and pulls out the black Batman outfit. 

We see a door opening to Dick’s room and soft footsteps entering. 

As Dick is looking at the Batman suit, a shadow covers his back, “I believe that belongs to me,” the deep male voice says as Dick quickly spins around and his eyes go wide.

It’s morning, not unlike the morning in the first episode of this series. Cassandra Cain is at the same bakery as before. The little old lady behind the glass counter has been super patient with her as Cassandra points out several donuts that are being placed into a bag. 

Suddenly a man storms into the shot, a ski mask over his head and a gun in hand, “Give me all your money or I swear I’m going to—”

He doesn’t get the word ‘shoot’ out of his mouth before Cassandra has already disarmed him and he lies against the wall, knocked out. The woman hands over the bag of donuts and when Cassandra tries to pay for them in wadded up cash, the lady just smiles, “No charge today, sweetie. Thank you for that,” she nods to the robber as the sound of a police siren is heard in the distance. 

Cassandra gives a polite bow as she takes the bag and heads out of the store just a police car pulls up to the sidewalk.

In the afternoon, Violet Paige is reading the paper. She folds it up and sets it on the table and we see the big social section headline, “PAIGE CAUSES ANOTHER DRUNK DISTURBANCE”. 

She smirks at it as she finishes her tea. “Have to keep up appearances, hm?”

Her smartwatch flashes. 

She notices an alert that a bank in her area is being robbed. She swipes on her watch and is immediately suited up as she steps up and hops on her cycle as the garage door opens and she zooms out and onto the street.

Back at the clock tower, Barbara is also going through her closet.  Cassandra is sitting on Barbara’s bed, eating a donut. The TV in the computer room is talking about Mother Panic’s heroic interception of bank robbers earlier in the day. 

“Here it is.”

Barbara sets something in her lap and wheels herself out of her closet and rolls over to the bed. She begins to lay out the costume on the bed. “It probably would need a little adjusting but this is the suit I used to wear as Batgirl. I think you’d make a great Batgirl.”

The outfit is laid out nice and neat as Cassandra turns to look at it. She immediately makes a face and shakes her head. 

“What’s wrong with it?”

Cassandra reaches up to hold her nose.

“It does not stink,” exclaims Barbara. 

Cassandra makes a face and shakes her head, pointing to herself, “Orphan.”

Barbara can’t seem to understand why Cassandra wouldn’t want to be Batgirl, “But, it’s Batgirl!”

Cassandra gets up and starts to walk out of the room, “No.”

Barbara wheels after her, “But why?”

David Cain, Marque, and Willow are handcuffed in the back of a police transport vehicle. David is sitting on one side and the other two are sitting across from him. They keep nudging each other as if there isn’t enough room on the seat when there is plenty.

“You two need to stop,” David Cain says sternly as he looks out the back window.

Suddenly, the van begins to jostle around a bit more than it had been as if it were no longer on a paved road. 

Willow looks over at her father, “What’s going on?”

David Cain looks over at her but doesn’t respond.

Soon the van comes to a stop. After a few moments, the back doors open and David Cain gets up and walks to the back and hops on the ground. The guard uncuffs him. 

“I suggest you get your ass out of Gotham,” says the guard as he looks into the back of the van where the two daughters are sitting.

“The plane leaves in five minutes. Are you coming?” asks David Cain as he also looks at the two.

Willow and Marque look at each other then scramble to get out of the van and they too are handcuffed.

“Are we going back to get sister?” asks Marque.

David Cain shakes his head, “She’s made her choice. She will have to live with the consequences.”

Willow looks confused, “What consequences?”

“You needn’t worry about that,” he responds as he begins to walk towards the waiting aircraft. “Come along.”

Orphan had gone out to patrol their neighborhood as Barbara sits at her computer. As she reached over to run a few queries, she realized her hands were shaking. The ordeal with David Cain had taken its toll on her, but she was determined to get through it. 

The buzzer sounded and Barbara saw it was Dick, so she buzzed him in. As she began typing on her keyboard, one of the screens caught her eye and she had to look a couple of times. 

Dick walked up and took a seat next to her, “You’ll never guess who I saw earlier?”


“Nah,” said Dick, “It was Bat– Wait! How did you know?” he asks as he leans forward.

She points to the monitor where the cloaked figure of Batman is, “Looks like he’s back from wherever the fuck he was.”

Orphan lands on a rooftop.

It looks like she’s about to leap to the next when a figure is seen. All we can see is his back, but it’s Batman.

“Cassandra Cain.”

She tilts her head at him as if she were a puppy. 

“Good job on taking down David Cain. I’ll be watching.”

With that, he shoots a grappling hook and disappears as Orphan watches him leave.

After a moment, she just shrugs and takes a running leap off the building as the scene cuts to credits.


Cassandra Cain/Orphan   NORIKO ITO
Barbara Gordon   SLOANE TAYLOR
Violet Paige/Mother Panic  ASHLEY MARIE CHASE
Dick Grayson/Nightwing  MARK CROSS
Marque  RISA

Sitting down in her lab, Violet Paige is entering a few new pieces of data into her computer. She suddenly stops as she seems to be stuck on a certain formula.

She leans over and pulls over her notebook. 

Suddenly there’s a flash of light that startles her as she looks around and slowly, from above her an envelope slowly floats down and lands right on top of her notes.

Violet watches the notebook for a long moment before slowly reaching for it.

On the front, it’s simply labeled “Mother Panic.”

She slowly breaks the seal and folds up the flap and reaches in and pulls out a slip of paper that’s been folded over just once.

She sets the envelope down and folds open the letter and reads. 

Dear Mother Panic,

      Your presence is requested to assist us in saving the world from peril. The information will be provided for you upon your arrival as it would be too risky to explain in a letter. There is no dress code. You do not need to bring snacks or gifts.”

While there is nothing at the bottom stating who sent the letter, the words “Yes” and “No” are printed with the words, “Please circle the one you choose. Will you help us save the world?

This entire thing has her very curious. The world is in danger? She reaches over and picks up a pen. Bringing it to the note, she touches it to the paper above the word “Yes” and slowly begins to draw a circle around the word.

As she draws the circle, she doesn’t notice the glowing circle that is being drawn underneath her desk. As soon as the circle is complete, the floor opens up underneath her and Violet Paige and her entire desk fall through the portal and as soon as she’s through, the portal closes completely. 


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