Location: CenturyLink Arena in Boise, Idaho
October 25, 2019

Paid Attendance: 2,512

The show opens with an announcement from Christian, as he announces that tonight there will be no managers allowed at ringside during matches. If any come to the ring, their client or protege will be immediately cost the match. This gets a pop from the crowd before the show begins.

Ceithre Brennan vs. Silvia Khan

Ceithre seemed more determined than ever as the match began, and really took the fight to Silvia. The newcomer’s striking offense did pose a problem or two for the “Wild Fox” in the early going. She scored a couple near falls, but in the end, Ceithre pulled through and caught Silvia with her flip piledriver for the win.

Winner: Ceithre Brennan by pinfall at 11:19

Max Ironside vs. Becca Raze

Max didn’t even make it to the ring before Becca attacked him from behind. She brought a chair with her, and drove it into his back repeatedly. The brawl went all around the ring, and never once made it inside despite the referee doing everything in his power to the contrary. Max started fighting back though, fighting fire with fire, as it were. The brawl spilled into the crowd. Raze threw a fan’s beer in his face to blind him as she tried to put the chair around his neck until security broke up the action. Raze was taken out of the arena before Max got his bearings, and had the crowd fully behind him as he said he was going to get his match with Becca one way or another.

No Contest

Morgan Reid vs. Jessica Jones

Morgan came out of the corner like a woman possessed as soon as the bell rang, and overwhelmed the blonde with a flurry of offense. For the first three or four minutes, she hammered Jones with a variety of punches and strikes. It wasn’t until a low blow out of the referee’s vision from Jones that she was able to get the upper hand. Then Jessica unleashed her high speed high impact offense. The took Morgan down more than once, scoring multiple near falls. But Morgan would continue to fight back. When Jones went for her reverse STO, Morgan bit into her face as a counter and pulled her into a small package for the win.

Winner: Morgan Reid by pinfall at 14:22

Not satisfied with that, Jessica assaulted her again as Reid was getting her hand raised. The blonde ended up hitting her reverse STO anyway, and leaned over her to tell her they weren’t done by a long shot.

~ ~ ~

10 Minute Intermission

~ ~ ~

After intermission, Christian was back in the ring and invited Chance Kennedy to join him. When she got there, he told her how proud he was of her effort and determination. He also said he was all about giving opportunities. And on the next Havoc, she was going to face one of three people chosen the night of the show. And the winner of that match will face her for a shot at the Havoc Championship. But he didn’t announce who those three would be. Surprise!

~ ~ ~

Summer vs. Jacqueline King

Being extremely new to the sport. Jackie had a hard time keeping up with Summer during the match. Giving up years of experience, Summer had control for most of the match. King would show some flashes of brilliance, and surprise Summer more than once. She almost swept the win with a backslide at one point. Her offense kept Summer off balance during the middle part of the match. But unfortunately for the newcomer, Summer was still able to persevere and picked up the win with her flash kick.

Winner: Summer by pinfall at 10:41

Anna Cortez vs. ? ? ? ?

Anna came to the ring in her gear ready for the match. But as Christian was about to announce the opponent for the open challenge, Silvia Khan stormed out to the ring. He tried to get her attention before she hit the ring, and attacked Anna. Clearly angry about her loss earlier in the night, she tried to get the jump on Anna. But that didn’t work for very long before Anna started firing back. Christian called for some help from the back, telling them she wasn’t the opponent. Anna made it back to the ring, and invited Silvia back before Khan told CK to book it for next show.

Jana Rikar vs. CJ Cross

In a battle of two OP Tournament winners, this was arguably the match of the night for some. CJ and Jana put on one hell of a performance. Cross used his speed and strikes to keep Jana off balance at the outset. But the wily Jana managed to counter an ill-timed roundhouse, and bring CJ down to the mat, which was her forte. Not trying to outstrike him, she relied more on her submission skills, primarily aimed at his leg. Knee bars and ankle locks were her go-tos to try to ground him, but CJ refused to quit. He came back, struggling to fight on one leg until the bell sounded, signifying that the time limit had expired.

The crowd wanted them to keep going, and Christian announced he was giving them 10 more minutes and to restart the match. And they picked up right where they left off. Jana once more went for his legs as CJ tried to avoid that at all costs. They traded blows and counters throughout until CJ missed a top rope leg drop, causing him more pain to his injured leg and the the time expired again.

Time Limit Expired at 40:00

Christian said they would meet again next Havoc with NO time limit, and the winner would receive a shot at the OverPowered Championship! Both shook hands, and got a standing ovation from the crowd.

Fatal 4 Way for the Havoc Championship

Leah vs. Diamond Caldwell vs. Keegan Ryan vs. Piper Whitlock

This match began as practically a 3 on 1 against Keegan, with Leah and Diamond leading the charge. Piper pitched in too as the three women took turns pounding on him. Piper would show her strength by introducing him to the mat with a few different slams while Leah and Diamond put on a striker’s paradise. All three tried to cover him more than once, and was broken up by the others. Piper, in particular, took exception to Caldwell stopping her, and those two started trading blows while Keegan rolled out to the floor for a breather. But Leah went after him, and the fight continued. One fight in the ring, one ringside as Diamond and Piper went at it with hard shots while Leah got an atomic drop across the barricade to stop her briefly. Keegan bided his time on the outside, letting Piper and Diamond wreck each other. Whitlock delivered her chickenwing facebuster to Diamond, and got curb stomped by Keegan as soon as she got up. He delivered his curb stomp on Piper, and immediately went for the cover. Leah broke up the fall with a leg drop to Keegan’s head. The War Queen turned and caught a haymaker with a chained fist from Keegan. As she stumbled with a cut on her head, she caught a spear from Ryan. As she tried to get up, he hit that curb stomp a second time for the cover and the win. Piper and Diamond tried to stop the cover, but it was too late.

Winner: Keegan Ryan by pinfall at 26:51

The Boise crowd wasn’t happy about it at all. Jessica returned to the ring to raise his hand, and congratulate him with a kiss.  The celebration didn’t get to finish before Morgan hit the ring again, and took Jessica down before the two started trading blows once again. Keegan was about to intervene when Piper surprised him with her facebuster to a pop from the crowd. When she got up, Diamond gave Whitlock a low blow and rolled out the floor. A medic helped Leah to her feet so he could look at the cut on her head. Keegan pulled his girlfriend away from Morgan in the ring. He had to hold the blonde back as he tried to calm her down. As the show closed, Keegan pulled climbed up on the barricade to hold up his title alongside Jessica to the booing crowd.

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