Tournament to decide a new number one contender for the OWA Championship

I hope this concept works for the next pay-per-view. We definitely need something to stand us apart from the other promotions.  

Losing TigerLily was a blow to this company, so I’m going to have to try and find someone to fill her spot. For right now, we have to get things set up for the next big show. The network is pushing me to move shows from the Meadowlands, but we still sell out. They’ve been good to us there and I’m not quite ready to branch out just yet.  

There’s a knock on his door and he looks up and sees Amazon Woman standing in the doorway. “Come on in, what’s on your mind?” 

She steps in and closes the door behind her, which is something she doesn’t particular do. “I have an idea I want to run by you, but you have to have an open mind,” she says as she moves forward and takes a seat in front of his desk. “It’ll be risky, but I think the payoff will far worth the risk.” 

She never comes in here and presents ideas. She is a good soldier who does what she’s told and she’s made a hell of a lot of money for me. Not only in ticket sales but merchandising. I let her finish speaking and my mouth may have been stuck open at what she was suggesting. I never would have imagine her wanting to take this course. But as she gave me the end game, I knew this was going to be gold. Well, if it doesn’t backfire on us. 


Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling. I’m Ed Bagel and after a couple of weeks off, we are back after a couple of weeks off following the widely successful Wintertime Massacre pay-per-view. If you missed that event, you need to order the replay.” Ed states as he stands in front of the podium in the studio. The crowd in the studio is standing room only as they try to out shine the announcer, but he continues forward. “We also have a new number one contender to the OWA Championship. This week on tour, Pretty Boy Monty defeated Cuban Rafter to earn himself a title shot next week on this broadcast. Cuban Rafter was in line for a title shot, but Monty goaded him into putting that shot on the line and with a little help from The Family, Monty defeated him and next week that will be our main event.”  

Interview: Amazon Woman 

As he speaks, Amazon Woman comes to the podium dressed very casually in jeans and a t-shirt. She places the championship on the podium, putting it on display for everyone to see. “Congratulations are in order,” continues Ed, “You successfully defended your title against Ricky Blood at Wintertime Massacre, but the show doesn’t stop there. You already have a title match next week against Pretty Boy Monty.” 

She has a small bandage on her head from her encounter with Blood at the pay-per-view. From behind her mask, she grins and gives a little shrug, “I’ve been the champion for six months now and this is nothing new for me. One challenger after the next. That’s what it takes to be a champion. I don’t duck anyone. So, Pretty Boy Monty, bring your A game because I plan on holding this championship for a very long time. You’re going to have to pry this title from my cold, dead hands.” She glances down at the title and then back at the camera, “And do me a favor, leave your family members at home. Let’s do this one on one and give these people the match they deserve.” 

“As for Ricky Blood, you gave me one hell of a fight. Anytime you want another opportunity, just let me know. I may not like who you associate with, but you are a beast in that ring and you took me to my limit.” She picks up her belt and drapes it over her shoulder. “Next week, Pretty Boy Monty, I’ll see you then.” She starts to leave, then adds, “Oh, and Femme Fatale, don’t think I have forgotten that you interfered in my match this past week with Josh Brown costing me that win. I made it very clear that you’ll get your shot when you earn it, but if you get in my business again, I’ll do everything in my power to make you pay.” 

As she leaves, Ed changes direction. “We have a pay-per-view scheduled for February and it’s called Endurance’s Evil Challenge. It is set to test the limits of our professional wrestlers. We will have more of a rundown on the event later in the show, but we need to determine who will challenge for the OWA Championship with a short tournament this week.” Brackets are shown on the screen as Ed runs down the challengers, “The OWA has determined that the top four contenders are Traci Lane, Freddy Fever, Ricky Blood and Major Threat. That puts the OWA Tag Team Champions, The North American Champion and the last known contender for the OWA Championship. Let’s go to ringside for our first tournament match.” 

Tournament Match: Traci Lane vs. Freddy Fever 

“This match is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit.” Myers starts to speak, announcing the first match on the card, “It is the first match in a tournament to determine the number one contender for the OWA Championship at Endurance’s Evil Challenge. Introducing first, in the red corner. She comes to you from Palm Beach, California. She is a member of the Femme Fatale. This is “The Black Widow” Traci Lane! Lane!” Lane steps out from her corner and raises her arm in the air then turns around and gestures to the audience which draws a chorus of boos. “And in the blue corner. He is one half of the current OWA Tag Team Champions and he comes to you from Las Vegas, Nevada. Here is “The Disco Kid” Freddy Fever! Fever!” Fever does a few comical karate poses before he removes his glittery jacket and looks ready to fight. 

“Freddy Fever to take on Traci Lane in this contest. They have never faced each other in the ring so this should be a great match,” Ed chimes in as the bell rings and the match officially starts. The two wrestlers circle around the ring before they lock up. “Fever with a headlock,” he turns away from the referee and punches Lane right in the nose. “Fever is no rookie here and he knows all the tricks. Lane backs into the corner and checks on her nose as the referee scolds Fever, who claims he hit her with his palm and not a closed fist.” Lane scowls and starts to charge at Fever, but Fever takes a powder to the outside. “Fever playing games with the Black Widow today and she’s not taking it too kindly here.”  

Fever slides back into the ring as Lane cools down and they lock back up and once again, Fever puts her into a headlock. “Lane grabbing a handful of Fever’s hair and the referee trying to get her to let go and once again Fever pops her right in the nose and Lane back off again, check to see if her nose is bleeding before she charges at Fever who hides in the corner putting himself outside of the ropes as the referee tries to get Lane to back out of the corner. Lane walks back to her corner and she kicks at the bottom turnbuckle while Freddy just grins as he knows he’s getting under her collar.” Traci cools down a little as Fever comes out of the corner and this time they lock up once again. “Lane with a headlock this time and she just punches him right in the nose, but she doesn’t let go of the headlock and she punches him again and a third time right in front of the referee as he begins to scold her. She hits him one more time and finally he’s able to escape and he goes out onto the floor.” Fever holds his nose as he points to Traci Lane in the ring as the referee begins to count him out. “She’s a damn cheater!” he yells to the referee as he climbs onto the ring apron to protest. “Lane coming over and she grabs him by his nose and pulls him back into the ring over the top rope and Fever crashes to the mat.” 

“God dammit!” the crowd hears, though the television audience only hears a beep as he is censored. He hops up and rushes Lane and gives her a push, and she returns the push as he falls back on his ass and he scrambles back to his feet and the crowd is loving the treatment of the heel, even though Lane is also a heel. He moves into the corner and kicks at the turnbuckle and points to the crowd, “Shut your mouth.” 

Lane moves in behind Fever and grabs him by the hair and begins to slam his face into the turnbuckle. After she reaches the 10th one, she steps back and Fever turns around and takes a wild swing, missing her by a wide margin, but the momentum causes him to stumble forward and fall right on his face in the ring. “Lane moves in for the cover, but only gets a one count before Freddy kicks out and rolls outside the ring again.” Lane starts to go after him, stepping between the top and middle rope when a loud smack is heard as Fever just pops her right in the face and she falls back into the ring. “Vicious strike by Fever. You cannot take him lightly. He’s a former OWA Champion and can typically take a match with a single Disco Kick.” 

He slides back into the ring and covers Lane, but she kicks out at two. “Lane is dazed here by that strike. Fever pulls her up and hugs her to him and nails a belly to belly suplex.” Fever moves into the corner and lifts himself to the second turnbuckle and leaps off and a forearm to the forehead of Lane and goes for another cover. “Only a two count again.” Lane rolls over and gets to her hands and knees and Fever grabs her by the hair and brings his boot up and runs the laces against her face a couple of times as she tries to move away from him.” She moves towards the rope and Fever is right behind her. He places a boot on the back of her head and pushes her throat down onto the bottom rope. “Fever with a blatant choke as the referee gives him a warning count, but he releases the hold by the count of four and then he does it again.” After the third time, the referee pushes Fever away from Lane and begin to give him what’s for. “Hold on a second!” The camera switches focus as the giant Gustaffson makes his way to ringside. “No idea why he’s here, but the referee is checking on the condition of Traci Lane and Gustaffson grabs Fever from behind as he steps onto the ring apron and he headbutts Fever in the back of his head. Gustaffson lifts up Fever and just powerbombs him into the ring and then he steps off the apron.” 

Lane crawls over and drapes an arm over the fallen Fever and the referee administers the three count and the bell rings. “Gustaffson just cost Fever a shot at the championship and Lane moves on in this tournament.” Gus pulls Lane from the ring and helps her to the back as she raises her hand. “Winner of the match, advancing in the tournament, “The Black Widow” Traci Lane!” 

“It looks like Gustaffson was actually helping Lane as opposed to trying to get Fever as the two head to the back together. We have to take a commercial break, but we will be back right after.” 

Interview: Freddy Fever 

“We are back and,” Ed starts but Fever pushes him off to the side. “Gustaffson! You big giant dork! You just cost me a chance to fight for the world championship!” Spit is literally flying from Fever’s mouth as he screams. “You don’t come interfere in my matches. You don’t cost me championship opportunities. You don’t get into my business!” 

His face is turning red as screams, “I will find you and I will hurt you. I don’t care how big you are. I know from experience that the bigger you are, the dumber you are. You will pay big for this, you giant oaf!” He pushes past Ed to head to the back, “Get out of my way.” 

“Freddy Fever promising to make Gustaffson pay for interfering in his match today. We will be right back.” 

Interview: Ricky Blood 

“Ricky Blood has joined us and he appears to have undergone quite a makeover and he’s here to tell us all about it.” Ed says as Blood stands next to him with the North American championship around his waist. He is clad differently than he’s used to. His tights are striped with different colors of the rainbow, his boot glitter colorfully and he has bands around his biceps, each one a different color. 

“Thanks Ed. After my loss to Amazon Woman in my quest to be the World Champion, I stepped away and took a good look at myself and what I stand for. As a member of the Family, I have made myself an integral part of the team. I am the lone champion in that organization and I plan to stay that way. But as I was taking a look at myself, I had a vision.” Blood’s hands are moving around as he speaks, as if trying to illustrate the dream. “I was standing in the middle of the largest rainbow I have ever seen. I was at the end of a rainbow and there wasn’t a pot of gold, only the OWA World Championship belt. I know that being the champ is now my destiny and so as of this moment, I will not be called Ricky Blood. In my quest to be the best, to be the OWA World Champion, I will from this point forward be called The Rainbow Warrior!” 

Warrior flexes and poses. “I will be the best in the OWA and I will bring the Family to new heights. We will start now as I take on Major Threat to become the number one contender for the World Championship so that I can face Amazon Woman one more time and this time, I will not be beaten!” As Rainbow Warrior exits the podium, Ed interjects, “Rainbow Warrior will be competing right now. Let’s go back to the ring.” 

Tournament Match: Rainbow Warrior vs. Major Threat 

“The next match is one fall with a fifteen minute time limit and is the second match in the tournament to determine who will take on the OWA Champion as Endurance’s Evil Challenge. Introducing first in the red corner, he is one half of the OWA Tag Team Champions. This is Major Threat! Threat!” The fans boo as the military-clad wrestler holds up his championship belt before handing it off to someone at ringside. “And in the blue corner! He is your unified North American Champion. Formerly known as Ricky Blood, this is the Rainbow Warrior! Warrior!” 

The fans cheer for the champion as he raises his belt high in the air and then hands it outside of the ring as well. The referee calls for the bell to start the match. “And this one is underway,” says Ed as the two wrestlers circle each other around the ring. “Winner of this match will face Traci Lane to determine who will face Amazon Woman for the OWA Championship at Endurance’s Evil Challenge. As they lock up, Rainbow Warrior scoops up Major Threat and bodyslams him hard on the mat. Threat is up and Warrior hugs him and lifts him high in the air for an overhead belly to back suplex and Threat takes a powder here. Hold on, the fans have started to boo something.”  

Freddy Fever comes into view of the camera as he approaches Threat and offers some advice. “I’m not sure why he’s out here. I know together Threat and Fever are tag team champions, but I don’t think he should be out here.” Threat nods his head at whatever Fever has suggested and he slides back into the ring. Fever takes position at ringside. 

“They lock up again, this time Threat with a rake of the eyes and he whips Warrior into the corner.  He tries to hiptoss him out of it, but Warrior blocks it. Another rake of the eyes and this time Threat is able to execute that hiptoss. Warrior is up but Threat whips him into the ropes and Warrior bounces off with a clothesline!” Freddy Fever is on the outside slapping the mat, cheering on his tag team partner. “Warrior off the ropes and he splashes Threat but only gets a one count as once again Threat rolls out of the ring.” 

Fever rushes around the ring to help his partner get back to his feet. Fever turns around and pushes a fan out of his chair and takes it, handing the chair to Threat. “If he uses that chair, he’ll get disqualified and not advance in this tournament!” Threat starts to get into the ring, but the referee stops him, warning him about using that chair. A loud pop is heard as the fans begin to boo. The camera pans back just to barely see Fever diving out of the ring but Rainbow Warrior is flat on his back! “Are you kidding me? Freddy Fever just about took off Rainbow Warrior’s head with that Disco Kick!” Threat finally throws down that chair and gets into the ring and immediately applies the camel clutch to Rainbow Warrior. “This match cannot be over this way!”  

The referee checks on Warrior and sees that he’s passed out and immediately calls for the bell. “That’s not right. Not right at all,” observes Ed with major disappointment in his voice. “Winner of the match, advancing to take on Traci Lane is Major Threat!” Myers announces as Fever and Threat leave the ring with Warrior lying flat on his back and the referee checking on him. “After his performance at Wintertime Massacre, to have this match end like that is a shame. We do have to take a commercial break, but we will be right back.” 

Rachel Ryan vs. Tiger 

“Welcome back to OWA Championship Wrestling. Our main event is set for today as Traci Lane will take on Major Threat to determine the number one contender at Endurance’s Evil Challenge. But first on tap, we have a debut. Let’s go to the ring,” Ed quips, motioning to Myers inside the ring. 

Myers takes that cue and begins to read from his cue card, “This match is scheduled for one fall and has a ten minute time limit. Introducing first, fighting out of the red corner. She comes to you from Atlanta, Georgia. Please welcome to the OWA, Rachel Ryan! Ryan!” Ryan is a larger girl, stacked with defined muscles and long black hair. She wears a sports bra type top, black in color with silver trim.  Her shorts are also back, garnished with the same silver trim around the waist and the hem. Simple black boots adorn her feet as she steps from her corner and poses with a double bicep flex. 

“And in the blue corner, from Parts Unknown. This is Tiger! Tiger!” The simple introduction for Ryan’s opponent given and he turns around in the corner and gets up on the second turnbuckle and poses for the audience before backflipping back onto the mat. But as he turns around, Ryan nails him in the face with a kick and he goes down immediately! 

“Rachel Ryan making a statement here right off the bat. Don’t turn your back on her or you’ll regret it. Tiger getting to his feet and stumbling back into the corner and Ryan charges in but Tiger hits her with a forearm right to the face and that staggers her back. Tiger flies out of the corner for a clothesline but Ryan ducks, Tiger flips over her instead, rolling her up with a sunset flip but only gets a one count.”  

Both wrestlers to their feet and Tiger moves in on Ryan, who scoops him up and slams him hard on the mat and then she strikes another double bicep pose before dropping down to try and cover but doesn’t even get a one count, “Going to have to work harder to get a pin off of Tiger. He’s no cakewalk, I’ll tell you that.”  

Ryan delivers a few stomps to the body of Tiger before she pulls him to his feet and she short-arm clotheslines him back down to the mat. She pulls him up again and this time whips him into the turnbuckle. She charges in after him, but he comes out with a knee to the gut and then a schoolboy, but only gets a two count. “Close by Tiger, who’s trying to ruin the debut of Rachel Ryan here. Tiger reaches down and grabs a handful of Ryan’s hair, but Ryan punches him hard in the gut and Tiger doubles over.” Ryan whips Tiger into the ropes and as he comes off, she spins him around, slamming him hard into the mat with a powerslam and this time the referee is able to count to three. “Great debut by Rachel Ryan, who will certainly be a force here in the OWA.” 

“Winner of the match in six minutes and thirty six seconds, Rachel Ryan.” The referee raises Ryan’s hand as she snatches her hand back and exits the ring. Ed is back at his podium, “We have two more matches for you today. First Johnny Stallion will take on newcomer Josh Brown to determine who will take on the OWA TV Champion next week.  We also have the final match in our tournament to decide who will take on Amazon Woman for the OWA Championship at Endurance’s Evil Challenge as Traci Lane goes one on one with current OWA Tag Team Champion, Major Threat. All that when we come back.” 

Interview: Demon Knight 

“Hold on one second there, Ed Bagel!” 

The voice is heard before the wrestler is seen on camera. Demon Knight finally appears on camera. “What’s wrong with this picture?” Ed looks confused for a second, and Knight has decided he’s waited long enough for an answer and begins to school the announcer. “I’m not dressed in my wrestling gear.” Of course, with the exception of his mask which he still wears, Demon Knight is in street gear. Jeans, button-up shirt, loafers on his feet. “You know why I’m not in my wrestling gear? Because I’m not scheduled to compete today.” Knight turns from Ed and looks into the camera, “Let me tell you something, brother. At Wintertime Massacre, I crippled TigerLily, as supposed legend in this business, and I sent her packing to the hospital. She’s gone. She ain’t ever coming back. Because of me. That’s right. Because of me.” 

Knight turns back to Ed, “And yet, here I sit on the sidelines once again waiting for an opportunity. Where’s my title shot? Where’s my contender’s match? Why ain’t I in the tournament? This is a load of crap. I should be in some sort of title picture around here. I should be receiving awards and commendations for ridding the wrestling business of that washed-up has-been TigerLily. Did you see how I snapped her ankle like a twig?” Ed starts to respond, but Knight cuts him off.  

“It looks like I’ve got to hurt someone else and keep putting them on the shelf until I finally get some recognition around here. So, next week you stay tuned because if I don’t start getting some damned title matches around here, I’m going to start taking them out one by one.” Knight looks directly into the camera, “And you can take that to the bank, brother,” as he storms off the set. 

“Demon Knight looking for some opportunities here in the OWA. We will be right back.” 

Contender’s Match: Johnny Stallion vs. Josh Brown 

When the commercials have completed, the camera is focused in the ring where Myers Watterson stands with two competitors in this upcoming match. “This match is scheduled for one fall and the winner will receive a shot at the OWA TV Championship next week.” The crowd pops for that announcement. “Introducing first in the red corner, he comes to you by way of Cheyenne, Wyoming, this is Johnny Stallion! Stallion.” 

Ed sneaks in a tidbit of information, “No longer Pretty Boy due to the stipulation from Wintertime Massacre.” 

“And in the blue corner,” Myers continues, “He’s from Boston Massachusetts, please welcome Josh Brown! Brown!” Brown steps out and flexes. He’s a larger, more muscled athlete and wears a simple pair of black trunks and boots. Ed takes over and adds, “This is Josh Brown’s debut on OWA Championship Wrestling, but the past couple of weeks, he has been on fire as we have been touring all over the east coast and he is currently undefeated. He’s defeated the likes of Denise Duncan, Tiger, Nightmare and even has a non-title countout win over the OWA Champion Amazon Woman.” He doesn’t add that it was the Femme Fatale who ambushed Amazon Woman during her match, keeping her outside until she was counted out. 

The bell rings and the two meet in the center where Stallion promptly punches Brown in the face. Brown looks a bit stunned and then smiles, but Stallion nails him with a clothesline, then off the ropes for a leg drop. “Stallion getting the better of Brown right off the bat here. Brown is to his feet, but Stallion clotheslines him down again. Cover by Stallion, but only a one count as Brown isn’t ready for this to be over.”  

Stallion starts to climb the turnbuckle, but as he reaches the top Brown has arisen from the mat and pushes Stallion’s legs causing him to fall and straddle that turnbuckle, “That just pushes all of the air right out of Stallion. Brown going up and he nails a superplex and covers, but only a two count.” Brown bounces off the ropes, but Stallion pulls down the top rope and Brown goes over and crashes onto the floor. “That concrete floor has absolutely no give.” 

Brown is almost immediately to his feet and he reaches under the turnbuckle and pulls Stallion underneath the ropes and onto the floor with him. “Brown taking the fight to the floor now as he whips Stallion into the ring apron. He scoops him up and slams him hard on the floor. Brown pulls him up and rolls him back into the ring.” The referee is counting on both men until Stallion’s body rolls in under the ropes. Josh Brown then ascends the turnbuckle and then as Stallion staggers to his feet, Brown leaps off and nails him with a flying dropkick! “Brown rolls Stallion over for the cover and gets the three count! Brown will take on the TV Champion next week! 

Stallion rolls from the ring and heads to the back as Brown flexes and poses inside the ring before he steps through the ropes and heads towards Ed Bagel and the podium. “Congratulations, Josh on your big win today. Next week, you have a TV title match against the winner of our next match.” 

Josh is out of breath as he leans against the podium, “That match should serve to tell all those puny wrestlers in the OWA that I am going to steamroll over the entire roster. Next week, starting with the TV title, I will start collecting gold! I am the greatest wrestler on the planet and no one can beat me. I’m undefeated and I even have a win over the World Champion. I will get a rematch and I will defeat her for the championship, trust me on that. I will be the World Champion!” He belly laughs as he walks away, heading to the back, leaving Ed at the podium with an odd look on his face. “We will be right back.” 

OWA TV Championship: Colt vs. Anthony Hazard 

“The next match is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit and is for the OWA TV Championship. First the challenger, fighting out of the red corner and hailing from Dayton Ohio along with his manager, Sir Goodwin. This is Anthony Hazard! Hazard!” Hazard gives a wave to the audience as his manager Sir Goodwin steps out of the ring. “And his opponent is the OWA TV Champion, from Houston, Texas. Here is Colt! Colt!” 

“With the introductions out of the way,” chimes in Ed as Myers leaves the ring and the two wrestlers prepare for battle, “we are set for a match for the OWA TV Championship. The winner of this match will take on Josh Brown next week.” The referee holds up the title and then calls for the bell. “And this match is underway. There’s a lock up and Hazard drops down, sending Colt over his shoulders and crashing to the mat with a fireman’s carry. Quick pin attempt by Hazard, but not even a one count. Hazard maintains a hold on the arm as both wrestlers get to their feet.” 

Hazard whips Colt into the ropes and then flies at him with a forearm smash but Colt makes an adjustment and both wrestlers crack skulls. Colt flies over the top rope and to the floor, while Hazard is down in the ring. “Someone just flew by me here. Hold on, that’s Raekwon!”  

Raekwon delivers a few stomps to the fallen Colt and then lifts him up and piledrives him onto the concrete floor before rolling the champion back into the ring, “What in the world is he doing out here and why is he attacking Colt?” 

Sir Goodwin saw the attack and he is trying to get Hazard to cover Colt. Hazard finally drapes his arm across the fallen cowboy and gets the three count and Goodwin jumps up and down in glee. “What a travesty here! This match could have been a great one but interference on the part of Raekwon totally tainted this win.” 

Myers makes the announcement, “Winner of the match and the NEW OWA TV Champion, Anthony Hazard!” Hazard is still a little groggy from crashing heads with Colt, and Colt has not yet moved as he lies on the mat. Goodwin helps Hazard from the ring with the championship belt. “Mr. Childs is here, I’m assuming to comment on what we just saw.” 

Childs nods his head, “I saw what just happened. I don’t make it a habit of reversing decisions, so Anthony Hazard is indeed the new TV Champion, however I am not a fan of how this happened. So, I’m making a match between Colt and Raekwon for next week and it will be a no disqualification match. I’m also giving Colt a rematch for the TV Championship at Endurance’s Evil Challenge. Speaking of which, I also want to discuss what this event entails.” 

The promoter pulls some cards from his pocket and begins to read, “The challenge will have four rounds. The first round will be tag teams. Wrestlers will be randomly paired for this event and in order to advance to the next rounds, teams must be victorious. Turning on your tag team partner will result in a $25,000 fine. You may not like who you’re tagged up with, but you will act as a team. Winning teams will advance to the next round where they will face each other. Winners will once again advance to the semi finals which will be a four way ironperson challenge. With a thirty minute time limit, the two wrestlers with the most pinfalls when the time limit expires will advance to the finals.  The final match will be a Texas Death Match. The two wrestlers will fight until one wrestler cannot answer a ten count.  The winner of the tournament will receive an OWA World Championship match. There will be other matches on the card, to include an OWA World Title match and and OWA TV Title match as I have already mentioned. That’s all I have. This event will be on pay-per-view. Thanks.” The promoter finally stops speaking and wanders off the set as Ed throws it to a commercial. 

Tournament Finals: Traci Lane vs. Major Threat 

“This match is one fall to a TV Time limit and will determine the number one contender for the OWA Championship at Endurance’s Evil Challenge.” Myers announces as the show comes back on the air after the commercial break. “Introducing first, with a victory over Freddy Fever. This is “The Black Widow” Traci Lane!” Boos fill the studio as neither of these wrestlers will be favorites of the fans today. “And her opponent, with a win over the Rainbow Warrior, this is Major Threat!” 

“Joining Lane at ringside is the giant Gustaffson, though I’m not sure what they’re relationship is at present. Of course, Fever is here with Threat as they are the OWA Tag Team Champions.” Fever can be heard taunting Gus who takes a few steps towards Fever and he bails from the ring and looks to be leaving ringside, stopping to tell Gus that he’s gonna get him one day. “Looks like Fever doesn’t really want any of Gustaffson after all.” 

The bell rings and the two wrestlers lock up. Threat whips Lane into the ropes, “Lane ducks a clothesline and comes off the ropes with a clothesline of her own. She goes for a quick cover, but Threat kicks out quickly. Lane off the ropes with a legdrop. She gets up and goes towards the turnbuckle but Threat is up and he grabs her from behind and drives her back with a belly to back suplex.” Threat runs off the ropes and goes for a splash, but Lane gets her legs up and Threat lands on them hard, as he rolls off and grabs his gut in pain. “Lane moving in to pick up Threat, but he reaches up and rakes her eyes, temporarily blinding the Femme.” As she turns around, he reaches up and draws her back as he falls to the math, hitting her with the backcracker. 

“Looks like Major Threat is softening her up for his patented Camel Clutch and he’s going for that move now. He’s really cranking back on it now and the referee is right there asking if she’s ready to give it up.” Lane slowly starts to get to her feet and she runs backwards into the corner, crushing Threat against the turnbuckles. “Hold on!” 

From the corner of the screen, Freddy Fever has run out and clobbered Gustaffson. The big man starts after him, but the referee is distracted by the giant as Fever slips into the ring.  “Fever is measuring up Lane and oh my Lord!” Fever goes for the Disco Kick but Lane ducks and Fever nails Threat right in the jaw. Threats’ eyes roll back into his head as he slumps to the mat. “Lane nails Fever and he flies out of the ring and she goes for the cover.” The referee just turns around in time to drop down and make the count of three! “Lane wins it. Lane will main event Endurance’s Evil Challenge against the OWA Champion, Amazon Woman!” Lane and Gustaffson, happy as can be, exit the ring and head to the back while Fever tends to his fallen tag team partner. “We are almost out of time. Don’t forget, the OWA Championship will be defended next week as Amazon Woman takes on Pretty Boy Monty. It’ll be the new OWA TV Champion Anthony Hazard defending against Josh Brown and much much more. Until then, we will see you next week!” 


So, I’m mulling over Amazon Woman’s proposition. If we go through with this, it could change the OWA forever. Decisions, decisions. 

The show was great today. I’m pleased as piss at how things are going. We did lose some wrestlers after the last big show, but we’ve got a bunch of new ones showing up next week to keep things from getting stale.  

Things are about to change starting next week. 


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