Pretty Boy Monty gets his shot at Amazon Woman’s OWA Championship; OWA TV Champion Anthony Hazard defends his title against Josh Brown

“I don’t want you getting involved in any more of my matches. Got it?” Major Threat is giving it to Freddy Fever who has apologized repeatedly for accidentally kicking him in the face. “When we tag, we tag. But when I’m a single, you stay out of my way. Cost me another match and I’ll string you up by your bell bottoms.” 

Fever holds up his hands. He isn’t dressed to wrestle tonight since he doesn’t have a match. He just nods his head, “Whatever you want, man. Want me to stay in the back, I’ll stay in the back.”  

Threat reaches for his championship belt and drapes it over his shoulder and just nods at Fever before stepping out of the dressing room. Fever just watches him leave and places his hand on his own championship belt. 


“Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling! I’m Ed Bagel and we have an exciting hour of television for you today and that includes an OWA Championship defense from Amazon Woman as she takes on the number one contender, Pretty Boy Monty. Also on tap, Anthony Hazard will defend his newly won OWA TV Championship against his number one contender, Josh Brown. We will also see the debut of PowerSurge and Mariko and finally Demon Knight will go one on one with Major Threat.” Ed Bagel seems more excited than usual to be here today as he smiles into the camera. “We certainly can’t waste any time, so let’s go to ringside.” 

PowerSurge vs. Mark Bagwell 

As the bell rings, Myers Watterson begins the announcement of the first match of the day. “This match is one fall with a ten minute time limit. Introducing first, from Bakersfield California, this is Mark Bagwell.” Ed chimes in while Bagwell raises his hand to the crowd. He’s rather non-descript and it could be plainly obvious to most that he’s here to be fed to his opponent. “And is opponent, from Parts Unknown. This is Power Surge!” Myers puts the pause between the words, though PowerSurge prefers his name all together. Myers leaves the ring as the referee calls for the bell and Ed’s voice is heard once again. 

“This is the first time we have seen either of these men in the OWA. They tie up and PowerSurge with a quick lift and slam, planting Bagwell on the mat.” It’s clear from the beginning that Bagwell is no match for the masked superstar as he dishes out blow after blow after blow to the youngster. “Certainly seems to be a mismatch here between these two as PowerSurge hoists up Bagwell over his shoulder and it’s a backbreaker! Bagwell wastes no time in submitting and this one is mercifully over.” The referee calls for the bell as Bagwell submits to the hold and PowerSurge ceremoniously drops him down on the canvas and raises both of his hands. “A great showing by PowerSurge in his debut.” 

“The winner of the match, PowerSurge!” announces Myers as the wrestler continues to pose and then exits the ring while the referee tends to Bagwell. “We have to take a break. Don’t go anywhere.” 

Interview: Pretty Boy Monty 

Ed is at the podium and Pretty Boy Monty is standing next to him. “Welcome back to OWA Championship Wrestling. Joining me at this time is the number one contender to the OWA Championship and in our main event, he will be getting his shot at the title. Monty?” 

Pretty Boy Monty is dressed to wrestle as he wears a pair of neon multicolored tights and a Pretty Boy Monty tank top. “You know something, Ed Bagel? I’ve been waiting a long time for this opportunity and I plan to end this program as the OWA Champion. I’ve fought Amazon Woman before and she’s as tough as they come, but she’s barely scraped by in her fights with me. Ever since then, she’s been ducking me. Avoiding any opportunity to put that title on the line against me.” He will occasionally look at Ed, then back to the camera. “But now she doesn’t have a choice. I earned a title shot and today the OWA will finally have a champion they can be proud of.” Monty gives a little chuckle as he points to the logo on his chest, “I’ve already taken care of that fake “Pretty Boy” Johnny Stallion. Oh, wait, we can’t call him that anymore because I beat him and showed the world that I am the true “Pretty Boy” in the OWA. And today, I’ll show the world that I’m the best in the world.” With that, Monty walks off the camera and Ed throws it back to the ring. 

Demon Knight vs. Major Threat 

Before Myers can make the announcement, Demon Knight walks over and snatches the microphone from his hand. “Listen up all of you pretenders. You’ve seen the last of TigerLily in the OWA. You can thank me for it later! I’m sick and tired of being taken for granted around here. Where are my championship opportunities? From now on, I’m going to continue to hurt people until I am finally taken seriously.” He finishes and pushes the microphone into Myers’ chest causing him to stumble back a few steps. Nervously, Myers fumbles with the mic and then makes the introductions. 

“This match is scheduled for one fall or to a ten minute time limit. Introducing first, in the red corner. He hails from Parts Unknown. This is Demon Knight! Knight!” Myers points to the masked man with his cards and then turns towards the other corner. “And in the blue corner, he is one half of the OWA Tag Team Champions. Please welcome, Major Threat! Threat!” After he finishes, Myers walks to the ropes and steps out of the ring while the referee pulls the two wrestlers in the corner and starts to give the instruction. 

“Now wait a second!” Ed jumps in as Knight reaches up and rakes at the eyes of the tag team champion, sending him backpedaling into the ropes as he covers his eyes. The referee is giving him what’s for and then calls for the bell to ring to start the match. “Cheap shot to start this contest and now Demon Knight with a series of punches to the face of Threat. Knight whips Threat into the ropes and turns him inside out with a clothesline and Threat is in serious trouble here.” The crowd doesn’t seem to fond of either wrestler, but as Threat reaches up and punches Knight in the gut, doubling him over and then pokes him in the eye for good measure, now Knight is the one backing away. “Fair is fair,” Ed states as Threat kicks Knight in the gut and then hooks him and brings him over for a suplex.  

“Knight is up and Threat whips him into the ropes and clotheslines him up and over the top rope and to the floor.” Knight is outside the ring on the ground, opposite the side of the camera so it’s hard to make him out on the ground from that angle as a cameraman scrambles to get over there for a shot. Threat moves in and tries to reach over the ropes to pull Knight back in the ring, “Oh my word!” Ed yells as a loud metallic thwack echoes through the studio as Demon Knight just cracks a steel chair over the head of Major Threat. Threat falls back like a giant redwood and lands on the mat. The referee calls for the bell and leans over to speak with Myers as Demon Knight enters the ring with that steel chair. “TigerLily was first, and you’re going to be next!” he declares as he raises high that steel chair and brings it down on the legs of Major Threat. Myers’ voice can be heard over the commotion, “Winner of this match as the result of a disqualification, Major Threat.”  

“It looks like Demon Knight is going to make an example of Major Threat just like he did to TigerLily,” Ed cries out as Demon Knight slightly unfolds that chair and slips one of Major Threat’s legs into the gap. He begins to climb on the turnbuckle when the studio audience erupts as Rainbow Warrior runs in and slides into the ring and immediately goes after Demon Knight. “Where is Major Threat’s tag team partner? At least someone was here to prevent another career ending injury.” Warrior runs to the corner and punches Knight sending him tumbling out to the floor. As Knight gets up to his feet, Warrior is begging him to come back into the ring and fight. “Looks like Demon Knight doesn’t want anything to do with Rainbow Warrior and he’s making a run for it back to the dressing room. Let’s see if we can get a word with Rainbow Warrior.”  

It’s a little late as Freddy Fever finally makes an appearance in the studio to check on his tag team partner. Rainbow Warrior walks over to the podium, “Ed Bagel, Demon Knight is a horrible human being. He intentionally put out TigerLily at Wintertime Massacre. He just tried to put out Major Threat. I don’t particular care for Threat or his tag team partner, but I’m not going to stand by and watch Knight continue to cripple wrestlers here in the OWA. You put someone out of wrestling, you take food right off their table. I promise you one thing Demon Knight. One day, one day soon I will find you and I’ll make sure you never intentionally hurt another wrestler again. Count on it!” Off to the side, Fever is seen helping Threat back to the locker room and Rainbow Warrior flexes his muscles before turning to head back to the locker room himself. Ed looks into the camera, “And we will be right back.” 

Interview: Major Threat & Freddy Fever 

When the show resumes after the commercial break, Myers is shown in the ring with two new wrestlers. However, before Myers can introduce the match, someone is yelling, “I don’t care what you say!” The camera turns back to Ed as he returns to the podium and Major Threat storms onto the scene. “Demon Knight! You tried to put me out? If you think for one minute that I’m scared of you because you wear a stupid mask, well you’ve got another think coming! I was born and bred to be a soldier and I don’t fear one damned person in this world and that includes you. Watch your back because one of these days, I’m going to make you pay for what you tried to do to me. One of these days.” Freddy Fever finally appears on screen just as Major Threat storms off. The microphones barely pick up Threat asking Fever, “Where the hell were you?” Fever responds, “You told me not to get involved!” The voices fade out as Ed watches them go then looks back at the camera, “Now we will go back to the ring.” 

Mariko vs. Turk 

“The next match is scheduled for one fall and has a ten minute time limit.” Myers finally starts as he motions towards the female in the ring, “In the red corner, coming to you by way of Tokyo Japan, this is Mariko!” Polite applause from the crowd who isn’t familiar with the Japanese woman. She gives a bow and removes her kimono to reveal her red wrestling tights and white boots. “And her opponent. He is from Sarasota Florida. This is Turk!” Another newcomer to the OWA and with the crowd unfamiliar with either wrestler, the fans sit back to determine how they will take to either of these competitors.” The two circle the ring and then lock up. Turk pushes Mariko back into the corner and the referee calls for the break. Turk releases the hold and takes a step back, “And Mariko just slapped the taste out of Turk’s mouth!” 

Turk’s head turns with the slap and he takes a couple of steps back and Mariko just spins around and kicks him right in the face and Turk crumbles to the mat. “What a kick from Mariko! She covers!” The referee moves down and counts to three, calling for the bell. “Turk just had his head knocked off and Mariko has scored a quick victory!” 

The referee turns to raise Mariko’s hand. “Winner of the match, Mariko!” Turk is finally coming around and slowly getting to his feet and Mariko spins around again and nails him one more time and once more Turk just collapses to the mat as she grins and exits the ring. “No call whatsoever for something like that, but Mariko just made a statement to the entire OWA roster. Coming up next, the OWA TV Championship matchup. Don’t go anywhere!”  

OWA TV Championship Match: Anthony Hazard vs. Josh Brown 

After the commercial break, Myers is already in the ring. “This match is scheduled for one fall and has a twenty minute time limit and it is for the OWA Television Championship. Introducing first the challenger, fighting out of the red corner. Welcome Josh Brown! Brown!” Brown turns and flexes his muscles to the crowd as they give him a mixed reaction. That reaction turns to cheers as Myers points towards the champion, “And in the blue corner, with his manager Sir Goodwin, this is the OWA Television Champion, Anthony Hazard!” Hazard holds up the title belt from his corner as the fans cheer for one of their favorites. “Hazard!” Hazard hands his title over to referee as the ref holds the title in the air, Brown rushes across the ring and clobbers Hazard before the bell, and Hazard falls to the floor. Brown raises his hand in the air like he’s earned himself a victory while Goodwin goes over and helps Hazard to his feet. “Hazard looks angry at the dirty tactics of Josh Brown. He climbs into the ring, but Brown cuts him off and hits him with a knee and then pulls him back into the ring.” 

Brown pushes Hazard into the corner and nails him with a forearm smash, and then whips him towards the other corner turnbuckle, but Hazard reverses it sending Brown into it. Brown stumbles out and Hazard backdrops him into the center of the ring. Brown quickly getting to his feet and Hazard nails him with a drop kick and then another drop kick that sends Brown scurrying out of the ring. Brown is catching his breath outside and then climbs back up onto the ring apron and Hazard brings him back into the ring with a hip toss.  

“Josh Brown rakes the eyes of the champion and then clamps on an abdominal stretch! The referee is asking Hazard if he wants to submit to this move but so far Hazard keeps shaking his head. Hold on now, Brown reaching over and grabbing that top rope and using that to pull that move in deeper!” The crowd starts to yell at the referee to look at Brown blatantly cheating and as the referee looks up, Brown releases the hold and all the referee can see is that the ropes are shaking just a little. He asks Brown if he was holding onto the ropes but Brown just shakes his head. “The referee can’t make him break it if he doesn’t see  Brown breaking the rules. Brown again grabbing that rope and this time the referee catches him and makes him let go of the rope and Hazard just tosses him over!” 

As Brown crashes onto his back, Hazard falls against the ropes holding his back. Brown gets to his feet and Hazard comes of the ropes and clotheslines Brown back to the mat. “Hold on. Johnny Stallion has come to the ringside area. Brown goes for the eyes of Hazard and then he notices Stallion at ringside.” Brown leans over the ropes to tell Stallion to get out of here,  Hazard comes up behind him and clamps on a cobra sleeper. “Hazard has it locked in and pulls Brown to the middle of the ring.” Stallion smirks and heads back towards the locker room, while the referee checks on Brown and sees he’s completely out and calls for the bell. Hazard retains.” 

The bell rings and Myers makes the announcement, “Winner of the match and still the OWA Television Champion, Anthony Hazard!” Hazard takes his belt from the ref and he and Sir Goodwin walk away from the ring. “Johnny Stallion caused the distraction that cost Brown his chance at being the Television Champion.” In the ring, Brown is coming around and realizes he lost the match, he slaps his hands on the mat angrily then rolls out of the ring and heads to the back. “We have a World Title match coming up next so don’t you dare go away.” 

OWA Championship Match: Amazon Woman vs. Pretty Boy Monty 

“This match is scheduled for one fall or to a TV time limit. It is for the OWA World Championship. In the red corner is the challenger, he is the number one contender. Representing The Family, this is Pretty Boy Monty!” Some boos throughout the crowd as they jeer the rulebreaker getting ready to challenge their hero. “And introducing the champion!” Jeers turn to cheers as the fans become more animated. “She is the current reigning and defending OWA World Champion, from Parts Unknown here is Amazon Woman!” She gets up on the turnbuckle and holds her title up high in the air.  She hops back down and hands off the title to the referee and removes her jacket as she gets ready for this title defense. 

“Amazon Woman is one of our most beloved champions here in the OWA. Her popularity has gone unmatched.” Ed gets settled in to call this match as the referee holds up the belt high before handing it off to the ringside area. The wrestlers meet in the center of the ring as the referee gives them instruction to keep it clean. Amazon reaches a hand out to Monty, but he just smirks and walks back to his corner and the referee calls for the bell. “And this match is underway.” 

“Here’s where the challenger is at a disadvantage. We only have about ten minutes of television time remaining so if he’s going to beat her, he’s going to have to win before time elapses.” The two wrestlers lock up in the center of the ring and Monty whips the Amazon into the corner and runs in with an elbow smash, but Amazon ducks around and comes back with an elbow of her own. “Monty just explodes out of the corner and clotheslines Amazon Woman out of her boots! Well, if she were wearing boots.” Monty delivers a few stomps to the fallen champion and then pulls her up by her hair. He goes to lift her up for a suplex, but she floats behind him, landing on her feet and wrapping her arms around his waist and she lifts him up and over for a crushing belly to back suplex. Hold on, we have company here.” 

The camera changes to focus on the Femme Fatale making their way into the studio. “Not just Traci Lane and Denise Duncan, but Mariko and Rachel Ryan have also appeared to join the group. And of course, taking up the rear is the giant Gustaffson. Are they here to support Amazon Woman? Has she joined the Femmes?” In the meantime, Amazon has gone for a cover but only gets a two count. She pulls Monty up, but he reaches up and rakes her eyes and she falls against the ropes and Monty rushes in and she ducks and lifts, sending up and over the top rope and he tumbles to the concrete floor. “Looks like the members of the Family have come to ringside as well. Rainbow Warrior, Tiger,  and Executioner are all here. The Femmes start to move in on Monty but the Family attacks! We have a brawl here at ringside and the referee has left to ring to try and get this broken up.” 

With just Amazon Woman in the ring, she doesn’t see from behind Raekwon slipping in under the ropes. He stands and reaches into his trunks and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles, slipping them on his hand.  As Amazon turns around, Raekwon unloads on her, nailing her right in the jaw and she drops like a bag of bricks to the mat! “Raekwon with another sneak attack, this time on the World Champion! Monty is crawling back into the ring and he scrambles over and covers the champ.” The referee who was distracted with the chaos turns and sees the pin and slides in and makes the three count! “We have a new champion!” Monty rolls off the to side now that the bell has rung and the match is over. The referee hands him the title and he clutches it to his chest. The members of the Family have noticed that he’s won the title and leave their fight with the Femmes to go congratulate their leader on this victory. “Amazon Woman hasn’t moved a muscle here..” Ed is interrupted by Traci Lane and the Femme Fatales. 

“Let me tell you something Family, you may have won this battle, but the Femme Fatale will win the war. You fluked into the World Championship, but come Endurance’s Evil Challenge, I’ll beat you for that title and take my rightful place as the World Champion.” Traci claims as she points to Monty in the ring with the Family. “As you can see our numbers are growing, and we will continue to dominate.” Some high fives are giving around for the Femmes before they leave the podium area. As soon as they leave, Steven Childs appears next to Ed Bagel. 

“These outside attacks are getting out of hand.  I typically like to allow our wrestlers to fight their own battles, but at some point I’m going to have to step in and start handing out fines and suspensions. I saw what Raekwon did and next week I’m going to give Amazon Woman a chance to extract her revenge and I will put them in the ring with each other,” says the promoter as from off the screen, Amazon Woman steps into view holding onto the side of her head. “Did you say that was Raekwon who walloped me from behind? I don’t know who you are or who you think you are, Raekwon but next week I’m going to destroy you. After I’m done with you, I want Monty back in the ring. After everything I have done, I’m not going to let that win stand. I want my rematch for the World Title and I want it next week,” she demands.  She pulls her hand away from the side of her head and there’s a small bit of blood there. 

“I’ve already given you Raekwon next week..” the promoter starts but Amazon interrupts. “I don’t care. I want Monty too. I want a rematch and you know what? If I don’t regain my title, I’ll leave the OWA for however long you deem necessary. Thirty days, sixty days, ninety days. Whatever it takes. Just get me back in the ring with Monty.” Amazon Woman storms off the set as the promoter just nods. “I’ll get with Monty and I’ll see what I can do. As of right now, Pretty Boy Monty will defend the World Championship against Traci Lane at Endurance’s Evil Challenge.” With that Steven Childs walks off the set. 

“And we are completely out of time for this week. Join us next week as we may have another World Title match as Amazon Woman has demanded her rematch. She also will take on Raekwon. We will see you right here next week!” Ed says as he closes out the show. 


In the back, the Femme Fatale, complete with their new members Mariko and Rachel Ryan, toast to the success of their alliance. “Here’s to us,” Traci says as she clinks glasses with the rest of the members. Rachel speaks up, “Glad to be aboard. We’re going to run this damned place.” “You got that right,” chimes in Denise. The giant seems to be struggling with the smaller champagne glass but finally is able to drink it down. Mariko is watching him and just grins at the others as everyone laughs at their bodyguard. “To the Femmes,” toasts Traci and everyone responds, “To the Femmes!”  


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