Pretty Boy Monty accepts a special challenge for the OWA Championship; Anthony Hazard defends the TV Championship.

Amazon Woman is already dressed to wrestle when Steven Childs knocks on the door and with invitations enters the locker room. “You sure you want to do this?” he asks as he watches her stand, having finished tying up her wrestling boots. “Yes. I’m certain. I told you when I started that my time was limited here and I need a bit of time off. I’ll be back, don’t worry.” Childs just nods and sighs knowing how popular she is and how in the end this may turn out far worse for him than for her. “You haven’t given me any trouble so let’s play this your way.” He turns and starts for the door, then pauses turning back. “I sure hope you know what you’re doing.” He pushes the door open and steps out of sight. 

Amazon Woman vs. Raekwon 

The opening sequence plays and once it finishes the studio shot opens up already in the ring. Myers Watterson and Amazon Woman are already in the ring. “This match is scheduled for one fall to a finish. In the ring at this time,” Myers begins but immediately stops and bails from the ring as Raekwon sneaks in from the side of the ring and blindsides Amazon Woman, “Another sneak attack by Raekwon, just like last week, but this time Amazon Woman was ready for him as she spins around and kicks him in the gut. Raekwon’s brass knuckles fall to the mat and she kicks them from ring. The bell rings as the referee is ready to start this match, “Amazon Woman is all over Raekwon with a series of punches by the former champion. She gets up and the fans are going nuts and Amazon Woman is fired up. She needs to keep this one short if she’s still planning on challenging Pretty Boy Monty later in this show for the World Title. We are still waiting for word from Monty if he’s going to accept.” Whip into the ropes by Amazon and Raekwon ducks a clothesline attempt and comes off with a kick to the midsection and then a DDT! “That looked like it dazed the former champion. Where’s Raekwon going now?” He steps outside the ring on the apron and begins to climb to the top turnbuckle. Looks like something high risk.” Amazon Woman has slowly made her way to her feet and as Raekwon jumps from the turnbuckle, she catches him and drives him hard into the mat. “But she’s not finished with him. She could easily get the pin but she pulls him to his feet and scoops him up and hits another running powerslam and this time makes the cover!” The referee counts to three and the bell rings. “Impressive victory by Amazon Woman who had something to prove here against the wrestler who cost her the World Championship. Hold on, she doesn’t appear to be finished with Raekwon. She’s pulling him up again and hoisting him over her shoulder and she is moving around the ring with the lifeless wrestler and she powerslams him once again on the mat! Amazon Woman making a statement here that’s she’s not to be messed with. And it looks like she has a few words for us.” 

Amazon Woman has stepped out of the ring and heading towards the podium as Ed meets her there, she doesn’t even wait for a cue. “I’m still waiting to hear whether or not Monty will put his title on the line against me today. I’ve already had a match, though honestly it wasn’t much of one. Raekwon, play in your own league because you certainly weren’t in my league.” Ed’s eyebrows raise at the tone in Amazon Woman’s voice. “Now, Monty. You know your win last week was tainted. If that’s how you want to be champion, then ignore my challenge and go on next week to fight Traci Lane. But if you’re any sort of champion, you’ll meet me here today and accept my challenge. I’ve already stated if I can’t beat you for that title, I’ll pack my bags and leave the OWA for 60 days. Let’s do this today, Monty.” As abruptly as she arrives, she leaves leaving Ed to throw it to a commercial. 

Interview: The Family 

As the show returns from the commercial break, Ed is surrounded by all the members of the Family at his podium. He starts to address Monty about Amazon Woman’s challenge, but Monty interrupts him, “Look at the talent gathered around me. The Family is the elite stable in all of professional wrestling. The Femmes want to come out here and try to interfere during my shot at the World Championship? Well look at what we have here?” Monty reaches down and pulls the OWA Championship from around his waist and holds it high. “I’m the best wrestler in the OWA. Tell them, Warrior.” 

Rainbow Warrior steps forward, “Stop with the niceties, Monty! The Femmes tried to cost you the World Championship but you prevailed. But this means war. Femmes, you are a bunch of cowards that rely on sneak attacks and cheating. And I’ve no idea what you did with my tag team partner Big Dawg Rich but he has all but disappeared from the face of the earth. I promise you, I will find out what you’ve done and I will make you pay.”  

Executioner places a hand on Warrior’s shoulder, “Femmes, you think you can get a giant to be your bodyguard and you’ll be safe from The Family? Interfere in our matches again and see what happens. And you can bring on your giant any day, any time and I promise I’ll put him down like the dog that he is. You got something to say, Intimidator?”  

“I’m the newest member of the Family and they used to call me Tiger, but from now on I’m only simply as Intimidator,” starts the Intimidator. “But don’t take me for granted. Raekwon, I just saw you get your ass handed to you by Amazon Woman, but that will seem like a cakewalk if you put your nose into our business again. You got it? You’re nothing but a little cockroach and I have no problem squishing you under my heel.” 

Ed finally gets control of the interview and he addresses Monty, “What about Amazon Woman’s challenge. Put your title up against a 60 day expulsion from the OWA. Will you accept her challenge?” 

Monty seems to mull the question for a brief moment before speaking. “The Femme Fatale and Gustaffson got involved last week and I had nothing to with that weasel Raekwon getting involved. What you did was an embarrassment to myself and to Amazon Woman who I feel, besides myself, of course, is the greatest wrestler in the OWA. So, yes. I accept her challenge. Amazon Woman, you stated that if you lose this match you’ll leave for 60 days? I hope you enjoy your vacation because I plan to go to Endurance’s Evil Challenge and defeat  Traci Lane in the main event. I just hope that this week there is no interference from the Femme Fatale. After what you did to Raekwon, I’m certain he will no longer be an issue.” The Family  members laugh and high five each other as they walk off the set. “So it’s official, Pretty Boy Monty will defend the OWA Championship against Amazon Woman. If Amazon Woman loses, she will leave the OWA for 60 days. We will be right back!” 

Sabin Figaro vs. Traci Lane 

“This match is scheduled for one fall or to a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first, she is a member of the Femme Fatale, here is Traci Lane! Lane!” Myers says as he motions towards the contender. She doesn’t look at all happy about something. “And in the blue corner, from Detroit Michigan, here is “Gangster Power” Sabin Figaro! Figaro!”  

Ed’s voice is heard again as he begins to speak, “This is a rematch of sorts going back to the tournament to crown the first North American Champion. The bell rings and this match is just getting started.” The two meet in the center of the ring and lock up and Figaro quickly drives a knee to the midsection of the Femme and as she doubles over, he knocks her down with a clothesline and covers her for the pin but barely gets a one count. “Both wrestlers to their feet, Figaro whips Lane into the ropes, then he ducks down by way too soon as Lane stops and drops an elbow to the back of Figaro’s head. She grabs him by his head and just throws him to the ground.”  

Lane gives him a couple of stomps. She pulls him up and he fights back pushing her into the corner. He whips her from corner to corner and then runs in, leaping into the air for a Stinger Splash but Lane moves out of the way and Figaro cracks his head against the top of the ring post! Lane grabs him and lifts him up and falls back, nailing Figaro with a hot shot as his throat falls against the top rope. “What a move by Traci Lane.” She rolls him up and the referee counts to three then calls for the bell to end the match. “Winner of the match, Traci Lane!”  

“Still on a roll as she heads for her chance at the OWA Championship, and it looks like she’s coming this way.” Lane has exited the ring and heads towards the podium. “Ed Bagel what kind of rinky dink operation is the OWA running here? Who is the number one contender for the World Championship? Who is it?” Ed looks visibly nervous as he answers, “Well you are.” 

Traci nods her head, “And why am I the number one contender?” Ed answers this as well, “You won a tournament to become the number one contender.” Traci nods. “Exactly, so why is Steroid Woman getting a chance? Why is she skipping the line? The line starts behind me, Steroid Woman! But it appears that my hard work will go unnoticed..” Ed interrupts, “But you do get your title shot next week, live on pay-per-view.” Lane just nods, “Yes, at Endurance’s Evil Challenge. I’ve been training all week for Pretty Boy Monty and now I might have to change gears and train for Amazon Woman. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. Amazon Woman or Pretty Boy Monty. Amazon Woman got lucky the first time we met, it won’t happen again. And I’m not worried in the least about Pretty Boy Monty. Even with his inferior band of merry men, he’s no challenge for me. Very soon I’ll be at the top where I belong and the Femme Fatale will be calling all the shots. Don’t bet against us. And yes, I’ll be watching the main event tonight very closely.” Lane chuckles as she turns and heads back to the locker room.  

“When we come back,” Ed starts, “The promoter will be here to discuss Endurance’s Evil Challenge. We will be right back.” During the break, Ed is joined by Steven Childs who goes over a few key notes about the upcoming pay-per-view. By the time they finish, they are already getting the cue that they’re about to go live again. When the red light comes on, Ed looks into the camera, “Welcome back to OWA Championship Wrestling. We still have an OWA Television Title defense as well as an OWA Championship Title defense, however joining me at this time is the promoter for the OWA, Mr. Steven Childs.  

“Thanks, Ed.” Steven nods towards Ed and then looks to the camera, “Our second pay-per-view event will go live next weekend and it’s called Endurance’s Evil Challenge. The premise of the tournament is to be a rigorous tournament that starts off with randomly paired tag teams battling in the first round. Winners of each match advance to the second round where you will go one on one with your tag team partner from the first round. Now, I’ve made it very clear I will not have tag teams attacking each other prior to that second round match. Turning on your partner will cause you to immediately be ejected from the tournament.” Steven takes a breath, glancing down at his notes before looks back up and continues. “Winners of the second round advance to the semi final fatal four way elimination match. The match ends when there are only two competitors left and they will wrestle in the finals. The winner of the match will get an OWA Championship match at our next pay-per-view called Caged Fury.” He shuffles his papers until he finds the one he’s looking for, “I’m going to announce the teams for the first round of the tournament. PowerSurge and Raekwon will take on the team of Sabin Figaro and Executioner. Turk and Johnny Stallion will take on Major Threat and Mariko. Demon Knight and Josh Brown will take on Jetstream and Denise Duncan and finally Mr Excitement will team with Rachel Ryan to take on the team of Intimidator and Freddy Fever.” 

Ed notices he’s finished with that portion and then adds a prompting, “There are additional matches scheduled for the pay-per-view, isn’t that correct?” Steven nods and glances again at his notes, “Yes. We already know that Traci Lane will get another opportunity to wrestle for the OWA Championship and she will meet the winner of today’s match between Pretty Boy Monty and Amazon Woman. Also, Colt will get his rematch for the OWA TV Championship taking on current champion Anthony Hazard provided he retains today in his match with Major Threat and the Rainbow Warrior will defend the North American Championship against the giant Gustaffson. And that’s the card.” Steven nods towards Ed with a smile, “Thanks for that update, Mr. Childs and we look forward to the event next week. Remember this event will be on pay-per-view so if you can’t be in the arena live, this is the next best thing. Contact your cable operator and ask for Endurance’s Evil Challenge.” 

OWA TV Championship: Anthony Hazard vs. Major Threat 

“This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the OWA TV Championship.” Myers begins, having taken his proper place in the center of the ring. “Introducing the challenger. He is one half of the OWA Tag Team Champions. This is Major Threat! Threat!” Threat has the Tag Championship belt around his waist. He removes it and holds it up before handing it off to ringside. “His opponent, in the blue corner is the reigning and defending OWA Television Champion. He is managed by Sir Goodwin. Please welcome Anthony Hazard!” The fans cheer for Hazard as he hands off his championship to the referee who holds it high and then hands it off to the ringside attendant.  

“Two of our champions in the ring and they’ll be fighting for the OWA Television Championship. Of course, if Major Threat wins, he’ll have to relinquish the tag team championship, but first he has to get through someone who’s been on a roll recently. He started off a bit rough when he first came to the OWA but he seems to have hit his stride now so we will see how this plays out. Conspicuous by his absence, Major Threat’s tag team partner Freddy Fever is nowhere to be seen,” observes Ed as the referee call for the bell to start the match.  

As they circle the ring and then move in to lock up, Hazard quickly strikes Threat in the jaw with his elbow and Threat answers with one of his own, but then kicks Hazard in the midsection and then nails him with a knee lift that sends Hazard to the mat. “Threat taking control here. Threat bringing Hazard to his feet and whipping him into the corner turnbuckle and tries to smash Hazard’s head into the turnbuckle but Hazard blocks it! Hazard reverses it and Threat’s head meets the turnbuckle.  Now wait a second here.” The fans begin to boo and in a few seconds Freddy Fever makes an appearance on screen.  

“Fever making his presence known as he cheers on his tag team partner, Major Threat.” Threat trips Hazard and then begins to stomp mercilessly on his head. “Major Threat going for his Camel Clutch finisher! He’s not wasting any time here trying to win the television championship. Hazard is too close to the ropes however and reaches his hand out to grab onto the bottom rope and the referee makes Major Threat break the hold.”  Fever is slapping the mat. “You’d have to think that Fever wouldn’t want Threat to win this match because it would cost him the tag team championship.” 

Threat whips Hazard into the ropes. Threat ducks and Hazard leaps over into a sunset flip and Fever gets on the ring apron as Hazard has Threat pinned to the mat. “But Threat pulls him over and he has a handful of trunks! But Fever still has the referee’s attention while his own tag team partner has the champion pinned!” Hazard rolls him over again and this time holds onto the tights himself as Fever drops down from the apron and the referee turns around just in time to see the pin and drops down to administer the three count and calls for the bell. Fever sees the predicament tries to intervene but it’s too late. Hazard rolls out of the ring as Myers makes it official. “Winner of the match and still the OWA Television Champion, Anthony Hazard!” 

“Threat has no idea what happened here, but he knows that Fever was somehow involved and as Anthony Hazard heads back to the dressing room, Threat just pushed down Fever.” Threat can be heard loud and clear, telling Fever to stay out of his business! “This situation between the tag champions seems to be escalating. When we come back, the OWA Championship rematch will take place between Pretty Boy Monty and Amazon Woman. Stay tuned.” Freddy looks dejected as Threat storms out of the ring and show fades to commercials. 

OWA Championship: Pretty Boy Monty vs. Amazon Woman 

As the show returns from the commercial break, Ed Bagel is standing with Steven Childs at the OWA podium. Ed addresses the promoter, “I understand you have something you need to address before we go to our main event today.” Steven nods his head, “That’s correct. During this next match, the only individuals I want to see out here are the challenger, the champion and the referee. If anyone else from the locker room comes out into this studio, they will be suspended for 180 days. There will be no interference tolerated in this world title match. Thanks.” Steven walks off the set as Ed tosses it to the ring. 

“This match is scheduled for one fall to TV time remaining. This match is for the OWA Championship. Introducing first, the challenger. She hails from Parts Unknown and she is the former OWA Champion. Please welcome, Amazon Woman!” Myers points his cards towards the female. She is dressed the same as she was earlier in the broadcast when she wrestled Raekwon and the studio audience goes nuts for her. “And the champion, fighting out of the blue corner. He is a member of the Family. He is the reigning and defending OWA Champion. This is Pretty Boy Monty!” 

“Typically World title matches have a one hour time limit this match will have roughly half of that as we have just over half an hour left in today’s broadcast. This puts all the pressure on Amazon Woman to gain a pinfall on the champion, Pretty Boy Monty.” The referee calls for the bell, “This match is underway. The two competitors shake hands, which is something you rarely see in our sport these days. The OWA doesn’t follow the stigma of other federations where they might have heroes and villains. In the OWA we have personalities and conflicts and while Amazon Woman and Pretty Boy Monty might not see eye to eye on everything, there appears to be a mutual respect between the two.” 

The two wrestlers lock up in the center of the ring, Amazon Woman tries to toss Monty into the ropes, but he doubles back and nails her hard with an uppercut, spinning around the former champion and Monty wraps his arms around her waist and lifts her back for a crushing German suplex. Monty off the ropes and he drops a legdrop on Amazon Woman. “Quick cover, but barely a one count. Monty tries to pull her up, but she sweeps his leg, knocking him back to the mat. As he scrambles back to his feet, she nails him with an elbow smash.” She grabs his arm and whips him towards the ropes, but he hangs on and sends her into the ropes instead. Amazon Woman ducks a clothesline and bounces off the ropes with a clothesline of her own and another quick cover and only gets a one count on the champion.  

“Monty is a very smart wrestler. He never goes into a match without some sort of game plan. Now he’s up and he takes a wild swing that completely misses the challenger and as he spins arounds, Amazon Woman lifts him up and drops him down with an atomic drop and this time Monty takes a powder to the outside.  This is a good move, trying to slow down the momentum that seems to be on Amazon Woman’s side.”  Amazon Woman waits inside the ring while Monty walks around the outside then climbs onto the apron and slowly makes his way back into the ring. They lock up again, no Amazon Woman with a kick to the midsection and then she goes for a piledriver but Monty blocks the attempt by going for a backdrop but Amazon Woman carries herself over into a sunset flip and a pin attempt but the referee only gets a two count. “That caught Monty off guard, but he avoided the pin. Amazon off the ropes and cross body block but Monty ducks down and Amazon crashes into the mat. Monty pulls her up and whips her into the corner and runs in, monkey flip out of the corner. He runs off the ropes and goes for an elbow drop but Amazon Woman rolls out of the way. This has been a intelligent match on both sides here. They have definitely scouted each other and seem to know what to expect from their opponent.”  

Monty gets up and Amazon uses an arm drag to take him over. She tries again, but this time Monty just clothesline her in the back of the head knocking her out of the ring. “Looks like a bad fall for Amazon Woman as she seems to be favoring that knee. Let’s see if Monty can capitalize or if he has even noticed.” Amazon Woman gets up on the ring apron, but Monty meets her and suplexes her back into the ring and then covers her, but only for a one count. Monty off the ropes again and once again tries for an elbow drop and once again Amazon Woman rolls free and Monty crashes onto the mat. “That’s the second time Monty has missed that elbow. Amazon Woman takes a hold of that arm and spins around for a cradle, but Monty breaks free for another two count.”   

Monty is up and he rakes at the eyes and then runs into the ropes. He comes off with a big boot that Amazon ducks, Amazon runs into the ropes and Monty ducks her clothesline. She turns around and he hip tosses her to the mat. He moves to drop another elbow and she rolls out of the way, and she goes for a legdrop and he moves out of the way. “This match is becoming a serious of counters as each wrestler seems to know what to avoid from their opponent here.” As Amazon Woman gets to her feet and reaches for Monty, he rolls her up for a pinfall attempt that she manages to roll and then he manages to roll. For a few moments, they stay locked together rolling around on the ring with the referee counting two before they roll again and it starts all over again and finally the two break free from each other and lie on the mat, panting as the length of this match is starting to take its toll on both competitors.  

“Fatigue setting in here as both the champion and the challenger are giving their all in this match. Hold on now.” As they get to their feet, Amazon Woman’s back is to Monty and he grabs her around the neck for a sleeper hold and she struggles to break free. “He’s got that move locked in and she looks to be fading fast here.” She flails her arms about, trying to move towards the ropes but Monty holds fast to the sleeper. “For some reason, he’s just let the hold loose and Russian legsweep, and Monty flips over on top of her!” The referee is in the perfect spot to drop down and count to three. “Monty pins Amazon Woman! What a match!” Ed exclaims as Monty slowly rolls off top of Amazon Woman and lies on the mat, both wrestlers panting as exhaustion finally sets in now that the match is over. Myers’ voice is heard across the studio, “Winner of the match and still the OWA Champion, Pretty Boy Monty!” Ed’s voice becomes more somber as realization sets in as to what this means for Amazon Woman. “However, the story here is that Amazon Woman must leave the OWA for sixty days. We have to break away for a commercial break, but when we come back we have a stand by match and we’re going to try to get word with Amazon Woman.” 

During the break, Monty finally gets to his feet as members of the Family come to ringside and start to get in, but he holds them off. Executioner, Intimidator and Rainbow Warrior stay on the outside of the ring as Monty extends his hand to Amazon Woman and helps her to her feet.  He keeps a hold of her hand as they exchange a few words and he raises her hand, before he takes his title and joins his Family members on the outside and they head to the back. Amazon Woman glances to those gathered in the studio with a look of disappointment in her eyes as she finally turns and exits the ring. Ed tries to stop her from leaving, but she just stays a few words to him before she heads back to the locker room. 

Ed is at the podium when the show returns, “I tried to get a word with Amazon Woman after her loss but she wasn’t ready to speak to the camera. She just asked me to pass along to everyone that she will be back. Let’s go back to the ring.” 

Unfortunately, the world title match and Amazon Woman’s loss that banned her from the OWA for sixty days surpassed the match that was to come as Denise Duncan defeated Executioner in a very close match that went down to the final seconds as a member of the Femme Fatale battled a member of the Family as this bitter feud turns it up a notch as Duncan was able to bust open Executioner and when the match was over, he was left a bloody mess as the show ended. 


The dressing room is dimly lit as Amazon Woman sits quietly in the locker room. This was what she wanted, right? A couple of months off to take care of some personal business on her behalf.  She hears a knock on the door. She reaches for her mask and slips it over her head. She has never let even another wrestler see her without her mask. Her privacy was the most important thing to her. She wasn’t ready to reveal her true identity. Not just yet. “Come in.”  She has showered and changed into her street clothes. Her hair was still wet. She rarely does anything to it after the matches, just before she goes out into the ring. 

The door creaks open and she hears it shut and footsteps as Pretty Boy Monty steps between the row of lockers. Perhaps he thought he’d see her without her mask on, so when he sees it almost gives a double take. As far as he knows, no one has ever seen her without it. “Hey.” he says as she stands to greet him. “Hey.” is her response. “What’s up?” 

“I just wanted to say thanks. For everything. I’ve no idea where you’re going or why, but what you did for me out there. I’m grateful.” He slowly reaches out his hand to her and she glances down at her. “It’s time for me to step back and let someone else take center stage. You’ve been here a long time and I think you deserve the chance.” She smirks as she adds, “Don’t screw it up,” which causes Monty to laugh. “I’ll certainly try.” She finally reaches out to clasps hands with him and then it’s over. She reaches down and grabs her bag, he adds, “I’d walk out with you, but Childs would probably shit himself.” She laughs, nodding. “I’m sure he would.” He starts to turn away to walk out, but something causes him to pause as he turns and looks at her, “You’re coming back, right?” 

She nods. “I’m coming back.” She doesn’t say anything more. She’s already spoken with Childs about it and he’s given his blessing about what her return will entail but they have kept it a secret, for now. 

Monty seems content with that answer, though he can certainly tell she’s holding something back. He nods his head, “Good. We do need you here,” he adds before he finally turns to leave, his footsteps echoing through the near empty locker room and the door is heard opening and closing.  Amazon Woman reaches for her gym back and hoists it over her shoulder. She’ll be back. But when she returns, everything changes. 



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