Freddy Fever has one hand tied behind his back as he faces former ally Asian Invasion; Mr. America gets his first shot at the OWA TV Championship as he takes on current champion Shogun; Ricky Hype tangles with Tom Tomorrow and Shocker takes on newcomer Tara Quinn

Grand Prix Update

Shelly Marks: I’m Shelly Marks with your weekly Grand Prix Report! Let’s get down to what you all want to know. The current scores in the GP tournament:
Freddy Fever leads the pack with 115.

With a score of 100:
Gustaffson, Anthony Hazard, MegaDiesel, Consuelo Salyards, Wendy Ryker, Billy Smith, Fast Fighter

With score of 80:
Executioner, Rainbow Warrior, Mr. America, Mike Mustang, Davey Scott, Samantha Tanner

With a score of 75:
Mike Mustang

Stacks Coltrain, Mariko, The Shocker, Johnny Stallion, Asian Invasion, Danny Maxx, Tom Tomorrow, Tara Quinn


Rachel Ryan, Pretty Boy Monty, Mack Truck

Ricky Hype, Johnny Fate

Johnny Blades, Xyz

Please note, it’s VERY early in the tournament. Things will start to individualize as the tournament goes on. There won’t be as many ties.

Upset of the Week: Billy Smith defeating Anthony Hazard. No contest.

Who’s HOT: Freddy Fever is on a roll. His only defeat at the hands of Anthony Hazard. He’s leading the pack with a score of 115.

Who’s NOT-So-HOT: Johnny Blades. Xyz. They need to pick it up here if they’re going to any sort of threat in this tournament.

What’s going on here? Rachel Ryan & Pretty Boy Monty. It’s still early in the tournament and their opponents have been top rated. I have a feeling both of these competitors will be up near the top before this one is over.

What matches are going to be hot this week?:

1/6: Hazard vs. Executioner
1/7: Fever vs. Ryan; Gustaffson vs. Mariko; Hazard vs. Hype
1/8: Hazard vs. Ryan
1/9: Coltrain vs. Fever; Mariko vs. Hazard
1/10: Monty vs. Executioner
1/11: Stallion vs. Fever

I’m Shelly Marks and this has been your Grand Prix report.

Ed: Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling. I’m Ed Bagel and I’m here with my cohost Biff Franklin.

Biff: And it’s your pleasure! Haha. Let me tell you something, I think Freddy Fever’s head has gotten pretty big! He’s going to take on Asian Invasion with one arm tied behind his back!

Ed: Freddy Fever is a consummate professional. He’s faced Asian Invasion on a couple of occasions and he feels like he can take Invasion with one arm tied behind his back. But you have to wonder what Invasion, or Fever for that matter, have planned for this match.

Biff: I’m predicting that Fever will be brought down a notch and that Invasion will come out on top of this one.

Ed: Shogun will defend the OWA TV Championship against Mr. America. America had a great start in the Grand Prix tournament. And now is his chance to gain his first title in the OWA.

Biff: Mr. America, aside from his problems with Asian Invasion, is a great competitor. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Mr. America defeat Shogun and win the TV Championship.

Ed: We have plenty of action, so let’s get down to ringside.

Tara Quinn vs. Shocker

Announcer: This match is one fall. First coming down the aisle. She weighs in at 129 pounds. This is “Harley” Tara Quinn! And her opponent, being led down to the ring by Sir Goodwin. He weighs in at 230 pounds. Here is The Shocker!

Ed: Now last week, Tara Quinn snapped, and the result is that Jetstream is no longer in the OWA. He is out with a broken knee and he may not return to wrestling at all. And. oh my! The referee turned to call for the bell and Tara Quinn just nailed Shocker with a low blow and Shocker is in serious trouble here.

Biff: Tara Quinn pulls no punches. I like her style. She’s going to finish this one off early. She goes to the turnbuckle but Shocker moves out of the fistdrop. Shocker is up. He nails her with a shoulder block and another.

Ed: Tara Quinn slides under Shocker and nails him with another low blow and the referee is calling for the bell. She nails him with a couple more low blow and Sir Goodwin comes in, as Quinn leaves the ring and check out the look on Tara Quinn.

Biff: She’s not all there, Bagel. You gotta know she’s not all there.

Announcer: Winner of this match as the result of a disqualification, The Shocker.


Dim lighting, and the faint outline of a man standing in front of a car in the darkness, the only light coming from the vehicles headlights)

I have been sitting, watching all these other wrestlers competing for all the titles they could get. And some got those titles, while the majority lost them just as quickly as they got them.

But to sit and listen to these people whine because. I was cheated! or, I don’t know what happened to make me lose the title.. Pathetic. I think it’s time for my shot at a title. And I have to get through you people to do it. So be it.

But when you step in the ring with Virgo, and I step out the victor. There will be no “How could I lose?” because I will leave no doubt as to why you lost. Quite simply, I will beat you. That’s how. No ifs ands or buts.

Virgo has arrived.

Tom Tomorrow vs. Ricky Hype

Announcer: This match is one fall. First, coming down the aisle. He weighs in at 310 pounds. Here is the “Wrestler of the Future” Tom Tomorrow! And his opponent. He is accompanied to the ring by Anthony Hazard. He weighs in 257 pounds. Here is Ricky Hype!

Ed: Ricky Hype said he was bringing his fans with him to the OWA, and I tell ya, it sounds like all 25,000 people crammed in here tonight are from Ricky Hype’s hometown of Hudson Bay, Canada!

Biff: Yeah, and what’s with all the sunglasses they’re wearing? Must be some kind of hockey thing I think. Can they even see?

as camera flashes start to pop all over the arena, Ricky Hype makes his way to the ring, he high fives some of his fans, signs tons of autographs, and kisses a few good looking girls on his way]

Biff: Is this match going to start tonight or should I get a wakeup call?!?!

Ricky Hype rounds the ring, stops and says hi, to the Spanish announcers and then starts towards Ed and Biff]

Biff: What’s he doing? He’s coming over here!

Ricky Hype pulls up a chair and sits down next to Ed]

Ricky Hype: Ed, Biff, just wanted to come over and introduce you to the Hypelife!! Whatta ya think of my fans? They’re the greatest ever!! They came here to see a show and they’re gonna get one!!!!

Ricky Hype gets up and heads for the ring]

Ed: Now hold on a moment. Johnny Fate is coming down the aisle and he is standing in the corner of Tom Tomorrow. Is there some sort of pact here?

Biff: How am I supposed to know?? If Hype can have Hazard at ringside, then Tomorrow can have that loser Fate at ringside. Even if it does smell down here now.

Ed: Are you going to start again? There’s the bell and Tomorrow nails Hype with a clothesline but Hype isn’t playing that. Hype with a faceslam and a superkick and Tomorrow goes out to regroup.

Biff: Hype is all action tonight. He’s trying to make up for his lousy performance in the Grand Prix tournament. Tomorrow gets back into the ring. Hype goes for a flying dropkick, but Tomorrow ducks and Hype hits the mat.

Ed: Tomorrow drops an elbow then pulls up Hype and nails him with a bodyslam. Tomorrow with a cross corner whip. He charges in, but Hype lifts a knee. Hype nails Tomorrow with a clothesline.

Biff: Hype nails Tomorrow with a spin kick and goes for the cover. one. two. Kickout by Tomorrow. Hype goes for a flying elbow, but Tomorrow ducks. Tomorrow nails Hype with a choke slam and goes to the top.

Ed: What the?!? Johnny Fate just nailed Tomorrow with that pipe! Hype looks over. Hazard is trying to get Hype’s attention. Hazard then chases after Fate down the aisle. Fate goes through the curtain.

Biff: He just came back. Freddy Fever just pushed Fate back! Now Fate is trapped between Hazard and Fever. In the ring. Hype with a waistlock suplex. one. two. three!

Ed: Fever just nails Fate with a superkick, and Hazard just clotheslines him. Fever brushes past Hazard and towards the ring and Hazard goes back to let Hype know what happened. Fever helps Tomorrow out of the arena and Hazard and Hype walk out, past the downed Johnny Fate.

Endurance’s Evil Challenge Drawing

Elaine Bryant: We’re at ringside and about to announce the first two teams for Endurance’s Evil Challenge. All of the OWA wrestlers’ names were put into this barrel, each sealed in an envelope. Everyone knows the first round consists of random tag team matches. At this time, I’ll be selecting the first two teams to compete in that tournament.

Elaine reaches into the barrel and pulls out an envelope. The first member of team one, will be, what a coincidence. Johnny Fate. And his tag team partner will be.

She reaches in and pulls out another: Oh my. Consuelo Salyards.

They’ll be facing.

She pulls out another: Ricky Hype and Mariko!

So it’ll be Salyards and Fate taking on Mariko and Hype as part of the first round of the EEC tournament. We’ll draw two more teams next week. Back to you guys.

Contender’s Match: Rachel Ryan/Gustaffson vs. Danny Maxx/Johnny Blades

Announcer: This match is one fall and is a tag team contender’s match. The winning team will get a shot at the OWA Tag Team Champions at Endurance’s Evil Challenge. First, representing the Femme Fatale. Here is the team of Rachel Ryan and the giant Gustaffson! And their opponents. Accompanied to the ring by Sir Goodwin. Here are Danny Maxx. Johnny Blades. The Extremists!

The Extremist come down to the ring stopping off at the announcer’s table and grab Biff and Ed’s microphones]

Blades: We have one thing to say. This is CRAP! For weeks the OWA has been hiding the tag team champions from us. All of our challenges have gone unanswered, no tag team has our record, and no tag team can compete at our level.

Maxx: Now they want us to wrestle a contender’s match?? If we have to play this game, we will. We will climb in this ring and kick ass!

Blades points at Gus and Ryan: We have no problem with you. The Elite and The Femmes have been good friends for a long time. This is not personal, I hope you understand.

Blades and Maxx drop the microphones, charge the ring and go after the Femmes]

Ed: Oh my word. The Extremists mean business. They have attacked the team of Rachel Ryan and Gustaffson and this has spilled to the floor. Maxx whips Ryan into the guardrail over on the other side, Blades sends Gustaffson into the ringpost.

Biff: You can’t blame these guys. I mean as former tag team champions, they’ve only gotten, what, one title shot? Maxx misses a clothesline and Ryan backdrops him over the guardrail. She climbs over and chokeslams him on the concrete.

Ed: Blades is kicking the fallen Gustaffson then tries to get him back into the ring, but Gustaffson nails him with a headbutt and they are slugging it out and the bell is ringing. I think the referee is calling this one off. We have to get some order restored here. Here come some Femmes and the rest of the Elite. We’ll be back right after this.

Trey Vibe

(The camera opens on a ghetto like street. Homeless people line the sidewalks, and in the distance, you see a heat blurred man walking toward the camera. When he gets closer you can make out the details of this tall black man, wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, and a blue bandanna. He struts close enough to the camera that he is the main focus of the scene, then begins to speak.)

Trey Vibe: Wuz up out there? Trey Vibe here, and this.

(Gestures around with his arms.)

Trey: This is MY hood. All you bustas of da OWA don’t know nothin’ ‘bout growin’ up in my hood. I got a friggin’ tiny ass apartment I share with Grandma, my Mom, and my two sisters. All ya rich bastards there ain’t never had to fight to get somewhere, ya never had a gun against your head, you don’t got a drug dealer on one corna and a couple of b*tches on da other. We’ll you know what, I learned ta fight on dem streets. OWA, all ya bustas gonna get hit wit da Bop Gun.

(Flashes an unrecognizable gang sign with his fingers, before walking off.)

OWA TV Championship: Shogun vs. Mr. America

Announcer: This match is one fall and it is for the OWA TV Championship. First introducing the challenger. He weighs in at 275 pounds. He claims to be America’s perfection. Here is Mr. America! And his opponent, being led down to the ring by Pretty Boy Monty. This is Shogun!

Ed: This is Mr. America’s first chance at a title here in the OWA. Let’s see if he can make the best of it. There’s the bell and a lock up. Shogun with a whip. Shogun with a Japanese armdrag takedown. Shogun with another whip and he nails America with a kick. Clothesline by Shogun.

Biff: The TV Champion starting off quickly in this encounter. Shogun with a spinning mule kick, but America ducks. America with a flying forearm then a Northern Lights suplex. one. Kickout by Shogun. America with a whip and a hotshot. Dragon suplex by Mr. America.

Ed: America with a whip. Spinebuster slam and America is sure this will be all for Shogun. one. two. Kickout by Shogun. Uh oh.

Biff: Asian Invasion is coming to ringside. Now it’s we’ll documented that Asian Invasion and Mr. America have a great dislike for one another. It’ll be some contest when those two collide. Mr. America sees Invasion and tells him to get outta here and from behind. Shogun with a cradle. one. two. Kickout by Mr. America.

Ed: Shogun is biting the face of Mr. America and then nails him with an ipponzei. Shogun is up and he hits America with a dropkick to the knee and America is in serious trouble here.

Biff: Asian Invasion is not having a positive influence on Mr. America at this point in this match. He’s proven to be a great distraction. Here come some officials to try and get Invasion out of the ringside area.

Ed: Shogun with a whip. Reversal by America and Invasion just tripped Shogun. Now I do not know if this was intention on Invasion’s part. I’m sure he meant to trip America. The ref has called for the bell.

Biff: Perhaps Invasion just wanted to cost America the TV title. Invasion is pointing at America, as he’s being helped by OWA officials out of the ringside area.

Announcer: Winner of this match as the results of a disqualification, and STILL OWA TV Champion. Shogun!!

Ed: And the feud between Mr. America and Asian Invasion reaches new heights! Let’s go to Myers Watterson with our Endurance’s Evil Challenge report.

Endurance’s Evil Challenge Update

Myers: Welcome to our first Endurance’s Evil Challenge Report.

For those not familiar with this tournament, let me run down the rules. There are four rounds to this tournament. The first is tag team, the second is singles. The third is a free for all, and the final is a Death Match. Now, the first round tag team portion of the tournament uses randomized pairings. As you saw earlier, it’ll be Consuelo Salyards teaming up with Johnny Fate to take on the team of Mariko and Ricky Hype. Now, the winning team goes on to the second round to face each other. Attacking your partner, is grounds for immediate termination from the tournament as we’ll as suspension and fines from OWA officials.

Also, this has JUST moments ago been signed. It’s a triangle match for the OWA Tag team championship with elimination rules. The champions, The Chiefs will be defending that title against The Extremists and the team of Rachel Ryan & Gustaffson. After what happened earlier today, you can bet this will be a war.

Shogun will be defending his TV Champion, his opponent has not yet been named.

And Traci Lane will be defending the OWA Championship against the winner of the Grand Prix tournament.

I’ll be back next week with more on this event. Let’s go down to ringside for our feature match.

Asian Invasion vs. Freddy Fever w/ one hand tied behind his back

Announcer: This match is one fall. Already in the ring, weighing in at 230 pounds. Here is Asian Invasion! And his opponent, coming down the aisle. He weighs in at 245 pounds. Here is “The Disco Kid” Freddy Fever! Stipulations say that Freddy Fever will wrestle with one arm tied behind his back.

Ed: Asian Invasion already taunting Fever, but Fever knows all the tricks in the book. He’s not going to get flustered by that. The referee is securing one arm behind the back of Fever.

Biff: I dunno if I’d be using a rope for that. Fever steps up to Invasion and gets right in his face and I cannot hear what they’re saying, but there’s certainly no love lost here. Fever just poked Invasion in the eye!

Ed: In order for Fever to win this match, he’s going to have to keep on the offensive. Once Invasion becomes offensive, then it’s going to be hard for Fever to win this one. Clothesline by Fever. He pulls up Invasion and whips him into the ropes and nails him with an elbow.

Biff: Fever with a couple stomps. A lot of his favorite moves are going to be out for this one. I mean, he can’t perform his patented Brainbuster with only one hand. Fever with a facerake and he nails Invasion with another clothesline. Fever misses a kneedrop as Invasion rolls out of the way and Invasion is all over Fever with stomps and kicks.

Ed: Invasion with a kick to the midsection and another and another and Fever is kicked out of the ring. Invasion follows him out. He takes that rope and pulls it across the throat of Freddy Fever, then whips him into the guardrailing and then into the ring post. Lookie here. Mr. America has entered the arena. He’s back at the entrance and watching this matchup. Considering how Asian Invasion cost him the TV title. I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see him get involved in this match.

Biff: Invasion picks up Freddy and slams him down on that arm. He rolls Fever back into the ring. Invasion picks up Fever. Piledriver! Cover. one. two. Kickout by Fever. Invasion with a whip. Fever ducks a clothesline and NAILS! Invasion with a superkick, but Invasion flies back into the referee and the referee is outta the ring!

Ed: Mr. America grabs a chair and enters the ring. Fever’s got the cover. He gets up and sees America. They’re having words. Fever wants America to get out of the ring. America sees that Fever has things under control and begins to leave the ring. Fever goes back to Invasion and OH!!!

Biff: Mr. America just NAILED! Fever with that chair. And here comes Chaos! Chaos slides into the ring and looks at America and then kicks Fever. Invasion is coming to and now all three are all over Fever! What the he’ll is going on here?

Ed: They’re setting up Fever for a spiked Made in America piledriver! And they nailed him. America and Chaos exit the ring and Chaos rolls the ref back into the ring. He sees Invasion covering Fever. one. two. three! Invasion has stolen this one.

Announcer: Winner of this match, in 8: 23, Asian Invasion.

Biff: Invasion takes the microphone.

(Asian Invasion grabs the microphone, and all three of them are exchanging high fives and laughing.)

Invasion: Oh my, my, my, ladies and gentleman, please let me introduce to, THE EVIL EMPIRE!!!

(Crowd gives mixed reactions.)

Invasion: You see, we fooled you ALL!!! All week long, I was at America’s throat, YOU ALL thought we hated each other. Oh my god you people are stupid!!!

(Asian begins laughing uncontrollably, and Mr. America takes the mic.)

America: We’ve been planning this for weeks! We all hated each other, as far you all were concerned. Get ready to pay the price.

All three begin to pound on Fever s. more and here comes Executioner with a chair and all three make a hasty retreat. as soon as they’re gone, Executioner throws down the chair, looks over at Fever and exits the ring, as official scramble in to help Fever back to the locker room]

Biff: I don’t know what to say. Looks like the Evil Empire has taken care of Freddy Fever, and it looks like Asian Invasion and Mr. America had us fooled all along. Add Chaos to the mix and you’ve got a tough team to beat.

Ed: Next week, Shogun will defend the OWA TV Championship against Consuelo Salyards. We’ll have word on the condition of Freddy Fever. Also in action, Johnny Fate, Samantha Tanner, and much more. Next week on OWA Championship Wrestling.

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