Mariko defends the TV Championship against Chaos; The Chiefs take on Pretty Boy Monty and the Rainbow Warrior; Amazon Woman battles John Justice

Previously on OWA Championship Wrestling.

Freddy Fever takes him down with a flying lariat. Gustaffson takes him down with a powerslam. Referee counts: One, two, kickout. Gustaffson nails him with a jack-knife power bomb. Gustaffson executes the Drop Piledriver and goes for the pin. Referee counts: One, two, three.

Ed: Gus gets the pinfall!

Biff: What? What a lucky man he is!! There’s no way he couldn’t have beaten Fever!

Announcer: The winner is Gustaffson. Time of match: 0: 09: 46

Ed: Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling. The longest running professional wrestling broadcast online. And speaking of old, here’s my cohost. Biff Franklin.

Biff: Who you calling old? I outta.

Ed: Freddy Fever and Gustaffson last week caused quite a commotion. So next week, it’s been challenged and accepted. Gustaffson will take on Freddy Fever in a rematch, and there will be a NO DQ clause.

Biff: Fever gets his revenge! Hahaha. This week, someone I’m sure impressed with will be making his OWA debut. Mr. America. I hear a lot of good stuff from this guy.

Ed: Our main event will be for the OWA TV Championship. Current champion Mariko will take the challenge of Chaos.

Biff: I wonder if Mariko will be in for a hanging similar to the one that Stacks Coltrain got.

Ed: That was a despicable act of cowardice on the part of Chaos.

Biff: But in that match, it was legal!

Ed: Plus! Great news for OWA fans and wrestlers alike. OWA has purchased controlling rights for Live Action Wrestling. We’ve seen some of the highlights from LAW in recent weeks where some OWA Wrestlers have been at ringside. LAW is now a subsidiary of the OWA. LAW will be training ground for future stars in the OWA.

Biff: We’ll show that insignificant little federation where they can go.

Ed: Let’s go to ringside.

John Justice vs. Amazon Woman

Announcer: This match is one fall. First weighing in at 295 pounds. Here is John Justice!! And his opponent. Making her way to ringside. Weighing in at 165 pounds. Here is Amazon Woman!

Ed: Great to see Amazon Woman back in action.

Biff: Ms. Short Hair. *chuckle* What a woofer.

Ed: You better not start. You’ve already got Johnny Fate pissed off at ya. You don’t need any other complication in your life right now.

Biff: Johnny Fate. What a wimp! My grandmother could take that jerk. In fact, next week. I’ll have a special edition of the “Voice Box” just to show Johnny Jerk that he’s nothing but a nobody. A never was. He’s never going to make it in this sport.

Ed: Oh dear.

Biff: If he dares, that is. But I bet he won’t show up. He’s a loser and a coward!

Ed: Back in the ring, there’s a lock up. Amazon Woman with a quick belly to belly suplex. one. two. kickout by Justice. That was almost over.

Biff: Kinda like Johnny Fate’s career.

Ed: Will you stop? Amazon Woman with a spinning mule kick. She whips him off the ropes and powerslam. cover. one. two. kickout by Justice. Amazon off the ropes and nails Justice with a forearm smash. She goes to the top, but no, Justice is up and slams her to the mat.

Biff: Justice misses an elbowdrop. Amazon up and whip to the corner and Stinger Splash. She hoists him up and. Running Powerslam. Cover. one. two. three!!!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 3: 29, Amazon Woman!

Ed: Elaine Bryant is on her way to talk to Amazon Woman. I bet she has a lot to say.

Biff: Yeah, just not a lot of hair. *laughs*

Amazon Woman

Elaine Bryant: I’m here with Amazon Woman. Congratulations on your victory here tonight and for making to the finals at The Wheel of Torture.

Amazon: Thanks. It’s good to be back.

Elaine: You missed a lot of matches for a few weeks there, including a contenders match for the OWA Title. Where were you and what were you doing?

Amazon: After we, being Freddy Fever and I, lost the tag team championship and after he attacked me and after they cut off my hair and nearly broke my neck. I just lied in the hospital. After they released me. I didn’t have the desire I once had to come back to the sport. (she points to Justice) Just like he doesn’t have the desire to be in the OWA. I could see it in his eyes. It was the same look that was in my eyes just about a month ago.

Elaine: Then why did you come back?

Amazon: I sat in my empty apartment and slept. I slept for days on end not wanting to get up. Not wanting to do much of anything. Something drew me to turn on OWA Championship Wrestling and I saw Freddy Fever pull the tights to win over Traci Lane and all of a sudden I wanted to be back. I wanted to come back here and kick his ass all over the ring. All the hatred I have for that, if you can call him a man, is right now burning a hole inside me. (She turns to the camera) Freddy, don’t think this is over. Not by a long shot. I’m going to get my hands on you and it’ll be all over. All over for you. I’ve won the OWA TV Championship, the OWA Tag Team Championship, the North American Championship and the OWA Championship. All within a years’ time. No one. Not anyone in this federation, or who has ever been in this federation can say that they’ve done that. All I have left to prove, is that Freddy Fever has no business in this sport. Once I take care of Fever. I will have nothing left to prove. But I won’t rest until he’s taken care of for good. So, sign the match. Any match you want. NO DQ. Chain Match. Cage Match. But let’s do this thing to the finish. Personally. I’d love to get him in the ring in a submission match. But somehow. Someway. Someday, Freddy, you and I will settle this once and for all.

Tara Quinn

(Fade in to a typical flash scene with the bright background etc. Standing ominously in the center is a new addition to the OWA, “Harley” Tara Quinn. OK description time. Tara is about 5’9″, anorexically thin and clad in a black and purple full body jumpsuit. The jumpsuit extends up to cover her head & ears like a balaclava except the top is open allowing her long blonde hair to flow down past her shoulders. Covering her face is a silver mask, much like a typical theatrical mask displaying an exaggerated, almost psychotic grin. After a few seconds she speaks in an expressive, condescending voice)

Quinn: Hi Everyone! I’m new here but I’m sure you’ll all get to know me soon. I’m here to have a good time and I hope you guys appreciate that. If you don’t.

(her voice trails off as an intense look of evil pours though her eyes and the grin on her mask appears to widen slightly)

Quinn: People who cross me usually don’t do it twice.

(Then, as quickly as it was brought on the evil glare cut off)

Quinn: Anyway, I’m sure we won’t have any problems, right? After all, it’s only for sport.

(As the camera fades out her last few words hit an ominous, almost sarcastic tone.)

Biff: Yikes! Another girlfriend escape from the mental ward, Ed??

Ed: Wha? Hey, watchit.

Biff: And down to ringside!

Rachel Ryan vs. Miguel Thunder

Announcer: This match is one fall. First, being led to the ring by the giant of the OWA, Gustaffson. Weighing in at 207 pounds. Here is the “Enforcer” Rachel Ryan! And her opponent. Weighing in at 230 pounds. Here is the former OWA TV Champion, Miguel Thunder!

Ed: This is a great opportunity for Thunder. However, we’ve been told that on December 1st, Thunder will get his rematch for the OWA TV Championship against current champion Mariko.

Biff: Haha, at least that loser, Johnny Jerk ain’t getting the shot.

Ed: Back in the ring, we have lock up. No. Thunder fakes her out and nails her with a spin kick. Thunder tries for Northern Lights, but Ryan blocks it. Ryan with a bulldog headlock that drives the head of Thunder to the mat.

Biff: Cryin’ Ryan with a decent Gorilla Press. A couple chops by the former OWA Champion. Ryan with a side suplex. And a legdrop. Cover. one. two. kickout by Thunder.

Ed: Thunder with a clothesline, but he misses and flies over the top rope and smashes into the timekeeper’s table. Looks like Thunder has been lacerated. Ryan goes outside.

Biff: Oh. Here we go with the cheap shot.

Ed: Stop. She rolls him back into the ring. Russian legsweep by Ryan. Cover. one. two. kickout by Thunder. Ryan with a whip. She ducks for a backdrop, but Thunder nails her in the head with his knee.

Biff: Ugh. Thunder trying to wipe the blood from his face. Thunder lifts up Ryan and powerbomb. Thunder sets her up and piledriver. Cover. one. two. kickout by Ryan. Thunder goes to the top rope. He’s a bit wobbly. What’s he going to do?

Ed: Oh my. Thunder takes a fall off that turnbuckle. Ryan is up and she’s got Thunder set up for the Gorilla Press Powerslam and she nails it. Cover. one. two. three!!!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 8: 58, Rachel Ryan!

Billy Smith

(Billy Smith is at a gym in New York wrestling two opponents at the same time. Apparently the match has been going on for a while, because both of them are busted wide open. One is on the canvas, and Billy Smith goes for the pin and eliminates him. Billy Smith dropkicks the other one’s leg. Billy Smith goes for a Russian Leg Sweep. Billy Smith is going for his finisher- the Texas Cloverleaf. He had it on him for 35 seconds. The opponent submits and the bell rings)

(Camera focuses on Billy Smith’s face)

Billy Smith: You see how I just beat those two mother fu****s. I can’t wait till I debut and beat that poor loser’s ass. I am going to revolutionize wrestling as you know it, by making it HARDCORE. And when it’s all said and done, I will be the most feared wrestler in OWA history!!!

(Camera fades out.)

Mr. America vs. Joe B Jobber

Announcer: This match is one fall. First in the ring, weighing in at 250 pounds. Here is Joe B Jobber!!! And his opponent! Making his OWA debut. Weighing in at 275 pounds. He’s “What every American aspires to be!” This is. Mr. America!

Ed: Here we’re seeing the debut of Mr. America on OWA TV. Though we know that Mr. America is featured on LAW TV. he’s made the transition to the OWA. Here he’s taking on the very unlucky Joe B Jobber.

Biff: You think it could be his name?

Ed: Nah. hold on. Mr. America attacks Jobber before the bell. Short lariat by America. Cover. one. two. kickout by Jobber. Though, I think America pulled him up a bit on that one.

Biff: Hey, he might as well earn his money. don’tcha think? He might be having some fun in there. Jackknife powerbomb by America and another cover. one. two. nope. America pulls his opponent up again.

Ed: Jobber fights back with a dropkick to the knee and a Northern lights suplex! Cover by Jobber. one. kickout by America. Elbow shot by America and he throws Jobber out of the ring.

Biff: Spinebuster on Jobber on the floor and America throws him back into the ring. America points the crowd.

(Mr. America is heard yelling, “I’m what every American aspires to be!”)

Ed: He’s got him up and Piledriver! Cover. one. two. three!! It’s over!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 3: 06, Mr. America!

Behind Enemy Lines/Holiday in Hell Update

Myers: This is Myers Watterson for your Behind Enemy Lines/Holiday In Hell update!

That’s right, before we get to Holiday in Hell, we’re going Behind Enemy Lines with Live Action Wrestling! If you don’t know, the OWA has begun funding LAW as a training ground for its future stars, however, those in LAW do not seem too happy about that fact. Therefore. it’s a joint PPV. Headlining the card will be a “Team OWA” vs. “Team LAW” 5 person elimination tag match. “Team OWA” will be announced next week.

Also on the card, it’s the OWA Champion vs. the North American Champion as Executioner defends his title against Monica Brant. And a rematch from Halloween Horror, as OWA TV Champion Mariko will battle Miguel Thunder.

Also signed for December 1st, Asian Invasion will battle Johnny Fate in a best 2 of 3 falls match. Prior to the match, a coin will be tossed and the winner of the coin toss will pick the stipulations for the first fall. The opponent will pick the stipulations for the second fall. And if it comes to a third fall, the winner of the coin toss will be able to select different stipulations for the remaining fall.

Also scheduled, Consuelo Salyards will battle Jetstream. And the OWA Tag Team Championship will be on the line as Brawlers Inc. take on The Chiefs in a rematch from Halloween Horror.

On the LAW side:

The LAW Championship will be on the line, with stipulations that you must win with your finisher. It’ll be LAW Champion Zodiac (with his finisher “The Equinox”) vs. Tundra (with his finisher “The Frostbite”)

We’ll have more on this event next week.

Let’s move to December 22nd and it’ll be a Holiday In Hell in the OWA.

First, OWA Champion Executioner will defend the title against Wheel of Torture winner, Traci Lane inside a steel cage.

The remainder of the card will be a 4 person tag team tournament. There will be 8 teams. The first round will be normal 8 wrestler tag matches. The second round will be elimination tag matches with only the survivors advancing to the finals which will be a War Games match! Here are some teams:

Team Plague: Captain Freddy Fever, The Chiefs and Asian Invasion
Team Family: Captain Pretty Boy Monty, Rainbow Warrior, Jetstream, &
Team Elite: Captain Anthony Hazard, The Shocker, and the Extremists
Team Femme: Captain Rachel Ryan, Consuelo Salyards, Mariko & Gustaffson

And this team is just announced for Holiday In Hell:

Team Fate: Captain Johnny Fate, Mack Truck, & Brawlers Inc. (Sabin Figaro/MegaDiesel)

That’s all we have for the PPV report this week. I’ll have more news on BOTH cards, next week, including the entire rundown for Behind Enemy Lines, and another team for Holiday In Hell. Back to ringside.

Pretty Boy Monty/Rainbow Warrior vs. Johnny Stallion/Mike Mustang

Announcer: This tag team match is one fall. First, already in the ring, weighing in at a total combined weight of 555 pounds. Here is the team of Pretty Boy Monty and the Rainbow Warrior! And their opponents. Being led to the ring by “The Disco Kid” Freddy Fever. Here are the former OWA Tag Team Champions weighing in at 520 pounds. Johnny Stallion. Mike Mustang. The Chiefs!

Ed: Here we go and what an announcement. We not only have Holiday in Hell but Behind Enemy Lines. Two December PPVs. I wonder who the OWA will pick as their team.

Biff: Definitely won’t be Johnny Loser. er. I mean Fate.

Ed: One of these days he’s going to get his hands on you.

Biff: Hey. I told you next week if he has the guts come to the “Voice Box” and we’ll see how much of a man he really is.

Ed: In the ring. Monty locks up with Stallion. Bodyslam by the Pretty Boy. Monty whips Stallion into the ropes and clothesline by Monty. Stallion rakes the eyes of Monty and tags out to Mustang.

Biff: Kick to the midsection by Mustang and a palm blow. Mustang whips Monty into the corner but Monty flies out and nails Mustang with a clothesline. Monty tags out to the Warrior.

Ed: Warrior catches Mustang with a flying bodypress. one. kickout by Mustang. belly to back suplex by Warrior and he’s going for the Figure Four already!! He’s got it locked in. hold on just a second.

Biff: It’s Chaos. He’s attacked Monty. They’re fighting outside the ring. The ref is out trying to break them up. Look in the ring. Freddy just tossed Stallion a chair and Stallion just waffles Warrior with that chair.

Ed: How disgusting!!! Mustang covers Warrior. The ref slides in. one. two. three!!! That was the cheapest win I think I have ever seen. Officials are coming to try and separate Chaos and Monty, while the Plague members head back to the locker room victorious.

Announcer: Winners of the match, in 5: 54, The Chiefs!

Biff: And there’s Rainbow Warrior knocked out.

(Scene of Monica Brant winning the North American Championship at Hardcore Heaven)

Announcer: On December 1st. she’ll be going for the OWA Championship but first she has to get by the former North American Champion.

(Scene of Executioner raising the OWA Championship over his head)

And he must get by the former OWA Champion.

Next week. Monica Brant defends the North American Championship against Johnny Stallion and Executioner defends the OWA Championship against Stacks Coltrain. Next week on OWA Championship Wrestling.

OWA TV Championship: Mariko vs. Chaos

Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the OWA TV Championship. First the challenger, weighing in at 301 pounds. Here is Chaos! And now the champion. She weighs in at 167 pounds. She’s the current OWA TV Champion. Accompanied to the ring by giant Gustaffson. Here is Mariko!

Ed: I don’t think it was wise for Chaos to get involved in that other match just before this important title match.

Biff: I have to agree. No matter what happens. I think that Chaos is spreading himself a bit thin here in the OWA.

Ed: There’s the bell and we have lock up and Mariko just throws Chaos over the top rope. Mariko climbs the turnbuckle and goes for an elbowsmash, but Chaos nails her in the stomach.

Biff: Mariko’s hurt early on. What’s Chaos doing? He’s setting up a table and he slams Mariko on that table. He’s up on the apron and moonsault!!! NO!!! Mariko rolls off the table and Chaos crashes through it!!

Ed: Mariko is up and rolls Chaos back into the ring. Suplex by Mariko and a cover. one. two. kickout by Chaos. Chaos with a choke hold. one. two. three. He breaks it then applies it again. one. two. three. four. The referee is warning Chaos.

Biff: Chaos sets up Mariko and nails her with a Tombstone. He covers. one. two. th. No. kickout by Mariko. Okay. Here comes Stacks Coltrain to ringside. She’s conferring with Gustaffson.

Ed: Chaos sees her and starts to taunt her. That could be a mistake. Chaos with a second tombstone and cover. He’s looking right at Stacks. one. two. thre. NO! kickout by Mariko.

Biff: Chaos with a whip. Mariko ducks a clothesline and she NAILS Chaos with the Spinning Crescent Kick. Cover. one. two. three!!!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 8: 39, and STILL OWA Champion. Mariko!!!!

Ed: We are out of time for this.

Biff: Hahaha. I told you Johnny Flake wouldn’t have the guts.

Johnny Fate/Mack Truck

{Just then the crowd starts to go crazy and Johnny Fate and Mack Truck walk out. Johnny has gained about 30 lbs. of muscle and Mack has slimmed down.}

Ed: Well I think you got your wish early!!!

Biff: Well. It’s about time!!! Where have you two been? Oh let me guess. Honeymoon is Las Vegas?

{Johnny Fate walks up to Biff and grabs the mic}

Johnny: You want to talk to me face to face? Huh? You want to talk to me?

{Johnny grabs Biff by the tie}

Johnny: Listen you piece of %$#^ I’m back in the OWA, and I’m back for three reasons. One for all these fans. Two. To win a title here. And Three. To shut @$$&%$#$ like you up!!!! I’ll be at the Voice Box, will you?

{Johnny Fate throws the mic down and walks off}

(fade out)

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