OWA Champion Executioner defends against former stablemate and former champion Stacks Coltrain; North American Champion Monica Brant defends against Johnny Stallion; Freddy Fever battles Gustaffson in a No-DQ match

Commish: On the 29th, Amazon Woman and Freddy Fever will go into their “Final Battle”… on the 30th, one of these two will no longer be able to wrestle for the OWA.

Ed: Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling… I’m Ed Bagel and this is “The Voice” Biff Franklin…

Biff: The Final Battle? Are you kidding me? Freddy Fever is going to rid the OWA of that battle wench Amazon Woman once and for all.

Ed: You’ve been here long enough to know what Amazon Woman can do in the ring. December is a great month to be a fan of the OWA, but let’s talk about tonight…

Biff: Tonight I will show Johnny Fate for the fake and the phony that he is. That’s right tonight it’ll be Johnny Fate stepping into the “Voice Box”.

Ed: Also, tonight… we have three championship matches… Executioner will defend the OWA Championship against former champion Stacks Coltrain. This is her first match back since her neck injury at the hands of Chaos, during Halloween Horror. Also tonight, Monica Brant will defend her North American title against the man she took the title from, Johnny Stallion. If both retain their title, they’ll be going against each other at Behind Enemy Lines.

Biff: Also… the TV Championship will be decided as Mariko defends against Asian Invasion. Plus! The big NO DQ match between Freddy Fever and Gustaffson!

Ed: Before we start tonight’s card… let’s go to the OWA Commissioner who is ready to announce the team who will represent the OWA at Behind Enemy Lines


OWA Commissioner: Thanks! At this time, I’d like to announce that the team that will represent the OWA at Behind Enemy Lines were picked by their peers. And now the announcement. Former OWA Champion Anthony Hazard, Former OWA Champion Traci Lane, Former OWA Champion Pretty Boy Monty, Former OWA Champion Amazon Woman and last but not least, Former OWA Champion Freddy Fever. This is the team for the OWA at Behind Enemy Lines. Thanks for your time!

Ed: Holy cow!!! Amazon Woman and Freddy Fever on the same team for Behind Enemy Lines… who’d have thought…

Biff: Hey… if I was Freddy, I’d watch my back… any of these four would love to stab him in the back!

Ed: With that announcement, let’s go to Myers Watterson and the PPV Report!

Behind Enemy Lines/Holiday in Hell Update

Myers: This is Myers Watterson for your Behind Enemy Lines/Holiday In Hell update!

That’s right… before we get to Holiday in Hell, we’re going Behind Enemy Lines with Live Action Wrestling! If you don’t know, the OWA has begun funding LAW as a training ground for its future stars, however… those in LAW do not seem too happy about that fact. Therefore… it’s a joint PPV… headlining the card will be a “Team OWA” vs. “Team LAW” 5 person elimination tag match.

We now know that team OWA consists of Anthony Hazard, Traci Lane, Freddy Fever, Amazon Woman and Pretty Boy Monty. Next week, we’ll know who will be on Team LAW.

Also on the card, it’s the OWA Champion vs. the North American Champion as Executioner defends his title against Monica Brant.

And a rematch from Halloween Horror, as OWA TV Champion Mariko will battle Miguel Thunder.

Also signed for December 1st, Asian Invasion will battle Johnny Fate in a best 2 of 3 falls match. Prior to the match, a coin will be tossed and the winner of the coin toss will pick the stipulations for the first fall. The opponent will pick the stipulations for the second fall. And if it comes to a third fall, the winner of the coin toss will be able to select different stipulations for the remaining fall.

Also scheduled, Consuelo Salyards will battle Jetstream.

And the OWA Tag Team Championship will be on the line as Brawlers Inc. take on The Chiefs in a rematch from Halloween Horror.

On the LAW side: The LAW Championship will be on the line, with stipulations that you must win with your finisher… It’ll be LAW Champion Zodiac (with his finisher “The Equinox”) vs. Tundra (with his finisher “The Frostbite”)

Also, new International Champion “Venus” will defend his title against Gravel.

We’ll have more on this event next week. Let’s move to December 22nd and it’ll be a Holiday In Hell in the OWA.

First, OWA Champion Executioner will defend the title against Wheel of Torture winner, Traci Lane inside a steel cage.

The remainder of the card will be a 4 person tag team tournament. There will be 8 teams. The first round will be normal 8 wrestler tag matches. The second round will be elimination tag matches with only the survivors advancing to the finals which will be a War Games match! Here are some teams:

Team Plague: Captain Freddy Fever, The Chiefs and Asian Invasion
Team Family: Captain Pretty Boy Monty, Rainbow Warrior, Jetstream, & Shogun
Team Elite: Captain Anthony Hazard, The Shocker, and the Extremists
Team Femme: Captain Rachel Ryan, Consuelo Salyards, Mariko & Gustaffson
Team Fate: Captain Johnny Fate, Mack Truck, & Brawlers Inc. (Sabin Figaro/MegaDiesel)

And this team is just announced for Holiday In Hell:

Team Fashion: Captain North American Champion Monica Brant, Amazon Woman, Stacks Coltrain and newcomer Tara Quinn.

That’s all we have for the PPV report this week… I’ll have more news on BOTH cards, next week, including the entire rundown for Behind Enemy Lines, and another team for Holiday In Hell. Back to ringside.

North American Championship: Monica Brant vs. Johnny Stallion

Announcer: This match is one fall… it is for the North American Championship. First, the challengers.., weighing in at 275 pounds… coming to ringside with his tag team partner, Mike Mustang… here is Johnny Stallion! And his opponent… she weighs in at 167 pounds… she hails from Toronto, Canada… she’s the current North American champion… being led to the ring by Gustaffson… here is “Misty” Monica Brant!

Ed: Here’s our first championship match of the night… this is a rematch from Hardcore Heaven and at ringside, Mike Mustang as well as Gustaffson, who’ll be in a NO DQ match later on with Freddy Fever. We have a lock up and quickly, Johnny Stallion with a rake of the eyes…

Biff: Stallion with a takeover suplex… Stallion with a whip into the turnbuckle and Stallion follows in with a devastating clothesline… Russian legsweep by Stallion and cover… one… two… kickout by Brant… the challenger is off to a roaring start here this week…

Ed: Monica is going to have to get back into the match… she may have looked ahead to her world title match with Executioner.. but Stallion is the former North American Champion… Stallion with a whip… he goes for a Frankensteiner, but Brant just drops him on his head with a powerbomb!

Biff: The champion catches him with a backflip cradle… one… two… kickout by Stallion… suplex by Brant.. and she picks up Stallion and put him on the turnbuckle… what do we have here… superplex by the champion… cover… one… two… kickout by Stallion.

Ed: Brant off the ropes, but Stallion catches her and slam her down with a side suplex… Stallion sets her up.. and nails her with a belly to back suplex… Stallion pulls her up and…

Biff: Here we go… new champion… TOMBSTONE… cover… one… two… thre… kickout?!? How… d she kick out of that!!! Stallion is signaling for the Stallionkick… he whips… she ducks the kick.. and Fashion Statement… the cobra sleeper!!!…

Ed: Mustang is up on the apron, but Gustaffson pulls him down and clotheslines him to the floor! Referee checks Stallion… one… two… three!!… It’s over…

Announcer: Winner of the match and still North American Champion, Monica Brant! Match time: 17: 34.

Billy Smith

Ed: Let’s hear from newcomer to the OWA, Billy Smith!

Billy Smith: I am tired hearing about how LAW is going to kick our asses. Personally I hate the word LAW, it brings up bad memories. But anyway, you want a war, you got one. People don’t call me Billy “Bad Ass” Smith for letting people chump me. Whenever we face you I will make sure that I send some of your best punks to the hospital. So, whenever you want it , come and get it.

Xyz vs. Joe B. Jobber

Announcer: This match is one fall. First introducing, weighing in at 250 pounds… from Loserville… here is Joe B. Jobber! And his opponent… from parts unknown.., weighing in at 264 pounds… here is XYZ!

Ed: We’re seeing the first from Xyz in the ring… he’s taking on the very informidible Joe. B. Jobber… who’s been getting a lot of action recently in the OWA. Lock up.. and Xyz just tosses Jobber over the top rope…

Biff: Jobber tries to nail him with a clothesline, but Xyz quickly ducks down… German suplex by Xyz on the floor… Xyz rolls Jobber back into the ring. Clothesline by Xyz… crosscorner whip sends Jobber to the corner turnbuckle.. and Xyz follows in with a nice handspring elbow…

Ed: Xyz rolls him over.. and applies the Scorpion deathlock.. and Jobber quickly submits…

Biff: I’m outta here… I got a “Voice Box” to do!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 5: 23, Xyz!

The Voice Box: Johnny Fate

Biff: Ladies and Gentlemen… welcome to the “Voice Box”… normally on this show I have guests who I respect and like and even think they’re great wrestlers, however this week… I don’t! This week… my guest is Johnny Fate! (Johnny Fate walks out with the music “Epic” by Faith No More playing. He has his Fate Pipe in one hand, and with the other he’s slapping hands of the fans.)

Biff: Well. Well. Well. before we begin this so-called interview… I have a letter from the OWA Commissioner stating if you lay a hand on me, you’ll be suspended… you got it? I’m not a wrestler… I’m a broadcast journalist… we’ll you’re not a wrestler either, but that’s {Johnny Fate grabs the paper and pretends to wipe his butt with it. Then he throws it back into Biff’s face.)

Fate: That’s what I think of your damn letter!

Biff: Oh… you’re a funny guy… so… tell me… You’ve been on quite a streak lately… a LOSING STREAK! First, Miguel Thunder… then Pretty Boy Monty… now Asian Invasion… who’s next?

Fate: Yeah… Yeah… I admit that I’ve been losing a lot lately, but I’m going through some changes right now in my life!

Biff: Like puberty?

Fate: That’s ONE strike. (Biff pretends to act scared.) Biff you don’t understand what these fans do for me…

Biff mutters: Penicillin will probably cure it, Johnny…

Fate: They energize me!!! I just got done with the Wrestling School Of Hard Knocks and I guess you can say that I’m a new man. I’ve learned all different moves and I’ve got a new finisher. What did you think of the old Johnny Fate Biff?

Biff: What did I think of the old Johnny Fate? Doesn’t look like ya changed much to me, Johnny… once a loser… always a loser… (The two LAW wrestlers make their way from ringside towards the stage)

Fate: That’s strike TWO. When I first came to the OWA I wanted to destroy everyone, but now it’s different……

Thomas: Good evening Fate, you know I have to agree with Biff, once a loser… always a loser….

Biff: Who are you guys?

Zero: I’m Zero, and he’s Mark Thomas, one half of the LAW Tag Team champions, and his manager. We’re from the good league, you know that one that you have to wrestle men, not women.

Thomas: Those are the only matches you win right Fate?

Fate: First of all you wouldn’t know what it’s like to wrestle with a woman!!!! You get you kicks out of wrestling guys!!!!

Thomas: Sure, whatever you say. I have a bone to pick with you OWA boys. You see, you played our weak spot…

Zero: Our moronic Commish…

Thomas: and by doing that you seem to think you’re going to walk in and take over. Well I’ve got news for you (beep)holes! Things aren’t gonna go the way you expected.

Zero: The Live Action Wrestling superstars are gonna whoop your f(beep)ing asses and keep you out of the UEA for good!

Fate: Ya know Zero… I heard that you really live up to you name!!! A complete Zero!!! And as for you Mark…

Thomas: Blah Blah Blah, we really don’t give a s(beep) what you say. Time for us to take our leave, but remember Fate and the rest of you OWA freaks… watch your back, and stay in the kitchen where you belong!

Biff: Whoa… a couple nice guys there… I don’t think they like you…

Fate: That’s kind of funny….Ya know I thought that you had to be over 18 to wrestle.

Biff: Let’s talk about Behind Enemy Lines… you against Asian Invasion… the coin toss will decide who picks the stipulations for fall one and if need be… fall three. What kind of match will you want if you win the coin toss?

Fate: I want a match that will make Asian Invasion say… “I wish I never signed for this match!” I want a match where it’s just he and I. Nobody else!! I want to make him bleed!! I want to make him cry!! I want a match that I can take my time in beating his ASS!!!!

Biff: So what kind of match would that be, Johnny-boy?


Biff: What?!? What the hell is a street fight submission match?

Fate: It’s anything goes until one man submits!!! That man will be you Asian Invasion!!!

Biff: I’ll be at Behind Enemy Lines… and I don’t think it’ll be Asian Invasion saying I QUIT… I think it’ll be YOU saying I QUIT!

Fate: You know something Biff? Not only will Asian Invasion submit, so will you!!!!!! (Fate reaches for Biff, but from behind, Asian Invasion nails Fate in the back of the head with a chair. Biff falls backwards, but stands and chuckles, then runs like hell when Mack Truck runs from the back… Asian gets in a couple good shots on Fate with the chair before taking off)

Announcer: Two men on the climb to the top… next week, they’ll do battle with each other… the winner will get a shot at the OWA TV Championship… the loser… will be waiting a little bit longer… Chaos vs. Shogun… next week on OWA Championship Wrestling.

OWA TV Championship: Mariko vs. Asian Invasion

Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the OWA TV Championship. First the challenger.., weighing in at 230 pounds… he from Asia by way of New York City… here is Asian Invasion! And his opponent, being led to the ring by the giant, Gustaffson… she weighs in at 167 pounds… she’s the OWA TV Champion… here is Mariko!

Ed: Cheap shot artist, Asian Invasion… up against Mariko… the TV belt is on the line.. and what about those LAW guys…

Biff: Hahaha! Hey… they don’t like Biff, so that’s a plus in their favor.. but I don’t like em interrupting the “Voice Box!” Did you see Asian Invasion waffle Johnny Fake with that chair… I was rolling… hahahahaha…

Ed: In the ring… we have a lock up… Invasion with a whip into the turnbuckle… Invasion goes in, but Mariko lifts her leg and nails Invasion. Inside cradle by the champion… one… tw… kickout by Invasion.

Biff: Invasion with a kick to the head of Mariko… snap mare.. and a thrust kick to the head. Mariko is down… cover by Invasion… one… two… kickout by Mariko. Invasion off the ropes, but Mariko nails him with a kick to the midsection.. and a nice vertical suplex by the TV Champion.

Ed: Mariko pulls him to his feet and executes a nice belly to back suplex.. and she follows it up with a springboard legdrop… cover. one… two… kickout by Invasion… Mariko off the ropes misses with a cross body block.. and Invasion goes to the top…

Biff: He’s going for a moonsault.. but Mariko moves! Invasion comes to his feet and Mariko NAILS him with her Spinning Crescent Kick! Cover… one… two… three!!!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 6: 22, and still OWA Champion… Mariko!!

Ed: Great title defense by Mariko… she’s strong going into Behind Enemy Lines, with Miguel Thunder in her future, will she retain the title? Freddy Fever is at ringside, let’s go to our ring announcer…

No DQ: Freddy Fever vs. Gustaffson

Announcer: This match is one fall and is a no disqualification match… first in the ring, weighing in at 245 pounds… he’s from Las Vegas NV… Here’s “The Disco Kid” Freddy Fever!!! And his opponent… (Monica Brant and Gustaffson come to ringside. Monica is wearing a tight leather suit that looks like it could double for evening wear, and is carrying a steel briefcase. Gus is wearing street clothes, and wears a stone expression.)

Biff: What the hell is going on here. Isn’t the big dummy supposed to be wrestling Freddy tonight?

Ed: That’s what the schedule says. Maybe he’s injured?

Biff: Yeah, or scared! (Gus walks over to the ring announcer, and whispers in his ear. As he does, Monica waves over the referee and motions for him to leave the ring. He does, and the two of them have a short discussion. Freddy Fever yells out at them from inside the ring, taunting Monica and Gus. Finally, the ref seems to accept whatever Monica has suggested. Monica then hands the steel case to Gus.)

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Freddy Fever’s opponent. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, and weighing in at 157 lbs…

Ed & Biff: WHAT?!?

Announcer: Monica Brant!

(Fever is outraged and begins to hassle the referee, yelling all the obscenities he can think of… Brant grabs the steel briefcase and slides into the ring and NAILS Fever in the back of the head with it and he falls to the mat.)

No DQ: Freddy Fever vs. Monica Brant

Ed: Holy Cow! Monica Brant just wrestled a match with Stallion earlier in the program and now she’s apparently paid off the giant Gustaffson to take his place in this… I guess it’s a non-title no disqualification match!

Biff: Monica is so dumb!! She’ll never beat Freddy… not after she’s already wrestled against Stallion!

Ed: Monica holds the briefcase high, and pulls Fever to his feet… she whips him into the ropes and nails him in the forehead with that case! She tosses the case to Gustaffson.

Biff: Monica throws Fever over the top rope and to the floor… she goes out and rams Fever’s head into the ringsteps… She rolls in Fever, and follows him in… Fever’s begging off, but Monica has no mercy on his body or his soul…

Ed: She nails him with an elbow to the head.. and a backward bridge… one… two… kickout by Fever… Fever continues to beg off… Monica moves in and Fever nails her in the throat!

Biff: Fever nails her with a swinging punch… then he slaps her.. and rakes her face.. and he piledrives her… Fever pulls her to the ropes and chokes her on them… he slaps her again and pulls her up.. but she rolls him up… one… two… kickout by Fever…

Ed: Monica is up, but Fever catches her with a hotshot… cover… one… two. th. kickout by Brant… Brant nails Fever with a low blow.. and Fever falls backwards out of the ring…

Biff: Brant rolls out of the ring and rams Fever’s head into the guardrail, then whips him into the ringpost. Brant applies the Fashion statement sleeper.. and Fever’s going out…

Ed: She’s definitely putting him to sleep.. and he slumps to the floor… she’s gotta get him into the ring to pin him… She lifts him up and rolls him back into the ring…

Biff: Brant for the cover… one… no… Fever’s feet are in the ropes… Brant pulls Fever into the middle of the ring… cover. one… two… thre… NO! Fever kicked out! Monica pulls Fever to his feet… no wait… Fever grabs her hair and drops down… ramming his head into her jaw!

Ed: Now what is Fever doing? He’s going into his tights.. and… what the hell is that… he’s putting something inside his taped thumb… he pulls up Brant and uses a side headlock and… OH MY! He just nailed Brant in the throat with a karate thumb.. but there was something inside that tape…

Biff: It’s NO DQ! Cover by Fever… one… two… three!!!!

Announcer: Winner of this match in 20: 39, Freddy Fever!

Ed: Here comes Gustaffson… he’s not happy at all, but Fever makes a break for it… Here come some of the other Femme… s… Elaine Bryant is at ringside… Traci Lane, Consuelo Salyards, Mariko.. and Gus are helping out Monica back to the locker room… I hope there are no serious injuries to her throat…

Biff: Who cares?! Fever won the match… there was no DQ and he did what he had to do to win that match…

Ed: As the Femme’s help Monica to the locker room, let’s go to Elaine Bryant at ringside with Rachel Ryan…

Rachel Ryan

Elaine: Rachel… you saw that antics of… *scream* (From the audience a large man comes out with his chair and nails Rachel over the head… he keeps on slamming her until she’s out… he looks at Elaine and grabs the mic… )

GRAVEL: (Grinning and laughing) Yeah, That’s right… bush league just kicked “The Enforcer’s little hiney! I told you I got no problems with the OWA… until ya’ll decided to open your trap… NOW we got a problem… So, you want a piece of the man who’s takin… it to YOU, then you come to LAW.. and I’ll kick your ass, little girl… (Gravel is outta there as the Femme’s finally find out what’s going on… they run from the back, but the damage is done)

Ed: (very solemn) Um… let’s go… to something other than this…

Tara Quinn

Tara Quinn: HI EVERYONE!!!! (From a static buzz, “Harley” Tara Quinn appears on the screen in a startling close-up. The camera pans back and flips around to reveal Tara supposedly… standing… on the ceiling of a somewhat gaudy apartment, held in place by two slipper like notches. She is obviously a little too excited for her, and everyone else… s, own good.)

Tara Quinn: I am SOOOO looking forward to my first match!! I’ll bet you all just can’t wait to see me in action!

(She does a backflip out of the bindings and turns around to face the camera)

Tara Quinn: Not that I blame you, I’m sure It’ll be quite a match! So I know I’ll see ALL your smiling faces, right? Good.

(Almost managing to keep still, she looks straight into the camera and tries to look serious through a hideously grinning mask)

Tara Quinn: And I’d just like to apologize in advance for anything and everything I do to my opponent. No hard feelings, right?! Great!! That’s about all I have to say though so you can go now. Bye!!

(A couple seconds pass)

Tara Quinn: Hey, I said I was done now! Turn that off!

Camera guy: Uh… Me?

Tara Quinn: Yea!

(Tara starts pushing the cameraman towards the door)

Tara Quinn: Bye Now!!

(The scene cuts off abruptly)

Ed: We’re back… they’re taking Rachel out on a stretcher and to a waiting ambulance… she doesn’t appear to be bleeding, but she’s not moving much either.

Biff: Look… I don’t like Rachel all that much.. but… those LAW guys are starting to get on my nerves…

Ed: We’ve got a world title match left… let’s go down to ringside for this encounter…

OWA Championship: Executioner vs. Stacks Coltrain

Announcer: This match is one fall. It’s for the OWA Championship. First, coming to ringside… the challenger… she’s accompanied to the ring by Pretty Boy Monty… she weighs in at 185 pounds. She’s the former OWA Champion… here is Stacks Coltrain!!! And her opponent is the OWA Champion… he’s accompanied to the ring by Freddy Fever… he weighs in at 230 pounds… here is The Executioner!!

Ed: Here we go… this is for the OWA Championship. Lockup… Executioner with a whip.. but Stacks comes off and nails him with a clothesline… Stacks with a whip… reversal by Executioner send Stacks into the corner.. but Stacks flies out with an elbow…

Biff: Former champion Stacks has it going her way here… She goes for a piledriver, but Executioner counters with a backdrop… Executioner with a drop kick… he follows it up with a chokehold!… one… two… three… he breaks the choke.. and pulls Stacks to her feet and nails her with an elbowsmash…

Ed: Executioner throws Stacks over the top rope and to the floor… he follows her out.. and whips her into the guardrail… she stumbles towards him.. and OH MY… powerslam on the floor by Executioner… he rolls her back into the ring and cover… one… two… kickout by Stacks.

Biff: Executioner with a whip… he goes for a backdrop, but Stacks comes off the ropes and nails him with a DDT… Stacks off the ropes… she missing with a clothesline and flies over the top to the floor… Executioner rolls out…

Ed: Executioner lifts her up.. and he’s going to powerbomb her… through the table!!! Oh my! He pulls her up and whips her into the guardrail… no! Stacks reverses the whip sending Executioner into the railing. Stacks with a Backspin DDT on the floor!

Biff: Stacks is on fire… as she rams the head of Executioner into the ringsteps.. and the champion is busted open! Stacks rolls him into the ring.. and goes to the top… kneedrop by the challenger… cover… one… two… thr… Kickout by Executioner!

Ed: Stacks pulls him up.. and sets him up… tombstone piledriver! cover. one… two… t… kickout by Executioner… Stacks with a flying legdrop… cover… one… two… kickout by Executioner.. and Freddy Fever is looking a bit anxious over there…

Biff: Hey… he’s keeping pretty quiet over there… Stacks goes to the top.. but Executioner is up… he nails her in the stomach.. and she straddles the top turnbuckle… Executioner with a belly to belly superplex.. and cover… one… two… thr… kickout by Stacks…

Ed: Executioner with a Northern Lights Suplex… one… two three!!! Executioner retains the title!

Biff: Ha! Like there could be any other conclusion!

Ed: We’re out of time for this week!! Next week, it’ll be Mariko defending the OWA TV Championship against Amazon Woman… plus the debuts of Tara Quinn and Billy Smith! So long for now!

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