LAW again crashes OWA Championship Wrestling; OWA TV Championship Mariko vs. Amazon Woman; Mr. America vs. Mike Mustang; Extremists vs. The Power Team

Footage Courtesy of LAW Wrestling

“Unforgiven” begins to play as Vyper walks out of the back. The fans give him a mixed reaction. Mainly because of his opponent. He gets in the ring and waits.]

Roberts-You’re goin’ down. You can’t stop the Underground.

Gravel walks out dragging his belt on the ground. The fans boo loudly, but Gravel smiles at the pissing the crowd of even more. He stops at the ring steps for a moment dropping the tag belt and enters the ring. Suddenly a female and a huge man come out of the crowd.]

Arnett-Isn’t that….?

Roberts-Rachel Ryan and Gustaffson? Why yes it is. I wouldn’t do what they are about to do if I were them. Arnett-What????

Gustaffson enters the ring and throws Vyper out. Rachel Ryan grabs the ringside bell and hits Gravel with it in the face, breaking his nose causing it to bleed. Gravel stumble to the ropes and is holding onto them for support. She hits him in the head with the bell repeatedly till he falls to the mat. She drops it across his head while he is slumped over. She slams the bell down across his back and then motions for the mic.]

Arnett-Looks like Ms. Ryan has something to say.

Ryan-What we have here. (points to Gravel). is a VERY stupid man. NOBODY attacks “the Enforcer” in her own backyard and gets away with it! (turns to Gravel) You thought you had a problem with the OWA before? Well, you have one BIG problem now! This is just a small taste of what’s in store for you on December 1st, when I am going to kick your LAW-lovin’ tail all over that arena! Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it, Dirtboy?

Roberts-Oh hell, she shouldn’t have said that last phrase, look.

Suddenly the Underground come running out. Retribution, Big Jim, Spinal, and the rest come flying toward the ring. Retribution hits Gustaffson with a clothesline taking him over the top rope onto the floor. Rachel Ryan slides out of the ring. The Underground check on Gravel. He motions that he is fine. The ref comes over to ask if he wants to wrestle. He nods his head.]

Roberts-Damn!!! His nose gets busted and he is still wanting to get a hold of Vyper. That’s what being a part of the Underground is about.

Ed: Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling and payback was a bitch last Monday night, as Rachel Ryan and Gustaffson walked right into LAW and took care of Gravel. however, it’s not over as on December 1st, it’ll be Rachel Ryan taking on LAW’s Gravel during the Behind Enemy Lines PPV.

Biff: That’s not all, The Shocker will take on American Patriot and tonight we’ll have the final rundown for Behind Enemy Lines.

Ed: Our main event for tonight’s card will be for the OWA TV Championship as Mariko will defend against Amazon Woman. Plus a big match between Chaos and Shogun. Let’s go to ringside.

Mike Mustang vs. Mr. America

Announcer: This match is one fall. First coming to ringside.

Ed: Hold on, from behind, Mr. American just nailed Mike Mustang. He rams his head into the railing and rolls him into the ring.

Biff: Mr. American is here for business. He’s not going to wait around for Mustang.

Ed: Powerbomb by Mr. America and he sets him up and piledriver!!!

Biff: Referee has the count. one. two. three!!! Quick win for Mr. America here in the OWA.

Announcer: Winner of the match in 9 seconds. Mr. America!!!

Ed: Mr. America took it to Mike Mustang who never had a chance from the beginning. What the hell?? THAT’S ED SALAZAR COMING DOWN OUR AISLE!!! Ed Salazar from Live Action Wrestling is in the building and he’s coming this way. Who let him in here? I think we better move!

Ed Salazar

Ed Salazar, carrying a large olive green bag, makes a beeline to the announcer’s table, which he flips over, sending equipment smashing all over. The crowd boos loudly and starts throwing trash as Ed Salazar climbs into the ring and starts cupping his hand to his ear. Elaine Bryant gets into the ring with a microphone and the boos subside just a little. ]

Ed: Elaine Bryant has made her way to ringside. I guess she’s going to try to interview Ed Salazar.

Elaine Bryant: Uh, well, for lack of a better word, Ed Salazar, I have to welcome you to the OWA.

Crowd boos even louder as Ed smirks in the ring. A spontaneous “you suck” chant starts, which Ed responds to by making hand gestures to the audience.]

Elaine: Mr. Salazar, you’ve had a lot of rather negative things to say as of late about the OWA acquisition of your federation, Live Action Wrestling, and particularly of the OWA’s quality. Let me be the first to say that I think your criticism is rather unfair considering you’re not even a member of the OWA.

Crowd starts cheering wildly, though Salazar still smirks. ]

Ed: Oh my god, you’re unhappy with me. I’ll run away now. I’m not a cop either, but that sure as hell doesn’t mean I stay quiet if they’re beating me. Christ on a stick, girly, get over it. Ed Salazar is tired of this OWA crap. I’m tired of dealing with your wack-ass flashes. I’m tired of dealing with your freakin’ awful gimmicks. And Ed Salazar said not too long ago that if someone didn’t fix it, they’d wish to god they had. Tonight, I’ve come to fix it.

Crowd starts booing again. More trash is tossed into the ring. ]

Ed: Hey, like that hand-to-the-ear thing? I thought, since the OWA feels it can, how can we say, *borrow* every other gimmick, you probably have a Hulk Hogan knockoff here too. I’m sure it all looks real clear in Markstown here. You guys probably still hold lighters up at concerts too.

More heat as Ed jokingly flexes a bicep]

Ed: Hey, don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, kids. I wanted to have these crowds love me and decided to bring some presents to the OWA.

Reaches into bag, pulls out a box and holds it high: Here’s some tapioca pudding for ya’lls next match — I’m sure you’re used to seeing it. You already have coed singles wrestling. When you start the midget bouts, Here’s your pudding to go in the ring!

Ed tosses it into the crowd….more boos]

Ed: I also brought you an Ultimate Warrior doll. It just seemed like something the OWA would be into.

Moves doll side-to-side and goes a Gomer Pyle-ish voice:. He-llo, my name is Gang-ster Po-wer.. Funny that Sabin Figaro dropped the moniker in a few feds, but seeing as he’s in the cesspool, he’s Gangsta Power all over again. He probably calls himself Rene here too. As they say when we watch the OWA flashes in LAW. *WEAK*!

Even more boos and Ed throws the Warrior doll into the crowd. ]

Ed: And, last and least, I brought a nice little chalkboard

Ed pulls a small chalkboard from his bag: so, in case Fredro’s here, I can draw him pictures as to why THE OWA SUCKS!

Crowd boos loudly as Ed Salazar tosses more pudding boxes at the crowd. Fans get on their feet as a spotlight hits Freddy Fever, looking angry, coming down the aisle.]

Freddy Fever

Elaine: Freddy Fever is coming to ringside.

Ed: Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the Disco Inferno!

Fever climbs into the ring and faces Ed, who’s now got a piece of chalk in his other hand. Elaine holds the microphone as the bag lays at Ed’s feet.]

Ed: How ya livin, K.C.?!

More boos: You said come on down here, so here I am, with a little message about how racist crap and poor flashes make the OWA the biggest joke around.

Fever looks unimpressed, though the fans boo more: I thought I smelled something rotting. Could only be a roach’s best friend, Ed Salazar. Listen up, slugbait. You spout all you want in the safety of *our* little JUNIOR LEAGUE, but you come here and scream like that and you’re in for an OWA-style welcome.

Crowd goes crazy as Fever and Ed stare at each other. Ed starts to laugh.]

Ed: OWA-style welcome?! What, I have to dress like the Red Rooster? You guys smear Jell-O all over me?

Freddy: *chuckles* Ed. only a slug like you could make these fans cheer for a guy like me. I’m almost inclined to.

Fever slaps Ed hard across the face. BIG pop from the crowd….Fever puts his index finger in Ed’s face.]

Fever: Welcome to the OWA, Ed.

Ed smiles, then smashes the little chalkboard over Fever’s head. Fever stumbles backward.]

Ed: Welcome THAT!

Ed jumps on Fever as they start viciously brawling in the ring. Ed trips Fever and starts to stomp him. Fever yanks Ed down by his pants and rolls on top of him, pounding Ed with punches. The crowd is going nuts as referees and wrestlers come out to break things up. Ed throws off Fever and they continue to fight toe-to-toe. Salazar tries to choke Fever and both tumble over the top rope and to the floor.]

Ed: Are we back? Yes! Our crack production crew has gotten us back online here at the broadcast area. If you’re just tuning in, Ed Salazar from Live Action Wrestling has appeared and a fight with none other than Freddy Fever has ensued. And for the first time in OWA history, these fans are cheering for Freddy Fever.

Biff: I never thought I’d see the day.

Fever breaks away from Salazar, takes a chair and slams it into Ed Salazar as wrestlers and refs move aside quickly. Salazar stumbles backward and Fever drops the chair and superkicks Ed. BIG pop as the crowd loses it! Salazar staggers to the other side of the ring, dazed, as refs try to hold off Fever. ]

Ed: And this fight continues as OWA efforts to break these guys up is completely futile. Fever taking a beating to Ed Salazar. Fever going after Salazar!

Fever tears over to the other end of the ring and confronts Salazar, who eye-gouges him. Salazar grabs Fever and powerbombs him onto the railing, getting lots of boos.]

Biff: OW! Salazar dropping Fever’s back ONTO THAT RAILING! Fever trying to get to his feet!! I can’t believe it!

Fever slowly pulls himself up, screaming at Salazar. Ed slugs Fever, but Fever claws back. Both men continue to fight. Wrestlers get a grip on Ed and start yanking him away, but Fever lunges at Salazar. Fever is finally restrained as well.]

Ed: These men trying to tear each other apart. Let’s go to a commercial until we get things back in order!

Behind Enemy Lines Update

Myers: While we are clearing ringside, let’s take you to our Behind Enemy Lines report.

Behind Enemy Lines will be held on December 1st. Headlining the card will be a 5-on-5 Elimination Match “Team OWA” consisting of Anthony Hazard, Traci Lane, Freddy Fever, Amazon Woman, and Pretty Boy Monty will take on “Team LAW” which will be Ed Salazar, Doug Bacon, Hardcore, War Machine, and Zero. There will also be two other OWA vs. LAW Matches.

Gravel will take on Rachel Ryan, and American Patriot will battle The Shocker.

There will be more matches on the card from the OWA.

OWA Champion Executioner will defend his title against OWA North American Champion Monica Brant.

For the OWA TV Championship, Mariko will defend against Miguel Thunder.

Asian Invasion will battle Johnny Fate in a best 2 of 3 falls match. Prior to the match, a coin will be tossed and the winner of the coin toss will pick the stipulations for the first fall. The opponent will pick the stipulations for the second fall. And if it comes to a third fall, the winner of the coin toss will be able to select different stipulations for the remaining fall.

OWA Tag Team Title will be decided as champions Brawlers Inc. tangle with former champions, The Chiefs

Plus this change….in a Hangman’s Noose match, Stacks Coltrain will battle Chaos. Rules are rather simple. A noose is attached to a corner of the ring. The object is to get the noose around the neck of your opponent and throw them over the top rope to the floor.

LAW will present these matches as part of Behind Enemy Lines LAW World Champion Zodiac will defend his title against Tundra in a Must Win with the Finisher match. Zodiac’s Equinox vs. Tundra’s Frostbit.

LAW International Champion, “Venus” will defend against Masked Plague

LAW Television Champion Big Russ will battle with The Professional

Plus a contenders match to the LAW TV Title, as Mosher battles Cyanide.

There will also be a LAW 12-Man Battle Royal.

That’s the entire rundown for the card. It’ll be on December 1st, live on PPV. I’ll be back later in the card for an update on Holiday In Hell, as well as Amazon Woman vs. Freddy Fever: The Final Battle. Let’s go back to the ringside area with Elaine Bryant who’s with Freddy Fever.

Freddy Fever

Elaine: Freddy Fever. Can you give me your thoughts on what just happened. (crowd is cheering. )

Freddy: Where to start. Ed Salazar. I know you are one of 5 LAW people who’ll be in the ring at Behind Enemy Lines. I’ll be more than happy to finish this then. But until then, you better keep your ass away from here, pal, or you won’t make it to the 1st. (crowd pops)

Freddy: Ed. Ed. the day that these fans cheer me, is the day hell freezes over and I think we just got there. I don’t give a damn about these fans but I give less of a damn about you. I’ll say one thing. I said to come on down and you proved you had the balls even though you may not have the brain God gave an aardvark. But when this is over, I am sure these fans will go back to booing me. Especially when I end the career of Amazon Woman on the 29th. But until then, it’ll LAW vs. OWA at Behind Enemy Lines. We aren’t backing down and we won’t be losing. We’ll be sending some LAW folk to the hospital. And I’m starting with you, Ed.

Elaine: Back to you, Ed and Biff.

Freddy hands Elaine a video tape: Oh, by the way, have the boys play this a little later, will you?

Ed: During the break, security finally got Ed Salazar out of the arena. This situation between LAW and OWA has only gotten worse. But hopefully it’ll all be settled at Behind Enemy Lines.

Biff: What about that Hangman’s Noose match between Stacks and Chaos.

Ed: Perhaps Stacks Coltrain can finally get some revenge due to what happened at Halloween Horror, during the Wheel of Torture tournament. Let’s go down to ringside.

Tara Quinn vs. Joe B. Jobber

Announcer: This match is one fall. First in the ring.., weighing in at 250 pounds. Here is Joe. B. Jobber!! And his opponent. Making her OWA debut. She weighs in at 127 pounds. Here is “Harley” Tara Quinn!!

Ed: As Tara Quinn makes her way into the ring for her first match here in the OWA, I’ll point out that the Consuelo Salyards/Jetstream match has been moved to next week. Also, next week, Billy Smith will debut as well. There’s the bell and here we go.

Biff: Hand shake by Tara and she just slapped the taste out of Jobber’s mouth. Quinn with a palm blow and an enzuigiri off the ropes. Quinn with a back suplex and she throws Jobber out of the ring.

Ed: Great moves by the newest member of the OWA. She follows him out and. she just nailed him with the ring bell and she rolls him back into the ring. She has been doing great scientific moves, then uses a bell?

Biff: Tara pushes Jobber into the corner and slap and another and another and another and a 5th slap. She is just mauling this guy. Tara on the second rope and the Harlequinn’s Kiss fistdrop!

Ed: Cover. one. two. three!! It’s over. Quinn wins in her debut match, here on OWA Championship Wrestling.

Announcer: Winner of the match in 5: 03, Tara Quinn!

Biff: We’re going to play that tape that Freddy gave Elaine Bryant earlier in the show.

Ed: What is it??

Biff: I have no idea. I guess we should play it.

Wendy Ryker

The camera is outside a bar in a city. As it moves in through the door and pans around it almost immediately comes to a halt focused on two people sitting on opposite sides of a table, arm wrestling. One of them is a guy dressed like a biker. Blue jeans, Harley Davidson T-shirt, black leather jacket slung over the back of the chair and tattoos all over his arms. The other is a very attractive, young brunette with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She is wearing a tight fitting, black T-shirt, black jeans with the legs cut off and a ripped and faded blue denim jacket is on the floor next to her. Although she is smaller than the man it is obvious he is having trouble with her as beads of sweat are rolling down his face. The girl, on the other hand, seems quite calm and in control smiling sweetly at the guy before pushing even harder and forcing his hand back another few inches. All around them are the other occupants of the bar, making bets and cheering their respective favorites. Time passes, and the man seems to pull himself back in the contest little by little until the girl gives a wicked grin and says something to him which the camera doesn’t manage to pick up. The guy gets a stunned look on his face and forgets the contest for a second, which is enough for the girl to take the opportunity and drive his hand fast and hard down onto the table. She grins triumphantly at the guy who is now cursing like mad and then reaches for a bundle of money on the table. The guy however doesn’t seem to be a good loser, as he grabs her hand.]

Man: Lissen, girlie! You cheated, so let’s just say you leave the money right here and you can walk away unhurt……Otherwise I’m gonna have to have me some fun. Get my point?

The girl grins and unexpectedly presses herself against the guy who did not expect this turn of events and looks confused to say the least.]

Girl: Now….What could a big boy like you do to a defenseless, little girl like me. hmmm?

She runs her index finger down his chest with a wicked grin on her face. The guy too starts grinning from ear to ear.]

Guy: Well now, dollface….Why don’t you come with me and we’ll find ou. , OOOOFFF!!!

As the man talks she suddenly pulls her knee up into his groin, doubling him over in agony immediately. That wicked grin is still on her face as she locks his head up quickly and then falls backwards, pulling him with her and slamming his head into the floor with a DDT. The whole thing, from knee to the guy lying unconscious on the floor, takes only a couple of seconds. The girl gets up, still grinning, collects the cash and her jacket, and then tosses a couple of dollar bills to the bartender with a smile.]

Girl: Later, Ted. I’m outta here. Here’s a couple of bucks for the grief that idiot will cause you once he wakes up.

Ted, the bartender: Thanks, Wendy. Hey, where ya off to?

Wendy: I’ve got a job, Ted. Gonna be wrestling in the OWA! Cool, huh?

Ted: OWA? Well, good luck, kiddo. I hear they have some real tough fighters there.

Wendy turns and grins at him.]

Wendy: Maybe they do, but hey, the DDT don’t discriminate, ya know? No matter the size. No matter the gender. Once their heads crunch into that mat they’re not getting up again. Just ask the idiot over there. Nope, you can put your money on the fact that Wendy Ryker is about to carve a path through whoever is dumb enough to get in her way.

She grins again and waves to the bartender, then heads out the door. Shortly after we can hear a motorcycle start up and drive away.]

Ed: Freddy’s bringing her to the OWA? That could give a boost to the Plague, to have the likes of her in their ranks.

Biff: Hey, who can tell with Freddy these days.

Danny Maxx/Johnny Blades vs. Johnny Fate/Mack Truck

Announcer: This is a tag team match scheduled for one fall. First, now in the ring.., weighing in at a total combined weight of 580 pounds, here are Johnny Fate and Mack Truck, The Power Team! And their opponents, making their way down to ringside.., weighing in at a total combined weight of 488 pounds. Here are Danny Maxx, Johnny Blades. the Extremists

Ed: There’s the bell. This is the first time for Fate and Truck to be in tag team competition and they’re going against no less than former tag team champions here in the OWA.

Biff: The Extremists have been playing a bit of dirty pool in the OWA as of late and I like it!!

Ed: Maxx and Truck lock up. Truck misses a short clothesline, and Maxx nails him with a tiger suplex. Mack kicks out before a count can even begin. Maxx goes for a choke but Mack blocks it. Clothesline by Maxx who tags out the Blades.

Biff: Blades nails Truck with a knee lift, then a couple of chops. Armdrag takedown by Blades. Cross corner whip by Blades. Reversal by Mack and he follows him with an avalanche! Truck tags in Fate.

Ed: Fate quickly comes in with a power bomb. Cover by Fate. 1. 2. Kickout by Blades. Fate off the ropes. Blades come up with a Frankensteiner. Shoulderblock by Blades and he tags out the Danny Maxx.

Biff: They double team Fate with a double elbowsmash. Maxx nails Fate with a spinebuster slam. Maxx goes to the second turnbuckle and nails Fate with an elbowdrop. Maxx throws Fate over the top rope to the floor.

Ed: Blades just attacked Fate on the outside. He rams him into the ring post and then into the railing. He rolls Fate back into the ring. Maxx with a whip and another spinebuster slam.

Biff: Atomic drop by Maxx. Maxx off the ropes but Fate nails him with a belly to belly suplex. Fate makes the tag to Truck who comes in like a house on fire. He nails Maxx, then Blades. He whips Maxx into the ropes and nails him with a backdrop. He whips Maxx into the corner and NAILS him with an avalanche and Maxx is outta here. Cover by Truck.

Ed: Sir Goodwin is distracting the referee. Blades grabs the ring bell and ascends to the top turnbuckle and leaps off, nailing Truck. Fate comes in and nails Blades as they tumble out of the ring. Maxx rolls over on top of Truck. Referee is there this time. one. two. three!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 9: 31, The Extremists!

Ed: Cheap win by the Extremists.

Biff: Hahaha. At least Johnny Flake lost! Hahaha.

Holiday in Hell/The Final Battle Update

Myers: This is Myers Watterson for your Holiday In Hell report.

Holiday in Hell will come to you on December 22nd, 1996.

First, OWA Champion Executioner will defend the title against Wheel of Torture winner, Traci Lane inside a steel cage.

The remainder of the card will be a 4 person tag team tournament. There will be 8 teams. The first round will be normal 8 wrestler tag matches. The second round will be elimination tag matches with only the survivors advancing to the finals which will be a War Games match! Here are some teams:

Team Plague: Captain Freddy Fever, The Chiefs and Asian Invasion
Team Family: Captain Pretty Boy Monty, Rainbow Warrior, Jetstream, & Shogun
Team Elite: Captain Anthony Hazard, The Shocker, and the Extremists
Team Femme: Captain Rachel Ryan, Consuelo Salyards, Mariko & Gustaffson
Team Fate: Captain Johnny Fate, Mack Truck, & Brawlers Inc. (Sabin Figaro/MegaDiesel)
Team Fashion: Captain North American Champion Monica Brant, Amazon Woman, Stacks Coltrain and newcomer Tara Quinn. Plus this team just announced.

Team Thunder: Captain Miguel Thunder, Xyz, Davey Scott & Billy Smith

That’s not all OWA fans. On December 29th, preempting OWA Championship Wrestling will be a special feature as all the contracts have been signed. The stipulations are in place. It will be the final battle for one superstar here in the OWA. Amazon Woman demanded it, Freddy Fever has accepted. When it’s all said and done, one of these wrestlers will fade away into retirement. I’ll have more in the coming weeks about this grudge match.

Let’s go back to ringside.

Shogun vs. Chaos

Shelly Marks: I’m Shelly Marks and I’m here with Shogun who’s on his way to ringside to face Chaos in a one on one matchup. Shogun, can I get a few words with you?

Shogun: Chaos. I mean dog breath. Are you ready to face the MIGHTY SHOGUN!!?? Enough of your insults!!! The FAMILY will be victorious against you tonight!!! Me and you are going to play a game of smash face. And you’ll see that I smash the HARDEST!!! You must pay for what you did to Stacks!!! See you in the Ring!

Shelly: A very determined Shogun on his way to ringside.

Announcer: This match is one fall, accompanied to the ring by Pretty Boy Monty. He weighs in at 230 pounds. Here is Shogun! And his opponent. He weighs in at 301 pounds. Here is Chaos!

Ed: This is going to be a grudge match but it’ll not come close to the match between Stacks and Chaos at Behind Enemy Lines. Shogun attacks Chaos before the bell and we’re underway. Shogun nails Chaos sending him outside of the ring. Shogun quickly is out and snatches a chair from a fan and nails Chaos several times with it.

Biff: Shogun rolls Chaos back into the ring and Shogun follows him in, but Chaos nails Shogun with a DDT. He’s slow to his feet, but Chaos manages a German suplex and then a neck snap. Cover by Chaos. one. two. kickout by Shogun.

Ed: Chaos throws Shogun over the top rope and to the floor. Chaos goes out after him and DDT out on the floor by Chaos. Chaos pulls up Shogun and executes another DDT on the floor and Shogun is busted open.

Biff: Chaos rolls him into the ring and lifts up Shogun. Power Bomb Suplex!! Cover. one. two. three!!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 11: 48, Chaos.

Ed: Looks like Chaos isn’t done with him yet. Chaos bring a chair into the ring and goes to smash Shogun, but Shogun grabs the chair and nails Chaos several times. Chaos retreats to the back and Shogun goes for the mic.

Shogun: Chaos this is only the beginning between you and I!!! You can expect more beatings like this one if you keep messing with The FAMILY!!!!

Biff: Shogun throws down the chair and heads back with Monty.

Announcer: It’s LAW vs. OWA as they go Behind Enemy Lines. The Main Event features a 5 on 5 elimination tag team match, as Team “LAW” tangles with Team “OWA”. Also, Rachel Ryan vs. Gravel and American Patriot vs. The Shocker. Plus. the OWA Championship, the OWA TV Champion, The LAW Championship, LAW International Champions are all on the line. It’ll be a wild night next week live on PPV! Call your cable operator for more details.

Sentry vs. Davey Scott

Announcer: This match is one fall. First coming down the aisle.., weighing in at 275 pounds. Here is Sentry! And his opponent.., weighing in at 280 pounds. Here is “Sexy Boy” Davey Scott!

Ed: This match is under way. Sentry nails Scott with a flying dropkick. Sentry with a dragon suplex, but Scott blocks it. Scott nails Sentry with a flying clothesline.

Biff: Scott with a savate kick and another clothesline. Scott to the top and moonsault! He’s back up. He sets up Sentry and Spinning Piledriver! Cover. one. two. three!!!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 1: 09, Davey Scott

Ed: Next week, OWA Championship Wrestling will be preempted so we can bring you Behind Enemy Lines, live on PPV. We’ve also just been told that on December 15th, it’ll be Anthony Hazard going against Executioner. If Executioner retains the OWA Title at Behind Enemy Lines, then the championship will be on the line. Let’s go to ringside for our main event.

OWA TV Championship: Mariko vs. Amazon Woman

Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the OWA TV Championship. First the challenger. She weighs in at 165 pounds. Here is Amazon Woman! And her opponent. She’s accompanied to the ring by giant Gustaffson. She weighs in at 167 pounds. Here is the OWA TV Champion Mariko!!

Ed: Here we go. This one is for the title. We have lock up. Mariko goes for a spin kick, but Amazon ducks. Elbowsmash by Amazon. Amazon Woman with a fallaway slam. Cover by Amazon. one two. kickout by Mariko.

Biff: Mariko off the ropes, nails Amazon with a double ax handle chop and she hits with a spin kick. Cover by Mariko. one. two. Kickout by Amazon Woman. Amazon with a fist to the midsection and a neck snap by Amazon Woman.

Ed: Amazon Woman with a fallaway slam and a splash. one. two. Kickout by the champion. Mariko goes for a chokehold. one. two. three. four and again. one. two. three four and again. one. two. three. four. That really slows down Amazon Woman.

Biff: Mariko with a backbreaker and she follows it up with a kneedrop. Mariko with a flying karate chop and Amazon Woman is in trouble in this match. Mariko with a flying dropkick and a body slam.

Ed: Mariko misses a flying cross body block and Amazon Woman catches her breath. Amazon Woman with a flying forearm. She follows it up with a vertical suplex. Amazon Woman with a full nelson in the middle of the ring. There’s nowhere for Mariko to go.

Biff: Amazon Woman has incredible power to make up for her lack of brains but I think Mariko is in definite trouble. There’s a bell, did she submit??

Ed: I’m not sure. Let’s find out what’s going on.

Announcer: The time limit has expired. The referee has determined that this match is a draw.

Ed: There you have it. Next week, we’ll be at Behind Enemy Lines and I hope you will be too. For the whole crew, I’m Ed Bagel and we’ll see you next week.

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