Tournament to determine the North American Championship


I’m getting a fucking headache. It’s our first show on the network and Freddy Fever has not shown. That guy been a pain in my ass since we started this thing but unfortunately he draws well and the crowd really responds to him. Of course that’s not necessarily in a good way. Fever is our top heel and people seem to hate him so much. They come just to watch him get his ass kicked. Our first live show airs today and just seems like everything is going wrong. I’m gonna have to rework the card.  

Somebody give me Fever on the phone, goddamnit.” Okay I have to do this North American championship tournament and we’re gonna have to write him off the card, I think. Everyone else here? Arcin Ricky Blood, Tracy Lane, Denise Duncan, it looks like they’re all here. Except fucking Fever. “Anyone got in touch with Fever?” “He just called in, boss. He got a flat tire on the way to the station.” Fuck. Okay, scratch out Fever and put this new kid in, Anthony Hazard. Seems like he might be a player in the future. Ed Bagel’s shown up. He’s our new announcer. He’s a little green but I think he’s gonna be really really good someday. He’s doing mic checks and getting things in place. He’s got a good mind for the business he may actually do well behind-the-scenes at some point. He’s already given me a few ideas that actually are pretty good. Okay, finalized this card. This is going to be risky. Not only do we not have Fever on the card, but the champ had already asked for a personal day. Amazon Woman has never asked for a personal day in her life and I just couldn’t say no. Unlike Fever, Trina has never been a problem for me and I certainly don’t need her to start now. “Listen up, everyone. We got a crown the North American Champion today. It’s our first episode it’s got to be a killer. Do your best out there and connect with the crowd. We gotta get the ratings. If we don’t, we’re gonna be in the water before the end of our very first episode. The card is posted. Let me know if you have any issues. Good luck out there. Watch for your cues.” 


Fucking Fever. “We’re going live in five, four, three, two, one..” 

November 31, 1995 

Across the screen, the logo for OWA Championship Wrestling flashes across the screen. The music in the background is a bit of old school 80’s techno and behind the logo, the planet Earth spins probably a little faster than it does in actuality. The voiceover is heard after a few moments, “OWA Championship Wrestling. Featuring the stars of the Online Wrestling Alliance. All matches are sanctioned by the OWA and governed by the Maryland State Athletic Commission. Let’s go now to your host, Mr. Ed Bagel.” After a few additional awkward moments, the introductory image fades out and viewers are taken into the studios of WBAL in Baltimore, the host station for the OWA. Bagel stands behind a podium and the OWA logo are both behind him on the wall, as well as on the front of the podium.  

“Good afternoon, everyone,” Bagel starts, perhaps with a little more of a nervous tone that he would have liked. “Welcome to the inaugural edition of OWA Championship Wrestling.” As he speaks, confidence seems to grow and his voice begins to steady though an occasional crack might pop out during the broadcast. “I’m Ed Bagel and I’ll be walking you through this historic first edition of OWA Championship Wrestling.” Beads of sweat slowly begin to form on his brow as he speaks into the camera.  

Ed Bagel is a handsome man with a full head of hair, conservatively styled and a Magnum PI moustache, which no one had ever told him went out of styles back in the 1980s. He looks like this has been his job his entire life. It wasn’t, of course, as not two weeks earlier, Edward Baldonivich was an insurance salesman, struggling to make a living and provide for his wife and two teenage children. Ed is reaching 45 years old, though you might not guess it by looking at him. With the little bit of makeup applied to him prior to the broadcast, one might guess him to be no older than 35. The name Ed Bagel was his idea, not wanting to use his real name on television, especially if this programs turns out to be a bust. Ed has a passion for the business ever since he was 5 years old, watching regional wrestling with his father growing up. He has kept up with it until today, even to the point of turning the volume down on his television to ‘call the matches’ as they occurred on screen. This is his dream job. When he heard about the casting call for a wrestling announcer for a brand new network telecast, he knew he had to try. He recorded himself calling several matches and sent in tapes and the next thing he knew, his phone rang asking him to come to Baltimore. What Ed didn’t know was that he was the only person called back, he was that good. 

“Today on tap, we are going to crown our first North American Champion with an 8-person single elimination tournament.” A graphic comes up on the screen as Ed continues to go over the lineup. “In our first tournament match, Colt and Arcin will go one on one.” The names manage to light up on cue as he makes that announcement. “Newcomer Anthony Hazard makes his debut as he takes on Sabin Figaro. Ricky Blood returns to the OWA to take on Demon Knight and our final match in the first round of the tournament, newcomer, Traci Lane takes on another newcomer, Denise Duncan.” It was a risk putting the only two females together in the tournament. The OWA had prided itself on being a multi-gender platform and one might think that eliminating one of your two females in the first round might set a bad precedence.  

“We have a minimum of seven matches set for today as well as two stand by matches, just in case this tournament runs quicker than expected, but for now let’s get to the ring.” Ed pipes into the microphone as the producer moves from Camera One to Camera Two which faces the ring. There is a smattering of applause from the studio audience. The OWA had never had a presence in Baltimore prior today. It has originated from the great state of Tennessee, however the network wanted a less ‘hillbilly’ audience to their product and WBAL was the only TV station that was willing to rent out their studio on a weekly basis to a wrestling company, with the agreement that the station be allowed to run the broadcast in the wee hours of the morning a week after it had aired on the network.  

Colt vs. Arcin 

Around the ring, steel folding chairs had been setup to hold a maximum of a hundred people. There were about 45 present for the debut episode. It did not look good. Prior to the start of the show, they asked everyone to move to the back and the right side and eliminated the left side chairs to make it look more like a full crowd and positioned the cameras accordingly. This was an improvement. Now they just need to get the crowd into the matches. This would be on the wrestlers themselves. The bell rings. 

Myers Watterson was in no way a large man. His small stature was important when it came to the presentation of wrestling. It made the wrestlers look larger than life to stand near such a small ring announcer. Myers wore these small glasses and squinted as he looked at his cue cards. The one thing you wouldn’t expect was the sound of his voice as it left his body. “The first match on the card is a one on one encounter. It is the first match in the first round of the tournament to decide the first ever North American Champion.” His delivery was flawless as he spoke in his big booming voice. If one were paying attention, it would be the very same voice heard in the opening of the show. 

Myers was a veteran ring announcer and had already been touring with the OWA before the national expansion and there was no way they were going to go forward without him and Myers was as loyal as they come. Myers’ role would expand in later days, but for now he was content right where he was. “Introducing first in the red corner, he comes to you by way of Houston, Texas. Ladies and gentleman, this is Colt. Colt.” With a flare, he would take his hand and motion with those cue cards to Colt who was leaning into the corner and then step out and raise both of his hands high in the air and let out a bellow at the announcement of his name. Colt was all cowboy, from the hat on his head, the scruffy beard on his face and the wrestling boots on his feet in the shape of cowboy boots. He also has a horseshoe shape on the back of his black trunks. He hung his bull rope in the corner as Myers turns to continue his introduction.  

“And in the blue corner, he comes to you from Phoenix Arizona. This is Arcin!” Arcin comes out of his corner, which is closest to the small crowd and turns to yell at them as there are a small amount of boos aimed his direction. The name Arcin was a play on the word “arson” and that would be the reason for the bright orange flames on the sides of Arcin’s trunks and boots. “Arcin!” Myers would repeat as he pointed in the direction of the blue corner. “Your referee for this match is veteran referee “Spiffy” Calhoun. One fall to a ten minute time limit and the winner advances.” 

“Spiffy” Calhoun wrestled for years under a mask as the “Holy Terror”. During his heyday, he was over 300 pounds and topped the card. He worked primarily out of the Oregon territory until he broke his leg during a cage match that ended his career. It was that match that also saw him unmasked for the very first time as the match was a Mask vs. Hair match. Terror was supposed to win, however when he fell from top of the cage back into the ring, he heard the snap of his leg before he felt it and he knew he wouldn’t be able to continue and made the call to lose the match and his mask. He never wrestled another match. During his recovery, he lost nearly a hundred pounds, but he was never able to get back his mobility. In the end, he did the next best thing and began to referee matches. This match took place only a couple of years ago and the person who was his opponent? The one who would gain the most notoriety from the incident? None other than Freddy Fever.  

“The referee has called for the bell and this match in our North American Championship tournament is now underway,” the voice of Ed Bagel is heard once again as Colt and Arcin begin to lock up in the ring. The larger Colt pushes Arcin back into the corner and as the referee counts Colt releases the hold and slowly walks back into the center of the ring and waits for Arcin to join him.” Ed’s voice is mostly steady, but the nerves are there and evident to those who have heard a veteran play-by-play wrestling announcers before. Viewers at home cannot see the beads of sweat as it begins to roll down Ed’s face and he mops it up with a towel. The wrestlers lock up again and once again Colt pushes Arcin back against the rope and then whips him across the ring. “Clothesline by the cowboy,” Ed commentates as the action continues in the ring. Arcin is down but as Colt reaches for him, he rolls himself out of the ring. “Arcin trying to get a time-out here, but as everyone knows there are no time outs in professional wrestling. Colt moves to the ropes to reach for him, but Arcin grabs a leg and trips Colt and pulls him out of the ring!” Arcin gives Colt a firm punch and then another. “Goodness! Arcin just ran Colt face first into the ring post.”  

The crowd is starting to get into the match as they begin to chant for the cowboy,”Colt! Colt! Colt!” Arcin rolls Colt back into the ring as Myers announces that five minutes has elapsed and five minutes remain in the match. “Arcin is climbing to the second turnbuckle and he jumps off for an elbowdrop but Colt moves out of the way,” Ed’s voice begins to crescendo as the action becomes hot and heavy. Colt begins to make his comeback as he pulls up Arcin and whips him into the corner and charges him with a clothesline. “Arcin staggers out of the corner and Colt scoops him up and positions him! Reverse Crucifix Slam! He covers!” “Spiffy” is there to make the count and calls for the bell.  

“Winner of the match in seven minutes and nine seconds and advancing to the next round of the tournament, Colt!” Myers voice is heard over the PA as he makes the announcement and the fans cheer for their chosen one. Ed Bagel is back at the podium as the camera changes back to him. “Typically we would have a word with an OWA Superstar but because of the importance of this tournament, we are going to go straight through the matches to ensure you can see the tournament in its entirety. We are going to take a pause for a commercial break and be back with more action. Don’t you dare turn that channel.” 

Steven Childs

During the break, one of the commercials would be a listing of cities that the OWA would visit this week including a stop at the Meadowlands Arena for a championship match pitting the current OWA Champion Amazon Woman against the number one contender Dangerous Dunk, which would be important at next week’s televised broadcast. 

Ed Bagel is seen on screen, having been freshened up during the break, “We’re going to be joined at this time by the promoter of the OWA, Steven Childs for a special announcement. Mr. Childs.”  

Steven Childs is the owner and operator of the OWA. He was born and bred into professional wrestling as his grandfather was professional wrestler Stanley Childs who was a former world’s champion and later became a promoter in the Tennessee territory, passing it on to his son Stanley the second who ran the promotion until his passing and Steven took over the company. Steven was no novice to running the company when he took over officially. He worked for his father as a child, handing out programs, running concessions, setting up the ring and eventually helping with booking and negotiating. He ran it when his father became ill and was already in charge when his father finally passed. It was his dream to make it much larger than a territorial Tennessee promotion. As Ed held the microphone, Steven made his announcement. 

“Thank you. I would first like to thank all the fans for coming down to witness our first show and making this a great success.” The first role of promoting was to always put a positive spin on everything. Steven was no public speaker for sure, the dull monotonous tone of his voice might put one to sleep. “We would also like to announce that on December 20th at the Meadowlands Arena, the OWA will present a supershow and it will be called “Wintertime Massacre.” The board has decided that not only will we merge the Tennessee state championship with the North American Championship on that date with the current Tennessee State champion Nightmare will take on the winner of the North American Championship tournament today in a “winner take all” match. We will merge those two titles together and that’s not all. The winner of that match will also receive a shot at the OWA Championship in the main event against Amazon Woman or whoever is the champion. This week there’s a championship match also at the Meadowlands with Amazon Woman defending against Dangerous Dunk, so we could have a new champion by the time we go on the air next week.” Ed chimes in, “That’s exciting news! I also heard that you have announcement regarding the Tag Team Championship.” 

Steven continues, “That’s correct. Those who have been following the OWA prior to today will recall that our current champions, Asian Sensation and Rocket were not put together by choice by in a randomly paired tournament that was held last week. As the winners, they can opt to stay together as a team or split the team and designate their own partners and have a match. Either way by the time we air next week, the OWA Tag Team Championship will be decided. They will either stay together and defend against the top contenders or split and go against each other with the partner of their choosing but this will be settled this week while we are on tour. Tickets will go on sale immediately for Wintertime Massacre following our event this week at the Meadowlands, and we will announce more matches for this supercard as we get closer to the event. This is not a typical event. It will run an extra hour than most are used to so make plans accordingly. This is our first supercard and we want to bring the best action that money can buy and put on a fabulous show for our fans. Thank you very much.” The promoter walks off screen and Ed takes back control of the show, “Remember fans, get your tickets early for Wintertime Massacre because we do expect a sellout. We will have more information on this show next week. We’ll be right back.” Ed tosses it to another set of commercials while the wrestlers in the back head into the ring. 

Ricky Blood vs. Demon Knight 

After the commercials, viewers are looking at the ring with Myers Watterson and two more wrestlers. “Ladies and gentlemen, this match is one fall with a ten minute time limit and is part of the first round of the North American Championship tournament with the winner advancing. In the red corner, coming to you out of San Diego, California. Please welcome, Ricky Blood.” Ricky Blood is rather non-descript as a wrestler with a decent physique and red trunks with the word ‘Blood’ written on the back and white boots on his feet with ‘RB’ on them. The crowd cheers the announcement of the fan favorite as he raises a fist and gives a couple of pumps acknowledging the praise.  

“Blood.” Myers repeats as is his announcing style. “And in the blue corner, coming from Parts Unknown, this is Demon Knight.” Parts Unknown is a place where many masked wrestlers appear to come from. It’s unknown if anyone other than masked wrestlers have ever been to this place, but it definitely is a hot place for those who seem to want to hide their identity. Demon Knight is such a masked wrestler, wearing a jet black mask with a chess knight emblem on each side of the mask. Unlike all the previous wrestlers that have been shown so far, Knight wears long black tights as opposed to trunks. He has split his name so that ‘Demon’ is on one leg and ‘Knight’ is on the other. “Knight. Your referee is “Spiffy” Calhoun.” Calhoun is the OWA’s only referee. He will be out for every match.  

“The bell rings and this match is underway,” Ed pipes in as the two wrestlers inside the ring circle around each other and as is customary, they begin with a lock up. A lock up is like a dance of sorts, as two wrestlers interlock arms and either move back and forth, or circle around. It’s often used by the villains to gain an upperhand as Demon Knight does, pushing Blood against the ropes. The referee is telling Knight to break it up because the rules state that no action can be taken against the ropes, but Knight appears to ignore that rule as he drive a fist into Blood’s stomach that doubles over the favorite and the crowd begins to boo the rulebreaker. “The referee is there giving him a warning,” Ed acknowledges, “However, Knight appears to be blowing it off as he moves in on Blood.” Knight delivers a few stomps to the fallen Blood and then picks him off and pushes him out of the ring between the ropes and Blood spills onto the concrete floor. “Knight can’t win with Blood outside of the ring, but perhaps he’s going to dish out some punishment in order to gain the advantage.” True to Ed’s word, Knight follows Blood out and picks him up and runs him face first into the corner post and the referee gives him a stern warning.  

Ed states the obvious here, “Oh my word, that has busted Blood wide open.” Blood appears on the forehead of the popular wrestler and the fans begin to boo much louder. Then slowly a chant for Ricky Blood picks up in the studio. As Blood leans against the post, Knight charges in and Blood moves away and Knight runs himself into the post and the fans cheer. Blood rolls Knight into the ring as the referee stops his count and Blood climbs up onto the turnbuckle and as Knight staggers to his feet, Ricky Blood leaps off and nails a flying cross bodyblock and gets the pinfall. “Winner of the match at 6 minutes and 39 seconds, and advancing to the next round, Ricky Blood!” Myers’ voice rings out as he makes that announcement and the fans certainly seem happy with the outcome of the first two matches and are certainly starting to getting more into each match as time goes on.  

“Ricky Blood advances and will be taking on Colt in the next round, which will be very interesting as two fan favorites will take on each other,” is the analysis by Ed Bagel as he throws it to another set of commercials. Backstage, the promoter is watching a monitor making sure everything is going off without a snag and so far, he’s very pleased with the presentation of the product, but there’s still five matches to go and the potential for disaster still looming like a fog. 

Anthony Hazard vs. Sabin Figaro 

The kid walked up to me and stuck out his hand. “I’m Anthony Hazard. Glad to be here, sir. What do you need me to do?” He asked as I shook his hand. I’m not entirely sure what it was but I felt this kid has a lot of potential. I have a feeling he’s going to make me a hell of a lot of money someday. Little did I know that time would be sooner rather than later. 

When the commercial break ends, Myers is ready to announce the next match. There are already two wrestlers in the ring. “Our next match is scheduled for one fall and has a ten minute time limit and is part of the first round for the North American Championship.” Myers squints as he looks down at his notecards. “In the red corner, coming to you from Dayton, Ohio. Please welcome to the OWA, appearing for the very first time along with his manager Sir Goodwin, Anthony Hazard! Hazard!” Hazard raises his arm and waves to the small studio audience as they give him a cheer.  

Anthony Hazard has been the buzz of the wrestling publications during his rookie year. He spent time on the west coast, wrestling in California and Oregon, up into Washington and Canada. He collected a few regional titles and then Childs got the call from a fellow promoter asking if they needed anyone and a week later, Anthony Hazard shows up in Baltimore ready to work. Unfortunately, the territories are starting to fade away and calls like that may not be occurring as often as they used to. What he didn’t need, thought Childs, was a manager. Fan favorites do not need managers. 

Sir Goodwin was at ringside, standing in Hazard’s corner wearing a suit and tie. He was certainly a sharp dresser, but Childs wasn’t sure what else he brought to the table and what a talent like Hazard was doing with a guy like him. Goodwin and Hazard came as a package deal and so Childs decided to accept it. If there’s any funny business, he can just send the two packing. 

“And in the blue corner, coming to you from Detroit, Michigan. This is “Gangster Power” Sabin Figaro! Figaro!” Hearing the words ‘gangster power’ coming out of the mouth of Myers Watterson was something in itself. When Figaro talks about himself, it’s actually more like “Gangsta Powah”. He has already pulled off his hoodie and tosses it outside of the ring when Hazard leans over to talk to Goodwin about this match and Figaro charges past Myers and nails Hazard in the back with a double axehandle catching Anthony off guard right off the bat. Ed makes his presence known, “Figaro isn’t waiting for the bell and he just nailed Hazard hard in that corner.” “Spiffy” calls for the bell to ring to start the match. “The gangster whips Hazard across the ring to the far corner and as Hazard bounces out of it, Figaro charges him with a clothesline. Hazard ducks and spins around and nails Figaro in the forehead with a punch.” Calhoun warns him about the punch because punches are illegal in professional wrestling. Hazard pushes Figaro into the corner and comes in, but Figaro nails him in the stomach with a boot. “Figaro hoists Hazard up and drops backwards. A devastating suplex by Figaro.”  

Figaro pulls him back up and whips him into the ropes. “Hazard leaps into the air for a crossbody block but Figaro drops to the mat and Hazard crashes! This could be the turning point in this match,” Ed exclaims as Sabin Figaro pushes a dazed Hazard into the corner and lights him up with a series of fists to the gut and then lands a last sharp elbow to the cheek and Hazard’s eyes roll back as he falls to the mat. “Fist Flurry by Sabin Figaro and this could be it!” Sabin covers and Calhoun counts Hazard out and calls for the bell. “Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match, advancing in the tournament is Sabin Figaro!” 

Ed reiterates the results of the match, “Sabin Figaro advances to the semi-finals and he will take on the winner of our next match between two newcomers to the OWA. “The Black Widow” Traci Lane and Denise Duncan. Before we do that, however, we must take this commercial break. We will be right back with more great OWA action!” 

The commercial break gives Ed an opportunity to cool down, wipe his forehead and get his notes together for the next match. Being unfamiliar with both of the next competitors, he’s taken the time to write down copious amounts of notes on each competitor to talk about on the air during the match. The producer gives Ed the warning and within fifteen seconds, the show is back live. 

Traci Lane vs. Denise Duncan 

“Welcome back to OWA Championship Wrestling. We have one final contest in our first round to crown a brand new North American Champion. Typically when we have new competitors within our ranks, we like to run a little something to give our audience an idea of who they are and where they’ve been. However due to the time constraints for our tournament, we will have to do a proper introduction of these wrestlers in the near future.” Ed looks towards the ring, “Let’s get back to the action.” 

The camera switches to the ring, “This contest is one fall and has a ten minute time limit and is the final first round match in our North American Championship tournament.” The camera pans back from showing just Myers in the ring to the two ladies across the ring from each other. “Both of these competitors are making their OWA debut. Introducing first in the red corner,” Myers says as he points in the direction of the brunette female, “She comes to you by way of Palm Beach, California. She is known as “The Black Widow.” Please welcome Traci Lane! Lane.” Lane steps forward with a scowl on her face as she turns and tells the fans to shut their mouths. She is definitely the heel in this match, however her natural charisma and charm will practically force that to change in the future. “And her opponent, from Seattle, Washington. This is Denise Duncan! Duncan.” 

Duncan was also a heel, however the essence of the Black Widow would be undenied by the crowd in attendance for this broadcast. Lane has a demeanor about her at this time that just turns the crowd against her and Duncan did not quite have that appeal.  

The bell rings. “The ladies lock up and Traci Lane just grabbed a handful of Duncan’s hair and pulls her down sharply to the mat.” Lane walks over and jaws at the crowd as she flexes her muscle, “It’s all power! All power!” But Duncan is not happy outside, jumps up angrily and she nails Lane in the midsection with a powerful right hand that doubles over “The Black Widow.” “She’s going for a piledriver!” But Lane isn’t dazed enough to get drilled and she backdrops Duncan onto the mat. “Duncan is holding her back as she slowly rises to her feet. Lane whips her into the corner and then hip tosses Duncan back onto the mat. Splash by Lane!” “Spiffy” is down and counts to two, but Duncan kicks out.” Ed calls the action as the wrestlers are turning it up a level.  

Lane tries to scoop up Duncan, but Duncan squats down and then lifts up Lane and body slams her hard on the mat. Duncan runs against the ropes and leaps into the air for a legdrop by Lane has already moved and Duncan crashes on her ass in the ring. “A big miss for Denise Duncan in this tournament.” Duncan staggers to her feet and before she can even get her bearings, Lane charges off the ropes and nearly takes her head off with a vicious lariat! “Cover by Lane!” Calhoun smacks the mat three times and calls for the bell! “Winner of the match in 8 minutes and 1 second, advancing to the next round. Traci Lane!” Lane strikes another pose for the audience before the takes another look at Duncan before leaving through the ropes and heading back to the locker room as referee Calhoun checks on Duncan who’s holding the back of her neck as she rises to her feet. The camera moves back to focus on Ed. 

“That concludes the first round of our North American Championship tournament and here is what the brackets look like for the semi-finals.” An updated graphic is displayed showing each winner and who they face next, “Due to his win over Arcin, Colt will go one on one with Ricky Blood who soundly defeated Demon Knight. Our second semi-final match will feature Sabin Figaro against Traci Lane, who defeated Anthony Hazard and Denise Duncan respectively.” The graphic fades back to Ed, “And that also concludes the first hour of our first edition of OWA Championship Wrestling. We’ve got three more matches for you today. We will crown the first ever North American Champion right here before we go off the air. The top of the hour news is next and we will return right after that so don’t you dare go anywhere.” 

“And cut.” 

Lane was trying to catch her breath backstage when Denise Duncan came through the curtain. I saw Lane approaching the other female and they chatted for a few long moments before Lane offered her hand and Duncan accepted. There was a hug and then they walked away together. Not certain what that was about, but I’m sure it’ll come back into play later on. The first hour was in the bag and I was starting to feel good about it all. It really was starting to feel like this was going to all be okay. Perhaps the risk was worth it.  

I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the second hour when I turned around and standing right in front of me was the largest man I have ever seen. “Excuse me, sir. I am looking fo’ verk. I vas told to come talk vith choo.” The deepest German accent I have ever heard that wasn’t fake as shit. I looked up at this ginormous man and just uttered under my breath, “Fuck.”  

Colt vs. Ricky Blood 

“Welcome back to OWA Championship Wrestling!” The applause of 45 people in a studio audience isn’t deafening by any means, but you can’t expect much when you broadcast live from a studio. “We are well on our way to crowning a brand new North American Champion right here today. We have four competitors who have already had matches and are ready to head into the semi-finals. Let’s take a brief look at the highlights from the first round.” 

Video tape runs, highlighting the matches from earlier in the telecast while the first two wrestlers make their way out to the ring and prepare to wrestle. Once the clip ends, Ed is back on screen, “We have our first match in the semi-finals in the ring so let’s head up there to Myers Watterson.” 

Camera change to the ring and Myers Watterson. “This is a semi-final match to determine the North American Champion. In the red corner, having already defeated Arcin in the first round. Welcome back, Colt! Colt!” Colt doesn’t seem to be any worse for wear after already competing in one match and that could be because his match was an hour ago, however the same cannot be said for his opponent. “And in the blue corner. He defeated Demon Knight in round one of the tournament. “This is Ricky Blood! Blood!” Ricky Blood does look like he’s been in some sort of battle. The bandage on his forehead from where he was busted open in his match with Knight earlier is very evident. “This match is one fall and has a 20 minute time limit. Your referee is “Spiffy” Calhoun.” 

Ed’s voice is heard as the referee speaks to both of the men inside the ring, “We’ve been told that we will stay on the air until we have determined a new champion so if we get close to the top of the hour, just hang on because we aren’t going anywhere.” The bell rings and the two come to the center to shake hands and begin to circle each other. There’s a lock up and Colt pushes Blood back into the corner. “That bandage on the head of Ricky Blood is a target. We will have to see if Colt takes advantage of that. Both of these wrestlers are fan favorite, so it may be tough for those here in our audience and for those at home to decide who to cheer for.”  

In the corner, Colt breaks the hold and slowly steps back as both nod in agreement for the clean break. “No cheap shot here. Another lock up and this time Ricky Blood pushes Colt back into the corner.” Colt raises his arms up, waiting for Blood to back up and he does. “Another clean break.” They meet once more in the center and lock up, this time Colt pushing Blood against the center of the ropes this time and he pushes off Blood who rebounds off the far ropes and comes back, Colt drops down and Blood runs over him against the ropes again, turning back into a high hip toss that lands Blood on his back. “Colt pulling Blood up to his feet and he sends him into the turnbuckle.” Colt begins to bounce Blood’s head off the turnbuckle several times and that bandage flops loose though it still holds onto the forehead of Ricky Blood. “I had a feeling this would come back to haunt Blood in this match.” 

Ricky Blood drives an elbow into the ribs of Colt, doubling him over and then he clamps on the Cobra Sleeper. “I’ve seen him put many opponents away with this move! This could be the last of Colt in this tournament.” Colt struggles in the grasp of Ricky Blood but the pressure of the sleeper is starting to put him out. The weight of Colt though, causes them to stumble and Colt grabs one of the ropes and the referee begins the count to break the hold. “Tough break for Ricky Blood right there. He’s definitely not at a hundred percent and just couldn’t maintain that grip.” Both men are weary right now as they get to their feet. “Colt with a kick to the midsection and DDT!!” Blood is spiked into the mat with that desperate move and Colt rolls him over for the cover and gets the one, two, three as Referee Calhoun calls for the bell. “Winner of the match in 6 minutes and 47 seconds and the first competitor in the finals for the North American Championship, Colt!” Colt stumbles against the ropes and then drops down to move to check on his opponent, “Great show of respect between these two competitors, but Colt is in the finals.”  

Ed is shown as he watches the referee and Colt help Ricky Blood to the back. He turns back to the camera, “We are one match away from our championship match. It’ll be Sabin Figaro going against Traci Lane up next. We will be right back after these messages.” 

During the break, the medic attends to the cut on Ricky Blood’s face and applies another bandage. At least the wrestler is done for the night. The next two wrestlers make their way to the ring and prepare for battle as the commercial break ends. 

Sabin Figaro vs. Traci Lane 

“This match is a one-fall semi-final match with a 20 minute time limit.” Myers begins to read off his card, “In the red corner, with a win over Anthony Hazard in the first round, welcome back “Gangster Power” Sabin Figaro! Figaro!” No hoodie this time as this is Figaro’s second appearance on this broadcast. He looks ready to go. “And in the blue corner, she defeated Denise Duncan in the first round. Let’s hear it for “The Black Widow” Traci Lane! Lane!” The referee pulls them to the center for some instructions.  

Out of nowhere, Traci Lane just slaps the taste out of Figaro’s mouth. He’s completely stunned as she slaps him a couple more times as he backs into the corner then takes a giant swing at her, which she deftly sidesteps and nails him with an uppercut as the referee finally calls for the bell to ring to start this match. “What force from Traci Lane as she just completely caught Sabin Figaro off guard with those vicious slaps before the bell even rang. She’s out to win this tournament.” Figaro is spun around, dazed as he eats a dropkick from the powerful female and he staggers into the ropes and bounces off and nails Lane with a clothesline. “That just about took her head off! Suplex by Figaro and Lane lands hard on her back. He pulls her up and puts her into a headlock.” He turns away from the referee and jams his fingers into her throat, letting her fall as she gasps for air. “That’s a dirty trick. Lane struggling to catch her breath as Figaro thinks he has this one in the can. He pushes her against the corner and he’s going for his Fist Flurry!” He nails her several hard strikes to the gut and then as he goes for the elbow shot to the head, she ducks around him, rolls him up and gets the pinfall before sliding out of the ring. “That completely disoriented him and he couldn’t tell which end was up, but Traci Lane is moving on to the finals!”  

“Winner of the match in ten minutes and twelve seconds, Traci Lane!” Myers announces as the referee slides out of the ring to raise the Black Widow’s hand in victory. The camera follows her as she head to the back, hand still on her throat where she was struck hard. As Ed comes into view the camera stop. “And there you have it. It’ll be Colt going one on one with Traci Lane and the winner will be crowned the new North American Champion.” Ed looks distracted as he places his hand on his earpiece. “I’m getting word that Promoter Steven Childs has declared that this match will be the best two out of three falls and that there must be a winner. We will be right back for that match.” 

Childs checks on his main event players during the break, ensuring they’re capable to compete in one final match and letting him know he’s changed the stipulation to a three fall match and giving them the rundown, then pushing them out to the studio floor for that last match. They’ve schedule a longer break than usual because they do not plan to cut away to any more commercials for the remainder of the show. This gives everyone a few extra minutes to towel off, cool down and freshen up before they go live back on the air and Ed is standing at his typical location. 

Colt vs. Traci Lane 

“The competitors are in the ring. We will crown a brand new North American Champion right now. Let’s go to Myers Watterson for the announcement.” Ed tosses it to the ring where Promoter Steven Childs is standing next to Myers Watterson with a black bag in front of him. “Ladies and gentlemen, this match is the best two out of three falls to a finish. There must be a winner. It is for the North American Championship!” Childs slowly pulls the championship from the bag and hands it to the referee who accepts it, as Childs turns and exits the ring and takes a seat at ringside. As the ring announcing continues, the referee first walks over to Traci Lane and shows her the brand new championship, “Introducing first in the red corner, with wins over Denise Duncan and Sabin Figaro, this is “The Black Widow” Traci Lane! Lane!” She nods as she gazes down at the shiny title belt being shown to her as she places a hand on the face. The golden belt has the OWA logo on it, inscribed as the North American Championship and shows the North American continent underneath. The referee turns and walks to her opponent in the other corner. “And in the blue corner, with victories over Arcin and Ricky Blood, this is Colt! Colt!” He is also gazing at the championship being presented to him and the crowd is slowly starting to chant his name, with him being the favorite in this match. Myers turns to exit the ring as the referee walks to the camera side of the ring and holds up the championship for all to see, signifying that this title is on the line and will go to the winner, before he hands it off to Myers on the outside of the ring.  

“There’s suddenly a chill in the air in this studio right now at the importance of this match. The North American title is on the line in this best two of three falls match and as referee Calhoun gives his final instruction, you have to sense the butterflies in the gut of our two competitors in the ring right now.” Ed speaks as the referee finally calls for the bell to ring. “It’s the first fall in our three fall event and we are on our way. Promoter Steven Childs is at ringside for this important occasion and he is keeping a close eye on this match.” 

The two meet in the ring, there a few quiet words exchanged between the two before they each take a step back and move in for the lock up. “Arm drag by Traci Lane and she gets up and flexes for the audience who respond with resounding boos. She turns back to a down Colt and drops an elbow but he moves, and the fans love it!” Lane gets up quickly, only to be doubled over with a knee to the gut and a gut wrench suplex and this time it’s Colt with a bit of posturing and the fans are eating this up!”  

The fans begin to chant the name of their hero in this match. Lane is slowly getting to her feet and as Colt turns around, she spins and nails him hard with a spinning back kick. “Lane off the ropes and OH MY!” Colt just drills her with a running lariat. She flips over and lands face first onto the mat. Colt rolls her over and cradles the leg as the referee counts to three. “Colt takes the first fall.”  

“Winner of the first fall in five minutes and thirty nine seconds, Colt!” Myers reports before Ed takes back over on the mic, “One pinfall away from becoming the first North American Champion, Colt takes the fall and Traci Lane is disoriented after that shot.” Lane struggles to get to her feet as the referee moves in the check on her. The referee helps her back to her corner, “There’s a thirty second rest period but I’m not certain that Traci Lane needs more than that. She really took a shot there. The bad part for her is now she has to gain two pinfalls to win the championship.” 

The referee starts the second fall of this match as the bell rings and Colt moves in on Lane as she staggers from her corner. Colt tries for another devastating clothesline but Lane ducks and she spins around and kicks him right under the chin, the force knocking him back into the corner. “I’m not entirely certain she wasn’t playing possum during that break, because she certain seems to have all her faculties at this moment,” speculates Ed as in the ring Traci lifts Colt up into the air and drops him down, “Northern Lights Bomb!” A three count later, “Traci Lane has tied this up at one fall apiece.” The bell rings, “Winner of the second fall, tying the match at one fall each, Traci Lane!”  

“We are not going to any more commercial breaks for the remainder of this show, so sit tight as we have one more fall to determine our new champion. With that pinfall, it’s anyone’s shot.” Colt has made it back to his corner as pulls himself up. The referee starts this match one more time, “It’s the third and deciding fall. The next person to get a decision will be the champion.” Lane kicks Colt into the midsection and he doubles over and pulls him closer. “Is she going for a piledriver?” She tries to pull him up, but he kicks at his feet and she has to let him down. She slams a forearm onto his back, as if asking him to cooperate and tries once again to lift him up but again he fights her and then lifts her up and backdrops her behind him as he stumbles into the ropes. 

“They are fighting tooth and nail here for the North American Championship, Colt moves in and whips Lane into the ropes and she leaps off for a cross body block by this time Colt ducks and she flips over the rope and crashes onto the concrete floor. Colt follows her out and pulls her up and leans her against the ringpost and delivers a chop and another and one more for good measure!” Ed’s fanboy excitement is starting to shine through in his play by play as Lane grabs Colt and places him against the ringpost and gives him a few chops of her own.” 

“Get in the ring!” shouts the referee as he counts while they are on the outside. They only have ten seconds to get back into the ring and seven has already elapsed. On either side of that ringpost, they rolls in simultaneously and as they get to their feet, they charge each other and heads collide as they both collapse to the mat. “I can’t be too sure about Colt, but as they hit heads, it looks like Traci Lane may have been cut open.” Sure enough, a small cut to the forehead of the “Black Widow” causes a small trickle of blood to begin to run down her face. Colt reaches for the ropes to pull himself up as the fans once again pick up the chanting of his name. “Traci Lane is up and she’s trying to get onto the turnbuckle. Colt has no idea where she’s at as the crowd is trying to alert him. He slowly turns around and as she flies off, he catches her and plants her hard to the mat with his patented powerslam!” The referee makes the count. 






“Three!” The bell rings as the fans erupt.  


“The winner of the fall and the match in nineteen minutes and twelve seconds and the new North American Champion, Colt!” Myers makes the announcement as Childs makes his way back into the ring, just as Traci Lane rolls out and makes her way to the back. Childs presents Colt with the newly minted title belt as Colt raises it high in the air. “While I don’t want to go off the air during this festive occasion, we are completely out of time. Next week, we will have an update on the OWA Tag Team Championship. We will also see highlights of the OWA Championship match that will be held this week between the current champion Amazon Woman and her challenger Dangerous Dunk. We will have the debut of Johnny Stallion and plenty more right here on OWA Championship Wrestling. Good night!” 

Colt is still celebrating in the ring as the scene fades back to the rolling credits of the broadcast, which slowly fades to black. 


The studio is empty now and only a single light is on. Steven Childs stands behind the podium used by Ed Bagel during the broadcast. His vision has come true. Reaction from the network was very positive and there were no real technical issues. The word coming from high is that OWA Championship Wrestling is a hit. 

The sound of a door closing is heard in the quiet of the studio as Childs’ eyebrow raise in question and he moves towards the back. 


“Fuck me.” the promoter whispers under his breath.  

“Sorry I’m late, but I’m ready to groove.”  

White pants, flowery shirt with the top buttons open, you know, because he has chest hair. Sandals on his feet. And the worst are those fucking sunglasses. Pink fucking tinted sunglasses. “It’s fucking dark in here, Fever. And besides, you’re late. It’s over. See you on the road. Tell your partner that you guys are working tags this week.” 

“C’mon, man. You know I like singles better. I’m a goddamned star.” 

“Fuck you, Fever. You’re in tags. Besides, you’ve got competition now. We made some new stars tonight.” 


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